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M ii'f y f - i : ' : - o S & i i : ' f e ’S. '^ 3 t^i 4 a ^ a 4 S » S - =BT W M , ^ G ^ p ^ : r & CO. « « « . » A t f iS O F S T E & n W < ? . M S s S S r S s ' pciitd tfe?D 5*3 moaii _ ’•HS PROPttl^TOSS »ie3iot tegjccaihle U Ouutces \ OTcis wiiicb m aj ocoax ia *4£TerUsiDg. T a e 5 !?-.ai 2 . j Ttti* rrwH Hfi-^TnspRi k jtfD s o r JOB p s m T m e e x e c v - ■ DESPATCH, m i ^ ^ B O r E D STTLE^JH m OUR&SSOl PUBLIC SAJLES^ Attcttone Om<-e No. 7 BttmdstTCet.ne^r W ^ . ^TmMo!5on-th6 oortJw’lj tide of Amity st. ndioinine. same ‘’f i ^ r £ T T i S 2 ^ ^ e b,,«m. 5 .h«.reoo. ----------,ofee. ! A , y S o ^iJyZolh^'oaWiltawVtlW & tF S ° ^ n t by 100 f»» , fliHUC SA U S W w S l 1 i . S £ ^ S - « o o , ^^■qrfa<tfert>»^iea!ais enamia cf tha aocUoneer, and at 179 38 advertisament in Erpoklyn Eaele. sien - AgA-raSuLL’ES jlw p S iivA'jssrai'i ^ ^ k s a l notice in E.jt ,,/S;iSSSSKTS£\S« ; ^ f s a s ? a t s a a “ A \ , » a tpga\notice in Expigs Tfr, R e a l Estate, Leather, Boots ds Shoes \ . ‘IwfdatowLickdwalhnKonICd.st. 175t.lto, ;;Ki’K » s a i£ % 3 r« „ . . „ K S T » S i S - ~ Brooe A . Chilton, Auctioneer. b y c o l e 5 s CH ILTO N , Sates Room IVn 9 VValut. ■ ^■ bt SS3’™”;^SS\ p # s % '’ s e ; ' Auction Room, 'SB Platt^treot, comer of Gold. WS i S k TAS^; i * ^ K » d V « . n i . l n r t , i ™ K « » . 0 «^T«rjiB, l ^ a n e t o and Titriee. . . . p S H e s S ^ E \ S 3 % « ,. Th. e....Ha can Le e»aa.ioed a Jay U o.j Uie sale. To be SoH ^ul’on and J on sts. Wilt be on eshibitiot' the day and evenne before the Bate. John Keese, Aootioneer. BY JA M E S E. COOLEY, s. y n and 379 Broadway,comer of VI = S . . f f f l , - ' A lU o’cIoci:. A.M. 1 ictionroom. 377 ond iitted to thiS gals are as repre. i 3 * 5 ^ ? p l | S f f S S ^ S ‘S I ? S jpHjEtI.i*S, OOJDtJ-Ki Cl*., Mos ISand 21 C itflBl Tin PUtea, 1 0 and 1 X, also a fhU asioptment of extra Blsea of all descriptions. aoofing Plates, 14xa> 1C and 14320 Taggers Tin Plates, 100 be Tsi ger? Iron, IW • blJXiaicttPean. Fei Iron W irs^n n ia b e i * tS S a iS a o iS ii^ - ^ n ^ a iin .T .t 600 , do tadiaTin sou Ingota Engiisli Tin ^ baadl«>»;kiigBan»ad AtnexicMi Sbert lro n ,^ o ^ 0 ( Copper, aa weights and siaet T . S f ^ ' ^ . S ' i S i S S <. T h . . . . . . o “ “*' i U 9 iutdmsi<«ttt, LlSi VOh. XLiX. NEW YORK. THURSDAYc NOYEMBER 28.1850. NO. 18 NASSAU, NEAR i?lNE ST. I p UBLIC O. W . Foster, Anotionaer. ? FO S T E R S & LIV IN G S T O N , Store No. 41 Broad street. W illiam Kobbe, Auctioneer. _;Y v a n WYGK 5r KOBBE. Store corner of Exchange^Plaee an^WUIiam street ,\: 4 iVA a-?'*’ lion o* »ho ffde •• iQvi»* I- V atal„2uca anJ «ironte^n^th^niM£n| of m ! s . 1^0 iHuiwea and samnlw on (h embroidered B T ^ H T s T l f e r N i ' t e Store No. 13 William street, fttj- lAberal cash advances made npon consigt f s s K : '\j:'a\iab>anee at>d samotn^ on^;he s a « i a s \'”a:;s r ” t.-S'.'.S'ttyffi.'iJ.'S.TOB. OBJ lY W m S r E R l”lN ^ ls“& MOU Store 51 Beaver street. ? k S S ? s 1 s PUBM C SALES e p i S __________ ’ainlmgson copper, sa rich frames; af.T.t!;fT&iysrper^;^;\bu! r previoos to sa'e. ' ^ i s c i ^ s ^ s / n i r 'uVS.’