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fHfWEATHER FORECAST Partly cloudy to-da- y; partly cloudy; moderate south winds. tm. IT SHINES .fL ' Highest temperature yesterday, 745 lowest, 64. Detailed wreath ec, mall and marina reports on pat 11. VOL. LXXXIII. NO. 315. 4 NEW YORK, TUESDAY, JULY 11, 1916. Copyright, 19U, by Sun Printing and Publishing Association. ONE CENT ...jK. TWO CENT. FRENCH STORM ANDTAKEHILL NEARPERONNE r Height Commands the Somnie-L- ess Than Half Mile From Town. BRITISH REPULSED IN TEUTON ATTACK Summary of the War News. The French In their operations south of the Sommc have advanced to within about a mile of l'eronne, at present held strongly by the Ger- mans. They Imvc occupied the sum- mit known ns Hill 0\ which com-mant- the Sonime to the southeast of lllnrhes, mid hnve strcnRthened their tuitions between Illnches and Barleux. PeIHrate flglitlnii bus occurred be- tween the British mid the Ciermitns at Troni'x wood, against which the Oermnns lnunrhed six separate at tarks. Five of thee were repulsed, icconlliiK to the British War Office, luit the sixth was successful In that It permitted the tiermans to pone- trate the wood, where latest reports Hitd the nclitlng continued. The British troops, however, made some itiilni In the neighborhood of Ovlllers and l.n Ilol.elle, and In 11 particularly werful nttack on the (lertnnn positions In the Mumetz wood eilereeded In wluulnc some Itniuiid where previously the resist anee li:nl heon too troiiK to break. The forces of the tlorniau Crown Prince are still pounding heavily ncnlrM the French positions at Frolde Torre. Fleury and the Fumln wd, In the Verdun sector, but so far n the official statements show the notions have been confined to bombardments. There bus apparently been no halt I. .1... II. ...l.. -- .I in in' iiu-iiii- i ikii.iiii- - iiiwmii Revel. In Vnlbynla, The German de-- 1 ' tilotitr the Stokhod Hlver have n unable to stay the progress of the Hiin-Iim- is who, though struncly cpiioed, have cms-e- d the river at rnrlriu- - points. The late-- t cnmmuul- - ea.lon ,,.,n,l cleanllne,, South devoted to of North two officials. a Copiev. Illinois; in of tor- - Hawley. Orego-- , rifle -- trucKlo, for It montlmis \tho fnemy rallhil nnil mmlo ilooporntc eff- ort- to miilntiiln Ills imxltlons nn th\ left bunk of Dip. river.\ tlil lino tho 1 still In progress. In the sector nrul enst of i..i.t .1... f i .in I'.ii iinni lilll lilt- - I Il'l lUflll. IIHVi: lit llteri'd .tnmu' rounter nttnckR iititl are iiii'lerinkln', extensive- offensive opera lnn. HriiNli Oen. Smuts have occupied Tniiticu. tK, soooml frt in itnimrtnnoe on const of O- -i t.iii Kust Afrlen nnil termliius of :i (iorninii iiiliii:i(l. FliEXCTl. IN FIERCE FIGHT, GET HILL 97 Win tft,.e Desperntr for s.iiiinir Ailrnntnur, Pahis. July in.in a brilliant attack lh rrn h have Hill :7. a height \ll'i-- h do-- r nates the snutheist of nil ttt., according to the official sta'e-'.- t by the War Offloe to- - n'cht. A attafk was launched west of Mtknil In the Champagne by the la nig .t War Office y th' capture of trenches over a \on' of 300 Three bayonet craws were delivered. The tnklng by the of vlllnge. on the bank of the opposite Saint Hadegonde, the suburb of Peronne, was accom-Hbl- In about an hour and a half. A French lieutenant who took part In the tuault describes the action as follows' About noon word came for the to keep ready,' and at 1 o'clock our oMlers advanced to the attack all along th front from Sormont farm to Belloy-tn'S'jiuer- re !'\) to !' (iermsn I.lnn, \The first Germin lln was al t without so effective httd tht preparatory tonliardinent been, wlien entered Illachrs at 2:10 wc I'.'Jtid ety house organised as a fort nil hiippllcd with a number,if machine urns. (iir artillery, hovvover. by Its ai furtey .md power destroyed these de. nces. though It still left cellars and MV'i full of enemies. \As we entered the village the who was at the of a tullon. ith rlHc In hand, ordered the trunpMerh to sound the charge. All the finnin In th- - were captured ur !I1M, The eeiminane.Bnt was wound-i- d y h\t from a lieutenant's revolver, \'it h- kpr'ked down the lieutenant Wow- finm his rifle, \At S s.i tho was completely In our pfireslon, although a recent flr-Wi- n bad declau-- It to be We are now less than two s'lmlift from Peronne.