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THE EViaSly^ JPOgf! NEW YORK, MONPAt. SEPTE:toER §, IgSO. laB&Al. HOTICl^S. ] s r a t E H E c o 0 * T - m E t t f e y . remsdwia? luasd II njtolotnumserwi SCFitCME COUIIT-CITY AND COUNTY OF NKVV EuBlNSON, Referee. _________ s4 iawSw H iiu h gcTL^en, Pioiat IfcSd Sew ro:fc,6th Joly, IBS, sHSfe-?,S s r j?3?U»12w ^ • ^ ^ P r . in » » ^ e e 3 Sl.“ >as for a money demand o 5. YORK, Haintifli’ » o b « t R ^ . COURT. NSW YORK. Sammons foi a money demand on sJ\ i f e Deled 2<ew1fpdc..jyr 27» . Jbcofficeofthe etweoiti^dsy aad fiftyJsnd [EW YORK s OPREMB COURT. ’^fisuoiDOos.—Pbr refiet COom. not set) SUPREME COURT. .._,e._ A U? jyl9 lawlSw fSDBRBlUU. Plaint BUBKILL & DAVISON. _______ Plajnfai!s*AUiirneyg. HtaU r . and WilJiam Jnly 26lb. ISO. ^ R T I N STKOHG & A. P. SMITH, __________________ Plaintiff’s AUoineya. SUPREME COURT-CITY AND <C(:OUNTY a t i . L W ^ i f . K a a ' OF NEW _jy«l lawldw ^ Plamtife’'A b Li>.^74Bre^^^^ I S S l S S I g ™ SUPERIOR COURT. Thomas Rnshmore. I ^■^S’irSSpSN^ISeSf- SSHSS se S S ^ j » , h i a s i ™ ' \ - - . m ^ m m m NEW YORK SUPKE.ME COURT. i. WHEELER. Plainttfl’s Attorney.^ “ SUPKKvfE COIIR t T auW law6W ^^No. 15 B™ m^' s U ^ .\£ w ^ g c d y . SUPEB-M ' _ against ^ ’ | •Y OF NEW YORK. SUPREME COURT-NEW Gtlbeft Hopkins, Sammons,—For lefteL rt5°bT. NEW YORK SUPREME COUl Cmr ASD CbcsTV or Nrtv Y obx ' H t o N. Boetwick, EdwariKcnl,! andChailes Atwood. Josior, | S u p r e m e COURT. CITY AND COUNTY OF NEW YORK. JiielS. Millet. 1 “■S«& WIGHTMAN & CLARK. Plain tiff’s Atlomeyi. ^SHPREME c o u r t . M . i r a f i s s - r f ; S= ^VVHFMF: c n V K T rorvTY OK KUJOP. m isa-jiSB s S a t s s S : s offlee. No. lOdUiosdway. \ •l^KtlS, I’laintiff’s t REME COURT. • a .vtssiaus .asssA simfllia Ilf l#lsl»piSireiEl““ '‘ d S July Gib. m WAIKER jy6 jawlOw ___________ Attorney for VVilfiam B Gemng, 'Dated Rochester. December 6.1»19 dltjaw ibn__________A t S o K i g y S d o r . ? ; t i s r 2 s s t “ s ROBERT MANNING, imey for Attaching Creditor. ed New York, the thirtieth day of May. ISo aUawGin ANNA M. SIEMER. A iza BosebensI . Administtatna ^redden 7 BaSa’ Sxecmlor. d J F‘ IOK9. EiKaior, m s m m ^C Z certdn classes,''provi'ded'by Vhe’t^ignmenT;''nnd^lnrm^ au6 lawfiwDSlawfiwW* __ t S ^ | g p = E S Jil7tow6m la.'MllTIREY^ENNE'rT jKaeci l i p p i i s i p s __^mla.^uhn rJvrSAR^N^!^ KKU II. \ A<nnim«trators. ■\7nTirK oK*iVIURniA(JK SALE-Wht^e SJSSr f ^ S i s a = | i | ) = p i i i i s i i s i i s s Ami m thesaiiltndenlnreofmort*rajfe i* coataiiUMl anowerto imandmtordt^’ I‘SS^:!!iSESiS&S Wightman & Clark, A ttomw.X.fii W a luf^,'“N.®Y!“ ’ Wi.eluman & Cl.irk. Atto!ne>^,'} Wail ttr^cu'^' al'!t*la‘«UJs m.Ml'^ I n 1 wtY n Jaini”» SiH'jilou ami brami’t [>«m<'an. tiothul u e SSSS='’5S£SS-” ^ maml. «li4 pnint, bargain, sell, ahun, Me-cte, l ufiu-y ainl conli-m ■ m m s s M i p s s . IISSsfelEissaSfs l * H F = St CliARK, Attorneys e ^ f . 