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l^ G H O C E R S ’ ^ JB 0 ^ fiig[n € € €l& m p THE EVERlW GPOgr; SEW YOltK. TH t 4 s PA^. MARCH *, 1 1850 . TbiiC m effitj, K l i m t lo u M d m a ^ AKTlsitioD sna tn n s p _____ , teepis. All loesee piompUj »od P»J<i. Bnfiu Story, Pet«r Martht* - FriQcii Sldddy. June! B. Wilson, SraaaxBtB S. Sliem ss. >loses Tiylor, Henry Edey, Mushall Pepoon. , ________, Charles Bnrkhalter, A » S . Portor, Wniiam B. Foster, -; Isaac C. Taylor. SAMPSON MOOl a SsiiTR, Secretary. bO RE, T h e N. Y. B o w e r y Fire Ins, Com pany. O n ^ 1» * Bo w e r y , c o m e r G r a a d stareet. CAFITAX, 300,000 OOULABiS r r t a y s C 0 3 tP A J iy contmnes to fnsnre against loss A w damage by FIRE, Dwellmi! HoosesiLnd Fnmltore, WiryHgiiccSiStOTMUia'^eroliiiidiSe, on the meet Iv Maslcr a larse Stzrnlos Pnz>A wlilch, witi, C.pit.JL BClIHCUH ljilia BiomaMy iMeal&L m U k a them l* roiiclei iMuea u j ilian. DIRECTORS. James MBlr, John MoMenomy, Wm. Hlbbardy Isaac Ward. A&80& O. Phelp«, George Parmer. ] ' JjQ- A ta J S e e tlJig rnttbrn B o a r d o t 7 r a t t « e a heldth^ day, N. M. Beckwith, Esq. was iraaaiioonily elected President of this Ctropany, ia the place ol Lam- tiortSBTaiin, Esq., retlfned. On motion, the thinks of the Boird were tendered to Mr. gnydam, for his able and e a d e n t serrlces as Presi­ dent of the Company, and a committee was appointed to procore some snltable testimental as ah expression from the Tmstees, of their regard and esteem. The foUoving gentlemen were at the same time elected Trustees, to fill raeancies existing in the Board t U ; Robert B. M Intnm. J tmes Symington. Frs S. Uthrop, Peter V. King. Mark W. roUet, Mortimer Liylngston, John H. Brower, F CotUnet, By order of the Board FERDINAND STAOG. Secretary. I me Board of Trar- m \FF£ldcock 3 ™ . J r b ^ ' K H o y . “ °W m “ HIBBARD, President. O. O. T*.riMtty SBCxetary. W m M M ailler . Sarreyor Office hours from SS o cloch. A M .tillsunset. Loeaes liberally adjnstea and promptly paid. jel8np jBroadway lug uvance C m a p u n y . Capital *S:200,«00. O ffice, 5STO. B T O a d ^ a y , c o ^ e r o r C a n a l St. r]p 4 ilS COMPASJi having their capital ail paid, in L cash arenow pr«*pared ti» R4NCi: on Build- ioga Merchandine Hoosfhold Kurnilore. Vease.s in pN-it and their Cargoes. S ec ., ageinst L oss cr Damage by Fire (m the mod favorable term . AU l-oegee promptly adjust- SCHT^REMAN HALSTED. PreMdent JoHr» WftAT,Secretary. Marine and Fire Jngurance* stre e t. s.i.sr- ii s,“r - CHAPMAN COLEMAN, President. W m . P rathitb , Secretary rOHBS nndex^gB«a is prepared to take ris'b.H f*»r th© X above company on the most favorable terras, and ail Wew yorfc Lire lusiirance tmd Fox 3 yeara and o ver ..................... 6 do do. Depoaits by the Court of Equity and S S T ^ V o i i i s r m inti.ni;<i Vo? scenm nl.tlot'snch interest ssmay be sigreed on DAVID THOMPSON, Pi-esid.,nt. PHILIP B. KEARNV.SeorBtorT _________ mhl3 op F I B S m s u B A n i c B c o m - (C H A ^ ’^ k T ^ * 1824 1 Offices 43 Fnlton street, lirooklt/n, and So 8 Merchants' Eiohange, Wall street, Xrw York. lYlLLIAM ELLSWORTH, rreament. At.yREo O. STEVB.Na, Secretary. __ ____ je‘J£> up ® H K NO UTU IN S I RANCE B , . ? ; The foilowtag gSBtlemen no.T PaulSpoSbrd MarkWCoi Robt B. Mmlnm Moses Taylor John F fiesmuti H L. RooUi tieorge F Darby John H Brow Joseph Uo^ciiauJ .Nhfiphaffi Knapp P’rs. g Laihfop ■jh Fo'AfU^T John Van Ne-t ibert Sijydam L. H. James E. Tooley Jobs J Kingstord Henry Hoh Elias B N .M. BEf KWITH.P icsi J.NO S TAPPAN. Vice FtEriiNA’rD S tago . Fecieiary. STATEMENT OF THE ‘ MUTVAL. B E N E F 'I'l' U E E INSVRAKCE COJUPANY.' NEvriaa N J.—On the first day of January 18St) Office In N ew Yorh, 11 W a ll street. Policies isaued prior to Jan Ut, 1849 ....... 6J62 (luring the year 184'J. . . .1009 COMFAN . O F F IC E NO. 67 W ALE ST R E E T . J^P I T J I L . HANDSOME SURl Thia Company offers to insure ag by fire within the city of New York iga.nst loarloaa er damag ts violnity. y :h Auchinclos Cornelius .Mc( ooo, Thomaa W. Gale, Wyl JoshuaJ. Henry JA.MLIS W. R W. BLggcgKR. Secretary. _____ ( harle-fl WUU.iaw, Bftviil B Ktpt-ls-r, SRinael J Wm S Wftmore, rD“hM\\^B?atihford ^ “ msB.a\:tou;'i: OFFICE OF TPIE Magt R i v ^ Insurance C o m p a n y ^ NO. 69 -WALE S T R E E T . T H I S < U M P A N Y , W I T H A F I L L Cash Capital^ c o n t i n u e s TO INSURE.ACiAI.N.STFIRK .AST'SIA!.. JOHN BROCWER, President C h . rl ,. H B ibvkv Secretary mh2 Ini np Office o f th e F r a n k lin F ire in ­ surance C o m p a n y o f Philatla. FEBRU.tRV 28.18.10 , where all appli mh2 Iwnp __ ^ mistor M u tual Insurance C m n p a n y , Mo. 36 ■W illiam s tr e e t. M e r c h a n t s ’ E x c liat Corner of Fxrhinge Place. Where proposals arv received for ittA I llN E AN1> IMJ j AND INSCHANCK Excepting when the Fire Risk is inJispensaUly connected This company I p now in successful operation, its assets xa ounting to upwards of F o u r H u n d red Thousand Dollai TH IH .T TRUSTEES. ZebedeeCook, John B Ki.ching, Franklin H Delano, I Ijtfaee B Brrw.ster, .K s s .‘- Esuassf Frederick A Lee, Wm. h Buikley, George Bird. (iei.rge Godfrey. Arthur Finnegan, Frier A H. Hemiuld, ^i?5LL'i^r;vc, i;r..:L^LVbr‘^' | ”r iS r d ! ’ St , S^^rr^T -aT u -r, r r c i r p ^ h , ZEBEDEE COOK. PresUrnt. EDW.VUD ANTHO.NY. Vic. Pr^id.nt; E dwx 8D a . S trung . Senretary ________ jal& eodia rylleiea in force January let, IbJu ........ Balance January let, 1849 ............ 4873.360 6J Dednct for loseea then unpaid. . , 29 OOO -Nett premiums received during the year 1849 .’ .............................. 4454.406 26 j49t) Via -ji k c T c ' Total receipts in 1819. Espenaes being charges e husmess. . . 16 573 63 Paid for purchased poll dee and for c’<mmie- Bions........................... 27 670 89 ysician.. fees 3 246 96 lerest paid on Scrip. . 59'2 29 ------------ 4204,88.1 77 4'J92.134 44 ' .Additional losBea amounting to S40 350 sustained dur­ ing the year, awaiting proofs of death ASSETS, Newark city 6 per cent Bond... 1 WO Brooklyn...................................... 60 000 t'h twice the amount. . 239 0&-* 57 jured by policies ......... 6U5 ‘24S 04 rremiums (Pr^mAum .\nteH and ashj in the band?* of ,\genU Qd in c*oun<e of t r a i w a c t l o o . 9 678 14 rpon 39t79 Policies now in force, issued prior to Janu­ ary I n I. 1849, (t-xrept term poUrleg issued since May L^t. 1848j the Dirt-ctnrs have declared a dividend of 50 per the premiums paid at the table rates, belag the prt.fit.«j of 1448. >rs having paid the losa*ee that have oeenr- red. and reserved tbo imm v-f $376 320 14 and the addi- of $*JCO.O< O. of declared profiU as required by the by-lftW8. have ordered the payment of the hrst and second dividend.^, being those declared on the 1st Janu­ ary. lo47. and 1st January. 