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The sun. (New York [N.Y.]) 1916-1920, November 07, 1919, Image 17

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CORN SELLS OFF IN WEAK MARKET Orernfglit Change In Senti ment Sends Options Down 2 to 2 14 Cents. HOG PRICES ALSO DECLINE Oats Show Tendency tojfol low Corn and Provisions Also Have Drop. The turn In sentiment which cam overnight was directly rstmonstbte for yesterday's core market weakness. Op- tima sold oft 3 to tU cent a bushel Boeurltles market defines, easing of the car situation, more, favorable weather and lower hogs prices were Important LI.L ......A u1t ZftClOrfl Wliwu ioi waning. HiArvn market weakening might be linked with Wall Street's general bearish feel- - which gripped the corn trade. The list few day's rapid advances served to caste not only apprehension, trat sent great many shorts to cover. The de- crease In the short Interests weakened .t i..L.lul .1 . 1 thouirh shippers ore still complaining of car scarcity, there was some encourage- - Beat when reports asserted yesterday that the situation was Improved. Any new arrivals of com are bound to affect the trade. Weather forecasts were for better temperatures for husking and moTlne grain. Hogs sold lower. Importation of Manchurlan com on tho Piclflo coast caused cancellation of orders by buyers from that section and inspired selling. Country offerings showed an Increase. The opening was soft. There was a slight rally After the first hour, due to short covering, but the market soon turned downward. Argen- tine corn haa shown a tendency to firm up with the strengtn in mis country. Farmers continued to sell and their offerings continue still to check prices. ,Th outlook for the new Argentine crop U laid to be quite favorable. Shipments nf corn are expected to be somewhat smaller man in previous weens ana uio v.. of tonnage. Oats exhibited the same old tendency follow the lead of corn. Tnere were AAA Kii.T. hut they had little effect trading. tw.tmAtr.rf oils remain ismui smaller scale. Clearances tnera aro lntMMaitanf Cf....lta aAi Km s- -- --- '-r: \..7 w.alt)aa Ati crams. Local grain, pnevs iowow Tallow wnni wro ILflU. cost Ad frtlg-n- t N.w Tort AlTfl ruh murkest VII CMT. i.iiu. new ivtiu liAl VaM Tftrtf. nrrKTTItKAT Market eulet. new, u..i. ....v lt.IBOl.IB! STRAW Market quilt. 0OB- K- T1U LAS- &- oteSI 1 \ . . 1 - - e Tftn . on . la. A L..S 1st n uui A . m a .V. 0 ..i. m K nM gar II iu 1. u . e .A.., i In una &, ; tna ro. i TS twm r. o. d. a.a at i . J nv 1. AM. r. miction pnrCEa No. 1 Open. Hlrh. low. CIom. day ,6r........ i s itH imt isih 1UU it..... un an oat- s- M, M T1U Tl OCT ii.et . mxt a. m.t .oi tsao Ji.n b.w b-- i 11.09 U.TO U.49 U.8) !! KM H.09 U.90 SS.U OTBBIOK KBCZIPn. CVrrt Oati, I.THLDB SB1.WU vtv.vw week 1,1M.0 S,X HI.OTO Ian mtr 1,I0, T74.CO) KJ. BEADOARD CUDARAMCX9. Flour. TNtodaT 14,009 H.O30 ( ... Uit nil .W0 JUltrtar 1099 M.OM .... Bseaes Aires OntlA Xarkct. BmOS Amia, Not. rrti: nttt-To- se eiiy. Ctaatier Pttnarr roiLN-stei- dy. TbmsmKw \ Tlnai-- rmBD4lT ....... QTTUrr asaai OATS mrM IDS.). lt .. 71 .11; rye, 1S W4nf im. inu ura What TMWfllV Iait TTheat Cbm. gnla Oose. ..lflU ..111 1I.O IS T.C ,.rt xss ,.os aio ablp- - Cbfe, -.- 1 . .1 .1 ,.iiu in -.- 11 Wct ihoim la pesos aad aatares per 1M COFFEE MAEKET. The co (feo markst opened yesterday . n ..,.-- k Ar K .a 1 Minn An an th nnp nil , nMmM Hiwr nmi 1) to 35 points on pressure against pur-(lu- es of actual coffee in the cost and frtlvht tnatfe.t iU Affrlnv CAmlne tieiUy from New Orleans, Further ru- bor! that nin vu afeanttner bids at ceictsslons led to a little scattered gen-n- il selling and profit taking by old nits. During the afternoon there was sharp recovery, values touching the best point e( the day, the market closing at net fiM of 9 to 17 polnta. Prirate advices Uted that all Brasil markets were Uflier, with considerable business In the Brt and freight market, some Santos ffes bringing Uc. advance from iMnexlay's reported sales. (The local spot market was reported iner. nio 7s being held at 17Hc with hlr business doing with the Interior, urn offers from Santos wero scarce, e those from Rlo ware much higher. r..... n prlcet: Wednw Yftrv Ui of optn. mntsKw, dett. day. 17.37 . 17.X 17JS 17.M 17.H- - 17.11 17.39-3- 7 17.19 1t.ta.s1 iret 17.M 17.H 17.00 lT.n-- 17.CS HZ!- - 17.97 17J0 17.H 17.99 17.U 17.M 17J9-- 17.C4 17.01 17.11 lit 17.1M9 n.O 1713-- 17.09 17.99 1T.11 IMS 17.49.14 17.09 ..... ii.w-- il.W VOff r.l! Tl mm t. . .EjchaBce MM. hlaher at UHd. gJMlpii 11,000 ban and etoek 4M.0CO bM. mots wi too rets hlrtter it vl \ nuoer to . mi lower. B- - liTt. i1- - nd 4799 two years are. SS ul.? hd .0. tnlAtt U.900 and U.0M. i . wwiur i.un iFiimi 11 rm an it rwi SllKS\1?.- - eather prrralkd In w Vtl. i . 01 a0 raw, snowier in one htvll r Orteal frees Vleterta n.OOO tg JJJJ jq' ,n4 from States 13,000 ban \RA2HJAJ7 COTTn STATISTICS. r :;tj H.S 1U44 444.101 354.111 993,114 411.(09 1.311 18.873 8174 144.444 TH.I41 111.000 lurmrw 4 M sm at rat ax aaa 8! Ami OulfOfl SHORT TERM NOTES. 