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18 WILDE IS DEFEATED IN AMERICAN DEBUT Sliftrkoy Eni'ns Popular Decis- ion Ovcf World's Flyweight Champion. ,7,500 PERSONS LOOK ON 1 Mihvnnkeo Arena Jammed to See Welshman in Ten Bound Bout. ' Special Detpatch to Tub Hck. Milwaukee, Dec. 6. Jimmy Wilde, of England, world flyweight champion, lost his American debut here to Jack Sharkey, a New York bantam. The famous punch which Wlldo was sup-pos- to carry was missing and somo of the critics at tho ringside opined that he must have lost It In crossing the ocean, for Sharkey gave Mm plenty of opportunity to use It The best punch Wilde had failed ,to floor tho New Yorker. Wlldo had only ono round, the first. The fifth, sixth and eighth were even and the rest went to Sharkey by a good margin. Sharkey showed himself to be tho mastsr of tho Englishman all through the fight. The New Yorker's long reach wms too big a handicap for the game little Briton, who got inside only when Sharkey willed. At that Wlldo fought like a tiger all through the ten rounds and was applauded for his efforts. In tho sixth round Sharkey deliber- ately stuck out his chin and let Wilde awing at it Tho Briton hit him six or eeven times beforo Sharkey backed away. In the fifth round Wilde landed Ma only solid punch of the bout a short right to the Jaw, which staggered Shar- key. In the last three rounds Sharkey tried hard for a knockout landing plenty of punches, but there was no forco be- hind them. Jimmy appeared tired ln the tenth round, but he left the ring without & mark. The receipts were $28,000 with an at- tendance estimated at 7,500. At 3 o'clock In the afternoon both boxers weighed In for the State Boxing Commission, Wilde scaling 107 'A pounds nnd Sharkey 114. Sharkey, at 7 o'clock, weighed 114, the notch prescribed for the match. The fight by rounds follows: Round One Sharkey started with a rush and landed a light one to Wilde's Jaw. Wilde landed a left to hand and followed to head. Sharkey landed a left to Jaw. Referee cautlbned him for holding. Wilde slipped two fast ones to the head. Sharkey whaled right and left to Wilde's head In a neutral corner. Wilde stepped away and smashed left to Sharkey's head. Wilde's round. Round. Two Sharkel led left to body. He stuck another left to Jummr's face, fiharkoy tried o wild swing to Wilde's head. Ho Jabbed a right to Wilde's head. Ho followed with two lefts to the head. Wilde seemed to be helpless of Sharkey. Jimmy shot hard hard right to stomach. Jimmy placed a beautiful right to the Jaw. Sharkey got Wilde on the ropes and pounded him un- mercifully. Sharkey's round. Third Round Sharkey missed a left to the jaw, but followed with a left to stomach. Wilde tried to reach Shar- key's head. Sharkey sent a right to the head. They fiddled around the ring. Wilde missed a left to the head. Shar- key slapped a hard right to Wilde's Jaw. He forced Wilde Into Wilde's corner and owung rights and lefts to the head. The crowd yelled for a knockout But, Wilde rulled himself together and stuck a .left to Sharkey's face. Sharkey, In a rapid exchange, pounded rights and lefts to Wife's Jaw. It was the American's round again. Round Four Sharkey banged a right to the Jaw. Ho tore In and sunk an- other left to body. Jimmy stuck two lefts to hose. Sharkey missed a left, but crashed a right to Wilde's face.' He tank another right that landed back of Wilde's ear. Both pounded rights. Sharkey banged a right to body. Wilde tried another uppercut Sharkey landed a powerful right on chin, but the little fellow did not blink He caught Wilde ln a neutral corner and whaled away at Wilde's face. Jimmy poked a light left to Sharkey's face. Wilde landed a light left at the belL Sharkey's round. Round Five Wl'de missed a left Wille landed his first good punch of the bout' They stood up and slugged. Wilde was warned for using the back hand clap. Sharkey whaled Wilde on the hldncys with his right They clinched. Wilde was unable to get Inside Sharkey's reach. The Welshman appeared Wilde shot a left to the ctomach. Sharkey missed a swln to the Jaw. Wilde shot a fast loft to the face. Sharkey retaliated with a right to the Jaw. The round was even. Round Six Sharkey walloped Wilde twlco .on head without a return. Shar- key 'Wtts caught on chin with a, right uppercut They clinched. Wilde missed a left but was caught with a right on Jaw. They exchanged punches to the head and then clinched. Wlldo shot a nhort right to Sharkey's Jaw that made the New Yorker wilt Wilde pounded Sharkey on the Jaw. Sharkey purposely , put his head down and let Wilda hit him. Sharkey caught Wilde with a wicked right Both were very tired. .They both appeared to drop their de- fence and walloped each other. ' At the bell Sharkey caught. Wilde with a left to the Jaw. Round even. Bound Seven Sharkey shot a left to the head and followed with another to the same place. Wilde sank a feeble left to the stomach. Wilde stepped in and was met with a short left to the Jaw. Both were