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tn 10 THE SUN, SATURDAY, JULY 15, 1916. Wholesale Baseball Is Becoming a Fad on Polo Grounds 24 Innings of Play Is Latest \Treat\ for Fam YANKS AND TIGERS DIVIDE IN EXTRA INNING CONTESTS Teams Kngngo in 21 Innings of Thrilling Flay, Each (J n mo 12 Hounds. CVhWV BEATEN' IX FIK&T, i)-'- hTSSKLT, WINS, 4-- 3 i lly riir.llK.HHK G. 1.1KB. I A double header between the Yanks i nnd Detroit Tlgera was advertised on the I'olo Grounds yesterday, but the play-- 1 era almost went through a triple header, j Six extra rounds, three In each game, . were tossed In for good measure. Ni Mich quantity of baseball ha been J wished on the fans of thin municipality nt one sitting In many moons. Tho fans, simply were double hendcrrd until theyj ' got klnkx In their Lacks watching round after round go by. The third baseball bargain of the week Mnrtcii nt 1 :30 and lasted nearly six bourn, as the clock was swinging toward 7:10 when Itoger I'ceklnpaugh humane-l- y shot n single Into right field, scoring .ee Magee from third base In the twelfth round of the second bout. Kuch muS lun Into a dozen Innings. In the opener the Heng.ils, or shall we say Ty Cobb? busted Nick Cullop'it great winning stieak. battering down Nick w Ith four runs In the twelfth, and win-Id- n fi to 2. after the Chllhowle portslder' had dished out a star game. Two fresh- men pitchers, .Mian llussell of the Yanks nnd (leorgc Cimnltmham of the Tigers, put on the second go, and It looked as thought It would be a \darkness\ draw, until .Magee and I'eck won It for Allan in the twelfth. The score was 4 to 3. The Tigers play again nt Harlem to-- 1 day, and we advise all person who are cuntetnplntlng going to bring their luuc.'i lioxos. You never can tell how long the T.v conns will keep you there. When they pllvved their last engagement here they plavcd only two game\ but onw was) a sixteen liming tie. The four games plavcd by Jennings's felines In Harlem this season have connumed forty-nin- e Innings, an average of twelve and Innings a game. Quality Malchra Quantity. However, while there was too much quantity for even the most rabid bar- gain hunter, the quality matched the quantity, as thero was ns much of the former as the latter. Hoth games were brilliant affairs, featured by grand pitch-In- and studded with superb fielding plays. Both teams held na tight as drums In the pinches throughout the twenty-fou- r rounds, and. with the excep. tlon of Detroit's twelfth Inning In the first same, runs were as hard to capture a German trenches. Two former pitchers of the old Cleve- land Naps during the days Nick Cullop and Willie Mitchell, fought as brilliant a pitchers' duel as has been seen In Harlem this year. Doth Nick and Will are left hand-e- and their fortunes have shifted quite a little during the past few years. In Cleveland Wllllo was star pitcher of tho club, whllo Nicholas was an extra pitcher who finished out games. Now Nick Is nt the top of the league nnd Mitchell is at the bottom. having been aved from a minor league berth by Hughle Jennings, who refused to waive on him when Kohl rocently tried to ship mm to the brush. Mitchell's game yesterday should enable him to hold on to a big league meal ticket for quite a spell. He pitched with care and judgment. He took no, chances. He walked linker and young i Walters when they came up In the) pinch, and then subjugated following batsmen. Wlint cared Willie If his old comrade was pitching for his tenth I straight, he was pitching for his Job. ' Mitchell fanned seven, getting J'lpp , thrice and Walters twice. He also drove In Detroit's last two runs In the twelfth. Cullop Lead I'utll Twelfth. Until the twelfth. Cullop had it on Mitchell by a shade. Tile Virginian seemed to be going stronger as the game progressed, nnd from the seventh Inning I to the eleventh he mowed down the Jllchlganders as though they were schoolboys. However, Ty Cobb was the Wg thorn In Nick's bed of roses, and lashed hlm for a double and two singles. J! ran an infield hit Into Detroit's first run In the second Inning, and his Infield rnulnner In the twelfth started Cullop un the sliding board. Cobb opened the second Inning- - of tiff No. 1 with a high bounder to Baker, which he beat out. Veach's sacrifice ndvanred Cobb to second, and he sped on to third while reck was erasing Hum. Pep Young, who couldn't hit Ills weight while a Yank under Chance, dint a single Into left, ncorlng Ty. Pep. like Tyrus, maced Cullop for three hits. Booni! had a mighty surprise In his bat, nnd by out Hakerlng Haker he put New York a run to the good. After npp fanned. Taker hit a single, and took second on Maree's Infield roller. Hoone took n hefty nwlpe at the ball and tent It for a ride Jnto the Baker home run zone In right, Frank trudg- ing In ahead of hlm. Baker welcomed 1jte to the home run lodgo by throw- ing hit arm around Boone after he crossed tho plate. It was a mushy cene I Harry Hcllmnn also can lilt liome runs much to our regret. He laced one to tho deepest corner of right field In the sixth, tleing the score. From then It was \Rvcn Stephen\ until the twelfth, the Yanks sidestepping many chances to make It ten straight for Nick, particularly In tho seventh, when Magee hit to the Infield with the bases full for the third out. Tho Cullop Kxpress was wrecked In the twelfth. Cobb had no mercy on a fellow son of Dixie, and bounced a slow one to Baker. It' was a hit, but In his hurry to mako a throw \llaker\ threw the ball under a grandstand gate. Cobb made third, but was moved back to sec- ond under :i ground rule, though he kicked like nn Alabama mule. Tho finish then came quickly. Veach sacrificed Cobb to third, and Hums punched the first ball to left for a single, scoring tho Clcogla I'each. On Young's third single, Burns went to third. Dell Haker hit to I'eck, who made a wild throw home, Burns scoring, Young and Dell taking nil extra base. Mitchell sroied them with a single, Allan llussell easily deserved the sec- ond victory, though Cunningham, his rival, was no chump, and gave a gaiuo exhibition for a kid. llussell permitted only six hits, three being hunched In the llflh. nnd ttruck out eight, baffling the 4iy Cobb twice with his tiplttor. Waller Alexander made two wild throws, inch of which helped Detroit to a run, though on the whole Allan's support was of the same brand as his pitching. High Articles on, Don't Miss To-morro- w's Eight Page Sporting Section of The Sun Are ynu a dyed In the wool bnsobnll fan? Are you a lover of track and field athletics? Arc you an expert with the rod and reel? 