5y Dw Hid AllliaitUA. MIUMOUt,, nacatuJaCocGn AnoowftOe font AraxxuACo ronvfl ArmoorAOcva ArmcACceaVO nmuMoait lthStoo!Oorp..!7 nenn SSwl?:::S erRwr A 'aaPaoRwy,.,.o .enArrottnRy.e CMPnfooJCo,.A QUpneaT cotccs OobAaaupel ls PlTTodKH....l FedffBSHjfCo. . ,S OeaKecCo. a QnmtOa i OrMtNorRy.,..a tuuxmuorp 0 Porp..... 8 aUerR'ltl.s apiSo.'.'.'r fatltOa...7 JDeldckOe. . .7 juoiaraekvo Keaurnnruo.-- UtSuTobOpff MoitnePkreco.,.7 MolmePlowOo...7 Ml!nPtYWVv .7 MollnePtow Co... MoIlaePtowOo...7 TCeatitR.,...o iprnntatt..e tU JuiufA.9i FlUkahRRCrrr .0 OunCo...7 lOamCo. . OunCfl .'. .7 FSOor r N J ran 7 RoehllrALCo. . Sept. .A 103 eouthernnr 0. fitPUnDOuar. PtudeAkerOor..7 BrodebakerCorp.7 Hwrnavo.. . ., ,,8 DewisuFinCor.7 VtahietOmp ...8 Antlo-Ao- .. All Kef pf.lim 111 Beroe-8orr.,(- feo vuckere rii to Mfj cses Contlneatil.ITt Orancfct ThH C F tnclM Kureka PZ1M M Oal-Bl- pf.lM tjOal-Bl- r pt.lM llllnoli PU1U Indiana VU K Int Patrol.. M Nat Trantlt 14 It T Trana..IU North F Ii.101 Ohio ..,..ro Pa ex V., 71 SweSifQ.TiO 014. fNew. ...7 An. Bid. Aelt HH Che Am 1U Am Clsar pf. 97 A fp.K nlyFoH...m o n!m..irf O W H J B Young... 1 7 T of tS n.Ms Salra. A(k.. Csar Tobdr ef....iei MacA NAluUa 0 Allouta 104 Aril Com.... H Blr Hurt.... 140 Bingham .... 109 Butte A Bit 141 Cal A Arli.i. t Carton Bate uo..o nepu.-- es x .7 .7 .7 Ii Bid. w M tt U n 5 .,..!. iS w jiaucvex 10 Utlretla 8 lilt Roals ,. 71 Kerr Lake Salle UMatoa Con MiTflower O O.i 49Mlchltn lOUtltiwk CoraeUa .... u New Rim 119 New Rlrtr pf..... eONlpittlng North Dnttt 89 Old Dominion ... 8 St Mtrr Booth lake SO Booth Utah S00 Sup A Bottoa TOTrTnltjr UToolumne V B Bmrlt HUB Braelt 1070 CUh Apex mcui 5 nev tt Maine.. Old Colony Wert . Com... Cuban Eatt , Elder . Oortoa Gray Portland pf,. liter Max Leather Puma Bunr Root United pf.... 44009 lOOOAtchleon Canon 1008O Mill 19909 Swift Calartrao Champion 5 Bid. Men. MISCELLANEOUS. MARKETS PRODUCE MARKETS 'J leas Feb. IBM pee. loss Not. 1990 Nov. IH1 Ner. 11X3 loaj Not. 1033 Jan. JuoelSao Juaeisrai JuaelS,'3J Jnnels'Si JvirltM 101) Juirts.-a- a rib.iaa luf.iM y Feb. 1SI7 1S91 reb. ien Oct. 1090 Oct. mi Oct. 1033 Oct. 1033 Jan. IP30 Jan. 1031 Julyis.'3s Aug. 1030 Jan. 1030 iaio July 1030 1100 Sept.JMO July Nnv.is.ia Nor.lS.'aj Dec 1031 Sept. 1031 Bept, Bpt. Bept. 1034 nfrinnlkOo. Mar, 1030 utMna-Blg- .. Mar. Mar. Mar. ..) Jan. 1631 Jan. Aug.18,'31 JunelS.'SO bee. 1633 STANDAEO OIL. Wi New uojion 2nd Dec Fruit 1034 1091 S 1010 1033 .iM3a pi... 1(30 Jut 1931 1023 1033 1933 1933 1030 Feb MM T.1H Solar Sooth soma Pa.,.j rr Of of R..4 Of Neb.119 0 J..7U NJ.pJ.UiU Swan F..U0 Union ....449 Bland tutxtd ttand TOBACCO 14S)PorJo T..1W j 615 BOSTON. ,40c au attt I UfJDarit Otlr.. lOOFnnklln U Valla7.. COMut tV a 10 U Ventura Warren 103. Hem But pf..m ....lti pf.WJ DdTt Ualv Lest tt.m Open.'llith. tow. LatL Utah lOTletOrU WolTtrlse RAILROAD WW Cenner Rann Mttal AmT a & at at a a 4 i 4 4 I 41V) HH 11H llji i:ii 1 3 1111 Sltvated.. 44K H so notion a Fitchburg 4 M Mm Elea b0 N Y N R A Hi .'it J HIBCEIXANXOUB. Am Ayr KM MU Air MiAmotkeag 8 Pnwu I I I Surer l4ovj lioyj 4 Btiraribt tt r4 t 8 Wool...., II Wool 1NH Anjlo-A- PVi otaturysttei im KO Port 400 East Botton...... 19 suamahlp,. tilEdltoa Fairbanks i,.. 1140 Pert 100 Producta Mltlind OU IH lOLeawt ttUfi;\ n 1 4 fieiTcnuiaicr .... tOiMullitu an Nat 41 a Tel 799 Pari 1 h B... Bepcitio flepMOVSO RJIturnTohOn. Ppl.l3.'23 1950 57'A Tonintton in un mi .\11)4 Waldorf Wtlwtrth 11 KWaltham Witch... 13 BONDS. V, Vm ABUT 109 O I It it . 7t .... it, 4 Hi (t Atrnlane Bohemia 1 A 71 finite L.. II iu , , 1.8 .'a ..8 r7 Sit K9 MS 141 H US U9 1M 100 119 119 17J 1 19 IT 8 113 104 149 1( 179 ....... 400 109 US Int H 94 101 tot lot 103 ti 103 103 Joiwiaaa 10s 103 103 101 oil (5 ts 1031 M or, or. SO OS '.lB.'io issH ner.is.-7- 00 Jan. reD mi 1931 Iee.lS.'33 lire oet. ioo Bid. Prairie Befln.tso ..1U w pl. std ot CtU.XO Btd Ind..779 sta Ktn.tco Bid Of Btd Btd N of of xy.uo Std et Oblo.lM TaalclU Vacuum Waihlnrton. 49 \cn bloe'MTttl old STOCKS. 111 wo ...... tttynu...B R 114 Wermaa-- VTerman-- lia 119 s . 41 lilt TS Buttt.. : . hu sou uu 838 K0 std con ITS VA B. Dotton pf..... SiS ..17 .. 44 4tf tofl 3l2 gVttataat McElwaln Swift 1..137 flTdrt 1114 Drug 1MU 1114 tTVi Tit 15000 Aik. 1033 1033 19S0 Ask ?P0 101 Bid. Ak. A...1: em leaf ?T4 7Vt UK 5?H 11H u i IM iH IH 4U .S . Tit SU, m in im 4S ts ii h 34 11 17 11 U14 ltH 41 49 40 H II M 1H ill HI M 'if IH 1J4 140 sw pf rii WA UU UU it... 8U II s? N M 134 113 in lii 140 Am 11'' 117 tit 171 TAT .W0 Am 110 140 110 140 Am pf 104 104V. 104 979 MV tOH jo too to) 990 Int US Int pf Hi Product Int ....... Inv .141 . IT IS) 101 BL MS Mil 10 n V irtl JF4S8F X A K Sltwart 1149 pi,, h ta SOS 109 A B A Q .... .a St 1. IV P s r 8 A tt 11 n j j Hi 1M vh t i BOSTON C&0S1X0. 1 3H 73 iml T 7 T 3 S IS ii 17 15c lJo l!o llo 3 4IVi f IT k tt Kltatl, m Tony... ttCfOMTUt Doug... 41 Kit pf US Am Bra pf. 117 Am SOU 1490 1099 Boe 8 14U A 141 141 .30 SU SU I1H WU lS III .21 .84 lovi govt ion ioh .71 NU w in i) It (0 4J14 N!i iru 17 UU 41U tiu l Ui ItU ti\ IIU I7U 109 Mfx UU M' 117 tU lot I1U 74 11 1111 unit- - 179 90 WOO A W Oil A P R-- M Am Am -- .It a CTVi nu 1U14 1MH 151 300 47H \n 2tf 191H 101U m2 m3 mJ kS CURB II i II ll ' 41 1 wo n 14 87 40 71 74 74 49 M u 44 3 I 99 w si I I i t t 19 40 70 13 u 34 : 14 I 4 44 19 141 37H 11 10 . . t 1 11 tl . 