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X I I / t ^ 7 THE GSQCEBS’ ' JPire IjMuranee Comply, \ ’\ “ ' ’c a p l t e S ' f f o o l o o c f \ ^ ■^C e m p « B y , li»Ting tUeir G»p5tal an p « a In, Hf f P * ® P * * e d to insoro bojiatogs, laetclisiidl^e, ■dioineiMra foxottor*, TefBela ia p m , tielr caisoei, *o., »gaiart loss or dao^sse by fire ; also the zisto of inland JiaT^atioa and trangportatloa, on the moat IkTorabls ftfBxa. AU tosses promptly adjtikad and paid. SiBECTOKS. tanfn* Story, i Peter Martin, FianelB SUddt. J*axet B. Wilson, benjamin B. Sherman, Moeea Taylor, •George Elder. | Henry E d ^ , .Alexander H.1Grant, ManhaU Pepoon, Sampson Moort, Charles Burkhaltet, A sa S. PorteTi William P,. Foster, , q Isaao C. Taylor. < SAMPSON MOORE, President, a SspjTtr, Secretary. \ fe 33 Is tioi EviNP® vmn l«iw i ? « . ’ WEfiiirESMif; MMdi i | isMS play ot HENKT V ra at ths Society U b ta iy lectnre Room, on Wednesday srenlng. Hatch l3tb, a t 7i o'clock. Tickets, $1, to bo had a t ths Irring Hoose, the Astor Honss, a t Mr. Francis', and Mr. Ctoin at the door on the CTening of reading. s', and M i.C*oim e«Bookstees,and tXP“ Mr* Oord’a HlatoMcnk TAetnrea __ ’TV. Uetnre of Mr. Lord’s second contee ’em bo gtren In the large room of the Hope Chapd, on WEDNESDAY EVENING, 13th Inst., a t 7J o’clock. Subject-Peter the Great and BBMia. Tickets 60 cents. tnbic at • r i i e JX , y . B o w e r y F i r e i n i : C o m p a n y . g p w e g , ^ e ^ g « H d . t r e e t . or namera t, ip™ v r>— m ® hMoro against lost M e r c h ^ ^ ) * ^ * ? h / •iscrmTT o i ah Polices C ^ b T t h s m tio ^ * ^ *** “ person wiU reCSirs prompt attei , DIRECTORS. si S j ,. “ “.r i S ’ST ? = I “ e .- S ' e „ , M. HIBBAEC, Office hours from « o'clocS, A M , tSll Bnnirst. ^Losses li^raUy adjnated and protaptly paid. jel6 np JBroaaway Insurance O ffice, Wo. COi Company, C a p i t a l '^ 2 0 0 , ( ) 0 ( >. 418 B roadis 0 , 0 0 0 . , ’i« - A ® w T S r ih r j\ * p * ittra^ h T ^ ^ ^ and their Cargoes, Sc., ageinst Loss or Damage by Fire, on the mMt faroraUe terms. All Los»« promptly adjnst- SCHUREMAN HALSTED, President. JoHe.WaxT, Secretary. Marine and Eire Insurance, M E R C H A N T S ’ L O U I S V i l i ^ e l.NSU RANGE .CO , CAPITAL A g e n c y Office, No. 60 vVaG *Ore«t* r p ^ Mdera“^*d7^r^pa,ed to take risks for the X aboTe comr^any on ibe most favorable terma. and all Y o r k J L i f e I n s u r a n c e a n d T r u s t C o m p a n y . O FF IC E N O . s a WAL L ST R E ET . CA P rTA L 91,600,000. The Company I nt _ ANNUITIES, and ms the Interest of money LIVES, grants and pnrohas* any other contracts, inrolrini \\ 1 duration of life. E S I « ^ r S i i k w . v v . - , ‘ *\ SnxTOgav&s, » . . . . • « « . » » » , , ,6 do do. accnmnution, snch DAVID THC OFFICE OF THE JSast H irer Insurance C o m p a n y ^ 0. 69 W A L L S T R E B 1 V. O M P A N Y , W IT H a Cash Capital, CONTINUES TO INSURE AGAINST FIRE AS USUAL, orotsry. B r o o k lyn F I B B H f S U B A N C B C O I V l - o . . . . „ Exchange. Wall street, Vee. fVr*. ihelr cargoes upon as reasonable terms as any institu­ tion in New York WII.LIA.M ELLSWORTH, President. S tevshs , Secretary. ________ jet5 op Office in New Y o rk , U W a ll s ^ e t , during the year lb4J. . . .1609 77^71 cancelled from Balance January let, 1S49 ............ tsrs.seo 62 Deduct for losses then unpaid. , . 28 500 ------------ $643,860 60 Nett premiums received during the year 1849 .................................. $454,406 28 Interest “ “ •' 43,611 95 Total receipU in 1849.........$498,0 .8 21 Losses paid .................... $157,900 00 3es being charges the business. . . 16.573 63 Paid for purchased poll. 27.670 89 Physicians fees ..... 3.246 96 Interest paid oa Scrip. 652 29 --------- — $205 883 77 $292,184 44 Nett balance ..................... .. ................... $935 994 98 Additional losses amounting to $40 360 sustained dur­ ing the year, awaiting proofs of death. Cash on hand........................ . . . $7.120 78 Newark City 6 per cent Bond. .. 1.900 Brooklyn ...................................... 60.000 Bonds and Mortgages on real es- Heal Estate.................................. 16,968 H Premium Notes 1 drawing 6 per inred by policies .......... 606.218 04 Loans on Scrip............................ e.OjS 32 Premiums (Premium Notes and O F F I C S O F T H E J ^ F B ^ O N INSURANCE [ opposite M erchants ’ Ext hanok .] Oty- A t a n E le c tio n held this day, the following gentlemen were chosen Directors of this institution for E S S T b s o n , M . D . - s I h ^ T - V o o d r u m , a S s . & S r ssj^SpS'-\- S H A “£ 7 a John R. Davison, John A C. Gray The following gentleBien were at the Bame tune chosen i ” r r . 3 u r \ 7 ' ^ the company UEO. T. HOPE. Secretary. i¥ h V ^ c ^ S ^ % ^ ^ o i ? it e their business of Fire Insurance, on favorable terms. Losses eiiuitably adjn.tt- ed.and promptly paid. ____________________ OMce o f the JVational F i r e I n s u r a n c e C o m p a n y , W. C. KELLOi ■ x S S r r . lOG, Secretary R G O O G S . E A L L A N D W I N T E R G O O D S No. SO a n d Sii W lllllliili stre e t. W i l s o n G . B u n t X C o . TTAV3B just received by late arrivals from England XX France, and (Germany, and offer to their customers Fine and low-prioed Woollen, Worsted and Cottoi woollen Linings for cloaks. Hiotnas H u n t IT Co,, 9 2 W i l l i a m s t r e e t . N e w Y o r h > i m p o r t e r s a n d j o b b e r s , T T A V B for sale, in store, and constantly receiTing. a XX large assortment of SPRING AND SUMMER EUROPEAN GOODS, which are oBferad on favorable terms, vis b l a c k