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12 - JOUR PLANS TO CUT MILK COST FORMED i Jfliey Will Tic Considered To- - 5$ day in Meeting of Fair 1'nco :J Commission. :SIG DEALERS TO ATTEND Pi \.bal combat between Mr. Doherty nnd S 'DnnMnnfl Onnoscs Suggestion Mayor schreiber, tho omciai who mtro- - . uvjf ll duad the ouster ordinance which was. Bottle All Milk and I Abolish Dipping. ' I ; 2' At leant four plans for reduction o B Of ce OI niUK nnvn nu u. ...v,,i ,, thin t nna prooaoiy wm uo - rUfternoon at the meeting In City Hall Ixiif thl Governor's Fair Price Milk torn-- . mission. I The most interesting plan, both from t, x.v.d. ,i n ix.nnnmleal etand- - Health Com- - point, is mat proposea \ v.....- - - gimaaiouer \VfImiA. nrhn offered to organize a new 2S10.000.000 milk distributing Company, 3Xhe mysterious friend called again yes- - Utcrday, Dr. Copeland said, and this time aralsed the ante to ,15.000,000. Under his plan tlio milk would be dellverea at .i.he ueope 0f Toledo ousted the Kall-\utor- rather than distributed from Llght DV n vote at tne ast election and 5house to house. i the nal!-Llg- ht compiled with the law 2, Commissioner Copeland himself spent and KOt outf.. Mri Wallace's communlca- - Kmilk once It was left In bottles at theit f.tores. He received assurances mai \tri(v were nreDarcd to organize a de- - Sllvtry service themselves, so that they Sfcould take care both of the \cash and customers and those who desired 'Eihillk left at their doors. The grocers were quite enthusiastic. Dr. Copeland mM. In their desire to tane over me ais-- . trlbutlon of milk. Tils service offered . by the. grocers might possibly dovetail with the distribution company proposed by the mysterious man with jid.qoo.ouu. Dr. Copeland was optimistic yesterday. Confldent of Price Fall. \I am quite confident that the price of milk l going to be reduced, mate- rially and speedily reduced,\ he said. \Just how and where I cannot say at this moment, but It will be reduced.\ . ..' r 1 1.1 . t. n Kn,Vt 1. uommirsioner uopcianu a;iiu mai uvm ' the Sheffield Farms anu uoracn would submit their plans for the reduction of the price at the meeting ! y. It seemed more likely that the !t J16,000,000 company was the causa of this conviction that milk Is coming down. He was asked if he would approve of r plan If offered by the milk companies itto bottle all milk, abolishing the so SJcalled \dip\ milk now sold In stores, fond the reduction of the price of bot- - fctled milk to about 14 cents. - !t \No I will not approve that,\ he said f I. u'tlmnpllu tha flonort. i .mittiiij ,a ItcmiJiiii;auj. If Interested in this fight JSto secure aufflclent milk for thousands i -- M . - J knVloa nt t Via tana, J' tnents To abolish dip milk would mean ;that the parents of these children woujd bo compelled to pay two cents or more 'tin addition to the present price they pay Slot tho Btores. That p'an would benefit ' only the people better off, who can afford Stbottled milk for their babies. We must JThavo something better than that As Jealth Commissioner I do not approve of dip milk, but It's better than no milk nt all. The time will come when dip milk will be abo'ished. as it Is not as LS' healthful as bottled milk, but that time not now.\ fj Nationwide Milk Centres. '! The establishment of milk centres In !, every city of the United States where Ji pure milk will be sold at a nomlnat prlco to those whose needs are legltt-- m mate Is planned by the \Blue Bird Cam-!- ! palgn for Happiness,\ according to an Jl announcement made last nght by thy '! national committee. j; \Realizing tne ttcule trims m ...a m .1. 1, situation wntcn nas anecieu anu is m- - 1! ereaslnelv affecting the he-U- h and even u va lira nf thmi!inr1rj nf rhllilren In oar I I! rnimtrv. n movement has been started by many prominent this stringent aaslgned whlrh ment chained will receive one-thir- d of the the \Blue Bird\ performances which will take place this winter. The , campaign will Inaugurated In the - .Metropolitan Opera House on T evening, 27, by the per- formance of the new opera founded on Maeterlinck's fairy tale. 1i Atr.on the members of the campaign C committee are Mrs. Charles B. Alexan- - der, Mrs. Vincent Astor, George F. \ Baker, Mrs. Edmund L Baylies, Mrs. Arthur Scott Burden, Mrs. Nicholas 'A Murray Butler. Mrs. Joeph Choate, Mrs, W. Bayard Cutting, Mrs. Henry P. \i Davison, Jiffs. John R. Drexel, Mrs. Henry ClaTTrlrk. Mrs. Elbert Gar Mrs. Ogden Goelet, Mrs. Frank Gray Grlswold, Mrs. William P. Hamilton, Mrs. E Harrlman. Mr. Arthur Cur tlss Mrs. William Jay, Mr. Otto H. Kahn. Mrs. William Goadby Mrs. Thomas W. Lament, Mrs. Og.len Mills, Mrs. T. J. Oakley Tthlnelander. Mrs. D. Rockefeller. Jr.. .Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt. Jr., Rodman ' Wanamaker Mrs Brand Whltlock and Mrs. Edward T. Stotesbury. STATE INCOME TAX r-- BLANKS ARE READY Given for Filling Oujt Forms. AuiAVT, Nov 13. BPnk.s for per--.o- who will have paid or \Imore durlne this for salirles, com-i- \. missions and Interest, which mu.it be filed t. In the State Comptroller's olhce between, 1 and March 15, next, under xthe personal Income tax ire ready ifor distribution. Comptroller Travis an-- \ nounced Where rent is to landlord, Comptroller '?'th!a must be reported, but not when paid to nn agent. No b'ank Is to be filled out for divi- dends. Interest coupons payable to IZi bearer or bills paid for merchandise, .telegrams, freight, storage and slml'ar charges; nor Is one needed where checks are sent to for pensions, . bank deposits or interest. As the law mainly concerns lu where payments are made to corporations or partnerships, the Comp-\troll- er does not ask for any slntement. This Is true In the case of fees . given for professional services except where they annual or re- - talners. v 113 SHIPS BUILT OCTOBER. Fleet Corporation Tnrna Over Six- teen Vessels In Ten Dny. Washington. Nov. 13. Sixteen ships, totalling 92,675 deadweight tons, were delivered to the Shipping Board by the i Emergency Fleet Corporation In the first ten days of November, It was announced y. Fourteen of the vessels aro of ' pteel snd two of wood. Construction for October was 1,13 hip with deadweight tonnage of 573.-It- t. making the total construction to \\! wei.tln rocoNFERENcFvm.E ,a r rum ine rcuiic. i Toledo, Ohio, Nov. 13. The center- - enco nem y in an auempi 10 ueviso a way of eettlnc Henry L. Doherty'a street cars back Into service failed to bring out anything definite to Bhow whether Toledo la to have a car servlco or whether the people will have to to an unsatl3,aclory om( The ronferenea developed Into a Vef' ' ' approved by people and wnicn re-- I suited In the cars being taken Into Mich- igan last Saturday night. The Mayor Intimated he knew a legal .... .U. - ,. otrcitH . WiVJ III Ul IHC Mta U fcMW within a few hours with Mr. Doherty'B consent. The ,alter tep:yBir to a direct miest on\ the Mavor. sild: . Tv\ lu 1.. i. o n-a- , u mui wuy \ permanent settlement of the problem or j an assurance of a settlement.\ Mr. uoneny msistea mai aucn assur- - ance must come through a vote of the people, the same who had voted to drive the cars from the streets. I The clt\ received another setback to- - day In Its negotiations with outside con-- 1 corns tor tne turnisning oi power m onerate cjrs. when the Auzlalze Power company of Defiance, Ohio, announced j through W, P. Wallace. Its general man- - n(rcr thit tho company \does not care t0 m)x ,lp )n tho Toledo fight.\ , tion read. HARVARD MEN GET CUPS. Winning Tennis In Endowment Drlre to Ilecelve Awnrdi. Team competitions In the Harvard endowment fund drive will wind up to- - morrow night with an award of cups by jonn . treasurer mr um u- - palgn. The Harvard Club team has been lending with the largest number or sub- - $2,851,605. The fund stood' last night at \19 of which J3.528.114 has raised in this city, J3.781.876 In Boston and In outside dis- tricts. At the invitation of the women's com- mittee of the fund a reception will bo held next Wednesday vat the Harvard Club In honor of Presldehts A. Lawrence Lowell of Harvard, John Grler Hlbben of Princeton and Jacob Gould Schur-ma- n of Cornell and their wives. The financial needs of colleges will be dis- cussed. Apparel Manufacturer Orjrnnlae. Plans have been completed for the formation in this city of a new associa- tion of manufacturers of all articles of women's apparel, whose chief function will be to attempt the suppression of commercial frauds and prosecution of frauds. A of incor- poration of the new organization, which will be knorvu 33 the Women's Wear Manufacturers' Association, Inc. wai. filed In Albany yesterday. The organi- zation committee Is headed by Morris Israel, executive director of the Woolen and Worsted Dress Goods Merchants' As- sociation. Among the principal purposes for which the association Informed are the establishment of uniformity In relation to employment, wages, hours of employ- ment and sanitary conditions; han- dling of disputes between members and employees, exchange of information and the establishment of uniform rules, regulations and business methods In relation to credits, and In relation to the sale, Intercharge and return of mer- chandise; the cooperation of members In the matter of bankruptcy. I Police Department I I Orders. I v - TRANSFERS AND ASSIGNMENTS, Tfae (ollowlnf transtera and aulgnmeats are ordered: f PATROLMEN Tn fntfr. ttct S A. M. November 12, William U. Brennan. 101t Prec. algn mnnntA.I rtlttv. Charles V. Hayes and Thomas J. Hogan. TEMPORARY ASSIGNMENTS. INSPECTOR. Thomas J. Kelly, 18th Inspection Dlst., In charge of 17th Inspection Dlst., in ad- dition to his other duties, tor 10 days from 3 A. M. November 17, during absence of Inspector on vacation. SERGEANT. George Downey, 13d Prec. to Headquar- ters D.v.. li dajra from 8 A. M. No- vember 16. PATROLMEN. Thomas A. Custer, 101st Prec., asslrned io day tour and excuaed trom luty thirty days from 3 A. M. Novera- - \fot 'fifteen days from 8 A. 11, Novem- - b\ohn' E. Revllle. SIth Prec to Head- quarters Dlv., to clerical duty in the Inves- tigating squad. Francis K. Keehll. 103d Prec, to Head-quarte- Dlv., to daty In boiler squad. , From precincts inuitnieu I DUu. to uuii in \Jfi! pV.nk BuVdSct V: riatooher Uanim. Michael McGulness. 37; John Feeley, 3J James McAulitle, 2: Thomas McCue. 42; Daniel Cronln, 48: Frank McGee, 50; James Curran. 50: Daniel Hasrerty. ,7: Howard J. aager, 98; Windhorst, 98. From precincts Indicated to 10th Insp. raided nremlsts: James Shea. 67: Cornelius O Ltary, 67: n.m, J. Larkln. .71: Michael F. From precincts Indicated to 5th Inap. Dlst.. to duty In raided premises: Timothy Morphy. 7; John llitflns, 37: William J. Do.le, 48: Jelter.jn 112. From commands indicated to Headquar- - teTlnS'thy Brown, 88 : Henry Bauer. Bu- reau of Telegraph. - in.llcitcJ tn Headquar ters Dlv.i to clerical duty In Division of Edward A. Molloy, 48; Matthew J C7; George \T. HlSfina, 77: William A'FromllpreClnct Indicated to Headquar- ters Dlv., to duty In atore- - hChlrlea A. WItacher. 