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Evening post. (New York [N.Y.]) 1850-1919, May 23, 1850, Image 3

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E V E N I N G j N E # ■ y o i s . i m o i s d a t ; t o \ m : ®e?el9Uttiprchiw d Q im .x c , s | ^ ^ f ^ E j ‘g a r « u = ...I - M aaajaaDojliiy^toiatt&u 1 X ilfife A?a) PIASO C0VEBS. T7«ol,,eoti «a, RU^aaaaJc- Eargalgjf Bi«$|E£. IIe'2c»tei fl- j S a-rery suMxioi a rtida. . . . ^ gtjktaj S e I^US'KBIAI.S TarfedaM citacit. B o reiiM is & H i s o a , S 3 N A S S A U , 0 O R . U iB E R T T ST ., ___ /«« nppo?;tTK TfTK POICT 0 ?T-’* P-. Tltm u m s MimmS ^ Vo,^ ' 5 2 W illia m street,H e w I T o r k laiK JK T E J B S AHIX .JO B B E IIS, T T A V B fcr eole in e tee , nasi ccnstantlj-recctrmg, a JuL UrgaaMortmont of SPBJSG ANP SUMSJEB EUEOPEAN GOODS, WJUofe ^xa cffePKl an isTOrable teaa,, Tir: iiXACX ANO c o tO A E S ENGLISH AND PRENCH D&A? D'ETES. I's f lotli Napolaon and Alpacca CedringtoEB. D ENGLISH COTTf QUALITIES AND STYLES. W iute, fellow and Btown Linens and HoUands. PLANTERS! LJNENS YTliite, Colozed and Fanrsy Earndoy and French Drills • ■vmta Marseilles Fancy Weltfngs and Oixiltings. I TADDES LINEN. CASHMERE, SATIN, SILK AND I GRENADINE VESTINGS. Kcssjrtb Miictores, Linen CjtmbJets and Erminetts. I SsUnC, Serges, saectas. Buttons, Hosisry i BitiEtSfcBdSaECja? • I BELtapM , FRENCL, ___ CLOTHS,' C ASSIMERE I 3NDIATonge«,Sihchews,Nanke«ns, Sarsnetts, Satin J Serges, Hdtis, and Saddlers' Sewings. ITALIAN CBAVATS AND SEWING SILKS. ALSO ON HAND, American Cloths, Cassimeres,Doe^lna, Cottonades, Tweeda^SIaHnctts. Mnsllns, fee fee ■ _________ jaS np W I ] ^ I L € r . £ [ U 3 & t C o . N o . 80 njia 8 » W iaH a m street. Cora. Iitaiden lane and Liberty st. iM F O a T J S S S and WHOLESALE DEALERS in J | ^ ^ O T ^ . _ , riLOT c l o t h s , te t h r s h a m s . a v e r c l o t h s , __M1XED and PANCV COLORED COATLN'OS, MO­ HAIR COATINGS. 'A S C Y FRENCH Cl N G L I S H . OERN )THS and CASSIMJ auaietnrcs. FRENCH AND ENGLISH SILK VESTINGS. SILK SEEGSS, SEWING SILKS, SILK VI LVET. SILK and MOHAIR BINDINGS, PADDINGS, CAN­ VASS, 4T. b fee. Together with a general STOCK of goods adapted for AIANHF.ATCREES of CLOTHING, M E R C HA.NT VAILOKS and OTHERS,__________________my9 np » f . JMead & Co», 8 0 a n d 8 3 C U e r r .v s t r e e t , *>*' ^A M E S S T I C S ilT , H. Y „ ■pfA V E on liand. and are coxMtanUy xoanufaoturin^, I f “c L O T . n u , “ l l f _ ahiTtsiin every variety ' a’iiey wonldparticnlariy inrite those in want of ( loth- IHg to call and examine their stock bexore making their Cloth | I M “ ^ l o S s ' s e a f u S . New York, April 25th. 1860 TRUSTEES. JOSEPH WALKER, lA UUS ( ujlTISS. THOiLAS HUNT. HERMAN SOKER, JA.MES FEEEL-i-ND, CH.iRLES p t ARLETON. HENRY SHELDE.N. L d ICS IK^PKI.NS, THOM-AS S- NELSON, D.ANIEL G. HAVILAND, AVILSO.N IS HUNT. LEVI COOK, WART C. m arsh , DAVID L. SAYRE, )RGE HASTING.S’, HENRY A. STONE. V A. EODGEU<?, JOHN STEWARD Jr , PAUL N. SFOPFORD. O. E. M ALTBY, SEPTIMUS CROOKES, GEO D. PHELPS, CHARLES PA YEN JV.MF.ST SOVTTER, HABLES H. ROGERS, FREDERICK VIETOR, SAMUEL J. BEALS, H. W. T. MALI, WILLl-lM WATT, RICHARD BIGELOV/. 1200 Bine 1000 Sfcripec 1000 pair Demin Trowseis. _ 1000 do do Otersffi. N\. B, The above be sold for esah or approved pajier. ^ apl7np C l o th i n g M s iaM ishiueni H . & D . H . b E o O K S & C O . , 1 1 6 a n d l l 8 C h e r r y s t r e e t . C o m e r o t Cfefherlne stre e t , .New Y o r l t. 1 ^ 6 fexSAITB TO ACQ,CAUST T H E P U B U t : J J th a t their jrcsent Stock of Ready Made Clothing d t a ^ e Spring and Snmia^4alea iamore complete thari Pant ________ _____ _____ , it Tariety. Fina Dress and frocK < every thing oGonging to their line or lhTora.t}lo pGcee. \ FAKGY ANU IfURJ ------------- Cloths, Cassimeres and i The Department f-^ ■ • - all the most appro’______ ______ the season,amoag which will be many of portaticn, selected for their special trade. Allmeasnrea are kept for reference, and orders frotc distant places faithfnlly attended to __________ fele bnsine.3, oSeted a t € . ^ P E T AND a i C loth F u r n ish in g , B A lIsB Y & M O T H E R S , jp e a r l Street, n e a r CHatSiaan.. i M P O R T £ R S ^ j N R R E A L K R S In e v e r y descrip tio n o f CAEP3TISG AND .FLOOR OIL t LOTHS, fee., VEL­ VET TAPESTRY, TAPESTRY OF E.\ GLJSU -M.A.\- tfF.ACXtTBE, BRUSStlLS OP ENGLISH AND AMERICAN MANU'F.ACTURE. IMPERLAL THREE PLY AND INGRAIN, VENETIAN STAIR, R.UGS, MATS, MATTING, FLOOR OIL CLOTHS, DRUG­ GETS, fee. bion^as Velvet ___________ . ejegant deelgns j Brussels, of English and American : ---- S ------ -- -------- - --- a o J jjrth ch^. B —Partic ig o f Carps oUcit the attention ot pui- icular attention paid to the making S h M E S G . M O F T E T , 156 F u l t o n stre e t, (three doors east of Eroadway^ a n d 131 F r in e e s tr e e t, N ew -Y oks , m a n u f a c t u r e r o f Oliaisdeiiers, n, S olas , BaAcarx and L asd Lftmps : CANDELABRASi GIRANDOLES, B r a c k e t B r a n d ies, c a n d l e s t i c k s , (in every variety of pattern,) , a A h h L A N T E R N S , CaBln 8olar JLampst &c.| WHQ1.EJALE AVP BE r AIL. rp G B l S ® XLBT a X., B ttA S S AS X Tubing, Grecian and Fancy Chaw, Astrsl Lar Brass and German Silver, of all iesgthsland alirays ca hand and relied to order S h I]P p ! fs smd patterns to be seen, and for esie, at botb the s|bove |dAeo3._________ ____________________ nihl3 |up - P I ^ ^ O F O M T E ^ , . A fine assortment of superior toned Kanca, with and lOtlSOHt ^Bclian accpmpwi*™'®*! celebrated house of Y . G II.B E B T Sc CO., * B^osvojf. m»y b© found at th©xr • $ m w Y O R K V ^ I A R E R O O M S , * 44V B r o a d w a y . A U rgeaup^y of good Second Hand Pianos for sale cheap, or io ^ BBiRRT, « 7 Broadway. Between Grand and Canal streets, Agenta for the Maaiilactnrers. funer ia enga^d. Wba jWhl esecut< apis np N .B.-iA superior T ail orders promptly. a . W O K C B S T P S ’S WURLESTKR oSera for sale » I m U® aisoroaont oI JdL. choice Piano Foitefl,ftcni 6 to Tcetsv« 3 ,in e t e ^ t Rosewood and M ahC^y cases, aBof vhlsh are mannfao- toredunder hEovri»Bcpe 3 rvHl 0 h,«ndforsa! 