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THE EVENING POST: NEW YORE, THURSDAY. MAY 185D. . : antitnpated m o ^ ^ e n ts o f SStaUiEauis, a ^ sBonlPanb,% b & Iitoria b & ^ t a y o f tap- •Wajfds o f e>,<K)5aica, i M Usblnaitary,Skiil»Si<i intw - p j^ ly 0fQ€tt«Ghai3gstnScti.AtethoJ»al«®<:aritic«<in which the p rotectioa o f society depends. —T h e hotel-iceeperaofJPsris aro-in g reat epHtaat- present. Perhapk a t lio pedsd^ eroa in tl*® |)aliny daysofL o tiia P h i l j p ^ Were there •«> many stran­ gers, aadoscec!*ny o f Fngiish. fal Pans* Erery hotel is c rowacd,nn(i the prices o f apartment® »<n n- sing far beyopd what is considered nonarf ^ pepnblio. l i m atters go tameh farther none b u t arttt/is can stand it. The f •hy this rrind&il, and consii which devours every thing any thing 0111 a mis&rtane tipn displayed by tho Jloman Oatbvho aacmbeis of the GhflEcil of >GoveniEiait entnrsted with ^the amendmeiit o f th4 eaid code. . 'Thdgrdnnds o f the Bishop’s campl^int may ho ins ferredfrom the following paragraph, in the M a lta Mail o f M a n ^ 39. ' “ On Sunday last, we a reinfotmed,hoticew as»ven in tho Koman CathoUo churches, that for the mture no iatenaarrw ^es would Bo pem itted between pay­ ees, one of whom professed the Roman Catholic and tedral church of St. Paul, tl no banns of marriage w «ild be put lemnityemnity performederforined betweenetween pa:a \tis lin g b u t a misiortune. , - * l p S p r as a b o ferof o p ] ^ b?fho ? f 1 h f f c n t a a o f e f w hat ought to be the greatest of blessings, mmonly abundant harvest, and th a t n o t con- ruJ to one locality or one country, but extending il over Europe H ad the corh-iawg hssn in full vi- f-r. the price of Com Would probably not have been iknesa, so unceremoniously c< THE EVEifING POST. t h u k s d a v e v e n i n g , m a y 2. 3 are ptiblighing Governor events, U ia certain that in France, and all oth- ' , iinst the low price o / ^ m jns't as lustily' £ ! “ '•i*® Horse of Kepretentatives a t Washington. <-nt againfit the low those of England. le apsech, delivered f Kepretentatives a t Washington. A A correspondent of the Hartford Republican, a native — I ’cspatche* received from M ayotte to tlm 11th of I'irgioia, residing in Maryland, speaks of it in I mb r, oaaounce the death of M Moanet, bishop , terms • • “” iitad my ^ m iration, Md ' i i s ;‘n‘; au 1 wh.( h baa been in a Elate of suspended a n i ti n lor several weeks, in consequei ■an.a; are traiu which ha7a excitcd m' production. U cannot fail to do good among hiscon- stitnenta, whUe doing them honor. Its cironlation - . -'ditor, \ S : T;..M the l ^ h f i t , for the 5^5,0 ef its heartiness : for there is a gi a its stoad effering but little attraction, few p-erson attended, except in the pit, where so much noise was j made th a t the c.ommissary of police ordered the thea- ( Tbe Alen^'.-riez/ H tie*i saya ; “ All of a eud.icn appeared faces known for wofuUy mistaken The slaveholder of intelligeoceand h is'h™ rt^f h e a r ts '\\e spa^feTbefo^^^^^ that hi? course is hot nataral—not reasonable—not mc-D, when they come south, as Kepres*.. j Congre.-s, or adventurers in trade Theverect a false ___ _ ......... ............. o ___ line, which they ever keep in view They imagine ; thi! rjf is\^ go on with its manifestation, and the polics ionnd it | destroys the influence of their southern residence, or DO ea.sy matter to have the balcony evacuated and ; their associations of private and public lile, of sorie- Closed. ?ome charges of dragoons soon diminiEhed 1 ty, and of trade. I have witnessed some lamentable the number of the persons in the street, and, several I insiances of it in Congress, daring the former as well arrests having bean made, quiet appeared likely to be , as the present Congress .” fiibm-yur.\ •• • crying o u t, ‘ A has le cammiraaire central r ‘ Assom- which many norlhem politicians will never mtz is eommieaire central.’’ it so happened that ' leam. There is an invincible proclivity in men tbe functionary aliuded to was within a few yards of . of a certain character, to conform their opinions to h ; fr eels, a sthiagle ensued, which mig'at have termi- , ca!—it drags feebler minds along with i t ; it exacts t v .c i . t . ’he rescue of the man, had not a body of ^nj receives a sort of instinctive obtdiecce. Thi.i.we rnVv',V\Mng“party fle“ ‘l“ ?ing^he” ^ r im r a d t^ ^ ^ sapp..se, is tbe principal Ecorot of the prciiminance han.-ot he commissary. '1 he troops behave iaim ira- . o.\ .-.uthern influence in the government A man of bly tnroughout.” | feeble resolution, sent from a norihern state to Cun- The .same journal adds that.at ten o'clock all was . gress, cannot, without the aid of groat native hon- pe.faUy quiet. | e E', withstand the power wluca the bold and aisured —The correspondent of the Times, a t Athens, has • demeanor of . the southern members gives them one of his temperament. It is equally E 'oreign Item s . [Ptepered for the Eveniiig Post ] Tho Rev, Canon Bowles, the poet, whose eontro- VBT^ with Byron may be rccoUecied by many, died at Salfibuiy, in England, on the 7th iastaut. a t tho advanecd age of S). —The inhabitants of SheSeld are about to erect a monmnent to Ebenezer Elliott, the corn-law rhypner. —Accounts from Russia announce that M. Bodisco, minister of the Czar to tho United States, instead of being banished to Siberia, has bees decorated by the Emperor with the g rand cross of tho order of Waldi- mar, And wiil ehoitly set o a t on his return to Wash- —Marlborough House, the. residence of the late (.iueen Howager^has been given by h e r Majesty to the Prince of Wales. The pnnee, however, is too young to have a ” household” of his own, and tho .Vernon picture! til the pric 7 shall hav uutil the prince shall bo of age, darged tc —'The Norfolk Chronido announces that Ur. Wolff has volunteered to Lady Franklin to accom]pany ive been enlarged to reoeive them. dy Franklin to accom icdition to the North Pole, or to go by land ’ Eeqimaux, amongst whom some of his connlry- miEsionarlos, in search of Sir John Franklin. men are —Sir P . R oes . Governor of St. Helena, was in very declmiitg state of health on the 20th of Febri andnot expected to survive more than two —The Sultan of T u rkey had a daughter born to him last month. In a few days after its birth his ministers and other dignitaries were invited to tbe funeral of the little creature, which lived but to re- c«ire the name of Mckabile, ^Fortune-\) —Tho people of Tvy^key have boea much surprised the arrival of several hundred new c> nverts Mahommedanism, in a late 'Jinube steamer. Th are mostly Poles, who have abjured their faith, would seem, forcibly, in order to spin out a ft months of Ktfeerabie ssistence, and were treated by Dmcr Pacha in tho most kindil and paternal mani being clothed, fed, and treated as sub-offleers. It, the good treatment they have received has had such an effect on the majority of the exiles, that hun- d.-eds were flocking to Bucharest in order to be en­ rolled under the banner of Omer Pacha, and tbon- sands wilt quit their homes for a similar faro —The Countess Hahn-Hahn, the well known authoress, has ahjared tbe protestant faith. —Tho <iueea of Spain is about to enter the seventh month of her pregnancy, and two phy.ricians, ap- ited by the C'hambers'.Teft .Madrid on the 24lh , to choose, in the mountains of Santaadar, two healthy nurses to tuckle the Royal infant. —An American chutn has been exhibited before the Lord Mayor, of London, which in ten minute.- produced four pounds of hatter from four quarts of (demb was chosen P resident pra itm . o f ! by fil^en o a t c f twenty votes. M i. H . 5 . Fnllsrwas Izing.Jind adjoutned the evening. Tho h e tenth and last ballot foi er stood: P r a tt, dem., 106 ; Dutton, whig, 91 ; Hooker, free soil, 18; and scattering, 3. There were absent two democrats and ono whig. In the evening there wore four morobaUotirlho last of which E tooi, Pratt 92, Dutton 96, Hooker 12. and Scattering 19. in easo the bouse does not succeed in getting an organization to-day, there will bo no election of Governor, as the constitution provides that tho Governor shall be chosen on tho Eocondday of tho secskn In that event, the present Governor wUl hold over. ^ mm Ingham ?end“t ^ . M r*rjon«* ’ th e Senate, I None of the courts were in session up to twelve o'clock CosBECTictT LEOisiJi'rimi.