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:csf 18 ' Minnesota Boxing Commission Assesses !2E- -- L0GFORD IS FINED T1600 FOR STALLING Minnesota Boxing Commission Also Disciplines Thompson, Sam's Opponent. $C0NEY GIVEN TO ORPHANS j)enny Leonard Boxes Soldier w Jjamioia in rniiaaeipnia iJis' To-da- y Other Gossip. 7 ' fin Br OEonon n. cxdbrwood. .til What la the best cure (or stalling box- -l the best war to prevent ring fakes, ( .tyiery the boxing fans, and the Mlnne-f.ao- w Boxing Commission quickly an-s.e- \Wallop m In their pocket- - fcobka,\ or words t that effect jO.Last Monday night the venerable Sam Ltoilford and another ebon hucd rtng-(liU- r, Jack Thompson of Philadelphia, . attempted to Inflict the Duluth boxing -- Ians with one of \those things.' Th ,t .(referee nipped the affair 1$ the bud and i tossed tho fakers out of the ring: (O Ordinarily a suspension would have fbllowed. Such would have been tile .Jjrocedure by most boxing boards. The members of the Minnesota commission, S Iiiiot the aprlnt horao nnd earned the judges' 7th a few bounds ot In .Jbeart of things 4 .it'.fSOO fine on Longford and one of a amount on Thompson. The money \!wis fumed over to two orphan asylums. 1tiTha MInnesotans have the right Idea. fjnly recently Jeff Smith of Hayonne 4ltyl Jack Carron 'were suspended for ,iAveral months by the Toledo Boxing 'Commission for a shady bout there. ..Mel Coogan, the Flatbush .lightweight, -- fcielYed a like suspension an appar-.eptl- y unjust one, by the way from tha ''hands of the Milwaukee boxing board. toie point of It Is, however,, the sus- - Wnded boxers simply laugh at such \penalties\ and go on engaging In bouts ,ln other quarters. Practically a suspension amounts- to 5 'nothing more than \waiting for things '.'l. V V. i ... - , tiifngs would follow any shady ring bout 'Wfardleas of suspension by any com- - Gibbons \Burned Oat.\ If Mike Gibbons, as reports fro mSt, Paul have it, has bid a long and last farewell to the squared circle he has' 4?gf.e something that he should have done bng ago. Mike liaa been a shadow of. tttb'U former fighting self the last two or .'.ttyree years. The wonder of It la that \ he- - retained a semblance of his ring jCojrm as long aa he did. 4fM!ke Is not of tho temperament that f,ttanda wear and tear. He was a high j:etrunff fellow whose nervous organism 4ima responsible for his burning up much energy. Even with his nervous he would have not \burned j tnrt\ so soon If he had not trained so j 'h&rd. Mike made the mistake of being . too religious In his training. Day In U'.wid day out he adhered to a rigorous .training schedule. MJK the schedule had called for light j fcxerclse all would have been well .but didn't. It embraced; at least two hours of violent exercise dally. The St. Paul - Phantom was Just as strict regarding addict, and Mrs. Olbbons, upon Mlkets e'orders, Eeldom varied the rigid bill of tftfre. k\Jfo engine, the physical engine in can stand continued running on the high gear. Trainers like BUI Brown, i.'krfeT Jimmy De Forrest frequently ad- - \Wiped Gibbons to let down and give his 'Wfiy a rest and chance to store up Ibme needed energy. But Mike only JTthanked them and went his way. Here It hoping if he now really has retired from the ring he will not make the mistake many ahtletes do of suddenly i'fctvlng up 3J1 physical exercise. Mike tmust taper down, and strike a happy tedium. ;4et vi) Confident Benjamin Will Win. '!BIIly Gibson says that Joe Benjamin's t jfght with Joe Welling, In which tho boy gave the veteran a decisive beating, en- - abled the coast lightweight to gain enough to warrant the belief fl)at Tommy Touhey will hit the canvas f jdurlrifr their bout on Monday night at ihe Arena, In Jersey City. Jpenny Leonard, who Is carded to meet Coogan at the same show, trained jrcti Benjamin at Stlllman's gymnasium. Jjgenny Is working with the lad every day .Bnd 13 authority for the statement that ''Benjamin has Improved wonderfully. JrfjiAl Retch, who also la working out at Btlllman's, Is reported in fine condition . or, Al Roberts, the Staten Island slug-- 1 gj. Roberts knows that the task of J.ljjatlng Reich Is one of the toughest he , mb tackled stnee he began boxing. s ,.Two champions will clamber through ' lh'e ropes y. Benny Leonard, tha lightweight king, meets Soldier Bart-fiel- In Philadelphia and Pete Herman, bantamweight title holder, meets Mtckey ''(JRu'saell In Jersey City. Russell Is a J jqrmer sparring partner of Herman\. (Herman's recent exhibitions have been 'disappointing. Regardless ot his title , j will cease to be a drawing card If he , Jflos not wake up and do some real .Ajrhtlng. i i Dundee to Meet Jackson, rJohnny Dundee last night accepted trie terms of a Detroit promoter to meet X\ ( 11 Tli.flmi nr. nM-ml- u- 4 ve 7nr..--i- m -- ,.,ii. i, i . ... ff .tf.u.iij nnuvnciuuv rnuuiu I v repeat the stunt Willie would knock the Bcneauiea cnampionsnip tilt between iXeonard and Dundee In New Haven atxt month into a cocked hat. Besides u bout with Jackson Dundee has aev-''ajr- al other contests booked before he meeta Leonard. tXJ ' (\\Jade Brltton, the wetterwelght cham-Slo- n, yesterday was matched to moet Billy Ilyan of Cincinnati In a twelve jround bout In Canton, Ohio, on next Monday. As a result of a three round taockout of Mllburn Saylor in Canton lait month Byaa has a big following In Ohio. HAVANA ENTRIES. -- ina j\ s,1nt Race All arei: claimliut: pens, laoo: . atv and a half fnrlonca: 'Asilrn, 103; little t.ne, 103: 'Golden Ghaset. 102; TerrlDle Mln, 'Hit Boatir auk, 104: Roundel, lot; Leotl Far, W: Blinchlta. 110: Mae Murrar. 110: Baverly 'Jtusef, 110; Theodore Fair, CO; Decxhaad, t 3TU .(Second Race All aa-e- clilmtaj;: pone, t15; 1 Itoe.and a half farkmn: Lady Jane Qrer, JV 'Enoa. 102; Cnar. IN; Dalancay. 110; Xlsf Worth. 110; Lackroae, 110; Janiea O., 210; Money, 111; John Jr., Ill; Ban and Stare. 111? Bcjlla, lit: Calaway, lit. .Third Race Six furlona-a- ; all area; Myatto hriae ruxas; 1700: Marion Ilolllni. 94; iMarae John, 102: Hamlltona. 104: Rkllra Knob, . Z94; Dr. Raa. 107: Dtrerelon. 107: Bjnll. 110, 1 1. fourth Race Mile and a aiiteenlh! lhrr- - and upward: clalmlnr: curie. HCO:! Tllnsmie. iiiana ii iiit, jia: ureatea, izj. ' fDoeabay-Moor- a entry; trma entry, Sixth Race a upward; ,r!Utmlnf: purae. IS00; mile and twenty var.la: BeBe of Elliabethtown, II; Fcrtune's Favor, 4X' Foeter FaitIy. H; Guide Ttt : Baby Cal, 102.' Rhymer. 