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THIS KID ROMANCE A PLOT FOR AUlRRi; of Tell? of n Crnol Aunt Ho Fled mid Offer to Heroine a Robber. BEP A STEP OX BOWERY III flreniS ionic tO.rrade. his not nnlv did He... ' Life and Shatter an East Side Epie. I There a boy at the temporary ahelter home o: the Society for Prevention of Crue'tv to Children whom any normal j:ror.up would want to adopt after one lock at his fare The reasons why he ,eemed adaptable yesterday and why he Is ryt are here set forth, beptnnlrp with Toliceman Nawrod i The policeman, ptiardlnr the Bowery at ! o cio-- k yesterday morninc paused before the ThaJla Theatie at No. 45 be- cause he saw at the foot of stairs lead- - lrr the sidewalk to the basement tto? a pair of shoes protrudlnc from a dark come- - Peseendlnc th stairs he f iur4. a boy asleep In this same Bowery e ttacred Pick. Mark the Match- - bov and the other Horatio Alper Proll- - who started their cllmh to diamond. and barouches In parkinp twxes and s aboe Chatham Square. Naw rod pmp a pod patrolman, wasn t thmklnp of Alter He tapped the recum- bent shoes per.tly with hl tuphtstlck. The bo spra-- up and faced him \Why ant ou home\\ No answer to this, ror to \Where .lo you lle\ So the policeman took the boy to the of the s P C C and left him. That s a'.l of Patrolman Nawrod II U Tmlp Impresari! Court. In the Children's Court sVime hours I later the roy sketche-- story that en- - llred the absorbed attention of Justice Mayo It b lef he was an orphan, Frank Enclezie, ! years old. Two week, apo he had been thrust Into the etrtets by a cruel aunt at 77 Chrystle street Since then he had not slept in a repular bed. , By da he had f craped in parbape cans. royed and satlatel his soul with East Bide adventure At nipht he had lain in hallways, under newsstands, beneath any i free shelter He was happy, he had dime In his pocket which some phllan- - throp'.st had h:m and he would never return to hl fiendish aunt The Juice mused He noted that the boy was the h'lrhtest. hand- somest in a: the Children's Court lineup also that he looked well fed. Finaily h asked the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children to k-- en tlm next Tuesday anyway, and to lr.ten-le- the wicked aunt In Chrystle I street meanwhile. In the afternoon the waif was inter- - viewed by two reporters at th detention horn at Forty-fourt- h sttet and Second! attnue. where he hoeietv keen. rhiMm i picked up since the epidemic of Infantile paralysis set In. Brown curly hair, brown eyes that loked straight at the questioners and never turned away, round pink cheeks, nose straight enough to hae suited hla Greek ancestors, flashing white teeth, aliany smile that is Frank Engletoa. J tiau Kivrn mm a oiue sleeve- - iw riuii niia niinm KnicrirriKchers ana stockings. Except for the shoes he was made over. Enter the Crael Annt. His parents brought him from Greece when he wa six years old, he said His father's name was Henry Enxlexos he wrote it out What was his father's Job' \Bustln\ cocoanuu? In a candy fac tory In Brooklyn \ But his father beat hla mother, she died and then the father uiru in junr a year apo. rranK inougm. i but mab- - It wa two years. Anyway. they died and were burled In a cemeterv in Brook;jn where there Is a statue of i Abraham Lincoln. Then Aunt M'.rope took him Into her nome at .. l nrystie street She told ,ht play by bt nn by 6 the he that the the that he had len homeless for at Yes. It than that, for Public School where ha was n Grade had not closed. About time hi aunt exiled him he quit school too. \Theteacher beat me with ruler eighteen inches lonp, so I ro back. boy told me after- wards that promoted to the next trade \ first night,\ he went on, \I slept In a hall Christie street near Grand. A man woke me up and I to an hall. In the morninc I wanhed i my the Jewish park that's around Essex street and Market place. ' found a blp naner full nf In a hall and ate one. I did that every morning i piay-- a in ine pwihjb hi urn park I found apples to eat you know wple take one bite and en, away 1 went around and looked Into barrels the pirks and found pieces of bread I atmJ . . u aKA o u- - m tt t . lag a barrel He bought sne ji of for one cent. it naa r.h\ AttheV d. Mcked up a wet saner to read and fond a under 1 bought a bottle soda for three cents and two all day sucker. I had five cen,swt and , bought a combee rand- - 'A I combee a.dw.rhH- - sanTdn:icha,rar,oUshceaseof bread\ a combee sandwum was puziled reporters idwich-\'-- . gested. \A corned beef I \Sure a sandw-ich- , the to- - rhinrr to Be a Bobber. On day a hip boy hailed him and whispered \I m a robber you to b \I told Frank, \that I was lost He 'You're a ou make robler. Gw-an- Of course street fr. i i couia a puii m- - one-- . far I didn't know wrTere -- p .