9 OijrsaBoa»- By devoting hG personal attention to the tonch and toneof his instrument*, whiohhaveheretofiire been ecu aidered unrivaEod viona reputation, 1 ifoiti Frofantortt, FOHHpSin se and cthier makers Rne Ivo^ ham a n ! W sets ot 61 and 63 pieces ot Rodgers fe Son Table and Dessrt Knives wit XDLEIO T A B L E AND D E - ihont ?GT.k3. ^* ^ ~I7AL - - ------- .w a Th^ ia^criber^ ^2t coiKibeUon with Chttles d WALL STRBET ' KhManAi hw opened an cape Icf the practice of Lyr WaU «tw«t, Janocey Court, D o t o U E diE E U A S I T M H C T 1 S 8 . <30^ T y w w a l l s t r b e t ' • , ' QQ. te co»feBai&va»«»'«q® ’- ? S ^ c fn iiircb u - i«,t>»Comf*nysaIdaitthOf525»3D|«tstS3»ti)t : - Ax.o'.ht eirttteissm not marlEtd off AprO Rd, fS02;49T 19 Anamat of rremioms on poScies issued ftom ^ Sd: ApriL lS43,:to.SkI April, 1850.,............ IJZSEhCO 63 Xctil amjunt of Ikemintaf,. . . . . . . . . . . $1,405,867 73 Tim juMunt cf Tremiuma nkarked off dnr- leg the year as abota. was-- On Marine Risks ....................................... 15 On Inland Transportation and Navigation Rlska................................................................ 77435 CO ; No. £3 Wall <tn,et, Jaoccey Court, toyUiris fUCT Ct^XI. ^aC a J l Steaunex FaeelXe—P ost Orr,xL New York, May 23 d, 1854 -rTha Mail for t t s tteamilr B.kCJFIC,of IhfrCOLUNs 3 LiNS? to IdveipocL wiU be madeup^ this ojace on SATURDAY, tieSSth inst., Gosing at loj; A M. Lrttffj fer the ConUhent hjp this eifisrtcer. orx$t 5 e prHMM 3 , 31 cs-ata tho single rate. mySagtis___________lyM. P. DBADY,J!cstBa Hiait aircst—NOW *or *5 mayn,iisiu. rm e Board ot Direetess ha. e tlBs day destared a divi­ dend. <rf i'E e per ceni, paydbie to ihti elOckhtidetB Co and altri’Tuesday the7i* (nstuni myAoWri XHGM/Y. 'iLOYEK, Seeretsry 'iLOYEK, Seeretsry Less Betam Premiams.. Earned Preminms for the year. Pa d during the said period— For Marine Losses .............. . $6773)12 90 For Inland Navigation Losses.. 27,4S9 79 rest, eipenses and bad debts, j tlessgain on investment)... 1814)8 « • ..S65.6S1 10 Frofits tobe divided. ...................... |. . . $250483 CB Amount of eandngs of 1847. .$53 a | p 03 do. do. do. 1848. .185118 77 do. do. do. 1849. .237,728 63 do. do. do. 1850. .250,183 C3 Total for fcur y e ars.. . $749.08! The CompaBy farther report that t! i they have a t this date tho following assets, viz ;— Invested In United States five and six per cent Stock, .................................................... $24LS66 S2 Bills receivable ........................................... 717.151 69 Cash and unsettled cEims to be closed by spsher n o te s .; ................ . ........................... 79D18M Total Assets ....... .. ................................. $1 038.658 O5 The Trustees have declared a Dividend of Twenty- three per cent, on the net earned premiums of the past year, payable in scrip on and after the second Monday In May n ert. Tbs trn-tecs have also resolved to pay an interest of six per cent, on the amount of the Certificates authorized to be issued in April, ISIS, and in April, 1819, to the holders thereof, or to their legal representatives, on and after the day of .May next. Also, that the Certifioates of 5Ss toned In 1847. with the aooming interest thereon, ‘i l l \ \ - P s S tofit is that the interest thereon shall cease ftom that date -And that after the payment of the Esues of scrip of 1848. 1840 and 1850, Fifiy jper cent, of tho future earnings of the Company sbail be reserved until the capital of the Company amounts to One Million of Doilfirs. CHARLES .\EVVcO.\IB, Secretary. ap26 1mis O F F IC E OB' T H E ATLANTIC MUTUAL ~1« SURAH C E COJtIFANY. N ew Y ork . 29th January, I860. 01?- The Trustees, in conformity to the charter, submit the following statement of the affairs of the Company on the 3Dt Decemher, 1849 : - Fremlums received on Marine Bisks, from 1st January 1819 toSlst December. 1849. . . $1 984,312 46 remiums on Policies not marked off 1st January, 1849............................................. 477,759 OO Total amount of Marine Premiums ___ $2460,071-45 No Policies have been issued upon Life Risks, nor upon Fir? Risks disconnected with Marine Biekfi. “ 1 Fremimns marked off from 1st January, 1049, to 51st December, 1849.' .................... 7 . ..$1.7.S2,76t 10 City Bank Stocks, Loans on State and Other Stocks, am Bonds and Mortgages.. . Dividends on stocks, interest on bonds and mortgages and other loans, sundry mium notes ............................ Total amount of a ssets,. ----- 1,146461 97 ,..$2,471,842 16 The Board or Trustees have resolved to pay aa interest of six per cent, on the outstanding certiScates of profits. le holders thereof, or their legal representatives, on ana after Tuesday, the fifth day of S’ebruary next. The Trustees, after reserving O.VE .MILLION OF DOLLARS of profiu, have further re.sol?ed that the of the certificates of profits issued in 1847. and eighty-five per cent of those issued in 1848,\ e redeemed and paid to the holders thereof, or their tatives. on and after Tuesday, the fifth ds next, from which date all interest will cease thereon The certificates to be produced at the time of payment and cancelled to the extent paid. The Board have also declared a dividend of thirty-four eent. on the n ett earned premiums of tho Company >ar ending list December 1*49 for which eertt- wiU be ii3Ued on and after I Uctiay, the ibruary next The profits of the company, ascertained ir legal repres per eei fleates of profits w fifth day of Febr ftom the 1st July, 1842. to the 1st day of January, 1849, for which oertifleates were Esued, amounted to .................................. $1,667,769 00 Additional profits from 1st January, 1849, to 1st January, 1850....................................... 623 »64 46 Total profits for 7i years.....................$2,181,624 ilo Certificates of 1844,1S45, and 1846. paid off. 776 850 80 .. . ._$1.40.6,674 ^ T R U S T E E S . 1 « $ O F F IC E O F T H E VICTUAL..lAFE INS. O P KEAV YORK.. N o . 85 W A L L S T R E E T , gjy- (huavteTly S t a te m e n t o f AlTolrs o f t h e C o m p a n y , for the quarter ending April oOth, 1850 Net accumulated fund Januaa-y 31sc, 1850... $091,161 62 Receipts during the quarter, after paying aU losses and expenses...................................... 58,320 27 .Amount due and paid at Agencies, and ia cuurao of remittance................................... 16,000 Net accumalated fund Aprilsoth, 1850., • JNVESTME.NTS. ; Stockaof the I'nited States and StatoUand I ity of New York .............................. . 