‘o'a?hT\‘ Ith. and FRIDAY. S ? f « s ;2 b , e n ': : o ^ ; e ‘. t'ri'e '’p\n“n i S s S i i i s i ^ l i i S i P l M ^ S i p I l M s s l i l l i s I l l l i S J S M S n ! — ist rcceii’ed per late ay. - S . s a i s S S ^ iro-doted and plain Canton GENERAL NOTICEsS. John H. .4,nsten, Auctioneer. BY AUSTEN S & SPIC E R , irncr of W illiam st and Esohanj Store com er of Wi aod-Exchange PU-.e, • End ‘after f\rh 1 = ‘ed“retb^e?^=‘‘ E B E i E S i store WDWa’l street.. , .vfii'sJ.'is.c a a the 2d December. The transfur bonks wUl be closed from the 21st Inst, till that day. By order of the Board ii2i iw O O. TAYLOR, Secretary. N fw Y ork , .N ov . id, I860 lh!?rne^uX 7 w^.\\‘'i.;irat«U^^ Bor*ery nn Tue'iday Dec 8 betwnoTi the hourfl nf 12 M '‘\n’ 2 JrDc'l 4 \ro^TR^Dl KNiCREBBntKER F i RK :hs over $100, approv'*! endorsed notes ■'®lwr4''momh,o?er's^ endorsed notes i hr£.r“ * I :ht’iW 'i.”* 4 r.i K n l i r s th» offlee of * le Company. 68 Wall atre books wUl be closed on the 22d instant. r. PALMKR, Secretary. ^ i S s l ^ s i l l P M l i s S s ■\ ‘'iheTransfer boots ,iU be closed from the 27th In«. to Me^b’;^^^^a^rV.^«\Dor^°\p^ | J H. t ORNFLL. Ca-hipf '* ;“;.C“ s h “ 42 ,“ ? « s 'TlTm ^ ‘'4 months 0531 SI X approved endoi. *d Doles. t S i s i ^ S S S f S Terms. 4 munths^ over SlOO.^aproved endorsed Jnu- S-bi^betb « a \vra'lnot inai. ^^HcoCnr.tsMcho^^J^tnfHlSLlis^mS.oa ^Pnrt .njtat. Mah'l.‘/ 3 & ^ S S “ o. A M E R I c /N ’ ^ c W g r i f l l L HOUSE , . , r PANAMA. : Con.n,L%^?„“ oawifi*. American A, COM P B S P 1DM .OP T H E B S T I R B B O O T - a t O P T H E I.A W - By AS.4 KlNVE Alphabeti- esUy arranged, with refrretee to the latest and most apniored antbotitie& ''Tola, La*Sheep,S to s p .4.177. Betail Price,$20. JOHN F. TKOiV, 49 and 51 Ann st., Sew York, ortinovf 6 r rtre ntOFESSiort. There are few works in +hs profession\ that contain such s body of eoiindl law within tha-same limits, or that are more descrrlne of pnhllo patronage^ * ^ Chief Justice NELSON. New York S ept £6’.-1850 1 conchr with Sir Jestice Nelson in his opinion of the aboTo-mentioned work. Chancellor WALWORTH. New York, Sept 23.1850. Tho Tsat acBomniation of reliable citations from the whole range of legal treatise and reports, both American and foreign, makes it a powerful ansillary to the law stn- dent, giving him the faeiHty of Instant reference, and will exteneiveiy aid the student, the practitioner, and the man of business. ROBERT J. WALKER. 0«t. 12,1850. I have frequently examined its citations and hare been gratified with their accuracy, aud 1 have been at much pleased with the precision and clearness irith which it announces the principles of the cases referred to. In- M ! S r ? ^ S x * 3 S S I s s l „ d , m . . . n , New Tork city, Oct. Iff, I860. It impatta aU tho advantages of an acemato and weU- ^o^iadTa^Sfr.*^ iS H i S % r r ' i S E E S S 4 .r.t.ssif^ 4 'ss;i.Y.;.