2 V a f f l . * » ' ? ; k . ,A L “mcr. ° » ? , U I ^ t t e l ! ^ ^ « Wightman & Clark, Attom T R E E S : f g » O F i m R F O B SJU .B tbeS nsa.U . S ’' vb . S M p S S K ' ” ' to amatenrs the c titiea and to dealt ^ e e 8 ,atiS i S f t ’o ands are ta ----- and large AUanthns for street* ------------------ „J quantities Visitors will be iu- hi the houses filled with Camelias and other Ex­ otics and will find pnblie couTeyanees from Pulton Mar. ket slip, Peck Blip and Franklin Square firs times dnm g One of the i ~ ~ C O O ltT & A K K K . <V CGT\ GENERAL SHIPPING ft CO.MMISSION MERCHANTS Son Francisco, Upper California, JOSEPH J COOKE. GEO LEWIS l OOKE, BOOT S. BAKER. H i|7-O C ia> OWE NOTICE THAT THEY ABE V T erecting a snhstantlal brick store which they de­ sign to make etsLB racop. Goods consigned to them will, if not o f too bulky a nature, he stored therein, on board of agood store ship in the harbor, moored a t such dls’anee &om the shore as to •- ------------ - ---- ----- *■* ' ----- be comparatirely si References: Meesra BasitAKii, Cuaris 1 S - c . , 1 This Gompany cratinnes M jiisnreagah^j by fire on th* most AqnilaG. Stoat, ThomasL. Wells, James, J Jones, Philip M. tydig, William H. Aspinwall, Anson Liringston, Robert Ray. Eugene Dntilh, r E Hablciit, E. PaTenstedt, A B Mcrrb, • James N. Cobb, John Q. Jones. A G STOUT, President Atnmeetingof the Board of Directors, held on the 1st t, 1850, Henry Morris was appointed Secretary in tee ofThomas Qlorex, deceased. ati27 2weod STBIAJOL JSJfGINiC MANUB’ACXOXt.lt AN XI <Xbe A lla ir e 'VVorlcs- S '. S E C O B , AJ»0 JO H N BRKASXJBO.Iate Ji. • of the firm of T. F. Secor & Co., haring connected sISSs\. Particaiar attentionis \ aS^for tpire Stale, of the Sound; the Nia- A1 orders addressed to the '.Allaire Works. 488 Cherry s? d upon rea jelSSmAswtiw iPorelgD O o m e stlc am i F o r w a r d i n g a n d Com- •SaSHSiS'“i w 3 and Boston ho'x“cs end agenoies at London, Paris an ! ^The faciliUei that have bsen offered by the sabscrlbet direct fine olstcamers from Now V ork Orders for purchases to be made in England. France anU other parts of Pjurope, will be executed, and upon th<* most favorable terms, by our a>reut8 Caiih advanced and credit?? fpveU for t t e perpofe of fa cflitatluj' thwr execution. forwarding with the utmost despatch. 0 « c e s ,N 0 ,e ™ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ s“C s . rp M K w'hfw V o is.it A k » 8 A U O F itx x lu i-iv ii¥ X L»ad <Jo. are now receiving t^om their factory an aa- soriment ef White LttJid, comprising tho Bev*»rai grades •>f afl«orted-sized packages, vis: Dry White Lead, pure, extra,and No. 1, packageflfr»m .................................... 