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f f f l i l i f l M S G m f t i tO B f e M A a c j l i S . i88K X . O V J V ^ O ’ C O ^ S CALJEOBMA. E X P B E S a P E a OEOBejAJlSai, AMD CREBQKEfi 16th. Sxpre«<Fi^gtif^ rkc1cs2Mj&e.,-iria bezeceired a t onr pOeo n i a t the d a j of ewSiigj^afbrwaBded toS&a Er»n- el»tw*a^»Up«it»of iitftm tm . to tiiaige or a ep«ei«l S a ^ lfK S S S F O B ^ T O W ^ O K l.B A 3 n | J u j d C«itr*ct* lor i*e1cage«, Tnmxs, in d PreJb__, _ Kew Orl*»n» « i a mi 4 to San Fraa- eg- M w . F r m e e a A » n e K em D l* wfll r«*d the play of HENRY V tb at the Society Lftraiy Moturo R oci B j OB WedBcnfoy e o reidaflS » jc»t^^?i«?aJoek . Tick«te, ,fl, to he b aa a t lb* fc^ngj^onae^ tlia, Aator Iott»e,-Bt aJSs. F r a S ^ r a h a Mr.Cs<rtS^J»«^!*««P,aaa t the Sc«»h^thceTetttog°y *«*A!ng. M i n ^ h a m ^ R e y n o l d s , R n r t l e U d r € k » ; S m P P m G , AJSJO C O M M ISSIO N M E R - c m a n t s , ^ New York. Jan. 1 1849. _______ p 2T np T U R W E K , F I S H & C O . SAN FRANCISCO. CJUC-XI^SJSTLB- iJmnmtssim ^tcrchants % Consignments attended to wltn great care ana prompt- X3ea. 5 a ^ mo4e at the 2ligh^t maraec prices. AccGZLXit cdo ixrgoid d«ud.* the coostellatioa InNew Y.rkon Wednesday ercning, March 6th. and on Tuesday “ “ 12th. In Brooklyn, at the Female Academy, in Joraiomon Tnesday ervehlne. March 5th. Thursday “ 7th. and on Monday “ '• 11th. commencing precisely at 7J o'clock. i» single Lwthfe. . . i? tlisC o u m ............ TobsM dlnNewYOTtitl.S. Franels fi ( o.A :<o m Broidw&y, and T, J. Crowens. No 598 Broadway, and at stole In Fallen street, and Atlantic street, and of -Mr. \Warner at the Female -Academy te28 litis i A o d e l f r o y , t S i i l l e m d r C o » , T A N D B A N K E R S A N D C O M M ISSIO N ■ Nl.AVTIC FIRE PROOF F WitsJ-iLAM ^ofiAn<loa ) JIG E ^TS. Messrs J C Uodeffroy S l S o & b , Hamburg. John Frfnnd & Co , Valparaiso. Ward & Price *Vew York. _______ f^S 3ma^ . W a r d n r J P r i c e , B A N K E R S AND A G E N T S FOR CALIFORNIA. 54 W ALL. S'X’B JB E T .N K W YORK.. SAM'L WARD. RODMAV M FERE Drafts on S»o Francisco booght, sold and collected. COWELL &UCKELEW, B € ^ o § n m i s s i o n M e r c h a n t s , SAN fRA N C lSCO . CAJLLKOBJSIA. JOHN COWELL. JOHN BUCKELEW W. C A R F E N T E ^ ^ O .Now York City. B R. BCCKELEW, San Francisco. ieia np C . U L U P O R J ^ M . BVtUV, BKOXILKS.S «St CO., MANUFACTLTIERS OF BOOTS AND SHOES, Merchants br<ter» for these goods will be promptly ei- c i n c v u i R . where, as in their two other well known establishments, win be ftmnd all known. Pharinecentical preparations of tbs best quality. prepared by themselves or obtained from . . . . . . direction of one of the partnerd> and assisted by none and bear their stamii. 9 Q S W S F B i a i e e o o B S . ^ R t r e d . P l u n k e t t , T s . . u S i ‘S t J S R f r D X i r . . b , . h X he offers for sale in qnautitiea to suit purchasers, and ^n-d\e^s S ‘t . T \ l U \ ^ ......... \ G E O R G E J , R \ * R D , Nos. 143 & 144 BKO A OW A Y , p _ . , w 3 g g § S o * s ‘^ i i ’; ™ . T U M B R E L L A S AND PA R ASO L S , f.s.UiSES.^r;r.s'‘Ks..,... do do black, blue and Manchester pngham. t i ; s s \ K ' £ : ' “ ” '° s j; t “.‘rs;S 3 ,-i'.i\E.'.. PARASOLS. Rattan Parasols, cotton and gingham, all styles and do do silk, plain, scolloped and fringed Whalebone Parasols, plain oamelions, aU prices. s z \'\“\“\uSIiSi-S-* • i o . T . T . . A . “ H’ A A .D AN’JO •w T N J P E ’ U i a t f O D S . Mo. 80 a n d 83 W ^lUteafi stre e t. W i l s o n G . H o n t & . C o . IT A V E jnstreceiyed by late arrivals from England, X I Frbnce, and Germany, and offer to their customers, Rich Merino and Cashmere Vestings Fine Bhd low-priced WooUen, Worsted and Cotton igiish and French black and colored Silk Serge _ Jgether with a largo assortment of America! Foreiim Bry Goods, adapted for manufacturers of ' lag, Merchant TaUoiB, and Country Merchants. 0 1 0 ^ T h o n t a s R u n t d r C o , , 9 2 W i l l i a m s t r e e t . N e w V o r k IM P O R T E R S ANJl JO B B E R S , T J A V B for sale instore, and constantly receiving, a X x large, assortment of SPITING AND SUMMER EUROPEAN GOODS, which are offered on favorable terms, viz ; BLACK AND COLORED ENGLISH AND FRENCH DRAP D'ETES. Qneqn’e Cloth, Napoleon and Alpaoca Codringtons. Aipa via, Mazourka, Hnngarfan and Lustre CoatingS- OrandrilL Croton, Mohair and Beaux Coatiugs BeUe-olieokg, Cros8.ovBr Stripes and Wolliagton Cords FRENCH AND ENGLISH COTTONxDES, ALL aU-4.LITlES AND STYLES. White, Yauow end Brown Linens and Elollands. PLANTERS’ LINENS aiM Fane^Barnstey and French DrillsJ ITALIAN CRAVATS .4N ALSO ON American Cloth?, Cassimeres, J Tweeds. Satinetts, Muslins, &c HASP, ^ 3, DoeakW, Cottonades, . 