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Evening post. (New York [N.Y.]) 1850-1919, August 27, 1850, Image 4

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■ i- - T f i t f i ! E V E N I N G ^ S f a A V . A X i m S T W O ^ j « g T O | A S t S . . w m m m w t M v t m i i m m a e - - ^ ■ . g » « i N ! i : . . _ . U a e O fM v k m tf ‘ * ^ i * A : * ” ^ i S B S « a W U fW*M __ , X o M rtK .St«7, M Cx^tO k tf, Vm L .S C»tj, CupM ter, 'K'atlkai Boidos. RfcJttM r.H itH M ia, ^n iM ^ C itek, Aartft I -R eidj tBg;aw»r.i Nicliollt* t koK R lS T ! t E % J O I . D ^ ^ S ^ t ABKIAS HEefEMAN^Vtwrtesidi B U fS U K A S C E . ? . ' i S K s e s x ; > 5 s \ “ '- Ajesey W W«3£ rtre*t, N«ir York. m u til th^cArgoi^i, and otbw propel' ?kJnsi!a«or d » a u g e iyiM . Ap»a<»ttoj»aree«iTed , WM. B. LEWIS. Agent, 8TWAg»tre»t.Keir Yorfc 1*1. JOBS? SEOSON, Jonr., i n the Agency for thj tc a ^ ^ .B c lE h Ijeing <*>ai8d with tnU power to take *haA^ni^?*'***^ *nd. a djust t i e loMas occiirting under i*!titntton,iacorp6rata i n « With aperpetud-eharter, has tranescted a r e iy es^ensire insforaaoe bojiiaess, ^ nsming agaixet lose or damage by Ere on dwelling hoaeoa, Bainiiictnring estaW&hments. tp3a«toS^smUnre,asdnmrchandii»ingeneral,) for more thattYlarty-Elght Y wk *,; a u d its e b sneter for probitj . - _ ___ a t 3 P. M. for Stamford, Nor- . Bridgeport, and Hoosatonlc and N an^tnck RaE- roads. New fiaren, and stations on the Canal Railroad, Hartfegd Springfield. Worcester and Boston. 6 Aeoommodation Train at 4 P. M. fo? New UaT< uidaQ the intermediate statfomi. 6 CmnmntaUonTrainatfijSilP. M.fbr Bridgeport a InteiaeriiatB S tfct^ _ _ ., from Bridgeport, ___ _ ______________ _ — ;e*t»tioM d Accommodation Train at A. M. from New-Ha ~ etopidngatsllthe in term e ^ te starione, receiring — jngers from the Nangatnck BaUioadat Bridgeport. S Aeeommodation Train at 9,50 A. IVI. from New Ba- ren, stopping a t aU the intermediate stations, receiving passengers from the :^rtford ahd NeW-Hareb, Canal RaBroad, and Naagatnck Railroad- 4 Express Train at 1,10 P. M., (in connection with Boston,) feoni New-Haren, stopping afrosted. and banka i » Utis e % . T ^ j n r S ^ t f c n of the Csnzto l this city will he ao, B ^ i r i a Huntington, Jnnins S. hlorgan, CharleSBosw^, Calrin Ray tmowii^ed. A l b ^ Day, Jnnins S. hlorgan, A**tox>dwlB, CharleSDosw^ _ - jMwin, IsniyK tnsy, _ _____ Daniel Bade, J n ir . ^ • EBIPHALET TER ?Aim»- O- Bcixna.Seeratarr 'ERBY, President. Afu. ox s^ ly ^ n r S e S d aacoeding to th e p x o ^ ^ u ^ o f John y , W right, AbrahamBdl, Thomas J . Townsend, Peter S .Titns, DaaielTrimbie, Cornelias W. Las Thos. C. ChardaToyne, Ralph Mead, Richard Reldi Elias HIcla,J*-. •Irad Hawley, Richard F. Canna Hewy H. Bariow, HoU CUrh, J . SrajtbRoKen. I GEO S. FOX, Pi Bident. in s u r a n c e coM P A N t o r h a r t o k p l t a l ^ , 0 0 0 S o l la x s . This Company was ineoiporated in the year 1819, with A tserpsfiolchwUr, a n d insures a g^nstloss or luaage by 4reon dwellinghoBses,storee, manufactnriligwtabiish menfr^hooeeholdfacnltare, and merchandise in general, on the most farorable terms Anyloemntrhieh this Coirpany may sustain, on risk ik r n a t th is agency, wUlha liberally adjusted by the gents iiere,aceordingtothe nsagesof the best Fire Com- —, _ — — „ . 1 paid with promptnew SarinelTndor, Miles A Tnlile. ^ j e p h P ^ t t , J i s n ti. Boswell, SfiSheser Rower, Ward WoodbrfdgS, E. A . Bnlkeley, Chores, Roland Mather, 2 2 5 ®-- EdwinG. Ripley, WSsdertrfkTyJom Samuels, Ward, Henry Z. Pratt. ^ THOMAS K. BRACE, President, a . L. LooicnjSaeretsTx. AppUcations for Insurance, or the renewal of policiee and a li bnsieeeaecmBected with the offlee, may be made to ihesnbscriber, duly appointed agent for the city ol Tew York, with faU power to leceite prt^osals and is- iMSlOr ISU A X U liA lR ttO A II. ___ SUMMER A r r a n g e m e n t . New line via Long Island Railroad for New London Stonington, Providence, Newpoit, Norwich, Worcester, Willimantic; and Hartford. The new and splendid steamer ALICE, Capt. White, will run daily in connection with tho Long Island Rail- roadTraina from Stonington, New London and Green port, forming a daily line to and from the above named places and New York. Thenew and elegant steamboat CRICKET, Capt. Post, will leave Hartford every Tuesday. Wednesday and Saturday a t? A M., Middletown at 8| A M, Saybrook U A M, arriving a t Greenport in time for tho 1.30 P M, Train for New York. ....... 