117; 107;' .107 Crjital Day, W, MpsrtaUce allowance claimed. Lunetta Easy Victor in the Martha Washington Two-Year-O- ld Daughter of Luke McLuke Gives Weight to Older Fillies and Beats Them in Feature at Bowie Penrose Earns Brackets. ZZTbLLlW1 speed Bftdal Dtipatch to Tan Sox. Baltimore, Nov. 26. Lunetta, the daughter of Luke McLuke, easily captured the Martha Washington Handicap over the ,mlle. course at the track y. This sturdy filly conceded weight, by the ecale, to older Allies Buch as Duchess Lace, Dancer II., Quietude and Wood Violet and beat them easily by a length. Because Lunetta, seemingly, had the race at her morcy the owners of Alnhee. Queen of the Sea, Jyntee and Penrose scratched tbelr mares. This was a fine tribute- of admiration to the of Luke McLuke, but It cut down the field of contestants to five fllllea Lu- netta was made the favorite at, '6 to '6 and Justified tho high opinion of her speed by easily dominating the race from start to finish. Midget Welner rodo her and rode her weI1, 118 rated ner sPed nicely In the moved up in the stretch Welner was disconcerted, hut riding with the confi- dence of an old Jockey retained, a good hold on the filly's head, but at the same time kept her going at a fast clip. Lu netta held Duchess Laco for speed In reserve. It was a good race for Lunetta. for the track was wet and holding from last night's rain. Unlets she goes this ,wlnter she will be able to race well over a route In the three-year-o- stakes next year. Het victory proved that she only Is fast like her sire, hut Inherits his ability to go a long route. It was her second victory out on three starts during tho meeting. Welner added another winning mount to his credit when he came back in the following race and rode homo In front for the Bennlngs Purse at a mile. f THE SUN'S V: IJOWIR RACETRACK, Md., Nor. 30 FIRST RACE-- Sir furlonn. Tor two - rear - Time. 1:15 Start rood. Won nut Afnier, uwner, 4. a. aiiAX. Ilorae. wi. rv. St. H H BeJri&n Queen.. , 111 6H VA Moroni lis Dorothy's Pet.. . Hi 2 J Major Flk , 110 Mill Stathem... , 113 Don 112 Col. Lit 115 Eaitern Glow.. , 112 tRocUoree , li: 11 JMarcelle M. ... 112 10 tLucie May 112 Bardora 107 Back Home 117 12 RACING CHART. ) ? 6' i T t 9 n Ricochet 111 it tWehew m 14 Jitia. Til. M. Roicow rntrr. tW. S. Two dollar mctueli naid: Bel r Ian Oueen. a the Marcelle M. had M. II. M. 1J, X. Obalikl: a drtvlDir. H. Horse. Wt. TV. St. K Pibroch 115 i 4Vi Duke John Ill li 7H Little Ed , Ill 12 10 Title 115 1 5 a Mayor Houia 2 11 C Torquato II. , 115 1 I 4 a 115 IK 7 3 115 10, .12 115 1 9 Adam 1 ' Cock Main 115 Echo Ill Low Tide Tori 115 Fltltl. Two paid Pibroch. I3JVJW.N. For Horae. Wt. PP. St. Siren Maid l'Vi Kallipolis 114 Penelope 104 103 Two dollar raid: Siren Maid. FOURTH BACE The \WaaMngton Handicap, mares. Off. 1:05. 1:41 Winner Luke Agmea 31. Wt. Ill 4'V4t' Dancer II.. Ill US paid: Lunetta. 1IJ0, turn and Pen noae. ii.u7.47. xano, liwi- - Dmr PP. St. m Star 109 .H4 101 'Gain Blue Devil PP. Xebraaka 1H no Frunea for city 114 Thistle 110 Head paid Kebraaka. 11. SEVENTH RACE-O- ne Off. Wt. PP. iH in- Two in; iua; in; urau.Wnr smokt...... 1M: Woodthruah. 107; Freemantle, 112. .jrifth Race Inaofnral Handicap; all am; Mormon Elder?. mile; enrae, (1.HO! Frtemaatle, 101; Feddler., ,&omwtll, 102: 112: 111; Hlnitootan lost and F.mbry. II: la Seacb, Jenjtee, Bowie Ballet home dauchter not amiss not Penrose il .Ballaat was the first victory for Penrose this Lost year she won nine was times and third once and never out of the nearly died on two occasions last, summer. she recovered long1 spell of sick-ncs- k To-da- y she took tho lead on tho first turn, romped away an tage of four lengths and made Blue Devil and tired In the first half that stopped. she drew pulled up, by eight lengths. Peregrine well up tne part of the race, beat out Star Itealm half length for the place. Siren Maid, the best two-ye- old filly at Bowie, ranking after pridd and Lunetta, accounted for the race, sprint of and a half furlongs for miles. Siren Maid and Martha raced together for a quarter' The latter then had enough and Siren Maid took a lead of daylight Sho had the foot of her opponents and never was se- riously threatened. She won by two lengths. lonrrhot started the day when Bel. Queen won the first race and paid for 12. She was handled by Hamilton, who landed her first neck. Pibroch added to the Joy of the small bettors by winning race paying for $2. Johnson, who rodo four winners Saturday the leg up and won tho race by saving or ground tne contest. Favorites then came the front won the remainder of tho programme, Siren Lunetta, Penrose, Nebraska und War Smoke winning In sequence. likely that Belgian Queen In the race would been The stew- ards took cognlxance of and suspended him for tho balance of the meeting. Weather cloudy olda. Maident. Sellinc Purse. 0!T, Place enllr. Winner, b. br -- Wro Fin. joouey. Od.li 84 H. Hamilton. sis. iso-1- 0 i\H Kodrltuea. 1.2S T. Kire. ie. 233-:- o Welner i.m A. Jobnson..., KM ISl-l- 20-- K. .McCrana... 1J5 M. Rowan J97-2- JI. ilren 1S.CS D. Sllrlln?..,. O.ll 2S.1 O. Wall! i:m 4:3-1- 1 Nui-cl- 12.30 Tierce i7.m iri-- la-- i W. O'Brien.. 1J.M et-- Enaor It. Simpaon O.IJ 131.60. H0.?a Mnmnl.inu ritt. lln. Odd 1H A. Johnaon 111.85 0 n-- SHi II. 1S.70 0 0 H. RomaneUI... 14.70 1.1 cnaor s.so 6730 11. McCrsnn....-14.70- - RwirigTiei. 11.70 \7\ A: Colll..V.'\ C86'- - J21 11 II. Hamilton... 14.70 D. Sttrltur..,,.. ti.K. 613-- 10-- 1 10 N. una..; 14.70 Rice:. J.25 5 McTayrart.. .W 44-- 4 O. Wall 14.70 S. Sneldeman.. 14.70 IS M. Rowan S7.S0 439-- : S0-- 1 t- -i iTaiaer, u, it. Murray entry. Dorothr's Pet 14.20. Beliian Queen with ruth in atretch and was carried out badiy Moroni through the final rurlonr. Moroni, bad no excuse. Dorothy's Pet atronxly. and Lude May quit badly. pinched 03 at itart, chance. Oyerweifht Back Home, Scratched The Sachem. Ownera 1, J.\ A, Shay: Arthur: 1. Byrne; 4, S. Fountain: 5. A. Keal; J. J. Kusa-- J. Louchhrlm: S. O. Choot; It. Rostov; 10, W. S Murray: 11. W. 8. Murray; 12. P. M. Walker; T. F. Twyford; 14. W. 15. n! M. Roscow. SECOND RACE The Terminal Porte. Six and hall furlonja. and upward. Purie, ll.iaj.47. 0(7. l&t. 1:2J. Start Won Plaoo eoillr. Winner c. by Macdoaald Melody. Owner, SMITHSON. Trainer. M. \1 II SH 10 11 14 15 112 Dixie Carroll u Huixai 13 11 Vigilante Armant Younr 115 o' the 14 B 115 War dollar mutueli Duke John. I11.M. I7.U: ribroch, never far from the pice, huni on well tha end and outramed Duk Latter had a rourh trip and flnlahed reaomtely. Little Ed a blr rap from a ttow berinmnr. Title had no excuae. Yoanr Adam and Cock o' the Main ault badly. Oyer. welrht War Togs. 4. Scratched Beanmarala. Sweet Tooth, Sinn Felner, Chimera. Owners C. Smlthson: E. T. Zo'licofler; A. Neal; 4. J. Shaurhneasy; 5. Mr. T. II. Ollroy: 6. V. Apreda: 7. II. Boyle; 3, n. J. Mccormick; . Mm. J. w! Dayton: 10. Mm. E. Jackaoa; 11. M. Shea; 12, Loula; 13, W. D. Althouaa; 14, Smith: 15. T. M. Caasldy. , THIRD RACE The Fire and a half furlonra. Purae, 11.187.47. OB, 2:34. 