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V ' k'- ' ’ ':¥'Sr$iïï'û • IV Vy ! « «‘<\® ■K 1 yUp i s f Wiïm feil wSH i • i i» i r\ 'S.'Æ'4 k; ’% - -.7 *4. w - iffl? _ i S I ¡© 1 w lp t 1 èïI n l \V'I \:;fï ‘* 1 >S!?F^üïïc' ;’ vT^\ J^vT* ¿ 7 >v »v.Sii&i;t^ÄIÄnil ; h ;V, . Ä - ' ¿?HÄ£ - * T H E EV E N IN G POST; ., V Vft.frV, . f ë ' ' f e i l . TÖiEACH MEDICAL w&ss HOSPITAL ÇOI»Ü TOIT IS BEING- ^BMEfi. I^lbany Hospital aníMedical College !§t Co-operate in Project Which Fol- , low# lolicy Adopted in Italy. 'ki:, M?' P ' l¥-. Ì& [Special Di*p*t»h to The E«nin* Poet.) IfllK f e iiA N X , M a y 12.—^Oné of thé first a# p lflp isfets tow» à base hospital medical |âÿ^|ueiE e \unit I n th is country has been ynr ■*||^ ’ t t à â t é n by th e Albany Hospital and -the M èâlcal College, which have coin- for th a t purpose. Their plan h a s ¡¿ready been accepted by th e Government, :«tadthe w o rk o f organization is now soin* i^on under the supervision of Dr. A rthur jÇ w E lting, who h a s been appointed direc­ t o r . ' - It ÏS hoped t h a t by m eans -of th i s plan l ^ e U h i t e d S tates w ill avoid th e m istake g w iiç b E n g land made a t th e outbreak of VÇhe, w a r by allowing' h e r medical students ^ o jieïiijàt i n th e line. This disrupted h e r Ci|iïç|iça i schools a n d prevented th e regular Traduation of physicians and ¡surgeons, 'h»'drtudehts w e re recalled from t h e front itèi1, ' b u t a g r e a t deal of harm had al- *dÿ béén done, t „ Jfrltifor. on. th e other hand, enlisted her \Sschctols -with h e r base hospitals, «Hiding both faculty an d students to th e ront. T h e faculty acted as staff for th e fshoipitais, th e students as clinical aaslst- îànts.- G raduations occurred a t th e regu- T^|^;tiine, a n d a steady supply of p h y sicians :,y«* m a intained. <. T h e governors of th e .Albany Hospital f^ÿçà n o w conducting a campaign to raise 0,000 fo r th is unit, and for the tuber- vculdsIfl .'W'ork a n d th e general development ^¡^jpgfc hospital. The response, not only th e citizens of Albany, but from ^ ends from other cities, is reported as jbèing generous, a n d i t is expected t h a t the full Ktn^unt will be raised by Tuesday ;ht, w h en the cam p a ign will end.' Among the gifts from New York are ¡5,00.0 from George V. Baker, $1,000 frbm ; 5phatléa Et. Sabin, an d $1,000 from. Mrs. ■jFr^derrick F e r r is Thompson. (Continued from, Page One.) BorgbJer* actually «aid in Fetrograd, in th* dfsciisdon between M. B o rgbjerg and representative? of the Qerman Socialist»; peace w ithout annexation, which natural­ ly includes th e integrity of o u r country, - waa t^*n,m i«,.the % k s of negotiation?.? This ifr no Way excludes the possibility of friendly agreem e n t on the subject o f ad­ justm e n t of frontiers. No one would, pro­ long th$. v a r a single day for that.” . IN MID-OCEAN British Steamer Survived Crash and Rescued Cjrew of Smaller Vessel. • ; ' • . y?~ X (Continued from. Pagi One.) in. th e Cham p a g n e , i n the w o o d w e s t K o t M o u n t CarniUet. “ dn. th e le ft b a n k o f th e M euse (V e r - u«iutt fro n t ) there w a s violen t a r tllU r y ^ / j l l ^ h t t n * a l l n ig h t in th e regioni o f A v o -. ^ * 1 ^ c o u r t W o o d , w ith n o in fa n t r y actions., |*O u r d e ta c h m e n ts penetrated th e G e r m a n ; j^|(lBi# iiprth. o f B e z o n v a u x and a t several. I'jjpojttt* h i Alsace* In th e sector o f A m - w e to o k ,‘a num b e r o f prj»« j|;bhers, On -the, rem a inder of- th e fro n t Vj> t h e n i g h t p a s e e d i n qu iet,” 1 ClAS SHEHS AND BRITISH TANKS, i.j “ ^ osHSoncc A*'-* h i r I - ; - J C M e a c y o n A ñ a » P n m t - X o n c t J e d 1»y 1% . G e rm a n M i li ta r y C ritic. ]!/- Copenhagen, May 12, v ia London.