223.221 7A Loans on Real Estate in the cities ofifiew York and Brooklyn, valued at dauUStho sum ioaned thereon............................41 • • • MLOOO 00 tBSh on hand and in bank, fee .............. ^ . . . 74 004 4S Policies issued during the last quarter. . .413 JOS B IOLLINS, President < HAS GILL, Actuary I ABEATT Secretary. April soth. 1850 ■ mylO 2wis HERMANN V ASSEUR, E a g r a v e r , N o . 9 ^ F o l t o n s t r e e t , T b ir c l F l o o r . Watch Cases and Diais, Jeweliy, Seais and Stamps of every description engraved -Also, Jewelry and SUver-ware markeA ap 26 Sm la __________________________________ idlsd Table Ftenchputtem Fsrks E I N B IV O R Y HAKL S E K T S l K IV E S , witJso iTFljr Wff Bhch B o d ied: Ruck. Bnaalc».hcm,»cd Bone handled. Table and De­ sert Knives and Fcrita of FoMlga and Dcmstic manufac- )B 5 I T C H B S 38 USrFfiS AND F ORKS. Kitcheu'Carveta and S te^ — - ■— .- ■'-‘-esof TariaM rttaeheA S S ^ O K E L tJT E O VEGHCABLE K N IV K S . CiBli«**Minaiiiff R^vas. Cieavewt,fee-, Meat ^ w s , '■ O F B N B R S . CSSi * g jgi)gjgjmg B H O USE FU K S IS H IN G W A R E K O O M S , 684 Rroddwal. j0W»|rat4dG*I*i6sne8'toi b«haii attheareropma. ■,...^.; 1 A . G. BAGLEY & CO., Mannlactureis of G-O L , 0 F E N S , Golti IWlR SUvov F o « *ma P e n c il Cuacs. Fatentces'of the celebrated E X T E N S I O N C A S E S , WUTChOlWO, old sUnd, S a . 1S9 BrosK lw ny, N e w Y o rtt, jal9 np tVf tVAlM.) if a . FL E E T W O O D , No. aoi Snsuttiu ctreetv POROpiO. 5.0UHIOAN, ILI4NOI STANL Y 72.226 99 COM bUSSHg^^ . . $1413,367 18 To take ae-hnowi.dirinent of Daedsi. D»pffldlji.apii. fen. lR A S X S E ^ i > F I B E i H S O R A a O ^ ffaalrrUlw £n*mtxm c«^anN^?Eroat C o m p u n y itL fsva fir xiro tzevnzhr i ^ estzd lisbuallt ADJT8TEP ASTD raoaacFTieT rAWxsorKw JvSSap A -B-H O L im ffiS.*»»«nx.TaW B U a t. C O M M E R C I A L . STOCKS AT ' I ;ll: i l s I? IO=:iii| IlsiS-'p The stock exchange has been doll cnl heavy this ■e.adtly tase dcoUno ; but the courre .jf the market for some time pa-st has been JO far fluctuating en 1 at the same time progressive, that for one step backward it takes saveral strlJes forward United States 6 s »f 1832 con- 'H, advanced j ; Ohio 6'aof I860 ( ; Hudson River Kail- 'Bd J i Long Island J. and New York and New Haven ll ; Pennsylvania D's declined f . Farmers' Trust Ij . Morris Canal 2 , Canton ■ , Norwich St Worcester J; Reading ll d I j , Harlem j , Erie do 1;. and the second lortgage bonds • Another rise has been obtained on Hud.son River Rail­ road, m.rking an aggregate advance of 16 percent rince the 1st instant, when the last dividend was paH The supply of money on the market conCnues to ac cumulate and rates are dalSy becoming easier There D no difference in rate between 60 and 75 day p prime paper of tuch length uf maturity ia re.ai at 5 far cent ; three mon'!i« j .per to i' P u'. a, ■•ith- 6 six months 6j a 7, and 8 and 9 per cent for long dates of paper of any house of which the supply Is held to be ex- ive. Loans on call 4 to 5 per cent ho private advices by the Kuropa are favorable to our icipal state and railroad seenritiej The high price of the feJef al st'.cia has J . .cteJ atteiitirn to ' tfier ie riptl.'Os cf Security, and a., sound dividend paying icks in this market are regarded with more favor abroad Th-re is c-nsij> cable enquiry maklog on the part of small eapHalists mtend'.ng to emigrate American stocks in London from IV^ssrs. Baring Bro­ thers’ circular, 10th May per Europa There has been during this week a steady demand for favorite securities and a.- the supply has not been in­ creased business h.aa been done at our quotations, which w.juld hard y ho maintained ,i targe sales were aiwinpted United States C's 1S.VJ 106al06 : do 1867-8. luSallU ; do bonds of $1000 do, llOJallll , Alabama .5's dollar., 67a6fl ; No New York South Carolina, or New York stockat pre­ sent fir tale M oney in London continued to be abundant, at easy rates. Consols had slightly advanced, dosing at 86i for account The aecounU from the mauufaeturma dig- tricte Were better, an advance having been obtained on y-viis, and also on cloths, though with I ons facility, fipinners and dealers were firm in iuskiug the improved rates, but buyers of goods were confining their purchase! to the lowest point necessary. In genariil, tlie market.\ ■were more buoyant, with a better tiemaml than at the previous dates Wheat and spring corn have advanced. Pays Messrs. Barings’ rlrculer, 10 a 15 per cent, from the lowest point of depression Wheat advanced is a 2s per quarter, and flour la per bbl. The prices have ruled low- hut they have now taken an upward direction. _ New York [( arefully prepared for the Evening Post ) THfnsn.v May 23. I860. ASHES—The.markat i.v firm with a demand and moderate receipts, at $5 56, for Puts, and $6 66, a5 62j far and good reqnen Southern 13 firmer and the teodenej is upwsird Sale? of 6il0 bbl9. at 5 6’2ia5 75 fop t-i straif^bt bran^M ___________ ;hMay,18£0. ip M is-S ir s P mand iiill prevails, and the market olooes very firmly at the advance La.stcrly winds have ptev.Hed. and the arnraJi .are only about 47,Jtd ba es In the firtnight. mlddUngTd; fair i i r « n r i r c r A r e r a , : « 9 r 3 8 \ » s (5 do, do724 rafl Decr.a,se this .ear. 233,067 bales. SU)cR«.ZS.d- 60-V49S bales. Of which American 329,651 bales ; ^do, 1849,640,725 do, do 455 346 do. Decrease this 3 H i s s , ' , x t “ 3 r r r . ? , X ”.” more iccncral confidence in prices, and. although ’«o can­ not adTi?e a brisk trade, there have been good markets, andaptea.ly dailytradrigdngon. and the valus of aU kluda of pr« duco ha* in.areai'ed Cu. arrivxds of Wheat iv:jss“i p s : t a ? f . 5 'r “ 5 ‘'.S‘ lu Fiuwr ws nave had raciderata supplies of both barrels andeacks. and w© quot4 OHy Is to is 6d advance *» q each The Jowtir quo.lUjt<s and soup Hour have attracted mop© a»Uentlun. The iin^>ort?^ of ludian ‘ om have fallen fth».-rt of onr ©xport?* and, though we have had some fluc­ tuations in prices, the ro.