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;r I i 8' PRICES ARE HIGHER IN CORN MARKET ?mii,4tine0 nf Rnnnlififi ntlll ojsnnoo \-- rr Firm Cash Situation Aro . .Chief Factors. - Values up 5-- 8 to i W i . .,,,.,,,) I Offerings Decline 'and Kecoipts Are light Oats stcauy and Dull. . Tightness of supplies and firm eaait ltuatpn were tho principal factors In esterday'a advance In ho oorn roar- - Beet Prices wore up H.to 1- \ WieheL Options lost . omo . of, .their .rlv irnlna nftoe mlddav on Droflt tart jLveVed them toward the close on short fioverlns., Offerings were smaller and receipts were light because 'ot tho coal Situation. Cash corn was up I to 2 cents mainly because of better demand jlue to resumption of buslnosa by Indus- - Ics. Tho general belief Is that we 1 situation Is becoming so acute that will be quickly settled. There wero ports of further export Inquiry. Ar- - ntlne freight rates are expected to re- - alti high for the nest two woeks. The leavy freight rates make the South jvimencan corn een o vu iu uw Ihithe United Kingdom, and for that reason many more orders are expectrd to be placed In this country than y. Business la being hampered by cr supply. Carj are being shipped into the Southwest and tho West. The 'feet that Kansas cash corn sold down ilonday. .from 7 to 10 cents and yeter- - cents was tauen to prove mar. s Southwest, which was a heavy JjUyer last year, doos not want corn and win snip us grain. '! T.here. was notlceablo change In the Attitude of many Monday sellers, who (turned to the buying side. Famine con- ditions In Europe also wero considered a factor, . It Is thought that In view of ihoso circumstances there will be a largo demand from Europe for our aralns as soon as credits shall be es- tablished. The break of SO points In hogs Influenced sorrle selling. Reports from Argentina say that prices there have firmed with continental buying. Mrmers In that country are offering In ftlr volumo,. but the movement of corn from .the Interior Is being Impeded to jsome extent by unsatisfactory railway juondltlons. Cats were stell fly and dull, on flrm- - In the cash position, small country Sess' and last week's heavy decrease n the visible supply. The country Is ahowtnir Uttla disposition to market at 'tWe levels. Argentine weather con. ;tlnUcs good and cutting of new oats has $een progressing. The outlook ly can be regarded as favorable. Old oata are being offered only spar- ingly In Argentina, as supplies are rather light. Provisions wero dull and steady notwithstanding the break In bogs. The opening was easier, but ral-1t- d on commission house buying and short covering on strength In grains. fTocal grain, &c., quotations follow: CORN In th local cuh market No. i allow and No. : white were quoted at r liJU. coet and freig-h- t New Torlc ' OATS In the local cuh market No. 1 white was quoted at l4Hcj No. 2 white, 14c; No. 3 white. IIOVic; No. 4 white, II HO 12c. all elvtr. RYE Market firmer.' No. 3 Weatern, Il.tJ, t o. b. New Tork. ARIJ5V Market Arm. Feedlnc. It.49; maltlnr. l.t901.5, f. o. b. New York. BUCKWHEAT Market ateady. New, ll.iSO! per 109 lb. ItAT Market quiet. No. , Jl.7531,10; No. 3, 11.6JS1.70; No. 3, l:601.40; ahlp-pln- I1.10O1.40. STRAW Market ateady. No. 1 rye, 113 a ton, CHICAGO PRICES. If on- - BTB Open, Hlfh. Low. Close, day. Becember .. 147 1(7H l(6\i 147 14SVI Sftry ... 1MV4 l&SU 164 154H 1UH COBN-Dece- , 1\!4 1SH 1W 1MH 15JU January 13 tat, IS USU 13 May . 137U 1J3V4 H7U 1HH Ulli . OAT3-Dece- 71 73H 7JT4 7ni May 77 7U 77 July 73 Ii 73 73U ber, . s.oj is.ot js.oo a.w :s.:o Jinuary . . 3.30 23.U a. 'J, 23.53 33.K RIBS January, . ,13.43 13.72 13.35 18.73 18.57 Msy . 18.10 18.31 13.07 18.25 18.15 rORK Jsnuary . 31.35 i May ..m... Jl.M 33.10 31.(0 33.10 31.70 INTERIOR RECEIPTS. Whest. Corn. Oats. Yesterday l.ew.ooo 9i,ooo ,670,000 Ijiit week.?. L100.WO Mt.000 719.000 Lait year Lm.flOO 337,000 1.531,000 SEABOARD CLEARANCES. Flour. Wheat. Yesterday 8.000 334.0W Last week 31.000 43,0) .. year '. 8,000 353,000 Buenos Aires Grain Market. BUENOS AIRES, Nor. grain prices yesterday: Net Close. Chge, WHEAT Tone quiet. December ITS 18.40 .35 Tebruary . 1J4 13.13 .53 CORN-43ule- ter. December ., 7.19 .13 January 54 7.33 .10 FLAXSEED Quieter. January MS 53.(0 .30 February 34.10 .M OATS, opoi ,.,.,. 3 31.00 December ..., 43 7.10 .10 Comparison from prerlous close. MUNSON TO RUN NEW (SHIP BOARD SERVICE Sftven an Liners for - South American Route. Jeven former German passenger ships of (7,639 groes tonnage, recently selected by; the United States Shipping Board for fast passenger and mall service be- tween,- the United States and South America, will be In commission soon, under the Munson Line. This was made publle yesterday by Frank O. .Stunton, president of the line, who re- turned from Washington after a confer- ence there with officials of the Shipping Board. \'More than $7,000,000 will be spent for iterations and special equipment. the Installation of and the enlargement of staterooms for special comfort In tropic seas. Each ship will have gymnasiums and swim- ming pools, BJMr. Munson said the first steamship W\ depart would be the Moccasin, form- erly tho Print- Joachim, which Is to sail On December 27 with 300 passengers. The service, however, will open formally in May with the calling of the Huron, C xlglnally the Frledrlch der Orosse, o'f Jn.OTl tons. Applications for reserva- tions In her are pouring In. chiefly from teea Influential In the development of the ro America When all of the ships are running :ere will be sailings every two weeks ra New York and Buenos .Aires, and is ports of call, both ways will be Rio, Santos and Montevideo. Other im portant ships assigned to the service are the Aeolus. Kurfuerst; De icaTh. Frledrlch: Poca- - feemtas, Irene, and Prlnceta atotMaV MtttotBsi JLUaee COURT CALENDARS C.VITED STATES DISTRICT COUBT. Southern District. Before Knox. oom 31. Post Offles