a n d COLORED ENGLISH AND FRENCH DBAP D’ETES. Queen’s Cloth, Napoleon and Alpacea Cndringtong. Alpacca. Mwourka, Hungarian and Lustre Coatings. GrandriU, Croton, Mohair and Beaux Coatings. White, i^elUea Fancy Weltings and Quiltings } LINEN, CASH.MF.RE, SATIN, SILK A GRENADINE VESTINGS. \ ablets a- ’ - ------- - a, Sinchews,Nankeens, Sarsnetts, Satin uHdklB, and Saddlers’ Sewings ■AVATS AND SEWING SILKS. ALSO ON HAND, lerioan Cloths, Caaeimeree, Deeaklrts, Cottonade^,_ eeds. Sattnetta, Mnaling,ite to . I I J W hite, « j, Colored and Fancy Barnsley ant -arselllea Fancy LINEN, CASl GRENADINn. v s-isi in txn. Kossuth Mixtures, Linen Camblets and Erminetts. Satina, Serges, SUecias, Buttons, Hosiery, Binding Batiste and sdk Cravats, and Frwnch Snspendem^ ITALIAN M . w . K u r a » s o j r . P a t e n t C h a S r ^ M s ^ e r s , TjrV OT R E V O ^ I ^ U ? lA ^ ,R e o u m b e n t^ T O lT taf X Chairs, Self .tcting Extension Recumbent Chatrs Dentist ChairSjlmpioTed InraUd Wheel Chairs, B w o i Beading and Writing Desks, and every variety of Ma obanical Chairs for comfort and eonvenlenco. Also, by permission, manulacturers Of Mujor Searles, D. S. A. Travelling Invalid Chairs. FashlbnaWe Cabinet F o rnituieiudB to ordeL ^ W . EL lUamVa. I _______________________ oza n» h ^ t s : CylHS I I pirtiiicial Flowers. W illia m 3 ES. Wbitiniir Se, Co la a F E X R L S T R E E T . OFFEB, KOS SALE AT THE LOWEST MARKET t^ T ^ ^ ^ e s s io n and the pubUe are respectfuUy invIUd •mhl31t* 67 Crosby straet^ ^<KrS.?5.iSS5S N S ; b « C ; i S T p ’2 2 d i i i i f e f S » ” b R . s ; . '‘j follows, y a : T be great North Mall for Albany and points West, will close daUy at 4 P M . to be forwarded by steamboat to Al- '‘‘rh e Way M&ite wbleh close at 3 P. M will be aceom panied ihrongh by mail agents, and letters may be de- posiWd with them at the care up to the hour of learlng BNurnltDi-e Sales— HENRY H LEEDS fe t o7. Auctioneers. No. 8 Wall street, will give their personal a t­ tention as usnal. to sales of Fumitnre, he , at private re­ sidences daring the coming season and will also receive fnmitnre, be at thair store, for sale when desired. ' S t. N icholas' Society o f U»e“C l ty T f N ^ w The new edition of the TonstitnUon is no COMlVtERGIAL. SALES AT THE STOCK EXCHANGE,MAE. 13,1*60. Sr-£=:M \o d^:;-.'b® 4 !° ....... cia I do.::;:;. | l a s ! i i£'“r ■■■“ I ’S ! i : h \ S! t::^r IU e I I liri li g J l B k o f W The stock market is brisk and buoyant. United States 6’sofl862 have advanced j. and this coupon stock of 1888, , , other descriptions are firm without ehanj . advanced 1; IllinoU Interest proved stock f, Indiana 6's », Pennsylvania 6‘i f : Canton 4.N and Erie new bonds L the old have receded J i; Farmer’s Trust J; Morris Canal 4, Norwich ani^Wcr- i j per cent, Reading R R 1 per STATEMENT OF THE ‘ MUTUAL B E .N E F IT L I F E INgURANCE COMPANY.’’ .Nrwisit. N J.- On the first day of Jam Policies .SBuei pn ■ ’ Ian. 1st, 1840 . . . .6162 cies and for commis- oourse of trans! laction.. Cash) in the hands of the Directors have declared a dividend f Upon 3909 Policies now in force, issued prior to Janu- ■y 1st, 1849, (except term policies issued since May 1st, of SO per The Directors having paid the losee's that have occur- red, and reserved the sum of $376,320 14 and the addi­ tional sum of $200,000, of declared profits as required by at whiob time tlie intercat to cease. Those whose ends have been placed to their credit tb receive the same with interest by a credit on their notes as they ma- ire. C. GILL, A cti art . DIRECTORS AND OFFICERS. Robert L. Patterson, Seth Low, Charles S. Maoknett, Edward Anthony, Lewis C Grover, Andrews Snelling, Thomas B Segur, Randall H Green, Henry McFarlan, Joel W. Condit, WUliam M. Simpson, Isaac H. Frothingham, ROBERT L PATTERSON, President, JOEL W. CONDIT. Vice President, BENJ'N c. MILLER,Secretary. LEWIS C UROVER, Attorney and Counsellor. JOS L LORD, Agent. New York. JofiSPH B I acksos . M D , Med Examiner, Newark Jants S tcwak I. M D , Med Examiner, New York, Valentine Mott, M I r Van Rensselae ca:h“a n d ? o \ U ‘'rTd7';rtht7%ro't^^^^^^^^ company b ^ u o t e ^ of P— ■ B R I T I S H . C o m m e r c i a l L i f e I n s u r a n c e C o m p a n y . ORNHILL, LONDON, and 65 STREET .N'-W YORK. C i » i M f o / — f 3 , 0 0 0 , 0 0 0 . R E F E R E E S IN N E W .Y O R K . His ExceUeocy HA.MILTO.N FlSH, Gov of state of New A.NTHONY BARCLAY, Esq H B M JOHN HICKS, Esq. Medical Examiners. J ohk C. C hkasmav , m D , 473 Broadway. F. U, J0HSST0X..M D ,762 Broadway. Standing Counsel. H on . W illis H all . A lbert GALLATi.N.Junr. Actuary for the Southern State®, resident at New JOHN*^WNTHROP, 16 Exchange Place, N 0 ' 7 H I S 2 \ v „ , REt-.T .N'-W YORK. A B L ISH E D IN ISaO. General Agent for t fc26 Iseodtf STANLY a . COMMII To take aeknowlt FLEETW O OD, No. iao N a ssau stre e t, ISSIONER FOR OHIO, MICHIGAN, ILLINOIS INDIANA AND MISSISSIPPI, aeknowledgme.nt of Deeds. Depositions, he. jy2C W e d d in g C a r a s , O VISITING AND MERCHANTS CARDS, the purest French enamelled Surface, at ST O U T d£ H Y A T T » S , late George H. Stout’s e n g r a v i n g r o o m s . R OF B R O A D W A Y A JSD M A I D E N Where specimensm’ay heseen, WEDDING ENVELOPES, Just Imported the most fashionable styles, ftom which a careful sAection has been made. ELEGANT CAKE BOXES, _ __ Embossed and Waterod. SPLENDID GOTHIC AND SHIELD PLATES, For doora, of eterling oiiver, the plate of which is warrant­ ed to be of unusual thiokness. SEAL ENGRAVING, isuUr. Lodge and Society ! engraved at reasonable pri. __ COATS OF ARMS AND CRESTS, ed