\.d me down to the rler. was man by and im and hit me a pire Then he lei me ann nnu gave m two cents. What do you of thV\ Inevitably the Interviewer asked W what . sad. \or Id like pn tne COuntrv and lamer nm rri to'tlie once on train and saw- - a cow I'd like to a cow the . Where Greek Meet. Greek. Leaving Frank two more dim's Jlnge ag-ln- st hi one r.rr-- for went to Chrste Mreet On , ,r, floor the tenement at No. where he lived hla unfee. ln Aunt M.rope were Italian HI'S Whom the EnpleiOS was Greek Finally chair rronry the Greek Tony came forward whr h'.rd nam Engelios cou- pled Frank he. \He'e devil, Com. you.\ H th anothtr house SB Forayth n Intro-- ! duced the vl.ltors to Mr. and Mr. Henry Ensleios th econd floor Yea. I \i tneir boy. He had run way tne nirnt perore for the ftr.t nhls life because the mother S.id mill 101 inc rurpectea Stealing! me cent. -- She hu cried all day,\ the hus- - hand. hunted till 1 o'clock this morninE, While Ehcleio sot his hat Mrs saldt \There In no cruelty Ask anybody My hushand too pa. FYanky , that's the only trou-M- and e don't know miat Kranky, he's no smart a bov,\ ' TO BE MASON'S jilli I'Pllfl I father hnt slept doo-w- pHen until from him to their two place the boy's atory was earn his llvlnc bustln' rocoanuta. PIER'S PTTQU TA Till? ADTJU RUOU 11 1 UU Ulfjll F.tlinv Pln i ' -.- - \inuu-- i .11 VI Storm Xarragansett Is Well Attended. I I Naitr.AOANi.tTT Tint. 14 -F- ollow-1 Inc the storm raired overthls rerton ' yesterday the sun shone (tlorloisly all of y and brouRht nearly every one out Into the opn The Point Judith Country Club was popular place amnnt y s rolfers were Mrs. S Hlr.man Bird. Beatrice de Comet Gertrude de Conne.. Vr. and v,. Charles B. Plll.rpham. Mrs, Charlea n Snowden, Alex Brown, Miss Kate rer.n Smith. Miss Lisa Norris. Frank samuet. Bessie Samul, Mr J C Bathbone. Xlthea Wlr.shlp and Mrs. W C WhltlnP ' The national tennis tournament will open on Monday mornlnr the courts i in- - j oini juaitn Lountrj- - En-- , trams Include Crn'.g Blddle. Phlladel- - phla , Irving Wripht. bonpwood , Harry Johnson and Ward Hawson. California, \ ana u, voiKet caner. \''\' A hep at the Mathewsin was well attended, those present ineludlnr Admiral Harris and Mrs. Harris. Mrs. J J. Lawrence, Miss Josephine ljiw- - NI1M Mr .1.4 tl.. T Tt T . . w r oolpate Mr, Thomas Hitchcock has taken Bel- - voir on the Rock, the of Pr Joseph E-i-dy of Philadelphia, and will arrite her her son. Thomas Hitchcock, Jr . for th polo season. Mr and Mrs. Henry Tearee, Jr, Providence, who are occupylnp Quarter I'eck on the Rocks, have anchored their yacht Valmore at Saunderstown. and j a her will appear in \Zack.\ tries-M- rs Charles P Owen. Jr Providence, offered alunp f- - Bennett their week I other Ett-.n- It Garld' b Parker, w i alo w ork I ivania Academy ter playwrtpht . John Cfcarrh \ far nrt John l.v a combee JUU vllflliK AT rKLNC.tTuri. Worker Wll In n Tm j.,r s3 PiiNCrTOX. N July 14. More than S\P visitors are here third conference, begins In th Theological Seminary will continue July The pur;ose of meetings la \to bring men and Into a life of com- munion with God. victory sin. and fruit bearing through the presentation the Bible message concerning the \ leaders and speakers be Pr C Scofield, of the Sco-fiel- d Reference Bible Prof. W H Grif- fiths Thomas Toronto. Charles O. Trumbull, editor of the Suntlnv School Times. Robert E. Speer. Mrs. E M Whittemore. founder the Poor Missions. J. Alvln Orr of Pittsburg i\ presiamg omcer. FINDS EJJO BY HEARSAY. 0f the congrgatlon of tha Bernard Sachs, alienist, who testified jesterday. Pr Sachs said Mr E\no rational, and against the member church not the slightest Indicative of Insanity. Pr Sachs admitted neer seen Mr ann inai nis cpnciuiun was ru- - inatltmlon the will receive, th. The hearing adjourned Mon- - v '' JfJ yV.V.P It ESTATE INTACT W1II P,.Tae. far D.Tlrt.a O.lr M widow neatarrlea. T t I nf nvnae rntnr i houses in titis ana inrougn- - out tne wno qira iui ween. I but didn't legacy I once. \slVter Xff of\V:.B A'len into windows S'Sn.fn? rl.ldu.ry home at Grand Concourse, WILLS CHARL.E9 S. till. Appraiser Oeorge B Cnmptnn. I ...i.. t'tiHT, EmItia Trounstlne. a .0 riin. nrninT-i- n if r- - f 12.500: Hll; one-nft- re.Jdu.ry Florals ..;. PI.n,hfr, c P)ke.. law. to H 17. flti iiealiy Company son and henenrl.rie. We.t Twenty fifth MARGARETHA eCHAFKR. Margaret died Octnbsr Appral.er. s. IMH two war btaiBcUrlt. HALBONE PORTRAIT SAID TO BE A COPY VXt'REPnED SOJOURNERS . Recent Pnr- - chase by Metropolitan Is Disputed. I OtllV titlf nf MJnln. ture Artist Believed to Be in Corcoran Gallery. On the front of Bulletin Metropolitan Musuem Art the nounced plans for the comlnp of July Is a of the self- - the success Edward Malbone, the yount- - manacrr made one early American miniaturist. The por- - trait, which time ago, har.ps In the room recent ac- - ceaalons u press laat week, when Curator acting- - for the director, Edward Kobln-- i on' wh0 \ on v,allon- - announced ,h f1u\mpn ntw pf Inp and was said of the than miniatures which the painted museum alrridy possesses fte miniatures by Malbone. i . .... - b-- v of miniatures Th I ,r.'