78: Ferdinand C. Flick. 45: Hugh Gllroy, 104: Hanry D. C. WFrom pVeclncts Indicated to Headquar-ler- s Dlv.. to clerical duty In office of the Fourth Deputy Commlialoner: William O. Murray. 1: .Charlea II. Kuenemund, 39: Daniel J. Collins, 102. LEAVES OF ABSENCE, The following leaea ot absence are au- thorized with lull pay: Thomas T. R.an. l.th lnsp Dlst.. for 10 days, trora 8 A. M. November 17. 1915, to be deducted trom vacation. Without pay: SERGEANT. Peter Sauetbroy, 8jIU Prec, for 1 day, from 8 A. M. November 13, 1818. PATROLMEN. Edward H. Stoll, .5ib Prec fofl day, P. M. November 14, 1919. F?ank Bersrr., 2Ctn Prec for 2 cays, from 8 A. M. November 10, 1919. William- - J. P.ohrbach. 2th Prat, for 1 day from 4 P M. November 1919. Frank N. Neuberth. 33J Prec for 1 day trom S A. M. November 27. Mitlord W. Cook. 70th Prec for 1 from 12:01 A. St. Norember 9, 1919. lohn J. Hlnes. 77th Prec, for 1 day, imm A. St. November 15, 1919. Thomas II. Falle. 118th PrecT, for 1 day. from 12:01 A. Jt. ftovtmoer it. mi. RESIGNATIONS. Tho following realgnatlona are accepted: PATROLMEN. To take effect as ot 12 P. M. November 3, 1919: Uinuel E. Thompson, shield No. 1201, (8 th Prec. lo lake \effect 12 P. M., November 12, \''illlam Ferrarlnl. inlaid No. 3171. Hat Trie, . . JI women to meet ni XMsSTbir 14. ! J 'cope with situation,\ the Joseph L. Nauzhton. from 5Jd Prec. to ! Btatement says. I (th Impectlon Dlit., a mesienger Miss Elisabeth Marbury Is acting ' t. h and r'MnlV. to 92d J;, chairman of the milk committee of the rc. organization. Arrangements have been From 65th Prec. to 6th Prec. asilgn-nmnlto- rl bv h new oriranlza- -' from duty to tlon be Saturday December first Mrs. r. H. H. James. Loew, John Mrs. \'Instructions Z been $1,000 year law, paid a the explained, bond also r are fixed IN ??Sb,er,\'2'B nflclth tho - 1MLIV from- - been $2,347,717 the such certificate the tho lor reaerve lor 35: John Carter. department 14, 1919. day, bicycle SUBMARINES SANK MANY Commander Land Reveals Feats in Hunting Down Sea Tests. TELLS OF GERMAN CRAFT Sperry Demonstrates . Gyro-- , scopic Stabilizing Device Before Engineers. A complete description of the various classes of Getmnn submarines by Com mnn.. v. a t.,.,,1 r.. ,, nrr. v:r\A . . -\\ u. o. ana a uemonsiraiion Dy iiimer a. Speiry of his gyroscopic stabilizing devce were part of the programme of me twenty-sevent- h general meeting or the Society of Naval Architects and Ma- - nne Fnglneers which began yesterday at the Engineering Societies Buildlnr. 29 West Thirty-nint- h street. The sessions will be continued and i me memDers anu tneir ram lies win visit th- - nlant of the Submarine Boat Coroo- - rat'on. The annual dinner will be held evening at the Waldorf-As-- 1 toria. Commander Land was a member of tbe Naval Allied Armistice Commission which visited Germany In December, 1318, and also 'of the American Sub- marine Inspection Board wh ch In- spected the German submarines surren- dered to the Allies. Hl3 paper, which was read by the secretary because of the author's absence, revealed much new data on the exact number of In the enemy service and the details of thelr\constructlon. \Germany had about thirty sub- marines at the beginning of the war,\ Commander Land stated. \During the four and one-ha- lf years following they produced or had In process of construc tion at least 650 more. Of these, 203 were lost dur ng the war. The number against the submarines was In the ratio of approximately 200 to one.\ In proportion to the number of each type engaged, according to Commander Land's statements the allied submarines destroyed moro than any other type of vessel. In describing the types of enemy sub- marines Commander Land said : \All modern German submarines are of the \double hull type. The war pro- duced three standard types of German submarines which are known as the UC type, the UB type and the or \mlttel In addlt on to the standard types there were two special types as follows: UE type, mine laying cruisers; UA type, large cruiser class. The large cruiser class consists of two declgns. the ordinary design being a ves- sel of about 2,000 tons surface displace- ment, while there were a few of the special cruiser design of about 1,200 tons surface displacement. There were apparently only two vessels In th's class completed and they were especially de- signed for surface speed. \It . is quite apparent,\ Commander Land concluded, \the trend of German submarine construction was to give the U. S. a thorough taste of rightful- ness In the spring of 1919.\ Mr. Sperry said the stabilizer was not a luxury but an economy which In some coses will .repay Its cost In less than a year. Besides its attractiveness to passengers, ho said the devlcrt whlcb has demonstrated In a number of Im- portant Installations that It wltl ab- solutely eliminate rolling In even the largest phlps, enables full speed to be maintained through rough seas, and by doing away with the necessity of bilge keels an Increased propelling power 01 as high as 9 per cent, has been ob- served. Other papers read at yesterday s meet ing Included \Economical Cargo Ships.\ by Alfred J. C. Robertson ; \An Analysis of the Isherwoou system or amp con- struction,\ by John Flodln ; \Steel Ship Construction from a Management Vlew- - point.