1848. Those holding scrip to be paid on and after March l-t 1850 at which time the intereat to cease TI iubb whose divideuda have been placed to their erodit to receive the iDie with interest by a credit on their notes as they ma- ire. < tilLL. Ai n akv UIRE.rTOaS AND OKMCERS. Robert L Patterson, .Seth Low, < har'.es S .Macknett, l.dward Anthony, Lewi\ c (irover. . Andrews Snellmg, Thomas B Segnr, ^ Kand&ll H Green, Henry .VIcFarlan, Joel W ( ondit. ■WlUiam .M. Simpson. Ixaac H Frothingbam, ROBERT I. P.ATTF.RSON President, JUKI. W ( ONUIT, Vice President, BENJ N I MILLER,Secretary. LEWIS C GROVER. Attorney and Coansellor. JOS L LORD, Agent. New York. JosrPH B lii K50S. M I> . Med. Examiner. Newark. jANEiSitwiRt M. D.Med Examiner, New York. Valentine Mott. M. D , r. Van Rensselaer, M I f^i’bwLd^a for part of the preuiumi O i ^ l C K OB’ T H E ATL.ANT1C MUTUAL, iw ' SLK A S C E COMPANY. N,w \i.BK.2yth January. 1960. QSJ- The Trustees, in conformity to the charter, .ubmit the following statement of the affairs of the Company on the 31st December, 1819 - Pretuiums received on Marine Risks, from 1st January. 1819, to3Lst December. 1849, . , $1,982,312 45 Premiums on Policies not marked off 1st January, 1S49............................................. 477,7.19 01) Total amount of-Marine P r e m i u m s . 42.460,071 45 No PoU.'ies Losses paid during Ret nrns of prefiiiun Eire Risks disconnected ,ff from let January 1849, period. . 4960 246 29 ims and expenses 223.386 12 $1,103,632 41 .■$i;^,^i^R i The company have the following asset-s, vis ; fniteU States Stock, State Stocks, New York <ty i Bank Stocks, Loans on State and other Stocks, and Loans drawing interest, .4«49,84S 3 Bonds and Mortgages........................................ 269 900 C Dividends on stocks, interest on bonds and mortgages and other loans, sundry to ti.e company, estimate! et ...................... 60.634 C Total amount of assets. . The Board of Trustees have resolved to pay an interea of six per cent on the outstanding certificates of profit: to the holders thereof, or their legal representatives, o after Tuesday, the fifth day of Februarj The Tmstees. after reserving ONE M aye furth I of profit lose issuoi DOLLARS of cent, of le holders thereof, or id in HUS, be redoemefl ' their legal represen- s fifth day of February FIRE IN^RANCE. jyational Insurance Co, o r Boston. C A F l T A I ^ ^ o O O j O O O . JVepttine Insurance Co, O f Boston. C A P ITA L _ $:^00,00(). Franhlin Insurunce Co. O f Boston. CAPITAL ^300,000. ThO Capital of the above Companies has all been paid in eecorely Invested, and are noiw unimpaired I“*^*TH O i§.A S H A L E , 51 W all street. Second door' above WUliam stret pigbty-flvB per cent, of those and paid to the nest, from which date all Interest will cease thereon — The certificates to be produced at the lime of payment auti caucelleU lo the exteut paid. Tbe Board have also doclarod a dividend of thirty-four jaSeodnp Insurance Cmnpany sta t e o f P e ^ s y l v a n i a . C A P ITA L 200,000 DOLLARS. CHARTERED 1792. tVith a large Surplxis. riw iliS otd established and well-known Con X issue polieles at the current rales of prei jnerchandlse, buildings, ships ia f ■’ “ s K L ' o ' v t ' o .N . P r « U « t. W u H arpeb , Secretary. ■lilBl II9SriitA.WCB: O’liEjsTO Js nru ywldera b e ^ i^partiripants in the profits. PoUoies issue * JOSEPH C. POTTS, fTesident. Ei-i Moaais, Secretary. For poUctes, apply to J OHN S. N OBLV.. Agent. New York, October 12,1849 ^ “' o?3 t o ^ e w Y o rli Office*, 07 W aU airec*, and 1»7 f t j - t h i s COMFAN k 'V ithl'caah capital securely in _ __ _ __ image by iTorablc terms as the ' D I R E C T O R DANIEL BUKTNETT. JEREMIAH JOHNSON, THOMAS McELILATH, JAV JARVI\ LUKE BAR the year ending 2lst December. 1849- for which ites of profits will be issued on and after 'I’uosday. the fifth day of February next he profits of the company, ascertained from the 1st July. 1842. to the 1st day of January. 1849, for which certificates were issned, amounted to .................................. $1,657,760 00 Additional profits from 1st January, 1849. to 1st January. ls5o ....................................... 523 864 46 m M : inydyiag iOTereU by Kirk- M S b e tl tiK B O S A S lI R O S O K r , AV T z m TJkBB B S A C ItB. rKOFESSOR MITCHELL, ef Ci*ei»n»a, pro­ poses to dtlWer a course of three leoturee, on the fellow. U tS>Tb» Cogmt an expoHUon of ■ 2 ( 1 .The AppUcation of Faectro Magnetism, and lu probable influence on the future progress of xhe science Strav©’s new dlecoveriee and theories tonching iii5teliatioxi of the Milky Way and the Slderial In New Yolk on Wednesday evening, March 6th. and on Tuesday • “ ^ 12th. In Brooklyn, at the Female Academy, in Joralomen Tuesday evening, March 5th. Thursday “ “ 7th and on Monday \ \ Hth. commencing precisely at 7i o'clock. fi}a«|,. B u tter^ v ^ ^ i m ^ i d hs fisfrl«qae«t. Choeee ■WHISKEt—There Is moke’lnqtdry aud the aiaikat if steady i ea>4s of ISO bbla priaon a t 24 o, cash ; drudge !* nominal at 24 c, time. B a lci o r RCKI EfMwe—MuchO. By A. J. Bleecker. House and lot 48 IWh street, 25x04—$10,700 ; do do 9 > Broad iiireet. 28x53—$14a00 ; do do 403 4th street. 25xB« —$7200 : dodoCSS Houston street. 22i75—$6000 ; dodo 83 av B. 20I93-S5000 , do do 87 do , 20x93—4500 ; do do on 23d street near Madison as. 25x88—$4760 ; 1 lot on encing precisely at 7 J ' Tickets for single Lecti \ for tbef'onrBP ................... SI W TO be bad !ii Itew Yori at ( . 5 Francis & l o x No 20J Broadway ana T J rrnwtffiS. No 399 Broadway ana al Iba Tabernacla tm the evening of tbe leetnres Brooklyn, at Wllder‘0 book store in Fi BIagrove'9 druggist i Warner at the Femi Tr'el^’ o T / 5 r s t : : e t .* ^ h By W. H. FrankUn;Son t Co. By James Cole 25xlOO^eachVjW °° Myrtle av each ulton Street, store in Atlantic street, and of .Mr lale Academy. __________ fe28 litis Sr:\ and3 . P -M Xh« evenings cif these and the whole ofhe t Intermediate days for gentlemen, at 11 A. .M ^L 4^6 and arknowlethfroent of De«^ds D<$po«itiorai. C U M H L R L uoA L ,' ^ M 1 N U L S H b \^^*?B T ,8 , aVl-LlHo A..E-4T FOK THE F*RO*TBX R»* A0MVA«V, Office Manhattan Bs^nJtBu^0|S,^^^^ p,exw V„rU. R. W. C lifke h Co., Shipping Agents, D enikl O. B booe , Agent and Mining F.n^ioei;r^^ WEDDING, VISmNO^^'AND^MElfcHANTS CARDS. Printed on She purest French at late (ieorge H. .KMut's E .W .tA V l.N d KOOM.S C O R N E R 0 F B R 0 A I ) V V 4 Y AM L) M A I D E N ^WKDUr^^^|iN\0?ES*”- Juet Imported the most fashiondb!** nt7leH from wMch ft SrLF.NDIDtiOTHrc A^N^SHfiaD PLATES, For doors, of sterling silver, tbe plate of which ia wturrftnt- style and manner, the execution of which for 26 years,has given genera.^atle.acli..n,^^ 19 np oomer Maldep Lftonand hroadwftj.g t T k I ^ IN S U R A N c i^ ^ nnrtn T r i us tt CompauT-i JttAlUNK ANl jnsuranc e a d T r u Co \s ) i 'v A P v r A I;!’ISTo.ooo. fS L o M&S MBthALL J t 25 b P a . B. h o i ,MFCS. * Went, 7 a W a ll « t. C O M M E R C I A L . SALES AT t h e stu c k E.XCHlNGi, MAR 7. 