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r THE SUN, SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 1919. 1 Majority of Big Football Games Result as ExpectedPenn State Victory Over Pennsylvania Is Glaring Exception -- 1 HARVARD BEATS BRILLIANT RMS Crimson Rolls Up 20 Points, College Team Unable to Score. EDDIE CASEY THE STAR Substitutes Bewildered by Aerial Game, but Save Goal Line. Special Deipatch to Tnr Sc. Cambmdoe, Mass., Nov. 1. Harvard's . Srst varsity team scored 20 points waxolnst the Springfield College team In tlf. the, Stadium this afternoon, all In tne M - - nnaix. y2 conjr lhe s6con1 lialt- - wlh an entIre'y and tr team. Fisher's substitutes were not - torVrly unable to do any scoring but were running all over the X flM utter nasseS if and always fearful lest something hap- - mam tn anflll V. p.lmMn'a flllA LTflill Una record for the season. The Snrlnrfleld team had no defence that could withstand tho battering of the attack uncovered by tho Harvard regulars, whose, speed in tho first half was as great as anyimng snown una Tear. Eddie Casey was back In the rotmt and his open field running was always brilliant. He paved the way for the first two scores and made the third himself after Harvard had reached Springfield's twenty yard line on a long forward pass that Humphrey com- pleted. In the second half Harvard didn't seem able to get going, 'ine loam, even before the substitutes began to be sent In in ti? numbers, lost two chances to carry tho ball over for more tojtch-dowi- s, and Felton missed shots for field \goals from the nineteen and the thlrty-flv- o yard lines. Springfield's open game was bewildering at all stages miltl tho finish, when the ball was very wet and heavy. Pine Hacienda Work. AU the visiting backs, but particu- larly Drew, SchaefTer and Clvlletto. were able to make beautiful throws which Harvard for a long time could not In- tercept. The visitors used the forward pass thirty-on- e times and had eleven completions. These passes carried the ball Into Harvard's territory half a dozen times. The up State team handled the passes splendidly, but toward the finish Harvard was covering better, al- though the good defences luckily came . when Springfield was running for the goal line. The field was In wretched condition, which handicapped the visitors' game mew than Harvard's. Coach Fisher's line moved together exceptionally well, both on attack and defence, and against ths first string Springfield could gain practically no ground. Harvard showed some fine offensive work'ln making Its three touchdowns in the first half, each score being nego- tiated because of the Crimson's ability to make three marches. The first came shortly after the klckoff, when Drew fumbled on Springfield's 32 yard line, the ball bounding back and Hubbard falling on It for Murray's team, with the visitors goal line only thirty-fiv- e yards away. Harvard's attack was powerful here, Casey ripping oft an eight yard gain for a starter and Burnham and Humphrey carrying the ball to a first down on Springfield's 10 yard line. Here there was offside and Burnham scored In two plays. Casey Hnns Twenty Yards. The next advance was one of fifty yards. Casey again started this sortie by tipping off twenty yards around his own left wing and behind some fine In- terference, ire then smashed through the other tackle to the 19 yard line, whence Harvard rushed straight to the goal line. At the start of the second quarter 'Springfield had the ballon Harvard's 40 yard line, where Clvlletto completed a forward developed. from a double pass behind the line. The overhead game con- tinued. Harvard's 23 yard line was reached. The Crimson was strong against line attacks and Clvlletto was forced to try for a field, goal, missing from the 38 yard. line. After Harvard's subsequent punt more overhead stuff was uncovered, Watson getting twenty-tw- o yards and landing on Harvard's 21 yard line, where Murray Interfered. This was all, however, and a desperate pass Into the end sone In hopes of a score was blocked by Humphrey, Harvard's third touchdown came quickly Immediately after this, when Hubbard was again alert, getting the ball at mldfleld when Kane blocked a Epringfield kick. Humphrey then com- pleted a thirty yard pass from Casey and ths latter on the first play broke loose for an end run and a touchdown. In the second halt. In which Felton missed chances for field goals on the only occasions Harvard got within strik- ing distance, the Springfield team threw the ball all over the lot. There also were doubles passes and laterals. Tho auooess on forward passing, however, was over when ability to make things go would have provided a score, The summary : Harvard (JO). Springfield (0). Macember Left end waters Hubbard Left tickle Lavlk Woods Left guard Johnion A. Ilorween Centre Quintan Clark Rlcht guard Johnson Kan Blrht tackle Weber Steele Rlcht end Watson Murray. Quarterback .......Graham Burnham Lett halfback ..Drew Humphrey,., Right halfback . ....JSchaeRer Caeey Fullback Clvlletto Touchdown! Casey 2, Burnham. Ooal from touchdowni Murray 2. Bubatltu-tlon- e Harvard : McCratrc for Kane, Drown for Clark, Weatherhead tor Steele, Felon for Murray, Lancaster tor Humphrey, Havemeyer for A, llorween, Thorndlke for Woods. Oratwlck for Caaey, Wharton for Lancaeter, Hamilton for Burnham, Nslson for Oratwlck, Thorndlke for Woods. Springfield Y, M. C. A. College) Elbel for Qulnlan, Arms for Johnion, Brett for Bcheerfer, Qulnlan tor Waters, aohaefer for Graham. Referee N. A, Tufts, Brown. Umpire if. C. McOrath, Beaton College. Field Sudre W. S. Cannell, Tufts. Linesman Pendleton, Bowdoln, Time ot pe- riods 11 minutes. HELD GOAL DECIDES.- - Jfevr Hampshire Defeats Massa- chusetts AiRlti In Last Minute. Dunn am, N. 11.. Nov 1 New Hamp- shire defeated Massachusetts Agricu- ltural here to-d- In the lust minute of play when Connor, fullback, brought the ball within striking distance by a 40 .yard dash and then kicked a. field goal. \uhs final score was 9 to 7. Previously New Hampshire had scored a touchdown on a blocked punt, but had failed to kick the\ goal. Massachusetts scored on a forward pass. The Dartmouth Fresh- man defeated the New Hampshire Fresh ms.br tp 0, Results of College V EAST. At Itanover Colgate, Jj Dartmouth, 7. ' At Providence Syracuse, Uj Brown, 0. At Princeton Weat Virginia, .36! Prince- ton, 0. At Philadelphia Penn State, 10; Penn- sylvania, 0. .At Cambridge Harvard, J0i Spring-fiel- d, 0. At New Haven Tale, 11; Maryland. 