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S r - . t f m ■ ■ ^ ^ U tS ^ K a * XKBLT- M V E B n S E M B N T S ^ e p t on the inride of the paper „»5» oharjed an adeEUcnal price. TB.MRZ.r^lJP’BSTI&BBS, paper indudod, ---------- -- _._ ncfehoefere re not responrihle in d anujee nr in adeertiring. THS ETEmNO POST FOR THE COUNTRY. AT THREE DOEIABS PER ANNUM, aancs n n c z a erzEZ. p f i c m N e e x b c u - S E ^ T B S T ^ ITB STFEB, AND O H S ^ a O S jiB L E . PU B L IC a^ALES. A nthdhy J . Hleecfcer, Aoctloneer. A N T H O N Y J . B L ^ E E C K E K , Office No. 7 Broad street, near Wall. A tl8 o’eioeketifa^^icMiS’ Ezehanaa. O ia w itteet—Tho two 3 itoiT brf k iront boneei and loa Nm UJand U3i Oian*e«reet. Tee lots ate in fee. 25 by 100 B do do do d. jgjyff|betw e e .»A a a d 3 do do eo«lnrecta^oC7BaTeaM iad aWi S do do aoct^udedltlM^betvetoStbaDdetb 3 do do do do MtSteeet. I « ftet east ol I 'l S r - a g ^ S S S A - a i r . . Jn a tg a jg .g “, a a a . a ssssssj--^ ^ T. HAMAt. AHAtforijiari ' BY K9> IsBieial eaih adnseerniadv upon eondsnaeatr when li l a “ \ . ? s ^ S S « F S i ^ s s p s - r - ” \' eoonh cuieorDow. tn«afibl9(«^9mt erccni atdrtmam 5 J ^ r& 7 o r84r« .\?n\S ^ ‘‘pSS%^^ . Draper, Jr., Auotioneor. G E R W , d r a p e r & JONE; 154 W aiiam, comer of Pine at VOL. X L V n . N E W YORK. THURSDAYS JA NUARY 24.1850. N a 18 NASSAUy N E i ^ ^ K T I S T ____PU B L IC SALES, WTniaia H . Franklin,,Aactioneet. Ai ‘ BY W ILLIAM H. . FRANIOs] W miam H . FrankU n ----------- 1 H F R A I ^ I N , SON & CO. Office. No. S Broad atreet. 3* w h ^ ”nattuiE. recaived the mornine ^8al»^ __ ^a,_A n ^ o n o e r . f i u ^ f S T s s p ? ; store eorner of Willisjn at and AT PKIVATE 8AU 36 Inch brown sceetincs. lodieobfue check*- 4 4 tickmje. mttnaen’ ibjtti If property, apply to ihoaDc- j U. W . Foster, Anotloneer. r FO S T E R S & L IV IN O S T O n , store No 41 Broad street. J3apply to Anthony J. Bieeeker. a V , Co Antfcfooyj Bleerker, 1 Prope tr beloDgiog to the Ertat® ol VV a ; S S £ S S t e ? f r t m : '\&Siss‘Ai.‘si‘-^^S'sSss^ SY^?S^CKTSk. Store No. 17 W illiam at. S p | ^ S “5 S t a 5 S ............ .................. ' '■ 1 s r s r ,d‘uf6^r;:.Se,nrs3 M : :ularsapply to Aothpny J Blesck i id^f6!ra'yTan%\.?SSr<^ « „ ‘^ptuS‘'i7o'nT|.r,'; twocorner-toi---^^^\^^”' “^®*^‘^^^^^ lotoa tbe northeast comer oftbe 8tb avence and 36lb and 3SU. lontbeioiith side oi 33th it. y be obtained at the oC. beoiSee ofKnox A Mason. Notice.—An eleetion for nine Dlrectore of the Ocean Steam NaTifation Compan; of Naw York.winbe held a t the offlee e f the Company, No. «0 Broadi tween the honra of 10 A M. and 2 P.« . on 4th Fehniazj next. The Tianifer Booka firaa the 14th instant until the day after the election. , , Oi E. ANDERSON, a Jannary 14, 185g >n Monday, t a will he closed le Greenwich InattranceCompa^ 1 a eesii an n u l dividend of itook, pm h ie a t tha offlee d after the first day of Feh- “ — *»r book* win bo JAMES HARRISON, Secretary Huoion RiTca R aiuoao CoKrairr, ) a?- Notice U hereby oS* a n if a ^ ^ th e 1st day of Febrmary next, the semi-annual payment of inter­ est on the bonds of this company, will bo made at the offlee of the company to hotders at the ctorinc of tl books, or their legal representatirea. The transfer books win be closed from the 28th Inst, the day of payment. By order of the Board of Directors, ja23 dlw ____________ J. M. HOPKINS, Treasnrer. ~'(H^ Mew WorR a n d H a r le m R a ilro a d Con p a n y .—Tbe Directors hare this day declared a dli dend of twe> per cent on tbe Old” capital stock of tb . company, which wiU be paid a t their offlee, No 3 l ^ o n Row, on and after Tntiday, the 5th day ef February Tbe transfer booka wlU be eloeed from Saturday, tha 2 S t h ^ ^ f Janoaiy, at fi^lo o k P . M., to Wednesday, Dated January 18.18M. jal9tFB SAML. M. ] 1. BLATCHFORD. Treasurer. : : : : : s a s s £ ; i , Poll open One honr-froi.from '■. 