and oi ' ’ ’ \ ' ‘“ ‘ ‘\ ■ ““ ’ C T o l r f t T v A r r . _19 UP comer Maiden Lane and Broadway. C U M B E H L A N D S E M I - ^ ' u ' m T N O U S H. B^ T E B B E T T S , R. W. C liffs fc Co., Shipping ...... Island have improved J. and Harlem I The tendency ofaU stocks seems to be to Im] less cheeked by special causes In Reading advance is speculative. Land warrants are firm nt $128a $130 at which quotations any quantity can be 1 Double Gold Eagles or Washingtons,' are olroi I d ths street. The money market continues abundantly lapi The banks having discounted very liberally, are now fnli up to their liBilts ; and mor$ paper Is offered in the previously purposes, the supply is abundant, and stringency Is alto­ gether ontof men's contemfdatic Money Ls freely offered tj loan enritiee at 4J a 6 per cent The Philadelphia mint is paying all certificates of gold deposits up to No 4S9. Fester U Llvlngsti gether yesterday a large assembly, who bid wltl spirit. The catalogue, with small exception was Oisposed of. and the prices realized were good—sufficient to show that the market for oil desirable styled ol goods 1.. tb' roughly sustained. Diviovvos - The Northern Bank In Hallowtll, Me , ,J. dared a semi annual dividend of .fir e per cent on Muz The Directors of the State Bank of Illinois have Issued a report of its officers, from which we take the foUi.i THP EVEKINO f O i * MARINE LIST. ^D N E S D A Y , MARCH t8. Buq g i a ro iT c r - o ii eq u it y . .. WrairT^firctaandothen. | In punnaace ol - --------- PORT OF NEW-YORK, fl 10 1 ecu SXTB. .8 so I H T H E tMJBAW snpAJHESRS. F o r B rem e n . street. The rates previously ruling arc continues a Urge borrower, and the activity of busti occaaions a large local demand. Yet, for aU legitimate n on call, on the best se- S S K A ‘i i s i ~ : ' ; S , 3 Bonds of the Bank outstanding ..................... $18l,C00 00 Interest on the same to date............................ 30 330 mi .Notes and cortifleatee outstanding ................. 2t82t8 58888 7uu 6 7 .$472 018 71 N ew VorK IHarRets. Lrarefally prepared for the Evening Post WlOSlgDAT, ASHES—The market for Pots is firm, with a moderate demand at $6 60 Pearl, continue steady but .juiot at ^ L ( if^^lV rT ^ m rk^tT e v e ry,.uiet, Prices have not yielded more than fa4c. St which small sales have beei made, and are evidently unsettled, the market not having ‘’T LO ul‘k r l V i r : a ^ r t state Flour Id heavy. parti<»ularlj for the lower Kra<l«d The demaad for the east itill very moderate, the slock there being ter gradee. bricee of which are Tyell sustained ranadlan rules quiet al $4 75, with smaU sales making tJV —There is a fair demand for -wheat for millitijs. . ..................... r i Z lavy al a 64 for mixed southern and Jersey; 6* for Jersey white 65 a 66 for southern white, 58 for southern yellow, and 66 a 86^ for Jersey and northern yellow A cargo prime aouthem white sold at 66c iUDKS—With small arrivals and large demand, the ”j™‘Sd“e'*:r n'^6 j UntL^r to JS-tir^ p r.: 10 6 months; SOOOMaranham ox 8j 8 months, and 4600 m o T o a/ l i r tn^d\5400 do' 21 “ [^'IvTag\ “at I 2 I ( alcutta’ bufliloOj aT, ------ -- . , \lE r-?H T r-T t:1al°rL V 'i^ very firm with a good de- mnnd but with restricted transactions from the insuf fioient supplies The receipts have been very light. Or dors are acoumulating. both for hemlock and oak. O ut quotations are unchanged Oak (slanghteri light p«*r lb *J2a24 : do middle 10a2*2 . do heavy ISatil . do (dry hijo) ias';v‘™?ri..u 5 ■ t ^ PROVIS^NS-The market for Pork is heavy . the local demand is moderate at $10 3TJ a 10 44 for mess and 8 8?i a 7 94 for prime. Beef is firm, with a fair demand at 6 76 a 6 50 for country end city prime, and 8 75 a $10 But Hams have further Improved, and are In demand at S17al8 sales yesterday at the latter price, to arrive « »’t Meat^ are firm h I 5 ' h 7 c f-r Hams, and 3ja4j for Shoulders Lard is better, sale^ v»'Hlerday and to-uay uf WHIjjKFY-There is a good demand and a limited .q i : : ; ;iirv , do 'on-s do at ; y 0< and 25 tons l edar at the sime rate To ( allfornia. there has heen less off**r tng and ra 04 remained ihP?>aniH The Khip Rochester late of Bath. Me 670 tons, das been purchased on foreign account for $19,6CXi . the ship Manteo late of Boston, and the ship Francis Depau uf this poorr^hav«a’»nb«cnn*M4 probably for tbe raliforula trade . way to San Francisco - (Shipping p 1 Shipping List. Sales o f R e a l E s ta te —March 13. 1 avenue anil 35th at. llo t o u s o u t W u 30 a « o u SO . . . . . . . . . . iSVU^ 1 do south side 28th it. between 2d and id av 890 00 1 do southeast cor dth Av and 65th street. 96 3 do adjoining on 6th av................................. 67.) i)0 2 do do d o .................................... 470 00 9 do at n atbush.............................................. 130 60 l : d f o : : : - ; : ; ; : ; - ; : : : : : ; ; ; . : : : ; ; a o w B ostov , March 12-Flour and Cirain-Stormy weather part of the morning interfered with out-door business There is a fair demand for Flour from the trade at $5 60 a 6 62} for Michigan and Uenesee common brands, and 6 75 a 6 60forfancv and extra In Corn sales continue to be made at 67 a 68 cts for yellow, and 66 for white — Oats are sellintc at previous rates Molasses—The mar­ ket is dull at 1 9 ets per gal. 6 mos. for sweet Cuba, at which rate further sales have been made. Sugar—There have been furt her sal**fl cf new crop i uba yellows, at 7 ^ a 7 J cts par lb,6 mos. Provisions-.No change in|any kind spired In New London, the market i» also -ntlrelv bare, * * * ^ ^ A . J . D e l a to u r ’t s T t ie r m o m e t e r . 