1NCE k NET lects a t Stonin e Railroad. angers arrive a t Providence at 7 P M. The Long Island Railroad Trains will : icept on Sundays: DEFARTORE. Leave Brooklyn a t 9 A. fil. for Ureenport and all inter­ mediate stations, except Cypress Hills and Woodville. Leave Greenport a t 130P.M . on the arrival of the steamers Alice sndCricket,for Brooklyn and all Interme­ diate statfons, except Woodville and Cypress Hills LeaveF8rmingdaleat6 4SA.M- for Brootdjn and aU inteimediate stations. Leave Brooklyn a t 4 P. M. for Fatmlogdale and all intermediate stations. On Satardajs tS s train will make op the trip to Yaphank, and leave Yaphank ever; Monday morning, at 5.30 A.M. for Brooklyn Leave Brooklyn at U A. M. for Cypress Hills and Leave Brooklyn a t 5A0 P. M. for Cypress Hills and Jamaica. Leave Jamaica a t 7.45 A. M for Brooklyn. Leave Jamaica a t 12.16 P. M. for Cypres riills end Brooklyn. Leave Jamaica at 5 15 P M for Brooklyn Leava Jamaica at 6.30 P M for Cypress Hills and Brooklyn. FREIGHT TRAINS Leave Brooklyn a t 8 A. M for UroenpOrt and ril inter mediate stations. Leave Greenpoii a l 8 A. M. Brooklyn and aU inter- ‘istestatlons. ^ ' f . s i s i a s r d £ s s . “ ‘ n p l E KNlCKEKBOCKBR FIR® in s u r a n c e COM- JL ?A^lY OF NEW 70RK . CAPITAL $289,000--0fflce No 64 WaUstreet. ^ ho Legidi^nre of this States aj: its last sestion, pasaso aB adfeehangiBgthe.eorporatenama ot lheold“ Mntaa) snSoranee Coiacanv of tbo nitv riV A/aw Vorlr ” to t.h. [eteiinsaBSiraila GeorgeTreland, Anthony Lamb, John Oothomt J AdaSj Notrio, George Areolarins, Eobert Kcrmlt, RobertBenson, Anthony Cbardon, Jeha Campbell, LawisC. Hamersley, George C<mkUn, Charles F. Leveriofa, Jochma Brv»h, Benjamin Do Forest, Robert L .Stnaxt, William Tlibker, y<*n Gray, Athet HUey, EdwariL W a i^ r Edwards,' A h-McPowxi.n.Seoretary. WiUiam Browning. GEORGE mELAND.PresTdent. Jylo - ------- re x i i u n r n n c e C o m p a n y . y of New York. O.fllce No 60 Wall street ------ ----------- toifisnro against loss and ----- , ------ „_jnses,warehouses,binidings, merchandise and honsehold ftimittire, on as favor ions of this city. J.arae« McBride, John Moorhead, Joeeph Kemoehan, Robert D. DiUon, Thomas Nesmith, ' Robert Boorman, AbielA, Low, ____ _ ______ Philip Embnry, wliliam Thomsoi Stantoh Bebee, Henry A. Howe, Daniel S. Schapek. JOHN BROUWER President. CmannasH BnGray.aeeretarv jyla C|taH«e N*. S. Rowland, Nathaniel S. Griswold, J r Rnssell Stebbins, James FdtdWS, W a.H .V anW agenen, H[eary Salisbury, Washington R. Vermilye, Andrew V. Stout, William Thomson, N o rth. X U rer In a n m n c e coi OW ICE, No. 192 GREENWICH C a p ita l, S350,0(X>. S T J ^ T , ITlH IS C o m p a n y ^ ^ r in g b ^ n S ^ m ip te d ly in busi- A. ness for nearly twenty-eight years, and possessing their Capital entire, continhes to insure against loss or driBagaby fire upon favorable terms. DIRECTORS^ 'WRiiam.C. Rhinelander, JohnSloeeon, .Stephen Storm, Ly$iao Deutson, Benjamin Strong, Samuel Y HoOman StuartF. Randolph, . Peter G_ArcnIarius, SamnriVeridanok, Corn's V. B. Ostrander Ge«ge P. Bogers, Jacob R. La Roy, Michari ARison, Jece^kh Lambert, 'WllUara Bleakley, Matthew Armstrong, John B.Schm els^ - Hnb’t Van Wagenen, Jr Georgs A tenlaridi, Peter Martin, John Le Mns», % Peter R . W arner, JamesTan Nostrand, ^f?ri|P*ttJ.L a g taV B , WiUiam B. Dixon. ' Andrew C.ZabrisMo, Howell Hoppook. Abnduun Van Nest. Ebeneier Canldweii, PETER R WARNER, President. JOHW HSOBD1U.W, SecTOtary. jySl warn uxeen, tries H. Havemeysr, MO^,*PMBidenL fJBtxmt S t a te s B l n . A n am ntacn c o m p o n y , , N O . 6 9 r V A Z L S T R E E T . CAPITAL, . .. .................................... .. .. .*260,000. W ith a lai^a Surplus. Seemed b y Bond* and ifLbttga^ea and United States r r t l ^ D r s T r r D T J i o N X adbarinaes for twenty-1 to insnra against lose and d a ™ .