1850 s r : - : - ' : ! K ' ‘Ks s. lilt iSSSlir\.' JIS t ... S: lij HS\“~ “ it I I l r : : s l ; i i r i S i P ii I i g is-E : ; : , a g ’ ) lU) , 41 I t 5u'.o . i'o '.-V fk : &D ito tlo .. \.J 43 'tij (lo hi', 7-'. .lo -'is . . ■^*’•4 ' X S j .; A beltt‘r feeiiLkT preVRiUthit* momin,' in the mar ket There iri more Hctivity at improvinj' pn.-r-i au<J the market cloned at the morning board with eonsidor- able firmneif} L’uitf>d States 6'-^ of ls.j7 have advanced;, Kentucky d'8 i; Reading b.-inds Reading HR 1 Morns t anal L Canton). Fanufra Trust j. Harlem j. Long Island^ rie UR L do \iJ old ;. do new Letters from Philadelphia, talk of a dividend on the uck. in the couffc of the year oftho Keadiog KK to which )8 attributed the impr'-vement of 1 j percent noted wvoe.both at Boston and Philadelphia, there is conuider >le investment in this htnek The eastern capatillsts e largely Internsted This stock was the most ^active • theraorning board Land warrants have unproved andlnow command $WS tL l.to for the IbO Here war rants The land refor’-.*: fuming has calmed There continues an a'»tlve demand for money whicli though tbe supply is ample enough for ail the wants of the market, yet »u.stains rat( ilnue to make Urge dail: and the holders of rottc merciaJ paper offered, is fruely tnkvu at toe cum ut of no transActlon.s under tuat rate, and 7 per rent for paper over 60 day* and s per rent over6 mouths Nam»*8 not well known are taken at 9 per cent. Loans on call rule at 6 per cent on the .se<-uriti«a of (jrooers paper la Included in the abo'r as there is n*. third rate bills, ranking according lo the g.'ueral rredu l)iv i;.$ MiS The Pennsylvania P iri Innuranru f oinp' A Dividend will also bi> made 'h>»rlly by the hyraouse and I tlea Kailruad of ‘In per cent T$: as —The anrtion sale of Teas by the Tartar, which took place yesterday, was the first public sale of new crop Teas this season. In spite of the storm there was a g'-od attendance, and tbe prices realised were at an advftoro of 15 per cent, on the fall sales. A portion of tbe quan­ tity offered was withdrawn at the sale, of which the blacks wen suhseqacatlj sciil at the aalo pricea A tunail ning nff^niia Terr firm !gh for all the Boston and Providence con- diou*!tio !*)r accommodation appUca iS wen Buhsequeally portion of tlie young hyson is alone n'liialning an.'*n Tha owners, Mt^sars Booth & Edgai The following are the pricea realised 20 hf chests hyson, lacq'd. at 6oo per lb. 38 do 6Pa5I j 40do40a43); 117 do 38j , 15 ca«ies.-1 lO lb box»>s. 69, hf chests young bytsontt^j. 46 do , 512 do 41 jh 44 j hf cbeMa gunpowder , r;4 do IH J>> 62 12S d * 4.^a 46; 817 do 37*a:id. 49 ra.se-y, 4 15 Ih bx-^- SO. 65 do 4 I4al7 I d do, 60a5SJ, 84 do 44a4h. 14nl7 lb d-- 40, 2J hf rht;* )6do4la48. 10 cases 4 LMh hxs 73A; BOO bf chests hyson hkin 30*i.T)i 50-1 d<> 2 or 29 746 chestshests andnd hff d©© twanfewywanfeay 20 a2y,2y, dlO chesta Congo‘H . . 30 ■f ■hests ‘long M4do40a42J, 2S6 j IJJ Ih c a h d t 20,a b c oo C6i. .544do40a42l. bxfl 42^; 200 14 lb do 42ia4.3; 20 hf chests nii O hio S tate F ivavi es -The Auditor of this State, has made the usual annual reports which show the finances to be in a very favorable state for the reduction ©f the State Debt. The Bend-bvuvrs Arm f««i ihs bcnefli ui ims \ Ttu lunQi miff in me TrraJury,' layi iBe rrpnrt. ' and nil) iect 10 me oomroi or lUe Fund ('irtnuii«8i(.iiier will euaUlc of the current year be realleej which i« cnunjently tioipated, the actual reduction ol the Slate liebt during the current year will not be less than one mlLion of dob lars The State Debts thus stand them to redi a mtlilon of to the pontrol of the Fi redeem Immedlatel; J P o s i s e i ^ p i p mi u, suAfm'~p^€v\i f a u\ vui i$u •$ »uu ucouucu uuub cujf m tutj sweauiur 2 i c t w . . . h . „ b ™ g k . t« (hi. d iy do OB 6th av, near C3ih street, each 23xino—each $205 , j papers of the 15th January, and Pai February 8th. W hen the Alabama le in l'o r M ir:: By cole Ji rhiltoB w ^ 3 a^RT^ 28 il^ lU f iO , hone Tw o W ^ fas Later! from C a lifornia. A erival op the A lajuma . —B o / / a Million more o f Gold Dust— The Flood al Saeraomto—Decline in Overland passengers from New Orleans, who city in tha steamer Alabama, from s brought to this city San Francisco dates to iruory 8th. W hen the Alabama left Chagres, a ;e steamer was standing in, supposed to be the ipire City, Croa this port. The Alabama brought one hundred passengers fr(Jm hagrer, and about $500,000 in gold dost, mosiily msigned to merchants of New Orleans. She also brou gether with Ihos order of the L^. i3. Mai also brought the regular February miul8,to- ;ether with those recently detained at Panama, |>y Ueman, on the part of the Puddlera. Mr. Matthews earnestly tbe rioters, disclaiming th them to go home, as they were ] <murse wished by the employers. subjoin such extraci th© Oaliforsia pa|>©ra. iq 6c:6ion a t i^an The ie^sl«,lur9, BI rasd an Bol Hhioh interest as we find Sn ;th . . seth rtr.-.t-^i7o , 3 do ndjoin- po53I -$JOO. 2 d o ^ 88_^h «ce.t-*30o Me Exoha-egt Office Of J Thomptm. No. 64 i to pay immediate demi irmanent fund p - = - f l = Gh»o .............................................. t e r ; ; : : : . - ; ; ; . : ; ; . : ; ; ; : ; ....... ; f s ' * ' ' * • •• 1 l 1 I fiSs i f - * . J . D e lato o r ’8 T h o r m o n ieter. If n r r r r 1 I On Tbursdfty morning. 7th inat . F hani la K k iiy . In bin 52ml year 'lb.4frlcnJa of the family are rcNpt.clfully invited to uUeud bi8 fUDorol ou Friday at 2; P >1 fmu liii) late rcfldencv KuUon H im remains will be taken to Mount (.alvary Wllliama- burgh, for interment Ou Wednc.i^Uay. the 6th io8t Mrs HaRRirTTE Luuv- i>r.s B row V. dfiughtcf of the lat« Rawllon Lowndes, of CbarUalon. S ( . and sister of the late Hon WllUaui Luwndes. aged 8,5 years and 5 month-* V esterday morning aft«r a short illneHS. A imahin * r.MMij$iTE. youDg«M*t daughter c ' ‘ ‘ ^On Tuesday ♦*veuing. ^on the 5th ioBt,. f '\rmthVfimrt.Ti „ the 63d yeer of his age On the 6th in^t after >wdrey. iu the tMJtb y**ar <> , rdlcl of Joseph S year of her age .. of a lingering illness. JoMf« L aloi short but severe UI qv < Ou the 5th Inst . S< san i- san < is 8 t « nk . daughter of Timothy L ^U>U** deceased, aged 3 years and U months At nam^T, .Madison ( o , N > , Dec 18tb. IM'L S ami - $ I. N It oui» In the Q’id year blc age entered Ibe -n previous ■sfeioji of tbe m a r i n e ' l T s t . KT 08 rSKW-YOUK, I'HU RSD A Y, M A B t II 7. SU1 R i i u . . . ,6 181 n 'l iKTS. .0 11 i nii.H (vinii. 