1849 I 1848 I 'itt I do 'S I f! I ii l l ' l T iJLJJllJLl Si M A R R I E D . s . s i K S ' a . - s r ' T i . i ' . v r ; : ............... . lagUter of Isaac Y'an ** b^'ddenly. on the 12th inst, after a short iUness of dla- T n ^ l X \ ^ ; e \ L f f l t r T s c a r ^ t fever, CiTHxBixE 110LLI8S. daughter of Robert D. VTynkoop. “^ S ^ t r a r i L T l x - x a i s W „ ,r e r a n , native of montbs. and 10 days. F o r New Y o rk. KOi: CHo^i-cs. i! c l e a r e d t h i s tO R E X O O k. Ship Oxford. McLane, Boston. John DeWItt li Co ARRITED THIS FORENOON. £ s ? ; e unc, (inon, dodo.^^.s'hakspeare. f’endlcton, b«ston In a ffw days. On the night of the 6th last, at 7 30 r m was run into by a fore and ah ich Bt.«eriug south, carried away tfap H topmaai and studding saU boom, the poti ioa W'lUL^ 28th uH. lat 28 56. Ion 72 00 upoke brig ber loaded bouud to Havana 4 ds out boh Zuima. Spacing 9d fmbwansboro N< . with corn Sch Ann Maria Jones, j dfl fm Ncwberu. Ni . naval stores to vS M Mitohcli boh \ K Hay Keaaton, 6 ds fin Newbern NC, naval Sob T r ( ooper, Corson 6 ds fui Newbern. N(‘. with naval stores to master sVh iulappl < haplio <5 Ud fm f><*racoke NT, com to 4 Treadwell ft Sons bch Henry < Lowell, of Fast Thomaston , Thomas. 6 ds fm iHlcbmood. corn to ord»r SAIL.f.D—'Nhip Fanny Havana, bark Jn^Strond f #»- dar Kftya^. ^hri^ Falcon, (Br) Bermuda, Almatla. Cura- MrMoRA.fDA —The telegraph reports at 12 M ho Inward bound vessel in sight yard ) Consignees are rc4,[U6Sled to attend to the receipt mhU at WM NKLSON. 86 South st day. and send in bills of lading to MOSE.S TAYLOR & CO , 44 .South St The bulk of 3UU bbis. can bo taken, If sent un board [imediateiy. mhl3 ^ iraiDDLETAGKDTiAl \ S 3 _________________________________________ I^ A . N T E D - A lad ab'Ut 16 years HJ, who writes a VV fair hand, In a general coromi“HK'U house Addro»« in handand writingriting of applicantpplicant withith referenceserences Boxox No.o. in h w of a w ref B N S4U ___ mhl.8 3t C l* p w r R E W A R lJ“ Wiirbe paid for the recoyery of ^ e J U the body of Samuel fenny late Ma.«<ter or the -chooner Isabella.'* from Newbern .S C , which veHsel was capsized off Sandy Hook on Friday afternoon, lat instant Apply at 196 Front ctreet mhlS «xmeh;,u,U.vpli,e„lbeK,nn.na filteeS'leeV,o.l^:m„7h;rriM:eol^^^^ p p S r I i i l l i i i i l i p i s S H l i s ^ And also, all that certain Uoefe, piece or parcel of ground, stt- **n.wt»-f4 lorns'fot SiYUffiith »tiwi anti AvenueA. llieuce njnmne and Uicntf $»«.>**$!> a!on^ llu-nc>iUiefi> lint* ut HixUtculli street »u s!s:2nr led by ih«* nimilier 14 (tourteen), upon the above mentiuued iuai». .11(1 eijdily-Iuui left to iJjc southeasterly cornur ot Are- -jV^OLASSES -200 hhd« pHme > IV l carol Molafifltifi. cargo of fiohoc am] for salf'*'” MOSES TAYLOR & IN, No lPl„e_.t_ *w Muscovado, (J q . If M&i&bar, liBdi&g /un- TVyTOWK'r TO LOAN^ou Bond and Mortgage on iV i prcvf.l real eiatat©. in the city of New \ .*rk Attorney a! O for Pale by cacc.' Graugv «U'l ' *ui|'6i'll W.Yl T HU K s k I u _ idtsi Front St. D I C k liT M A ’f E oFsoDA ^ b X i kvgs ' EnRlL.h,'for X) sale by WILLIA.\l T. HI' KS h i U 149 and 161 Front st gA L . SOD.A, F.nglish .Sal EpsiiiPS, Ulu6 Vitriol, rsflnsil sale by ’ YVII.LIA.M T III' KS k I O, nihll ___ 149 an.l 151 Front St j ^ L t K n u , i.nustfiftily ou tianU, of aiaWca lunau WILLIAM T HH'kfi t TO . _____ ________ ].tOiind l.'i])»runt 81 6 0 Iff,,»„™, tland ft Liberty superior article, for O lCl^and wkito R**ck ( andy. i J[V Bale by the manufacturer T a HOUOKINS, 148 (ireenwirh flt between ( ourtland and Liberty N’V NB ^Confectionary at wholesale on the lowest terms T f A i .s 21 bales lanama Mr.iw Hals ol desirabve ‘juall- X j L U ps entitled to debenture, and f'TNale by m hn MOSKS TA \ LOK, 44 S. uth street rohlS 149 and 161 Front st T)l£iAXiL« S A tio •*'» ea.-MM prime or .•snle by 1 WILLIAM T IIK KS ft « t) , mhl.1 14U and 141 1-runt st / ^ ^ C I x NEO'KT m .NKSIA-IU ra=ieR. f.r sale by WILLIAM I HM K^ ft ( » . lahLI _ __________ 149 ttOd K'l Front Pt F r o m Uto London O a i r l l f . F e h r u u r y lOltt I’s.YO „ O’l’lC iC i-n b»*reby given that the i’nrtner»hip here nig, a»d uil «h Tailis aoU Fn-ilcrtck Va'lis aa B .oKfnlUirs aii'l rublL'Ii am oi iiic-imr fronTtbo 31st%ay*\’of December,'iSlu'\ 'iTaled thT 14rh a«y ol Joimary, 186i _ i^EDE^iVi^^/ALUS The attention Of the trade and the public U respect­ fully ra lnd to the ab< ve notice yith an intimatluu that the buMue.ss In future will be carried on uoder the firm ■f ■ J(;HN i A LLlS ft t U M i AN I Id John street New Vork in hl3 2tis A .N IF E S T \’lTll*ANXM X-^r7bav7;uet prlat'- iVX ed a uew form of MaMfe.-t for mfrebandme shipped to the port rf « hngres. to be transported rta the IsthmuH '.M^anama to San mhlS 01 WUiiamst. 80 Cedar street, up stairs. N T K b I4 \ W N 9 - Very desTT^ble styles of th«o r .Cfoda, auow T ) E A C a rabCNTA lN COAX-Thls superior coal X ht reduced prices, and of the various sizes, prepared L*' um \ u written an.1 copied at the same time. belnR a (treater as.ing than the copying press both in time and price SOM who.osaie and ^ t a . l by ^ t h ^ ^ t n r o ^ g ” ‘ ^ c i f o e T m f t W r x ^ ^ njhl2 30 ( edar street, up iitairs fciAKX J GODDARD, Agent, 80 Cedar street, up stairs. K W E I a IIY s i L. V E E rde^s“crTp‘!.rna‘^^“S r ^ ‘n^rsnrY^^^^^^ st^ \\o t« lis ; ™ a l l arthe^”? ^ p-lne'^ld and sllTer English patent lev« by \ 3 I a I d ' i ^ e ^ d ? t ‘M t ™ .epine watches. l^ d lob'tfi. »nd .ees, ( Barms, for watch chains. Gold and silver spectacles; H S ? V r u ^ l u 3 « . wa ran»d to keep good time, or money returned. “ i V & T . F A I R B A N K S & C O . M a m iflw O T r e w o r long known J Tholongcx » of tlie eeienec I b & in vorkm&n> A. a . BAGM 2 Y & CO., Manafisetnrea of G O L D F E N S , G o ld a n d SUwer P e n » n d P e n c il C u e * . Patentees of the celebrafod E X T E N S I O N C A S E S , Warehonse, old stand, No. ISO BzoadW AF, N exr Ytxrlt, jaie np _______ (tjF ETAiae.) _ gCARTNE AJiX> E O t E nrSUBXJBCT*- N aiHvU la buQ T u ie*^ M d l^ n u t - Coa«p*ny INCORPORATED 15W- O A S B C A P I T A D , *300.000. AU. rain in ahd iEonui.T iimSTBO IlOMES LlBEaALl.T AbJUITED ABD rSOMFTLT fAtDIBSBV Jy25»p A. B . BUOtApMUag*..