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1?ai EVEIfttirG- H ^ t i insW ¥01^, THUBSMt. NOTSlMBtft S§. 185ft. = = ^ $ j E E - b v h e n b M S B : a ^ H tC .W .JA 3 1 K S .N o .lH * a i » felndn- a»tL OJU6,fc *«w 0«»w»l a«willi»5 Agent &r « le “ s W ii, v s U tei iT i- B sMiTir, »• ; JASOIf XAttOB> j . “W- ABStSteOlWi, LOCKE, W ,BA 2 ^A lf, » t JOSaBA WADSWORTH, JU.EXAlSn)ER».iAWS> A. L SillDEr- « ? - Mr. HENRY M j EEWIS, of MonftomerY, A fe o n r Genet»lTK.r*lUng Agent foi ALABAMA i TENNESSEE, nseiitea by B.S. 3RETY, Air. ISRAEL £ - JAMES, No. 182 Sontli Tenth « t m t , »D***Ni>s a P«f Heneml Tmtcffing Agent, le c th e SfHmaCSN *n4 SOIJTHiWESTERN SUtee *irirte«»rW M . H.W E l& , JOHN COLLINS, JAMES PEERING, A.K1EK WELLINGTON, E . A. EVANS Jr 4>fRjg OT- Aggy F- leOCKSg «2id JOS* BUTTON. THEOcTStoE-—O o r fin tpn g e contian* » reply o f John Hoir«xttP»Tneto M r. Benton; Oorreqiondenoe; nad the pcooeedinsa of the Epifcopnl Conrention. Tb6 foeith p sge h u dipping news. t h e P E N A X /H E S o p t h e p o s t - o f f i c e Oor rewiMS, we hope, ioolcea »t the ipstnioHon in out yesteidny’s sheet, lately issned h y the post- oSoe departOLsntj in m ia g the a ttention o f postmas­ ter* throughout the U n ite^ s a t e s , to those p a rts of the law o f MarelrSd, 1 8 ^ , wMeh f o rhl^ Under serere panalHes, a ll p rirate expresiei i« e arry not letter* merely, b u t a ll pamphlet* mrd magazines addressed • to individuals', a n d a ll o t h ^ printed m a tter so addres­ sed, not exceeding e igh t o n neesin weight, with the exception>n ofinew newspapers.spaj These prolubiti^u have o been d b regai^ed, says the cireniar fiom tbe post- office' d e partment, “ from cnlpable ignorance on tbe part o f the^stm a s ters. a n d a general want o f know- led^e on the p a rt o f the public^’* Private expresses, Iherefoie, we a re told b y the same a u thority, isolate the law witirimpumW- 'W ell, i f a proTuion of law is so soon forgotten andso g e n e r ^ y disregarded, the best disposition t o bomade • f i t , unless i t can be; shown th a t g rave interests of the c «am nnity positively require Ite enforcement, is to r e p e a ll t atonce. T h o p o n a itiesofthe^w a g a inst private expresses andother nnderte&higs of the kind, were m e a n t to, bo v ery effectual, by Cave Johnson, who in h is whidom invented them—a p enalty of one hrmdred and fifty dollars a g u n s t the p erson carrying ih e Hludt B a ^ m a ttero ra v d s tin g in its o onv^ance— « penalty-of the same amonnt against the owner of theTohicle o r vesselin which i t is earned'; a ] o f oaq hundred dollars against the o w n e r _____ -vehicle o r vessel in which a person having charge of l&e forbidden n u l- m a tte i goes as A passenger p e n a l^ of fifty dollars a g ainst the driver or condne of the vehicle; a n d another o f the same amount against fee person s e n ^ g the forbidden missives, o r causing them to b e sent. W e h ave very son dev^ed these severities be chuckled a t his own sagacity, a n d « d d to himself, “ 1 have the n a c sls fast How-’.’ 'W lletherhispenalHeshadthe eSeOt of p a tting and e n d to the oonveyanoe o f u i i m a tter by private expresses;, we snpp«w Cave lohnson. never exactly knew ; though he seems to have b een disturbed by same misgivaig*, sinoeheused to importune Congress to pass l a ip ^ v in g the post ofELee agents power to break open doors and pick th e locks of tranks in thete search for m ail m a tter unlawfully conveyed. H is saeoesaor.'Jacob GoUamer, was so busy in remov­ ing democratiopostihiuters, from twelve to twent no tim e to inquire into the matter. [* whole atten­ tio n was taken u p with looking 'l^Cter the potitical opin- ' ^ ‘ \ ^ ' ooffioe, mndon roiffing the poet office law, bethinks himseif ot ions of hB subordinate*. M r. H all comes into offii inqu&ing w h e th s rlt has been observed. He finds th a t Ike piohibiHon o f private expresses isalm e s ta <d«ad letter. . I t is.transgressed and the transgressors igo unpunished ; the'poatmasters know n othing about Its penalties; the pnbho know nothing about them ; the prohibition has^beoome obsolete in five years. Onr hew Postmaster Genenri, if he honsults his >mfort and the pnblio aecOSUhiodatioD, will earnestly advise bongres* to SJBpeal forthwith these penalUes, which have so soon fallen intOoc^tempt. If h is purpose is to e h ter seriously upon a scramble with the owners o f th e expresses, a nd sue to Congress for power to braatea body of post-office spies with autho­ r i t y to break open trrmks and make domioUiary >isits, ho engages In a Very tionblesome nndertakin Irith a.-prospeet o f very .partial suecess, to say t least. If the prohibition of private expresses is n( disregarded, i t is beoanse tbe pnblio is better aocom- modated by the n eglect than by the° observance the law. Almost everywhere the prohibirion is r garded as an impertinent interference o f the gbvcii ment w ith the business of individuals. »Meu have natural right, they argue, to send messages by ai person they may choose to omploy, a n d n o state n oesslty has arisen wWoh Justifies the government i ‘Obstructing this right. The p roper method of put­ ting down tbe competition o f private expresses, is for the gOTbrnment to c arry th e mails cheaper, and de­ liver their contents- more pnnotnally a ^ d safely, than th e private expresses can do. If the government does this, the expresses m ust give way and be dis­ continue^ so far a s oonoems the conveyance of what is called m a il icatter. If the govemm.ent cannot, in these respects, aooommodate the pnblio so well as the private expresses, i t onght to give way to them. We see s o reason, for our p a rt, why the two methods o' sending letters a n d periodicals should n o t co-exist, til! the people have time to consider w hether they will not dispense-with the po«t office altogether, as a p a r t of the apparatus o f government. T H E B E tJE P T I O N A T T H E G O V E R N O R ’S R o o m . treneral Cass, of Michigan, H . Cobb, of Georgia, u n d H . S. HiokiuBon, b e tter known as Scripture Hick, o f New York, received the motley committee, com moniy known as the Committee of Safety, a t the Govemer’aroom, in the Ciiy H a il, this morning a t 12i ov’oloocic. The committee appeared b y George 'Wood, as; their attorney, who, in a speech of about fifteen mlnntes length, gave a careful selection of the m ostappropriate common-places from his address a t Castle Garden. Genend Cass proceeded to acknowledge tbe com- pllm entaiy parts of tbe speech, and to defend the Fngitive Slave law , oonoluding with the expression o f his p rivate opinion, th a t its repeal would dissolve th e IJnipn in a b o u t ^fteen minutes, or less. • During the QenefaTs remarks, some one in the . crowd called o u t “ Raise h im , raise him.” The Gen­ eral replied: “ You can’t raise me, 1’m So the G eneral refused to get on the I too heavy.” »chair, rejoicing ill: eon-viotion th a t a man who is to the giound. never falls. T h is ill-omened m term p tien rather dlsooneerted the g k e r a l , b a t h e recovered and went on with a Ibwraore. remarks, and. then gave way to Mr. Cobb M r . G obbis a very good speaker, and his aoconnt of th e polities o f Georgia, and the sentiments of the south Was r a ther interesting. Ho too was called npouto g e t u p o s a chair, which ho was not afraid to dd . H e also talked a bont the impoitanoe of sus- taming, the'C n ioh. W hen he finished, Dickinson rose a nd began to bid igg theh Silverilver Greys,reys, foror thesenatorship,esenatorship, o s a chair, which ho was not afraid for votes am pn t e S G f th by pledging hiip'selCto overlook all differences of par ty. wb c h h e despised, a n d to recognise only one bond ofpolttioH onion, and th a t was the execution o f the fogitiv^ law. W e left him defining his position to tb^Sr Silver ( z r e } s ,lw b (^ entbariasm seemed to bo gradually a b a tteg a* his objeet becanie more appa- rf»«- ' T h ere were abont two hundred persons present, inolltdiBg iSa motley*; some seventy o r eighty in namb«r. TbO; proceedings were orderly, and too m uob credit cannot be p a id to M r. W etmore and Mr. L a throp for their unoearing efiTorts, with their hats andtongnes, to make the meeting e xhibit some en- T h e 'W ashington Vnion says pensively: “ It seems that a n e w system of tactics_has been \d ‘ yy c< ertain southern p \ ■ ■ adopte b c brand a ll whe _____ rh o donotthinfcai kees, e lerk^ and tradesmen, who are aboliti h e a r t 1* a sing r J j^im p n U tioa i 3t w ith, them I ibolitionists a t ____ _ ________ - _______ _ ___ __ „ __ d o n to make against th e p e ^ e ofN a shvillo, the associates of 3 a < ^ n an d o f Hoik. W e did n o t know before th a t T h e DHum, i n thinpaem g e, coinplaina of a prac­ tice of w h ich.it ha* itself set the exam|ile. I t inva­ riably speak* of aU tbe journal* wbiob oppose tbe ex- trajsion o f elavery, a* ahoHriouist iPXt^aalB, and de- nwmcee every poliUoiAUwboeanBOi approve of the f i ^ r i v e e l i t e la w . w oboH«onist. I t to now g i u i ^ l i a g b e e a n i e a e i o n t b e r B e B ^ com- profi^Tiypply a te same a ppelliew u i t o iteelf and its f i ^ d L forgrtlin* the liom o tr 5 » T e tb, th a t w i» t 1* * w u o e for Is ■»»«« gander. Wo a re look- iafc«M iy:iaAj5« iee H e k a r i y demonstrated b j some ■of tSe»ewtk«»P»*»*»> * bat f iia W aehington Untan i* m » o * t Vfrfleiri o f a b o litlen and t h a t - GOV, JU > a w n % M * i«A O * .