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If you want a real treat on American turf history. The will be n treat in itself. The Sun-Pre- sells out early. Place your order to-da- y for these features! made one of the greatest ratchet of the season In the lliild Inning of this game, when he thiew himself at Hush's low liner, skated .Minimi on bis hot but held the ball. Detroit Kiuird ii hitlers run 111 ltiissell In the first Inning. Vltt walked, stole second with a game leg, kept on to third when Alec's tlunw bounce1.! off Bonne's shin and scored mi llcllinan's sacillleci My. The Yankees tied In their half Cunningham started wild, walking Magee nnd 1'tck, and Haker singled the fot titer home. The Yankees siorcd again In lit' fourth Inning on Alexanders paps, Rus- sell's sacrifice and Magee's single. Boone's single and Alec's triple batched a third New York run In the fourth. J The Detroit started to get them back. The Tlgeis scored their only earned run in the firth on single by Cunningham, Vltt anil Hellinau, and tied the score In the sixth. Mill lis doubled and took third! on Alexander's poor throw to catch hlm asleep, srorlng no McKccs s.icilllce fly. New York won In the twelfth Inning.' Magee knocked a double to centre tleld and ran lo third on High's sactlllce. I'eck laceil a hit to tight, scoring \Alnc and the lonrf session was oer. The scores : , VIK8T GAM K DKTllOIT iA 1 NKW YOKK .A i ub r h o 3 c .ib r h o a r nt.ili , . 5iiu i! ,n lUiinniiii.n ;.tt l mo ii'in. .... o ; 4 e Hull, If . sol 3 n.i lletlai'n.rf. oil .vi n en sn.M Ml I 5 1 Cobt cf r. : J 0 on Pip..,ii 3 00 1) 0 Veach.lf 3 0 1 to OI.Mullcn Ib I 0 4 ii 0 Ilurnvlb ft 1 I 11 I ' li.ikcr.3l 4 11 1 At Young.:'!! i. t 3 : 4 ii Magcc.cf 4 0 0 .1 0 0 ti llaker.e Mo v v ft,llnoiir.7h 4 11 3 4 il Mttchell.p 50 1 1 so.Walrerp.e 4 0 0 4 1' li - .CUlIop.p., f. 0 2 1 .10 Tot ali si G lu Ib I Total i I :::: IMrolt a t o o t i o o o 0 4 A New York o 2 o o o o o o o o o; Two base hliHlgh. Cnl.b. Home run Honne.. Ileilnianii Molen ba'-Hu- rn. Mill. I len. Hoone Sacrifice hit Yeaeh Illirh. miunie 1 nun; and Hum Ift nn bje New York. 10; lvtni.t. 5. First l.ie on error New York, 1 Karned run-- Off Culloti. 4: olf Mlieliell, j Hit br pitcher Ity MiKhrll, illunnei Pane on bell. Oft Cullop. 1 (Vltt i : oB Mitchell. .'. (Mare, Mullen. (' Haker, walierp. Struck out lly 'ullop. a (llellmiinii. Veach. Iiushi; by Mltihell. : 11lp 3. Walter r llaker. Ilatimanin Wild plieli Mitchell I'mpirep Meprr NjIIiii and Dinein Time of same: bourn and SO mtmitep SF.COM1 CAME. DETHOIT (A NEW YOIIK IAJ. ab r Ii o a e ,ib r h o a e Vltt.Jb.. . 4 1 1 3 3 0 Mnsee if 5 : i 7 0 0 liuph.p. . 5no : 3 o iiich.if .. 4ni : oo lleilman.rf 4 0 1 : Oil Peckln'h.M. 5 0 2 5 10 Cobb.cf.... SOt 4 0 .. 4 0 2 Ii 10 Veach.lf... 5 0 0 r. 1 01 !l.iker.3l. 101 1 0 0 Hum. lb.. Ill 0 0 linlf oll.:b, .1 0 0 2 4 a lounr.ZD.. 3004 1 o Haumann.rt 5 0 2 2 0 0 leKee.e. . 4 0 0 I Mionnc.Sb-J- 411120 un'ham,. 4.:j,04wa,,.ler.e t, j, 0 2 Tolali.. 37 3 I'M 14 tWaltrrpc. inn 200 lluell.p. 300 1) 20 I Totulp 3n 4 12 M 10 2 One out when wlnuuttf run wn peorel tHattfd for Alexander m the ninth ttiiunp; lletroll ... 1 n 0 0 1 1 o'o 0 0 0 O- -S New York .11010 noooon 14 Two base hits Ilurup, Uiumann. Macea. Three lne hits tljip. Alexander stolen liaaep-V- itt. Maeee, Sacrifice hll-H- Ih. 2; Vlii. Uupell. lioone, Sacrifice MeKee. IX111I1I nlarn-ltilK- 'll. (iedeon and lipi: RiipIi nnd llurii: 4iedenn. l'eeklnpaiuti and Pi)i Itt 011 bane New York, lo; lie. Irolt. 7. Earned rum Off Huel. 1 rnn: off Cuiinlniiliam. 4 run, lilt by pitcher Hr I Kiedeoni !laca on ball Off K (llurii. :': Vltt. Young, Cunnlnglianii; nfl Ciinnliiyliam, 5 O'eektnpauifh, Magee, Alxaiuler. Iliikrll, Pipp) Struck out lly Hup-el- l. s (Veaeli, Tlinh. 2: Cobb. 2: MeKee, Ciiiiiiliichanii; by Ciinnlniham. 5 tl'ipp, ll.m mann. Magee. Cnldwell, ltuelll t:mplre Memrp Hineen and Nallln. Time of game 2 hours and 45 minutes BAIKB.tl.I. S P. M. .V V. Aijierlran p. Detroit. Polo Ground Adm. 60c, .Icc McGRAW IS ARRESTED. llnil Ananer la Court nn ni- - orderly Conduct Charif. Cincinnati,. July 14. John J. MrOraw, manager of the New York National League team, was arrested here late y on a warrant sworn out by John T. Heed, n local fan, charging him with disorderly conduct. SIcurnw gave bond I for Ills appearance In tho Municipal Court and left with the team for St. Louis Trouble started after the game, when remarks by several spectators were ad- dressed to tho New York team while they were In their dressing rooms. w resented the remarks. There were no blows struck, but some ugly language was used, according to the police. After .Mcdraw's arrest Arthur Fletcher, shortstop of the New York club, swore to a warrant causing Heed's arrest. Set Shunting Mark. PKllt. I ml . July 1- 4- A ne nnrld'p ree-nr- It ws said, wa pet yesterdav after- noon by \. A. Young nf Springfield, Ohio, nt the llnnpler Claspje Hbrint, when he hroke 100 rnnctitiv target at n dUtnnca of twenty-thre- e yard. The hmt was nn the grnund of the I'eru (lun Club, The previous world's record was fis, at a c of 22 yard. AMEIIICA V l,l)A(il!l Ilrtrolt, w York. 2. (first, 12 Innings.) New Turk. J Detroit, . (second, 12 Innings.) 4f Cleveland, a. Holloa, 0 HI. I.nul, n. (17 Innings, darkness.) The game irm pnstpnneil nn account of rain. OF I'layrd. Wnn. 1,01, , ('. York . . . . 7 W an AHS Cleveland TP 4.1 a 4 .\.TO llnslnn T7 I'l ill ..VIM (,'hlrago 7H lit ail .r.211 Detroit nn 4i ax .r.'j.i . , . 77 111 ;t7 .all NI. I.nul 74 .1.- -. 4:1 ,4411 I'hllailelphlH. . . 7'J 14 .'.-.