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WEATHER FORECAST. Fair and warmer to-da- y and moderate south and southwest winds. Ssutu IT SHINES FOR ALL Highest temperature yesterday, 35; lowest, 26. Detailed wethor reports on tdltorUI pae. VOL. LXXXVH. NO. 82. NEW YORK, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 1919. CopurlgM, 1919, ry tike flan Print tngmd PubUMng Association. PRICE TWO CENTS. JURY CHARGES CORRUPTION IN CimOFFICES Special Investigators Rake minn and Ask for New Attorney. SMITH URGED TO ACT Grounds for Accusations of Misconduct Against Several Seen. COUBT BIDS. CASE GO ON Prosecutor Opposes Procedure bnt Iicst of Milk Evidence. Will Be Heard. uuu ui luu of this In a to and the that tho any over- - that read said that that of may until that of that oMrirfel FINAL PLEAS OF WASHINGTON, 20. no to the war act ' it wa3 set the bo by irrespective of of a be for the the war act unconstitutional. LEVIES ON HORSE OF MISS SEARS to j BOABD BILL Tho Jury has $910 an Investigation of certain unspecified offices and do- - ,q Jiarmivlim vtDki,t juvut.j noy's body gave notice yesterday presentment handed Supremo Court Justlco Weeks, presentment declares Investigation has been in- - Weeks Investigation Attornev. will move prohibition until peaco has been stated officially to-da- y White- expected that ban would lifted President ratification Ver- sailles. The only possibility would Sheriff Mount She at Gordon Grand TO Initiated municipal Donlep Aggcrtg 0ntg Ho office. Tlmt Radiant Not Been Paid For. CHEER SMS Zsl WETS HEARD IN Beyond NO in Army. CLAIMED One Kentucky December Nov. In a MINERS OPERATORS' SUPREME COURT, WAGE ADVANCES CONSERVATION HOOT Demand Than Diggers to Laborers. JOKER IN OFFER Increases Charges Bccedc Day Spedat tho large liquor the Wilson treaty ' throughout of the central j,0 before fields a by nn be the tempo- - y operators' Is changed Dressed In attire Deputy Court of the United States a the 0f league spired reasonablo grounds of Sheriffs Murray Curtln declaro time prohibition miners In substanco It pro- - lief public officials have been Garden night in ( vlded a wago Increase of 15 cents jecsjon wag taitcn fiulity of mlscon-- , quest of horses belonging to Miss just aa vigorously as liquor In-- 1 a or a day, which would of tho Council upon In office.\ i Eleonora Sears. ! terests declared the time act is an of from 23 to receJnt Q. n....;l V 11 11 , e .. . . i . . . . . i . ir..u. , . . - . . , ui ouisiuo tne inai an oi war per ceiu. in States Senate refused to me urana jury, tho paddock from tno tanoari; Government backed tne proposal was rojecica me trcati eui,er with or without res-onl- y handed to Justice Weeks found a prize horse of stand of Talmer miners' John I 'and adjourned wroto a long to Gov. Smith Miss Sears, a ttiat prohibition must be contln- - Lewis, declared that . ' M to .,, Frpnph asking the of from his bridle. blooded steed until peaco Is proclaimed It was Inndequato bo far from a Ambassador crnment imrr,0tjla.tely by uio ue ussiguea ua mo au- - was sacldieu reaay lor mo, thougn no do anowea do- - serious proposition mat u wus U\U1B\ jusgcranji proved to Allies that viser counsel tho body it bright lights Horse Show. j prohibition be- - nlfled. Ho declared no pro- - theJr wa,u m might delve certain matters in a trico the Sheriff's comes making a near vision was made for hours, t nothing them to do will permit It to bo specific in tight with an attachment total millions of of was ono of principal do- - attempt to executo treaty District Swann was in to assuro payment of a J earliest which a are to bo resumed to- - ..iiirf ivhoH n4 f . .1 . - . ...... 1 rt I . - . . . , ... . I . I . . Tnnnirtilln In tha vuuii m;ii mo uuiy uiauu us uiu to Aiexanuer uemraei, can ue nanaua oy ia muiuuibi vii i . \ d ine ne nouement in tr, It had previously been In dealer, domiciled Scotland j 8, It Is not un- - of been 2,000,00 i a diploma hero rulrion with Justice living In til a week or two thus of what was No sooner was attachment about a for saloons to ro- - In B,tuatlon tno FedcnU ,her0 te an urauu uuiiuuu up its mi mun cainv u. uv.o, open snouia me upnum crnment is crowded presentment Swann tame& M 1110 m08t athletic woman m tho 11(Juor men,fl argumcnt. strenuously voiced his objection to procedure. Justice radiant. social her foot In of the his and then tho District \Ahem !\ began Deputy \You Attorney Joinod in the general know he's tied up tight.\ ' rather mysterious quest for mora light by that that may \iib's tied up for a board bill-h- ave been before Grand Jury horso board and you can't a . ' tilt TOrt fot thA Sd40.