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The sun. (New York [N.Y.]) 1916-1920, December 01, 1919, Image 17

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X if li 4 ., t.. l ,. IM . 'FOREIGNERS SEEK AMERICAN TOES Buvcrs in Many Countries State Their Wants to Com- merce Department. ENGLAND NEEDS CEMENT South Africa in Marhot for Caterpillar Tractors-Irel- and Asks Dry Goods. , '' Tfio weokly IM of trndB chandeo Kftth-,- 1 tred by the United Stittn Department of persons and firms mentioned may be obtained through Tub . SUN. questions renrdlne published Horns should bo on neparato sheets, a sheet to cacTi Item, and the numbor of the Item should be Titn Sun does hot furnish credit .responsibility oa mtin or nssume any ... . . m- - nf Wilniiaa' men or Arm, abroad. The usual precaution .1 . ... ii -- n.oi' Thoso de MIOUIU IK! n. \ ni..i attii roods anu wnai Eiriui, muy rrmiv v ...... v in Vrnnri 1630. The representative ci m d.sUe. to procure an utney 1 r4w and imukI. lestho pn\ feather good., doom . vn',lB'r- - xtile.. ruooer soou.u\-- . 1C57 A company- tn Egypt ..tiil for tho ot cardboard, ana paper kinds. . . , .. . v. . Mmmrdol m?5riu who U won to\ ST TK United Btatea. tor hsrdware. wmin ' house la rw and in port comm.a.ton lr. . .m,rrf.i ent in Franco eka VTtotto. f. food P' aoorta. kntt soods and dfttnw.. . lttJ. An aecCT l In h n ral Khdi- - pwitwland the varnlah. iun countrleaot dfuia. IW\\.1\- - .... im. jfornVchrnTp. tTr wWoom. na anpe iatiurit?. . ...nev firm in , 18(3. The oiiecipr ui the -- . m'8 Knaln teoka asend tor 0A,,,,,i,.ri 1 ibmu tural Wjr Vhaatl and'aclen. teapera gs,5Snmtt,. ,awa. tlflc toy., ao rooda and rublter I, Urea. II M - - cruoe ruuvcti . Im Tiir4ii!n dcslree topur- - Ah Onre SoOirht In France. .... .. i. rtlrrd by a nwa m WS. of UK ln lenilb Iron d.lb!ePTorM11cu irae. ficdium to rood. duality la deUred. TASto Sum desire. J ii. fiTl lton of .table, ordlnan to and Quotations on any WW'\' ri, lower count, to medium, all MPy. JfiT edible, ad technical, and .cheap trade. UimA. Sc?T.de.!rert by . man In Bel-d- fSrWe le of food .product.. t. oe'rM ' reneral repreamtaUon The man in Swltaerland for the .ale JI te'tl\. rd. .uch a., fabric. And mji will as raw cotton and raw wool Ann la Spain desire) 'to procure ajendes foTthe .ale of machinery and all Jaw materlala for luduttrle.. 1ST5 A merchant In Ire and Kek. an ateney for the.sile .01 ory aw Mrfnm and 1570 General reprcicniui- - ,rYvc, a northern France I. erentnaUy commercial .nirinfr In He't'.;n for tho aale of all Ulnds .of American goo... Altcnclcs Dcslrtsd In Spain. 17T. Arenclee .re desired by a mn la Mle of chemical product., pharmaceutical product., direct color, and uillltws. machinery and coal. 1!7S. The repriasntatlre of a firm in I. In the United Btatea aadde-Ka- s obtain arenclea for the aale of grocer, lea. drun and chwclcal. M797 A firm In India withes to be Placed In touch with exporter, of genera 1 motor cars, motorcycle, an-- motor awor!e.. CO VSrJSSS ad atooat everythlni but soft good.. . 1681. Agencies are de.lrcd by a maa In . . 1 . . v .. . nf mihtnfrv. ltU. A firm In Spain de.lres to procure Btcndea for the t.le of steel, electrical ma. Serial and .uppllea. copper, iteel and Iron office .upplle.. cheap Jewelry, gamoa JSa toy., celluloid gooda. dgarctte holders, of all kind., faatener. chaj.. bSlt,. lock., bra.. tUnb tjeka. cutlery. iSSrare. furniture pruuuti- -. fitting., \\\ smalt hand ,1001.. rurgicai imiruutci.... jiedleal material, rubber and glau good, for ehopedl.t. comb., hair ornament., foun-Mn- holders and adrery.lnr VIctoriBUtr Read illubart. noraltles.rfhalr dlopers. thermometer., au- - AgrSulturitn South Africa are f aiSous to obtain tractora of the SSpma\ Tariety. and cataloirue. are T4 An by \rlneer In Belgium con.ulate. derires to Prch..V and procure an lnduirlal material and machine., at boiler equipment, lathefc pis ners. machine. Induirrlal SStefeo sswraa 'esf'The purch of windmill. I. ,de.!rd JiTSrm'ln1;&ndrk. an agency xwSm American copper Iterresentallon de.ired by mer- chant IWt. tn Itolr for the sxle of oil., tatty ma- terial for soap, stearin, Ac. ' .IM 1 firm In OHO rn tnai\ m boxes. ' opportunities In Philippines. it,.,!.,,.. ,Tabo:Mor.u iTranalL Trllila! ..t.L-- J I. .fc. im American firm eeiaomnwi i Island, dcalres to procure fiSiiti? agencies frrm Sacture'r. forV.le of general merohan-dls- e ph an indent basis. nurchaaa i Stein. al snTotiV foV' tSVale ot automi, VT broker In France derire. to bo plawd in' commnclcatloa with American ex- - .'nncy'deslred by a man In Bet-fn- r of machinery and toola 1CM A merriant In Spain agendes tee! beam- - fA the axles, railway ws? sheet Iron, angle bars, aadT Iron and small petroleum motors lor JUlk repreaent.tion of export. of firlraltural machinery and toolik auwrnobfl... oWV,!friw a wlrchant in reprtsentat Tle'glnm for the sale of H sort. 