600 toSOOlbseach llrt u iii m oil - J*nreiu casks ................... . * .800 lbs each i i i s s s i i The quality of this Load Is warranted equal to any urned -* t h e m » ^ ^ r ^ r L a k e ’ is H P a t e n i ' JFire P r o o f Look out for coun­ terfeits, as no one can sell the genuine article without subjecting themsclvvfi to a fine. The genuine article, of «lillVT€^nt colors, kept constantly S a v e y o H i '' S i n K o o l , rp H E American Parent Soap Stone Paint has proved, 1 bv the expu rleuce of the last ten years to be the mftt durable and economical article ever offered to the public, o rused^r pr^errlngtin roofs, and making those that 2 S S l ? m I S S , ‘?S o £ , : : ? s . . \ n 2 eent per square foot. N. D-Orders left at ^thTstore,*l3fl^CbSabef” ^^^ either for roofs or painting in general, will be promptly eiiUn/t«d to an24 iVX York, rt'»pei*tfully announct the public generaUy, that she manufactures and con- >ck of saperior and fash- S s S stantly keepa**lor e^e a large stock r j A S KOK SALE^ a ' w ^ i S ^ e s x o ujeu > e e , J l I in threedays, or In/u-rfri* A.mrs if necessary, every : -ur th»ja?.and uuto^^raj of regular cuctonierp on h« r erd r T o A r ce h i tt ee cc tt ss a i .NasrauBtroct- M a n d B n i l d e y s . Monuments, He. So. in thw country. The Mantels are fancy colored marbles, Tbe designs :> th nf every variety tT'jm Iht) pbitue£!t to the rlcht<st and mostCelaborateli lur. ha-'pr,!i are assured that the prices set upon the abj'Vt* .Articles are fuUy as l.'w u3 thtis*? of a f^luillHr «4aal t » can be puichased at in this or any other city in th»* () (i. v;ill bo pleased to receive ordom for srnlptnr. tt mb'*. uiOQuictnts. mautels, ahd ornutaeutal marW** w<»t*v c»ft7«ry dftpcnptii»n. nhlch hi* asv^uris hla patronsshaM b.-» execnfci'd to thnir •*ntir# natiKtHotion ial4 1 . New York, Offer for.ale^^ Writing Papers of every dt cription. Newspaper -A very large assortment of all si*e» and 'rfsluc Paper-W Sized Paper—20 by 24 in^ Rttllfl iiad ‘ “ *• farr-d in Kolia. Tea Papers - Varii us hize’ .All kiudg of pjiper made to order at short nc lico. Binder’s Bosrds, all numbers. And a fu’.loosort >ts lu suit rur( irmipg one of I mUs,“whiohTo''6^ n 1j“ ntii^^^^ lowest possible prices cymri^^Vr^^tiJ'ro^Slrsa.e- Bleaching Po^der-Mu^pratt’s “ - o “ “ Philadelphia. Newcastle Bli-aehing Powder of very superior quality, in „Z'U 1. Itfamorim', bi.-t tren«^h “ (jirisjau various brands SraiUts best kngiish K. 41*^, anisof'er .Uuiu, ground and cnide. mdeCutting°'?bMt^^^^ for eUlng, from Stole, and to arrive, on libtral terms. F e lto ^ , Four^inier Wires, and AYire Cloth, of the beet Rags Of aU quaUtUs, | o J | 2 L d «<=’ b e . n t most he sent to the ^ O T I C E —DcMs contra'cted by of^the crew ^ f l e m N e s r e n . \ JO S E iPH G O 0 0 A K D , incli, E n g l i s h , w ^ G c i m a n F » n c y Goods, F . T I E M A N N * CO., O H . A S H •WAX^ ^ T O p I K ^ i j l P Y V m T E IT BURLING SLIP, NEW YORK. D. F. T iu u iih . J W.T«£M*ira. t. C. Tinnxnn.___________________________rahfil — _______ _ — ----- the pnh_, ri{ht or anthmlty to tnuuMct the John Canehoise.fcsq., No. 8 Pie.