^^ tteig ien ill^ Je k b » . RreBdent. - ' b u t conefudi* , i ^ t ’ tq;thro w 'np i l * band for thgt. a a t e ^ M d , i t o w ' ■§W*1! C r i i i ^ i a & t e t l ^ e x p e e t e d ^ ^ w W would uidte ------------------ wrongs:wh»ntltaxha*»TeceiTod;tKe s a s e t i o t ___ C a a w e a e riaitp o (^ b l6 to drive C tlB r thli from U n i ^ o r o o e n w ie r t o adarit stetery w ithin h< m itel ffnot,w h a too« ld w e p p e iib lyg |- ‘ foce 4 How Improve onr condition striib n u t to th\ g r in b y r e s ist- ioarh w ^ ^ f r o m --V u u n m iuture meet a r ’ thbthxoihoia. Itis;ea*ier to r tta n redress existing wrongs.’ 'HeOontends th a t i f they tottoh the fngitive-slavo bifl, “ thesouthoanlK ) longer, w ith honor to her-; self, m u n ta m h e r p resent relation* wirir the north.”' ■ H e advisee thatsotaU iem eirterprise ihenld be pro- sP E c z A x . e i t s c o j p a x . c o r r V i f s T i p i e o f T h 3 b m ^ E S E O P N E W Y O R K . - IK ^ forttd e x p r e u lyfor ihe JBcwfug Feet.} StccoioA Dm.-x^lX£irrjaln^ T b e Convention rerMiemMed &t io o’clock Ibi* 'morning. T h e 'fiist prayer was read b y K er. M r, R e c a tid, ftev. M r. HUlreading f t e lesswi. A motion was made by Mr. John J a y , th a t theiq^ a the I plication of the colored church, St, PhlHp’s, fee Ire- feired to the Committee on Churches. H e said that m o ted, and t h a t “ -ioutherii metebanls should pur-; chase of »outhern m p e rters, and thus encourage southern eommerce.” H e saysi: “ Self-interest, i f not loVe for the 'CJnion, -will-' prompt this movement when they behold in onr de-; teriniaed a n d persevering non-intercourse the bbght- ing effeote o f its operations upon their coontry, and the decay and m in th a t will pass over their citizens.” W e looked carefully throngh.the message for somt distinct assertion o f the in s t itu tio n a l right o f everj m a n to h ite off h isow n irose, but found i t no where more explicitly presented than M the paragraphs above quoted. The Governor adopts the following insolent lan­ guage to'#ards the President, for “ threatening T e ias with the m ilitary force of the U n ited States” : \ L e t but one b low h o struck is execution 6 f the dis­ graceful threat o f the Executive, aad you may no longer talk of the cottStitntion or the Union. No earthly power c a a preserve them. They wiU n ot be worth preservation.” T h e Governor declares, that sooner than “ concede” such a power, he “ would say, d iuo lvt the Uaton.” Bah I sry wnele OOUgregation, standing. Rev. Drs. Higbee and Taylor were ap- receive the clerical votes, and Hon. L a th and Hon. John A.. . Dix to receive the lay the election of a Prorisionai Bishop. Rev. Dr. H aight, Secretary, read oVer of those delegatee who were n e t present a t j —The novel of A m o s L ockk , Tam o s, akb P okt . this name, recently p u t forth by the Harpers, is most powerful th a t has issned from the English piesi lines the publication of Jin h Eyre. Indeed, but for one o r two _ wo should be half-inclined have proceeded from the same vigorous and trench ant pen. I t has a g reat many of the same charac­ teristics, both of excellence and defect, -with that extraordinary work. I t has the same freshnsss, the same originality, the same occasional coarseness, tho same a b m p t energy of style, and the same im­ petuous earnestness, yet i t differs in a great many other respects. There is n o t in L o cko-the subtle analyris a n d bold,broad painting of oharaoters, minnte and morbid self-anatomiting, and the most disgusting fondness for monstrons develop­ ments of passion, which distingnisbes the books of Correr BeU; but there is, what is deep pervading sympathy with the and moral movements of society, Christian philosophy. ThS interests of Jane Eyre and of Shirley a r t 'mostly confined to the individuals of the drama, while in Alton Locke, the personage’ are wonderful aggrandised and exalted by thefr oon- neotion -with the grander interests of society. tist, and by others, a sooialiitio novelj but any one who wUl Alton Locke is called by some a obartist, read It to the end, will see tbat i t is neither, in exolusive or technioal tense of the term*. There a g reat deal said of the five points of tho charter; e hero is an avowed chartist; the catastrophe toms on the failnre of the b hartisfagitation, and now and then important questions of social reform are hint ed a t ; b a t the g reat objeot of the writer t so mnoh to suggest any specif pdlitioal notion, as to inouloatc new, earnest and tianity. The pro- the whole, and most comprehensive views of Christiat found religious spirit whioh pervades the whole, a the passionate eloquence with whioh tho g reat trut of Christian equality and brotherhood are enforced, are the leading features o f tho book. The upturning of sooial wrong and rottenness, the keen probing of the abuses of the established ehurob, and the ex­ posures o f the EuperfioisI and boUow pretenrions of chartism, as w'bll as of the windier sort o f socialism', are the mere incidents of the picture, or rather the instrumentalnstmmental accompaniment,ccompaniment, off whiohhioh thehe grandra l autobiography. i a o w t g ligious thoughts are the ground-tone and soul. Alton Locke, is in the form of an atttobiogi itliar poi and vsTisimlUtade of reader is really tory o f a poor devil of a tailoir, advances, the naturalness and probability is,thongh the interest quickens and expands ), Who is in the ontset a tailc and in the earlier portions bas all the minateness ion from life. The T persuaded that he has hold of the hU- deva of a tailo b ut as tho narrative )’s-poet, is introduced into highh society,ociety, fallsalls inn .ilor, gets to be a pet j s f i lov splendid woman, without daring to mention it, is disappointed, embroils himself in a riot, is con­ demned to prison, and finally emigrates to Texas, where he dies. This is a ll the-plot the book contains, but it serves as the vehicle to n irilliant dasorip- sionate exp< There are some h arsh and bitter oritioisma in the work, fiery outbursts of indignant radioalism, b u t its general ti>ne as a whole is healthful, reconoiling, and elevated. lYe should think that none of the classes into whioh society, espeoially English, are divided, could read i t without improvement. One thing is remarkable of all the late works of fiction, whioff profess to deal all send and heroines abroad to finish their I Englis improT thin g is remarkable c of fiction, whioff pro gloomy condition of the people. T their heroes an d heroines abroad tc careers. Emigration is almost the which addresses itself to their minds. Thus, Bulwer in the Caxtons; Dickens in David Copperfleld, and the author of Alton Locke, find no resting places for their favorites, when tho requirements of the story render it necessary to distribute tbe poetical ralia o* Texas. This fact is a ary upon opinion, as well as of sooiety, in G reat Britain. J enny L ind and the C ourkier des E tats U nis —A correspondent writes. “ In the French news­ paper published here, the Cowrier des JEtats Unis, 1 have just read an account of a party given on Sat- doe, bn ipressive commentary t m elegant and hospitable mansion itie out. of the city, a t which . t. I t consists principally of a of Miss Lind’s manners and conversation land, a litU was present. were observed, on th a t oooasion, by the writer, opnunanioates his observations to the pnblio, as 1 says, ‘ to p u t upon their g u a rd those who hereaft r believe in the charming words, the enohantii graces and the affable manners of Miss Lind, when she is seen with the naked eye and without the aid of an opera glass.’ I am astonished th a t the journal in qnestion shonld have admitted any thing so gross. It is of suoh a nature that I believe there are not more than one or two other prints in the city which would not have thrown i t into the fire a t once, and those prints are proverbially infamous. If it has come to this, th a t no private dwelling can be opened by a lady to her friends withont the presence of soi prints are proverbially i to this, th a t no private dw lady to h er friends withont igent of the newspaper pre» employed in taking notes of the' behavior and looks of the persons pre­ sent, it is time to refute all invitations, a n d p n t win dows in our doors through whioh we can reconnoitre those who present themselvasbefore wo admit them.” ‘The old Greel boreans, who were ’k legend of the land of the Hyper supposed to dwell in eternal spring, surrounded by the snowy ipountains ef the north—a legend of whioh a correspondent of yours, a lady, 1 presume, made so beautiful a use, in ;he Evening Post yester- a r belief among the Es­ quimaux. T h ey plaos the region of endless summer a t the north, a n d bold that the spirits of the good go thither. I f 1 reooUeot aright, Symmes made some use of this traditionary belief as an argument to give probability to Ms theory of a habitable country with­ in the hoUow sphere of the globe, to bo reached by sailing n orth.” T he N e w P ia n e t .