3 14 f-l.KjlHF.D THIS yOIlENOUX Ship Herman. Honker Hamburg < Beck & co < amJen Sherwood. < hsrleston, Dunham it Dmion Bark < erca Sie Tirandello « H«iir. J Kuhiiisf-n BDg Fame Bstrhel ier Ssu Frnrriees . K S f nniw. Bng ADKola. Nc.rfoik, Va J W Kiwcll Brig Lmily, Spaulding, BaU Brig SJaJi-ibury. touug Mi'.vana.J ttkinsnij&i n Bng R S'otiebl, ( Bn Fatterbon Rotterdam .Si-hmiJt & BalrheD Itr'ir WH-on Puller I.euis Sawtnnah r>unliam it Dirnon Sub Highlander Sands. Rapi'ahaunock River i il & W r,erM-n •Nrh ^ xi'e Fox rhilade’phiH J Hand permane iral of iBo andi upon the treasury, until be raised authorizing q loan of money 1200,000; icoired iDe spproi “ jo O l it a for the purpose. ” expenses of the^state, this ax:t was deemed sable lo keep thp wheels of government in being no money i^ the treasury lo indispensf An opposition line of steamships, to run between San Krajioisco and Panama, is abont being organi­ zed. A meeting was held in San Francisco, to con- sumate the matter, and open books for the subscrip­ tion of stock, ico. the country are very much swollen under water. In ('onsequence of the high waters, the bad state of the roads, and the scarcity of provisions in the mines, the digging operations have advanced but slowly this winter. But when tbe spring opens, a few weeks hence, a new impetus will bo given to individuals and com^panies, and we hope to hear of extended and pro- The buildings destroyed by the great fire in Nan Kranoisoo are nearly all rebuUt. Dennison’s E i- obange was rebuilt in eleven days after its former edi­ fice was a heap of smouldering ruins. A sale of water lots in San Francisco came off on the 3d of January, and brought high prices One- fourth cash, ono-fourth in throe months, one-fourch In six months, and the balance in nine months.— ''r-Ji'-K'S’:'!;\- s „ , „ o . g the passengers per the California. He brings wich him some rare specimens of gold and quicksilver. T h e C h ilian D ifKcultjr. gings A aiaturbftn«« tahs-n place betneen a party ot Americans and a j»arty of (.'hU'tans Soa|® three or more Americans have been killed, and several ThO disturbanca occurred on the night of the *j?7th. A warrant had been given for the arrest of aoo^e Am'*ricans by the authorities at Stockton, on the ami faithful return thereon;\ which officers of au­ thority knew no other way of eiecuiiog Bavo by the use of pistols and bowie knives They took tbe,Americans, bound tbeirbaods behind thorn, and then oompolJed thorn to walk in the fear of pidtoU and knives, nearly ono day and one night, bo- foro the Americans knew that their persecutors had a warrant lor their ar^c^t Nhamoful indeed, is it, that an American was not sent to make the ^am-st, if there was any need of it, and if there wa-s none, then culpable indeed i.s the «arolossnc;*s or 8hort-sigUtedne.««s that ploced^^ch ah instrument in tho hands of foroignors. But it appears in the course of their march to Stockton, detailed in theaccount 1 send you herewith, that tbe t-'hilianfl dropped off, one by one, from fa­ tigue, and that, finally, they were so reduced in num- new —; ----- - ,,, i^tocktoD, they were met by ft party of from Stockton, who had gone out on the of bloodshed and wrong in tho moun­ tains, lu give succor. This parly took the Chilians, and carried them ;k to tho t'alavoras camp, there to answer to the of the Americans who bad iwarda this place, under the and surrendered Slo'.ip Tt*cuiui Sloop RI ada - I )rWo 1- -I h fin Sui^ua I » m©H Tayl-.r l*fL » ( leo- , Algon.^uin, Smlih. do . RetM^rta Newman, unc , Harris. Mummer, for N Fox nnlad'-’phiH J Hand SI' \p DaHt* r Bi Plfo KaU KWer ■\ !eh Fuwi^er. rroTi-lt-un- Durpe** Provideoc© ^•niRn'Ki) THIS Foiif: \ t i o y Bark Phym«»uth, Perkins 4S dn fm Nuples fruit 4ic to Foster & Mckersen Srh Malibar. i«f Belfast Mo. Dri (Jraode, with m'*iasnes he to MoHe$ patra, Kent for N Vtk, next day , . sch Talbor t . Johnson do. briff Re... -leh Advanee.of Boston, do. N< Han . ___ __ _ York Id^r}. .Milwaikie. une Sch Joseph Henry fni Vienna, MrNeuly 22 day.'* fm MayairucA Pr with mola-'ses bound to New Haven, and ha.« iiatlpd St h £i }• l'/i. I >f Bristol ) Mort' n IH -D fin I nrt HU F’riure with ruUee and logw.xid to li k W DoliiHeid \ fSieM leU before reported BK.I ()\V - Packet thip ( onstellati-m I uco Liverpool, wit h iiid>e and pa.<«on>rer« to R Keroiit shiyj VrtL'r- uvv-r - , fm SLauxbai. with leas, iilks, Burk \ i.iUa'.k SX16\ Galvcslun, Texa«. with collun . 5..C f o J II Brower u i o SAil.F.D Bark S W Dyer Wind N N W. < ' •< r i> M Hot *A .N V u VoH X . / ‘ fdleetor H Office. .March 0 1H'»U \ (Jfy- p UI M 11 Y jH K'ven lo the following Treasury ( Ir- Uie lulled State-. >in ‘ hai^rcii aud the Uthmus of Pa- uaiatt H MA.XWKLL With a V, 'I'u I A'* H \ W$ PAII TM$ ^ I ^eb^\lary 27. 1H60 e identification of arlieles of tl .aufaot ore of the I alted M back to tho (Calaveras < charge of murder. Fdi been brought thus far towe warrant given lo the ( ’hilians, r themselves to the authorities as prisoi After waiting a day or two, asking and pleading tho court to do somoLhing with them, they were fi­ nally told that they were a t liberty to go where and when they pleased Tboir names were K. T. Cill, James U. Ayres, Franklin Haul and Benedict Jackson. I >ne uf the persons arrested, says : — We came ou to Mockton, and delivered ourselves Up an i-risonera. Here we a.'icertaioed that the war­ rant for our arroat, which was exhibited on tbe after­ noon of the previous day, for the first time, bad been obtained by illegal means, and no one appearing against us, although the compUinaht was in town, wo werf honorably discharged. Th© Flood a t Sacram e n to C ity. [From the Padfl<' News. Jan 10.J W^hat we have long anticipated, has at last taken place. Tho waters, after threatening for weeks, have perlormed their w urk al t^acramento. Tbe city inundated We learn from a passenger by the .'Senator, th'it tbe average depth of water there is Piur feet T here are, however, sf.iue few knoll above water, on tho tops of which hundreds have coUected as a last resort. W^e regret to learn that several instances of death by dr jwning have oeeurred ( >ne gentleman informs us ot a case of four men, in a state of intoxication, who fell overboard from a boat, and perished T he loss of property in the city alone must bo immense. In addition to this, herds of cattle in the country have been swept off in great numbers and drowned* ‘The lowest estimate of tbe loss which we have heard u one million dollars The current running through tho streets is very .strong, and a great proportion of the property lying loose, ba-s, ot course, been swept away In additioo to this, instances have occurred where tents and houMen have been carried ofi. Une largo brick house, which wa- in process of erection, has been cracked by the rushing waters, and the foundations of many oiher houses already loosened Many, in endeavoring to save themselves, were .reed to leave the gb.k, and evtn the helpless, to the lercy of circumstance.s. A man informs us of an in- ,anoo that came within his knowledge of a man who was almost dying for want of water to '^uenoh his thirst, and yet who, although the water was fiowing within a few inches of his berth, was so sick that he ipectioo, it shall be found that tbe (loods agree with hu e describe i in the manifest, the collector is at If to receive the same as e>ldenoe cf the character of goodB ^ W M .MKRKDiTf! XWOXOO <5L.l jE AND SC A R L K T 'T'WlLiX^KD i FLANNFI.S. of variciUfl .jualitle.