0, At Ithaca Lafayette, 111 Cornell, t. At South Bethlehem Plttiburg, 14; high, 0, At South FieldUnion, I; Columbia, 0. At Annspolte Navy, ,20; Welt Virginia Wesleyan, . At Weit Point Army, lit Tufts, 11. At Pltteburg Carnegie Teob, 1; Alle- gheny, a. At Amherst Amherst, 41; Worceeter Teoh, 0. At Troy Stevens, 11; Rensselaer, 0. At Swarthmore Swartbinore, 11; Uralnua, 11. At Carlisle Gettysburg. 7; Dickinson, 0. At llaverford Uaverford, 10; Franklin and Marshall, 7. At Durham New Hampshire, 8 Arties, 7. At Waterville, Me. Maine, IS! Colby, 0. At Mlddlebury, Vt. Mlddlebury, 1; Nor- wich, 0. At Vlllanora Vlllanara, ; Muhten-bur- r, 0. At Canton, N. Y. St. Lawrence, 7; Ho-ba- 0. At Beaver Fftlla, Pa. Geneva, 0; West-mlnat- 0. At Kochester Rochester. 11; Buffalo, 0. At Worcester Holy Croea, II; Rhode taiand, 1. At Brunswick, Me. Bowdoln. 14; Batea, It. At Clinton Vermont, Hamilton, 0. At Lewleburg. Pa. Bucknell, 17; St. Bonaventure, 0. At Mlddietown Wesleyan, II; Will-lam- a. 0. ' At Andover Harvard Freshmen, 14; Andover, 9. At Princeton Princeton Freshmen, 11; Yale Freshmen. 9. WKST. At Madison Minnesota\ 1 : Wiscon- sin, 7. DARTMOUTH PLAYS COLGATE 7 TO I TIE Continued fromi First rage. bull field nothing Is to be taken for granted.\ The scoring of the Colgate touchdown and the Incidents which led up to It were similar to thoso which figured In the 7 to 0 victory over Princeton last Satur- day. At Princeton It will be remembered that a poor punt by Trimble put the Maroon In a posttlon to strike directly at the Tiger goal line. And this aftor-noo- n It was a wretched punt by Rob- ertson which put Colgate In a posttlon favorablo fo.' a successful assault on the Green's goal line. It was shortly after the start of the game that Laird of Colgate was called on to kick and he sent the ball to Dart- mouth's eight yard line, where Jock Can- nell was downed In his tracks. It was altogether too deep In Dart- mouth territory for the Green to take nny chances with the soggy ball, so Rob- ertson dropped back to punt. He kicked out of bounds on Dartmouth's 22 yard mark ; his kick went only nineteen yards and Colgate was In a position to threaten the Dartmouth goal mighty seriously. Cola-at- e Team Msruts Herd. Laird hit off let tackle for five yards and Colgate was on the Green's 17 yard mark. Glllo smashed through centre for seven yards, and It was first down on ,the Green's 10 yard line. The Colgate eleven was fighting harder than ever before. It was that same Irresistible drive which It exhibited at Princeton after It had been balked Inside the Tiger's 1 yard mark. And as then, 'It wan Glllo whom Colgate called on re- peatedly In its hour of impending triumph. Again Glllo was sent against the left side ot the line, but thts time the gain was only a yard. Dartmouth was try-- tng hard to brace. Once more Glllo went hurtling Into the fighting mass, and this time he sot threo yards. Colgate was only six yards from a touchdown. For the first time tho old call to fight came from the packed stands. But this man Glllo was not human. He was a battering ram, a pile driver, Insensible to human pain and the ef- fects of physical exertion. His Inter- ference was not of the best, but he tore on and on, carrying a human burden about a quarter of a ton every time he dived Into the lino. With six yards to go GI1U made two yards more. Then the Colgate attack opened up. Anderson fell back and Dartmouth did not know what to ex- pect But It turned out to bo a for- ward pass. Anderson threw ths ball and Glllo came over the goal line to receive the toss, giving Colgate the touchdown. It was an easy try for goal, and with- out any preliminaries West kicked It. putting the Maroon In the van by 7 to 0. The Colgate touchdown was hardly a surerlse to the noutrals In the stands. The Maroon got fha Jump on the Dart mouth men from the start, got a rtrst down on rushing even before the Green had realized It and soon appeared on the' road to a score. Murphy's opening klckoff went to Glllo, who ran the ball back twenty yards to hla own 30 yard line. Ilia first smash went for naught, but his next netted seven yards, his third Bmash got him three yards and a first down. Dartmouth was aghast. In a minute or two Colgate got an- other first down by rushing, and then came Dartmouth's first big brace. A Colgate forward pass went awry and Laird had to klok. Colgate had ad- vanced twenty-si- x yards by straight rushing' of the old fashioned type, hard smashes mostly .off taokle. ' Robertson Returns the Kick. Dartmouth did not try to advance the ball, but Robertson returned the kick. Once more the Colgate battering process was started from Colgate's 44 yara mark. Came another unsuccessful for ward pass to make tho distance and an other punt, which was followed oy kod-ertso- puny effort which put- - Colgate on the Green's 22 yard post. Soon after the kick off which fol- lowed the Colgate touchdown Dart- mouth pot all the way to the Maroon's 29 yard mark. It was going very welt and seemed to have a chance to even the tally, but Colgate rallied and (held for downs on Its own 25 yard mark. Colgate had demonstrated, that It had terrific power In Its straight attack. Now It Bhowed that It had equal power In Its defence. Up to this point Dartmouth had tried to fight Colgate with Its own woapon, a straight attack. Having realized that thts was futile, Clarence Spears, the Dartmouth coach, decided on a change of attack. . Eckberg, a line plunger with a shoul- der which was lkely to be thrown at ' pny minute, was removed and In his place Holbrook, a great end runner, was substituted In the Green . back field. Hardly had Holbrook gone In than Dart- mouth got Its chance to put Its new scheme Into effect Laird punted to Can- nell at Dartmouth's SS yard mark. Hol- brook carried the ball on the first play and circled left end for nine yards. Jor- dan iflade eleven yards and Robertson two, and time was allowed for the first, period. Dartmouth had made first down. Its first of the game. The first part of the second period was marked by an exchange of kicks which left the ball In Dartmouth's possession on Its own 36 yard mark. Holbrook was smeared, but Cannell got away for 15 yards. Sotbrook tvot 8, Robertson 3 and Jordan 9 jrsrd ; i Football Games. At Urbana Illinois. 