Baud- - la' AtlO:JOA..M. Criminal, calendar. p WrobclewaU A Co. i N P Hotamaa Oystst Tom Do.ii.r. Co. CriaafulII llroi. Charlei Iteln. Crlsafulll llroi. Joseph Bchextel. George Brady. Morris LoiraUky & Walter Johnson. Leo Meyer, Joseph 1) reman. Louis Iteln. ClSarlei Msltas Chondsucser. Iteln, Herman Bott & w , A Harry Blumenthal. Herman Butt. Jlvwman.. John Nlerenberg. ww ionngiio. John Nlerenbers. CllMlpV ,Cax01. . Kaao IUblnoMltr. h Morrll It Postal. Frank Albert. Samuel Rosenblatt & Morris Bloom. Samuel Koialn. Ancelo Cole. Daniel W Mayse. Bamuel Bernstein. Joseph T Casey, Alfred Ferris lUrry 11 I Cslne, Anthony Contl. i , lienjsraia. Harris A William J Wlejlnd. Ciiatles Rote. Frank Klmblu. Charlu A JoLn Ulbssa. lltrrlt. Stanley Orey. tut day to file de- murrer John Kennedy, : Arthur W Kelly, John W Bowen. John Holllcis. Francia Krai. John Holllnits, Ire, SMffig. John llolllngs, prea, A .George W Pennekol. Patrick Barry A William Murphy. William U Kerr. Patrick Barry, Henry Flsrhor. Anoipu .i.njr. . Adolt Scholcr. John Breltfeltcr. Frederick W Snllsn. Thomas Corcoran. Sullau Cafe Co, Inc, Thtim Brady. Anna Sullau, prcs, Elizabeth Spiegel. Frederick W Sullau. Adolnh lloppt. sec and treatv Jacob Bom. nenry parehaus. Adolph GoeppeJ. Martin Seeilorf. Abraham Wagner & Henry Schlichtlng & Abraham Kutner. Herman Thee. Abraham Kutner A Fred Schlichlln. Charles Naafcer. WUUsm Wllltanii. William McGnads. Sidney Ix!f7ler. Robert Basuch. Patrick Halley. Victor Pressing. Julius Scaretta. Chrlstoph Missal. Luke O'Connor. -- Martin Burchard Ahrcne. Kenny . Patrick Hughes, Patrick J Kenny., r.ltloi Hughes Abraham Cordon. Peter Held. Heynsan ATPle. Jsmes Quinn. Carl Hutchinson. John J bolan. Herman Hemiue. Mar fichneeloch k Te Old Coffee House, Frank A Starr. Frlta 'Llndlneer, Tony A Marluo. John pres. tress A rain. Scottl. William Hoffucr. William Murplir. Sentences : Wllllsm T Hallman. Oeorte A. Bush. Nicholas SJitlnaioittal Murray It Btanfcen. Plead Inn : stein A Jay W Abra Clsronoe Ilcllly. hams, Louis' Rein. I Before Augustus N. Hand, J. Boom S23. Post 4.'rnc nuiwinr. at 15:30 A. M Jury calendar, i Human :Ilowrlnr l!o. \ttiX1.1\' llanklns :Fldelto Bnrf Co. Collins ;TMrd At Ry. Same :smo. HshIo:Borden. Copelsjd iDirecto.-- - R M Barley Co '.Barry. Uenl of 11R. Hamilton-Beer- s Corp: Af elotte :McAdoo. U 8 Shipping Board. Sternsteln tMntusl namsieton lAMers. Beneflt Life Ins Co, Produce Trsdlng ft Mellrllle Mfi Co: Nsr Co:Wecger, Partola Mfg Co. Motion Tlcture Churchill ;Am Oceanic Talents Co:Sll( Corp. ralyscone Co. Arnelt:8pencer Kel- - Peacock :1IU1. Ion ft Sons. Ueckman :Compagnle O'Neill tMstdell. Gcn'l Trans. Henry :Elmcndorf. Andugar :Hanl. Hubbard :Notelty Snlllran :Ocesnlc rmper to. Steam Nsr Co. Anderson :Clyde SS Co Ssmeisame. Selson Enf Co:llarr1s Strsuss:Rrgan. Warehouses. Shanshan:Oceanla Sulllran rAssoclated Stesm NaT (o. Bill Posters, Van Ham:Mul!en. ' n Vigtte & Co:Cutler Burnett Drop Forging Chsstanler :CompamIe Co :Snper1or Lamp Gen'l Trans. Mfg Co. Bronstnn Broi ft Co: Strauss :Regan, Am Hat Mfg; Co. Blanck :WIUlam Whit- man Taiaho Trading Co: Co. Heath. Before Roe. J. Room 1. twelfth floor, Woel worth Building. At 10 :M A. M. Equity calendar. Smith :Sterbln sky. Before Mack, 3. twelfth Door. h Building. At W:3 A. M. Admiralty calendar. Luckenback RS Co: Glenbrldge 8S Co: .Bark Thekla. Norrls Grain Co. Before Special Master Philip J. McCook, Room 327, Post Office Building, at 10 AM. Binder :N Y Cons RR. McCrossin :same. Goldman :samc. Mayer :sme. Vsnorsdsie :ssmc. Cohen ;same. Morris :same. Rothmsn :same. Benson : same. Sllrerberg :same. Drucker :satnc. Dc nosa:same. Ssme:same. Brylrhard :ame. Duvlniky :nme. Sunderland :same. SUurberg uame. Supreme Conrt. APPLEIXATE DIVISION-Rcro- ss. APPELLATE TERM Recess. SPECIAL TERM-PA- RT Newbnrr\. J. Litigated motions at 10:13 A. V, A T Boddtngtoa Co: Einstein :ElnsteIo. Hines. Ferber :Becker. LTy .O'Kane. Matter of O'NelL City of N Y:Bcrin. Cohen :Cohen. Croker Nat Fire PreT Ginsberg :Glnsbcrg. Eng Co:F M Gabler. HendersouHendenion. MoberlyiMoberly, Jr. Wills :Un Picture Prod Sclortino:N Y Ry. Co. Waltier:N Y Ry. Stsndsrd slide Corp: 8ciortino:sanie. Appel. Petri :same. Delaware Trust Co: Poplelarz :satnc. Winter Bealtles. Goode:ssme. Val FIsk Co:U S Rlty Gode:ssmo. ft Imp Co. Deri to :aame. Cltyof N YSGIlder. Farraway name. U 8. Trust. Co: Ander- sen.. Newman ;ssme. Farrell'.same. Macs (mono .Sct.tfcr. Petele:3d At RR. Same:same. Cohen: Wagner :Iijul table Lyons. Trust Co. Cohen :I.yons. Poulstylnlck :Roblnson. Inter Steam Nit Co: Margoiies:Blyn Hts Bowrlng Co. Llltle :SplTack, Halperln :same. Drlscoll :Somer, Messing :unney isi a Marks :Werner. B'klyn RR. Zurich :Werner. Stauber:N Y Con RR. City of N Y:Ilyde. Flnck :Flnck. KellyBarber. LIssbergerlFederal KellyBarber. Line. Arkwell ft D.DIai. Hlrachhorn :M axirell Fed Operating Co: Motor S Corp. N Y Trust Co. Grady :N Y Ry. Federal Llnc:aame. Nelta :Bloomlcgdale Fed S3 Corp Brosi Operathig Co : Well :Sieln. same. Roseniwelg:N Y Coa GaiTan:Cambrla Hold RR. ing Co. Marksteln :Llbmaa Lawyers Mortj Co: Rlty Co. Ford. Pulaski :Dluen. Soiacl:SoracI. Loos :llloomlnsdsle Sweeney :IIorns. Bros. Ssmemsrrla. Lackawanna Bridge Matter of Met Trans Co:Worth Stetl Co. Corp. Drug & Chem C An: LeTine :LeTin. Drug ft Chcin Merc Kennard '.Kcnnard. Agency. Banm :Sllrennan. Mitter of Zedei. N County Bakery ft Cvnsol Shippers :Int L Room :Thoe!en. Bsnk. Gliu:N Y Life Ins 711 jKoossen. Co. Keller :Hersog. Iowerre :WIIder. Seglln:Dry Dock East Pelrce Acrounting M B'way, Ac, RR. Co :McEntee. Mauser :Unton Ry. Coghlan tJcnktns. Llebowlts J5outhem 8ame:same. Bird BR. Ssme :same. Same :smae. 3anger, JriHymin. Kirk :3d At RR. Lehreh :Lehrer. Kirk :aame. Goldenberg :Rlchland. Dittmar:Unkm Ry. rarish-Watso- n :OaTln. Same :aame. Meeklns Packard ft Emigrant Ind Bar Bk: W:Breltung. Bymea. Bouchet :J Kollln CO( Matter of Gilchrist. Rogers :Schrocder. Kolchlnky:N