10 71 n W f 1 t in n 97 H ElU 40 74 un lrt 49 ai SOS 44 it 18 10 Tl 13 It 11 n si SOI foH 4TM MM 1014 199 100 w ..1MH 191 .. .. HU KU iU ISU .. toi 9 fS lei Xi 2.. I frr 89 I II 91 17 n 41 17 1 ti 74 u \ M A Bid. Aik. 19 14 10 97 T U 71 (0 94 IS 11 CONSOLIDATED EXCHAMR V- - Vigoroua demand for stocks spy eared yesterday during the last hour en tho Consolidated Stock Exchange and the major portion of early tosses was oblit- erated ef IU to B per eent, recorded in the actrro Issues of ail In- dustrial group Ttepublki Iron and Steel was up IU, to 110. CrueJbIs B to Sll, Bethlehem 8 tool B 3 to 1044, Lackawanna t to 91. Tjnttsd States Eteel oonunoa IH to 109'i. Baldwin Locomotive rallied. i XTXY FORK Cm BO KM. , Form. Bate sad Uatarlty.. M4. taier. Jose, VU. uitt later. 4Ut, Uarch l3......UlS inier. ii, nor., uer .m later. 4fie, Uay. lNl Ml Inter. 4ltt, Arril, 1M..,. 97' later. 4ty, Kirch, 1X4..1... 97 later. 4U. lUreb, U49. 97 Air. 4iu, Btpt., inn Inter. 4ie. Marci 1H0-J9- .. Inter. 4a. liar, int Inter. U, Nov., 1MI Ii Inter, is, Utr, ln nssUterod 4t. Nor.. UK.... 11 Reiletend it, Ner., 1KJ.. S I, later. IWt, Not., ok iru 'lat.r. t$t, Nor., 1H4 utf iuaia,'Conpoa je, uaj, an u Coupon 4i, UM im t Ooupoa 4Ut, lriMJM.... ttti vennea iua un-ii- u t.u CeuMO 4Ua. 1 U nefitttrtTlHt, lN9-m- i 4.M ueritttrea ihs, uiv-in- s . RexiiUnd ctmoon lUa 11 4.49 BetMUred ceopea 1U, 4.10 Retlitend 1. 419 lumterM s 4.10 ef Utered U, ltta-u- Lit M1W kUMSt STATU BOKiM, Fans, Rite and llaiarlty. Couooa 4U. Jan.. UM....inU ttetuurM tU, Jan.. l4,.Ml Coupua Ilk sept, ll......lit ntsUttrtdiU, Bept, 19U..U Cioa Ulrdl, itW 199 BsTtr3 1H. Uarck. 1KS.1H coupon 40i, Jan., IM 141 aerlltrndiUl. Jan.. IMS. .199 Coamn 4US. Jan.. 1141 149 . . . . . ... ... MCSIIIVIVU IV, ma-- . ifW.t.N Coupon 41, Jan.. INI n Coupon 41, March, IK!.,... Coupon 4t, 1149-9- 3. Canal... f?tt HrtU. 44, lHO-9- Canal U Conpon it, lNI-tS- , U'way... KH n(ii. u, isui, u'way..., n Ooupoa 4t, Jan., U49 ... lira?. 4a, Jan., 1949 . ... Coupon it, Jan., 1943. 9H ... Miait. at, jmo., uu,, w ... UISCClXANEOVa BTOCKB. Chicle.. M in Am Cti pt.. 11 Am Am MM ...140 mis di. iv Am MAP. II Trtie F. 47 Am V n(. 19 A D T H J. 39 Auae p u.. e Bamb Bras A Snin 1 n ti Barnh Bret 2 n 79 Bid. Am Am snn Dor TMUk.l nor pi 99 . mun t of., im Clir Inrttt. it lUlO d cbiidt co... a Chllit pf... H I.TH W OI,.. ft DL4 C0.1M Draper Crp.lITU 149 ma hh in Am Cr.m.. An Cyan pt., Old. Atk. llr Prod ....111 Clteln Co ... 49 uow cnem...i7 Du Cb pf.. Fed Cheat.... M red cnem pf. n GrtiMlll QraateUl pf...lOt Card-A- ... card-A- pi 44 Aruiro,..zj ederal ....109 Fljardo ....HI Ot tTett ....409 Ot Watt Bl.114 dnanta'ao.. 44 Juno cent. ..119 aianaii ui 4U IH 70 new ... 89 b b.. :h .... 1 .... 1 It .. Iron 90 11 La Rote ... to Atk. CM CHKMICAt. STOCKS. Atk.1 Chief Con.. Cone Copper, Crown Cryitel Denbigh Ktait Fortona Oadtdea Home Htufmoo Blot... Iron Cap... 90 14 a 12 34 79 91 99 )\H1 199 99 to 1 a M 109 101 171 s 1 pi. P I 11 41 117 4l! 1UI Bid. Met. 79 111 131 449 17 111 4 V. 10 11 14 IV. 3 IT Bt.. Pet. jruu Open. Lart. 4M Am tou tOAiuancaln ad WW Tfl Iron UrVt 1174 Bter Bat 1U lOOen UoOtn 20 Int in Tel 11V4 1779 Lake lOWliehlfh Nav 1C00 Tiff 1 Pa Pbila Co pt.. 14 10 Phlla Pa 99M Eleo . ... 1 Tree Oat EH I MOO Feo T it. 41 1000 Leh Val 11.... Phlla lit Co con tlpd ' 1909 Rttd og sen 4t... ntning u......in 134 Wetting 10114 Booth Flth... Btarerboard . Bncyrue Buntt llOSutlir Uroa... 100 lit 110 Eiec CHICAGO. HO pf 1U 100 49! ..170 cm cit Ry pf. Chi Eltv Rr..,,... 1 1S4 Star Rr pt. . 904 Chi Pneu 911 CW Ry eer 1 I a riwt.l. .IFI.IIJ .......... rnt 4w Jjnu , mrmnw VI Diamond Matrh..tn 100 art BAM rt Kartman 1U Brick imana Bteci.......nifl J I Cats J ICaee.ad.pf.... .HSSlwusni ADSJioisr ; yaweT ot9 pf.,. Root. ia aioior Nat 439 m Roebuck llBiin Roetmck Shaw Di 149 Stewart Wire er... Ill 111 4109 42 8909 Swift CO 117 TinaaTpaoa F.... Carbide 199 Un il9WtU tail 1049Coa Ed lit U.... ICU l SUr JfirUnd TU pf,. I7J Oas SU taiu fud. lw IS Int stiver Lta B, Ice pf aiket..U9 Norton 1 pf.149 J t JU ef.... Pbeipe T.,..tH Oh a w ... Ak. Abeel Bid. RfUik Fdr.149 149 Ry 199 Slnttr Hlf..W atoll of. .Ml C40...17K Waireo proi....l03 T....rJJ Kite pi. Kr Bolvej Mmtmaa Malfotd Co.... Mutual ....1W Atk ......111 lTWBoir Free SVOAB STOCKS. Tool....ia Mt-At- a Micblsan National ...jio Cecilia.... Savannah Savaaoaa pf.13 OF usvrritity Battle. Nixon Onondaga Pioneer ..... 77 Ranger 1)4 ...... Met., W V Sxt Vleterta Yukon Bitee. Blgb, Storte H Am k... ...... Cambria Ilea Atpball .....111 Atphalt pf..niH CO of N A... Kerttoot .... 41 Laatton Mono.... IS. Bewrlor North Central.... Nortbern m R rtf 1199 BONDS. A it 101 U. Pk If! ST 10 4714 ao O HH KM 9U w MU A O A 890 IIU O A O A Nat Nit A 4.49 X. V 11 pf V O U nw N ,. ft a ii n 44 9 pr A H ... .... 8 .... Bid. 9t9 14 S I .. 