—It wUi be recoDeoted that a new p lanet was discovered on the 13th of September, a t M r. Bishop’s Observatory, in Regent’s P a rk, Lon- m, b y M r. H ind, for which he proposed the name f Victoria. TM s.he *nbmittod for the approbation ' astronomers, on mythological gronnds, having d( vised a symbol ( a Star, with a sprig of laurel ove Id apply equally well to Victoria an to a n o ther name, Clio, wi ilingofling Utltronom rhioh ha h a d in view in oi dopteddopted the generkl fee o f u e rs should he against T h e latter name has been a in thlsoonntiy. T h e following elements have been c omputed: ST M. TTOn TltLASCClO, Mem. anomaly 1A5 Sept., 1850^m t. P aris.. ^ 0*4 of the perihelion, 1 From mem.802 0 48.0- Longlinde of Longitude of a ” iding > eqpUjXs 13.5 ) S e p t. .. . . . - 3 3 | in 316 ^ 0^MT7M3 a r atrtncEX, Or HanBUKCH. I860, Sept, 13.5, Greemrioh mem. equinox. Sept, 13, SOI U ^ 6 23| g S2.7 ^ . 3 6 8 ^ *** The following la an ephemeris o f the planet for a Right asesni’B. OeeUnatlon. •\5 8 « ••IsS J - ? r2***N . t l - to 3“ : . : ; : W e tefiaif OUT reader* to ihe advertiiemenl of D r . 'xacTs* joBsoN, who aanOnnee* that, h e is about to e a ter upon; the praetice-of denti«tiy to thia city: Dr, J phsoa ha* h a d the best opportOEities which Eu­ rope toM S o ffetferaccom p lisld^ hiBself to hi* pio- f e i ^ n , m >4 Jute Jifld a lU tion in J ^ l a a d ^ N to h against color which oharaoterize* some of this country.. _ M r . A . J . Bleeoket dved th ii for i would apply of thatcoun- ible prejudice of the people called for the order of the day. the ftdmissioiL ■ repo] o’clock, bo I be taken up. ^ i * was, on motion, UiduB tfeb table.' It wa* then nroposed th a t the Divine blessingbe in- the proceedings of the Convention. A receive th e clerical votes, and Hon . L a th e r Brae an d Hon. John A D ix to receive tho la y vetes the election of a FrorUionai Bishop. 3v. Dr. H aight, Seeretary, read oVer the names lose delegatee who were n e t present a t yesterday’s Dr. MoVicker moved that, for the purpose of facil­ itating the business Of the Convention, a Clerical and L a y Delegate bo appointed to the Tellers Ap­ pointed to> take the votes. The motion, o n bein; ' 11 A. M.—The Convention are now voting for a 'Frovisional Bishop. Each delegate, a t the call of his name, depositing his vote in the ballot box. It is n^probable that a ny choice will be made on the first W hen the i posited, a m mitted to zi Dr. T jn g opposed this, s te a t the votes bo counted openly in presence This amendment was, on motion, laid on tbe ta- Dr. Baight hoped that the tellers would be per mitted, according with the usage of former conven­ tions, to retire. Tho disenssion here terminated, and the tellers were permitted to retire. The votes of the lay delegates wore next received by the tellers appointed for the purpose, the delegate? depositing their ballots a* the names o f their respec­ tive ohnrches were called by the Secretary. The following is the result, as declared by the tell- C lerioai - V otes . CosmiANDER BUI.E.US.—The steamer MaydoWer, which plies between Detroit and Buffalo, having run ashore, daring a thick fog on the lake, was gallantiy rescaed by the captain and crew o f tho United States steamer Michigan. The passengers of the Mayflow­ er, we perceive, by onr western papers, have retained a vote of thanks to Commander Balias purpose of counting % o and offered an amendment, • • ofthe !! W ainwright., ;; S n J - B r o o k i i i Whole number of votes o a st.............................169 As a majority of votes is necessary to a choice, a )w ballot will be had. There has been nothing definite stooe. The tellers appointed on the lay Votes have not yet reported. SE V E N DAYS L A T E R FR O M E U R O P E . A rrlT B lo f t b e E n r o p a a t H a l if a x Probable fVar betioeen Prussia and Austria— A Brush—Proffered Mediation o f France, England and Russia on the German Question—Louts Napo­ leon's Message, d*e., ^ c ., 4rc-—Cotton steady — Flour quiet and firm. [By Telegraph to Associated Press.] H alifax , Wednesday Night, Nov. 27. The steamer Enropa, Captain L o tt, arrived a t 7 o’clock, Wednesday, with forty passengers for Bos- and seven for Halifax. f the kindness of Mr. Shaw, the gentlemanly Furser of the Enropa, we learn that the Asia was Lssed a t 4^, on Saturday evening, the 16th, twenty Ues west of Holyhead. The America arrived a t Liverpool on Monday. The renewed misunderstanding between Prossia and Austria is confirmed. AU Germany is arming Austria and Bavaria are in arms. Prussia has drawn the first blood. Their troops ooenpied the villa'go of ByolzeU, upon .which the Austrians advanced with their swords sheathed, but were at once fired upon, and several of their nnmber were wounded. The shots, were returned, and the Prussians finally evacuated the place, oarrying off their wounded with ance, England, and Russia, have offered their ations on the German question. The latest ac­ counts are more peaceable, although, in Vienna, war is now looked upon as certain. Louis Napoleon has sent a long message to the Assembly, whioh has given general satisfaction. He iaolaims aU personal ambition. The No Popery cry is going down In England. C o m m erciK l In tellig e n c e . LiTEarooL M aekits ,—Freights at Liverpool are dull, k ;7. s . s r r. Germany kept that market in check. Havre advices ef Thursday represent the Cotton mar- ..... srA f iS S IS.. Bacon a t fUU rates. Ready sales of Shoulders at previou- and prices recede la per otrt on fine sorts, and 2s on mld- TaUowmoTea more freely. - . . jderate'demand, b u t holders continue Molasses—Good demand a t fiiU prices. Rice continues dull. Ashes—Very dull a t previous rates. Oas—OUve cod seal unohanged and quiet; linseed and it previous quotations. -Mora inquiry and sales 200 hhds ICO—Market eery firm and transactions limited. Wool—Market firm, with a slight stock. Iron—There is an improved demand for manufsetnred iron, espeoially for bars and naU-rods, wbiob have sUebt- ly improved in value. English seourities have been subject to considerable flnetuatios during tbe week. Coneols oa Monday closed at 96} iq 961. On Friday, owing to more favorable Con­ tinental advices, they advanced io j for money, and to I ^ ------ 'Omtedt. statesnited eeouritiestates have been to J for accon: tolerably setiv U S e during the week. P a a a a n g e n . K ’ - -------- .......... ........................ - t T hr C apital op O alipobnia .—One o fthe results ofthe late election in California, was to fix theimpHal ofthe state a t Vallegq, a c lty l a id ont on tho Bay of SanPranoisco, a bont twenty-five miles from the city ofSan Francisco. T b e C a lifom iapapeiastatetbatit is the proposition o f a Spanish speculatbr, who con­ sents to give to the commonwealth one hundred and fifty-six aeies of land, divided into the necessaiylots and grounds for the government bnildtogt, nniyer- s t ^ , eharitable institutions, &o.y and taexp e n d , to the erection of some twenty-five public bnildings, inclading $125,600 for a State H ouh , an aggregate of $370,000, to be' p ridorer wititin two y ears. CJen- sw lThoma* J . Green, and Hon. Robert J . W alker, are s £ d to be aatoeiatedin tlus speenlation. E nglish L uceeatbee —Dr. G. B. Cheever sUver, tiiis evening, a t Spingler I m d o f u s ^ e s of twelve leatnres. c ------ - Engiiih Literature,” The proceed* acoming from. the lectures are to bo devoted to the e sublishing o fa. fund for the bnilding of a “ Horn* for friendlee* Boy*.” iiare bee« xo-pxinted by Swordi^ prayers,, for families and individiials ; altered and improved by tb« Rev. Charle* Simeon. A neat and trellprintedl&uO. o f 300 pagoa- The present is re-jNtoted from the t h b ^ - t ^ d . fth* last) L e n tone^tion—the addreas toth4 reader, by the America*pnbiahefs, IS & te d Oct. I , lS32t and the tsshe before n s is from the eleventh thoosand, liated on this side of t!» water—a Dur proof that tiie work is to request. T kb D octrine op the C ross , illustrated in a me­ morial of a humble follower o f Christ. Stanford & Swords, 137 Broadway. 164 pp. 15m0. A very neatly printed volBme, and interesting, doubtless, to the class to which i t is addressed. C omsionicant ’ s C ompanion , from the same pub- , a pocket volume o f 55 pages—a manual of 3 and meditations for thecommonioant—a new T he P opulation of S cff O ls . C ounty .