12 ©’clocks M, to 1, P. M GEO. T. HOPE, Seeretarj lo n a l AcmdteixiT^ ® ! ^ t f e . w , l - « d r / b ’; apply to the dnetioneer. Mo. 7 Broad # ^ s r r $ ! i P f e i m l S s . One hail of the parcbt<e money can remain on bond and tbe auclioneer. No tffijo N o .4 James Cole >*i. nord Pilmitorp Mt ( Esc.. in- the northeast corner of Gold and Til ary Juta on the east Ride of Gold street, % feet south east side of Prince it. 60 Iwt il inches lota on tbe side of Prince street, ad Bruce A. Chilton, Auctioneer. b y c o l e & CHll,T<.)N, fSttCcessors to Edward H Ludlow Jfc (’o.) Office No. ^ Wall St FRIDAY. Jan 35. £ffi..“«S5Sl5KtflWT„. 4 ; L ataioeuea and lamt Walden F ell, Anotloneer. BY FE L L S ds CO.. _____________Store 109 W all street Black oaS W’o 'i ; 3 'S f i ? l ^ * S ? T M a c ® k fad sold Ira. m £ Also, tbe modernuilttwostOTTouse b h and lot No Mrank F i s g g S S | g g S S i i ? ! 3 ^ llabfi—34cases, enntainins polished lla> Mahoraoy- 70 l o ^ ' l S S ^ S o ^ r a n y '‘fam i:;^ e T d S ;b a g a “ Italian marble tiles. 13 inch, assorted blue a Jotm Aeeso, Auotioneer. BY COOLEY (5s K E E S E , No. 191 Broadway, comer of Dej BT“ffl?T‘n;E*E\Sg^’\cio„ At 11 o’clock, at theC^YarANo“l77 Wooiier street.near Peach Orchard Coal—The emira »i.»ck ot coal in taid jrarJ. p s l l l i E l s r m » s s a s ; 5 3 5 L “ - , ames M Miller, nnotioneer BY JA M E S M. M IL L E R Js CO. Store No. 76 Maiden lane, hardware. Real E state. L eather. Boots i5£ Shoes, Sr ___________ BHEOOOUE.Sw’y. The Annual Keport of the Inapeciora was read and ap- ■”S j ,S- t Z .. ... of Inspectors, with one uniform standard ; and there- ( hrlstopher P. Tappan and Daniel Brinokerhoif, be ap- '‘“RUo‘lT e d ? T u \ thViMpwtIra b r ^ d shall hereaiter with Ihe^ddlUon ^ the y«»r, from the 1st of T r i ^ e . ny®^’rATrur«n.Xrnrffi‘inerc?nrrnT. ;aCaynbfe”'n‘r o^n-elrar^rt^’ ^ ^JOHN V. L. PRUYN. Treasurer. pleasure of the holde pBc^fon^ iTthU offl” will 1)* Hardware. Crookeiy, a n d ^ e n erM^Anotion and Com* Auction Room. 23 P latt street, comer of Gold <feelyard». cuUack& and brad*. fi%h l»n» «, chains, iron '.,a„d dozens. A, A 1*0. for boneB' of the underwriters, an lUFoice of musket* t S S S S S \ \ t fine table and 'g ? T b V 7 » M o ' f f i T v ' s, ®*®re No. 14 Flatt street. warehoosaaad tMWJudsoD’s Hotel. lotLsteet front and remr by n ^ i m i __ J M. HOPKINS, Treasurer. OQ- N otice Is hereby given, that an addition of one per cent, will be made on all taxes remaining unpaid on the ISth day of p'ebruary, and two per cent, on the 15th I Tbe.receiTor would urge upon tax payers the Import ance of making as early payment as possible, to avoid the crowd and delay which most neces.artly occur just pre­ vious to the per centages being added. Hours for receiving money from 8 to 2 o'clock. Banka^ble ^o ° e y , Receiver of T ax.. Qy- D iv id e n d .-T h e Board of Directors of the New Jersey Railroad and Transportation Company have de- l ; ^ \ ™ I h r “p a t a b ^ t o T h e 5 t e represeat^tlireffl. on and aTtor Friday, Orat day »f I^tibra- Nre^nrehaxo money can rem lulani e*tQUire at th® auction ro “BTfiSffi'M'bTSr store No. 1 Fine st. Supreme Oourt-Usder the direction o( Themu Carnley. Esq. s..™*d.Kt5l\SSs:K^^ bupreme Court-Cnder tbe direction ofTbomas Camley. Esq S r Aocnooeeti and Communion Merchants, for the tala ofBooks. Engraving..Pamttots.Bmi»n6fr.^g«jtaj^ Brendwny mada n>oa all coniigTOWta. of five per eeuta for the last six months, payable to the ?^!T- January. 7th 1850. CITY FIRE INSURANCF CO ,) December 81st. 1849. ( Qn- A t at m e e tin g o f tlie B o a r d o f D ir e c tors o f ^ l s Company, held on the 19th day of Norember last. OF.OROE S. FOX was unanimously elected President of of Direotors held this day. t -- ________ passed unanlmonsly. and directed olved,*T*hat this Board receive with regret the re- ffi;£“.s.‘a.*K„‘s; s.r.s! ^ *^3y order, JAMES WILKIE ^ Secretary- ? 7 T h ^ n r n ^ ;^ w m '’’^ ‘ o:tzm^^^^^^ Berdentown, N. J., Joly 12, 1849. (28 tf Q9 > L e tlers In I sondon Font O lBce.