- The Sundav Sun or vm will ml, BAKER INJURED; BRUISES CHEST .. . llOllie 1(1111 lilt I CI\ MllV Re Ollt of Vmikee for n Week. Old hard lurk, which has been follow- ing Yankee teams since the American League Invaded (lotham and has been particularly pernicious since Hill Dono- van, aided with the gold of Col. Jlllp-pe- rt and Cap Huston. ha built up a pennant contender, dealt the lean an- other hard swat .vcMerday when \Home Hun\ ll.iker, third baseman and all around star of the team. Joined Krltxv .Malsel and Frank (illhooley. other miluied Yaiik, In the lied Ciosh tent. Haker has a badly bruled 'het and a strained l.ack as a result of crashing Into a gale on the left side of the grand stand while tr.vlng lo catch u My from Hurns's bat in the second game, llaker had his e.ves on the ball and did not know he was o near the stand. whn he struck It wltn terrific force and was knocked out He ievive.1 in a few nun- - utes, but was badly shaken up and is helped off the Held. A hasty examination bv the nun phslclan showed that while llaker'. chest I painfully bruised, there are no bones broken. He Informed Harr.v Spar- - row, however, that llaker would be out of the game at least for a week. List night there was a reKrt among Detroit plaer that a more thorouga examination of Haker rhowed that he had broken two ribs. However, Man ager Donovan said last night he had not heard of any such 111 effects, and , said that when he last heard of Haker he was told It was no more than a pain- - mi uruise ami a uiuiy snaacn up sys- - CRASHING CLOUTS WIN FOR CHICAGO ('1,s A I , II DpfOflt ( ' ll.'l lllIIUII S nllli Hieilh L'...,,, Oil c.,.lc' ' -- Score Is to Cilli'Aiin, July 14 (National) Crashing hit off Itlxey gave Chicago another vlctoiy over Philadelphia to- day and an even break In the series, The score was fi to 3. allowed only one hit up to the eighth Inning, when the champions hammered out four blngles for three run. He gave way to Seaton after (Jood singled in tho ninth. Kelly, the Cubs' latest acquisition iirnv a in ii i. Hi ... fill., im nttta un.i ,.i u..i i well In the tleld. The score ; . PHIL iNi ciiicvr.o 1N1 ab r h o a e \! ? . 1 I'apkert.ef : t i 2 to Knabe.Ib. Nielioff.:'b 2 0 0 4 1 0 Manu.rf. . 4 0 0 0 1 o Slnek.Jbs 4 1 0 2 lIWI(am.ef 3 3 2 6 0 0 l.iKlerii'.lh 411 1 1 lZim'man.3b 4 12 1 in Wldtted.lf. 4 0 1 II 1 ojKelly.lf. ... 3 0 I 4 0 0 (iood rl 4 0 14nn Si'hulte.lf .. 0 n n n llaiu rnf t.sa 2 0 0 4 3 n.sairr.lt.. . 40 2 nn lirrne.Sb. 1000 1 n.Mulllean.p 3 0 0 2 5 1 Killlfer.e... 2 0 0 :i 3 ojArcher.e... 4 11 5 n 0 Ad.nms.e... 2 112 1 OlPreii'gaPt.p 2 0 0 0 2 0 Hixey.p.. .loono 0 Seaton.p. ,, 0 0 0 0 0 0 MsTer.ii... lltoo o1 Cooper... tool OOlTotala ... II S7 1 1 TntalP... 31 3 C 24 14 2 Hailed fnr Rlxer In Ihe alxlh Inning tllatleil for Mayer In the ninth Inning Philadelphia onool)3 0- -3 Chicago 2 0 0 0 3 0 0 1 x Tliree Inw 1illVr(lli nma dln1n l,nA \jriie 2; Knare. Sacrifle Mulligan. Sacrifice fly Nlehoff Double play Mulligan and Salcr, on bae l'liila. delphla. 6: Chicago. .1. Kirat hae nil error Philadelphia. 1: Chicago. ;. Danes on ballp nn itixer, . .... . .. lilt aim earneu riin-- ofi itlxey. tilt. 4 runa In llllilligp: off Marer. 3 lilts. 1 run In .1 In. iiing : off Prenriergapt, 0 hlt, 3 run in (none out tn nth): off Seaton, n lata, n rum1., In lining Struck out-I- lr ttixer. 1: h I ...njt-i- , -- . ... I .Peti iiaun Areiier, Ailnm Uniplre Mer O Day and Eapon. Time of game t hour and 40 mluulep. I AGAIN TIOSTON. July 14. The Ilnfnn National y reclaimed Outfielder Ilaph Cmnptnn from the Plttshiirg club and released him outright to the I.eulPVllle tenm nf the American Appnelatlnn, Pltthurg refused tn waive nn Cmnptnn hen Hie llravea pnught lo send hlm tn Louisville two week ngn, and when the Plrnte In turn nplied for Tislvera within 0 day or two llo.tnn pnspepplnn under the rule which for- - lihla walrer reiuet nlthln thirty daya of \imiiniiiK n niaj-e- r in ini manner. NATIOXAI, LEAOTE. New York. Hi Clnrlnnatl, S (in Innings.) St. I.nnla. (1 1 Jlrnnklyn. 2. Ilmlon, at 1'lltPhnrg, n\ Chlragn, 8 S. THE CLUBS. I'layeil. Wnn. I.i. t. , C. Brooklyn, .. .. 7.1 44 311 .fins Ilnitnn., , . . IIS .14 .111 M9 I'lilladelphla 7S 411 a'. .MO New York.. . . .. 7'J .hi :ih ..\.on Chlrngo ., 7 ax 41 .441 l'llt.liurg... . 7.1 .14 an ,4tw Nt I.nul. . , . Sll an 44 .4ko Clnrlnnatl, , .. . 7H aa 47 .40.1 American and National League Records. RESULTS OF YESTERDAY'S GAMES. Washington, riilladrlplila-t'lilrag- o STANDING New WaPhlnglna. Lineup l'rendergast COMPTON SHIFTED. Philadelphia, GAMES SCHEDULED FOR TO DAY, llelrnll In New York. New York In NI. I.nul. Clilengn In I'lilladelphla. Ilrooklyn In Chicago. Nt. I.nnla In lliialiin (two.) Ilnstna In Clnrlnnatl. (let eland In nahlnglnn. Philadelphia la PHishurr (two.) Baseball, Fishing, Boxing, HEMPSTEAD READY TO CLOSE DEAL OfftTN Herrtiiniin Several lMnyers mid Cash for Clinrley llerzop. MATTY REDS' MANAGER? ny ni:oiiuK n. rxmimvoon. llefore the sun sets thero Is a possibility that some of the old fa- miliar faces will be missed from the (Hants and one smiling, new and yet old countenance rhltilug In the Clan .McCiiiw Instead. Charles Lincoln llerxog, now manager of the rincinnntl Iteds and erstwhile New York chattel, Is the player which mine of the signs along the trail point lo being added tn the Hempstead liav- - loll. ii i.aniniouv i narley is added tit the Inn .Mcdraw In all likelihood It will be Hill McKechnle, i:, Housh nnd Undo Schauei- - who will be given t' Cln- - I third place. Ihe victorious Hrni.es moving elnnati III exchange, although It would Into second position and through the not l. surprising tn see Larry I Doyle or Ihooklyn defeat cNxIng the gap nppre-Arti- e Kletrher Involved In the ileal. . clably on the p.io,. siting Dodgers Hairy Herrmann, piesldent of the Cln- - When the Supeib,,s left St Louis for Inn. ill club, arrived here, leslerdny and '\'''I ! '\\K totisiiltiitloii with Harry Hemp-tcu- l. owner of the mants. Last night Herrmann announced that nothing definite had been accomplished, but ad- mitted a ileal 'tivolvllig llerzog and New York phtcr had len discussed, and said that the matter definitely would be settled There Is no certainty, however, that HeiupKle.id anil llerimanu