\ by Crelghton Churchill: \De - velopment v of Shipyards in the United States During the Great W ar by Cap . R. E. Bakenhus. C. C, U. b. 0 anu \Method of Construction of Concrete i Ships,\ by R. J. Wig. Rear Admiral Washington Lee Capps, Construction Corps, U. S. N president of the society, presided. LONDON STOCK MARKET. Serfol Co67 DeijKireA fo TUs Scs Jron the London Timet Service. Copyright, 1213. all rijjAfj reierxei London, Nov. 13. The stock markets opened to-d- nervously, chiefly as the result of tho heavy declines In Wall Street. There' waa disinclination to In- crease commitments and most markets remained dull and Inactive throughout the session. Oils were notably weak at the cloee. Prlcea gave way '\\her In the gilt edged securities market, but the tendency appeared to De a snaae steadier In later dealings. Grand Trunk stocks rallied slightly on the whole. United of Havana advanced on an In- creased dividend and there were marine buyers. Floating supplies of credit were sorrle-wh- at larger and market conditions were easier In the afternoon, money being offered at rates ranging .down to 3?i per cent Discounts were firm and the market was described as \very sticky,\ banks being buyers of only very short bills. There was recovery In New York which closed at 14.13 Td. Tho franc Improved In Paris and Urussela. German marks declined further. Appre- ciable recovery took place In value of lite and Scandinavian rates moved In our favor. To Probe Clothlnir Price. A conference between the fair price on clothing, hats and nhoe and local representatives of tho United States District Attorney will bo held at the Waldorf-Astori- a Hotel this afternoon at 2 :30 o'clock. Accordlns to notl3 Issued by Col Michael Frlcdam, head of the there will be dlscussrd a plan of action atralnst al- leged profiteers In clothing, which Is now Included In the scope of the recently amended Lever food act ( Yesterday's Fires , l ll3L3 Ilester st: llarnet Marks Unknown ..... n, fifth v JoieDh -- .'ft . . . . . Ti.wi. xim . . . . VonA jIjq Tyron Row and Centre at. . nre in auw, nlgan Trifling -- .15 3H-40- S Cherry at.; Gregory Drug Co, Unknown 1311 3d av. : Julius Uemated..Non iiOO 621 W. 111th St.; Joseph Simon ..Unknown U3th at. and Amaterdam av.: Ore In autoi Metropoll- - i.n Distributing Co... ....Trifling 7:50103 W. 76th at.; unknown..Trlnlng ;20 IS ail'. . V? lionman .uawiwn' 1:1099 Gold St.; Patrick J. Oil; roy \Unknown le.ia 418 E. mm sr., ine uronz; Anranam Trifling 11:11211 Henry sL: Max Melo- - wltx Unknown 12:10 77 Fifth av.; Luke Connel- ly Unknown 1,10 51th at. and th av.: Ancab Taxi Co .Trlfllnr ,irf n.rtRj,S', . V THE SUN, FRIDAY, 'NATIONAL PARTY IS PLANNED BY LABOR Call Issued for Gathering of Workers to Bo Held in Chicago, Kor.,22. UNIONS INDORSE MOVE . Now lork Delegates win uo Named by Central Federated. Union To-nig- The first concerted attempt by labor to concentrate Its own voting power upon ... . ..... ... ..in-- . i m a national eiecuon win trum. caBO November .2. when there TOm he gathered nearly 1.500 delegates repre-- sentlng labor In every state, wnicu hitherto has been content to hold the balance of power In local elections and bo satisfied with Indorsing the candidate of either of the old line parties who seemed to be most favorable to tho has more than ever sharply defined the line dividing organized labor and the or- -, ganbed employer, has been seized upon as the right time for the formation of a National Labor Party that has so long been the dream of labor leaders. Fur- thermore, the success of the Brltlsh'La-bo- r party in England has Imparted to the movement the final llfeglvlng toui:h. The official call for the convention has been Issued by Frank J. Esper, secretary pro tem. of the National Labor Party. The party's headquarters are In Chicago, and already the national organization and the consolidation of tl.o local labor parties has the official indorsement of several hundred of the gre.rt unions. In- cluding the miners, the railroad brother- hoods, building trades, metal trades and some of the marine industries. Unorganized Workera Expected, Labor leaders In New York city de- clare thaf at least 75 per cent of or- ganized labor and a surprising portion of unorganized workers will be represented at the convention. Abraham IWkowltz, teacher In De Witt Clinton High School and prominent In the Teachers Union, Is chairman of tho executive cimmlttee pro tem. The Central Federated Union of New York city will at meetings ahd on Monday night elect delegates to the convention. Thus far the American Federation of Labor has not recognized the new labor party movement. Oltlcers of the A. F. of L. have held aloof on tho ground that such a move savored too much of class politics, but since taking that stand the steel strike and the coal strike, with all their radical departures from precedent, have changed the atti- tude of leaders. It Is confidently ex- pected that the A. F. of L. will not only abandon Its attitude of political neu- trality, but will take active part in the coming convention If only unofficially. In the call to the convention the Na- tional Lflbir rarty sets forth Its alms. Mr. Esper's letter indicates the principal planks of the platform to be: 1. Restoration of all civil liberties. 2. The public ownership and demo- cratic management of the means of transportation and communication, mines, finance and all other monopolies and natural resource. 