£S':S!aiif .3 E S H n S S t i a S s L ' S — - --------- - WoNDunFia KFFfCdcr of this extr 40 rdinaiit rncrA ^ ’oun't Of e ^ t^ e r m r a n ^ T a n r n v e / s tv 'J lV th t S f o ‘ it. It is acknowletlgcd by the best Judges of meaiolne to be the most elegant, EclenUfio and salutary preparation THE BLOOX>. of iiryfiipota9| Salt RbuaxD} Cank various dlssasos arising from an XairullE STATE OF VvYreXS* - I ~ = diseases of a ' ' CHRONIC math : It Is purely vegetable, and may be and at aU seasons of the year. General Sgenb-HAYDOCK, CORLIES & giTe thojoueb instruction in » Uw branches at a t^*ne J i' r s .' .r v 53 \.V”;r 5 C « s i:. trance in FrankUnsL ____ ____________ __ u4 Im [N 'S t r is hereby given, that pursuant to the pio- ISAAC N. SEYMOUR, Treasurer. fhfirf-. nMbi>ee« rca.- PhAcowe».'« * « « »- possession of a suite of rooms on the second floor; ‘ ' above uum ber.^the undersigned will opw a^stook m i t t i r s . i s s s \ S v S S \ . Jas PtLATAW, Secretary. io Ji). MiCKLER, PresMent. Dh;-^e^offi^ 5 h?aVra?'«^x\cK^ OF THE EYE AND EAR, from 9 to 4 o clock daily, at 201 BROADWAY, EN T i^N C E 14 WARREN ST. Dr. PowelPs TREATISE ON THE EYE, 3d edition, enlarged, with platek, pHee 50 cents, can bo procured a hts office; also, his SELF-ACTING EYE AND EAR f o u n t a in s , the moat power.ul and Bnco''aral auxi” ary In the treatment of the affec Hons Of thes* dellca ■ « A '5 iTAi«»ibrwrBS=»^ lOKanv. Dart Ir -ae crotches Part au Platt ein, epproved endo- J aet-«. « Y t 5 b » f f i K ' 0 O Stoie £04 Broadway * sa L d o T H o K r u l v ? ! ^ ^ ^ Ac I T he principal ofsttid firrn*^ Awo.\’^. C ol I AU om m nunlcatioS”in N ew Y ork’addroised to the to the care of Hsrstrg; LivittoiTOtv, San Francisco, vrijl B£F2IlENCfiS; SS.MS.S,, 1\ ; O *w?^ptaw»U, 1 fhaadelphU llrant & Stone. I jolitf ~ j u s K i » t r 6 o 6 i J . ‘it£i>, --------- I F r e n c h , h iii*ll3l>, nm l fvertaati F a n c y GootJv, I V.. Ut ' Vd»r su,-8t LUCIUS,HART, 8 Eurlingslip. p S ^ s . » . Hessians and Crequillas. Ard a genera! asst aud^fvr sale by Beaver etreest fitSsSw,\ AiSSiSSa SS\*^** t>. T i t l f f l l A I S N « COi, MANTTALTVRE OF OIL. AND \V A T E R ^ C t^ O a A N D W U I'l'B ^ ^ ^IT BU R L ]N 6 * sai^N E W YORK, J W .TlEMiSS. P r TiaUAKs. mh2l O E N E R J ^ H ^ i N G ^ r o i ^ S s f o N M ^ C H A N T S JOSEPH J I OOK e / ^ ’ *^^O.*LE w S t 00KE, “'T- K-T.-aSS?,” '’ “•?” a , . S amcei , NtGHrnvoAtE, Esq., do. .-««•»■. ___ ; __ _» « y»..»«h!W«a. . WAlVTS. n p W D O K T D B JE E SIN G L E GKNTLEIHEN Ji. can be. keeemmodated with board in a private family. 251 Brocme sttpeL ._________________n27 3t1 ^\3AK.T W a N T E D — a goodBecoridhana cart wanr- V / ed. at 61 E t ahMge plact ______ nil [ l 3 z M ^ ^ ^ S few bCAi^z8,fo: arrAtwtotbedroGt- ___ ___ flJihfd Sitoatiott prefenedon, 6i west'of I **d n c tabortoTeadhitm t Address a Bov 1, Also, white and variegated scented soap. In bars lakes mannfolctared by W HULL%SON. Nos. 108 and 110 Cliff st. •iC iL E ACHING P O W D E l t— J t » aiuspratt’s Superior Bleaching Powder, in store at New York do do do do, to arrive s t do. do do do do do Boston, do do do do do Phils,. For Bi'e bv CYRUS W. FIELD & r o .. 