-— C-Britlsh arm o red m o tored cars an d gas ^ g r e n a d e s evidently a r e giving considera- i’ b lé trouble to th e G e rm ans on the w'esib- £'*.rn b a ttle fronts notw ithstanding th e ^ iiig h tin g references to them in th e of- Oficial reports. :Lleut.-Gen. von Ardenne, s t h é &ew m ilitary expert of the Berlin >]■. $JTá¿retíattj who has j u s t returned from a ¿ ¿ ^ iàt o f inspection to the w e stern front, - |\ a t t r i b u t e a the success of the B ritish in g r t^ e if opening drive a t A rras on A p ril 9 k.ifirgely to gas shells, which laid such a - é jirtâia' o f gas before the G erm an artil- *. í é ^ '-thaV tho gunners were hampered {'\• ^ ..»oreiy in th e ir work. H e claims, on th e ! çther hand, th a t the F rench suffered : «CtuaUy from th e G erm an artillery’s gas defence a lo ù ^ th e Aisne a weelc later. - » .à ÿ e gases employed in the shells have ' fee»'- im p roved steadily in efficacy, and. V G e rm an gas masks, although preventing fatal, results, do not give complete pro­ tection to the w e arers, whose health and ïespiratloa show the effects w hen rapid m o v è m e n ts are necessary, as in serving gun*. ' Baron von A rdenne says the B ritish “tank” is probably th e m o st amazing w eapon which m o d e m land'w a rfare has produced. He adm its they have caused th e & e rm a n s heavy losses, particularly by thpif flanking fire, though they are by , n o m eans invulnerable to the German a r ­ tillery. ' The B a ron asserts t h a t the line of vil- . láges along w h ich th e Anglo-German struggle is now raging lies in advance 1 o f th e m ain HindenbUrg line, and th a t consequently th e eventual loss of these < /villages, including BUllecourt, could not fee deemed a decisive event. This adm is­ sion indicates th a t the G ermans a re reck- v o.ning on th e loss of Avion, Oppy, Roeux, .aind o th e r tow n s in the further heavy - fighting which is coming along t h a t sec­ to r ttf the front. • As to th e F rench battlefront, Baron ; von A rdenne says t h a t the struggle along ! th e Chem in-des-D am es in other war* ; would be called battles, on account of the ii u m b e r of men engaged, but In the pres- . e n t Instance they are merely skirm ishes ^ 'prelim inary to a gigantic engagem ent which, is surely coming. * LAMAR’S COUNSEL REBUKED. OSUi R e m a r k « R e g a r d i n g . a “ P r a m * ■ s- tf» ” S t r i c k e n troip, th « ü e c o r d . . A ttem p ts to deny the jurisdiction of th e U n ited States Federal Court, Judge B , E. -Cushman presiding, over David L a ­ m a r. one of the six defendants to the indictm e n t of alleged conspiracy with C a p t F ranz von Rintelen against foreign trade In m unitions, w ere made to-day by M. M . Dolphin, L a m a r’s counsel. Mr. Dolphin placed J a m e s W. Higgins, a guard o f th e A tlanta Penitentiary, who brought ¿ftM a r to this city, upon the w itness abuid. and tried to show that Higgins had had’ ittSufBcien1- d o cum entary authority to bring X&mar from the penitentiary to the Kederal C o u rt's jurisdiction. ., A. reference by Mr. Dolphin to the pro- e e e ^ n g a s a \fname-upM b rought a sharp protest from John Lord G’Brian, prosecut- Ing. a tt o r n e y for’ the Government, and Jùd^è Cushman ordered the rem a rk «tiksk^n from th e record. An appeal to the' peoples of the „world, concerning th e (jailing of a peace con­ ference i n a neutral country is to be pub- lished by. th e Bu#slan. < Council of r Sol­ diers’ a q d W o rkm en's Delegates, accord­ in g to * ’ resolution adopted a t a meeting TOthe e x e c u tive committee of the Council.