Y Ry. Schmidt :Brandon. Lynch :Flemlng. Ssme :ssme. Ssant:Encel. Same :aame. Bank of Barcelona: Potter :Gehrlnger. Rlggi Bros Co. Bowie :samo. Globe Anto 8 Co: Dooley :AdIer. P.echnlti Bro. Doollng :Adler. Ssplensa :3splenzs. DaugelliMallory S3 Matter of Gsrbarino. Co. Fox. Square Laundry Martmelll Otracchl. Co :Tannnhaum. nanch:Bauch. Knraman :Kursman. Terminal & Trans T North Rirer Say Bk: Corp :Vlaum. Oridley. Anam Rlty Co:De- - Alena JLsnlgan Bros. lancy Garage. Grlesen:Grleeen. Goldberger :Bsroff. Walter :Kuethe. Castrlotia:Sccond Ilos- - McMillan :WlIllsa slan Ins Co. Gordon Corp.1 Mstter of Scheuer. Thslhelm :GIlbert, Goldberg :Gen'I Aid- - WoIf:Wolf. dent ft P A L Assur Mnsgrare iltuigraTS. Co. Same :ssme. Ssltler:Clty ef N y, Ssmeisame. Puton :Negoclsclim Sane:same. Miners Do Ssn Ieschlnsky Xeschtssky Rsfsel y Aneiss. uunsn :iunrungnam, nuntlFoi Film Co. PART II. Before Delenanty, J Court opens si 10 :so a. si. 4.x parte business. PART III. Before Darls, J. Motions. Amltale Com .Eldlitx. 8tr.ollcr:Smoller. Thalhelm Cnslirael. General rslendar: Rafter :Rafttr. Case on Met Petro- leum Wood .Wood. Corp of Del: Gatchll:Gatchell. Levering. filpp :Slrp. Seme.:eame. Chandor:Chandor. Same:aame. Treferreil causes: VandegrlftiRoblBS. Wattera :Armeny. Cssalarn Paint ft Dee imcjiiey-.near- to:i'sierno con Co. PART IV. Bfore Doirelly. J. Coirt optcs .1 A Jl. PART Cohalan. ourt opens at 10: A. M. PART VI. Before Erlanger. opens At 10:30 A. Jf TRIAL TERM-PA- RT Green-ba- J.-- At 10 A. rART IIL-Be- fore Tlnch. J-- At 19 A. M. w ' mi mm wit sin h 4t III to XII. Inclusive for trial with excep. tton of Part V. Inquests : Co, Ac. nn. Aaronowlta iGouldea, Mahoney;Rap Tr Sub Freldus iKnodller. Const Co. Wllshln iWheele'r Miller Of V Ilys. Motor Co. Tipper ;N V Ilji. Dsy calendar, llojtn :Noll. Farrtllilnt Rap Tr. Uromadka :Intemat'l Rorsody.:Gehrl. Motor Co. GsrdnerJRedler. IIlaraty:same. DanlelsfniKerr S3 Co. Cohen Maiden\ Stsgnltta:BaJardl. Lane, Inc. Stodel :N Y Cons RR. OstrawsDouslas. LuckstelniGartner. ICurs'iMrMurrsy. Eastern ;Cclo ft Dixon, Halpcrln;Urahan. Inc, Sieorel C De Maria :Wtlt. ratscl:N X Cons BR. ridge. BcssnoriN Y Con KB. F De SfarlaiDry Cohen :Int nap Tr. Dock RR. MolkecnkoiMcKeo. Hogan :Bordca'a Cond A Wlrth-.llal- l Blty.Co Milk Co. W Wirtn :ssmo. J, Perlmultcr:Byrne, Bosler:U S Blty & It Perlmutter :aame. Imp Co. Goerasctilnt Rap Tr. 1.lnili'r:Uotiror. Hartmanilnt lUp Tr. Papudopoulos :N Y Ity. O'Brien iArmour ft Co. liroenKeuounsvn. Harris :lntcr lub Donlcr:Jomuoa. Harris :U, W Ooisar Goldman :Lulcrman. OstroffilloUi' Trans- fer narrls:The Vogue Co. Co. BenowiliiN Y L Ins Welch :lloosotelt Hosp. ft Tr Co. Hoylan.llexen. Connelly :Clty of N T. I(Uckle:Sedileii: Mcilaster Y Cons Yslourls :lVwul Trans. I1B. ter Soivleo Co. Jsmes Brady .Furth. Mullen ;Kalbacli. John Brady :same. Bayne:N Y Itys. S Janonlnt Rap Tr. Msrconl Wlalcss Tel R JanoTisamr, CoiUnlrcrsal Trana Hestor Motors Co: Co. Hnber. II Htuelton :Knpe. Callahan :N Y Rys. W Hueeltoauame. ZelleriB'klyn Queens PART IV. Before Lydon, opens at 10 A. M. PART V. Before McAroy, J. Court opens at IV A. Mi WolfsWolf. PART VI. Before Mitchell, opens at 10 A. M. PART VII. Before Ford. ourt opens at JV A. 31. PART VIII. Before Dusto, J. Court opens at 10 A. M. PART IX Before Hendrlck, J. Court opens ai IV A. M. PART X. Before Luce, J. Conrt opens at 10 A. M. PART XI. Before Pendleton, J. Court opens HI IV A. M. FART Olegcrlch. ourt opens ai lu A. Jl. Russo:Dlekerson. Cooke :same. PART XIII.-- Not in tesslon. PART XIV.-Bef- ore Platiek. J.-- At 10 A. M. Cases to be sent from this pert to Parts V ., TV YVIT V T . ,,, .'MJ A. 411. lur (.. Car Cslendsr Paul Gerll A Co, Inc 'Torpedo Film Corp:L llolcnan, Cohen ft oeiiaici jsaier- - Co. &k:M... Bond ele Pleher Lead Co: Hlrschcopf. cc ins to. Cohen .Plaster. Terrell sKennle. F B Steams Co, N Y . Jacobs :Thumpsoa- - Sire. Starrctt Co. GoitesmsnsFnrnesi, Douglas :Tsppln. Withy A Co. Blxier: Wheeler. Newman :Uoln.es Ins Miller :W K John Co. Co. Morgsn :Gomprecht. Sachs :Ruhrlcht. ' Perplgras :Nlcols Cop- per Hasbrouck Flooring Co. Co, InciUnlted Cork YaJwln:('onscl Tea Ce Cos. Rosenbaum :neTenor. Louis :Dorfman. Balaola:HarUrd Flrt Moch Co:Uryant Tark Ins Co. Bank. Barish :Hutton. B J Carroll :G C Lueb-ber- Menasha Woodenware Co :Landeck. J Lewis :D Slade. A W McLaughlin ft J Lewis :D Slade. Co Southern Hotel I Mendclon:J G Co. Kugelman. Hartwell i Lester, Machinery ft Metals Inc : Ward. Sslei Co:C Shon-goo- FwhstFuchs. Jr. A J Klrsoh ft Co: I'unch. Edye A Co, Mochshlides. lnc:Deulsch Dsmp-schl- lt TsTernlei:Orlental Gciellschsft. NaTig Corp. G Fwht tlnternat'l J ATedoniGein Dress Filtration Corp'n. House, Inc. R Prahsr:M Combes. F H Leggett ft Co: U Rubinowlts :S Kap- lan. Hall ft BchOTer Co. Abraham :Nord tin Display Fixture Deutsche Ins Co of Co, Ir.c .'Frledmsn. Hamburg. Taul Gerll A Co, Inc: E C Mills Leather Co: Holiman, Cohea ft N Y, N II ft H RR. Co. Kem:Garlng. Bed :Telchner. Clausen-Flanaga- Robinson .Krle.1msn. Brewery :McGorem. Harf:Thorno, Neale A Gotham Nit Bank: Co. Burckhardt. Bunkln :Roh!non. Cobe : Young. Print Co, KarpiBothwcll ft Co. InciSchoenlwrger. Gothsm Nat Bank. De Mant Tool ft Jtech N Y :GoIilsteln. Co. Inc:Cohen. Brandt Bros BIdg Co, NIlu:IIaTcns. Inc:Lustgarten Co, Inc. PART XV.-Be- fore Mullan, ourt opens at 10 A. M. PART xyij-Befor- e Gaiegan. ourt opens PART XVli Before Whltsker. ourt onens at 10 A. M. PART XVIII.-Bef- ore Hotclrklas, ourt Wtaa at 10 A. M. Surrogates' Court. CHAMBERS Before Fowler, B.-- At M:M A. M. Wills for probate: Dawson T Glendca- - Louisa Llcfke. nlng. Sophie L Erber. Santord Simons. William A Schrelner. Sarah A Miller. Mary K Fltsgerald. Walter G Morso. John B Schaat. At 11 A. M. Rebecca Hess. Estste of: Gertrude J CIsrk. Frank TaUmaa. Mrrgaret Howard. TRIAL TERM-Bef- ore Cohalan, S.-- At 10:3 A. M. No dayy calendar. City Court. SPECfAf. TERM-PA- RT Walsh. J.