3. The abolition of excessive land ownership and (holding land out of use for speculative purposes. See Need for New Party. Esper's letter contains the following significant paragraph: , Vi Vinlrl Vt!t thn frtrmnrlnn nt n Vn- - tlonal Mbor party has not only bocome expedient but Imperative. The hopeless the pemba and the post specially ad- - nrl economic and social problems that now nortend. makft Itself evident that the take of Europe. In If grave fool. h\ ,nfJ.rra . social ,T: entru,ted with public af- - fa,r8 re w ayoded and cQun mtito af tr-- mil SL,nnrv\ The decision to call the convention was determined upon after such a move was demanded by the Federation r,r j ,e Illinois the Chicago Federa. tlon of Labor and tho labor part es of New Connecticut, Wyoming, 1'en.n- - Hvlvanla. Ohio. Indiana. N'nrth D.ikntn. Minnesota and a number of othT States conference Chicago with the Non- - League, which. Incidentally, will have representation at the con- vention. M. P. Here foj- - Washinotok, Nov. 13. Sir Harry E Brlttaln, R. E., M. P., who has been In Canada arranging for the recond Im- perial press conference there next sum- - mCr, Is In\ on a special mis- - slon. He the Pilgrims Club anu aiso tne American urncers ClUD maintained In during the war. METAL MARKET. Not. 13. Not. V Bid A.lsed. Illil. Asked. Lead. New Tort.... 6.73 M 6.73 W Spelter. N T, anot t.ii .... S.15 Spelter, prime West, spot 7.90 i.10 7.W 1.19 SpHter. prime IomVr 7.90 10 7.90 S 10 Flertrlc cop, spot J1.01 31.10 Klectrle cop, Dec 21 to 2100 Alnmlnnm 32.00 3' 00 ii!oo MM Qnlrksllrer '\.10 M nt'mnnr I.7S 9 00 i'is Plitinnm, sn oanre 1113 00 tits 00 Plr iron. No. 1 X fonntlrj 3S.S3 33.33 Plr Iron. No. Z alii- - con , S) 31 SO Plr Iron, plain sili- con. No. 5 31 S1 Itess lron...t 37 95 27 S ritts. Fess billets M.M 33.50 OLD IfETALS. Dea'ers' bnjlm prices as follows: ' Cents a pound. ItesTT and rmeit.le.. 17 33 f IT 50 IleaTT and wire 16 73 ?17n0 Mrht and bottoms 1500 81535 HesTT and rnachlnerr comp... 15.7 ftlt 55 nias.. 7.esry 9.75 219 00 nrass. llrht M 0 ' 60 N'o. 1 e'esn brass 9 75 No. 1 ffimp tomlnrs 13 no 711.S0 Tosil. heaTy 6 50 ft 6.75 Tea lead 1 4.7S Zinc acrap 4.73' 0 5.00 LONIiON 5CRT I, 11 BJCETS tnvniv. Not. Following sre the closing mrtsl Quotations: Copper, spot 10 0 off Ss Copper, futures 101 0 ' Sales Snot, 50 tons; futures, 2W tons. copper, spot 0 0 ncfrn rooDer. futures.. 117 0 0 Tn, spot i u T'n. futures 31 5 0 lCi straits SM 15 0 Snot. 50 tosa: futures. 220 tons. . . .1 mrtt 11 IS O r.f HA Id. futures 34 15 0 Rpe'ter, spot 47 15 0 op ts Spelter, futures ... 6' 5 0 EARNINGS STATEMENTS. ECirENTrTADT RAILWAY COMPANY. October gross Inc. UJSU Surplus sfter clisrrei.. 7.'w Inc. JSisiO Ten mnniU gross. 1,362.906 Inc. Ut 75 iNet after taxes Inc. 6n.sS Snnilns after cflarres. 30.53) I no 41.170 KETRTONE TELETRONR COMPANT. October gross Jlil.M Inc. til..o , 4I.TO Dee. 4 541 snrpiui after charges. 11.3x1 Dec. S.W 141.7 v aftAr taxes 409.14! Inc. 2.J0 VX.KX Inn U1'9 1724. t47 Inc. H5.1i J. 413,231 lot 12S 071 1.411.111 lie. 2.119.M lac. KSCBj 1:401210 Bryant av., Th Bronx; Income J. Foley Trifling Forpln after charges. KS E. 22d at. The Bronx; ne rross Stevenson tSOO.OS vtt after taxes 205 at: Crotty..Trl Ulnar Total I:;j 1441 Id a v.l Morris Btone.TrlQingjSurT;lta liter chirfu. NOVEMBER 14, 1919. MARINE INTELLIGENCE. j MINIATITItn ALIUNAC. United StitM Coiit and Oeodttle Sorrty. Ptn.lanl Time Sun rles (ill A M Bun tx......i'.nW Moonriies lKMI'M nw.u wAfiiit uav. Sindy nook.li:S6 A M Oot. Iilnd..ia A He.l Gate 1:09 AM WW HAl'Klt THIS UAV. Bandy IIook..C:AM Oav. Iilar.d..7;33 A HeU Oate ARRIVALS THURSDAY, NOV. IS. Bs Caierta. Gibra.tir, Nor. 2. 8 Oiararna. Va.enda, Oct. 21. El ilefira. Nazalre, Oct. 23. 8 Mercury, Brett. Oil. 30. lit nai:J, Loudon, Oct. 29. Bi Cralzimere. houtrcam, Oct. 21. Sb Lake Farber, Gibraltar, Oct. 29. Ba Ponce, San Juan, Nor. 7. Bit Uuiiontllle, lJluencU, Not, 1. S Oiterland, Trinidad, Nor, 2. Hi Lake Janet. Caibanen, Nov. C. Si El Mundo, Oa.veton, Nor. 7. Ba Lake Frantei, Oalveiton, Nov. I. Hi K Monte, New Orleam. Nov. S. Ba Wet Carulh, Mobile, Nor. 5. Bs Jameitown. Norlo.k. Nor. 12. Bt Bewails Point. Norfolk, Nor. 12. St El Dia, Norfolk. Nor. 12. Si W. U. Tllford, Philadelphia, Nor. 11 ARRIVED FROM NEW YORK. Edward Luckenbach, it Rotterdam. Ss Carlow Caatle. at Alroa Bay. Si Hajonne. at Genoa. Ba Tartar prince, at Patraa. Sa Kathlamba, at Calcutta. SAILED FOR NEW YORK. Sa Wettcrn Llrbt, from Manchester. Ss Kanakee. from Rotterdam. Sa American, from Antwerp. Ba Santa Barbara, from Valparaiso. ,8a Fort Ruiaell. from London. Fa Ke d'ltalia. from St. Mlchiels. Sa Wynoctr, from Tyrn Ss C:an Murdoch, from Madras. Bs Tripp, from Naples. Bs Lampo, from Lezhorn. STEAMSHIPS. Malls Teasels Close. SalL Rotterdam. Rotteraim... 1 00 A M 12 00 M Dura declt Abruzzl, Na- ples 9 50 A M 1 00 P M Iroquois, Santo DomlEto. 930AM 100PU Uararal, Grenada 11 00 A M 100PU Carmanla, Llrerpool 8 CO A M 12 00 M naltlc, Lirerpool 3 00 A M 12 00 M Taormina, Napfti 9 30 A It 1 00 P M United Statea. Christian- - ... and 10 30 A M 2 00 P Roma. Azores 10 30 A M 2 00 P U Turrlalba, Port Llraon... IMAM 10 00 A M Cherokee. BaranlUa 8 00 A M 11 W A II Tonce. San Joan ... 