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/ . t^nsioirs JTO l a ® rmm>tD fob . *oir A r m y , » • ! S^,000 •» * * ‘ - W a « bih ® xoh . Nomnbor 80—AJtbough JA^oirtiDt In tlie malii Oie to« «IM « t tb» iHHtit Qf T0ytm «t«9‘.OOfIW llMU ifoilows: « » t upon tbe owurtPiKwe 6t * in the efflce ot «djuunt-*ew»r«l, infepeete^ ««ner»I, : jiidge^eaTOotttt-geDelrhli JM»teivg«B*‘aJ, ocwnmiiwiry-fenOTni, nKy“ — iter-Keneml, <aa«t ot ordnimce, oi* ehict IW offlcer. the Preetaeat tm t JWolnt th« ittofl h r Bm***rf Jftoef JM M IfttU A n s r pm ^ «tt « of the lesiis- *efi jmia, ine a»w ,>^*w —— , telereatM! «»« P^*h h? prometibn #eB. It prpTiaee for »n rtasUo «»eag fWr the an&r.mhsbic from a total of nearly il,#itt‘jaen to inoye than »6,0OQ. It irilj K peetja* fer fitteett M^lniente of careJiy, W, # t e tr yegfanenU o f Infantir. hhd «» WW* P Wfr «WT« oohelaUap. when complete, of l&sso men, to be mf**!^*** anrihg e.perloa of ilVe years by.a. ptocPM similar to that detallea in last year’s blllv It talcea care of the prestot staff eVganto of the memboia of the pi lations, .though requiring otHW to teite pertodlcal turn enure .el turbea, t cers whe auceeea them in the be jfcept there four Tears i aged by t ’ihe penaaaeney of ehtote p^ at line duty. odlsturl a these places r Tears unless’ sooner r the President. In the leadl ..Jutant-generals' anti . Inspeotor-generi departmento Vacancies pooasloned by this blUate'to he filled by promotion from within the same aepar^ent; This means, of course, that the new men will all hate to corns in at the bottom. In the quartermas- tera’, subaisteace, and Signal Corps yacan- cles are to be filled from deserring vel of the volunteer service, and in the i cate’s iSorpt from well-fint Provision below the grade of itoutoaantrt --------------- -Tided'that chiefs of staff, carps} p r fieper*.* meots shall he appointed ' “ - ------ ^ tlhue four years, unless ----- - by the preaiflent, and, While ito‘aewini(, shall, have the rank, pay, and allowances now authMisefi for chiefs of said corps or departments: and, providea, that, when smy ataoer ser^ag a detail as chief of a staff, cOTps/or department id retired, he shall be retired with rank and pay now authorised for the ehlef Cf suCh staff, corps, or de­ partment 'It fs provided also.that olticers below the grade of llentenant-cOlonel In, any of the above-named departmento shall serve one year to the line, but. shall not lose their places in' the staff corps. The ahove quoted provision Is one of the most Important and radical of' the changes proposed, by the hill. It amounts, to effect, to the abolition of the staff corps as a permanent liistltutlott in which of­ ficers now serve throughout their military career. The proposition .that line officers should be appointed to do Staff duty for s dafinlte period, and, a t , the conoluslpn of that terin, return again to the line, has been BtrenuoUsly advocat.ed by many, Of. the best military autborltles In this country for years. It is a pet Idea Of former Seoretary , of War Porter, now one of the members of the Senate Committee on Military Affairs. According to the'provlston, as It effect of it had done So ludge- a officers m is made to take card gray-haired colonels andTleutenant- [s of the lias of the regular army, who years of goqd service he: of heroes of the Spanish w their pinafores, hr permitting tl •e with the next higher Tank t Itshment. The enlls^nu tlngeivt IS.OOO present Porto J 16 Philippine soldlei oeive One-half the rate of pay if pay given to.the is left an opening s offleera, to white >.offloefs to accept assignments to the Com- e troops, both giving them the rhfte soldiers, but there Is _or the appointment and an extra inducei mand of native appointment of some native ment Is offered giving thei lext higher oompensation of the rank rhlch they re permil A female nurses* corps Is to be ermltted to officer their own The bill contains also a bit o t special legr chief ot staff Who haa been sentenced by The hill oont isletibn aimed at Sgan's ease, the Preildont to retire oonipnlBorlly i asO, authorising ytapulsorlly any •t-martls mitigation thereof, to suspenslou for a pei carrying him to within one year of his regu- r date for retirement. rDispsteli''ta th* Assoeistsd Picss.] WasHiNonDK,'noK,' Novjifmtoerdvjilmber fiO.