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REAL ESTATE NEWS, NOTES AND GOSSIP Joseph Slicnk Furchnscs ! and Sells 3 Apnrtmcnt House Fropertlcs. DEALS TOTAL $1,020,000 Jlig Now Street Snlo Rumored; Bank of Mnnhnttnn Co. Is Buyer of 35 Pino St. Joseph Shcnk was the central figure In yesterday's market with three sales nnd four pimhnsos to his credit The properties Involved In his transactions were chiefly olovator apartments on Washington Heights, Harlem and The Bronx. His tradings for the day In- volved ji,c:o,ooo. From Mr. Shenk the Sonomcn Realty Company through II. Plncus bought the Ix story elevator house at the north-ca- st corner of Broadway and 160th street, 100x100, arranged for thlrty-sl- x families and containing seven stores. To Hern, Goldstein & Facknrsh Mr. Shcnk sold the northest comer of Haven avenue and 180th street, a six story fifty four family elevator house, 125x100, and to the Klosmore Hcalty Company he sold the Burkina Casino, a taxpayer, 200x100, x Irregular at Westchester avenue and 15 Uli street, containing fifteen stores and a danco hall. Mr. Shenlt purchased from the Wlens Kcalty Company the southwest corner of Fort Washington uvenue and 160th street, 132x100, a six story thirty family house', renting for (31,000, through Al- bert Phelps and Charles J. Brady ; from tlio Amne Realty Company the north- east corner of Haven avenue and 169th street six stores. 127x100, renting tor 134,000, through Byrne & Bowman; from the estate of J. Yf. Hawes through J. 8. Maxwell, 3167 Broadway, a six story flat, 40x100. and from Charles Wynne and James Crulkshank through I. Rosen-fel- d and Max Itosenthal the six story elvator house, EOxlOO, at 241 and 243 West 111th street. BUYER OP 35 I'IXE STREET. The Bank of the Manhattan Company, Stephin Baker president, Is the buyer from the Commercial Union Assurance Society. Ltd., of the three story building- - at S5 Pine street, sold yesterday by the Brown. Whcelock Company. It was neld at 1350,000. The buying Instltut on Is now located at 4 0 Wall street, abutting. NEW STREET BUILDINGS 80LDT It was reported In the financial district yesterday that a largo corporation had bought for occupancy the two four story structures at 12 and 51 New street north of Beaver street The buildings cover a plot GS.10.x03.5x' Irregular, and are leased until May, 1920. Title Is held by the Almy rtnnWy Company, A. O. Galla- tin president. NUIV HOTEL PROJECT RUMORED It was predicted yesterday that a lofty apartment hote to cost about 31,300.000 w 111 be erectod on the site of .the thrui dwell ties at the the southeast corner' of Madison avenue and Fifty-fourt- h street, which were sold yesterday by L B. Wakeman for Dr. Duncan Bulkley to a building concern. The plot fronts 60 feet on Madison avenun and 80 feet on Fifty-fourt- h street. It Is now by old four Btory and basement house.\ at 527 to 531 Madison avenue. In oie of which Dr. Bulke'ey has had his office. The hotel project. It Is reported, wll' be started this winter, and will be ready for occupancy next fall. OPERATOR BUYS ON WATER ST. The two five titory buildings on a plot 40.3x89. St irregular, at 173 and 175 Water street, near Burling slip, have teen bought by the Broadway-Joh- n Street Corporation, Ellas A. Cohen presi- dent, from the estau of William N. White. The new owner will resell the property to tobacco merchants. The Brown-Whcelo- Company, Inc., was ths broker. C. A L. LUNCH CO. BUYS. \L. J. Phillips & Co. have sold for the estates of Morltx Falkenau and Joseph Hamershlag, the plot of six lots .t tho southwest corner of Broadway and 135th street, fronting 149.11 feet on Broadway and 100 feet on 135th street, held at $150,000. There Is a small one story Btructilre at the extreme corner. The purchaser Is the C. & L. Realty Company, organized to take over the holdings of the C. & L. Lunch Company, which recently has been active In secur- ing locations In Manhattan, and last week leased the buildings at 214-21- 6 West Thirty-fourt- h street, through Phil- lips & Co. The company at the recent Van Cortlandt sale bought the highest Priced parcel on Broadway. The buyers will Improve the Broad- way and 135th street site with a two story and basement building containing stores and ofllces: MANHATTAN AVE. PLATS SOLD. The Northport and Southport, twu five story apartment houses covering the block front on the west side of Man- hattan avenue, between 102d nnd '103d streets, havo been sold by Christina Bchroeder to an operator. They occupy a plot fronting 200.10. feet on Manhat- tan avenue and 60 feet on each street, nnd are assessed at $180,000. HEIGHTS FLATS IN TWO DEALS. Federman & BemsUIn have sold to Charles Kllmmelman, 560 West 192d streot, a five story, new law apartment house, on a plot 75x100, containing thirty apartments, renting for 317,000 and held (it (125,000. B. Harris was the broker. Ennls & Slnnot have purchased from Peter Alexander the southeast corner of V adsvrorth avenue and 184th street, two five story apartment buildings, on a plot 100x100. J. Irving Walsh was the broker, GAIN IN BUILDING PERMITS. According to reports received by I'nlIiHny Age direct from 187 city build-'t- p, depirtments the number of permits v anted for September, 1919, shows an . reasc In estimated value of 275 per t, compared with Beptrmber, 1911: Z cities show Increases over last year, ''he total estimated value of contem-fate- d construction for tne country Is !l:,652,510, as against (38,037,410 for September, 1918. Eastern cities show an Increase of 295 re cent , seventy out of seventy-fou- r reporting twins; middle State cities 386 P cent. Increase, forty-si- x out of fifty-on- e reporting gains; Southern cities, 282 Ir cent. Incier.se, llility-flv- e out of ' cities, reporting gains; and 1 e tern cities 83 per cent Increase, ty-o- out of twenty-thre- e cities re- torting gales. v yiun.nno \penn zone\ lease. J'fepli P. Day has leased for Mrs. I'fcn G Dixon and Mrs. G. O, Mann t t West Thirty-fourt- h street and for M-- s Mary B. Gannon 251 West Thirty-- f \h street, making n plot 46x98.9, h two three story and basement ' ntone dwellings thereon, for a pe-- i u i twenty-on- e years at a total net i I of closo to (126,000, to Louis '' 1;er and Morris Bars. The tenants w make extensive alterations to the \nrs. remodelling the lower part a high class bakery and restaurant. fhrtennUUl S'nrer represenUd OTHER SALES IN MANHATTAN. WEST SEVRNTT-THIII- D STREET Gorman 1L Inn.v mA i. jl 5lnn.?.tl 1,18 four Btory and basement ' dwclllnr with thr.. i 186 West Seventy-thlr- d street, b- e- \runaway ana Columbus ave- nue, to John Moron of h evmiU-- Trust Company. The house occupies WEST NINETY-FIRS- T STREET Os car ana Herbert V. Dike sold for James A. Crulkshank 59 West Nlncty- -' \Ist. tret a tour story dwelling, lot EAST 2(8TH STREET t- -. sold to Charles E. Hanselt the two family house, 25x100, at 605 East 23Sth street for all cash. WEST 140TH STREET Renaw Realty Company sold to Mermelsteln Mush-ca- rt through B. W. Smith. Inc.. the ix iory apartment 41.8x100, at 58 West 140th atrent. WEST SEVENTY-SEVENT- 8TREET D. H. Blakely resold for the Wal- dorf Contracting Company 116 West ooveniy-Bevem- n street a rour story dwelllnr. 19x100. SPRING STREET The estate of Alfred R. Conkllntr sold throurh nrnwn Wheelock Company., Inc. to Morris Wetnstetn the five story loft, building ni m spring street,, northwest corner of Greene street 25x100. WEST 123D STREET-fPort- er Co. sold for the' Mlnzenhelmer Reilty Company to the Lenox-Columb- Company the mree story dwelling located at 214 West 123d street MADISON .STREET William A. White Sons sold for Mrs. Mary Russell Lewis to David Kotler the five story to nent 24x96. at 353 Madison street NINTH STREET Pease & Elltman sold for Harold Nathan and another so west Ninth street a four story dwelling, 25x93.11. WEST SIXTIETH STREET The Eds Corporation bought from Joseph M. hutko at 240 west Sixtieth Btreet a five story flat, 25x109. EAST .130TII STREET Barnett & Co. sold for Mrs. Ellen Maloney at 14 ism lioin street a three story dwell Intr. iKrinn WEST BEVENTYSECOND STREET Elmer E. Smathers, who purchased re- cently the dwellings at 163. 154, 15S 157 and 16 West Seventy -- second street alsw proves to be the buyer of lit and 161 West Seventy-secon- d street reported sold within the last iivo weeks. WEST SEVENTY-SECON- D 8TREET A. V. Amy Co. sold ISO West Sev enty-seco- street a four story dwell Ing, 20x100.2, for Mrs. L. V. HoU malater. WEST SEVENTY-SECON- D STREET Samuel Wheeler has Just tiken under contract the two four story dwellings at 120 and 122 West Seventy-secon- d street These were sold by Jane R. A. Browne of Cooperatown. N. Y., and Serena 8. Appleton, respectively, through Slawson Hobbs. EAST 127TII STREET The estate of Susan Van Dotsen sold 61 East 127th street, a three story dwelling, on lot 17.6x100. WEST 112TH STREET Julius Bach-rac- h sold for the Equitable Life As surance Society a three story house, 17x100, at 221 West 112th street OTHER SALES IN THE BRONX. JEROME AVENUE Charles Wynne and Louis H. Low purchased from the Clark estate the five story apartment house at the southwest corner of 169th street and Jerome avenue, 45x100. CRESTON AVENUE B. H. Welsker sold for ctu United Real Estate and Trust Company to a Mr. Garfield the block front on the east side of Creston avenue, 'from Tremont avenue to 178th street DALY AVENUE Richard D. Plrner sold (tr N. German to William Hall a dwelling at 1987 Daly avenue for Mrs. L. Ratske, MINFORD PLACE Heller & Suss-ma- n bought 1658 and 1560 M nford place, two five story apartment houses, 88x102. D. Harris was the broker EAST 165TH STREET Maurice Kastrl-ne- r sold for Harry Rosen the two five story buildings 1151 and 1155 East 166th street. 39x100 each. TOPPING AVENUE Hellen A Suss- - man 'bought 1739 Topping avenue, i0x 100. with eight room dwelling. BECK BTREET The Hesu Realty Com- pany, M. Heller president, bourht 829 Beck street a Ave story apartment house, 60x100; I Moran was the broker. TIEBOUT AVENUE Isaac Lowenfeld and William Prairer purchased from Charles Schrade 2442 Tlebout avenue, adpotnlng lS8th street 60x135, a Ave Btory new law apartment house. L. J. Greenberger was the broker. WEST 184TH STREET B. II. Welsker sold for Mrs. E. Weber to Mrs. A. Eppner the dwelling. 17x80, at 17 West 184th street. GRAND AVENUE Sager & Shapiro have sold to Mrs. Mary Seeds the three story dwelling, 16x96, at 24'04 Grand avenue. FREEMAN STREET Richard D ckson sold for Altee Couldock 827 Freeman street a two family dwelling. COMMERCIAL LEASES. Gaines Von Nostrand A Morrison, Inc., rented a store and basement at 8 East Twenty-nint- h street, to Wl!ker & Smoller, and a loft to Vogel & Metro-wlt- z. Rice A Hill leased to the American Girl Restaurant the first floor at 316 Broadway, Charles F. Noyes Company rented the six story building at 11 Llspenard street to the Eastern Merchandise Company, Inc. Huberth A Huberth leased to the Co- lumbia Blx Au'.omoblle Company the store at 9 Central Park West. In the American Circle Building. Henry 8haplro A Company leased a corner store at the northwest corner of St Nicholas avenue and 179th street, to the Lerner Waists Stores. William S. Denlson A Company leased the entire rear portion of the ground floor of 141 Broadway, running through to Temple street to the Consolidated Steel Corporation. Hell A Stern, with L. Tanenbaum, Strauss A Company, leased In the build- ing at 27-8- 3 West Twenty-thir- d street the fourth floor to the Manhattan Trad- ing Compiny and with the same brokers, In the building at 242-- 6 Fourth avenue, the sixth floor to the United Fashion Company. Spear A Company leased a loft at 85 Fifth avenue to the Prominent Shirt Company, a part of the ninth