-Jrket is now stead/* and prices mu?t bo quo'e'i Is to 1b 6d per quarter dearer The .rb.Th'irs;™t. 7 s s . s r . p . , i ? : . nt at fmr quotationa —llndian Corn waa in fair demand; ( anadian, superfine inspected, do 22s 0 to 23s G ; B^xtra fine andfi ne. d;j 2U 6 to Od , Ohio Flour, do 239 0 2d, Yellow Indian corn, per 4S0lb UOs.OtoSOs Od; VVhite, do do 2iis. OtoSfis Od. Mixed, do do 28s. 6d to A^H6:s -T h e is a fair demand for both Pots andPearls at 27e to *,>9s lard Prices without change, and mar­ ket iiuiet ; fair to good 3Us. to 3U ; fine 31 h to 31s. C J -- Turpentine A very limited demand and without any transaction*, to note - Rosin is dull at 9 to 2s lOd. for oommon, and 7s- to las for prime, as in quality —;Tar No sales- I allow fully maintains former prices, 3Ss. to ut ful> prices nave been obtained Sides 708 ezports 275 hhds_ irJtork abovo the views of and 4U. tatiuus in the absence ■< put up thei |. CatioLs in t nail lot of p BatUy is very duff and oominal at 5,v a.'.'c Oataarc steady at.J 'n fair demaud at II a i'e f'r Nerthi-in and 48 a 42for Jerfcy ; Ian sale of suinhern 37 a \8 1 .\-n Is in iimitcu cupply and in g o d d-m iid and piic-,f are better ; sales of 10 OtO bush at t'41 a 6.Y for western mix- ^'^nt '^'''^^d 1° r*d ■ Jt-f-Oy IIYV.F—The receipts of American dew rotted are Frl Tvs are firia at lojalTc for light and middie weJgbu.. and U;al5H* for heavy Oak slaughter. 23a2j for light ^UY«2tarmi.idleaud20a22for heavy Some small p..r* tionsof KngUsh I ealber hove been imported- but in too uolsoaettveas it h isbeen, but with a reduced’stock piices ar© b.-U«r 3 a 0 bb!<? .‘Spirits Turpocriau sold yesterday »t 3^* a34o « 5 V . “,; * s r ,.'S L \ \ r S 'S ‘s . . S f X - ; otloat There is no .-toclj here. White Kosin D $4 io a $.V with a stock -t n il hbis. Tar is dull at l;!s Od a Us, with a stock nt 7088 hbls. Crude Turpentine is $3 7o, isof a retail ch.iracter and is loco; 'it SH> Mj firm as, , Prime mesa ia more inquired for, and is firm n ba?e»! “ n d ^ x ^ 'rters' 7 ’380 bal«-ThT-tapo-rt ia 47 Sol Ashes—MonGeal Pots We quote 28a per owt, and Pearls 2Ss 6-1 per cwt ■ and some sales have been made for lor- WMd delivery at & per cwt under these rates. tS ' l S r j 7 ' home grease Butter was offered at sale the wrrk. wne Sts per owt was the highest price ottered and refused. Cloverseed is very dull, and we .quote nominally fine new American 38s to 41> per cwt anj .1 i 3''s to 3,T, ner “ - • ■ r a s i . ------------ ---- - ................... ________ ^ts per I , - - reach 200 tuns. iquiry tho dewuward tendency tho fuU value Of g.'.dl sweet qaniuy being 31s 3d to 31^ per OVrt, and tue tales of the fortaight w c a o i a s U R m s , o o i m x a S S L U O x i , v H * . carefia selftction hwheen ELEGANT CAKE BOXES, SPLENDID A W ^ S ^ W J TLATES- For doon, ofrtarHawiaw, the c i t e of which U til he of tu w ia i tEekiuM. eagraTCd c t ttuonahieprieei. COATS OF a r m s a n d CRf^TS, BI*» obs <I and c u tin Ston^ saw .B iiiW o r Gold, JA » •i?Je»ndiMWHir,tii»«i*en«6n ofwWeii f c r » au w W M tWiWw ijw m iiM r tv a i s ‘s ; ? a ? ' i 5 \ , i s r i J £ P » ‘X i u s .d under 2Ss psr c w t. and> •1 long and short middies smaii quantities have real.sed COS per cwt.. and oar stock being small in 6rst boa-Js vro took for better prices shouldshould ooror arrivalsrrivals conflnu^nflnue moderate.derate. Sheuidetsheuidets arc o a co mo S are quiet a t 18» to SC8 per owt Heads have been Kid sweet at 16s per c.wt, and all faults at 12s to I2s 6d per cwt. Beef hiss heen in good demand, and thesaies ef the tveo weeks may be abent 1500 ticrceai s ttl fun prices to 2s Cd per tierce^v advance, and Cne q j:tii^ prime mesa we quote 7Ts per c w t, and all faults at 12s ts f hiss heen in good demand, anc inaj be abent 1500 ticrceaia . . ^ ro e a h e e , M d Cne q c a li^ prime mesa we quote have r^D e a higher rites York f^verv dall,ondwe^ — ---------- ^w e q u ^ n o a ii tTer^nUj^Md'Wf jncteoTdjnaTy to middling . -.1 — 4 ---- “ ---- — -------------- - -™— eSreniar waatosedi, we have to notice a eradual firmnesa in oor prices for most ldniS-*cf-Bread5tnfisj and the weather coctitraing ?©Id and ongeaial with ftequent frosts at night, has further strengthened the handsefbcldera. At the same time we have to notice heavy supplies c f Wheat, Floiir. and Indian Cem ; latter chiefly Crom the United SUtfA former hqthCroa the r - \ Mediterranean. Our consnaption k. conatry* and we are rapidly tocteaaing to enr experts to treianiLpartfcifiarly cf toman Cent,.ahdiii the past tqo ' Teeks.raiarhfetly sR I d WSeatvrehave •;$( her Carriage Cloths-to tho extensive aeaotiwent h e has new in itorACcatiJungCfMDfifeefi or ifeore, a n d en- brarirg every Variely of wJdthsandqnaUty a s Mtowv I 5-4 Cg'd: a adhlue Cloth. 6-4 fg*d andmetallio Cloth. 4-3 de da 4*< do 4o ^ raiiadelphleeacdlW tli^eM tohddaliaw p ^ iei stock cf either cacks or harreia are iStaalL Ccimtnen Scura irs. fo 23s, per f c ^ c l jttracted a good deal of att-ntiem Id we quote tho advanee on the fortnight U 6dtoS«' pee quarter demand is chiefly on prime y e i ^ , a ^ f tc a 29i to 22$fd, white,2Ss 64 to J5s; mhceA ISs to23s M per quarter. Oar shipments have been large to Ire-and, and wo shaii not he surprised to see a shudffinlng In the demand ere tong, aithoogh a t present the Irish markets We have had '* IWr attendance of the trade a t cur market th-s caominz- Wheat met a good demahd at a furiher advance of 2d pet htuhcL and tovcral palceig werotaken on ipeculati to and tor shipmtnt to Ireland Flonr did not meet so much attention, but this may be owing to a want of choice, as vreU. as quantity on the it, higher prices are geaeraily demanded for ta r s well ns va,-'ira whcthcT Irifh or French. Indian f'omhasmetatrSk^demandat ^ further improvement cf Cd per quarter; this appUea to fine yellew .American whish made-C5s. GalaU held a t 31s. WhitP and mixed quriiiica remain about the tame Oatmeal held at 2is 6d to 2rs per load. Oats were more sought after, and » a y he quoted (d to Id dearocr. Feasa Beans, and Earley or® »bo held tot aq advance, with more inquiry As under are cur quotations:—White wheat 6a 4d to Csfldj mixed and red 5s 4d to (h; Plcnr. [Ohio, Fhiladei- and Baltimorel 23s 6d to 25s, Canada and Westerns ^ to 24s; Inferior and Sours 17s 6d to 18s 6d; Indian Com. yellow. 23s 6d to COa; mixed do 23s to 2 9 whiti &c, both remain very firm. TQth a ten- hbd.** Impfj iQ war?bou«( 1 ourj respectfully, 'A DK.rDKNNISTOl .N k ( O. Sales o f R e a l E s ta te —May‘Ei By J Bleecker I ll 4 with 2 story brick front dwelling 1 ;hgt, near av .626...................$92r.( In plnEsvexst.. 