-* for sale bv ^y <; LAN o LLV & (O . 26 Broad s t. mh7 < or of Fxchange place Q^IUTINUi STKIPE.S, TICKS AND BLUE N Deauu.^a run - o x u n e a t. for dale Ly ^ mb? ^'or ff i-xchaoge place. r;;; Tax6», 18«9. I ertlficates of 18+1. 1(815, a Nrtt earDingx rrmaining with the company oa the Ut January, 1850..........................J - T — By order of the Board DAN L. DRAKE SMITH, Secretary T R U S T E E S . ■aB A B ;, a ! S B » ” ISam;-. s a « ; s f f i S s - a p . p UANT j DRAKB Si ja30 Iwd tSavvUa tiaw =S22.S s M| - • s - E i s s m m : profession and public generally Faculty, D . Secretary J o BEHT BARKLEY, CHJLHLES DfeVOE, JOHN 8 HARRIS, ALONZO A. ALVORD, JAMEiS C. BALDWIN. THriLLlAM WAJU.ACE, DANIEL W. TO W S E N D , fRANCIS 4- PAXJV1$7R DANIEL BURTNE 3iM E S M- MoDEAN, Secretary. Oetober let, 184»- ________ , a KY&Al+D sFK ULaSseS - A ■ H belt iDtkMA for sale by 8th. at 74 o’oloet TicketT. at one dollar for tbe connib 4 iE A. G. BA«LIfiY All CO., Maanfasturers or G O L D D E N S . Gold And Silver P en and P e n c il CuzaOe Patentees of tha celebrated E X T E N S I O N C A S E S , . .. 18 880 982 50 Domestic Bonds outstandintr. . . .i“ a t e u ” t-FuodUe-bi:; Interest on Fund Debt .............. irelgll D©bt. . ........................... Total State Debt......................... Total Annual fntereut .............. The receipts into the Treasury during the year ending New- YorR BlarRets (.Carefully reported for the Evening Post I THfR.i »v. March 7 SHF.S -The maiket Is firm for Pots with a fair de- id It 6 50 a $6 624, but few to be had at tbe in.«ide re. FearLs are steady and saleable 5 87J. the receipts RANDIF.S—The market i.s very dull Pri.^es have not unsettied and pnees weak. Not over 600 bales were sold yesterday and no State ffour for the tast, aod holders are firm heavy a t $4 75. The sales of the morning reach 1000 bbls at $4 STja4 I for fine and tour, 4 87s$5 for common to straight state. All p»-r*on* who have omirtcil paving their laxc* are lierehy no March ______ _ _______________ mli7 lot -ixTh llay ol Man ♦>. IH30 aiist to serve ji .-oi«y ol your answer on U h at our otiuc No \ HanowT drevt m «hc niv of New York. on vv.thin twenty day# after the serv.ee of thus sumnions upon J:T„..'bPnV.Ir' i n il 1 nu'i) A \ RuVii y ! n a . . a - .4110,„ey - _________________________ CYKCS W . P-IEI.D & X'O., C O M M 1 S « 1 O N PA PE R W A R F H O r B V . , r p H E HIGHEST M ARKET price paid in ca«h for 1 Rags. Grass Rope, Rope f uttings, Canvass, Tarred Rope, ( otton Waste, .!*» wi-b ;i.8 iiiipiirtcd aTlirlpBof foreign origin cn which theluD -Tt luD •- -bail h.$Te been duly paid, which may isjo'musTi.e pn.Vi >‘li^n'j.‘p/o e /i-one\o ' In addition to the loss of Hfo and property, in addi- the collector of ih. [wri frem whence the transportation tion to the blighted prospects of hundreds, what shall takes pUc« . th© ol h«r U> accompany th« goods Upon t ;,v,rwx»ftiotx» Hiafexaao whieK f K« the production of naid manifest at the port of destination h tho inundation 0 aoehow tho age to exist at the ) T he E lec :cTioN I V H a . v incisco came c anuary 81 Town I’ouncil—-lames Urabam, Kranklin Til-- ford, K .G .G ray, A J. ITUs, James Hagan, T H. lireen, W. 11. Bavis, Wm. a M. ^^towart, Samufl' Brannan, Matthew Crooks, A. M. Van aNostrand, H. C. Murray. The highest number of voto.s was for serond Al­ calde—3522; and the total number of ballots was ’ S h ip p in g InteU lsenoc.. Jan mb. Norw brig Nordpollen. Breerhan. Va]p«vraisOj flamburc bark America. Hamscbildt. do, Fr sch La Le- vvashmgton, Holdridge, Sandwich lie. Lymburg- -Mol ^ 14t^ Am bhip ( Jan 11-Austrian brig .Vrone Constantine. 57 i 12rh Am brig Fortuna., Gordon, fm Portland, Me, 10 ^ Am bark Bohemian, (larJner 113 ds fm Boston, 4 pas- j£K.%rT«£:'iJ’r,? , e . Hamburg ship Independence. Schacht. 56 Os fm Va’pa- *’Tm'sh*™i itizen Howland. 154 days from New Bedford, '\HEbi.. mWSe» a n d other modes o f offienoe used by tho « The works were finally Ahudoned by molt o f the apletely by the mob. — igh^ on the VYsyne street ride of eorks, and so cruelly beaten by the crowd of and women around hun. that it is impossible to irabh his fixtures He -Was finally dragged from w e melee with his face and neck streaming with bloofl, amid tho taunts and brutal jeers of his persecutors. Another man, we are informed, while being beaten, promised to leave tho city if they would release him, when be was permitted to escape. The people a t Bailey, Brown & Co.’s were ad- ted ny Mr. WiiUam Matthews and another an, on tbe pa rt of the F --------- ibated the cou ndaot and urging porsaing the very He was loudly AU.XXJ ivhoagh not d a n g o ronsE ------------ A eons5derablex.mount of proiperiy, W6 ttBll6TStAlld, wai destroyed by tbe Bndden stoppage of tbe w orts. TO'daj tbo w ort will be resamed acibo Tarioui millsi and, a 6 will be seen by the eheriSTs prveiamatmn, sbepc have been taken to protect tbe new workmen. has the following, apropos The J*rif4{i»rg Chroi SberUTs E r o c lam o tlon. By referring to another column of this morning’s paper, it wiU be seen that the Sheriff of the county has issned a proclamation, calling upon all persons to keep the peace. This action were of such an outrageous a that the officers of tho law __ have such monstrons and disgraei When moderation and good will cannot command >edience to tbo laws, there is no alternative bat ■ • \ reluctant *’■“ o determined not to aeefol conduct repeat- j ’ a MES COLB, AuetionM*. FOflUlwe *He, frltliiMit maMarwe, srfOO V iUim^e B tU ldlnS iiOt* to A tlaBtiO SUiH Cn4«*f»Pl A Yenixefl,«ail F a c l^ c , D e a ii M>(t B v n ^ n SlffM in t h e C ity o f B r o o k ly n . 12 lots on Atlantic avs. between Grand and tJndei 34 do Pacifiost. do do do 1 gore lot on Bergen st, da do do 29 lots on Dean st, do do ao 4 lots, comer of undeihill and Aliantic aveaues. Pacificand Dean streets are graded and p a ^ . 60 pi jorce to compel obedience. However anthorltios felt upon former occasions, to go the length which the law authorizes thorn to go m de­ fence of property and the city ’s peace, we are fully persuaded that they are determined now lo maintain the law a t all hazards. Let those who have been tho disturbers, therefore, reflect upon their oondnot. Let those who are behind the curtain—let those marked persons beware, for even females will not be permitted to disgrace themselves, their city, and the character of American women, by the performance of acts which a true woman would shrink from. If women will unsex themselves, become fiends, and take the places of skulking men, to create riot and bloodshed, they must abide the consequences. The peace of the city must be maintained a t every hazard. [By J>/ug7if<if Telegraph lo the Evening Fosf ] N E W W ORE L E G IS L A T U R E . Allmiiy, March 7th. .'4KNATK. Mr ^'roliu** reported the As.