11 Cliff Streep New York, tents for the United Stated 1- TLTRA M A B INE a n d SflIAJLTS-CYRUS W X_J FIELD * CO., mvite-the attention of paper taaken dealers, arad contn^ers is general, to ^he superier surtiel the; are now ofl’ering, comprising the best brands of s reneh Ultrs marine, dennaa ' do. SmaltSjbwfc English, FPFE Do do do, FFFFE. na _______ 11 Cliff street, New York 'DJHZriTE A N D lD ieE S rJO N I M P R O V E O ‘ “ A k PR]^1NS'_ IPcroMterghita S»ose Ini; , OPA andiaU irries, and salad, irtles, enables the ■ ■ P S S I S S S J - - |~lH A M B B R L JU lli & P H K tP S ^ K B JFrontitA Hides-flO baUe,Cow hides S S .fa 4 iffi 5 « , • n t above landing from ship Arct^e, flr«* Csleirtts. AkuSBMEHTS. “ fiSlVAil C a rrespoadfeiice d r 4 iie EW ctili|s*Po|rts i ' — WASHIROTflllJ SreT*25th, 1859. HOT EXSfiSS. ■ ' i ThoPrtsiaenVs mfeswigo yrin be deliyerei to the official printers oh Sktnrday, a i d w M te i m a i e ^ t e l j dispktohed b y ndlrosd expressdo .nU those chief coru- inM oaioit!esi3rMeIi.oah 3TMcIi.oah be m e i t e t b y t t k t liodeDf «OBTeyance> by 'W e d n e s^j' momihg nbxti \ bi ------------- ^ by 'Wednesc „ . . ^ oomtaenceihent o f lae reading of the ipeSsage h ilaoeshyoffioialauthoiltj o,„,.,, 47 . S r 4 'SSf»S;«. T b . . . . . tC' the large Hotels. M b W illiam E. B ustos ......... Managers p j^ H I S E V E N IN G , Nov. 28, wlU be ' ““ ^^CBETS-W ORTH KNOWINur. tue . . .Boston | Mrs GreviUe- - -----Mrs Russel To cbnclndewith tho Faroe o f aiY f r i e n d i n t h e s t r a p s . Peter Shack. . . . . .Lester ( Mre AOdgate.. .Mrs Hughes To DrtM Circle and Parquet, 60 cents • Family Circle, or Second Tier, 25 ote ; Private Boxes, $3 and $5; cush­ ioned arm-chairs, 76 cents, Doors open a t 6^, performances to commence af 7. Cl?-Stranger8 and visitors are Informed that tickets for this Theatre can be obtained a f the principal Hote's. NlBkO tS G A R D E H. h . * Doors open a t 6 |—to eommence.at TJ o’clock. signhlized-to each o.f these places hyi and therenpon the dislributioh of the ptlnleAcoi vriUhommenoe at ererj point wlihra the/ iha|y have JOST OFTICK DHAN&ES. : The changes in office heretofore tesolTed upouj ■will take place oh the first ofhexlmpnth., :lj $4 H.oh* hie will go to Panama for the purpose of regulating, with the New Grenadian govetnment,-the tejms for the future oonveyance of the United. Stated tnails - across its leruloiy. Those at present saibslst&g are. lisfiactory. It is expected that -he wiE be,oo- :on this servioe three Or four inonthi His ---- „_a,tion of the office of First Assistant,Postmaster Generalwilltakeeffeot April l 5 t,T 8 ol, Hurihg h's absence, the bosiness of his office Niil be oohdaoted immediate supeirisioa of the headlof the MB. COBWIS’S BBMOyADS,, The Ssoretary of the Treasury has rocoi&d his protest against the prevalent Doa o f hepotism'in the dispensation of patronage. There is scarcely 4 hpad of a bureah who has not half a dozen sons, bro thers, uncles, or nephews in office under him. Mr, \ has promulgated his edict against the prioti declared his purpose of dismissing duplicate m-j^uco of the same fitniily who may be found trespassing iliwick. ' N E W *O I|; M, JUNE fc C S S S r S r . ...... . Private Boxes,50ors; Dress oiiole, 25cts ; Pit, Idiots; BAUNUMiS AflUBlRlOAN llUISSiUin. P. T. B abwum . . ................... . . . Proprietor and Mapager. JOHH OasSKWoOP, J r ........... * • • • . . .Assistant Maimger. OEN’L TOM TltUMB! Twice a Day, Thursday and Fridi IN THE AFTERNOON, Tom Thumb wlU appear Jn his popular impersonktions of NAPOLEON AND FREDERICK THE GREAT. After which, the amusiaa Play of THE GOLDEN FARMER. This Eveniug will be presented PERFECTION. After which, that aiausing and highly celebrated musi­ cal extravaganza, of HOP O’ MY THUMB. The entire Chin»sa Alusoum, late of 538 Broadway, been added to the other Curiosities of this estab­ lishment, containing over a million of enriosi- whieh vriU afford to the visitor’ as thorough a 1 of the Chlneao people, as a visit to c h ina itseifi The English Giant, Gipsy fortune teller, fee., to bqseeu. AftemCnn petformances kt 8, evening, a t 7f Admission 2& orate ; children under 10 y ears 12j rflR IH JL B lT p A liL -M A D A M E Ah E SEVENTH GRA-IlD SACRED C t _____ , ...... take place on SUNDAY EVENING next, Deo 1st, when apopu'at selection firom the works Of great mastefs, In- oluding some of the favorite pieces of last SundaO, will be given. Full particulars duly, announced. Tickets bo cants. ________ ' _______ p26 knowledge b a grand series of AMERICAN PROMENADE CONCF.RTS ''\‘•\’“'“\\“’• “S S S ® lose names haye spread PROGRAMME or THE FIRST AMERICA:^ PROMENADE CONCERT, THCl EVENING, NOV^ 28. l?ssfz?js:s-ai:ss«;- 4 u- 5. W s& ^-!^‘£ S f c V d e - laD 4 n B V ’;'tU®®‘“ - last work of that popular composer. (Firsttime) .......................................... Strauss. 1. Grand Oveilure -“ Anacreon.” ............... Cherubini. formed in Paris, at the MahiUe Garden. toira of th( Mustrd’s ition of Mr. ^'^e %lTu^ndr“hVT^?^ate”m^^ 0 8 ___ ' S S S a S ‘S S F i . 1 > performance to begin at ha’f past seven o’c'oek. open a t six. nS6 PIL G R IB I’S PROGRB:! J ^ O W O P E N a t 'Washington HaH, E H a t Washlngtoi way, near Houston street. THE PANORAMA OF BUNYAN’S PILGhlM PROGRESS. Doors open at 7 ; to commenoo a t quarter befero eight o’clock I Admittance 60 centa ; children ha'f-price ; family tick­ ets, admitting fourpersons, $1. Tickets to be obtained at the bookstores and a t the door. Analternoon exhibition on Wednesday and Saturdays, cLnuneUcIng a t8 o’clock. u25'tf OPEN FOR A SHORT SEASON ONLY.' EVERY EVENING THIS WEEK. Also, on Saturday Aiteinoon, AX PANORAMA HALL, CoaresK OF B'Boiuw^T xnd W alkeb S tbuet , BEALE M CRAVENS’ V O YA G E TO CAXilHOENIA AND BA C K , g-^ IVING VIEWS OF PHILADELPHIA, CAfE 5lk’. , GHARLESTON, THE WEST INDIES, KIO J A ­ NEIRO. CAPE HORN, in # most Tem&a Storm, VjAL- PARAISO, MAZATLAN, SAN FRANCISCO, THE ___ Also, MAZ'ATLAN, SAN ISTHMUS. HAVANA,-and BQST< This is decidedly the largest and norama In the world, being o-Yep t _____ _ _ _________ length; was painted by GEORGE HEILGE, on JS3.000 feet Of canvas, and presents views of the principal Cities on the Western Continent, with animated views of the Gold Diggings; being a voyage to Cal'fornla. from Phila­ delphia, and back to Boston, by way of Admission 35 cents; Children