—T he nnmber of inhabitahh in Southampton is 6,503— fitinllies, 1 , ^ ; in Easthampton, 2,125— numoBroiiLiaUies, 1 , ^ ; i l i l i e s , 450 ; Shelter Islan( aggregate increase in ten years in the three place* is only 356. The village of S ag Harbor, poiate limits, contains 2,650 inhabitants. In 1845 there were owned in Sag H arbor 63 whaling ships. T h a t nnmber is now reduced to 13. for the alacrity, courage, and energy, T they were aided. The President has consented th a t copies of the Message may be sent off on Saturday by mail agents to the principal cities, and delivered to editors on re­ ef telegraphic announcement by the Postmaster of i|8 delivery. —It iss rumoreumored i r that the President has ordered the big ship Pennsylyania for the conreyance of goods to the London fair. —The IVeekUj G/ofte oontains a statement signed by John C. Rives, making fifteen columns, detailing the history of the sale of the Globe in 1846 to Ritchie (Sc Heiss. It is severe upon Ritchie. —The Postmaster General, it is said, will recom­ mend the adoption of a nniform rate of postage at three cents, with pre-payment. —Tho message of Gov. Qnitman to tho Legisla­ ture of Mississippi, goes strongly for disunion. He thinks it impossiblo to save the Union, but is willing to try the north by asking for a dirision of California. T h a t lefnsed, the message and its author assert that the south ought to secede. . A-it lias been decided a t W ashington, teat a g reat industrial exhibition shall be held at New Yopk, in 1852, and Government has granted the use of Gover­ nors’ Island for the pnrpose; a place whioh-combtoes all the advantages requisite, being beautifully situ­ ated, and easy of access from tho Battery. But why a second exhibition so soon after that of 1850. —The male members of the Hamilton and John­ son families, of Tennessee, between whom a family difficulty—having its origin in polities—has for some time past existed, met recently a t Adamsburg, Ala­ bama, to fight, wounded, and wo Two of the Hamiltons were badly wore not expected to Banrive. —Joseph Knight, the murderer of his brother, has been sentenced to be hung a t Paris, 111. C l T k IN T E L L IG E N C E J enny L ind ’ s M orning C oncert C harities .— The following report from the committee show tbe distribntion that bavi» latest charity. The undersigned, a Committee named by Mias Lind to divide the appropriation of the snm of fivo been made of Jenny Lind’s ty-threq dollars and twenty '3 20,) the proceeds of the Morning Concert, recently given by that lady for charitable purposes, have diatiibnted the said fnnd as foUows : New York, November 26, 1850. C. S. W OODHULL, R . BAIRD, ■o the society for improving the condition of the poor................. .. .................. '..................$1,000 'o the society for relief of widows with poor ..... H s T ; , r . s s . r , r . r s r . : ' d * r ; \ v Z T he O peea - - P arodi had a full and fashionable audience on Wednesday night, and her performance of Lno^etia was rapturously applauded throughout. vas twice called before tho onrtain at the oloso of the piece. Fitzjamos also gave g roat satisfaction 9 ballet, which bos been greatly improved by ourtaiiment. On Friday night, tee opera of operas, Don Giovan­ ni, U to be produced for the first time this season, with the powerful oast of last winter. Bertuooa will take the part of Zerlina; Beneventano that of the Don; Truffi, Donna A n n a ; Patti, Elvira ; Novell!, Maeetto, and Rossi, the Commadatore. Un Sa­ turday, Gemma di V ergy, with Parodi and the C inderella . - A t Juno’s Amphitheatre, in tho inty-fire little people a ot tho fairy pai mime of Cinderella, with great sucoess, and go through the various scenes with so much spirit and natoral- ness; 'that it is really quite amusing. The moping of poor Cinderella in the kitchen, while her sisters, in another room, are dressing for tbe Prince’s b a ll; the apparition of the fairy as an old woman; the taming of the mice into horses; the splendid appearance of Cinderella before the Prince; the disoomfort of the sisters; the grand banquet, and the final in whioh she andid herer loverver riide procession, a fine coach h lo r away in a drawn by four caparisoned ponies—are all given, to most obvious delight of the youthful audiences who crowd the place daring the afternoon perform- ridingand vanltin,g, aoially the Looise, are also good. TR e P romenade C oncerts . - T hese great oon- oerts, it wiU be remembered, begin to-night. For the adver- perfotB and vaultin which preoedo tl spectaole, espeoially t manige, as it i Mademoiselle Lc ' S unday C oncerts .- O n Sunday evening next, Anna Bishop will give another of her well managed ind attraotive sacred oonoerts. M eteor .—A brilliant meteor of the apparent size of the moon at its fall, was Tisible from Brooklyn past 6 F. M. I t v a s in tho ve cs it, and moYcd very slowly in a nearly horizontal line from north to south. Heights on Sunday, it 5 F . M . I t VB8 in tho v t, i iwly in a nearly horizontal line from north to It was o f a fine red color, andremaioed in sight while traveiaing a p a th e f seventy degrees in length. Mr. Bliss, of Brooklyn, whose hoose is situated on the brow o f the Heights, h a d a fnU view of it, as did also the members of his family—its progress being so slow, that he b ad time to ca(ji them. T he F ire .—^The fire to South Vi^lliam street, of which we gave a brief account yesterday, continued to b o m after we went to press. T h e store destroyed was owned by Mr. 'Ferplanok, of Newburgh, and was insured. Its contents were owned by different persons, a ll of whom had their goods insured. Tho loss,inolading the bnilding destroyed, is about P).000. A fireman belonging to E n ^ n e Company No. 42, led a bout tho face while endeavoring flames on the roof of tho bnilding. A serious accident happened to an active young fireman, named Thomas P rice, of H o ok a nd Ladder Company No. 4. WhUo working on a ladder against one of the bniidings, ho fell from the third story, and landing upon a tru c k in Stone street, brok* ono of ius legs and received severe, internal injuries. , wail conveyed home by his ftiendi. wasi badly hoped the cheek the flai BU S IN E S S HOTiCKiSt AUWAT TBEATa*.---Tho Betrothal rawnfototoornoTelties, Satnre' = ^ < » . erit -win he superbly do lal is about to be (day vlU be its last win be fpUowedby a very i n t e r e s t t e ^ a ^ * R * ^ u i w not seen It yet, see it a t onee. To-morrow, Rlehlngs takes abenefit. He is adsfitable in this new pl>7- B arbum ** M cs*u«.-He Is going away. Tom Thumb it going to leave us. He stays only two days more! See him now or never! He plays this evening that most de­ lightful and aiqnrisg of aU hnrissquea the Hop o’ my Thumb, greeted every night with tremendons e p ^ n s e . Perfection is played just befbre It, besides. This after­ noon the Golden Farmer is performed, when the tiny General appears in his estonlihing personations-his N a ^ e c n , Frederick the OreatjiOBH, d u e e i,k*. There could not-be a sweater mess of curiosities 1 ^ Christmas is ccmtng—and T uttle is making greet pre- r the approechlng jabHee. Bis extein way,D L e t every one bear in sriodth to be e«M«ae in tike extent parations for th e approechlng jabHee. Bis ex te d i Emporium, S45 Broadway, b f u t fiUlngnp with a splendid variety of cboioe Fancy Goodsfrom all p arts of the world. i a t Tuttle is detemhfednot it, variety m i ipltB#ocb( stock i and altbougb Ids establlabment Is located in much lower priced than xbsj w found a t any attee . '^iiitois a rt llwsys 3r(»dway, hu goods are ts cheap, and to many cases nneh lower priced than Ch^ can be ~ in Bowery, Grand or Canal streets. * I f. B. S45 iroed3 beater’s cetefasateddry go ^CG-Great Carpet Sale of ^ 8 , 0 0 0 Stoek, eonsfaUng of the entire stock of Cerpettngs, OU Cloths. Druggets, fcc. So., now in store 432 Peslstreet, must posltivdy be said before the first of December next. Hating taken the large and elegantstore 379 -Breadway, comer o f t*'hlte street, wiU;6peh tbe sdme on the 1st December next with more asked Thoee in want shonid avail themselves of the present opportnnity of purchasing Carpets a t great bargains: PETERSON k HUMPHREY,482 fearl street. i f f -BAkoAin IN O il C loths .—5J500 yards, slightly damsged, a t greatly reduced prices, for sale by BAILET * BROTHERS, 027 imnp 464 Pearl street, near Chatbam. D r , BlaSce’s A x o n u atle B m e r s , If the extraordinary if Liver Complaint, _ _________ , _ ___ Itteut, Typhoid *pdBflions Fevers, Enlargement of the Uver, Jaundice, Fever and Ague, Dumb Ague, and an forms of bUions disease, can be pro- dneed, that will conTlnce the most scepti^l of its superior _______ ___ perfect safety to the'most delicate constitution. Emigrants to California by supplying themselves with this article, will enjoy the most entimprotection from the erils o fa change of climate. C aution .