^^emMy Fill relative to the eunipt*u;>aiuju of Brigade Inspertors in \e w - Thr fulluwiiL’ hills were urdi-ri’d lo a iliird rrad- To autlionzp Wilhuni.siKirt and lllinii’a Rail Road Uoii)[iany to cuusiruota portion of ilicir road in this To restrain district attornies conducting civil ]iro- ceedini's in certain eases. ' I o regdlatc conunou schools and flic F.oarJ ol KJ- ucation in Brooklyn. -Mr Joiinslori moved to refer the bill to Incorporate \cW ^'l>rk Hotel Company I., the ('omimuee on I’niilie limldimrs, which wa.-‘ lie,i BilN were read a third lime and pa.ssed To amend charter -National Jn.iuriince l oiiiirativ. l or die eiliicatnm of limited niimber ol Indian youth at .Normal .'4cliooi. I’rogres.s was made in L'otomittee on loil lo reduce ,e rale of discount on (.'irculatuuj Notes. .No ijue.-iion wa.8 taken. I hie 1'ommitlce then look up the bill lo iiroUflol the circulation oi bills of Hanks whose charlers have e.V(iirc(i. Veiuh Ji-cl.lm -d all Eu.b (.teatli.n. Tbe um m it- tec refused to rUe to have the amendment pnnted, and tho debate proceeded. ASSE.VIKLV. ■Mr. Pratt reported a bill exempting tbe property of ministers uf tho gospel, to the extent of $l,ot)U, from taxation. Mr. W hite reported a bill to increase the pay of the police of New I ork. Hills wove reaU and passed, to amend tho charter of the t 'itizens’ Kire insurance Company, of William.s- hurgh ; lo incorporate the the Onondaga Hospital and to alter the map of -Now York, by laying out Muyvesant tSquare. In relation to the city -Superintendent of Common Schools in -New \ ork Tho bill gives tho appoint­ ment of Superintendent to the Board of Kduoation. The rumor is very current tlirough the house that the .'-ipcakor, in consequence of tbe vote yesterday taking from him the appointment of the Committee on Hank f rauds, will resign. He is not in the chair this morning. T H IR T Y F I R S T CONGRESS P l r a t Session. W a . sbi » jgton , March 7, 1850. IN ShN A T L . Tho gallcrie.s were filled at 9 o’clock, and at half past twelve the floor of tho i+enate chamber, was thronged with ladies, who occupy many of tho Sena­ tor.'’ seal.'. Mr. Walker rose to address the Senate, but gave ay to Mr. Web.'ter, who is now .“peaking H tiU S t; OF KUHKKSKNI’ATIV '1 be House voted to discharge tbe committee of tb< & S $ S £ 3 ’® ^ - K i s s e l If me BRUCE A. CHILTON, Auctioneer. (ifpth Thp house was built ui the best tnaunor, ami well finishetl One lot on tlie notUierly bide ol Water street, opposite loUie Rij*lotKon ilic bontJieriy bide of John street, between Bndgeand ^ Nine lots on the northerly side ot Joli.) st. betw’een Hmltce and Ten lots on Uie southerly stdeot MarsliaU st betwetn Bridge and A piet'e of iniid and bQlkheail on the Hast Kiver, commencing including all ll,vl»„.l an,1 water ,.nv,l,ge. l),riB to the no.vh of & \ i d ‘r a ,J ir e ‘;aTl’:;.'at Z n n‘S “S^r'a'’furei,« Two tlnnh of the parcha<e tt oney can remain on bond and niortirafie. at Kix percem it deMre^l. 'l l “nnp'e. and ilie tiile unouestionnble. B.'A riHIzTUN. Auctioneer; IIH V tiluable Lota of JPerem p tory Bale G round, s it u a te d on ttie 7 th and 8 th I, 69 lh , 7 0 th , 7 I s t a n d 7sid streets. respecting the census, and refer the matter to the Mr. McWillie reported in favor of printing thirty thousand of the Mechanical and eighty thousand of the Agricultural parts of the Hatent report, where­ upon Some discussion ensued. ;th Hvenne—4 lots. w$M hide. biMween ifeih and fifth struts.with soulhwiM corner ol fC'th .-treet. n;;„ ^iu;7;:rwi,i, do EiiTb !ia!'4 iow\t w£n' 69lh and 7(tli .G. wi lb .onthi-aM . onieroriothbi. ilo \Ve>l huie. 4 loth, bet ween 7Utli am! 71st stA. wiili northwi-N*. corner ofTltli st .io West Miic, 4 101\ 1et l ween 72(J and 73d stb. with noifbvvp.st corner of/2d ft ,1. SiiSJ“; = | a r i r ’ .. T ' \ “ - mini; :s 1 ■“ ,n;‘lv ,‘i:?™ii\'v'^:i^'‘'avrnrlbl;ow\^ U .V r S - Several di 'lea just received >5 and for sale by ujhb BO(L4RT & rO , 6fi Pinest Y 1 0 L 0 R K U c a m b r i c s '-V arious .rualitles, fiiicy and dark colors, lor sale Vjy mho BUUAKT St CO ■ 56 Pipe st g T « i r c Y M B m c s - Y , i , ^ < ent mlefcvt at t he option of tlie purol ANTHONV J. BLEECRKR. Auctioneer. L a rge and P e r e m p t o r y Snie o f V a lu a b le T)ANTALoOIV S T t’FFS-('ord«d and plain plaidfl X and itripes, for sale by mhfi BOGART ifc-CO , 16 P\\ 142 Front street. 142 Front street uih8 142 Front street. V /TOUPHK-.siii;—60U iVX for sale b: \ OK^ Sulphate. Arctato and pure. H M. snUEFKKLIN & FOWLKR, 142 Front street. mhl! 142 Front streel g A L T \ P E T ! _____________ ________________ lA2Proniat._ mh6 142 Front «t ^ O U A SA L E R A T U S -A constant shpply~bf John Dwight &o. C 8 make, crushed and powdered, in a eolted p-ACkages for sale by H. M. StHIEFFELIN Si FOWLER, n ,h 6 __________________ 142 Front street soTtraont of other q exTr„„\ion of ,ho« which are deUteriruj) and uao U« h The Morpbluet'odein and Naicein in combination with the nntivc Meconic .\cid, are all retained in their orijpnal purity, and hence [leriunty of thU preparation It is much preferaVie “ ' ' ■ • ’.audanum. Paragori-, It eminent , f T r.'WS'K,.’\*'’ me. Penarrotizkd Laudnum. Ic Ac I roved^and dnly arknowledged by the most Southern is dull and heavy at 5o» 12[ afloat and from ‘ir r ^ ^ l ^ ^ ^ T A o n r S v T r ^ a V t T o r M e a ^ V s steady, sales 2IX) bbls Jersey at 2 8Ia2 ST}. Buckwhrat U very dnU and heavy at 1 5 L al 75 for 100 lbs. and Sell IJIliUN-There is a fair demand for wheat, hut as yet buyers and sellers are wide apart. Bye is held at of) C B bat is heavp Barley U quiet at 68 ia 7u cU , tho sick is gmaU and very mnoh wanted for pearUng m street comer ot Wllll.am. ■it to roast m< O O B tE T H lN G H E W EV E J Oceived a new article for turning a spit to rosi rndS.kluV p e T etiyrifo';!^® '•>« Mso. a new artic.e to turn goods in a show case winiow entirely new and dlff.rent from anything hei to'ore introduced .t rrrat variety of novrities housekeeping articiea fer sale by for white Jersey Old Warehonso. old stand, No. 18B Rxosutvrajr, NsTT K*W»c, (oe,»74JY.) - ------ dmll, price quoted la ^ L lilE —1 he market is firm with a good demand and sales of common Thomasten at 85. PRO'VISIONS— Our market for pork Is very dnU and droooing, the demand la lair, but at prices below tha ' M J S ' S . S S ’. S e S J ® g r . E ’.w eeping arti tsign of th< the way of uteful ’.S.MIT1L TORREY fe CO , le big Tea Kettle.) 