- diee^ household fBrniture,Etoeks of goodsand other per- eonaT pcdpe^y.baitdings, ships, and other vessels In port itv.f tcn^onnsfavoinbleterms as other institntions. SOasHieks, Samuel CPaxson, Benjamin Coriles, Caleb Baistow, Shaken T an Wyck Samuel L. MitchUl, R c b ertD Weeks JamesM ai^, TMinWood, - . - . Xbcneaei: CanldwMl, Peter R ______ , Morris Eetehnm, Joseph N Lord, Joshna S tfnderhllL Robert L Case,. CharieaTCxomwe^ Henry STerbetl, ChaiiesJCneeland, George J Cornell, Bob^Sow n e , ThoumnW Pemou^ WRUamH Bradford, AibeftWoodhnll, CsSmrM* £s raSietVndeihm. JOSHUA Se J ames _________ jj*0 sm d C<«m- 1 g A j S T 3 B l t J r j R A I E L L O A l > S v ngers are reonekied to pxooore kingseafo in the oars. Ap^fiOth, I860 E. Tickets before ta: E . B. MASON, Sansvintendent rannecting with the stages at Newbnrgh, Eingstonand rli; a S £ S \ f A ’ .‘it ‘ \ '■ Freight trains, with pasBftngei: ear attached, will leave Hudson at U A. M , and West Stockbridge at ^ a l S s t S s g.S;i,\iJuSSSKA.?aA\6^^^ GVJDSON'CUViSH. B A lL U O A fi. I CtKVr YOtUa TO ALftANT BY RAtl:,- fVfAAeffM J W l i i s u M ^ R M ^ s ' e m s s T , Willimantic, Nor S | S g | g f = S S £ & : s l P S s ‘ ’* & ^ ^ ‘l ? i S ^ ; l f i U r S “ewL atl0.15 A the ^ n g Island Railroad trains, arriving a t Brooklyn al tor tne mvAuw^ ouu eveu*ug viatuo ioi- uauuiuvu . , i“Sjss\sr.t.rr^iiVsr.K^ i S S f g = f ^ Lake^Road, fer Sayville, St4eybrook, Setanket and Medfird, fer fstebogde. Bed Fort, Fixe FIece,Moilche. \ ^ ; 4 . ' a s s s ' M e « . b „ „ d !s™i=;2iyF\“iirB“ssSKd A fa r e .e p e .t0 .e e a r n e r S lelem .o, C .^eto .-iub. JBLOUSd/lTOJVlC RAUiROAJD. ___ dispatch. Bc^thC N^folk” a®nd to mom m the U>wSs” d jacen^o“?e J t | | K i , BE most comfortable, and least expensive route to JL these celebrated places, is by the 'Hudson River Bailroadand Steamboats from New York to Hudson, and thence by Hudson Railroad and Stages (7 'miles, through Shaker setlement) to the Springs. PassengerSfromNew York by the Morning Train and Steamboats, mayreaoh the Springs by 6 P.JVI., and Pas­ sengers by the Evening Train and Steamboats from New York.may reach the Springs the next morning by 0J iKL®® . - . - -1 , Springs, SI 60. J. T. WATER! withontehangeof c arsorba^sge,or' or withontcroeaing any . S S g S J ^ ' S ' J S K P . S t b S ' S . S F ' K l >xite th*t«osunanicate8 through b j and rail- ■ “ ingera by tbiflline are accompanied thronsb nctoroftbo train, who wOl hare p a r ti c n ^ ff;r.'C T c S a ' d .' s r j f W i % i'. The steamer KNiCKERBOCKEB, Captain WRUam*) wiU^Tc e m y Tneeday, Thnxsdv *“d, Saturdav, at The above boats were built expressly for the Sound, n a ^ g great strength, and being picrvided with lifo boats As th^ ^ n o c h a n g e of ears or ferry on this route, aU ktadoffteigbtwiUhe forwarded with the greatestdes- patch and eare. and at thelowestrates. A E B S ^ T ralnw iU n m for the purpose e f ensnri . thegrjatM p ^ IbledeepatehtO New York and Best-- *e*«“ forwarded from Hew York wHI teach Boston a t about 1115 A M. the fol- '•■••■li If; ■\viiis a ......... ........................... S!S f e A T i L R Q A P S . 10, U 28 A M j 3, 4 30,6 30, F ^ idh ^ ^ 7 ,7 . 45, 10, U 30. A M j 3 80, 4 S). 6 SO. 6 W m ^ ’s S r i ^ e - 5 45, 10 AM i 3 30, 4 30.-6 SO, 6 Bridge, |ro n x raie and H a r r t C5iher»-7 45, “ T ^ ^ b « ^ d W M t e riains-T 45, 10 A M ; 3 30, 4 30, Leave New York [mrket st I T.S0 o’clock. A M. ■ depot! 9.30 “ “ Brewster’s, Towner’s, Patterson, Panling’s, Sonth D o w i ®«Tr«E Fnniaoe, and Dover n a lns-7 46 A M i ^ Returning to New York; wIU leave Harlem and Mott Haven -8.T. 8 M, 8 46,0 60, 10 B A M ; 1 ^ ^ I d ^ n ^ l « 6™; 7 50.8 SO. 9 38,10 52. A M; 1,^2 49, W f f l ^ J ’ ^Bridge-6 40,7 16,9 31. 10 47, AM; 2 44, * ^ t e P l r i n s - 7 , 8 41,10IL A M. 2, S lO.PM. Croton Falls—7,9,AM; 4 02, PM P ^ n ^ ^ ^ m ^ ^ s t i t i o l f briween w d Fordham, “ going above White Plains,” ^ w iU t^pthe Ao- c/Hnmodation Trains to Fordhom a t 7 A M. ahd 3 E M as the Dover Piains Train w U nOt stop below Fomham LegTe f a t ^ n . 7 6*cl%AM.,M»r 830 •• “ Pat. . 12 « «( do I 1 « P. M. 4.S0 “ P M do 1 3.15« “ 7 « « Market it. I 6 45 “ « SUNDAY TRAINS Leave FotexSon. f LSdre New York; . 7 0*01% A M. Mirket ct 9 o’clock, A M. * 30 P.M. Eat. depot J 6 “ P. M. N B.—On Monday mornings the first train from Snf- ferns wP leave a t 7 40, or on the arrival of the Port Jarvis The 6 o'clock trains win not stop a t the different sta­ tions north of Paterson, except Hohokos. The trains wldeh leave New York a t 74 A M and OP M , wiUbeIntli|i« to meet the Erie trains mof ding and veninic. going wOst-at 8nlffflrn-*sDepot __________ jyl2 I or.n4T. Knnerlntendent bU IL LINFE ^°FarV f o r t o F c ^ ^ l a ^ S ; for Second Class Cars, , s s a ' t 5 K ' . f . ' r 5 a ' s . r “ T S ^ “s’s^^o lL iV e fv i n I w 5 r. « Newaxkat 8|- r. M. for New York. a j - PhUadelphia Trains stop a t Market street Depot NEW YORK AND ELIZABETHTOWN. .'