hitting often, but there was nothing behind their punches. Wilde missed a left to the head. Wilde shot a right and a left to the Jaw. Sharkey missed a right and took a right on the Jaw In return. Sharkey pushed a left to the face, Wilde missed a right to the Jaw. \Sharker rushed Wilde to the ropes and pounded him on the body. It was Sharkey's round. Round Eight They danced around each trying for an opening. Wilde missed a right to the chin. Wilde landed a short right to the ribs. Wilde missed a left to the head and they clinched. Wilde shot a straight left to Sharkey's chin. Sharkey tore ln and landed a left to the body. He sank another Into tho stomach for Wilde and the Englishman was worsted In a short exchange. Shar- key forced Wilde to the ropes and pounded his right and left to the Jaw. They went Into a clinch ln the centre of the ring. The round was even. Round Nine Sharkey shot a right to the head and a left to the body. Sharkey missed a left to the head, but sank' a left to the body. Wilde shot a left to Sharkey's nose and was met with another right hand punch to the Jaw. Sharkey placed a left to the stomach and started dancing. He Jumped at Wilde and landed a left to the head. Wilde plainly was fussed. He went after Sharkey and shot a left to the stomach. Sharkey banned a right and left to Wilde's Jaw Just as the bell rang It was Sharkey's round. Round Ten Sharkey landed rights and lefts to the Jaw. They clinched. Wl'de placed light lefts to the head. Wilde was very weary. Sharkey knocked Wilde up against the ropes and banged away. Wilde could not return a punch. The erowd yelled for a knockout, but Wilde weathered the storm. It was Sharkey'a nana, ana his acst, too. ORPEHS BIG PUUSE TO DEMPSEY Decoln, French Promoter, Heady to Slmi Clinmplon With Cnrpentler Paris, Deo. 6. M. Decoln, managsr of i the Wonderland Sporting Club ot Paris, ' sent a cable gram to Jack Kearns this r ronch or llrltlsh bank, or In any, Amerlian .bank In Now York, whatever nmounr of money Jack Dempsey asks for a twenty round light with Carpen-- i tier 6n July 14.' . fli. uecom wm leave tor me unueu Stutos to settle details as soon as Demp- - sey's reply Is received, provided tho lat- ter accepts a fight In France. In tho event a match Is arranged be- tween Carpcntler nnd Dempsey, M. Doschanips, Carpenticr's manager, said y tho' fight would take plncu In December, 1020 at the Olympla ln Paris. I WIG6ER VICTOR IN 1,000 YARD RACE I I Wilis Fc'ntlirO finCG In KnifrlltS of Columbus Games in 13th Begimcnt Armory. I Harry Wlgger of the Paullst A. C. last night won the 1,000 yard handicap run, the feature of tho annual games of the Long Island chapter of tho Knights of Columbus In tho Thirteenth Regiment Armory-o- f Brooklyn. Tho \Winged P\ athlete started from the ten yard mark and defeated Arthur Riley of the Knights of St Anthony, the scratch man, by ten ards. After coming home in first place In the mill walk Carl Mertens of the Mohawk A. C, Canadian champion and record holder, was disqualified for hopping. The event was then awarded to James Far-re- ll of the Bronx Church House, who finished second to Mertens. . Jnck Sellers, local and national Indoor title holderJof the Now York A. C, won tho three-quart- mile race,- closed to members of cho Thirteenth Regiment The Winged Foot champion competed for the Fifth Company and won the event from scratch. The summaries: One and a Half Miles Medley Relay Itace, Closed to K. of C. Won by Loyola Council; La Salle Council, second: Newark Council, third. No Clme taken. 800 Tard Uun. Handicap Won by L. Dauxbaum, Brooklyn A. A. (3 yards); L. C. Silver. Mohawk A. C. (14 yards), sec- ond; Ed Itoesche, We SMe Y. M. C. A. (10 yards), third. Time, 31 seconds. Two Mils Uun, Handicap Won by Ray mond Fox, Paullst A c. (225 yarns) Raymond Whearty, 1'ordham University i (200 yards), seconu; ueorge uornnis, ,n York A. C. (75 yards), third. Time, 9;J9. Point Score Paullst A. C, lJNKnlihtsI St. Anthony. 13. - 75 Yard Low Hurdle nace, Handicap Won by W. Dratten. Knlghti of St. An- - j tnl V re\1)': lrnZ York A. C. (9 feet), third. Time, 9 5 i seconds. Three-quart- Mile Run, Handicap (Closed to Thirteenth Regiment Members) Won by Jack tellers. Fifth company, scratch: Irvine Rrpwser, Eleventh com pany (35 yards), secona; tasper ocni-ner- . Fifth company (60 yards), third. Tims. 3:16 1,000 Yard Run, Handicap Won by Harry W!ese. Paullst A. C. (10 yards): Arthur Riley. Knights of St Anthony (scratch), second; Al Doldsr. unattached (16 yards), third. Time, 2:22 Three Mile Bicycle Race Won by Fred Ldiux, unattached; Walter Stein, unat- tached, second; Pets Becht. Empire City Wheelmen, third. Time. 7:36 100 Ynrd Dasn, jianaicap noa ny they too speeny ami opponents that crowd favored the , Mohawk feet):waa that winner Coonny, be crdlted with s ym Run. Novice-W- on by John Duncan, St. Christopher Club: Milton lie. Loughlln Lyceum, second; Joseph Keves. KnlgntS OI Aninony. uuru. Time. ..16 ... . Mll V a l k. lianaicap won ut jmr TTormii nponT Church House (35 seconds) William Plant. Mornlngslde A. (scratch), second: M. UpsSn. Mornlngslda (40 seconds), third. Time, 7:0i-6- . NAVY FEARS 1020 Eleven Will Have Jnt Hen-i- on to Believe In Itself. Annapolis, Dec. With, nearly the whole team which defeated theArmy so handily available for another year, while West Point loses nearly all of Its lars and must break ln a new team. It would seem that the Naval Academy's great danger next season would be in overconfldence. However, must be re- membered that the Navy In Gllmour Doblo one of the best coaches tn the country. Ho can prevent plnyers from 'thinking more highly of themselves than they ought to think.