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y y ^ - SfLFsqxriOJStB Djm.T-<,<mimBgoiSiiistsotiees- nt3tiia»rticiij 60 c^ta; second asd UslrdinsertioBi •isfeaScente; «adlSle«tIrf» £ ot S r sreiy ealjeequent J sad'i^l T m p R o p m E r o m TH £ ETEKiS «’& duaagee V T 'r jy ueadsj Vftia WiS%j, tA *3 j » r atroStK sd r ^ e e . Each nombsi^contahut tfietatest r»iNG roS 3 f SEMI-WEEKLY, jmbUsbed f Vtna EViday, » t *3 j » r atrastfe payable in ^ « 5 c ^ ) THE KEW y ORK W ______ _____ _ 4 T O S B DOiLAR PER ANS ____ Intenigenca- , foreign, and dfaitestsc i and is sent .off by tbe mailst0 8 u tsciib8»in«ysty ,psrt^of the Colon E j w m p o s PUBLIC SA 1 . es . B T AJ!?T*S^O L*E^E*^K. E K. OScft N o , 7 Btosids&est- s e a r W M . The TObseribeTs, io ndSitinnto their Eeal Estate bosicess. i-._ prei>!KSd.Ioe:tcEa t9«a)esi?t Bpotenoidfiiniteie. resiel».Koc*a Anthony 3 Bieecker. ( S g f w e e t a . Poprnrtfierjmmcniaisapnbrta the aoctioneer.Nov 7 Skoa4 **^aveene and 1 S spsiy tottemctioBeer.Wo to irmsin on bond ^M ^^fiarth«¥anieTiIota can be obtaiBed atthe tales room yl¥S&. 1 a f * O' _ j two Kory bnc* dwelling bonseand «t.-between Bleeekei and Amity tta; 25 by ,i;llQa.S9 and lot No Z14 Thompson st; 'Blliag hotua and lot No 220- Dsandrsirlherpartieuters, apply to the anctioneer. No Amltirstw * '* * .--- ar-.»... ^ t ^ T n f - W '-tro tots on sontb Third street, be. S isssss—^ ' %jro.ihTOT«s on tbesSlhside of.Devoestreet, near Lso. on Korib 8th. North Sth and 7th streets, th ^ ln ^ n ™ ? particnlais can be obtainedof T ^jofson-tbe northerly side of Amity st. adioinins. sa— Its. 20 feet Ti#<> lots adloinine. on Willow st. 18 fiet 3 ms front by S) feet OacoN«.4'SF r JAMES c o t : B sea ndveitisemeDtin Brooklyn Eaele. sign- A. H. MuUer» Auctioneer. BY A D R I A N H. M U L L E R , “ ■ No- 7 W a ll s t., c omer o f New st Esc. “^ l e r t i - - — — — .m ^ r n e C . ^^^'tesal tioliea in Ekprwa ltt? ^ - n , e y . E s n . JamesM ItliDer, Auetioneer BY J A M E S M . M IL L E R & C( Store No. 75 -- ----- -- r « a w » r e . K OAlEstate. Let Maiden lane la ther, Bocte & Shoes, 3e rss'ii'ia'Siii L . U. e a rriagtoh, Aytefioneer BY JACOB S. PL A T T , H»rdw*re. Ctockoiy, and General Auction and C o a „ _ mifisionMerchant. Anetion Room. 28 Platt street, comer of Gold- . l r o a B e a e r r A * « « o . . g ^ ^ _ _ _ _____ JH H ^TO N , Sites Bonro No UWaltsf. TCE-DAY.HoySa sbjelr iil tb&Merebants’ Ei ^Foi natticnbmand maps app.Iy toihe aoctioneeis. No.9 Wall Cataloenesr^yort Satan ly loreshibition until the day of sole. nSylSSS S S s S s S HSi\' 0 S “H S S s 3 » Will he on exfaifaitioii the day and evenineTberore the tale. i v ' - f s t e v g a s . cboica standard pap^to ^^aasonment of iancy siaiionery, ornamented boxes. ,A ' S ' At 11 o'clock. A.M i d v i i S S S ^ I ^ a n d mneeuane. anctlon room. 877 'and ”% 2 ? S K ' i r r i Z ’r ' j t e h s i ifm m i l YOL XLIX. MkW YORK. MONDAY NOVEMtiEN I^ - NO. 18 NASSAU, NEAR PINE ST. i l l PUBLIC SALES. ^ E s a a s s . : At M o’clM^^^ be a4hon¥<S^. PACKAGE SALE—At sir months credit—^ packai ENS-CoDsta-uieor , . !g;'> 2 S i S a s & i embrotlered and plain Cantoo Store eom erof Wii ii h Frames, laresir- jc ilUERFD offered—con- Cnmptisinf » h fSS f'niabiffiiM ao.l samoles on the momms nt saw. s r » \ » 15 ?T ¥ ' Storetore No.o. 163 P e a rll streettreet. S N 163 P e a r s ''-‘\- 1 “?SE; w S = S S b K . 