--Tliisl)odjMsi!mblf(i j t N i ^ Haven, May 1st. Tho Hon. Samt Th|e Hottse failed in organiziog,and adjour nn- T tenth and la st ballot for speak- P r a tt, dem ., 106 ; Datton, whig. SoUTHBT’f F i EST ACQTTAItTrASCB -WITH S helle V. —In the life o f Southey, lo s t reprinted by the Har­ pers, we find tbe following, in a letter to a friend t “ Here is a man a t Keswick, who acts upon mo m my own ghost would do. He is just what I was in 1794. His name is Shelley, son to the member from tr entailed upon him. Sbor^ham;, with and as much more inning with ron wit^ pratry at t Eton, be passed, s s s ^ taphysicj ; printed half a dczsin titled ‘ T he Necessity o f Athei name is Shelley, _ w j G&,000 a year entailed upon h: . h more in his fether’s pKiwer to cut off- ig with romances of ghosts s.nd murder, and itr y a Eton, be p at-Oxford, into me- ■ -a pages, whieh ho en- l e lsm s e n t one anony- pectation, 1 euppose, of in conBequenca, mar- ' being turned out of they both are, in lodg- ........ . . . — m- U5lj to Copiestone, in frxpectotion, I eapp c^nvertiDg him , tras expelled in coasequenea ried a girl ui s^jventeen, after bt doors by his father ; and here T be P.iTEBcfi.v LxEcuriopi.—The execution Peterson, on Tuesday, eeema to have been a m. disgusting scene than our correspondent represented., The chUdren ! them. He is come .to the fitjest physiciM n of the murdei i neighboring iifaer windows, flippant style, mads his appec afternoon there world. A t present ho has got to the Fanthoistio stage of philosophy, and, in the course of a week, 1 expect ________ he will be a Berkleyan, for I have put him upon a sems were 1 ooursB of Berkley. It has surprised him a good deal , ’ , ; , to meet, for the first time in his life, with a man who iverlookmg , pg^fg^-jy uuderetands him, and does him full j u i ^ e :red persons, it set isent at the execution—the females ov a a neighboring window—while there were wo- ,1 tell him that aU tho difference between ns Is, that men in other windows, talking and jesting in tho most j he is ninoteen, and I am thirty-seven ; and I dare say The crowd outside, when theprisoner | that^be A y be a true philosopher, and iomnee, gave eeveral cheers, and in the ; qq ^ good deal of good with i66,<joo a y e a r ; the :0 was all the) drinking,and frolicking ! thooghtof which tr ■ ■ --------- ' * that is usual on a hoi drinking .and frolicking , thooghto f which troubles him a great deal more a < f , - I . . ™ . . r 1. a . : C L S ”. I Z A - Z ' - Newark Uai y A d v trtueraiJis: \ ____ -:;,Sf;a'Ls;. fsivSJEX1 „ n - - . . f>o the seaffoid, after the body was taivcn down, Liid ‘ —T he Kev 1 >r. Daird state? that in tho north ot i:-a- ’ ’ ‘ i rope, whore the son remains above the horizon fur immnding homo ' mouths, the foiitb go to ro>j?t a t a uniform hour mthe mta of thia oxhi- afternoon. By what other law than this is it that upon the scaffold, aftc looked into the coffin^ I ■..'n'iniR ________ der tbem.less kale as mcmheis c %Ve sb-'uJd think that there could be no hesitation In answering each a qnesiian. L ater F eo :, i F orto Kn o I piy'it to tho tides. *’lt isabsurd. ’‘'instinct'’ means ! k S - H ’ k Sr.\e S H S ' .p- eratiOQ of this law may be noticed every day, in our city, by the conduct of the horat Loud, of the nibusses When s i ticed every dayi loracs attached to our om- temperament. 1 true that they despise those whom they ovorawt I this manner, as the aneienl Greeks despised their un- e Lydian. captiVes. They are conscious of to a dceent'termination, but the money which may , moral kuperio be awarded t« Don Facifico beyond tbe strict value <f Ice furniture of a hovel in which bo lived on pri­ vate charity in Athens, is money which an LugUsh Uiic.i>iry eh^uld blush to receive. , A Faria correspondent of the -Morning Chronicle j 5 between (ircccc I - H i k ; Lydian.capt,vek They an u, a decent termination, but the money which may , moral Superiority over these passive instruments uf theirs which makes respect impossible. From tho time when the Virginia Fcandoiph taunted the nurihern members of Congress with mean and cowardly pliancy, the present moment, when th>- same cringing a the part of certain of the ropresoa'auvts ‘\\-’The differences between Kng!,ar.d and ,-,r„ cc | i.^ye been, brought to an atn.cable terinLnatioa- Ik.th ! thti truth La.-* uuoti i-fton ruc-'gii-.Hcd, tLo Krigiiah aad tireek guveramecta have shown a has pru-Iucc i lit'Ie practical clTect A uirti Fronc^l^or\“ ^^tl^l: X | iiiAtructions sent by Lord Palmerston to x\lr. W_vt«, | aimunniUcn. tkfr iiriUaii A-limster a t Athens, were to tho tfftrct that . \1 he con'^u^rord of the J’.'jtBiin fiffipipS 68ihl& ftOlU he >huuld contorm entirely to the decision of ihe | tho north, hut those who th»ir chariot whcM V drag our great d uoon atid oa-rried .^ut. ' ctiiinoi wneerU are a soa^Lom raco- 1 hey .it-ioQs laid down by Baron Gros, ajj an. at present s-'me di,?tjnga:4keJ porjioiiageS Ui iKeir hie terimnatloa of tho affa-r. Sir \VUliam i'a*4ver j tram, wbo ?eem unconscious of their situation ami r z LtIgll^h squadron. Un the other hai ha-s almost completely terminated his exarumafion ol j the pretensions put forwa^rd by England, and has re­ duced them tO a Very ennsiderabie extent fur in j stancetance thehe iDdemijitycdemiii cUitaed by M I’acibcu ha^ been i s t i r d’lced from twelve hundred vejffcvn ihou>aiid franco The question ul ihi-Gdii «i trie lirttish satje.jts of the iGnian islands ha..* ai h-’tu >ef.tled.Med. inn thehe courseourse of a *'''*• ' —~ • i t c of a few . w; oi the conclusion ol the Angio . *retk diffciei riy be lookedLed for;or; andnd ihudl an wmch at f a l 'LUit - fciacd HO ihreatcaing inx- been b-roughf to au ec ^ The * I reek comi •eem unconscivi ielve.-^ with jingling their fetters These rak* from their delusion after the UsuO ul the battle Soon to be foeght have been decided. KK OKGA.MZ.VTlOS O F T I IK FA I I T Y I.% n.-aud liar.es t.i .-e ' T U K f I T Y , uti.ior.rioodth;U the .''achcui.i of the 'I'amminy days ihc oiTicin \'•CH-’y have by a vote I'l to 1, l-'achem .M. .’v! ' h beir^' alisei. .._ tcn t of the people. —By tho new I ’osial Treaty bet England, the postage on ail letters from the I'nited ■ ^ai .•'laics, as well as those passing through England 1 France am i the I'nite, !rum twenty to six pence 1 here is also to be at ^ . also to be an siiBiiati. n of weights jimilar to what exists between f.ng and and the United citates - i'Lo weather both ia Fnglami and Ireland U a..,.i, and generally the crops liuk reniaikabiy well jcracy of this city r clccliOQ districts. iion was m limit the amount of thi ;emt.nts have been mmle for the FontifTs return wuuiJ arrive a t Tercino on Sunday. This deter 5 notwitb.Handing the contractors jveh notice of their intention to f the lean to thd*sum already paid —The J3,.!.,gna Gaz.;;e, states, from Home, that the Holy Father having expressed a desire that no expensiverpreparations should be made on the oc- oaslun of his return, the .works that bad bean com­ menced by the Minister of Fublio Works and the irun.i-ipality for that purpose had been suspended \i he 2Ut regiment of trench troops and a battery .iro t\ proceed to Velietria, to receive rite Fope with da-, h nofs. -\ letter from Naples of the 1st says “ 'Ih .' oGi-ers of the French squadron, headed by the admiral and the ambassador, .M. de Kaynevai. were received by the Fope, at the Chateau ol Forriei .m the -Othu ult. T'aore is nothing remarkable in this rc.-ulenco, except its -i-'.alien; the furniture is very ni.j iest.jhe de.ioratiotis faded, the saloons deserted. . ei.t) roeoniir..indel the 1 enc.-'t! I'om- s^*tbe p X X X d t r o p e i vlv-.-ti .n on the evening if I *.Le flOtb. of .'-1 ly, of a lletn.eratio C-ounty I'lnven- ;o prepare a detailed and efficient organitalioc. for the Iiomocrac; coavennon i.s to be chosen by one delegate to each district, and is to meet at T a m ­ many Hal! on tho 221 of .May. The principal ob>cts contemplated in th,- call of this Convention are, w e learn, a j Ian of rcpr-.-sen-atioa in eonvt-ntions and -•ouunittees, w'lic’a will be more equal in regard to population than is jnaclicable under the pre.