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. i i ^ ^ m s r ^ «rxittt*f_ _ _ isJm !K ! » L E ^ k E K , I “WM^\' ebSkrIOOft. «dj<HniBf cite iboVa.oo t l / i ^ ^ ^ ' ' % K S , ^ f f i S i S ^ S 1 S ^ S S i ^ ^ ^ ^ •* ■ I j | g « g : P iB H i e » ii i ^ £ £ 1 £ : £ & l^ ^ l M i s l eufa adnncas maia t ASTS‘%1.1 KRUiaj|t w i j J ^ l / l i l , leuon—Conuocenl—About ten toae ol o to betaken swar immedtttair af. 7 o n _ ^ x L m - r ’ - ^ :is ■ ?fr'SMST, \'>’m e 's a * efuo? ■ aB. 5 Pv: ®|e €t>ening |l08^ ■'- ' ■' i ' NEW yORK, t I ^ s K a ^ S' n c ;'' \l<b;-iS'N)^ S E a to J U</.^4 lots ad jotnio* an3 nenratiSili airemMittiimf ^ *\* li ft front. Z4 U ^im rear by T W ft 3 jit^Uon tn eaiec of e Iteiehuiia’ Bi- i i t i r 4 s s K s . = s j . | ^ § ^ S r ‘- iSEsEsMSiF’”\^\” too baikeu Kinefc'co jlonhlartown^ami U. W. Eorter. AnoHoneer. By FOSTERS & LiytNGSTON. Store No 41 BroiUt itraef. _____ W*ldan FeU-;Atictt( B r E E L L S * € S S S S - f # l l s » S ' f ' 4-fliHe N«. iz ^ 4 [ t o ^ ^ t r ^ o i r t 8 t . , Brt>o«yB. I® 1 ' t » “ s^^^^C o u rt-D n a^the diiectta^ V<*xhie. &».. I* ’ ganf«ineC0e'fB\^*w» uwwrecxioaoi uatoiev von vooiois. in l and motUace ibf # tejeeoftliniiutttonaer.W Fulton lotsonJheNellie, nibirtheeoraeror Bridge “. l \ \ ” \Si\” f f S f f f i , S “ '’fe '' mape bi « t be obtailined at theOffieeofthft noo- 1 No9 Wall tvsndof ^ w a rd ice B^ons sa le W side of ni „..nthemonnWor.ale. Store 85 Ann etredt. Tu™ta«52L2to.r.^^^ 1 j . G. Curineton, Auotiomeer. BY JACOB S. PLAT! r Hardmre. Gtooket^^^snd General Anotiosand C ok * W N & i c f S ' : . BfS«S?>rsSk. store No. 191 Broadiray, comer of Uey etreet. ^ * - 8 W » « 'kae.' two wesks 3RGAN. StoreWo. 1 Pine ad ■^-\■^-'-“wuontoeaj. wKeal EiUte,, Stoekt. fce. atthe Exehtiire I « 4,: »AT>.PBtV*'I*fi'. rtAl.n- iinto itraet. a few dean and west oi with modern, improve- “TwbhdaMadnSikt^tbst/aeaflL^^^ eonara-^ne-with di- ain^mm^od^B^inMnri improvemeats. oae< without. Pricee 'eeterveU, ontheprami A. M. Merwln, AnoMonoer. By BANGS, PLATT & CO Auctioneers and Commiision Mendtabti, TorIhesatoorBw the eato nl Engravings, Paintings,Staiioner*,Pmer.fcc. „ Storei04 Broadi madeade oponpoa alt eontignments. *«* Cash advanca m o al ks. >”Rn«h”a“d‘^^.n^filSp1irai m m ^ m i taken from the wreck of said boat andtlie papers con “'\“(Svr”^ w'ferN'Sl \’■ •• late master Steamboat lUlnola. •• New Orleans, October 9th, 1849 \ Test 18.—'• On the night of the 2lrt alt., and In my »;h- aencti ftoim hume. the Btore in Vlfkeburg occupied hy uw) was cstoftamed by fire, together with itdconUttti, cxcej* (Signed) S. C. FiELD •’ F S r S o f K S ? S f F £ ‘S ;hey may be exposed, either fi A.S.S. MAK'VIN, X h er* fro m “flre\or MAK 1384 Water stem ^litCt7T,AJCS.—iNidVV YORK, 22<1 November, V.y To ship masters tradlng^to and ftom Onll Ports. The undersigned, underwritere of this rltyand oth-o* pivee in the United States, haTing appointed Captain John C Hoyt as a special agent at Key West, for the purpose of having the btisiness of wrecked Teasels and cargoes transaetid a t thatplitoo fora reasonable eompen- saltion. herabT.eiTa notice that h e 'h u arranged Willi ijaTage,charg^and ciTT r a k m ioitikcB V o V j paia hoident ^ U» abeta-CeskpaBy wUl be. held a t fha oOoe of New York, Dec £Ctb4 >*T- . , ■ *»I> k t . ' ^ m m m fn-K TH« OPkcoielaeit «n tt Dli d ^ n d s i dtrldea^of thrito. F hsivk BaHlr, N bw Yea*. > S9tb Deeember, 1840. ( n t «nd D lrM ton haye THIi siiSda half