'M::o Trade Comm. Ovtime, Beechnut iFaclnc KaWaloro Carl ltoientlul. mjl'a commerd.t agent from T.niliU United and detlrea to ture the of hardware, appliance., tools au- - tuSiW aoodetlon In England manufacturer, onty for anrlnearlnr agrlculturM JhTa mmerclal In i N J 'e A j. fS'tW tor mufacturer Grdwaxe and automatic . in Italy, aeek an arroey for gffloken- - aad aoralUt. united statics circuit court ov AitkalS. ; ' Second Circuit. Beforo, Itogcr.. Hoiigh and Manton JJ.-R- oooi o. a. M. LMlhbrrdi-t- Warden. X.' Cheatham . . An desires wheel.. foe r.und ' Geuerai calendars WardiFederal A.bcstfli Co:ano. Andean Co Nev jf f?om Tr riifii of Ward. UNITED BTATKS U1STB1CT COUBT. Before Knox. oora Jll, To.t Ofltcy BttlU. ln .VI 10!5 LTimiui Patqualo Planuolo. M.Uareln. ..eki\.n Jgency articles wmiim ueo ii. uen nla O'llrlet William Knjdfr, Uartln UrU. Will. am J Tlerncjr, J Jin Mof ran, William Quick, Marsaret Murray, lime \Itentt Ed wnnl Thomas am Itotyili. William II XMialu Wllll.m. the and U s.uallffood. Wllllnm F Holloy mnA .1 Bamuel Denoutit. DeiHu Soinotyl, Anton jiurjter, 1 narie. Bpamer and George (! Illerklnr. Jaraea Donnelly. Slate, roller agmt ii tools. Arthur 1tolillF. David Smith. egeucy jienry icuer. Joe iOttill It Klodant.-(leonr- L (lower, J II Xartln. . J II llrubiusa. and Abraham tlabowlti. J II Grubman, Abra- ham Llebonlta and Anrellne Malaqka. Pat Carroll. (Iporto n Pelamater. nA1j1hat-f- f and JnAki. l'oit V.lt... Po.t Office At rf. ..-- ... BlarJi.rro.': Qnlnn. lleorjo Meacham. Gcorga Cocghlan. Jnllo E Ilerrcra. David JaroboMilta. S M H Landau. Joiin J An.lee. Walter- - C Tan.ow, Gerald J Hymen. J A S M.nne. tTn.lnp fthtvt!nn! Norma Oonnully. Adjourned caw: A A J It Scaeinbcre. Motlona! riss, Docrr A Carroll Co. A F Bait. Slher Valley Mining CO. Before Learned. Hand OR. :M A. calendar. Copeland:Dlrect Gen or KB. :Bowrtng Co. Hawkins U'ldcllo Brwg Co. S.meuame. liquit Trui petroleum Co. Mellrll!e Mfg Cot ration Arnelt:8pcactr Kel- logg A Bona. Hubl.nrd :Notelty Papor Ca Anderson :Ciyde SS Co. t'ollln.:ThIrd Ar lty. Hahlo'.BoMen. Produce A Nat CoivTenger. Straus. :ngn. J Bamett Ur.-.- p Forgtaa! Co:Snp.ior Lamp BUEck iWllllam Whit man Co. iaiiii.iic.,-,\\-- - Ro.e. .iioor. calendar. Datey Tree Expert CosKaiton. Walton :Clayton Co. Kat ur or rinn rMV Sert-U- . Prod uct. Corp iiuocnerx. Sh.lnc '.Warner-rat- - Rubber Co:Lodl Corp. Commercial Acetylene :rrett-Ltt- e Co. Uareont.ne Forest Radio CO. Same :Wlrcles. Spc. clalty Apparatu Co. I.uckenbach CoiA W Durkctt ft :De Latal .. . rr Safe Co: Hosier Safe Co. Irtlnx-PIt- t Co: Wllson-jone- a uxm l..f Pn. Vapor Car Co:uoio car 11 u :tam. Rnsso-Asiati- c Bk: Guaranty Trust w. Angu.W. calendar. :Llmltauoas, Mfg Lawrence t ..rlt Crawford A ColLlree-poo- l, Braxll 4 H r co. nr..... tnln 227, Tott A.JM, lUt. !todem:am. Mutlan, order. Judgment, SPECIAL A Matter Masg:Maag Co. Baldwin :Netixa. Rapid T :Coa- - German Slik Co: BehrentsHlne.. Y Pneu Serrlcet Cox Con Co. Dworotiky '.Becker. Jamaica Oaa L Co: Berlin :Adler. Newmark'.Selms WaUt Union Bar Bkt Forahew. iV.ughan. Oeudre:Le Gendre. M. :Cowle. Nicholson tNlchalaon. Northern Bank: Bastl.n:B.tlaa. Hoe Co. nooke'r Elec Co:Chtp- - m.a cnera v. Ynrchntonl. '.Haddock Mining Co. aaioms iaan.B. Week. :Ora moot HeIo co. BanctlatV Sanctl. A Adam.:Ora Grand Mines n. Karaflol :Bell. Ootem :OU BeDar Work.. A Stf&Z -- 1.' KicatArahle- - Kat?toneihold Jemn'ncy XrtVi,: fcejalfef -- COURT CALENDARS Antelotte:Mc.Vdoo. Matter Jordan. lulllyii'.eiuy. m.n. :8tdoff. BaeriTrae. ITlrscborn A ct!Tii.rsiae Dlatng Co. rterowlts iPoloh.ky. Canreloel iBlaroMa Oec'B Oo. Bajti. Jlirars. Offlco Hulldinf. nraffliltultalo Cittp. Awwll'.a'n:89 fl\t Uarbara. iRo.a. Uauminn:Ulclc & Yhlt Co. KriHolt-- , Mattrr ot U A Klco Co:Ma & Qaeau. , U a:JH0 do. bott. N y Ute In. Co:Au- - dertun. A. 41. R W Tom Careir and SHAKE wurJ l'lttseraia. Jay A Weber. Ilarld M llrown. Antbon McXamara. Frank Kay. Clarence U Grarcs and Frank Kay Jacob 0 l'latt and luU KctIU. Iinatlui pefko. Benter.c4i Tbomai JUdd.n, Jr. Bamuel Ulue.tula. Abraham latins. iVmh lctmtile. Jay A Abraham.. Ca.ei to Ml lor irwi , . ... 1antr toy ixmi iitppapori :iapppn. i. , .,.\o..t...t..U' n...l-a..- V TTnlvuPtlfT. Sidney Northern WW.Utt.w ...... \ 1 Inter. Illch.rd lliihup, ll.rold K Builtb and William 0 Holt. Ironlte Co, Sla.ter Co, United 1 Sylreater W riesholm, Sidney 1. Floabelm, !lmon JI Haxtur, Body, Blehard Bl.hop, llawld n Smith and WUllam O 'Bait.- - ' Beforo Mayer. oom M5, B1W ins. ai .\w Jeanette W H Heyman Heating Casldy atter Nixon. Hudclera Bucilln, Mutual Eip; & imp-C- Saroy Dosk A. Salt Houe. raul Bernard C 0 I'erpall k Roblchek A C Btork A UtTls A DaTla. Jacob. A Bchntuar. Tree A Dclinonlco'.. Morgan, Truetl A Sam A Krulewtti'h. II Iry Meyer A becker. Uallman Hoffman. Kthel Jacob.. llTinan Halberg. P0.1 Building, at 10 M. Jury ( i auj (C1BUU Same (t). Co. Co. Co. (I). Co. (H. 137. U 8 :BelodchHtarr Bug w Casmotls:iiaiaeio- - tlch. U S Barman. U S:Lcon Rhelraa t. U 8! 