'f ; ; ^ '. a m T S S i l T O : \“ ““ \'“s a i s : : ..x'SSiVrKiErffii'a he four qoinera o( the Blobe and the »1 uses, with m tuai and black silk Vel- 40 inch hish lustre black William Kobbe, Adotionaer. J Y V A N W y C K & KOBBE, Store comer of Exchange Place andl William street. china ware. the mom ng ol tale e^^..beral earn adyancei made noon eoniignmenti when \^Cai^eues and samnles Cataloeues and samolas onthe morning of sale. “ .\BaTlSn. GEB. ________ Store 109 W*tl 8 tr« 8 » endorsed notes. ^^HoDdumMahoeTS?4fteHoSur^^ Dart laree c S o e u S a t approved endorsed oot^ blocks fina'OQaU»r f^tstaarr Palian Marble, persbfp eodortesi nute). s ^ _ IarBle.,Dl lanre sizAP«^hip^^imuw?^^^ I over OlOO. approred endorsed t M. Merwin, Auctioneer NGS, BROTHER & CO StoreStore 204BroadQ4Broadwny 2 •B'’A''o 7 SeaxwbSr“gi!Si,B. 5 .......... . ...... - ‘\ ' S S S . ~ L-rtlJBtACJalN© PO W D B K -M u s p ratt’ebeat qnali- '\S\ sts^s ssui\' do do do towrireatnnaacllibl*.' New Cvtle (to do bs-SCcx«. PUBLIC SALES by 'K o L t w a t s e t ’K o , ITALLI a N D PBRA aOCSB-ASTOR PLACE. m|chlnery ^ M ^Timlsmi f' Scenery and .Oecoralicus P Oridn. Prices of Admission—Secured Seats, $2 50; Box and Parquet,.$2, AmpitbeatTd, 50 cents St-CONU g r a n d G,ALA NIGHT- jwionhewmcffer» TUESDAY £ Y e KIN.G,N ox ..8B, Will be perfbrmoj Bellini’s grand Opera Of James, entitled Music by A i Adam, composer of Giselle. Condnotoh and Dlreotor, MarM Kretnzor , Uhorns Master, b it Hensler. Doors open a t 0 o'clock, to commence a list. No oraerfl. AM USEM E N T S. i-R IPL E lK H A L L I MfSli AL MANAGER AND DIRECTOR The manager announcing to . g (. b . . c 1 ? S H | . ° „ V bb „ Will be glT«n in the As those Bait]tiatiThr °.rA‘S y . ™ a r . r ' . B occessfoi , \fin /uUEN* l.N*LONDON, W B„. B „ . £\ V ., NB,S’S S t ? f l S D . O in explanation of their purpose. ^HKfRiiESioN. then, IS to do for light and deserredij opuiar music and Tor week day amusements, the same r I l 5 ;H H i£ S E 5 t “E people* Anxious to deserro public patronage. and oonfld Jn his resource, being already at tbe Head of the si 1MME(.BE *.<U PraiECT PEBM.'BEeT oaC»rt»IRA r c H S S r S S j r S j poser. Ma BAi-fB, has been applied to fox the i \ “ s S H S E ica their temporary home Tbus tbe programme for each evening will be rich and yaried, so as to meet the wishes and tastes of a ll; and thus gratify the lovers of the higher class of secular in­ strumental music as well as those who may prefer a light- j S »%S.VtSS“iS'SftX \fcHRISrOPHER roLUMBl-S ,•’ “BrdmSVv'Jn” (The relebrated Composer of ^ e “ Desert ”) •e'S^'Sl^S^Stk’Sks’ySSmV' MI'SABU’S •‘ QUAD81I LE OP A l.t NATIONS.