\\\y . that tbc work la not an oripinal. but that the only it TatiX.1 Repute Cosrlat. , It I. md fht nn hirlc th portrait recently by th Metro- - polltan Museum is a'slip of paper conceallnp the words \Copied Sandford Mason 1 as- - serted this palntmp was for some In the possession the late Frank tltinp of nao uao:e conecuon oi niciures. an were seieral of the of Malbone miniaturist. I Although Col. Eltlnk- - oreeented several of miniatures to the Pennsylvania . .. .M. W ...r.r ..nt the portra.t When the portr-- lt was sold auct.on in Philadelphia spring the catalogue said It had hunp in an exhibition historical portraits In the Pennslvania of Arta in Is true that the wa offered to the at time, withdrawn on account; some of the opinions expressed of authentu F,M VI'1tk0 pa.rCh\ was ro.- - the collection found the Inscription proclaimlnp It by This Inscription was by F tne X'r\'JM the Pennsylvania Academy of 'ta. palntinp Is tlKuphl to be recently acquired by the Metropolitan. Hit Work Easrrlr will entertain aboard Mr and When the portrait In the museum u the first of of for nle last fprlnp be produced l.aUr Mr will who will puests for the effects of CV1 whs ex- - se-- n in Torpued ' end. Gilbert honorary h.ch the of the Munches- - curator of the Penns of theatr- - Harra Princeton which and IS of jn&t (Christ Among will editor of of of SANE tirade this In degree had IHt.K Vila.ln lesque cuy country, collectors of of has recently been their the miniatures few palntlnpa A musical of of tn-ii- m Art. at he had to the the life Pr. was was for the The whose 'the inwription por- - have ni .,m tm- - tianus t.ood I.ldl' htm he must always In o clock of Ascension \fooV\ as and In manv particulars It night One day stayed out until witnesses have testified, Is no lgn bled portrait In the Corcoran Gal-- 9 and found door It Mr was Insane, according lo Pr lerv. although it smaller and d:f- - be least two weeks was 65, the \The in went other far In rolls kick from cake dime It. of wan: robber\\ him,\ said. baby. won't a here. of fMatlhew t M- - ....... lost, want to of S,M. picture. lost went looking V.,.. 4Mi. wnt Another day ship held me feet with \Klt COP,\ he to to nick country milk life.' to of 'T. with tO name ieed in More with \Tliat iwy- -' show- - way to of time Raid \We la tlent with to with Julr Miss Miss Mrs. Miss Club. villa of for Br the ne his of Eno. iumi until nf Ktir. Mr and pot Miner' The Bronx. Aim APPRAISALS. PTKES\. SI, in... 111 n.l !! To sister, was given fiicnara to e.l.t. MM,.. mnA id, each nianche t,,..illM TIP other beque.t. Tne \'i' b,u were made Principal as.ei, nu.inr.. nrj i\''i- - .ireet rer. known Sehster. U, 1IU Tolal J,,, linxiki Poar a r.phaa namei Genuineness of Mu seum pare of fh of foj- - his picture atrlcal year. preat of portrait of Greene an! was was bought ahort of to the Henry Kent, pf wt,rk to be one other artist The picture tn,v.\ fLPi2 copy, Miiea Ih. bought there by It further thnt jears wno vai- - nns inrs- - line snrcimens skill as the there at held Kine It portrait Judpes that but its ity ATX' a copy John 01 Une This the one oht. with be be ammed S. J. he as There great known plans the and eon. version \Sweet Kitty fxRniin back of be as that resem-a- t locked. must Eno ea be went atmlea treat Miss until 1910 October lt.!f; large. nwmn 1\T Mason. \Sllxer omlng for of Malt-one- . There win so.'n be estab llshed In lrovldence, where he lived, a museum In memory of him. Miniatur- ists are eager to acquire his work. He was born about 1TS0 and died in the South early years of the nine- teenth century- He travelled over the c.untry In the manner of the painters of that period and his work was appreciated. e even received with (.it warmth In when he, there Mason, who supposed to have made the palntinp In the mueum, was an In- - dutrious and successful copyist of the The work In the museum be- - ii. k hi. hrn r.o.-tra- !t had come from ferent In other Brooklyn Prleata Transferred. The of Rev Thomas F rom ,h Church of St Anne, Frnnt nd 0r,,d Mreets. Brooklyn, to ..i... .n rhiireh nt lllshop McDonnell. Father McMurray succeeds the late Father John F. O'Hara. tottrists by automobile. nWN W00ft ., ,.HrfJ-.- i: , Hotel y Included: Robert O John- - lioS. New York ten erl.ndi; 11. Trunin. Jr.. .r,a rnnlfkl Mr. Mr I a H C JOhn J' '.1 , Vii'M'BVi;\ 6i, xiinsfltld. Ohio ( interstate). J M, Hxie, Puent. Mrs H Meilco (Csdll. W,l.i.mrscu33,n,Ne.l,r:'nMr,t er.poon. New York (Ioconintiiei. jut ana Mr. n. S, and daughter, rietrnlt irataara). air ana sirs II \r Unit nice Pr M A tlurke, rhliadelphU Mr .tA Mr. Vault Mille joi- - tlmnre (T'.eksrdl. Mr and H Wll cox. New fork (Plercel, Mr and Mr. T I. Leemlng. Olen Cote. Wallace R Cox, Rronklin (I.oilerli Mr nd Mr. W Mr and Mr. E Jnne. si lxiul. (Plercel. Mr and Mr. Osrhell, Edward Osrfleld. Polly C.rfleid. rielsnd itstearn.l; (reorge K Mct'sgue. R. II, 8elckle, Pa lOadlllacl RVTLAND, VI. Julr It Automoblllst. ar. firing al the Berwick! Mr and Mrs W M Scurtder, Wllherspoon, Newark ilytco mobile)! Mr and Mrs. A L Wheel, inr iCadlllaet; Mr and Mr. the Mle Pell, Mr and Mr. F We.terman. Mr. Fiiirchard. Ml.. Jiurchard illudsnni: Mr and Mrs William A. Orahsm. Fred Knsler W.l.irn, Mr mid Ml. J Fowler Kinc.tnn, N Y illukkl; Mr. and Mr. P H Reach Rome N K ; Mr .nd Mr. F. Elmore. Mr nd Mr. Ro.coe C Brera., Oneont. iCadillao Mr .nd Mra H Horl Mia. Laura Bluer. r Pierce Ar. rewi; E M Tierney. Pinghamlnn: F N BaiB. Wawbfrrbi Renrr Las PruraUff; Frsatar Welcir-BjT.cu- ae iPierue Arrow). 