—’‘Blake’s Aromatic Bitters,” is stamped on every bottle, and the Proprietor’s name signed on the wrapper. For sale, wholesale and retril, a t 118 Division street, and by Druggists generally tbronghont the UiUted Statee. MRS. JERVIS’S COLD CANDY. T lie B a n e n n a A n tid o te . HeehJ-ongh! Heoh! Heohrtohlsm i— A cough and a sneeze. Who desires such a v to pMoxsjm A sort of a mixture of spray, showers and thunder, That seems to rend lungs, nose and larynx asunder. Would you endure I tt Of course not—then cure it. If you want a specific, jpst go and secure it. Don’t make your friends nervous. But seek Mrs. JERVIS. Her candy Is always of infinite service. It extirpates Bronchitis, And then it so sweet is, That instead of a med’olne, it really a treat is. Its sale is immense, For who minds the expense, -When A COUGH CAN BE BANISHED FOR TWENTV-FIVE CENTS. Sold wholesale and retail by Mrs. W. JERVIS, 866 Broadway, one door above Franklin street, and by Drug- ^ Each package is invariably signed Mra W JERVIS. Be sure to ask for Mrs. JERVIS’ Cold Candy. iriS finest natural curl hair, and adapted in the most easy manner to the peculiar style of eachindlvidual. They are entirely a new invention, doing away with all the vexa- tioofl difficulties so long experienced by those who wear. Wlga. The putlio are inrlted to ipspeot a large and well selected etook, containing 6Te>^T3r yariety of else and ool- ir ; they will then be able to jndge ofthe elTe-* JUl^nia H a t r Xiy«. Batohelor^fl Improved Liquid Haii Dye will posititely color tbe hair, eyebrows or whiskers tbe moment it is ap­ plied, aithont Injury to the hair or skin—this most ex­ cellent hair dye is more easily applied than any article ot tho kind known in Europe, or America, and is entirely free from unpleasant Oder. Its effeot upon the hair is merely to change the color ftom red or grey, to a beauti fol and permanent black or brown. Country fancy store keepers should call and examine this article as it known and asked for in e v e^ city ofthe Union. It is applied (a lure guarantee that it is as represented) or sold whole- ^ e Md retaU a t BATCHELOR’S -WIG FACTORY, {fff- F o w le r * Si 'W en*, Phrenologists and Publish­ ers, ISi Nassau street. In Clinton Hall, office of the Wa- ter-Ciue, and Phrenological Journals. Frofessional Ex­ aminations day and evening. Families and parties visited when desired. Tbe Phrenological Mnseom is always open and free to visitors. O irapm a n ’* C e lcb ratea B b a v ln g C r e a m , put np a t his Razor Strop Manufactory, No. 102 'William st. (Sg- D r. B a n n in g , having perfected his Body Brace s Spinal Snpperters, and Hernial Trusses, hsa returned to 841 Broadway, for the management of female epinal, di gestive, nervous, pulmonary and vocal derangements.— Physician* and dealers are invited to ezamine his Inven tions. __________________________________ u5 Imnp gg- C o u R terreltln g .- T b e Clark, brothers, are ex­ tensively engaged in the above business, at 551 Broad­ way, in the way of transferring the human lace divine to a plate of silver. It is difficult to distinguish the counterfeit from tho original. Their long experience and unparalleled success have won them universal notoriety and dlstinotion, and placed them in tho front rank of their profession. Their location is excellent, and their gallery fitted np in a style unsurpassed by any in this country. nl6 6teod np WALDEN PELL, Anotioneer. G o n alvea filalzogany'. I’olook,’olook, a t foott off Broomeroome street,treet, E.. 5l7- PELLS & CO. will sell T o - morkow , (Friday,) at 8 I a t foo o B s E R., the cargo of the brig Charles Henry, from Gonaives, consisting of 860 logs suited to the French market, iroved endorsed notes. appi Jatalogues at sale. JOHN KEESE, Anotioneer. {gj- Ja m e s E . C o o ley will sell on FBIDAY morn- _ ig. N ot . 26th, a t 11 o’clock, also, a t 4 P. M. of tho same day,a choice assortment of WINES, BRANDIES, RUM, SMP, Auctioneer. (Kjh A ssignees' S a l* o f a S to c k of G o ld L e v e r ratohes. Diamonds, French Clocks, Silver and Sliver Plated Ware, Bronzes, Watch Movements, Jewelry, ko , fcc.—By Catalogue, on Friday at 1 Street, between John and Fulton. R. C. KEMP will sell a t auction as above, by order of Aeslgnees, a large and valuable stock of ,tbo above gnods. to which especialattentionisinvited. Amongtbe assort­ ment aresome very valuable Gold Patent Lever Watches, Diamonds, &c., and a splendid assortment of Silver and Silver Plated Ware. For particulars see Auction head. n27 np2t U n ited S t a te s a n d C a lifo r n ia E x p r e s s C o m p a n y . \Will despatch their next express, by steamer ON­ TARIO, on MONDAY, Deo.i2d, connecting with the mail steamer CONSTITUTION, from Panama, Deo. 16. This is the onlt organized California Express Comi ■ are prepare Francisco In about 85 days. Capt. ABRAM BANC KER, ared to forward goods through, direct to the well known ship news collector for the N. f . Press,) has charge of onr goods on Chapu'es river. Everything in­ tended for the interior despatched immediately after the arrival ofthe steamer at'San Francisco. Consignees may have their invoices certified at the Cnstom House, by leaving them a t the office, No. 2 Wall street. Proprietors A B. MILLER SCO. iSen outside advertisement.) n27ni> N e w D r a g dc C h e m ical S to re. G E O R G E D . COGGESRALL. ng- Has opened a new DRUG, MEDICINE, AND CHEMICAL STORE, a t 869 Broadway, near U th street to which he respeotfoUy invites the attention of his friends and onstomers residing in ihe upper part of tbe city. The same care in the selection and examination ol Medicines, and ln^,the preparation of them, whioh has been observed at his old estahllshmentj No. 421 Pearl, comer Of Ro«e street, Hill be continued at both places, and all practical improvements, as they occur, iriU be made in each department of hie busineu, P htsiciab *’ PBESCBirTibNs Strictly attended to. hlEDIOINE CHESTS of every variety put up in the best manner, with approved directions. MkDiciNsz ruRHisBED a t any hour ofthe night. at either store, a good i of select Perfumery, I as genuine Farina Cologne 'Water, Lubln’S Extracts, Gnerlain’s and Low’s Soaps, Lawrence’s improved Bair ceUedby any in n se-drawn from the ftuntain and in bottles. Congress, Iodine, Sulphur and other Medicinal Articles sent to any'part of the city. s27 W tSnp b o o k n o t i c e s . D r . S e a r s ’s D i f c o f X . n t | i e r . THE LIFE OF LUTHER; WITH SPECIAL REFER «noe to its £«riier Periods and the Opening Scenes of theKeformatlon. By B4 rnas S iars , D. D. l8mo.486 pp. w ith sereral Steel E ngrarlngs and numerous Wood Guta. Price 66 cent*. Al*o,12mo, 628 pp. Price $L Dr Sears’s Life of the Reformer is the fteit of Ion* and patient research. He speaks of Ijaving examined several hundred worke pertaining to Lather. Eveiy page bears testimony to the faithftfiness with which he has used his rich materials. Clearness is the most striking charaoteristio. The tangled web of German history, geography, and topography, so far as Lnther is concern­ ed, la unravelled, and the reader enjoys the satisfaction of following a faithful and inteliigent guide a t every step. Theological terms, phraseology, manners, enstt eto., peculiar to the Sixteenth century, are explaii The relations of Luther to the other reformers, to tbe princes, to tfea nnitersltle*, to tho Pope, to the ruling powers in tbe Churcb, eto., are acenrately delineated, la short, the English reader now is furnished fbi the first time, so far as we know, with the exact information whlto he needs for the camprehensloa of this great sub­ ject.—[Bibliotheca Sacra. Published by tho American Sunday School Union, and for sale by J . C.MEEKS, Agent, 147 Nassau street, S8 Park Row. A . u e i n t h e C r e s c e n t C i t i r . ■Will be published on Wednesday, Nor. 27th, In TOlnme, 12 mo., cloth. Price 62j cents- “ The Manhattaner in New Orleans ; or, Phases of • Crescent City’ Life,” by A. Ok*y HaB, Esq. RECENTLY PUBLISHEO, Chantieleer, a ThaaksgiTlng Story of the Peabody Fa mfly, 1 volume, J2 mo., doth. Redfleld’i Physiognomy; Part 2, by J N Eedfield, 5ID With numero'es mustfations. Paper covers. Price 2 Poe’kLitetati;inone volume, cloth. Poe’* Work!, aOMpUte, tothreovrinma*. m j . JUEDilSLD, ClhitcaHrii; S O O J K K O T I C E S * . B o o k n o t i c e s . T I i I b J e n n y ] j > i n d B o l i d a y G i f t - B o o k . G. P. PUTNAM v ra-L PUBLISH IN. A FEW DA-PB, VALA; OR, THE NIGHTINGALE, A MYTHOLOGICAL TALE, , , Founded on incidents to ih^hfe ol| Jenny Lind. . Br P arxb donwis. Esq. XUnstrated by numerous Original Designs engraved on wood, by Babhettand Edmonds, Andrews,and other eminent artists. 1 volume quarto, cloth extra. V aia —it is a most, skfifnl attempt to connect the leading Incidents in the life of Jenny Lind, with the beroio old mythology of her native land. The tale it­ self is the most hrilliant and beautiful tribute that has yet been paid, in any country, to the exalted genius and oharacterof the greatest vocalist of the age. The littie songs with iljilch the -narrative ever and anon grows melodious, are exquisite, and would make the reputa­ tion of almost any man as a poet. The whole atory is original, and channing in the highest degree. The de­ signs which accompany i t have been famished by seve­ ral of onr best artist s.