1:03. Slart good. eaally. Place lime. Wbner p. x. Dy lung diaaquerouo. vnucr, iu. U U 110 3 1 1 1 4 4 4 C J'ttW J .Martha Lnckett V i 4 1 2 4 Ladv Wood 3 J 6 5 mutueli tS.70. lope. !.40. Siren Maid off Martha Luckett roundini; atretch turn and held Kalllpolia aifo ia run home. Latter flniihed retolutely and eattly dlapoacd of Penelope In lait furlonf. Penelope ran an even race. Martha Lnckett quit badly In lail OverweitM Wood. Scratched Violet Tip. Mutlc. Ownera 1. M. Finn; i, 3. Jt. Shreve: a. O. W. Fonnan; 4. D. Hardlnr: I, North Bwr Stable. Purae. $1,07.41. Time. airae. b. f. by McLuke HECK Trainer. Y. Taylor. Horae PP. St. W U Ti Lunetta Mil 1 1H1' 1\ Ducheaa Lace S 4 4V4t Ballet 2 3 ti t'Hili Wood 101 4 C 5 5 5 Quietude 6.1 I I S 4 Two dollar mutueli Lunetta ruahtd to front at flnt money. out during easily five second $25 during riding dririnx. Thurbcr For Won laco maae rame Dia uaaj inrionr. uui not roou eoourn. vajiet uancer II. want well for aix turlocfi. then Quietude contending position for half mile, then retired. Ovcrwelihl-Lunet- ta, Scratched Alphee. Salreatra. of the Sea. Jyntee. Fonty good. flniahed Martha Ownera -- urs. 4, jauaunmona; J. Dan!-are- 6. A. II. Morrle. FIFTII The Dennlnta On mile. For two and three year olds. Pnre un, norie. Wt. H H S i Fen Boas 10 1 4 ! 1 1 Pererrine 100 He aim.... JI 7a Armlatlce de Canre.... V) Gronnd Swell 104 Daydue lit . .. 104 a 2! H V lit 2 41 i\ Ml S 1 , 101 2 6t ! 5t t 7 6 1 109 11 I I a Tit Tat..., 1 2 7 10 10 I 112 4 2 2 2 ., I 1) I 105 11 11 10 105 ( t I 11 mntnela T. M. E. Rowe. St. m Jtt 204 ,in Devil Kraoke. uerun. latimii. zinnia, - Broom i 7 2 2 7 2 I 10 7. I. a H H ti 4 2 V 2 2' IJ 4 4t 1 2 4 4 6 6 7 7 3 7 ' o. Tiqnlerdp: It year. races, after a so they Then early third third of a mile. glan a Arthur on to Is qulto If Maronl he have .disqualified. Rodrtquez's 1 1.1J7.7. 1. 1\ J. 4 e- i T. - - 7 S J. - 1 I.15 1 16 \3- - H 14' 20 2 3 u 1 5 s J. I 11 T.; 13 J. 13 - It (field). cloed by all no 5, 2. J. (. 7, 0, Capt. Time, rood. b. C. C. Kellr. ft.M; Little at John. cloed 1. C 2, J, C. , Purae. Time. ihook Lady :. TittiuVStreet Violet in in 1. Oueen l. J. J. i, u. i. mvitr; a, 4. u. nACT Purae. :w. .... l4 .... 4t trainer, i. x, scaorr. Eouir. O.lrf 1 L. Emor I .15 MO T. .W - ! It. McCrann.. t.M 0 1 4 II. llammel... 7.9) M-- J.l 1 6 A. CoUlna U.60 Il-- 15-- 1 12, B: ICalllDolla. tl.o. i;t p.r' One mile. Tor all a ea. Filllea and Start Won drivinc. Place Vlrrinla. Owner. J. J. hat.t.hv. EralT. Odd it F. Welner... S1.S L. Enaor 2.11 9 I T. Hlce SB M II. Mrcra.... . W4 M 5 A. Johnaon., 5 - M.40, 12.70; Lace, 13.f0, (2.70; BsJJet held oppoaltion aafe throochont. Ducheaa ' kotu. non eamr. rjaco, time, winner. Trainer. J. Boden. Fin. Joeker. Eaulv. Oddi. 1\ F. Welner I. J K0 J. 17.15 tS-- 4 7 C C. II. Miller... s ss m-2- 0 c- -i 1 It. Myera 10.7S 4 A. Rlchrreek., 27.00 J7.1 19-- 1 1 II. Hamilton.., I.CU 1 1 S- U 214 l L. Morrla in. jocsey. Odds ltil ) 21.50 l.J 1\ 2t D. Stirllnr.... 11 l'HI\ A. Rlchcreek. 2.10 1.1 6 4 J. Rodriauei. S0 H-- .1 l- T. , 12JS J47- - 1 O. Walla EIM mj ii R. Simpaon OJO (M-1- 0 20.1 1 J. Pierce. (.CO 1 A. Johnaon...., 92.tVW-- l to-- l 1M II. Himllton... 6I.10 ti-- i avi n. UJ0 14.20. 21: MI11 Brrn. 21T. tst TTtnAtnn K. N. Gilpin; W. Cahill; 10, Booker! For and tnward. Clalmlnr. start rood. Won eaally. Place. aatn. Win- - Fin. Joeker. It J. Pierce .... ri.lt t. nice F. Welrer.... 1.26 4 A. Johnaon.. 4 4! 0 21 11 C w. own. .. 26.26 R. Simpaon. ...101.K KM 40-- 1 20-- 7 w. Knowakl.342.4 II2--I (0-- 1 40-- 22.90. Ballaat, 22.60, (2.70: Mor- - E. J, W. Bean; 5, B. Petera; coupiea. Two dollar mstcela paid: Fen Roto, tl.tO. tin. 1110; Peretrtnt, KJO, I4J9; Star Reikn. 23.00. Ten Roie eared at first turn, opened wide and wa In hand at all atace. al tiler of field waa carried very wide by Blue Devil at flrat turn. Pererln showed rood effort and cloaed Star Realm loat ground turns, under aland tolnr Armlatlce tired. Gain d Cauie clowd tamely. Ground Swell tired. Daydue had no chance after being carried wide at flrat tarn. Bine Devil evidently abort. Scratched Veteran. Duke John. Keen Jane, Little Ed, Vlailante, Armant. Overweltht Armlatlce, 4: Pererrine. S. Ownera 1, Sprlure Farm; 2. F, R. Flrnero: I, T. Brennan; 4. W. S, Coat I J. Arthur; . The Beach Stable; 7. R. T. Klckeraon; I, Mr. J. Franda. RACS-O- ne mile and sixteenth. For s and upward. Purae. Ill 47 Ofl. 4:14. Time. 12 Start rood.' Won eaally. Place driving, winner k V br norae. Wt. HI. ..... 4' Bryn ... 111 4U Handlnll Refuree 111 7 Capital - Blue t Mothr-ln-Ixn- GalW ) 10 Bled Field. Two dollar U.SO. tBmndy, Buford, Ground easily well the plenty beaten first rough 5'ii .Mcxiamei. Bardora. quarter. tiauenoeca, Fin. 4.10 Ilucbeea 1.70 Bletli; raraely flnlahed judrea' Mellora Nehraalm worked hla war nn on tha and coralnr in th flni had plenty left at the end. Mlaa Bryn weakened rirbt at the Handfnll waa close quarters In tha atretch and flniihed ramely. Refuree alorped n fln,i fur(,nr had' a trip. Mellora qnlt badly, Bcratchnl Baliter, Golden e. Coraacho. Fountain Fay, Mormon Caballo. Ownera 1. F. Muainte: 2. Mrs. E. S. Oavett: t A. Haymaker: 4. W. Fenwiekt t J. Buckley; t J. J. Fahey: Mra. and aixteenth. Purae, 21.U7.47 4:44. Time. 1:112-5- . Horae. ,101 it 1' .110 3 . t .110 1 2 4 . 7 ? . llltt 11. She 107 5 7 dollar naid: men Elder. 12.60. second three She But with advan Swell mile win, Luclcett open by and lost, had and Maid, had track Equlr, Jockey. &iu1t. 2W Review weakened. niro tl.SC. good. Fin. Jocker. Pierce Eneor n.co Equlr. Morria 12.45 3-1- 0 Welner Myera Eonlr. IM 7.24, 0 0 11.20. lift: rnrand lead Rem both aioutlr. Triple SIXTH ontaide irtv iAml end. Prnnea ronrh Olow, Ahara, Elder, Smith; mile mutual War War Pmolte aheok oft Ua'Jart roundicr far tnrn and held him aafe thereaft-- r. rod early apeed and hear letter than uaual. Mormon Eider outitaied Broom Peddler final teat. OverweUht Wnr Smoke, 3lae'en!e, 'j. Scratched Lord Herbert. Dorcsa, Vein, Owner- -l. 2. E. OrlttUh:f. to a a A 33 It t 6 J. J. I C. C. 3. J : J- 4 ii l ti it , li i, in on In - 1: . J. J. 'THE SUN, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 1919. Negro Boxers $500 Each for Stalling FLUSHING TO MEET ' DP-STA- TE ELEVEN Binghamton High School Is Bendy for Local Loaders-Cli- nton at Polo Grounds. 