15 rkga of Wool Hose. Am Steel Co:Stetl Producers Corp. Bullltan :Amer Surety Exportera of Mfgrs Producta :Pollak Steel Co. Keith: Armour A Co. NelioniFrcderlck Co. H Newberger Co:L V Ltl.:Rap Con.t Co. T 11 Hall A Co:Stuy- - TMant Ina Co. ' . Before oom 1. tweum nu.-wort- h At 10:30 A. M. ICaUily Second Grocery Tranm Co TAT S3 co. Datlca . Mfg Ca. Co Lsltner. flytryn :Smldt. P.l- - BcrrdMla Room. At Bullltan WahaHl Bk Co Co. 83 Tr tepee Iluhber Culture Co. W Irea Mfg Cot Smith Ilemenway rii. Wilson '.Technical Clements :PIUeburf T?t. Co. Boston Pencil Pointer Co Automatic rencil Bharpener Co. Auto Pencil Sharpener Co:Boiton Specialty Corp. Bckerson :Clark. Treat slteto\ neo Co. Pearson 'Nrnl.nd. Goldsmith :Bloch. Datla.Bo'irn'.nv'I'e Co: W uson corp. BsrbcriLapeer Tractor Trurk Co. Horsmsn Aetna Dull Co :New Toy Co. Nat School of Method: Brewer. A.ia. Welch :nuggle.-CoIe- s F.ng Co. Melnecke A CoiDlak Ufa- Cn. retry :Mo--- . Empire Mf Co:Ooiens Cabinet Co. Before N. oom t Wool- - WOrtn JJUHOinif, iwriliii uvv.. A. M. Admiralty Morrl. A Co:S Ma-- i llance Ilart II Co:S :Tug R- - M..M Ttark. Connecticut t'o:Tug Louise Rugre. rVnara Af Toe Mt8 '.WOOd. Ed- - . . - . . i MAPfrfitr. rare ancci.i Room Office Building, at 10 Thorn :N Y Con. I Schoeufeld:.am.. 8ame:iam.. Same :.ame.' NKW TOnK Rnnreme Court. APPKLLAT5 iyjAVTrliTiir,. t PendleiSn and rrom and of City Court .called at 10 A. M Juilirated motion, at 10:15 A. M. of or 10. Gear tatltt:lman. Int Tferman'AH'.lKieff. p \T Dime Vauth.n honey ti . . .TTIrfiT. Weiss tint At r.nt Ina- - Do De Broe. i City . ttMi1rteka:Sehekt.r K of KasitllawlcitArah'-- e . viim.i.1. ' -- 4.. Co. J.oi'1. T Co. A A Free. 8 K I A U 8 ... B A S Tran R- - 15 j T aV w tr..lll.TTratllA city of N Y:Schon. Kesfler'.Kes.ler. rrople ex rel Began Enrlar.iler. Ksler:Kr.slnky. Gerber:Unlted Clolh list A C M. Goldberg iwemer. Grtner:a Donotan Trucking Oi North Hirer Ins ''ot Urrjen Homing 1.0. Stern :Steru. ft..K..V.n tCI.W McCarthy iFerrentlns FomundiO A Lauas Co. aA.a-wl- l ,TTatl Bchasees. M.lter ot KUia (K i!m at). Ttrl.lrtaaAA TaaA. Matter of W K Jotm Co. tr.ir.. tntin Neust.dt .,.. ... Illll V\. Foreign Pro Co: Coml'ion, &c, oe TTeneAnen. Pl nf V Y it.lnflo. Rensen .Mrakowltt. M.nson iW riarit. Bddaicity or n 1. Aralarn tGretaen. Olnberg:0lnsben. Henderson :iienaenoa. Vsl Fink Co:U B Rlty A Imp Co, Felrce Acooeatlag Mack co:McEntt. Paxton :Ncgodadotv 1. Ahetsi. Wood :Oppenhelmf-r- . wci:norgan. Budman KJutler. Ktrby:CheTrolet tf.rn. PA Petereti'.KIrbT. Gladstein:uaaea meyer. ef Oreanberg. Sillier, auiisr. BsraniColt-atrstta- To. Sliver tSindler. uremsn icrtrns p. Union Dime Bar Rl netiroti. nobtnaon sBdoajde Salea Co. A'Va Las Co. Bhallco Kaplan Mf( Williamson :N t CO. Anam Kltr Co:Do- - lamr ImM illlrdaall.. Title Ouat- - A Tr Co: 3lt Ht &. 6th Ar Co, O'Connor : MlU't;;l illudiou. Tlemerer :TIiuecr. Hatter of Alien. Krdrof iky ArcliWlhop, tore Newbuner. f'T0' opens 10:30 A M. Kx iuht on O'ltourkeiSmlth. Itumrny'.llmoka. I'atemo:raterao.' Tliorburn :Mltcliell. l'aul tVanderbllt Ato IUUr Corp. llarulcrl illarblerl. Appell slnt ltip Tr. mmin :puzor. Matter SaXtJlo' Oslj. Snpplr OvtTkra Oaraae. Collin. oivcimn. Lawyi-r- Title & Trmt co:Kunra neaity Corp. U fl Truat CosN'Icxer-ao- Ramastltrnhelnier. Central Union Trait Co: Wood. Same :Taylor. liynohil'eol. Wall.cU iWallach. Teo Equltalle Office Bld( Corp:C.utor. Frank illovrland ft Shafto. Inc. GlelchsGleleli. Bk of Commercounni uro. en. rroaucti Flcshelni, I. jSproci.lr. 1VHI1E111I. ...1 '7 K F n:Tel.- - Saroe:sam. Eame:ani. Building. Hand, T I COUNTT. tj JanaentVan . :8turteTaat v Ton ! It . Preferred Caujes Wattera :Armeny. Valentine sMosbacher Hlldrbrand tnuctert. i urneni ..iciu.. I V.nd.rrlft tltclhlni. Calais ro Faint A Dec Cojratcrno tona a. Paima :Watni-r- . Cordln :Cordln. Ithelrta'ecso. . Darcy & woirora, mei Stoermer. T1inn-r)avla- . Rhldeler-.Shldete- New Amit Casualty Co :oroa.. tary:Oeller. Triihn :Trohn. llalchelton :Gersteln. Branson uro. 1.0 : Oilier. IV.nils :f.lakolf. Fredk A Stoke. Col ITA. McCoy :McCoy. ourt 10:.'0 A. ,n.n tr ourt opens 10:30 A. PART3 VII. snd in TRIAL ART Cohalan, At w u GhAtl Pant Carpenter : Cornell. Jacoben :Slltrstoln. B Baff & .Sona, lnc: Johnson. Btark :Ma.onle Life Asn. Sow- Ketherland Bkt Elssell. M.rlsnl Bro.'.Zaga- - rlno. Corp of Ch F Meyer: smun. E I du Pont de A Co:Martll ..M I. F W Frost A Co :Wen. ger. .tim.. NlelsonlL Acton Oo. :8mlth. Klntner:Amer Alliance. Phillip\ Weeks Eatatet I.\ Ml mm trt A a Armour :L F Robert- - ion A Bon.. Kaufman :(labrlel. t N Y Mercantile Trad' In. nt.Hntimi- -. Cea.:Bo Gen Corp of Am. Trust Co: Schmidt, ..1 .I..MI.M Inquests Aaronou ita :Goulden. Yaiouria:l'ostal Trans- - Senrlce Calendar Stagnltta '.Bajardl. Iluarasct Hattman:lnt Uarrla :Intcr Harris Oossard Harris Vogue Connelly or .t a. McMaster:N Y Brady :same. Motors Hunet CaUabai ,N Y Maboneymap it Const JJ Y Tapper :N Y uogan:?iou. Utomadka iUUraat'l Motor Hlataty :aame. Cohen Maiden Ostraw'.Pougla.. KuraiMcMurray. Halperln :Orahaxa- - Siejei to. Cohen A Wlrth:IIall Wlrth:same. Rnler:U S A Under :Dohrow. Papudopouloa :N Y Kroenke .Johnson. tvivW Johnson. I nnrlan:Reaen. '.Kalbae h. Nielsen :usiton. R. :Shallenbrter. Dougll.iTappln. Perplgra. :Mcols 10 Balaui. iHattford illutton. Mcnnstia wooaenwarty McUugldln CoiBouutera .Vnetia- - Taverales :Orlcatat AvedratOem a.tien-ri.nws- Brewery IMriiorem. Bte.rn. motaes n,,i,nw TlAArln Mendtlemu Kugtlmaa. Stuyreiaut U t B.C91 itoinor.. .