1 , R U V E / T G E R d r C O , , W I N E ^ : r c S u w ^ * ^ d G r o c e r s , and delicate pale PotLW^'i^from the Royal Oporto Company, and other M u m ^ ^ T e l^ e S r O e Brlmons h Hedidse.ck Cham: ChateauTdargaui 1544, C. Langoa, C. Leovflle, and St, Old Brandies, “ Imperial,’> “ Alpha,” old “ Q,” 100 half pipes old D. & Co., Hennessy, Pinet & C Old J ^ a lc a Rum, Scotch and Irish Whiskey, Holland Havana Segars, from the most celebrated makers. Sardines, English Cheese London Pickles, Sauces and W ith a general assortment of the best Groceries. lilr. third etnio ot Mr Letd'ssecondcMweiffllhe iglventa the on WBDNE8DAy Urge room of the H i ^ Ciaptl, ( EVENING, 18th tort., a t 7i o'clock Subject-Pbterthe Great and Russia. Tickets 60 cents. mM3 St^ \ r E G T P B E S O S ASTRONOMY. A T T H E TA B E R S A C L iE . (ST- PROFESSOR MITCHELL, of Cincinnati, pro­ poses to deliver a course of three lecture?, on the RUow- ing topics: 1st.—” The Cosmogony of the Heavens ; invo ng an exposition of the laws lately discovered by f Astronomy. ' ,K».evles aod theories lOUclllng e Milky Way and tha Slderli Tlekets for ! f&Jth nNewY idw&y, and T, J. Crowang. the Tabornaele on the evening of the Brooklyn, at Wilder's book st Blagrove’s druggist store in A sr at the Femi Broadway, a leetiira E O . B. 'W A R B L E <K CO.’S CALIFORNIA EXPRESS, FOR PACKAGES AND SMALL PARCELS, via the Isthmus, per steamer Cherokee, Wednesday, Februar; isday, February >olal Express ibr 13th. The subseriber will dispatch a special Express liarge of a reeponsi We messenger, ?er ali pareels entrusted to his ca imah packages only reeponsiWe messenger, who wiil peisonallj Califomia, by the above steamer, tor sr addressed to par­ rs by this Eipreas may rely upon having their business correctly attended received a t the office until the day ties residing In San Franeisco. Shi may rely npon having th tS WARDLE. made up at 1 “s r _______________ On and after Monday the lltb instanL MaiG for the North wiU be made up and dispatched from this office as °lhe*CTeat North Mail for Albany and points West, will close daily at 4 P. M .. to be forwarded by steamboat to Al- Offices in the counties of A road to Poughkeepsie, and thence to Albany by steam- l^a'bernTcle.^’on'^^^^^^^ EVENIN(/of tbi 8 ^^e« Tb^e „ , o f the speakers wU^be-nonn^eed^io-^, Secretary. - T h « hn im a l 'E ter the electipj ectorS of thlP >D. will be held t the aotli inat J0H.V HKOEMAN, this Company for the choice of thirteen directors, shall beheld on the secend Tuesday in April of each year, at the office of the Ui,mpany in Brooklyn, under the direo- *^'*TheVolUo be opened from 12 o'clock at noon and to M0.8F.SM4VNARD Jr fed tlOAp ______________ ^ r e t a r y and_Treasurer. m e ^ n g 7 f r T c ^ d t r i r ^ w i ! l C “^^^^^^^^ coDs^iideriitiOD the proposed amendments of the constitn- F OP JevrrRao'f fvst-BAfu E To . > (jO- T h e B o a r a of'^DlVcc^oM thave this day declared a aemi-animnl dividend of 1 wo Dollar 8 and Forty cents per share payable to the stook- holdera on demand. GEO. T. HOPE., m b s ________ ____ ______________ Secretary ? « T bs V , - ? the 14-h March, at 12 o'clock, at the Asylnm. 85 Marion street The public are particularly invited to attend. U ffh k ok twz U kl avd Co^Tany will bo held at its office. No M., and close at 2 books will be closed from the 22d to the o'clock P M. The trani^fer 27th of .March next. fc23 t m h ' . T \ ‘‘I saac ®‘'‘‘ skym ( lOUR, Treasurer. jr. M. HOPKINS, Treasurer. COMMERCIAL.’ i p f i f 1 ,^ i i r i i l r|S 115 do liadton River.. $1 rket continues i i I J I '“ 7 S l M C S E I J V S . X JTX E D , Striped, Plai _____ I CAMBRICS, JACON E SOOSS, Checks FRENCH TARLATANS, plain ai h o s i e r y . GERMAN Hose and Half Hose, white, brown, mixed **0SGLKH ttoe-thTead Cotton Hose and Half Ho;e , ^^^G L ISH Gause Merino, Silk and Cotton Shirts and Dr»weiS4-*nA every article in the hosiery line to be found in thiiuirtlfet- fzILClEB AA-D K IM HKOIDEKIES. The most varied and extensive assortment In the Uni- SIXEC. aX J iSP S . AJSD CR A V A T S . PONGEES,Fpitilflelds TwlU3,Corali8, Bw(»deB,FMioj H B ^ e m a titched. Embroidered and Printed. BAKEGES, SATIN VESTINGS, SEBGES,_VEL- VETS- Crego Lisaee, Plain I 'M The stock market continu active and buoyantlAi- ted States 6 8 of 1852 have advanced j.of 1867 Treasury Notes J, Fsnnsylvania 6 ; art Indiana 6 , have receded I and Illinois Bonds inch and Worcester has advanced!. Erie R R J, I old bonds! and new j , Canton has declined f Reading R R f . aud Morris ('anal ])■ per cent. Reading Bonds have Improved j. and Farmer Trust I j The advance In the last named stock is attributed the fact that the dispute in reference to the rights the C ompany. to hold Real Estate has been submitted to the arbitration of Messrs. Daniel Lord, George Wood. - The features of the money market are unchanged, the demand tor money from the oast contihues active, the increasing activity of trade supplies the market abundantly with paper, which is readily taken up at previous rates. We quote as before4i and 6 per cent for call loans, and 6, 7 and 8 per c prime paper at that medium, and C viTED S tatk . PvBLii. S eli ’ hitizs i.v Loxooi..—The following are the latest quotations of American securi­ ties in London: United SUUs 5's 1863 , 93ia94 ; do, 6's '62, lC3al04 , do 6’s '67, 106ial07 ; do 6's '68, 106Jal07 ; New York State 6’s '65, 93a96 ; do 5’s '58a’60, 96a97 ; do 6's '85,106 ; New York City 5'a 66s’70, 93a94 , Pennsylvania 6's, 82a 83 ; Ohio 6’a '68. 