\ she conditions offices fumbled of Wholo- - providing for tho for administration. his produced ths which supplies at papers. Sears Senate Government officials M,..i.ni,. fnt fmir ati and and urging settlement, long to .tAm ouis inq iur iAiucoiuuai ti.ugu imcnts lanmiairc ruled, Justice Weeks their If not Indefl- - 'rum made tho of Allies Inquiry should be prosecuted at m,nd &eara was an .a hlbltor at thc show, (lemniel .1 JuryWUldB0UhCaa David Tepp. his lawyer, to begin wun Furthermore the court or-la- the latter aBked for an ded .Mr. Swann to presint tho balance of property tho his evidenco in the Inquiry \at ground Is of earliest moment\ State. Extraordinary Grand Jury's into the Sears appealed methods of business j to otllcers of tho Horye Show. oer for a while, for Smith not seen ue nor and no great yearning to either Inasmuch as his mother was so seriously 111 that except her condition was of no Immediate lmpor-Uc- e to Governor let It be known ho was despairing of his mother's presentment precipitated a nicely worded flurry between Justice Weeks .nr. Swann. It can be of Mr. Swann he did not try to quash the presentment He began by the Extraordinary Grand no right to inasmuch as tho preson criticised might bo defend himself. request of District the communication of tho Grand Jury bo not received ls denied,\ replied the Justice, Whereupon the presentment was follows: Extraordinary Grand Jury begs respectfully to in Its Judgment \That the Mayor's of criminal conspiracy against the Interborough Itapld Transit and of the brotherhood of tho Interbor- ough Itapld Transit Company employees vj a ana a Fed- eral others to officer not properly determined at tho present time, a thorough tho and causts of processes of charges shall been made, and \That the pursuit of an lnvestl. for the purpose of developing the into municipal offices and the office of the District Attorney o.n- - York county, 'That In compliance the or criminal procedure, chapter section -- 50. the Institution of a Investi- gation of the municipal offices the C'partmenta of the of the t of York county ty Extraordinary Grand Jurv, by leaconable grounds of belief that public guilty e. wilful and corrupt misconduct Is In the public Grand Jury respectfully the an Investiga- tion has Situation Called unusual and serious predicament o. being deprived legal n tno mMtn nbovo referred luipeneu mis add communication to the Governor of th rcss the re the designation of the general of the State as legal adviser (f,j!iel 10 Grand Judy. Yours ;;n cor-u- ot cm-- ,. ,J\ omclals of every description In wnrn'd them, however misconduct not be wllfui -- erely, but also lgno-c- e, error of Judgment or of or misguided views of CorMnuti Blxth Page. Nov. President Wilson make rescind time declared formally, at House. This was to at rest recurring rumors \dry\ of treaty of Christmas Supreme Court to declare time Attaches as Starts Bide Show. Extraordinary DUE Have to to its words later, proper eoantei circles, placed stirrup champing Murray. was informed. hnri coming technical two ls on ........ resolution nm the con-- ; Ye 'Farms, Inquiry administration's the criticise In tho corrupt, \wet\ tlO.000, the Sears to mount Into Deputies .nurray their temporarily the In a as guests of management Joined In tho rhoom erected Sears's dashing horsemanship, to an air great Indiffer ence waiting of good sports,\ said Sear's to the waiting \and I'm going to see what I in a Jiffy or the Horse Show off- icials saved Radiant tho embarrassment of eating his of the Alimony Club giving for $1,000. Radiant went Into tho night In Class which ls preliminary to the show beaten In class, show- ing third, Field's and Charles F. Hubbs's Thistle- down. classes later, Radian before the Judges ngaln and Being placed first thereby a leg on the more or icaiures oi show, HINDENBURG AS NEXT Continue Ovation He Leaves Berlin. Field Marshal Hlndenburgs to-d- for Madgcburg was the occasion for a re- newal of the tendered on bis In Berlin. The Field Marshal Guard of Honor, while tho crowd Some shouts of we meet will be president.\ were heard. National Investigating war responsibility decided the further examination of FlolJ Marshal Hlndenburg and Gen. Ludendorff, Wilson's peace ls HUE IN PRISON. Spreading In Disciplinary nt Leavenirorth. LBAVENWonrn, Kan., Nov. JUSr n .he soldier:, UVX ln the v. Mi! or In it h at ths Aaks PeRis, of in April the disappear-inc- e of twelve women, charged he either or prom- ised to marry, for a. ln Paris' Root Holds Constitution Congress War Pow- ers Peace. NEED Points to Sale by U. S. of Foodstuffs and Supplies CONFISCATION in Two New York and Case by Sptcial to Sw. a Tan effort to get stocks tho coal and Is now in storage the coal miners wm put mt0 effect hero try flowing the on new wago and i of tlona! upon nation