0CHOOLDOT OAMF.8 At ntckert'i Field. Fluahlng, U I. rvntr.i utih v. muahlnr. 2 P. M. At Polo Orounda Commerce vs. Da Witt Clinton, MO P. M. At Commercial Field Boys Illch va. Manual, 10:30 A. M. At Commercial Field New Utrecht vs. Commercial. UMS A, . At New Jaraey Ilrooklyn Prep vs. St. Petefa Prep. 2:30 P. M. The local tnterscholastlc football cam- paign will be brought to a close y with the staging of two Important games. Clinton and Commerce will clash at tho Polo Grounds for the championship of Manhattan and The Bronx, and Central High of Binghamton, Upper State title holders, will tackle the strong Flushing High eleven at Rlckert's Field, Flushing, L. LA double header also Is scheduled for Commercial Field in the morning but the contests are of little Importance, as none' of the four teams has made, any kind of showing during the season. The Flushlng-Blnghamto- n contest Is attracting the greatest attention from schoolboy followers, although Interest Is not lacking In the Clinton-Commer- conflict Tho contest between tho Long Islanders antt tho boys from the Parlor City will mark the fourth meeting be- tween these teams. The Initial contest, which was arranged by Tits Sun In 1916, was won by Central by 14 to 0. The following year tho triumphed by 2 to 0. Last year Flushing put over a winner when Coach Smith's boys blanked Cen tral by 19 to 0. Tho Binghamton team arrived yester day morning and started Immediately for Rlckert's Field, where tho afternoon was spent In practice. Twenty Central lads made the trip. Aa a result of Its 'hard struggle with Brooklyn Prep last Satur- day Flushing la In splendid shape and Is confident of evening up tho tftrles with Binghamton. Neither team lias been defeated this season. The championship title between Clin- ton and Commerce Bhould result In an easy victory for tha Red and Black. Coach Cook's boys have made a crcu-Itabl- o showing this season and should havo little trouble In downing the Orange and Blue. Each team has played seven games this year. Clinton has\ won five games and Commerce two. Clinton has rolled up a total of 182 points In Its Eevcn contests, against 40 points scored by Its opponents. The only other local games to-d- will tike place In the morning at Com- mercial Field, Brooklyn. Boys High and Manual will meet In the opening game at this field, and New Utrecht and Com- mercial will clash In the other contest MORAN AND MARTIN SCORE KNOCKOUTS Former Beats Riley and Lat ter Disposes of Smtth. Detroit, Mich., Nov. 26. Bob Martin of Akron, Ohio, heavyweight champion of the Interallied armies, knocked out Tom Riley of Minneapolis tn tho first round ot a scheduled ten round bout here The knockout came after two minutes and forty-on- e seconds of fight ing, during which Itlley was floored seven times by the twelve blows which ho received. The knockdown blows were right and left swings to the Jaw, a left uppercut to theBheart and left Jab to the wind. Martin was untouched. In 'Another bout scheduled to go ten rounds Prank Moran of Plttaburir knocked out Homer Smith of Benton Harbor, heavyweight champion of Mich- igan, in the third round. Smith waa floored three times In the final round. Jack Burke, champion of the United States Army forces that did not go over- seas, had the better of Jack Moran of Detroit In a ten round heavyweight bout. AMERICAN BOXERS WIN BOUTS ABROAD Dome and Burke Score in 2 Contests in Stockholm. The three American amateur boxers now on tour In the Scandinavian coun- tries fared well In the recent tourney held In Stockholm, Sweden, according a a cablegram received at the A. A. U. office yesterday. Tha despatch was signed by Emll Anderson, secretary of the Sparta Club, Copenhagen. The American team Is composed of Ashton Donre, New Orleans: Jamca Burke, Pittsburg, and Frank Cassldv- - of this city. According to Anderson, Cassidy won his two preliminary bouts In his class, but waa beaten In the) final. However, both Donzo and Burke were more successful, winning their prelimi- nary and final bouts In their respective classes. Caasldy Is yet to register a victory ngalnst his Scandinavian boxers, lilt failure thus far Is attributed to his In- ability to get acclimated. The Amer- ican boys made their first appearanco abroad at Copenhagen last week, with Donzo the only one of the three boxers to score a victory. NOTIIB DAME GOES TO COAST. Portlanp, Ore., Nov. 2. Arranm- - menst have been closed for a post-seaso- n football game at Portland Christmas Day between Oregon Agricultural Col- lege and Notre Dame University, it was announced y. NEW ORLEANS ENTRIES. Flrat Race Clalmlnr: rmrmm linn, it,- - year-ol- and upward; alx furlonaa: d. 107; xBlue Bannook, 101; Watch Tonr Step, 110; Supernal. 110; Honolulu. i10:.Ji C; Cantroll. Ill; Conteatant, 112; Dervish. Ill; Brown Favorlta. ltn rinvi of Devonshire, 112: Koklux, 112; Pleaaure-vill- a. 111; Paul Connelly, nj; Soverelm II, 111. Alio llctble: baby GirL 107; xuaorre uuhlabach, 105. Becona Hace Clalmlnr! nnn tAA. maidens: five furlonra: xPrlnceaa Loo. 104: xEmnu J., tai. t Moody, 107; Naahotah, 101; Clialy Kay 101: Fladtlnr. 109: wlah I riM m. Weenah. 10: , 101: DaWitt. \2; Orove'A.. Ill: Rapid Stride, 112; Mano-kl- n II.. 112; Hariiana Heir, 112. Third Race Puraa 1600; claiming; thraa-yea-ol- and npward; on mils and sev- enty yarda: xToddler, 102; Ldy Waldeck. 104; Mlaa Herrmann. 104; Newell W 107: xLuctlla P.. 101; xPulaslcl, 101; xltather. 101; xAdelante, 111; Say, 111; Dick Win- frey, 111; Aatee, 112; Meraamua, 112. Fourth Race Puree 1600: for n ,,. five and one-ha- lf furlonra: The Boy, 103' Enmity. 106: George Clark, 101; Orey Eae-le- , 106; Jao, U0( Tacola. Ill; Ultima Thule. 111. Fifth Race Puraa tl.IOO: the Thanka-givln- g Handicap; for all ages; one mile: Brownie McDawell, 100; Cerlnua, 100; Sans Peura 2d, 102: Oeejood. 101; Game Cock. 106; Jim Hefferlnr. 101; Paniaian. Ill: Jack Mount. 111. Sixth Race Puraa 1100: five ftirlonrs: Mountain Girl, 101; Do oh 101; Diamond Girl 104; Klarah, 107; Lonely, 101; Alllvan, 107: Cortland. 107: Luke'a Pet. 112; AttaW II, 115. Seraath Race Clalmlnr: puree MOO; and upward; one mil and aeventy yarda: xPlnvlada, 107: Todelea. 100; xSylvano, 104; Counter Balance. 107; Tlrer Rose. 107; Iwln twin. 112; Mountain Rnae II, tl; rnilek Barkley. 11J; Little Cottaje. 116; Deckmate, 117; nereler. 