wilt come to an agieeuienl. Ilrooklyn. Uoston and Chi C,,B\ n\ ,\ '\\ lli olds for llerzor. nnd Hen in. inn's demandx vecterdiy were Mild to be altogether ton strong for Hempstead to consider Herrmann Is s.ild to have nffeted llerzoc for lole and a mnnev cniKlih railnii Hernog for Fletcher and a money consideration, and llerzog for llnuli, McKechnle and Schauer and a inone.v coiHdrr.ttlnn. llrinpstrnil Wants tiering. It is \aid thai Hie only prnpi-ltio- Mr lli'inpteail would !len tn was a ikal In ulili II lleizo.' would come to New Yolk in a ll.it evhaiiKe for Mc- Kechnle nnd ItimMi or fnr Sch.iuer and Housh. He would not consider giving three players and i.isl. fur or a ' straight swap of U.iyle or Fletcher I Herxog certainly would look sweet at tliiril nase for New York and his adill- - Hon certainly would trengtheii the Wants' chances for the pennant, partle- - Ularly o on account of the pllching staff being bolstered up with the addition of fauee nut r Kietriier or Doyle were let go the deal would not benefit the iiiaut to any extent, and It might hurt their chances. Poylr' fielding h is not been up tn stindard, but Larry Is hitting eight points aluive llerzog, and probably will Increase the gap mate rlally. Fletcher and Hernig both are' hitting 27.. nccordlrg to the lalest fig \re. 1'nlll Artie wa Injured he w.t Playing a wonderful fielding game. Mutt Ma) (Jo! Hut wh.per It th-.- e al-- o wa rumor floating oimil the .Ww York of- - Ices .vesie.-il.i.- that it was no'ic other than . hilsty Math. who would b4 Mi'v\'!'' '''.'';'...!; ' \'''- - manager of the lied. Herrmann e!etiln denied anv knowledge of being takui to make of tie lied lo eie lcJVt. noililng of Jack Hendricks, the m inager , Indianapolis team of tne Amer- - lean Association, being asked tn till Hei T.nn k managerial shoes In Cincinnati There Ii but little doubt Cincinnati fans would weli.ome Mattv as minager HI long e:ir In baeehall. his tempera- ment and shrewd b.ieball head should nnke hlm an Ideal leader It aln Is known that Matty ha been ( odd.lnc managerial aspirations and now that bis best pitching da are over It seem onl) 11.it ut.i1 thai n m.iiiariat berth be given hlm In the league he h.i.s added mi much lustre to What Heizog, Do le. I'll tcher and Me- - Kechnle have ilone with the stick since their advent Into the big leagues an penis below, llerzog lias been with four .s.iiniimi iu-ii- f leains, xor ne wai given a tr.vout by I'lilladelphla, under an alias \f McCJhee In Kki.'. UEnzor. Yr T 4 Pop fi A. 11. II II . n Avg ! IWk-- N, V , :b .i i.rt 3, 14 .XI l' N, Y.. tit 11 3 131 It 21 tn .U5 lf10 no . 3b 10.'. .11 It '. 13 .2.\! 1M1-- I1. N V nil; Stt in 157 44 20 i9i:-- N. v , 3b,. 140 it.- - t: l.'7 37 M 1913 N. Y . 3b W rl K 1 :'3 .:6 I5H Cm , pp. U4 I'n ,11 1(0 4 ,:i lll-Ci-n., Km f.;:i 1,1 1.1 35 r4 p ;.. ::, 71 .... jJjJZoJJ 7.i 2? ; J75 rl.ETCIIEH. IW-- N, Y . : !v 7 :i .214 1I0N Y.. ps 44 I2S : .224 Wll- -N Y.. PP..10S 104 .3m 19I2-- S'. Y Pk.,129 41J 111 14 .22 1J13-- N. V., f.34 im 32 151 -N. Y , ..13.- - Ml 117 .2M 191&-- N, Y ..111 M2 143 12 \54 1916- -N Y. p . (ii 71 275 DOW,E. 1J07 V. V , h ui t:' nt 59 3 2) l!K- - N, V. b. 10S 377 \.'i IK 17 .3iS ;;o m i;j .11 .J0J r.t.- -. 0; im 3'l IM r.v .310 551 lid .3.1.1 42 H7 I.V. 3( ,21 l?i 1 . .. .I1..MJ I V7 1H 17 .20 .01, . v :b..iM r.M m HI , ii' v :b.. 71 n :k3 McKECIIME. mil. m :i2 23 H :i7 Mil-P- itt, lh... w 3:1 49 73 .227 li:-P- iti. villi 21 73 IV .217 WIS SI I' PS 41 111 37 211 1913 N Y. A.Cb 14 112 15 .131 1913-- St P.. 3b 3: no II ,:4i lMt-Il- ld. iFl.Jbll) 571 107 lVt .305 191..- -N lK).3b l.'f, I4 4 1U .257 Mlt-- N. Y ,3b.. 67 251 l.l 213 0EERS CONVALESCING. Veteran Driver and Trainer mil Confined to Bed. ' Cl.KVgf.A.sp, Ohio. July 14. Kd y. Gecrs, veteran Grand Circuit driver and trainer, who was badly hurt here yester- day when thrown under the heel of a horse on the North ltandall track, passed a comfortable night at the hospital where ho Is convalescing nnd was reported In good condition He will be confined to bed for a few days, but hi\ condition In not regarded ns serious, though it Id doubtful whether he will be able to do any racing at the opening of tho Grand Circuit here next week. ROYALS AT RIDGEWOOD. The ltoji.il (limits, the cnlnre.l team that Ii making n strong bid fnr Kaslern su- premacy, will pa a visit to Wallace's IttdKevMind grounds, Haley street and Wcki.ff ovenue, l!rnnkl)n, In.ninrrmv af- ternoon, to play the ltiisliwtikN h dnulde header The ttnyala laal Sunday shued a lighting spirit In Jersey Cltj, nhen they came In. U ptrnugly In the peennd kiiiiis of u dntil.lo header and whipped Oram's Skeelirp. H In 1. after being defeated In the curtain raiser, 4 tn 3 With their pitchers, eppeclully iwf I Harvey, going wen. nun me. iiniyei iiiuinK i is na i iiaru the lli.tal figure there la tinthlng Hint rnn amp them from twice v amiulshlng the iiusii it's rue rir- -i gume win siari si itiii., Racing and iuox. V rh 111 il,. !? . i' !. ? !' .,,,\ C \ :. !i :\\?.' i\ ! , CARDS WIN WHEN APPLETON BLOWS Eddie Loses Rnngc Finder nnd Snperhns Lose tlic Annie, fi to 2. ASCENSION IN FIFTH St. T.ot.'is, July 14. Texas IMdle tost Iho range of the plate In the fifth Inning hero y and filled the bnees. Then ho found his tatmo finder and put one In the groove, Jimmy Smith catching the ball on the snoot and clcnii- - Ing up with a time sack soak. He regU-tere- d himself on Johnny Mllkr's follow- ing one timer. Those four runs were good enough to win, but the CaiiJJiials added two more for good measure on Jock Coombs In the eighth nnd spanked the sassy Superb.is by n score of fi The Cardinal victory gae St. I.oiiN.m . (Veil bleak on the srl.v Tl... li,iliu ' ho also lot p.i.rdfiv ,ir,, t,n.i. i,,.,! Chicago It was with tho full realization that thev will have tn .ti.ri playing regular b.isVball again In order to slave nfT the llr.ives. The whole stmy of game lies In that fifth Inning caveln of Appleton. v io uiai nine Texas Kiidle nnd ltecee Williams had been ctos!ng shoots In a stirring box duel and It looked like anv-bod- y' game. Ilrooklwi hopes went glimmering when Appleton \blew\ III tho fifth. The ludg.