—Letters de­ tained in ths London Tost Offles, on aooonnt of postage unpaid, oaiTbo proonrstTby applying to HARNDEN t CO , « WaU street, n £1 sterling, and apwarda, payable In T>R. P A C K E T “BARIC SIR W M . m O L E S . J) WORTH, FRO.M OLASGOW—Consignees per this vessel will take notice, that she Is this day discharging under general order s t Rntgers’ slip, E R. All goods therefore not permitted public *’ja23 ^ 57 South street iS lU T lS H FAOIfcBT B A W t. H Y M DEFORD, J j from Glasgow—Consignees per this veosel wUlplease take notice that she Jadtscharglng this day under genei ' order, a t Rutger’s Slip, EastRlyer._ A\n’gM^rthorefore d ^ ja22 87 South street. - p A d ^ T H H l F NEW T Y ORHTFOH H A VRE'. 1 —The passengers vrlU embark on board the steam­ boat Telegraph, « Whitehall dbok, to-morrow morning at 10 o'olMk. atter bags will bo taken from the usual piU S T O M HO USE BU S IN E S S TRANSACTED Ay with promptness and despatch, both In New York and Boston, npon.ressonaWe terms, by d7 _______ HARNDEN 3 CO , 6 WaU street. >01 litV E R P O O l., C o rk, DoS^ The subscribers Continue to --------- tickets from the abOT« \he (testtest careare is takeiken J . Y 5 g ® . . A ^ n . g i , . Store S5 Ann street. Purmtnra and tdisstothdstor, rac«y« pmHrifiat. w ,fr|fo th g ^ m n .r e g .^ o | Wril^ of * w o t e d * l a w n s , A jn t r : y , p a t t i s p n fc co.n 43 and 45 Broad street. O boe as t » iev for 7-8 and 9-8 PRINTS, ORGANDIES la w n s , MOmSE DE L&INE and SILKS, to anyT^t- t«TQ v^r coloring—madder or steAUi colon J&225tC9 I \ O ^ S T l G SAUSAGlES.^ItlBlaow^uit« pr»ctt X J cable fopapy family to make ita oim SaUMgea i th t patent Sausage Cutter will chop and free from chips, one hundred and fifty pounds of meat pet hour, a e a ^ I boy or girl only b«og required tu turn the cr Dozkbl® and single chop hniaes, chopping bowlaand ts sausage stuffere, meat kniTee and saws, frypans hnlTes and forks . in a word, all the utensils required Ihr turning J*kg into S^usa^, cooked for breakfast, can be had a t the Housekeeper's Furnishing Store. »d a Inli sbpslr of lets^of thaCTandard N ‘S f 5 : S l ^ “ J ? P 5 S “,S\\n,S.-iS. m»y b e n hentto pnrenaae s Notntiri Preas, wfll flnd, thu a deslmhle opportunity for U’^ ^ o ^ tt^.iaD n tv to th* best alT»nt»ge. importer of S U tie n ^ , eto. First Frsmtami Aeoenht BdblfMshalutniws, TkASSAGH X U n , BeU __ , ,___ ________ issue, at reduced rc{tct, passage til ports, in fret elan thipe only. T grea c is ta to provide fox the comfort and convenience of passen gers, and every facility possible given them on embarka- Abo, drafts from .£1 upwards cashed a t sight in all the towns of E n ^ a d , Ireland, Scotland and Wales. HARNDEN A CO., e WaU street, and •73 71 SonthsLiCOmw of Malden lane, npstalrs. e r s s s S ^ S S s s S S D Jonuahon, £aq, of Uiworth HaU, near ^irnderlasd, and Is prepwed to contract for the deUyeiy of Coal of era* i j deceiipUon—tho prodnot of these minee-^namalT, - SouthPeaiwth»»^Gai Coale,/ret o/ nOphttr an4 a$hi and JoiMwahon’s Hartley Steam Coal; fc ^ e ^ u $£tnaiuf Jonasshon’a laz^ eired Nut C o i L _ ■14 A. WELLINOTON HART. 28 Broadway- H( MlOO of the befit stylefi. for sale low by the ■25 t f UNION INDIA RUBBER CO, 10Nasiauit.. A l^ - w i t h A h ^ .a t o o k ^otbergoods Inihe e lo t]:^ \ ^ \ ^ l O N INDIA RPBBEIk CO,19 K mwiii st. paniakeiealt: There ar« four classes, the terms for which era *5. *12, ,15. and $18, cespeeUvely, without extra charge for ata- tioneiy or fuel, and with aliheral dednetion when more, than one «f* fkmily atienA Cirenlan alay be obtaiaedl at Lookwood’S,’4 n Broadway-v Crowea%699'Broadway i or of the PrineipaL 27Sl0tb atreet Instmcttoa way be ebtidiatd after COR W IN E , B R O T H E R *C CO. aavx ssTaai.isHxo alt .MERICAN COM M E R C IAL HOUSE ATTANAMA, ' For the purpose Of condnetiBg a gensr® Cwvnwalaalnn, W axcHowsIaig, a jad Ea «rw r Tbe pcinclpat of eald fiiaii is Aitts B. Ci Consul a t that j ^ e . Bttffieatiohs In New Totl^ iseeiveiwoaiptttt