loft at 141-- 7 Fifth avenue, to Montague A Com pany, Ino the nlfith floor at 15-1- 7 West Eighteenth street, to u Anno urotners the top loft at ll West Fourth street, to Levy A Sheveiman, second ion at -- 'zo Greene streot to The Josephine Hat Com- pany, Ina, fifth loft at 36-3- 8 West Twentieth street to Goldberg A Gross- man, second loft at 4 West Sixteenth street to Louis Morse, fourth loft at 119-12- 1 Bleccker street to Rubonsteln, Wer-nlc- k A Levy, second loft at 28 West Fifteenth street to Louis Samuel & .liar-e- y Mendel, tni the fifth loft at 152-- 6 Wooeter street to the Hazleton Mills, Inc. Pease A Elllman leased ofllces In 42 West Thirty-nint- h street to Louis J. Fisher and to I'aul Zerrahn. RESIDENTIAL LEASES. Gaines, Van Nostrand A Morrison, Inc., rented apartments at 240 Fifth avenue to T, Foster Gaines and Harold P. Ranks, and apartments to Dr. B. T. Whltmore, Marie M. Burke, J, A. Furer, IC. Harbeson. N. Beckfunl and Mnr-gar- et J. Collins at 46 East Twenty-nint- h street Goodwin A Goodwin rented to Mrs. A. Prescott an apartment In 116 West Fifty-seven- th street Prose A Elllman lessed furnished for W, E. Benjamin to I. Townsend Burden of Roslyn the three story and basement' forty foot dwelling at 1140 Park ave- nue : a furnished apartment at 876 Park avenue to Henry Rogers Benjamin; a furnished apartment In 45 East Sixty- - second street to Miss Mary Oloott; apartment In 44 West Tenth street to ueorge L. Lucas; In 125 West Forty-thir- d street to Mrs. Frank J. Blake ; In 119 West Seventy-flft- h street to Wesley 8; Block. John Emerson, Miss Theresa Sharkey and Harry Fink; In 115 West Elghty-flft- h street to Mrs. N. P. Black- burn and to Mrs. It N. Bloomflold; In 156 West Elghty-slxt- h streot to Harry A. Rosenberg, and In 126 -- West 127th street to Mrs. Alfred Abet IlnOOKLYN TRANSACTIONS. Realty Estates sold 217 Greene ave- nue, a three and a halt story and base- ment brownstone house, 20x40x100. Melster Builders. Inc.. sold 188A Tenth street, a two and & half story brick dwelling. , Henry Hof sold to George Hampton the four story apartment nt 442 and 441 St Marks avenue. Bulkley A Horton Company sold 108 Hall street a two story and basement frame dwelling, lot .20x100, for Henry, M. Rets. Berkshire Realty Company, Inc. Jo- seph O. Haft president sold to Richard IL Brown 411 Ocean avenue, a four stcry apartment house, plot 40x110. William P. Rao sold nt auction In tho Real Estate Exchange ,c.i Iriegul r par- cel on the northeast side, of Seventeenth street to Charles Neuberger. Harry M, Lewis sold for Mrs. EL P. Ward the lot 67x100, on the north side of Baltlo street 80.10 feet west of Fourth avenue to Laxarus Rosenberg. Tutlno A Cemy sold for Annenberg Realty Company to Moses Thablt the two three story single brick stores and apartments, 5110 and 5112 Seventh ave- nue. E. T. Newman sold the two story and basement brownstone dwelling at 466 Sixteenth street for Catherine McCor-mlc- k. QUEENS TRANSACTIONS. Roman-Callma- n Company leased to the Delatour Beverage Corporation for the American Druggists Syndicate the building with railroad elding recently sold to them on Borden avenue, east of Van AM avenue, Ixjng Island City. The Lewis H. May Company leased at Far Rockaway (or Mrs. Nora Rellly a cottage on Oak place to David Ep stein: a cottaeje on CTInton .treat to Crest avenue to Qua Frlschman and on Columbus avenue a cottage to M. J. Ed un. Otterbourg, Stelndler A Houston l.J!\8 \1 \tU.CC ,1W0\ln..0?..H: corner of Stewart erine streets. Queens Court plot 40x100 WESTCHESTER DEALS. The Scarsdale Estates. Robert E. Far- - 'V,Ell?'aiSU.m r of White Plains a plot on the corner of Montrose road and Gorham place in the Greenaerea aeetlnn of Rrvinatat. nnd tha it.f.K. v j Post road In the Greenscres Section of Scarsdale to Mrs. Mathilda A. Jones of New York city. Prince A Ripley, Ina,. sold for Mrs. Luella S. Wals an English cottage on Elderwood avenue tn the Petham Heights section of Pelhnm to Miss Ina Claire. George Bbwe sold ths squab farm be longing to Dr. Byron 8. Price of New York on the Quaker Brldee road, near th. Ilai-mo- .l.tlni. to ll.v.nrt.r n Humason of New York city, and sold the residence of Hugh Dalzell of New York city nt. Lakeside Drive and Van Cortlandt Park avenue. Park Hill. Yon- - kera, to O. Hllllard Ross of New York city. Fish A Marvin sold for the Model House Company a house on Brewster road In the Greenacres section at Scars- - dale to Henry Meuer: for the Roosevelt Heights Realty Company 100 lota In Pelham Manor to Van Ness Bros, of T . ... . r b- - . iimncis, uiiu kur .lira. MAiii.ici mu- - Oowan or Osslnlng her property at BrlarclIfT Manor, comprising three-ou- ar ters of an acre, residence and outbuild Ings, to Miss J. Louise Owens. OUT OF TOWN TRANSACTIONS. Edward P. Hamilton A CosoM'or H. C. Enthrup his resldenco at ,31\ Esr.ex avenue. Orange. N. J.. E H Peck of St OatrnAil Cn soul for Frederick Brown (; iSi Phljlp U. Bcldlnger four acres with a three story residence and garage on Broad and. . tM . . I avenues, luageiieia, ii. j, RICHMOND NOTE. Cornelius O. Kolff sold for tho Hen derson Estate Company plot 91x100 on , tho northwest corner of Purest and Pflton avenues to Jerome Dillon of 'West New Brighton. LONO ISLAND SALE. Harvey W. Craw sold a plot In Great Neck Estates, adjoining the golf club at Great Neck, for Joseph Flelschman to James Tnyior. REALTY NOTES AND COMMENT. Harry Dates has Joined the staff of Samuel H. Martin, where he will have charge of the Insurance department. ThA T .(iTlflV.IVillimlilln rnmnn.. I - 123d street, sold recently by the Mln- - zcnhelmor Realty Company. Porter & CO. Were tho brokers. Butler a Baldwin have been nr- - tiolnted agents for 584 West Flfty-flft- h street, n.'i. szz ana 324 west 145th Btreot and 287 Avenue C. IN THE AUCTION ROOMS. CAT 14 VESBT STREET. Dy Bryan L. Kennedy. HENRY BT, 104, a a, 111.3 of Bcamrael at. 14x16, 6 sty tnmt Krancls P Oarvan aa Allen Properly Cuatodlan. vs Cambrti Holding Corp at al; Sherman A Sterling, attysi Samuel C Herrlman. rat; due on judgt. 