imd Doors Open at 6 | ; commence at 7J. kOOBUS’S PANoikAiniA o f c o d a . OPEN EVERY NIGHT THIS WEEK, At the MiSetvk Rooffis.'408 Broadway. |T T I S A BXOST SPJLSSNDiD W O R K O F ___ JL exbibltingmcstbfautifoUy and faithfully the cities, countrjf, mountains, khd'lnxutions tropicel vegetation. Also, by plctnree of surpassing aristie merit, the social customs of the Cubans are iUustrated; magnlflqent views of sugar, coffee and tobacCo estates j mahogany, cedar, ebony treekand royal psima Doors o^an a t 64P. M., DanoRima commences to inove A d&ttanct 26 cents f children half price. lu s s f ia d D d B i^ A g A D E ia v O F FlNJa. art of the highest class The Exhibition of VafirtiBgs by Arflsls of the abov School, has received many additions, 'kbd remalBa opei at the two rooms, over the hall of the Church of DJvin Unity, In Broadway, between Spring and tyiaeastrMti from M o’clock A , M. tilt W o’oloek P M. Admission 25 cents Sea:on ticket; £3 e**it Cats ogees Igjoents ' __________________________je(a COAL. 'O E A G K dK C B A K B COAB-Now dls»>arging i^ ^ C o M ^ ^ ^ i M d i a t o ^ T - S - .Auaority,.imd Dro6ufed froth ; t W B ^ __ from barge Orchard Egg-Coaly: market 'WORTH, 24 Broadway, « id nlS cprnernf Fourth and Tharapeonste. ■ ifT v B R P C '^\ = —- = ^ JL4 Nofw Km IQO E~ o 5 R K I 4 c o a l A F L O A T - iding from Ship John Henry, HidUbnrtohis ■ Orrelrrel Coal,al, for-family nsei and for sale in lots tp eplfc best O Co pnichasers, by STUART F p 28 and t^rnpr of Rutg. 'UABJEI F, RANDOLP^ CO., ^ I ^ ,Y4-VM«mEartBioadway, i ■- AthavgniwaisAXIUtattwttj POrchjJWEKi JlppST't^ ‘ w s H a i p A s r a r o ^ ^ e i S ' i THE EVEreR€l m.it.tee — Snee,the under, the in department. . . g f ’ »asf i^.G^orwin within his bailiwick. J o b n K o w a r a F a y n e ’jsK e H lF tp S e n a to c B e n N ew - Y ork , Nbv. ' 26 i 1850 . lia late speedh a t Si lis, which has been widely oiroulated ihrou^houl country, and has been published in the cofumnE _'onr journal, has attacked the administration ol President Fillmore, on the ground of alleged i>arty proscription. He has also ffiiaggedme before his ow n public, ip his own cijty, as wejl es that where more of . ....................... illustrate and sustaih his leolously masked ttnd» the in General Tayiof for his ablio officer “.on political . ................ : ht\ was ______ -• Henton-AfeteSj i, o htf tohut AEt A mebi - • - TTO Dd.” Jeffersonian i adaptation io the p -‘es that “ Mr, 3 Rfr. Howard 1 ____ told, n e ither. can deny, shall p u t __________ •ment to that offioo, Ur. Heaj office, Mr^Hodgsbn^oun^one more agreeable to his and resigned it. 0 n the* coming ^re­ signation, when there was no candidate for tho empty poSt-ineith 6 r “ Zh*. Heap'' .nor any other “ Jeffersonian,\ nor any other sort of “ democrcii”— the offioo was spontaneously, and to my surpi’se, Heap to make ____ charge agai^t his admi for me,\ large against his administration o f being governed, m y o,;se, by any »proscriptive’%1a,n .or purpose. The learned senator has informed the popular es- sembiy he addressed, that Mr. Tyler’s motive in f a ­ king this appointment was what he is pleased to term “ h istronicproclivity However pure may l e ’the source from which the sentiments of the senator' derived, his langnage is oertaihly not all drawn i the-“ well of J&gUsh undefiied.