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- 4 J . - 4 MkkHvmtmyz WARD ALUMNUS HELD IN BOND THEFT Frank do Rnismcs Storey Is Trapped With Securities Uoportcd ns Stolen. : ACCUSED BY A CONVICT : Asserts Ho Is Suspected of Bc-- : ing \Master Mind\ of Band : Working Hero. J Frank do Kalsmcs Storey, n Harvard Salumnua about 38 years old, ivlioso at-- j tuition to drcsa and appearand) ecnor-;tl- y Is such as to qualify him for asso- ciation with a couplo of million dollars Tin Government or gold first mortgaao J bonds, was arraigned yesterday an a uspect In tho Investigation of Alfred J. ! Talley, chief Assistant District Attorney, \into tho existence of an alleged ring to J steal and sell securities on a vast scale, Storey waa arrested at tho Hotel where ho has n sulto. Ho Is a lawyer, who asserts that ho has been Jwlth the firm of Bamuol Soabury, ft Judgo of tho Court of Appeals. 2 The warrant alleges that on November J JO In a taxlcab at Fifth avenuo and JStventv-socon- d Btreet ho had possession of four stolen 1,000 Pennsylvania Itall- - read bonds, whllo discussing stolen with a man who posed as a ; banker not nvcrso to shady transactions. lie was arraigned before Magistrate -- Blmpson, held In $10,000 ball and com-Smltt- to tho Tombs Prison. There SBtorey talked to reporters and ampllfled \the charge agutnst him. He assorted that la an Intorvlew with Mr, Talley -t- he Assistant District Attorney chargod Ihta with being- - the \master mind\ of a Jband that systematically had Inspired \the theft of bonds whllo In transit from -- bnks to brokerage oillces. Ho denied Sail theso charges, ' as well ' as the pos- - - l ,ti. Yaii Pannovlf'lnln 'AAnHq. 2ns charged In tho affidavit, or having had a part In a conferenco at IJlfth nve--n- and Seventy-secon- d street, nt which \the return of stolen securities was dls- - \cussed. Z Accaaes Conrlotca Lnwyer. 2 storey asserts ho Is tho 'victim of the activities of a disbarred lawyer who Is Sitrvlng a term of from four, to seven 5year3 In tho Great Moadows prison after Z conviction of stealing the fortune of his aged -- foster mother. Storey said this -l- awyer was an old enemy. Ha asserted that Mr. Talley liad been altogether too !J credulous In arresting htm on flimsy JJUstlmony given by a convict. Vhen Mr. Talley was told what Storey Shad said ha showed Irritation and the .Jdlfcuselon became a good deal moro de- railed and personal. Afterward It \transpired that Storey was mado the In a suit for dlvorco In papers Served on Friday night. The complaint 2 c? Mrs. Story allegpn that Storey has \been living in a manner described as \aumptuous\ in the Hotel Commodore 3 with a woman not Mrs. Storey. 2 Mr. Talley said that while tho lawyer \of whom Storey spoke had been an In- strument In obtaining Information on Nfhlch Storey waa arrested, the convict Iliad not been deceiving tho District At- torney's otllce. This convict has .been -- in the Tombs on a subpoena requiring ihlm as a witness In a civil suit. An- other Tombs prisoner has been David JW. Sullivan, who has been held In de- fault of 75,000 ball on an Indictment charging ltim with reoolvlnj 146,000 worth of Cruolblo Hteel bonds that had been stolen from Clark, Chllda St Co. of 135 IlroadWay, ' Marked 1111U Fonnd, iMu Tllll9y add8j tliat Prlsne\ leW the Tombs on, charsea growing out ot the thefts of the becurltics got to- gether after tho nppoarunco of Storey's enemy among them. Ha had a measuro of freodom, although In tho custody of a prison keeper In golnsr to and from the sossions of court ny keeping watch on those Journeys Infor- mation was gained that led to tho at- tempt to trap Btorey at the Xltth ave- nuo comer, Mr. Talley said. Mr. Talloy said that when Storey was ooarchod at the time of his arrest on nlsht two marked bills were found on him. Theso bills, the prose- cutor said, wero part of an Initial nav- - nicnt of U05 for tho delivery of tho John a. Dyer, counsel for Hulllvan. asserted n proposal had been mado to l!lm, t0 rccvr somo of the bonds that Sullivan Is nllegcd to have hold Illegal- ly as collateral security for with his brokerage llrm, the Idea being ir.m ine recovery would lnvnlvA th identification of the men who had Pledged tho bonds ns security. Mr, Dy said that the Great Meadows con. vlct told him he could got the securi ties for \a song.