-- s milled In the' seventh and ninth, but iaci time the ilrooklyn guns were spiked n'ter lone run had filtered across the platter. Kildle Fellers In Fourth. Appleton gave his first hint of lm-- 1 pending collapse in the fourlh lumng, when with one down he pawed Smith I nnd J. .Miller. He nn. ..ivetl, howver, when Honuhy Hied to Wheat and Wll- -' ron foiced Mllles. I'utvhaw to !et!. In the next frame Kddle mounted to ' cerulean heights and away went the old ball game The nia's.ic.e (nened with tlonz.iles liraw.ng a p.i. The Cuban was forced by Corhai., Cu.shaw to C.etz llllam then walked He was forced ''-- v Hel.el. Mowrey to Cuts! haw. Cnrli.m Viking third. Itet7.el stole .muni. v. pleton then handed oiit hie third pass of l\r imiue, nescner walking and filling no With the hasocks lonled tn tho gun- - wales Appleton shot a fat one Into the, groove and Jimmy Smith landed on the' \an aiiiiiisnii, poling out a tornadl triple to deep rluht, rle.iniUjg the bases and driving In Corhan. Iletzel and llescher Johnny .Miller added Insult to Injur' by smashing a slncle Into left, scotlng Smith. Ilnrnsby followed with a one timer throuch Mown. v. Inn l,e ,..i Miller were marooned wlini Wilson tlid io jonnsion. SplUr superb. Italic. Tlie Dodgers rallied In the seventh, but vveie Mnpiied after they had pushed one marker over the scoring dish. With down Ciitshaw sinled to Kirht. Hetz was thiown out by Dots Miller. On the hit and run McCariy sla.hed a Single -' \tshaw stra Idling the hit and riding home, but McC.trtv tried for vec. ond on the throw and was killed, llescher to (loniales to Co ban. ('Mara batted for Appleton In the eighth and Jack Coomb took up the Ilrooklyn Ikx burden. llotnby, first mill to face Connili. Jolted tlu' Colbv Carbine fot a long triple to left Wili-oi- i walked, (iouzales came to scratch with a safe lap over second that scored Hornsbv Wilson holding the mldwnv Corhan forced C.nnz.iles. Mowrev to Cut-ha- TlIoif taking third. The Chief r;\\''!, w,\'n w'llllam walloped a Mngln to cenire, Corhan pulling up at lietzei 11 i t to Mowrey, who tagged Corhan, Williams taking 'second He linguWieil n lieu Heschir grourded out to DaubeiK Ciitshaw started another SupetlM rally In the ninth, singling Ii litre after two weie don n. lieoige Mo'e second and then pilfered third utimoleted fietz brought Ciitshaw home with a sm:ih over second, but the agony was over when Mr'.irty forced lletg, William to Corhan to Miller. The score; ttUOOKl.VN. (N .t I.OI'I (N ab r h n a e ab r h o a e Jnlni.fn ef ii j ni petrel 3b .. f. in in .'.iiio'-ii.ii- u 11 , imi iwN..ner.ir 4 11 .1 Mengel.rf too nooimtlirf 3 12 .1 I IMie.it. If ( 0 2 Miller :h r. 1 1 30 Moery.3t 4 0 7 0 llnrnlv.lh 4 1 2 0 0 ('iilha,:b 4 - 3 5 4 0 Wipnnrf .111 I 0 (ielz.p. tot 3 2 0 (;nnialep.e 3 02 3 2 MiC'arly.e SOI o 0 nrlian. 4 10 3 4 Appletnn.p 0 1 0 0 William.!, 3 0 1 0 \ Cnnmb\ 11 0 o n 0 o 0 -- u.iara 00 0 On Total S: 0 10 27 )S ; Total \3 221110' Halted for Auj.lctnn in the elhth Inning Hronkljii onoooo to I St Ivoul noon4002-- c Tw o base till -- Cm pha Three base h 'mull, lliruuy .smlen bases -- Smith, IVt s1 uth.iw 2 Double plajp-Cut.- ha- and Ilaubert: Smith anil (innales l.ft nn bases llrnnklni, it: SI Ixiuip. y Hope nn balls. Off Appleton, nfT Williams. 2; off Coninh. 1 lilts and eirned runs Olf Api.leton, 7 hlti 4 runs m 7 Innings: off Williams, s hits. 2 run In n Inning; off Coombs. 3 hits. ; runs 111 il .Inning Struck out llv Appletnn, 1; h wiiiiains. 1,'mpires Mrs.r llirnu and Orth Time of gime- - hour and 1.5 minutes NEW YORK STATE LEAGUE. w 1, ' - W I, ( llitiibamtnn 42 :i Ulll'tlra .1.1 33 fpsl Sjraeiie 11 31 ,.\! Wllkesbarre 30 3.\ .Il Klmira. 3 3; '.iti llnn.v 29 3 133 .Scrantnn.. 31 M 515llarriPburr 15 43 .3\.'. At Wllkesbarre- - - t. ii - Scraninn n n n i n i n i n .t' it t VMiKepiiarrlj . n o . o o o o -- 4 M i iwiterlea llmkle and Miller, Kuty and llrleger. . At Illnichainli.n t. tt l- - t'lba 1 o n n n n o. n s a' is ii ,..K..NI..(.. . , .11 l . Ilatterles Karini ii.nl I'lnu.l,., . I and Peterson, At lllmlru . i ii riyrncupe . ..'1 t I 0 ft n .1 n o n' in I IlatterlPPSniltli. Frlei. Khinke 'and llllilerbrand; Jordan, Wlllieim and Had- - Uek. At Alban) - a it, 1: Albany ... n n n n n n n o n- - u t a llarrlsinirg . n o n n n 2 n o n .'j n t Hatterle.-.ievlnne- y and fandbert. Tlnrn and Wheat. EASTERN LEAGUE. W. l, v c w r, p c N lndon. It 17 7o.'ll.nwel ,, \7 33 ,(v si.u. ,, t. r .cviianrnrd 24 31 m Worcester 3t! l'( I.awreni. . 2.1 3.1 317 spriiuifieiil, 33 .'.. New Hal en 21 37 ,Si. bynn 33 31 Hrldgepnrl 21 41 3:3 At Lawrence II. II. 17. .New Haven I M I I I I I 4 12 I i.aw rence I II 0 0 0 0 0 I 11 I naileries Weaver and lievlne. I.uyster nd Murphy At New London r 11 - llarlfnnl .. . 0 n n 0 0 0 n o 0 4 New l.nliiloii. 2 10 0 0 0 0 0 x 3 '7 0 llatterles I,) on and .McDonald, lirum-mi- ll Martin and Ilupsel). At Worcester rt. 11, H Portland .. 1 1 1 1 1 a 01 4 Worcester . .. 40uononn x 4 a llatterles -- Tuekey and (iaslon, McOilll-Ia- n nnd FYettas. At Lowell n II R Lowell ! I : I 1 ; I 1 i- -f n 2 Nprliigfleld ... I ! M 1 t ! 1 n 4 7 2 llalterlesLohmaii nnd Kllhiillen ; Jus tin. I.erny and Mepheu, The I ,yn 11 . Irl.l g. pi. 11 gamp was d by mutual enntent. i RAG AN TURNS PIRATES BALK WUHUUI A KUN Put Lends IJrnvcs to Victory, ;j to 0 Timely Club-liin- i; Counts. I'lTTsiiumi, l'a., July U (National), Clood pitching by ttagan enabled Uoston to shut out Pittsburg here y by a score of S to 0, Harmon was hit at op- portune times. A base on balls nnd two hits gave the visitors a run In the first Inning, and In the seventh two runs were scored on sin- gles by Uowdy nnd Kagan and Kltzpat-rlck'- s double. The score: UOSTON. (N.) l'lTTSIlfllO. (N.) ah r h o a ei ibrhoic Msr'vllle.ss 3 I 0 1 I v.Csrer.ef 40 1 0 0 0 Kitlp'k.Zh.. 5 0 3 1 1 Ol'oatello.lf ,3 01 Wilholt.rf. ioto oo.Vt'miier.M . 40 2 .MHfee.II . .100 4 ooillliu-lin- n.rf 4 oo I Kmini'r.lb. I o i ('.mriiitr,'.'!).. 4 o i 4 Smllh.lb. . zoo 1 o ii.iiril ,1I. ., 4 0 11 Siiodv'M.ct 4 0 3 0 o jiiini.rii.iii JOt il rinwtly.e. 4 I 1 1 eiWilfton e 300 4 li.iiaii.li... i I I Oillurman i 3 00 1 - All.llll-.