97a88 ; do G’s '60, 98al00; Massachusetts 5'8 ’68, IMJalOb ; lUlnols 0's '70 44a46 ; -Maryland 0'g. 90; Mississippi Planter’s Bank O's '41a 70,00, do Union Bank 8 s, 19a20 ; Alabama 8 s 03,6oa07 ; do 5 s 58 9-66, 70a72 ; Virginia 5’s '51, 85aS6; do 6’s '67 - 73 , 95aS6 , Kentucky The Norwich and Worcester Railroad statement for February shows a very fair gain over the same month of d long dates respect- , ilch is by no B T h p d s ^ B d f trth tidied p t m G e n ! ^ h a ^ '^ t & ^ r s feSTia^fS fancy Genesee and Ohio; 6 87a$o for extra Ohio and 5 76a6 624 fbr extra Genesee. . , . Southern Is dnll and heavy a t 4 Slab tot miked brands Fredericksburg Country and Howard st j $5 a 5 13 for S t r a i^ t brands Baltimore, Alexandria and Gorgetown. Rye Flourla dull at 3 T6 a S 61. Com Meal is inactive at 2 75forIJerseyand2 87 tor Brandywine. Buckwheat is In moderate request a t 1 28al 62 per 100 lbs, and 3a3 50 per bbt GRAIN—The demand tor wheat is good, and holders are Urm; some 3iK!0 bn good mixed Long Island sold in 3eneEBo U held Urmly a t 1 2k a 1 30. Bye lAKB?P,from'New Orleans—This vas. sslljidlsekargiogatFier4S£R, requested to attend to the receipt of their goodiwit(iont ^ y . EAGLE le HAZARD. mhl2 45 Soittt s tr w t 'T'KiSi Coflsignwsof 16 baieeof Sheep 8Mns per »hlp X Margaret, from New Orieans, ia requested to make- himselif known to the snbccribsr this day, or they will be stored a t tbelr risic andexpoDse. mhl3 EAGLE It HAZARD. 40 South street iVTOTLCE.—The owner of 44 sacks Peanuts, per brig i t GenL Witoen, from Apalaehieola, shipped by T. 8 Mltehsl and consigned to M A. MyTe, is requested to make hi: are Brm; some 3iK!0 „ „ ________ lots a t SI 05; Oeneeee U held Urmly a t 1 2k a 1 30. Bye is inactive at 68c. Barley is scarce and wanted at C9a70. Barley malt is selling in retail lots at SOaSl Oats are firm and in good demand at 43a44 for north- ern ; Ibr Jersey ; to± DelAw«re, mud SOa^l Mr Krnme^^^rofD^ ii dnU^d^BBaTj. nom?iS»t1rf4l*«*‘M w ^ g ^ 4 u T B ^ d U g h e r *” PBOViarONS—There is moderate demand for Pork st $10 44alD DO .for mesa and 8 04a$!> for prime. BeefG Steady and saTeable; beet hams are in good demand pt FlOaFIT.' Cnt meats are firm and in good demand at 6j a7c for bams and 31a4d tor shoalden;. ’ ard U dtiU, but hdd pretty firmly at 8J cts for prime. ;ter la firm, and prime is In good demand at 81 a 22c , lO Is dun at 7 a 12o and Vermont 12 a 18e. Cheess Is ---- i^and saleable at 6J a 8c ; prime dairies are scarce and TOBACCO—Sales ISObbds Kentucky TJ a 8i part for sbipraent. .50 bhds Virginia 5i common; 100 bales St Jago 20: demand tor tor aU kinds of tobacco WHISKEY—A firm market; sales of 70 bbls Prison at O H H » CA T H A B tlgy., HROM CRARLiESTON. t j —Conrfgnecs per the above ship are requested to at­ tend to the receipt of theli goods this day, at the cast side Bnrliag Slip. mhUl 3t THOMAS WARDLE, SS South st. \ ^ O ^ i c r e W » wewa.f.mw:i\psr;T» gSVTCWlTVa W .yj for SAil PfiAMfHuCfl—Peraona w ^ kava engaged f\'g tn oj tni3 T(j:8i Ko rcaiiBiieil to tcca ii on DoarQ immediiazety, ae Bbin is rapiUly Oiling np. and the Owners will not bold themselves responsible to receive the fame kfter T lHiridtY, the 14th iMlant. mhl2 3t i» IDK 8TJRA 'W BEB iU E S ..Inst received. For sale N ew 'Yorli- C a ttle M a r k e t, March 11 noo fircTos, (000 rrom vho couth, the rsmBlnUN rn>ia at» wtrates maei tfc»« 7& <so-m-a aoxad axaa SOOO Hay and Straw—Bale hay from 4« to 5s Od per hnndred; loose do from 4s to 6s 6d per hundred Straw per 100 Sales o t R e a l E s ta te —March 11; ore on Atlantic av,near Underhill av, $26.5; Hot oiflo st, some size, $346; 1 do on Pacific st, near Under- !v“ ^ d ^ t i t T * $ 5 t ! ’ Dlai° <if> adjoining. 8am« size, each 1 gore adjoining. $3S0; 10 lota opposite, on Pacific street, each 26x110. eacU instant. Apply to New YorH, m , n e « w 7 e e r J^OY W come well i T h e r m o m e te r . ~ p I860 , 1849 I 1848 PASSENUt.mi. in the steamship Canada, fr ^,rpTt’:V^^w“ l^ :^ ^ r d e T a PetriUo; Mr Fai. Underhill and lady 4 cbUd*-en and .Jervant; Mr H F Marse. Crawford, J .N ( hry«Ue J Spy«r. J A^h J. R 4Htl«spio, Oo.ldard, V Ruche, T> A DeroU, J K Gir^^otyi'l’clben': a \ ^ H ^ J , ' T '::M tc ^ ,e ^ a l“H“Sr/„d, Fieber. Fellows, .Mons de Boie Lecompte aDd2flcrTants Mr Stwioor and lady, MrSivaghg^rd and lady, LieutCou- From iialifax-W B Hamilton; J Hamilton; Mr Coeb- ran, Hon J A Dewolf; Uapt DiUon: Mr Almon 30 steerage. M A R R I E D • On the 9tb inst, at Grace ( burcb, by Rev Dr Tsyloi g ‘‘coffiey.“^ ; ; \ o n uncn.'i' T ''' On JVIonday,18th in^t, by the Rev Spencer H. Cohci Mr B lvjawin . F. K r KN i ch to .Miss ( arr . V Stmilfty night. M art (jooi'iv. i The friendfl of the family and of her brothers Oeorge and John V Dixey. are invited to attend the funeral ou WedncRday morning, at 11 o clock, at Calvary church from her late residence 86 east lt»th st. On Monday morning after a few days illness, E iiza - nETii. wifeof J W Fluher and daughter of the UtoCbafl W. Tim{»«on. aged 24 year* and 7'mf>nthft The relatives and friendfl of the family are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, on Wedn^iSday, the j;Jlh inst. at o’clock, from her late residence, 19J (Jreeae Her remains he taken to (troenwootl for interment On the llth'^inat. D avu . B rows . In the BDlh year of hik age. formerly well known as a clerk in the N Y Fust Of- Un the loth inst. MiBoAHKr Thos Dennet, aged 60 yeare. At Brooklyn. Olh Inst, after NAM I'lM-AR aged 42 years At L tJCto, .Mrs. M arpa .Miui-rR, wido'w of ria S Miller. , formerly Member uf (. and hirnt Judge of Oneida county. .At Wiiliamsburgh, L I , on the 7th lo.