\ Dyer referred the convict to thn District Attorney. Law- yers for other prisoners said they wero approached by tho convict with a similar proposal. H. V. Connolly, counsel for Mrs. aiona aiundell Storey of 34 East Thirty-secon- d street, confirmed tho report of tho divorce Bult. He said thr Storeys were married In Philadelphia July 10, 1917, and Hepnrated last January. Ha nalil Mrs. Storey was unaware of her husband's whereabouts for months. Sho finally traced him to a sulto In the Hotel Commodore. MORGAN BACK FROM EUROPE ON LAPLAND Financier and Wife Have Stormy Voyage Home. Mr. and Sirs. J. P. Morgan arrived from Southampton last night on tho liner Lapland after a business trip of three monthB In Europe. Mr. Morgan, who would say nothlnfr for publication ns usual, received the de-gr- of doctor of laws from the Univer sity of Cambridge whllo nbroad. Ho sailed for England August 20 on tho same liner, Tho Lnnland had a stormv nassaco. anil to ndd to tho discomfort of tho 1.211 passengers they recelvod nlarmlng re- ports about the shortage ot coal In this country and fully expected to find New York a llghtless, h'oatless and dry city. It was wet and getting wetter as the Lapland docked, however. Tho liner brought enough coal with her to maka sura that she can get away on tho re turn trip on time. Leon Urrol, the actor, camo back to this country to tako a part In the Zleg-fel- d Follies. Ho said he believed that Hroadway dry was better than Plcca dllly wet. He also said he would never go abroad again to act. ' Among the other passengers was L. J. Iteckford. president of the American Lead Pencil Company, who has mado a study of European conditions with a view to capturing the pencil market from the Germans. Tho Lapland will bo used between this city and Antwerp. Sho will bo trans- ferred from the \Whlto to the lied Star Line. Another liner, tho Dante Allghlerl, docked yesterday at Jersey City with 2,100 passengers from Italian ports. among whom was Col. Vltrlo Aslnari dl Bernezzo, the new mllltaii attache of .tho Italian Embassy at Washington. He was nccompanied by Capt. C. H. Hunt- ington of the Ninth Italian Lancers. SPORTSMEN'S HEADQUARTERS Comfortable Store for BuyingNot Any Store You Saw men and women who enjoy TO and other outdoor sports, as restful when doing holiday shopping as it is unusual. Here, in this environment, are and sold the goods from which excellent gift maybe made: Every Winchester Rifle and Shotgun that is model Fishing Tackle Outfits for Tarpon) Winchester\ Burney & Berry\ Ice and Roller Skates Pocket Knives and Other Cutlery Exactly the right arm you want for game, shooting of any kind, for trapshooting or target shooting. Special rifles and shotguns for bpys and girls, together with other and for the new Win- chester courses in Junior Marksmanship. Also every kind of ammunition, for Win- chester guns of every gauge and caliber, BURY SUICIDE AND 3 VICTIMS TO-DA- Y Ono Funeral Sorvico Held for floodlatto, Wifo and Ohildron. . SON IS DEAD OF BLOWS Another Girl May Dio As Bo-su- it of Barents' Maniac Frenzy. From the residence of his closest per- sonal friend, Thomas It, Goodlatte. 114 Paullson avenue, Passaic, the funeral of Maton It. Strong, architect and struc tural engineer, and that of his wifo, eld- est daughter, Elizabeth, and his son, Nathaniel, 13 was held yesterday. Na thaniel, tho latest victim of the maniac frenzy of the architect, who last TucBday night attempted the extinc- tion ot his entire family with an axe, at last cutting1 his own throat, died yesterday morning at the Pasaato Gen- eral Hospital. Tho funeral, arranged for three members of the family, was altered for the fourth. Nathaniel, whoso wounds were similar to thoso of all tho family, recovered consciousness but once before his death. Then his Hps moved feebly, but he spoko no word. Two of tho children ore yet alive. Nina, 14, is In a pitiable