- ll .. 000 0 Totalf 31 3 27 (OiSehlllts. ., 10 0 0 'Uooper.p. . 000 O 00 Tolat ... 32 0 ST If 1 Unlt-- il for Adaini In the ei c lit Ii inning lloiioii .. I o ii o 0 0 . o- -J l'ltMbiir o o o o o a o ii \0 Two bine hit Kilziiatm k t. Care) je. rlllee lilt Mnranvllle. Double ployn -- Homily and Maranvllle; farmer nnd Joliiintuii. Ill on b.mes Iloalon. n; I'lltsburs. f. Kirn! b;ie on error Uotnn, Kirct bie on ball Off ltavan. 1: olf Harmon, j; nil Artamn. 1. lilt anil earned rmi Off ll.irl.lon. lilt. 1 run in 7 liiniim, olf Adam, no hit, no riu In 1 liuun;: nil Cnnper. hit, nn nun In In. uliK struck mil My Una mi. 7: ljr Harmon, I: bv Ootuier I l'mpiri Mer Klem and Kmnlle Time of tame-- 1 hour and to mm lilt\ WILD HEAVECOSTS NEWARK THE GAME WUkliimn's Rnd Throw En-nlil- es Roviils lo Win Ity Seore of .\i to 2. International League flenlt. Mnntteti Nf jrk. .' 'I'oinntn 1. I'-- n ulclliv. 0 Un.hepler 'i III. Iifnotid, 5 ll.iitini(ire Ilull.iln, I iflrtu lliitnnte Itull.iti. 4 Ipeconl litiiliiic nf the ( lub. W I. C W L. PC Hnff.ilo ii .1 ,'.7i Toronto .. 3' 3: 5.W Proetitriu1 31 '. Ho limnnd. .13 3.. .4; lljllimnre 15 .33 Newark ... i 41 1:3 Mnntii jl ; i'. ,V.; Itochener.. 27 41 4 1 (ame sebediileit fnr Te.dar, s . w .rl; in yinntrJ I'lnvideiHe 111 Tnronto llwol Itii hninnd 111 llnclii-ti- -r Itwm ll.ilnmnrt' 111 llulliln (tun. Mostiikai., July H (.International), Newark lost the first game of tho series with Montreal here .'i to U. The lioyals came from behind In the seventh Inning, scoring three runs, two of which were a direct lesult of Wilkin- son's wild heave past first base. Newark oiithit Montreal, tn 7, but the safeties olf Fullertou were widely scatteied. The lioj.il twirler pitched tine ball, tighten- ing up 111 the pan lief and allowing only tiVvi p.lsM-- Wilkinson pitched fairly well for Newark and would have won but for his own error In the seventh Inning. The Indians fallrd to hlt opisutunely nnd six visitors were left on the bases. Henry Damrau and Jimmy Smyth, former Suierb.i, were the hitting stars. I'rac-ticall- y all the run scored by the locals were due to the timely batting of .Smyth' and D.imr.iu lien lai.m and Leo Callahan continued llnlr heavy stick work for Newark.' Hue of Callahan's two hit went for a triple Tro score . NKWAHK .1 MONTREAL il l r h 11 a e ab r II o a e 'hum in ( \ 3 ' 0 Miirtli.;h, 402 3 40 I'lim 0 in 11 3 0 .M11r.lll.ef :. 1 all.ihin.cf 1 ' 3 \0 Mail,lf 4 )) o, Wm.r.rf ' ' sniith.rt 1 n 0 He.llr.\ 3'\ I l.inirau.3l : . : 0 .tm niati 'b I o ? ajner.pp 3 11 : '..I .ii.i.ir 4ot ne slater.lb 2 0 0 II , Rr.in.e II- - 1 I ' M:i.M-- li e Mil Willi'pon.11 .0.' a 'lKtillcrtoo.il 3 0 0 0 ' 0 Totals 1 : I 1. Total 5 T \7 n Veu irk . ft 0 ft t 0 0 0- - 2 Mnntrr.il 0 10 3 1 15 siolen base llealv SaiTlflee hup WilUltl--o- Warner, sLiHery a'Tirlee Tun bine rt Smvth Three base hit Callahan nilth struck nut lly Fuller. Inn 4; by Wilklnsnn I Ple on balls Off w HKini.ti. r,; nn ruuerinn. 2 vviiu piiih Wiluins.in Left on base Newark, fi. Mnn. treal 4 1'mpires Mespr! Hart and an Time of same 1 hour and mill, llln HUSTLERS ON RAMPAGE. I'all on llhonde fnr Ten Plana In S InnlnB llehela llentpni IO to It. TIpciikntkr, N. Y .Tilly U - (Interna. tlonal). The Hustlers banged llhoaile haul y In Ihe third and sixth and amassed ten inns before Itlchmotid jiad scored The score : ItlCIIMONH (I ) n0CIIK?TKft (I I ,ib r 11 o a e ab r li o a i Clemens If 000 PO.Onaii.rf 4 2 0 0 F.lble b 0 0 I A'MeAllley.sa. 3 11 4 It neudru.i'f 4 1 I on Zneher.lf 4 o no Uanks'n.rf 110 10 e'.i iciihsiin.rf. 4 n 2 0 0 Arr.ignn.ss 1 4 3 1Jlnlke.il .. 4 12 12ft Mcli'ntt 51 4 I 2 111 gll \b 2 1 0 ft f. I Priest.. 'b 4 0 I I 2 1 I'd Illl.Sb 4 2 0 1ft lleynnlds e 4 0 2 I'll lle.e . 4 2 2 1 10 Illin id s. 300 ft Sft'llrn he.p 30 0 0 20 Kellher.lf .4 00 0 oo O'Dniinel 000 0 00' Tntlls 3: M 3 27 12 2 Totals 31 f. 7 21 12 I 'Hatti-- for llhn.iitcs in the ninth Innlur lib hninnd o ft ft o o ft ; ft 3 5 lloi'hoster ontnoiinftn in Two base hilP Arr.ison Three bise his-Ilevl- ln, Hale, McAuley S.w riflce hits llerehe. O'Dnnnell Stolen bis. -- inan .lainb son Imuble 11,1)' llej nobis tn Arraenn . First base on errors llncheslir 2. Illi'liniiin.l ' 1. Hit by pitcher -- 111 llhn.ides I Left on icr. 3: Itii hninnd. .1 First base nil balls-O- ff llerehe. 2: nil Iltin.liles. Struck out lly Ilerihe, v; by llho.iile ii I'mplres-Mes- sr Cle.irv and Chestnutl Time nf game-- 1 hmir and 42 minutes JUDGE UNABLE TO PLAY. WAHHINHTON Jul' 1 ''' Jinlge, I flrjt b.ipeniiin nf Hie Washington American League leain, inn never ne nine in ini Impel. ill ognln Judge has been mil nf the game fnr mare than two weeks, and It de. velnps he haa hernia. I'hyslclins have not decided whether nn will he nil-- I Usable, but Judce will nut be taken with -- the teiiin nn It next Western trip, starting Jillv 23. and Ills services will l.e lust to the club for at least another month In any event Alva Williams will rnnllmi lo pl.iy lrt bao In his aluence CUBANS IN HARLEM. The famous Lung llruni h I'ub.ins. w na rank niuniig the Ic'iiHuk Ir.ivellliiK semi-- 1 pro nines, will ctiKaite the Llnenin Pinrs 1.. .1... 11.11. .....I .).,). r special perte at i.cnnx (iv.il. 113th a'rert, 'and l.en.iv nviniie, Although Die Cuban have annexed nil four pievh.u. iiintrsls, tlie Stars have linprnved cnnslil- - erubiy since the ibpi inietinas or tlie tonus nnd expect In turn the tables on the b.ivs from ll.ivina The Lincoln Stara are bonked in start nn a l.iur nf the West L7 .w.''uV:l,ll7l!enMMr''T;,?e a month Munn. peer of he Culun Iburlers, and llillestnres will pltrh for m I'lilmns, Tb tlrt eame will stall at li30 PgIANTS PROFIT BY Misplny Ennliles Hums to Cross Plntc With Deciding Tally in Tenth. REDS DEFEATED, 3 TO Cincinnati, July H. An error by Kllllfer In the tenth Inning enabled the Olants to take the deciding game of the series between the MeOrawltcs nnd the Iteds here After (leorge Hums had singled In the tenth, Kanff drove n liner to centre field and Wade allowed the sphere tn roll through him, Hums scoring Ihe run that broke the deadlock. The oie was 3 to 2. t'ntll the tenth Inning the team had fought a nip