4,eijih.'chr .elude- - Mr. Mel.en. Mr.. ''hhle\\..e.n Mr. and and last 60.. METTA B. WICHEI.NS. died July M.it,i,rI',A,n, SSSW Our\ THE SUN, SATURDAY, JULY 15, 1916. EIGHT HEW FOR J. D. WILLIAMS Works bv Chesterton and Gals- - worthy Among1 the Com- ing Traductions. DREW AS \PFVIIEVVIS\ l rnmetnoL- - Roct WJ11 Vila Musical Offering of \Sweet ! Kitty Bellairs.\ John P Williams jesterday an- - John Oalsworthy's flay. It not surprlslnp to find that author ai-a!- on his list. Galsworthy's \Justice which ran for fourteen weeks at the Candler Theatre last year John Hairjmore will continue to appear In this play until next June. After he Is withdrawn from the production of \Jus- tice\ Mr Barrymore will appear In ShMon's drama. \The Lonely Hart \ Then O P Hfjcle. who was such success Colrson in \Justice\ will th. i. .h.,.. n ton's \Mapic.- - which Mr Williams pro- - to produce next ear In all new pla will be acted under Mr. s d.rection. Amonp thct-- will Galsworthy s \A n\ ot Ixne.\ and 'The Beallat\ b: y Eden GreviU. which Mr ,illam will pro- - hi arranBrm-r- u w narnson .Grey Fiske In addition t\ John Prew. R chard Bennett and John Barrymor. who w 11 h under the manapem'ent of' Mr w n.itms he w,n ,.0011 make known the enpapement of younp star 'with whom he Is now nepotiatlr.p Mr W;ll;am announres that all his play \win oe put on tne tor tne sp-ci- ai uierar? or so.-i- ai purpose mai cauen n to tie written' Ijinpdon M.tchell's version cf \Pen- - dennls. written for John Drew, will be made complete picture of m.ddle nine, to-n- th century life a transfer of society to th- - stape Mr w ll be surrounded by lnnp and notable list of players Mr Prew will later be seen as the f7ny Lord Cu'x in Arthur Plnero's comedy of that name But that will not be acted for year or more Harold Brlphoue. author of \Hot nn's Choice.\ ha surolled Mr win- - lams with two plas Richard Bennett Mrs Fiske will not only be the fro- - due of lbrn \An Er.emy of the People\ when Mr Williams plve. the play, but she will select the actors for the role. n. nn Payne, who produced -- Justice\ for Mr Williams, w.l: stape the e.pht plays to be pHrn by him this Comstock Geat jesterday ueiiairs win p- - one oi meir mr?i am- - bltlnti Tirrwliictlftnu. In William Elliott, thev wti: rtve a sequel to \Experience.\ als- - by Georpe V H ibart It Is the, form of an pnry and carries nlong the adventures of the same characters It will be pro- duced n November Three companies wl.l r'.iiy \Experience \ Morrl Gt. wlio assumed the direction of the Man- - hattan Opera House personally, will there two spectacular plays season wll open with the Mallet Ru-.s- e under Vaslaw Nljinskl. and th.s will be followed by Klaw k Erlangers revival of \Bcn-Hur- \ F Ititv Cotnstwk will mannge his I'T r'lH f.\ i.iui ill nou This rd com- - nd one on th- - road witn nnme .lliam Lilian na inrn- - laict- - by Fred author of \A Full House \ He threaten, to produce them all Then h- - will give a musical play In the spring Arthur Hammerste will produce \Coat Tale,\ by Edward Clark, on Auc'it ' in this city loulee Prever and Thomn Wise will have the lending roles The Gaiety Theatre will oien on Mnn-da- August with \Tum to the Right \ by Wlnchell Smith and John E. Haizard. HUGHES WHITING. Areeptanre aneeol. to Be Brief! fcal Drift la Withheld. RarrwiKHAMr-roN- . July 14. Charlee E. Hughes wae busy to-d- whlpplnp Into shape the material which , will form tne pari oi nis nur- - Inp the campalpn his speech of acceptance, to be delivered I. ll.lt k. nleV,t of it ;.inp-o- f h.s'spr\ n,7' of There was Jnv In house. hnl(1 to.dav because Mies Catherine, the receded wnrt that she ... nnri pnir-r- nn- - rmiitnii,'ii- - Welleslay College permitting her to enter September Mrs Hughes was par- - tlcularly pleased because she I a Wei-lesle- y graduate WILSON SEEKS MOOSE AID. President ar He Has tn De. eree Their npporl. Wasiiinotov, July 14 In reply to a letter from J c I'arker, a Philadelphia magarlne oiitnr. asKing tr ne would ac- - rvxpt the leadce-hhl- of progressh es nf all1 panie. rresioeni uson wrote to .ur .... ,.i,t,i of their obtif-tlo-n inH, fully Informed as to parties and of .he. is belnp made tne instrument of leader- ship In the dltectlon whlrh all men who loe Juttlce and propies must wish to take. \It la for that reaenn that am proud 16 tU rtnmlnrr and tn have the op- portunity to lead it\ linmn Hurrouchs. cumtor painting im-air- . n-w- - v i . .,.. M....niitnr, of mid due- - \Co to It\ another ' ' ' ..... that Is a miu-.ca- ' Attack oa Wh Rational. harl ottiKrtunit v 1 Onld! Ml Mnrhury women Hop- - fact that Amos V Eno. on the the V Ray Comtock w.l, four ,n.ti,x eepeitr4 v,. ...i. thnt the rlnylnp ery church was longer didn't A am i Do said only down .a.nt Rut or think .My the G 9- - , for I . was .Uler-l- n e.tale. Since . nf of vogue' i. it a . , a I I . . a 1 a , I ji I I a , ., : j . - ' I , . highly He Kncland ' , feom ways. . tranfer i . rnnAAn.l i , i . . . Ta , A innnett i ,ri.ire.i . Klieres. Hunt, Iio.ion iCailillae, M W A i A ( Edward a elpht b ui- - woman ' Drew a made I d I speecne. l Till.