___ _______ _ LnW GSTON, WELLS » CO T ______________ in W e a rtreet- SHEDPS JfcC. T h etlnitea S tSes^M ^ Steamers, HERMAN! WASHCSGTON, wia nm during the present y “From From From New York. Bremen. SouthamptraS Hermann, ----------- IBth March Soth I C a p t.E .C m h troe»A K a » May g ao Aug. 15 Sept. 20 Sepc. M Oct. 16 N ot . M N ot so March ___________ — imu. 20 Jan Washington, SO Marc 15 April 20 April CapLO. W .Floyd20 May 16 Juna 20 June 20 Jnly 16 Acg. 20 Aug. 20 15 Oct. 20 O ot. ^ ..u., 15 Dee. 29 Dee. le^of passage to Europe in I s t^ b in in 2d do R eaperienced snrgeon on board of each steamer. SD, General Agents, SO Broadway. New York. 4 SiCO., Agents at.Bremen. ROSKEY & C Agents at S< gent a t Havre \lomstock. a Grafton. hips having been built by contract, expressly for government service, every cate has been tsken in their . --- . --------------- -------------------- ,----... nsure strength passengers are These ships having been bull . . . . . . \ s . * ' ; n s t s ? s s : ' ? 5 £ ‘i, ._ elusive USB of extra site state rooms $325 Alter the first of April next the rate of freight by the above steamers from I ivcxpoil will be materially reduced. A d experienced surgeon will be attached to each ship. f° & « g S . S | , S : s:rw frV So\ K s i s a s s s : S : s\“ “ s S S a l i The owners of these ships will not be accountable for value thereof therein expreoced. . r r s S o s ™ ^ . THE BlUTlbii a N u . suk TI AN u .SUKTli AMEIULAN Ji'OliAL STEAMSHIPS I S f i u r . ; ? . ' , ’,. specie, beyond an amount (ewspapers must pass through the Post Boston to Liverpool, first . ' i ' S c i J l A ' « iS: :. „;.r :: r A s ' s f S r i f ? \ - ■- » . . i : s r s . - s . f f S K S \ ’- Freight will be charged on specie, For freight or passage apply te FBKNCH. O i 4UM.AN, ^ N d '^ OTHklR^FORW^^^^^^ S i l s i l s i and passengers For freight o^^pa^s^ag^^._appJy to _ S3 Broadway. Bt'rry. baviug b«*on tbornuffhlyoTiT- and fitt*-<i with mpw builers. ac , will rc^mo her tripsi/u the 14th September, and continue K^rork io < hades- Frc m ( harlest^on to New Thursday, Sept. 19. . . Monday, “ Thursday, Oct 10.... Monday. “ 2 1 ... M ^ ^ ^ ’No;. n : : .: . .4 e M. Thursday, “ 21. . . lartioular’.y requested to attend to tl ds immediately after arrival ^ s l l s s i September 28th, at 12 o’clock,-\1.. from her berth at the ° AlUletters mu* t pass through the Post Offlee. No berth secured until paid for. For freight or passage, baying unequalled aocommods- “ ''\ \ 'E ’b i? ? * ;? q he steamer Atlantic will succeed the Pacific, and sail InOotober, lander, in Oclober.—These new steamers SAMT. L. M rcHILL 194 Front st. inard j.laej's Wharf, or to FXtOSI’ ^ J.V- K o T i T i VEBF o OL - Popkot 7th SepTember-fhe packet ship PRINCETON, \Vm, H. Russell master Off- For passage only having superior furnished accom- modations, apply on >>»- h 1 i £ t T ^ ^ \ 8 ^ 1 0 ^ ^ ^ ^ a v i ready te receive cargo. For fre gbt nr passage, having evcfllent accommoda­ tions for a few ca' in and second cabin passengers appiy SA.MUEL THOMPriON ft M .rs,.KS,itSsf-“sSC'iiK s tons burthen, has unsurpassed state-room accom­ modations for passonger- Fo^yreightorp^assage, FORIIAVRE- —The paekef ship i>EW » u«K., t.apc. j-ines, win Jail ya he.