Jng have reached tween Great France, Italy and on 16 for the liquor On tho samo day,, unless to the Su- - scale tlle Drogrammo ovenlng for t10 will \by and the act mcetns. that Madison last wilful and the ton, meetlns duct war mako Incrcaso 35 newa that jui.vujuuu .niiuuuu, luii-um- guies uiirae extension pw- - wugi had approve ring crs, this ny the tnte crvatlons na(1 sine die. but for the miners, H Gov.' that The ucd and omic icgm ana Dittea, wet period tho and of that tho fore also ,iad valn and into that men hod tied thus short for more the horso loss gallons tho tho Schmuck 940 Tho dato at uiiuiu ooaru uown muinjn statement and tern- - but Lwls, another day has and leaving the lev-- ! tho thg 8tm 'u jury mums main being into some Mr. such ruled plea but Vm ,ate aIrcady' nothing this move him dln(7lA rrqllnn watching Instructed possible Therefore Almlrall's anything recovery. Jury Attorney charges Company general Attorney In- ched Initiated. Serious. a a liquor Interests made it plain , they little of of their except through a de- cision of the Court, action meet a rights scale work- - $1.50 they publli- - AVIfe the fered of 15 cents a Is until the single offered press, the In broko tho heart of .coal deemed tho liquor on other hand say It nflrmi, in in a brief Amlel Curias court It Is v - - \ bv ihe nttnrneva for that wou d be the oocrators i.auwVc..v... quiry Into of Tho Distillers and In and then Balers, said: jail cost They that Miss \The has the aro the u . a n ... flrnt adlourned glnn early puuim quunei cimjigco, weks plans Mas3. night ter aylng anyone offlco again to\ nltnntlnn (PJntlng on wages by ' but express State Depart-- J m,o rea ju was over- - i uo w mwi u liiij, that after In . ls i ana i , . once Mlss exl r j suit, Miss upon of milk she Uie She lives tl j Miss from tho city ill At Gov. slid Ut had Mr. let had him. The that The never had not court to \The that read s 'The very open court luaeni siriKe nnd a nor origin these have such ieaas tne and code 2, and oisf New this have becn In of- -' nnd this court such been \The and t u and this , Euch must and tho the tho tho hold and had Tho last fhn, ,hat this. this and their deputies Miss and ride the ring. ana with sus- pended In air, sat box the and Miss came his stall with for the a MIks can do.\ two oata the by bond ring flrst last 113. was that' led by Miss Two went time came off IJIlt- - Cup, one mo me as Nov. 20. von him sang \the time you the The the has that von 20. Fire ' \ f . e I Ileal Nov. JO. Mme. who was with .was had has suit court IS 0. Tne 20. coun- - a rary i Tho sub- - tlio flrst JUSi that becn court The that have nopo Tho now Tho This that , filed - \ said miners with noay with next nltely nt least to an dato In the future.\ Three Thc cases were three appeals from Now York and courts. In the two cases from New York won, the courts\ refusing to grant an revenue otllcers prohibiting tho removal from bond of and holding wartime tho section the Vo- lstead law one-ha- lf of 1 per cent or more of alcohol makes a bever- age Intoxicating constitutional. In tho tha Itadlant back j and Company deputies, and however, Bebun, reviewed national Imperial As- sembly Barracks misconduct l.iuidro'a Landry, between Constltu- - disposing favorable Supreme several big storage oi state nn un- der which tho be placed on tho market and It ls now sold there. The New York cases were In name of Blum & Co., and Jacob Ellhu Root in behalf of the while case of the former handled C. Tho In tho case were Levy and William Bullitt of The King, Solicitor-Genera- l, and William L. Attn.-- . who has been several years. The court crowded with and who eagerly listened to of the Justices In hope obta nlng their posl- - with problem Root during tho Wayne B counsel for Antl-Saloo- ri a brief tolling most tho wets Root legal, technical or war upon procla filled. In uui Frlerson getting basis. Pxtg final AT NEW 15 Ton to $1.50 A Say Would Be Offset by Made Materials. CONFEREES Workers Likely to From for Six and Five Despatch to Negotiations that coal the on say wage of Council Verdict Bcliovo Viow. competitive December ratifications January attorneys Impasse. Germany. suddenly. premo proposal settlement Square supreme attorneys Radiant, letter constitutional Attorney decision Negotiations Ruction disconcerting PRESIDENT stocks ever this the not was the is with and tn-d- in the by anu any own that the Government restraining prohibition caao representing was Government prosecuting some prohibition Argument. More Day LONG Week. unjusuuaDie famines people. Offer. increase Con-treat- y December country. enough admitted fi.rthor rtnlnv offset conditions Sheriffs payment pocket explained rejected situation Ignored Benrlng postponed. Beverly pronounce jratton revlewinr county.