3S(K A H JIulicr. file 17th Bt, 375 ft west 0th A. J . D e lato n r ’s T h e r m o m e te r . __ May 23 I sD) I 1849 | 1848 | j84T _ , 1846 ■ig: i «Ti! iJlTi' , S i ' A f t T i f t ’i a - ;r£m.r« iiViUh W .Auderson, iCpcj, I >n th** iJSd loritAot, the r‘5i<ifno« r.f Robert Tvler sfl Ctarlta Cushinan. On We Ine.ti<Jay. May 22tJ he *i0th year of her ai?e Tlu* rrlativ*»ft and friends Of the family arc invited to .ttund her furitral from her late r»*«idenoe, IdO Spring tfei t. on Kriduy mornmg at In o'fln,*tr • - Ml ‘ h ; '.‘I t r. «udJeniy of nara’v*!** Mri« :U /:\U h r ii H \ WKr». ndlot of the late Joseph Hawea. ip a 01 years. 3 nonih« and 3 day^ On Tutisday tlj.2]pt inttaiat.of dr«*p«y of the brain rfJtRL K s youDge« -on oH i-?ekfol and Morv ^ Wmv. nged 2 years and 5 month'* ! W A ' l I u i » i K L i . i : ^ o 3 ^ 8 ^ ^ “ Trik EVi Nl.VG POST M A R I N E L I S T PORT OF NEW VORK, TUURSDAV. MAV 23. srs RISES ...... 4 Ij I SI N SETS ...... \ 15 I muu WXTEIl... 7 21 T i i E 0,CBAN STEA iO E R S . F o r E u r o p e . I'. .'I. M ill L ive —ffiir Liver(ioo] ilirccl. F o r -America. F o r B rem e n . F o r Nevr Yorlc. F’o r Clia^r«E CLEARED m n f FORENOON. ipscott & CO. S;j fl;BA“»',! 5 K. 5 .S!: K f e \ ' ” \ a s w x C T A S r d S r .m h lF E O TUIS FORENOON. iJreciaa, fm Frankfort. Me. with lumber, W - A BuUsJi Jup \v 5lh pjssenger* SAlLED-ghip * ouiier. Port Walthai. Va, Wind NW. m 'O T K E -Ship SEl.NE, from Havre, is dischi i. il under general order. Consignees vriU please i huk I bi ^ ^ T r o * M .SouthBtr... ^ x v . » tm * Lfa.iiM .AH 5 S oS3i onsiBUeesof gocto iL# by ‘- t. iOevf veisel will please send their permits on =, w « . ' notot perraittea within five days wili t V B All goo*ls» n i6nt to public stcro. TjeT’ mres B ARC LAY fe LITINGSTO N, 24 Beaver at. r f c 1 ^ T :w ‘t?h^rn^xrc 7 th ^ r a ‘‘ iay23 tohhds 2 I__P 5 e a r ljlrc^ •rels shad just received, tor rale by DEMILL fe (O.lEOFroatst. g 1LOTHING—SCO Drab India Knbber Coats, a new W-i- end very desuahio article Just received feem the toctorki, and fer sale hy the maanfiictursS, together with every variety cf air-tight and Water-proof goods to (Be, *a 01 Which are warranted to etand the eflte any climate on the globe, and bo e q - ^ to g i ^ t of q to anything made. £ , U B E B S - 2 9 b r t e s ^ « ^ ^ ^ H I C ^ fe CO . rij22 W9 scclISl Jfront st. ^ ^ ^ M Y R R U —E tobbim o^^*pge^7tokey, to / . garedhiglured 5 ^ , ^ 4 andft-4 plainasdfig high flnfsbed rubber Carriage Ooth. hpring ^verj spr-earance cf the best pa­ tent teatner. Also bMarrCinnsMOilRaekRabljer Clctii,i8axid45 JchcslD width. ' i Thoaboveare manufactured by the Euhacrin«r,.at hla lofffCth street. East iHver. cf the very best e jwarranted ley heat or - _ at very low H0DO51AN, New Ecrk todia RubberWar^ouse, No. 27 Maiden Une tc fiaSiassan street ^lO U N T H Y flIERCH A NTS- -STATljONBBY AND BLA N K BOOKS—RICH fc LOUTREL, - ----- . • ,hatonowon.’-v ^ ------------- SI Wifliam street, hare now on hand, cf thein own man- ttfactnra a complete assortment c f ledgers, journals, day bPOlES, invoice books, order and bill books, &c.i of various rites and styles of binding, Ixom which sets of accannt books ban be selected, a t very low prices | also mads to order, ruled and bound to any pattern.at short notice ----- TIGNAND -------- - -------------------------- K K S i i i s r - M M s f i a ' s ■^LlIvEB 'c O P r NO PRESSES, “ • ' \ ’ \ ‘g S i l.ORTREl, myis one door belo-^- Cedar etreeri New York. S K ; s s ^ ? r r i ‘f c ”S ‘. 2 f s s r no doubt be much pleased tofknow of a remedy that will s r . j ; S o S ' K i K p s s s s in erery other remedy ; it laTpUasant to taAte and smell, SsSiS.i\iasi=5 edaa useful as ever. lYhei the pain proceeds flrom the face or from the gums oround a tooth apparently sound, tola appll^tlon wlU give J^edy relief by rubbing a few Postseript* S«lB o f S R v w S * * * I * s ^ ” ^ ^ ^ P ^ i n p e o y r gold vvatolw and tiismi. «Sd« Tr*K»MTiA MTur ■AifrvrvKrr>v! «.3y *¥»r> , ADRIAN R , aiU^LER, AncBd . C h o ice DahUito|«na.|Gxeenhoa* A choice variety of dalUias and greenhouse plants, fiom the atusety of Mr. Thomas Jlnnlsp. ______ C613) ______ my23,lt HENRY Bt. LEEDS, -AucUoneet. 1*8 c ases F r c n c L aHA G e r m a n F d r e e la ln V ases, S p lendid G U t a ^ d F tO n ted D in n e r a n d T e a Sets, C a r d B a slrets, <$%., B o h e m ia n G lass m st. T l . 'J ' l i e M u t u a l L i f e I n s u r a n c e C o m p a n y W YOIUt„ JVO. S5 fV A E L S T R E E T . A m idL iO N OiT X>0JLIdAiiS O K t CRKLY Invested in B.ond5 and Mortgages on real O estate in tUs City and Bruoklvn. and stocks of the Ktato and City of New York and United States Oovern- Thifl fund Is rapidly increasing by a widely extended ad proaperoua business. Thu Company declared a dividend of profits of fifty-two per cent on all existing policies on tho 31st of January, ALL TUE PROB’ITS AIUl DIVIDED AMONG THE INSURED’ IS are parable to cash annually, semi- arterly, iitereBt being added on the de- Y e llow F e v e r a t Rio* A&BZVAL O V T a E UNlTXiD S T A T E S B K I P Xsetoigton. The United Ststeg s to r e Ship LckihSion, Lieut. Mitchell eonuMnding, *rriTed this morjuDg, 54 d»J» tiom Rio. She in detained « t Quaxantine. The yeUov fever a p ^ s r e d on board this slup Feb. m a ty ^ 1830, and A p p e a red; April lOth. During a i a titoe lb* nttiabeir b f eases was 5 8 ; of deaths 9, The whole number c f men on board was 92. Of the cases, 45 were taken sick in-port, a n d 5 a t sea. Tho fever reappeared April 17th, and disap- peared entirely on the 1st of May. During tho second visS tation there were b a t three cases and ono death. AU of these cases were second attacks. The number of men on board was seventy-one. t'prclTO of tho ship’s original crew escaped attack entitely. The last death’ooenrred April 26th—D. D. GIark, tho Pnnof*8 steward. ■pho following psrsqns d ie^of yellow fever. ^larch 2—W m. Jones, seaman. 16—W. Ryan. ■ 17—Passed Mid. Vanderhosh on shore. ; 2 2 - R . StUweU. I 25—Gunner, J. Conffor- 27—J . Bruce,invalid. April 4—^At sea. Dr. J . S. W hittle. 7—A t Bca, M. Brooks. 