New York, Jani For the purpose Of condneting a >n, W axclkowslaig, a jad E a x tllB C j t u B. CeawmB. Amtrieau . ___ ____ .'k addreatsd to the house, care of Liviwarroii.WEtte kCo-, 10 Wall street,' New York, and all from ^aliforalaand Oregon, addrer-— to the care of Haven fc Livin'oTOx, San Francisco, ------ — “ttentionj - luary 10,1850. RarEumioas: Howland fc AsplnWaU, 1 Livingstott, Wells |e Co . ( , J Lincoln fc Co, ] ^ O. W. Aspinwall, ^ Philadelphia Grant fc Stone, j rnalaljkM F . MOSS, A g e n t Tor Letting Dwelling Honk^, ^ r e s , lie , and Collecting Purchase, Sale or Exchange ot Real Estate, and tor Fire and Ufe Insurance. Money Loaned On Bond and Mortgage. aEveaewcB ; OomeUns W. Lawrence, N. V. State Bank. ' n F. Havemeyer,213 West 14thstre«t. Refildence. No. 384 Fourth »Texme, Now York. At homu,befors9o’olock.A m : a.nd a f^r 4 o’clock r. m Wo. 6 ,8d Story. C U M M I ^ ” b * l f ^ M E ^ * C H A N T WOOL, B U T T m AND CHEESE. FARM i T r ’ 9 '’’' p \ r O D U O E , \\“ \Hr'*** W. B Wellee, Cashte U ^ B a 'b t . L?llS“S S 5 L ‘Lty. Jefiiwson county g : A l S ! ^ . t s t i 8 8 Pei^rstreeLN. Y. rOOKE BAKER A CO , SHimNOfc COMMISSION MERC! J oseph \ j ^ c o o k I:.^\“’^ GEO LEWIS COOKE. ROBT^^ BAKER. ' ■ ^ O U D d ' o IVE NOTICE THAT THEY HAVE chase of Gold Dufit. or any other burtxxafifi intrufited t Meesre BamwaKD, CuRTi. a Co . 1 Meesrs K. D. BitionaM h Co . Boston. J H. BAfiTLax-r Is S on , N ow Bedford. M, w . i ' \ ; i ' K S s \ a a . ‘t ‘. i : , ’7 r . i ' t ^ , a „ n * j ^ ______________ AMOS R. ENO, 74 Broadway. K ix\.“J S ; r . K K « ss£ . tifb S s M .s.s.L 'f fr .s s ; s s : .f '.t q 7 H B LONG ISLAND, 1 PANE HAVING executed dollara.to aecnre their bonds or obligations for a like mqftgage bondfi, seoured as above, for the present out- notice, as tbe Interest upon the morkgage bonds oom joy are presented for each exchange Printed eoplee of the mortgage, ihelndlng tbe iom of le bond, for the use of holders, may be had on applioa. eon at tbe office of tbe company. JaOtf MOSES MAYNAl'ARD.Jnn. Treasurin', uoreoior^dmTrbi; oa°rvedMd’flnl“heV H^O rratV ^ V > a ..* w .# w ..sw E J Felton.Prov y other elty In th . m.TtM“ rrk Pirt*i,tins doth) %^g^€Mcy* 1^4-ARCUS S P U N G dC CO., 61 Exebiuge Place, kttentlon to the sale ef Printing KStstSnonl CommiffllonfM™eUlng.. do for Guaranteo.................... . '1 obarges. after th® goods are reo [■SiSirEUSShS’.-.;;, T> H . V A ND K aV O O UT A CO., ^ X • ttrcct* offer for sale by the package* 50 cases Satinets. Troy Woollen Co. mi 50 do Broadelothfi, blaoks. browns, I 25 do Caibmarottaa, assorted colors 25 cotton warp doths, brown, gr 10 do Cafifiimerea 500 do Stay Bindinga, whiUvdrab and black 200 do Boot Webbing, aiaorted widthi and aok); 100 do Spool Tape, assorted co ors 25 do Sewing Silk, do do 2 do Italiau Lutestring ; 1 do do CraTals 150 do coloi^d and black Cambrics. jal2 CO m N o . fiS Bifoad Troy Woollen Co. manufacture L^, blacks, browns, ko kc green and olirea cups, forks. &c. Gold watohes from $20 to $26 each. Watches and Jew­ elry exchanged. All watches warranted to keep good time, or the money returned, watches, clocks and Jewel­ ry repaired In the best manner, and warranted at mush less than tbe usual prices. up Btaiia tiam street. HUNT PR O O F IRON. rp H E nndsnigned have erected works In tbe city of 1 New York, lor the purpose of GaWanMng all articles of Iron, which it Is desirafale to PROTECT $'ROM RUST, such as TELEGRAPH WIRE, BOLTS, SPIKES, NAILS,NAILS, WIREIRE FORR FENCES, and any other article W FO F which may be required Htote for Bole Rop (INCES, and any other article , . For Hoops for casks, as a sub Btitute for Bole Rope, for Clothes Lines. Lightning Rods and a host of other appU^tiona, it will be found cheap ksd durable. They would particnlariy call attention to the Oalran- ised Wire for fences; it requires no paint, and WILL NOT RUST* Also to Spikes and Bolts, the preserration A YUunCi B lK n Q a A n T from Germany, Thona /a . consequence of the late rerolutlen in the frnehy of Baden, has been eompeUed to seek an asylum In this eonntiy. and who has no positive meaas of subsistence, desires an oconpation. Hrwonld undurtakeanyMnd of labor. In tbe hove ot beingable to provide for brineing oat bis yonne wife anfl child to America. Addceae HAS., at this offloe. ja i l tt ■^yrANTIGD—Sltn^ons for a^numbex ^eireeUent ^ work for^i I babit^ and Ap^lcation to be r EniigratiozL No hargea. mniaw Posltlvelj bam Egnare Post O f f l e e . ____________________ r p 6 ” BOOK. B I N D E R S —Wanted a gnilding press, 7 «agg-.S°v!glg£a‘ ’“-is - ' CAHRIAGJBLINING8. U P a O L S T a R S lR O F JD • Johm friporteis ajad Jobbera,arenowree«lTing a fresh flock of Oooda for ihe Fall TradOy which will be sold at the lowest market prices, xic : ^ CARRIAGE CLOTHS—All colors and rtyleg for top *°(COTEi.lS^^^Drab, bine, and crimson, for carriage *^V l ^ H E S —Figured and plain goat’s hair plushes, for cars, coaches and fomiture. • EOLINES—Silk and and cotton and wonted *CA m 1 a GE sil k s —14 to 27 i*ch drab, blBa,'’fTeeB, \^^[sK S -W c H tedaB d w o n tedM ideottom *4]aad: O-daSeetonimaquaUtlM. __ ^ __ ___ SATIE DE XAINS—4-1 tar cartalwasd faraltore to- im h r n t i A B U IV A L S .A 'r X B K NJEW NO S H ; HGCICLS * ^ i a r a i u r ,. a * . AMERICAN HOTEL. A C Gray, Delaware E D Cassell, Boithfr -------------- D E Clapp, do J Ondnger,: I I P ® ? - - 5 - ^ ^ T AMbriera O^W .Safik^^ _ _______ D a Haw itead-iia iady ioxna,.'WMFami J O W -nm * OM»P?n*jo, JJadAvenue. Ji'STOR HOUSE. M AtUoson, Woedstoek’ C Howe, Bostea J Rockwell, Wash J R Phllborn, dO ■ \ iheriain,Ho A L Chamieriain, Homer Capt TaltmsAUSA B O Psytoa, 'Ya WRBarnard J T01aainn,NT J B J ^ n , ‘l ^ d II RamsdelL Newbnrgb WMBalEd,FhH Chai WMts, do W L Newbury JS Plummer, Balt L Mason jr . Clan Z CRohhinirWadi c L Lum, Ta MisiH L-TrAirPhlla z L L ltl^ d , LouIsvIUe A O Coohran, Buffalo J C Peters, do HonT BSteam Mr BueLBalt Misi Dngan, Bristol J Stump, Bait Wm Comstodfc. Cin E C Wilson, Boston U Bird, N V J 0 Boyd,Phlla W Hay, do H D Harvey.Balt J H Brown, Pblla OBFamum, do J E Temple, do H J Smith. do J W;TMBg, Ciu T Dannie, Balt. W B Spooner, do O L Ofovar, do J Lovejdy, do J True and lady, de Miss M T m e, do Master F T m e , do R P Wlggln, do r ElmsUe’, B n f t^ ' d 'w StUw'’sm im a h B F G a rdam v ^ ^ - a SazttITi»^;Fiiafo ■ Mr;*rMfBr>';*dt ■ E R Welsh,. 4* W O Pierce, do MrBnib, Boston A L H s x ^ n e , S. C. Mr OthbS,R I A L Mason. P»V B Sloenm, Alb 8 S Snyder. • A Snmaer, Boston BWBaliih, da Mr TuiDbnU Mr Prentice r o O run T A Johnsen, Coming A C Easton, N Y S A Sealy, Sag Hi A Leland, Phil CLINTON HO-rtL. OLeland, N Y O R Smith, Geneva J Tufnbun, Jr, Balt DUNLAP’S HOT! John Gardiner, L I B Harvey, Ot P Ring, Ct R E SsmsiL L F Rina, Ct A R Spear, N J A D smith, L 1 L O Richardson, do G W Smith, do O B SUnton, N H B wniiams, dr R E SamniL L I E N Baldwin, Ct D A lad ti^ e , L I 8 H Townsend, do John Hartman; do G B Curtis, Mass R Tuckerucker doo B wniiams, dr R T d B LltUe, Phllsd ChaiRolMns, Hartford W Richards, de R H RolUns, do D M StannardiSyraeun R GUlpti, Hartford J F Ethrlge, Phila F Van Line, San Francisco 8 Holmes, NY FRANKLIN HOUSE. yr Heath, UtlO* O Heath do a Balloeh do LMBtady.NY Dames Waterbnry M Greenwood, Cin P Verplank. N Windsor K H Ashcraft C D Tamleson, NO VV B E Lockwood R Carter, Phil £ O Allen. Boston A Barrett. NY J R Lifess, Aid N Longmlre, Phil C H C Sangay C Taylor, Buffalo J Wagoner, Pateise M MorrlUe. fhU J C Levis. do L Thrall, Mass FRENCH’S HOTEl J S Langworthy, Kingston Sami Simpson, Conn U U Drew, Easport Wm Elton, do Wm (laimby, Boston J Jones, Westohester Co H M Hlrsehberry, Newbnrg Geo Conklin, Amenta ------ --- ' DrEGurwsy.FUhkm J L Holt, SoutUngton, Cl C McCawley, PhlU G L Wagner, Paterson W Wilke, Greenbusb Mr Gilbert W Wills, In £ H H Honors, Louisville P C Calhouni Bridgeport J Raymond, NT W Levis, PhU J H Morse, Mass Capt Jb Day, Ct Q Franks, u> L