- - Lltlgated motions at 10 A. M. Fidelity Phenlx Fire Herzlg ft Rarpaport: Ina Co:Murray, Tulln. Shaler, Scnmldt ft Ellery:r.:ssiiins. Shsler:Ite)lsnd. Hszsrd Lead Works: Gelger:Farkss. Wolf. ltoseulvrg iSchlmmel. Jennings :SofTlc! J. kUen:Untted States Hartleys B Soffleld ft RU Adnlnlstrstlon. Co. FerlmutterlDt'lancey Kolatatc :Kllromroons. Amnset Co. 239 W 78th St Corp: .Manhattan 1'nr Dress- ing Cook. ft D Co: J Bos-sa- k Cnrerdale :Erle. ft Co. Tenneabaum :Conghlln. Clary :Kanner. LaiteiSlinpson. J R Greasoa ft Son: Clary :Kanner. Keith. McArdle:EUasberg. WelltWhltcrofl. Ellas :Wclcome. William Carroll ft Co Snowden:Kobusch. Malcolm. Same:ssme. Klauter Trad'ng Corp Hlrsch :Flcher. Lowy. Frsnkllu shnoa & Co: Ampel :KolU. Curry. Grass :ssme. PART II. Before Schmuck. J. Court orans .at 10 A. M. Ex parte matters at 10:SO A. il. TRIAL TERM-PA- RT Meyer. J. Cases to bo sent' from this part to Parts III.. IV.. V.. VI.. VII. and V1U for trial. Cohen :Ledmaii. Ample :ssme. Curro :Genltempo. Stsdler:Samucls. Friedman :Krohnbcrg. Wolf :Park ft Tllford. Ske;en:Swerdllng. Walller:Lyuch. rennelliGranton Same:same. Chemical Co. 3(anann:I)ry Dock, E Glass tPollack. ll'war & B Itn. Hemingway :Orand. Sea Island Thread Co: Gross :Ksbbe. Anfcnrr. PART II. Short causes. Seagrlst nouso Wreck- ing Gran :Wllkenlig, CorpULlosk Cont Sherr:ZlsbbitL Co. Balkan Amer Express Dsn Sax Dress Co: .ang toivica Goodman. Btrpply Co. PART III. Before La Fetra, J. Uomnien-- calendar. Schwarta:Steche). Banner tSchlechter. Llttenberg :Glnaterg. Margolls:B A Wechj. Durhard :Stuyresaat ler ft Co. Ins Co. Brooks :PtdIlp Bitter sme iAgricuItural Ins Co, Inc. Co. Rosen tDeltelbenm. Pmdncts Mfg Co: Amer Fur Dressing & HsnoTer Fire Ins i' v.o:uonen. Co. ' I Berliner IStelnherg. SsinesGlobe ft Rutgers Hnle:Sunetn Co. Fire Ins Co. Well :Solomon. Ssme:Araer Ins Co. CsnadaytJlllkr. Ssme:Glens Kails Ins Metrotiolltan Bank: Co. Intemat'l High Cortlsndt Hat Co: Speed Steel Co. Frldsteln. Klrschner :Cohen. Zlndler:Globe Indent Rawltz :EhrensaI Co. Co. PART IV. Before Finellte. J, Court opens at 10 A. M. PART V. Before 0Dwyer, C. J. Court opens at 10 A. M. PART fore Valenle. J. Court opens it 10 A. M. rART VII.-Be- for AUen, J. Court opens at 10 A. M. PART VHL-Be- ore Smith, 3. Court opens st 10 A. M. RECEIVERS APPOINTED. Supremo Court. By Justice Delenanty Upham:Halsey, PMlln J. SInnott. By Justice Garrett A. Brownhack. By Justice Lydon-McEI- roy :Ode, Edward S RECEIVER APPOINTED. Supreme Court. By Justice Delenanty Sarah E. Gardner :Ma giij lAMisncer i . be.ULg, Andrew S. Ham. ersley. By Justice Newburger Ssmuet Wolrerton ;Lena jr uens, rransim urooss. COURT OF GENERAL SESSIONS. PART I. Before Judge Otto A. Kosalsky, Milton Young, assaultl Harold Cleasby (appeal), disorderly conduct. Bsntsncss Tbomu Murrar. Jn.h a iatur, -- nr4 AntDnUU rrank ftxwtrek, a\'\\'\7'\'1 Vt,''WfciaiwHaua';;',;v '- THE SUN, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 26, 1919. \ ' Carrie Matthews, George Ooodman, Will I Co. Co. iam itoicn, jsiaoro uernian, cuwaru uorn-wot- s, Antonio De Ilgnelredo. PART II. Before Judge Charles C. Nott, Jr. William Nechols, grand larceny; Samuel Irving, rohbory; Hobert, Wilson, robbery; ISlner Tlfverman and Harry TItrerman, attempted rape; Harry.. Y. Drown, rob- - bery; Antonio Ferrari, attempted robbery; jonn vuuugsio, aiiempieu roouery; win-la- Drown, robbery, PART III. Before Judge James T. e. Peter Caaey, Charles Eyry, John Glblln, Joeoph-Kafur- a and Joseph Lenihan, grand tarcony; Alfonso Graco, grand larceny; Peter Scavetta and James llyan, criminal- ly receiving stolen property; Alfred Alam and Daniel Klornan. ' Indicted as Frank Klernan, robbory; Patrick McCabe and Frank Flanlgan, robbery; Louis Castelano and Abruham Chupoff, grand larceny; 'Lnwrenco A- - Le.iry, burglary; Joseph Schapow, assault; Mhrrls Sllber, rape; Al- fonso D Angolo, Indicted as Josepli alias Alfonso Delanco, robbery; Duncan Phillips, rape; Samuel Welnsleln. criminally receiving stolen property; Mingo Black, criminally receiving stolen property. For sentence Alfonso D'Angelo, Indicted as Joseph Lerante, alias Alfonso Delanco. PART IV. Before Judge Thomas C. T. Craln. No day calendar. For aentonce Alphonse E. Kannlngleser. PAnT V. Before Judge Josoph K. Mul-- queen. No day calendar. For sentence George Ryan. PART VI. Before Judge William II. Wadhama. Thomas Holland, robbery; Harry Helf, robbery; 'Freddie Johnson and Robert Smalls, burglary; Robert Hoppe and John Cook, grand larceny; Ernest Albert Gustav Kurth, assault; Charles Clausen, grand larceny; Morris Rothberg, grand larceny; Harry Ilartaman and Benjamin Solomon, grand larceny; Alexander D, Llebe, extor- tion; Christopher Maeslno, assault; Anna Gervaslo, arson; Edward S. Murphy, forgery; John It. Ilaff, grand larceny; Charles E. Haft and John H. Ilaff, forgery; Charles E. Ilaff, grand larceny: Dennte Marclnelll, grand larceny; Bret 13. Gregr, publishing a libel; John Devoy, publishing a libel: the Tribune Association, publish-In- g a libel; tho New York Times Company, publishing a libel; Adolph 8. Ochs, pub- lishing a libel; Ogden M. Reld, publishing a libel; John H. Paine, publishing a libel; Errol Hart, publishing a libel; Nathan Federbush, grand larceny; Joseph Coukup, seduction. Ac; James McDonald, assault; rairicK iooiejv violation ot exciso iaw; Ellwood Banfield, Indicted as J. Peterson, and Helen L. Smith. Indicted as Jane Doe, criminally receiving stolen property; Goorirn Gr&ham Illce. Brand larceny. Jacob 8. Herzlg, alias Oeorgo Graham Rice, grand larceny; Jacob S. Herilg, alias Qeorge uraliam nice, assault; jonn uir-gc- r, grand larceny: EdKln Boring, grand larceny: Frank Celler, grand larceny; Henry Herman, alias George Davis, alias Harry Livingston, criminally carrying a pistol: Spenser S. Ranson, Janln Karalka, Indicted as John Kapalka, August Jukaw-sk- l. Indicted as M. Jukowsky and Adam Stefan. Indicted as A. Stefan, violation Penal Law, Section 3340; Spenser S. Ran- son. erand larcenr: Ttoss F. Carroll, grand larceny; Abraham Phillips, forgery: Sam uel Mazzola, assault; Nathan uarnnxie, criinil ? Arthur W. Middleton. grand larceny; Howard Anderson, assault; Joseph Cammarano, assault: Louis Gross, assault; Frederick M. Kltchlngs and Jo- seph O, Godfrey, grand larceny. Sentences Charles E. Haff. Mack Roy Brown, Ilmmott Todd, Carrie Todd. Philip McDermott, William Tropp, Walter B. Eggensberg, Anton Theonle, alias Anton Trorllee, Paul M. Anthony. Gus Lacffler, Madellno Carfagne and John Murphy. BRONX COUNTY. Supreme Court. SPECIAL TERM Clumbers Guy, ourt opens at 10 A M. Ex parte business. SPECIAL TERM FOR MOTIONS-Gi- iy, J- .