*. * » W n U « t- P lA F fO F O R T E S . HliNNR 4c C E A B . K . UaiTOPACTUftC&it xKi> paopJusToJta COLEMAN’S PATENT JEOLIAN ATTA-H JSo. aST-Bxomdw«x. r iO KT i «*STi, l '^A C U E N T piU B iESJa c n o x a $_/ ^ n d a , for sale by —Ljgbt ebeetlnz. for cheese [ARCUS SPRING St CO , 61 Exchang^pUce. »s heavy”brown drills, ____ C-OR E.YPORTATION—400 b a le ___ . __________ 200 cases varions styles bleached cottons Fra sale by MARCUS SPRING t TT'ANt Y GAS J7 priced, of d It delicious fi ow n m a n i' * r I n o fe CO., <1 Exchange place k most deiieicos fragnmoe )9Xi manufactarci lery fl For sale by A I S SPUING & CO . _ ^^ c h a n g e place. recciTcU a ftcM iln^y Farinoa' cuggiaU, rf Williaj tag Rods, waiow c o T i ^ and Bril Doe Chatos, GoUaxs and Musries fee CHWWTfiafltta »*»«** *»*“ “ * ^ Peisons About pur ■ the Stock ' ' ^Ing Preeses, which we will sell at ~ S ' t , S 7 . , ' r u ’. RICHfeLODTRF’ ------ — •” \* ----- - eiAJNO F O R T E i M IRE offer for sale* treroom. 848 Bleecker 8 : Of rosewood and mabo Sotblo and modem P» PlauoB. fox xaedumical con maiMhip,and rlolmcfis of t( where the pnidikser lu s M and any reasonable length' ---- This being a new fbotura In the business, it Is impcrtanl to tbs puiebager.as the ■urket is fall of traps, well ealen- lated to catch the inezperiesced. A responsible vor- rauty witb each ' *rmnent. ' \ ' ------- ------------- - nrst families f a t N. S. Eauoa t o : _ _____inezperieaced. A responsible war- , witb each fmtt Befeiencs to seme of tbs fsa^e a fa th e c S tf , Ja uall m-ht-Y. to the soutliwfflerlv <-ornfr ol Twentielti i S M J W rtn'Uiw?, nil ihni 'vnom wwii, piiTvor pniTi org’onn.|| hhi S : “S S E ( E S S E 1 E S or iiaripl ot larul ln*im: aKoa porUon ol the pan el number Be^en i*n*n upon the in-ip hut nltirenHid lioundeil atul dexi r,l>e«| a* fol low« , lieeinnme at Uie norlheiuterl) roni-r ol A'eiuie B hih I nine feet live tntiie*. to the Imeol a oeri.un new bU'*et. • tMetl ■ •' \' '■ ■'''\incIw.riiu'Two” u7l U.i-n'7mlim’”'' ..,HU,...lvl,n,M,l N,nHrr.dh_AnvL ito^^ New \ ork. mo-ie. or to be muilc. or any act of the LegulalUfe noru...b ^ andeichty-tour leei to the bOUtli-PHwterly rorner ot Oie i* irsl ave­ nue ano Tw.-nij rtn-l »tret-t. nmiuiig tiien-e easterly along the wmtrrlf com., ol Tweo'f-serood Un*i .md A._^.en« corner Ot avenue A and Twrnty-ihlrd street, thenGe running Bn^r”& Evkri?*^”' 1®°'*\'''’'*- I o widen Thames street on the south side, from Broadway t« ’ro-^ruT,?f&ee,, fmm .u present termination, west of lOtb ivenoetothe Hud- s s f i i i m t Marr-h 13. 1850, ________________________ \’h'S lOt .rTREET DEPARTMENT. No. 4 Ha|| of Records-Sealo --------------- icpof applieati n lo' the diRcbarge of au insolvent from hi» HOOIH » FOSTER, J . C . B O O T H & , C O . , F A S m O N A B I s E C l o t h i n g a n d O u t f i t t i n g Es tablishtnen t, N o . 517 C o m r t l a n d t S t p e e t , (A FEW DOORS BELOW THE WESTERN HoTKL.) qA H K SD H S C R IH E R S , IN ANNOUNCING TO X the public the recent change in their firm have the sntipfttctioa of stating that their new arrangements for mducting the C L O T H I N G B U S I N E S S , Both for extent and variety and the K X 1' K ! •; M E L Y L O W P R I C E S At which they are enabled to sell, are rN E (.iU A L L i:D BY A.N'Y l.\ T H E CITY. ™ i N i ‘ ! v ” a M s . 7 ™ w U i Jl. PUKCHA.'iING GOODS PJttK-KMINENT fc-UCCP^SS. Tbeir Stock, being manufactured under tboir own sn- pervUion, and wuh a view to ucatness, elegance, and util­ ity, and tvmouutiDg to over t^O.OOO IN VALUE, nmprisps aa aesortment now unequalled ; and they H L E Y A L L C O M P E T I T I O N . Another of the firm guperintends, in perron, the Manu­ facturing Departments, which is daily replenished by overyUiiug new and dcirable and comprises a CO.MPLETE AScjORTME.NT t)f all that is requisite for G E -N T L E M E N ’■* O LI T F I T ; REFI.VEI) TAriTE, P.Y.NTALOONS of all the various styles and patterns. of the latest and richo.t pattern, DRESSl.NG T H E FANCY D E P A R T M E N T [mbraoes everything new or desirable in the line of Fur- u s FAKritTLAR ATTENTION IS FAIP TO T H i: CUSTOM DUUAKTMUNT. And their extensive arrangemente enable them to K x e c u tc O rders a t tlie btiorccst N otice. T H E W H O L E S A L E DEPART.MENT b-UFPLY COUNTRY M E R C H A NTS At Prices below that of any Establishment in the City. To verify the above statements, they ask residents and strangers, when in their neighborhood, to call and EXAMINE EOK. THEMSELVES, Where they will receive the most Tolite Attention ; the rroprlators relying on their UNRIVALLED FAC ILITIES, TO ENSURE A SALE. F V L i 7 s I'IT S Furnished to order at a Few Hours' Notice, and sent 70 H.VF V.IRT OF TUP. LWITEI) STATES. BOOTH at P O S T E R . N B Open from 6 o'clock A M. to 10 F. M. STAB1LITV;~SECUR i TY. PERPETUITY. ,Tbe mutual Life Insurance Company G. 35 W A E W YO R K , NO. 35 A O IlLiaON O P HOLLARS state and City of Now York and United States Govera- This fund ia rapidly increasing by a widely extended and prosperous business. LL THE PAOFITS^ARJI^DGTDED AMONG THE The premiums are payable in cash annually, semi- annually^ or ^quarterly, Interest being added on the de- The L ^ p n n c ip le adopted by this C ompany, eecnres to the partie.s for whose benefit the insurances are Fersone may effect Insurance on their Own lives, and S “ “ S £ ’”= Clergymen and all others dependenti upi S B ? ™ Id all others dependent, upon salaries dngs are speciiDiy invited ta avail thei ■aora, and' iUustrattag its advaMagesV^th’fra i i 'S selves of a resource whereby their surviving families may Pamphlets expUnato^y of tp'prindples of Mnt f ^ r r s ' - ’i - o a S o b T p 'v S .