A Hart, Wllm’gton, I O Schoonmaker, LI Col E Johnson, Stratford, Ct Edwin Trask, BnflUg H B Hammond, Me iklyn Vose,Albi is B r “ S ' . WESTERN HOTia,. T C ? “ “ T h 8 Da^Camp,.Ct. 41’S s '5 b >. w C W Casq^,Ct. J<An.Peten,'Benn ChajiM.Olffll)rd.NT MARINE LIST, CLBABED TESTEBtU tr. Ship Virginia, Johnson, San'FYnncisco, E W KimhtU Ship Camden, Sherwood^ Charleston, Dunham k Di- e S ® S » S « S **Bittk Vmnon, Faye, a ds fm Savannah, with cotton and S-B s s s a a s a a g to the city by tbejrteam^nBAetive. Brig American, RosE t dyaiin Savi and Mce. to.Dnnhaink Dlni()n. Brig Moeee, BnUaey, h <^am Chai ------- , ----------- andxice to O'Bulkley. The M was akhorS yesterddy i Homer Shoal, but got off last night on the flood tid& Oldenbnrg galliot-Visnrgis.HiOTen, 33 da fm Angost ChaileMon. hlde^nd coffee io Oel^chs k Kruger 44,lon74 40,8poker* ’ ------' ^ „ 17t Jword, fruNYorl^for ; k ; li^c'wTsv; Itrper, do U S Homer, do E Ridley, NHaven ■ B Rapps,PhUa iV e X tr\® ' “’oKSK'c™ Wm Poat, Olcn Cove O H Smith, Manbasset I B Simonson, St I J Allen, Rahway Th H Vetterlean, Phils V Sbotwell. do MrVeyrepat. do H Cogswell, Albany H Conley and son, do J Hutchinsoa, Yonkers Dr H F Briggs, Pokeepsle A D Fish Geo Wilkes, Middletown J Ross, Boston R Heyward, S I Thos Smith, Peekskill Wm Logan, NJ B L Dod, Newark C Downer. N V LG Thomas, do J FranoD, Nashville J W Gardiner, NH Beni W Mortimer, Iowa V Bosworth, do H Brookway,.Owego C W Falee, do J B Clute, do R F Woodward, St Louis Thoe Johnson, Clnn Jas Ferguson, NH G Taber. 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Oloott, St Louis A D L Jewett, Ms W Barber, Ct CPAhlewartt,Ky J A Carbln, Texas W B Ashley, Syracuse A C Carrier, M W Ogden, Ct J SUrk, NUgara FaUs M Morris, Ohio J Shafsr, Ohio Mr Warner, N Y G C Hixon, W .st Point W W Lafler, CharW W r R«nsl»», Ml^ J L Dunlevy H Waldo Mr Buckman and lady, NJ J F Baker, PhlUd Lhaa MlUer, Phllad J H Hnbblefleld, NY C B Camp, Cinelnnattl J M Thimball, L Monson, Cinn C Carroll, Balt T Pethenck, J W 'Whotham, PhUad J D N Smith, Mr B Meore, Pa B Crane, Balt J B Steward, Pa. LOVEJOY’S HOTEL. D \Foster Penn Yen H Emery, Albany M'Chaa, Boston T L CaswelL B Spain M L Pease, Canaila G L Pendu. Buton J Hteher, Me C C Elsnders,Ms W P Thorne, Cin J M Boatwiek, Prov J Archibald, Troy J M Graham, Hartford W B Pattatt, Ct A D Hawley, Oswego A R Rawens, Glenbam W P Tbompeon, M« J Man* do S W Smayer, Va J H BlandeU, N H J M Tibbets, do R Humphrey, Ct E M Wells, Ct J R Morris, Ohl ^ B c h S r r ia o n Price, Smith, 7 dsfiaWilml Sch Ira Brewster, Horton, 4 ds fm Wilmington, NC, * ’loh”A t^ 4 Norfolk, with timber to N ^ ^ ^ M M ^ o tts, Dennis, 4 ds fm Boston, with mdse to ^S*'h May, Clark, fm Wareham, with nails to Parker h S a i l e d —Brsteamsh^^^mada, J n d ^ s , for Mand^ Co?by,’for San F m ^ ’seo; and others. needed np the river. The foUowlng is the statement of Capt C M Mott late i p m s - M i to r i 1200*wh-hld rick th l ^ o l e sensin' Jan 4. laU l, lon 78. bark Laura Snow.fm NOrleansfor 1... ,n 13, brig Hope, Jones, Rio for Balt; sch Orb, Hep- DOMAS t F c PORTS. [orris, Ohio imas Ohio jrhaes, Ohio H Perry, Providence MURRAY ST. HOUSE. 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BaskeU, BaybrnoTc ■EAMJIANY HOTEL VV J Townsi nd do i Loryer. CbariacOan J ^arapbell, do H Meny, Mewtoic J B Perry, PhUa B Merii, Ct 4 W 8e7iiM|r<Jtitiae* TA1 J^D i^^m ,rr*y B Johnson, Pblla J N Cenjfort C Porter, Elmira JD Johaaon.Ct J F Throckmorton, NO N OBowmaa de r r rairpun oo ■w ESeketW, ECbmtek 8T*m}th,Albaa^ iTlsOfi'f.HOTEJi. aN iT E a iw iA T E s ficepH .. S i r & • l i s s i r |||S|£S ^ o d e Island, hence, fm NYork; brig 's . p ^ r f 'S w L f e ? °^H*BLMTO°, Jan 19—Ar brig Chas Kershaw, Atohi- 'T i tlVlfflng?Br;bark. Avon « AraJ-acuicoLa. Jan 7—Ar bark Florence, Woodward r^CSr'S.riBSS.