122: H. C. Haach, 111. I zAppraatlce allowaaeaj claimed. Sport Events To-da- y LOCAL FOOTDALL Ilrown vs., Co- lumbia at South Field, 2 1'. M.i New lork Agxlea v Villanova at Itbbets Field, 3:30 I'. M. Clinton vs. Com- merce at I'olo Groum!, 2 ISO 1'. M.I Fluihlng ii. Central High of Illngr hamton at Fliulilnr Field, 2:50 1'. M. ATHLETICS Mix mile liundlcap road race of tb Stelnnay. Clvlo and Ath-let- la Aiaoclatlon at Long laland t'ltyl sixth eeml-onnn- handicap walking rnro of the American Walkrra' Association over Park Cir- cle roone. PROFESSIONAL BOXING Fete Her- man vs. Mickey Rasnell at City A, C Jersey City, 3 r, M. Benny Leon- ard and Soldier ItarUleld, l'hlladel-- ) phla, 3 r. M. RECORD RUN FAILS TO WIN CUE MATCH i ' Eohert Stcinbugler Clicks Off 52, but 'loses to His Brother Charles. Bobert Stelnbujler made a new high run record In the Metropolitan Class C championship billiard tournament M the National Hecrvtlon, Brooklyn, last night, but it wasn't sufficient to win tho match against his brother, Charles fitelnbugler. He clicked off 62 enroms In one Inning, but Charles played a steady and consistent game throughout and won by a score of 150 to 121. ' By his victory Charles tied w!th Sid ney' Brus.ell for first place In the tour- nament, which Is bolng held under tho auspices of tho National Amateur Asso ciation. The match between the, two brothers was keenly contested and Interesting throughout Charles took the lead soon after the start, and despite Robert's long run maintained it to the end. Charles averaged S nnd made a high run of 22. Robert's average was 4 9. MACY WINS BILLIARD MATCH. Defeat Nelson Mayo In Class C Tonrney. A. It. Macy registered a comparatively easy victor;- - last night over Nelson Mayo in the national class C champion ship tournament of the American Ama- teur Billiard Aassoctatlon. Tho score of the game waa 200 to 119, and the contest was played at Fuller's. Although defeated Mayo never failed to score at least one point in an Inning, and In addition sained the high run record of the game with a string ot 19, His other runs were for 15 and 12, while Macy registered 17, IS and 14 In his three best efforts. Macy averaged 4 20-4- 5 and Mayo had an average of 2 29-4- 5. As a result ot his victory Macy went up to a tie wiui John Lang for second ' place In the tournament. Each has won three games and I03t one. B. V. Nadhearncy, with four victories against one loss, leads the table. FOUR CUEISTS TLEI Darton Bents Crane tit Pocket ntl- - llards at Doyle's. As a result of the match between George Barton and Raymond Crane last night in the pocket billiard tournament at Doyle's there Is a four cornered tie for first place. Barton beat Crane b'y 50 to 41. If Crane had won he would have clinched the title. Ills de- feat ' places him on even terms with Barton, Edward KIrby and Harry Hol-de- n. ' \ To decide tho title a tournament will , be held exclusively for them. It will .begin some time next week. After this pocket billiard match there waa a spirited contest in 'the snooker pool championship tournament. In this Bill IVathey defeated Louls JPaley 125 to 1U. MIRIAM GUY TOP PRICE. Itrlnars 94,000 at Old Glory Sale In Garden, Miriam Quy, a daugh- ter of Guy Axworthy, brought top price at the Old Glory sale in Madison Square uarden last night. She was knocked down to F. It. Brldgeman of London, Ohio, after eome spirited bidding, for (4,600. Natlvo Belle, a twelve-year-ol- d bay mare by Moko and R. J. McGownn, brought 14,100. She went to W. Harry Orr. Miss Stokes, nn eleven-year-ol- d daughter of Peter the Great, also was sold for 13,600., She also went to Mr. Orr. The horses which brought the best prices were: Natlv H.l!e, b. m, 12. by Moko. dam Tallow ueue, Dy u antral Wellington; w. Harry Orr 4,100 MiaaStokee. b. m 11, 2:001. oy Peter the Great, dam Tlllle Thompaon, by Guy Wllkea; J. H. Macrowan, Mount Sterllnr, Ky... s.eoo Roaa Watts, ch. m, S, 2:0DU. by General Watts. 2:08U, dam Roaa Lake, 2:23i, by The Bondaman; S. Landau, Drooklyn, K. Y 2.000 Miriam Guy, b. f, 4. 2.09 U. by Guy Axworthy, dam Miriam Oakland, by Oakland Baron; F. R. Brldg-ma- n, London, Ohio 4, COO Charley Sweet, b. g 4, by Directly Boy. 2:13, dam Sarah Hemllc, by Dare Devil; S. C. Johnaon.... 1,850 Lee Grand, br. c, D, 2:03U, by Great Heart, dam Lee Bannou, 3:10',4, by Hlgplawn Prince; John J. Orr 1,423 Dlnwah'. b. c, 2, 2:22 V4, by Etawah, dam Minna Btnran. 2:1814, by Blnten; Georga D. Sherman, Port Henrr. N. T 1,030 Volanfe, ch. f.. 1, by Peter Volo, 2:02, dam Harveat Girl, by Walnut Hall; Qood Time Farm 1.000 FOUR TEAMS IN SENIOR TITLE RUN Syracuse Fails to Enter Cross country Race. Only four teams will compete next Saturday In the senior national A. A. U. cross country champion run, which will ba Held over the Van Cortlandt Park course. Mill rose A. A., champion last year, Paullst A. C and St Anselm's of New York and the Dorcheater Club of Boston will make up the field. Much surprise was occasioned when Syracuse University failed to book Ita harriers In the big grind. Syracuse won the Junior championship raco and tho tntcrcolleglato championship, but decided that Its men deserved a rest and did all not ask them to compete for the senior title. Thirty men will start Tho en tries St. Mill roa a A A Charles Pores. Nick Victor Voteretsaa, Charles De Stafano. Mike Devaney. Paullst A. a Pat Flynp, Max Bohland, Harry Wlrrer, Joaaph Loasro, John o, Robert Spear. Al Hulaabosch, Joe uiorrio. Dorchester Club-F- red Fmller. Cliff orne. jamss iiantran. rot Davis. Tommr Henlran. James Mclver. George Costarakla, james namaon. St Anselm's A. C. Joaaph .Loggar, i James O'Connor. Joseph Boukup, Charles Bearan, Tim O'Connor, George Birch. ueri uesran, unaries Lantn. roe, ttsnharf f 1 nuntri - rr ... lerry a iiaipin, . un- - 1 . . -- - -- ;,- ' \ ' ' -- vi v. C.: William Ritols.- - Flnnlsh-Amarlca- n .'. A. C: Frank Zuna and Peter Trtviloudls. un- - attached; Joseph Oe'.rer, Baltimore Croaa- - Country Club; James Martin, unattached, y BJaK, 7, I, FAVORITES LOSE IN PINEHDRST GOLF Dr. Gardner, Medalist, Beaten 0. 