26—D. D. Chase, Purser’s steward. AU the officers a n d crew are now in good health. The vessel is detained a t quarantine. [Rp Bain’s Telegraph for the Evening PosL] W ashikgtok , May 23, 1S50. T H IR T Y - F I R S T CONGRESS—F i r s t Session, In Sen a te. Mr. Tumey offered a resolution to admit tho editor of the Republio to the floor of tho Senate. Mr Hale offered a resolution to appoint a commit­ tee to inquire what amendments ere required to the V Jles o f admission ‘ Mr. Mangum offered an amendment to give eaeh senator a permit to introduco one person daily. An anitnated discussion thereupon ensued. Mr. King moved to refer the subject to a select committee. Mr. Mangum moved that the affair be laid upon tho table, which was lost. After some farther debate the sahjeot was referred to a committee appointed by the Chair. The joint resolution allowing three months extra ay to tho accounting officers of tho Treasury, waa ikcn up and passed. Mr. W alker then withdrew his Cuba amendment, oiocb. extensiondininBanSpa'tkiflra and Mr. Yulee’s resolution was taken up and adopted. b?eifntor^clShs,”f a f r i S f ^ 1 ^ , to furniture, fee. impromise biU was postponed until two o’clock, and the Patent Uffleo bill is now being dis- cffe^d.tLo _____ thorn to the heavy s ' ’i K ' U f . r . S T ' s . ” ' r ; h whole of the advautagea, without Buflieeting he heavy drawhaok of accumulated premium rersons may effect insuranLe on their own lives, and the lives of others. A married woman can insure the life of her husband, the benefits or which are secured by law, for the exclusive use of hcroell or children. Clergymen and all others dfcpendent upon salaries or their daily earnings arespeciiUiy invited to avail them­ selves of a resource whereby their surviving families may be secured from the evils of penury. Pamphlets explanatory of the principles of Mutual Lift insurance, and illustrating its advantages, with forms of HSi? SSsssi, m m . Gfuverneur .M. Wilkms, James ( hambers. a v a s \ ' Vuiwi^e d I ui C ’ ’/Z 'f.M .T J ’ lo . . , . ® COLLINS.President. m n ew ^, \ B R r T T S H . Cojsuuei'cial Life ^^suranee C o m p e t u y . NO. 35 rORNHILL, LONDO.N, and 65 WALL C o i M i a i - . ^ - $ 3 , 0 0 0 , 0 0 0 . K E F K R E B S *» N E ’VV-YORK. [is ExceUoncy HAMILTON KiSH, Oov. of state of New •AN-niONY BARCLAY, Esq H. B. M StaDdioi; Counsel. H un . W illis H all Solicitor A lbi rt G allatin , Junr. Actuary for the Southm-n^^afes, resident at New JOHN WNTHROP, 65 'Walt street, New York. ift, health, happiness, beauty, love, depend on sound and In seleotlng an article of dentifrice for the teeth, great ire should be taken to avoid every thing which possesses rents purchasing for their children, to refuse every thing which is not recommended by the very best authority, o T n . l * c ~ W ^ This article has now been before tho public for nearly s r p S £ i r , S r t ; h “ : M. D , Professor of Chemistry, can be seen a t the office of the proprietor. _ M b . G. P. T hi ’B stoiv ,' Sir—I have only time to inform you that aDiptoiii has wiTh^tSlrim‘U u S ““ Besp’y your ob’t serv’t, JOHN KUHN. Seo’y Mass. Charitable Mech. Asso. This is to rertify that I have sold more of your Ivory Pearl Dentifrice than oil other Dentiftices combined, of which I have a great variety. It is unlversaUy approved. L .i.'ii’J a S . a ' a i i , To Mr. G. r. Tin osTOK City of New York, Many other important reeommendatlonB can heSBon at the office A iiK.n.1 e;..i.nr.v ..in Be made to the trade. Depot of TO D E A L E R S IS 1 OTHERS—Tho Subscribe Pare gold wedding rings. Gold guard keys, fob keys and seals. Gold and eilrer pencils, and gold pens. Ladles’ hracelete, gold lockets, gold and iilTOI Ihlffiblf s. f harins, for watch chains. Gold and silver spectacles; Sterling sftver spoons, cups, forks, fee. Gold Watehea as low as $20 to $S5 each- WatchjB and Jewelry exchanged. AU watches ranted to keep good tlma or moifty returned. Watches, Clocks, and Jewelry repaired in the beat manner, a t much less than the usual prices. GEO. C. ALLEN, Importer of Watches and Jewelry, lyl is wholesale and retail. 51 Wall st., np stairs. the skin viz • salt rheum, ringworm, sc^d head, barber’s orjaekaon itch, eczema, psorisis, paimania. &c. is with­ out a parallel in the history of medicine, a he remedy is perfectly harmless in its operation, and may be applied with safety even to the skin of the tenderest infont.— Sands’Compound Syrup of Sarsaparilla is recommended to be used to throw owt toe unhealthy humour ftom the system, and by using the S R remedy externally a t the same time, the patient may surely expect tobe safely and effectuaBy cured Bffe D. SANDS. 100 Fnlton street. -- --------------------------------------------------------------- ---- Dish Covers, plated FcrD and Spwnsi Fisted Oastorf, tntem e ts, Ccireo and Tea Urns, Tin W « ^ \Yopdeu \Vare Britannia Tea and Cc-ffee sets. Wife Dish Covers, eat Safes. Refrigerators, ice Cream Freezeia, Shower _ ... ™.... Broshes, Willow Ware, Bird Csge itis. Sheep sktos. Door aXsts, plate e Baskets, fee . fee for Sale by SMITH, TOEREY b CO., Sign of the Big Tea Kettle, EO hlaiden. lane. AND CA N ^ E S '-lO O ^ a x lts^L M ^ OBi 20 lea f o r ^ ^ y * N^OMCTOCK, 122 W e*t,^rf mylS Im _____________ cf Pey street NLjf u U L D m AHDXJSS.—ICO boxes Troy Monldcan- iT j . dies, for sile So lots to suit, by N. COMSTOCK, 123 W ^ t st mjIhlOt ______ cor. Deyrtrcet. myia gw ____________ eci. D«y street. - n t U E VITKXOL-IOO MTIANCX YJEL’V' e T s —-A larSB*®»ftoi«ntofaa.dft ^ y r i t o h : e e<gor^3^jtto<gto|an^ clock, ai The compromise bill was The yeas a{id nays wore ordered. It was decided HDUae o r EcpreBentnW ves. After the reading of the journal &o., Mr. Ander­ son introduced a bill for the relief of certain Tennes­ see volunteers, The House then rcsuined the reconsideration in reference to the Ocean steamers, and a motion was made to lay On the table tho motion to reconsider. in the affirmatSve. The chairnjan of the Committee on Milil ila ^ Af­ fairs reported a bill £o inorcase the rank and file of inittoo of the Whi J ones moved that it bo rolorred to the Com- Wholo pa the State of tho Union. Mr. Burt advocated thq immediate passage of the W ashington , Thursday, May The Intelligencer of this morning Says, tht United State$ frigate Congress is at anchc ler off the Naval HospitaJ a t Norfolk. Her commander and nearly all of her crew are on board, and she will sail in a few days. Tho rorpoige is waiting for a crow off Norfolk ; and the Raritan is undergoing repairs, and will soon bo ready for sea- . telegraphic d owing inlelligo patch furnishes us with the following inlelUgonoo from Washington—May 2lJ : The Nicaragua treaty has been confirmed by the