\ President Tj.-. may possibly have had in his mind a draina, in which 1 had formerly acted an unwiUingpart, and which, although somewhat oomio in some of its details, jhad nesrlyprbved to me a tragedy in its result. Sbme years ago, while engagedin the ooUeotiba of materi­ als for a projeotSdilitejrary undertaking* and travel­ ling in Tennessee, 'solely with that view, Inr ---- with the intelligent pherokee CMef, John j the single offenoeof being a, whig, I was-sets aimednand, eoUedtho Georgia Guard* foi __ Georgia, imprisoned, and kept for geVefal days -n hourly danger of my hte. It is true that tho slate afterwards made a legislative apology for the out­ rage; but I had suffered evils whioh this apology could not oure. The Senator cannot be ignqrant of th'is fact, as a part of the history of an exciting peri­ od of an administration which he favored ;‘and it would have been charitable in him to:suppose that President Tvler may have boeapartly influenoed by a determination to make a Smell political comprasu- tion to one who had_ suffered a grlbyous per^nal wrong from identification with the party which meot- od hini to power- This is certali^ a, mbtiye for] ap- poujtisg me Consul at. Tunis, more probable, and more intelligible in itself, than the one whioh t the senator has olothedJn words such as som» of his jan- dience at St,LomB.mnBtiava bee* obliged to resort to their diotionarles to: understand. ’ ! From this office, within the' first 1 dent Polk’s administration, withoj suggestion, orpretonoo of unfaithfulness,or upfiti 1 was '•removed Io make room forV D bi MI i , Among the docomonts which are ,oa file in the oLv- of the Seo^r^taiy Stato^ and wtdoli appear, ffoin the senator's speeohj to have heeh industriously'ex- amined by him, .is one D -T«i»v»LA« 6 cabinet, during whose ey ____ ith’those^ofPresic, ________ _ at the door of which adininistratioi.. then, in this case, styled by.the s e n a tor, sbe - emi - ^ SENT, and in a condition to be provedf\ toes fthe ohatge of ••removal fo r cpinioti’s sake, and on politi­ cal grounds,\ lie! L>it at that of the one he Iffilf- Buoported, or of the one he whoUy denoUnCe's J | it is true that I afterwaffis - ^n_0ffiS ____ afterwafasac^mesoedlEasifg^es- ioially made to me, to be re-iijstated, in this 1 did So on the Senatops own dootrinej so i in his speech, a? to what “ off Am ri- forcibly stated in his speech, as to what *1 can Presidents, whig or democratic, in come, ought to do, ” and in whioh 1 not oi admMiSl TnfvntbW^TitfirMfc. ftomimifTiflftfl •>, i. n f o o t SPjBiCXAi^^elSi^PJkM f<!ffI!f^ OF. t/ieporied etprtsslpff^ihtrJ^envig F l t j t D k y .^ b x r i i n B - i $ e ^ o n . • ; - ' • OE64»S!3mON-oF -THi: OONVB^fflOif, ^(COn'riiuedflicmyWteiak.;^^ ; ;Tl.e|Ley*geerat clergy^ . Th of tho Clergy. ThA-parfaheaJiAhvateoe^^wi called uponfot their Aaegates, Bid ffie'ipaeni^it'A of^ eachh werere presented,resented, the;he; usnaisual OCnsnatti^^nsnattec^ ipi^ck we p t u oe m k a v ing been a pppmlkbyth^chM V. coM fstedof m E!