10) Chlcsso. 0. At Ann Arbor Michigan, II; Northwest' era, 11. At Iowa City Iowa, It; South Da kota, it. T At Omaha Ames, 1; Nebraska, 0. At Dee Moines Drake. : (Irlnnelt. 0. At Lawrence, Kan. Kansas, II; Kan sas Ajriies, i. AtTTorman. Okie. Missouri. I; Okla- homa. 1. At St. Louis St. Louis. IS Valparaiso, 0. At St. Louis Washington, 29; Missouri Mines, 0. At Mllwauke Marquette, 11; Great Lakes. 0. At Indianapolis Notre Dame, II; Indt- - At Lafayette, Ind. Purdue, If, Michi- gan Arsles 7. At Cleveland Case, !: Hiram, 1. At Oberlln, Ohio Oberlln, 41; Western Reserve. 0. At Derea, Ohio Heidelberg, 15; Baldwin-- Wallace, 0. At Detroit Detroit. St: ICalamatoo. 0. At Colorado Springs Colorado College, 7; Colorade Mines, 1. At Denver Colorado Aggies, 81; Den- ver, 3. At Salt Lake City Utah, 66; Montana Aggles.0. ' At Seattle Oregon. 24; Washington, 11. At Berkeley California, 21; Oregon Ag- - ! At Omaha Crclghton, 6; Haskell In- diana, 6. south. At' Waahlngton Georgetown, 41; Dels-wr- e, 7. At Birmingham Alabama, 40; 0. At Knoxvllle Tenneaaee, 0; North Caro. \a. - At Columbus. Ga, Auburn, 7; Georgia, p. At Waahlngton Gallaudet. ! Cathollo University I. At Baltimore Johns Hopkins, 10; Leb- anon Valley, I. At Lexington Vanderbllt, 0; Kentucky, 0. At Btarkvlile, Mies A. and M., ; Louis-lan- a, 0. At Waco Baylor; It: Southwestern, 0. At Dallas Southern Methodist, 41; Aus- tin College, 0. Dartmouth was on Colgato's 33 yard mark and fighting mad. Cannell tried a forward pass but It grounded and it was decided that Rob- ertson should try a field goal. He fell back for an effort from 39 yard mark but It fizzled. The kick was partly blocked, then hit he referee, and In tho midst ot tho excitement Qartmouth was offside. So Colgate got the ball for the start of another drive from the 25 yard line. The rest of the half saw Colgate more than hold Its own. In the two periods of fifteen minutes each the Maroon made six first downs by rushing, while the Green got three. Tho second half of th battle saw sevoral breaks go against Dartmouth. The first came shortly aftervthe start of the third quarter. Laird punted and the kick was blocked. The ball rolled to the Bide lines, where Glllo fell on It and recovered It Soon after Colgate got to the Green's 38 yard mark. A reliable drop kicker might have given Colgate three more points and the game, but having no such animal In Its stable the Maroon called on Old Forward Pass. He failed, and again Laird punted. Again the Dartmouth line came In like a lot of bulls and blocked the kick, but once more It was a Colgate man who fell on tho ball and Colgate had the leather on the Green's 43 yard mark. It was not long before there was an- other exchange of kicks and Colgate was on Dartmouth's 39 yard mark. A scries of line smashes, a forward pass tor eight yards and then another series of lino bucks brought Colgate down to the Dartmouth 18 yard post, where a 5 yard penalty was Inflicted on tho Maroon tor off side. Here was another chance for oven a fair drop kicker, but having none, Colgate again had to get the forward pass out of Its kit bag. The pass grounded and Dartmouth got tho ball on downa on Its 20 yard line. The fourth period did not go very long before Colgate again was placed In a position to score by a eld goal. Colgate realized that something had to be done, so West fell back to try a goal from placement from twenty-seve- n yards. The try failed. Previous to that attempt Colgate got one of those breaks. Laird fell back to kick. Ho got a poor pass, and then the rest of the punt was partly kicked. The ball bounded only about four yards, and It went kerplunk Into the hands of An- derson. He ran thirty yards to the Green's thirty-fiv- e yard line. Had West kicked that goal Dartmouth would have owed Its defeat to this break. West's unsuccessful kick was followed by Colgate's recovery of tho ball and a new drive was started from Dart- mouth's 20 yard line. Another try for a goal should have ' followed, but the old rushing game waBkept up. An at- tempted forward paBS went over the goal line forlji touchback and It was the Green's ball on Its own 20 yard line. Then Dartmouth started a steady In which lis modified Mlnnerota shift played a big role, and In a few minutes the Green had got three first downs, a twenty yard run by Jordan being the feature. Then Dartmouth pro- ceeded to Colgate's IS yard mark, where the Maroon held for downa. Webster and Glllo made a couple of fine galns,but there wtre two penalties for offside against Colgate and Wetattr had to fall back for that fatal attempt to punt out of danger. The lineup: Dartmouth (7). Colgate (7). Strang Left end Harris Sonnenberg. ... Left tackle West Crisp Left guard ........Martin Ounnlnghem.... Centre Woodman Yountstrom... Right guard Barton Murphy Right tackle Wooater Threahle Right end Cottrell Sannell Quarterback ... Hobertaon.... Left halfback Watklna Eckberg Right halfback Laird Jordan Fullback Glllo Score . by periods-Dartm- outh 0 0 0 7 7 Colgate 7 0 0 0 7 Dartmouth coring! Touchdown Young-Stro- Ooal from touchdown Robertson. Colgate scoring: Touchdown, Glllo. Ooal from touchdown West. Referee F. J, O'Brien, Tufts. Umpire F. W. Burleigh, Exeter, Head linesman George Brown, B. A. A. Tims ot periods Fifteen min- utes. AMHERST CRUSHES WORCESTER POLY. Score, 42 to 0, With Zink's Panting a Feature. r Amhirst, Maes., Nov. 1. Amherst piled up 42 points on Worcester Poly- technic Institute holding their op- ponents to no score. Although Capt. Phillips and Uriik were not In the lineup the Amherst backs had no trouble In tearing through the light Worcester line for long gains. Amherst used forward pass success- fully In the last two periods, several of which paved the way to touchdowns. Amherst gained much ground In the first period by punting, Zlnk'a long spirals outdistancing his rivals fifteen and twenty yards every time. A thirty-si- x yard sprint for a touch- down by MoCracken featured the third period. This was soon followed by a long forward pass to Davison from Worcester's 25 yard line, the speedy end planting the ball between the posts. The EASY FOR HOLY 0E0SS. WoacxsTiR, Mars., Nov. 1, Holy Cross with five of Its regulars on. tho side lines with