(am:KrliM. ' Venn4troem WllH. , , , Cunnlnjhtm le. Klelnrock lltoiwi. l'arlitjle Novettr Tri'nch Morch DatUolwaewlArrlier. lloblnionsH 11 MalUn- - &. at PlO\1P; FIILerrettftOo: Baeh'.'.Itnhrlrht (irocnwaldiKraiui Uunni j Frtad. A Bitty corpn. Faultlesa Fnr W Clarke iClarkc. RMrlln :BhTltn. llkiyn Uajettla coivigiv iFroaman. 01 i Societa ni .Mlnter. FoiKtt:Foatt. Ilrady:Oetrtcli. Koroatoff tllsttford ft vn. Woodruff :(rcrmanaky. in.iiiuio v iMooro. ... . M .OIn.1lntT. Dentcne Society Moch Builder. Snyder :Bcner. nictate :Metik. Satiatlno:Oddo. iSonuanna Ilaas:llaa.. ScliaefferiScbaeRar. S Y Sanitary UUllaa- - Co:N T DU- - SrSBllS-WIBt- t St :Whlte. Hebllngiconn. Fleming m of just: Tlemeyer iTtemeyer. I.lpklcn .n.nnsar. . Ibolta:lboTltfc Schwab :senwu- - . Carranta :Carranaa. Burko tYoung. Morrell sFutlM\. ro. Ford :Flsmmer. Kelson iNelson. Solomon tSolnmon. Alnbluder iNelson. '.Credit Guide tlitann tTmla. Wulfer. :Wulfers. PART lV.-Bf- ore Glegerlch. at PART Plataek. open, at A PART vi.-Be- fore notchklM, at 'YTtt.-- Not seajloa. TERM r tore J. A. It I.lchtensteln tlonal Gu.rsrtr Jr Jauiea Brady :Furta. Hester Mnllca \co:Bryant CniBenJ.mln. Klihner:Oimn. Gordon :IIolt. Schukhau:Wlsnar Flnkenberg:IieTlnoa. (\unnaim xonnaim. Luddecke :Oraselll. Downey Oper co. n,..aM .Wliltaon. Bartholomew :Tomby. Roth:Luclll& Co:Parker Illchor First of Glad- - .tone:uaxim Scuta Ratmondiniy. Woolen neymsn Cohen Uro:Foregn Prod- ucta Heneken:Oerbch. DlneaschiStera. H uo:ncne- - Federal Terra Cotta Co:Bntterworth Judson Corp, Cronk:Iry Dairy Himnmn :Kllson Walsh '.Tledemuin. uoiuraan ..... \Caa to be Mnt freflt'thls rirt'ttr to XIII. lnauuto ior mu. Co. Day :lnt Rap Tr. Hap Tr. Pub Co. :II W Co. :The Co. :city Cona P.R. Jolui vu; Bya. ouu Co. Millar Htb. Rys. Co, :51-- inc. :Int Rap Tr. Rlty Co. W lllty Imp Co. uy. Goldrlnguiuyn :Comopoll- - itentwi Kelly Lambert. :Jwephson. Chlarello :Clty Chlarello :ame. Macauley:iup '.Union Darrmann:an Alratrne. Itusso iCoyle. IxipeaiUothtcMld Realty Lope:ssme. Sosnofaky :Clty Soenofskyssame. Brcltemtooi uiermasi. Harrison :Alford. Ryan Cahlll :WUllama. Hyamasfatk :aame. Msboney :Co.stwlse Lumber Supply HoLrtson:RockIand Light Power :Dworsky. :IIIHon. Cohen :Lyons. Cohen :s.me. Wolf:Barrett. OneniiStcphon.os. Doody.Lemalr Pearson :Gordon. 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W.U fore Ootliim BkiMc- - ' PtetTeilT Oil \Vrp :Ukea oina Frederick Saward j.....t City ot N Y . h ft N 11 Boss. K .. , .... 1.. TRIAL TURM-Bef- ort Fotrler, B.- -At .\ M. M. rVtntnafed wills 1 Ro.etta L HiKlgman. James W GrimtM. Marlon V Lnc. Carl W ttchulls. William I- - Holcombe. Theodore Augelo. Kea.ler:Il!chmond sWestcott Trimmer of N Y iw.rner. City Court. . TERM PART MeTW i i.i,iaii muuuui a. .v ... '. la. Bloom :Abram Bloom Co. Dorson :Stern. Same name. Baturo EI- - pre.. Co. Mlliir Sam winch Atk.ll laot Co: West Btae n Co. Wra Klecman ft Cosli A Groon A Uro.. Dre.a CoiLeten- - aon A I'reniiau, inc. Shapiro :Wooits. Lotos GaraiD Co: llrnne. tr tr iintiiafoln Ho: ISmbroKjery So Bkiyn Paper ft Rag Coisptnaiii. iRlchmond ADoDglas, SPECIAL !Jmenamr. Adelman & .Minor: Uossak A Co, Stern :Ball. PART 11. RMore at 10 A. M. Ex M. an T.V.tS 5i from ffiT irt to - - - ... . ,.it IM Ifll . 111.. IV., v Cohen :Idman. Friedman :Krohnberg. Pkfgen iSwerdllng. reniicll:arantoa Chemical Co. 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Katharlna l.- -\'' Vlaia Ilnyal Smith endar. at Union Hamburger :Bltrtl. hi XI I)aly:lnter R By. Or.ee Ry. Uryndtlo'.So 1,u- - ShuahaniChaala. iL.nlan ttealty Dardt'.Sarlano. .trl.l. Potsdam By. DaeJI.riuniinxTr, Bl.rkesl&tdetng. tr.ilM. 1DOT. sOallagher. Huiio'.umo. ox a. A M Ro.ntnai:iur. KmtryiJ 0 Van llrnat A Bom. J A A tor Helper Drug Corp. Samo :same. Millinery Kichanget Hollander. Hints Title A Trnsi ,11.... .PrtyiflTl. Basso iron Co. rnaa:.-\KV- at BK. l'umainiAmcr duk Refining co. Olcrnlck :IIelUman. WcxlersKorn. De :llanttger. Bestrowlta '.Raymond. HarteslFsley. Millinery Kichangt, Inc '.Hollander. ourt parte matter, 10:M Fart. Groe. :janon. Bldg Amer Oswald Felice Finillter StIU A Moal Inc :Conn. Lery :Solomon. Chaniller:3d Are Ry. Kunheedt :Mlnratn. Day.Blark ft Town Taxi.. B P Ducai II A F Jordan, Jr, Ibo. Albrechclnskl :Mc- - Quada Btetedorlng jaile:RoUuteln. a..lfmin !lnt llaD TT. '.Cllnf or Realty Co, rflllerslnt Rap Tr. Bnschman Kelch :Llebennan. Scnulman A Steinberg. lnc:Hartford Acct A lndem Co. Mark :Fletcher. Jr:Judkln. A McCormark ti..At.,.. . U.K. Vrtm IV) Marconi Wlreles. Tele arnph coauouai McFarlandillouldla. l'elnman :W.I1. J A Klr.cH ft Co: Itonlston uecxen v Kroll sBeslowlta. (ll.nter.Shepard. tr.ia. ! tiarner. Halt A Co'.Paf- - tnla Mfg Co. Hber:Fallon. Goldstein :Steuer. 