* ™ l s r „ ° w S ‘“ i S E f * ^ Jonathan p u ^ r r r ^ ^ e l i , \R ^ rfs^ h ^ n ir .'^ ’ ra r \ ' E' Francis S. Lathrop, X T * \ ' ’ _ - j n C That ------ :EPH B. COLLINS, President. mhfiWfcS A m e r i c a n C h r o n o m e t e r s . I >L18s <S CREIG H T O N continue to manufaetnie XI MARINE CHRONOMETERS, upon their improved ^h^U**sT g ” ** which they haoe received *—* ' “ The CHB0.VO2IETEB Of jour masnfacttiTe wbich 1 purchased 23 xnonvbs since, has proved to be the best Chronometer I have used and known. At the National Observatory in Liverpool, where almost all the packet ship-masters send their Chronometers for rating and verification. Professor Hartunp, who has charge of the same, and consequently tests those of all makers, states that it is the best instrument ho has ever seen, and fur­ thermore. he says that those of yonrmake are more to be depend!^ upon than any others which come onder bis As an American Ship Master 1 feel prond to find so eBiineot an Eaglish Astrenomer give his testimony, in fftTor of your Clironometers Tocr ob*t eer’t. G.S. PEABODY, „ ^ ^ , ..B-Jt«ofShip Cftmbridge. B. & c . gires the fallept guarantee wUli their loi^ chines and will them «t low prices for cash, or oa cre^t for approved paper. properly repaired and adjusted, i of Ualifomia, China and the East Indies .•> FXTLTON 3-^ — ” New I harts < Charts, Se:^___ I Jt. C. KEMP, Awetloaeee. F c r e n ip t o iir B«lo « f lOO V - l n A M . P ^ t ^ ^ dg- B. C. ^ M P y r in sell a t anotlen on SATURDAY EVENING, a t 7 o’clock, a t the Gallery 359 Broadway, near Franklia street, 100 o n Paintings, without any re- serre whatever: among which' are said to he o r ig in lings by SriTOdor, Rosa, Ponlssln, Zacketrille, Stt Lilly. feO., fed., Which Win he found weU worthy of B. The p a lntta^w n i bo raady for exhibition on Friday and Saturday, In the room first floor, 869 Broad- qnhl33pWfeFnpTfcS WILLIAM E. FRANKLIN, Anottoneer. V a lu a b le K * * l E a t t t t e Bale On S lx tb a n S Se- ▼«ntb a tr e e t s , a n a i i n F l r a t awenme. A part of the pnrch^^ money mai re BRUCE A. CBILTON. Auctk Continxxatlon oY t h e L a r g e Sale o f V a luab le B r o o k ly n P r o p e r t y , by order of the Supreme Court In F.qaity, being the balance of the Brooklyn property, belon^ng to the estate Of the late Thomas , ... S S w , . , . . ..... I’bUTLERk •impfe^ii the title unquestionable. ~HENRY~HTLEEDS, Anetioneerr ~ A u c tion N o U c e -S p lendid F a ln tln g g . F o r C a l i f o r n i a D i r e c t . D I S P A T C H D I N E . F l R S l V E S S E L . P I S E S H I P « H INDOO,\ MILLER, MASTER Is loading a t Pier 26 East Kiv«. Shipper! wHI pleai* hurry down the balance of freight, and send Will of lad lag to the office for signature. A small quantity af light boxes, bales, fee., can be taken on Immediate applica­ tion ; also, 2 first cabin and eight second oablu passen- “ B A R K T B S U rrO N . Wiiaox, Master, a t foot Pike-st. East RJvar, has her cargo oil engaged, and can take ten passengers at low S H I P LA D V ARBEiLLA. O lotkr , Master, is loading »t pier 10 North Rlvw, her cargo being nearly engaged, win hay. fine dlspatoh; has comfortable aeeommodstlons for > fhw first and taken at tho lowest rates and no detention. E. B. SUTTON fe CO., 84 Wan st. HENRY H. LEEDS. Auctioneer. India F a n c y Goods, R ich Nanltln China riameled Vases, Camphor T r a n lis, Lac- lered 'Ware, « c .. S c . WM. DUMONT, Auctioneer. F u r n i t u r e Bales.—The Bubsoribers will give their personal attention to sales of household furniture, at the residences of families brrakink up honsekeeping, &o. DUMONT k HOSACK, Auctioneers, 9 lOtis t689) 11 Wall street. FK.tNKLiN. Auctionce In order losecDre to gentlemen who wish to purchase what are , > g \ B. A. CHILTON. Auctioneer. Perem p tory S«.lo o< JlS V a l u a b le r<otft 70lh and 71st sU. with 2U and 73d eu , with .... I Mmmmm s 9 SsSm E x e c u t e ^ le office of James M. Miller fe I o'clock M. s r s i . i ’y . “'i '‘cwTork.F.bman Be story brick hoore now k '^Ine'lot'ra the sontherly side of 44th street, between 6th and 6!li *'(™e'tot on the southerly sideol 45th street, between 6th asd 6th l l p s m i a . ? “ ih^Thirtymme lots on ©th and 66th streets and 3d and Lex le^n ” -two lots oa 70th and 71st sueeta and 3d and 4th KSh.'