condition, but there Is hope for life. If sho recovers, Dr. John H. Carlisle said yesterday, her l.cft arm will be paralyzed perma- nently, Sho Is conscious at times and seems to show signs of Improvement. Susanjie, 6, Is ranldly recovering. It was her phono message that brought Dr. Carlisle and made known tho trag- edy, A crowd of curious patrolled tho streets In front of tho Go6dIatte resi dence during tho funeral. About thirty friends and relatives were admitted to the houso. Tho clergymen, the Rov. Wlllard Day- - ton urown, Is pastor of tho North lie lormeo uutneran unurcn which was founded by Mr. Strong's father, the Rev. John P. Stronj, many years ogo. There was no, music, but tho hymns \God Moves ih a Mysterious \Way and \O God, Our Help m Ages Past,\ were read. After a brief Scriptural reading the Apostles' Creed was recited. This morning the bodies will be taken to Tarrytown for burial In Sleepy Hol- low. At tho funeral were two cousins of Mr. Strong, his nearest relatives, Eben T. Olcott of 323 West Seventy-fift- h street, president of the Hudson River Day Line, and TV. L. Brosler of Manhattan. Tho chlldron now alive will be cared for by sisters of Mrs. Strong, Miss Ruth Colvllle of Middlebury. Conn., and Miss Mary Colvllle and Mrs. Gilbert R Talt of Racine, Wis. They wero present at the funeral. ailaslnir needrr Girl Home. Nrw Brunswick, N. J Dec 6. At midnight, November 28, Grace Reeder, an attractive girl, 17, left her home here mysteriously. Her family heard nothing from Jier until she unexpected ly wanted m upon tncm'to-aay- , refus ing to discuss hor absence or to say where she had been. She was' In good fceajth and apparently In normal spirits. THE SUN, SUNDAY, DECEMBER 7, 1919. INCHES OFF SKIRTS. BUT PRICE IS LONGER Great Gap Between Hem and Boot Topt. Sptclal Dtipatch to Tas flc.v. Clkvkland, Deo. 6. Tho passing of winter will mark another revision In tho length of womon's skirts, It was mado ltnown y at tho annual convention of the National Cloak, Suit and Skirt Manufacturers Association. And tho re- vision will bo upward, alone with the prices. Tho women's tailors, unsatisfied with a fashion that has produced posi- tive fright In conservative communities by the slender allowance of leg cover- ing, walked right on the convention floor and with ruthless determination sheared threo to four moro inches from tho hem of tho skirt. Tha delegates doubtless would .(have gono further, but there aro years and yoars ahead for stylo cliangos, eo tho shortening didn't really have to be done all at onca. Tho decision of the conven- tion leaves tho women of the country tho pretty perplexing question of keeping to old styles and wearing 'cm Bevon Inches from tho floor or choosing tho conserva- - tlvo nlno Inches abovo ground. It Is stated on authority that skirts aro actu- ally only four to six Inches short of cov- ering tho boot tops, and boot tops are pretty high theso days. Tho American tailored maid next spring, tha delegate Bald, would be mora charming than ever and doubtless even the male would apprcclato the ingenu- ity of an association of manufacturers which can cut away cloth and etlll .sometimes accentuate the cost figure. Positively prices will not drop. Really, tho new thing about spring drcktes will be tho deckled Roman toga air given to tho garments under the pressure of the new styles. \Just some- thing to catch up, loosely and grace- fully,\ the ofllclal report described It. Collars aro to be long, slender and roll- ing. Sleeves may fit snug or flare at the cuffs. Tho three-auart- er slcove Is advocated for jaunty Eton Jackets. Tha hips aro again to be fulL SPANISH LOCKOUTS SPEEAD. Government 'tries to Hnlt Em- - Drastic Action. Madrid, Dec. . The Industrial prob-lem- s continue to arouse serious dis quietude. The Minister of tho Interior Is making efforts to prevent the dec laration of a general lockout, decided upon by the employers for Dccembor S. The situation again lias become crit ical at Barcelona. Most rf the city's retail stores were closed to-d- as a sign of adhesion to tho lockout. The port is Idle and steamships discharge tneir