1 B I l 4 4.01 109 99H 93M m 3H4 ,lV4 111 161 111 IllH Kit 93T4 UU mvT hh aii TOVt 7H 1 (9Vi MH 24H Belmont K S ii t t) T 21 Union 14V4 United WV4 MU Bee 9000 Elec 1009 A BiJee. Opes. Blth. Ill V4 Decker Oo 91 Armonr ..... Brtacoe Broa... Chi ... iw avuson.... K 19 44 .....101VI 99 M Illloolt T9 10 38 n 4vw iwti Van nto Tetana II 11 ir liT USSeare ...rilii pf.ll) Rtewirt iBt; 43 niTntar 14 Union u BONDS. IM00O.1 diw 111 19 94 40 97' 93 M II H It 14 Aboil 99 17 et ffNelU pj., II D 99 91 IS 0 M Stand U Manatt 91 N M 17 II Bamer 10 Miami ..... U UH 11 Imp.. .Ut ..... ui 39 37 n 91 w ww we 7t 94 49 13 U m 40 tt U Z tt 44 Ii 14 14 11 1J 10 1 1 71 tt It u 41 8a flu 14 tvi uu Am SO A A pf. IS 4 11 89 M By 11 U ti 9S n 11 if 11 UU 17 tiH 11 10 19 1 1 1 I 8 111 90 I 9 t 99 79 79 T9 i 41 41 41 41 UU 21 89 8 44 lovi HH n \54 17 91 41 48 Open. XTlgo. Am 19Am Mich.. ..195 7199 ArXIBttl 1...KD MBaratdin 47 47U 1900 ....V 4 4 4 pf.... L A B.... 4 lad I fit Tllad Brtw 19 Htm iron Lena On. ...170 1119 Mfn It., 430 T1rcrroof.n... 14 49 Fireproof 17U U44 Ohio Fuel OD.... ltjcible Fuel SowlygV 4914 Okla Fred lief. Plltl Brewing.. I Ill YUlt Pr.. ma. au. HOOK TlaM Ask. lMtt Itedt Lima 13 109 BP au 111 8tllHi.l TAP mm Yale ItHI'tWI Nlqu.ero...jM Atk. I Atk. JUS0...1, Hook Nlag pt.. Btmet ....399 pf... 199 Cb 109 111 TOWN MARKETS. New Verde 19114 Bid. Atk. 1U 1 paia. PHILADXLFBIA. Low. iH 141 149 lift UVw T0V 11 Phfla Toon m 3i 74 n lOlU 101U 101H 1 li Lew. Lett. Tl Ship HV&h-x.\'.'- \ M 101U 10114 10114 Motor 149)4 UXg Swift ff a s a 170 lit in V \I 111 111 1.0H IgU 110U S HU 371 J74U 171 9 8 9 ,8i?tJf\l\'ul Ptperboarl.... F1IXSBURO. tH so 119 119 3M no 13 111 inv 171 134U 4114 4114 1014 Low. I4it OU Corp.... ITU- - CC4 4U 4U Cimttle Brewing pf Urkt wis? 299 PrailAvrpM VaiveUnepMOt Scren 197 109 iH,4iri P 1 Ctrbo-Hrdr- o Carbo-rtrdr- e 139 119 it 119 171 ii ID ZK vl 134 139 414 lu 117 89 MM a sou alea. 30 Roll M171 13 II 11 11 W O US IM IM 899 lil 11 rj M 10 lli Rt 11 n la 19 130 IM 4U N 17 Oil t 4 ut in u N 179 179 179 JU TU T14 89 89 19 9U ii 41 41 44 W i lt and A marl can Loesrnotrre to let. Mexican Petrolewi1 momd trf) SU to 111, Sinclair to 11, Tran9COtitlnnUl te ISU. Stadebaker adranead i to 1I7U, WhIU to UH. TWtm Arrow f U to ISiA. Retail (Ttcrea. after falling back SH to 111, raWed to 1HU. United States Alcohol netted Ifc gain to 11IH. International Paper one of IH to 7TH, Kaystone'Tlra ens of U to (tH. Rail 1 were strong throughout the) swev sion, Texas and Pactfle. at Its maslmutrw rising IH to II H. Southern Padfas SA to HOW, Reading IH to IIH. Ship and Co amerce rallied. 1 to 1(14, Srarlas THE SUtf, 'FRIDAy, NOVEMBER 1919. YORK BANK si e n . ci;.75 a , . , . , in Citain&ji?'. liaO ; u I Clu MM is 4.17 4.41 4.44 4.19 , a 4.49 4.49 4.49 4.44 4.49 4.41 SJI 1KU HVi Htf IIVL 44H Btlt IW r3U 111 Bma7f WIT... ...... tv ou CoRuaarce. . .310 Colonial..,.. 30O Hmtatai..ii8 UBbia,..,190 BICH...4M 'Bwnlth.aao sm fas.,.. too sso mfrB..iro ineiuate fNew stmrrr AtUane...., An Aunty i0 irworacja. . 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Ill lbe. artrage, lll 9, 143, III! 11, ix. 111. 5. juaa ta uo. 1 it wtiitrn saiYoa. lll.fl! It; III. 110.75. Newton 4k Co.! II Vtali, 111, 111) I, 111, 111, IOe.0 draaaad BlIRRP AND IAMBS naealnte. 1.470 ataoi int ears on isnttp uncnanstai Itmba tlow ana barely tteady, Common to ordinary ebetp lotd.at 14.1001 pes 149 lot,! ya&rungs, iu; lamoii, tiittii; a itw, Mad. Ill.ift! eulli. HtfSiSd. Draiaad mat- - ton ittady. at 10011c a lb.; drtmd lambs qultt at 11014c Balet Tobin A Shannon I 111 Ohio lambe, II Iba. average, 14: lli Btatt, it, Jll! 1 yearling!, to, l6 I thtip. II, i. a.' 410 State Iambi, TO, 111; It cutla, 19, 9 I sheep, 111. l I, 71, ll! . 14.19. kerni Commlttlon Co.l 338 Wett Virginia, Jambt. ll. 14; 171 Bute, to, iti 111 Ohio, ll, 918.71; ill Panntlvanla, II, 111! 2S cull t. .44. 11.50; 1 shttp. 77, 14 1 11, ll. li.so. Nawton a, ria l lljxf wadnta. day), 411 Watt Virginia lambe, .IT, lll.ll! 311, 44, 1141 141 cullt, II, 10; 4 cull ahatp, IfOOS ntctlnti, 1,110 head; half a car on tall. Ftellns firm. Prime mtdluni weight hogt eold at lis a 199 lbs.; reusne, 111. Country drttied pork, 10011c. alb.! rotatln nlfra. 2lflllo. Balet Ntwton A Co.l I Ptnnaylvanta noia, 391 lbs. artra lis. a. aaaotra: 11 State begt, 111, 111; 2 roughs, 411, 111. Llvo Block Harkata 1st Other rftlss, RAN8AR CITY, Mts, Nor. 4. Hogs ts, 7,4041 higher. Pigs. 31c lowtr; bulk. Ili.tOitlli htatlta 111.14011: me dium 8ll.il0ll.lO! lights, li.lO016.1O; light lights, sews, Ill014.ll! peeking DISS. 111.14014.11 81I.I9014.1SI Cattle Jtecelpte, 10,900; wtak. Utavy bttf altore, choice and prime, 111.40011.31; medium and good, lll.TI01S.5ti common, ll.ll911.S9i light, good and choice, lll.ll 011; common and medium, ll0li.ll) cattle, htlftre, 11.11011.10; eewa, Il.ll011.i9i easnere and cutters, 1301.19: veal calvta, 111011.79; fttdtr eteert, 11.31 011.19- - eteeker Steele. 11.71 01.11. Sheep Rteelptt, 1,909; moitlr ettady. Lambt, ll,7S0l4.7l cullt and eommon, 7.I401LTI! wethare. II.IIO10.7S; twee, 1407.76; culle and common, I0 I.TIi breeding ewes, 7.SIU.40 feeder Umba, III 011. EAST SJT. LOUIS, Nov. 4. litre le, 9,919: hlghtr. Top. 111.191 bulk, I14.li01l.lli heavy, IU.loil5.35; mi- dlum, I1I.II01S.4O; light. ril.tO01S.Hl light lights, 114.19011! heavy packing eowa; smooth, 111.19011; sows. rougn, lii.ieeii.ie; pigs, ii0il, n .7. m. . I vriVEUlB, Ii I ( I H o l htaVy . \\skr In medium good, bought li.llCM9.llt llaht tju.i! common, wilsht. toed and choice: U0ii.i com- mon medium, 11014. Duteher hilCara, T01I; cows, II.1O011.SO; ean-nt- rs and eutttra. 