\ members brought uncertain Appeals Argued. to-d- Louis- ville Injunc- tion declaring Louisville Injunction appealed Dryfoos, Ruppert Louisville Marshall Chicago. Frlerson, Assistant brewers questions Inkling terrupted arguments Wheeler, league, Telllnar convincing prisoners Speaking declared winning Cts. and Hour Day Interests activity situation Different rejecting i upon action or ecnaie i - \\v The of tn .mnrnvn th treatv with, nrnfpst tn 'fpirlrn rnlHncr to the demands of shaped, If med,t per cent, wago Incroase, a day American \\'\lar ween, presenieu d Mmment against President It contained thc European statesmen provision?. iue- hbio. to extend from 1920. to 'nges Increased 15 cents a for and machine operators and per cent for laborers In All supplies used paid for cost. Including tools, caps, National and na- tional held on ' contracts nnd for uniform violation contract in- cluded In tho proposal the representatives, who declared It to be absurd. art until the In wago back on getting any- where. for both as progress, ls evi- dence progress Is view ls It takes Just so Is ft , for the i th.rn l still was to wago Is to more than \ ! to cost of \\w lo n It is a attorney and a that sent Mr. next to the who Died won the war. the ami. Mr. no that the to to the Into The wero The that The the said a day more a day more for laborers, who now receiv- ing a day. ls upon the not upon earnings. Increase Is half as as granted In the wage provided on Increase a tho the increase, tt Is Increase In tho to a ton, an aggregate a of ripaep .. the have pay Congress cease 71118 however, declared necessity mlilltlnnnt L. and to has Tho contended that even The liio satisfied no to but lnan wmmanaer In tho hero had more runs end destroyed the exchango \ iney Illegal, effective were t,mt to and to man and Mr. were ordered to ior only '\'\ul Divorce. Landru, Despatch iuiiiut Congress not but to tha to tune not war dismissed and The and Tho for ton. coal few WILSON PLANS TO REOFFER TREA TY; INDEFINITE DELA ON IT IS LIKEL Y; ALLIES WILL ENFORCE PACT DEC. leagueIgins on same date Supremo Sets Day ARE ASTOUNDED Been to That President Repre- sented S. nr o Till SON. Coptrtoht, 131: 20. drought'eomes Britain, bo- - invaded war unconstitutional. for n corrupt the the not Attornoy-Gener- al representatives. war Attorney-Gener- al up the A numbness has pro- - iiuroo tuun December expected Jn poraH,y scarry transpire. tho Insisting conducting mlslnterpre-utio- n this Dccisions to as America. still Is holding out to tho effected between yesterday In the ton the and the and adjourning tho situation respect wa8 Interests. nothing nnv in that by L.IT:\ tha Association submitted t impossible use Government purchase. in attachment presentment Intimidate Interests, attachment the Distilleries attachment. cheerfully considered Donna-cond- a triumphant, departure concerning President unnecessary. ARMY Rapidly connection Bais Left can the ap- peared by attorneys waa by prohibitionists, the up. sat how pro- hibition Probably was by the ena tno camo Stand Scn operators Y Eeccivcd. conditions appealed Gov-clrcI- Kentucky Warehouse represented Alexander SEE Men exchange effective, threatens Operators Apparently encouraging representative H.raordlnary champion- ship, Crowds Washington, present numbness has happened sessions, this winning and Assis- tant country r'' the even and fnr the 60 not Practically I, six of ana nve aay was operators thU morning. Contract 21. 21, ton by nt explosives, &c. responsible all agreements. Proposition penalty for of agreement was promptly by An taken which session lnated hours scale forth without Whllo spokesmen sides pessimistic that made. taken a the with had thc of s ls as the and to hero as Is now to the of and that In did. The news the to was this can here to nmi a that In for six tho to much tr a go. What Offer by a!f offset the high .,Ta the would mean. $1.50 in. for U legal ment for made are based again Washing- ton agreement, of 10 From would an 35 increase of 1175,000,000 which tho mation hut tt,,, era would war of when offer, was by for the nthnri,., Lewis said, Inadequate. They When fluttering reservations precedent. ml3ioaiiinK negotiated thinking accepted against prevail treaty's ascribed Jusse- rand, brought naturally criti- cism blinding American sentiment. ascribed lenorance prevailing committees proposals proposals men, Amer- ican Concern tho the In talk to nnd President's In Government considerable that consumers' standpoint estimated, mean year to In tho decision of Naturally America, no In this ae- attitude will dono with Nations, must the to over enttrely, questions answered tho two now situation confused, chaotic, will Chambor for and Jusserand for tobe!lcvo the his will upon tho American and that ths in his oven went as to that covenant, Is In the orohlblts extcns.on powers amltt!np It more than tIM is fighting 'o the Increased cost ,.?'