\ Wtth tho fine schedule which seems probable, next season should bo the best the Navy ever had. The Naval Academy lose two players Clark and Benolst both backs. They excellent players, but men to take their places certainly bo found In such a crowd Watters, d. Dole. Rawllngs, Taylor, Waters, Severn, Haase, Frankenberger. Ilooney and Hamilton. All of these are available, are several good men who played on Squad and' different class teams this year. big new class may bring with Other promising Dacita. ivoenmr miu Cruise, who played through the big game, will return. Both have two more years of football. 'DRILL. Jim nice IIn Candidates Ilnrd at Work on \Pollytroar.\ n,.nrltap9lnhM KlnrtpA nnf at Columbia and Jim Rice la putting all candidates through hard dally work- - outs on machine. With the closing me Individual ' from him. waldecker, Hyde others of last season's shell j I are back at work. No. 8 last spring, is In and may find time to work out TORONTO H. C. Famoas Cnae Before n-l- w r 1 1 . I J ' j Toronto, Ont. Dec 6. An officer of the Toronto Hockey which has been suing the National Hockey Asiocla- - tlon In the courts, states case would be appealed ag.ln the de- - clsion handed against by Supreme Court This llm. If mill trn tn n VMtn. .hlY i:v, 1C L the of the season when the Toronto franchise and ordered sold t,.. free Lents wun. U19. 1 ALIVE BrtOKE.V NECK. Gauisburo, Dec. 6. Harry Wilt- - end of Galesburg High School team who a broken peck two weeks ago n a Peoria, live, according to of attend- - Ing physicians The nts auer ux months a vmt l uia'uvvi T HT JIT fl MIEN SIX to Cheers of Big Crowd in Garden. I EGO AND DUrUY SECOND , Third Honors ArO tarried Ulr by McNnmnrn and Mngin Eight Teams Finish. 10 O'CLOCK. 113d Hour. Standlnr. Laps, Oonllet and Madden S.410 MeNnmaro and McGinn.... 1.470 Her nnd Pupny 2.470 IluyMv nnd Hplc.sena T.I70 Keller and Iht 2 U9 lUnley nd .nwrenc ...4Jf , Coliurn nnd Kcpsky .2.479 inn ami iiromciv ....3,470 Lender. Record. 2.75? mile and 2 laps, made by Drobach and Lawson. AtfMrt r.niiitM Eddla Madden, composlnsthe American team, laat nlghV won the best and successful six day bicycle raco ever held In Madison Square Garden. Oscar Egg and Marcel second, MnMnmnrn nnd Dupuy wero Magln wore third, Coburn and Kopsky fourth, Hill and Drobach fifth. Hanley and Iawrenco sixth, Arcts and Beyl soventh and Keller and Weber eighth. During the week 'the eight teams which remained to tho end covered 2,501 miles ono lap. This Is more miles behind the record. Goullet and Madden won, , because of their great sprinting' ability. Egg and Dupuy scored 684 points, McNamara and Magln and Coburn and Kopsky 398. By their victory Goullet and 'Madden earned In the neighborhood of J10.000. This Includes prlxe money, bonusos and prizes hung up by spectators. The American team was tho choice, but was not popular favorliu. Past performances nnd great work during the week by Goullet and Madden made them probable winners, but for some un- accountable reason they wore unpopular with the crowd.. They are clean honest riders and popular with other contestants, and each hus a of per- sonal friends. But.fronvthe thousands who saw them ride all week they recelvod hisses In- stead When they made their triumphant march arcind the track after tho last sprint there were some cheers for them, but thjy were quickly drowned by a storm of hisses' and hoots. ? rcason nl . irft1lltntlv advanced lor mcir unpopuiaruy un uie i Th taut hnu hnnr tne race was ine in h . Tnln V, ' r?,. will Coburn home wno is paireu miu juo uuj, oiw.w away to ncld ana- - Dy some me best riding ever seen In the Garden more than three-quarte- a lap. To the crowd seemed like a mire lup, but after an hour's chusH Kopsky and Coubm faltered a trlffe, and before they could get going again at their best speed remainder the field caught them. Just beforo the final sprints bogan it 13 points and at the preceding ses- - was that were etronK for and the majority of the \un- - der dogs.\ . - Harry Pointer. A. C (14 announced the of eacn D. Loughlln Lyceum (14 feet). neat would 72 point\. K.Wtioi0.i,SS!fft: C 'During the afternoon. tie winner scored SI. . C A. C OVERCOMTDENCE. 