and tuck battle, the Iteds tying the score In the sixth Inning. The current talk of trades Involving members of bolh learns served to place the boys on edge, nnd one of the keenest fought games of the season was a t. Charley Heizng, manager of the Iteds, who Is due for a change of scen- ery, was the point of Interest here to- day, and tho Cantaloupe King played ns If his life depended on the game. Ilcr.g eagerly aw tiled word from Herrmann, who'l in New York. Charles think lie will be 11 member of the tllaiil. In a few days. flriitoii 111 I'lrliiK Line. 1 1 II I.e. Hellion, Mil I raw'. star south- paw, drew the hurling assignment again! his old team mates The b.g fellow lasted Ihe full ten Innings. Willi the exception of tlie sixth session lie held the I'lilatis In the hollow of Ills hand. The nine hit allowed by Hentoti were well catleii'd, a iileellotiable de- cision by I'mplie I'ete Harrison vavilig the way for the only Cincinnati tallies. Tlie Clan: wete tlrst lo scote. Ill the second Inning Larry Doyle went to lltsl when Tele Schneider failed to Incite the plate Mike Dnnl.in laid down a but t ill front of the plate and Dn.vle went all the way to third while W.-ig- w.i throwing out the fotiner I'hdly plu.-- .' When Chiie threw wild to lletzog in (in effort to catch Dovle at third Lauy M'oicd. The (Hants added another tally In the fourth Inning. Dovle again leading the assault. Larry planted a tlnglug s ngle Into centre Held nnd uint to sei oud 011 Doolan'M (Mil. Louden In Chase. I'reil Merkle's safe wallop to the mulllelil cuieil Doyle, Neale throw to Wlugo being late. The (Hants went out 111 one, two, three order III the fifth ami s.xth Innings. In their half of the sixth the Ileds evened the count. Sehneldir led olf with a double to right and aflu Louden fanned went to third on Ne.ile's hit past Doolan. Mike .ittempltd tn pla on Schneider at the far corner, but Harrison called the pitcher safe. The Olants emitted loud howl of irotest, but the kicking did little good. As Doyle tlnew out llerzog, Schneider scored and Neale went to second. A single by Chae tallied Neale with the final Cincinnati tm. Chase wa left on first when thiew out Fisher, Clinni'e in cnrr l.ol. The (Hants had a chance to scon- - In the eighth after Hum, who had singled, went to third on Kauff's lilt to centre. Hobertson, however, left Hums on thlid. Davy fouling to llerzog off the grand stand. The New Yorkers hail another golden opportunity In the ninth After Doyle fouled to Wlngo Doolan singled tn cen-ti- e and took third on Merkle's one timer tn tight. Housh hatted 111 place of McKechnle and grounded to Louden, Doolan being run down at the plate. Harldeu fanned for the third out. The (Hants won their game in the tenth, after llenton struck out llurii drove a single Into left, and when Knuff hit safely to centre. Kllllfer allowed the ball to go past hint. Hutu scoring all the way from Ills! Kauff went to see- - ond on the error. but w.i let! at the midway 011 Inilehl nuts b Hobeitsnii and I le The s. . me ' NKW Yd UK i.v CINCINN VTI iN .it r h o .1 . ab Ii o .1 e Iliu n If 5 1 2 .' e i.Ii n :b i) ; 30 f ' n 2 3 ft e Neale et.rf 4 11 II 0 ii Hob' son. rf 5 0 0 e 0 Herrnj .\b 3'I0 . 3 0 iule.:li t 2 1 2 1 Ch is..,ib I ft '.' It I 1 IXxiI.it Jul 30 M ull lb n 0 0 1 0 ft Merkle.lb i 0 2 10 i i' n r.ss r. n : ; 0 MeK'nie.31 3 0 n 1 0 fjrinuh.rt 3 0 00 l.nl.erl 3I 000 ft I ft Knimer.lf 0 0 0 0 Karl. len c 401 7 3 n K lerlf.cf 4 0 0 llenton t .3000 .0 Wlngo. c. 300 1 n Ilnush- - I 0 0 0 0 ;s, hnelder.p 3 111 1 n - lirnht 14 4 ij 0 a Totals j; 3 10 13 Clark? I 000 00 IH11I111I . 10 10 00 I Totals 25 2 d 30 17 3 tinted for McKechnle in the ninth Inning H.Htei fnr (iriltltb in the ninth Inning, ll.itlf.l fnr Wingo In the tenth Inning. Halted fnr Schneider in Ihe tenth Inning, New lurk ninionooo tj i.iininnill 0 00002000 ft 2 Two b.ise hit ii'hiieiiler Stolen b.wa Fislier. .Ne.ile, Kautf s.i,Tit1ee tuts llenton, linnl.in llnuble ilay IiIht! and ln)le, ltf nn liis.i. .Nrn Vmk. 7; Ciiicinnatt. 5, First Inse nn Mil .(It! llenton, ti olf Vhnelder. lilts ant earned runs (llf llnitoii, n hits, ; runs in 'ft tnntugs, oil ilinetder, 10 luta. t run lu pi innttus Hit ly intiher -- lly llenion llleivni Strmk isil- - It llenlnn, V, In mi f liiiinrrs Messrs Hitler and ll.irrisiin Tune of tame I hour and Si! miniiti's INDIANS LOSE IN NINTH. In I'ree llllllnig Clinical Senator eorc I In It Victor) . YVvsiiiw.TON, July 1 (American) Washington bent Clevelnnd I to 3 scoring the winning run In the ninth lui.lng with two out The game was a free hitting contest. The score: CI.KVF.I.4.NI) (A i WASHINGTON (A i ii r h o a e .ill r h o n e r.raiie if :, 1 ; 0 0 0 Mnellcr.rf 5 0 3 no W'i-.ni- x 'li 1 1 3 2 4 0 Foter..li 4 2 2 0 0 SMker.cf 4 1 2 3 0 OlMllatl.i f 3 0 1 2 0 0 Smith rf f.003 0 o1 W'llanip lb S 0 0 it (iaii.lll.lb 4 0 2 10 1 o'MiaMks.'h 4 0 3 3 0 Chapni'ii ss 3 0 2 2 4 ol.l.imiesnn.lf 4 2 1 3 1ft lilt tier .11 lull llrnrv.e 4 12 1 0 ll.ily.c 4 0 0 r. 0 ft'.Mellrl.le.s 4 0 0 0 1 n lleebe,). 2 0 10 1 01 A vers. 11 lift ft It linuld 0 0 v) 0 tKlie 111 ft ft - (i.llll.l.p 2 1 2 0 10 Totals 37 3 I32i. 13 0 I Totals 37 1 13 ;7 9 \two out when wlmini; run ncoied tllatleil lor Ayera In tin fourth 111111113-- . Jlerel.iud .... ; 0 I 0 n ft ft ftj n sin lit I nn i. 0030000 J Twn base hits (ir.uiev Henry Jnnilesnn Stolen tiusr.V:iti, z; shanks. VVainli-gan- Chapman. Fn-l- ir hairline hits L'liupin.iii. rosiir. vv amb:.iuss s.icrltlis. llv S.eaker. Left mi buses l'Ii vi l.iiid. p. Waluiii:iiiii, 13. First base nn eiroi -- Clev el.iinl. liases nn balls on Iteebe, 3. off linuld. .' tilts and eirned run-O- lf Ajers 1; bits .' mi- ni I liniincs; n tieebe, 7 hits, 3 rum 111 I iiiiiinss: mi (iollia. 7 bin nn runs 111 in 1111121 nil liiuild. 6 hits nin m ( ...j ,. puis Mruik nut lly Avers I. bv (ialha \ \cne . rmpire \'er n Uiushllii and llilde.r.iii. Time \I tame' hnur and 10 niliiutep 1 - NEWAKK GETS SHORTFN lloiTos. July 11.- - (Hitflelder Shorten of the lied tox was lo.ilav ' sent tn the ,0nm \f \'\ ( It.tl...t . ,R\ '' 0 \\ r,l'\'\'-'- l agireiin ut W'H J\l tlmt team at .niiea to. mnriow FAILURE TO TOUCH THIRD IS COSTLY Kooh Pulls \Rone\ That Trj-- , vents Red Sox From Rent-ins- : Rrowns. 