\. n,ti The sale by the Government sur-'1?- \- \ wnari,owi ! rius rood ana and .. ,h. - J\'' hn tnat uio \l mo or .... to Jir. ' a . . .. . \ tlmo \\\fV0' would PnS ful- - President in the held that such payment tnat secure I that tha was and It rpl?'f\T would of tho act havo and one I best a a which at a late hour \ ln Chief wi ung to wnive exchange building at \'e and Navy ls contract barracks I asserted until the , altac.ea n the ' cantonments \u &- me \ ture Ba,e 7B beer from large new spreading rapidly i lne ttovcrnment the lmber 1 last, the efforts check failed. i conserving such a i in tno r.itncr in Kort Leavenworth w not intoxicating. une tan. i id All w out \wt 10 a iu arrested In whom married In cases rutv. Attorney-Gener- that the war of ex- tend only war a \Was time prohibition Continued on a ABGUE Washington, Nov. 20. pick day organizations there inn. scale much cents cost from cents consum John Constitution, day. they u:bs spring miners, Hour Work. that Continued Sixteenth ALLIES Had Led U. hills. , Staff Correspondent all reserved, Nov. The peaco committee mltted councii y. at united with ribbon oven of which themselves. 1110 In of Weeks White Plains. to month unwillingness of of of pcaca treaty being dead In Jusserand Foreign Office nopes of a compromise being of Senato greatest reassembling of In session miners of miners enacted miners nn,i conclusively.\ Iteocntment Groirlnir. In the state of pro duced by what obvious operators bo Sears's sheriffs he officials against receiver bo officials booted request \You're couple ovation arrival action, divorce freely regula-- . Increase entirely National argued Federal distilled spirits of plants mo oDiainea bonded liquor openly latter, Walter Mayer of of admitted for w\\\' sequent me in - miners rpipn ASent me Wilson . nve March March 10 mines. miners bo lights, officers a clause bo counter miners' French America He-- I. h plan tho h countrymen extremely high. That the President's Ideas by some mandate of his plan the foundation, Influence Ambassador both of whom was to acquiesce the disillusionment by ls arousing of Government for Itself Joummont 2 o'clock bo only amazlnc Irance, argued counter being of mm op- - wm bo of 40 of bo among of tho of government OTer Gcrmnny. , lh, can a they havo by tho make \hoss trade\ work liquor dealers dlstanco Increase enough cKiy Justlce since stated. noot'a Vlewn treaty Incrcaso nation others totally passed. congress principal Wage offered erators living approve liquor another miners hopes powers tho' by by took rtilnn. What Germany's be or what can a of which seemingly alive Is be made are which can better developments of Just tho Is If with increasing signs that a made by the new a practically new peaco now being Clemenceau President generally acquiesced when so far with the which light the In-- 1 off- -, peace set living since nl\ V\8 m,ne to-d- when It army the n.\lt'. -- .if ZZ. RhmiM as inrai neu claim ror tne ' protection by to' all no-I- d broke of prison Army which have Federal disciplinary consistently andl .r- - wooden manuiac- - \!. the house of saying other Th'e during terminate \everase nuworr. wao iu. ere me Henri it the the back signed bo Means. he of rago. Paris, accept for league covenant treaty run- ning Franco being people, Its desires Commis- sioner Tardleu Insisted Amer- ica ready to- day's French oft.mnnn public system placed Kurope council represented Henry White, nair-Dor- n League unless treaty weeks. not demand French treaty. Messrs. Tardlou blamed having Induced Premier could Imposo Senato peoplo views, treaty became known suDDlles hetteren Poland's uaucia. r message failure purposes Present Novcm- - contract Insisted w . - I n .1 lltlcal GERMANS BALKING ON REPLACING WARSHIPS Signing of Protocol Unlikely End of Month. Paris, Nov. 20. meeting Vietrl the rle1erate.fi The subject hours employment I yesterday and tho renre- - was not included thc counter proposal scnUtlves of the concern-o- f the operators, but this was a prln-!n- s the proposed protocol Gcr-clp- al subject at thc man peace treaty. now seems The opposed any ! the protocol will change. i the end of November, The Secretary of Senate IjAUiiknce Ambas- sador that Interweaving bo be aro that he be \c Before of be Germans shown a disposition to Confln'jsd on AID TO FRENCH ALLIANCE SEEN IN TREATY DEFEAT Senators Take This View, Discussing \The Sun's\ Re port Negotiations in Support of Defensive Pact. Special Despatch to Tm