-t, Mr U i i ' yh V anokwater , aged 66 years II 18 remains were taken to Hempstead. L I , for Inter BriTNET.wlfo of the late short UlneRfl, Mi8s H an - 'W e e k ly K e p o v t ofD e a U ta n t y and founty of New York fn*m the of March to the «th day of March lR«o >7, Women, o2, Boys.M, Oirls, 76- Toltal. To 208 Aneurism ........................ 1 I Fever typhus ............ Apoplevy.........................6 1 Fever conjxestlve . .. .•\tiUma..........................1 I Fever nervous ............ Atrophia..........................1 Heart diHeas© of. . . Bleedlog from lungs. . 1 ' I d tlammat mn................... j Burned or scalded ............ 2 1 Infiammation of hrain.. . 1> Bronchitis ........................ 2 1 Inflammation of bowels. .18 (. ancrum Oris. . ................ 1 j Inflammation of heart.. . 1 Casualties ...................... 2 Inflammation of lungs. . .30 Cholera Infantum........... 2 I Inflammation of stomach. 2 I n S ^ i; Consumption... Convulsions. . . Croup ............................. 8 ; Luea venerea ............. Congestion of lungs.. . . 3 ; Malformation.............. < onstipation * ................ 1 | Maraamue ................... Debility ..........................fi I Measlep ....................... Delirium Tremens.........2 Mortification. . . Diabetes ........................... 1 | Old age......................... Diarrhcea ......................... 6j Palsy .............. .. .......... Fever ............................... 1 ! Teething.............................. liFl^^Jatfo^'^'ihV o at:;’.-; 1 Fever Boarlot .............. . . I l l Unknown..........................3 Age—Under one year 65 ; 1 to 2 years, 28 ; 2 to 6. 37 , 50^12^'’’50* io W A u ' W 'to^O? 9t'7^0 toToX ■*80^ to 90, t ““i^ a c r o V N ^ r r t ^ ^ ’nUed .States. IAS . ire.and 73 , a o ’nB^n Nor^Atoe’r t o t r w ’est Indira known. 1 IntemperaD Jaundice. . ii.‘;C ‘i'■ effi U3o‘r?i«^' ^ ^ A. W WHITE City Inspector. . City Inspector's Office, March 9 I 860 THE EVENING POST MAIQNE LIST. At those quotationatoere la a very fair 4«man 1»^yew . The receipts arc annexed ; Through Passengers— . 8 ^ 9 Ne’w Y o rklO M k e t#. (CarefuDj- reported tortile Evening Post.) TuEsnxT, March 12. ASHEIS—There is a fair demand for pots at $6 5Q- — W ls continue steady at $6 87J, with a moderate de- COTTON—The market is very quiet aud nihdued in tosR Hoiders seU reluctantly at the decline ot |'a jc. at whleh about 800 bales were cold yesterday; but buyers US shy. The shippers have not yet eoms into the msr* COFFEE—AncRon sale of4560 begy Rio Coffee. After the first three lots were offered and sold, the sale was stopped, the bidding shewing there was a wide difference betw^n buyers aud-Mlleis. The threa lots, together 106 bags Rio, sold at 125al3io The.s prieea. It wUl be reeol- lifitei!, m Ml iidw c tof 50p«iceiit,liithelrttfimimtli8. PORT OF NEW-YORK, TUESDAY, MAIU H 13 ION a iies.. ■ .6 11 i if w itTS. .5 49 1 hioh w * ti ; r . 8 37 T H E 4JCEAN STEA O IERS. F o r A m e rica. F o r K u rop e . F o r Brem en. F o r New Y o rk. F o r CkagTCB. Jgned to M A. Myre, la reqna itmsolf known to the snbscribers this day. m hll e a g l e &H a Z-ARD. 44 South It. 3gT Broadway, o; dreat MET t WILSC rh ISthi 1600. 'Ullam at um n Qtl9 Ib U 'i A o m 'M S i .*M _WM W. n o s l - SI.HoBfr, 1, Wall ... W g r .f.a .r \ i s 12 30 Cedar street, up stairs K A R L BUTTONS, for sole by J GODDARD, Agent, ihl2 30 Cedar street up staha^ T UVDON BUoiVN”*STOU\r-^lnpinUand quarts, -Li four sale by _ m h 8 ____ JOHN DUNCAN t SON,407 Broadway ^ 1 U B E B s 7 - 2 0 bales superior^ariicie. tor sale by^ mhl2 149 and 151 Front st ----- - • ■ • For sole by SC O T C H A , . E . _ , . p , j U . . , , u „ e _ ^ mhl9 407 Broadv gC O T C H T L E U R IN W -^oT k flneV ' in kltU rohl2* ^^JOHN DUNCAN & SON, 407 Broadway. 0 ^ ' Z f y mbia no and 161 Front at. TuMlaVlWaHT^lTcttS*^^^^ Turkey\? for /mlo”fc T WM T HH KS k TO., mhPJ U9and 151 Front Hi. p o H N P O P P K U S .- A nice little affair, to pop t or L / orer the fire of a grat« or BtN»vt7 . a half gtll of pop corn b«ing increased in a few minutes te the bulk of a «iuart Tho prooftSB is amusing . and the corn tastes so much better whoa you pop it your«elf, for ealc at the I'ommodation -fvR B S S , m a n t i l l a , c a p AND BONNET L / ST.\N DS, of light and gracefnl form made of japan- oed wire , some full size fur showing dresses, shawls. counter Stands f<.^eapes, baps^ W n eU _for sa, mh'12 Honsebeepers’ Furnishing Stcre 50 Maiden Ian iSg- Magnetic, Tdegrapk Jar ike Evening Poef} X m R T Y > E iR S :r CONEK E S S .—S l n t Sem im i. WASHiKGtOH, Morcb 32- H O U S E O F K E P R E S E N T A T IV E S . The House resumed tho disenssion upon pnntlng extra numbers o t tho p atent report. A motion was Inode to reconsider, pending which ;r. 