15.5901.10; veal caltee, light and handy watiht, 14.tl01T.IO rttdtr atetre, 11.100 lit stacker stttra, 11.41010. Shttp Rtcelpta, 1,10\) attady. Lambs, llt.IOall.il! cutis and common. H0Ui yeaning wtintra. Jiteii.! ewta. memum and choice, ii.iieT.IO; culle and common. 1101 ttllCAOO, Nov. 4. Hogi -- Rtctlptt, OOO; 19,900; opened II. n I,. I . .1 .HH wllk .... .... ,V WV . M .. . , , VV U .,V1JQ, II 1 1 .1 U. cllnt cancelled. Bulk, I14.il01i top, till heavy, 114.49911; medium, 14.4l(l5.0l mnt, 111.10911; ugni iisnta, inwii.ii; htavr Bicklnt- - tewa tmooth. I14.1I014.SO: racking sows, rough, lt.ll01l.l9i pis', cama Haeainta. ii.otD! aaiimatad to. wwiiiihi ,vw, niii,ii weo, ill- - dlum and heavy wtliht, choice prlmt. iiT.ttoia.it: mtaium wood, iio.iits 17.40: common. lt.l901l.SS: llaht nalaht. sooa cnoict, iiibii.ti: common 14U: I medium. 17.40011.15: butehtr eattlt. cenaumtrs, Il'.i barrtla). f hllftra, II. 11014.50: eowa, 11.11011; can- - oib fltrietiy p:.ra, gauons ibs in contra, rial curat. bag. SO; TIC llw run. lot., nu nai., aait. tii.tawia.to, ittaer ttttra, 11.11911.1ii tiocxer ttttra, 11. 71011.71; wttttrn rnngt ttttra. cowl and heifers, 14,50 011.11. Sheep Rtcelpta, 11,041; ettlmattd to- morrow, 15,000; flrra. Lambt, 111.15015! culls and oommtn, 11.30(313) twee, me- dium, good and ehtict, II.TI0H culls and common, 1104.19! brttdlng. II.TI013. FTrrsBURO, Nov. I. Cattle Steady! tunply light. Prime, 114.11011. tip Steady ! auppiy fair. Prime wtthtra, 11.54010! eulla and eommon. HO 4; lambe, 11014. Veal calves, I1I01I. Hogt Lower; tupply 19 double decks. Prime htaviee, 114,11011.71: mediums aad htavy Terktre, 111.19: light Torkera, ItIO 15.15; pigs. 114.71011; rouihi. 111011.10. CINCINNATI, Nov. I. Uoge Rtetlpta, 8,109; steady and unchanged. Cattle Rtetlpta, 1,401; alow and Calves Strong and unchanged. Bheep Rtetlptt, 100 i tttady and un- changed. Lambt attady unchanged. EAST BUFFALO, Nov. I. Cattle ?Sl. S PS \3 m '! 'rteh. dry plekid mi, eioT 44? iinlr .!ft-.7!f- fl J\!l.-7'!!- !: Calr.a-R.eil- r.te. 11 higher. 1.1010, &a,j2ZM m,V\ lotdH,a:Tnd mixed, 115.45014.15; Torkert il,i,.\ Dut,..L2B,i light demand: in express, rruoota tMlKI'.2.-\-i.l\u.'?J?.- T ty-- epeelal. una, H'50nrSufhlMia?a? \qAROI.arbyrlbL I4.17T.I70.S4. MTOHRoeshikb.v?0 7?ii.!3fil IfoOIMM.n 1102. PBABallfarnla?drum.8rl4Aaftu Italian. h.8O4ij.B0! Ntarbr. earrltr. butehir sa. Shun and Ltraba Recalsta. tttady unehangtd, TBVSTS. (The following Quoted en a ptrrentire biili.) Name. llaturltr.ruta. riid.Aiked. Balttmore A Obio..,.lll-l- f 1.17 1.43 Duff Bach A Pltll.... 1111-3- 3 4 t.H cintaita Ketuem.,..im-x- t ivi-t-- e Canadian Padfle 111911 4 ChMaptake A Ohl0..!lll-- n 4 Chi A Nerthwetem..ll!tt3 i1 Cbl HOCk III FIC..IIIT-J- l Cht Bt L 4 M O Ull-l- i I Chlckataw Rtflnlnr..lllMl I Cera O C A St L.. .1119-1- M Miaware a Huaton..ini Xrte Rellrotd.. IT1KJ7 mioolt Central.. .....lll-r- t Ltulrrtlle A Nath... .1119-1- 1 I Nleblraa Ctntnl 1919-1- 3 84 Mlaneipollt A St L..1MM7 84 Mo Kan A Ttxat....llll-l- i 8 Mittouri Pieifio int-- 3r 4 Mobil t A Ohio 1I19.M 4U4 (I i vtatiai unet...itittt 4H-- e N t vcatrai n a int-t- a Soffolk A Wtetern..iri4-3- 4 H nan....Ul9-l- 9 Pa General FrtUht..tlll-l- l Resdlnr Co..... lril-- n Seaboard Air L1M....1JU-1- Uadalr Raflnlnr Irit-- S A 99 tnUd Southern U19-1- iU Southern RiUway..U!9,M 4(4-- 4 Union Tank lSisvio 8 rum at 43, lav.. ana ana ana TU nara ana iu ivo. 8b Re are Hi ato AO) 5.M All i.n t:8 10) 8.71 9.(4 8.91 8.44 IB 4.14 ATS ATI AH ,5.14 4U IK iU 1.40 iMrM 8.49 Padfle 4.71 A Ii! EX DI71PEBD TABLE, Pridar crate. 110lto, ytarllng packing tttlmattd l,i00 Bend A Mortttft auarantte Brltllh Columbia Flih. A Paek..t.,.lU Chicago, Mill A Lumber........ lQ Contlainlal Motera jfi uoniinoniai Contlntntal Paptr Bag pf,,, L New Terk ..11.00 Silversmiths Silversmiths .lUr Swift Inttmatltnal it Tale A Ttwne Mfg., eptcial Monday Cltvtland A Pltliberg. eptcial std. bit CTirtUnd A Pltleburg, ..ITUe oerham Mfg..., Hood Rukbtr. i. ll isiano nitti tlllnelt Ctalral International Marveettr ef...........l National aTnamillng A ftps 1 Rlordan Palp A Paptr .1 Bainwiiuiiiiti DolM PreSt Sharing, extra II weeiwem (f. w.) ot... ii Tuttoay Clinch Coel luS VYaonitaay Conaolldated Co... of 8.40 900 1.41 8 SO 8.3S L71 1.59 8.70 849 4,00 IU 1.9) in AM 904 4.49 8,71 840 ATI 410 444 SH 833 4.49 6.75 414 An 1.89 i aif IU pf. 1 gtd ifc 1 uaiiva Held , 19J xtetlrw lao) Fswlo Beads. Imbrla A Co.. syndicate managtre of $S.Io,M0i Issue ef City of flao Paulo t per cent serial esrtemal gold bonds of 1018. armoonoe that those bonds hava been called for rederaptton en January 1. 