- ïjPhe com m ittee also resolved to send a délégation to establish relations w ith tlie Socialist ’delegates at-. S tockholm and to •end delegates to n e u tr a l and allied coun­ tries to furth e r th e peace movement, • I t was resolved to call a conference of, th e Socialist. Internationale and to invite to thé conference representatives o f all parties agreeing w ith the Council's ap­ peal. T h e resolutions adopted by th e ex­ ecutive committee included: (1.) T o convoke a conference of the Socialist Internationale. ( 2 .) T o invite to attend the conference representatives of all patties and frac­ tions of the international proletariat agreeing; w ith the Council qf .Soldiers’ and W o rkm en’s D elegates’ a p p e a l to the peo­ ples of » t h e -world. ( 8 .) To form a special commission of the representatives of th e executive com,- m ittee a n d one representative of each of the Socialist parties to organize th e -con­ ference an d arran g é ' a programme: (4.) To publish im m ediately à n appeal to th e peoples of th e world and a special appeal to the Socialists in allied coun­ tries concerning th e convocation : o f a peace conference. (5.) To send a delegation of the execu­ tive committee to neutral and allied countries and to establish contact- with the Sopialist delegates a t Stockholrn. ( 6 .) Thè peace conference is to take place in a neutral country. (.7.) Thè commit tee, recognizing' as a necessary condition t h a t free passage be accorded tp. all parties and fractions w ith­ out distinction, requests th a t all parties in said c o u n tries demand from their Gov­ ernm e n ts free passage for their delegates. An a rm e d ¡British m e rchantm a n arrived in a n American p o rt to-day w ith a dent in h e r starboard bow. T h e re w ere no passengers on board, bu t m em b ers of the crew said t h a t on the last eastw a rd voyage th e vessel had ram m ed and sunk, another B ritish cargo ship in mid-ocean. The crew was* sayed by th e officers and crew of.tfie Vessel n o # in' p o rt, and landi­ ed safely’in BShgland. , ' Officers of t h e 's h ip refused' to discuss the sinking, «and ■ i t was im possible to learn where, when, or how the accident occurred- I t w a s «aid th a t th e collision had taken place about four o’clock In the morning. It w as seen iiy the dim light that th e stricken ship was sinking fast, B o ats were put overboard, and \before the other ship had gone under all the c r e ^ were safe 911 board th e larg e r vessel. Exam ination of th e Vessel in E n g land disclosed th a t, although the forw a rd bow plates were badly b e n t and tw isted, thè áhlp did n o t leak. B ritish shipyards were too busy building new ships to repair thte damage, and the vessel came across w ith thè dented bow. SCANDINAVIAN'■SOLIDARIT.Ï Conference of Ministers Decides on Maintenance of Neutrality and Economic Co-op€ratipn. POLES TO HOLD CONFERENCE Defegates from All Parts in Stock­ holm to Decide on Course of the People, Londok, May 1?.—Preparations are be- ifcg made for a conference of representa­ tives Èrf sdì parts of Poland, according to th e D ice«« NyTietet, as ¡Quoted by the Exchange Telegraph's Stockholm corre­ spondent. Polish delegates from Russian, <Jerman, and ¡Austrian, Poland, says the new spaper, have a r m e d a t Stockholm. Among them a r e arm y officers, ow n e rs of estates, politicians, and W i n m em b ers of thè governm e n t established fey A u stria anfl G s n n a n y in th e occupied territory. The coitftwinoe, J¡fc i s stated, will decide w h ether t h e new Polajid shall join Rus-* sia o r the C entral Pow ers, or w h e ther i t «ball b«obme a m o n a rchy or a republic. MOVEMENT A.GA1NST GERMAN COUNCIL BN- OOUtttAGBD. 4 Òopbnhagìn, Via London, May 12.