'Yonable opplosed the printing. Ho said that he weald reduce newspaper postage, and encourage the through newspapers, but he ifas opposed t(> the government or party in power propagating tbeib opinions and information. Ue was opposed, he saidj to making Congress a great book concern. ' Mr. A. King ibly repUed, and stated what Nevr lorK BlBto alonja Had dmv w prvmew egtivuiwv* And Ho ironld row w p i n t me laffw t BUtoVer, and encoorago apicdliiai Mr. Woodwor was not a report but a treatise. He would enforce the law, and require of tho missioner a report, and not a book. N SEN A T E Mr. W ebster explained some portion of his re­ marks of yesterday. ■ Mr. Foote moved that aotion bo taken npon his compromise committee. Mr. Baldwin and others objected. W ashinqton , Maroh 12. Col. Fraafifit m d M y , aifivid hero lost evBBUig. irnr4 opposed the printing bseauBe it port b a t a h«.ve issued during the^ month of February, two bun- ; S ‘ ■.a ‘rb f f le ;rs;v :;: o lufacturers, ........ 14 s i ™ * In attendance at tlu» office daily Ire ' ' \ PIANO FORTES in ^ H K R B M a F ’ b B® F o W b AN EM -R N y V Blve assorts ot^^'BPCT^or Of the moat modern stytee, madein their weU knownrab- Htantial manner, from the beat seasoned materials, and by experienced mechanics, under our immediate supervision. Purrhaser* will not regret an examination before buying TICA L B O O K .K K K P IN G . NO P8 CEDAR-ST. w put at once to keeping books receives separate instrnc tioDK and thus becomes conversant with all the account books onostituUug a set, and also with manv important mercantile calculations Persons of moderate oapseity, by this course, become competent book-keepers In about ft monlh. and receive ccrtiflcalos to that effect. rruspectuses, with ternu, obtained at the rooms fVom 9 Booii-KL’SPiN.i isr SrAWiSH-A boautiful edition of Mr Marsh’s principal work is published in Spanish Price 25 For flaift at the counting-rooms. f«26 I^L E G A N T SL ID E S ,f nil knJs ul t E j wholesale prices-cali ands«e F<»r pale by n.hl‘2 J tiODDARP 3o ( c«lar street, u] L>ACCA C O A T I N U S ~ ^ e T l .t^k , all..., MT z ^ - 4. X k.T and Mohair ( f-atlngs. ihiH »Uy recvjved. and for saleby mhl2 (HAS (’AKVILLF. 17 Broad et /S E U T H S - a fww cases of low pricf-d blues, browns L / olives ko , cow opening and for sale by mhT2 ^ ( ilAS. ( .ARVILLF 17 Broad st _ PU IIN T E O IxAWrVS- Very desirable styles of these 1 goods at low prices, to eh .se a cons gnment. for sale mhl2 by ( HAS ( ATlVilT.K. 17 Broad st jjylt?] within six dwyN sail of .New V ork. in th»* vicinity of Kinprwfnn iQ ihc Island of Jamaica in the beautiful plain of LequeYra. t-> be rented fnr a period of not less than six months The house is Urge and commodious and popgessca every requi^iite for a family s comfort, in ulu ling a good librnry. If desiri*d, the tenant may have \RT F KA.NDOLPH » CO., M Wall st. 287 Ei.st Broadway, ir Of 4th avenue aad 13th st. and ftoruer Rutgers and ( harry sts. I^RAN cYsTil A NI FOLD L VTT,.; R W RITF. R^ThT, Uip h m ‘'!nTrn^ton‘fo^rn^pri^ i«ttffi»^vrrhn\wn *■ ''Tbr letter is written and copied at the AAtne time being a greater saving than the copying press both In time and price sold wholesale aod^HaU by toe ma^ufactnrors. rohl2 77 .Malden lane, T O v iT p iu t KIJ c ^ ps T a - v d e k r x E a s . - ( V JLt n i s vv. FIELD & ( 0 11 ( liff street, offei n white ruled cap, • n blue ruled cap, 6000 reams flue white ruled cap. SI00 reams fine blue ruled cap 3-lUO reams fine blue und ruled letter Together with a complete asaortment of other qutHHe )f writing paper __________ rohll eaohiug Powde e U v : .^ r i;:^ r V ; e „ ;6 a n d * .: v r S a r Rags—120 tons Domestic, all qualities ItagN - 626 bales !■ orcign assorted lualities Togetlicr with a complete assortment of i Paper, and Paper Maker’s Materials ( onvas. bagging, gra^s and tarred descriptions of paper maker’s stock. a 1 kinds of rope, and all Q O l THERN AND WESTERN MERf HANTS and ^ others purohasiog are inv . * c^U and examine my .stock of account b*)oks paper, stationery. «tc which is believed to be UDsurpaased by any other In the country It comprises every variety of blank boots from the oheap- est to the most etpensive kinds ; cap and letter paper of every description . plain and fancy note paper , sto pens, ink, quills, playing cards bonnet hoards, slates an WILXARD FP-.LT. 191 Pearl str-»et, mhn_______________third dfs>r below Maiden Inna* TAYLOR'S Saloon. 337 Broadway, mhll opp.wltv the riibvrnarlB o LEA C H E D l a m p 0IL*5, s gcDPral assertment D rveeived and tor .aie to CLEARED THIS FORENOON. 5 Nottobohn esmith kSon. lelphla, IVm J McKee *’scrD“ W ^dridge, Derickson, Philadelphia. Jas Hand ARRIVE g THIS FORENOON. princ^te, and for which they haoe received a patent from foUowtog extract of a letter from (apt. Feabo As an American Ship Master I feel proud to find so B. fc C. gives the foUest guarantee with thoir ma china and will sell them at low prioes lor cash, or oi credit for approved paper O L L S —Fainted and and for sale b y ________ ___ ____ ___ a. iltl) a.»CAA««s) mmrkr *—x mo b « oo 5.