—[Home Journal. N ew 'T ribut * to J ekwt XiHu .—A beantifUl work is soon to be Issned by G. P. Fntnam, founded on incidents in,the life of Jenny Lind, some portions of which have already appeared in a dfily journal of this city. Its cos­ tume is derived from the legends of the old northern mythology, whioh are wrought np into a tale of exquisite beauty. The filustratidns by Hicks, Eosseter and other eminent artists, are said to he of great merit, and tbe work will undoubtedly form one of the most elegSnt and attractive gift-books ofthe season—[NewYorkTribune. The moat true and delicate of all the Uteriry tributes we have yet seen paid to Jenny Idnd, Md one that she i, need not blush to read. —[Boston Chronotype. D a v i d C o j p p e r f i e l d r C o m p l e t e , , SUSLISB^ THISBAY, DAY, A fine libraiaf edition, with aU “ D A V I D C O B P L * , j the TorncESu , BV CHARLES DICKElfS In two vois. 12mo.,fnU cloth. Prico$2 00. D A V I D C O P P E R F l E L D . C-OSIVLETE, ’BlITH ALL THE YLATEB. In 1 thick 12mo. voL Price $1 50. THE SAME EDITION, W ith 8 plates, 1 voL 12mo. $1 25. Trade supplied oh liberal terms. JOHN WILEY, 304 Broadway, n23 cor Duane it. “ A b e a u t i f u l TALE OF DOMESTIC LIFE.” G. P. PUTNAM WILL PUBLISH ON SATURDAY, (The SOth instant,) F A D E T T E : A D o m e s t i c . From the French, by M atiloa M. H ats . 1 voL 12mo. cloth, 75 cents. PROF. HACKLEY’S ELEMENTS OF TRIGONOMETRY, Plane and Spherical; adapted to the present state of Analysis, to whioh is added their applications to tho principles of Surveying, Navigation, Nautical Astronmy and Geodesy, &c., with numerous Tables, ho. New edition, greatly improved. This works contains a great variety of new matter of A m e r i c a n A l m a n a c f o r 1 8 5 1 . JOHN WILEY, 304 BROADWAY, \Has just received, THE AMERICAN ALMiNAG And Repository of Useful Knowledge, forth* year 1851. lvol,12m o, $L “ The twenty-second tolume of this e itrem a y ■ able publioatidh was ftoihpleted by the Issue of'the pre­ sent nnmber, It is withont exception the most-inter- eresting and excellent work of the kind published, and we recommend i t to alt who desire to have a t their mand a complete history of the affairs of onr country during the past year, and a guide fox the present. The Almanac erabraoes ahontthree hundred and fifty pages, containing valuable statistics and accounts relative to the affairs of government, finances,.legislation, public in­ stitutions, internalimprovements, resources, astronomi­ cal calculations, full lists ofthe executive officers, judl- army, navy, ministers, consuls, tables and c mmerce, American productions tools, institutions, chronicles of ments nponnavlgation,commerce, A ot all kinds,uus, education, SchoO cut svents, fco.” V Trade supplied. JOHN WILEY, 304 Broadway, comer of Duane street. appUoationsof Mathematioal Science, in aU its branches, -Hydrographic Surveying, Navigation, Nautical Astro- DICKENS’S HOUSEHOLD WORDS. V olume the F iest , Cloth, gilt, $1,76. The N ew N umber , (34.) price 6 cents. Arrangements having been mafie with the London publishers, for the ezoluslve agency of the work In the United States, orders from the trade will be promptly at­ tended tO. n28 R e v e r i e s o f a R a c l k e l G r . BAKER & SCRIBNER WILL PUBLISH, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 30£h— f R E V E R I E S O F A B A C H E L O R . A Book of the Heart. By Ike Marvel. 1 vol. ] ^ o . With Illustrations by Barley. Reverie I —Smoke, Flame and Ashes. Reverie II.—Sea Coal and Anthracite. Reverie III —A Segar, Thrice Lighted. Reverie IV.—Morning, Noon and Evening. This book, being written by one of tho reputed authors of the Lorgnette, will afford an opportnnity for those cu­ rious in the matter, to compare the respective styles of Ike Marvel and John Timon. NEW AND POPULAR WORKS JUST PUBLISHED. Milton’s Paradise Lost, edited by Prof. Boyd. Fathers of the Desert, by Rev. Dr. R-Uffner, 2 vols. Hefonos and Keformen^ by H. B. Stanton. 1 vol. Dr. Alexander on the Psalms. Complete in 3 vols. Mrs. Oeoi^e's Qneens of Spain. 2d Tol. Life Here and There, by N. P. Willis. 2d edition. BAKER Sc SCRIBNER, 36 Park-Row, n28 and 145 Nassau street. A c w E n g l i s l k B o o k s . imported and for sale by GEORGE p. P u t n a m , n e w y o r k . CRUIKSHANK’S COMIC ALMANAC FOR 1861. Edited byMayhew. W ith Illustrations, cloth, gilt. Punch’s Pocket Book, for 1861. Sir Roger de Coverly, illustrated, ntriokland’s Queens of Scotland, vol. 1. Sowerby’s Popular Mineralogy. Burnett’s Philosophy of Spirits. Porolval on the Horse. Craik’s Romance of the Peerage, vol. 4. N ewth’s Statistics. Kemp’s Agricultural Philosophy. Kemp’s How to lay out a Garden. Taylor’s Works, vol. 8. Ilie-over’s Hunting Fields. Southey’s Life, vol. 6. Simon’s Pathology. Lee’s Purulent Deposits. Johnson’s Morbid Emotions. ” Tiska’s Hand-book 01 Vocalization. Humphrey’s Ancient Coins and Medals, with numer­ ous fao-eimUies, examples, in actual relief and in the metals of the respective Coins. Sir Roger de Coverly, Ulustrated. n28 W O m A W ; H e r D i s e a s e s a n d R e m e d i e s . By C harles D. M eigs , M. D. Second Edition. S y s t e m o f M i d w i f e r y . By E pward R iobv , M. D. Second Edition, N e w D a w B o o k s . Volnme 3 Comstocks Reports, Fart L—Reports Cases Argued and Determined in the Court of Appeals of the State of New York, with notes and references, and index, by George F. Comstock, Counseller at Imw. end edition, with additional notes and references, by a Member of the New York Bar. YolumeS. Price $1,50, bound. Volnme 21 English Chancery Reports, with notes and references, by £. Fitch Smith, Counsellor a t Law. Jnst published and for sale by BANKS, GOULD fc CO., ’ nl8 Law Booksellers. 144 Nassau street M i t c h e l l ’s U n i v e r s a l A t l a s . N e w F d i t i o n . A NEW UNIVERSAL ATLAS, oontalnlng maps of the various Empires, Kingdoms, States and Republics of the world. This edition contains aU the new territories, and is brought down to the pr(aent time. For sale by MARK H. NEWMAN & CO,, • n28 eodnp . 199 Broadway. READY THIS DAY. W a v e r l y * —I l l u s t r a t e d . Abbottsford Edition—with four splendid Engravings >n plate paper, uniform with the lUnitrated Dollar Edi- ion of Ivanhoe and the Bride of Lammeimoor. By H. North” are far more numerous in this country than in Europe, for they are numbered by millions, and this is the only edition every way worthy of their attention. DEWITT & DAVENPORT, Publishers, _n28________________^Tribune Buildings. Nassau st. S n p e r b N e w I l l u s t r a t e d I N o r k s . D. APPLETON & CO. PubUsh. A BOOK OF THE PASSIONS. By Q. P. R. J ames . Dlustrated with Sixteen Splendid Steel Engraving*, From drawings by the most eminent Artists. One vol. 8vo, cloth, gUt edges and sides, $5 60; Imita­ tion morocco, $5; Turkey morocco, or calf, $6. List of Subjects lUuitiated : REMORSE, JEALOUSY, REVENGE, LOVE, DESPAIR, HATRED. ON TBOHSDAV—A New Edition, WOMEN OF THE NEW AND OLD TESTAMENT, A Serious of Eighteen Exquisitely Finished Engravings N e w B o o k s . JUST PUBLISHED For the use of Parents and Teachers, and for Young Persons of both sexes. Prepared and Published in cordance with a resolution of the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Michigan. BYIRAMAHEW,A.M. Late Superintendent of Public Inetruotion, 12mo. muslin. Price $1 00. It oconpies, to a great extent, a new field of enqnir; to say the least, a broider field than any precedl author has ever occupied.—[Monroe (Mich.) Commerc: ILTON LOCK T ailor and P oet .' A n AuTOBioGRxrBT. 12mo., Muslin. Price 75 cents. “ Ofthe numerous tale writers who have of late years indertaken to enlighten the public on the fw iliar onga ofthe poor the author of A lton L ocke most be at theme of the wron; working classes, th once admitted to be He brings remarkable qualities to a difficult lorking classc once admitted to h one of the ablest and most eloquent. and the rights o f the has explored the wretchedness and discontent he so pow­ erfully depicts. He 8i possessi ;e whiohh enablesables him to make 1 Ho is bold of utterance, and pt gnage whic en b [Frazer’s Magazine. THE GREEN HAND. A S hort Y arn . or in two parts, price 12} Complete, 8vo, price 26 (jents; or i FEMALE CHARAC i’ERS°OF THE OLD AND NEW Price, Im.Mor_ $7.>ntiqne_Mpr. $_10. _Do Col’d Plates, $15; Col’d Plates, $20: *,* This is a most superb gift book, and one of great intrinsie value* u26 foe.”—[New Bedford Mercury. THE HISTORY OF ^ D A M E ROLAND. By J ohn S. C. A bbott . 