—Ad­ vices from W a rsaw , ^reaching here through A u stro-Polish sources, say that thè movem ent ag a in s t th e G erm an-creat­ ed Polish Council o f S tate has undoubted* ly been encouraged by. th e events In R u s­ tía. The R u ssian revolution has weak­ ened the position o f th e Germanophlle faction a n d th e supporters of the-new kingdom under A u stro-G e rm a n auspices. The N a tional Council, originally insti­ tu ted as a representative Polish body to assist the Council of State in the work of establishing the new kingdom, fell at its last m e e ting in t o - t h e power of the anti-G e rm a n passi vi arts. I t adopted a res* oltition declaring t h a t th e further exist­ ence of t h e Council of State w a s harm ­ ful. R e c tor Brubxinsky, who, as a rep­ resentative Pole, accepted the g if t of Polish _ a u tonom y on November 8 , and M. ParoMJTiki, a form e r m em ber of the Russian D u m a, w e re defeated fo r elec­ tion to th * executive comm ittee of the National Council, T h is com m ittee i s con­ trolled b y . N a tionalists ad d D em o crats of the so-called passi v i s t school, who favor aw aiting fu r th e r action by R u s s ia S tockholm , v ia London, May 12.—An o&loial announcem ent in regard to th e result of a three d a y s ’ conference by Swedish, ' Danish, and Norwegian M inis­ ters says t h a t th e conferrees determ ined unanim o u sly th a t th e three countries should m aintain a policy of im p a rtial neutrality. The announcem ent says: 'V-s before, the M inisters abandoned thdf idea of taking the initiative them - s’eives, or in consort with other neutrals, with a view to mediation between the belligerents or other m easures to the same end. The conference was of th e opinion that- collaboration should be es­ tablished w ith other neutrals to safe­ guard common in terests to the end of th e wa® or after, Including th e interests th a t neutrals will have in the work w h ich presum ably will be undertaken in estab­ lishing principles of international law for the future. “The attention of th e three Govern­ m e n ts was fixed on the fact th a t the last question is included in th e pro­ gram m e of the interparliam e n tary groups o f the three countries. T h e conference thoroughly discussed the present diffi­ culties of im p o rtation in to . Scandinavia by sea, and also traced the m a in outline o f economic cooperation during and aftqr tho w a r. H ope w a s expressed \for th e continued ,dp'. alcprhent of th e economic coBperation aad exchange o f gooits- a l­ ready established by th e three countries.; \The opportunity w a s recognized for a new conference by Scandinavian dele­ gates t o study the question of th e dan­ ger of floating m ines, and as to w h a t m e asures ought to be taken im mediately, a s well as after the w a r.” i’ $ . . . iOofitinued ftom Page Ono.) d^.'-jpastjihe/eonunon, through th e do'wn- tOwtt ’buSness idistrlct, and p a s t th e City H a ll'A d d the State House. • In fro n t of th e Capitol h ad been erected a stand from which M arshal Joftre. a n d h is p a r ty ¡iyveie to review the m a rchers. V OBAEOTT TOED OF $150,000 W MÉiNGH CHILDREN. i | The cllnutx of the-parade- w as plfnned •to\Come on'Bostpif- Comn^»». T h i ^ w a s ih e 1 presentation to M a rshal Jottrj* oil th e slopes of the • little hill surm o u n ted •by t h e »Soldiers’ M onument, of a gold casket containing an order f o r mor^' than $160,000, contributed by New Ehigland citizens tow ard the support of fatherless children of France, ' L ittle M ary ciirley, d a u g h ter of the Mayor, w as chosen to make th e presentation. . -;r » L a te in the day the envoys will, visit H a rvard U n iversity,. w h ere honorary de- greès are to be awarded, ai>d to-night th e y will be tendered a dinner by. the State a t the Copley Plaza Hotel. M, Viviani, head of the French, Mis­ sion, will arrive to-m o rrow and will be thè guest a t a public reception a t the N a tional Club’s baseball field A fter .the party h a d been entertained a t breakfast at th e Sears Home, a ’dele­ gation froin thè M assachusetts A n