-ent sys rem -, and a sy ,-t-.ui of primary elections which shall secure greite. .j..,-; li -- s and purity than has lately hocn att.aioaf'.e. These are great and iinportant re- locms. much required, and if the proposed conven- uplishtheu'. It wiU renderan essential the dcmirrati.. cau-t sf-UECU'En F aim re —Tho citizens of Richmond, convcu.d in public lueeliug in that city ,e against the convention—was chosen chairman, and Mr W. F Ritchie, one of the editors of the Richmond En­ quirer, acted as a secretary. Me.ssrs li G. Scott and Hon. James A. Beddun delivered speeches in fa- Esq id crops I joj Letters of the 4th, from Rome, state that final ar- ] t‘on shall acc-,.m] (Va^) ■ evening last, to consider tl tiestes to thehe proposedroposed N'aashville n D o v e-an ominous name i sending delega to t p N Conven­ tion. Jam es A. Beddun delivered vorofthe convention, and Wm. H McFarland, 1 isition to it. Finally, a vote was taken, ions declaring agninst sending delegates to the convention, were aduptei by a poll of 214 to RM ■tilicatic received by the Fope, a t the Chateau ol Forrici i ^ c -o th lt. T ’qore is nothing remarkable in this I unexpected result, and n enco, i-xcfpt its -i-'.alien ; the furniture is very ] te-ms; — cMm’!'‘and“fntX g 9 n L ” The admiral, a lter having expressed to tho Fope, in the name of the officers of the squadron, all the ivention, umler the circum- - that it may servo to de- qaostion on whieh that they may be close observation IS that the policy of the whole field still convinces us th a t the poll sanctioned by the small vote on Friday night will fatal to oar honor, interests, and peace.” FoTTEitY.—At tho Greenwich Pottery of Mr. W Smith, in VV’est Eighteenth street, where vitrified lade, which will last in tho ground a name of the officers of the squadron, all the’ ' P'Pes are ma .3 they owed him f ir the audience be 'uad deign- ! 1 mg as the vitrified forts of G reat Britain—and IheSt , have lasted, it is suppesoj, s!n.:o tho days of the ) I'lcts —an ingenious process is employed for the ma- I hi men, t .■‘'r-cccivo the officers of the French •■ju'a iron i king of stone bottles A mass ef clay is placed in I :ng i I shall never forget what France h n done fnr m ? f-r m ull of the de-ir> ! firms the neck of the hettio. A t the point of the I iRb'.Tr.'hS;“, i;r.i.r'.“i*:; I -.f sure . they have procured me during my stay at ■ J . Gaeta all sorts of consolation. I could desire to bless Bull i France, as I now bless you.’ A t these words all the iesired shape, and a rapidly revolving made to enter tho clay a t the end which if the hettio. A t I loulder of manner almost with the rapidity of nails from a nail j catting machini: .A little farther attention is neces- ----- - sm-eothing the mouths of the bottles, alter dried and bak-d. igh we can make stone botties chea] p.;.-'3'.ng the shoulder of the buttie erects itself to le with the spindle, and hollows out tho 1 instant, pressing it Srmly against the I —A letter from Florence, giving news from Roms I 9 S of the 2d. s tates that the triumphal arch erected at i sary I Velietria, in honor of the Pope's return, had been I ahieh thev l U ^ burned daring the n igh. But though we can make stone botties cheaper l,„f .Tts;ir.arpVol‘.\.'f;iV“ 'S’or;r.r,!;',k“ ‘-\-v i-\ ..n.,,,.,.. * B t gelu, Gaszolo, who had boen sentvDGci to confiue- ' viir.fit-d draiu pipus, her: i.- no euoh rui'Dt iU & mocaai-ery for alleged wntiugs re- 1 ihing a? Lrna;::v‘ii‘di f'uUery lu our country Wu % the best c a y ln the wend; mere ts no finer violent shock r-^ the nerves of the Cardinal V fear Fa ! Iron, the earth than ts lound on the ™ trizi, who, sts his servants relate, treads the floor of i shore of Long Island Bound at i Hen Cuvei btlt it is his palaoe like a wild b east th a t has lost his prey He ( usgg only for objects of strict utility. In France, b e . propo: by the goverr -whisp-ered to very t;m.d man, hi-itated vessels of great beauty and va­ riety of forms, in looking over the annual eshi of tbe indusiriaj arts in F rt at to put them down. It has b ■ iT i a-- r mvsteni-usly leit iqeu, and was actually pushed I fiBu'e-Wtould ■ out by his leiiow-prisoner.- He thea wandered about . ■ th.. ca.stle. and lost his way. and finally was sent put t I — * ' of the c.nstle in a Very courteous manner by theTcefleh } over the annual eshibltions siriaj arts in France, the spectator is led to admire Jthe infinite diversity cf beaattfiil patterns into whiojt this-material is wrought by the skiU of the hrtizan. Vases of red baked earth are made to illy wa.3 set of the c.-vstie in a Very courteous manner by thefi- s j 1 who thought he had tntro lueeJ bimselt not knuvnug himj mio the c a rle to a.d sonre prism to escape GER.’VI.ANT. take forma of the finest fymmetry, and the foliage with'which they uld bo exeouted _______ . made of this i Icons manner by thefi- jetSch ( td distingmsfied K id tntro lue e i biuiselt trhey . sfihrppess of put!ine e embellished are os d bo execut by the chisel. Medallions e of this red clay, in which the features ed men are given with an exactness and trhey V sfihrppess of outl not to be surpassed In ItaJy^ soner f reberu t1 ^ a r t was first cultivated, the worker in this ___________ ’ • I matltyial takes a. rank among artists, and tho works The Roman Catholic clergy in Austria have be/n ' ‘‘® brought home by travellers, who give 0 ideavoring to get up a persecution against the Pro- 1 nnm^oC terra c. tta, and place them among t titan's, and have been “ snubbed,'’ in consequence ' ‘•»®“’rare and by their superiors. The Prussian Staats Anzeiger, j gives them their under the date Vienna, A prd 6, gives the fyUowing 1 ^ country the ^Ste ft account of this affair : 1 tmg the b e tter of higher U stes; the idea pf.cdst too “ Complaints having been received from the Re- | <^^tes more admiration than the perception of _ man Catholic clergy that persons of th e Protestant j beauty ; it is the natural tendency of ideas in a mer- ■Testto, g,jmmnnion pnhhcly and audactously carried on the I fr laiaciaus ooa-iact, and likewise treating , , . . 1 . 'ill not do for this market. A change It rieligion are not bound to honor the } “ uav «vue pLcerin this respect- before a genuine taste . ___________ y other Church, a n d that, c o t^quently, for the fine arts can become general. they are a t perfect liberty to pel , w° ork; but 5 ia t any acta which a igs. -4t y the worknf Le for expeasfl.is always g e t-- ta ste s; th e idea of,celst loo mend a work < of a rt ho thought he had given it the test praise by saying that-nmfeajznjn superabat 1—the workmanship emsellei the 'm aterial. \ fju. __________ . O c T > ili> E .- O a r'rerdrrs^u { ^ lln i^e outside tio- I m r w n ' * r k ; bu t th a t an y acta which aro openly offenrivo ■ r trad occasioa disturbance m u st be p u t down. The M inister.of Raligiona Affairs, however, thinks it ■ fatdint would be desirable for JSvangelipal Christians to ab- ■ Sfcio* stain &om sUeh publio ordinary works which openly I Also,] interfere w ith Hie quiet of a holiday, a n d th a t in ■ E & A those places especially where there is a mixed popa- v Ftthips taon, it is v ery derimble th a t agood ondcretanding I w \ ^ ] ^ Tiola^ed b y any Hnseemly eondnet on [ J r SEAI.XA. h ThaB ishopofG f^raltarhasissH e d aprotestagainst I ds, Gsijertam a rtioieaih proposed code o f criminal law i^ p ftrrthe island, a s a lso a g ainst a n overbearing disposi- day, Washington and Montreal Correspondence, Con­ gressional Proceedings, -Late and Important from Central A m e rioa,w d the hegfinaing. o f’ tho Foreign T he f oseion N ew s .—The trader will find tho Foreign News complete in our paper to-day. Our ’files were received from tho Postqjffioe abont tea o’clock. PEcvEATioif.—Retsd our W ashington Letter on the.outsi4e. brig James MarshaJl, arrived at Phil 1, from Mayaguez tho 18lh Oil under tbe convoy of the United Btates sloop of l fur the change) at tbe expiration of the ordinary pi Albany. Com. Randolph, who had on board riod, the horses, obeying this lawt, attempt to start, , , i „ „ d q « . .1 a . W . J W I tx z LToliaa, whohadboea uDjUHtly liiipribUDCd them with violoueu and objurgations. If ho wero as and cruelly treated by the authorities. Com Kan- wigo as thii faithful animals ho drfivcB, ho would lo^'h dolph sigh.ficd to the Governor before he sailed that ; ^ in^rol^^r c ^ l ^ c n r M n d ' ^ ^ g n e M ^ e tt' remuneration and apology would be demanded and Let the experiment Fe trJe d .- [ N . V. Bunday enforced, and a repetition of so gross an act of inhu- Ihspatoh. mauity, would be visited with retributive justice.— j - - - ------------------- L- — Next morning the Albany steered for Cape Hayt to look after his majesty, the Emperor Boulouq-a< —Major-General Smith, tl I. C. .