16mo., muslin, with illuminated title page and numerous engravings ; price 60 cents. Thirteen volumes of this series have been published, Darias, Cyrus, William the Conqu< ;eat, Jolius Cmsar, Maria e II.,Charles I. Queen Euzaheth, I Great, Mary, Queen of Soots. has of late appeared before the public, the tremendoi sale of The Siloes and New York by Gas Light, has well attested. This last effort of Mr. Foster has fully eq Ir line, th ptist Reo lumes have never been snrpass- , equalled the expectations of bis friends and well sustained his pre- ■ ■ B _ ----- -----------lers, Tribune Buildioge, Naeian st. ■ DAVENPORT, Puhlisheri I sketches. DEWITT w a c o “ u ' | ' t a . A n t h o ? ? f t e e & r S , etc. T H E ^ ^ Y L ' s \ a T Y O R K . irxes, Darias, Cyrus, William the Conqueror, fred the Great, Julius Cmsar, M Antoinette, Charles th , Hannibal, Alexander the ed.”-- [Baptist Recorder. No. 9 of the i PICTORIAL FIELD-BOOK OF THE REVOLUTION; I llustrations bt P en ano P encil History, Scenery, Biography. Belies, and T O r the W ar for I ndefendence , B t B enson J. L ossing , Esq. With 600 Engravings on Wood, by L ossing & B arrett ^ chiefly from original sketches by the Author. PETTICOAT GOVERNMENT: B t M rs . T rollofe . 8vo. Price 25 cents. Interspersed with sound reflections and shrewd re­ marks, showing on the part of the author a deep know­ ledge of the human heart —[Buffalo Gourisr. MOORE’S HEALTH, DISEASE AJi H, DISEASJ Familiarly and practicaUy co:psidered, in a few relations to the Blood D a v i d C o p p e r f i e l d C o m p l e t e . PHILADELPHIA EDITION, WITH ALL THE ILLUS­ TRATIVE ENGRAVINGS. Price 37} cents. This book is worth the reading by every man, woman and child In the oonutry. It Is a telling story of the present—such an one as the inimitable Dickens can alone throw off. The edition we offer is put up in large type with very fine engravings. DiNks on D ogs —By Frank Forreater. 62} cents. A n O ld C ountry H ouse , - By Mrs. Grey, 26 oti. T he R eins of G auntv .-A noveL 12} cents. D eborah ' s D iary .—By the author of “ Mary Powell.” T rue S tories —By Hawthorne. 76 cents. G race G reenwoods ’Poems. 76 cents. • T he D istrict S chool as it W as .—By one who went to it. 60 cents. just receiyed . T he M inibtrt of the B eautiful . T he T wo B rothers . A novel. RICHARH nl9 222 Broadway, comer of Ann st. AND REMEDY, lered, In a few of the: no, rcjuslin, 60 cents. “ A discreet and valuable work.”—[Literary World. CUMMING’S FIVE YEARS OF A HUNTER’S LIFE. I n the F ar I nterior of S outh A frica . With Notices of the Native Tribes, and Anecdotes of the Chase of the Lion, Elephant, Hippopotamus, Giraffe, Rhinoceros, &o. W ith mustrations, 2 Volumes, 12mo., Muslin. It is all readable, exciting and Blnstrative from be­ ginning to end—fiffi of ihe most daring adventi conveying a graphic picture of a wanderini wild and almost unknown regions —[Springfield Bepnbiioan. iure, and iderlng life in the Of Interior Africa, lELD, the F orest , and the F is 12mo, muslin. Price 87} cents The a nther is one o fthe pleasantest of living English of his hooks. A LARGE PANORAMIC VIEW O r e e n w o o d C e m e t e r y . From a plan fqmished by the Company. This View shows the Monuments, Vaults, Enclosures Woodlands, Meadows, Lakes, Fountains, a n d 'ev ^ thing contained in its ample and magnificent grounds. The details are caiefnlly carried out, and tbe Engraving beau­ tifully executed, making it a work of surpassing totereet to aU admirers of Rural Cemeteries, bnt particulaky to Lot owners in Greenwood, as each can designate'his orm property on the picture precisely as is appeiwonthe grounds. Price $1,50. u25 Stnp R. MARTIN, 46 Ann street. writers, and this is decidedly one of the hest —[Conrier and Enquirer. ROBINSON’S GREEK AND ENGLISH LEXICON OF THE NEW TESTAMENT. A New Edition, Revised and in a greatpart Rewritten. 8VO,muslin, $4,60 j sheep, $^74] half.CBll}$6,gO. There is no Lexicon o f the New Testament yetilfsned that can compare w ith St in profound research, judicious oriticlsn, and reverence for God’s Holy Word.—[Walch- an and Observer. 7D CORRESPONDENCE, ted by his son, Rev, C, C. S outhet , M. A.; I'o b e completed to d parts, 25 cent* each. Part VI -will be, ready In a few days. ______ NOW READY. B e y x k o l ^ ’s 7Xe'v^ K o m a n c e . q u e e n JOANNA; MYSTERIES OF THE COURT OF NAPLES. S m iH iN D m H E W GOODS. m t e ^ k A L e a d b e a t e r , d 4 T M r o a ^ u j f i Cor. Leonard street, Have receiTcd new toTbiees of the most magnificent SILKS, DE LAINES, CASH6IERES, MERINOES, SHAWLS, CLOAKS, SACKS, MANTILLAS, ' s r c. vr. i t asritoi Anther Of the Mysteriee ofthe Conrt of London, ko,, complete in o n e ^ o li ^ , paper, beantSfliny This is the most brilliant and toteresting work from th* glffied pen of Heynolds. The soeneeare laid a t ape- riod of intense excitement, amid the tbziUtoS event* of the fcmatkabl# eareerof - - T T a p lej^T ^ «ffi*TOtei* M^h* anihoi ha* invested them.—'[L Tberaisnobockof the day which so perfectly hlends the ffioit atartiing erent* of history with the rabat glpti’ ons efforts of romance. Theperiod riiosen for the atoiy, the reign of ^ a t fraiU nndbwatifffii Josnus of Napiea, is on* aheofiding to material for tekBoralist, and themastedy genius of Reynolds has wzonghttbe ih- eidents of h er life into a q^esdid romance.-[LOniloh' Piio* H cent*: I m , H.1.0NQ m A n «»<«& iaonhraceVFatei black Silks and Satins.; 1.; Glabe, Striped, Brocade, fco. Their DE LAINES and FIGURED CASHMERES em­ brace tbe moat e l^antpattem * , many p f them a* RICH AS THE MOST SPLENDID XAIESTRY, and also all quelitie* of plidner and low prited. to MERINOES, CASHSIERES and PABAMATTAI^ they have evety'shade,. color and quality. I S d f s h a w l s embracei erwy Witd iBii»*,Md THEY {JA1^LEASE*THE1TOBLIC in that-departmeht of thrir trade, a a weU a * fn | eveiT Other kind Of Ere** Good*, a n t a l«, . 4naBkina*of Hi«*ewif*'orF«»HyOoodi, | of w h » k t h ^ t o ( r # * 1 * ^ 1 « t f e ^ e r ^ f a i e ^ ^ color; plrin. LE BOUTILLIEa BROTHERS, have redueed many of thef^ o i^ g a r H e laatoab a n t 3 5 je r i^nt, Jew than the usual ptioei m e r in o s auiCASHMERES.*om $ i p « yar,d. lA T iN DE GHlStE apdFIGURED SILKS atTs. LACE COLL.4RS, SLEEVES aad CUFFS, EMBKQD LACE COLL.4RS, SLEEVES aad CUFFS,EMBK0D DHRED m u s l in s l e e v e s and COLLARS, EMBROL d e b e d HDKFS.fromI0Bi j^BBONS for BONNETSand s a s h e s . Also, Just received, p a r steamerrMtiklin, * M l aagortment of the best Paris-made KIP GLOVES. '. 68 CANAL S t r e e t , n28np s BdoOT* frumSroadWMti SEAMAN_& MUIR A u c t i o n G o o d s a t v c r y l i o w P r i c e s , . m m S ' « m A K N A m s K r i O t t c m i w A n r , r o r H a t r e a n d t B o n f l i w p a i p i i W f f : r i i E TiNTTKPgrrAT’BlSMATT. { A A. W tx r i d N , Cmoaaa&i^ 'WUlsitil lim Havre, touehtoc sA Southtm|ten,i*bto< thaMato,an4Paseenger*,pa Thuaday,D***mhee from pierNo. 4 North Riv«r^ ^ , Price o f taseage, 026. * I NahfcthsteGureauntftpeid fcr. * AU letters must paas through tbs Pott Office. ’ For freight orp*asM;e,*pplj to MORTIMER LIVINGSTON, | n lS u p tS Agent, 88 Broadwey. | SURs, Sbaw rls, 4 ce. Aw. Onr friends and purchasers generaUy,: *re very speotinily invited to examine the above named articles* together with a general astortheht of seasonable goods, whiehhieh.we we arere offering a tt extremelyxtremely low pricss.s. 05 a offering a e low prics Ctothing Xietdiiitigf A T W H O I i E S A I i E THE largest and beS.t steck of MEN’S AND BOY’S Clothing tohefoundlnsthe city, selling off to reduce W totef Clothing. Purchasers in want of a good of twenty.flva p e t cent,, by givingnsncall andmaking their purchases. N-B.—W ehaveonhanaalargeBtock.of goods suite We for the, California trade, which wiU be sold a t article wiU find ' prices for cash. G r ^ t bargains for persons hujh :ON fc KNAPP, S3 Maiden Lan^ JVaMtHEJVS,XXTOJV, G e n t l e m e n ’ s J l b ' u j r i i l s M i i f f Store, 311 H K O A P ^ A Y , (Formerly 175 BROADWAY.j lAlwayson hand every article appertaining to a GENTLEMAN’S 'WARD­ ROBE^ _________________ ■ ' _______ seSnp T H E H E W Y O R K M O U R B - I H G S T O f R E , 4 7 7 BROAJB'VVAY, (b e tw e e n B r o o m e anffi G r a n d .) THJBI PK O P iU B T O K : has^ow received ali bis fall importations, consisting of aR the novelties for fuU and second mourning,, including DeLatoea, Cash- mere, Canton Cloths, Paramettas, Boinhazinea andb Lustres; a very extensive assortinent of Long and Square Shawls ; also, 2 cases of Mantillas, Y isetts and Cloaks from tee first houses to Paris. The store is solely adapt­ ed for mourning, hemg the first estahilshed in the tTnl- ted States. The Millinery department is conducted by the most experienced persons. Ladies can have a com- of mourning madein 24 hours, warranted. raham ’s Composition^ Rem o ve a n d P r e v e n t Jbaerns- ta tio n In S T E e M M B O I L E R S . THIS VALUABLE COMPOSITION, having been fully tested in all descriptions of Boilers, by numerous experienced Engineers, with the most satisfacto^ re­ sults, is now offered to the publio, as a certain remedy and preventive for Inorustation (or scale) in the Boilers of OCEAN and RIVER STEAMERS, LOCOMOTIVES and