6. regu It has has will are should as as B A It some COLUMBIA OARSMEN tn tho APPEALS, the ni .i It tari the or ws pATTT WIN DAY RACE Sprints nnd It the the of cheers. out . .V nr L the ot It of 6. their Goullet won the first 72 points. He . . ,,. ,ha nlirht tn hnl. ..hinn i ,rr nf n mll from - - iwn home he wc.nt to the front and without going his best sped to Judges three lengths In front Mcjfamara was sec- ond and Hanley third. In the second Esg was the victor. Ho beat out Madden by half a length. Ma- gln was third. McNamara sped off with the third race, with Hnnley second and A'rets third. The fourth went to Madden, with Coburn second. Magln finished third, but was disqualified for fouling. Goullet came back and made It two In a row In the fifth for the Newark team. McNamara was second and Han- ley third. Egg stole a march on his field In the sixth and scored an easy victory. He won by three lengths from Madden. Coburn finished third. There was some rough riding In the seventh. It went to McNamara. with Goullet second and Hill third. Hanley finished fourth, but was disqualified and finod 25. b The eighth went to Egg by a Inches, wi(h Madden second and Hanley third. ' The ninth, tenth and eleventh were In ono continuous sprint In which Kopsky and Coburn stole away from the field. The went to Goullet, the thlrettnth to Egg and the fourteenth to Goullet. Egg captured tho fifteenth. The sixteenth went to McNamara, the seventeenth to Egg nnd tho eighteenth and to McNamara. PolIce-Cle- ir Garden. As at most of the early sessions dur- ing week tho Garden ht was packed for the final sprints. Between ten 4nd eleven thousand people were In the building to see the finish, with thou- sands more In the streets clamoring for admission. There was standing room In the arena pit In the galleries for a few thou- - anl more, but the Fire Department accidents anu oracrea tne aoors el\\\' ociock. inoss wno goi ttiey did good worn. During the wcck it was estimated that more than 160,000 persons' saw the con- - test The management not announce the receipts, but It was estimated that between (110,000 and (125,000 passed Into box office. While the crowd streamed ln the con- testants were riding at a fast pace. By this time the field had narrowed down to nine teams each rider was bent on scoring a which would give him race. Marcel and Alphonse Splessen, the two popular Belgians, were doing most tho sprinting. They at- - tempted to steal away a number of times, but on each occasion they were caught after a 'desperate chase, winnllv .f c ms nvtwV nn,t- - . . .. .. . V . . . t r wn\. tne lr?CK- - ?ne,r. ae panure was a Dig surprise ana a snocit t0 the tons. Tne BeiB,an5. rldlng friends, and wlun Vi... left !.V track they cheered for several minutes, whJe manaKcment wa3 hUsed for \o'P them to retire. When they the dressing rooms Splessen said that he and his partner quit because their opponents wero roughing them. From the time Splessens Buysse, the two Belgians, regained their lost lap about 3 o'clock yesterday morning the final sprints began at 10 nvtruv th ni.n rni& r,.im of the football season the entire squad nsla were on Bcene cany, iuusi returned to the crew room. Rice Is of them wero around the building about half of the time to the 'ore 6 o'clock, but they were not ho has erected In the pool lowed to enter until the day mob had and gives Instruction to each been dismissed. It took more than an candidate ln pulling the oar through tho I hour to clean out the Garden, with the water (result that the holders of tickets for The' new captatn-elee- t, Duncan Leys, the final sessidn and those seeking has been stroking the first standing room were formed In lines and boat almost since the beginning of the Kept waiting In the rain for more than season, and It Is doubtful If any one an hour. Capt Post had the reserves on the squad can take the position away from several precincts on the Job and Hoiwig. and several Neumann, law not N'orr Goes Club, that the from down the club a' Ca.ibMI nl In middle v..... players WITH III., lams, suffered game with win statements doctors promise recovery Final Konsky. most than 200 630 the and host gained of the their the few decided twelfth final the and did the and lap. the Buyise of reached and until .thru THE SUN, SUNDAY, MARSHALL CHANGES FREE SPEEQH VIEWS Vice-Preside- nt Loses Faith in Man Made Laws. of tho United States. I want nomo of mi, yeciureu luuranau in a speech Inst night nt a dinner given him In the niltmore by tho Society or Arts nnd Science. \I used to bollovo In tho absolute freedom of speech and of tho press,\ ho continued. \I'vo changed my mind. I have no right to say or print anything tn\ tdoes not redound to tho greatest of tno Amorlcan rcpubllo and the ad- - vanccmcnl of humanity. I wanX'tt In dustrial democracy, but nro not gonlg to get ono unt'l we have an Industrious democracy. You have It In you to get tho sort of Government Ihtt you want, and If you don't get It tako what you get nnd quit crying ''Our foreign policy must be cleaned up Ithln the next few weeks or wo shill Mi a hissing and n byword In tho mouths of the world. No sympathies