*5. has arrived in England, after haOieg rerved fifty-three years without having once quitted India. —.Among fbe elTccts sold last week at the Gueen’s- houso, Lyndhurst, “ the celi-br.ited coat worn by tbe lito Duke of York at the visit uf the allied Sovereigns to Fingland, .»aid to have cost X4o0. and ' not 1'®-’® presented by his royal higbnefs to thelato T W hite, ' derness, and l-.sq was bought in at jf-vj. —There is at present residing at Southampton, i.nglanU, an old man, named Wads, Ha- la.vt survivo-r of Captain Cook’s companions in his vuyuges round the world. He is ninoly-nina years of age, and is in possession of ail his faculties, lie was present at I laptain Cook’s death, and himself received a sfioar- wound from one of the islanders. —There ie a probability of tho great gun at Berja- pore (tho largest in the world) becoming one of the ornaments of the London parks, a proposition for |ts removal to England beirg now before tho Bombay government. —1 he l.mperor Ilf Momcoo ha.s sent some niiiive .African animals and I'lrdn, as presents to Gueen \ ic- 'oria. They eonsi.-it of a lion, lione?-, tiger, five g;i- zel!-,*,-:, and two fiair of o.-lricL.-s. --.'-i.xteen human skeU-tons, of app'arently fiiU- sons, have lately been discovered in a FlinsHET IN THE MKIHlLMAI’.-niO rO iS 0 freshOt U , : j a u T o X ; e S in the Merrimao, above Concord. A number of j peart to-night as the ife. in Knuwlis'epiay oi that in the Pannigewnssot have been swept away. bridges in tbe Pannigewnssot have been swept an The Concord Railroad, and the Northern and Mon­ treal roads have suffered considerable damage. Five or s'x hundred feet of tho Concord road have been carriid away. Tho evening train on the .’Pnh, could H IW Bridge.. The Main bridge, near Hoi- one .-hilimt-a yar i , a Uauiifu; a«»i'rtmenl ul and Blair’s bridge, in Camptown, had both a ' X ^ J ' been swtqt away. . ........................................................ .. a iWitig (rioE-5 niaiit.lla.3, kc ii- . a« weli as ;ialn d nii-stio it< -1- win-i'iw dr.ii'erir5. MzrreilU-s quilts, bian For disorUeri grown t'Orsons, have lately been discoverci beloBgiitg to Mr. Nigar, of Upton, in England, by a man employed in culling a ditch. They apjioared to tiave been buried in nearly a straight line, ranging freiA corih td sfiulh, Md thfly t?yp8 laid in oavltio* about tbreo feet ill depth, eut in Solid rod:, at irregu­ lar dislaDces from each other. —i- our ships have arrived in the Thames, recently. learn that another break has oeourreJ in the canal, three miles west of I leddes, which, it was thought would require three or four days to repiair Naviga­ tion will doubtless be suspended for twenty-four hours. A dam has been thrown across the canal, to allow the Uswogo boats to pass 5^ . : ; lug vi.sei-ra, pioduoits The .argument in relation to the writ of error >n ' e h c^t\?e1-thuX '; Webster’s case, will be argued in the Supreme Uourt at Boston, on .'-aturday next —'I'ho America jail.-dai ' welvoo’clock on May l.“t. from Bost\:i with bi!l passengers f t Liverpool and 11 for nahta.v h-hc al.-o had t-dl.OUU in specie and -.■i2.2.'i2 in bullion . nd gold —The I.aw Reporter of Boston, contains an article cond-.-muing portions of tho charges in the Webster —The Bahama nage duly on vessels clearing from any of K estorntl-vc B i tte r s , a&n^:erou9, becojne.s ongUot both Oistre?MDg and 8ori- GUH.duBtroyiDg all ploaflure of «xij»teno© and Wrminating In conflrmM melancholy and prt’nmtare death The in­ timate ••ympathy b»'twe»'n the Htoxuaoh and theflurround* iDg VEMcera. piodue sunsatlons or symptoms, numerous, varied and painfn), as i.au#ea. paJua in the bottom of tbe ch.'»4t heartNurn «<»ur eructations vomiting, a sensu of fuUnei<w In the Htomarh fiinkin;x<-r fluttering in the pit of the 9t' mach. \f ajipetile cotireneHO 0( irTe’’'Ulfinty of tarito in the mf (jJb n rh'.rt dry cough he-rd m he. gtddiise.'H laiigor uervuuines.^ (leprepsiou uf^’pirits and *evrr»l .•rb>*rH UiNt ru-’^ieg Muci-i-.wful,y u>**i during a Miiiibcr of year« it ih n*'W pru Henfed f-r the beur f!f c,f nil Hof?>'riT«, a*? a remedial agent, ill whiub ferfi ct rejianrc mny he piaced. !• r »tU- 3cy and «alety It itaiQH neither mercury, ut^r any ..ther uio- tailie pref aratt'-n wb.-iteTer Prepared an J f- r f*ule by < HVHI.KS H. UlN'O whoU- Legisiature have takon off tko too- ' sale and retail l)rug<istand .AfM>theoary Bruadvruy, els clearing from any o the islands .'’“■' '•b ' ______________ in a single week, laden with u-c brougli' from .Norway — 1 he correspondent ot the l.oLdon Uhr inicl'', writing from llaly says - “ Not a book, not a pam- pl.i’d. 13 allowe-l to becircula’ed ors- id, except th-'-e 'vrltlen t*y the Jeiuits * A d i afterw-ird- h Fi.^ —* ' In h-.-rl, not to micce tho mailer, I wiil repeal what 1 have often stated, that this country cannot be go- . ^ v-'rned by ecokein.-tic- wUh.jut the .-upj-Tt ot f.ireipn j o r a u x i iary troops, who in a few years wid reduce the Government to insolvency. This is tho opinion, al'o, of many persons high in a u thority—-Austrian. F’rench and Koman. The mint i.s at work, but there is no chance of paper money being put out ot cirea- — 1 'uring 1B49, one hundred an-1 sixt; .'tarted in Australia, out of which already become e.\unct. — It is stated in the JJtiii.icr .4 'gi-nn me h'tichi-n Zeiiung, that the Jews have obtained a Urmaufrom the I’orte, gr.an'lng th-’m pierra.s-ion to build a ' cm- I'le on Mount Eeuu. The proi-.-c- e-J e-.lifiee is to ciua! .\olomon’s 'I’emple in magnif. -cti.-.; .Millions of m\- ixport July o: — A barn b-slonging to Jare-d Rutty, In Killing 'o r tb ,( 't ,w asfllrach by lightning ai.d oon.sumc.J n the 24ih ultimo, together wiih three head of cai G. P . P V T N A .M P U B L I S H E S T H I S D A Y — PRIOK’S EDITIOK OF GOLDSMITH’S COMPLETE •WORKS. ■poL 4, (eomplerine-tlie -work) wfth vlgnett*. 12mo,elotli $1 25. B.iYASn TA7L0R S VIEWS A-FOOT ; Ox, Europe seen with Knapsack and Staff. ” *». WlLLIl. ThJsBompany, jpases^g a guarantee Capital Of $100,- 1000, the whole of-whieh has been paid in, and invested ih itie pnbjie stocks of the United States, and the state Ot W ith x PEErxe-z bt N. P. Y Eleventh edition, 12mo, cloth $1 25. PCTNAM’S BOOK-BVrER’S MANUAL A General Catalogue of Standard Works in Every De paitment of Literatnre, Science and Art, in tho EngUsh, French, German, to. ; fine edition, o Clatsifled Index. 0, paper coTera, 25 half-bound, 75 THE 5L.AVIC NATIONS : A HlStOllCH View of their Langnase Literatnre -B-ilh a Sketch of their Popular Poetry. By T alvi . ■With a Prefuc*. By E dwaru H obiksus . D.D L.L D . Biblical Researches in Palestine,” fco. 1 voL 12mo, cloth, $1 25. ST. LEOER : OR THE THREADS OF LISE. By R. B. K i - uball . Third edlUon, 12mo. cloth, $1 25. AIR COOPER’S » WATS OF THE HOUR ” Second edition, 12mo, cloth $1 25. D.AVID ( OPPERFIELD. B y' his Dn st.v.. Part XII. With the Illustrations, price 12J cents. AJ*o, Volume I if this work, doth. 25. MRS TUTHILL 5 NEW -WORK-THE LAWYER. 1 Tol. 12mo, half bound, 62j cents. ON SATURD.W NE.XT, ■Will be published DICKENS^S ■■ HOUSEHOLD WORES ” No 6. PrlBO 8 eents. 15 P PUTNAM. PubUher, my2 155 Broadway, New York. . S E S S I O N I.A f V S OF N E W YO R K , 1850. The subscribers intend issuing their edition of the Ses Sion Laws cf Neu- York, J»50, about tbe 16th of May next Retail price Bcventy-five cenM. Twenty-five per cent, tliecouni tu bobKB«llorH onfl dealen BANKS, GOULD fc UO-, mj2 nptmyl.5 No 144 .Nnasan street. A B B O T T 'S S E R I E S OF R E A D E R S THE .MOUNT VERNO.V READER for Junior Classes, THEMOU.vi.’ 12mo, sheep, pp. 3U0. Extract from the preface : •• Tbe design of the .Mount Vernon Reader ik to exert a direct and powerful moral influence upon the hearts of chU'dren receiving education in the schools of this coun- - The selections aro designed to produce sllect. not by forma! exhortation or precept, but by narratives and (ielineatioiis of character, such as are cal­ culated to win their w«y to the hearts of the young, and insensibly te insiill those principles, and cultivate those habits whieh Will make them useful, both tp Ihemselves and others, am) happy here and hereafter. The com­ pilers have honestly endeavored to exclude every thing which they supposed would be unacceptable to any of tbe and mualUy of whatever namt.