-aS&J.’iry'-oa. ,.h r. irving, L a i Oea^Wih ■ehip Liverpool, I Llverpoel; bark Ceres, ^S^^aX x s—Arlttth Inst, brig Herald, Delano, NYork} acb EUaabetk, Latham, do. Cld baiki Isabella, Preble do; sob Lanra Jane,DeIan< MOBILE—AflSthlnSt, Sltju A,*a,Buuo. men; Sp polaereComoro, Fabregas. Vera Cldbark Ad6nis,MeMiBan, LlverpooL Naw OaLEABB—ArlStb inst,'ships Buena Vista, more, Havre; Tennessee, Cook, N'S ork; barks Hyperion, PerMni. Vera Crus; Leontine. (Brem) Thomas, Bremen; Thames, Br, Rennie, Liverpool; Geo Thomas, Hsk, Key Cld Ifth, ships John Baring, Watson. New York; Jane, Irowell, Trieste; harks Wm Chase, Sweetser, N York; Aaney Treat, Littlefield, do; Althoxpe, Blake, Saa Fran- ‘’'poavLaa^^^elowUst inst, a hark supposed the Mgry **^*22d^riga J u d ^ ■Whitman, St Marys, Oa, Grand '\ ^ ^ r o ^ A r S ’jnrt'.ihip Wm A Cooper, Crocker, Orleans; bark Elk, M»yo, Pbiiada;. seha Com Kearn L o v ^ Emma, Peterton} G L, Levell; and J Sahman, Hoy.Sanliancltep; nxride,£fh3ies Means; harks Lysahder, Clenfuegds; j; brigB Smyrna, for Smyrna; Wflliam Fenetrtffe. Cardenas. _____________ ijeloir23d,br?grao*,Lto>] dents,Jan 11. Carried kwayftretopsaRyardi mast, split sails, etaxtod headjSprang ladder. stOTe boat, sad loft p art deck load molassefi.aad received other dgm- ' ’ have been settled,AUd'SottledToravep,!,, I o f his positon or ^ropoots, as a publ^fj '•nld have .rconsidered so desirable a coih ■ Bbeapiyhoughl. _ ^ j _ ______ _________ ______ ___ hmontfl Hghts of the Bouth,. m^coimwtioii with the proposir 'h t s o f t h ------- n t o exclude si if that w p f f u r i'tlre s ^ lsh Had.thfi manSit'5 T ---------- - “ \ . T hey believed that, the eo;^,tRtio,n ri,,, qnired no sncli duty a t their h a nds—it\wdFa matter of courtesy altogether between the two sections;. by the constitution. If, as ha — , of the states of the norm h ad passed laivS designed, or calculated to defeat the exeontion of the constitw tional provision for the recapture of fugitives, such laws were clearly unconstitutional, and their remedy was self-evident. ’ _ Anothi a great many persons a t the north affect spirit of progression of the agp. [Langj wanted to excel the other in doing someeljiing^which had not yet been done—there wero many, eus sects a nd sooieties there, among which; which held that the constniction of s wrong. These various philosophers generally npomthi notknow h i s t Bom — wasacli sie^ w a s __ who started Creator did anlt wjth things a t the _____ rhioh did n o t happen to snit them. Snrely thei hole people should not be held responsible for tbe serntinized Which did _ whole people acts of a few fanatics [The hiatus here, is tion of the report to ci on any and every subject should be fonnd to conflict with tbe rights of a third party, In case of a contro­ versy between the two landholders, the United States would be placed simply in the position of a mediator between rival claimants. It could assert therights of other, nor protect the rightful lent of the land, which he has ’87. in a territorial bill, w arrived for the separate action of th e stat once of thq-action, o f Congress I Mr. Foote—Intenwsing usurpation. Mr. Phelps—Call it usurpation or whatever els# they might, wonld the time have.arrived for action by tbe states such as had been threatened 1 N# t The ----- a - j — , ---------------- T_,.A — aiffejoncea of' to decide upon •erne Court—which was estab-; deciding le states such as had been threatened 1 Ni station bad contemplated snob differei opinion, and bad provided a tribunal to decid; such questions—the Supreme Court—which wai lished for the purpose of trying and deciding upon validity of laws considered by any portion of the - - - . question Wi the validity of laws ooi . . . Union asnnoonrtitntioDal. If the question was referrei to that tribunal, wOnld not all parties, north and south, abids’by its decision 1 Mr. Yulee inquired whether the senator spoke for the n orth, or declared h er wiUingnesa' to snhmlt this whole question to the decision of the Supreme Court 1 If 80, be did not doubt the readinen ef tbe loutb to met them npon that basis. Mr- Butler could not agri