nro en- tirely with the miner In this coal Etrlke. I do not believe that ho hns gotten the money nor tho consideration he should J have gtten. Personally, I would not ! go down Into ono of those Indiana mint, tar nn lnv for Ihn mlnrv nf the of the United Stntes for n year. But tho law hns said to them B back to work. Rightly, Inbor Is nu commodlty but ,s poalbl8 for n.hu. man being to make a commodity or himself. He who surrenders himself to the whims of another nnd lets that . UU'ur lll.ul mil mill wiiciuvi no ruiui shall not. work Is making a commodity of himself. \I believe In' labor unions as the necossary evolution of our modern llfo but I am for no union that sets Itself up against tho American Union or Itself greater. It Is truo that the majority of tho statutes written Into our books during tho last fifty years were gencrnlly for those vho made them nnd hte rest as the case might bo. i am opposed to special privilege and want to seo those lows wiped on our \I have lost faith ln legislative enact- ments. This Is the lime when men aro to be made right by preaching the gos. pel of the Nazarene and not by legis- lative enactment What crime is there In America y tut the crlmo of be- ing found out?\ RULE OF IRELAND IS CALLED SHAMELESS Militarism Is Prussian in Type, Says O'Connor. London, Dec 6. T. P. O'Connor, president of th United Irish League of Great Brltiin, and members vpf the House of Commons tor the Scotland di- vision of Liverpool, in a manifesto Just Issued, says: \The tragedy of Ireland deepens hour- ly, oppression grows cruel and more widespread and shameless. Civil law has ceased to exist In Ireland In all political concerns. Martial law, Justi- fied only In actual warfare, has taken Its place. The government In Ireland Is Prussian militarism and Orango In Its policy, Its methods and its Instruments. '\I have come to the conclusion that we have nothing to oxpect from the present Ministry. They have broken their pledges to Ireland nnd almost In tho same breath In which they were ut- tered. We aro determined to mako our organization an ally, Independent sepa- rate and self governing, of the British Labor party. \We have now had full opportunity of testing the policy ln every community In which the Irish form a section of the population. Thoy hava thrown In all energies, as well as their votes, In favor of tho Labor candidates. We can only clve satisfaction to the resentment felt by our people In Great Britain, against the present treatment of Ireland by sirlkln a blow through our Influ- ence and vcte In Great Britain ngalnst those responsible for Irish oppression.\ WOULD ALTER SIZE OF DOLLAR. Prof. Irving Flsfior, the Yale expert on economics, said yesterday most of tft present currency troubles could be settled If the gold content In bullion was made to fluctuate with prices, making It Impos'lblo then for the dollar unit to be worth varying amounts ln purchasing value. Ho discussed the theory at a luncheon of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce. \What l needed Is to standardize the dollar Just as we have standarlzed tho ynrdstlck,\ said Prof. Fisher. \A sta- ble dollar always should be equivalent In value to a certain amount of commodi- ties. Tho gold dollar Is now fixed In weight and therefore variable In pur- chasing \power. A gold dollar fixed In purchasing power, and. therefore, vari- able In weight would solvo the prob- lem.\ NEW YORK HEADQUARTERS for Electric Xmas Tree Outfits LIONEL MINIATURE RAILWAYS AND OTHER ELECTRIC SPECIALTIES. At Last We Have tZS a Practical X-M- JI.W Tree Outfjt. These New Outfits Eliminate 95 of X-M- Tree Light- ing Troubles. I. Not how the lamps branch out. II. You may add aa many limps as you deslra In & fow sec- onds. III. If one or mora lamps go out the Ml remain lighted. As these outrtts aro made to order, kindly allow ua ampin time Pat Apn'IM Tor. If you dwlra one. This year we have a lareer assortment than u erer of . LIONEL MINIATURE TSAILWAYS AT LAST YEAR'8 PRICES. The following are a few of our Holiday Spe- cials at greatly reduced prices: Large slxe 3H and 14 volt Tungsten rA Bulbs, all colors. Reg. I doiea.' REDUCEDP1t'\ and 14 volt Fancy Bulb. Reg. 14.20 per dozen. REDUCED Red Seal and Columbia Batteries 35a Transformers i2M up Other Greatly Reduced Specials Continued In our Circular hlcb will be mailed upon request. NOTE. Kindly Request Clrmhr S. CORUBIA- - ELECTRIC HOUSE 145-14- 7 E. 2.1D ST., between Lexington and 3d Area. Tel. Gramercy lcn. Open Evenings. AMUSEMENTS. THE PAUUST CHORISTERS FATHER; FINN, Conductor. TO DOTS AND MEN JO \The choir of boys and men that has become world famous.\ N. Y. Mall. Tne voices or tne noyi are transparently clear, uncommonly unitled In quality, with erenly sustained long or finely diminished tone.\ Boston Transcript. AT THE s HIPPODROME Sunday Afternoon, December 14, 1919 at .1:.tn p. M. BENEFIT FOR ST. LAWHENCn HOSPITAL Sexts J 1. 10, 1 .50. 32.00. 