^' ROBERT B rOLLINS, I'ublhhir.s and Booksellers, ap30 3t - 254 Pearl street. .N Y. friends 01 I). A P P L H T J n CO., m B R O A D I F A Y , UF S T A I R S , I ON WEDNESIUY. \ DHTION.ARV Of Si lENTIFP TERMS By Richard D Heldyn One vol. 12mo Trice J1 00 '1 hr subjects CDmprisFU in this work aro Aetronomy. Miu«ral‘^y. ( Natural PluloFophy. Natural Hiftory, Bftany I.ogiu.nt* • Thj“ iri an oxcoUeiil c'.'.mht'Udium. and is w e ll^lru- Utod tG be U‘>t!fui tn the Ptudf^nc. proftvssional man, acU auj.vtrur Itri ^.lau is tufliu.rullj uymprtfhen.‘‘lYH. and it c«-Qtaiuf* an inmiens© of urueosary iniormatiun in a FUiall atu-’uut, of c Hiiparifl ‘ KreuebLauguAge ,,>j.vV^V.due^/>-- le vol, 1-Jmo. 75e o. the llagu-3 — Ilc-irge F.iU'im, of thi May .app-.iptt d ,MiDi-ter U ; At .Mount .I'.y, ( I ’a ) oa th- 1st in.-itani, a n , naincJ Wilu.m. I'axton, in at'empuiig u j fic.ght car, while Uic train was iu motiui — ■' ah 1 was Killed l.y a car j-assing over his head 1 of thi.1 jtiir bids 111if Uo peach c It n* t aM til. H,- prt v«fut:T»— an I rcui**dirri ftile'd to acu^m- and th*- ualurti and proffrees of i hridtiac Isli“h th**»r pr- tuiBod nn-l tbn* Joo predal uh pur- j mub ti I'haffrr^ in Ui.iTiy I ’-fiiii — frli t(* Uiuir own lark j u u n**. « ri»* whirh ha« n-d h»-t-n h*Ta5dr.l from on*» j-ud of j ~ th - f . milrj 1- U,*‘..>ii«r I ii» «. d * which »*. ku •» u bv ;iM * wb\ b%\r u * h J u til br wb.)t i’ purport.’' h ih ac' umhli.^biMi j 111'T'. I'uru- iihd ‘fivt- 1 Ul' r. In i - luriii)i t h«- puNt -• *1. na mected Tvuiiibt* advfn;. h*- ualurti and progrt-tiis of 1 hridtianitj arrarfff*d io ‘tablu argument in 4‘Ugion 1 he i»tyle !?• td to bt; une yf L\ Dr hink*’ « \r'5ina‘li’ Hitt-ru rrjiJ'OfUil 1 flbu lMf)-L*r I’nnf/i-tH n!3d bo j><uod m ih*- I mted 1 t S’ibi to Hll the i-fular hftelri to the It i- ruui thur a new route to Iho i ’acifie \;^ about to bo opened, by the Alvarado river, to < 'ajaco and llualt\ — Mr Fatnnm has irsiud a valuable catalogue of Amcric.inlUiCUi'.lU andIIU foreignieigu publicationsui Jl is quite a . H lo p lixty now journals , purchascr.s i sixfy-f.iur have 1 .„ij q , , , dei-ositcd m inJisposetl, and an Eng'dsl: ■state of health will, in all p nham conllnue.i Slate. “ that hij lity, prevent his re- his lordsh p i Great Seal, Langdile, the present Master of tho Roll? The So­ licitor General, S^ir John Romdley, is spoken of as Lord Langdile’s su-icessor. it has been mentioned as not unlikely that two of the dignitarie.' of ihe com­ mon law bench, Mr. Justice Paiteson and -Mr Ilaron .\lderscn, may shoirtly retire from their judicial «itua- tion\. In that case, .VIr ' ,-ow ter. G U , and .'vlr Watson, G L‘ , will probably be raised to the ' —The Penate of Tnrin is debating a law for the abolition of an ecclesiastic privilege. French fleet and an American squadron i'dd du3*. deposited in the mint, is h-'roaflor to . bo paid off in c-dn as soon as tho assay la completed — Dr Lirdaer has ju.st published a valuable Work ■■n the subject of railways 'I he matter is princifial- CITY i.’il’l EL U O K .X f B. ('.iroric-r I leer was yesteriiay called to hold an in- qu-'-t on tbe b-'.Jy of a mau who came to bis death hy luiling into aval of boiling sugar m tbe I-aight street lUgar house A verdict in accordance with tho above wa- rendered, ' The inquest ..n the bodi“.i of those killc! by the accident m W ater street, has resulted in the follow­ ing verdict; Dgceasi-d came to ihcir deaths by the falling of No ,3.') W ater street, while engaged in The jury d.i not attach Mv .intv to you t,. th on equal .1,-fiaocc Dreu 1 1 H bn v r -\Mi I.l Mi ' cuMl FAINTS , ■With lul my ivits my pains, and admitted efficacy. To bring your moei oiit:.-igs, u. majesties \I he many h\ni rablo certificatea in my favor, bes Stuee then iny . fBce hath so far prevailed, T h«t taee to lace and haggard eye t.i eye D i ui.iuil h*’i r*'. Ou** puh.i’’ vi*'W. VV h *t I uli, f r vf hat iiL [•t'tiuiiv'iit ih-r*- i'. I ur- i ■■UM-nt l I (ASi .vUit'JN ‘ UL.VIH au ih*- I»H \ r. i M»\uM rii't in ihi-* f fntinrnt rf th** «\r'J (Mir fruitful \munu-i takn ih<*ir leavF ’ .''l l” Uiuy hrtVu t '”' hfvu htri* uUGWf'i , An ' all th*-ir uii»*-ry -1' *. H \\p jri heap-^, BI.ISHKD THIS U \ V, A i y s i y o H T j r s G R t : A T h o m a s c e , W IN t'Snat \STLK, A liiHtoriual RomanuH . by Wm liarriHim \iiiFwnrth. autbi’T \ lU«- T'-w^-r of Loudon *' 6 lc - with lh*f followinj'f lUu.-^lraLioDSi. fre ni the London Th’** ronijitiuu i'll Mr A . 'p' pulur style, ahd l8 full n •Ulmsr ini»Tu*u t**lliDK » t'>ucbing Mory of many of the ■nt** that i’httr.iuti*r./F-i U ih times cf Heury tbe VIII. jya, JaaelSeymtmr. &c —Fnce £0 cents -[Morn- ROSK F'OSTRR. Volume 1. Second Series MlSlKBIKS (.illBT. L omduv . J ncc 50 cents T H e “ S ' t “ k \w v 'R D relttiin author ol - Valentine Vox \ \The ered one of the best perlormani es .d deiiyhtful antbor Itisdecid- and ainu.'.iug b-.ok of the season .Vnn Bi'lej By Henry • '( .'rk.rk ha-- had a nio-t unpr.-e..-eedented bebUtltutli- ib'o-lratf This wr ha had a nio-t unpr ind. where it ik .-oueidered one of the Who.-e teiieiirs and p.articul.ir ( fleets , They have in tesluu'.nv, cnschtdul d briefly in your the rums th e jury d.) not attach hand- •rty au'lb.rilic-, fire department, or to ' .Sold wh. ,,-.val.. an i retail by Mrs. W JERVIS, 366 )lcl in the hu;ld.i.g, or goods in it.” . Eroa-lwav, one .lo, r above l-ranklin street. ___ \geni.- lt‘* nr..u‘iw.iv 10 .V-t -r ri'’U.-.e. und by drug- n left hero vest -rdav nt nine A M l.w h - ''’’ g‘nerady -The German K e f rme gives currency that there has been an interchunj important nature between the James and Vienna, growing out of the relations be. Gween Austria an'd Tuscany. The insurrection in Croatia is pt an end —The Austrian Cabinet has intituated that in gard to the a ttitude of Prussia on the German ques' linn, Austria will not be the Dr.st to break the peuta of Lurojic, but that she will nut allow any other German j.'.'wcr to attempt aay thing contrary to tho —The Hungarian refugees have not yet reached their deslinalion In Asia Min. lur. Count Ilatthyany N' e WI., a -; b ’ s M a MJIOTH A i flNB STB,\wnERBY.—A rariely of the strawberry has lately been ob­ tained in this country, by George Newland. of West­ ern New 'i ork, wbrnh bears the name of Newland’s Mammouth .Fl[ i i and is said to bo of merit, for size, flavor and productiveness, land claims for this va-a-ty that it is sweeter than must others, that it big'ns to produce about the first of June, and contiiai in bearing about two months, that it is ca.-y of cu'.-., > i i n, hardy, and per­ fect in its tlowcrs which ensures u« produi t,vcuess ■!; ui-pears by testimunia’- which he h.i.-, du-cci last season, at I ’rovtJcn, ilants. The certificates ence of its flavor, its pr'olific qualities, il.ren-- durance o f drought, and the largo si/e of the fruit W E I’eok, of Providence, says that its flavor is not esoeUed by any variety he.evar.saw The plants are for sale ia this.city, a ) the oornorof Nassau and Wall streets, at WashingtoiJ> and Fulton markets, and if very high Mr. New- clcaring away bfam'? tv tti'f 'V parties mtvrudt A genUecQ->n l»;ft horo vc^t rtlav at Dino A M l»y thu xNew H:ir*.*n raD'.T.'iy. tru^clied two hundredmilcn hy cue o\*I\uk S'pent tivc hours with L i ’J friends, and was back a>;a‘n a t eleven i* M , and lu bed points on tho ii worth fifty dollars dollar.*!, and is e being established ai Batchelor'Bn u«6Nt uaturnl DtitMly a nt'W D ■uri hair, aud adapwd In the mont ea«y •euUar Ftyl** «■( each iniivi'lual Th«^y ur»* (Uticm. doing away with all th« vexa- acre, now sclU for n called cheap at that. Orj-FO'VVLEKS di W EL L S . Plirenol»ffUM and PubilBlxors, riinton Hall, 131 Nassau stieet. I ireen j.eas, from Charleston, are for sale in this city. ___ Pass!longers comforUl ^ cry- for California are r ;alliDg vessels, us many believe tl clcgiint and co.stly h 1 the neighborhood of Madison them the must A number of being erected in M .’'quaro. The California dinner and hall last Irving Hou-’iie, were the most splendid thu city Tbe exponpo was bomo by men who have made fortunes in California. P a in ti n g s and K a g r a v l n g s .- ( OOLKY & •U at their grwat saJes-rooms, S77 aad 379 Broadway r«rner of White street on Friday morning, at ,u Iraineri, Th**y ■will bo exhibited on Thursday, and l;id’5*8, a*» well as gentlemen are reripe«*tfuUy invit<-d to ••ramia« tho pictartN at tho cew fic.Iee-r-*<»ins on Tburs- ,Uy rening ver git a' the E v e n in g sale o f v e r y ra ten in ^ kt EsE wi V glntlo- \'‘7 7 o clock, at Theonlv ’ ■’■•y choice c a n d Choice W o riis. had been drunk, and that for delivery wore lost to the pnbl U ia rumored that the two new steamers about ii son, a t j ’rovtjenco, 4,2isi b-:rnes fifty plants. The certificates speak highly of excellence of its flavor, its pr'olific qualiti :\thefjee \ . vle . min e ' s J of Naw Vork, fo information chncernlng the city government, the city ilice.acd our various public charities, and in.