2117 SCORELESS INNINGS Uoston. July 14 (American) 1,. ton and SI. Louis played seventeen u. nlngs without scoring th ggT.i being called on account of darknesf. Tr visitors) would have milled In the nf. teenlli had not Kooh failed lo .ojcH third base when he came from sconJ on a drive to left by Miller. Tvooh'i omleslon was detected and hp taggeil In McNally after Mays ,t been ktuckeil down at the plate. y.a wa not seriously hurl, but he retired from the contest. The game was largely one nf defence both team:! pulling off some pi city Mayi' Hepentedly they wide m ,1 pnslnn to score, but elthee hn pitchers tighter a, up or I rl l.i 11 Melding prevented run. The tie will he played oft 11 pan 0 1 doubJc header Tlie t lore' ST 1.01'IS (A.) I UOsTO.V (Al ab r h o a ' ibrhnu Sholtenlf 7 0 3 J n c llnnper rf nil in iiinnseri ..o 1. \ 1 w narry . r.o 1 1 4i M II. r n I .1 0 otix-wi- I II iislir.lh 7O02I 2 'Mfaimr lb 1. 0 1) IS II I'r.ilt b 7 e t 5 I Walker ef 1 1 ! 1 f 1,0,1 0 11 n'seii f 3 0 0 ' ll.lltlev.e 3 0 11 . . 4 li.ir Iner ( l o llnrlnn no n Me.V.ill ib tm j Xevereldr 0 3 0 0 Sent! s (111 ( l i..iMn.ps 1; \ i 0 3 10 0 .l.iieti n ? n (, Kiinh.p ... (On II .', O.M.ivpp f. A ! I - Isnn.iril p 10 0 0 4 Tolali . M 0 to . i ; ......... ..' .... ., ..Til\.'\ ...mi'-.- i 11 mi. r, in in.- 111n.11 innag Si lilli! . . n n .. n o n 0 0 e 0 n 0 0 a 0 a. . Cil.lntl n 0 0 0 e Ii a 5 e ft ' ni 'I w l..le lilt- - A C lie n, Wn'hr Inlen li.is .Marllis, J t.uls, . Setiflr. i Johnson, ii.nn. r. S1011 luny Ii. uti. plajs l..i.-n- i Trait anil Msler (,Jr(,, Si oil .in. (!im! las ami m(,h (! n hlses s I. mil! 11 i:n.nn ' t ii t lit., nn rror si .(iui- - ll.ise nn hd:i 0 Kuoli. 3. oil Mn. nit Uoitarn ' Han Olf Mai \i tn - inn ng ml i.ennr in iiitiing! Mil r pitilicr Hi l.nik illarrv. StrmU mil lu Koti, J br v by Leonard Wild t.neh L ni ir, ' l'.iseii hall -- ll.irller Umpire- - M..,.i ri!rt ned Cnnimlli Time nf ;anie . ., . minuter BUFFALO'S STREAK OF VICTORIES IS BROKEN Orioles Twirp lltimlilc !ioii, r tn i mid It to I Twoin-hl- y Stius nt Hut. Hfyfvi.n. July 1 Inletna inia ) -- The Hlsons' winning streak wai brought to ait end line Malt!, more taking both games of a douW header. Tile scores were f tn I and I to 4. Twotnbly made four hit In th second game. The scores. FIIIST CIA.MK lll'FFAU) IM I MAI.TIMOIIK al. r h n a e' ab r i. n i. r. .1 ef tie t jo rrane s Kni.r. II 5 2 1 I ii \ 'Hop I .! I I l.e I. -- .ni rf .. 0 1 3 : Mill.r.ef (' pIiiiiu .'h 4 .' \ ' T tul.lv !b lllltllllttl.il 4 0 u J ft 0 I,.im.ir rf Mi Dnii'd s l 1 1 I 1 lliles.lf O'Nelll.rb.. 2 0 0 t 1 1 ltiltr.3li Haley.e. . .1 1) 1) ( \ 0 Me.Vvny e 1 T(lll p .301 1 3 e'Sliermtii.p 1 1 CUannell . n u ft o n Totals 3''. Total 3\. 4 s Matti.l fnr Tjs'ui in the ninth inn r: Hilttiln . o t ft o i. -- ( Hlllilllnre 0 0 ' J ' ' -- 4 l(.iis on lulls tut Mifniun nil Tiwa. lo Mnnl; nut Hi Sherman. tn Tie.r 2 Two I hits Jiiksnc l.iinir K\ llttt'r. Hni. .nritlii. hits UN. u b.i.es n.u(, t;,.,( t irt.trim li nu tuses llutialo. S; Itjitimoie lioub. Plajs-li- MI ami Haley ; Crilie. Knp' ini Twomtily Wild pitches T)snn Sturmnn mpires Mes-r- s Urantield and Kennan I line nf (jnii'--l hnur an I 4 minute. SKCONI) Air Ht'KF.M.O, (I) 11.M.TIM0KK Ii ab rhnae atirhot (ill ef f. t 1 OO'Craneis toi n , eiil.il . . A liHTUUIltl 0 10 A ...ii ssiin.ri 7,ii 2 nnvi.Arlbc \ 1 I Carlst'm.3h 4 n 2 I J o K'onf' b..s \ .1 i llumnirl.il mo .' 2 (i Mltler.ef n 2 \ Mi lliii'd.p 3 ft ii i ooTw 'l b b, .014! .ill ,1 1. 1.amir rf ' ft Onsinw'.e 3 n o s 4 Uates.K 4 t S 2 II fiaw-.- ,. . 3 0 1 o no Hitter \! 4 11 1 1. Channell.. 0 0 0 0 0 Wliis'n.c b. 4 2111 II .: . 2 OO 0 1 1 Totals .. i. 4 II VI Tntll \ 1 '.\1 Patted for flaw In the ninth tnnlrt titan for Crati in ihe third innlm. TluRaln. ,. 20ASADtl 4 llalllmore 003:1)004-- 1 Pases on Tipple, t off C\. I truck nut Ilr Tipple, t,; br (law, 5. Thru base hits. -- Miller. MeArny. Two ba hps llate. Winston SuTlfli Or plow. Tipple. Stolen base Carlrrom, I'd on base. Huffalo. : UxlUmiire, I Trit: Plais lliimnirl. O'Neill and Oiip'nw; On!\ and llumnipl lilt b plti her-Cr- are W'4 pllehe Oaw. Tipple I'mrlrep M'- -' Keeqan and nranstleld Time of gatre- -l hft nd u minutea, TWO HITS OFF MANNDT0. I'oronln Hurler lllnnka rrorMeee ly 4 lo l I'nnnt, Toronto. nt , July 1 - Tnmn's jr4 It two straight fmm I'rnvldenee wVi they look this aflernoon' g.imo I 11 .Manning held the flr.i.v l. two liltv. The scot e , rKOVlDK.STF. H 1 TOIIONIT 1 ahrhn e ali r h e Rell! If ..4 0 0 1 0 Tesdlle \b (III Kmrsrf 4ft 2 no Smith ss \i s : hean.:h 311 : I'Mnrrir l 3 I I' Fabriipie ss 3 n n ft 4 r (jr ih im ib I I I ( Kane it Lftft 2 0 ft Th'psnii f i ' lir.ilnanl.Sh 3 o n t n itpieU'iie ,i lll.ii k'ne.e 3 0 0 1 10 Kellr Yelle,!) . 3 ft ft 11 10 Trnul f llilll'ird.p 2 ft ft o M Manning i Total ?7 0?;3 17 0l T.ll its Tinul lid by b.iltrd bait 111111111; Providence t 0 e Toronto 0 Stolen hose Smllli Viirrn 1. Tlmnipsnii lni. rn Iinul.le ptnrM.iiiiiitic to iir.riiu nut - llv lldlliinl 3 Mann n. I nil b.ills Off llilli.ird ' M.inn : on In-e- Ptnvidetii-- \ Tonil'iri Plti ln r lly Mantiiu: - P.is.. IllHi'kburtie j I'meie- - V1e..-- and lliiidiboe Tini\ ef c.inu' ei nuuuirs (lame ul lilelid.lle. The I.llirln S'nrs ti I thla a f ' i ritnnti at iPi 4. AXILS IN MUM II IUM l 111 l'\ ii;ms in \mr.i\ hi mi WILL I'l. 4. 1 I II.VIIIIIIIIIVI iihim.ii' I'lelil t.liitli si mil '.tn ('allele lliillaus and New Limil Hliinlll (il. lilts I'lrst mine .11 ' leliiix liv.il ll.itlisl inn' '\ llilillnlHV . Long llraiuli ... - I\ enlli s..ir- - In a dmilile he.etei' Ultllli! .l ' Wl-- I Mile T'.irk \.leise.v I'll) l.a a. e- - frnlil till r Libert) \l Icrrv m lar. vs .lersey CUv nine lii.ul.ii' hei e\ Xv,riUiesTllik'ewissl.ri.illl.ls llal-i- \ l Wiikolf liv ltliHikl)ll llilhHs ; Hi. Ml lilanls III ili.ilble header -- lie\ lie.' I'li'ld npp llimlei' s i'enil 'I'll leinwav lube 7 nun Irnio llr.ind I ' n1 Sl.ilmn lleillnil I ir.l) s v s llruni VI. \U1- 1ififlei'iei' Athletics Will Be Featured in To-morro- w's \Sun\

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