\ t.omposed in raebration of the Oreat Indnsirial Exposition which la to be held in London In 1861 Uccaaiohally a full Chorus will ’be engaged to give the looessairy effect to some of the above works. NotwitiS^nJng^ the ^ i^m e L ‘Vmtlay\‘^ d expense, **0NF -------------- ----------------- ^ NE^HIRH^RED EBFQRMEB5! as in Paris-and Londou, that p u t of th^amusment, and to act as Master or c-eremostfs. The ffJicle under tbe tmmediate direotion or MR. BOCHSA. Furtheg garti<;alara will b«-axin<xioc A M U S E M E N T S . » .; lsrL S » ,T a S f r « CLEARED SINCE OKK X ^ S T . „Shm Lady FianHin, Yeatoii. LiveipooP. B Thompma fc *^.'b^WaniOT,TjeimHn, L ivery S eoar M A tjno.^W A M #W oriRea th a t therd m about thirty fflffetehb iiWilSfied d r T.lM e w .lbr!iA ^ > segara lR.Sn®eh American weed.- THBDBTBi . .Cduldook l P FiUppa- ........... Mrs Abbott Ide with ---------------- !NTS. To conclude with THE PLATONIC ATTACHMEN to . Frices ol admission - Dress Circle end Parq-uet, 75 ctk ; Family Circle and Third Tier,28c : Gallery I2i centa. Doors open st half-past 6, petfomanoe to commenos at BDUTONiS TH B A T B E , Chambers street, rear of . Ity Hall—the nearest Theatre to the large Hotels. Mn WiLUiti E. B iirtor ......... Manager and Proprietor. h f i u i s mVElISUI©, Nov. 25, will be presented the A comedy of .... e d u c a t io n . SuctcUng ............ .. . .Burton I Ellen ............ Mrs Skerrett USED UP. To Dress Circle A d Parquet, 50 cents ; Family Circle, or second Tier. 25 ots ; Prltate Boxes, $3 and $6; cush­ ioned arm-chairs, 76 cents, , uoors open at 6j, porfoimanoes to commence a t 7. (gJ^Strangers and vlsltora are informed that tlofeets foi this Theatre dan he obtained a tthe principal Hotels. L O ’S G A R O S G . M o \ b i ' v \ l v a f e o , - K . V : - » , ”t S ' S ; . M . . *^fe 5 rorsrTia!S\o«. To conclude with^he^^antomime called Characters by the Ravel Family. ^ Tickets 60 cents to all parts of the Saloon. °0^i^opetx at o n t o commence at o'Bldefc. N E W ^ O R K . A M P H lTH E iA T R B , No 37 Bowrav J. M. JUNES! z S S s B s S B t S - i I g s i l M S s I Private Boxes, 50o?s , Dress obole. 25ots ; Pit, 12Jot \BAKNUM’S AAIEIUPAI* JaUSEUffl. S 3 K S i - S S S S Tom Thumb will appear in a variety of Songs and Dan< Grecian Statuary, as well as Recitations and Perso ’\ ‘“ ■’\ K & A WHITG. ”v-sar.'.~(:-s.sa llshment.oontalning over a million ofcuiiosi- igs;s?.araa.’s;sv,‘. 2 i OPEN FO R A SH O R T SEASON ONLY. EVERY EVENING THIS WEEK A so, on Saturday AttSmoon a t pa . n o ^ ama h a l l , ( OBSRR OP Bsoanwar avn WsuiEn S treet , BEALE S s CKAVENS’ VOYAGE TO CA L IFORNIA AND BA C K ; £ ^ IVING VIEWS OY PHlLADELPHiA, CAPE bLAY, fjC CHARLESTON, THE WEST INDIES, RIO JA­ NEIRO. C-APE HORN.ink most Terrific Storm, VAL- N T IS A MOST SPLBW DIO W d J H K 'b F ART X exhibiting most beautifully and faithfully the cities, country, mountains, and luxurious tropical vegetation Also, by pictures of surpassing arlstlo merit, the social customs of the