carroes elsewhere. EX-CROW- N PRINCE RENEWS HIS LEASES Hl the Attoclated Prei. Tub Haqub, Dec. C Tho former German Crown Prince has renewed the I Ioase on his house at Wlerlngen until next spring. Tho newspaper, Vet Volk of Amster-- 1 dam says former Crown Prince Fred erick William will bo taxed on tho basis of an annual income of SOO.000 florins. Tho question of former Emperor Will iam's permanent resldenco In Holland waa discussed In tho Dutch Parliament yesterday In connection with tho possl-- 1 billty of forcing him to pay an Income tax. Answering a question on tho sub ject Johnkheor DevrlAS, Minister of Finance, Bald in effect that if tho for mer Kaiser really had been permitted to I buy a house at Doom for a permanent I residence, the Government would un- doubtedly tax him as a resident of Hol land. a A Gift Like Other Ever pleasant displayed following selections tw equip- ment, instructions with jhe direct advice of WINCHESTER experts to aid in making selections. The man who is planning a hunting or fishing trip no better time than now can here secure complete, authentic in- formation and advice about equipment. The best places to go for sport hotels, guides, camps. All the intimate and valu- able suggestions about best way's to secure bestresults and fullest pleasurefrom the trip. At Sportsmen's Headquarters, Mr. Thomas A. Davis, Mr. J. H. Cameron, Mr. H. H. Boyd, Mr. Wra. C. Blelock authorities in sport for many years, will be glad to be of service to you. There is no question that cannot be answered here, on highest authority, in reference to shooting, fishing, game laws, places to go, guides, camping aqd personal equipment, fishing tackle, railroad routes and fares, arms and ammunition. A satisfying and restful place for selecting interesting Holiday Gifts. WINCHESTER SPORTSMEN'S HEADQUARTERS N. & cor. Fifth Ave, and 40th St., WinfieUjuUdin 3rd Floor. Opposite fublig Library ployera' Nil 1 j. mm ' ' ' ' A. G '1 A Sale That Merits, The Attention Of Every Woman . . . Exquisite Negligees 37.75 : regularly 55.00 to 65.00 r\\ Occasionally it is expedient for a concern to offer their pa- trons merchandise on which no material profit accrues. Such of- fers win the good-wi- ll of patrons, which is a very essential asset . to every business-su- ch an offer is this. Negligees of an exclusive nature, fashioned in elite styles of choice materials, are offered At Savings of From 17,25- - to 27.25 A A distinctive Robe of Meteor, short in front, terminating in a pointed train at back. Entirely hand made. Silk Cord is its only embellishment. B Jersey Crepe was selected for this beautiful model. An odd sort of hand-ruchin- g is applied as adornment, .combined with tassels and tinseled rose- buds. C A charming model of figured Georgette over Georgette of a contrasting plain color. The effect is entrancing! Tassels of beads and artistic hand needle-wor- k provide the finish. D A slip-ov- er model of handsome Satin Bro- cade with graceful over-jack- et of Georgette Crepe fin- ished with floral decoration. 5th Avenue Mil I KaV- -' \\V 4- - E A Gown of lustrous Meteor with scalloped hem. Flowing sleeves of Georgette furnish delightful contrast. The finish is left to an artistic floral gar niture. \ F A slip-ov- er model of Satin Brocade bedecked with ruching and flowers. Note how gracefully flow its lines. G Zanana Lounging Robes with hand-scallop- ed collar and cuffs. Lined throughout with silk. Light as feathers, it provides great warmth and comfort. H Georgette Crepe makes up this clever model. The long-wai- st effect is particularly becoming, and makes for grace. Lady-Fa- ir Ribbon two-ton- e effect, girdles the waist. Boudoir Caps, Bandeaux and Slippers at Modest Prices (THIRD FLOOR) James Moureery & Co. 34th Street Mini f 'wami r tt '.sfi ' MVl mm him t ! IIHI \ I I Ml f I I I l\ I'll 1.H I. J\i M Til J. J I fS Sl I SI 'W W I WIM iM r M I'UsA 13 'I.1.V..17 IIHI I I If I xT I if II I T.firU IAJI.il M ,1.1 I i M 1.11 VI I Mil f II J It cA I If INI iihi i f x i i j fiviA'.i ty mm i mr wmri i i i u i i i J

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