50 Malden lane. IJR O W N SH E E T IN G S AND SHIRTINGS—5-4, JD 9-8, 4-4, 7-8 and 3-4 brown sheetings and shirtings t f the following stamps Lockwood. Jewett I Ity, New Bed­ ford, Sheffleid, freston, Oxford, Wlnthrop, Tremont, Great FalU, Great Western. North Yarmonth, Granite- ville and MeohonlesTille, for aale by mhT MARCUS SPRING It CO, 51 Prince deJoinville, Adams, 130 days fm New Dorr. 117 days from Boston, bark Jaco). S Walne. Fercival, 65 days from Talca- 'Bri^an ship I haries Qnuint, Sheridan from Antwerp. Am brig David Henshaw ’26 days from Oahu. 7 paesen- *Tmbrig Sarah. MrFarland 14 days from Oregon. 11 '^Trench ship I achelo. Legrand 150 days fm Havre 130 bark Harris Thompson, Silaom. 178 days from Phil r l T J k L s e Ann. <rwin. o 65 ds An Panama. 168m- y “EsVaRSL'r -■ Am ship SkraR Parker, Coed, fm Nantucket, 37 paaen- ^*fikrk Adelaide, Eyre, 162 ds fm Philadelphia, 7 passen- ^^Bntish'brlg Lady Stuart, Roper, 34 ds fm Panama; 50 \“BrameTbrig Mentor. Locksymo, 67 days fm Fernambu- 14tb—Brit brig Enchantress. Boyes, 92 ds Im Sydney, ®*iLshlp Chenango, Patton, from New York, 6 p«sen- >1 Exchange Flace, T T a tB R E L i-A CLOTHS AND CAMBRICS—A good L article of Umbrella Cloths and blaok and colored 'ambincs, for Bale by mh7 -MARCUS SI rPYom the Pittsburg Mercury.] R I O T I S P I T T S B U R G . Between ten and eleven o'clock upon Saturday morning, Wayne street, below Penn, was crowded with men, women and b o y e -the former particnlarly, exhibiting a disposition t? interfere with the people employed in the works of Battey, Brovro & Co. & CO . 26 Broad e t , >r of Excliaogti Place. Wo ^T l and piece dyed. jy jO D T A n n K O B MAJLLLE.—in cases 10 doaen ^^^each,foy-ji^e ^ Broadway. IT'ANCV C A fiSm E JRES.-Fine medium and low X' priced, new and desirable Spring styles, jus received, or sale y ^V. C. LANGLEY k O L A C S :C A S B T a iB ^ S :-w 5 JD all grades For sale by WM C, LANGLEY & CO . 25 Broad st , mh6 _ _____ COT of J xchange Place. V1.ACK. CLOTHS— Low priced, suitable for Ca J for sale by W.C ^EACH DlbLSfAlN, BLACK. KEAXK X LEHIGH COAL, at reduced prices, of tbe various xizes. prepart'd with great care and for sale in lots to suit purchasere by _ __ ___ Vrkshlre, o Halllbnrtons b for family use and fm sale i^^ott ^ ^ S 5 S : Also. 4 l«ts on tbe aouth irie of 28th street, between the 10th and SXR EET-16 loU on tbe «mU. side o* 27tb street, be- 1 3 'SrE ““ n.ain on l>oud and inor* at 6 per cent, the balance to be paid CALffiORiaA. FoJr Caj-lirdrnlUiw B i S P A T D f i -P is* ! BBXP MlLttk, Mast», la loadlde atlR e r 26 east aide of Feck Shp, E « t M ret, can Uke thq bulk of $00 hhls 11^1 freight, for which immediate sppUe^on shonld be madA Shippen having heavy ftright o* long piece* engaged, wm please send them alondride s t ohee, saootifing of this kind can be received efter thU week. A few second cabin, and two flrst cabin paasengerp pea he taken. Freights by this lino taken at the lowest i»tes, end no detention. A first class ship wiUfo|uow and -have usual dispatch. E. B. SUTTON fcC^., 84 Wall Bt. fe25 F o r S a n Franelsjco D irect. The superior fast sailing ship JOJON gRH K W A N , dll have immediate despatch—th*ee-fonrtha of her oar- ;o being under contract and now 1^ course of shipment. For balance of fireightiAplSy to A. ■WELLINGTON HART, fefl ia _________________ S8 Broadway. P ai ? Siait FriiBLftiSiftO DirefiL bout packet ship VIOTORLA, &TOrahly known as ono of the fest»t London and Liver­ pool packet ships, wiU >e despatched forthwith for San . The bulk of her cargo is engaged and In oonree of ehlp- mont, and no delay wfll occur in her time of sailing. For balance of freight or passage,ihaving four flrst cal in and eight second cabin berth* dfisongaged, apply to A. WELLINGTON HART, js S8 Broi^way. 1 . T. Snfttli’s R e g u lar Iiiiie FO R SAN FRANCISCO. C L IPPER SH IP ROME, sow, MXSTKR. Pier 5 E. R„ foot of Broad, is of high reputation, and was recently selec presaly to convey troops and 81 This ship ed by Goveriunent expressly to convey troops and supplies to California, and prored tiered to fie a yery superior Teasel, peculiarly adapted for such a voyage and tU fast­ est ship in the fleet. The Rome has just returned by a rapid passage round the world, via Calcutta, and is the only vessel bound for California that hasperforvtsd the voyage. She will fie despatched direct without stopping at any in* termediate port. To shippers of goods this is an impor­ tant opportunity. FOR SACRAM E N T O CITY. The beautiful light draft clipper bark At pier 14, East River, wil! havequick despatch as above. The Onyx is a fine vessel ot the flrst class, and insures at the lowest rate. Shippers of goods will do well to'ex- amins her before making engagements for freight else- Apply to ' ISAAC T. SMITH, mh 2 101 ’Wall street, comer Froqt. FR S IIG U T L IN E F O R P H I L D E L P H IA . D a l ly a* 3 I- a o ’cloefc, D. M . THE CAMDEN AND AMBOY HAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY’S FREIGHT LINE. Between New York and Philadelphia and intermediate ’’'heaves New York from Pier No. 1, North River, a* 3J o'clock, P. M., (Sundays excepted). Merchandise and alt kinds of freight received and forwarded daily, by steamboat to South Amboy, and thence by railroad and steamboat to Philadelphia, arriving at Waint wharf early next morning. Leaves Philadelphia trom 'Walnut street wharf at 11 arrivesrrives att Neww Yorkrk earlyarly: next morning :, AM. and a a Ne Yo e a?- THE PUBLIC ARE INhORMED THAT ALL GOODS TRANSPORTED BY THIS LINE will be IN- 8URED by tbe CAMDEN & AMBOT RAILROAD AND SPORTATION COMPANY, and that no charge win be made therefor in addition to their regular rate for transportation. Freight ineluding insurance 82 cents per 100 lb«. Heavy freight taken at reduced rates. A. DECKER, Agent—Pier No. I North River, N York. pm .I m ™ \ ’'- ““ \ 7 s : s r , AMDS Mr . .. .Jordan | T ® ^ T O lriQ ) J G » March jW f c m r t tli* Don Giovanni................. .. ........ sig Beneventano ___ CBOIF RICE, The great original Ethiopian CarieatnriBt, He appear* at each performance tbie^wMk^^^^smiuing sketch of He will be effeetivSysnsilined by Mr. F. C. YFEMTSS, Messrs. MERB|FfELD, -reARDEN, HOSE, CLABE, HIGGINS, AND Missffl STANHOPE, FBNTLAND, and 'WTSST. The popular and celebrated MARTINETTI FAMILY, iu a great variety of astonishing ExerciH* »Bd New Paffi tomimea. id Kotnre Gatlary and Cosmoramaa. to the whole. 26 eent*; ehildteB Wider M H n s e e u ^ ^ ^ ^ s J ii .ty ^ S 'f c S S t M 5 ; s t o S i U s a s : — • ' ' lars of petfotmance^iU be duly announced In fntnre ad- ^ifioent views Of Bortem, it* Hwhor. H»i- ..... F R E I G H T ANO PASisAGE L I N E FO R PHILAD E L P HIA . TFHE m)SSEXJDORF^ACAX>E21’r^ O E '~ S n S i ^ Admission 26 cents. Season ticket* 60 c e n t ^ ^ a - Penofiscot and K e n n ebec, every Wednesday and Saturday, fron 1 o’cloe:k, f freigh „ withoiut Leave New York every Wednesday and Saturday, cloc P. M. Merchandise and all delphia, witho transhipment. tl’, pLla. F O R BOSTON The following trains leave the Canal street station dal­ ly, (Sundays excepted.) for Boston : wherp the express train receives paspengers. s 4 ‘, . ¥ . f \■‘fc'SSKTir™... Pas.sengers are desired to procure tickets before taking sea sin e oars. r . B. MASON, Snperintendant. March 7. 