1. Becker Ends Match by Holing Teo Shot. riNgHOTST, N. C, Nov. 26. The first match round of the annual autumn tour- nament was played by all divisions on the championship course ot Plnehurw Charlton L. Becker stepped Into the limelight at the finish of his match with R. It. Sharman of Youngatown In j'the first sixteen. Becker, whose freak stirrup driver had been doing fell exe- cution all the way around, was 2 up nt thn nlchth and he wound up the affair by holding out on his drlvo for Mlie seventeenth. The dlstanco Is only 106 yards but it Is the most dangerous short hole on tho course. This Is the second holo In jme nt Plnehurst this season but In the first that has been.mada in tournament play. Only one ace waa made hero during the entire season last year.' Two or three of tho favorites went down to defeat In round, the biggest upset being the defeat of Dr. C. II. Gardner, the ini.dnllt. hv Howard G. Phillips of Moore County, who won by i up and 3 to nlav. Phillips went out m v. in eluding a couple of sixes, and was 2 up at thn turn. flonaM Parson of Youngstown, who was looked up on as a possible finalist, wan Rent down stairs to the consolation section, losing by 2 down to Richard finrllek. another Younsstown golfer. The best match of the day, In the first sixteen, waa staged by Charles H. Banea tf Phlladelnhla and T. S. Fuller of Ardslcy. Fuller went out In 39, Includ- ing a fine 2 on the eighth, and waa 1 up at the turn, where Bancs arrived In 41. Coming In Banes won five holes and Fuller four, tho match being all ven nt thn and finally going to the Philadelphia golfer when he sank a long putt for a birdie 4 at tne nine- teenth hole. The summaries: FIRST MATCH ROUND, FIRST SIXTEEN JI. O. Phllllpa, Moore county, beat Dr. C. H. Gardner, Rhode laland, 4 and J. J. n. Dowker, Woodland, beat Burton Preaton, Weatbrook, 1 up; F. II. Oates. Moore county, beat T. A. Kelly, Southern Plnea, 2 and 1: C. H. Banea. Merlon, boat T. S. Fuller. Ardeley. 1 up, II holea; C. I Becker, Ekwanok, beat R. R- - Shannon, Younratown, 3 and I; Dr. J. B. Drown, Montclalr, beat F. I. Danforth, North-for- 4 and ; Richard Oarllck, Younga-tow- beat Donald Paraon. Youngatown, 2 up; R. C. Shannon 2d, Brockport, beat G. T. Dunlap, Canoe Brook, 4 and 3. SECOND SIXTEEN. v i rii.itinm Plttaburar. beat B. B. Tilt. Naaaau, 4 and 2; C. S. Power beat R. C. Steece, Younratown, I and : F. i. Keating. Sprlnrlake, beat T. It. Sargent, Slwanoy. and 6; W. J. Hitchcock, Youngatown. beat H. B. O'Brien, Detroit, 3 and 2; C B. Hudson. Northfork, beat J. R. Goodall, St. Loula. 1 up; L. E. Wood. Buffalo, beat R. H. Hunt, 'Worcester, 2 up; T. B. Boyd, St. Loula, beat IL D. Watera, Buffalo. S and 4: A. D. Adams, Younratown, beat II. E. Portor, Slwanoy, 1 nJ THIRD SIXTEEN. J. D. Dort, Flint, beat W. A Tilt. New York, 2 and li N. S.'Hurd, Plttaburg. beat J. A Walnwrlght, Maidstone, 2 up; II. P. Hotchklaa, New Haven, beat J. Barber. Enrlewood. 9 and 7; L. Btelnfleld. ralr-vle- beat Dr. L. W. Batten, Baltuarol. 1 ui: F. O. Eddy. Flint, beat H. W.j Ormebee. Southshore, 2 up: n. .rajen, Montclalr beat Dr. W. R. Petera. San-tlar- 2 up: J. II. Avery. Bloomflald, beat Ieadore Hellman, Falrvlew, 3 and 2 II. J. Froat, Slwanoy, beat J. D. Rumaey, Brook- lyn, 3 and 3. 200 CARPENTERS TO BUILD GARDEN TRACK Start 'Work on Saucer for Six uay nace x y. Two hundred carpenters will start work to build the six day \bike\ track. They expect to make a record by haying the 'saucer In 'readiness for the riders In tne spnnc meei on oaiuruay nlrhf and. the six day race, which starts at tho Garden on Sunday midnight. The riders\ will havo n. chance to work out on the track on Saturday morning and familiarize themselves with the banks and stretches, which will bo wider and larger this year, as the track will be nine laps to the mile. Manager Young has found It r.eces sary to cut down the field on account of the heavy list of first class riders, both American and foreign. He has decided to use only men ot experience, and will not take chances of having serious spills interfere with tho sprinting by entering weak teams. The foreigners have worked them selves Into first class trim at the Sheeps-hen- d Bay track and are confident of winning the bulk of the 30,000. prize money. DUNDEE BEATS WHITE. Sew York Boxer lra Advantage In Every Itonnd, Milwaukee, Nov. 26. Johnny Dun dee. New York lightweight boxer, to night decisively outpointed Charley WTilto of Chicago In a ten round no de cision contest, according to ringside critics. Dundee was the aggressor throughout. White was so Inactive during the early rounds that the chairman of the boxing commission ordored him to \get busy.\ Dunaeo frequently caught the Chlca- - goan on the Jaw, causing his head to wobble, and tho New Yorker also drove in many hard blows to the body. Dun dee had an advantage In every round. White weighed 136 and Dundee 132U pounds. BOWIE ENTRIES. Tint Race Claiming ; a and one mile and a aixteenth: Ahara, 112: Ilia Nibe. 1W: Fairy Prince. 104; 'Edith Ban' niann, 101; Charleatonlan, 1M; Slumber 11.. 106: Wllfreda. 101: Le Balafre, W; Capital City. 109; Roues, 101; JacknetU, 10L Second Race Claiming : e and npward ; cne mile and a aixteenth : Mlaa Bryn, 111; Charles Francis, 109; Mackemle, lot; Jean of Arc, 104; 'Rath Strickland, Ml; Jan- itor Rroderlcx, 102: Caballo, 107; Mellora. lOt: Napoll, 101; 'Wewoka, W; Referee. 109; Fttlrourdlna, 105; 'Attorney Italr, 109; Aatcr-li- i. 10L Third Race ili and a half frulonrs: American Boy, lot; Weary, 104 Sliter Helene. 110; Cock o' the Rooit, 107: Oriental Tark, toij My DearJ 110; Le Bleuet 90; C. S. Grason, 103: Phtn' torn Fair. 102; Larrhetto, 92, Fourth Race The Quickstep Handicap; all area: alx furlora: tFlars, 142; Cobalt Lass. 99; .Stallan, 5; tPaatoral Swain, 109; Crank 115: Grimalkin, 102; 'Fort Bllaa, 10. tBeach Stable entry. Fifth Race The Thankerivinr Handleao: ares; one min and a aixteenth: tra. 109: Ophelia, ill: tTetley. 95:'ormonda, US: Ducheaa Lace. 109: Klnrs Champion h Allan, 92; fKaahmlr. 107; I Bondage. 100; lOld Roeebud. 117; Tom McTarrart U8; Wood Trap. 108; Mock Oranre. 90; Slippery Elm. Ill: tLunetta. 95; IBolater. 102: re, 121: Alphee, 112; Pastoral Swain, 108; Randy Beal, SI. tHallenbeck entry. entry. tWeir sntry. ' Sixth ing: all area; one mile: \t\5T!..V.n3B.?!.A0'!w,a.t. I\4\. . war Machine. 104; 'uncles Laaa n; waraaw. iw. 'Bolster. Eaventh Race Claiming; a a ndl trfward; one rails and a eltteonth! 'Dandy XA m ill 11m 1 fVI a T- J- t AJUUO, 9 m4ijisvh VV , I U14 AIUH\ 109; 'Veto, 102; Rocxport, 107; tNleM.! lUck, 111; Llndly, 109; Comacho, 107; Toad-- 1 n rl . TVn.nt.ln Va 114. tYK.., nwi, , ....-- . ' -- j , -- -, wutuauB, nn ; 'Stir Up. 101; Tadni, 90. tMarrono-Waterbur- entry. Apprentice allowance claimed. I f ROD AND 1IIOII WATER FOR LOCAL ANGLERS Bandy nook Princess .. VT vu n.ui, .11. 4joyemDer37,,io:l3 10:83 10:17 io:os iu:o7 November 28..10:fiu lias 10:5S 11:43 11X7 nurnmiiop 111 11 \in 11 ji ... 1334 November 30.. 13:33 ITM 1337 12:40 1:17 Cod Bite In Outside Waters. Capt. . Carman of thn Selnada of Free- - port took out a party of fifteen men to tha outalde grounds on Monday. They caught 117 cod, the hoavleat fish weighing iwenty-nv- o pounda. Twenty-eigh- t Uaner-me- n on Tueaday took 160 cod, the prize winner tipping the acalea at thirty pounda. Tho majority ot tho tlah ranged from three to ten pounda each tn weight. Inquiries. Readers aak for Information as follows: ,D. E. What IS tho bearbalt for fiah Mttnr now at Rockaway pier during the daytime 7 William Borer. 