111,111.17: taxes Ac. $46.ll bold to Ilia Lawyera Mtg Co, a party In Interest, for lu.OOO. RECORDED LKAHE8. Manhattan. LENOX AV, 311. all Estate ef Edward Itoberta, Inc. to Finnish Women'a Coop, entire Home, ext of lease I yra from Oct 1, 1115) atty, I M Sackin, III nway ,,. 52,400 CENTRE ST, 111-4- 1 7th, Ith and pent houae floori and roof Excelsior Eetatea Co to N Y Telephone Co. 16 Dey at, 3 tra from Oct 1, '11, 5 yrs renew; atty, .A W Adler, II Day st 117,000 IITH BT. 21 W. all Jennie Lerr to Wm 'Klelnmann and Joa Bchwarts, 11 Bleeck-e- r st. I 1 yrs from Nov 1, 1119 ; att), Sol ft Elsler, III Bway Il.lbl) BROADWAY, s a cor 4 Id at, drug str. No I ana part b 1411 Broadway Corpn to Jos La Blang, 1412 llvray. 11 yra from June 1, lilt; atty, Louis Rosenberg. Ill Nassau st 111.000 to 120,000 8AMU PROPERTY, space In b flame to same, 11 yra from Jan 1, 1111; atty. ama 12,000 SAME PHOPEHTT. atr No 17 Same to same, II yrs from Jan 1, 1111; atty, same i.t 11,600 SAME PROPERTY, rooms 101 to 111 In id story Sama to aame, II 6.1: vrs Mini Aug 1, lilt! atty. same. 51,000 BROADWAY, Ill-Il- l, 2d 11 and space In aub b Wlver'a Lunch Stores, Ine, to Kdw Frank. 676 W 17M at, and Jos Stern. 315 E 60th st, from Nov 16, Ills, to May 1, ltllj attya. Spits A 1), 60 I'lns st II, too snd 15,000 MS PENIIKNK. Manhattan. IJin BT, 141 W Burlock E Rnbell, true, net AuMalde O Hoyt et al fforeolosura of mortgage): atty, 11 E Rahelt. ll:r BT, 141 V Annie K Clarke at al agt Arthur V c:arka et al (foreclosure of mortgage); atty, W 8 Newhousa, 11GTJ1 ST, s a, 10 ft w of Lenox av, 60x lt.11 Jennla 0 Blddulph agt Richard Donnamy at al (foreclosure of mort- gage); atty, P J Fuller. 1PT AV. 1140 Wm W Johnson et al agt Bossufll Realty Co et al (forectoaure of mortgage); attys, Merrill, Rogers A Terry. Bronc, KAPPOCK ST, 109 Margaret S Backus agt Dora M Lesley. et ai (foreclosure of mortgage); any. T c uuck. LOT NO. 626 (easterly half), map of Vil- lage ef Wottelleld Maria nubano agt Oulseppe Fruncomano et al (foreclosure of mortgage)) atty, O U Barnes. - fHE SUN, THtJRiWY; .TRANSACTIONS RECORDED. , TRANSFERS. (With name and address of owner and attorney.) Dewatewn. (South ef Fourteenth street) AP.DBN 8T, a. 343 n Negle' av. 37x110 k ii A Realty Co to Duvla KominicK, . 835 Kelly at, and ano, mt(s 120,000. I liens. Oct 27 ally, T a T Co, 1 Dwt , II ULEECKErt ST, 133.125, n w C Wooster st. 60x100 Excelsior 8av Bnk to Harry Bwan.on, 824 W 98th it, ll Hens; atlyj, lehman ft O, 85 Naiaau st 1100 8A3JE rilOPEhTY Harry Bwanson tp , Adolph Mayer, 830 Park av, Geo A i Do.hm and Jerome Tannenbaum. each , part mtt 100.000. all liens, Oct 28: attye, same, '0 DOWEhY, 851 and 8Blt4, e a. 28.2xl00.8x S7.298.0 . Archbald V McEwan to Kath C Fltipatflck. 188 E 40th at, b and s. all Hens. May 2T, 1018; attye. Wesielman 4 K. an l.tb.rty at 1100 BT MAItK'S PL, 4JV4. s , 100.2 e 2d a 18.10i.13 nert K Bloch to Olzella K nioch. 601 W 149d st Oct 18; atty, S Jno Ulock. 108 Bway MOTT 8T. 78. s. 78 Canal at. 25x47.3 Itesa Levlnfon to Donate Vlcilano. 70 Melt at ml (12.000. all Ittna. Oct 28' atty. A C stabile. 41 Park How 1100 I.UDLOW BT, T. w s. 2HS87.0 Auirusta Mlnlaman to Taube. er Tony. Orrenbere, on premises, mtjr 110 823 all llena. Oct 23; atty, E l Hsrbst, 60 Nassau at.. (100 Eh at Hide. (East of Fifth avenue, between Fourteenth and 110th atresia.) 48TII BT, 248 B. s a, I8.810n.ll r.att ne Chauvln to Oeorrette Tlghe. 1047 Olm-atea- d av, and ano, H pirt. mta- 1K0.- - J.2S9!\tt'- - H Cook. 88 Park Itnw..lln0 48TH ST. 282 E. a a. 10 2x100 a leortelt T'sha and ano te Euen Chauvln. 4n E 64 th at H part, mtr (8.000. all liana. Oct 20! atty, TO ft T Co. 170 Dway.llOO West Ride. (West of Fifth uremia, b.twaen Fourteenth and 110th streets.) 'BTn 5.T- - 48 w- - 10x102.2 Arrow Holdi- ng- Corpa to Kat Otlensoior. 2220 Un-r?l- n Fr noekawsT, II ef Q. mlr 91 MM. ait Hens. Oct 28; atty. L T T Co. ln nway , tlOO fl,2Tt.!,T-- . 212 w- - s. SSTino.R Jacob H JeMfr Jno J Morrla, fi4 nth av, anS iil--11- , c sg! tlv'- - Morrison A Eehirf. $inn Uptown. \iT.'J 105 n a. J0xKI0.ll Irvine M DIttanhoefer. admr. to Joi Cohen, 170 B 110th at mtg 11.000; atty, FreJk If\ 'S Nae.an at , $6,500 SAME PnoPEltTV Nathan Oerber to same, q e. Juty 81; atty. Title Cuar T Co. 17 nway.......... Jl \\H PT. 205 C Katie, wife of Jno Van Drink, to sama, mtg 15,000, q c. July 50: atty. aatna , i SAME PROPERTT Ilene and Hevman iicnnnaim at ai tn aame. mtr 55,001, i.Jtii f n\i r Hi Tm.tcVdam 'ii: till I gath Florence, in w 185th st.'all llena. 17: atty, Title Guar A T Co. 17 .lltllil.MIDKIMIIIMll VVV 14ITH BT, in.m W. a . 0x.11 MaUrlCa Cnhn tit M.n.n n.altw nnfnn. Its W 117th at, mtg 5S5.50O. all lln. MADISON-A- V. TotTwVYm3 '. .Slat .V. If.lx75 Iulaa anrt rrv n xtt to South Cata Corpn, 250 7th av. all ll.na. Oct It; atty, J J Speth. St Liberty at , ; , iioo 1I2TH BT, 155 E. n a. t.)01n0.11 Meyer Zauaner et al to Meyer vtvln.teln. 55 E miin sx, ann ano. mtr: 117.500. Oct Jl atty, O.o n Hubln :1 nway.. J100 tilD BT. 8 v. a s. 5xl.11 Itenrl.tte Tlaehrach. trnataa. to rendant n.alty ..YS \ ?a at. ml Itl.noo. Oct I II or. Jio w StTfll.llrhn. w lii. trustee, to Chas Pehlmmer. 00. w ld St. Oct 58; atty. I. T & T Co. 1? Bway - Ill.noo SAME PTtOPEHTT Chai Pehlmmer to Reatrlee nitchle. 471 Central Park Went. mig iu.500, oct :i; atty, nm l'.\J HID BT. 143 W. a s, SSxIM I Ppotswood D Rowers et si. exrs Jno M llowers. to Amy A Pamls.r 58 W 41th st, et al, era, Ac, n Aymar Panda, one-ha- ptrt a t, alt llena. Oct it? attva. Mlitdlehrnnk A norland. 4 Cedar at..... 14.600 HfTII HT. 81 E, n a. Kl.6xIO0.il Chas l'lnto tovictor L dslvatore. 450 E 118th st, mtg 15.000. alt liens. Oct 27 tl liirS pt. tti v. n ht' ii Ma'iiriVV n Power to I.ucle c Drtseoll. u w Hid 'Ji.,m,.f ,,0i.,J,v.ll.Jlr.