Senate. The demooratio senators voted against the There is a tolcgraphio despatch in town to the ef­ fect that Gen. Quitman, of Mississippi, had positive­ ly resigned his commission as Governor, and had gone to C'uba, as leader of tho expedition. Burke will leave the Union newspaper, on the 3lst inst., and become a legql agent of the telo- mt it is expected that lake such extreme pro-slavery gr r o u n d apb company. In this 10 C'nitm will take such extreme pro-slavery g ^ i to supersede the necessity for a new southern pr- C o r respoaaence o r tlio E v e n in g P o s t. ■■ W ashington , May 22d, 1850. An exeentive session of an hour or more was held by the Senate this afternoon. The session, it is re­ ported, was passed in considering and confirming the imination of a number of marshals, whoso cases had been reported from J udge Butler’s committee, and whose services will bo put in Immediate raQuisItion. readyto fight aU pi communicated to _ Abo uuiou u»¥o Dccu BO oiion laKon np ana lurne looked at and laid down again, that it begii questioned whether they wSl not finally be tur with tho endorsement. “ You aint good-looking And you can’t stay i n ;’’ among which are those of Gov. Letcher, a t Mexico; Barringer, at Madrid, and Van Allen at the Equador, and to Bailie Peyton in Chili. 1 have n ot heard whe­ ther the fame of those twelve thousand extra pieces has reached tho Senate chamber, orotherwiso. Were --------- ’sons on trial in such a case, it might; ipinion of honorable Senators th a t ' igh for one man, under one Adminis i find that the oonjeotores to which 1 referred, that Hon. John Y’oung’s mission to the capital had any connection with the unappropriated mission to Prus­ sia, were unfounded. The Governor came to cpasalt with Meredith about tho transier of coin frqm the sub-treasury vault at New York, of which he Carries tho koy, to the custody of the officers of the Mint at Philadelphia, a transfer required by the reodnt act coDcbrniog tho deposit of coin and the payniSnt for bullion deposited for coinage. J Itjis stated that the amount now in the offigeL^ a t New York is very large, amounting to five or six millions, but that the mode of transfer and the quan­ tities to be remitted to Philadelphia were matters not exactly understood by the officers responsible for ac­ tion in the premises. 1 presume Mr. Young went back with adequate instructions. The merchants and money dealers of New York w( eirous that the removal of large amc their own to the neighboring city si______ _ unless absolutely indupCnsable, and it would appear that an arrangement for the payment af coin for bullion in New York would not be impracticaWe. Mr. Ulay beat a p a recruit today in an nnexpected quarter. Downs, of Louisiana, who heretofore baa wandered about as if lost to a cane-brake, but manag­ ing to m n his nose against any political protuber­ ance advanced by the most progressive of the slavery oiteneion echool, has a t length found rest for the solo of bis foot, and came oat with an earnest cry and prayer addressed to his brethren of the flock, gather around M- -» ---- j -i— i ---- The National Era liays, after this, we may expect only four southe-n men to vote against Clay’s scheme.” However, I still think there willbe fonnd on the test vote nearer a dozen. You will notice that Pratt offered a modification of Jefferson Davis’s amendment, making i t less objec­ tionable to Cass and the non-ihtervention tail. It was given him by Fooie, and came originally from Gass. I t amounts to the same as Davis’s own pi sition, b a t the words are different. The Galpbin affair ia to be brazened out, th a t Is clean It ia very well. It Gen. Taylor is-content with Crawford, tho democrats as partlzahs have the best reason to be contented with both. X. 1ASTOR OIL-CU batieis prime Ho. I, jodo shade tor sale by WM T. HICKS & tf 0-, my22 149 and 161 Front street. 41'FKAI* ----- - ----- - ----------------- ^---------- = Straw! T A Y I ^ ^ Saloon. Bsya? 857 Broadway, opposite the Tabernacle y U O T DO USE G K A F E S , «t J H . J. TAYLOa«S, Saloon, my22 357 BrCtdwsy. opposite the Tahemacle. T N R E 'm STBA ’tVBERJEUES-Jast'rM M T ed'a JC jQtof flneripe'fftrawberrie* a t iay22 THOMPSON fe SON’S. 236 Broadway, ^ T i t K L F A l f C Y e<JO»S,Be»dS,liH;*cl**P»jfW*e. clatpf,$hirt*hattims, yeBt-ebains, Bag-tesfeUyBag- xtogs, Bag«nd Purse1 iringe,ringe, foror sAeAe h y _ _ i f s By J. GODDARD,, Agent, ______ 30 Cedarsto, up staL’S. n a i o i s J E T BC XX 0 9 S , fox ttfo by Jtr_ my22 J . GODDARD, 30U e ^ j t e ^ U p r t ^ . ^^^woK^i^pparal, fe«- I t fop^bU ltB u y lucvA b ! taken In mlitaka The above reward will he ]^ticL ' JufOTmatiou leading to ite recovery, Apply to . a ^ i r ^ -WJL NJEM 0N,»180 ' BBUCE CHILTGNr . MOdNBYl wffl » « t o -MOBKOPST, sato London, volar, cntcel, mantel xnd other f t ' . ................................ house is thirty feet in 'tv ifith and fifty feet m aepih, and the west­ erly hal» of iu as Wgb as the secondJ^tory, is 6ix»y-ODe feet deep. It has been bot t in the roost snbstanUal manner for the owner’s own oecupatioa. and wth great regard to comtort and conv^m- F i n e F r e s li T e a s. BRUCE A. CHILTON, Auctioneer RxecuitoT’s Sale o f H o u s e h o ld F u r n i t u r e , v e r P l a t e , 'W ines, S e g a n , &c, * c . SILVER PLATE. - . . - S M WINES AND SEGARS. s i ' f i - s s s f s r ^ “ \ = a S a S S p ^ ' ^ a ' \ - - . - g . - - WM. H. FRANKLIN, Auctioneer. ofJthavenneand a g j g s g r g — r > and lOlfel street, rest eofnierofdth ovjiiittB imd 301st street, le northwestcorner of 4th avemie and l02d street. ■ iss,-— [)f 86tii street, 100 feet et east ot 4tb oflOlst street. 100 feet 2 t west of 4th ., _ ___ _ side of lOlst street, 100 feet w&t of 4th 102d street, 100 feet west Street. 100 feet west of 4tti “S ' f S I S S f S i f leetftar,«id 100 feet 10 ANTHONV j . BLEECKER, Anotioner. »oreiJiptory Sale o f F o u r Tfionsatid BnU illng Lota a n d v a lu a b le W a t e r F r o n ts, In th e m t h e prem ises, b y opder ot tn» a n d C h a r les C. K in g , ANDREW MOUNT, AuoUoneer. & ■ . ^ 4 f In the u«naJ variety of packages. and extra fine grades, wel! wortliy the ____ 5>vl76t_ F o i ^ - J S j f c c w a t t B H l o 'C J iiy * ' * , 3 P * s a i a ^ « x m m m J B L L W J P . ■ ill* boMtRiilI%h|.