* DiMttbeiah.-!Es45, and . ....................................................- i.- ' ., AaDng-Been-caJled, and a guorcin of b oth orders^ em'g-i4ii6f te d pte'sent- ’ ;e HsBfOfdToSeF a n d offered •foilowing iesp- JlRgy,'whiai.1fii7'' The leeeiution of Judge SandSsid wis then k'*^- draw n forthe viTOsent.- - - 1 ■ K a s a r * ' On. motion, a % u m e d tlH half-past 7 o’clock* i ing. F i r s t H a y - E V e ii lh B Hcaalwn.^ Convention, wai o ^ l e i to order At h: ursuant to : ‘ haJfipaSt- The motion, on berng.pnt, w otion was then made, I shsedwithti] '.-■WF i . iii-r reitn-i^' — -- ■*» • % | S S f S s 6 ^ d - S itioB.,;:-. I. ' ‘ :-3it r.irn«»iie4fu A f g M - tW A ▼*' motion was then made, that the readingof the minutes he d'spohsed with tdl to-morrow (tbi§ idorm ing; which, was also carried, „ j Mr. Leonaird moyed t&t the Bev, Mr. Clark,Ireo- >r of Grace Church, PrattsviUe,in whpee credentiala were some defects* which rendered \th^j^ in- shouldhould bee permitteditted to takeke his,it seat gs a ^eler valid, s b perm to ta h gate. ; , This was opposed by Judge Sand&rd, who ms motion to lay the anhjfot »poa the tahte j which A motion hand'’og the whole matter oyer ,to ai om- ,s cairied, the oommlttee t o le po: forthwith. . ■ I - Key, JDf. Cox. of the Episcopal ChurchChurch in M°H ventio! mitteo of five was cairied, the oommll to each ^ of twenty mil! vention. a mileage o by this Convention*. THE CALL AND ITS CONSTITDilONALITY. 'The following resolution was then presentee the words, “ That jib i epnventioAdOmow p UB-A'-UWCBO,, ^ ' j The Standing Committeo*. a t- t h is, stage o f ihe prooesdiPgSj: presented them kepofewn-tke-canoh of the late GeneraljGonyentiottforthe.electionpf 'ii PrtK^ visional Bishop., The. r ^ l - s t a t a d t t a beTtef-of the ,r, p retented the sub­ joined amendment Of substitute to the fetehtion of Mr. S p e n c er: ' ‘ | isffived, T h at under the' elfeumsfanoes oansedj Mr;f,,,iBette-W 8 k 6 itwhether« to orderjto; offer aaiAmendteOaktoi JhAriesoliition of, Mr.; V|an: E3eek4.ttdfeB^cldbo,d(teidedto,bAonto£Otdef,^ wjshedto havAltwithdrawn; foe inioment; IHk , o C O p M e h 'th g t th d f ir a to im ^ n ^ ' i » ifisijlaed ■ the ooastUUiBtffleHty o fiha eeaVentidn, and also-* w hether it. has a s ssw e r tO-trauiaot h i f c s m , ' MyAOMiff* « « 4 k e ,fedbt4;^ foam » a « i o |t t '. tion to .bring this question up for m im tsm a Jfifiie’ ConveiitioB is isoi»atidumaliy.je^)ea*j^.i^ to bus!n6BS4^ifaot>ite prooBediaga will be iuTalld. JOHH c. SPjEKca^gKTi^qog^iTiiYSi _ Mr. s u s i r s ? ^ ^ . . k ' i i i i s i S I S s S z S B k e r e th e spekkefiiw^inteHupt^^^ rose toA^desHonAforder. .A^ret^smaftAii^ t,«i the tMmiaaUoiruf which Hr.- iWtoten pro. :on g . wMchhadWolgbMfitemffiedhy e a h e t m s i M m j r HJit. Df. y m t e ' m » # ■ - fto. C ^ d toitet-tti***'-cihwiiiifi& to **• - - - - ,, « i o ^ ,h y * d r d i f * ^ n l ^ § i - - “ — \Gftrieab^ a .

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