tf-Suf- frage Association, headed by Mrs, ^ S te­ phen S. Fitzgerald, th e president, ^called and sent In to M arshal Joftre a specially, designed A inerican flag brooch, a gift fo r Madame Joffce, There was nò for­ m al presentation, the gift being turned over to a Secret Service agent, who Kand-- ed it to the M arshal. RBCBIVBD BY THE GOVBBNOK. At ten o’clock m em b e rs of the Mission w e n t to the State House, an d aa> they entered the building a salute of tw e n ty- one g u n s w a s fired on Boston Common. G o v ernor McCall received th e visitors in h is office, and escorted them to the House Chamber, where he delivered a form a l ad­ dress of welcome before a joint session of the Legislature. Gov. McCall said it was a rare 'event for the two houses to come together to receive visitors,’ a n d th a t th is extraordi­ nary proceeding reflected the w a rm 'feel- ing of the people. This welcome implies, first of all,\ he said, \the State’s very deep sense of debt tow ard a great, chivalrous, liberty-loving people for the succor th e y gave America in ■he t time of h e r sore need, and for their indispensable help ih placing, us among the free and independent nations. TARIFF COMMISSION PROPOSAI That All Duties Inpreasçd by. War Tax Bill Become Effective at Once —Inquiries Projected. ICÉ-CREAM C0NÉS FOR HOGS. M n k e C h e a p e r F e e d a n d P r o d u c e S u ­ p e r i o r M e a t« I t 1» S a id . C hicago , May 12.—A new food f o r hogs has been found in the shape of Ice­ cream cones. R ecently Edward and N el­ son Morris, packers, purchased several tons of broken lots o f cones from m a n ­ ufacturers a t $26 a ton, an d fed them to hogs as an experim ent. Com costs from $1.60 to $1.70 a bushel, and the ice­ cream cone diet no t only proved a sav ­ ing of money, bu t it produced a supe­ rior class of hogs, according to th e M or­ rises, who said th e price paid for them on the open m a rket was w ithin a few cents of th e highest figure reached yes­ terday. B u t beyond gratitude for a service,..-how­ ever great, it implies sun adm iration for their lofty traits of national character. As France helped u s in our w eakness, let us help her in our strength. Let us do our p a r t to resoue her' from the inroads of an intolerable ty r a n n y th a t flouts the rights of nations and of our owny.com- rnpn hum a n ity, an d threatens the, free­ dom of the world.1’ | T u rning to M a rshal' Joffre, the Gover­ nor 9 aid M assachusetts, was proud to welcome him aa “the hero o f th e Rattle w h ich saved Paris, w h ich saved FrknCe, and- Which perhaps^ saved civilization.” MAESHAI; S1AKBP ^BORT SPEECH?, A t’ this'reference! by Gov. McCajI the Assembly arose in a bo<|y and g a v e M a r­ shal Joftre- a g r e a t ovation. Twlee he Was forced to rise to th a n k his frienjds. for the dem onstration Which endtedvafter he saluted th e body. M a rshal Jqffre made a brief address which was .translated by Justice H u go A. Dubuque, of th e Superior Court. He expressed regret th a t M. Viviani, whom he described as th e forem o st orator of France, w&s 'not present- to express his appreciation of the attitude of the people of M assachusetts, and so it was left to hitn, he added, simply to say \T h a n k you.” Since coming to this country th e M ar­ shal said he had .been told repeatedly th a t every one loved him. The regard expressed by America made i t certain, he declared, th a t henceforth \the republic Of America and th e republic of France will be undying sisters together, their fate will be a common fate' and their glory a common glory.” A .LULL IN MESOPOTAMIA. W a shington, May 12.