8 30 AM 11 00 M Monday, East Indian, London 12 00 It Gothland. Antwerp 12 00 M INCOMING STEAMSHIPS. Due To-da- 1a Cabo Cerrera. Seville. Oct. It, Ba Calorie. Trnr. Oct. 1. BaAtnrana. Cadiz. Oct. 21. Ba Hickman, Fayal. Oct. 2S. Sa Wlaconain llrldce. London. Oct. 24. Sa Creaco. Bordeaux. Oct. 21. M Minnrkahdi, Ixndon, Oct. II. Sa Uomdalitjord. Xasaire. Oct. 28. Ss DeerArld, Arocmouth, Oct. 2S. 8s Lake (iraphlte. Criitohal, Not. 1. SS Walla a. Fajra'. Nov 1. Ba Vasconla, London, Oct. 29. Bs Burma. Barcelona. Oct. . Bs Montevideo, Cadis, Oct. 21. Ss Lepanto, Antwerp, Oct. a. Ss Hajramento, Antwerp. Oct. 29. Bs Dunrenneas. Rotterdam, Oct. Ss Lake Eilenorah, Pljmouth. Oct. 29. Ss Lisbon. Oct. 30. Ss President Grant. Brest, Nov. 2. Ss Predtrlrlc Luckenbach, Rotterdam, Oct. 't, Hs Rotterdam (tank). Antwerp. Oct. 21. Bs Oahawa, Southampton. Oct. 31. Ss Decatur Itrldze. Greenok, Ott. Sa John D. Rockefeller, Port Eads, Oct. 8. Dno Ss Btrathnllan. 01aiow, Not. 1. St Lofijette. Harre, Nor. '. Ss Cord Sprlnz, Rotterdam, Oct 28. Bs Curtb, Olrraltar, Oct. 31. Ba Ultr of Manila, Gibraltar, Not. 1. Sa Anreraolne, Antwerp, Oct. 20. Ss Attaol. London, Oct. 31. Ss Marshall, Harre. Oct. 23. Es Harlem, HaTre, Not. 1. Due Sunday. Ss Re d'ltalia, St. Michaels. Not. 10. Ss Servian Prince, Liverpool, Nor, 3. Ss Cabo Crenx, Cadis, Nor. 2. Ss Sacramento, Hamburr, Not. 2. Ss Neeolah, London, Not. 2. Ss Hampden. Gibraltar. Not. 2. y Ss AsVtwake, St. Nazaire, Not. 2. Ss Byron. Pars. Not. t Ss 13 Snd, Oalrcston, Not. 10. TRANSATLANTIC MAJL3. Earop. Africa and Weat Asia, via Pljm. Boulogne and Rotterdam: alao parcel m r Britain ,, a E , psl , Genoa. defU AbTUIli. 9:30 A. M. I Tomorrow. MPca ul \- - \ . , Ireland. Netherlands. Hun- - Finland Archantel, South Alnca, Gib- - Uvirpooi; Him parcel post malls for Great Britain. Ireland. Ejypt. India. British Kalt Alrlca, .Malta, iamiuar aim t ciuua, sa. Tnuic a. M. l'ortural and Spain (specially addreased only), via Lisbon and Balbao: alao parcel tiust mails Sla Portural. Ne. a .SS\ Mr iS ss. Guantanamo. 9 A. M. Norway, Sweden, Denmark. Germany, Llth- - ,.. ami via Chrlsilansand. Chris tunia and Copenhagen; also parcel post malls for Norway. Sweden and Denmark. Ss. United Slates. 10:M A. M. TRANSPACIFIC MAILS. The connectlnr malls close at the General !., nnir CilT Hall Post Office station. New York, at P. M., as follows: Japan. Corea. China. Siberia. Slam. Cochin China and Netherlanda Eaat Indica, via Seat- - ii.iss. Won. Nov. U. ir.w.M nil Inlands. New Zealand and Aus tralia, via Vancouver and Victoria, B. O., Sa. core'a'chlna. Slam. Siberia. Cochin china, Netherlands East Indies and Pallipplns iia-- . via q. T?mnfa nf n.tiila. Nnv. 21. Hawaii, FIJI Islands, New Zealand and TiA Vancourer and Victoria. B. C. Sa. FOUND ANI REWARD. Pass Dook No. 138303 ot The East SaTlnra Institution; payment stopped, finder plfase leave It at the bank, 5 Broadway, New York City, All persons are cautioned not to purchase or neeotlate, tho same. LEGAL NOTICE. AT A SPLCIAL TERM, PART) 1, OF the Supreme Cturt of the Stale of New Vork,\ held In and for the County of New York, at the County Court House. In the llorou&h of Manhattan. City of New York, on the nth day of October. 1919. Present: Hon. Edward J. Gaegan, Justice. In the matter ot the application of Lax-M- Hat Co., Inc., a corporation, for a voluntary dissolution. On reading and mine the petition of Nathan Lazarus, Leo Gelsmar and Joseph Gelsmar. a majority of tho directors of Lai-M- Hat Co., Inc., a corporation created under the laws of this State and having Its principal omce located in me County of New York, and the schedule thereto innrnJ, duly verified by the peti- tioners on the 19th day of Aurust, 1919, and the affidavit of Leo Gelsmar, duly i verified the 3d day of October.' 1919, from ' petition and affidavit it appears that the case Is one ot those speclHed in sec-- I tlon 170 of the General Corporation Law, I and it further appearing to the satlafac- -' tlon ot the court from said petition that the said corporation Is solvent, and on reautng anu mint iiuutc ,oi iuw appuca- -' tlon, dated October 6th, 1919, with proof of due service thereof, and of said petition and achedute, affidavit and of a copy of this order on the Attorney-Genera- l. And after hearing Lesser Brothers, by . William Lesser of counsel, the peti- tioners, and no one representing the At-- 1 torney-Oener- appearing In opposition: Now, on motion oi uejjer urotsers, at- - . ,h. .lInnr. , I. Ordered that Interested In i corporation ahow cauae before thla court, at a Sfceclal Term. Part I thereof. , to ba held at the County Court House. In the Dorougn or aisnnauan. uir or Mew York, on the 23th day of November. 1919, at 10:15 In the forenoon, or as aoon thereafter as counsel can be heard, aaw \\\f?1'0\, \ol a'- - T,?t\ J1!1 ,R\H0' lhl', .trde.r. published weeks immeaiaieiy preceaing saia jltri \ay oi \\'..\!! i,cw IorK Law Journal and the New Tork Sun. news- - papers published In the County of New Tork: ii i lunncr Ordered that ''\Pr ot 'hti order ba without the United Statea. In aeeordanca with the provisions of section 110 of ths Uaneral Corporation Enter. E. J. Q Justice of the Supreme Court ot the Stat of New TorSi. bankruptcy of domlnent political 2in,lbar, Netherlands, Sa. and their utter Inability to fune- - terdam, i A. M. tlon In the Interests of people In the Italy (parcel malls and xrlol. , tho nrl rfrruml CUITVSDOndenCC). JiUpleS and people must the reins govern-- 1 Africa and West Asia, via Liver-me- Mali must be specially addreased for their own hands conse- - ??nc? am be tnr State ork, In In partisan coming Preaa Conference. K. Washington founded London West, 0 ?W 31. P'tts, are Copper tarninrs iStSOS 13. 