within the jurisdiction o f the judiciary, and\that in snoh cases the p arty oppressed was entitled to take such remedy as seemed tO them necessary for the vin­ dication of their rights. Mr. Phelps said th a t nothing which had been ur­ ged affected what he h ad said, which was, th a t if the Lw of Congress should prove e f f ^ l v e , there was a tribanal which had the power to deoid* whethei; Congress bad exceeded its power, a nd that it 'would be abundant reason for the institution of extraordi­ nary remedial measures, when ail the constitutional remedies had been, exhausted. Mr. Phelps ^having concluded, the pending motion was laid on the table. . On *notlon.of M r. Butler, the bill relating to the «xeojitipn.-qf, thp qonstitntional provision for the re- oaptoe4)f ragit|Te4ayes,^was.tahen up and made the »peoiaI 6ra?.r ftrtO-morro'W,,:afler which the Senate adjourned; 2\’ H O trS E O F R E P R E S E N T A T IV E S . tS % e U e s t ^ h e d ^ o ^ i p l e s Of control th e * to n f to ^ 'a ^ d w i t h p r e s u S d con,- sent of the people, on whom it operated. He felt bound to say, so far as be had looked into tbe doonments accompanying this message, that there is notjuatice and truth in the remark of the President, that the conrsa of this administration on the subject was that of the people in said territory. The only fact is that the governor is the same. He_ read ex­ tracts to show th a t the President had advised in the formation of a state government in CaHfomia, and irped legislative power, and this in the face of Coi iss; refusing even to establish a temporary goveri nt by the action of the Executive. There has been between that with a territoriS^govemment, or receive i t as a state with a popnlation numbering hot mOf e than iifty or a hnndred thotuand people. T h e President, a t his mere volition o f President, hja un d ^ a k e in to give themim d state,tate, covering o v e ^ g nineine degreesegrees of latitude, eim and, the state l i t a s a state d s c n d o icing the whole Pacifle coast a nd c B than halfthe the extent of the tlrteen _________ ___ _______ m ^ , scarcely ___ _________ exten t o f th e th i original states; and all this without the action of Congn The south has been inevitably prepluded from * p tioipation in the territory by the action of the Pr< d e n t; t h ^ shonld n ot be cheated and then insnlt It was a sinEnlar respect, for the rights of the p . pie, where there are no people, to exclude the peopln of half of the states of the Union- The Presideni. was no c onstitutional law y er.huta brave seidier, ami he h as been deceived by his cabinet. Mr. MeClernand, with due respect for the Presi­ dent, moved that the message and accompanyinff documents be referred to the Committee of the'WboIe^ f e \ therein. [Signed] A lbany , J a n . * 3 ,1850. A G reat J javt S uit D ecided .—A Frankfort oSr- respondent of the LouisoUle Xoamal, writes r . . “ The Court of Appeals dMidedjeirterday ftn.4; p f the most important cases ever bronght hefore j t - X refer to the case of Phillips and o thert Vs, thd h e lriol Mrs. Frances Pope. Upon the '^ e s tib h in'folvcd i ir J ----- j . j ------- - --------- , -V --------- 1 ------ cepta^le to your i ^ e r S . Mr*. Frances V^toQ, *fdi* tbh Owner of a vast quantity bf lahd lying h i thi* .present connties of Washington, Marion, Boyle,'Nel- . son, Bullitt, and some others, which she derived by WiU from h e r hdSbahd, M a th s # .;Waltai;4ir}ih.’di*d. in 1819. In 1S20 or 1821 .she, married ,HQh. John Pope, wen hinewa In the pofiticSl hiStbiyY)if tn<^y. In 1823, M r. and M ^ Pope;eohveyed*IUfoe- - v :'v itjd B, G * d tn e r,.w h o - ii^,^* owners.. Mrs. I ? £ = ^ a r s i i . f p s a S . 5 ........ smts were hi A n U -S layerjr t n ttia Howae. T h e foUowjng is the report of the som orityof t h | Select Coinmitteeon Slavery, a ppointed by the As- IX* z;eirHOir.-0o. ^ M o l m g e t h e ^ ^ ^ , ^ ^

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