- re■:nlar day, as above. J o r freight or » . au2fi _________ 53 Broadway. will sail on her regular dsy as above For irr-ght or passage apply on board a t pier 13, Eli. \nu2e° '’®° WM. AVHlTLOCK.Jr .dCgoqthst. ^ ANTWKRPP\ PArKET-The weif known pack,. ® s s r ' . ”, ' i v The Elisabeth Dennison w llfsuecfe^he^E ^ FOR ANTWEXIP-The fast raUipg and newl _ j r fiWt sailing ceppertsaand copper fastened bark V & LIVTNGSTON s . r For feeight or passage, Apply t O jg ^ g ,j, gjjjTH, Wo 101 Wall 9t corner FronI SiB K : “,\i.T5 w ' < & ' above-port For freight or passage, apply on board. Pier 12, E . R , ‘anl MOSES TAYLOR ft CO. 44 South street. will sail as above 7 For freight or passage, a ^ j ^ * n e i S o ^ ^ K ^Theship Maid of Orleans, D«nnis master. wiU succeed r FOR NEW ORLEANS—Union U n e -T o auc- * ceed the Memphis -T h e fast sailing coppered paek- ^ ct eMp MEDIATOR, V Bliffens, master, is now ----- ' ’ vUlsailas - ’-— rhe packet ship Indii succeed the M. Agents in New Orieans, Messrs. John O WooJ To . who will promptly forward all goods to their at riokland, master, ragaged win con For balance of freight or pa«age, apply on board, a pier U, E B, (Old Slip) or to s9 EAGLE fe HAZARD, 40 South rt. Shippers wP.I plcaso send intheir bills lading forsigna ,w OnLEANs PACKET-The fast ealUng icoppered ship ROUKAWAY, BoBwiarth, master, will have Immediate despatch. For balanee of frright or passage, .ap^y oiLboi«d,at p i« 19, East RiTW, w ^ ^ South * t 1 ^ ' For balance of freight or ptssagp, apply on board, at «5^ E,l),BHllLBUTfcCC).,84Sonlh ftreei - ------------ - her cargd ’engaged wHI bedes- a large pSrtioi patehed<*s above. For freight or passj ^^Ml^lLE T ^ ’K e T—Eagle Lint ’AMOR.? er cargo passage apply on hoard, a t pier • -sO \ e a g l e A HAZARD, 40 South sti Agents in MobBe, Meesrs. E. C. Center A Go., who wiU romptlytorwardjtoeof ownmission, aU goods to their .r ^ i S b f o o“ *oSiMsri4fan*d aecommoi&tlc S S ^ ^ i ’Sl.'S'A S . — > ST. iMARKS AND NEWPORT, via KEY WEST A —First packet, to sail on Tnesday, the j^lth 'Inst. ‘t- packet bark OCILLA Stark, master ia v - .i If her cargo engaged and wiU be despatched ^l^i^aianoe of freight or passage, apply on board a t pier s9 E. D. HURLBUT a C0„ 84 South st. The bark Wm H Brodie wiU succecd'lhe Ocilla. iEE\3‘‘TrBiEB\F£YE - ___________ E.4GLE A HAZAUD, 40 South st. S ! S S £ r £ :^ - ? R a M P lF 3 N o . 