p« c Btoatbs, j«) r. O. O q p g N .C ^ l e r . '■^ ! T«A>tuli!HS O«0 stth, 1840, (gj- EMvldendi—A eiml-aonna<'dirIde>id.ef two dol­ lars and fifty eentea share, wlA be paid to the ttbekhold- ers of this Bank on, and after the 2nd day of January jproximo The transfer bools will be closed nntll that 4*7- By order of the Board BlCBARDBEKnY d28 Iw _____ _______________ Cashlf d “ ‘T8 1 By order of the Beard, FRASER, Cashier ^ ^ ^ T A o A n n ,m i-ica or THE N ew Yoaa 0*s Lionr / ColirAnr, Deoemher 24th, 1849. $ i l K lo e tlM fOr thlrtven Dtreetors t throfflee, No. 174 Cent C. L. E V E R ir _______________ _________ ^.Secretary. Unuar^^oext, until whiuh time the transfer book will •’7 3 ^ r d o r , J.V h fESW R K ^^^ * { g />the P r e a ld o n t an<T OlVcctoiwbf Use OoiVu Of A m e rica have t t-'s aay aoclarcJ a Dividend of three S - l S t S s a * ” J PUNNETT.^C«h^' Byor c 24th. 1849. arlem jRaUroad'C nee of the Comps >y, no. a rryon itow, on ana alter Tuesday, the first u.>y of January next. The transfer books of tho preferred atook will bo closed from Mondey, the 24th day of Deoemher at 3 o'clock S M. to Wednesday, the 2d day ' ' ---------. Dato4 rlecember 22d 1849. d22 ija3 __ SAM’LM BLA' \\CtJ* New Ifo r k liiau r a i ly olU anaary 1850 1 BL ATCHFORD. Tfeasnrw jjg w r ^ w i a # w » - - ^ ^ ~ f c B j l M r e e ^ M , i k t b i P York. No 67 Wan street, { December 4,1849. ( r5 c o - “ - par in sums o f $690, ! this offlee By order of tho Financ J^T%rM«£!'!SsS£'&^A 'I l f ,^\pSi^ssS\K.^ \ ■ aud^by Ira BUss, _PoTdantown, N. J., inly J2,1849. * • s26(f ,{fty- In' L ondon P a s t om ce. - Letters de- O H I P M E W P m S . FROM NEW ORLEANS lad's- O-charging at Floe street wharf < onflgneas o>c r« ..ue^edto attend ^ C T ? n ' ? = d ? S o r b ^ r E t \ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^wmple«e^caU.ndre.^^^^^^^ t. WenoHEitea, Pres, of tho Phoenix Mat. Ins. Co. a r g ^ s T ’S ^ T t o . s s o . , - ! , I ' 71 ’ STOS December 5.1849. from the oulf Ports : D and Sonthem cities fortbe-amc Vi- L y c , , , . ■ , 1 acid one-niiarter per cent on a reasonable valoatlon of TwoUiudaofthepnrehije moibiyean remain an bond and property. eryfaTiSSA**^ ia S S S E a i U M “ <■“ 1 &oai,;i,j S7 feel £ i« n r “ I ee *kn1iWSan*ds‘'~' •'' ^ 1 p ^ S i ^ € i ^ r ^ 'J O m p h 'I^SSS ski I S S ^ E S ®^o?^2(?.,AL«i.^:J?f»;le<t;--raa--a:_.k SA.1- etsk-_ _ s~ . . barges. mhl4tt of:theW stjles, for sate low b jU ie^ ______ . . ' In a roTiew of thk ooR^tioii' of tbst fit*t«A dtn ■wm. B u u r a A H s , O O M M I S 8,1 O N MERCHANT VVtJci., ei-TIER, AND CHEESE, . P armkr ' I ) uc E, - - . . . - - . ...v:.-..i.....,v.. w,7jH,.L S ^ - S S S 3 S » S S S S s S w # UTAS j r o u SAlslS, AffX> H A K JE a 'T O O JRbER, X x intbreedays,or in(ieelre Asursif necessary, ererj description of fine and faiblonableblURTS. ^ Of l RAV a TS, Mrs. Bemsn is determined w keep the mo«t)Jegants8tortmei3t inthecitj. apd to them, andsto BCM AN COLLARS, «he hereafter detotoe^^pecial ai* teotioni Gent's furaiehisg generally, ks also Ladi&V Japny Llndg, Gents’ Morning Gowns, Gloves, Hosiery, Four thousand autographs of regular customers on her rder book Four hundred sean)|trossesoonst|inUy emplojeA No, lAATon H o i ^ , ■ • Shirt and Oantsl FhtniairngStore. Mandfaetorri No. 18 BeskmaiMtreet. f CalirturniaiAmw. • . 4 . W ! . S P M S S A : C O . , II A a i d e ii l&ild; o n * door; belo-w aold*'atrae A lOj^awB R x y o w t u a i R i s i r p i i s —Tbui ijL RayoUrafs,.