*Forty-nme tots on 79th and 80lh streeto and 2d and 3d .......................................... f o t S W i S cA iM on m A . F o r S a A F r a n c i s i B O D i r e c t . t h e FE 5 R p a C K S T S H I P Sheridan, CavToix OxoKox B. CoBUiSR, bfeTiof ueuly kllkBrougo angagedand on board, win POSITIVELY sail on Saturday next, th. 16th Instant. Sbs .lifts STAT£ ROOM ftooosuaodfttions for % few more ptssengers, and can yet t&^e theBnUcofaBoutfiOO Barrels on freight. No SECOND class or STEERAGE PASSENGERS Apply on board at pier No. 18 East Blvu, or to SPOFFORD, T.ILE8TON & CO. mhll table 4* South street. second cabin passenge sights ts F o r San Francii^co D irect. For bolanoe of freight, apply to A. WELLINGTON HART, feC is __________ _______________ 88 Broadway. F o r J S a n F r a n c i s c o D i r e c t . EXPRESS LINK. The splendid coppered and ooppeT-fiaetaMd Now York built pocket ship V IC T O R IA , favorably known as one of the fastest London and Liver- ships, will be despatched forthwith for San The bulk of her cargo Is engaged and In course of ship­ ment, and no delay will occur In her time of saiUng. For balance of frelg(ht or passage, having four first cab­ in and eight second cabin berths disengaged, apply to A. WELLINGTON HART, fe9 la 38 Broadway. I. T. Sm ith’s R e g u lar Dine FO R SAN FRANCISCO. C O P P E R i i l l P ROM E , Loading a t. Pier 6 E. R„ foot of Broad. This nwrly lew Ship, 24 montbs old only,has just performed tho voy­ age to Califoruia In the goremment serriee. Three-quar- of her cargo is now engaged, and she will be dis­ patched in a few days drreot to San Franclsw). The arrangements of the BUbseriber are such, that shippers by hts lino oan always seoure important and ■olisble advantatagos. Freight Is taking at the lowest -ates, and no detention in loading or disoharglBg. FOR SACRAMEIVTO CITY. The beautiful light draft clipper bark JOSHUA HARDING, Commander, At pier 14, Bast River, wUl b a r. quick despatch as above. The Onyx Is a fine vessel ol th . first .lass, and Insur.s at the lowest rate. Shipper! Of goods will do well to ei- amine bet before making engagements for freight else- (KF\ The Onyx will take a fewpusengets.HDD Apply to ISAAC T. SMITH, mh2 _____________ 101 Wall street, corner Fron D a lljr a t 3 1 - id o ’cloc P R K IG H T L I S E F O R PH I L D K L P H I A . r E g L - f t TRANSPORTATION COMPANY’S FREIGHT LINE, Between New York and Philadelphia and IntOTmedlate Leaves New York fVom Pier No. 1, North River, at 3J o’clock, P.M., (Sundays oxcopled). Morohondiso and oil kinds of freight received and f< railroad ai iboatto Philadelphia, arriving wharf early next morning. Leaves Philadelphia from Walnut street wharf at 11 o’clock, AM. and arrives at New York early next morning D by the CAMDEN fe AMBOT RAILRO. TRANSPORTATION COMPANY, and that nOfiHarge F R E I G H T AND PA S S A G E L I N E F O R P H I L A D E L P H I A . B v . r y 'W e a n e s d a y n n d ^ a t n r d a y a t A P . M- P e n o b s c o t a n d K e n n e b e c , kinds of freight received and forwarded direct to Fhila- Th© following trains leave the Tanal street station dai­ ly. (Sundays excepted.) for Boston : At 8 o clocK A. M-, and arrive at Boston at 6 o*cl&0& p. M. Diunnr nt Springfield. a . ? ; ; at xNew Haven. Hartford or Springfield, or at any station whets th© express train receives pass procure tickets befrre taking R. B. MASON, Superintendant. March 18, 1860._______________________mhI3 islt s r . t = s Id MASSACHUSETTS, Capt. Wm. H. Fraxee, in cop- hortest and most direct between 1 New Vork, passengers are enabled to arrive 1 ample time for the morning Y - - _- „ jsday and Friday, iw MASSACHUSETTS willj leave New Tork—Mon­ day, Wedneeday and Friday. Leave Stonington, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. N. B —Passengers on thearrivriof the steamers at Ston­ ington proceed immediately in the splendid Rail Road oars to ProTldence and Boston. A baggage master accompanies the steamboat train, to iuDd from Boston. ____ „ u a. S 2 .TSi,i;-.v.-.-.:;:*}S SPRIN G GOOD! mbs dtmh20is risU n 'r^J Cases printed Lavmay new stjles. do rich London Chintz Prints- do Manchester Plate Prints, madder colors, do snper linen Lustres; do linen (^hambrays. do Chameleon Lustres ; do plaid and striped Bi MENS’ WEAE- Caaea Broadcloths, biaek, bine, brown, green, olive, Vftrioiu qualities, do Cassimeres, biacl(- Ito. do GrandriU coatings, new style, do S-4 and 6-4 Casbmaretts; do S-4 Alpaca eoat- do 3-4 urap de la Snfese; do do Mohair odalinga. do 8-4 Paris Lustres, dcnble warp- do 8-4 Croton coatings ; do do French cottonadee. do 3-4 French U ir io^D ^ iy ^ ^ 4-4 Slay Linens'. Dree. Ctrol. and Fuqtnftv, SO M a ts; J SM oaA ^«s.«:«& te- npHIS EVENINI X Comedy, of Bzongliam. | Kaxi« • •« • Hans Krtslm, .^Bro i»ARNma..ai A U iE m riaw s s n a i t a f ^ P ^ o r i m m ........... ftsyrisOM J Greenwood. ............................. T^AMlstaut HawqpW . . . . SPLENDID PEMORMANCI* At 8 in the Aftranoon and T4 o'.loek in tiM E rM tiV Surprising .hSdrsi^ KATE AND ELLEN BATEMAN, aged only fofirand six years, ara angagsA • » sow They wfll appMl, during th.m sngag«BaB$ M s , tm RicHxmoIlI, MaoBsva. Maacnawr •> T w i n , SrOiUD LX1I.D S wiss Cdwasa, F.DtPfewakat^ BoMBisras Fuwoso, SwxiiTiiaxnTs abb W ivbs , fee. Thay hava bean rMdvad In t h . Mnianma La Bsrtsn, Baltimon, mud PhiladslpRlLiwith the mfiilYt>l«irat ap­ plause, aveiy one aeknowledflug thsiB thsaaottwoudfs- fal prodigies of t h . age. T Also engaged—A talmitajU vandevila aoapaay. THE MARTINETTI FAMILV, in a gireat variety of aatODisI;ingXzer.twi in d Rew^sa- HALES, the Giant, and MOLE; the Dwaif. Grand Fieture Gallefy and Cosmoramaa. Admission to the wbri., emits; •hfidren p a tm ffi years, 12^ cents. r \ P E S BlVSiRY BV B N IN O , at the Graat KaR V./ Minerva Room., Broadway, Bayne’s originid nie> brated series of gigantio Panoramas, antiiltd A VOTAOE TO EUROPE smbraelng magniSeent v!ew| of Bostan, its H a rM i Hsfi- ifax, the Atlantia, Liverpool,'London, firent ike Th«ais, (passing under the bridges.) land ending with asMgaMl- cent view of the Thames T nnnsl, brllUantly ytaainM ad. and