- Motlon calendar. Rosen sinter It T Co. Stocky :Stneay. Dobbin :i;nlon It'way Northern N\ Y Wet Co. Wash Laundry J,ocaI Sill :Camp. 133. I B of T. Dletrlcu .O'Neill. Galburtirrincetoa Kammls tPetrt r.c. Club. Dietrich :0'Netll Matter of T'.oropson. Strunsky :Allky, Inter R T Co:Hlggin. Bltrcrman '.Sllrermas, Bluemer :Atier. ErlerfErler. SPECIAL TERM FOR TRIALS Guy, J. Roslcka :Tulka. I Coined :Coluccl, Qulnlan:Qulnlan. I llrt:llrt. TRIAL TERM-PA- RT J. Brennan :Tarcganl. rART uy. J. Cases to be sent from Trial Term Part I. PART III. , J. Cases to be sent from Trial Term. Part 1. Surrogate's Court, CHAMBERS-Schul- tz. S. Motions. Wills for probate : Eststes of: Jennie M Ksne. Rossnna Flanagin. Maria S Haggcnmullcr Peter J Rtllly. Acconntlnjs: Thomas Mllanl. Jsne E White. Henry James Cunning. John Puncsu.l nam. Miwcs I.erlne. Ermlnl Golmlul. Vencenio I x) porta. Enieit Iisse. John J Brady. Bessie Sweeney. Gusslo Montner. Josef Tepesz. James Kelly. TRIAL TERM-Sch- ulz, S. t Contested will: I Cephas B Fox. County Conrt. j SPECIAL J.-- Ex yailO UUB11JCS3. SPECIAL TERM FOR MOTIONS-Glb- bs, J. Rosenlierger:Kroetx, Samc:Bolzc. People :Splndall. IKIAL TERM Glbbs, J. Margolls:Cohen. Kaplan :Ri.va Realty l.o. Inc. KINGS JJOUNTV. Supreme Conrt, APPELATE DIVISION SECOND DEPART- MENT Recess. APPELLATE TERM SECOND DEPART- MENT Keccs a. SPECIAL TEKJI PART Manning, J. At 10 A. M. Hughes :Plnclawn Roatty.Roarty. Cemetery. Moc;Lift, Inc. Re Terminal Bank, I.lcberuian tD'Alesslo. lie Egbert At. Kupf :Myers. Jones :Jones. Beard :Aintr Union Re Bloch. Line, Inc. Itito:N Y Dock Co. Eagle 8 ft L Co: 3Ioore:Plcrson. Mynan. Campbell :GsunU Klslln :Klslln. Schlndbelm :Frank. People ex rel Massa: SpIrer:Splrgrl. (!ilchrlt. Deuttch :11 rockratn. Lntz :Krabam. Klltsch :Conant. Mutterperl :Wlndsof Derlno :Publlc View Trust Co. Baking Co. Grace iGranita Securi- ties Goldstein :(loldry. Corp'n. Jsobson:reluko. D'Ambroslo .Torclello. Newman :Gndcy. Jaroba:Ijirsen. Poslus :Products Mfg McEntcc :Nat'l Surety Co. Co. Send :same. Rothmsn :Krlser. SchlenVivr :simo. Palmer. Rotary Reatty Schnuer :Calrdoiilan Co. Ins Co. Kllngmann :Voorhees. Dl.nr Sayin.s Bank: roydairrledman. Jfoynahan, IrwIniRleselinann, SPECIAL TERM-PA- RT II. -- Van Slclen. J.-- Ex parte business. At 10 A. M. Undefended divorce cslendar. Borkowltz ilierkowitr, In. old : In gold. IU'i;an:lInan. Krelsberg :Krtli.burg. GageiGage. Kl'mi'ig: Fleming. Levine.Levlnc. Fredericks iFredtrlcts. lluncr :Uuser. Thoinis :Thomss. Rademacber :IUde- - Snyder :Snyder. macher. Rlngel:Rlngel. Field :FIeId. Frie,11snd:Fricd!anJ. Simonun :Simonaon. Burst :Borst. Melselman tMelselraaa. Stlllwell iStlllwell. Teagde :Tesgue. Townsend :Tousend. Chandler :Cliandler. SmlthherglSmlthbcrg. Murray.:Murray. Myers :Myers. Lloyd :IJoyd. Cmikhank :CrnIk-shsn- Van Aken'.Vsn Aken. r :Fledcr. Archer :Ar.her. MsgrlU:Msgrlll. Adrian: Adrian. 8ussman:Susiman. SPECIAL TERM FOR TRIALS Kelby, At 10 A. M. Case on No day calendar, TRIAL TERM Part I.. Callajhan. J.: Tart II., Scudder, J. ; Bart III., Ketrham, J.; Part V., Lazansky. J.; Tart VI , Clark, J.; Part VIII., Cropsey, J. At 10 A. Jt. , The nsme of counsel to try the cse must be I handed to the calendar clerk when the case appeers on the reserve calendar. No rae will re lieiu nr passcu lor engacemeni or counsel whoe name is not so left with the clerk. ltelf tNIrhoIs. Lu'crtoiElicter. Schleiff.Hershon. Fales iFumian. Cross ;IIulicr. KiatJfclc:13en:teln. Glass tTlutcher A Son San'in:Itoblns Dry et ai. Dock Co. Murphy :Coney Is & Dlmone '.Walker. It RR. Danlomo:Carter A AlllsteriClty of N Y. Wrckes Stevedoring Hrsham:Naasau RR. Co. Cohen .'Nasisu RR, MlddlertGlobrs. Banner : Joeph. Bsiich:n n nn a am GleslerlDlsck A Comwell :Csrtotio. White Town Tails, Prakertclus .Nassau , D'AmatotAtlantlc RR. Steredorlng Co. Gsrdner:Coney I A B Leonant'B Q Co A RR. Sub RR. GtsntrcgotDe Simons Gnlbrandset :Blanch- - A sno. spI Rtrhs tWIIllsmscn. WeldslngeriKalbach Jsnsy:Coney ll & B Cd At RR). RR. The balance Of the d.ir calendar atands over until December L llljhest number reached on regular call 1177. Surrogate's Court. CHAMBERS Wingate, S.-- calendar at 10 A. n. Wills of! I Aocountlnas of: - Alfredo Del GenoTese. William II Herrlmsn. Charles Jackson. Jonn L Culver. Jsmes Kesns. William Hsrrisan. Joeph L heyman. Henry Broesiler. Alt'rt Hague. Jacob Hartlnan, Emma C Darrow. David Rons. John Bender, Yetta Jacobs. Henry C Chrlitka. i Jane V Thompson. Anna Philter. I Ilorillo it Rtrsttmii Maiy.a ItUUpi Adalll Wardtll, John Steenken, Samuel Mud;e. Skldmore Hendrlckson. Nathau Mitchell. William Berrl. Angelina Souion. Delia A Coltec. Lydla It BdbUott. Lewis Waterman. Lydla It Btbbott. Frank Tlmms. John J McDonald; Wllhelmlna Illrth. Ida Grossman. William Gumley, John J Healy, William Kell;, Roscoe l\erry. William Patterson. Carlos Lembeke, John J Healy, , Curolliie J La.idroe. Michael Gibbons. Catherine M Tully. Era Hlrshman, Fannie Rosentluiu. Mary s Waldron. Dora Jacobson, Estates of: County Court. rART J.-- At 19 A. M. ClrU calendar. Mltchcl (on trial) :Back. UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT. Eastern District of New York, Chatficld, opens In Room 333, pst Office Building, Brooklyn. 