- - i Tried i I i. COHAN COLLAPSES AT FOHElAlJ Manr Theatrical .ntablea at rr- - rlrea for Ilia at.ter. Mr. Mbla. The funeral services of Josephine Co-ha- n Nlblo. the actress, who dld last Wednesday, were held yesterday In the t'Jiurrh of the Blessed Sacrament \roadway and sexenty-nrs- t street as apartment In the Hotel Belleclalre a sllpht delay was caused by the collapse of Oeorpe M Cohan, Mrs. Nlblo's brother. The pallbearers were Edward Wallace Hunn, Samuel Harris. IVnnle V O'Brien, Charles Osgood, Howard W'VfnKand Krank Bacon I Tn, Frla Club was closed between 10 and 11 o'clock, the hour of the eer- - vices. Representative of that club, of \ Rats, the Professional Women's learue, the Treasurers Club of America and of various Cohan companies were at the church. Many others prominent In the theatrical world were present. . SITE VANDERBILT MEMORIAL PICKED Granite and Bronze Fountain Will Trobably Be Erected in Newport Street. NrwroRT. July 14 BeplniM C Van- - derbllt csr.ferred with a special commit- - ' Board of Aldermen here to- - . ..in., lunvn- - v.ip in' n tion Of a fountain which friends of the 'ate Alfred G Van- - dfrhllt hae offered to the cl!v as a m- - i mnrial. Mr Vanderbilt s a loca- - I t.:m In Broadwav at Eoualltv I'ark. and th' fountain, whlrii will be of pranlte and will nrohablv be located ther xn executive committee or tne .f pn-- t Horse Show announced to-d- the s of earlv box takers fr.r the show on Aupust Zi and T The Governor and Mrs Heerkman pot the box to tne r.pht of the mnln l.ox entrance Miss Katherine O Kniprt gae uncheon at the naval station to-d- a Mr-- TiilrlTt r. a tA t . Wltltnfvi V Praper alu pae luncheons Mrs Alex, ander R.ce paNe dinner at Minmar this eveninp The first cf a tries of dramatic studi-- s of Roman characters wa given by S It ihard Fuller of Boston p the horn- - of M. Martha A Codman this afternoon Mr, R T Wjison pae a dinner Mrs Joseph i H Willard was amonp thoe entertain- ing I at Ull: Top Inn. where lat-- r the usual Friday r.lpht dance was g'en l.lspenard Stewart has announced a dinner for Monday night n honor of his brother, Wil.iam Rhlnelatider Stew-ar- t ,V de Navarro of New York is the week, 'ni put o: t.ov HeecKman. wn r- - turned from New ork y Mr and Mrs J d. R Wh'te. houe are paas.ng the week end :n their sammer home. Frederick H Baldw ,n of New York Is visltinp Ijiwrence E Gi'.- - .e Mrs Arthur Scott Burden th. purt of her mother. Mrs Burke Roche AT GIRT Fielder's Leaders Wescott Gov host more In and time S'esenate' owdMtheCOInpuhllUcanns(, much taik that c- -t had 'rr-T- and bitter A Are tin Hfl'lM Oft A W.HeAe, at New York, who as (!B- - VlZ ernor James E wT,s J'J.Vr. r w ir , A and apparent.- fw 7\. ,r i friends at court, for Pemocrats from a.l In then w ci t p'f'i three .unties were outspoken At- - w- co on tornex General John W S' \ the w. .Mi\ Louise ana is tne puest o: on- - brass Anna mounted In front the and valuable chow ; ter clappinp his to attract atten-do- g from dog fight John f.on. regret that there Freelar.d of New York bitten the iwere troops camp to ng hand the.r paces He the John and Russell mohllliatlon here a few and J- - arrived on the yacht Cypress told of need and y H.es left behind Registered at Casino were Ce-'- ,l P Eandale of New York. guet of Puncan , Henry H Ward of Washington, P. G. Osborne of B Caro of Spanish embassy and Mrs. H S HolllMer Warwick Neck, visiting Mrs Pudley Pavis. I A Newport thir.y fooler a this afternoon, with Miss Hose B ioian. aaugnirr o; ana i ioian, ai in- - m i oin-- rs eommlssiomd J A St.ll- - man and Edwin P Morran. OBITUARY. J, . Tanner. FVMMtT. N J. Julv 14 t cable rr.es- - sac- - wa received here to.daj. tell. tig the death in France on July P of E J S Tanner, Second Lieutenant :n the Utth Machine Gun of Br armv I.l-- ut Tanner married M . Marcaretta Wiener, daughter of William T Wlstier of Summit, a year ago His been l.vlr.g with 7J rents. John neater. CsgtSTAPT. N J July 1 -- .lohn Oeh- - first Mayor of Carl'tadt ashler of Cirlstadt Bank and secretary of the Mutual l.ian and Building Association, died sud- - de-,- Iy to.day at his home. Broad Fourth street, from attack of acute was old For thirty-fiv- e he was connected wiui the'drup of McKesson A Rofeblns. Tork, and was profes- sor in chemistry at New York Col- lege Pharmacy Kn. mirak Saaaa RIf. Mrt Parah Pusan Ropera. yeara old. died Tuesday at her home, 76 Rut- land road. Prooklyn She wa. born In ,:n-U- ni and mP(1\ nushinp v fo wp R(ro Sn, one dauphter. Mrs W lllam Albers of ,.,,,.i,i r lus.urg \\ .... . nr. Charlea Putnam. nr Charles Putnam. SI vears died ' ' . . . I l ' tt ... \V ft , V.il.VZhrman I \ , s probate . i , I : , \ ' s in itn o !;VMrW21 I ' a. ld'an fch.'rur JK'cl.1 i&K; ttndere, Ho, el'e'nt'Thener.v VtoVt \\'j .