£lv»-”'S,s::5a. Zi..., 4th WodnesdOy nights of eaci NEW FORK AND NEW BRUNSWICK : avr New Y ork —At 6 and 0, a . si . and land’6j Y O R K M., and U* oi r k a tS r m . .New Bruns 1 12 M., lor freight and passengers to Pokeepsie, stop- A t3r. u For passengers to Ponghkeepsle, stopping at At.4 P. M , for passengers to Peekskill, stopping a t the intermediate stations At 4! r. M. Express train for Albany, stopping at SingfFcek8kUl,*’G a r t ^ '’s CMd^Springr^shkln.' New- Catskill, Hudson, CoxsackJe.Stnyvesant and New-Balti­ more, and arrive a t Albany a l 1 » m . At 6 p. M. For Passengers to Poughkeepsie, stopping At5,J A.M. For New-York, stopping at all the way 'a e v iM s At 115 A M. Or on arrival of the steamboat from Aba- w h lk M e a v e s V e ^ e ^ rit « which leaves there at 3j r. m ., stopping at oU way ‘^ “Lb^VETEEKSKILL FOR NEW YORK, sonvenlence and ^ N s 7 la^dswtiY-A^b!Vl.ana\?; 6v S i ..DATS Leave New Yo ■ ' '\ 'y 'J S '^ o 'l . K f a 'J S 'o W . V D„VF„. L ea ? e N kw Y ork for Morristown, Dover and intermc OU- Those Hun-ked thus • leaf* upon the arrlsol of th way, 3111'ts; Now Brmiswiok, 50 ots. Pasoengers not proenrlbg lickrts, to pay an ajTanred price, and ail paeseogers to show and delivoi: their E tsesaionof the company until their check la given for ) same ; and passengers are expressly pn*hlblted from Elizabethtown, Rahway, Princeton, Trenton, &o., until “ \ “ . ' “ o L r T f l f f l ' S lSuperintendent.^ . , Naw York. May 18, 1850 ^ FALO AND THE WEST, S o T h o T S in lo d g e a t S oneV raniraring the E ^ ’ train from Albany next morning, arrive at Buffalo a t the same time as passengers via Albany, with the advantage °^WAY‘AND*br'AIL“TRAIN at 6 SO A. M„ stopping at aU the Stations, arriving a t CorMng the same evening at W a V ^ A I N at 4.40 P. M., fur Otisviffe and all inter- s l S S S l i ' S .x J i Pa., take ihe cars of the Corning and \Blossburgh Rail S S i | M s 1 p 2 = - E xpsess T rain leaves Geneva at 5 46 A. M., stopping iddletown, Uoihen, Chester, Suffems, and Piermont, NIOiiT EXPRESS TRAIN leaves Geneva at 3 45 P M. ^ % ” r r ^ ° \ ( ^ n » ; s n p e r i n t e n d . i i t Upwards —Leaves. Sacket’s Harbor ....... 12 m Oswego ...................... 4VM & T s r L V T ; i s i o n l l « id Bnffal^iconnecting o s i l l u a A i m S T . ^ O T B W C K S T ^ l Dovmwards- Leaves. Hamilton, (C. W ) . . . 7 am Lewiston..................4 r M Rochester ................. 10 fm ’ u S ■ *' _ ___ T * ^ to ^ e s d a y r a j B ^ F ^ I n I T ^ ^ A L L S ^ A N D LEWISTON » A ., eis, * 4 j0- X ohatge of 60 oenta each wiUbtmadetO ,thOM who oeenpyia. berth in n stateroom.. RldteondnndiSleaBiboat Fare frmn Synenseto BMfrilo. m , TOOI a GCUBSTS, TO OI s ntalBlagWt 'the neewsaiy tools fov k, eonsistlttK in port of smooth and CaUBW S-Con ____ a —., H ^it fearpemteta* work, eoBsisting t cldMbi Ml* •thug vmM tool*. 'T*r*«J#by NEWBOmj> Jt s a i i lM 3 9 o c t« 9 c tf i te« w m w i^ & r . SOXJTHERy RAljUROAP^t | CTEAMBOATS, • r-N ; ------- -U & .“ NES-W JB R S H iT BA IL! -V— — , ^^HLA. UltUUGX. WNW. AecotooDATiowLiNET L eavb N ew Yoax6 a . M. foot of CourtlandtstVeet, via Jersey City, Princeton,Trenton’ Burlington and Camden Farefortbelstoiasr ■\ ' \\ ^ riving at 11 a . m . sr cars $ 3 1 24 clSSS dWs, $2 60 j a It at 5 r. M.-ElUabeth- AFTERNOON BOAT ATJt^O ’cLdcK FOR '3 S £ S T i r ' ' * AND AN A D D m O N A p iN E |i?^M YORK TO Via steamboat JOHN PO^'^’E^t^South Amboy, from r s S S T v i ^ K i r : . , A M, taking cars at Spnth Amboy, for Camden and Pbil- i r . r s i ' s s : Breakfast and dinner provided' on board steamboat John passenger, to be carried at the risk o{ Its owner, but noth- will be received or coimidered as baggage excepyre^ing ’^''k5,4^r»5»Ts»7S.rSi I^COMMENCIKQ MO^NDAY, AFBtl- 1 ivniie nouse, .i j , reducing tho This line leaves New York by steamboat Red Jacket, s \ r ^ r o t d , r h i c r i r v : ‘N:^^^^^^^ X^^lt’rttrto““s“LX's “lan any other. ’8 Mountain, with less staging Ave CslizaDevmuwn ul lu u otuoa. t\. lu., n.uu v SomervUle, 6 10 « 2 10m « m r ii E R AKRANGBHHOElN'r. FARE REDUCED. 