\ The recent nghtlng on the Krench front ti ihe sector Is only the JP'turg phase of a plan by in Jorfie, according to he military situation published In to.nay'), 7cmp. The paper says all the fults have been accomplished M 'hut are e )bo(ly will realise,\ says the J'i'ipi, eif making known In the newspapers, the plan which It Wni! by Gen. Jortre. It must uii'lersiond that the operatiorw can-n- ot h- - cairk-- out In a rigid and In- - (f,rm. Napoleon himself never such Ideas. His were by one chief purpose and were k itate uf continuous evolution. II Coniinutd on rAird 1 AND NEW YORK PRESS) FEWER PARALYSIS DEATHS GIVE HOPE Only U Reported, but New Cases Show Epi- demic Is Rife. CLEANLINESS FIGHT ON Many Violators of Sanitary Ordinances Fined Other States Watchful. The Infantile paralysis epidemic waa regarded by the authorities nit no worse yesterday. Dr. Haven Emcrnn. Health Commissioner, nfler helmc told by his statistician that the new cases num- bered 103, an Increase of B from the preceding day, and that the deaths num bered ,14, the lowest In more than a week, was Inclined to take a favorable view of the situation. \So Ions; as the new cases each day do not Increase by big- - jumps I shall feel hopeful.\ he said. \I muat consider j the figure each day for at least a week before I make any phophecy.\ Dr. Emerson'a attitude Is that if the euhatantlally the same for a week they wilt Indicate that the situation Is under control. The new cares yesterday showed an Increase over the Sunday, Saturday and Friday fig- ures, but for the last live days there has been a steeidy decrease In the number of \Generally Mid Dr. Emerson, \If the patients do not die at the onset of the they recover.\ With the total cases amounting to 1,053. and the deaths to 23S, the only other discomforting development was the Increase of new casf In Manhattan to 30, the number In that borough In any one day. Thaw caves, however, were In the districts where the earlier lived. In Ilrooklyn there were (14 new cares, a slight falllm: off: in Queens, 1 ; Richmond, 4, and The Bronx. rton The dentin were -- 9 In Brooklyn, 3 In Manhattan, 1 in The ltronx and 1 In Richmond. Concentrate nn Cleanliness. As the steps a spotlerr city wee believed to have something to do with cheeking the rnpld rise In the num ber of cases, greater encrcy than ever $200,000,000 BILL PASSED BY HOUSE Revenue Provision Through fro,,, Uu.sl,,,, M ,,,( civic by c\v Young, Dakota Helgeren. Dakota: Hlnnnit': and shows tllllt tho oppos- - Tie City Magistrates took ElMon, Stephens ins armlo- - nro the ml.Kt Vi\ ,n,'n,e. 'h''.r \hJT. ll NoUn. Pnn'svlvanla California. : Along battlo Ovltm forces uniler the the Battle carried S3omm; Krench Krench The Krench the Bluhes somme, prlrclpil dlvl-fo- rt passed fighting, hut - head bit village with village 0'iler Somme elaborated review x,rcted further successes assured. - dangei executed s varliiliio rtertalni-- plana Jwnlnaled Page. 103 tVuree remain deaths. disease Inrgest victims towaid Farr! ! Gardner. Massnch-i-Defenc- league; members of the Police. Knk'nIrti slr)in Bnd Iteavls. Ne- - rire, icnemciu iioue, uTinrui\' ii\ Street Cleaning departmentn who had been working on Sunday made their work felt In the court esterdnv morning. Through their efforts more than BS0 per- sons wero arraigned In Manhattan and The Ilronx for vledatlr the sanitary ( , orainanres ano w eir nnru, ..iu.-i- j sors were lined by Ilrooklyn Magis- trates. Prior to the opening of court the Mag- istrates received n letter from Krelerlck H. House, acting Thief Magistrate, in which the lmpolng of substantial pen- alties for violations of the provblons of the sanitary code was urged. Magistrate Patton, In !sex Market court, fined 350 persons, tho majority of them women carrying babies. He had a difficult time making the women the law. Magistrate Marsh. In the Tombs court, fined H defendants from 1 to tt each. Mnglstratc Slmms. In the Vorkvlll- - court. dlepoed of forty-thre- \ Masls'i-at- e Murphy, In the Harlem court, was more severe, Impos- ing fines of V each. Magistrate Groehl. In the JefTereon Market court, fined seven- ty-four rersons. The cleanup work will continue more y Thel Public Service Commission took a haid yesterday by ordering nil embwny I contractors to notify the police If persons living along the excavations persisted In th: owing refure Into the ditches. Veins- - 10,000,000 Gallons Dar. throughout the city was manifested an engerness to help make the city cleaner. Street Cleaning Com- missioner Ketherston announced that he had increased his Range- - of street fl''h\ to 200 and that they were pouring gallons n day on streets and sidewalks. When Dr, Rmerson met the members of his general committee at 2:30 yester- day afternoon he was almost In a more cheerful mood. He said that there were J!S7 beds taken by the babies In the Kingston Avenue, Wlllard Torker and Riverside hospitals, leaving 233 beds still available. The private hospitals have promised us 290 beds,\ sold Commissioner Kmer-eo- n after the meeting. \We have not vet heard from the Chart'les Depart- ment. Kills island Hospital with 00 K.a. I. nvallnhle. so that we have 1,200 beds In fight. T do not expect thnl we shall be compelled to call on the Ellis Island institution. We feel that the city i...ie nhnoM he mohlllted to the utmost i,.im e call on outside resources. If we use the rcuie isibou hoi-jio.i- will ask the help of the American