8erling:Otlda Co. Mansttf :Koppel-Cohe- '.Udltsky. SehlffiSchnelder. Yaeger :l.anae. Ilalnfllngilnt Rap Tr. Gray: A L Conella. , 1'iirp. Weber tGilrtberg. Onttlleh'.OIn.. Efron :Teremeler A lllepe co. I Ousgtnhelm iCraft. SberrtZlabl.tt. r m f Normc:. ( I riAiman py , 1 C. , Co. Ira Rnett 'Ihrntlce. Dorson :Stom. :rerkln. :8mlel, CMshnlm :Conso. Clsrke:Brtakston Bros. PABT Wal.h. ZindleriGlobo Frandico:De Cochran :La.. VlnoysBule. IMrlratrme Munitions coiKeiiance mi Toot Co. :Thomaahefky Toestres. - Vm Pm.at Pa1 Man Beach Uithlng Co. Harris Co.Bluh. :Mlcclo. Si'hnellcr:Met Life Ins Co. Cob- -i NeMtyle En- velope Co. '.Goldman. tPostman. Huberth :IonhardL Zlnman:Prc.a. iKrlegel. :Myro. K.pi.n :Natlonal A Co Coimoptdltan Wall rarer Cn. Weinberg :lIorr.er. Snesr'Slltcrman. Same:. me. PART Before Alien, oun fore O'Dwyer. Be'fo're' Zeller, ourt opens j PART Vli.- - Flnetlte, ourt open. PART Court opens A. M. r.3FEKEnS ArrOINTED. Supreme at C. J. at Matter ot WellaiTaul T. Krammertr. RECEIVERS Supreme Conrt. N. Y, Title it nig vo.inujiir,. v,. Renltv Co- .-l III fsi t vn . - r easel-Edw- ard O. O. Ttiotaas. BRONX COUNTY. Supreme Court. RPEClUr TERM W.ambere Tletney. J. FOB J. OlOllon caitiiua. lv, n.,i.M.n .ftalhman lo. SPECIAL TERM FOR TRIALS-Tlern- ey, Straus. Otn.be :Marowake. Janoff Fran- - cnemicai Ti.ranhre Well :Welt. Breoka:Brook. TERM J Kevins: O'Connor: Adam.- - co. lanacr. .. Walsh .t Albert Wade. jereuitah Bream. Meyer. &- - lt TT I nsme. Same J. TIum. iTtAfatt. : A llanm Ft Rnch lnch I ' Fl.nag.n. lUnlun Boulevard l.aio:Chnln. Kaplan raianOiDupla. Nlrenhergirrieo- - Klr.ch CoiVll' :Lawyera :ccmrai llossr:Btcond White Co:W Cohen .Wolff. Casey. SteTn KIlak:Robert.. lichner:Dorman. Rlpkln Youna Wirkcl Nlrken Klrrh Heller Bowes Schoti Towers PART Before Court. APPOINTED. Damn Damn. Miller iFlaxmaa. Kssioff :aame. Schrandner Hoffman. Krlcger:Krleger, Oelbman :0lbman. Zlmmer:MartIa. Juna:Juna. Bolillnger :Bohllntr. Hurke :Burke. Etler:I\.rter. NUrllNlfrl. Hopper Co:De iiAhuia, Tiitley :Reynoldl. Kaalon:ZImmermaa. :Ilslim. LyoS.iGoldenMrc. Jaconson :Itnse. Itothman :Abloa. ralglano:Auitoro. Slltennan sSUtermin. ChrlimaniHuht. G.r.ge. Shcahan :Sheahia. :Buch. PART UK. O'Donnell :Unloa Ry. Conn co. Union By. rv.V1ln !rlo.r:McAl50. OliaseriKnltht. Sittgermane l'uiion:ieinou. Zlpm.n tMatner. Btelner:Kouua. Blnberg \.Inter R T. Bchedlotsky :Cen Union Ga. Co. I'ol.tcluilndept TroT Co. DaructilnJlIoffm.n! I'omillofrmin. Light: Van Vcrgnlclll :NY Con nil. nrciToriGlnckstrln lJ) iltlltor. WoelfertiUnlon lty. Welsa :aamf. Tetelbaum:Groi. A PART' at 1) .... FART J. ' Trial Term, Part I. PART III J- - Anna Confad j Fox'.Flimman (1). Iwl. Hunter sBerter (I), :C I A Est Bnrrngnte'a aiAMBERS-SchUl- tx. 3. matter., Motions, of Rosenberg, 'Totr.asioMII.nt. Cunning Lunsmann. :n..tedt. Schwart.tMlttman. Goldberg noen.tein:ni iiy us, OlannattlneiW.lH. :Sh.plro A . Goldman :Bloom. Gotthelf: Rodger, ft Hagerty. Ewlns:Da Corp. Ippollto:BMleT, CI. . P. I.. n. .same. BeallyiMeOuIi, BlsemtrtKafirr. tHraes. lUnlon Binltiiiiurreii. Bartowsky,:iani\. 1. TRIAL TERM-Sch- ultl, O ,1 11 .MM'..\. .... Crandail :Dlamond IMMI. Notiollno Fxkhoren. l :l. fni S. Bchonhans Ry. nirhtCnlon Carroll :KenwOrlby. l'oMCh:Barrctt. Klln chnola AlbeeiMnller. Co be Iron. Cases from Trial Term, l'ari Conrt. parte Estate Beerll. James Minnie Bklya Pot.sh Davis. Forest 81a Bows: Prnbale nMlft.nla aent Richard Joseph Lan- der.. HUcovery llenrv Mlmphlu. F.statc. Maurice Nemerotf. contested win- .- Sarah Lcldner. BHa M. IIh Court. SPECIAL TEnM-Ch.mb- era Glbb., pane SPECIAL TERM FO!t MOTIONS-Glb- hi. o day calendar. TRIAL TERM Glbbs, J. No day calendar. 'rt.tr nt n.n.rtl Reaslons. Alexander r , erciaon. m.auu, \\\.\\\\''' ;:;... and Charle. Magee, laSior Po.1 and rhlllp Greenberg. iTahd Z el . a.aAIIII airi Kosweil. grnnn lariew. t,,,w \Af-.T- . UUJ; ' TI ,rr7 cha William uu.iw. - .grand li eny : Thomas j u alias William ueiaiic. -- ','',\;r\l.huk arm alter nnviciion .or in ,,h. robhery: Henry urcon, \ -- Tiii vietnr 6aIaro. aa.iult! Dave Urodsky, Wllilam Brady, alia. uergcr. ai.a.u. VXXS 'GUL Itichard Gannon end fleorre S. Goodman. Melntne 111. iteioro rfuusr - Ml;ha. Lawrence E. Leary. trarglarr . Jp'cpu W.iii . trranrl larrnT! JOntt 1. lURnOHOs irand laVceny: WllUam.J xomm. \\; and Uffli C..tc.ano. rftWfi: ham cnapoii ami :r. t ceny; Cornelia. Cmming. \\., i.uaan .'\'\ .\V:; iiin. lira C. Brower. rranduarceny; gjffiT Yv.Before Jwlge Jjme. T, M.lone tSSr&l AndreT Fprt.h;\grand Tctcr Adrian criminally \ wnii T.ney. orjery: wm.fe . Ul onan, irranu mw, iKeniin forgery: Margaret Bejer. abortion; PART Wlllenrjerg. grana Judn lurt-ruj- . fJiir le C, kjtt. JJ 1Bn ,7\iSuir murderr Antonio . - . \.-.