100 0 Flertro 113 up T 1143.411 156.433 taxes Turn M Jt 9:51AM OUTGOING 2d. Belair. 31. To-d- Bntl.h . LOST, LOiT which persona o'clock VU Ket after taxes 442.U9 Dec. 10J.C3 In the said schedule as a creditor or stock- - Snrrlns after rnsiTes.. Dro. tus.sil holdsr of the ccrsorstion. cr ar.y amended nAVANA ELFfTTltr RAILWAY. LIGHT AND schedule, or as a person to whom an coin? ANY. gsgement of tha corporation Is to be per- - n ..k- - M,, m r rf mi tnrmpA. othr than a Drson whosa M.77S Total 1:00 month John :1J W. K7th J. Income St. Se, St. outh. On Ss. DuCB Anri River for all why ana Law. irs? reai- - WOODEN SHIP BUILBEBS LOSE. Compensation for Cot of Plant DeflnKely Ilefused. WAfliilNOTON, Nov, 13. No compensa-tlo- n on account of the costs of plants sets up to build wooden ships for the Government during the war will bi al- lowed under a ruling by Chairman Payne of the Shipping Board, announced y by .Senator Jones (Wash.). Tho ruling resulted from demands of the owners of wooden ship plants that the Government shoulder part of the ex- penditures on their yards. Senator Jones said that In order to meet tho situation he might present a bill similar to the one providing for et tlement of war contracts by the War Department. TOL'KS. f travel. I To I BERMUDA ft Spend There ft SPECIAL CIIVISE by the luxurious mall VX ft S. S. LBRO Tons Dlsplarement) ly spedUarrmitamo it mta tho Pacific Steam Navla-i- tl m Co. LEAVE NEW Y0!'- - \r. I8TH.g ARRIVE DERM! DA DEC. ZOTH. It'll, i rr-- k f ,r . LM)r. ic.ui.uua 27TH. ARRIVE KtW YUKK DEC 29TH. hetrn lull Ha In llerniuila. Kntlre Tour, Ircludlug I Int- el ass Uerth, llotil Accomm- odations and SUhtaeelng, 132 (Ircludlrg Acenmmndatlons at the ' Utat Hotel.) BOOK NOW Bermuda Tours rallu Every Tea !)) hv the b. S. rtrt Han. I ton (11,000 Tons) FIVE To rtif. .in.E DAYS UNUKK TKOPIOAL SKIES, $80 and up. Keit bailing December 6th. Cruise to South America From New lork Jtn. 7th. Three Cruises Wett Indict Tours to Europe & the Orient Wherever Tou TraTel Carry the Spendable Everywhere Travelers' Cheque. AMERICAN EXPRESS TRAVEL DEPARTMLNT ttSIl'way. Ph. Bowling GreoJi io.uiio 118 W. 38th. t'n.Oiwilay i or i.ij Cnnirc Service Travel COVERS I HE WORLD THOS. COOrv & SON tIJ D'waj. i till Fifth Ave. INSTBIICTION. NEW YORK CITY. PABST-HARLE- M Dance Hall 125M St., icesl of 7ih Asa I ANTING INSTR CTION Every Evenin; lndhlfliint J to K. Instructor. Faturriars. 3 Lesions 25c Mmnw lloll.lan snJ Pri a e Lei on 2 to l'J H If Hour, 50c Eddie Leon-- \s Mirtstrel Bud! BERLITZ SCHOOL LanpagesrSEI! TER MS M A TB E Jl EGUNAT AN YTI M E. Bo,i kkerolnc. Short linnd. Secretarial. and Penmanship lepartments. 11 or write for 1114 Itrsal L.nox Sniih School, G2 Went 45th Mrcet. PRATT Secretarial training; Individ- ual Instruction. Day, evening. AUTUMN RESORTS. SKW TOKK Lone Island. GamenGty Hotel gardl.s mil i.o.m. island An exclusive Amer.can plan hotel with a la carte restaurant for motorists. Excellent golf llnk free to guests. Frequent electric trains from Tcnn. Station Special Vtinler Ka;ej ior. to o.ay J. J. IJXXIX CO., Props. NEW VORK Westcnester. QedneyFaim Hotel White Plains, N. T. EDWARD 11. CRANDALL. Opn All Year. Private motor bua service without charga Briarclff Eocigc tlRIARCLIlF .MANOR, N. V. Open t'nlll Afler Tliunksgllng. UU.laSlA. OLD POINTCOW1FORT HpTEL CHAM BERLIN PINAUTLMN GOLF Swlmminf Paol. Seafood WCulnne. Trestment. Every Eurrn Write .A -- t GEO. F. 5fS. IKimter fjrlfllKoJns, Il.o any U. B. Railway Administration orHce, llrtha Rurtner Tourist Dureau, 1SJ0 Broad. way: any \Cook's Toura'' or \ask Mr. Fo- ster' at Lord and Taylor's. Hotel Pennsyl vania, or 320 W. 42nd Si, Frank Tourist Co.. 419 Fifth Ave NEW JERSEY Atlantic City. XftelBreatas ATLANTIC CITY FIREPROOF Ocean Front. Unusuilly attractlvoydurlnh Autnmn arsl Wlnttr benso.o. Lcxurlmu lohbloi. restful sun parlors and iuihtu music. A palatial rusiooiioo for tuovj ou-- I' g rwt and rwrwitlon. AMFJtlCAN and EUROPE.N TLA.NS. TWMOI-ATiarr- j YOKES CREATEST B0TE1 SUOCKSJ l)t\t INTERNATIONAL MERCANTILE MARINE LINES . AMERICAN PHI'ADElPHIA-LNERPO- Ol Havcrford Nov. 20 RED STAR NEW YORK PLYMOUTH-CHERBO- URG ANTWERP La; land 3 P.M. D;c II WHITE STAR N. T. CHERBOURG SOUTHAMPTON Adrian'- - ,...2P..M.Nf.29 tUpland , 3P.M. Det. 11 tCnllsnf rijmiitth. Oml\Sou NtW YORK-UVER- Cedric in A.M., Nor. 14 Eakit u Noon. Nov. 15 I Dec. 20 Celtic 4 P.M., Nov. 22 NEW YORK AZORES GIBRALTAR NAPLES GENOA Crelic 3 P.M. Nov. 25 WHITE STAR DOMINION Pf)RTI AND. MP HALIFAX LIVERPOOL Me:intic ., Df-- o Offices, 9 Broadway New York OS in Failings H CTN TO LIVERPOOL j Empress of Franco 1 Trom Quebec Not. 23 From bt. John 19 \5(1 bays ot Luxury , Montreal-Liverpo- ol 10 A.M. Minnedosa Nov. i Scandinavian Nov, 20 St. John-Londo- n P. M. Grampian Dec, 8 St. Jchn-GIasgo- w Pretorlun Dee. 10 CANADIAN PACIFIC OCEAN SERVICES Phone .Mud. Sq. CC10 liil Uroadway New lork Passenger ind Freight Serrlr. NEW YORK to LIVERPOOL Carmani , Nov. 15, Dec. 19 Or 'una Nov. 21, Dec 23 Veifr, Nov. 25 NEW YORK to PLYMOUTH. CHERBOURG and SOUTHAMPTON Mauretania Nov. 29. Dec 23 NEW YORK to PLYMOUTH. HAVRE and SOUTHAMPTON Royal Geonre Dee. 9 NEW YORK to PLYMOUTH. CHERBOURG and LONDON ' Caronia Dsc. 13 NEW YORK to PLYMOUTH HAVRE and LONDON Saxonia Dec 10 NEW YORK to PIRAEUS Parmonia Nov. 22 NEW YORK L'DERRY GLASGOW . Columbia Dec 6 tl-2- 1 STATE STREET. NEW YORK IRMUBA lceai II inter Vacation Retort FURNESS BERMUDA LINE Fast, twin-scre- palatial steamers S. S. \FORT HAMILTON\ 11,000 Tons Displacement tahs from New York Diveraber Januvy S. S. \FORT VICTORIA\ U.OCO Tons Dlaplacement No passports required tor liermuda. n u u li &. u.ngs, . yi.ia nnd rate sent on application. FURNESS ERrVOJ A LINE Furness House, Whitehall St., New York. K HIE A Hi I'enmirli lOrura; SwtJia 1'.S...ot.14 liclll? Olav... Nov. 2J Frederik VIII Dec. 28 enese oa; H'way. N. T. L'OAaltVlsB sTKAJISIlir UNES For all polnta south. Old Dominion, Savannah, Southern Pacific Lines For passenger In- formation apply to Consolidated Hallway I e . mces or Companies' offices. N.