\Wt.Vu.c'A'r\ is f Cah fqua,,M.Au-,u- .l. S a t I o n a died nuchman, t ... , J PLAYS I a a The I : t o Sip i county last had studied wax formerly a member of the City Roard John John J sened three terms as a member Rayonne, N J. city council, died In a .el.' .i.,itd Realty , iStearnsli Rajmnnd Ortelg and party, y In part as roMp-mr- . ii-ie- , j, j.. Vvt i .hares' Henrv land . Ne' (White! j .jn answer to ,e con-- 1 Abram Brown. Sr , a f of I4,. 15\ shares the Fnrtv. poi.ANP SPR1NO. Me. Julr 14 I )ane1 In vour letter, 1 will sav for I P\mpton Plains, at his Street IMo. , VOI??S','?dSa,2! j l\ Jealousy whatever VMerday. brief aged ,nBicm;ef!rM,\.1 SBnVc Independent Intended td He a veteran of war. .nr . .Hr. .tork u T.ll.r J Tiller. Jr.. York vote-- , of th. i noyeht was. a a a t.v m iron o a That' truth had in- - a In which on over under i a a a a In a a n u bronie. a m nn an his abram r. John Herbert. N. July at home In M N July 14 Arthur cashier of the Keyport Banking Company, died to-- jr In typhoid fever. ,.r:'\ .\nd S.'Jghier'VeV. 1 A ; and solicit, d failure on porch TW' \AhW? R-- SM, lMMr ' lW,t rlUb' C0 ' \ ' \treetT l In The v v i,,. have . a prom nent Pemocrat \ at IIMt and Perry ..?fJ!y'',J?, .. lollw include' forward , Th. Bronx . I! of , , , th)nk Jfm i fnrd. ?S.i' P York and W h.is thnt the . .,,. . . l.Mi Mrs M V Schmt Mr f' W k',r' pNrty represenis , 8,oMUSD died lnte.lt. June NrW (Merceri : Mr. n I. T.j- ' , , ,,.,', nf Ira G P. mother Will- - fam-- , , \ NT. \W.. Powers. TXr&l XS VWn I $!& r?.uhin?'\dk.e5 w III il- - r l. n.rnrh .nil A A lernr I'n.rtlll.l !,. .irf Pemltry, said a kerpln-I- Hop Comploti. daughters, rettlhone, W.IMams Hamilton Brown. Passaic. Peeper! Brown, Wlfa iCadlllaci: daughter tLKnocia'lon Produce n..gl,t-- r. National J\\!. TDD TTTflO AIRED SEA Gov. Luncheon to Essex. Jiorris Ocean the Occasion. PLEA FOR SOLDIERS' KIN Wittpenn Seem J Winners, but Republican Races Are Open. J.. 14 Issues of had their y when as to men of Esex, Moirls and Ocean Whilf party Unea were the invitations and Governor the newspaper men that It was not a pol'tl- -' lea' satherlnp. no other subject was die- - !cu;,M? , . amor.c the visitors were Col Austen Clsate. one of the Bepub-ira- n candidates the nomination. former Goernor Murphy, who short \see10' Un'\'5 the' a'nd mo-ra- ts belnp equally divided. nai of the centred on c.lances of the men winnlnp the \ominaiions seen. The U'fx He irublKans claim their favorite sons1 w.i. both nominations, hut R K.l h ih. pnent of pate, phnty of friends Morris Ocean counties In a factional flsht for the nominal. on is on between tne present incumbent. Thomas Mathis. and AseemMyman Ia1d Conrad, and supporters of the are llnlnp un respectively nenma tape Colpate nemnrrat Confldeat Amonp the Pemocrats there seemed to Ihll BARNES ACCORD WITH PARSONS NOW offlcer was present.! ,.h\\tU, u.d tv .elected cand.d-t- e for f. oAJ Senator Mart.ne Me not present he had nlLl rhi'.-ip- and V for ,.,.;, M f,\ the Senate. \.J \Ml....!. .... ;ir- - ill .1 uepub lean ltuat on 'j.na .,.ia . c, r. ... ntr on of th blp cannon Miss Sands. of cottape, af- - While hands a last night he his was on no In watch bf put through .poke of Cewles steam of the men the the y Stuart Washing- ton. the of was out for pin mt .iir. ence wo being for n. of the here her the lndlgellon. He (.7 car. years house New an associate the of )n for man oM. wa. J. VI the of lot. and P. of led Mrs and DAT the the for (.ar. H. the niail- - ilT;ir ine Senatorial extricating his expresed sco the Company He M, M. apparently waiting on Edward C Stoket Mr. Murph. Joseph S Is an avowed lAndldat-- 1 the office and is making a deter- - r'oiiiirian. nere to.. da to s- -e no chan-- e for either f these :f Mr Stokes flnallv enters the Frit nds are cir. ulatlng a rxti- - ti n and these reported that a soon as enouch signatures are procured Mr wlil Mmelf G-- v Fielder had the unlqu- - ex- - penen-- e of asking h.s puets for and pettinp it. Jut before lunche,n he Pleada for nldler' Families. \The women of N-- w Jerey,\ the (Governor, \have determined to aid those hae forth to work for us a- -d th- - whol- - country and to se- - the r dependents ar- - oronerlv taken ry nt 'The New Jersev Soldle.' Ilrtief formed and Fle'dfr has been made chairman Now 1 want ou to an a little to aid the Kis at the front and the r families Rip t.n were pas-- d through the and the was a collection of 36. Mrs. F.dder wa delighted In the Fifth Cotigri district of wh -- h Morris county is a part, it is expe-t-- tV present Repr-sentat- John II Captick, wlil hae a hard time if he seeks reel.-c- t Former l l,ar .n lowier of l.rzabeth ma if-!\-- e Mr Cipst.k Roanln-a- ' a New- Yofk lanjer who lieF n P'tn. fM. has alread) annojmed his cand . The opposition Is said to come from the of commuters In the who said be much displeased with Mr Capstlck's ot In favor of the MoEemorc resolution 'Edward Ehlers that there was noth-.n- to t and Mr CapMu-- k would be put over.