380 MILES RAILROAD—131 DO. NATIONAL ROAD UNITED OTATES GREAT MAIL, via PHILADEL­ PHIA, BALTIMORE and WHEELING, thence to CIN CINATTI, ST.LOU1S, NEW ORLEANS, So. Passengers Lcay© New York at fi, 7 and 9 A. M. and *^L«tve*Phil^elphia, foot of Dock street, in the steam- boat Robert Morris, a t 2^ P M , daily, except Sunday • for Baltimore, P ittsbu^ and Wheelir- he only U n / on” Sunday from Philadelphia to Balti- “ r a v ? B r ir iio “ i T A T t i ’W C u m b e r la n d and he a n d OHIO RAILROAD. LINES oftheNaaonal Road and Good Intent Stage Companies, and arrive in Pittsburg or Wheeling next evening. Passengersfor Pittsburg take the splendid newand mod­ ern built steamboats Baltic and” Atlantic, a t BrownsviUe, and thereby have only 74 miles o f staging on the whole First class steamboats leave Pfftkbnrg and Wheeling regularly, and passengers are foiwirded without delay to Cinrinnati and all other ports in the south and west. For Through Tickets by this route, apply in Philadel­ phia at the Rallroaaofllce,comerofMarketandElevei etreets,orat45Sonth Third street, or on board stes boat RolAzt Morris, foot of Dock street wharf, ngers have the privilege of stopping a t ; \ p ^ e a g ^ have rile i^rivilege of stopping a t Baltimore ILEMMEB. Agent, A t Adams It Co.’B Express offlee. No. 18 WaU street, n t 11 A. M,, or American Hotd, coref Broadwayand Bar- ’0URB( Mu-an, Ohio, Nov. 27th, 1649 n u k k i t S - U tB t—H O W T O S A V E YOUR BOOKS J? AND PAPERS. V O R A liB A in :. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ I P E O P L E S ’ s t e a m b o a t l i n e 1850 ^ S ^ S m I ow pressure steamboats ISAAC NEW- TON.Comifodore'WsB. B. Peck,and OREGON, Com-, Bodore A. P. s t . John, wDlleave Oiepder between Court- tandt and Liberty iitreet*, for Albany, dailx, (Sundays iSceptedJ a t 6 r. «*. th the 1 ______ iud WhitehaU. listing any p e rson^^c- 6 P. M„!*om steamboat pier foot of Robinson street, first above Bkrolay, arriving in Albany in time to take the ir western express trains. ■ moderate rates and forwarded by raU- as directed. dght BpplJrtotBe Captain on hoard Freight taken a t r oad with despatch Fo^assage < • From tho foot of Robinson s t , first ■ ^ , | | W . B .M ., - T t . . . . ..1 Nelson, wiU leave the foot of Robinson street, first above Barclay, on Monday, WednesdiW FridSjf.kt 0 o’clock ^ Tiie Manhattan will at all times arrive in Albany in - - • ‘ --------- tandwest. FRIDAY afternoon, a t 5 o’clock, and returning, will leave Newburgh every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY |rfter The above bargo'is CltiJ cp with state-rooms, large and commodious cabins, and passengers VfiXl find it a very plecusant way ol making tbe passage. to WlLLlAM''‘UN h V' a T l T i P We!<t street A baggage master is attached to each steamer, who re- Mlves^nd tickets the baggage, and accompanies the same *°The**rates for passage and the price of state rooms, the ‘T,Si’«“ r «u. U.B a . . . . . . . x s ; ' . r B s s r . s 5 » ^ i . .... ^* ^ r freight, apply on board, or a t the offlee on Pier 3 North River For state rooms or to tb s apply on board, or if it is desired to engage them ahead appUsalion may bo ma4e to ,,.,3p^ g ^ BORDEN. 70 West street. _ .F O R BRIDGEPORT, landing at -NOR ” ”i c r ^^^^TOl°wSK.’!EiE\E'J7.v.;s s r 3 ! i s S ® - ' « » Fare-To Bridgeport, 50 ; Norwalk, 37j ; to Rooky T«Essrsto\xisj-«. count of the boat or owners. Iric ^™ ^ r ^ « ^ ^ ^ V E N ^ * * H A U T F O R D . C-Er^ F are R edi ' ced . And the new and commodious steamer CONNECTI ev\eTy\^:sd\^;:'¥hCstfa“nr^^^^^^^ atternoou, at stock, on the ar- ^ ^ r ^ - r i u forT tg ^ ^ s t _ (Sundays^^^cepted) commi-noing Thursday afternoon, Leaves New York, at 4 o’clock in the afternoon Leaves New Rochelle at 7 o’clock every morning. Fare 28 cents. ____________ an 13 3‘fiTuSft “ Pare to Whitestone 25 cts. Glen < ove 37J. Oyster Bay Cold Spring and Huntington 50 cents. r- tB\ a'jr..'sr’S£gj'Lvr,’?:s IVeight taken a t reasonable r a t e s . _m h l6 B J j A K E ’ S P A T E N T JFire JProof P a inty S h irt Store. s s s a M S S # -------- ------------- -------- ’S s j - r ’ S' IT-AS K O R S A liE , JLND JMLAKES T O O R D E R , J l X in threedays, or in twelve hours if necessary, every description of fine and fashionable SHIRTS. Of CRAVATS, Mrs. Beman is determined to keep the most elegant assortment in the city, and to them, and to BEMAN COLLARS, sbe will hereafter devote especial a t­ tention. Gent’s famishing generally; as also Ladies’ Jenny Linds, Gents’ Morning Goirns, Gloves, Hosiery, * Four thonsuid autographs o f regular onstomers on her ”'^Fonr irandredseamstresseeconstantly employed. N o . I A stob H ocik , Shirt and Gents’ Fnmlshlng Store, Manufactory, No. ISBeekman street. Lanndry and Gents’ Washing, 132 Nassanstreet: _ Cheap Shirts, ta .. No.l34 TJasaaa etrix ‘ To A rcM tects and Builders. r \ G O KI, Now 893 BroaAw ayr, near 19th street reepebtfuUy Infbniishisfriends and the public, that ho has constantly on hand and for sale, the largest as- . ---- .....