10:30 A. M. In re Hattonwood (on Faat&n et trial). SS Co. Ltd. Cllno sllorton (on ti'lal) i P. M. Garvin, ourt opens In Room 313, Post Oftleo Building, Brooklyn. 10:30 A. M. United States:8amuel Culled States iDarld SacharofT. and Isldor Schulmsn. Culpepper iComwlth United States :Hr.rry Oor't Mn \f Htr Schrlebiuau and Holbrook :Barge Inter- - Bamett Walker, state 38. United StatcsiJicob Larosee:Stm tug El- - Rumper. ward L Fuller. L'nIUyl StatcasArthur Mead, JriArbuckle Gent. I Barge t. For call: Ro Matt Yurkond. United Stated :ShapIro George Wlllcomh Co: Mfg Co et si.' Bperry & Etsle Co. 3 P, M. (3). Motion rslendar; WESTCIIESTEli COUNTY., Supreme Court. SPECIAL TERM Way calendar-Pres- ent. Hon. J. Addison ioung, Justice. Court conTcnei snd calendai celled at 10 A. M. Gustaeuojlnrc-oo- I Psge :Turner. Dairy Co. Moll :Mlles. Also for the hearing ot motions and ex parts business. COURT OF APPEALS. , Special Dttpatci to Tm 6cn. ALBANY, Nov. lxty. Martin Fnlts, as admtnlatrator. respondents. New York Central Railway Company, appellant; (1, Teres Kretlk, as administratrix, respondent, vs. New York Central Railway Company, appellant SATISFIED MORTGAGES. Manhattan. 14TH BT, (40 E Chas A Person to Samuel T Peters and Duelt Holllsler, lallp, L I, May 30, 1909; atty, Bowers & 8. ti Cedar at 918.090 37TH ST. 314 W Barnet and Ida Markus and ano to Florence Uuttenwleser, Dec 33. 1908; atty, N Y T & M Co, 188 Bwav 333.000 27TII ST. 4 W, same propert- y- Julius B Fox to Jos I. nutienwieser. Feb I, 1904; atty, L T ft T Co. 180 Bway $13,000 13STII ST. 23 E Emanul J Hellner. Park av. White Plalna. N T, to Fanners Loan A Trust Co. 22 William st. Dec S, 1914; attys, Geler, R A II, 23 Exchange place .37,800 12SD ST, 218 to 324 W Mlnxeshelmer Realty Co to Title Guar ft Trust Co, 17 Bway. Sept 10, 1915; atty, Title Guar ft T Co, 178 Dway $20,000 731) ST, s a. 188.8 e Amsterdam av. 18.7x in; 1 nrv.r, n v Khoeriv tn Kath G. Diddle (Chimin). Jan 33. 1907: atty. U T & T Co. 180 Dway $18,000 MANHATTAN AV. w . 84.3 n 108th at. STOCND AND REWARDS. Turkey Missing 8100 REWARD for return, alive or dressed. In time to cook for Thanksgiving dinner. Limit mid night stolen or escaped from hotel ln vicinity Forty-fourt- h Street and Sixth Avenue. Was black beauty of ex traordinary weight. Identification will be by weight. Aslc for stage manager \.Nothing but Love.\ stage door 44th Street Theatre. No questions asked. LOST Southern Pacific Company Stock Certificate No. F81703 for C shares ln the name \Lyman J. Spalding.\ Notice la hereby given to show cause why a dupli- cate should not bo Issued. LYMAN J. SPALDING, II. D.. 108 W, 113th fit.. New York. N. Y. I.OST Paea Book No. I C581, E. W. Tolles. of the Chatham ft Phenlx National Bunk, 303 E. 57th Street, N. Y. Payment stopped. Please return book to bank. LOST Beaded bag at Capitol Theatre last Sunday. Liberal reward for return of bag. SIMSON, 350 5th Ave. IX)ST A Bank Book, No. 378500. The New Saving Dank; payments stopped. Finder please return to bank. SALES BY AUCTION. Sale Today, 2 P. M., Friday and Saturday, Same Hour, at the Galleries of FIFTH AVENUE vi'L. AUCTION ROOMS A General Assortment of Desirable Furnishings & Effects includine Furniture for every de- partment of the home. Oriental Carpets and Rugs, Oil Paintings, European Porcelains, Cut Glass, Silver, Colored Sport- ing Prints, &c. A Steinway & Sons Upright Case Piano, artistically painted on gold background; Hallet & Davis Piano and many other objects. On view until hour of sale. HENRY A. HARTMAN, Auct'r, INSTRUCTION, lABST-HARLE- M Dance Hall 125Iri Et., trest of 7t Ve, DANCING INSTRUCTION Exery Eteninj Individual 7 to 12. Instructor. Saturdays, 3 Lessons 25c Sundays and Pritale Lesions Holidays : tn 11. HsIIHeur SOc Matinee Thanksgiving Day BERLITZ SCHOOL JLanguages;1, Manhattan; West Stth St. Drooklvm Livingston St. TERMS MAY DE DEO UN AT ANY TIME. School. 2 West 43th Street. PRATT Secretarial training; Individ-ua- l Instruction. Day, evenlnt UNCLAIMED n.ANK DEPOSITS. Ethel Lincoln No address .No W. C. Slagle, Agent 1 166. fifth Ave.V.Vew' '. K, ,c--o Prlr CIdM.,11 William St.. V. Oscar C. Thleler Magira Fall.. O. Turner .251 BullettIlldg.,PhlIa..Pa., Union Advertising .1133 \'y suoscriowi am to oy nmn 1431. My elr Marci T Stokes to ' F II Hallnrd Co Oeo n Phelps, CufRm.V,u7hanfpton, LI. Oct SO. Me, May 13, 1880; atty, Percy L Klock 1,0$; atty.,' i,l0JS OTATfe-ChVa-'andJU- tle; J. .innaei ju.u, uh, M . , Ill.M.T.IimV Uan,A tn .inn si rerry. DAfiu rnij Mi,.i kj,.. \ - , A 1808 Dean st, likiyn; ai'y, - CEDAU' HT, n,' 90 e WaahlnBtpn st. 36.2x54xl9.3x!3 It and ,wll'em'?S Hanemaayor et at to the goal National Dank of City NY, Libert st, Feb 18, 1910! attys, Loventrltt, C ft lit Bway ..,,,,,,,-- , tS,'ov WALKER 8T, 89 Rosnl nelty,.Co.r,P\ ? the Mutual Life Ins of N , atty at 89 Cedar st JJ'ih'tizl 108T1I ST, n s, 176 e 0th av. UW.O Christopher J Sherry to lUler, A Cole- man, 200 W 88th st. Dec 0, 1U10; attys, Qulgg'ft Coleman, 32 V'V.V'V'Vi''irVJ MADISON AV, n 0 c 133d at, Madison av, n e o l3d st, Madison av, o s. 49.11x72.0: 133d St. n s, 117.8x00. If. 140th st, s s. 808.4 e Lenox av, 41.8x09.11 Anmoro Realty Co, iUJ Madison to the Myrena Realty Lorpn, 88 Park Row, Doo 1. 1910; atty. Myron u..l.hrr Qfl Otkrt Tlnw $8,400 US!) ST, 5 WTrl-Boroug- h Invest- ing Co to Myrena Realty Corpn. 38 Row. June 28. 