1910. and win be paid through the Equitable Trust Company ef Mew Tork, trustees of the issue and ef .tho lilt tares the dry, I PTTOHFOTPS STEADY AT CLOSE l30i.IBrnnstr,-1304.80- ; ATe't'86',to J?...?AR8f-lO0Lb!h- a. EQUJPMEKT xvmio nuv xivvTuaf mwv BUYING WAVE NEAR END Liverpool lias Sharp Break and Contract Market is Down - v at CloBlnff. Cotton futures prices on all want yeoterday deeiaeaiy lower 00 mora or less gtmeral sailing, duo partly to more favorable weather and 'the na tional Dinners Association's boatieh crop rtport The market on the local e change woo \weak through Its as-elo- n. tho nnBroxltnate decline on soma options, particularly dlstAnt ones, being 15 a bale. Th factors here included Liverpool's sharp break, snia 10 do uie cause or tho high British tnoaey rate, and renewed Juneaslnesj over tho labor sttcttlon. Cables from Liverpool cario sharply wcrsn than dne, and tho con- tract market there continued unsettled In later dealings, doling morr than to penny points off In n few casta. There was ngaln a fair business doing In Liverpool In spots, sale of mors than 10.000 bales being reported, The weather map was yesterday dis tinctly bearish, conditions all over the belt being favorable for picking tho crop. Although frost was noted at two or three polnta Along the higher east coast. It waa not of tho killing va rlety and not particularly harmful. Pre cipitation was nothing to speak or, with only .10 registered at Tampa. The Na tkmal dinners Association roport placed the amount of cotton ginned prior to November 1 at (,200,000 bales and tho indlcAtM crop at mora than 10,100,000 bales, against 10,100,000 In its last pre vious report it was the cause of not, a little beatuh sentlmant At the opening here prices wore off to to &S points on active months, Sep- tember .showing a low net lots. There waa further slipping after the start. which carried the list to early low levels. Deremtnsr dropping approximately a cent a pound, selling seemed principally of the realising sort, but there was also much Southern hedge pressure. When the first wave of llouldatlon had paasod the market rallied and Its undertone showed considerable Improvement on trade demand and some new buying by bulls who had taken profits. (The decline In securities exerted a strong sympathetic power, as did ths early in foreign exchange. There was little change in character of Southern spot advices, demand, accord- ing to reports, continuing unabated and many Interests buying. Yesterday's nreak in contract prloea here and- - at I v.. r- -. , - ... -- . i.., . IU\ MIO IHlUr mine stttri! midlunT and ehe'loa aid tone, was due mainly to prlmt, 417011.50; and 111.76 lover technical position. During and eattlt, and I7.S401S.1S! and and Shipbuilding lei' Ott To the emhangea old the afternoon there was not a little lr regularity and good alsod raltlis oc- curred at times. Distant months seenied to be receiving heaviest pressure, and there wa further switching of con- tracts. Money rites were yesterday again a factor, having considerable In- fluence on price, movements. Near the finish there was excellent buying, which caused all options to move near tho day's best level. Final bids were 3G to 71 points net lower, the final market being rather steady. ' Range ef prteei: Wednew November... Dectmbcr.... January February.,.., March April June July Aurutt September... open. JJlra. Low, close, day. I7.WB 17 41 17.10 17.11 17.71 B S4.58 17.0! M.U M.9T-9- '. M99B M.tO 11 80 M.41 M.S4.M K.OO M.3 11.09 83.94 D 15.73 ISJ0 13.45 9S.7S-7- 1 11.41 n Sl.B K.4I S4.H M.an 34.30 n U.44 33.10 31.40 11.49 B SPOT MARXaTTB. local market for cotlon was teady and 19 point! letrar at 3I.7M. for dllnr: talee nlL Soul met markatt; aOalvetton tteady, 10 point t lowtr tt ilAOo.; o,h uwn, iiiw uritana aicuy, at 49.800.: salee. 1,477 balet. Mobile nominal at 17c: oalee nil. Savannah quiet, 10 points tower at U.Wc.i mitt. 77 bales, Wllmlnrton ateadr. Z nelnfa lowtr at allot Norfolk oulet. II points lower at Uo.t sales. 419 baVe. naltlmom quiet, 50 pointo higher at toe.; eeleo nil. Aurutta ittady. B polnti tower at 39c.: talet, Aooo llAlM Um.I.1I. I, ..V n . . . . Salee, bales. Hoott'on tttady. unchsiiswi si U.S4C.: taltA 10.SM balet. Dallas steady, 1 t.WM ., j, 4a. , ..1U ,, fcu Moirlromery firm, IS pofntt lower at Mc.j talee. 111 btirt Fort Worth tteady, IS polnta lower at 41.750.; lata. belee. COTTON STATISTICS. Lett Taatardar. rnak. Port rectlfils n.Tn 99.SM Export! 99.459 Zatporta, asaeon l,lltl 1.0S7.M5 New Terk itoeke.... lOLM M.ru M.S) year, 17.011 1M.1M Port erocke 1.4SI.797 U74.444 LtU.tOI Interior reralnti 3I.IM 19.0M Interior thlpmtnli.. :4,I50 11,154 n.ns amrtii., m LlTerpool Cablet Spot cotton In good de. mano; imaaunr poinit at 3i.tu. Sales, 11.000! ARiertcan, l.OOO. Iraportt nil. Futnrto optred tnprular at a decline ol 1 te IS pointo: clotsd Irrerular at a net declln nt a 11 U polnta. liSSd.: Janutry. H7td.; March. JITM.; Mar, aiM.: July, n.lld. Manchetter Tarns flrm; clothe ac uta. New Orleanay Cetion Market. Nrw Oxxaijtt, Nov. I, Wide declines were forced in price of cotton to-d- by a welling movement started In the English market and spread to the local market as soon as It opened. Last prices snowed tosses of 41 to 82 points, December oloelng at 13.11. The o'oie: December. 18.11; January, 87.10; March. 