406 Eaat 147th atroet What la the beat preparation to uaa in varnishing alk windings on a rod ao as not to darken the ellk? Thomas W. llanaen. North Tarrrtown, N. Y. What are the beat flahlng grounds near New York for tomcoda and whiting? Whero Is Cow Bay?- 0. M. and R. B. Where la good fishing now and what ia the beat way to go about catching flah? Reader Where can tomcods of fair slae be caught? . Reader Where Is the best place on Long laland td hunt rabbits within a few hours rlda from Brooklyn? What hooks and tides are best for Stee- plechase Pier fishing? IA. Edwards What Is tha alze (length and width) of the largeat turtle on record? Reader Which Is furthest from the Bat-ter- v. the Cholera or the KlondVke banks? B. What is the depth of water at tho Cholera and Klondyka banks? K. What is tha best way to prepare Hnrf How to rrepare Skate Wlnrs. During the last week one of my friends, who la chef In one of tho' largest hotels in tha city, and therefore knows the art of cooking In all Its branches, asked If tho wings or flaps of any skates caurht could be aaved and brought back to him as he likes them very much and they do not ap- pear aa a regular item on the bill of faro which he prepares for the club members. Some wlnra were brobeht back, which he cooked, and, to my surprise, the meat was tender and of excellent flavor, having somewhat the taate of crab meat and waa, Indeed, palatable. The flah Is cooked In a very almplo way as follows;. Wash and scrape skin. Then parboil for in water to which salt has been added. Tako from water with skim- mer and. remove akin. Serve with any aaude desired, such ns drawn butter with a little lemon Juice, &c. So tf by chance \Tamarack\ Is ever so unfortunate as to find thaf one of these lowly creatures haa attached Its upper lip to his hook and comes amlllng across the sand to him let him try the wings with that repast of Adirondack panther. UNCLE ZIBE. New York, Nov, 26. Urges Set Time for Costing Events. It was a perfect day In midsummer that the Fishing Club held Its annual caating tournament. After the flrat ruih was over and progress made in moat of the events, things slowed up, 'Switch Reel\ ind \Old Doc.\ beg par- don. I mean \Grape Juice,\ met, at the ice cream vender'a wagon. After numerous cones had been consumed they wandered off to a fthadr bench, sat ilown and the Jau was on. Switch Reel\ loosened up, uncovered his box of .cigarettes, and \Qrape Juice\ ac- cepted one. After three or four long lnhal-atlo- both discoursed at length on the vir- tues of the big stick as breaker of caating records. \Grnne Juice\ was recentive. as he had an unknown prodigy In training who cast reet tne nrst time no had a ro din hla hands. He soon lit one of hla own. The result of thla combination of brands waa startling. He agreed' with \Switch\ In every particular and batted out a taw himself. From that time the annals of casting have been enriched with nhraaen nf words of thre to five syllables, culled from various medical, mathematical and other scientific volumes, to say nothing or \twists in the stick,\ the \fish pushing thn line through the guides,\ Ac. but bare of a aln-rl- e practical or useful fact of value to nn expert or novice, while one Important Item of the callers' outfit, the lead. ha hean entirely overlooked. I hope they will both open a fresh pack- age, perhaps a change of brand would be better, light up and prCmulrate a few dreams oil the proper ahape of this Impor- tant article, the end of a perfect cast, preparation of \line. In which \arnpe Juice\ Is reported to be an evpert, and while amoklng evolve something on the UTOMOBIL EXCHANGE mm Packard Touring Car Very Late Like New 1919 Cadillac Roadster, Like New 1919 Peerless Chummy 4 Passenger 1919 Paige 4 Pasaenger Sport 1919 Chandler Sedan 7 Passenger 1919 Overland Sedan 1919 Essex Tourlng.Car 1919 Chevrolet \490 Like New 1919 Maxwell Coupe, Nearly New 191S Weatcott Sedan 7 Paaaenrer WIS Mitchell Sedan, Like New I 191S Velio Sedan 5 Passenger I 1918 Haynes 4 Passenger Sport 1918 Wlllys-Kntg- Touring 1918 Liberty Chummy 1918 Saxon, Touring 1918 Oldamkblle \a\ Chummy 1918 Marmota Chummy, Like New 1918 Nntlonal Chummy, Like New 1918 Butck 7 Passenger Touring 1918 Btudebaker \6\ Touring 1918 Reo \4\ Touring Chalmers Limousine Used 4 Months. OPEN 9 TO 6 DAILY, SUNDAY. 10 TO 1 P. M. BRIGHTON AUTO EXCUANOE, INC. 1071 to 10J2 Atlantic: Ave., Brooklyn. ORAHAM BROS. SALES CO. 1810 B WAY. The following trucks at attractive prices. Floor space needed; must sell at great reduction! 1919 K 'ton Oldamoblt screen body, new. lvis iu ion uetnienem, siaae. 1917 1H ton Auto car. 1915 1U ton Auto car canopy. 19171 ton Jeffery commercial. 191S 1H ton Ford canopy. 1915 1H ton atake. 1917 1 ton Ford, rack body and others. Call R. F. WILLIAMS. CoL 7127. TRUCKS TRUCKS TRUCKS. SPECIAL FOB THIS WEEK ONLY. Rebuilt and Overhauled 3V4 to tV, ton PACKARD3, PIERCE ARROWS A WHITE-TRUCK- 1918-191- 9; ALL GUARANTEED. OVER 500 TO CHOOSE FROM. TRANSIT STORAGE WAREHOUSE, 17S-1- Vanderbllt Ave., Drooklyn, Telephone 2528 Prospect, INTER-CHAN- YOUB FORD From a pleaaure car to a delivery truck and In a minute back to a pleasure car again. Great convenience. Call and see fiemonetratton. UeCOBD UFO. CO., 1028 Broadway, Col. 1729. 1919 Essex Touring, like new, 1912 Pterca 48 demos. A 1 condition. 1918 Bulck delivery wagon. AND MANY OTHER HIGH-GRAD- E CARS. We buy and sell Used Cars of the better claaa. OTTO 11. MOODY. 254 Weat 64th St Circle 14(1. CIIEVBOLETS. NEW 1020 MODELS, Sedana, toartnr, conpes, roadsters, delivery cars, ton trucks, taxla, caah or mike your own terms; delivery aims day; tmilneii atrlctly confldentlil: free lnitrnctlon. Authorised. CHEVROLET SALES A SERVICE. 151 Eaat 119th St. near 24 Av. Melroie 10021 FOR SALE Lateat type \l-Jl- \ Packard Touring Car, practically new (In uae a lit- tle over a week) ; guaranteed right In every reapect: fully equipped, eeat covers, Ao.; now aalls as It atanda at 15,(50; substantial reduction for quick sale; will stand half railroad far for Inepectlon. w. j. SUPFESj 101 Main fit, Johnatown. Pa. CADILLAC TYPE 57, TOURINO XIUO. CADILLAC TYPE 85 SEDAN. PACKARD. 