STATIONARY ENGINES. Great Economy of Fuel and Labor, inersased Speed, and the Preservation of the Boiler, are among tho nu- M o y a t J P a p i e i r J f K m c h e a n d .Tapan W orlts, 99 fcoN S irfcrtJixdN B L iijij, S S B M i . [' ezs Boiansj W ire T kaj I s , Eurstor* Orders for aU descriptions of the ahote goods caa b* ^ 8 F e e l streetjup stalr^ Aid Tin T.a'n^wn/I Tn'hn three to thirty running days, according to the size a n i description of the Boiler, and thickness of the scale. New or clean BoUers, constantly supplied with this Com­ position, cannot become ihomsted; the mineral particles of water being entirely preventedfrom forming scale. Engineers of Ocean Steamers nsing this Comppsiti required to “ blow off” only once in every twenty- 8 nsing this Composition, four hours, instead of once or twice in eveqr hour, heretofore. The immense saving of fuel, and increase of speed, effected by thus’dispenting with the constant pro­ cess of blowing off, will be readily understood by every Orders should state the quality of water'used, viz., ’’Salt,” “ Hard,” or “ Brackish.” For sale, irith directions for use, by W. H. NEWMAN, 78 Pearl street. BEFUREHCES. N ew Y oek —Steotio, Wasamships Arbington, Crescent City, Empire City, Philadelphia, Cherokee, Southerner, Florida, Helena Sl( ~ - Erie Railroad Comiiany, Brooklyn City Mills, BrcoKlyn ■White Lead Compaijiyi Union White Lead Company, &o. N ew O rleahs —Steamers Galveston, Alahauia, St. Charles, Maria Burt, fcc. FFAEo—Steamers Atlantic, Mayflower, Keystone State, Saratoga, Fashion, Montioello, llUnois, Buffalo Steam Engine Works, fco. C haelebtow —Steamer Isabel, Wil mington and Charles­ ton Steamboats, Charleston Rice Mills, and Cotton Press­ es, &o. n21 npeodtf JVeu) 4 jDesirahte ^odtm EBEKEZER COELAMORB, SK tiBtC T K lI EXPRTESSLY F O R Hlfflt, * ljaoreoBiTea,*n-inToioeof PARIAN GOODS, ing-Cnps, AUumet Stands, Statuettes, i o . R IC H CUT GLASS. W E PGEW OOD. . J . 4 * JT . C O X RESPECTFULLY INFORM' THEIR FRIENDS AND THE FuhUc, that they have REMOVED from No. 15 Maiden Lane, to their N fw . E sxabushment , 349 BROADWAY, l OP L'EOIfARD s t r e e t . And will open on Monday, 25th instant, and exhibit for sale a splendid variety-of GAS FIXTURES, FRENCH, ENGLISH, AND AMERICAN, adapted to of Ancient and Modern Ornament, the various styles iry respe; S I L V E R W A R E , In all its branches, ofrich and unique patterns. .NTEL CLOCKS, CANDELABRAS, LANTEl ID BIRMING [NGHAM PLATED WARES, PARIAN MARBLE, fee. n23nplw RUSHTON, CLARK fc CO>S CELEBRATED Genuine M edicinal Cod L iver Oil, them were followed by unequivocr’ improvement; and he ooisideis the pure, fresh, properly prepared Cod Liver OU more beneficial than any remedy that has yet been employed in that disease. In order to guarantee to onr customers a genuine a rti­ cle, and maint ain the high xepntation the Oil made by us has acquired, one of onr own firm, at great expense and inconvenience, went to Newfoundland expressly to expressly to lerintend the manufacture of Oilibr oux own sales— as its value depends entirely upon its purity, we cau­ tion persons using it; that the genuine Oil of our make has our -written signature over the cork of each bottle. ■!'or*ale, wholesale and retail, by EUSHTON, CLARE It JO., 110 Broadway, IO A ster House, and. 273 Broadway. J A M E S G . M O F F E T , Solar a n d E lnid Lluinp M n n n - Factory, POECELAIN. D. G. S3 D, HAYILAICO* 4 7 Jo lm s tjc s a t . .- B A V n iiU lO «S C O ,,'l5!IO G B 9 ,e V R 4 !iC JB . D, a . & D. H, would respectfiffiyiirfom tea pubUethat thep are receiving their Fall Goods, and can now Exhibit an assortment unequalled. The Decorated, Teble 'War* and Parlor Ornaments are donb by tee house to France, ■wMch cauYibt be excelled for beauty and ------- . Purchaser* wiUilnd h ers w h a tera teey may ■wish for simple use, or.for elegant display. Dealer* in Crockeiy, merchints and ztrangari, are par- tlgnlarlrin'vitjBd to qall^ npD&W FARSOWS & CO., O ffer f o r s a l e a.t t b e l r C o m m e r c ial G a r d e n N w r » e ^ , K l n s U n ^ n e a r N e w Y o rK . A ^ ^ * ^ h e |i e p ^ ^ e ^ e ? r f S H R U B l ^ E r S o ^ ^ ^ l S \ o ^ » A N ^ ^ ^ J b n p Q r t e a C & r p e t i n s S f f .. ■ K O R .T H il F A L L T R A D E , ' S n t i t H 4 * X t o u n s i A i f f r u * \ Id enable# them $o aril * t | t e ^ e ''‘ e n G I ^ H TAPESTRY c a r p e t ^ ftoifc l i e to ^N G L J S H SEHSSELX per y®NOLiSKTHKKE.PLY.GARPETil,ftraa7atolO*^l^^ ^AW BICA N THBEE-PLT CARPETS,ftOBt 7#**j*k ENGLISH zena Atj^RICAN »»p in g r a in PETOifron^^M-teSaperyard. y Conunott INGRAIN CARPETS, D m 3* U U . f » ' iiiiitil-',, -A xJtts r- U* a M S B . C H A N T S , . ----- D GENJERAi Ar- ffiAir ffiSCASClSCO, CA]ju n a n v j a u v j u i l A , JAMBS'W. BINGHAM, m ANC^A. BAM- m S ^ : ORSONA.REYNO^, WIAELON BAR t S I ^ * i H u t c h i n t e f l S ^ ™ B l S S e y ? c k t o . ’ C-F-Ltodsley, _* M c N e llU ltel^erom t ALIndsley, _ _____ _____ _ ______ John Falconer fc Co., JfrbmwelhHahhtte'Co.] Daniel Ebbct^ CasMer Union Bank, New York. J . C, Howe & Co., Boston, C.H . Welling, Philadelphia. C. Yale, Jr., A Ce.,NewOri»aa*. Wood fc Low, NeirOrieana. NewyOTk,jran.l 1849. T r a n s p a r t a t i t m i X c t o M t TH E ISTHM US OF FAWAMAj K A C H R l^ N , HELSON fc CO,, of Panama, arewoW prepared to transport ftrightaoroM tee.iithmnii, or tak# it terough to San Francisco, a t ahippere’ option ion; hu t eachpackage-musthepf portable .size and we^ht, properly covered, as K., N. & Co. are hot zeepoi^bie faf damage oraocident in the transit. The charge# of iraB*’ | portion,to.be pte-paldohNewYork. 'ForpartionIaie,*P' | E . ZACHRISSONfc CO., 89 -WaJlstreet. W a r d 4 * J P r i c € * M o t i d n J P i a n o F o r t e s , celebrated honse Of T . G H j B E R T 4 c C O . , of B o I towj recentiy opened a t 447 -Rroadw ay, ‘ , BKWATEKS fc BERRY. TlieHANOS'Of T, (Joj-Jiare been too loDg.tiidie6 fftToraI)ly Impim-toiieQdjat^-eopinieodations. HimdxedA jn this City can testify to tliett-supetior excellence.. Also, a good-assortment of SOUCOIR HANOS N. B. Second Hand Pianos takenineXchangei Piano# ’^let. _____ • _________ oaiTip X a lloxlhg sund .F a r h lsh lh jg - S a talU talim e iit,. SI JpHU S treet , and that herafter the business will he entirely under hi# ■ 1 reference to the style and-worimanshin of all gar- itff made in this Establishment, from tee long a n d irablexeputatiou which A. H.'W . has enjoyed, }* a sufficient guarantee to say that he has . adopted » new and never faflingsystem of D H., and gives Ms personal attention te that fiepartmeht. His stock of Furnishing Goods is fnll andoomplete, and to^egard to quaUty and variety ' second to hone In th* A.H . 'W. has on hand one of tee most extensive as- irtments of French Black and Fancy Colored Cloth* and Cassimeres,. Embroidered Cashmere, Fancy, Plain; and Woollen V elvet; iogethte w ith a variety of Summer Vestings and Cloths, that can be found to tee city. Navy Unifonhs made to order liite grjeat care. All o f which he proposes to- furnish and make up in themost Fashionable s ^ les .and on teasonaUe < ternu. Particular attention wiU.be paid to makiz — • ■ to order, and-warranted'to fit, b y a young n and skUl nmurpassed. tiring up Shizta g man i^taste BROOKS BROTHiSKS, H . ^ » , JH,. B R O O K S I f CO:, tl6AiiLd. 118 Cfeerry street,- Coxncx o f Catihexln* alreet^ ffeer V o U c . Have obhand a large stock 0# M e i a d u M a d e C l o t h i n g ^ Hutted to the tastes and wante of purchaser* t o t e r i r FIN E D R E S S , F R O C K A NG B U S IN E S S CO A T S , In-great variety. Avery c o m p lateaSH ^ ent of ■ O v e r C o a t s ^ BOY’S AND YO UTH S ’ CLO T H IN G . W llsoit G« H im i; 4c. C o .' Jlp . s o mud. 8»i W i n i f a m s t r e a i . ___ Cot. Madden lane ahdXibertyst. ■-IffiFOKTBKS and-WHOLESALE DEALERS fffi ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ‘ w odll E ns , blankets , blanket * W L O T ^ 6 t HS, PETERSHAMS, RE ATTER CLOTHS! MIXED ahd FANCY COLORED COATINGS, MOI HAIR COATINGS, FANCY FRENCH CLOAKINGS. E N G L I S H , GERMAN, and KBENCH BROAD CLOTHS and CABStoiERES,fifth#meetapproreditt. aufaetures. . - FRENCH AND ENGLISH SILK'VESTINGS. SILK SERGES, SEWING SILKS, SILK VELVllT. ' SILK and MOHAIR BINDINGS, PADDINGS, CAN- VASAfcc-fco. \’'tetherw ith a ___ j UFAC tu r e : TAILORS and OTHERS- M S fu^CTU R E R S ^irf A J t T L U r S E E B O I L . American a n d EngUsh, o f snpericas qaAity,isb<«* leads, tiezesf, and bairal*,hOort*ntiy <»i hand, a n d to wle, by JfOHN BRIDGE, .14 UP ’Limuma OH MafchiMitar A IM Frcht r t PERFECT FITTI n O t COAT, V*SP fc- PANTAOONS — ffashlouatble q;«aowiiiig[Tffia*ar>ll«hm zit. O e d r g e i ^ W ^ F o x , £ i ,* tb or-66 cH*ja**SMri|*inc,#ffOfii* rne >**^1 L F A l > R l t ^ f j F A S n i D i r IFB.OH<S:»SJED JPA^iCLOON M E k S H , 3 3 3 jBjrofcrtwSY, c o k o a r « f A n t t o n y # « # • « , f. Opposite teeTheatrafcidH tddde Paris. ^jWfipMedalUetia i r«d,-anx'lir.*ai#.b7 ,

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