38.15; May, 35.51: SS.1I. spot cotton steady: middling, 40.80. DXTTDEfM, Stock of nerd. Am. Cttton Oil. q, lU....Nov. It Cotton pf. I I TW it Am, tfmtltlag A Rtfg. Co, q. If. Nov. II Am. Bmtltlag A Refg. Co.. pf. Nav. IT American Koaniag, q. t Amertnin Sugar RtAnlng, ex. Amtrlean Sugar Rtflalag, tf. a. 1 Jan. Cetewtita Co. pfMl-e- , IHn T central Arkansas nr. pi, . iT norlt Champion Capptr 14.41. Cepfter Range, q. lie 19 Darle-Dal- y Coyptr Co., lOe.Nev. 14 inveeimtnt corp., pr, Nev.lt 11 Federal umtllta. Xna. ef. e. 1U iiareiton-waika- r rttrracte. rlee Co . IH Horeaiee pewstr pr, q, 1U MtAcmtng Invtitraent. 11.14 Nor. jtetienai Dee.19 Dto.81 National Oreotr Dee.lt Dte.lt Jllu.tjaaHaal.ejaai ii wv sih .Nev. Pratt Whitney lUTJ.Jfov. Jeoeph Lead 9U.907 which July, Pay- - ak 11.14 17.41 17.J0 31.19 M.tO M.94 14.99 The tpot mid hem tl.lLi. nil. rn.rn.Aw ItOO Mini. T.44I U.ttl Ntw totk 1.075 lower the net Am. Oil, it Deo, Dec 11 Dee, 1 sugar 1 Die: ,1 Jan. ' Dte. 1 Jan. I lite. Deo. 9 R.R. Not. Nov. ll ughl varp.. Co., Nev. 14 Lilt Dee. i 11 38 Biee. o. tuft NW. Nov. 11 fat l Hot, Co., Nov. a Dee. 1 Dee. 1 ureotr uo.. tj, in Co. pf, a, 1 Cm q. 1 , Dee. 1 Die. 10 fA k wiim IU pt. St. Co., q. tie. ,. Deo. 1 St. Karri Mlatral Mad, tt Ktv.U Dee. II lit Clear Bterea. bL o. IU Nev. ll Weettrn Oreetn. a, lfi.Dae.tl Wtrtern Oreetrs pf, a. !( Dtc.ll Nor.lt Dae. Dee. Deo. II Te tabliaii Baah tat Perw. 83.11 TTnH Lima. Fern. Hov. t. A branch of the tVanea will ba I Anglo-Sout- h American Rank, to be ea- - retired out of part of the proceeds of i tablt Jhed here, win open Its doers within tha recent city of fit Paolo f,BM,d fortnight. 3 17 OFFICE Of - , THR UNION TMUtrr COMFANt or nrrnuBOM. tbustke, ', Plititmrih. Fenntyltaaia. ' NOTICE TO HOLDERS OF NBW'tOBK SmFflUU.DINa CMPORX. ifttfWrtgag. Thirty Tear Fire Far tnu StaUs Fnad (leld Bande Ualad Nevem. \pierX 1819, Do Navemfcer 1. 1848, Fdriiuknt.lorBtOtTeb 1 ot Arllile Four ef the merlgageief IhfNtw Terk BhlpkulU. lag Corporation te The Union Trait Com- - of Fllttburgh, Truttet, dated Saar 1; 1119, eteoring Its First Mertgage Thlrir year Fire Far CtnL Blnklnx Fuad Oeld Benda, tbt uadtrelgned TnutttJhjre by givts nonet tnai ine tonne et sues letut will bt parehaatd by tbt Truitia far the sinking Fund previata in tarn men- - age, to an amount lutneunt te exhaust, On Munlnd Rlshty.ttven Theasaad live Kundrtd 48197.800.09) Dtllart, bllae the mentys now htld by It In tuch sinking Fuad, The. Trutttt hereby Invitts from ths bendhetdera offtra for the sale to It en Novtmbtr II, lilt, ef suoh bonds. As pre' vised In said mortgage, sub efftrs snail aaeh can kt for all or any pert ef the londt so offered. The lowttt efftrs to, the aggregate amount net exeeedlag an imount enfflsltnt at marly at may bt to exhaust euch montye new held In toe Sinking Fund will be atctpttd, provided thai tht price or prleet accepted) will In no event txcetd, in addition 14 accrued Inttrttt, em hundred two ana oat.nair ties 4974) per cent am. Ae soon st may bt, on or after Ntvambtr 11, llll, the undtrtlgAed Trustee will netuy bendhofdtrs wheet tfttn art accepted, as that dallvtry of the bonde ebrtrtd r such aeitptanCit be made to the TrutttS st Ha ofSee In Fitteburgh, Ftnriylranla, \oaj Nivtmbtr 11, llll. All offers muit bt In writing, be tneleeed in staled envtlopta, etate tht .number or numbtre ef the bende offered, 'end name the price or prleet at which (he earns are offend. , All offers mutt be received al the efflee et the Truetn en or btfort noon ef No- vember 11, llll. TIIK UNION TRUST COMPANT OF PITTSDUROH, TRUSTEE. Pltttburwh. Pa.. Nnvanibtr I, 1019. THRTIMKrlN-DarnsOI- T AXLfcCOMPAT 1 Bartal Sold Nates Otrlttf B. due June L 1114 Biriai C. due .June 1, llll NOTICE IS HSRBBT OITBTf thai pur- suant to Artlelt ,1 of tht Agrttmtnt axe-eut- td ky TUB TIMKBN-DBTROI- T AXLE COMPANT te THE FARMERS' LOAN AMD TRUST COMPANT. Trutteo, dated June I, llll, the underalgnid will rtdatm and pay off on the 1ST DAT OF DECEM- BER, llll, Ike Strlit \B\ aotet due June 1, 1919, at 109H of the principal thereof aad tht Striae \C\ Rotes due Jane 1, llll, at 191 of the principal thtrtof upon mentation ef the tttd notit, with the 5 una. llll. and eubaeauent eousene at tached to tht office of THE FARMERS' LOAN AND 'TRUST COMPANY, 11 to 13 William Btrttt, In the Dorouih ef Man- hattan, In tht City of Now Tork, N. T, Said nelte etaet to draw Inttrttt en the day of Dtoiraber, llll. T By C. O. ROWLETTE, Trtasvrtr, oetotxr 11. int. TM Cenersl Oct 4 Electrk C. Flrtl lint Be, Oenvtrllble Oeld Denda. Purtaant to tht nrovlilens of n B of Stctlonj I of Article 1 ot the First Uitrlff.n np ria.d af Truat txaeutid hv The lOiatral Oat A Electric Company, to tht'undertlgnld a Trutttt, daltd July lat, llll, offira art htrtby Invlttd for tht aale sum ot Four Hundred Tnoutand Dollars 11199,999). Offtrs mutt ee prtttnteo to the eadtritgntd trutttt on or btfors twelve o'clock noon en Tuetday, No- vtmbtr llth. Tht trutttt rtetrvis tht right te rejeet any and all oltere. THE EQUITAIH.E TRUHT COMPANT OF NEW TORK, Trutttt. Datad, Nw Tork. N?T.. Novtmbtr 1. llll, Ta tha Daooiltara and Creditors of f SCANDINAVIAN TRUST COMPANY! Pursuant te an order, nua oetostr it, llll. In tha aSlea ef tha Clark ef the