minor Injuries defeated Rhode, Island (Hate here y, 9 to 3. The Rhode Island team was outclassed from the very start and mads only one first down throughout the game. The Purple llns was impregnable. Holy Cross used nothing but straight foot- ball, owing to the fact that Coach Cava-nang- h and the entire Boston College squad-TW- u sln-- b jUndJooktaji the team oren, . PITTSBURG TAKES GAME AS SON SETS Lehigh Succumbs to Panthers After Gallant Battle Score Is 14 to 0. DAVIES FANTHER STAIt, Makes Two Brilliant Huns Through Bethlehem Team for Touchdowns. RETHLEitEsr, Pa.. Nov. 1. Tom Davles proved Pitt's guldlnar'star y In a titanic struggle with Lehigh, both touchdowns scored by the Panthers being credited to him. Tho final scoro was 14 to 0. These scores came In the gloaming, for the twilight was fast giv- ing way to darkness. In the final minutes of the fourth period this fleet footed player got. away first for a BO yard run through the entire Lehigh team. A few moments later he Intercepted one of Herrington's forward passes and 'dashed 40 ards, again sliding over the goal line. It was on a muddy Held and through a drizzle that this fierce contest was played. For three periods 'it wan a struggle such as seldom has been seen on a. Lehigh field. Both teams had several chances tov scoro. Once a fumble Pitt from scoring, while two at- tempts at placements went wide. On one other occasion Lehigh by a wonder- ful display of strength held Pittsburg on tho one yard line. Lehigh had several opportunities to score, twice from dropklcks, but the wet ball prevented accuracy. On another occasion Lehigh on two plays took the ball down the field to within striking distance of the goal, but Eddie Booth was caught roughing a Pitt player and the chance to score was lost Statistics of the fame point to the fact that Le- high made 480 yards on punts to 420 for Pittsburg. Jlcrrlngton jjunted for Ihlch and Hastings for Pitt The visitors made ten first downs to fix for Lehigh. Pitt was decidedly the stronger in rushing tho .ball, making 194 yards from scrim- mage. Lehigh only made fifty-nin- e yards, but resorted mostly to a punting and forward passing game. In this re- spect Lehigh easily led, completing eight posses. Six were grounded, besides the one that was Intercepted by Pitt. Lehigh made seventy-fiv- e yards on her forward passes, while Pitt made but two. Three of Pitt's passes were grounded and two were successful In penalties Lehigh was the 'greater sufferer, losing fifty yards to thirty-fiv- e for Pitt rittsburg (14) Lehigh (0) McDonald Left end .. ..Larkln Herman Left tackle '. ..Spagna Meanor Left guard Maglnnes Stein Centre Goldman Kratiert Right ruard McCarthy Bond Right tackle Booth Brown Right end Wilson McCracken.... Quarterback ....Herrlncton Davles Left halfback Llston Laughran... Right halfback Bavaria Hasting Fullback Wysockl Touchdowns Davles 2. Goals from tpuchdowns Hastings t. Substitutions llttaburg: Eckert for Brown. Hamberrer for Davles, Horner for Laughran. Lehlsh: I'onn for Maglnnes, Johnson for Booth, O'Hcarn for Johnson, Rote for Ltston, Llston for Herrlns ton, Herrlngton for Rote, Carlson for Llston, Slmendinger for Referee Tom Thorpe. Columbia. Umpire Mr. Crowell, Swarthmore. Held Judge Mr. Fonda. Stevens. Head line- smanMr. Tage-art- , Rochester. Time of quarters IS minutes. NAVY llSGAME ON MUDDY FIELD, 20-- 6 West Virginia Wesleyan Team Is llelple'ss Bcforo An- napolis Warriors. Annapolis, Md., Nov. 1. The nroved themselves better mud- - horses than the Mountaineers this after- noon, defeating the hard fighting eleven of West Virginia Wesleyan by 20 to 6 on a soggy field with the rain falling during most of the playing. The teams suffered about equally from failure to hold the ball. The winning factor was the stanch-nes- s of ths navy lines, the visitors be- ing unable to pierce It materially at any time. I The navy team made all of Its points In the first half a touchdown In the first quarter and two with resulting goals In the second period, when the best available team was In the game. Though nearly all of the regulars re mained through the third quarter the visitors were able to meet. them on even terms and to prevent n score. In the final period, with the navy substitutes In the game, Wesleyan scored. Fisher picked the ball up on a fumble and ran seventy yards for the tally. The second Btrlng men were unablo to score this period, though they made a splendid effort toward tho last, carrying the ball from mldfleld to the 1 yard point They had another try Just as final time was called. From the navy standpoint the game was satisfactory In demonstrating the worth of, a large number of men who navo Deen plugging aiong in mo oacK-fie- ld all season. Koehler, who took place, the latter betne; out of the game with Injuries, played hlghgrade football, and was one of the last to go out. Clark kept up his good work, and had Just run fifty-fiv- e yards, the longest run ot the game from scrimmage, when In- juries caused htm to drop out The work ot Wattersvand R&wllngs was specially noteworthy, while Taylor and Watters, two ptebes, were the heroes of the brave effort the second string team mado to score Just before time was called. Wesleyan's score came with about halt ot the final period over. A bad pass from the navy centre caused a fumble and Fisher, the visiting captain, grabbed It and ran soventy yards for a touch- down. Not a navy man stood In his way. He failed to kick goal. The line- up! Navy (10). W. Vs, Wesleyan (6). Woodruff..,.,.. Left end ........ .Fisher Murray Left tackle vT-Tsche- Denfeld Left guard ..Schnooberser Larson Centre Rohrbaugn Moore Right guard Boyd King Right tackle Murts Lowe... Right end D.Potter Koehler...... quarterback .....Snedeger Clark........ Left halfback Radman C rules... . night halfback Stark Watters Fullback Beck Touchdowns Naval Academy, Koehler, Walters, Rawllngs; West Virginia Wes- leyan, Fisher. Goals from touchdowns-Na- val Academy, King, t In J; West Vir- ginia Wesleyan, Fisher, missed 1. Sub stltutlons Naval Academy, Oraves for Woodruff, Winkle for Murray, Sanhorn for Larson, Nlemeyer for Moore, Wlllkle for Nlemeler, Wledorn for King, Parr for Lowe, Watters for Koehler, Rawllngs for Clark, Taylor for Rawllngs. Benotat for Cruise, Dole for Walters! West Virginia Wesleyan, Pauley for Boyd, Shoyer for Murtz, Itoas for Snedeger, Singleton for Radman, H. rotter for Stark. Referee-- Mr. Luhrlng,. Princeton. Umpire Mr Uerrlman, Oeneva. Head linesman itr. Reekltt, Washington and Jefferson. Tims ot quarts rtftasn tntautas. STATE COLLEGIANS - TRAIL PENN COLORS ConfJnued from Ffrit Page. went wild and clambered their request for a touchdown. But State was still there with Uiat stubborn defence, and tho heaviest as- saults at Ponn'a command availed noth- ing. Derr got a1 few feel on a line plunge and a, short pass netted three yards. Bell took another chance on an aerial attack, and Light launched a heave toward Wray Miller. But Halncs loped through and snagged It and wan downed on his 10 yard line. Way, famed for his speed and agility, ripped past Penn's right flank for eighteen yards. He' dodged and danced like a water bug,\ but the wet ground was too much for him. This assault against the Penn defence proved spasmodic and Canover was forced to punt It was tho same story for Penn, and Brunner shot a lone; spiral to Way, who was toppled on his 25 yardv.llne. Robb dashed 'through ticklo for four yards, but Beck failed and Way could got but two. Hlgglns took jip tho burien with his toe, nnd from his effo- -t resulted the turning point in' the game. Brunner was waiting for tho punt about his own 15 yard line, but the slippery ball eluded him. There was an avalancho of blue clod players on top of him and a mad scramble for the ball en- sued. Conover, who had hustled along down tho field after the punt came up In ttme to seize and possess himself of the oval. He was a scant two yards from the line free from the grasp of tho opposition, but when he wriggled across tho line the ball was brought back. Buttle Ncnr Goal Line. Then ensued a terrific battle with the goal but two yards away. Way tried to squirm through tackle, but failed. Robb got n yard Into the line and Way again failed to get over. On tho fourth down with less than a yard to go Robb Jammed himself between Penn's left flank for the remaining distance to n touchdown. Hlgglns kicked out to Way and Conover booted a goal. s State had been negotiating Ray Mil- ler's flank too well to suit Penn coaches starting tho second half. Pearco, who had substituted In Penn's backfleld ear- lier, made a nice sprint In returning the klckoff. and line attacks gave the Red and Blue a first down Rut the muddy condition of the field and the slippery ball was beginning to tell by now and play waa slowed down. The gamo resulted in a punting duel. Bell's punting was bad at this stago. He lifted one out of boundB on his .12 yard line. Way slipped through for nine yards and Robb made It first down on the third try. A pass from Robb to Hlgglns got 7 yards. After another futile attempt to rush, Cubbage missed a try for goal from the. 25 yard lino. An exchange of kicks left the ball In Penn's hands on her 38 yard lino as the period ended. A bad pass lost 3 yards for Penn after play was resumed. All hands wore having trouble In handling the ball. Robb chased back to his 45 yard line with Brunntr's punt. He heaved a nice pass to Hlgglns a .bit later and the Captain was haulcd\down on his 20 yard line. Efforts to rush failed and Conover stepped back for a try at placement Tenn charged savagely to break up the play but tailed, the ball salting squarely between tho posts for an additional 3 points. Penn Iteiclns to Hush. Folwell began rushing In his reserves shortly after the ensuing klckoff. Ray came In evidently with instructions to open things up and take every chance possible. But State was too wary. Bezdek's charges covered the opposition religiously and passes availed nothlrrg. Light tore through for fifteen yards on one sprint and State drew two penalties during the period for unnecessarily de- laying things. But Penn's march was Interrupted by Rauch breaking through and nailing Ray for a seven yard loss. Penn punted to State's 12 yard line nnd on the next play State fumbled, but recovered on the a yara line, i'carce ran state s punt back to the 22 yard line, but Haines stalled off the change when he Inter- cepted a pass and ran to mldfleld. Ho fumbled and Penn recovered, but tho Red and Blue's last charge had been made. Ponn was forced to kick and State de- cided to hold the ball as long as possi- ble. Robb ripped through for eighteen yards, driving over Penn's left wing. Short gains carried tho ball well Into Penn's territory, ywhen Hlgglns made a short punt It was almost dark at this period and Penn cul loose with her final desperate aerial attacks, but none suc- ceeded. The lineup: V. of F. (0). Penn State (10). R. Miller Left end Brown Maynard Left tackle Cubboge Dieter Left guard Rauch L. Wray Centre Conover Thomas Right tuard Osbom Little Right tackle Henry H. Miller ltlrht end.Hlrfina (Capt.) Bell (Capt.)... Quarterback Robb Derr Left halfback Way Brunner ltlrht halfback Haines Light Fullback Beck University, of Pennsylranla. 0 0 0 0 0 Penn State 0 7 0 S 10 Touchdown Robb. Goal from touch- down Cubboge. Ooal from field Conover. Substitutions I'ena; Pearse for Bruner, Hopper for R. Miller, Bruner for Derr. Tltiel for Maynard. Alex Ray tor Dieter, Ray for Ball, Straus for Light. Penn State: Kellenger for Way. Referee Robert W Maxwell. Swarth- more. Umpire Charles J. McCarty, Academy. Field Judge Tod EberW, Swarthmore. Head linesman II. J. O'Brien, Swarthmore. Time of periods 15 minutes. MICHIGAN RALLIES IN FINAL QUARTER Wolverines Defeat North- western by Fine Finish. Ann Annon, Mich.. Nov. 1. In one of the greatest last period rallies ever seen on Ferry Field Michigan snatched, vic- tory from Northwestern'n football eleven this afternoon, 16 to 13. Held scoreless In the first two periods and allowed only a safety In the third, Michigan opened up In the 'final session and playing like mad put over two touchdowns In quick succession, Tho first came when Capt Goets blocked a punt from behind the Northwestern goal line and Gordon Dunn tell on It back of the line. Sparks scored the other by bluffing a run around left end and sud- denly switching to the right extremity. Sparks kicked both goals. NOTRE DAM 13 WINS. Indianapolis, Nov. 1. Playing on a slow and sloppy field, Notre Dame de- feated Indiana here this afternoon, IS to 3. Notre Dame was the aggressor throughout, and Indiana failed to count until the last period, when