1917. FLEETWOOD 4 PASS. rACHARD AUTO EXCHANGE CO 10 West (Oth St Columbus 507!. DOES YOUR CAR NEED REPAIRING? We will keep your car in dead atorae dur- lnr the winter montha freo on guaranteed overhaullnr work. Tel. M. II. lit. Auto Ma. thlnlata & Enrlneers, Inc.. 105.12 E. 47th St CADILLAC BODIES. NeWf custom built Sedans for tourlnr ehasals; delivery three weeks. Circle 4529 LeROY M. GHOSH, ' 1778 Broadway. Corner s:th 8t 5 Ten P\\ Arrow, White or raekard dump at a Bargain; wonaarrui condition: new rubber; easy terms. Hi Vanderbllt Ave., uroowrn. 8CRIPP8-BOOT- ..... . . . 'COUPE. . . excellnnt - conantuii. i..ua. u io oe appreciated. HOHI. ft JAFFE. 172 E. 7!rd Street. CADILLAC AUTO RXCHANOR 1919 Cadillac, 4 pan couiis UoHly, Ui W. open BuivttaiU Mia, GUN NEWS FROM NOVEMBER 37 TO NOVKMnirn .T Jamaica Day Governors Wllleta v .. . ji AM iia7 iu:ai uxa ixt ia ijir.\ 1111 11:03 IVM 3:10 237 fito IT? 113 .... 3:01 3M 130 12:43 13:47 30 4:io jj\ Jj proper exercise and diet tn ,. . I'for the caater ambitious i,. K:!:\'.\5 champion of the world. Something .!.' this luie would be rreatly appruf,4l,w The nine foot rule In tuV tournaments la a rood one and ahoRM be abrorated. It has produced the Would-b- e Caater. that I! wno J. a rod that John Shaw uses every tln.! goes flahlng or. caating. It la not neeeu.i! to ave a special roa ror turf caitlnr iV wayi use tho rod you aro famlllai irffi one that aultj vmi nt nil h ...... ..? ' ' \ til one you'll tret resulta with. And, by the way, nn offiet tip, -l- lk one guide, preferably of the clamp placed from eleven to eluhtean Inch th5 'P. about the right thing. s stiff enough, try It without a JjV I think a few experiments along this will give enc the right idii. I,M ?'. on!. \rc.lll reason haa coaa t. light for the elimination of the rule True, If you think you can do \bat?!! with a rod a bit ionrer. go to It, but. riiiw it is futile to recall They are so obvious. Dear Old Man. ink try to lure the caater or the novice In tk.V times of II. C. L to think hi can bait IS feet 7 Inches with a blrrer It means an outlay of from 115 to l:i and the effort useless, aa It la not it. Twelve foot rods to caat wlt-- i ..5 ridiculous, ns the every day man e.J that nine feet of good rod Is all That Si can handle. If you like to experiment ,5j rods come easy, try It oat, and can show something on the mailed courses, the rule will be changed to silt Suggests New Rule In Tourneys. This nine foot rule was framed for tk. every day caater In an attempt to stand nrdlne the aport in a way, aa la the caaa i all linea ao that every one hia . chance. Tou might as well abollih rules nd make it a ro.aa-you.pl- !1 fair. It's no way to Improve the One change In the rules, however, Vou'4 be beneficial to everybody nt a tournimm'. and that Is to set a time for atartlnr etch iUZ. ' a \ \ ' ' ' i.i.t lime. Then a tournament could be flnlihid In . reasonable time and acorers and othir of flclals relieved of an Immense amount (' work. Aa It la now. tournamenta are itari.i! about 11 o'clock In the mornlnr and \r alonr until suniet. even on the lonstit dir. of the year. \ j\8. a, always laggards who ir, field early, spend their time' In practla-Ing- . or If the wind happens to be li ?i\cV? f.xcep.1 ,rom rt'alrht behind them they kill time in various ways, hoplnr far ' favorable slant of the wind, when taer will be eager to Jump tn and cast. Thla condition of affairs could ba rra. died by atartlng tho purely club event! eay. at 11 A. M., following each hour with another event. As there are usually five to seven eveiti they could be In this way run off lii reasonable time. Every proipeetlve entnnt has advance information of tha time set for each event, and If not present or mlr to take part, it la his own peraonal io, and net that of every other competitor of. flclal or spectator. I commend thla to tin Association of Surf Angling Cluba for cor. slderatlon at their next annual metthr la December In Philadelphia, AOATE Nmv York, Nov. 25. Bag Rabbits Near Katonah. Four rabbit hunters gunning durlnr the week end between Katonah and Bremttt brought In a bag of ten molly cottonUllt The gunners included William R. Birtlti f 2794 Eighth avenue. S. J. GlUard at 542 Gatea avenue. Brooklyn, and Minn Tone and MacDowell of White Plalni. ItOD AND OUX. 8PEC7I.1L TRIP THANKSOniNO DAT. Cholera Banks Long Beach COD COD COD PRISCILLA leaves foot of Ocean Ave., Sheasihul Bay, 7:30 A. M., Thursday, Saturdar ml Sunday. Capt. ENOLAjro. BATTFRY LANDING THANKSGIVING 7 A. Jt COD FISHING. SATURDAY AFT 1 ' FALCON 'eaves every Sun. 7 A. M. Tin, including bait. 12.01. LOCITY ITUl Hun Every Day This Week 7 A M. COD COD COD. THANKSGIVING DAY. 6 A.M. CHOLERA HANKS OB LONG BEACH, eaus aany oxc Men. 7:10 A.M. Martin Bros. Dock, ehupe. head Bay. Capt. D. MARTIN. Flounders Illaekflah and Crabe. Be. 251\ wckIay. 60c, Sundays. 73e. Ball ti7S5\ nt I)e Conlnck'a. KACNT, JAMAICA HAY, Tel. 1.0, ammela. Trains atop In front of thenlitt. TUESDAY\. 23 MEN, 180 COD. IliU.LU lUl Monday, from \\'Bay. Cart ANTON LUNDT. Special Trip Tbankatlvlng 6:30 A. Jf. LO.VO HEACII OR CHOLERA nANKS. VI- - J. R III Sun., :I0 A. M, Sheepahead Bay. Capt, U HARMS. COD, HAKE. UNO. leaves 138th St.. t A. St.; Hi: KID II. St., l.-:- 18th fet., 6:45, Sa- - day. Fare 11.75. IntfudJ! bait. Capt. OTRANDBERd. Tuesday, 170 Cod: Wednesday, 2JJ let CHOLERA BANKS, 7 A. M. LIlL I II Sunday A M., Sheerttiiil Capt J. MARTIX. . DAILY 7 115 CODFISHTNO. leavei Dunne's. Sheepiniii Bay, dally except MonJir. CaptJoelL 7:15 A, M.' Sundav. JAM. Capt ARCHIE BUOKNtT. THURSDAYS, SATURDAYS SCSDA. lvs. Mentor's Poet. tommodoreg\ train; Sun. COS '\ - 1Un WrU m - JI.., llh 1ST Hose Paladin k.\ ir a H .1 sll t1V Sunday for Fishing; leave VuSTtt. WEDNESDAY. 0 MEN, 7 COD. BEACH OUIHOLKBA .BANKS SHAMROCK\IJ!1?fri UNO AND BLACKFLSU. YANKEE DOODLE II. TUAMit-IVIN- DAY. 2 P.M. of Ocean Ave Bheeprt\ BANSHtt Jjay, Ling. ED. DROIXINQE . U.aJl KLONDIKE ko:.... wet SuV- -; Sundays at A flounders. Print bait leaves Wreck UU train dally eic Mil \ -x . af.rtC traatn fltindiT L Capt GEO. W. WILSO STEEPLECHASE PIER Wx ling. Flounders and Blacatnaa now : ... leaves Carman a v: . . HI El IBM I. J a SEAPIGE0N Kci Frank Baumann. formerly of tha STR. INDOLENT C?pt\HANSEN; leavaa Silver Wave. FraifA Selnada dally exe. Mon. and Frl, U0. COPngllOft COD CHOLERA BANKS CjR . llLMTDV 7 AM. every dar, Jtimo\' WnllPi vtnnk. Hh.eoahead Bar. ADMIRAL 10 A.M. Cant CHARUB. formerly or p \i- -j leaves Canarale dally RQSEB.il. and Krt. 7 A 24. DICK and ERXST. BELMONT a t a m. jensk DUANE laav.a Canarale Dally Inc Monilav. J A M STR. LINTA vrlll not 'ill until fntW notice, rant McAVOL. AMERICA l:lc-xJ- FI MAP stri? aw mm tta r-- i b ft ( I M Ll 3 nAitniT imiivtm VOH SAtaf.

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