1017: nttv. , Mvron utiiz berger, 88 Park Row. .35.00 1iATlI HT SO V' ISIat St. n B. 180 0 I.ellOX av, BOx9B.li; laiat st. n s, ioo av, 00x90.11 Investing Co to Myrena Realty Corpn, SS Park Row. June 28, 1017; atty, M Sulzberger 88 Park Row; Included with 10o-1- 0 A lSJd gl t $&,wu STII'aV, so c 120th st (Hotel Pafk Doonnn, 2307 8th av, to Pntk. Doonan by osslgnmt, Jan 2, lOU-.a'1- '; LEWIS ST, Abr L KnntrowlU t?. Lllllo It Greenberg, 32 W 114th st, .Nov U 19J8:.attx,.A Tohen, 2?Q Bway, .82.C0O 74TH ST, n s, 228.4 e 10th av, 21.8x102.2 EUROPEAN While in Europe CRfake -- SWITZERLAND jour headquarter WHERE one finds creation's perfect combination of scenic beauties and a wealth of wonderfully preserved medi- aeval architecture. Write for Packet No. 12, con- taining famous Hotel Guide, mapa, etc., enclosing 10 cents for pottage. Agency of tho SWISS FEDERAL RAILROADS 241 Fifth Ave., New York WINTEIt NSm YORK Long Island. TV . rf W notel GAItDEN CITY, LONG ISLAND An eicluslve American plan hotel with a la carte restaurant for motorist. Excellent rolf links free to cuests. Freauent electrlo trains from Penn. Station. Special Winter Ratos Nov. to Ma; l. J. L.i. iu l'rops. NEW YOBK Westchester. QedneyFarmHotJ White ruins. N. Y. EDWAHD II. CRANDALU Open All Year. Private motor Qui eervlco without charge Briarcliff Eodge URIAUCLIFF MANOR, N. Y. Open Until After ThanksgUlng. OLD POINT COMFORT HOTEL CHAMBERLIN FINE AUTUMN GOLF Pool, Seafood XX Culilne. hvery buropean jr X Bath am i Treatment. Write i CEO. F. IMMS, Manaitr X r Firlrati Hssros, fa, on any U. B. Railway Administration office. uertna nunner Tourist Bureau, 1210 iJroaa-wa- r: any \Cook's Tours\ or \ask Mr. Fob. ter\ at Lord and Taylor's, Hotel Pennsyl-- J vania, or 1:0 w. :na St., iranic Tourist Co.. 13 Firth Ave. NEW JERSEY Atlantlo City. ATLANTIC CITT FIREPROOF Ocean Front. attractive during Autumn and Winter Seasons. Luxurious lobbies, rmuiil sun parlors and superb music. A palatial Twldonce for rtt and recreation. and EUROPE.CS' fLOi'S. TWMOI.ATianj VS(U)S GtEATEST HOTEL SUCQSS ATL.NTIC CITY, J. America's Famous Resort. JHSCELLANEOl'S. BERMUDA HOTEL, Opens Dec. 10. HOTEL lTtASCATI. Opens Dee. 8. hAYrMUilU-rVHHUllltl- B lUUrfS The nest ln Travel. tti Fifth e.. Y. Tel. .Madison Sq. 0370. I1USINESS OPPORTUNITIES. HAVB pUtinum palladium anoTgoid property located this country; mining and labor conditions favorable throughout year. Wish to get property flnnnced for large development or sell outrigbt. Address A 3K Hun ofTlee. UNCLAIMED DANK DEPOSITS. 83.80 8ept.21.10l6 M.23 Sept. 3,1014 es.0.5 (J'J.UO PeptI : I' ilP. ! 63.89 Sent, a iau' 78.74 CO. 11 Sept. J1.10IB April 27, 1P07 78.M Sept. 18, 1U17 132.85 Sept. 18,1017 1.87 Sept. 3,1014 Y fit IV. Ort lnrtA 70.03 Sept. 3,1014 Sept. 3, 1014 Sept. 3.1014 CHAS. E. CALHOUN\ I deponnts the day f September. 1UI0. \ wuuu\ nusra a Report of the Unclalmel Deposits. Dhldetds and Interott nf tho IJucoln Trust Comninr on the first day of Aumist. 1910. JIat'o In acrrrdanco ulth tho prevlslora or the Dattlrg Law, Sections lS-- t and 210 iJirt known residence or poet Date of Amount Date of rull name of depositor rdBce address of depositor or Original of First or shareholder. Deposit. Balance. Publication Estate of Samuel Dennett. ' Sarah Dennett, Admx XI No. Broad St.. Phlla..Pa July 3, 1911 J. O. Engel ST First St., Union Concourse, I'',.v Dec. 8.10O5 ArO. Frank Nouldrrm Dec. 24, 1904 W. L. Fmirvi Wllmlmon, Del Apr. 7, 100,1 Mrs. J. II. Oranmann No address. Ded. 11,1005 Klngsley Realty Co. . , o Herman A Illrschman. 41 ,Parc How. New York.N.Y Jept. 12. 1006 Ida Level 237 Firth Ave.. New York, N. Y . Jim 17 10H7 VoTaC\ 1,1007 Sept. 10,1003 Roalne D. Root II. E. Swoetner 52 N. A. Co. llroalnay. Camden, Co av, 110 N. Ai N. 21k no. Y Feb. 10.1014 S3.S9 .Hay 12. 10O 87.50 New York, \1 ,0',s, Tho VaudevllloInvestoraCo.AstorThoaVnVBldV.lNcw\\'' ,. York N.Y..... July 0,1003 50.00 State of New ork. County of New York, as.! or,.'irLitf,Ai,4M?AV.?;.SiiB\' Prwldent, and CHAS. E. CALHOUN, Secretary, of 9 a corpontlon, located and dcl'.g hcjlirss In the City of New Yor'c. ta iMjtJMr.'iulT.iy'on''.vf.bJ0r himself says that the foregoing rvport U a full, true and correct rtstement of deposits, dividends and Interest ft the Unmln Trust Company, made In accordance with tho provisions of Sectloni 134 and 210 of Chapter 300 of the Banklpg Law as shown by the books of said company on tha first day of A'uhist; 1010. ral,.bf , T l' ' o it-- f if r, t,Tlj . . . ...\ . , iwwn ninirer. Aiirn . Parle - . . . Jleall Cert, filed in N. Y. rvi. VvvnmVr.V-i.V- Si '.,S\vVj\ VKTIJISS.. I terii idTisii. 40.11x72.; Braddock) RESORTS. Official HESOBTS. VIRGINIA. Swimming Unusually thOMseek-ln- e A.MI3I1CAN TRINCESS shareholder. Powell, 7 Wan at INTERNATIONAL MERCANTILE MARINE LINES AMERICAN NEW YORK-HAMB- URG Mancf urla Dec. 15 PHILADELPHIA LIVERPOOL Hnverford Jan. 8 RED STAR NEW YORK PLYMOUTH-CHERBO- URG ANTWERP Laphnd 3 P.M. Dec. II WHITE STAR N. T. CHERBOURG SOUTHAMPTON Acnitic ...sp.M.Not.2? 1Ls;!sd P.5.,,D'?,J (Calls at Plrmnuth. Omits Southampton tNHV Mexico Not. 28 Meianlic (Sails from Portland. Me.), .Dec. 6 Cedric. 3 P.M., DecZO Orians. Dec. 23 WHITE STAR DOMINION PORTLAND, ME.- - -- HALIFAX LI VERPOOL Mcgintie Dec. 6 Offices, 9 Broadway New Yorlc Passenger nd Freight Berrlrr. NEW YORK to LIVERPOOL Csronia Dec 18 drmanja Dec. 17. Jan. 21 Orduna Dec. 27, Jan. 31 NEW YORK to PLYMOUTH, CHERBOURG and SOUTHAMPTON Maiiretania Nov. 29, Dee. 24. Jan. 17 CHRISTMAS SAILING Imperator Dec. 10 NEW YORK to PLYMOUTH. HAVRE and SOUTHAMPTON Royal Ceorje Dee. II. Jan. 14. Feb; 14 NEW YORK to PLYMOUTH, HAVRE and LONDON Ssxonis Dec 20 INfcW IUKK L ULKKT ULAOUUW Cohimbia ..Dec. 10 tl-- HTATE STREET. NEW YOItsX WARD LINE Direct aervice on f sat twin-scrr- steamers from New York to HAVANA ) WEEKLY MEXICO SAILINGS To Progreso, Vera Cms and Tampieo. Regular Sailings to Nassau, Bahamas. Literature amfufl lnmwiten on ncouL New York snd Caba Mall S. S. Co. Foot of Wall Street, New Yorkl BERMUDA liebX Winter Vacation Resort FURNESS BERMUDA LINE Fast, palatial steamers S.S. \FORT HAMILTON\ 11XIOO Tons Displacement Sails from 'New York December January S. S. \FORT VICTORIA\ 14.000 Tons'Dlsplaceraent No passports required for Bermuda. Ucheduie of Sailings, cabin puns and rate sent on application. FURNESS EERMUDA LINE Furness House, Whitehall St, New York. NEW YORK TO LIVERPOOL Twin Screw Steamer \MEXICO\ Nov. 28 FIRST CLASS $150 \ORIANA\ Dec. 23 International Mercantile Marine Company O Broadway, New York Or STEAMSHIP TICKET AGENTS COASTWISE STEAMSHIP LINKS For .11 points south. Old Dominion, Savannah, Southern Pacific Lines For passenger In formation apply to Consolidated Railway ticket offices or Companies' ofncesi SCANDINAVLIN AMERICAN LINB Denmark. Nomay, Sweden. Passenger Otllce. 