- .. ....i. clflAt naaMllt: Bsm oil. niuraer; V'r. v.vVnn Troa chl soejima. nwo-- r. ' w im Keenan. mamlntirhter: Hwjn KtV!?: Keuraan. ii \f ffiS ...ault: Daniel murde l s trick 0e...n, rmtawMM t Jhoma. P Mulligan. mim.er: ion . ; \j- T,L.n man. man.iauinicr; \fV .laughter; catenna Sparaco. Arthur J. Gould, murder: Edwanl B. Brlen. murder: Edward E. ralge. murder; Alex-r.r- .. ,fnbnni. murder. PART VI.-Be- foro Judgo William H. Wad- - HarrV Half, robbery! Freddie Johnson. R;..ii:.n omon. grana \;\,'V..lh.n p.d. aiaault: Anna toert... -- ,. Inallr carrying . -- ii and rrand. I.rcenr; .... Joph a. uootrey r.m Dellert. nignwny iaw '\\vL. winram lert. assault: John Tuehle. Noonan. robtay: ..BT rnilntalnlng a house q Char'ea Gl- - note,, alia. .Charle. u \au7 llarri.. aiioi Ghee. Owen Lopp, Loul. Streger and Simon Atlm. KINGS Knnrema Cunrt. APPELliATE iy'''j''8r?i1?,'. Kelly?r 3wT -- Cal.n4ar at 1 P. M Coler.I'arkrr. :Ile.'ge. CHUM.. Matter or uoccjtei. Matter of liaaer. leople State of N Y: Nelwn, People State ofM' Lyona. reople Stat of N Y: Bullltan. People State of N Y: More, Jr. reorle State of N Y: Panione People State of N 1 ! Rubin. Tcole State of N 1 : riomy. Irwin :niegelmann In re Cbauncey umo lawn Cemetery). Stlllwell :Sherten Rlty Co, Inc. v.. Camo:Bramer. to to J. Calendar. Cc Y. :N :N 20. -T Com- - iKentnciy mission :uii7 iv.- - ..'i - ker.. tr..u. Pji:Wenrer. Mueller CotWenger. Doran :u linen. Schmidt :Jewett. O'Connor :Jon... KsmpneriBonlens tntw Pa Williams :Deniby APPELLATE TERM SECOND and Cat L.h.n 1 .Traub, Ac. Dsnallo:Do Meo AbromoTltx:i:rdy. LambiKrcnscher. Taus ft - stock and ano rilneriNaiiau RR CO. Welner A ano, Ac t :innein. fRtrurd. ltr. PnimtT Hymle 8catone:0 ft B RR AlelloiC A B RR Co. Watson .Ostrowsky. ft ano. Holland '.Otter Mfg Co. DarnowaklSJiei un In. Co. City N T:Steen. City cf N Y'.Stecn. OtlensOlbson Cri.liaiio.Murllno. Bo.nlre:Dleckmanu. jvo.Ky.u,.,, Zltelll:Branneck KoTcn:Msrroll.. Mr!ln:Nltro Chemical Corp. Ma.eno A ano, Ao:rar- - rella. Connecticut 1 . . m. . i.)... Rati. ;iia..'u. - \ Rothenbere '.Oootiert. OovendosNeuga... dk.r.n ,TIaI arts. Kawler: Inc. LtnskowltS, Meehan:Dlim ft ano. Baron GarharlnolBerardlnl. Nlcoletta :Landisl, AO. Jlathjen:8eagera Ga- rage. Inc. nirshberg, Ae:Man.dH. rnkotrhiSchtirk. .1.1. ..- - iC..hnir Dtldon:N Y A;, Bay Shore Traction Co. Halbert A no:Colnm-M- a Trnst Co. Ac. Stelrker A font Truck Co. ItsfrilA-sser- . RnWn A ano, Ac: v. r A A Batlln:Oerm.n Savings Llpsehlta Huvoio : Jinier. A anotAnhe. Bchaefer. Miiviein. GlontlOiLaurla. nult.:Hult. Be Long view Co (Sl.son). d.mr'iimr. to Dec. IS). iTe l'uno Co. Y Ry.i lleolty Casoa ent Ex Coffer, Co, Sq .no, Ac: fleherl .110, Ac. iiiaiiDapvri. F O.car Kuni. ousnicta. urF\iiu Piro. Datld PART '. 0 \eocne fame: riA.AihT Smith Asharl Bloom Oros. Bank. Webh trnn.pa.nn an.UT. J. Al IV .1. '. iioim Mathews Connelly v.ujuu..\-- 1 PnrlSTlB RR Co. Eckert.ame. Fldeiman:iKij. McCradyitlroenberg. (I). niVrSnir! iMarkowtta. trMa,Vetrman. Awouatlng BlJJ1rrtv,, Molllor:me. 8ame:aams. Hyman:B Q O A RR Co. Tsatagressa:So BTlyn RR Co. J Willi am. tN 1 0001 RR Co. TlnkelstetatFen.en. J. Ex Carter 'Danlela. Gstes Klllllgan. inc:cstou. Resrdon:Internat'l Merc Marine Co. N Y Con. RR : City of N rotts:Bleier. Randall :Blnmateln. Irish Y Central RR Co. Cutler Y Central RK Co. SohricTer:Cerao. Sllber:W.terproof Worker. 1'nlnn. Local n lH,l,rA.!Tllilne1snder. of o iieiuy. People et rel of Wetciiester:State Tax Coram. Ac ColerlShcrry. Matter of Roas. Parkway Gontale. ui Matter of Sfesslter. Wallch:Wallach. Dn Pont Co:Dlrector Gen of Railroads. Du Pont CoiDlrector (len of Railroad.. CrteriMllleS Houahtnn. Berger-wctier- . DEPAiii' MENT Before Clark. Manning .T J At P. et al. El I I ef Distill- - Blower Av .n Jackson Garage, iBrorek snotOat Motor H HiuksN be 111 Resrdon, Garment Mitter Conntr Flepun Milium Nicola :Bhry. Co. A una :Kowal. Schneider sl'ollsck. Ttickmsn :MoikowIts Oarotenuto (lolub:Uolub. A ano. BergcriVolk Film Co, Inc. Alletranto :Lary. Bett., Ac:Cooley. Kapl.n:Am By Kx Co. Llpman A ano:Lauter- - ateln. Serrl :McOnade. Sander. iGllder, Snook :Edwrd. Snvder:Edw.rd. Haldlno:.Tnu(rrlon, Ac. Srhmlt:Slnter. Ediaon Fixture Co: Goldberg. Baal :B, Q Co ft S RR Co. tri.l. at si. Cohen :G rental, Ac ReTnoiasiueynoint. Public View Baking Co :Cohen. UmankT:Nai.au El MorrlaaeyOonld Stet an Battery co. n.taa.TTeterllna. FetteliAIl Packsri Grocery store uo. Adler:Relnadorf. Itiaaen iLerrnard. Mem :Rnb.n. , Webb ft annssmiin. Ring) Ac:Blraptoa. Gordon :ReetIand. 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Bridget Cnllen. John K rischer. Catherine Roughtedge John Detoy. Christine Cordcs. Fr.nk Tlrams. Ollbert Merrill, Rnlien Ttealer rt Cathertno How. Ferdinand SIcKeo. Conntr coun. i PART J. Civil eslenaar. At A. MacMahoasBTdjn MlnutaglloiB'klyn Y. (etrhamlCampbell W XfrlmVA itrartsntankr. McNulty tWagnsr. niirrar-snieTP- number UNITED STATES COUBT. Eastern District OiaeIduJ.o?rt BUtestllsrry Boes.ler. Thoma.. McLory:Stetkar, YoJkdn:Plke. Steroid sFrecman, LeslmonoiRalnerl. I.eilne:Inti!r Co. nttchlOiWard Co. Dubowlk :Lcrlno. Dubowlk Vtill.r allv. ;Thompton dale. BchtafltnoiNeTe. BuroiB'kltn Q Oo A Bub RR. Potochowies sNassau F.lec RR. FoM ano:Rlfkla. Fox :0terhoudt. McCauley:Kahn. McNevln:Naissu Elec RR. Crotto sn'klm Hts Rlt Petranska. :Na.au Klec Hit ano. Cohen Elea RR ano. Woo.l:B'klvn HtaTUl. Blabaltea '.Garrison. McGarry :SIorse Dry Repair Co. VltoloiVdpps. Highest reached, 1500, DISTRICT of New York. epen. in Room . Ta- w- I ttn Tint. . o Mataa itlate, helm. 