Red Ctoss In furnishing us nurses nn In,. \ Several private hospitals already have taken In Infantile paralysis cases. St. Catherine' Hospital. Brooklyn, has two, Hmi Kinsl one and Presbyterian two. \Tho situation ne m norw-- i is inm satisfactory now,\ expiameo. nr. I'.mrr- - \ nrp .ruin. I uin ,(,ir....j .. having litre n rony more mr iih.)hi..i thirty-si- x additional for field wmk. We like to have a nurse on the ambulance, who goc with the doctor to the home. undrcrstB the chll'l and proves, helpful i nnv wava in the diagnostic work. With some of the children In the hos. oiiol. stens are beln-- J tsltcn to develop tUa arms nr I mi iuij i\ i .' Ivned by the dlscnse. In addition to the 1500 given by Mrs. Daniel Ouggen-hel- m 1300 had come In. nnd $100 from an anonymous giver i\ \\- - o th- - Ttenlth Department sees nt. Ilraces will be tmrchiuied. A meeting nf charitable organisation to discuss plans f0r this work will be held In Brooklyn ,0rv?y,TCmrson gave nut yeslerrtay some Interesting IHures about the death rate in. i week, as compared with the corre- - roondln week of a year go. The hfcjher Contirtt.rd on Btwnth Pag; IS Goes by Vote of 240 to 140. BANKERS' TAX CUT OUT Democrats Vote Solidly 39 Republicans Give Aid.. WasittNOTOV, July 10. The Demo- cratic revenue bill, designed to raise ap- proximately $200,000,000 additional reve- nue, passed the House by a vote of 540 to 140. Democratic members voted solidly for the bill, and thirty-nin- e Re- publicans and one Independent supported It. The minority succeeded In amending; the bill In several particulars, but no vital change was made In any section ex- cept that relating to the levy of special Internal revenue taxes. The House struck out the tax on bankers. As reported, the bill carried a tax on bankers of tl per thousand of capital, surplus and un divided profits. Several changes were made In the tariff commission section. The salaries of the commissioners were reduced from $10,000 to $7,500, and the prohibition against former members of Congress serving on the commission was climb nated. During the debatn Representative Hill Connecticut, sought to Increase the duties on dyesluffs. His effort failed, but he as serted that the arrival at Haltlmore or the Deutschland with a cargo of dyes In- dicated the determination of Herman) to retain the control of the dyestuffs Indus- try. '\The voyage of the German submarine.\ Mr Hill said, \marks a significant situa- tion In the history of the world. Small nations as well as large may aspire to the mastery of the sea \ Minnesota and Wisconsin furnished most of the Republican vote in favor of the Democratic bill. Four minority mem- bers of the Ways and Means Committee Longworth, Sloan, Gardner and Green supported the bill. Republicans voting for the bill were: Anderson. DavK Ellsworth, Lindbergh. Miller. Schall. Smith. Hteenerson and Volstead, of Minnesota. Hrowre, Cary. Cooper, Esch and Stafford, of Wisconsin : Dowell. flood, Green. Ramsyer . nd Sweet, of Iowa; Dillon and .Inhnson, .if braska: Morgan. Oklahoma: Longworth and McCuiloch. Ohio; Itobertl, Nevada; Kent ( Ind.), California. Itepresentatlve Fltngerald. chairman of the Appropriation fommittee. rallied a few Democrats and practically nil ir.a Republicans and put through an amend- - ment striking out the provision for \permment\ appropriation of $300,000 per year for the expenses of the tariff commission. This chango was made on a viva voce vote. It displeased Repre sentative Halney, In charge of the tariff commission Fectlon, but when Mr. Ralnev nemanneo a roil enn iner were inuu shouts of \No!\ and no roll call was had. t'n'er the Fitzgerald amendment it\ tariff commission will come to Congress annually for Its appropriations. The sum 0 0 is aopted tor .he next fiscal vear. There wa n partisan date or sev eral hours the vote. Ilepre- - sentatlve Good, HpunUcn, Iowa, the bill was Hepubllcin In princi- ple and criticised the minority for nn evi- dent Intention not to support the meas ure. Representative Fes.., an Ohio Re publican, assailed the Democrats because of their appropriations for'-'imrk- \ and priori lh .,i,ih snnronrl.fl.iMS wr I i, . ; 'th.' n.