Cubans are illnstrated ; magnificent views of sugar, coffee and tobacco estates; mahogany, cedar, ebony trees and royal palms. Doore open at 6i F. M., panorama commences at 74 precisely. A dmlttanee 25 cents; ohUdren half price. T H E D O S S E L D O B J^A OA D E M V O F FIMA m r B W P A I N T I N G S ^ ^ ^ tly arriyed tiom Europe XN among which Is “ Gerinanla,” hy Koehler, a work o( art of the highest class The Exhibition of Paintings hy Artists of theahove School, bps received man^ additions, and remainsi open at tbe two rooms, over the ball Of tbeChnrch Of Divine Unity, in Broadway, between Spring and FrfnceJtieCta from 10 o’clock A. M. MU 10 o’clock J* M. Admission 26 r^nts Season tickets 60 cent Cati ognes 12| Cents ______ ______________________ jslB Should any husband or father bo of a “ contrary mind,’’ he may expect cold comfort when he “ oomes to tea.\ The supplies of Britannia Wore are all ready at the xtora of nl» _____________ LUCIUS HART, 6 Burling sUp. Miss Dwight re COAJLf. Orchard Egg f*oaI, In good Order, and for sale s t lowest market WORTH, 24 Brokdway and nl6 , comer of Fourth and Thompson eta. T d Now landing, from Ship John Henry, Halliburton beet Orrel Coal, for family use, and for tale in lots to sn nurobaseiS, by STUART F RANDOLPH St CO , 74 Wall, 287 E ast Broadway. 4th aTCime and ISth street, Butgiers and fTrerry streets. €it% rSi“£ S r ' 4th ayenne iindl3th street, o23 _____ and corner of Rutgers and Cherry street ... tUSSBE*’’V p s s a s f e s s - a g i M E 5 = = H cfeoige S Cnug. Smith, tlrom Milford, Del. with com to B Sclir’Crmade, Fisher, from fidgartown, willi mackerel and oil' *“ SchtXosepjiinc, Bnrst. 2 days fromTaunton, with nmis to An- J S r t o m ^ n e . Jenkins, from Boston, with plaster, bound to ^ ScW^pnbho, Soale, 3 ds Im N Bedlord, witli oil, to J Maoy & ®£®U N^ckeisan. Nickerson. 4 ds fm Boston, with mdso to foh dHperrllowm. SdsfmBoitea. with mdse to E W Her- ^®Bch Eta, Chntcbiil, 4 ds fm Newbnryport. with mdse to S W aontb Rock. Lacey'. 2ds fin Boston, with mdse toDay- ^ Boh'unoas, Rodgers, fm NHaven, bound to Veluoo, with Inm- MariaTbeiesa. Smalley, 5 days Im Salem, with oil to Mr iS'iissss. '^ArSi£s:^ff»s^ATtSSs.'k;c-. 8W Infdo 17th, ship Norms,, Ellis, NOrleans, with cigars and n m E S T I O PORTS. ^.Menyman, Matanzas, twfotd. Brookings, New ’S ^ ’- s s s a iWr*A UWe,aawiiyry&ad^fdnai Blcor, NO pick Ihe fQliovring| and jspw n o n c s ^ jtlf* '=•- yes to o ur conven- -:.r.as n S o i iiin ” I . '. ' TdtE. . ( . . . tOOibob^ODO- aiSdf^oSK-SsjstS^^^^ \■ *” T he O s e H undskd G bine * D ish .-’^A jibhoiiiS* Ml of^astronemy wM jpIWolbefore Hiftoe ^jSestj vde L brd Mayor of York, and the Lord-M ayor 6'f tag a n d £ n e ,s..-s..s..s-..ss......'..i-£ ^ D 0 ^ '^ m i d d l i ‘o ftW a c R ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ 8 8 0 g g ^ a a s e r n r : : | | § 40 WooddooTts, tie *am 8 ................ . 8 0 0 6FIoreia, ditto. 