3 NORTH ElVEll. \VY d d LYUiwiuu lur i’lDw xura.) ivioauay For freight, which will be takea a t reduced prices, ap- ply on Boards or a t tbe office Pier.’J North Kiver. s2& ^ r K S \ o n t I ? I S S S , r j s S J'.’S A : ? c ; 5 “c = peculiarly adapted for cleaning and also dL';^troy8 bedbugg. and every v.aripty bf venhin. A „ U , » . J . _______ C A L l F O R H i A . T H H O U G ll LINE! R 'O ^ SAN F’KAftCl.'SCO, . / VIA ( llAGKilS-DIRECT. ^ g j i j g j 8 B 5 a , a « i a ! i g g 8 ' ; a . « w S 2 ^ ^ L ‘*^11LADELPHIA, 1100 tons, Capt. Rob’t H. Pearson. Form the only direct line between New York and Cha- gres, in connection witJi the United States Mail Steam Pac kets on the Pacific—a semi monthly line to San' Fran- “ ^\'^'^^“ \^\■^‘’■ ^ V h ^ r ^ r ^ ^ 'm iadelphla. ?o“ III SS • Lower Cabin ........................ 90 00 - 11 the above dine at the same table, and have, the privi- ■ Steerage, (furnishtd with mattreseeo and bo.ardl ---- 65 00 65 00 ' Freight to (.'hagres, 70 cents per foot. Each passenger is allowed personal biiggage free, to the ext<mt of ’250 lbs., not exceeding in measurement 10 cu- Expenses on the Isthmus are borne by the passengers. For freight or passage, apply to H O ^ N D A o X S I t t J i ' V . PA U IiriC IlIAlIi STK A D ISH IP COMPANY, ^ ^ ^ S r ^ S / ' ^ f c a p t a l n D. C . .« = a s s a ^ OREGON, 1099 tons, Csipt. C. P. Pat- are *utended to farm a porti in ( alifornia. tion8^as|refurui3hed to the crew, ai Packages should not exceed 150 Iba weight for mule ^^ssage from^Panama to San Bias or Masatlan--Cabin from^Panama to San Diego-Cabin $250, eteer- ^Passlg^from Panama to San Francisco-Cabin $£00, No stores to be landed will be taken as baggage ( hargepof embarking and debarking, and all personal rt charges iDciudmg health fees and boat hire, to be jid by the pasrengers No passage ft-cured ur.til paid for. Apply at th« office ■ the (. ompany York 54 South atfe.et aul5 r/^L .^^'o a ^ 'lA K X P jO E issr iportant pointaon theSacra- l ^at^hiu rivera, and the UnU;rs\Tt’Ss''^y e7er7^stolir Cisco and the Isthmus of Panama a S e S S E s F S S Policy in a New York Insurance Company ; and aU oth- ■ • S 3 « f l K | s S I GeoreJa Trucea, aud Fanama. and obtained every express privilege conceded to auyene of tho different Lines of. ES o t I S S S m Francisco. Information given coT^'^eming the proper method of packing goods for t,he 1st i j •* < route, at the New York of­ fice, where shippers can 1 ‘heir goods packed if de- g ' i - A . r . f s g | r ' K . w “ COKWINlfi. BROXBLBS. & CO. L, H O USE ^.wxwvvjuvm. JaxwwA~i-B r .gv, o . HATE CITABUSHEO AW A M E R ICAN COMMERCIAL. L iii Si’sa.sasg:™ Howland & M p iu7m , PhfladelpWa, ., u, oioc, jujyji.,,au OAprcsoiy I r sale in lots to suit purchasers, by •UART F. R)?J«DOLPH A CO., 74 'Wall. 287 East-Broadway, cor. 4th av. fe lEth £t, and cor. flnrgers and Cherry sts. sum purenasera, ny ART F. RANDOLPH fe CO., 74 WaU, 287 E ast Broadw.ay, io r ^ th aT. &13tb st, and cor. Rutgers and Cherry sts. at lowest current rates, JAMES L. WORTH, 24 Broadway, and ft”£2 _________ corner of Fonrth a nd Thompson sts. ^ T O A li-L t order i W Y O M I iT G g o a l ; The Wilhesharre Coal Vompann WS FK jB eA R jB O TO »O P D i.Y ST K A f llE R S / S fec.j with this superior Coal b y the cargobriiom their yards, a t marketprice. Apply