- -, e n , - , Another defeated amendment was that i of Mr, Sloan. Nebraska Republican, who suggested that as the Democrats are about to repeal tho \stamp taxes\ of i the emergeney revenue nui or iwo ycara ago, they ought to refund all stamp tnxes heretofore paid. KAISER'S PHYSICIAN DIES. Dr. Frederick von libera; Had Spe cial Care nf Emperor's Throat. I.oupon. July 10. An Amsterdam des patch to the Kxchango Telegraph Com pany says tnat ir. vv, n. von Ilben: died In Berlin .Sunday. Dr. ven Ilberg hnd the special care of tho throat affection from which the German Emperor has suffered for many years, and was one or the hmperor a most Intimate friends. CUBA QUARANTINES CHILDREN. Mrasnrea Taken tKaln't I'. . Trav- ellers ns Paralysis Guard. Jpeclal Cahlt lttpateh to Twe Si n, Havana, July 10. The Cuban military authorities have Adopted nuarantlno ngalnrt Unllod States children on account of the epidemic of Infnntlle paralysis. In the future children arr.v!ng from American porta who have an mhnnrmal temperature will be Isolated until the trouhle Is diagnosed, while children in normal health will h- - kept under sur- veillance until the dnnser of developing Infantile paralysis tins passed. U. S. SENATE AIDS FIGHT. Passes nrsnlntlnn Giving; I'sc nf Kills Island to City. Wasiiikcton. July to. The Senate to. day passed the resolution turning over to the municipal autnori -s in ,vw ior the use of the hoepltnl and Inspect on faclllllos of Kills Island .i check the siiresd or llitnnilie nnrniysis. : . ....... ,, The. reeoiutioii waa ciuieei up n rr,,- - or O'Gorinan and was unopposed. Thn s'lty Is required to reimburse Ihe Gov- - einment ror any loss or uainage io me property resulting from Its uec by the city, Atlantic Klrrt In War finnie, Nbwpoiit, July in, The Atliintlc fleet left y for a week of tnanceuvers off Block Island. TO SUN AND PRESS READERS That many of you were unable to get The Sunday Sun last Sunday seems certain, as early in the day newsdealers were very generally Hold out clean. Because of the incomparably fast-mounti- sale of the weekday issues, we were sure there would be a heavy demand for the Sunday, so increased the edition by more than fifty per cent, over the preceding week, but this increase fell far short of meeting the requirements. I fear we shall not be able to come much nearer the mark for next Sunday unless you come to our aid at once with your order for The Sunday Sun. May I not, there- fore, urge you to leave your order with your newsdealer immediately on reading this notice, so that he can send us a corrected order that will insure you getting The Sunday Sun? FRANK A. MUNSEY. DR. FINLEY HELD UP BY CAMP'S SENTRIES Education Commissioner lias Two Innocent Clashes With Guardsmen. Camp Whitman, GnctcN Havfiv, N. Y., July 10. Dr. John H Klnley. State Com mis.'. oner it fJdtieatlnn, yesterday nar- row ly eviction from er;i;i, l was learned The Commissi .tier In fact twice had trouble in u short Sunday visit, but he Ir known for the delight h takes In uch Incidents, o that no harm s done, except to lh icellngs of two chagrined guardsmen Walking from Junction to I the camp. Dr, Klnley started to crow the lines In an out of the way spot when he was gruffly challenged by n sentry who told him he mut go around and come in the regular way. So the Commissioner circled the amp nnd en- tered the usual wav After n short visit at head.niarten. he left with the little , wriMwun'l\ his arm In hch..? h war nc-ii- htl! up by ft runrrl Hey!\ shouted thi alert guardsman, \you can't peddle anythlrg here.\ It In understood Commissioner Klnley had little difficult) Jn.iytalalnlofeio. tho guard that h w not trying to peildie anything, and went nn smiling. SEA BATTLE IN BALTIC. Report of Violent CminnnadlBB ert at Copenhagen. CorcKiiAOK.s. via Mndon, July 11 The Dai,rn.i .Vuierter announces that a sea battle Is believed to hale occurred in the llaltlc outside of liaefrlnge on Hun-da- y night. Violent cannonading wns heard from severil points on the coast, and It Is pre-.eu- d that th- - German Mid Russian pa- trolling sepiadroiis clashed. MISS KEEN, EXPLORER, A BRIDE. Weds Mining; Mnn Who ('limbed Alaska Monnletln With tier. PuiLApni ritiA. July 10 Annoum-e- - ment was niide lu re y nf the nnr ring\ at MriVirthy, Alaska, on Satut- - Mci'nrthy. Alaska. Mies Keen's father, Dr W. W, Keen, mad- - tho announce- ment. Mls Keen and Mr. Handy made the acerit of Mount Blackburn, lt.1 10 feet hlRb. in May. 1?12 The latter had met Miss Keen In Cordova and asked to Jnln the mountain climbing party. Mr Handy, who l.i the son of a Ger \' \\ ..... ........ . urallzntmn papers. lie -a mining man The cnup', wll I)ve I,, AlasKa. SEE TROUBLE 10K thRV. .,... ,,ri,,nn iininln(. plclona nf New Plana. Washinotov. July in, Otflrlal des- patches received In Datln Ameri- can diplomatic (pinners say that a sectet agreement has be-- n made between Peri, and Venexuel-- i with the object of taking vast tracts nf Isnd the rightful poss-ss- l, n of which they dispute with Colombia and Ecuador. Grave fears for the peare of the nations Involved hnve been expresse,'. The boundary disputes Involving thi four countries have been of long stand- ing. It had been reported that Colombia and Pern had approached an understand Ing of their dllllcultles and that arhltrv tlnn whs In contemplation. An award In the dispute between Venezuela and Co- - lombit war made by Spain In IM'l. Tim four legations here profees to have little knowledge of the situation. HUGHES'S NEPHEW SEES SHARK. Encnatitrrs Visitor While Canoeing Xrnr nrldgehamptnii. llnipiiBHAMPTON, U I July 10, The fact that It is the summer homo of a Presidential nomh.ee Is nn longer Ilrldge. hampton's only claim to distinction. It hnd n real shnrk scare this afternoon r'olln Ksterhrook Carter. 