—The new Tarifit Commission's first act has been to recom-' m end legislation expected to Isa Ve to the G o v ernm ent millions 0 1 dollars in rev­ enue. The Commission proposes ih a t all the custom s increases provided fo r in the W a r Tax bill shall become effective from the date of the rep o r t of the bill, to the house. Thus, the Commission proposes ' to slop the usual practice by im p o rters of rushing In g r e a t quantities of products bn w h ich they k n o w duties a r e to be. raised. C o n sum ers)-the Commission says, alw a y s have bought the products a t the increased rates; ■- T h e Commission h a s ordered in v e s ti­ gations into the chemical schedule, tho sugar situation, both cane and • beet, the wool situation and other phases of the sheep Industry and made tentative plans for investigating th e silk situation. Commissioners Culbertson and Costlgan will leave nex t m o n th for Jap a n , China,. ItuSsia, G reat B ritain, Italy, and France to Investigate foreign . trade, relations,-; commercial treaties and bargaining ta r ­ iffs. W hile they are studying these' prob* lem s on the ground an investigation will be carried on in th is country so - th a t all- available Inform ation m ay be placed a t th e Risposai of the President and Con- f~ , ' . ■ befóle tftoths h a v e w b fil; ' CM^ÍÁft¿-'tWVK»sÍ*<wai *v TVrïrtls'ii ttf inZi C u r tm i^ j - Xfüpe*tne* â n d R u g s alSQ storédi Telephone. Mun&ÿ Jïjil 5888. ^nd wagon-wilheail.- *îs| Keéjbiató«, îYa. âëpafrâifient of o u é ^ i R e s s ^ f Jjg pfoçç s ¡ » fdf v a liM neifltiorris while you are away. ' '■f.* f**'1 ^ »*i * ► t- ^ j , ' - iiîi'qol^ .JSàfe’ p e ^ î*sîC f ë p - 1 ^ 42nd Street (East), 'cfppj'iGrand .Central Terminal 1 * ■ Hóusehóld FümltórW' 3toce<} l& W f RoPW* ., -Ç-Æ*, -■♦■•nq.,.-, VT<.''. . a- l &s '.W-* ~ * '1 'iQ'tt Liliieblii ^National Baiik? . ,TpTAl; ÄI}!SOi;HCES;i f3B;i(kWi0(^.OÖ; - ‘ F lil \ >”■' ” \ '* Depdiiiory, State of New York TmdiCity! of NewTorkJ,’Méthb«f,lFedérall''Re«erT«''B»í Accónnt*- o f - C o r p o r a tion « ,’ Firrtis andi .îAidîviduaI« '1In v it e d l '<> ■ ■ CHAIIUBS JB1LIÖX »TABRjB»f,>Pr«ilita|.. , , ¡ t„ j.. (k W M ..A . SlMONSOiy, Vice-^re«Ment. DA VID <). GRANT, Vlc«.Pr*»Id«v , ' Sá¡B& Ü ««feifti&loiufldi* * • « •- H E N R Y » . STUBÍPÍG, TÜ Ö M A § JO lKW itt^TH X, EJD W AKP I«.. BISH O P . '• r Aait. OaahlHi t k . U n ited S tates G o v e rm n e n t w a r lo a n subscriptions? recom m e n d e d a n d received w ith o u t cost fo r ^ r y lc e Absolutely . ReMMeS Í 0 4 i g e ¿ t í ^ % e p a ^ a i j | e * \ ' proves it 25çàt Stu d e n ts to Go to T r a in in g Cam p . Syracuse, N. Y.. May 12.—Syracuse U n iversity will lose 1 E 0 students by the w a r preparations. T h e y .will all leave here to-m o rrow to en ter the training camp a t Madison Barracks. Among the list a re a num b er of well-known athletes, includ­ ing H arold W h ite, of New York, form e rly captain of th e football team , and W ilbur C. Crisp, captain of th e basketball team . M A R C H IN G W IT H PAPA JO F F R E A Song to Plfes and Drums B r P E R C Y M ACK AYB M arching! W h a t are they m arching there for? R in-rinf R a n t Pata, pata, plant P a p a Joffre, h e 's com ing from the w a r: Vive la— V ive la France! Blue jacket an d red breeches and m u stachios gleam ing white, W ith a Tom m y on his left hand and a Johnny on his right, J He fats come to give America his godspeed for the fight: Vive VAmerigue/ Vive la FranceI Vive la —TltM la France! Fighting! W h a t a r e they fighting th e r e for? Ehot S h o t Pata, jpata, plant To m ake m en free men, how and everm o re: Vive la— V ive la F r a n c e / The K a iser and his kalserllngs, they guessed that they would go _ And ring the P a r is Christm as bells, a-laying churches low; B u t P a p a Joffre beside the M arne stood up and said, No, not A tia» let Bodies 1 Vive la Francet Vive la—Vive la France ! Cheering! W h a t a r e they cheering there for? B u rraht