— Vases, Fountains* time since onr warehouse, with that the brass kuob on the dooi was melted off. And the outside of the safe very much sprang, so mneh eo that we are afraid to trust it a ^ n to a like ordeal, sbonld one oo^ cur, althcnzh it did ns e x edleit servlse on that ooession, nrmrvlitK onr books and papers, not oMy so that they are p ^ t l y ;fegihle,bnt to a condition that enables nsto use wonld inqnlreof you whether we can trust i t again underlike circumstances, shonia they ever Menr, and also how yon will exchange fer a new one of the same ei«« td f triu o n . ,8 4 RYAN. SILAS C. HERRING, sMe ManafoeteawM^^^ efrrved andfibished. can be purchased at In this or any otner eicy m va” b« to thair ©ntlr© wattsfluittioiL i l * e U n ited * ^ JttINGlON, '' * From From srom NewYifrk: Bremen. S o n t o m p ^ k Hermann, l£th 5 4r0h 5 »Ih Mirch c t , S ^ Jgn u a; M» ss;- 20 Deo. 15 Jan. 30 Jan Wishtogton, ao M a ali IS April ^ ApiH Capt, G. W. Blbyd ^ May 15 Jane ^ . ^ e l s 8 5 » s a ~ ' « « \‘i n 2d Sept. 16 O c t 20 Oet. SO No*. 16 Dec. 20 Dec. Price ol passageto Europe $120 to 1st cabin; $50 to .3d d( Do fttan do $150 do $80 do ^ experienced surgeon On board, of each steammr. ■ :htorp*s8»ge,apriyt<> MOLLER * S A N D ^ G ^ ^ A g e n t t C. A HElNEkENnCO., Agents a t Breinen- MARTINEAU, C R O l^Y A Co- AgehtsatSonthampton. WM. ISELIN, Agent a t Havre. ______ jal8 ‘YORK AND LIVERPOOL. The Ships Ml 111 ■■■— eomposihg this line are the following: ATLANTIC, Captain West. PACIFIC, Captrin Nye. ARCTH),. Captain Luca. BALTIC Captain Comstock. ADRIATIC- Captain Grafton. These ships having been bnlit by contract, exprMsly .ar goverhmont service, every carehas been taken in their constmcUofi, as alsb in their engines, ijo ensure strragth and speed; and tnefr aotoinmbi&rions ifor pSssengers are unequalled for elegance or ettofort. ITiee ol passage from \ ilnslve use of extra s'- After the first,of A above steamers from __ . . . An experienced surgeon will be at No berths seourednntii paid for. The j VTLANTIC wiU leave Liverpool August 21st, 1850 DoPAClPTC do Now York August 24th,1850. Do do do L'verpool September 11th, 1850. ' “’LANTIC do New York 3eptember7th, 1850, do do Liverp.'ol September 25th, 1850( ------- do New YorBSeptember28th, 1850. do Liverpool Ootober 16th, 1850. do Ne* York Oetobef 12th, 1850. do Liverpool October 80th, 1850 s no uwucis ui wese ships will not he aooountable for gold, eilver, hniUon, specie, jewelry, precious stones op metals, unless hills of lading are signed therefor, and the value thereof therein expressed. For freight or passage apply to EDWARD K. COLLINS. 66 WaU st, aug2i Or to BROWN, SHIPLEY & CO., Liverpool. Do ATL) Do FAcfpiC THE BRITISH a n d NORTH AMER] MAIL S teamships tic AN r o y a l ^ ^ ^ L ^ E R P o d L , caUing'ai AMERICA, CANADA, CAMBRIA, CALEDONIA. rAMBKlA, Leitoh, Boston. Wednesday, Aug 21. VIRGINIA, Stone, New York, “ “ 28. EUROl’A, Lott, from Boston. “ Sept 4. A MERIC A. Shannon. New York, “ “ H- ------ tRNIA.Lang, Boston, “ •' 18 NUMJARA, HIBERNIA, An experienced snrgeon on board. No berth seciireduiltU paid for. Freight wUl be charged on spSoie, beyond an amount for personal expenses. All Letters and Newspapers mnst paw tbzongh the Post Passage from New-Vork or Boston fo Liveipeol, first abln, $120: 2d do, $70. For freight or passage apply to jj2 4 tf • E. CUNAl FRENCH, GERMAN, AND O goods received and bought in oocimon _____ Through blUs oflading are given in Havre for and the same will be done in New York for Ila N E W YORK & HAVRE STEAMT- SHir NAVIGATION COMPANY - ______ ' FOR HAVRE AND SOUTHAMP- •i^aKMSEBae t o n The United Stetes Mail Steam ship FRANKLIN, 2200 tons bu'then, J Wotton, com- maDiler, will take her place in the line from New York oa the 16th of September, leaving Havre on the^Oth of October, touching a t