Supreme Court ef the State ot Ntw TerM for tha County of New Tork. nttlee 14 htrtby glvtn to dtpetltore and creditors of Scandinavian Truat Company to prettht thtlr claims to tt for payment at the effleo of The Liberty National Bank ot New Tork, 119 Broadway. Ntw Tork city. Datta, ociootr ii, nu. SCANDINAVIAN TRUST COMFANT, Dy a. v. orrnoM. rratiatTii. CITIES SERVICE COMPANY BANKERS SHARES Monthly Dittribution No. 9 Tttnrv L. Dohertr A Company annonnco that the- ninth Monthlr Dlitrlbatlon on Cities Service Bankers Shtret. parable on Dtetmbtr lit to Bankers flharts of record Novtmbtr llth. will be 81.4 conu on eacn Ttankara Share: SPOBANK VALLKV LAND WATER December 17th. 1119, thtrt will be drawn eight 11.010 bends for redemption at IIS r.Anarv lat. Ills, at office of Day A sr.\ litaton. 7 wall Btrttt, N. T. 14.41 Nov. lit. WM. WEAVER 11 EATON. Trutttt. , Deo. Dec, Dee. Tha may Brit (11) lilt. CO. KLECTlOya AND MBETINOS. MVIXINB BODY CORPORATION Notice of Special Meeting ef Btockheldert. Ntw Tork City. Novtmbtr 7th, llll. In order to provide funds to.lnereaao tha eapaelty of lit plant and to ptrmtt ef extending Its butlnttt. the directors ot the JiULLINS BODT CORPORATION at a meeting held on Thursday, November I, llll. unanlmoutly adopted rtiolutlona tht Ineroato ot Its common capi- tal atoek from 70,000 sharet to 190,000 thtrte and directed that a tptclal meeting of atockholdert bt called to take action In respect of euch Ineraatt. Aceordtnflr notice It hereby given that a epeelal meeting of the tloekholdem. both preferred and common, of MULLINB BODT CORPORATION will be held at tho Frlnetpal offlet of the Company. Room No. Broadway, New Tork City, on Saturday, Novtmbtr 31. 1319, at 11 A. M., for tht following pnrpottt: 1. To take action upon a prepeted amendment and alteration of tha ctrtllt-cat- a of Incorporation ot tha Company whtraby the number of tharet of common tloclt without nominal or par valut which tie corporation miy luut ahall be In- creased from 70,000 tharat to 100,900 inartt; 3. To take action upon a propcted amtnd-mi- nt an dalteratlon of tha rertllt'-i-' of Incorporation of the Company whereby Article VI thereof shall be amended to read at followl: \Tha amount of capital with which the corporation will carry nn Mn'ifea It One Million. Fire Hundred Thou-aan- d (II, 109.000) Dollart\: and 3. To trnnaact such other builnett' as may lawfully come before tht meeting or any adjournment thereof. The Botrd of Director hr ' rtcttd that, tubjtct to the authortsatlea of tueh alteration and amen I lit Cerllflcata nf Incorporation of tht Company and of tuoh Increate of capital ttock, tht additional 10,000 tharet of ttock bt ofTtrtd lo tht holdert of lha prtttnt eutttandlng common etook pro rain (at nearly tt jy bt without tht tut of tcrlp or fractional thartt) at 144 per ehart, which In the judgment ef tha Board erDlreetort It tht fair market valuo thertof, the procetdo derived from tuch tale to be uttd forth- with aa additional working capital. Tht Meeting of Stockholders abort men- tioned 1U be held Inelead of a Mealing heretofore tdrtrtlttd to it htld on No- vtmbtr llth. llll. By ordtr of the Board of Director. W. H. MULLINS, f,M,nt, CHARLES C. grPrON. gterttt-- p. BTtTDENDfl INTEREST. THE AMERICAN COTTON OIL CO. Tha Board nf Dlraetort of Th Amar!an Cotton Oil Company, on Novtmbtr I, lilt, declared a ttml-annu- dividend of three ner cent, upon tho Preferred Bttck. and a quarterly dividend of nnt per eent. upoti,\ the Common Btoek of the Company, both ?ayaoit uecimoir l, nil, at tot uanking of Wlnilow, Inler A Co.. II Cider Btrttt. Ntw Tork City, ta ttochholdert of rteerd at tht clott of butlnttt. Thursday. Novtmbtr 11. 1919. rer tne purpoit or tn payment or tnett dlvldendi and tht holding of the Annual Meetlnr ef Stockholderi, tht Stock Tram-fa- r ItViobt will close at 1 p. m. en Novem- ber 13. llll, and at It a. aa, December I, llll. nANDOIJ-- CATI.TN, flecrttary. ORNERAL aspitalt company Phlladtlphla, Vtr. S, llll. PREFERRED STOCK DfvTDEND HO. 18 A dividend of IU per ctnt. (11.11 per there) hat thlt day been declared upeq the Preferred Stock, prM Monday, De- cember 1, llll, to Stockhtldere ot record at lbe eteee of butlnttt Friday, November it. nil. Traairtr boom will not be eiotia. AND FRANK SEAMAN8. Secretary. DETROIT UNITED bAlLVTAt Dividend No. SS Detroit, Mleh., November t, lilt. A oaarlerly divtdtnd ef Two Dollars ear i ehera. ttlns at the rate ef elrht oar oaai. Nev. 11 1 per annum, en the Capital \Stock ot this Nev. 19 Company, hat been dtolartd payable De- cember lit, llll, to Btaekholdtre ot rtoerg B, ii Nertmber llth, at 11 o'clock noon. II II a, ts. rRiant, p.erttary, LOST. FOUND AND REWARD. LOST Ctrtiflcate Na. N T. 'O. ill fei (14) twenty thirts ef auffey-aillatp- lt Oil Oo. Iteutd In the name ef William K. Rrmmtnt. Turtle Crttk, Fa. Addrtii WOOD A PUOH. Ill Colombia Bank Bldr, Flttabrsh.Pa. LOST OR STOLTCN-tLO- OO Caneotldtttd Oil Co. cnvartlM lYi told deburara Nmd. dot PeK L 1990, No. (mi; HI pert at are aatlaaaJ egaitxt naretlalilr teet. If fawtd. plata amy ciarxirt1 WHrrMBiv xst Bway.

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