Hurrah! Hip, hip, hip, hurrah t Red, white, blue flags—flaming for th e w a r : Vive la— Vive la France! Jac k Poilu, he’s a tru e lad, as Papa Joffre h a s tried; John Bull, he i s another, and he m arches Jack beside; And Yankee Doodle joins w ith them— three brothers; God for guide: Vive VAmdriquet VAngletcrre! la France! • Vive la—Vive la France! Praying! W h a t are they praying th e r e for? Dieut SeiSmeurt A ton Esprit la gloire! The Peace of Justice reign forevermore! Vive VEsprit da la Francet W e are m a rching In alliance th a t o u r faith m ay be restored; W e are fighting, w e are cheering, for a nobler world-accord; W e are praying, through the tem p est, unto Liberty, o u r Lord: Vive V Alliance I Vive la FranceI Vive la victolre de la France I B r it is h Column* H a r e F o r c e d T u r k » B a c k in R i v e r B a sin « . L ondon , May 12.—\Since May 2 no events of Importance have occurred in Mesopotamia.\ $ays an official statem e n t issued to-day. “Our mobile columns operating in the basins of the Shatt-el-Adhem and Diala Rivers have pressed the enemy back Into the Jebel-H am rin range, which rune in a northw e sterly and southeasterly direc­ tion some sixty to eighty miles from Bagdad.” C onstantinople . May 12, via London. __ The B ritish force which has invaded P a l­ estine is becoming active again, the W a r Office announces. The statem e n t fol­ lows: “At Gaza great activity w a s observed behind the enemy’s front on T u esday eve­ ning, and positions in the neighborhood of Gaza were subjected to th e flre of the enemy’s artillery. The activity Is becom­ ing more pronounced o n both sides.” D e m o c r a tic Iicaam e’a Officer*. At a meeting of the executive com m it­ tee of th'e Young Men’s Democratic League, held a t their headquarters, 1368 Broadway, last night, the following offi­ cers w ere elected for th e ensuing year: President, F rank D. Shelley: vice-presi­ dents, W illiam D. J. M oCarthy, H e rm a n Obertubbesing, Paul J. McCauley, Emilio Yaselli; treasurer, Francis D, G allatin; secretary, Thom as A. K e e n a n ; sergeant- at-arm s, George Girolame. Mr. M acKaye sends the above poem to the Evening Post . I t appears sim u ltane­ ously to-day in the Boston Transcript, upon the occasion of th e French M ission's visit to th a t city. .. . • $ N a t u r e grew every ingredient tiked in G u lden’s Mustard. That’s why Gulden’s is so good. Try it today. An American' Standard ■ for 50 years At Grocer « an d Dell-? ciiieM ens M u s t a r d liMlMUHiH PURE ^ReidytoUst G U L D E N S Mustard In the Familiar . Handy Bottle ititi.’ t ? * ill* t Knows the Coal Situation S o d o e s e v e r y L a n d l o r d w h o h a s t r i e d t o . m a k e c o n t r a c t s f o r f u t u r e d e l i v e r i e s o f c o a l . N o t o n l y h a v e p r i c e s i n c r e a s e d b u t t h e s u p p l y i s l i m i t e d e v e n f o r i m m e d i a t e d e l i v - - e r y . Y o u c a n s o l v e t h e p r o b l e m b y u s i n g G a s . There has been no increase in the price of Gas although i t costs m much more to manufacture and distribute our commodity. 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There has been a remarkable increase in'the prices of ranges dunng the last few weeks due to the scarcity and slow deliveryiof materials and to the increased cost pf labors. Buy to-day and obtain a real bargain. ANY MANHATTAN OR BfcONX GAS OFFICE “ The Right, Way I* thè Gas Way’* - * \ * '. ■/ ‘i* n ? -• • GEO. B. CORTELYOU; President \>■i'. S ■S* ' f»*, r» '/ ■JUI'I- - ..... . .... . .................................... . I,.. S y ••.fci i ■ * -um **4 l \ , r¿C, á ■ ■ »iai’StC« - .tISäätrC i Í*'j* • - *1< * t .* i l\$ ; J • i n* tí f i l§ - .■»V,jy,. f, , .inciti, - - , ** Í‘ * & i

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