\1'. direct to OOTHEXRURO. SWEDEN. SWEDIM1 AMERICAN LINE, 21 State St. CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY F. R. I'erry, , Klllliray. \THE PUDI.IC RE PLEASED.' COLONIAL LINE A&TAU BY B0AT $4.40 & RAIL FKCVIDFKCE DIRECT BOAT $2.37 All Outside Statrronms. S1.0S to J3.it. eAtove Tr.ics Jncluae Wis Tjlx U , s , - . .Nortli UU.r Dall; and iianda at J P M I'lione Spring 0191. IVorreter, 54.13: Providence direct, St.10 OL'TSIDE .STATEROOMS S1.0V& J.18 Dally, Including Sunday, S:00 P. M. Fr m Iyer 19, E. R. Phone 2100 Beekman T'rkAt Plr or ticket offlrs FALL RIVER LINE To EOSTON From Pier 14, N. R.. Fulton St.. 3:00 P. JI. Orhrtrn on lsrh Rout. NEW I.OVDON (NOICWICH LINE). Ptr. I. Pr. 40, N.R.. Houston St , k. days only 5 so p m i.v pr. :o. E.n . ;d t.. up u. IICDSON RIVER Nlfiin LINKS From Plsr 12, N. R.. f.- -t Canal St.. dally sailing P M.; Wrst U2d SL, 4:10 P M. Due Albanv t o'r ock following morning. SIGHT SEEING VACHT A'oml Nev York T r Battery Pier Dall,13 .2:M. Tel.BroadK. F.XCTRSIONS. a EXCURSIONS R.R.ofN.J. S I DAY, NOV. 16 B LTIMORE or $3.70 W SH1NGJ0N (War Tax 3Do ariilltlnnall Leate .tf lork. Liberty St.. 12:0! A. JL. Saturday Night preceding v\ EUROPEAN RESORTS. liwitzerU Make it your headquarters while in Europe. UWISS FEDERAL RAILROADS 241 Fifth Avenue, New York HELP WANTED FEMALE. GIRLS and YOUNG WOMEN 16-3- 5 YEARS WANTED BY THE NEW YORK TELEPHONE CO. for Telephone Operating. Liberal salary whilo learning. Rapid advancement Apply 1158 B'way, cor. 27th st, Manhattan Telephone Madison Squaro Official GIRLS Several over 16 for clean, pleasant work, assorting paper pattern?; short hours, pleasant surroundings; parents invited to inspect our workrooms; just the place for beginners; $10 start. Pictorial Review Co. 218 WEST 39TH. OTH FLOOR. OIRLS to work on Hats. BERTHA HOLLEY, 4 West mh St. YOUNG WOMEN HAVE YOU HAD SOME HIGH SCHOOL EDUCA-TIO- N OR BUSINESS EX- PERIENCE? IF YOU WISH A PERMA. NENT POSITION WHERE The work is ngreeabla Good meals are served at cost Sickness disability berj?flts are paid Tho working conditions art excellent You will have carefully and congenial asso- ciates The office hours are from 9 to 5 (Half days on Satur- days) Rest Rooms are provided Vacations with full pay art given The salary to start is $13.00 per week Salary increases aro given at frequent intervals. TEAR OUT THIS ADVER- TISEMENT. WRITE YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS ON THE LINES BELOW AND MAIL IT TO BOX J 216 \SUN\ OFFICE. BELT WANTED MALE. Anto School Largest and teal scsool la (a WEST SIDB TJ. 8. Send for booklet and peas. Y. M. C. A. to school. Talepaooe Colbs! Jl! W. Hth t. TWO. Hpeelal dassw for Isllw. DOTS over II wanted for offlea wort good opportunity for young men o! ,vi right sort. Apply Fifth Floor, Ths Li's: pool tt London & Globe Insurance Cix, Ltl. SO William fit. LEARN TO UE A CHAUFFEUR Pl\' ant. profitable work, day and evsn'ss classes Send for free booklet and ptii WEST SIDE T M. C. A.. 11 Wnt heavy maenmea; koou py. engagad In financing motor car salts a active. Industrious rvin it aires to engage good atandlng to present Its prslsrrsi stock, with common stock bon- - to e store; Investment amply sern. snj affords high profit opportunity rm Jl tractive, salable aecurlty; Uberl co. ira.r alon. 20 per cent, baala only but .sacs furnished. 110 West 40th St. aJ l Nw VorJc. SALESMEN I want sales ma ,r- - tj salesmen to sell securities on a c m . basis; a new discovery and \1 \ affects everyone: your future ar n ability to do things: do the firs! Hi see me; let's get together. w..rk and make money together in t wonderful flleld: I want men in tl cities, town nnd country; see or L. W MARTIN, HH Urotdnay B ,1. SALES ENGINEER One of - electrical constructing Compan'es East requires the services if a perlenced In soliciting and c. I tracts for the Installation of r work. Technical education Is n tlal, but knowledge of the !n1'.' be required, together with of a live wire )'-- '; r'ft replying state esperlenc. air ' and salary desired. L. E bx 4 ' flee. SECURITY SALESMEN V-- -\ htgh class, clean cut security sal\ o'f proven ability with high g- - encos; to such men I ha a i' that will appeal and produc s 1... hill, IIV\ ' nlshed' Call Room lL,lji \ SAILMAKERS WANTED- -'. 1 Apply South Street. New ' k WIRE WORKER, steady ear SM round In etrn New Tjri WIRE WORKS, tot to Sun o\ ' BISINE9 CHANCES. bacon, lard, beef tallow. !.- - jet- - . \. ter. atandard condensed mi'.k. at \ j (lour, cigarettes, candles jsjo'd Da posalble). for purchise. ADA\.' - \B CARVAUIO. Hue de Spa. 70. Uru U.S. glum . KOR SALE. ., , EIGHTY ACRES. nsonur\e'a 1 , land: quality Is tho best, ma . for whole outfit at top price t ' writ I. S ROBIE H\ \ roll KALR. . f DIAMONDS, bocxht. sold, for mi'1 sin)- - Utes botcht. BENNETT. 17S B \I

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