\1 ct ti: a,,.y: ,.7i!? .'iar.ft TCo- - Vetier to Knrlro lAurltano, Slf. E 140th uci xs; any, line uuar k T Lo, l,\ 'ic,U\: \cTl.nuli ,? if? A \c 100th at, mtg 13.000. Oct 2B; atty, Title Uuar ft T Co, 114 Bway II OVKHINO 8T, 1017, w a, &0iT.. -- Anna A Frlea to Allan U Frlta, tt.'.',i ovenng it mta iroOO. Oct 2T: atlv. Title Uuar K T Co. 170 Bway m .....ivm w1\\\\ i ibv.-- . .i.oxmu hobb liwnpnarar aaeaH sitif 4n Vnnann llan i Inc. 80 Church at, ,mtg tZS.OOO, Oct 25 Hltr. Title Uuar ft T Co, 170 Uway..10i WASHINGTON AV, 1!0&2. e a. 20x03 VIr. slnla Anderson to lka Sudakow. Mer- - mnld-ar- . Bet Quta, N T, Oct 27; atty, Title tluar A T Co. 170 Uway 51U0 217TH ST. 7f.O E, n a, 37.7x114 Oeo Mayer oius-pp- e Mlela. 24.14 Belmont av, ivt atty,\ Title auar ft T Co, 170 ..P\ 5100 217TI1 ST, 7R3 E. n a. 37.7x114 Sama to Oluaeppe Mastrogiacomo, 2434 Hugh.. r, Oct 27; atty, aam ilOO valentine av, 2200, a a. 16.8x110.3 w Tl'bout av. is.txll6.6-r- atk J nyan to Wm II Adalman. 2200 Valentine av. mlc tiMl .. s0. . T1ti. nu.r A T Co, 170 Uway. 10(l SAME PltOrEIlTT Agnea K nyan to same, Oct 27: sama ally 1100 KINOSDRIDCIR TERRACE, a e , 002 n e I'trot at, 40.0x Irreg Josephine Vltolo. Individ and aa heir, to Anna V llaye., Sim creston av, mtg In.ooo. Oct 24, atty, Tttte Uuar ft T Co, 170 nway.. Sinn DEVOE TERRACE, a a a. lots S to til. map Moaes Devoe. 78i90 Edla I. Smith tn Ciiaa B llorgau, 2191 Ityer av, mtg I8.OO0. Bept 26; atty, Tills auar ft T i\n. 170 nway (1 KKLLY BT. W a. 115 a l7th at. 100x100 Margt nrawsr tr Jos Krown. 1464 91st. at, Brooklyn, and ano, mtg 130,000, Oct 10; atty. Title dkar ft T Co, 114 Drnad-wa- y 1100 LOTH 141 \nil 142. map Bent Stern prop- erty BenJ Stern to Jo D Orostman. Ill Rochester av, Brooklyn, all dated Oct II and ratLrned to Lawycra Title A T Co. 110 Bway 11,000 LOT 160 Same to Morrla Meyer. 156 unoernui ar, uroaaiyn. ...lizfe LOT II Same to Horace A Bmttb. West LOTs'toi andVoiVmVVo'EdW'Hu'iVv! ni e letth at 11.760 IOTB it and 11 earns to Edgar B Lear, Sr. 120 W 145th at ItOO LOTS 41 and 44 Sama to Anton Dill. 1044 Washington av 11.000 LOT 2 Bame to Mary Cochran, 1720 Amsterdam av, 12,025 LOTH 131 and 113 Same to Fannie Waaen baum. 200 3d av 11,430 LOT 168 Sama to Fannie B Krasner, 433 E 75th st 35l)i) LOT 141 Sama to 8 B Hrbkova, 134 K llth at $37 . LOTS 141 and 160 Same to Sot Oarsott 1611 Washington av I1.00U LOT II Bame to J E Regan. 611 I.I av no.) LOTS 14 and 15 Same to II S Baudetaoo, 441 B 114th st 171) LOTo 64 and 56 (urn Id Barali Fll,.i, 114 W list st...., tiv LOTS 106, 117, 130 and 156 Sama lu Kannla B Krasner, 413 E 75th St.. 32,450 LOTS 167 and 166 Same to Philip Epstein, 1131 Vyaa av 11,400 LOTS 41, 306 to 207 Bams to Jaeob Glegal. M6 E 116th at and ano 31.100 WAUHl.NU'lON AV, w a, 216.10 n 178th at, 63.10x146,1x51.1x141 Superior Corp to Milton B HoRman, 14 13 llth st, mtg 111,600, Oct 16; atty, Abr Llckler. 141 Bway 1 SAME PROPERTY Milton B Hoffman to Lao Abraham, 2015 Creston av, mtg 351,600, Oct 15; atty same .....it IIUOHEd AV, i i, fl n 181st st. 18. Ii 14. 10xll.lxl4.f-Andr- ew F Dalton to Thos II Kip, till Hughai av, mtg 11.600 Oct 21; atty, Joa A O'Brien, 1401 Bway 1 LONOFELLOW AV. n e cor 165th st. 41.6 40; also Longfellow av, a cor Lowell av, 4Mxlo Sterling Holding Corp to Enet Realty Corp, 11 tlway, mtg 164,750, Oct 31; atty, M Nc.'Krltt, ill Rway , ...1100 BRYANT AV, n w cor Aldua at. 100x60 8eliuman Realty Corp to Fannie Rose. Ilrtsky. 314 E Hat st, Oct 11; atty, F E Silverman. 381 Bway ,....31 176TH ST. 871 E. n a, 23.11xlt.lx3t.6x03.3 Carmela Sllvratro to Rachel Kantro. wits, 1617 Mohegan av, Oct 33; atty. Max Cohen. 133 Nassau st ...3100 172DST, 442, s s. 16x17.6 Oeo Orlove Co to Minnie Zimmerman, 732 Tlntnn hv, Bept II; atty, M Orossman, lit Broad way ,,,, loo TRINITY AV, 071 and 171, w a, 71x100.1 K'lim force at ai to l.oul. w Mayor, 610 )V 1 1 Ith at, mtg 117,000, Oct 1; atty, L T A T Co, 160 Broad-wa- v 111,760 8AM H I'ROl'WnTY Bessie W, nlfe of Clarence A Seaman, to Same, mtg 117,. 000, Oct I! atty, L T A T Co, ICO Bway iioo HA HE PROPERTY Louis W Meyer to Rutherfurd ltslghts Assn, I Erie av, Rutherfurd, N J, mtg 147,000, Oct 21; at'.y same,... 1 100 PLIMPTON AV. a s, 121. 4 a Boscobel av, llxloo Moe oohsn to Reglna and Herman Feuerman, 111 W 10th st, Oct I 20; atty, Lawyers tat Co, 160 Broad, way ..1100 MAPES AV, 3111, w s. 11x141.1 Carolina Laurltsno to Samusl Taubln, 151 li 176tn st, and ano. mtr 11,600, Oct 21; atty, Lawyers TAT Co, 160 fawny ...... $100 HUSHES AV. n w cor 171th at, 41.1U lljxll.tlxli.l Oordt II Pr.yer u Maria A Bergenstaln. Ill Trinity av, mtg in, 600. Oct III atty, Lawyers A T Co, lid Bway.. ..,.,1100 LOT 40, map Height estate Marie Lehar OCTOBER 80, 1919. et al to Domenlco trano, 1101 Mutford av, mtg 11.000. Oct 111 atty, Lawyers tea Tivav... 1 1 f) ft A I (J, IWW unnjn-\\- . v I23D ST. a s. 110.10 a Barnes av, Ililt.t Adelaide\ A Wabst to Hy and Abr Engel-ma- 1405 Park av, mtg 64,260. Oct 21: attr Lawyers TAT Co, 160 nway. 1100 SCoiELD !. a s. 40x101 -- Affred B to Oeo K Oreen, IJI1 Whaalar 0?l lit atty, n II fasrgman. Jioili Jas Wablsh to Talk J McN'abb. 776 nurke III ally, Title Ouar A T Co 176 Bway.. 1100 309TH ST. 165 E, n cor, tlxlS Kbro nealtr Co to Bessie Tlmmermann, 310 E IMd at mtg 338.000. Oct 21; atty, Title Guar A T Co, 176 Bway 1100 JENNINGS BT, 761. n a. 40xlll.x67.:x IM.4Hy Boeder to Louis Cohn. 170 av. and ano, mtg 123,000, Oct III \atty! Tills Ouar A T Co. 176 nway.ll 101 nlchd Busch to Wm Miller, 113 E 134th mtg 11,000. Oct tti atty. Tltlo Ouar A T Co. 171 Bway. .1100 JACKSON AV. 1057. w s. 17.4x7,l-l?- mll Brombacher and ano to Hy Kllnkerfuss. 