RIsley kicked goal from placement on the twenty yard line. When the game ended an entirely new team had been substituted for the men on Notre Dame's original lineup. WISCONSIN ELIMINATED. Madison, Wis., Nov, 1 Wisconsin's football eleven was eliminated this after- noon from the conference championship race by Minnesota. The score was 19 to 7, The Badgers were unable to with- stand tho EmaBhlng offensive of the Minnesota eleven but were able to score a touchdown in the final period on a long spectacular forward pass. I if Yale Routs Maryland; Rolls Up Score of 31 to 0 Joe Neville, Hero of 1916 Battles Against Harvard and Princeton, Stars for Elis His Punting a Feature. Special Dttpatcti to Tns Bps. New Havxn, Conn., Nov. 1. Joe Neville, modest hero of Tale's cham- pionship battles against Harvard and Princeton In 1916, returned to the Blues' lineup to-d- to lead an attack against the light Maryland State team which sent the Southerners home at the short end of a 81 0 lacing. Neville's showing was a cure for any Yale gloom which may have risen at previous performances this year, for ths plucky halfback had the edge on any backfleld man that has been seen here this season. Not only on his offensive play,, but In his punting, averaging flfty-fiv- o yards, and on the defence, he played flawless football. He strengthened a backfleld which was oven faster on to- day's very heavy field than Sharpe's former choices. Tho Southern team had nothing to 3.ffer except a strong end run play which netted two of Its first threo downs, a forward pass making the other. Twice In the flrst period Bosley, with a per- fect Interference, made twenty yards through the Inability of Tackle Walker to break it up. Walker was yanked after the second gain, but ho returned at the beginning of the second quarter. filled with a little artificially Injected stamina from the coaches, and there- after no gains on that play were netted. Any attempts at the right of the lino always found Dickens on the spot nail- ing his man without fall, nnd with Spider Bernhardt 'on lils feet ready to tackle If Dickens failed. Ynle Defence Strnnsr. So strong was tho Ell defence to-d- that only nineteen yards, twelve of which were gained on a forward pass, were registered by the Southern team. A fake forward pass formation at- tempted time and again did not gain a yard, but on the other hand gave the Blue tackles and ends practice In throw- ing their opponents for losses. Next to Neville came Braden In the honor list The bl fullback, relegated to the seconds lately, put up a brilliant game y that almost cinches his olalm on the varsity position, with all fairness to Fred Webb, who also showed up well, but could not equal Braden. When he replaced Webb early In the sec- ond quarter he was given the ball for plunge after plunge and made the Becond touchdown of the afternoon and kicked the goal. Braden also registered the fourth touchdown and contributed a field goal from the 18 yard line. The whole Yale team came through to- -, day to give Its supporters substantial foundation for big three championship hopes. .The Blue team looked more like a coordinated machine than ever before. But for occasional brilliant flashes by Individual members the team proved It- self exceptionally well balanced. Mnrylnnd Kicks Off. Maryland kicked oft to Yale, and after exchanges of punts lost ground for Mary land repeatedly Yale started a march down the centre of the field, which re sulted In Kempton's touchdown late In the flrst quarter, whereupon Neville kicked the goal and Maryland elected to kick, as it did at every' opportunity during the afternoon. The second touchdown came nftcr ICempton had received a punt back to Maryland's 35 yard line and Braden had followed with nineteen more Btralirht through centre. On his fifth successive lino plunge Braden was over the lino, and after Kempton had kicked out to Lay Braden kicked the goal. The half TIGERS MEET WITH CRUSHING DEFEAT Continued from. First Page. the longest run of the game-- , shortly after Virginia's second touchdown. Rodgers kicked to Murray on Prince- ton's five yard line, and In a greyhound dash Murray tore off a broken field run to Virginia's 38 yard line. It was a fine opportunity for a Princeton rally, but the Tiger clawed at the Virginia front in vain and soon was forced to kick. nreak Up Princeton's Plays. About the only time the Virginia de- fence was drawn out and fooled was late In the second period, when Wltt-m- er on a delayed pass skirted Virginia's right end for thirty-fiv- e yards. A greater part of the time tho Mountain- eer forwards broka through and smeared the Princeton plays before they could get started. It was only occa- sionally that the Virginia secondary de- fence was called upon. Against the field of general play the all around work of Rodgers loomed up like a mountain peak athwart the sky. Tho Mountaineers' chieftain was an At-tl- la on the attack and a Horatlus on the defence. He waa quick to diagnose Princeton plays and break them up or direct a mate how to do so, He tackled hard nnd accurately. Rodgers not only carved his way through Princeton for big gains but frequently battered hole-- i for other bocks to squirm through. His Interference was splendid. Virginia's forward passing was the best seep on University Field In many seasons. Perhaps the prettlert pass In the game was one, Rodgers to Mills, that netted fjtteen yards In the flrst porlod, Mills came clear around from his end to take the, pass far on the opposite flank. The Virginia linemen hail much to do with the success of Rodgers's patses. The Mquntalneer loader was well de- fended and had plenty of time to pick out his target and get his shots away. Despite the rain and wet ball both elevens handled the pigskin well and there were few fumbles. The lineup : rrlnceton (0) West Virginia J5) Blgler Left end Mills McGraw Loft tackle Archer Dickinson. .... eft guard ice Callahan. Centre Bailey Morsan. ...... Right guard Kay 1'Rrljetto...... Rlsht tackle Harrlck Williams. ...... Right end Hatrer Strublng....M Quarterback mte Murry.... Left haltback Lents Destafanox.. Right halfback ........King Wllmer , . Fullback Rogers Princeton... 