12.M) now at box offlerv AEOLIAN IIALl. TITS., PEC. Oth, it 3 Paul REIMERS lr-ot- r T.tW?i SVa'nVisv x.,. M V m DECEMBER 7, 1919. MARINE INTELLIGENCE. MINIATUUn ALJIANAO. United Stales Ooat and Oeodetlo Surrey. ' Standard Time. Sun rises 7:09 A M Sun sets i03 V M Moon rise Ml V M Iliail WATEIt THIS DAY, Sandy Hook.. ,7:01 A M Gov. Islsnd..7:M A M Hell Unte f.lZ A M LOW WATEIl THIS PAY. Sandy Hook..l2:M A M Got. Iiland..I;lJ A M Hell Gate 5:10 A M ARRIVALS SATUKPAY, DEC. . Si Lapland. Southampton, Nov, 27. Hi Dante Allghleil, .vaplei. Nor, W. Ss Challemer, Bristol, Nor, 22. Ss Cape Homaln, Havre, Nov. 20. Ss West Tutnnt, London, Nov. It. hs Kusimn, Hull, Nor. 21, Ss Frcdr l'orto Colombia., Ss West Saginaw, Colon. Nov, 2S. Hi Marne, Gibraltar, Nov. S3, fis Maracalbo, .Mayarurz, Nov, 29. s mns t'reuencit iicnuncit, tape uayu. Nov. ao. SsCnuto. IMbuo. Nor. 22. Si San Jacinto. Havana, Dec. 2. Ss Alvarndo, Samo Doniiuru City, NoV. 21 ss General o II Er.-.t- . crlsiooaj, nor. M. Fn Jamestown, Norfolk. ' 7uiaerciK. iioticruam, not, Ss Tromontc. IlHlfax, Dec. i. Ss Pathflnder. Halifax. Dec. .2 S Goifn Maru, Nor'olU, Dec. 4, Ss Norfolk, Prop-nao- . Nor. 27 Si Wao. Philadelphia, Dec. 5. ARRIVED FROM NEW YORK. Si Myrmidon, at nnt'vla. Si Comet, at Port Eads. Ss Apache, at Charleston. Ss Lynchburg, at Mobile. SAILED FOR NEW YORK. Ss Angelo Toso. from St. Michaels. Ss Aslyanax, from Algiers, Ss L. J. Drake, from Port Eads, Ss Mohawk, from Jnrkionvllle. Ss Mexican, from Norfolk. Ss City of Savannah, from Savannah. OUTGOING STEAMSHIPS. Today. Malls Vessels Close. flail. Vaneonla, Antwerp 1! 00 M Indianapolis, Lire rpool 12 00 M Rockaway Park, Ham- burg 12 00 M 8 00 PM ronce. San Juan... 1130 AM 2 00 PM Santa Rosalia, Buenos Aires 12 00 M ,3 W r M Tuesday. La Lorraine, Harre.... 8 30 AM 1J00M AKo-s- o XHL. VIeo.... IOQAM 12 00 M Waubesa, Antwerp 8 00 A M 12 W M Easiern Star, llrn'its.... 10 CO A M 1 00 P M Stockholm. Gothenburg. 10 30 A M 1 00 P M Abangarei, Santa Mart a 7 w A a w u A M Osage, IUo 11 COM 3 00 P M INCOMING STEAMSHIPS, Due \o day. \ Ss Alara. R.irr.v. Nor. 6. 8s lleMlng, Bilbao. Nor. 1!. i Wetern Ch.ef. Fayal. Nov. 1J. S Who. Shields. Nor II. S Itemler. Ilrexham, Nor. 15. Ss Westmoreland,. Rotterdam, Nov. II. Ss Lumen, Shle'ds. Nov. 15 S Aleppo. Gibraltar. Nor H Ss Corning, Copenhagen. Nor. 17. 8s Alfonso Xlll.. san.jndor. Nor. 13. Ss llrltannia. Lisbon. Nov. 26. Ss Hattie Luckenhach, Rotterdam, Nar. 20 S War Earl. Uverpool, Nor. 20. ji Songa, llerKcn. Nov 1 Ss Idaho. Antnerp, Nor 21. Ks Itwl Cloud, Gibraltar. Nor. 20. S Tliiirjrerd. Hull. Nor 21, K Durjllir. Aiders. Nn 21. M iviix Taussig. Rotterdam, Nov. U. H Michigan. London. Nov. 22. Ss Ocean Monarch. Madeira, Nor. 2 Ss Eo e. Names. Nov. 22. Ss Abraham Lincoln. Hamburg. Nor. 1 Ks Munkogee. Port Eads. Dec. 1. H Msnta, Shirt!', Nor 22 Ss Frankler, Flushing. Nov. 22. Ss Yaklok, Naples, Nov. 21. Moti.r ship Hamlet. Chrlstlan.ani, Nov. 1. Ss Cripple Creek. Cristobal, Nor. 29. Ks Fort Sill. Para. Nor. 25 K. El Mundo, r.slvr.ton. Dee 1. Ss Arapahoe, Jacksonville, Dec. 4. Due Ss Royal George, Harre. Nor. 21. S I niti'd Stsles. Copenhagen. Nor. 17. Ss Mangore. Dartmouth. Nor. 24. Ss Ranakee. Fayal, Nor. 30. SsLako Frugality, Gibraltar, Nov. 34. Ss Socrates, St. Lucia. Nov. 30. Due Tarsia?. Ss Noordam, Rotterdam, Nor. 23. Ss nmhambeau. Havre, Dec. S. Ss Cabrers. Rotterdam. Nov. 24. Ss Cumberland. Rotterdam, Nor. SI. Ss Sabine,- - Galveston. Dec 2.' Ss Socony. l'ort Eads, Dec. 3. TRANSATLANTIC MAILS. Germany (specially adtlresaed only), rla Hamburg: al'c Par rnst mstls for I'OK SALE. Send No Money! Simply sond jour 'lz and thiso wonderfi trroy Work Shoes will comu t.) sou at onrn. Chock full of weir. We nuerai'tt\ them ana ynu tl ei'torn uuy l our iut. Payn'ly 91.34 on f rrlvai ror t n t s amasntng value. SEND COUPON NOW ONLY ON ARR VAL i! Lewis Mull Order Co, Dent. LH13. 44 Federal St.. Boston, Mini. Send Shoes Postpaid. I Bisk Nothing, Name Slie Address Color T4IE IDEAL XMAS GIFT. SGHRADE SAFETY PUSH-BUTTO- N KNIFE Msnnfnrtnred Only by BCHBADE C3TLEKY CO.. Waldtn. N. T.' N ItrraUiif of V iVtBstUa liLLOCK Blade Opens VVd5. Tat SaUty SHcUv Locks tit Bottoa Patent Stag Handle J1.7S Sterling Sliver or Fine Pearl.... $4.00 At ALL Dealer, or W. II. LAW HENCE Arcade of OA Ilrondwur, N. Y. City. Mall Ordem Filled. DIAMONDS, ouugni. suiU, tur ta.n uajy. K IStes txmcM IfVMTT '' nrairl TVrEWHITERrl ItENTHH. Typewriters , Rented . S, 3 Months, $5. VISIBLES. 3 Months, $7.50 Up. lmtiu Payment Applied it rVjrouid Factory Rebuilt Typewriter! ALL MAKES, $25 TO $85 Trade Harked and Guaranteed for One Ttu. Call.. Te.ephona or Writs AMLKl-r- ti viu i AiAUnNE CO. tit Broadway, at Worth St I Tel. StOI 10 E. :3d St., opp. .Madison Ave. 1 Frankllo. THE 11 I'EUItllEll EXCHANGE. 