1067 Jackson av, mtf 4.3M. Oct 1: atty Title Ouar ft 176 Bway..tl00 1IID BT. w a. 44 10 n 162d St. 20.7x1l.X 20.6x16.6 Jaa I Oullck, 1413 6th Oct 14! atty, Tills Ouar A T Co, 170 Broad- - teiYer 'av. \l'l oi! ' w 'I! Vl'.Vxl'o'o'.i Ch'aa Oloek to Jacob Blschorf, 441 E llth at. mtg 116 000. Oct Hi atty. Title Ouar A T ( o. 176 Bway IlOO EDOK WATER RD, 1487, w s Xl00 Melater Dullders, to Oaetano Urio, 7 Rogers pi. mtg 13.000. Oct 38; atty. Title Ouar A T Co, 176 Bway. ........ .11 , HOUOHTON AV, 2163, a s. 24.11x105' A Realty Co to Jana Itinderson. 1353 Hsehell St. Oct 11: attys. Knox A D. 27 Cedar St.. ...... ..II PROSPECT AV. w s. 214.5 n 181st st, ll.Sx 150 Tlebout Av Co to August H Damn, Jr. 2155 Daly av, mtg 11,600. Oct 2J; itiy. August II Dam,,.f.r:...?oJ LOT 6'o'\a'na's'haif Vo't'iio,' map'iyihoauer , Park Deewneha Constn Co to Haakon i Emerson. 1351 Lyon av, mtg 12,250 Oct 2: atty. Title Ouar A T Co, 116 nroad- - LOTS WET 216 ,t. . to 211, ' map fumler est Uriah j 7 a if tiaa Vnniiare NY, Bept III atty, A Rowland\. Yonkers HOFFMAN ST.'siii., n'w V.\xio\oMII. dred Roseman to Efaro, II3S 3d av, Aug 61 IL0' u E 11S,' 21STH BT.\ 'a 'i! Vol\ iVl! \map\ Jerdme.' \ijx 125; also 215lh st. a a. e 2 ft of lot said map, 2x125 Frnnk M Tatteraon tn Oennaro Volpe. 131 Tho rap. on at, Oct 17: atty, Oennaro Volpe, 123 ThoWP-eo- n at 13,100 WASHINGTON A V, 2114. a s. I.lx7.6x 15.11x76.3 llargt M Wilson to Moses A Horochow. 2134 Washington av, mtg 13,500, Oct 26; attyj Bol Frledland, 211 souTiiiErtN' blvd' n w V. 'ti.4' n 'wimins pi. 26x106x30.2x127.9 Mary fl Egan to John 11 Lang. 235 E lOSd st, Oct 36: atty. J M Lelbner, 63 Park Row.. 614,500 ROBHINS AV, w a. 300 a 14tth st, 60xl0 Henrietta Krakauar to Oeo C Lam-lln- II 8t Nlcholaa pi, Oct 11: atty. M Swarllng. 67 William at.......... II NELtON AV, e a. 105.1 n Devoe at. 18.10; 83.1x16. lOsll.l August Brandes and ano to Fannls Dougtaas. 1030 Nelson av. Oct 14; atty, Fannie Douglass. 1010 Nelson av ,.14,600 UNION AV. 1223. w t. 32x111.7 Matthew C Onftln to John O'Leary, 2211 Uni- versity av, Oct 251 atty, N Y T A M Co, 135 Bway IMOO MORTOAOES. Downtown. (South of Fourteenth street.) (With name and address of lender and attorney.) HOUSTON ST. n e cor Molt st, \Ixll.lx Irreg. a t. Sept 1 Chas W Trask to Jacob Newman, 251 W llth st. 3 yrs, Int aa per bond, pr mtg 167,001.94: attys. Foster A Newman, 61 Bway PFAKL ST. 300 a e P, 24. 2x35.10x24. 2x 64.1, Oct 54 Pfalta A Bauer Realty Co tn Title Ouar A Trust Co, 176 Bway, due and lnt as per bond Ill.OtO PECK SLIP. 12, w a. 60 n Water at, IS.Ix 20.2x Irreg, Oct 24 Pfalta & Bauer Realty Co to Title Ouar A Tr Co. 174 Bway. due and Int as par bond. . . .11,000 LUDLOW ST. 7, w a, 25x67 6. p m. Oct 21 Taube. or Tony, Oreenberg to Au- gusta Mlnlaman, 48 Johnson st, Brook. Ivn, 1 yrs, 6; atty, Jacob Gordon. 46 Bway 32.000 MULBERRY ST. a a. 175 s Hester st. 23x 100. Oct 23 Dtnato dt Sesa to Donato Borfa. firm n Bolts & Pesa. prlvats bankers, to Emigrant Indust Sav Bank, 6 vrs. S'iT. ; atty, .Edw J McQulre. 51 Chambers st..... 113.000 BI.RECKER ST, 123-2- n w e Wooster st. 60x100, p m, Oct 28 Harry Swanson to Kxprlslor Savings Bank, II W lid st, due Feb 1, 1126, 5; atty, T O A T Co. 176 Bway; gold ....314.000 HENRY ST. 263, 11 s, 26x56.6, Oct 23 Annie Klrachenbluth to Loula Goldstein, 817 Longwood av, Bronx, 3 yrs, 6, pr mtg 122.500; atty, Edw J Herbal. 91 Nassau st 11,600 Wot Side. (Wast of Fifth avenue, between Fourteenth and 110th streets.) 61ST ST, 212 W, s s, 36x100.6, p m. Oct 29 Jno J Morris and ano to Isldor D Mrrrlson, 215 W 61th St. anil ano. due Nov 1 1922. 5. pr mtg 111.376: attrs, Morrison ft Sehlff, 110 Bway I1.S35 2ITH ET. 148.160 W, a a. 60x96.9, Oct 24 Jianport Realty Corpn to Samuel D Munev, 177 West at, 1 yr. 6; atty. J I Berman. 316 Bway 520.000 Uptown. (Manhattan Island, north of 110th street.) MADISON AV. 1071. w s. 33.4 s 131st . st, M.lx'5. p m. Oct 36 South Oate Oorpn to Louisa and Mary E Man, 169 W 127th st. due Oct 15, 1922. SHtti attya, Thompson, r A C 2 Wall st 34,600 133D ST, 216 W. a a. 27i99.11, p m. Oct !! Chaa Schlmmer to Wm Rankin, lis W 77th at, 6 yra, 6ft; atty, L T A T Cn. 160 nwny HO.OOO BAME PROPERTY, p m, Oct 21 8ame to Alice Bchlmmer, 400 W 162J st. 1 yr, 6r. pr mtg, 110,008: atty. aame. .11,600 U2TH ST. 126 E. n a. 84.10x100.11. p m, Oct 13 Meyer Welnsteln and ano to Mtyer Zaitaner, 1304 Park av, and ano, Instala, f. pr mtr, 317.500; atty, Oeo It Rubin. 251 Bway 61,600 MOPNTVn'DE AV W, n w c tilth st 100.11x10, P m, Oct 21 Chalmers Realty S.im'l D Munev 3 7 West st 2 yrs. 6, pr mtg 1135,000; atty. Jacob 'an, 546 Bway 110,000 155TH BT. n a, 153 w Amsterdam av, 16 6163.5. p m. Sept 27 Kath Florence to Joa W AIsop, Avon, Conn, et al, exra, due and Int as bond; atty, T O A T Co. 176 Bway 33.000 PlvElltmiT AV e c tath et f4 w lop.ixiQo. oct 27804 West lsOth. St Co to Emll R.lch. 63 1st av, 2 yrs, 6f, pr mig 1164,800; atty, Herman Onttll.b. 297 Hway 110,000 HAMILTON PL 51, n e c 139th at. 108. 6i 51 10xl. 11x94.1, Oct 27 Stars snd Strlpeo Reilty Co to Areco Realty Co, 299 Bway, due aa bund. 4C pr mtg. 3111,600; atty, Herman aottlleb. 2(9 Pwey 310.00? 149TH ST. 0 W. a s, 40s99.ll, p m, Oct 21 Mnnsn Realty Corpn to Maurice Cohen. Tonkera. N v. Hu. Nov 1. 1951. 6. pr mtg. 115,600; atty, Bin M Levy, 18 Turk Row 123,000 Bronx. CLAY AV, 1711, w s. 115 a 176th st, ISx -- 96 Sadie Lelnoff nnd ano to Wm II Stephenson, lies Clay av. Oct 27. J i; atty. Title Ouar A T Co. 176 Rnay ' 31.600 17TH ST, 769 E. n s, 37.7x114 Oluseppa Mlele to Oeo Mayer, 740 K 316th st, pr mtg, 16.600. Oct 27, 8 yrs. 6t; atty, Title Uuar A T Co. 171 nway ,32.300 117T1I ST, 661 E, n a, 37.7x114 Giuseppe Mastrogiacomo to aame, pr mtg, 15,600, Oot 37. 8 yra. 6K: atty, sama 11,100 TIFFANY BT; IIS, w a, 110 a Westchester av, 70x100 Annlo Motoatowsky to Win-nl- e To 986 Intervale av, pr mlg, 325,600. Oct 37, I yrs. ,; atty, Title Ouar A T Co, HCfftwny 36,000 JEROME AV. 1612. k a. Il.l a Mt Hope Pi. 11.6x111.11x17.11x107.6 Fanny to Wm J Edwarda, 1161 Jeroma T'-'- J: 6 rr, 'nr.; tty, Tine Ouar A Co, 171 Bway.,.. 