0 0 0 0 0 West Virginia It 0 0 e Is Touchdowns Rogers, Klnr, Hagsr, ilar. tin. Goal from touohdown Rcgers. Substitutions Princeton! Baker for Dickinson, Knox for Wllmer, Thomas for \allahan Rotschlld for Morsan, Davis for Yvlillams, Scheerer for Destafano, Roper for McGrnw, Lynch for Parlsette, Dickin- son for Rotschlld, llaivey for Blgler, Will-lam- s for Davis. West Vlrsrlnla! Neale for Rogers. Dawson for Lents, Rogers for Mci.ua lor iiiu lor line, lewis for King, Martin for lister. Referee William Lancford of Trlnltr, Umpire Carl Williams of Pennsylvania, Field Judge Mr. Land. Head linesman-- Mr. Reea. CXGTGR CAXCKI.S GAMU. Exeter, N. It. Nov. 1, The football game between Phllllpa-Exete- r and the ITlnceton rxesnmea was osmoiieq, ended after Yale lost a fine opportunity to score. A third down foundYale need- ing seven yards for a touchdown, but the forward pass attempted was not completed, and na tho ball went out ot tho ten' yard tone the ball was Mary- land's. Time sounded, with the ball In Yale's possession after Maryland had punted. Not to be outdono by Braden Webb came through with a touchdown early in the second half and Neville kicked the goal. Despite the heavy field and tho rain, which, fell during the second half, there was not a fumble' on either sldo. The only bad feature of Yale's play In tho second half was Qalvln's bad passes to Noville and Ly, which caused the backs to be thrown for losses In each Second Tenia Scores.' The fourth quarter found Yale's en- tire second team lined up against Mary- land, nnd this combination was strong enough to cross the Southerner's lino. Yale gained a distinct advantage In this quarter when Neville got oft a sixty yard punt and, with Aldrlch and Braden ploughing tho light line, brought the ball down to striking distance. Chet La Roche having supplanted Kempton shot a forward pass eighteen yards to Braden, one of tho throe forward posses which the latter completed, and on the second play Braden was over for an- other touchdown. This was thff last touchdown, but did not end Yale's scoring, as Bradon's field goal came later In that quarter. Chick Neville, taking La Roche's place nt quarter, mado a great stab at giving Yale another score when he ran back a punt forty-fiv- e yards to the Maryland 20 yard line. A penalty cost Yale a score and tho gamo was over. Sharpe used no less than three complete sets of guards, tackles, centres and quar- ters, besides two sets of ends and backs. Tho only Ell who did not como quite up to expectations was Bob Lay, who was undoubtedly hampered by the heavy field. Of the second strong backfleld Braden and Aldrlch showed up best Braden's great improvement y was evidenced by tho way he handled for- ward passes In the style which used to feature his play at Washington and Jef- ferson, and Aldrlch's fierce and speedy running showed that he must be counted on In the final selection. For ths first ttme this season Kemp-ton- 's name does not appear In tho open- ing paragraph of a Yale football write up. Lest It be assumed that his per- formance was at all off color It Is hastily added that onty the appearance of the veteran Joe Neville Into the lineup caused tho omission of the quarterback's name, because he played his regular con. sistcnt game. In running back punts ho oven showed up better than before, but he was aided In this respect by the short kicks that Knode got off. ' From Yale's standpoint the game was a thorough success, and the Bulldog is keen over the prospects of tearing up the Brown bear here next Saturday. The lineup: Tale (Jl). Maryland (0). Relnhardt Left end Eppley Dickens Left tackle Nisbet Acosta Left guard I'M el r.alvln Centre Batey Gait Right guard Sullivan Walker Right tackle Mackert Allen Right end . ...\ RIcks Kempton quarterback Knode J. M. Neville. Left halfback Bosley Itiy Right halfback Gilbert Webb Fullback MacDonsld Yalo 7 7 7 10 Jl Maryland 0 0 0 0 0 Touchdowns Kompton. Braden 2, Webb. Goals frorS touchdowns Neville 3, Braden 1. Goal from field Braden. Substitutions Yale: Munrer for Walker, Walker for Munger, Braden for Webb, Webb for Braden. Sbevlln for Relnhnrdt, Aldrlch for Lay, Braden for Webb, French for Joe Neville. En ran for French, Kirk-patrl- for Dickens, Hamlll for Calvin, Sldnnburg for Acosta, Zenner for Gait, Hubbard for Sldenburg, Trlppe for Walker, Mungor for Walker, Bassett for Munger, Calhoun for Klrkpatrlck, Segal for Trlppe, LaRoche for Kempton, ChJck Neville tor LaRoche. Hoyt for Braden, Scully for Gra- ham. Maryland Stats! Moore for Edel, Smith for Sullivan. Jones for Hnn.l.v Referee Michael J. Thompson, George- town. Umpire W. R, Olteson, Lehigh. Head linesman K. 11. Green. Harvard. Field Judge Edword J. Thorm, De la Salle. Periods 14 minutes. Attendance, 9,000. ILLINOIS CAPSIZES STAGG'S TITLE HOPE Zuppke's Eleven Surprises West by Defeating Chicago Squad, 10 to 0. Ubbana, III., Nov. 1. Displaying a startling reversal of form and U3lng a typical Zuppko strategic attack, Illinois capsized Chicago's championship hopes on Illinois Field here this afternoon, winning by 10 to 0 before 18,000 per- sons, tho largest crowd that ever at- tended an nthletlo contest here. Gov. Frank O. Lowden, George Ade nnd other notables Joined the homecoming throng to watch the nnnual scrap be- tween the two, ancient rivals. Illinois outplayed tho Maroons from beginning to end, there being no time when Chicago became really dangerous. The only time tho Maroons were within even striking distance of a touchdown was In the third period, when the ball was carrlod to the Illinois .eighteen yard lino. Here Illinois braced, however, and took the ball downs. Italph Fletcher, who replaced Btoln-mrt- n In tho Illinois lineup when the SprlngfJold star was Injured, proved a nomesia for tho Stnggmen. He made all of tho Illinois points, scoring a field goal on a place kick In the second period and going over for a touchdown In the third period. Chicago's fast back field proved a disappointment to tho 1,200 Maroon There was no time when they were able to flraln rvmulnf Antltv i'xAt.nm r roon quartor, was specially unfortunate. Ho nevor was able to get away from ths agile Illlnl. Tho whlstlo announcing the end of the game probably saved the Maroons another touchdown, as Illinois had car- ried the ball to their three yard line The lineup: Ill'nols (10). Chicago (0). Cmey Left end ..Hlnkle Ingwerson..... Left tackl Lelfvendahl... Left guard ...