* BftwXuddmproyod article ; R ifl^ Ci bines, Muskets. Fowling Guns, Bowie Knlvea,, Picks, L . . ie . Herdweres and Cutlery of all kinds,'suitable for California, a t extremely low prices. ' ai]22 1,11 U R I k r m K r'^H O W T O SAVE YOURBOOKil r AND PAPERS M ilan , Ohio, Noy, 27th, 1849. Mr S P Herring - Dear SD—A short time singe our wArehonse, with others, was horned, and bBOig unable to get out the sate we purchased of you last spring, it wa» so badly rcasted that the brass knob oh the floor was meltrdi, off, and tbs outsldeof the safe vvrymiach sproog, to mnsh-eo that’ wt AlARNORN ds-du « Foreign Dom e stic and Forw a r d ing and Cum* m ission filcrcliants, U A V IN G disposed of.thelfintercMln t(ie Express be­ l l tweed New York end Boston, bSg to inform tl.c.r frientoan^thejin^^^^^ thdr.kttoi^ - ■ ^ W y s o ^ o l i i n o r S w d t S r S ^ mefsftom New York. )urehaA mostRVorabli cash, adyanoad L ----------- „ _________ . . . ---------- lUtating their execution. Partipular .attention paid to entering and clearing goods at the New York and Boston Custom Houses, anJ forwa^lng with the utmost despatch. Ezobango a t sight (n sums to suit, constantly for sole on London, Llyerpool and Paris Offices, WO. 6 Wall street. Now York, “ ft Court street, Boston, « 6 Cook st, and 60 Waterloo road, Liverpool. i I a RNDEN SCO. N. B.—Our firm in Liverpool oont^nes to give every attention to. the forwarding of all kinds of merobandlie upon the most’ teasonable terms, by Steamers and saiUt g ships, to all parts of tire w r-'\ ~X 1R»-.-CONNER P * hpon 'tlioueAndfl o f t ____ _ _____________ _ _____ ea of its nattire, iU ortgipVits course, or its proper treatment. The idevotioi^ pt medie^ men to tho )>aase ofliamftmtj, &nd tl^ejir frMU^n^ i^ratuit teutloQ^utioD^ andnd ooustaqtouitaqt selflf sacriQc|ognVbing prmTailoos tlysa oltnvla.t:tAn nP hyimnin onfrA«*'tnB' *-n^/*1nA U a o se sac pri h the alleviation of human suffering,' preclude the idt_ that tho ooatinued absehep of aodafatb and of ao- knowledged information, is the result of any jvaut of ikilt or of attention on their part. It proceeds rather irom the want Of an accafate eomiffhatioh of reliable' factSj yrithin the' «xperiehoe of tbd: in^Tidual mein- t*No°»bJ^imoM affeets all elaises and all msmberfi eCiho 6ommtu>ity,,than that' of the puhlid lieathi I-therefckh 'IsatBisstiy Tsqhest your attentien. to .th*’ .eziktiug.^ laws: o n this' subject, and suggest the-prupriety ol their, earef«4 .Wis w a n ^ imendmeht, especially with ayiewto secure the! he* nefit of the qombined qxperien6e of soientiBo and learned-men, thronkhottbthe state,' with reipeetto the origin, the causes, the-progress and thO treat­ ment of all malignant or infeotioua diseases. . It will also becOhib impolrta'nt to oonSideir the pow­ ers granted to the municipal and local anthorities for the preyootion and removal of nuisances, and for tho prohibition of ollensiyo an^d delemrious oocupatiens, within thickly inhabited aistricts. These powers re­ quire enlargement, and should be conferred perma­ nently. Itis by no means improbable that the epi- demio which has lately visited us may return. Jn this eycnl, these powers may b# essential to mitigate the severity-of the visitation. • I have been’informed that the aqt of tbs last Mssioh, authoritcing Alm rerirat -of the aot pi 1832, has bsen judlciriUy Asolarsdtp be nn- qonititallonal.. .IhU deoliioD may-render neoeuary a confirmation of the yaiiOui iinportlimt sanative regu­ lations enforoe'd'in diffmtntpartsof the state') as-Weii as a new grant of power, nnder which they may be ez* eroised, witbouti the ol^eQHoD which is understood to bare been made to the form in which the act of the last winter proposed to confer them. It may also be well to consider whether the time has not arrlred, when the,stole is called upon to oon- tributo its aid more efficiently than it has'hitherto done, to advance tho cause of Medical Bdocation.