*. wv **» wufi.. issue, at redded rcits, paMftgo tickets (kom the al porta, tn firzt clots shtps only. The gr-atest care ia ta °Al 40 ,<lrrtls from £1 upwards cashed a t ^ h t In Ml the ---------------- towns of Etogiand, Ireland, Scot HAiRNDEN fc CL , 76 SouthJiS*., rt., ooruerruei ot Maiden lane upstairs oo ^■ISsxo'ja' h S u s b B u s i ^ f i s s Vy ^ t h proznptxi^ eJid despatch, both and gcfiton, fc CO, 0 Wall street. f r i e r s .—A convenient cooking otelsUs keep- . ■ 0 L r > ^ ; ' j - ^ F ^ T ' g £ A ^ ^ c t M E N T mannhip and richocss of tone, cannot be surpassed, and frhHrethe purchaser hafr'any doubts, they will be set up and any reasonable length of time allowed to satisfy him This being a new feature in the business, it is important to the purchaser, as the market is full of traps, well calcu­ lated to ctAch th© inexperienced A responsible war­ ranty with each Instrument. Reference to some of the ^ lil.X’A L iaK R 'S COU.NTRY NEWSrATAEKad c L a c r .^ .o r t I f1irb7st u’:wspT. r-^^^^ principal towns In the Fnited SUtea and Canada, fet which he is duly authorised to re^'elve advertisements and subBcriptloDP. and tully srop(<wered to give receipts. *”Th 0 f«f therefore, who wist 0 transact business will his agency and sT»id mistakes, ore respectfully invited t< ‘V.*B’VijU3”ER,‘Amoriol^^^^ of<^re he p»p*TM are publinhed t'*gethL-r with copiea of these- I r i e n d s r n r t h ^ T o ^ ^ ^ ^ J ^ au24 ____ C o t t u g © a u d t J a b i n e t F u r u l i u r e ” 7 s ? s , r r , ' \ N r . 7 Z “ ' T Z i i i T v ; ■ y i M i r ' i s s s robes Cook ( a ©s t^uartettfis, Centr© Tables,kt. All kind* of cabinet work made to order Steamboats and hotels supplied with good work price. 0 . low as any other^^UMishment inJh^e^cUy. rlety »f Ladias, Sewing and Parle Fancy Work Tables, of every description, a t low W ATL-tlES, JE W E L R Y S I L V E R all d«?»'criptioQa of Gold and Silver Watches, direct from .'lusKuld’.ndeBT.r EDell.lip.t6nt le.M w.abes. b. Gold guard, fob and vest chains. ( hatlaln© chains, for ladies. !!!rSSS«ofd7eua Gold and silver spectacled. tog Silver «^aB._cnp. f^ Horace Waldo or Sale a t 3T an d 29 Pin e »trect, V. green, white and blue, plain ol flannels. rhite, Cotton and Wool Flan- 100 cases Satinets, vailonfl qualities. 120 cases gold mixed and blue mixed Kentucky 360 cases grey. Mack and white, aud drab Kerseys. 176 cases grey mUed. and black and white Plains. 126 cases Plxid Linseys, small and large patterns various qualities. 100 cases white and drab Blankets. 60 bales drab Coatings. ^ 250 bales Mariners^ twilled and p llil Sllilting Stripa? , 40 cases aiarlboro’ fancy PUids and Stripes. — eases checked and striped Chambrays. 160 bales indigo blue Denims 120 packages) Aflendale, 0-4. 0-4, 9-4, 10-4 and 12-4 Brown and bleached Sheetings, — oases ‘‘Allendale'* Counterpanes. 660 bales “Jewett City,” Washington Ter, Bonita, Virginia, Boxrah, Ma land 4-4 brown Sheetings 250 bales 27 and 80 inch brown ShirtiDfS. 160 bales 27 and 30 inch brown Drills. 76 eases 27 and SOlncb bleached do. Lonsdale Comp’y SileeiaBs plain and twilled Lonsdale 4-4 super bUschefl S ^ n e a 460 esses 3-4,7-8, 4.4 and 6-4 bleached Shirtings, rious styles. 130 eases oolored Cambrics. 75 cress Ueached Diapers. 450 cases 84 , 7 - 8 ,44 and 64 TiekB. 60 cases yellow Nankins Brown and Weached JaoksonDUpers. baleasontbem Cotton Yarn bales 23,30 sad 80 inch hsavy cotton Otnabnrg asbington,Hampden, Do. oxrah, Matoaca and Xsh- y INEN S .-5Q eases of 44 Irish linens, demi-pieees. j x lowandmedlum qnsUt;! ^ c by . . . s X jO N E S k C o .- mhS 4B£xeliUige F l^s rx U l l 'r i K S . —25«uei cf pltin, also, w U tetnd^ni( x J coloredduDMk dlmitleB,aXanas3ortnieBtofwidU and quaUtissi torether with cambric dimltlea, tor sale by mh 9 _______ S.T JONES it 49 Exdixngs PUes. 11^1L.L1II6B.—Several tteW and desbab IVR1L.UH l/fin g U s b linen driUs,' HENRY H. LEEDS, ------ UtalA F ttn e r Oood», R ic a m n a t a C M a * K n a m e le d V u e > . C B m p h o r TrtW .*d, IBKa- WM. DUMONT, ATOtlOoeer. ( 0 - rHTnUDIY aubscribers -m S»v. their poraVBfti OttmibO tosalw omou^bom residenees of families breakius up bouseteeping. WM. KOBBE, Attotionew. A motion S o t lc^ P m f M o t o . VTAir WYCK SJCOBBB'vrinaiicInaffkiLtonid^^ «C '“ ' ■ . r w r j s i . FRANKLIN, AucUoncer. W ‘%MKisa«i ' . S . a ......................... N?S*^THo!^ri70 A n c ilon Notice. ........... ............................ ..... CALIFORNIA. S h e r M ^ U f G lrtkift Oxoltoi;^. G oksish , J»rin«i>eariy allketcstgo enicsgedaaf onbowd, triU rOSITIYEUY StdlosSatordajviiext, iha lfitlidnstant. Ske has STATE ROOM aoeommodatloas tor a few more passengers, and«m,yet take the bnlk.of about 600 barrels o n frei^t. No SECOND olaa or STEERAGE PASSENGERS Apidy on board a t pier No. iffEasl River, ot to STOFFORD, TILEsrON A CO. m h jl tmhld 48 Seuth street. F p r C a i m > r m a P i r e c t . D I S P A T C H D I M E . P i n s ' ! V E S S E L . 6H 1 B ri UlNDOO.)i MILLEB, MlfiTEB. Is loading a t Wer 28 East RI?