Scs. Washington, Nov. 20. Much Inter est was manifested y in Tub special cablo despatch from Paris Indicating that unofficial nego tlatlons havo been going on between Senators and French diplomatic circles touching on tho ultlmato fato of the Franco-- American treaty of alliance. It is in dlcated that the of the treaty with Germany .and of tho League of Nations plan will not neces sarily Injure tho causa of tho alliance In fact. It is said bo possible that tho defeat of the German treaty might assist tho cause of the alliance. Some Senators y rather cryp- tically admitted that know about discussions which altogether unoffi- cially havo been taking place as sug- gested in Tub Sun's despatches. Se- rious consideration, these Senators say, is being given to the ratification of tho alliance treaty with elimination of to the League of Nations and also with a tlmo limit on Its ef- fectiveness. \A limit perhaps fe or ten years,\ FREE JENKINS, U. S LDSfflANDS Strong language Is Used in jN'oto Sent to Mexico City. 'OVERT ACT' ESTABLISHED Consul Says He Was Kid- napped Because no Was American Official. Special Despatch to Tn Sun. Washington, Nov. 20. \Surprised Gcmmel's die. but incensed,\ hint., .nr. ror ooaruing bccii i.t.w at law of but Government. me counter proposal operators LMctatedi bv and op American evidenced American of of of .nonnsltlon but on even be be William O. Jenkins, Tho noto wont y through the American Embassy at Mexico and was on Information in the pos- session of the State Department which proves the of Jenkins waa abso. lutely unwarranted and arbitrary. Tho Mexican Government ls warned that further molestation of tho consular will seriously the rela- tions between' the United States and Mexico and that must full responsibility the results. Officials who have been chary of ex pressing their anger at the mani- festation of Mexico's unfriendliness to- ward tho United and who re- fused comment on the Jenkins mat- ter until his own report had ro- - eclved found difficulty to-d- In keep- - That Allies will go anead and tho)bounds 0j diplomatic mako best they of situation! which been part kept tne next tied up would of times. fair propriety. Plenty of Evidence Here. The attitude of Department becn all that some \negli- gence\ maladministration of Justlco must be shown the au- thorities would be called to account, and It was plalnlv evident to-d- enough evidenco was now In the of this Government not only to Jenkins of tho evidently trumped up charge of collusion against him but to establish all tho \negligence\ necessary to prompt such a note as was sent Secretary Lansing received of the Embassy at Mexico City story of Jenkins kidnapping nnd subse arrest by Mexican officials, In his own words, Tho matter was subject of conferences yesterday and is believed the allegation mado at the of the kidnapping the bandits were soldiers of the Car-ran- ia forces will bo brought up, for It has boen strongly intimated that wholo affair had a very suspicious look. Laming- Hakes Charge. Secretary Lansing In his note action,\ Hoot said, \substantiate fte mutn umerenca over the councii 0f .a called attention of Mexico to the losses position of the liquor Interests that the \llne\ Paying supplies at cost The n,v.nvo vears. should suffering already sustained by iiurooses of war nrohlhlt nnth diggers held the view that Increased .:\'!' iX.i.inn .t,nM Jenkins in connection with tho kidnap- - conservation of food and Increased pro- - charges offset the apparent advan- - Xna COUncll agreed thereto an specifically stated that they iluctlon along war lines have been t8Kes held out by their employers, while rlpmemor Padercwskl had again lwere due to lack of his to operators .p\ted Gallcla aeciarea only that would amount mean his speedy been at cents out operators were In the abls to the building a10n were spread to tho near cell nnn conditions wanted flames war them ioou ueciareu mat a'B\e row poseu check. conciuac wife the for to peace Eighth Debate miners tho state been tho for approval own allowed anything the niter demand tho now seen war downfall. hetwen German arrived rowers discussion operators signed Third Page. Sun's here defeat pact; reference of rrf.nir which city based arrest agent affect assume States to been State along before report quent yesterday. again 'and speak powers as as authorities sunenng caused oy ma \starrest kw Xf.Tli.an crnHala Ttll. wnnlri No has Deen '.f whn ln Allied to the of after- - It un-no- likelv that before as the have of to they for latest has or that hnnds clear and It time that to-d- for well ls ths cato that It had been established a doubt that the \negligence\ as well as an overt act as shown by bis unwar- ranted arrest, existed. A detailed