1850. BRITISH. C o m m ercial Life Insurance NO. 36 CO! Com pany. iRNHILL, LONDO.N, and 6; STREET NEW YORK ST A B L ISK E D IN 18aO. all awning posts set np in Broadway have to eon form t.j this pattern, those requiring the article should take the preeantion to compare those they pnrchis* with theirs, so that they may not find themselve* compelled to remove them for want of conformity and ettengffi. They have established their price as low as the same weight and quality eff iron can be afforded; and slthongh theb poets are heavier than tho*e nOw being put np by other*, they believe them to be aa^ light as i* consistent with safety. Their pattern Is the neatest « ie in use, and can be set firm In the grennd, having wings cart on each ride. Having been a t tho expense of getting np.thoori­ ginal pattern, and tntcodneing the article, tho nndcr- K -E C E IV B R ’S SAGE. L r i R y i r j . ; dgamsV Woiid- Bab- ^ ” Also, the following claitiib, appearine on tlie books of Mulligan m : ; : m l ¥ : = l I Is sulMtanlial three story brick house now known One*lot on the sontheriy side of 41th street, betweeq 5th anj Cth on tbe sontheriy side o! ISUi street, lietween 5th and Cth loti on 6aUi aad 66th itreeU and 3d and Lex- ‘“ith”&7cntt-two lots on 70tli and 71st streets and 2d artd 4tb *'hnh**Foity-ome lots on 79th and 80th streets and 2d and $ 3 , 0 0 0 , 0 0 0 . T R U S T E E S . JOHN CATTLEY, Esq. JOHN COX, Esq. SEBASTIAN G. MARTINEZ. R E F E R E E S IN N E W - Y O R K . HiB Excellency HA.MILTON FJSH, Gov. of state of New ANTHONY BARCLAY, Ksq H. I STEPiriN WHITNEY, Eiq. JAMES GALLATIN. Esq. SAMUEL WETMORE, Esq. J, PHILLIPS PHCENIX-Esq. HENRY ORINNEl L, Esq. JOHN CRYDER, Esq. Standing Counsel. H on . Wii-Lts Hsi Ar-BKar G allatin , Actuary tor the Southern States, resident at Net JOHN^WINTHROP, 16 Exchange Plaee, N. O. 65 Wall street. New York, fe26 iiftnatf___________________________________ ■he t newspapers for which he is the only anthoi agent. The annoyance to merchants and others, gi ing out of numerous pretended agencies in this city, i ders tbe adoption of this course essentirily proper guard against imposition. Those, therefore, who wish o transact bnslnese i his agency, and avoid mistakes, are respectfujly invite hand in their orders a t the office, or address V. B. P j SLMF.R, American Newspaper Agent Tribune BnUding*. The cost Of advertising In country papers a U*t of the cities and towns throughout the Union, in wbic! he papers are published—together with copies of the se- terol papers for which he is the duly authorised ‘ vav he seen at his offiee in the TPrihnne Bnildlaga P R I V A T E SA L E —VALUABLE DWELL­ ING HOUSE IN 17 th STREET BETWEEN .UNION SQUARE AND THE 6 th A’YENUE- the substautlal and modem built 3 story and 1 and lot in fee on the south square or Broadway KSr'ciSbrssis.ii, taated air furnace, apeak- Is ona Of the flistelua city. Lot 25 by half the ----- Terms to suit th 5 Broad Ooid and silver det&efiedever l a-ndepilMd3Eolk©«. l w Gold and silver spectacles; listing of Parlor and two or three bed lid be required. Address B box 457, Post Of- * m T 9JRT», Oftwo IlKI isetnred and for kale by ^ fijJIW* DIETZ BROTHER k CO., fe22 1miB _______ No. I8» WlUiim f t r w t T A f l ir s , c ^ .^N EY.S. as fc22LnIs X A N O E L IEB 5 , W I C K AND CHIM- oay be seen in the late neira from C ^ - R«ae«r. twrefloorafrom Rmad street. wl,cre h$ OffHt » !hd«rofiaats Sl'iSSilSlSSSg; Forsale by mhl Imls HAGGERTY. DRATERk JONjES. _________ 64 WHIiaia St.; eotner o tfia , > aad 38 RUn street snd MuWlkotnrerof gtatloneTy^ piH f l ^ f l FO R SA L E , about pnrchsciiig nano*; wm to their advantage te e*B »t .. BIANO j^H T h S S Person* about pnrchatii find i t to their advanug BENNETT fc GO , manofactcry, 162 Fulton street, (east side of Broadway!) they have aiarge sssffiitmentof Rosewood Elsno* oonstantly or hand - E vto warranted for two years. B k W have i L ^ l ^ ^ ^ r a r \ o ^ r 2 S ^ - p . r « t o ffiey irifl rrf€r po, wboJiMre pixrciia«ea H»noi of th«a, mU of wbieliJhftTf truivex»ftl •mtdsfAetiOB, *3iy tf«w M i H t o n i i a a i u m m t i i f h American Clironometers. IsL lSw d£ C R E IG H T O N continne to msnnfactt D MARINE CHRONOMETERS, upon their improv principle, and for which they haoe received a patent fri the U. S. Government. These I nstboments have received the approbation of thousands of Navigators, and for voyages where great accuracy Is required are indispensalile. B. Si C. are con­ stantly receiving testimonials of similar import to the following extract of a letter ftom Capt. Peabody of Packet ship Cambridge; “ T(ie C hbowometbb of your manufacture which 1 purchased 28 months since, has proved to be the best Chronometer I have need and known. At tbe National Observatory in Liverpool, where almost all the packet ehip-masters send their Chronometers for rating and verification, Professor Hartnnp. who has charge of the same, and consequently tests those of all makers, states that it is the best Instrument he has ever seen, and fnr- thermore, he says that those of your make are more to be depended upon than any others which come nnder his notice.” As an American Ship Master I feel prond to find so eminent an English Astronomer give his testimony in favor Of your CbronometMS. Tour oMt ser’t G.S, PEABODY, ». . c. e , „ a . chines and will sell them at low prices fer cash, or < credit for approved paper. Chronometers to loan. 42 FULTON: . Congress st^l B o s t^ 186 Chesnnt st., Phils. 168 BriMmore rt.. Bait. 104, l o e s i> a 108 T Jilyd »Vonoa, '^ ^ B B U S S AN E a T'KN S^RA C rreA L B A /fH . c . o . h a r s h , a c c o o r iVJL of the *• Science of DonV ~ Simplified,” and the “ j Practice io keeping hooks, rather than- a oonitt tores on the Theory. There are no classes—e&ch pnpU has ft deek to himaelf, is pat at once to keeping hooks^ recelTftSiupftrkte Instrao* Lions, and thus becomes conversant with all the acectmt books constituting a set, and also with many important mercantile calculations. Persona of moderate capacity, by this course, become competent bookAeBpsnin about a month, and receive certificates to that effect. ProspecL^es, w ith terms, obtained a t the rooms from 0 I. M. to 9 p. u. BooK-xEEPixa 16 Srisrisa—A heantlfnl edition ofhir Marsh’s principal work is pahllshed in Spanish. Price $1 25, For atlo a t the eonnting;rooms. ~ _ Cotfagte a a d Cafii.net r n r n itn r e JU annfiictoxy Wwxerooin*, ' 188Fni-TOir>*T., Nkw-Tosi. D ^ l n y Bnra*«M. Fr«ich Bedsteads, A beantuuj variety af Ladlii^ Sewfw* and P*&« ^ ^ o ' f ‘»rioy'VoTkTMVle,,ote:fmj d*tetlpttoa,irt low

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