«. SMPPIH Will pl«U« hurry down the bkkfiee of freight, and lend hflU of l&d iBg to the offleefor signature. A smaU quantity of Ught boxes, bales, te ., can betaken on immediateappUCa­ tion ; also, 2 first cabin and eight second cabin ^ BAXIK T B B S T O N . tViiAOif, Master, at foot Pike-st. East River, has her cargo aU engaged, and can take ten passengers st : S'B IP RADY A R B E R R A . Gi.oVEn,Master, to loading at pier JO North River, her cargo being nearly engaged, will have fine dispatch j has eomfertabls acoommodatlims fijr a few first and 4«esd u h in paasenggn. FffiigMs titen at me lowest rates and m aotonnoB. mh9 _________ E.B. SUTTON B CQ„84YF»mrt. P o ^ ^ S i a n P i ' a n c i & c o D i r e c t . The superior fast sailiug ship JO H N E E H KM AN, oh-thTee-ftnrths of her car­ go being under contract and now in course of shipment. Bight, apply to A. WELLINGTON HART, 88 Broadway^ For balance of freigl --- - in B q a H y , o f a li tlie Su p r e m e an d v a lu a b le B u i ld in g igB teentli For San Francisco Direct. EXPRESS LINE. The splendid coppered and oepper-fsstenefl New York built packet ship V ICTORIA , faTorably Known as one of the fastest London and Llrer- pool packet ships, will be despatched forthwith for San The bulk of ber cargo to engaged and b> course of sblp- ,eut, and no delay will occur In her time of sailing. For balance of freight or passage, having four first cab­ in and eight second cabin berths disengaged, apply to A. WELLINGTON HART, 8 ______ 88 Broadway. I- T. Smith’s R e ^ la r Dine FOR SAN FRANCISCO. C L IP P E R SH IP ROM E , Loading at Pier 6 E. R.. foot of Broad. This nearly New Ship. 28 months old only,has just p ei' age to California in the government servi ters of her cargo to now engaged, and she will be dis- ched in a few days drreot to San Franotoco. The arrangements of the subscriber are such, that ppers by his line can always secure Important and iable advantatagos. Freight is taking at the lowest Ing or disol .TON. Auctioneer. r 118 V a luable ‘\H S S .'fS S .' s ' £ : S S S 3 S a € - “ - m s m ' ' ............. flo Wcfit sulo^ 4 lou, between 72d an 8ffi aven„e-16 111’, ^llSl=l\o‘^“ ' »d ©Ul streets.with ind7fth'st«, with ’ifa ' - . & S S ' j Samuel Shewood^and Baura, [ ■ - l i s ------------------------------------------- lORN J. V.W WESTERVELT. I^ T E R V E L t. late on 70 th anil 7 and 3d and Lex and 3d and 4th 'Lt. The jot and substanUal three story brick house now known Oli Uie southerly side of 44th street, bet ''TlrieTot on the southerly udeol 45ih ttreet, between 6th and 6th ? l i : ... .. ......... . ..... . .... ■ f i i i g i i s f ! : : , . ler's^offioe^and htbosraphic maps of it may he obtained there after PUTNAM COUNTV. r l i S i Dated FehrnarySig ^ ^ / a n \ ; ^ 4 r N ^ . C P K IN G ' O ER.N M. IND IA K N B B E K GOODS. T R .A D E -T O SOUTHERN AI ition in loading o: FOR SACRAMENTO CITY. The beautiful light draft clipper bark JOSHUA HARDING, Commander, J, East River, will havei the lowest rate. S amine her before n tick deapatoh as above. The Onyx will take a few passer ingers.-^lQ ; T. SMITI LOONT & GO’S ^EXPRESS —Fad CARIKOU.NA1 ^ r, per s t e a r u « ^ ^ ^ ? , R ° S . r r c » : IlKF.E, will be received at onr office ef sailing, and forwarded In charge of a ^ ^ f k ^ f t ^ P a f / ^ r ^ T e r n 1. Culloma, Wood’s Creek. SuUi- andto aifplaces on tributtriMof't'heSao^^^^ Diento and San Joaquin Rivers. packages and freights forwarded by every steamer, ta charge of a special messenger. Exchange on .‘tan Fran­ cisco for sale. Having an extensive mule train on ‘*-\ Isthrrrus, and agents resident at Chagres. Gorgona Panama, we have superior facilities for the transpe ^ Express ^trishts forwarded by every steamer, to New RKFEBEITCEe t Messrs. Howland & Chase, JL O. Wilson & Co., Jones ^ M ^ rs. MacLean, Maris & Co„ Lemuel Goddard, Esq , AM CSESlENm Dress Cutfie - - . “ S ' S a s s L J . tfiTnlTTIftS. HAILES, th© Ginnt, «sd MOLEj tho Gr»»d Plctvr© GaUerr and Cosnoramas. Adtslsfiioh t6 {Le wl^4> i& cents: -iHid« to yetrge I2j cgnte, ^ IT A I J ^ N O F £ J ^ HOUSSiy A S T O B P liA C ^ . GRAND AMATEUR PERFORMANCE FOR THE NEW YORK VOlkUNTEERS* ASSOCIATION FUND, Under the direction of R. Kirro. and D W. H owes . S. M. B atlesb , ^ TUESDAY’EVEmNO.~MaroIl IS, 1860-The per­ formance will commence vrith James Sberidan Showles’a Tragedy of ITIRGINIUS. ::::::;:: v “Jr^lTX s a s — K s S S i S OOO persons. Admission 25 cents; Children under 12.15 cents. Doora open at 6j, commences moving a t 7i P. M. An exhibi­ tion on Wednesday aud Saturday afternoons, a t 8 P. twenty-fifth Ainnal Exhibition. Artiste mhS lot ” 4erOj the jj ^ T H E D L S S R L D O R R ACADEMY OS' EJUSE of Divine Unity, in Broadway, between Prince and Spring streets, will remain open until further notice, from 10 o'clock A H., until 10 o’clock r. m ^ Admtosion 25 cents. Season tickets £0 cents. Cata- ■ L E R .Y \ • — -.5 yijok D a lljr a t 3 1- IS o ’clocK, f*. OT. THE CAMDEN AND AMBOY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY’S FREIGHT LINE. Between New York and Philadelphia and Intermediate ** Leaves New York from Pier No. 1, North Elver, at 8J o'clock, P. M., (Sundays excepted). Merchandise and all kinds of freight received and forwarded daily, by steamboat to South Amboy, and thence by railroad and steamboat to Philadelphia, arriving at JYalnut street wharf early next morning. LesYOB rwiaaelphla irom Walnut street wharf at 11 o'clock, AM, and arrives at ^ ew York early next moming CK?