Cowes,to land and receive tho mails ind passengers lor freight or passage apply to M o r t i m e r l i y i n g t o n , Agent, 53 Broadway The Franklin will shortly be foUowed by the IIUM- iOLDT, D Lines, commaniler. ______________ an24 Septejnbor7th, at 12 o'clock, M., from her berth a t the foot ol Canal strecE All letters must pass through the Post Offlee. No berth seemed until paid for. For freight or passage, having unequalled accommode- tions for elegance or comfor^app^y^o ^ aa20 50 Wall street The steamer Pacific will succeed the Atlantic, and saii September 28. ________ _________________________ l“ul'rre“iT ‘ev\e\^*X -l fi^r^-oTai v l ^ f s moJatloDB for passengers will be unexceptionable, and .assage, BAM’L L. MxPCHILL.mFront.8t. r *- now ready to receive cargo r freight or passage, bavinj SAMUEL THOMPSON S a i t . posifively t= S £ LOUIS, Of 92S tons register, D. M. Bunker, master. ing superior furnished accommodations, apply on board, Dover street, svharf or to au21tf FROST & HlC CO.. 84 south street. ^ThTao^k^Srs^prE^SV^^^^^ T X L T t U r 13, EB, or *au20° WM. WHITLOCK. Jr.. 46 South st, “ ^'lYNTWERPF'PACKET^^The well known packet p ^ p apply to a o l F. & HAZARD. 40 Sonthst. E. D. HURLBUT St CO. 84South st. f p l i S ^ S r E DHUREBUT k CQ. _________ . IsvM, master, having her cargo engaged, vUl be dispatched in a few da^ For freight, apply a t 24 Beaver st. KOK JijeVANN. of commission. ALEXANDRIA, GEORGE- ______ -- v,-^HrNGTON ClTYi D. C .- jt-r-A good veBtelwUl he ready in a few days and clear as above . For freight or passage, apply to M a lTD E D E L L ,'or Wm E JONES, 104 WaU street. Agente in Alexandria, Messrs. Oazenove & Co ; in Jeorgetown, Mr. Peter Beriy. anl6 Freight ten cents per bbl and measurement goods two cents per foot. ___ WASHJNGXON. N C.-O ldLine -The ^ ^ ^ r e g u la r packet sob E S WILLETTS, Smith,mas- For freigkt or pdssage afijily on, board at pief 2& E Hi SAM’L L .klTCHILL, 194 Front st. Bills of lading signed onboard. atfflT FOR Wi^HINGTON, N. C -O ld Line-Tbe ^ ^ ^ r e g u la r pab’t schr ELIZ ABETH ANN,, Krouse, Master, willsaU on Tuesday, 27th Inst For freight or passage, applyon poacd a t bulkhead, foot it Boosveltst, EastRiver, or to “ au26 SAM’L, L MPTCHILL, 194 Front st Bills of Lading signed on b o a r t ____ ______ ST. MARKS AND NEWPORT, via KEY V m t J ^ L - l h e p a o k e t bark OCILLA, Stark, master B'av- ing a portion of her cargo engaged and will be desr )atehed as above. ^ For balance of freight Of passage, apply onboard a t pier ’an2^°^*° E D. HURLBUT & CO., 84 Sontb st. Forfreightor passage applyon^bo«^d,at^^^^^ au26 194 Front ,st. iCbUe ; also ofie tologd EAGLE fc HAZARD. 40 South st. au22 E D HURLBUT & CO, 40 South st. WAN'rED‘*fb an3 - 8’2 Sonth streel a^d S'^IVirilSd^fr^’ ks,s;s;.rSo£j?K ? ? .*?is mliarly adapted for clean- ss.V““”\B.s “‘“¥sSs“ , s s a ^ -------------- c a T l i f o r h i a T ^ ■L ^ ^ ^ ^ I ,^'p H I L .A D ELPHIA, 3100 tons, C Rob’t H. Pearson, greMn o o n S S lM vvith Iho United States Mali Steam Packets on the Pacific-a semi-monthly linetoSan Fran- HHnncKn aavas ov AU the aboTo dine a t the same table, and have theprlvi- ‘stoerage. ( f n r L X l ^ ^ r ^ - mattrcSBCs and board).... Freight to Chagres, 70 cents per foot. borne by the passengers PA C IF IC MAIL. 8TK AM 8 H 1 P COfllPANY. tons, Captain D. G. ’WEGON, 1099 tons, Capt. C. P. Pat. are intended to form a monthly line between Panama an4 ports in California. Passengers in the after cabins are famished but not wines and liquors, and will be alio no7e“ ngTim®^^^^^ on extra baggage or merchandise, when taken, $M0 per Passengers in the steerage are found only with such ra. tions^a^are famished to the crpw, and must provide their Packages should not exceed 160 lbs, '^ ig h t for mule Passage from Panama to San Bias or Mazatlan- -Cabin ^ Passage from^Panama to San Diego -Cabin $260, steer- Passage from Panama to San Francisco—Cabin $300, T H E L E B A L M b a j C E S . err Y jtoncES. \ rNOTlC * ^ S i t e n 1 f g g i g g f ; \ te ^ iE g t r f n i s f a ^ ’l ’\■•)s.643a'nd645Wafetstreet between etVid'etbtoagh the bidewalksof « h ISAAC W M m n Cpmtnissioper 6TSt< Offl^O^!'' Aa(tnstl9.1850._ FO R SAJLEi O R TO I j E T . | the best manner, witti aUbbe mifflern imprOTeMen^and 4s* forty feet ekclusiye of the gtejn :sra. R ichards. & LIVINGSTON part of her cargo engaget few