“ Beoir»tary Hoot's army bill providea for a lientenant- N f bill providea fe general, alx major-generals, and fifteen brigadier-generals. The number of ckptalna, first lieutenants, and aeoond Itoutenanta bt the cavalry and Infantry are Increased from twelve to fifteen for eaoh reglmont. Three (A the captains are to be available for detail sa adjutant, quartermaster, add com­ missary, three first lieutenants for squad- r«o and battalion adjutants, and throe seo- oUd lieutenants for Squadron quartormas- arUllery arm aa at presi made by organizing an artll isent organized la lllery corps known as coast artillery and field artillery, ot artillery are to bo placed for promotion accordini corps will have a chief havo the rank and ler-general. There will bo ling to seniority. The let of artillery detidl- ed from the colonels, and while sorvlnf In this capacity will pay of a brigadier-general. In addition 18 colonels, l8 lleutenant-ool- onels, 39 majors. 182 captains, 198 first lieu­ tenants, and 192 second lieutenants. The captains and lieutenants,, whep not requir­ ed for duty with batteries, will be avail­ able as, staff officers la garrisons. Bach bat­ tery »f coast and field artillery shall he orgitoteed, aa at present. The Inoreasa In the arflllery shall be 20 per cent, each year for fife years, tuitll the maximum of 18,920 men Is/rcaohed.,' The, adjutant-general wUl have the rank 6f major-general, and corps is Inoreosed by one lieutenant-colonel and ten majors. The Inspeotor-Genoral’e Department Is. In­ creased by one lieutenant-colonel and six majors. The ^Judge-Advocate's Department Is Increased by pho colonel and three ma­ jors. ’The tJUartermaster’s Department Is In­ creased by two Colonels; one lieutenant-col­ onel, fpur majors, and twenty-four captains. To fill the grade of captains, volunteers not over thlrty-slx years old may be api>olnted. The Subsistence Department is increased by One colonel, one lieutenant-colonel, one ma­ jor, and thirteen captains. The Medical Department Is inoreased two colbhels, two He majors, 117 captains __ _ ___________ _ The Pay Department is Increased by one Colonel, one lieutenant-colonel, and the num- I^^of majors is fixed at .pine. Instead of ^twenty, as at present, with twenty-seven captains. The majors in the Pay Depart­ ment a t present will hold that rank, but no promotions are to be made until the num­ ber of majors is reduo fill the vacanc' ' ' aa additional years, may be selectea. The Engineer Corps Is increased captains, fourteen first lieutenan) twenty-one second lieutenant are to be made by seniority and vacano are to be filled from the regular army. % 6 PureaU is Increased by one lie lieutenan Jors, four captains, nine first lieutenants, s during the present emergency the Preside irtscd to continue for duty in the nes ten first lieutenants and ten lieutenants as volunteer signal ott- The Signal Corps Is increased by Jors, four captains, nine first lieutenants, and durins the present erne Philippi: second i All prmnotions in the etatt created Under the act are- to be made from the present staff corps, and whea_ yacanoles occur by retirement or otherw'lse promo acancles ade by sfealOrli cannot be filled by such protuotload are be filled by detail from the 3 wMch the offloor shall not be avalli staff duty until he has served twu _ ___ to the linsv Tha prorlslatolop filling vaoan- lino- Of ^ ar- lonunlttee now Btands, the full effect of It will not be worked out for several years, as tt Is not proposed to make the provision. If It should be enacted into law, applicable to present members, of the staff corps above the rank of lieutenant- colonel, The provision for the filling of vacancies that may ocour by reason of the increase of ofBcers under the prbposed act is as follows: t m iT O i T O Q y g i r iro M c ij w m > A T » k o v e i u b b r so . m m m n u i m m . F iV O B AJIB 0 » ( » I ! f I O H FOB U B , oimiircpg views . Otwisfoa p t il«sstlm«ikt isi tko OlilMW#' fJnioM—tU PrmMAmmtU- FiraBoawa«r. m « n f Oailedl iwifisoraat—JiohSi p e - Staiem eht Iw Mupporjt o f I t s Froppsitlohi»-.OtlteT OpMioWK- While the view's of R. Fulton Cutting, Preeldent of the Oitlzdns’ Union, ar# ususl- Id by the members ef fhe or|anlto- his prohouneemsnt, dti what he be-, II^vos to be the best course -to follow municipal campaigns, which he sent to the ’’ jsf exoiuSlroIy on ■toednesdsy, did KvdMdg pdti notot -neoedsarneoedsarily n - represent tb#' ideas of 'the Unipn as a bOdy, ' parties 1 ■ Ibednssdsy, represent tb#' ideas of r'; of course. To a unton of illevps in add! programme.\ Tbrday bn# of _neto'ot ^ tha circular recently Issued by the Oltliens* Union, Henry B. Howland, Said dersWod Mn Cutting’s i srely an expression of he. .CHtlsens' Union is i oTgakizotlon, so that 1 n hardly be taken as r re,my own viewi V to Mr. Outtini a «ri the otto's b ^ sM to be settled when th# preper time JWaaels Ic. Etoto. Who w s i ' ^ m a n <4 ■ ^ to*'ffitoig the'«troa#- the \Tototo Ilentoorato\ t - , . , - • oampalgn, said to-tol 4>«t W regarded 1 ” .......... uhffiieBtlonahly I independent !