1 Hroailway, N. T. N. Y. direct to GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN, SWEDISH AMERICAN LINK. 24 State St. CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY. F. It. PeiTy. Gen.Agt..Paes.Dept.. li31Bway. Montreal or Quebec lo Europe. Can. Pa- - cine Ocean Services, lltd., IS31 Broadway. I \THE rUBUC BE rLEASED\ COLONIAL LINE BOSTON ? m $4.40 PROVIDENCE DIRECT BOAT $2.97 All Ont.lde staterooms. Sl.ng to tS.tL 4bovc Trices Include Vr Tx Boat leaves Pier 39, North River, Dally ana aunuay ai o l. 11. Phone Spring 0191. Ik D H Worcester, $4.13! Providence direct, f 2.7 OUTSIDE STATEROOMS 1.0S & ft.U Dally, Including Sunday, 5:00 P. M. From Pier 19, E. R. rhone :700 Ueekmaa Tlck.te Pl.r or ron.nlMittetl ticket offices J HUDSON RIVER NIGHT LINES From Pier 32, N. 11., foot Canal St., dally sailing 6 P. M. ; West 133d St., S:30 P. M. Due Albany 6 o'clock following morning. ' I ' FALL RIVER LINE to Boston. Strs. Lv. Pier 14. N. R.. 5:00 P. IL J TOUKS. I n T. t I , R.IIII STB O I iervice COVERS HIE WORLD THOS. COOK & SON 343 U'wavv tat Fifth Ave PROPOSALS. Olflco of the Quartermaster General. Clothing and E'lulpago DUI'lon, Munitions Building, Washington, D. C Sealed pro- posals ln diiplieat\ will h r\-lv- ,l hr until IT A. M., December S3rd, 1919, for furnishing all or any part ot 50.000 yards Cotton Toweling Dlds must be accom- panied by guaranty ot ten per cent thereon. Information snt on rtq'iest. tOU BALK .....at diaiioNDS, bought, sold, for cash only. Bs. irnLr wanted female. CLERKS. OVER It YEARS OF AOEl AN OP PORTUNITY TO LEARN THE MAir ORDER DUSINBSS, WE TEACH YOU FOR POSITIONS IV OUR AUDITING, ' BILLING, FILING AND GENERAL CLERICAL DEPARTMENTS. THIS WORK IS INTERESTING, AN'D NO EXPEr'NCH IS REQUIRED AS IT 18 EASILY LEARNED. TUB WORKINO CONDITIONS AND bur ROUNDINGS ARE PLEASANT AND OUR BUILDINGS ARE CLEAN Wn FIREPROOF. REST ROOMS, MEDICAL ATTEX TIOiNjAMUSBMENT ARUPROVIDEo! A GOOD SALARY IS PAID AND YOU MAY PARTIC- IPATE IN OUR 10 XMAS BONUS. Hours 8.30 A. M. to 5.30 P. M., 1 P. M. 'Saturdays. APPLICATION MAT BE MADE IX TERSON OR DY MAIL. THE CHARLES' WILLIAM STORES, 25 Washington St., Brooklyn, New York. PERMANENT POSITION for younp; women ltf to 2; years of age as Telephone Operators. , Apply at 1158 B'way (cr-r- . 27th St.) Manhattan or call Madison Square Official. New York Telephone Company. SALESWOMEN ADP.AHAM AND STRAUS FULTON STREET, DROOKLV.V have vacancies In the following ds. partments for saleswomen. Attraetlvi salaries are paid with a liberal com- mission on all sales ln addition: ART EMDROIDERIES BOOKS CAMERAS CHINA A GLASSWARE CHILDREN'S SHOES CAJDY GROCERIES HOUSEFURN1SHING3 JEWELRY MUSIC NOTIONS ORIENTAL GOODS RIBDONS TOYS A GAMES THERMOS DOTTLES VELVETS WOMEN'S SHOES WAISTS YARD GOODS Applications can be made any tlmi during the day at the Employment Of. flee. Subway Floor, Central Building, or by mail. HELP WANTEDt-MAI.- E. APPRENTICES, BREWSTER & CO.. BRIDGE P LAIC A, LONG ISLAND CITY. WILL APPREN- TICE DOTS DETWEEN AGES 16 AND II YEARS IN WOOIJWORKINO DE- PARTMENT TO LEARN BODY MAK- ING TRADE: BOYS WHO LIVE AT HOME PREFERRED: ONLY TIIOSK WHO ARE SERIOUS IN FOLLOW- ING THIS CLASS OF WORK NEED APPLY; NO TOOLS NECESSARY. Auto School Largest and best school la the WEST SIDE U. S. Send for booklet and pin Y. M. C. A. to school. Telephone Coloabtl S15 W. STth St. 79M. Spedsl dssses for lallas. BOYS BOYS BOYS. Wholesale Importing house requires sr. eral bright, ambitious boys, run errands! excellent opportunity learn business, sad advance; salary $10 start. HENRI ZUf MERN. 45 John St. ' BOY WANTED ln downtown oRlcs et manufacturing concern; capabla boy em advance rapidly. Apply tn own handwrlt Ing. W. C, box 129 Bun office. , BOOKKEEPER wanted; good refereooe, KARGNE, gll Fifth Ave. DRAFTSMEN AND ME CHANICAL DESIGNERS wanted for a large Manufac turing Company in easterti New York State. Give age, training and salary expected. Permanent positions. Apply, Box D 30, Sun. . iEATtN TO BE A CHAUFFEUR ant, profitable work; day and evenlnt classes. Send for free booklet and pass. WEST SIDE Y. M. C. A.. 515 Weat S.th St. PRINTER wanted, all around: If you sun have to work for a living anu wwkw admit that I am boss, 1 havo a good lc tar vnu' I will tiiv vou fair wnei. bit will not make you a present of my plant; union shop; state wages, qualifications sni references In first letter. Emboii-O-Prin- t Co., 44 East Market st.. W Pa. SUB-FOREM- AN BREWSTER A CO.. BRIDdl PLAZA. IX)NG ISLAND CITT, HAVE OPENING FOR A CAPA- BLE ON MILL- ING MACHINE WOllK. MUST HE THOROUGHLY FAMILIAR WITH MODERN MACHINE SHOP METHODS AND HE ABLE TO HANDLE MEN UNDER3TA.ND-INGL- SALESMAN. SECURITY-Fsnan-- Iil noun emraged In financing mot-- - c r sa tt i.- -; sires to engage active, Inuustrious n\ r good standing to prent i'' prf\ eloclc, with common el'X-- ,J vestors: Investment amp.y ''\'. affords high p'of.t eppnrtun\ r.nt troctivo salabl . libera! c K, slon. 30 per cent. b.sl only J' furnished. 110 Wes: 40th f fc New York. WE ARE PAYING members et J trict sales forco from 5500 to '! handling a sales organisation to aa..in. como In and have a personal 'a n \J Only men who aro willing tn leave York need apply KASTM; fAi;;x\.--y- - Ti'ivTiTrwaATiiisit.'LS\ FOu fly' AND TOILET GOODS LINE. FAJ'.W-- with ut:uiH.ui.- TRADE. MUST DE REt.IAIlin. STATS EXPERIENCE. FORMER CONNJ- - ND SALARY EXPECItu. J . SUN OFFICE. YOUXG MEN OVEK 17 FOR MECHANICAL WOEK ALONG LINE; GOOD OPPORTUNITY FOH AD- VANCEMENT. A PPL GIVING AGE, EDI CA- TION AND EXPERI- ENCE. N. T., BOX 129, SUN.

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