account of kidnapping, told by Jenkins hlmselr. came to light In a letter received from him by Representative Davis (Tenn.). Thc let- ter was dated I\ueblo Mexico, Novem ber nr yard or his nouse, nvo armea men selied him, searched him. torced him to turn over to them than $25,000 In gold he had In his safe, and then In- formed him that they were going to tska him with thtm. \I made every posslbls plea to die- - Csttrauted ca revrth Pees, was suggested to one of these Senators. \No a much shorter limit han cither or those periods,\ was tho reply. \The French spokesmen, so far aa is known here, have Indicated that this would be satisfactory, even with the treaty bind lng the United Statos for a considerably period than five years.\ M. Clemenceau, the Senator explained, was originally for a quick peace without bothering about a League of Nations, and In the earlier stages in Paris Lloyd George suddenly went over to the side of President Wilson and made It possible for tho President to get tho treaty he bi ought home. In exchange the HrltlBli Premier carried away the full bag that he took back to England with him. It looked at first like a great triumph him, but as time passed and tho Brit- ish peoplo realized that they would be let In for expensive and obliga- tions In executing the terms by which they had at first seemed to gain so mueli enthusiasm for tho arrangement has dwindled a good deb). So long as Eng land seemed to be the one chief bene ficiary of new world settlement, while the cost of enforcing It was divided be- tween England and tho United States, It Is explained, It looked good to the British people. But with tho prospect of carry ing tho load alono they Becm less lavor-abl- y disposed toward It LONDON 'POST' LAPPS SENATE Calls Treaty Action Evidenco of Faith and Pride in Amcr-ica-n Freedom. PUBLIC MEN ARE SILENT Liberal Papers in Doubt if League Can Bo Carried on Without U. S. By Associated Press, London, Nov. 20. Tl.j Jfornlnfl Post with of a peace depplto the get of .\nd to the fT7,nnlq0 the milk a the special the songs. from the Noyes. the for a hour 1922. asked 5 or Over President session. Mexico tho Mexican the the tho the tho Vnvliti beyond his shorter for difficult the son for tho United States Senate ob- jecting to tho covenant of the League of Nations was that \there are in America stJll citizens who have robust faith In their own nation and heart- - pride In wItl) Thero tho United States. \When they found their President bent on transferring their rights nnd Independence and subordinating the United States to a committee on which their country must always bo In the minority,\ the newspaper adds, \their pride of raco and nationhood rovolted.\ The Pojf regards tho attitude of the uepuoncan as wormy iree ogn,n gn citizens of R wm and a refreshing change from tb international spirit which has sick of tho native of British pa triotism.\ The Jlforn(ni7 Poaf concludes Its edi- torial by denouncing the Leaguo of Nations as \a system which contains seeds of national destruction.\ Keen regret, tempered by hope on the ono hand and outspoken npproval of Senators Lodge and his supporters oo the other, aro tho outstanding notes in tho London newspaper comment The Dallu Ncics, which Is a advocate of the Leaguo of Nations nn admirer of President Wilson, looks forward to the relntroductlon of tha ratification resolu tion with tho hope that \tha ten days between now and tho next session will bo fraught with Issues momentous for tho world.\ though tho Interval will be.\ tho newspaper adds, \the world await tho decision an anxloty it need not nffect to conceal. A League of Nations with which America Is not as- sociated would And Its power moral authority lamentably curtailed.\ Public men arc silent concerning the peaco treaty. The reason for tills ls that they Americans regard the question as nn American domestic politi- cal affair and that any expressions from them might give offence and be taken as attempts to Influence American politics. Lord Cecil and Lleut.-Gc- n. Jan Christian Smuts wero the British spon- sors for the League of Nations and aro Kirgely responsible for the details there- of anrt both have registered tholr dis appointment at tho latest of events. Gen. Smuts in his appeal to America, published morning, and Lord Robert Cecil In a brief speech ln tho House of Commons Monday. Lord Robert stands on speech and refers all question- ers to It aa being all ho has to say on ths subj-- ct for tho present. - Lord Robert saia at tnai nine; deslro American cooperation nnd Ameri- can leading, but It tha United States decides not to share ln this great In- ternational effort we must go on. the burden would bo the greater upon us and the other nations.