10 Barclay Mt Tel till tlarclay business opportunities \s?eiai!istTv?a7t furnished. An organization having ample capital and efficient well organized sales force, with thoroughly equipped and experienced advertising department, la locking for new specialties which have wide field and can be protected by trade marks or pitents. Advise what you have, giving complete In- formation, terms, etc.; personal Interview will be arranged If we are Interested. SPECIALTIES, box 125 Sun office. A REAL ESTATE BONDING CORPOHATION wants executive with financial standing to All tha vacancy of treasursr ho cn In- vest 110.000 or more and bis ser- vices. II.. Box 123 Sun. UTOMOBtt1 EXCHANGE mm One 0 II. P. Pletce Arrow 7 passenser tourlri Car. IJ1? wodel. In excellent condl- - fminy, Austria anil Czecho slovakia, Si, nook attay rant, is i, . Tuesday. Beljlum and Liuemliure (specially addressed only), via Antwerp: nlo'i parcel poit miilli tor llelgluni, Luxemburg and Belgian Ouugo, Ss Waubesa, s A. M. Spain (specially addressed only), via Vljo Coruna, Sanlandcr and Hilbao; also oaroc poll malls for Spain, Canary Islands and IVuta, Melllla and Tangier In Morocco, St, Alfomo XIII., 8 A. M Belgium, Itumanln, Bulgaria, I.uxem burg. , Jueo SlavIn, Trentlnc Trieste. German-Austria- , Poland. Switzerland. ituli. Knnln. (Iri'tre. Portugal. Turkey. llgl'Vt Jlritlsh India, llntlsli East Alnea, MiUiu. Ceylon, Straits Settlements nnd Persia, vis Havre; also parcel' post malls for Frame Alrerla, Corsica and Tunis, Ss. La Lomtne 1:30 A, M. . Gibraltar (Greece must bo specln'ly an dressed for rles\at(h br this steamship), rn Gibraltar, Tlra'us nnd Patrns: also parcoi post mulls lor Gibraltar and Ureeic, Ss Eastern Star, 10 A.M. Sweden (spec ally addressed only), vli Gothenburg: also parcel post malls fi)i Sweden, Ss. Stockholm, 10:30 A. M. TKANHl'At'lFIC MAILS The connecting ninlln Ioko at Ihe Oeneril Post OIllio ami City Mall Post Ofllie station New York, t P. M as lollows: Hawaii. Japan. Corpn. Cliini, Slbei-- Cochin China and Netherlands East lmtie via San Francisco, Ss. Colombia. December Hawaii. Fl) Is ands. New Zealand and al\' cially addressed mall for Australia, i.i,v i.i oiurer and Victoria, D, C Ss Makur-Vi- ember H. Japan, Cores, Chlni. Slam. Sltiena, Ci 'ii n China. Netherlands East Indies and Philip nine Islmds. via Vancouver nnd VKtorln 11. C, Ss. Empress of Jaoan, Dec 13. Fenut Celrliriifril To-iln- y, The feast of St. Francis Xavler, the celebrated Jesuit missionary, whose feast day this year fell on December 5 will be celebrated to-d- In St. Fran- cis Xavler's itoman. Catholic Church, Sixteenth street, near Sixth avrnuc, of which 'the saint Is tho patron. There will be a solemn high mass nt U o'clock, at which the Rev. P. J. Casey. S. J., rector wll' be th oe'ebrant- TOURS. AKT E. W. R. C. D. R. W. H. Alden P. J. Thorn T. TEN DAYS ALLOWED CRAIG TO PAY $824 Costs and Fees Added to Fine in Contempt Unless Charles L. Craig, City Comp- -' ttolier, pays to Wllllaia Jay Schleffelln within ten $824..18 he may expe- rience tho disconcerting shock of feeling SELECr SMALL PRIVATE PARTIES, WlTrt'tSCOBT George Smith, Millar, the Iron door of a city Jail In his faco Craig being on the cell side of the door. This was tho decision of .Justice yesterday, who earlier In the week nad fined tho Comptroller 5250 after tho 'ntter hnd been ndjudged guilty of con- tempt of court for violating nn Injunc- tion and selling $1,000,000 worth of binds of the city of Now Mr. Schleffelln brought tho restraint suit, .'ustlce .Manning added to tho lino JSC 1,38 for counsol foes\ and disburse- ments and 110 Llkowlso ho d that tho money should bo paid lo Mr. Schleffelln, a member of tho Cltl-ren- s Union. If tlm Ciomntro'ler falls to pay tho money he may be handed over to tho Sheriff for safekeeping until he changes his mind. Or ho can nvold immediate collodion of tho money by filing notice of appeal and putting up a bond covering tho amount. Or ho can apply to Appellate Division for a stay of execu- tion nppepl. So tho likelihood Is that Mr. Craig Is not going to Jail. In Ills the Justice said: \It Is ordered nnd adjudged that said m'pconduct of said Charles L. Craig was calculated to and actually defeat. Impair and prejudice tho rights and remedies of Hho plaintiff,\ TOURS. ART A1TTIOVS. Avenue Art Galleries De Luxe Throughout, Including All Expenses South America Toilr East and Weat Coast with Escort Sailing January 20th, 1920 Spend the months in tho \Summer Country.\ Seventy Days of delightful travel in the sunny climes of Brazil, Argentina, Peru, including the famous \Andes\ and the Panama Canal. Comprehen- sive sightseeing under direction of experienced Tour Manager. Best Steamers. Send for \South America\ booklet. West Indies Cruises NEW UNITED FRUIT STEAMER \TOLOA\ OF THE \GREAT WHITE FLEET,\ ESPECIALLY CHARTERED BY ' FRANK TOURIST CO., SAILING lVLVRCH 20, 1920, FOR CRUISE TO WEST INDIES. Visiting Havana, Santiago, Cuba; Port Antonio and Kingston, Jamaica; Panama Canal, Port Limon, San Jose, Costa Rica, Nassau, Bahamas. ?425 and up, including Shore Excursions. Similar Cruises weekly, Jan., Feb., March and April. California Tours of a Thousand Wonders. Grand Canyon, Apache trail, Colo- rado Rockies, visiting Southern California resorts by automobile. Jan., Feb., March. Bermuda Tours 8 Days and longer, $110 and up, including Hotel, sightseeing and all expenses. Weekly sailings. European Travel Official Agents all Transatlantic Steamship Lines. Reservations, Schedules and Passport information given best attention. Send (or special booklet on tour desired. FRANK TOURIST CO., 489 Ave., N. Y.