both 1 ................... .......... ~ hi Boston; delpbl% Bi Atelssion 2S oenis; C h i ld ^ under I t, 1( M iti. S m m open a t « , oommenees moving a t 1^ P. U . An •ahIk(-> tion on Wsdnssday and Saturday aftffirBOOBB.at'tP. mhl2 4we ______________________ i^O N G B R T O F THB? O B K H A S 1ULD|HK BENEVOLENT SOCIETT, at the C h in*. Xindv Inge, 689 Broadway, Thnrsdfey. Moroh U th. The fcV . . . -y*ts have kindly volunteered th r ir aarrlaM: s ^ s r ; : ; _i.VAaGui.rBii, “ SeaABnBBaaa, K i t e . . , : S I S ' and a number of other vocal and instraso.ntal peeform- ers, both professional and amaUnr. Messrs. T imm and D rssel will preside at tb .P ia s .. Gonduotor, Mr. CursLD. T hs S» no of tb » B bsi ,—words by SchtUra, Row- .dme. VauGsipei IT. P«et]ier Wftlts, ” A Chorirfi6m the b^atario: •‘■T h i^tR ' JudgmCBt'” s s i . . * s « | . * s e » | e e e * * a . a « t f i and at the doer Song, S ouubkxt . Fwtker Wa L . b ...Mldme.U««.i.«a tter place pamphlets containing the O. llsh words of the Song of the B«H, win a Do.rs opra at T o’clock. Concert to eomi l^ u d ^ g ' ■VTATlONAL ACADEMY O F D E U G N .—I k . Tv New Gallery of the Academy, 608 Broadway,^>po- site Bond street, is sow ready for the reception of Ke- tures for the twenty-fifth Annual Exhibition. Axiiita are requested to Send tathS usual list of their works, on or before the 10th of March, in order that they may b» sent for, from the lOth to the 20th of JifareblneiuelTw. By order of the Connell. mhS lot J. h ; SHEGOGUE, See. N. JL ---------------------------------U A o r b R f t S “ 6 i r T t o f i k French. Cornelius S Bogftrdus, WiUlam D Craft, James D kcoration C ommittw :*—Gen Henry Storm*, Crtti J Joseph Cornell. I.-5V1TATIOTI AVD BBCEFTlOe CoMlIITTEE—0«1 GTOTgO P^MorrUj^ErMtna Brooks, William Burns, John FRepM, PRiamG CosiMiTTEB—.Casper C Childs, Jared W Bell, V ’'GI4 SALF5—A Pew iin Grace Church, No. 178 in the Jt? North transept. Appiy to MORTI.MER LlVlNGftTON. 22 Broad a t , or to ISAAC a BROW k, i «26 I 5 t i ........... - - rjy? Tenth ATfiSVd, A N T E D —A thrho^^pam ge 1—*.„» Apply to ^ EMME-r; k WILSON, 45 WilUsmat. irk,k, March 12th, 1860. nihld gtis New Yor Marol rnsmymm attic brick dw.lUng house and lot In f « on the sorrth Ind t U l f b ‘& r l n n ^ i n o v a ^ N o . tTehOww « F O R SA L S OR TO L R A S K .-T h s eiib- The buildings are large, and of EhebMt kind, and, kk gethcT with the garden, fenoes, fee. fea., a r . in the b n t order. Land, in quantity to suit the parriiastT,wll ba afforded. The river above ihentlojiffil, Jf tha fiuen tvoit ing stream on the island, and the is mort de.tt.KF local«d for tha enioymeniof spoctugFrivllege.. For particulars and terms,app!y to WllUam No. 9 Nassau street, or to the subscriber, Jaie istf WM. H. LUDLOW, IsHp, Long Island. SVOT'X'ON D U C K — \_J United States Pilot Brand, Nos. 2 a 8. hard and softs Marine brand. Nos. 1, 3,5. 6, 8 and 9, bard and eoft. Ravens Rockdale brand, No. A Pilot Ravens, 27 inch. Do do a» inch, twilled for Bagging. For sale by DRAPER k JONES- 64 WiUlam st., «>tnwc of m : . . IIB fflO V A L —The nndBisigned have the h cmornfln- Xv forming their friends, and merehaata intj»p^nv Sentier. No. SS. earner of the JBoulefferd PMssonnler., where they shall attend ashsietorore,tothe OsBezalOcn- mlssioi^BurinwBj^for t ^ p w h w d n g of K1 goq0fiii1|tibl. ° GIRARDEAU kCHARRAUDi CommlBstonklres, No- BSTtn* dn S « a tik. Parla. Fehmary 1st, 1850. , factored and for sale by fomio, are bringing eno^qns prices at Son Fraselseo. Shippers willdo wrilio examine the jnantiAotnraS^ike snbscrlbeis. vrh(%»prepared prepared to fstnUh efafyaitiele their U: ------ a . - ■» to fstnish efafyutial f t rt^ t m a r k e t. roahingtonBioi eir lino snitahle for that market. DIETZ BROTHER It CO., No/lSO WlUlam i t , re22 ImJs Washington Coses New i do Caml do Ch«nbi rlc Cottonode t Jeans, bine and white, fkwn and Line id blue and other mixtaree. T GNXKm BROW N STOUT-InplntffahdwnarH JLl four sots by mh8 JOHN DUNCAN k SON, 407 Broadway- . nfcelittt. affair, tojqp_Cona ressstl B o s t ^ To Architects and Builders. T \ G O R I, No. 893 B r o a d w a y , near 19th street yjm respectfully informs bis friends and tbepnhUo, that be has constantly on hand and for sale, the largest os- sortment of Marble ManOe», Statues, Vases, Fountains Monuments, fee. Ko. In this country. The Mantels ore of every description and price ; embracing statnory, veined, slena, black and gold, brocatello, and all other fancy colored marbles. The designs are of every variety, from the plainest to the richest and most elaborately carved and finished. Purchasers ore assured that the prices set upon the above articles are fully as low as those of a similar quality can be purchased at in this or any other city in the United States 0 O. will be pleased to receive orders for teulptnie, tombs, monuments mantels and ornamental marble work .of every description, which be assnres hxspatrons shril 1 executed to their entire satisfaction. jal4 ICOTCfn AX-R— In pints and quarts For ulehT » JOHN DUNCAN fc SON. PtiK __________________ _ _w r8fi>sdw»y. J^OOTCH auaRRiHG S—“ lAHkaaej” inkitt»rFOT Q U B K B S .—£0 bales superior orUele^ for sole ^ mM3 i S aad ^ Front i t do C h i 5 & ’p‘?S“ds‘ S^d’ ^ p . J . “ \ “ ’ ‘ “- do SO inch New York Min Shirting*, do 80 Inch super Water Twist do. do TwiUedJeaci, extra fine. Coses '4-4MarshaU’sR h ta^gi. do Plaid Chamhrays, Hue and brown. A. F-no, doeluagM ia It ssass.'S s s a is M v ’- ' ’- SSaS* 4 S 3 £‘S-SSSS,S 5 ^ ^ . m—itiil—I I a Small Conntei

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