-ititutions lublio-education, gives a variety of curidus matter % the earlyqlKstory 'iKstory of the city, reachin,g ■■ period.. ^ ifthe-eiCy, o f i t datjflg \lo the early of the city, reachin aok to the earliest period.. These are illustrated by various olfi charts of the-eiCy, drawings of uld build­ ings long^’ago demojushed, and several comic desij by a modern artist. Those who take pleasure 'antiquarian researches, wRl derive much enlcrtaiH- me^it frota the extracts mi'de hy Mr. Valentine, from the old records of the city. For tho benefit of the UACTuiwoia Ui LiiO LWU uuaiua Ul LUO V/UUimUU OOauGU, he has inserted Jefferson’s Manual of Parliamentary Practice. A list of all the persons in the employ­ ment of tho corporation is given, with a statem ent of their duties, and the circumstances under which they , are to bo applied to for their services: Mr. Valen- tiue has compiled this work with great diUgence and eaactness. T he N ew HAitreRiEE F estival .—A handsome thin octavo has baen g o t up in the best style of Bos­ ton. books, -containing the speeches, songs, poems and toasts, b y which the festival of the Sons of New Hampshire, held a t Boston on the 7th of November last, w»s celebrated- The speeches were reported phono^raphieally by Dr- James W . Stone, President of tbe Boiihoh Heporting Association. T h e publisher is James F rench, o f Boston. Those “ foreign items” ■whieh appear in the P i t ^ burg Post of April 29th, were “ prepared” for the New 'Fork Evening Post, and not for the Pittsburg ruing Postt A t least they are word for word the week before wsre writ- r great .HalfS room, the *rij M - .a.. v,»ao.^>risea 111 the caUlOKuc ^ : publiphed with and to follow the great Campbell Library CommftDclrrj at l >t No 2U9 on the catalogue Thieiafuliy equal to any collection ofTerod this eea^-on. f'^r old aud speeches ready I r^ra adittons. and books not to be found except in li- On IBIDAT and SiTVtir.T Evt-nxi.e at same place , ,, o , ' will be sol i the library of ReV. I .uke Barker, .M D . de- be built for Mr. -Morgan, of N.-w Orleans, are intend- conal-tiug of theological, medical and R-neral 11 ud fur tho Nicaragua routo. tf*r&lure, and U ao hi.^ pxtpw*ive rollection of auatomical The Frou.-fl troui-e o f ~ r s at the Astor Place P v T ^ a t ^ a n d surgical in-trumemts ^ ______ Uirru.-. attract large audiein-- nightly. The act of yy- K e i n u v o l.—i oul-l-.V a KEESc. have removed the .Manege ooruinues to be the favorite porformanco to their ,A i . tio - i R i - mj , 377 und 379 Br. sdway. ----- corner of Whit- street where they are now prepartd to ■J here have been six huudred and thirty-two doola. conaignm. uta of B-iM. S t it .ostav. I h . v . te rations of an inlontiou to become citizens, registered L ibr . sih fratiT r s F and property \f all kind.s. for the in the County Clerk’s i See, during the past month i display and.dispo^vl of whieh their extensive and com­ aud the number of person^ naturaUzed, one hundred and tweniy-tWo. 'c ix - p m a n .s Celet,rT«ea S l a v i n g C r e a m , pot The Crescent City sailed at 12 o’olook to-day, for ' “P strop .Manufactory. No. loa wuiiam st. Chagres, from pier No. 3, North FUver. A list of I « ? - Tins article is decidedly the best in use for ^ k i n g her passengers wdl be found in another column. i b.a„tifm lath.r .„a ^.fteninc th« beard Trvj t -------- J E N N Y L I N D ' J E N N Y L I N D ' ' To-night La Favonta again at Nib!o’.«, with the. A SECOND EDITION magnificent vqioe nf t c l e ^ o n i in the principal part. ! q , charming Biography is\ now preparing Yestcr- Mrs. Dutlcr’s play, which by tho way is said to bo ' '*“7 “ \ ^ n g the first was published, bun though large, a translation from Dumas, a ttracted a crowded house . . . , The striking likene*fl of the famous songstress which ac- ia.*t ejeDing- ____ companie-s the work, ia au exquisite.specimtn of the en- —The stables attached to WooUcy’s sugar refinery, ' graver's art, and of fidelity to the features of the oi la Montgomery street, wero discovered to be on fire, 7>ai. Mr. Rosenberg, the^ author, is already wini at half-past nine o’clock, last evening, j Three valu, '■Pi^°“ --’” r wmis, fast.dious as he i« m ntera- assistance could bo ' ind^ J h e ocenpants able horses were burned, before -*The roof of house No. 46 Elm street was disooY- ered in flames, yesterday afternoon. It was extin- yy policemanoliceman C. t gni^hed b p of the bosue, before much damage , about 10 years old was run over waggon a t the oorneTof Washinj ry prahie- awarding in the prei*ent Joum&L ’ very warm coDgratuia-tionfl. Tho price is 35 cents. press waggo: ren! streets. He was taken home by t lABGAL i n t e l l i g e n c e . liecam. 1 M A R K H. N E W M A N Have just pablisb^d for the i, fastidious as he i« m 1 qim. in STRINGER & TOWNSEND, 222 Broadway, cor Ann st. High Schools and a Judge t,jcnch —.Needles the pr«.vpri«lor u^the Irving House fer p*Lekage\ 1 ih iet hare been pent there for the plaintiff frem Jaf- treatise Lithirto lU fuUyexciud« thede romprising Hydrology fieognosy. Geology. Meteoro­ logy, Botany Z jology, and -Antiiropo’.ogy By A. Bar­ rington Edited by i harles Burdett, E'q. Thlv work is designed fgr general rcadero and- the Tiekkgev I U iie t 8lM«M in le n lniries II differs in plan ftwa any Ublisbed or anncunccd. 'o-Tinv it care fully excludEs the details given in urdinaiy EchoM Ge<g dac«d in evidence, to prove that they ha“d been Ivfta^ di- I graphtes. it embracej these parts of the various .cience reded. The clerks of the OTtahlishment testified that no I mentioned In tbe above liiie which ate not foreign to the- numerous c h ^ „ - v n o m o ^ tion o r itth e r . Tho fatjse on Fbyeical Geo- ited by Charles Burdett, and House tsssp - o : 'T helr/rks' _ _ ___ IsHsIsItisS-sli V e r d i K plaint^ for the price-cf the “ I bare looked through » J '' >>v A* Cdilt^ thealipa batween Fulton and Dev street 9 It _ tended by defendant, that according to the rule laid down recently against Grinnell, hlintum & Co., v sseJs lying vrfth their bovrs tdthe bulkhead must be considered as ontsida vesseis lying a t the piers, and liable only to the payment of half wharfage. It was argued by the plaintiff that thc4« Tesseia loading or nnloadiog by bow “ I have looked through a Treat (ptapby by A: Bafringtpn, edited by have been struck ■vrith Its Itaminotw-arrangement,Its ro- ible condensation, the richness aad -variety of its mot donht that It is destined to render good servica to both the in­ tellect and the heart of moreOian one generation ” W. B. SPRAGUE, Albany, U th April, J850. apfifiDphW ' of this aci-.uq h-4i-d and liTiivbtful a ***ily til” popular and amuhiU) Till. MVSTKKIKS i Ol'IlT OK LONDON . By U VV. M >Ai 1 H \ulhor of Lift* ID L-inrlnn.\ ■ Kllt-n 'V’ui '•iri p^per uoniaUiing o I'ri^u f'U r* nii* pi Ii LON<; Cfc lUiUTi iTHLIiS, 43 Ann s' l l L M O V x \ L . R . f ' . R o o t & A n t h o n y , S FATIONERS, lUVEREMONED TO No 7 .NASSAU .'-'TREET, A fi-tv doors above Wall stm t, and opposite tbe Custom house _ ap23 2wnp Social DcNtinrtion. or Hearts and H*>cnef» &c. &c. in uumb**r4 ui‘>othly. Trieo 50 oeuts—ur genii-monthly. I'riou 25 ct-riR MOKNING CALL, BV M R S E L L IS . A table book of LUersture ami Art—now ready Noa. 1 to t) - <*pcninu with a new worl* of Fiction, deacriptirjp of Domefilio Life, from her admired pen 'I aleg and Sketches by the ablest authors of the day appear In its pages, il- Uuritrated with engravings by the most eminent modern r . : ^ r Z ^ ; r / n d r o e N & ‘r!*U r n n ^ c ^ r w l^h^ the fine arts and elegant literature JOHN T.