\ t. .....M k. tmnnqnlhle ta tr. tO SUITl- - , i, , . October 19, while In the \patio\ i had gone on . the more her acrecment later aaviccs irom . however, softened this lng. American affairs generally, the re- lations between the President and Con-ure- is the rule regarding a two-thir- majority, and how a concurrent reso- lution might bring peace with Germany m flee ond Pag, 1 Treaty May Rest in Commit- tee Until After Presi- dential Conventions. DOUBTFUL EVEN THEN Lenroot of Opinion Presi- dent Must Accept Lodge Reservations. HITCHCOCK IS HOPEFDB Borah Regards Document as Dead and Calder Looks for Peace by Resolution. Sptctat Despatch to Tub Sdk, Washington, Nov. 20. The heart of tho world Is not so badly broken by the Senate's rejection of the Peace Treaty that President Wilson will make no effort to mend It. That ls the consensus of Senators wbo havo fought for and ngnlnst the In the view of these Senators tho President will resubmit the treaty to the In December, completely reverse his demand that not the ting of nu \1\ or tho crossing of a \t\ be and ask a com- promise. Any compromise effected with tho Republicans of the nnd tho handful of Democrats who have ro fused to heed thc Executive lash and have followed their own convictions from the flrst In the treaty fight will havo to be made by tremendous con- cessions on the part of the Admin istratlon. Lodge Victory Is Predicted. That the President will resubmit the treatj after time has allowed tho smoke to clear from the field of last night's battle Is believed by Senator Hitchcock (Neb.), who led the Admin- istration forces In their losing fight; Senator Moses (N. H.), one of tho \last ditch\ Senators, who thinks that even the Lodge reservations do sufficiently protect the United States from evIU of jthctreaty. nnd Sena-lo- r Lenroot (Wis.), one of the group nf Lodgo rcservntlonlsts. Senator Lenroot, who as parliamen tary Ileutenunt to Senator Lodgo (Mass.), Hepubllcnn lender, hnd a prominent part In the defeat yester- day, expressed the opinion that treaty would be rivlved ond ratified felt the sovereign freedom of tne jj reservations. hue will understand fear not might be unimportant modifications, he thought, mine substantial. \If tho President sends It to tho Senate ngaln,\ be said, \It doubtless will be 6eut to the Foreign Relations Committee and stay there until nego- tiations shall have enllsled the neces- sary sixty-fou- r votes in favor of a compromise plan for ratification. Tho party SoIlate npt thQ men and the great republic, that hn(J Jugt emle( gnwn the warm nnd \Short with and Robert turn this thit and wna\ feel dot for the the but come out of tho committee If nnd when the terms are iipreed on by tho necessary two-third- s of Senators for Its ratification. Otherwise It will not come out, although of course If the committee should not bring It out when the Senate wanted It the Senato could discharge the committee.\ \Will Conic IIn In Hand.\ This analysis of the situation, when supported by representatives of tho various factions, nt first bluh would suggest that after nil the treaty may not he In such a bad way ns a result ni\ the disaster of Wednesday night. Hut there are other considerations. (Joins under the surface u little way u Senator familiar with nil the cros3 currents that nre running eald: \The President will come to tho hat In hand, ns he has been fond ef picturing American delegates appearing before the German Gov- ernment nt Wclmnr. nnd ask for tho treaty's return to him. In due tlmo he will send It once more to the Sen-nt- c, and It will be referred U tbo Foreign Relations Committee. At least nine members of that committee will refuse to dc;il with it nt all until the President shall have compiled with the numerous requofts that have been made of hlra for Information regarding it \He will have to respond to nil the resolutions and Inquiries for tffltn the making mid the surround- ings of the pact The committee will Insist tno In having nil thc treaties Wo i before It preliminary to nctlng ngaln on the German agreement; that Is, tho treaties with Austria nnd Turkey must be submitted, along with tho Franco-America- n nlllntice, which la already before the committee. All ... .,hii.. nninion. The flrst view thefl documents then will be stiblect Jenkins wrote that on the night of o.,i the afternoon newspapers .immlrtna'a tn,lir nn,i Sunday. tha, America back Continued I treaty. Senate changed, Senate Senate con- cerning At Merer of CommlUre, \The committee and the majority of tho Senate have nt all times felt that consideration of one treaty nt a tlmo was wrong. There has been demand that all the treaties be laid before U

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