\fltiVfrnan V'p!r Centre Teber Applegram,.,. night guard Swenson Hlghtend . . . n Fletcher... Quarterback . . . . . . QrahSm Walquist.... night halfbnck ........Elton I'\\ Hanlsch Illinois A 3 1 Chicago o 0 0 00 Score for Illinois: P.alnh Fletcher (substitute for StelSimaS). Ooal from touchdown Fletcher ';r,mhfl,i?.Ti??!Sh \A\- Jtef.ree-TM- r! W.s, Point. Head llnesmar. s \johS' BBBBBBBBBBS. ' , ' ' ' ' X .... - . I LAFAYETTE BACKS CONQUER CORNELL Itliaca Team, Weakened ly Injuries, Loses by Scoro of 21 to 2. EASTONIANS ARE SPEEDY Weldon Proves Star With Numerous Brilliant Open ? Field Runs. . ' Special Despatch to Tns Son. Ithaca, N. Y., Nov, 1. Lafayette'B fasl and powerful backfleld, working be- hind splendid Interference, overpowered Cornell on a. muddy field this afternoon, and the Eastontans gave the Ithacani a sound trouncing by the score of 21 to t. scoring a touchdown In the flrst, third nnd fourth periods, whllo Pendleton's tnckte of Lehecka behind the letter's goal line In the second period gave Cor- nell the safety that constituted the only score they could make. Although the Cornell was compelled to use because tho reg- ulars were laid out with Injuries madfe more ground than nny Cornell backfleld this year, and gave the first evidence seen on the local field ot anything that might be called a Cornell attack, the speed and power of the Lafayette backs, the quickness and dexterity with which the team employed tho shift play and the superb running of Weldon proved too much for the Ithacans, who never had a chance after Lafayette had scored their second touchdown In -- the third period of play. ' Cnme Plnycd In Rnln. The game was played on a field soaked by forty-eig- hours' rain and In the mlflst of a steady downpour. Under tho circumstances there was surprisingly little fumbling. Lafayette had a twelve pound advantage in tho backfleld that counted hea-ll- on tho slippery field, but had the- - field been dry the result could not have boen different. The Eartonlans knew moro football than Cornell, they played better and wer more consistent. Both In line and back, field they had the Jump that counts. Lafayette struck terror Into tho hearts of Cornell partisans at the outset of ths game. Weldon caught Horrell's klckoff on the 10 yard line and raced to Cor- nell's 45 bcforo he was downed. Weldon and Sausner rushed past Cornell's tackles to the 15 yard line, Lehecka mado flvo more and then Hausner, behind fine In- terference, went around Cornell's right end for a touchdown. Tho first score was made In six plays. On the next klckoff Uio Ithacans solved the Lafayette attack and com- pelled Weldon to kick to Shiverlck, who returned the punt to his own 75 and the Cornell Bub backfleld began a drive In a series of off tackle plays that netted them 18 yards before Lafayette held and Shlvorlck was compelled to punt Cornell Benin brlve. Tho Ithacans soon launched another offensive from, their own S3 yard line, with Livingston making most of the gains in off tackle plays rushed to Lafayette's 35 yard line, a 30 yard ad- vance boforo they were stopped. Opening the second period Shiverlck tried a field goal from the 45 yard line. Tho kick was short and struck tho ground about flvo yards in front of the goal posts. Lehecka Juggled it as It bounded across tho line, but fell on it for a safety, being tackled by Pendleton. For the balance of thU played Lafayette even. butherlanda team camo back on tho field in the third porlod and launched a great offensive. SUrtlng from their own 30 yard Un they worked their way straight down the field for a touchdown. The Lafayette line shitted from side to sldo and thorough It Weldon, Hawsnej, Lehecka and Slegel would dart llko u bullet. Inside the 10 yard line tho Cornell team braced and held for three down. Weldon was oqual to the task, howevci and went through for a touchdown. Tin. rlnaj nrnrA umr mnriA nn..lhln l... n yard run by Weldon from mldfleld. After 4 vnrrl line hut niraln W.Mnn 4, ......... through tho centre of tho line for i luucuuuwn. ino uneup: Cornell (3) Smith 'Left end ' .10,111) Left tackle '.' \nnilp Hchwab. .. Left guard Tendletun Drown.,.. .. Centre Horreli Wolbert.. Itlght guard Miller Hedner Itight tackle Sutlu i Dumoe ...... 4iatn tnu witeon Bugel Quarterback Rhlverlck l.l.tra T.a,, k.lfk..!. ... . Hausner night halfback '.'.' ClaiK Weldon Fullback Olnm Touchdowns Weldon 2. Hausner, Safety lhfC.CA. rinatM rrnm InnnhAnnrn. VI don 3. Substitutions Lafaystte Farrluc- - ton for Hedner, Gatella for Huusner, (lib-har- for Weldon, O'Orady for Brown Hlcfee for Lehecka, Hois for Wolbert, ............ ocMiuwu mr otnnnD, Williams for Scott, Zlegler for O'Orady. Cornell Hoag for Sutton, Tyler for Taylor. Cuneen for Wilson, Davles for Cralc. Shuler for Olney, Wshl for Davles, Hoff for Colvln. Keferee Fred Murnhv. rtrnwn Umpire W. a: Olllender. Penn. Head linesman uave ram. Brown. Time ol periods 10 and 12 minutes. HAMILTON ELEVEN BEATEN. Lose Hard Konnht Game to Ver- mont at 0 to O. Special Detpatch to Tns Br!. CUNT on, JJ. Y Nov. 1. On a otl and slippery field Hamilton lost a hard fought same to Vermont hero this after- noon on Steuben Field by 8 to 0. Although the green Jerseyed lads car- ried off the vlctorv thv foii.,t . a single flrst down. Hamilton made a twenty flvo yard forward pass In the last quarter, fieaver to Welch, which un mo oniy one ot the game. Dmli teams often resorted to punting. After three lnrnmni.t. .uA second qunrter Brock, Vermont quarter, punted thirty yards to Tapp. who fumbled. The ball rolled over the go I line and Lawson fell on It for a toui'h-dow- No goal. Thei lineup: Hamilton (0) Vermont i ftow,,r. . '..\iV: : : ::. SZ Y\\'ro isunaer ami Ogdfn ntsht guard Fun-e'- l Clark... s night end (i.rrltv ulllTa'.;-- . nTt hMfDsVk\ lMT.Y.' 1 r'lbsck .Johnson Hamilton! Reeder. Warren, Campbell. Pitkin. Beaver. Referee--M- r. Templeton. Cnleate. Umpire Mr. Measer, ...a -- - niiwin r. ulster, Colgate. Time of periods It minutes. TJ. S. 8. PENNSYLVANIA WINS. riiNTiruj, Nov. 1. ThoU. S.B. Ptnn-nylvanl- football eleven, champions of the New York navy yard, swnmped tho Holy Cro&s Independent team hero to- day, 36 to 0, Madden of the victors scored four touchdowns. fSVKTlTTHINO FOIt BilllaruSgBowling Prices and Terms to Suit. RpAIRS BY EXPERT MECHANICS . rriW.nn.-- w.ti m m wie. ltd Tt'mZtZTr. a 4

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