\ hut o!hrs fr.'tn the same district that he could not be re- - elo, ted The Pcmo-r.- it - w f - E Tuttle of Wesi- - Capstick defeated In 1!14 was a report here to-d- that former Krnet R Ackerman of I rnlon county might enter the for I'nlted States Senator, but Mr. man, aelde from admitting that he was considering the matter, to com- mit himself, Republican leader who the ring Included former Governor J Franklin Fort. Justices Francis J Pway-se- y and Samuel Kallnch, Mayor Panlel Mlnahan of Orange, Speaker C rilprtm of the House of Assembly. Richard Wayne Tarker and t. A Kip Jr Frvn the Pemocrat side were James R Nugent, former Sena tor James Smith, Jr, City Treasurer have heen no I.tisltania incident.\ said William M Calder. th Re- - ' publican prlmrls for states American inc. ios amican prestige abroad and loss of many millions of would hot have the l.usltanla appeared tn the newspaper that such warning would haie to coma through recognlxed diplomatic channel else be Ignored. I safety nf passenger wa assured, i \Nor Mr. Hughes or Col. Roose. ' velt have permitted Great Britain or France to hold up our malls, prevent the legitimate conduct of our huslnesa or In terfere well established of And If either of them had pone Mexico they would have retired until had been fully settled \ DIED. JOHNPTONE Ellt'ih.lh Pnlc 'THE FL'NERAI. Rrosdway. Six t sixth nd sixty. seventh (Frank K Rulidlngi Saturday I o'clock. OEIII.F.R Huddetily. at Carlnadl. N J. 14, John Oehler. heloved hu.h.nd of Mr. John Funeral erlce. runday, July II, t re.ldence, 426 Broad street, at 7 o'clock Funeral TANNER. In Franc., I, killed In Lieut. J F.lby Tann.r, El.v-nt- h Teikahlre Rrglm.nt, beluvtd hui-ban- d of M.rgarett. R. Wiener, 1. flll.n wUlow shouldemarry. ' bu j; VWS.j C C Airtj. l Kafcht. f -- rlrr. .Vudp7 Jam P Mod and Thomas F His will, offered for In The ... ... ri.nr,- - ( Is is v cTvfth' C A C Is OF I Bronx yesterday, disposes of ISOO.OOO, I nill Chirit. W ir'. Lo. Anrek. \ It 1 foii.TTh. , provides that property shall be Vpiercei. Mr.. Isaac Ourr-nhel- m. New .f'V,. melttar a? r m T ,V iiT ,,o .i., ; JVC CR'SIS 70 \ !LS0S Estate of C Miner. Henry- - Tj fierce,: \n'oTe Td Tn. 1, Mr Hi.hes a, J I to -I- g-' C.l-- rr ,.y. Ha.he. or llnore., \n VKnT.V.!' believed thM th. speech o, .r-- i o\f WaV mYh. net -- '. wasn't IIOO h ni I he hr'JJIfc' pit do ANNA and shown seen the the the Mr. r. J O with alle. next White are wife has alrlns apo the not the the Thuredav night at his home, 4 ave. Senator, before the Queens com- mie. Jersev City, after a long illness mlttee night 'Nor would there Twntv apo he came to Jersev been Gillfllght Incldmt nor Cltv and succeeded to the practice of Sussex Incident nor of the tragic Pr' Edwin Pvle, under wehom he happenings which resulted In loss of Jersey of Health. J. Bofle. Royle. who of the yesterday said sanitarium at Edpewater. Col. He vras,Th, would have followed an emphatic on his way home from Colorado Springs, i on German Government where lie went several months ago fori that no ship should he sunk until the s,,uiire Company. Chicago rarker follows: juij \\''. Morgenthau Vork nuestlon wealthy armer Cnmpany. that died home here Seventh R..l'Cnmp.ny. M arrivil. by \1 have no following a lllns. nnr.nU.tlnn TI the civil r.nll.l uu. New k.en the In.tenendenl eonn. nfcf There the with down h. Pr. the the health Thursdsy her Buffalo, Arthur ata wan, Brown, hie home front Golrtemtth, Wood.io.-k- . Mr beliic yesterday the M'\ r\ I ,1, 'V ft' Perry stenue. ns Ji.soe. pl;e progressive, lookinc h.O Ie ra pprnrJ BejU !hR w.irPf 'J\'\ Mr Mr.. John hur ronflimed the belief Pemo- - ibnig. O. Itrennen. Italph ,.rn1,0 ' a 1h.\ RARITCH. York Mr Walker, J,\\ o nn. Ml.. I.eror II est, hemartelhe lnetrnme.it n enlghborhood he tantmtnt ni also nel Splf-nnt- n Academy visits Philadelphia BUSY Im 14 CUV and and Juy rsy campalcn nrst Fielder actd ISO or counties. ipnored assured Ooemorehip Kranklin a \larp.'st abut the two tney alter i.nt.., Co. two and nrl, 1 Willys week r. ri'rn N. Frelinghusen he m'ned professed men race declare monev' who Tone that 'has ben Mrs ask men pans result tin that Congressman Ri!iaril dary. thousand are to County Chairman declared deoNred candidate ne'.d whom There Senator lists Acker refused attended path Charlea candidate In united oi American dollars. \These statesmen said when warnings or all would with the right neutral Into the problem fHVRCII\ Cainrhell evening, July Oehler hi. late, private, July E. - ex ,TT\i \ the ; he demand n the ears any any the J IN Get Together to Assure New York Going for Hughes Solidly. NEBRASKA MOOSE IX 1.1 XE Candidate to Speak in Detroit August 7 and in Maine September. Still another Indication that all fac- tions of the Kepublican party hav united to elect Charles E Huphes known yesterday, when it was learned that William Barnes. Jr . and h's on time udersary Herbrt Parsons, had an amlraMe talk a wk apo. and have arra-.pe- d for another metinr shortly \1 was very plad to have th f Mr. Barnes s wide political experience and his excellent judpment.