<ltoftirig , . I t F o r « a i i j ^ a n c l s c o a n d ^ p i i t l i S a f i j P r a i i c i s c o i DALIFD& SIA. ! Th* copper fastenedand new coppered Cinfoh ffaoKet c x . m E A ’i f i o i i i ” , . HENRY ,S. RRQWN, Uomaitoder, . WiU JmvBJmmcaiptedlepstch, h»vtog-|i Ikrgd porttnu Of her freight engaged and now going ou hoarff. J Her he. tween dectoare udfliitobiy oricid»tea.fi)rv;aIn*NeA feud po^engert.’ SHppers c inj arnang* to hsve 5 i i ^ r r ~ b . x « ote * ! o = i » i \ V , . . . F irst • V essels. G ^ E A T s m i m d ------------------------------------ CLIPPER SHIP I r C A m n i ^ G T O J Y , todocementstoshippers. T ISlmp W ^lbot, Blick, x^aster, At pier SEVCNT, Jforth ItiTer^'^Ting a. ^ g e tiortioTi &t fcer cargo CBgaged, find going Oil'bCfird, will be dUpatohe^ifi a fow d a ^ . Shippers ’wishing to afolfl delay wlS please obserre tr dispatch giTen by this line. Freights taken a t t^e lowest rfiteg. ipyI4 ; b . StrrXQK % CO.3 U ^al^ at. n!to*a“ iJrTkA£”a»A*u**^ M oM*s. : R e g u lar P a c k e t L ine F O R SAN PRASfCISCO S l R E O ^ j First i^essel. The favorite packet ship H A I D E E , HaTlog elegaiitfi^nished accommodation will be despatched in a few d passed- FassengefS will do well to examine the veesel at Pier 7, East River, before engaging elsewhere. , Ap^y to ISAAC T. SMITH, my 20 101 'Wall street. S i C O o 7 ^ C a l i f o r n i a P a e h a g e E X P K E S S s V IA T H E ISTHM US O F p A S tA S tA . A ® ™ ^ s to the Calilornja tween New Torfcond t.xpresse and the .•3»vc \j%*a ly. and all freight entrosted to fig-for those poi— - ------- forwarded witfioot delay on arriyat of the steamers, ^ Freight mujt invariably be pre-paid; and to Insiire It going forward with dispatch, should ho delivered to iM oi the day prior to the steamer’s dr— will be received u ntil 12 o’clock o Consigners will please bear ia must I’l'e duty certified at tho CuS' _ _ , _ . in to our office for transmission with the goods myl7istf . ADAMS fe’CQ,.t8~Wali;st. STEAM COAL FOfe S A L E . Ships w a n ted fo r tm P a c itic, hp H. B T E3J B E T T S 50 W a U S t r e e t , t .N e w Y orJt. M a y iU ___________ > Cumberland Steam Coal* yeOM THE . M I N E S , offers to visitors g beantiftfl TfsiJ^ A ,.„ , Elyeien Field?, a re h«pt to exoeiiBnt5^eru Ferry hoatsleavo-fov Hdbokeir. wfeJJows* Froin Darday etregt BT«y qRartw of stiJwiiS |u(?a* F R O S T B U R G M A R Y L A N D . H . A . t u c k e r . I i ACKJ l WAIVJSA g o a h - n n e u s DELAWAHE AND HUDSd^ CANAI- OOM- JL PANY haying, by the recent enlargemOfit iff their canal, greatly increased their facilities, will be prepfi^^ by the ifith of I ' * ' \ dealers and ' ’ Ticinity; at ed with despatch. Sampled of the yficious filzes of the hrokes coal esn be seen a t the office of the Company, 91 Wall strevt, where all applications must be made. New York, April SO, 1850. apSOistf _______ ISAAC N. SEYMOUR, Treasurer, JBOARDISC AND DAY SCHOOD. Tj^O R YOUiSG liA D IB S , Wert 23d street, corner JC; ot Stn Avennei—Every attention is here offered, to te the moral onltnre and intetteotual improvement ' a thorough knowledge of _______ _ _ mental branches of eduoi ___ ____ tererted are invited to colt, where info jnatlon relative to the School will be given. The French language is spoken by several memhers of. Mi*} SekaFamily School,” and great attention paid to, Musio. Theto’is one reasonable charge iZiade for 'board. »nd tuition wllhOtcban extra. ■myabStgfef . F. J. fe C. A- PODGE, Prlnolpsls. principal towns in the Uilted Kflt«dud. fiMddaj which he is duly authorised to reoelJB ddrerseasJSSnfo and Bubscripitlons, and tuUy empowered to^^^^eo|ipm, | t orders at the office, or address PALMES, Americaa Newspaper Agent, Tribune Buiiaingi, Ths cost of «dvertlBing-ta country papers • a list r the cities and towns thpon^ont tijeUjffon,:to^whicl ^ThnneEnTldtoiiig nay he seen a t his offieein the Tribune Bnildtoin' ____ ^ Sale o f C a n n o n a . _____ T a x d , BiEOojl CAERONADl J pounder; S3 4^; 3 82s; 19 12 [onara; 3 Swvels. TennsCash. The above to to removed from the yard as soot aftetihesaleastheConunamlantoffoe Yard may direct. mj>8 8UFBBMB CPURT. rr!.., ^ •* partition. UL For the plan adopted by the Board, one hundred and sev. in the opinion of the Board of Cover- Eightfi-ThecoUttraenouhtiraii with a view ot an enlareenwntjo i fifteen imndred peuon^. Office of I myl6.23.30J^J3;ao] 5 3 . W C ^ 1 r t r e e t . i ^ * ^ ^ . TO iapA C H H IG PO W D B !a.^anspt*ttfo hfet \do ' ffif^*j^*^^toi^Te*tN « w Y i»fc ' S S s i S i whore maps and ’ „ ____ n on mortgage or 90 build immei^fitdy. >Apply ti> Qctioncers No, 9 Wall } with full particoiaxs inay I ____________ap30 ImyfeF ia T JK O W S ’S BSSENC3B O F JA M A I C A G IS JD G K R — This essence is a preparatlhh of nnusnal excellence and of varied propertl'S. In all esses whereW: powerful and safe stimulant Is required, i t is unriraUt' for its efficacy as well as immediate sotlon- To the tri velier and to the family circle i t is invaluable, sis a fe,. drops, diluted Instigarand wator, preBent a safe and agreeable remedy to the invalid who requires immediate relief, as well as to the convaiosoent patient who needs a gentle tonic. During the prevalence of cholera i t hak proved a moBteffioient remedy in'preventing the weak­ ness and relaxation of the .^owelawnich Induce diar P IAN O FO R T E S . N U N N S Ac G X i A B K , MXBUFXCTUBBBS XltP rKOrKISyURS OIP COLEMAN’S PATENT JEOLIAN ATTAiiHitfetlT N o . aSY SiEoadWAy, o p r o i i T * * j t k o u t RASt» W A R E ROOMS AND M ANUFACTORlf, lOA, lOS a n d 108 TfotEd feTeutiB? W H E R K AN E M S e h vT siyeaasortin. « t of superior PIANOS, Of the mtot modem styles, made i s their WaU hnowii sub ; Btantfol manner, foom the W t 8easosedinatetiaIs,andbY experienced meclanlor, under onfiWB^atoJuporvfoiiw. Purchasers will not regret *i» Mauntoatlon before h n ^ g ---- 1 ---- uusl ------------ - have purehased RaSdif«£ ilniaj *11: qf which bave^ivcnnnjversal ?afidStetipiB, h*A-whea iaty vxcfiumgefiw New - ------------- —i ------ ■ \ - - casw pitmw Torfajs T H K D U S S B l i U p d ^ ^ A K ^ ^ ogiH^ lg|:fient8. y a J ilta N t?N N 8 » :eLANfe. A N O P A S S A f i s T f i o n C ^ y ^ “ * Y '* m m m 50“ c r i ? ^ l r ^ ^ 6 t w s rgittrholM risj»sdret6lt«T Idy*' G£0.< \ WMte,4J0toS t e d k o ^ f i i is Ohetowmete*; Ihav# Observato^ to. L{vei|>toa, Vrlwcw ;■ 1 i:-

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