3 Dozen Ortolans, 5 5 - 0 0 9 0 ...8 0 0 5 0 0 3, Ameiioan asparagus, ell, sweetbreads, que­ nelles de Tolaille, and sauce..........14 10 0 There was a dish for your epicures aandgojormands n d j SiiuNOE B edbellows -—Cumnungs,ungs, inhlSLAdyen-n £ios fi 5 . n i Ba in the strange bedfellows “ On the 1 2 t h , h e says, “ I bagged two wilde­ beests and two springboRs to the northward of my camp In the evening I took my pillow and • koih- berse,’ Or skin blanket,'to the margin of a neighboring valley, where I h ad observed doe hlesboks drink. Of these I had not y et procured ftltagle specimen, v^hich lira s very anxious.to do, as^thex Hkevfise carry fine homsj which, though WYsp-thiokaattoose of the males auu wiu not uo iioiu imium umi urao. ®'t® gracefully fowhed'. .3hbrfly*after I had lain mg onl^a ai^ai^topgallant sail bent, and amved safely at ah old wilde beest came and .Stood w ithin tenyards of ^^Cbo^r shlp^Archit^^ ^Baltimore, before reported sold astoDi Pnear. from New Yotk for muon oonoemca anout me maiipr, .i-oouia not, however, dive^ myself of a painful feeling that it ifiiglit be a snake, and WrafiY my blanket tightTound my body. Awaking a t n n eiirly.ho'iir tfie foUowihg morning, J forgotto look for tbe.tenant who bad spent the n ight beneath my pillow. No blesbok appearing, 1 stalked an old springbok through the rusbes>and shothim.” ,, , i A J?A6SENGEa I ndex .—A gentleman of fortune In London, naiaed Pownail, has invented an instnunenh by which thO' nUmber-of JiaSehggrij’WhO'rrdb’iil 0,1! lw kyrYcri4fdna*4aiai£41«J^i*^^^ S^pidpuM ^ ’ ............. .... ■ - \ of FebraaiTj tbp-taosY im F ^ ant is effeoted Cohsists, of a dial plate afipfit 'six In^es- square, with pointers a nd index, towhidhis aitaoEed a voltaip battery. These are placed in a box below hdld by laodern sooTety-s' ©venta\ a ndidrwni^'aof T s . . i „ . p b i . i a l i . b « s a . S i i b * 1 L s 2 S K '^ThW epsboth to the outside and Insid© of the Omnibus are so ©onstructed on springs, that the .{L more ♦eight of a person getting into-thereldole, or upon rtld iird tjie outside, brings the eleotrio wiresires of thee voltaicolta^ fuked to of th v mplete an eleotri -T© ooilcid sever to farm ofaRoit iftironismaj dial-plalte their tuj hto contact, so as to complete an eleotric oqnnexidn. The wirei m© _ooil©d_ several la and aotnates. aotuati irn, move the — ineh as s^ teb Dart. Phillips. imTaunlpu. for .N \\— “srlfefBSi Balt; sloop Senate. Thresher.N Blit^^wai—A<Lkh.«d^ VVm Tiilner. N Yprk.,l7th, Jenny ^ p K f e i 5 = „C^El-ESTOS-An ,J3th. sct^Matilda E Wells. Gnflin, N 5 fS 3 ;'^l 3 '&'iS.S.'rc«x£& a a e m m a t „ „ . b r . b . . w » M . . r . . . r i b b i , . \C?- Inmetothe'-Worfd^. r —' — m g m v a n t, writmg anon^M usl^, has. spuM a note ooenrring, n o t e d c ^ ^ d on or provided against inf the programme, which has created some'-littre\stir' among the oognosoenti.: The w riter, Who iasn k . r „ » ii», roald. n o t be diffir-'i- - - S i -,.. ^ i S ______________ 8831 ^ k j m J l ;& it ____

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