-- OHN TALLIS 1 1 O. 16 John streeE Nevr York, aud London, and all BookSeUers. JE n g lish Tapes trie CARPETS. A M o s t S p l e n d i d A r t i c l e , w a r r a n t e d ea s t c o l o r s . _m72_lmnp_ Trimmings, S p r i n g a n d S u m m e r D r e s s e s . T. C. & D. L>. FOOTE, _ . , ; L 3 # r ; : ; r s T T T T s STEEL g oo ds , io . to ; to all of which we invite spe- i i a r d w a r e , H a r d w a r e , CHEAP FOR CASH. A. L. HALSTED & SON, 8 5 9 P e a r l stre e t. A G E N E R A L Assortment of H ardwark C i - tlerv A and Hi.ATV G oods , both of Foreign and Domestic tennine4 to sell at the very lowest prices. Dealers ia Hardware are invited to call. _____ - _______ Pih2 E . & T . F A I R B A N K S & C O . S l a n iifa c tiircrs o f Platform Scales, S T . JOHHSBURTf, V T . F a irb a n k s & Co. A g e n ts, 81 W a t e r St. N .Y . tTiAlAUlANES’ SCAAuBS have the universal confl- dways accurate. Their large Dormant Hay L6hehr t other modificationa, s if iron and st ‘ and Eailroad Scal< re the most dUTAbla scales in i sles, as -weS jted whoDy E j l i c o t ^ a i A b b o t ’ s Pliaiform Seales. QCALES BiADE TO ORDER, for to weigh any o t , ^ r h T h : f e e d a o ^ ‘’: ; s ^ ^ ^ ere, iron. tobadco, couon. stores,&c. i r l r f e S S S S S S weight ; and Small ail de the above N a 7 Nasaau st. ^Scales, Troy |criptioxis— Bate at w m i t u r f ^ _________ _______ iinffe on or hefbre7,the h day of may oext, h^woulp most respectfully . ^ >5e wishing to purchase auyj of the above article ’ne ’ Is work befori ^ c h a s in g else.where, posctifliis presentfitookftta BvEhlOVAJ OMce Pesks, C h a r r s , A S the •Stt'bscti^r intends J i . first day of hlay nei .vise those wiihing to pu- to call and exami his as he Intends to dispose bT his present sti advance above cost. J „ 2Hso, on band, Halstod’e Patented Anti-Dyspeptic. Chairs, who ajone hae the right to make or dispose o f tbe P. S. Office Furniture made tfi order on and after the 1st May to P i jBroadway. rnhsanp J. CLARE, 46 Brp*dw*y. 'V'’ UNITED STATES L ife Jtitstirmtce Company » » W a l l s t r e e t . .Roe puono szqcas px *ne wmzeu bw . w » , oin. w. New 'York, mikes insurance on the lives of individuals; and grants annuities. Parties insuring upon the mutual plan, fparticipate in the profits of aU tho business transacted by the com pany. Persons may, if they prefer. Insure a t lower rates without participating in the profits. he premiums upon policies may be paldannuaHy,Benii- ually or quarteriy. The profits wili be paid in cash, nay fie applied either In adSliitai to the sum insured, a reduction of future Thomas C Doromns, CharlM M ConnoUy, IsjIH fc-' ?sr/o;qr’’ LMSy S S K * ? . , ! \ ”' ”’ S I S \ ’! FREDERICK SHELDON, president. JOHN A. STEWART, AotW y. J. EADIE, Jr., Secretary. JOHN W. SCOTT, M. D., ResldenceBg Ninth street Medical Eifiminer, At the ofllce of the company daily, from 1 to 2 o’clock appUcation a t the office Of the oompaBy. Wall str e e t . __________________ mll2l) Up Tn,ThhS an, can t ay. No. 5 J f l e i f s P & u t i f s a u d dretfs Clothing, I 3 3 M a i d e n l a n e , ' In quantitiSB Wsuit purebarers. We have a large and well selected stock of Clothing, made in the best manner, from gOod,s all purchased before the great rise, suitable for city trade or the southern and western markets—for cash only. At prices satisfactory to all. Garments of all kind.* made to order, in the latest styles. BUUGHTON & KNAPP. mh29np J V e t v S p r i n g a n d S u m m e r G o o d s . SEAMAN & MUIR. Have now on hand a very full and complete assortment S e a s o n a b l e D r y G o o d s . Selected exprefsly for tbe PRESENT SEASON, abdfor the best CITY TRADE, to which they invite the atten­ tion of pnrehaaers. They ask particular inspection Of their stock of FRENCH PRINTED Some very detirnble M ANTILLAS AJTD V IS S E T T E S , New and in great variety. LACES AND EMBROIDERIES, MOURNING GOODS, SH A W L S , H O U S E W IFE L IN E N S . &o., fee. ap6 Clothing a t \Wholesale. of almost every article usually required for that trade. Tbe materials were purchased before the late rise, which w - “ ~ ^ Improved Gutta Percha Flexible Mose. FOR OARuENS AND STREET-WASHEPS. rg ^ H E erreat desideratum ia attained of a clean, light. IL flexiUe and durable ho.-e. that will notrot in one, two or three'years i that rtquireri no oding. and can be put away without earn to diy it. or left exposed to tbe sum m ersun without injury For sale in lengths of 15. Improved Gutta Percha Pipes. acids at moderate temperature, and are permanently dur­ able. For eaie by tbe HLDbO.N MANUFAl TUrUNG CO., The testimonials can be seen. ml 2mnp&W B E V V A l t E ^ O F M O T H S ! ! B ^ U I ’ CY’S CA M I'K O K A T E D rA T C K O U L Z M J) will now be used by tbe prudent housekeeper as a ...-ife and effectual preservative again.st this winged enemy of our ivoullens aud tars. Now is tbe time For sale at myl 2awcp 65a Broadway, corner ol Houston st. T o r c e l a in \ D - G . & D . H A V I L A J ^ J D , Ko. 47 John street. Mew York. H.iVlLAND 4te rO..~LIMOGES, FRANCE, l.ilI-ciKTKK, OF FRENCH CHINA. D G & D H would resprotfilly inform the public that. having an experience of morel ban ten years, they are now able to supply the wants of purchasers. Their bout in Francs if .‘V equal to go une with car^ supjilying i foued in P i them with ware, in particularly invtted to call. and fiuility hy thetnselves. giving Bupeuurity to tile stock, chant.s and straagers, visiting our city, are splfinpDitW T © o t v i a e r s o f iS T E . % M & P A C R E T - S H I P S to proprict Ap57 2wnp ^ ISH^cISl . . . **°RE n S '* TA k L AT^^^pW n and sprigged. GERMAN Hose a n ^ ^ a l' Hose, white, bro-wn, mixed *”E.NGLfsH three-thread Otton Hose amd Half Hose ; ^^EN l T l ISH‘uaizrM erino Silk and Cotton Shirts and Drawers ; and every articlein the hosiery line to be found LACES AND BHBROIDERIES. The moat varied and exteisive assortment in the Uni- S T H .1 W GOOJtS. , SUMNER %. WILDE, HAVE REMOTTED TO W o . 1 4 9 B r o a d w a y , C O R N E R l i b e r t y S T R E E T , ------------- —H E Y ilW ufacturiug largely, we an prepared to offer our goods at ttle lowest manniac turers prices. experienced workmen, at __ _ _ __ adled Table and Desert Knives -with French pattern Forks. * FIN IS IVORY HASTENED T A B L E AND D E ­ S E R T K N IV E S , wiRojit Forks. . Ivory and Back Handbd Beeftlieers. “ - K « Trow*!, Meat- and Game Carvers. ' • ’ m o N a K d bu ffalo h a n d l e d ’ allbert > AND ENOilSH STEELS. BupS, Buffalo twru, aifi Bony bandied, TaP’.e and De- cert KJiiTes aud Forlcs^ofForeigu aud Pouxestic mzukofat- £LiT00Eff r a lV fiS AITOFOKKS. Kitchen Carrera and &eel Frenclx Cook KmTes-o Paris maxmfaettEre. BREAD. BUTCfltSR AND COOBL»8B3II’VES. Oystia: Knives, Bubk md Polished handles. Ham or Saw Knives, v ^ tabJe Forks. ■Vegetable Forks -withlsSives attached. E R E N C H ELUTAD VEeaTAJaidBS K N IV E S . CuUlexs Mincing Raves. , Meatfitws. ‘^ ^ ’‘‘ b b e h i a n s V OA JSi£WUJIL2 Catalqrnes'toheliad a a E K E S K SV E E L IES O E m r p e t t t i m r t m r i m m i : ------ - ■ --^c/jAce. , ^ s a i k ^ i i S c I a O U m s b e k f ,. 4418 JPeiorL atre|>% ^ firnssriS dailpets/ latest styles, from 8s to Ite-, ■ ^ p ^ ^ jilT h rce-H y G^P®K &reigu «ad aonjestio, new .- P f ^ u j l l s r f ^ / ^ h r i m e n t , newpaitern from sHwisoVrichhright colors, from & 6 * . ^ J n |^ ^ ^ p e t s , m i x e d cotton and wool, from Is 6d i<> , t^Tcron the finest steamships and river isieamerB lu me \^^^Res/ectfuUy YourOb’tServ’ts, WOBAM tiHAUOHWOUT. _8j^eod Imnp _____________ S6l and 583 Broadwa; ATew Gas Fixtures. generally. ------ — -- ------- liers. Candlebuas and Girandol ry of Messrs. Cornelius k Co. WUS-UM S HAUGHWOUT. S61 a 563 Broadway. N. B. We supply and run Ges pipes in all classes of houses at low rates. • ap5 eodlmnp R I C H A R D S K I N G S L A W D , ■Wholesale Dealer In and Manufacturer of LOOKING GLASSES, EOOKENG G I .A S S P L A T E S . trgo Pier and Mantel Glasses put up to order. Coxurtlandl stre e t, second fLoo: ajiposite Merchants’ Hotel, mh21 2meodnp G E O R G E .J. M Y 'R R , Kos. 143 & 144 BROADVPAY, , p m s ^ ^ \ “I i m b r e l l V s a n d p a r a s o l s , AU of his own superior manufacture, for sale a t the lo est market prioes,.for cash or approved credit, viz . . . . s; j; j s r f i = i - a = , - . Rattan Parasols, cotton and gingham, all styles and do do Turk patin, all colors, do do splendid bordered, aU styles. A^o, steel f r ^ e Umfrehos l : ; : ; T h h S a 442andil S M k . Gentlemesfs Furnishing Goods. H E R R I C K & S C U D D S R ^ 95 WIJGJLIAja: STTitElET- H.a.'V'e on hand, (and are constantly adding to,) one < in tbe city, wliicli wiU be soldow l for casb or approved ( onsisting of all styles and qualities of Shirts. Cravats, Under .shirts and Draivers. Loniery. Suspenders, Stocks, Ariel Tics, l ollars. Bosoms. Dressing Robes, Money Belts, Shoulder Braces. Suspender-tVebbings, Buckles, &c., wholesale and retail. HERRICK & SCUDDER, apis eodnp 65 William street. RYLE’S 8POOL SILK w o n S B W I ^ G S . \ L A R G E A S S O R T M E N T COrNSTANTLY i i ON HAND, and for sale by Sole Agents. BR OS. & CO. CtiiUTiOk/r.’