37,150 149T11 ST. 333 E, n a, llaiob Enrico Lau. rltano to Brnedetta Vetter, 2261 Wash- ington av, Oct 26, 6 yrs, 6; atty, It Bergman, 2304 3d av 311,000 MARMION AV. 1331. a a. 16.1x69 Max Blumberg to Hyman Knts, 1126 Mar-mlo- n av. Oct 25, 6 yrs. 6541 atty, Title (luar A T Co, 175 Bway WASHINGTON AV. 3081. e s. 26x5-f- ke udakow to Virginia Anderson. Ill W 1th at, Oct 27. 6 rrs, 6; atty, Title Ouar A T Cn, 175 nway,,,. 14,100 PE VOE TERRACE, a e a. lots 69 to 61, Map Mosea De Voe. 75i90 Chaa R Hor-ga- n to E P Smith, 2452 De V .a Terrace, Oct 27. due, Ac. aa per bond; atty, Till. Guar A T Co, 176 Bway 35,000 PLIMPTON AV, e a. 75 a 170th sK 100H5 lleula Van Blarcnm to Mtirdecal Holding Co, 30 E 42d st, Oct 27. 3 yra, l atty. Title (luar A T Co. 176 Broad- way 33,395 LOT 2. map Hen t stern Mary Cochran to llenj Stern, 69 W 55th st, all following datjd Oct 16. 6 yra, 6, and returned tn L II Roaenstock, 2 Rector St. .11, 100 LOTS 47 snd 46 Edgsr B Lesr, Sr. to sams , , .,1430 IXITB 131 and 132 Fannie Waxrnbaum to aame I( 31,015 I.OTB 141 and 112 Joa a Orossman to same , , ..3100 LOTS 101, 117, 110 and HI Fannie B Krasner to aame t 11,716 LOT 161 Ssme to same 1330 JTiT 146 Sarka U Hrbkova to same. .3213 I.OTB 108 and 101 Edward Hurley to same , 31,100 LOTS 149 and ISO Pol Oaraon to same.ltOO LOTS 14 and 9111 H Bandeason to aame 3636 LOTS 64 and 66 Sarah Fisher to same.4(6 I LOTS 43 and tt Anton Dill to same. .3700 LOTS 301 to 207 Jacob Blegel and ano to sama ,...1770 LOT II Jaa a Reran to same, I 7ySj . REAL ESTATE AT AUCTION. Every One Knows That More Houses Must Be Built i These Lots are in a well estab- lished section. If you buy you will make a profit by holding them until the building movement starts. This can't be later than next spring, but the Trustees say that the Estate cannot wait 450 Choice Lots ready to build on in the Longwood Av. Section of the Bronx AT YOUR OWN PRICE Ride in either subway from centre of city to Longwood Ave. station or Prospect Ave.' station. You will find it quicker than going to Brooklyn or Queens. Sale' by order of Central Union Trust Co. et Executors and Trustees of the Estate of George F. Johnson, Dec'd. t At Auction Monday, Nov. 3d at 12 o'clock noon, Exchange Salesrooms, 14 Vesey St., New City. ' 50 60 1 remain on 70 J Send for Bookmap Phone, Rector 6500 Jl AN 11 ATT AN REAL ESTATE' FT) ft 8 A Lit t mortgage Nassau Excellent Investment Co-operati- ve Ownership Its Advantages Owning your own apartment in a modern apartment building is respects like owning your own house. Here, briefly, are the most obvious advantages: A Permanent Home A Voice in Management We have three new buildings in prospect for ownership, ranging $22,000 $80,000 for the individual apartment. Situated in the and 5th Avenue Section, of course. We be glad to discuss particulars with if you are interested. Dmigl&s L JEIllimasi Co and Country Rttidcncct AVE. Murray llitl 6600 At iith Strut 414 MADISON AV, w a, JfB.10, n 178th st. 8lTl5xli;i Slllton 8 Hoffman to BuP-\- Corp. IH Naaaau st, Oct tl. I yrs, t , atty. Abr Llchtsr. 141 Uway..J9.IOO E. n a. M.1UI9.: nnchael KantrVwIta to Cornelia BlUestro. 171 IS 118th . I. pr mtr IMOO. Oct I\. V' 1, 1114, li 4Uty. Max Cohsn. llljs- - BROF1BI.D \ AVj ' l'l'. ' a \. diioiOeo E Orssn to N T and Suburban Cd-o- B nnd L Assn, 147 E lllth st. Oct Is Instals IM ally, tt II Htrimsn, 4 0O 1I3TII 8T,' '' E.' i's VtsVl-ElT- s' P llo Jl to Ill Letlmton av. It, jril H 1 attr. Jv ,PV7r,l 00 mapIis' av. 'iiii.\w\s,'\iixi'i.8' sni and Jno to Kath H Lo weth. 10 7 av. Oct tl. 3 .V'6H'tfVoo Lnwysrs Tltla A T Co. 110 HUOHK8 AV, n w cor 171th st. .:; A Bsrsansteln to Dre?r7 \ E l\Vlh st. pr mil I8M00. Oct 31.' t yrs, tH atty. tawy.rs Tills T Co 110 Dwsy. , ....... Ii.oow II3D BT. a a, 310 10 e Darnea av. S5I9. Hy and Abr Engelsman lo Adrlald; A VTTSvVwrY.:ini7id';.lV.a,0 yr.\ lit Atty. 8 Wr.y. 19 Boston LAFONTAiNB\ AV;\' 'sV'lV.l' '' '0th 'si. Pylvester Mnscola to North BldVVlli Corpn, III B 145th .LOt : I yrs, IHr.i attya. Cocks 00 V 's.' 'l'l.'' s'ii Oth' at, 1ir.?xl00llSuh.e to lUlsey , 91 Nor a Ik. Hudson si, ralrfleld Park, Conn, Oct 81, 3 r\. V1 i ntl JB\Sr?lV08VBT.'Yiy.''n's.'4 Cohn and sno to Iljsder, 1170 Fulton av. nr mlf !l,000. VS'v. Alt T O Co. 171 nway 111,000 187T l' ST. 74T E w s, Fried lo Jaa J Oullck. 1401 Cofonado. Cal, Oct 14. I yra, ir.l jtl. THAT Co. 178 Bway UNION AV, w .. 141.10 n lllth ,.t. Ilil 1.7 John A lsry to Constant M Bird. trus, Ijirchmont, N T, Oct II. I yrs, MVi atty, N T Tltla A iUt Co. Ill wfcy s LOTS 101 and a U lot, 110. map Ixihbausr Park Haakon Emsrson to Conaln Co, 1114 Edison av, Oct II, instsls S7.S any, ame uuar - way l'l'' DAHKEli AV, w s, 180 n Klnc av. :6x3. Talk J McNabb to Jos Walush, ifllt av, On 31. 3 vrs, i atty, T a junker tlXAt, ESTATE AT AUCTION. York 4 i jts. at 5 6 V m Auctioneer M 31 St. M,tNIt.TTAN REAL ESTATE TOR SAI.l A Fixed Rent An in many group from to Park would you Town Tiibln ,11 Trenrhard MilU-t- l UJ JUiUluillsK REAL ESTATE FOU SALE ri.OIUDA. rnOKIT ANP n.KAPlTIlK rom In nwners f urspernilt or oranss STores at l;AKi:i.ANI) HIOIILANDS, FLOniDA Von can own a crme at BMAI.L TORT and reallte LAIKIi: 1'ItoriTS proilucin INDEPEM1ENT INCOME; our SToto wli( jirreass In value eah jear and Is ai ways salable: send for Ulutrntcd taolc N'o 2 showins: yrove and profits. v K HA1.I.AN ft CU..Owners, 13 5th av . N Y Tel Mal Sn sr- - A T Co, 178 Hway IS. 008 WKBSTEn AV. n w cor tOlat at. 95 3 to Mosholu Pkway x 119.9 Mary l I.udo-I- to T (1 A T Co, 176 nway. Oel 27. due, Ac, as per bond; atty, T G A T Cn, 178 nway l0il DECATUn AV. n e cor t0th st, ISsIS Bessie Tlmmermann to Ebro Realty Co, 1618 Marlon av, nr mta- I!!. 000, Oct 2s I yra, icr,! atty, Title Ouar A T Cto, 176 Hway It: noo IISTH ST, t s, lot 101 and e t ft of lot 103, map New Villus; Jerome, 27x135 Oermals Volpe to Frank M Patterson, II Liberty st, Oct :\ due. An, as per bond ally, Frank M Patterson, 66 Lib- erty st I5.800 NET ON AV, e s, 105 9 n Devoe at, 16 lot 91 1 Fsnnle Dnuxlsss to Auauvt Brandes, While Plains, N V, Oct 24. 