- THE PUBLIC ARE INPORMED THAT ALL GOODS TRANSPORTED BY THIS LINE will be IN­ SURED by the CAMDEN St AMBOY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION CO.MPANY, and that no charge wiU be made therefor in addition to their regular rate WM S FRI rbliadelphift. lavy freight tak XV, Agent—Pier N lEEMAN,, Agent—No. 45 Delaware avenue, fel8 Imis B k E lU H T AND PA S S A G E L IN E FO A p h e l a d e l p h i a . E v e r y 'W e d n e sday a n d S a tn r d a y a t 4 P . Id. S T E A M E R S Penobscot and Kennebec Leare New VorkeTery Wednesday and Saturday, froto T R . a t 4 o’clock,? M. Merchandise and all to1rto?^Ua L**aTe Philadelphia, every Wednesday and Saturday, at The following trains leave the Canal s Dinner at Springfield. ioston at 0 o'ctBck ill the trail-. gisseDgers are desired to procure tickets before taking ts in the cars. R. B. MASON, Superintendent, arch 12, 1850. mhl2tolt le found at the above . . . 1 Is, to the ex- re establish- Croton Hose, Mining Bo<;t8,-»adtog Boote, Baptismal a . i s r « c c o ^ ‘^ a \ T e » » r ^ ShT u lderlracSX p ^ ^ on liberal terms, at very low prices. mhJ2 ^^:s^2?M^Syuf£HElV B E A T BABHAUrS iN COPYINO F B E S S E S VJT —Webavejastreceivedfromthemanofactrmyavery large quantity of Copying Presses, which wevrili seirkt eiiremelj low prtew. The Urge quantity, with our stock on band, is probaUy the largest stock of Copying presses in the United States, and purchasers will havqthe advantage of selecting from the largest variety of styles and siies, somprislng thirty different patterns some of which are new and improved; tor sale by the boAdred, db'zen or single Press, The' prices are a t the very lowest rate. Please eaU and sea them i f yon wantahargaiain this article. Notarial presses, eight idiltorent sizes of Seal Presses, large andsmaU screw, -wth Urge baU. Also large and small spring.levei Seal Presses, a t tow prices. YVe alto manufacture and import every azHcls tor the US!of the above. French Copying Books, Engltoh Copying Books, R, A L.’s Copyinz Boohs, Baize Folios, Drying Jooks, fco. RICH fe LODTREL, Importers and Maaufiwtnrersuf ‘ -■“ ’J]liamrt.,oned<»r#o.nthBLCfa»^^^^^ a?9j.5».a53,va-eh xSU-3Itatt3 '.L,; i X-o. reuioveu ixuiu ivo. , oouin wuuam street Beaver, two doors from Broad street, where he , large stock of Swiss and English goods. Mercba inrited to call aud examine the etook. Ja20 rklN N B E O K D ’S P A T E N T IM P R O V E D ELEC- JJ TRIOAL FLESH GLOVES AND STRAPS, pro­ duce a healthy state of tho system, by friction, without the risk of tearing the skin, as all ordinary horse hair iman body, i ____ — -- ------- paid the least attention to the importance of a healthy action of the skin to require further c -------- * For sals by A. B. it E ' mhJ2 100 Fulton st-, com A CCOTJHT BOOKS AND ST A T IO N E B Y - J x FRANCIS fe LOUTREL, 77 Maiden Lane, manu fretnre all sizes and styles of Ledgers, Journils- Daj Cash, Invoice, Order and Bin Books; Time, 'VraiMojiu Work Books,enltablctorraaxosdcontractorf.Bl«inifac- tnrers smd others. We have on hand a Urge aesortnanit ofAeoountBorfts, from w hich sate. <Hrprtts<of seta Can he erieeteciy which for qtixlily low.^pzfow HT&-' PMB^; _ _ . ' ■ sunset on Mondays, Wednesday . 1 S p r in g A.rr&nsesim ne, _ m FLUSHING AND A^jpOHIA— STAGE AjiRANGEMENT. wSjo;&,. 5 ;ini’rKs; ”rs; ss'.‘? r ” ’ ucojuu w.rn me .xuonrngxqn ana rrovrucnce ana nosron and Providence Railroads, leaving Now York daiiv. Sun­ day* exflepted, from pier No. 2, North River, flttt w h trf above Battery Place, «t 6 o’clock, P. M, and Stoninztos r t S o’clock, P. M, or upon the arrival of the mau traix from Boston These steamers' ,r upon the arrival of the jailroads running to • varloiuE ^ n t s from those cUles. The C. VANDEEBILTi wfll leave New York—Tnea day, 2'bursday gaaSatuiq*?* Leaves Stonlngton, Monday, \Wednesday and Friday. The. MASSACHUSETTS wiU. leave New YOrk-Mon- ay, Wednesday and Frid|»y. Leave Sionington, Tnesday, Thursday and Saturday. N. B. —Passengers on the wrival of the steamers a t Ston­ lngton proceed immediately in the splendid Rail Road ears to Providence and Boston. A baggage master accompanies the steamboattzains to and from Boston. Floyd, commander, will sail for Bremen, via ’Southamp­ ton. on Wednesday,20fh March,from pier No, 8, N.B.,at Price of passage In the first c a h in . .......... ^ . $120 lAND, Agents, fiOBrqadTOy. An experienced sr Ail letters must go For passage or froif roh8 dtmh20is BU L u NION sq u a r e AMD THE 6 th juven ue — For sale, the subttsntial and modem h.ullt 8 sto r j and attic brick dwelling house and Ipt Jp fee on thO south side of 17th sireety between Union. ;Eqnaxe or 4&d the 5th areime* known ai No. I I. A lltl^iiouies wb this side pf th© street reoe^o ?>*ck jurg^ ^unt-yiorda lu front. The house ia three rooms deep.to itiie 2d story. The third rooms eommuni(iftt6 with slidice doors.;^ thA parlors hate malwg&nj doors with stsise4^^glus>betw’«en the middle and dmfng room : heated a1r,fUriU|cc,speak- ' ■ t^ o u t and Is one 'of the firtteless part of tho city. JUt 25 by hsH the E il. 0 U j a . - N i COMSlt)C», 11 . . - I

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