(EstsbhYed '875 Phone 7390 Vanderbilt AUCTIONS. ON EXHIBITION TOMORROW (MONDAY) UNTIL dati: or h.u: IN Silo's Fifth 40 EAST 45th STREET S. W. Cor. Vanderbilt Ave., JAMES P. SILO & SON, Auctioneer. EXECUTORS' SALE OF MODERN . Paintings and Water Colors BELONGING TO THE LATE Wm. P. Douglas, Theodore W. Myers, H. B. Smithers, Seveial Other Estates and Private Owners TO BE SOLD AT ABSOLUTE SALE BY AUCTION Wednesday Thursday & Fr.'day Afternoons, Dec. 10. 11 & 12, at 3:30 o'Clock Each Day. PAItTf AI, LIST OF AltTIS 1 S ItmtESENTnn: AVTT'N I r'('\\V Arthur Parton, Deming, Minor (2), Geo. H. Bogert (2), Carlton Wiggins, Homer Martin, Van Boshcrck, Bolton Jones, Wm? Keith, J. Weir, Boughton, H. Crawford (2), Addison Albert Bierstndt, Case. days slammed Man-rin- g the York. court ousts. Oecld the pending order defendant did Winter Fifth 1 HOTr.L.9 AND KESTAUItVNTS. IIOTKLS AND UEST.VUR.tNTS. J. G. Vibert, Monticelli, C. De Lort, W. Bouguereau, Emil Jacques, E. Campighi, A. Pasini, Ch. Cederstrom, Emil Van Marche, H. Gervex, Meyer Von Bremen, Paul Grolleron, Feter Graham, R. A., R. P. Bonington, Leon Richet, Martin Kavel. 80c I I ROMAN GARDENS W 42nd STR., just WEST of BROADWAY Phone Bryant 4535 THE RESTAURANT OF QUALITY S'eneg luncheon BUSINESS NOON TO 3 P. M. SERVICE A LA CARTE ALL HOURS . NO COUVERT CHARGE Music and Dancing on tho Famous Revolving Floor. , Noon to 1 A. M. M. II. Cox, V. P. Mortimer M. Kelly, Mgr. HOTEL des ARTISTES 1 WEST 6'ilh STREET US.1.,) - SPECIAL TABLE D'HOTE (fc THIS'SUNDAY DAILY FROM 6 TO 9 P. M., S1.S0. MUSIC AND DANCING. f V TOl'ItS. ' tm&i v&m ENCmClZJrCJdiiTlIE WORLD TRAVEL THE AMIIUCAN WAY TO FLORIDA VISIT THE AMERICAN-RIVIER- A H With Ono of Our Tour -l.- EAVING- NEW YORK , January 7th, 14th 1 and 21st February 4 th 18th March 3rd -- WE WILL ILLE, ST.AUGUS-- \ TINE, ORMOND, PALM BEACH, MIAMI HAVANA TAMPA. OKLAWAHA RIVER, PALATKA 6l JACKSONVILLE IMPORTANT These fours are l.lmlto as to Num.-ber- . We suggest tnst reservations be niado now, ' i Write for details. ' Cruiso to South America Through the Panama Canal Visiting JAMAICA, PAN IMA, rrnu, rniLK, sitoi.xriNH. into. (WAV. Sailing from New 1 ork. Jan. 7th, Returning Mar 8th tlO Oars I5.0OCI Mllr. By sperl-- l with tbs PACIFIC LINE the beautlfi.l iow crulslntr steamer, Klino IU.3.V) tons dl&plscomeotl will be usod fur thh cruise. $1625 to $1745 Including Shore trips Write for Details Cruises to West Indies Cruise \HI te by Itimnotu steamer ol tlie (in-.i-t White Float silllns from New Vork..lanusry 10th, SS. I'astoros January 31st. SS, Calamami: February 21st, SS. T- - to i Christmas Cruise to Bermuda nt r.srinr unr new . C c PRRfl Tnv CltUSINO Dlsplaicment ltx New Vorii t)ic. 18, AitIvh Hirmudn Doc. 20. Leaves Hprmiida. I)e 2\ \rrlvlng New York Dec, 20th. No passports required. Bevel full days In Hermtirts. First eh Hcrtb on Steamer. Hot! sceommo datlons and sinhtseiil'w Included. ALSO TOURS Via The FURNESS BERMUDA LINF Five to 19 Days. Ralllnjrs SS. Fort Hamilton Janunry 7 ami Hwklj theiwrU'r. H.S.I ort Victoria. tttwUy lu Fobrurr \i n' prll. TOURS EUROPE HattlftVI't Tours, sailing Jan-ua- n 3rd, Uebrvarv 7th. JAPAN-CHI- NA Tours, salltnc January, February. .March and April CALIFORNIA Fire Wonderful Tours, leartnc Neu Voik January 7th ari1 21, t, February ttli and IStli and March 3rd. Ixatlnc Chicago ouo la later. Il'rffc lor llluit rated Booklets Hliererer Vou Travel, Carry rhoi Spendable rivuhrre American L'iprcss Iratelcrs Cheques. IMPORTANT nook now fur Huron. Spring and Summer I i.0. AMERICAN EXPRESS TRAVEL DEPARTMENT Broadway V mono HOBiinciipw i i 10.000 i, V 118 W. 39th STREET rhone Oreley45Gl or 733 HAWAII beckon- s- , calls you to come and enjoy tropic life in the Paradise of the Pacific. Outdoor sports the year round. Mid'PacificCar' nival in February. Vol' canoes. Good roads, hotels, bungalows. Reg' ular steamers. Ask your railway acent. or sf' Hawaii Tourist sllWX-sfXVI Branch, 201 Monadnock Building, San Francisco, or HAWAII TOURIST BUREAU Honolulu GET YOUR STEAMSHIP INFORMATION from General Headquarters In any city the Rsymond-W'hlteom- o office Is the place to bring your stoa il problens. We are officially appolrtta'l agents of all Transatlantic and Trans- pacific lines and can furnish chol reserva- tions and ticket to Europe. West In.llj'. touth America and any part or tha worl I. Coire to us and let our etperts tall you Jus KhatVou want to know about silllnis by 11 liiif snd comparative cost of accoaunoiA tkrs. RAYMOND & WHITCOMB CO. C. II. Q. for Steamship lnforroatlot 4 Sth Ase. Nrw ' rk COOK'S Service Travel tOVMtH I\E WOKL11 lhUS. COOr & aON one. car uui. cw. ti.2J.

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