— Every iobabitant of tho state, at some time or other, feels the need of the physician, and is interested that he should be learned and,skilful. • Tho reports of the .Comptndlk, -and of the Cbai- muwionenof tbs CaoH^^adpwiU heiAohtlylaiilhft*- ■ier of vMumes inthe District Ei ilumesumes haviia^ingb^^^^^ 79^ vol h purchased during the year, and t 93,104 82 having been^xpended for District Libraries and Sehpol A^ TuciaiV k t'V .V .V .V .V .’. ' . t V . ! ® S 5 •JiiS!' whom are now engaged in the duties of odmme^ school teachers, The presentjaumher o f pupils is 217. ' A proposition wiU,.as I am informsd, ho made to yoii to authorize the instruction at this schcoT of a limited number Of lndians;iii the hope, by tbismeans of introducing a higherordorof education and of civi­ lization among the small remnants of the Aboriginal race which are left within our borders. I solicit fd’ this proposition your attentive and favorable cobsl deration, as a measure not only prompted by the dic­ tates of humanity and benevolence, hut demandeij’ alike by considerations of highpoHoy, and upon prin- olries of justice toward a olaf s'of our population, who. from having once been the lords of our soil, and tbi founders of a boantifully simple and eBseuCialiy ^e- I ubUo»u.j:.oyj»muimt,havsf graaually vrfetqd befdre; the Ji4vuho.esjjf-t^ Whits 1 ^ aud hktehwrnaiedin rI<Y fc SON'S U.SITED STATES 1 tlfPE foundry . - thesnbecriherS have now on haodsaexc^ent assortment of Book Newspaper, aUd rtiieli -iiiey PJ*^ pkrvd to Srii a t reduced rates, on approved paper, at elz months, or a t a discount of ten per cent lor cash. The ssriv ofFooteh faces, so mnoh admired and approved of by th . trade, and our type In g.nar,al, we feel ass __ r— a - ---- ---- - ------- --J Galleys, Cuts, tlosct Hacks, Reglots.and every articlencces.*aiy'for a complete Printing Olilcc furnished with despatch. Specimen sheets ofaootch faces, h o .,are now ready for delivery.— Old Type taken in exchange for new a t nine cents per pound. Publishers of newspapers whtkwUl insert this ad­ vertisement three times, and forward us a paper, prerious to the D t of January, 1850. wUtbe paid inmatecii^ofonr manufaetnre.Jby parehasing fbnr times the amount oi their bill for the adrartisementi * ■ JAMES CONNER fc SON, sorn'sr Ann andiNassed sts. N. B.—AnewSpeetmen Book will be Issned and ready o^ djoK-sary. about the jet of November, iS49. S3 tf TIORTAR------------------------ JT HIAv-The Gi*»*iil*ea Iron Houses ebnstruoted by •-C«Utoniia.toa»SOti«ltiSt^n*ol.tJ»s«i, Theji»lnisgr> y4d ittsnell a mauiMW t^dyffiimmef lhah*»i«siioofai a MR,slidetog*th«f a»fk‘hous43totl8oaijih» put up: ■h;*e.than a day. They ttelhr cheaper than ■W'aa,. .a -llrHPToofa!iidnmehlBor-i;i>eDsfiMta1>le.HiasLt)mtt ilLipaw. of tfee above she can be shlpp8d lu twahoxea U fsiiO o n t and 2 feet wide and 8 (pohAs defp,the TrMgKt on jrbicE would bo about $14 to a tn Franplses, Thfif* wW.i^eo bo no trouble of removing iroin one partjef country to another, sa the house con in a few hours b<w.ta]nn.' down andpntnpj By calling upon the snbseTiher a Muse ef theahOTs siss canhs soeu Total “ diteot” Debt.......................