25, a son i f Dr. Colin S. Carter, Mrs. MiignrK's broth- er, was in a canoe with Miss Winifred Laud Brown of Knglewnod, N, J., when they sighted a black object only 300 feet nwav and headed toward their craft. Carter had a good view of It and swears It was a shark. , nivrr nnlhers Hnve Seal Scare. Tars. ton. July I\ Bathers In the Del nwiiri. River lit Washington's Crossing nnd at Tnylorsv Ille. Pa., hnve ipilt river batn)nK, ei has them nwiiy. J T, tllM llfl(.rnron n,l . . hl , wn(t cnM. ...j... . ,i -- nmini, it.ni mmiini.iio o. - - ' '\ \ ' , h . fm,,lni: n t,s small llsll has Canadian Trlrgrraphers for lrlkr WiNNirru, Mnn., July 10. A strike vote of 3,000 Gre-n- t Northwestern tele- graph operators In Canada concluded to. day shows 91) per rent. In favor of a strlko for u 10 to 16 per cent, increase In GEN. OBREGON WIRES WAR PERIL IS OVER Orders Gen. Callcs to Hasten Return of Ainrrienns ! to Mexico. Douglas, ArU... July 10. Gen. Caltee. to.,lnv n.K-u.,- i,,u .. f v..--..- .n ,,,in. Ing companies operating in Fonor that he had received a telegram from Gin. ,...i. r saving that all dancer of 'war with the I I'nileii States had p.i.sed. Gen. libreiron ordered Pnlles to ex- - pedlte the Teturn of all Americans opr- - atlng mines or ranches In his territory I and to give them every guarant) of !nfe-- 1 t)- - for iheins-tv- cs and their pioperty. Gen. Kllan, military commander of Ho- - nora. said i \Adyles rerevd y from city were so sutl .factory anil made me feel hj Mire thire can be no break be tween and the L'nlled States that , n,V(.-lirJert- thf demobillratlon of , tr. ops now In the bord-- r districts and their discharge from the national service , and ord.red the reopening of all public j otllces along the border. \I have als.o extended an invitation t I fore'gnete. to return to Solium, and will protect them and their property\ N. Y. MEN HAUL DOWN FLAG. Ilexlrnns 4nser inierlrans nn Way to the llorder. rittrKARAVV, Okl-i.- , July 10 A regi- ment of the New York mllltla which passed through this ilty last night on th wav U ihe border hauled down a Ml. can flag and put to rout a band of Mex- icans twenty miles north of her- - In the afternoon. The Mexicans, twenty In number, were at work on th- - railroad. They hoisted a Mexican flig on their tent and \Viva In Mexlcana\' as the troop train drew In a! the station This nngnred thj soldiers, who ruhed from the train and tore down the flag and chased the Mexi- cans several miles. DYE SHORTAGE HITS PRIMARY. Comiie-t- s t linta ae In lliillol Color nf American Party. AinANY. July 10 The Secrepiry of Sf.te. P anels M. Hugo, y des'g-u:it-- d the colors on which primary bal- lots must be printed by the several political parties. The effect o the Hiiro-pea- n wn- - s shown by the fart that, with no scarlet dyo in Urn market, lerra eotta has tiercNsailly been sulistltuted as the color of p-.- ballots for tho American pirty, hitherto printed nn scarlet paper. Th- - colors selected follow: Republi- can, cherry; Democratic, light green: league, canary; American, terra cotta ; Piolilbltlon, mandarin; Pro- gressive, light blue ; Solclallst, buff. DASH BY PIRATE SCHILLER. Meals Prison Wall at Atlanta, but Is Recaptured. Atlanta. Git,, July 10. Inspired by the news of the arrival of the submarine boat Doutsehl.ind fiom Germany, ICrnest Schiller, \the pintle\ who captured single handed the British freighter Mataspo and was mile need for life to the Atlanta Kideral ptlson, made a dash for liberty While working In the tailor shop he selred nn opportunity when the guards seemed to relax th-- lr vigilance, Schiller scaled the prison wall and dropped to a scaffolding ten feet below and then to the ground. Meantime he wiih under Urn from the guards, whose ehrds, however, failed to hit. When he was within sight ot success a teamster arrived and tripped him. Then he ws easily captured. SEARCHLIGHT SEEN 200 MILES. Itrainrknble Claim far New I.antrrn Constructed for Nnvy. SoiiiiNKe.TAiiY. N. V.. July 10. Tha most nowcrful searchlight In the world, wltli a live root mirror, ine nennis ni which are send to be visible nt more than 200 miles, has Just been completed at the General Ulectrlc plant hero for the United States navy. Several others are In course of construction. Thn Inventor la llelnrlen neck ot Melnlngvn. Germany. Tenia In the llronklvn navy yard and on the battle ship Texas proved Its efficiency. It Is evpo'tcil that the lantern, ns tho Inventor calls it, will revniuiioiii-e- e nigiu slgni'lllng. Be'llpsp nf Moon .Inly 1 I, Washington, July 10, There will bo n partial ecllpso of tho moon on July It, visible at Washington, The first vlnlbll. ity will bo In Africa, Houthwenti-n- i the