^ J u l e s J f i s r g r e n s e n ’ s W a t c h e s . m H E SU B S C R IB E R S , having been informed tha i- certain unprju<nj>U*d persona are offerin N .B .-Chrouom e ter.D u p ie^^8Y /trr“7urxv^M.^^-es, Piamonda, Jewelry. ana ;5iivcr ware, when quality isoom- U be liiund v C ^ n P E T Oil Cloth FitrnisMng. B A I L E Y & ^ R O T H E R S , 4 3 4 P e a r l s tr e e t, n e a r C n a tH a m . I M P O R T J i l l S A N D D EALERS in e v e r y d e s c r ip tio n o f CARPETING AND FLOOR OIL ( LOTHS, he , VEL­ VET TAPESTRY, TAPESTRY OK ENGLISH MAN- U F 4 trU R £ . BRUSSELS OF ENGLISH A.ND AMERI'. AN MANUKA! TURE. IMPERfAL THREE PLY AN'D INGRAIN, VENETIAN STAIR. RUGS, -MATS, MATTING, FLOOR OIL CLOTHS, DRUG- Particular atting of Carpets. respeetfuUy'solicit^^he attention of pur- attention pa'd to the making and Porcelain Mnobs, ;For Doors, Loclis, B e ll Levers, . S h u t t e r s , D r a w e r s , & c ; {gj- T h e D o o r R n e h is mounted -with the subsori- ■ber’B patent Rose, &c. Parties building are invited to ex- junine these goods—the most economical of any, and sor­ ing cleaning, which is required of all other kinds of Door A large variety of beautiful patterns recently added Finger, .Name and Number Plates, to match the knobs. These goods are warranted in every particular. C ai - tioh .—Other descriptions of knobs, of an inferior quality, are sold in this market. The head of the knob being fastened with cement and lead, works eff the shank -which is generally washed with sUver or pe-wter, and re­ quires nearly as much cleaning as brass and other knobs. GEORGE H. SWORDS, mh28np Hardware and Cutlery, 118 Broadway. J A 2 W B S a . M O F F B T , 156'Pulton street, (thrra^do^roe^t^o^^^^^^^^ M A N U F A G T U R E l t O F C h a n d e l i e r s , CEsraE, M aktel , S oi - ae , B racket akh L ard C A N D L ^ T I C K S , C a b i n S o l a r L a m p 5 . & e . PletJVO F O R T E S , A fine assortment of soperior toned Pianos, with snd without JEolian aooompaniament, manDfacthred brHhe celebrated house of T. G ILBER T & CO., , ___ BosTpk, may be round a t their Y O R K W AREROOM S, 4 4 f B r o a d w a y . A large supply of good Second Hand Pianos for sale cheap, 01 to rent. ■VYATBBS 6* PBBRy, 447 Broadway, Bet.NYeen OraAd and C»uaJ stroots. Agents for the Manufacturers. N. B.—A superior T uner is engaged, who will executi all OT^era promptly. . apl3 pp • AClLEfeMAJi & M IXER, D r a p e r s a u d T a R o r s , HA-VS: RRMO-VBO TO ^ J^o, Mroddway, ' OPPOSITE THE CJTY HALL. (lEcoHn sToRv, tmriL tbe of mat .) P a rher MiUs JYails, FOR SALE BY THEIR AGENTS, Ko. 73Peittluidl''40 Stone stnset, leU np JB. se»A.VVSi & CO. the trade, orLmeui ox axi ox.xier atTiicies oojmecUM equally low. SMITH & tOUNSBEEY, 448 Pearl strei /opposite Will Carpetings. FETERSOH & H U M P H R E Y, 4 3 3 FB A K I a s t r e e t , IT A V E juB t received, by the late steamers from En- anfl e l e g a n t CARPETING, patterns eutirriy new. and , styles only to bo had a t their establishment. 'We do nfit deem it ne­ cessary to advertise the price to our many varietla of Carpeting, but merely say that we wUi seU » better ar- tide at less price than any other concern in the cit^ English Vel?et and Saxony Checked and White i CaxpcU. ting, 4-4,5-4 & 6-4. Embossed Table Cheneile, V e lvet _____ min^teBufa. French and Italian Shades-*. Worsted, Tufted and Jenuyj Lind Mats. Rodsp in great rari©^. Table and Piano :ng i^Tapeatry andBru “SC ' E ^ lish rograin. new pat- : English DamasK and twtllea EngUsh^Drugeets,£ron 1 to - — mh7 Smup __________ 432 Pearl st . near Madasm. T H R E E PLY C h iM P E T iJra, K n P I B C E S or the celebrated Lowell Manufro- cjtore at 7 and 8 shUlinge per yai-U- T^F P ISTM T. Have this day received 60 PIECES of Velvets and Ta­ pestry, of elegant designs, s t reasonahlo prices. Floor Oil Cloths. Complete assortment from 3 to 10 shillings yer y a r i ^ Bailey A * Brothers, ap5 np 454 PEARL 5T., near Chathamt • V f e w ? Carpets, Oil Cloths, »e. jasnp fronting n o .^ A . g y ^ ° 2 : i 7 % ^ ° ? k U O W K L I N G & C O . , HAVE RENO'VEO TO THEIR SPLENDID NEW STOKE, 33 COUKTLANDT STHEET, NEW YORK, ■^7-H E R .E they offer for sale, at reduced prices, to VV country merchants visiting this market, a large and well selected stock of ST A P L E AND P.AHCY DKY GOODS, comprising every variety of desirable goods to be found They aUo devote the second floor of their store to alarge C A K P E T S . embracing aU new styles, and all the best jn*k«8 of Im­ ported and Domestic Carpetings -among the etoskwillbe Tapestry Velvet, Lowell Ingrain, iigS,, isS' Cl?- < ash buyers are particularly invited to erm ine LCT-Thflofts of S3 Courtlandt street. 85 np E M E R S O N ’ S P a ten t 'Pemtilators. houses, raUroad cars, chimnies, &c, Emerson’s Ventliators are stationary and silent, and .e V eutiiatorV hre J ^ e r d / w ^ ™ ? “ L d Iflcientlyficiently provod. Thosese who arere iin their value is suf provod. Tho who a i neys. and all persons interested in the subject, are iovS- ted to call at oar warehouse and see the practical opera- fU H E W A T E R . P e a r c e ' s W a t e r F i l t e r s , rpHE-'^u\h.iVarTi^o*r^?d%l‘a l ^ ? Y a s ® ^ ^ a W on A -hand Water Filters, of the most approved construe- oonnzry is -tiown to be very Impare _____ JatS 2a-w np D e i t z , B r o t h e r & C o . , L A M P M M a n u f a c t u r e r s , W a s h i i i g ’t o n S t o r e s , Ko. 139 w i l l i a m S T R E E T , orders ul their manufacture, a t short notice, which will be warranted of the best quality, and sold as low as any in the market. In their stock will be found— GILT AND BRONZED CHANDALIERS, from two to eight lights with and without prisms for burning Oil or Campbene. T A B L E LA RIPS, GELT AND BRONZED, for Oil or t amphene—of more than one hundred differ­ ent patterns. E r e n c L M e c b a n tcal o r Cancel L a m p s, a fine assortment, aud Globes, Wicks and Chimnlea ap3Q Smwfclmd by mail promptly filled. Address D E I T Z , B R O T H E R <Ss CO., ’ * - 139 W lUlaim street M fred P lunhett, IMPORTER OR PRENCH, ENGLISH AKD GERMAN FANCY AND STAPLE GOODS, No. 104 William street, (rap stairs,) /•^PFERS FOR SALE thefolloiring, in quantities \ J to suit purchasers : luffalo dressing Gum elastic suspenders and Accordeons, 4, 6,8, Iff and Zinc Mirrors, Penholders. Ladles’ and Gentlemens’ Travelling Cases. Silk velvet and inetsHio bags and purse ibreilas and si S ’™ cites and rooden fignrea. J and shawl furs, dies’ werk,. glove and Pearl. Ivory and horn. Ope­ ra Glasses. Drinking cups, Gteme hags. Powder flasks, Money belts Silk and gilt guard chains Portable ink statids and pajeif Wrights. Desk sitts, Stomps and Spring presses. Vegetable Ivory, cushions and y’fl mrasnris. China vases and tiottles. Bohemian ware, Perfumery, Cumellan zings, Hearts and BaU oamots and Souven- Gntta percha Heads and Jet S d s iiver crosses, Rosa- Fratens bronzes, Bieeuit ’tVax and Terra Cota fig- Qold, eilve^and jet, Slides Grid Md gat Ear Drops. Bronte CaBdel»brs»i Braek- Caniestioki, Ink stands, at>d CbandeiUers. Head Dresses. Mouse Furnishing AND FANCY M^^RDW^KE, 76 Avenue., - CORNER OF , W a v e r ly P lace. 4 *. W . & C.^*JLLIVAI^, SAVE for sale as abov^ a large a ___ L assortment of goods of the best qui Ip-west cash prices—Consisting in part of DlXON’SSheffleldBritannia Tea and Coffee Sets. Hated Tea Sets, Spoons, Forte Casto^ &o. Table Cutlery,-with Ivory, Horn and Ebony Handles. Elegant Gothic and^SandwichTroys and Waiters. Pateut tmaweiled and T in n ^ Copldng Utensils. Polished Fteel Fire Irons and S tandard Britannia and Jepanned Lamp!? and Candlesticks. eWiT Rod* and Ft^twres of «f 1 Jrftxie. ’ Feather IJiisters, Bmehcaand Mats lh great Vatiaty. Wooden Ware—a genetai assortment. TBe attention of families afiont purchasing is respect- fully invited totbe above, .. . . Terms—CASH, and no deviation m ^ 9 from the llrlt named prjees. , . *,* Goods. driiTcredin any p art of •----- ---------- \'\anV O K O E S T B S u ^ ^ “ X 4tb rtanot, esov., ot 3<1 j^'Weime- q ' Pbtno-Feaacs l& a tm flietory wKli W*W«WW#a O ’ WOHUESTEK offarsior«alaala^daa»oxto»atff| n . « Choice K ano Fortrajft<®*®t° 7 o ^ v « s ,iu Bo»swo<>dandMaiioKanyAses,aaof wMch*r»nMunji»c- bie tenna. : - k . . : r i -

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