days. For freighter passage. Apply to IS .AAC T. SMITH, jyl9 No 301 Wail s t comer Front ' MiK HAVANA^Thenew packet bark RA FID ij^SLW ard, master. wiU have quick dispatch for the above port For freight or passage, apply on board, Pier 12, E. R., anl MOSES TAYLOR fe CO. 44 Sonthstreet. ship MED'IATOR, V Bliffens, master, is now loading and WiU sail as above. For freight or passage, Iiaving snperior furnished ac­ commodations, apply on board, a t Murray’s wharf, ox to an28 FROST & HICKS, 68 South st. The packet ship Indiana, Jas S Bennett, master, wUl sncceedtheM, Agentain New Orleans, Mssars. John O Woodruff k Co- who wiUpromptly forward sR goods to their address. having 3 4ths of her cargo engaged is expected to. be fnU by the last of the week For balance of freight or passage, apply on hoard, a t pier 19, East River, Or to au26_________E. P HURtBUT k CO., fiJSonto rt. Save y o n r T in R o«l» rfVHE AmorieanPa*entSo«» Stone Paint ^ prov^ 1. bytheejperitoeeoftheiaattoBywOTtobettemoBt dniabls andeeonomleal article ever offered to th e pnbUc, or i^to^pnm e T rin* H i jcqoft, and making those: that * ^ ^ s r a i h i ^ ^ r ’iriU warrant to make ail Ha oi^metil n>ofii«gUtthathonBdertakee, ftrthelow Rriee of one , #Mt3f«c»qu*refo<rt. j*. BIJNXEJt, 186 C h i » h « e t ^ to , Foi freight or pMaW, »Wl7 m bowd, .t f i M t t w b u f , \ « 3 6 WM. NELSON. 85 Jgoath it. Thethip Galena, L earitt, master, yfll snceeed the M. 3 X ^ , olddip,or to ^ h a z a r d , ^ South $t. #*if. = v a H ir :‘Aa'afK.s.7s4r“ - msignmenls promptly attendr^ ' ____ a tth e office ■,— ----- , ----- s—-o- Term* reasonable. , : J o s e p h w . G r e g o r y , ProprietQr,sau iHfancisoo. THOMPSONS HITCHCOCK, 149 Pearl, cor. WaU at, jeS _____________ AgentetoNW York. eerieadr9cotchfocet,ju> muohadmifed$fid approved ol by thotr$de,and onr type to general, we feel assured, cannot bo-exeeUed either In, Beauty or finish, by any FmmdfiE. AH type mannStetored by us are made of » mixture of metals different i n proportiona to those. Used genwaUyjLjrwtochvre t o ^ e groater durability,' .To buy fljtefircwpnt. ftTtfi Jobbing TypAj Bor- ;dex3ng,-itdeeWe1iaTemade.4i inoreasey &nd o n eon- fitotiy adding to the Tarie^. Preieeii Wpod Tjptii Cases, Stands, Brass and Wood Rules, Imposing Stones, Old Type taken J n excbai ----------------------- 7^ ------ --------------- :--------------- pounds Fablisher80fnewapapexac.li, c u . MOBILE PACKET—Eagfo Line- Uo» to the rertitement three times, and forward tw a paper, previous harf-^The fast sriling regular packet bark ASIA toibe 1st ofJanuary.ieSO, win be paid inMatmiamofota iSH, gawy*r, master wUI saU in a few days. manufitetare, by pniebasing four tjUnee the amonJiu ol ^0 W .S P M J E S S €0,9 The basement contains.iitohens, TegetaWfo an^ o tL oeUars; pantries,. ctosetS, wid jMrvante’ too U b . *be^tirtt storyot a ifiaed'by a spacious hail, and oontafaiitwo large pariori, aRbrary, a nd dining-teom, - T h e .seoond story contains Six bed-voohispwfth .closofs. Ajiortlonjdl the parlor furUituTO c a a b o b a d m th the ptemites if ^e- ounda aremnder high.- oMtlTation,Ana'arB liid B most-tasteful pumner. They are sW eW wilh jest fruits, flowers $nd shadedrees, many of them imported by the present owumr, a t great,eipepse, friMa ’ abroad Tho MtehengaidenoontaiDS-alaigoitecE o f Tcgetabicfiof the finest dcscriptlpni' T h q out-buildings consist of a green-house,. Joe-honseiAUowAtaWPj -atoar- riage house, eheds, fio. There js i vrrii o f fine Water con­ nected w ith a pump J!n the stahio. A^stream tunsatOBg thereat of thegTonnaa, which maybe Jnad'e to supply threeponds, tmustrueted for thepr^erVatiOuoflrbnt, , To a gcnttemanretifmgfroMbusines4,irAae desirous of bring in th e c o n n j^, w iib mreryfrtefllty f ^ tt ih ia c t- ice'offers •nuriTSbed ad- andauhenria minutes from the_So.uth Feny. AJatgepuctioa of the purchaseraoney canremainpu-hoUdSaddhortgiget ' Title.indisputaWe For furtheipaiticulavinquireof S-De Witt.Blobdgood, a t LlYiNGSTGN. WELLS. A GO.. ' a u lf i tf IbW affstreet. °’aii!Siga.T .ayigp-i -------- — iny21 A .B ,Y A ^ E R P O ^ K ’^TV p g 8 t. N o l N s ^ u s t r ^ , try of ail Muds, h a v ^ a,pond of water,» good io u S , ozphardrmeadOw and vroodhuad. Inqulrew t 82 Nassau street, u pstairs, L ^gJskindjLaud p a c e . , .iySll ^ f l ; _ t ■ ;

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