8 yrs, 6H7H atty, Henry Wendt, 99 S'hf sau at 18, Sou MECHANICS MENS. Munhattan. 7ITH ST. 162 V (\lir rtoorinK Co ext Florence I, OofTe and Ellsabr'h fl Pur-res- owners; Manhattan Contracting f\ cent' etor 2 57TH ST. SI6 A tl7 W Pnlty Contractlni! Cn, Inc. agt Katherlne B Kennev, owner. Klelnman A Bchwarts A Felmnan et Zarclnlck, contractors 16. (Hi IIUILDINO MITCH. Plana for new buildings and alterations were filed with the Manhattan Bureau of llulldlnrs yesterday ss follows: GTH BT, 421 and 433 E. for n 4 sty 41.10x90.6 N Y Edlsnn Co, 180 E llth st. ownari W tVhlte hill. 33 Union Square, architect, cost, 1175,000 AI.TKKATIONH. ItD BT, 81 and 31 W. to a It ety air, warehouse. Ac A Oevlrty. 1173 Broad way, owner; It O P Boehler, 18 W lid at, architect; coat. 145,000. PEAttL BT, II and 101 to 101. to a 7 sty office Wm II Oraco A Co. 7 Han-ov- Square, owner I N W Wood. 7 Hanover Square, rcbllectl cost, 1 1,200 11 REAL KBTATH EN O LAND. tip Direction of the Proprietor ' ENGLAND Stratford-on-Avo- n lYAIlWICKSmilE. In ttio centre of tha town, a tent minutes from tho droit Wnstcrn and Midland stntlon. Close to ths Shalcospoarc Thoatru. the ironut it unowned tvwt LICENSED FOCOIOLD rBOPEKTT known aa TUT. SlIUCElrEAIlB nOTIX, BTItATFOUD-ON-AVO- N A specimen of 14th century architect ure. TO TlBflOI.n A8 A OOINO CONCERN\. The accommodation comnrlaoa suites of I'nccptlon Hooms. beautiful Dining It com '100 guuts). Writing Room. Parlour, about 4!) IJeJ and nrowdna: ttooma. 6 nathrooras, inU ample Domestic OfflCfw. fltabltrur for 13 liorvis. nxtenslve Qarafe. Mood accommodations for chaufTsura oa taa prcinlw. ING'.UDKD IN THE SALE ARC (1) inn snAKEftrrcARE's ctiam- - IH.ltS, containing 0 Rood rooms. (2) Two CottaRiw, with gardens sz tendtntr to the Bhakepaare Hotel, and valuable for future extension. (3) LOCK-U- P SHOP AND SnOTT ItOOAI. The whole property comprising aa are a of about 33.000 KEET SDPEn. Electric Light, Main Dralnars, Com- pany's Wator. Contral Heating. The property Is In excellent repair, and Baa been In the occupation of the same family for irnnorattons, during which time a highly valuable good will has been created. To be otTernd by Auction at the Estate ooni4,20 llanoverflquare.London.w., on Thursday. 27th Novomlor. 1B19. at 2:.10 o'clock (unless previously oO. solicitor: cmm-nnc- R davies, esq., LLAMINtllON SPA Auctioneers! liNlGHT, PltANK A. RUTLET,' 20 llauovrr Square, London, IT, In conjunction with Messrs. nARNARD A SON, btratford-on-Avo- n. TO LET rTJBIOSl FLOORS and OFFICE SPACE TO RENT In modem twenty-thre- e story office building 150 NASSAU STREET Space now occupied and shortly to be vacated by THE SUN. Approximately 7,000 sq. ft to each floor. A ho basement and Most conveniently situated office building in downtown Manhattan-Appl- y THE FRANK A MUNSBY CO. 260 Broadway, Cor. Chambers Street. WESTCHESTER REAL ETATSa. RRONXVII.I P. 1 room. 2 Baths, Immediate Occu- - I pancy. Corner Plot 8 minutes walk 9 to station. Terms. Other houses in lilnltv lin.KOO to JIOO.IKX). m 3 HOWARD II. KICITKR CO.. i MirW l l'hnn t'an. lana &s a tsv in I mi h all- - n llir Home huol u( ilruutlful Vrstcllalr. )lollH tindi-- r rLilntrurtlon. WvkuL-v- l Hninf. liM'.. 812 lith ArH N. V. HILMltk LsTAiEb IMI 1I()M1 Sale or Rent. Kenneth Ives & Co., ' Kn 4Jil Mnrrar lllll 8037. CONNECTICUT KEAI INSTATE. DARfEN, COWN. IIoubi- - 9 rooms. 2 baths, hot watrr heat, rlrctrlclty, city water, cottaiie. root cellar, 6 acras land, altuntsd on top nf hill, with- in 2 minutes walk troll? and bandy to depot. AaJilne price J2J.O0O fgsLlE-F'.SMIT- H ItS Tlllinl''- - 1. Tel. WB nniMa, rnii\ I.ONI. IM.ANII ItEAI. EhTATl. l'UII MALE NORTH SHORE, I ONG ISLAND Fend for photographs, plans and full par tlcu'ars of the fifteen Colonial cnttagea we r,rr balldlne 'n HenartwByPlnhlnE astd V..tmortnnd (ftrt sta on this aide of Ora' Veck) five nearl completed; aevsn to ten rooms, one tn three hiths. everj modern convenience, garnff f deslredi flrsl-ela- e In every respect bu P br the day, large pie's, restricted neigh'i rhiod ; vtatlnn on the prnperty. tl tn 26 m'nutea fr'm Pennsvlvanln stutlon, one bjnek from trollev prlees Jl? 500 to 124. 600: eaiy terms RlfKEUT IHIOWN ItEAl.TV COM PANT, E! Vanderhllt Avenue Telephone Slurray Hill llo Torcsi hills Gardens II Ulnutee from rnna Ptstloa, lleuee and VltU Ptnte For Bala. SAGE FOUNDATION HOMES C(X 47 . 84th St., or Foreal llllla. U U RAYS1DE P I OTS tli i 100 on Oth St., between WAUIIl'llTOV AT XSIIlll'ltKIV ArE. u. u .i (7:n ...U i ff.. iinu hi fi\v hki i.fjtM ur uuu, FOR QUICK SALE ASH FORTH ft CO.. SOI SthAy. Tin- - ri.imnvia or tuf r.wr 3rtijltniutrrB, E. 3. ih ... t.u, lur iuu tu (T I. H n'.un AKC- - .1 VV lh SU. N T. NIIIV .ILlt.-L- I Ki:l.KSTATE l ()li SA.1.E. Idea) All Year Home CnmlilnliiK Heaslinre, Conntry nnd niter. Cnuriiiabl. modern huuse with tasteful furnl ure. rui;s etc Fully equipped for tmmriilite occupancy !! autlfully located on inf North Shrewsbury Hiver near lied llanU, twu hundred 'o t waterfront Tha hoi.xf- haa 11 roo'iis rrs, steum heat and eluirlc llpht Onnige for two or three care 2 n res Fru't trees, Karden. etc. I\ne eiinim ulnB distance. Price 127,008. l'asv te T..H 0wf:1! Ilnnm 26. 116 Broad St., N. Y, 1, iliui; twelve ruuin house, three bathe, nlth stable. Karaee and four room, cottacs, on larr.e corner plot In most beautiful part of Minimi!, one-ha- mile to station: milst aacrlflio Immediately on terma to auit m,p. chaser further particulars on application. Call Barclay 5151, or write T W Pnics\ ion V\w Kng'mil Ave Summit. N. J, HEW. ESTATE. LsjsWsilsr . Ss I. si \ 44 a. I. Mil J ? a- - HESi5 IhmnesB Property

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