Atlantic Ocean, North America, South America and the south Pacific Ocean- - the. ending visible gen erally In the Atlantic. Ocean, North anil South America nnd tho south Pacific Ocean, At the middle of the eclipse right-tenth- s of the diameter of the moon will be In the shadow vast by the earth. JERSEY ASKS N. Y. RAILROAD INQUIRY Starts Fiffht Against Alleged Discrriuination on This Shore. CARRIERS ARE ASSAILED Charged With Developing New-Yor- Business on Arti- ficial Lines. WasimnotoJ, July 10. The State of New Jersey started a proceeding before the Interstate Commerce Commission to of day that will result In an Investigation of the entire subject of railroad termi- nals, lighterage anil freight rates of the harbor in nnd nround New Votk. The i I. proceeding la Ionised on bv ofllclals of the comm!nslon as exceedingly Important, as It Involves praitlcully Un ntlro field of railroad transportation In New VorV. New Jersey, through a committee on ways and meaim appointed by Gov. Fielder, the Hoard of Navigation of New-Jerse- nnd orgatilisatlonK of Newark, Jer-- iXr?h regulation now In force in favor of Ihe New- - York side. The Jersey aide, they contend. Is being .charged extra for terminal erlees on It 'il'ipments from the West, particularly n charge of t- - a iar for iirnnugnmcnt rvlcc irom tao .\sew ..eney u nnioais to nny point in .ev I IfK llliro'ir. .er ce Kr-ni.'- . at in- - Term na.s \r ,lcl,U'1 \\ J\\1\\5 ,'. f'w fide Is nit-- nsked Tlu- - P''lon upon which the eomm- l- slnu will undertake nn in.Uliy nys In r\ \'\ rr. iuiik hi.- - nii.r - nn.,.,,nV , l. t\1'r.. nt f'S \nrro\ \'\'\'-'- \ '\'' and befme referred to Vile bulne of the port of New Wk has bee,, develo,.e, alone wholly artificial In lieu of natural , Tl.e result is that the city ..' New Jork hasbetome ro eong-st- w It, traf- - the price , f 'and owing to this art!! Lilly created dent nd h.ii rlwil fo hlgli that the expense of cnnduetli'g boi.i-n's- s ' on Manhat'nn Island has Income ..,,., Vents, high tar.es. high r. rate, congestion of the strr ets. gevon at th\ pier station and shlppliic jards nf the rall-o- .i L...WI . i i in.. ..k....m. foodstufls eonsiim.il. th- - vMu. of which , ... - ...1 ...t \\\\ ' pei annum wl'h '., th- - op.,,,ent heavy co-- i e,i eMimate.i at ,,-- . nrnmaije. per annum o- -s to the railroad.' them.elve In e.rrjln goo s across the biy and back ng.H'i. In son,- - ci-e- s only' for etorave. are nil a butdensoin.' tax on business ronducte.1 at this port, which I' cm only be completely removed by the, irnrcTiny-iiirw- i 01 ine port .- 1- n noi.\ null utlllrlng the advantages of th- - New Jer- sey shore and navigable waters near Its great port \ BRITAIN THREATENS HOLLAND. Will Mop ('ollon Imports If llnteh Kxiinrt Mniinroi-tiirei- l Goods, RoTTnnnvM, via London. July 10- - The .'(eiiiic ffoKerrfniiiscic Cotinnf pays hat ijreat Itrllain has asked Holland to top the export of manufactured goods, o neutral countries, declaring that will result In the stoppage of lollnn d's cotton Imports. The 7'eei'reiei says that the Allies are merely meiisuies to pre. vent the export of Dutch cotton goods to , Switzerland and Rumania, at. It has been proved that such are really In tended for Germany MRS. TURNURE FIGHTS FIRE, - - llmnnlii Jiervnnt llrltcnili' When l.luhtnlnv MrHi.- - Vllln. I.rNnx. Mass., July 10 Mri,. Geoigj K. Tiirniiio of 113 I'.eM Thirty-sixt- h street, Manhattan., wife of a New York hardier and daughter of Charles I.anler, with her corps or servants yesterday fought a fire In the Tuinuro villa, nnd saved It from burning. Tho villa was. struck by lightning. Tho holt burned a fuse in the cell.it and Ig- nited beams beneath the llliiuiy. Very soon ii brisk fire had Marled, Mrs. Tur- - mi re, who was alone in the villa with her servants, summoned rill the help In the lllnce, The-- fought the fire with hose while a part of the furniture removed. So well directed was the tire brigade that within half an hour the names were put out, A hole was burned In the library llonr and there win lo nam.'ige to books and furnish ings. U BOAT SERVICE WEEKLY. North Grrninn l.loyd Manager Kas It Is for All. Carl von Helnmlt, general man.ig-- r of the North Gorman l.loyd, said yester- day that all the German merchant Thnl might arrive at Ameil-ca- n ports would report to ngenls of the l.loyd, although the company does not own them. Mr. Hedmolt Intimated that there might be a new ami bigger Miuadroii of common-M- i submarines weekly in ser- vice before th- - end of the war, which, he said, would last long. WON $15,000 ON SUBMARINE. I' red tlosrhrr Reported to Hnve f'leniied I'll on lieriunil Itoat. A story wns circulated In Wall Street yesterday tei the effect that Bosrhet, a former number of the CoiisolSdiited i lenncil up belwecn Mn.ooo and fir,, oiio on belt, uviile on the arrival of the German niorchani submarine-- , It was teponrii mat iiowener nan neen quietly taxing nets nt mg nuns :imt inn llllilersri boat would not airlve and that he cashed 111 yesletiliy Bnschoi could pot be found ycstcnin.. 