\ said Mr ,,ar,on Jesterday \He offered us h.s \\'i,,'lt,(\'' nd ry cooperation and we c\nuea ery p.aa, Mr Barnes's talk with Mr Parso- -. whos- - fight against the Albany leader won him th- - latter'e place on the Na- tional Committee, was said rs'erday 'o hae an important bearing on the New-Yor- Stat- - pol'tieal situation and to mean that perhap Mr Barn-- s tr:cut n-- t oppose Gn Wh tman' renoin nat t strenuous! Of hower h. b.c fact Is that it renders doubtv that Mr Barnes will swir.c his power firm to Mr Hughes s support Mr Barnes had his talk with tr Par-so- n at the I'tn.-- l.eapue Club, the same p.ace where he met William R W.llcox oha.rman of the campa.gr. ten dn ago In that talk to- - Mr Barnes promised h. hear: suptfrt 1,. Aneeles The return ti a : .,e,.,,'iitv ,n i,. ,. , salt Lake' Clt r.xer. Karas C- ar. fjt Lou'e. v.. h. - ti - . . m.i.. .w. ,',k m Sentemher to rJt a'.' \ \'';' ln-- o th- - ea- -l on 'h- -f H- - - v m'. tw o a- - e. -- . v\ 1,-1,- -. w ,' Se- ' .v., Retuhl m i'-r- n cr - ; . h ',' i P , . Jdav He had a ie e cr - e AMrr.MrT. new lucTioniu ji m -- 1 M,l. To p THE 2 COOLEST SPOTS '1 Alter the Show M.I' li'P thl llieatre ZIEGFELD MIDNIGHT FROLIC 1 HL ONLY ROOh W r,lr FALL? NATION '.IV'M'm1! f I IRERTV imsiti 1 1 i . timi LIDCrtl I Tl-- 1 Y : T .SI .Ifr . Thrlllitip Patriotic prt ucle nii-.- t s f DbbMSbU, ',r(.p, ,, ra,, THE BOOMERANG MMr.\ Tit\ii mtkI I ! r1t f Wilts HUInc 4 rrk In .dn- ELTINGE' Mot TO ! Y .t We KFtTll nn, ,id, (,e.i While Dai krv ucille snish I -- Mik' -- tell A l i s. I'mn-H-- i. H\vA4\-- t m Itmtfcin.' l A psllv tt lHo-- ll \ ilrtl A l.ii I rtA-lv- o Iteili Inn I emi'Oml\ ert r.l I'ni- - In (II IAI T tocU tsl-nn- - Th-- I ML. I J lUI'.Hroed yi-tet-- R Tl t KUolfMt '. \' 'lt t 'hH- - l\ v 'l'l,l'o 'n The acationd A :th WalLare lleld Strand;';- - 30 P M 'The Selfish U oni.n Xtra Feat t'tiarles rhaptln In The Vc(vin.l Uth Street near Fourth Avenue Nebraska Trorress'xe committee had de- cided tmamrr is 15 to support Mr. Huches Ai.-.he- r caller was E. C. St. ks cx.OMi r.( Xfw Jersey, Mr Mr .a n't etcrday afternaM ti vis t ' s f n at rairnaven. Conn- -, f r the first t i'i n f ;ir weeks W .th,n wie). i' tw the headnuaj. ters of the State commute :'.; be moed U- 4S Wrt Thirty-nint- h street to the ond floor of th Metropolitan 1. u directly be- neath Mate Cha.rm.m Tanner's offlc. M'CORM!CK CONFIDENT. Deninrniile I halrmnn ire 3tlW Writ Moosr Want Wllaoa. Vance chairtian of th IVmncratio Natir-no- ! Committee, rot ba'k estcrdav frr.m Ch;-ap- where ha went to start the in the mlddla 'et He bronphl with him plenty of confidence that Preside nt Wilson hf rosy prospects there and will get much Procrre!vr supp rt Mr MrCormUk ft last nlpht for Washlnpton. whe he will see President Wilson at.d settle al' plans for th notlflratlnn \ It Is likely to be held n Auput nt Shadow Eawn. Vang Bran r. hut Mr MeCormi-- k will ha- - to talk als- - tr Smitor faille .'ames, who mak's the n fVai .pee'-- The exe-- r e mtr ttee of the Touruj Mn rni - .t - Leapue of New York !e busy In c \ji the of orpanli-tr- p 'n r- - ' e A ready machines ar. heire I i ' eVen States. Th lcue hue T 4 '' Tsm'-er- ,n New Tork wt SJa- - Safeguard the Children ficamst infantile paralysis. Care, cleanliness, nnd the free ue of disinfectants nnd antiseptic are ndvned Spray the children's nose. Let them Ffirple. nnd brush their teeth often Keep the little hand ond faces clean. For spray sargle s Rood cr.tiseptic is our srPTOL - rt. bottle. 15c; 1? o.- - . JQ.- - 3: or . 75c, A pood antiseptic tooth paste i Sep ! Piv.e tub- - 15c Toothb-tuS- c ntomtrrrs and evrr o'htr cood preventive pneed here w h fairness 1 . f '. b\h to toi h M lei. to .VI At. Mt l Ml MV it e t A AOtb St I a a O t 0 ASTOR 1 w E- -4 IV v \ el . l.-- . CASINO 4 U vi 2 .2' A M Tht 1 Hiflurent LYRIC TWICE DAILY1,!,? Vai I riM im in tin i irv t.iTEsi- I I 1 tM IM UM N)ll t.ll 1,(1 TO i I nil IIH (till i;i Timet 5 wxzi ro77jiQjOJEH ' olUWiiv . Kit km 11, SO. M - . Hull GLOB I\ - Iljllj. ? to II, 411 'Ar and aDe. B1LI.IE BURKE .Intl.'. Itnmuc.\ i hnpte- - Kieen An1 I, M K IM rttiE The Prlca\ c LEW KELLY in HELLO NEW YORK \ \we p . ti ir- - prktown I lMnriiic lliliootl STEEPLECHASE '!J t uiirj riinu.T riare. Iff lm fur ih-- i hlldrn. HOTEL LENOX nt'lTAU), N. T. HOTri,- - AMI KI1 U'RANTB. THE GARDEN Broadway 50th St. 7th Avenue MUSIC-DANCI- NG- CABARET BEST OF FOOD AT MODERATE PRICES KNOWN FROM COAST TO COAST THE BOHEMIAN RENDEZVOUS OF NEW YORK IN THE SUNDAY WORLD TO-MORRO- W! HON. FRANKLIN P. LANE- - (Secretary of the Interior ) PRESENTS AND REVIKWS PRESIDENT WILSON'S MEXICAN POLICY From the Beginning of the Present Administration at Washington to Date. This Is an Authorized Statement bt a Member oj the Cabinet. EXCLUSIVELY In the Sunday World To-- M arrow! Wti

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