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Leary :ueller, nirfi IS'talnsaatl United Slate. tral). emtAi. Tlmwlnt. Hayes announced: v..i'i'iir Yonker.. Hrlki:Uky. HrUVolLasky. ,I.jnch:N Y 0 Turner :Briitol. Subsheln '.Sinclair. BubshalniBlndalr. Parker iFurman. Burdlck Jllolden. nelllyiNYCRRCo. Vena iPltman. v.n. .Tiltmli. Feel'eyX'lty Steam laundry. Von Btorch:Clty of OroM:Mm Hondlnf In Co. BdroeadiS A J IMty .... The following canaea must anrwered marked another day Co. Y C Ryder iUnlon Free Diet JU.UC Altmm :Sobel. ft Co. Miller '.Yonkern Co Tottan :Cailon. Hayee jFmftell. ttTn..r,llTer Oranlk'y sinter R T Co Cohen iKooetiein. Cohen '.Koberleln. Dlrtctor-Oenera- t of RR. Scliafmel.tertSchaf . A Trust Co. , i dr :N Y O Leddy-- Y O CO Harrla iMaaon. r it,.. .XT DykjOreat era ca.uaiiy w .... . 4. . i , a.lll ingnest numoer marncu, ,iti. nnv.niAT. TunMTHT calendar, rresent. Hon. William P. Ju.tlce. Court con- - calondar called at 10 A. 31. Umllh 'Hmllh Church Co. liye. Just occn Al RR mcia.ci. iniib iTitla Guar BR Van East tenc. and p.anrmf t iRobertson. Union A New Harea Trust Co:Yate. OuaUgno:lnwwd Tl.l.v Pn Union Trust Co:Be Union Trust Co:Sea- - :Torkomlan. grato. nn.. rn...ln. ... n .. mmt numher reached. 13314. Zee RR IUl answered Farmer. i.oan Cu'.Baltatore rrinco rH.b .WarranTisI.. Archer'.Binythwlck. .Vmannrl. ar. v....n TtnlMara Kumilr Co:0 J Co. bo aia fnr the hearing of motions and ex The following assignments or justice ;o . j. n nf IT,. ftnnremA Court in HID 111 1 r .1 , I'\. - . '.u w We.t-he.t- er county for the year 1M0. have i 1 ' mriTir. o TtATIT T X iiJiJ . . ... - . r i ( ..... . . InatlrA YOlina,, mil .'I u i.uii j ui ''' r v ... v..i nf FAhriiarv Justice Mor chauser. :Oeorg. NINTH DISTRICT, Westchester County. Flr.l Monday or jiarcn jrii . 1 , ,ni Tiiailrat jirsi .illlliuia i 1. Fir.t Monday ot May Ju.tlce Tompkins. . , r .... , 1,. .. . i.,(, Ynlina. XlTBl .11UUUAJ Ul .Uliu Co. jaffr Co. .l.inlfl Piatt. Flood TtirhAat a .ma Oude 111 ju.uco u. Second Monday of November Ju.tlco Mor Flr.t Monday of December Jnatice Yonnr TIlIAla .TUK.'UO rani '. .. nret .nonaay 01 juui-- .' -- - Flr.t Monday of February-Justi- ce Seeger vi... M.n,l nf M Arrh Justice MOT achauscr. First Monday of April-Just- ice Flatt. First Monday of Ma- y- -- First Monday oi June Ju.tlce Flatt. Flr.t Monday 01 uciouw-uuai- \.. ecnau.er. . . . Second Monday 01 novemoor Tompkins. . , Flr.t .Monday OI iwcemoer '\''\' ' a tl I U III lftlWJ -- . a - iVlrit Mondar of January-JmtlO- B Fint Monday oi aarcnuu n.M. r.J. Aw,- -I Its Bitrf. Pl&tt. Mor- - XtMAU Pirtt Monday of May-Jui- tlce Mortchaufcr, a. . T ValK W a. fl ITJ.I Aionaay 01 junenuni j. . r. IstaeliMta Maanorrl. ri.at .nonaay 01 V'UUCI\\,,\ wVtt Second Monday 01 nuinniuci First Monday ot December Ju.tlce Tomp kins. , , Grand Juries will be canea ior iob -- \\7\ March, May and uecemDer ierm arr.uAii .i. For all ex parte applications: the bearing 01 T .. - . ... . ...i it., namrau. motion.: me triai 01 isUra lat 011 01 aliens, .tioiioni raw for anv day but Saturday. Flr.t Monday ot jarmiirT. ior the trial 01 issues. i u -t- bcrs In New Roclielle. Ju.tlce Keogn. Al llliim - ....... .... , . H..i... .ni .t narta For tne neanni san.aa nnit d'jrinr the month oi January Ju.tloe Morainauser. First Monday ot MarchuaUco Tompkins First Monday of May-Ju.- tlce Moracbamer. Flrat Monday 01 juno-uui- uu ,r Flrii and Second Fridays of July-Just- ice Third and Fourth Fridays of July-Just- lM Fl?.'! TaTl'sccond Friday, ot Augurt-Ju- a- \nt.S\\; pourth Fridays of Augiut-Ju- s- I tlce YOUng. . , ilr.t anil socona itiuj v. justlCi. Tompkins. , om. Thlru Monaay 01 BeuituriAj. Kin.. v,... D\: ona? i SlC: T.iic w r. I latt. nrst Monday otpeccmru.Uco Tee July, ausu bw are for ex parte business and the bearing c mAIn5fornhe hearing of modon. and Pa7 . bualnei on the nrst Baturdsy 0 eaA month except August and September at hi. chamber, in nnite ' . .i. nf hearing trial of a.uea, mt ion. ind ex parte bu.ln... on ft. I second saiuidar of each month except August t hi. chambers in ew .-- ;;, for tne neanna u. - - part! busmes. on the last Saturday ot each except rooruary, \\Jj &cemoe-- at his chambers In New RocheUs-Juit- tco Kcoth. BUDD JIANTIFACTUllINC ESUE. Stockholder Approve Increnao of 82,000,000 In rreferred. Manufacturing 0B1?ra\ tho MedlterTiinen The former North liner Itheln, now tho Suaquernnna, roes to-d- Brooklyn ynrda Morse Company to b carry paseenrers only between the States and portn. Sho will enter new & in latter part this month. Yesterday's Fires A.M. .. 