'I'oii Mhort, Hill lines In I'ront, Tin War Department has agrud to admit to eorvlco In Company M, Regiment, now on the border, I.leut . i. I\\ BRITISH GORDON FOR DEUTSCHLAND Armed Motor Bonts, American Built, to Line Three Mile Limit Off Chesapeake. ESCAPE WILL BE FEAT Great Fleet of Submarine De- stroyers Being Hushed Over From English Waters. Wasiiinoton, July 10. Apart fr nn diplomatic effort, to cause the ddentio-- i the German submarine Deutschland In Ualtlmorc the Itrltlsli Government Is preparing to block Its return voy.itfe bv j means of a cordon of warships outside the three mile limit. It Is tinderstooo .. ... ... . i lo-u- mat. specially oimstrurieu nio-n- r uo.iis, or \siiumarine o.iicneis, as iih-.- nro termed In the llrltlsh uiy. are to lie dspnttlieil to the Virginia capes. Five hundred of there motor l.ois have done excellent worl; in the llrit's'i 'hannel. Mtny of them came nrielna'l) from the t'nltul States tin:, run .1 a: h:ie been oiulpp.il w.th three Inch gin-an- their crcu. put 'through training to letert ind run down the iimlt r.- -i boats Is not known whether they are cox- - i Ir.g n ross the Atlantic under tln lr wn poner or whetln-- tiny will l.j ur.iiu'.it over on other miip American nnv.il olltcers lure tin not turn the opinion advanced by the that it will be ,i very simple mat- ter to escape. They also ni .V.....1 ..t.lll... ,1.. , ll.nlu.l.Un.1 tr. ui in.- - .iioinj ,o i. r.... \ remain mur 'i.iys unner w.ht ..i-- v admit however, that the Dem,-hltm- probably can make appreciable cp ed even at a depth of ion feet, and regard thr task of ruimlr.g down the u.id-ii-- e.i ... ...t- - .lltll....!. .JVi, nrJmlt , a fhp Rrc.,t .,. HnUttrf , ,,,,. r.,p,ure. but tn-- y , , , ,fi0k Th fop y,.. . inn, tin Is the n ihicd cruising radius when submerged. Whether liritltdi can. uiu'er Intel national law. Hie at the DetitJ.-h-- land without warning Is n question s'lll ll.-iis-,f- by ntlb-lal- s bete. As a ir r hn' , ;illp ,m, ivu'tschlnnd' Is entitled to SJ\'e prtvlligea as any inn. r n.er- - V' The Pnlted !atis Is on 't', n - .....,,...llMr- - ,ftMl . . ., ....... r.1, , t I f ... V that n merchant ship must be w.i-iie- d, , H muM ,(, rnlM ,, t)mt , r , , ,x.ri,j.Pl, , ,, , , ,.VV(. ., ,,,, ,,r,,ce nhn w, , .. , . uf nrn ff. f s ,.lH , mc t Jns \ \'u r\\1' SUBMARINE OFFICER HERE WITH MAILS Krnpolil Complains That Mo- tion of Train Nearly Makes Him Sc.-iicl;- , Krans W. Kr.ipohl. first olllcer nf the German submarine merchantman Deutschland, arrlvi d In New York late , f Ilaltlmoro on his way to me liciman eumnier rmearsy ,u i.ye. N. Y. He i .u rili I thiee sacks of epeel.il m.ill nnd wns accompanied by llanlel vmi llalmhausen. counsellor of tho em- bassy, Coming from Haltlmore Krnpnhl com- plained of the motion eif the train, hay- ing : \If this keeps up I will get seasick,\ He explained that the Deutschland runs nn smoothly that one could play a Kume of billiards within her at a depth of llfleen to twenty meters. Reminded th-i- all commerce vesi.els entering the waters of the United States must cirry sutllcleiit life saving eb v.ccs, the llrst other wild the Deutschland was equipped with lifeboats anil lifebelts. Krapohl said that early In June the Deutschland was visited by Prince Henry of Prussia, brother of the German Emperor, nnd his wife Prince Henry P.,.io, p.mtnln Knenle with an nolo ',,,, iintnranh of himself, to which ,,'.,. ,. .,, ,.,,,.,,, .... Prince. The Kngllsh tianslatlon fol- lows: H) TUT KI11ST HERMAN CllMM Kllt'i: pchmauim:. \To Inlllr and tl K lit l tun our ea.li Vcnir inlimlon l one nf ireful tri'le i.o un, then, iloil peel .on anil lilise the trip. Ilo and t.rnvo s. true iletman are All Oeriuany wlnh- - ynu. from lh depth. of lie heart. Good luck and s safe return ho:n- - \ Princesa Irene presented tho crew with n sliver star mounted on a took-woo- d plaque, On the star was engiuvi-- ii picture of the Deutschland, The plaque was piac-- u on ill\ Mainiiarn sine m ine central s,a on i ine, Deutschland, On tho port side of the station wns placed a copy of Prim i. Henry s poem I CARGO ZEPPELIN COMING, TOO. j So Says Amsterdam Ti'IIIiik of tier-iiiiiid- 'b I.atrst Plan. fiprcM Cnhtf liftuUrh to Tnr Sis, Ammkhpam, July 10, Thorn Is n rcheme on foot in Germany for the formation of a \Transatlantic Zeppelin nnd Piisscngor Service.\ The llrst iilislilp, one of Ihe new type of riiper-'eppetln- will arrlvn at nn ,Amirlran port some time In the middle nf ,,1(:UPt f tn ,,aiw ,,i HerlalUe. Its ,,, w)11 , -- .Denlsehl, nil,\ and It will cany a large cargo of dyes nnd i hemic, lis, malls, and pn.isllil-- . sninc Interned t rews IVIilirnllua. ,,'oi:i-oi.k- , V i .lull 10.