$22,^5,038 99 Toward the payment of which debt there was on A surplus of t 0 General Fund Debt Sinking Fund, o f ...... ....................... J13;515 1C A surplus of tho Canal Fund Debt aiLkmg Fund o f ................................. 200,877 01. $214,392 17 Included In tho amount of Canal Dqbt as above stated is the sum of $90,822, which was payable prior to the close of tho fiscal yqar, buv had not then teen presented for redemption. Tho interest on this had ceased from the time whef •’ * ---------*.^- fdnds fori its rsdemptlon b cdll of the holders of the i ■the fiscal yehr, $77,917 of *^e*rcTenuo of the General Fund, exolastve of thi annual appropriation of $200,000, ftom the surplu C&Qal revenues, made bj tho Constitution, and In­ cluding a temporary loan to the Treasury of $15,000, w as ......................... . .................................... The Canal rerenues 1 ho^paymenU 00*11000011 of the Ge^ral-Elin'd di ileg tho year amounted.to $842,228 19, leaving asu plus of the revenue on hapd, on 30th September, 1 $113,279 22. Tho payments out of tho canal revenues were; 1. Excenies of ooUootiou, suporintendence and or­ dinary repairs ........... . ........ .........$685,803 91 Total p a y m o n t.... .$2,585,tfflS 91 This amoun^ of paymsiits.dodaqted from^he^oanal applicable to the^cpm’pletlon of the Erie^Canal En­ largement, the Gennese* Valley and Black River ,;ifi)tiw*^t«iuhDi paratus. ' . • Of theschoolsbefofe3hentioned,85 are-foreoU children, in which upwards of dOpD ohildreij t r|ohg'qbarities w h k ^ ^ T e h ^ ^ h q ^ improvement already effected aiiiong the foaohers of immon gchools.^^The whsle mtoher of pupils ad- ---------- --------- . ---------^ ----- , — powerfiiily argues in behalf of the advancement of agriciiltiiral Ecienee. It is not improbablo that difii'ercuces ot opinion will exist with regard to the details, and to tfiefextent and variety of the branches of knowledge which it ig proposed loemb'faCe within the course of instruction. Br Seonrilies. 'Tho repoi nolonger delay an-act solimperativdy deiMndek the .nteresta or the country. In my Annual Message to the Legislature last Bar, I presented to their cohSideiatioU several sub- a »8 r * an- TTiwf stnvviifvry ■ wvsMtflvV sa^-'■$'1% nf$A«%4v>v*\ ' aa _ log to. or coQSiguf | ^ p S ~ E S i : = 8 a a a a s g a i a g i t e s i 8 M j j B i i j S £ =“ s«-';» 7 S S ? a ‘ 5 = IsssS s S : ...' : ■T'ffia ■ S S fS . -. Iron—: -------- ^ I f i r ' “ ” ““ ALSO ' MAmciri i r i m o fcco, »iihcshant«ri>>t. . .omcfiaiKi'MtR,; oraa- m rornT M itovT a , , -------- -Z - ^ H xs R m H *\*** . I mrefextra and No 1 G w ^ n o ^ - ^ ^ V e i n ‘cASto..........................8M.|bS.ei,ib ....... i.'.... ^ , « £ ^ : . ^ ^ T 6 o . W a ^ ^ | S l r^n lan. ! m m e | T t h ^ 1 ? * A- street, near m J<3 criBSSon.fMr .c*n iaie PLt^SKKS - TTgurod plain go&t'c t*ir pluabes.- fer add cotton «id worsted 811^8-14 to 27 inch drab.r hl*s,wgr.eh, ,SATIE PS IJUNIHM; Ibrsni^^a^^ h •*r*Mfei^yyS!SS!L^‘* 2 ■ w h- ^^ 1 ' ^ 41 ^,r i.r^ 1-1 I ' A,?,!: I Li.U- as i m w i i I'\ ' I- K. t . ; B B M E S a “^ r „SrLT-£?iJSsJ!li 7 5 s^iias-ssfcl - ----------------- m m s k s ^ : M i r i m ,::y i I M

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