1:30 55 ai., nmn. uh.r.i. .................. 103d t. and Sladlaon unknown fl ng fS5 J W. lth t.l .Trifling P.St. ..... . ..:7..r.::.....inht eetaie 7:25122 II 123th it eon jl. \\-- S 6,h..\'i ,00 ' East st.: New Co. ........ ,,30-2- 29 W. 20th Jm 41 Courtlsndt av.. The lis 7th Hess Bro.....Unkno MARINE MINIATURE ALMANAC. Unlteil State. Ooast and Geodetic Scrnr. Standard Tlluc. Bun rlwa im A M Sun set......IW, Moon aeia n. HIGn WATER TIUS DAY. 6andy IIook...l:J0 A M Got. Ialand..l:l3 A. lieu uaio w T flU- - WATIMl THIS DAY. Sandy TIook..7:U AM GOT. IsUnd..llA X ,i utu iiaie,.,,,.i.vj n. ARRIVALS SUNDAY, NOV. 35, E. Stockholm, Gothenburg, Not. 30. 8.8wsl, Hull. Nor. IS. Bristol, II. S. Sutherland, Genoa, Not. 7. 8. Freeman. Gibraltar. Nor. U. S.Fort Kussoll. London, Nov. 11. Ss A.pcn, Huelva. Nor 8. 8. Allagua.h, Falmouth. Not. 13. 8a Vaarll, Gibraltar, Nov. 13. Sa Bt. Andre, Bordeaux, Nov, t, 8a Corona, Cardiff, Not. IS. SeNokatay, Cristobal, Nov. 31. Ss. Helen, Ban Juan, Nov, 21. B. A.quam, Rio, Nov. 11, Ss Alllanca, Cristobal, Nov, 8. Edward L. Doheny, Jr., T.mplco, Nof, n, o. ninr iity, uaruauui, SaLnke Faxod. Montreal, Nov. 1. 8a Radiant. New Orleans. Nov. 2). li it. a.Un, V.v el. Fa Agwlddale, Galveston. Nov. 31. 8a Natnonin. JSorioiK, iov is . 1 Inn V... Unv -- 1 Urn VnhnaiV .TnUaAnrllla. NOV. 37. Ha rjitT ot iv:tnn. tur 8. Radiant, Baton uougo, ciov. n. S. Gulf Tort Arthur. Nov. Balluna, Philadelphia, Nov. !J. S. Princes. Anne, Norfolk, Nuv. 20. ARRIVED FROM YORK. fla ilalllAn. at Antwerp. Ss Portifguese Vrtno- - at Havre. 8a Belglc, at IiverpooL He at uoiieiuuui. Q. P.u.n.v nt tinra 8. Monticrrat, at Cadiz. S vinaeiia. at uiaarow. 8. Cataluna, at Cadiz. 8s Juatln. at Barbadni. am V.l.a . Ss Lcnapo, at Jacksonville. Loss. auto; Nov, NEW ucean, SAILED FOR YORK. S.Lapl.nd. from Cherboulg. S. Roghambeau, from Havre. 8. Vercntla, irom Loiwon. 8. from Genoa. Sa Eurylochus, from Shanghai. 3. iioyai ueorse, iruiu 11110. S. Oon. O. II. Erne.t, from Crlitobal. Ss Creole, from Port Ead.. S. City ot Everett, from Gslvcton. BTOAM3IUPS. Sail To day. Julia Luckenbich. 51- - .1m .... 1 00 P M Westport. Cape 2 00 P M Oen. u. w . uoetnais, tnt- - tobai 1 k Tomorrow, Ban Glorias. Naples.... S 00 A M 12 OT M Aledo, Antwerp.,, Talisman, Hamburg.,.,, Santa Marts., .. Coamo. Ban Juan Wednesday. nvndajTi. (Rotterdam Belvedere, Gibraltar... Caracal, La uuayra... Lske Ledan, liayu.... Bronte, Rio Manco. Para in. .nrK.il. Tt.rmnHa . . . Prlncera Jiay. ningtion. Waconta, Nus.au .Trifling Canopic, INCOMINO 8TrM3Hir3. Thurlow. Antwerp. Kronprlns Shield., NOT. Nov. Ss mpp. 17 Malt. Closti. Guatav. Alava, Barry, itanaaeo, nuucruau. Waatam Llrht. ManchesMr, Nor, Genoa Slam, Nov. Munorway, Stockholm, lieiiling, I11iua.ll, Au,, Fluahlng. Nov. 1J. Ml,)AiaPil Tat1TfTiri NAV. Western Chief. Fayal. Not. SarK. uoroeaux, not, Valacla. Havre, OI.I.M. Calvert, Cristobal, 20. t,u 5 v 1. Ve.iete Sail. PM A 00 M 12 00 7 00 A SI 10 00 St 20 A SI 00 A M 10 00 A M , 9 30 St . 13 00 SI 0 SO A 8 00 A , 13 00 1 00 M 0 00 A St 100P S. K. iOT. . 8s . ov. . M SI SI St B. 13. Sa NOT. IL HS Ss a Si IL Sa Mi a. ,r-- i v 11 Bi Nov. America, napiei, Stavangerfjord, Chri.tlanla, Remler. Brexhsin, Belalr, Fayal, Nordfarer, Lnaa, Galveston, Touralno, Havre. Weatmoreland, Rotterdam. loiam, loiwiiih, Lldlaw Itsnge, Dundee, Lumen. Bhleld.. Geranla. Almerla. I'ocastet, Cristobal, Orizaba. Bre.t, SaTlvlvc Crlitobal. Aleppo, Gibraltar, Onlmha TIamhnrT. Agwlslar, Gibraltar, Thameahaven, ChlAvlr TtnrhaHoa. Orleans, AUjhlerl, Naples. Ap.che, Jack.onvllle, Wodue.day. Zulderdyk, Rotterdam, Katta. Liverpool. Nov. American. Harry. Nov. Copenhagen. Ba.aan. Fayal, Stavangaren, Caracas, . Alamo, uaiTC.loii, Colon. Cristobal, 3 00 PM J (0 P AO tf 1' no it 0 A 1 12 0) S A M P 1 P M I 00 P A 01 i OOP SI M s. sa a. S. sa jto. n. Ba Nor. Sa Nov. 15. 81 Nov. 20. Bt. .tot. ... 8. El Not, II. 8s La Nov. 23. Ss Nov. H. ss west nu,. S Nov. 15. S. Nov. 13. S. Nov. 15. 8 We.t Nov. 33. 8s Nov. 33. Not. 21. Dun S. Nov 11. Sa Nor. 16. Sa Nov. II. Ba Nov. a. NaT. 34. SaEl Dla, New Nor. 7. Ss Nov. Nov. U. Due Sa Nov. 13. S. 1. S. !. Ss Nor. 1,. 8. Nov. 22. 8a Nov. S. nur, Ss Nov. 12 00 00 10 00 12 00 8a u. 1L 8. 20. Ss 2i). TRANSATLANTIC SIAIL8. nn.1 riermnnv. via Rotterdam: .i.. n..i nmt m.tlla for Netherlands. St. JJ'. Lukenbacli. ...... nnlr. via Cape Town. Tort Elisabeth. Easji snd unman: rnrrri man, at Buutli Africa. Ss. Westport. To morrow, tiair fnsrrel nott mails ad- - dreesed corrc.pondencc). via Naples Ss. Ban uiorgio. naiflnm and Luxemburg (.pedallv sd- - dressed only), via alto Parcel post malil for Uoigium, iUitmuun uu awiauau Congo. Bs Aledo JJm .a uermnny iin.'aniijr luiiiun, -- ....... . .1... ......I rn.i meita fnr Ger maw. Austria awl Si. Tails- - man. . . 1 Wednesday. k ureal iiruain. uiriri'u. .,. v. w.v. Sweden. DenmarK. iicrni.in.v, uaiwiir Lllhuanln. Utvia. 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