a t the offlee of the Company, mj31 _ _________ __ _ OS BriMtawaty. g l L W * S - 0 f ril kind. »«S*3t ____________________ 30 GedArat->ap stairs. llSik. jy < y g r G E & andknOwn asWellsgroTe. ThamanaSoB 1 « nn&lh^ ‘ the bcstmannei^’iriHMdI,themoderitiwpmMMni^a»4 is *rjEy feet square, exelnrire df ■the The basement oORtainc Jdtohens, Vegetable and aoai ceBai»,pahtrieft elosets, and .s^nte*-rooms. The firrt story is divided by > sps<am* i* a , and oontMns two large parlors, a lilsrai^, and dining-idefii,, Th* awHmd HoryeontalMrixbed-wiomSi^ withclo*et#. -AjorHonof . the parlor Xuinit^e can bp had with the pieaiisetlf d*. - G I T ^ 0 O ^ t l Q j B S . ; New Yoik, S e p tO T l^l^l^P \ rear, large fluted colon feetfrontand rear, by _.eDoe to’usafthew^terly litoolfflh avenue, iff l L . „ New York. ROTON A^^UEDLCT HE?ARTiMENT, (RotnnOj Cbamberertreet, - P i e i i d e f f f a S t ^ p a i i'<ff’'^e\Jmretoi>’u t e BndtogiNo'W E ik^ h.—Blank esUmates can be l:ad at either offiie above named ^ York. September 7tb. 1850. JI , L E T —Tw Angust 16Ui» 1^850. ™iSg\e^ ’ » - Heo^^^.Tth. 1 8 ^ ^ ^ \glgGILPXjWCr LW rSjDM irable btuldlng lots, with myal -^ ° ^ ‘ ^fB ^ Y ^ T JE R P O E L ,23W allat. ide tiuoagh die centre of tlio sidewalks ^ T H ^ e a n t l ^ ari To setcurb and gntter in 9tli avenue, between 44ih and iStli m m m m * cotter in front of preipises caib and .gutter in front of premises )n tire westerly side of 4th avenne, front- Septembers. 1850. ■ Toff II up. grade, and Set curb and gutter, in 32il street, from lOtli ------- c, . „ 33istreet.and flag ride avalk 49th street, between 6tb and T^ODUB, Street Commisiong. ;s7f£sS‘i: le termination of ,rK .P e .« f 'l ^ ! ° ° cMSS!lf£gS5s'ssffi?s?si T O L C M ^ E R L A I N , . . m . ' - p o a # A U U * O R T O 1 7 m , the most tasteful: the choicest frmtSj £owc nnee. They ) re stocked with. imported: by the present owner, a t great-expense, 'ftoia abroad. The Mtohen garden contains a-largaatoek of vegetables of the finest jd^ssriptloB. T h e ont-hniUBup consist o f a greeu-house, ice-houke, amew stable, a car­ riage house, sheds, fee. There iaaweU of fine •water con- aectedwith apump in .ttio stable. AstreaBt.TnhB alo»g the rear of thegtormds, which maybe made tbsiipply three ponds, constimcted for the preservation o f trout. . gentleman retiring from business, or one desirous- Igin-the country, -with every faraiityfor transact- sinesp in theoity, this plw* offers unriTsUedfid- vausages. infisontheroadtoRockaway, a n d anhokr’S drlTo ibom the Pavilion. By. railway i t is d S m innU eftta ■the South Ferry. A large portion of the purchase monW TiUeiadispi ' ■■ “TlttBiopdg lO ^ ^ s t r e e t . -----llLtw^n Church and College I ---- mesent two dwelling honsea on. the prop be altered,;«r taken dowh.and another hi tags erected as may be deaired. -Apply to , felfl W H E IA M REH M O m « » I1»»rt^ fe?S»‘sS£S¥s; ■S^iFci onthopteiriiBea. _______ ISAAC T . SMITH. a^uttW e n ^ m a M fr^m j A E'AHltt * OJR SAJL.E-23 miles ofNeF York, * on the New Haven Railroad, SQ Tods&om the Mate- eot depot; 35 acres, exceilehtfoirraislngpful-\ its. ' i ‘L * i f S S N ; s 4 r \ » 24 Broadway, and cipr. T h o m ^ ^ road a t 27th street. The subscriber offers for sale 200 a cres of land, w hich for its many handsome buBding altos, together with its heelthiulness, and great ficHity.of ingress and egress tr> -ff.r. omthe city,^ye i t advantages rarely to bshb- .1 Apply to EDWARD, K, COLLINS, . my3 ________ ^ ______ • - . ______ 74 SOnth-steact. S C H O O L S , U N iV E lR S lT y GjaAMMAIS. SCHOOCI ]g;BKOF. S . A. JO a N S O N , R£CTOR.,--The first q u a rts of the school year begins qnSept, *1. Pupils T R Y I N G GRAIIZIIIBR SCHOOlr F O R BOS3S, JL 010-Broadway,between,20 and Slststzseta, N.Dinen, A. M., Trincipal. The fall quarter -wni commenoe on Monday, Sept. Otfi. -Pamphlet circnlrirs iaro kept tot dis­ tribution a t the Bookstores ofMessrs, Clark, Austin feCo. ■205 Broadway, Lockwood & Soit, 411 Broadwrqr, »nd Ray-; nerS) 78 Bowery, and a t the School Room. * kuSlBw ■W~w H . S-RlNIOfE, Successor to A,De TorhoB,has tho JL f # pleasure of informing Msfeiends and thcpnblic, - tbathehas commencedgiving l&sOns iniS p a td^ uni-; tingtoi:helna5sponsahie quality o f a clear a nd .distinct pronunciation, an exact knawledgchf h is language, b y & method at once easy for the pupil and of xemarirable-. brevity. He wilbgive instruction athisrooms,'C93 Broad­ way, and has no objection to attending pupils a t their residences. • ' ' f - S S ^ n i s ^ S ^ ^ S ^ ^ k ^ S : s s i s g y s a 5 g r ~ \ SCHOOL. m / f M B . F . R B I C H A R D ’S b o a r d in g AND iv * . DAY SCHOOL fbx young ladies, No.fiTktid 61 Clinton Place, near 6th aTfinne, will r.e-open on XUES- S . ^le-opcnon-J iOOG win - . . . . ____ ':RN r ” ChainnanRchopl Gommittee. ODASgICAX F R B k O H A R O LiRG lsISH SCHOQ1-. , Noi T39 RroM tW B F , OPPOSITE A st OB. PLACE, NEW YOEE, FQIGHET, PaiircirAb. . - “ isinstitu . A.1 ____ _ IRISH LINENS, ' i v ^ ; s K ”5 ° f t e . S o i r ™ s s r .g ' n assortment of LINEN GDODSi consisting o£-e- 4-4 white LinenSt fimn low pilceff to superfine; 7-8 do. tho well known seal of James and Eobcii Yonn Ballymena, Ireland. 8-4,.7-8-and4-4; Brown Tantaloon Ldsmis. 3-4 and 4-4 Brown Hollands. White, Brown and Bsy Linen DrWs. Sheetings, Pillow Hate Linen, Towelling, T atJe Cloth and ttn e h CuhhrieHandkeicIff *fit, ' jy30 G . F . X H P R S X 0 « > B G e lelnrnteaY m p n lpw h le Iw o x y FMiTl^^ro*t|K 17IOR REMOVING J * VY ftomtthe teeth withosth ' Long life, health, happiness,! sound and handsome teethe ; ’ This articie h a s n o w h e e n b ^ zeroinBUBuav^iH iaU by WM. ELY GHii*©WV RUSHTONi C L J B ^ CO. Mf - 10 Aston H o M e T J& N street, .dmgiriStoi wda oOMn. . A-lUMCdLdiseOwnk nwd* fie’HM'tVMSfe 1 pursued, and those deSirlng a c r ^ l e t e clasrical edrioa-

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