- - The ni rival of the p'.iitM'lilnnd wan celebrated to - ilav on thn Appini, eiptiired fiom the 1 DEFIANTOFFOE KOENIG SINGS ONDERSEASAGA \llam-i- l Door of Germany Unlocked,\ Insists Skipper of J)eutseliluiil. SIIM'IvI) rirAJIPAOXE AS KXKMY SEAKCIIED 'Sat on Floor of Kiijrlish Channel Ieeaiie Destroy- ers Covered Ifool'.\ (iKAIMHC ItKCiTAL OF :!.()() 31 ILK VOYAGE (i iiimi jii 'I'iiii D-IV- c. ... . ! hi.;.. ii'mi Pit,! mUHI'l iNlipS III Sunn W on Way Jlere. I!ai.ti.moi:b, July 10.- - It w.i.s Paul Kooni-.'- , skiinr of tiio wolid'rf tlttt deep diving telling the reporter liow hi.- - n.uuii hlatid played hi-- pielty Kanif of hide and neck with nny which does not appreciate der- - nilin )luI1ir \And we Hat down upon the floor of tho lintish t'iiiinm-l,- ho chuckled, 'b'caiiKe the roof vva.s crowded with nosy nnd wo drank good In mil champagne wlilhi wo sang .. Our nnd Rolls. \ii our fiies,' nnd pneontly the ti.ivv us room un the roof nnd vvu c.'iiu\ up nnd went on to America. It wns nil Just an simple as that, I toll you.\ The little man- - he i.i no figure of a Viking, this 'sea iiilventiirer from tho TlmritiKiun for- est had a llooel of words ten ilp.sc.rl be such cplu pranks a thin and .one could see that lie Invert to let hln mind Jwcll on the recollection of that mid- night chiinpiiKno supper horvcrt to ecp throated mui-- t 200 feet or so underneath the chop ,f the Channel. H.a brown eyes, oyis without a shadow- - of mal In them and marked at their outer corners by radiating Inn sparkled as hu poured out his story to fifty men whoso busi- ness it was to match their wits his to get the facts some facta at le.ist that Ills ellscretlon had pad- locked. Kuvlmiles lle'iieirter Mionli. To tell the truth the one had tho better of the mutch u'iiln.st the llfty, for Paul Koviilg, who Usui to com- mand the Prlnzem Irene eif the North GtrmJii Lloyd's Mediterranean service, ,s n clever dlp.oinat. ns .shrewd nt vioi-- fencing ns h- - at naviiiating his undersea bo-it- . He re veiled what lie hi the German poners that be dr -- sired t\ he revealed. That w..s al! Hut It was enough to spre-ar- t out a moM engaging narrative of tlie Deiitschlaii.l's'S.'-O- ni:le Journey from lin-mer- iveii to llilgoluiul uml from to the Virginia capes and Baltimore, a vey.u;e of twenty days, all told He was delightfully modest In the telling The man was absolutely iiliiiir.til 'it fir fuss that 1ms been made over h:m. iiMi'iilshed becauso thi news-p.ipr- is have printe-i- l columns about him, siirpiiscd that nny emu should want to photograph him. \What is there about myi voyage to cause all this crimination?\ lie asked In his tin. tit llngllsli, VMtli barely the hint of a German accent. \I have lone nothing icnmrk.ihlo. Anybody who has sense enough to nuvlgnte a boat and who builds a boat likn th Deutseliliind can I well but- ter, I llnlldliiK 1!,000 Ton Hunt. Among his earerly told nf the submarine's humorous adven- tures and his slow, ful explanation of tin- - Intimate and iinji riant matters with tin- liu 'ilillg, the nml the future of the Di'titsch-lil'l- were llaHlles of patriotic pilde, f'njit Koenlg will hive It no other vvny than that tho British grip on Ger- man Is hhortls in be broken, We linve (iriiviil It,\ lie snlil. Ills c)r allre with eiitliii-liisin- , \We are Inill.l- - I in; J .lion ton siitiniHrliies Hint will be s),p , ,., ,, , ,,.,, ,,,,, un A,, , nrH, ,, rll1.,, Wl. ,,.,, , ,,, , 1Mllli ,,, , ,, tUiK lie polnti d to the house Hag of thu npuiKoher ozean Itheiierei, the cor- poration of w'llih ilcvlscd the limb r.\i'ii trading plan \l.o.ik' now ami lol, well It Is the Hag of the old clt of Bremen, ted nnd vv.ile sir. pei with .1 key i.et In a -r nor of the rn.it of iiini\ That key Hi- - ki'mli.il of our vlituiv over the Dili. r,',tl,,i of the s- - i U It h It wo have Upoei (eil the baiicl door and the door u M , h! .1K.Un \ a ,lnni lieie shone 111 the eye t ,i,i, :1,,oi- alnuist fanatic. At t(l ,llmi '. tin- i -- put chiatercl all llbolll ll.li' II'1 in ire to n. in Ulliu mi llililiv weoiH'li nnniej n.s Imil inn I\' ah. ,l ' ril. i tile Mia ami w s swiiivjiiu, grii'dl). Pri suilly ho hiniH'lf with a sirt cf Jerk to the run of ins -- loiy. i elating It In the liimi o' n Pile- - In tie' iUCi tloil tbut show 'ii I upon bin Ileum u Hint stoiy Hie fli st of Its. umii evi-- i.-- l m hlstorv. Charles K. Mild, who wns rejected at ' British, nnd also on liiiuid tho Inlei u.'il lien one .oiiiih io iniiih anoui n the Sen Girt because hn was half nil Inch German embers Kmnprliu Wl'hehn w iling moo s. ml tine s forgot In mnkvi short In stature and weirs rlns'is. lb' nnd Mitel .\ Irl.-- Thn Mibin il Ine lins nuns hi tin y giieeeeu lit tin pur It, ono of the ten best shiupahooti'i-- s In nnill em board fur the crewt ot the In- - gold Hi I n um b- - In dcu i this skip-,- j regiment. I mined vessels. i.or's leg bunk thoy uuderaUod that hues ,1

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