• Of the OUi- jcancles in the grade of field ol- i captain, created by this act, la ry, artillery, and infantry shall be —imbtlon according to seniority c.h, respectively. Vacancies ex- he promotions have been made .Ided for as follows: A sufficient 11 bo reserved for the next grad- ______ __j at the United States Military Academy, Officers now bolding commissions In the volunteer army, and whose age doSs not exceed thirty-two years at the date of the jmssage of this act, may be ordered be­ fore boards of officers for such examlnatioa as may be prescribed by the Secretary of War. Volunteer officers who establish their fitness before these examining boards may be appointed to the grade of second lieu­ tenant in the regular army. Volunteer o£- toers BO appointed to the grade ot second lieutenant shall be arranged according to rank, on a separate list. All vacancies then existing in the grade ot .first lieutenant, in eaoh arm ot the serVIca shall be filled from this list, and the lineal lists of second lieu­ tenants, according to seniority, as detor- nllned to length of prior oommissioned ser­ vice; but nothing herein contained shall change the relative rank of ^officers here­ tofore commissioned as second lieutenants In the regular army. When the vacancies of the grade of first lieutenant shall have been filled from the two lists, the names ot the remaining sec­ ond lieutenants shall then be placed on one list In each branch, arranged as to seniority, according to the dates ot their commissions, and promotions thereafter shall be made as provided for In existing law. vision fsrz Bsa^-G luld api tply to Qen. Egan, Oom- ildent Is authorized to enlist and itlVes of the Philippine Is! mtlon similar to the cavalry 1 to the number of 12,000, the and la- number of 12,000. the offloers organization to ha selected from the regular army. The highest officers In com­ mand of the natives shall be majors. When natives by their service and character show fitness for command, the President Is au­ thorized to make provisional appointments 1 the grade ot L regiment of borized. Porto Ricans also is a C A I I ^ A FAMOUS SWINDLER. Supposed <‘Dr, F e r g u s b n ” Identified b y P o lice ns Mnn w ltb a R ecord, Charged with obtaining money under false pretenses, a mnn representing him­ self as Dr. William A. Ferguson, formerly Of Galveston, Texas, hut who Is alleged by Ihe police to bo ex-Qov. Moses of Char­ leston, S. C., a noted \confidence man,\ was arraigned to-day before United States Commissioner Shields In the Federal build­ ing and held In ball of 81,000 for exaalna- tion, an Thursday next. The prisoner la sold to bear a close re­ semblance to the notorious South Carolina Governor of \carpet-bagger\ fame, whose record Is In every police headquarters in the tonatry. j \Dr. Ferguson” was hrreated in this city on Tuesday last by Detective Armstrong of the West Sixty-eighth Street station on complaint of Dr. Jarman of West Seventy- fifth Street, who alleged that Ferguson had swindled Mm out of a small sum of money and was continually annoying him. The Federal authorities. Wish to send him to Washington, where he is wanted on charges of swindling. Dr. A. H. Shands of No, 1320 Now Vork Avenue, N. W., Washington, ap- peared against him to-day, \Ferguson” told a long story and In It denied absolute­ ly that the name ho gave Is an assumed rganlzatlon. Pueblo has B of LleUt.-Gov. Wood- State leaders, who wanted to e organization thi s Would Join It Some 1 ICIAQS COUATY RBPCBWOAAS. Sl«n Snggesl'ea for the OIinlrma.nshtp—. DadT to Be Re-elected. Members of the Executive Committee of the Kings County Republican organization will dine at the home of Lleut-Qov. Wood­ ruff to-night. It will then be decided what to do about the projected reorgai Michael J. Dady’s return from Pueblo has upset the calculations ruff and the ^ti BO alter the organization that Indej Republic programme must be decided upon ot Mr. Bady appeased. He has deollned to with­ draw, and declares he has enough votes to keep him at the head of the Executive Com­ mittee. Mr. Dady expresses regret that Walter B, Atterbury, the present Chairman ot the County Cotomittee, has declared his Intention of resigning, for he thinks that Mr. Atterbury also could he roBlected, la spite of Mr. Woodruff. It Is admitted now by political leaders in Brooklyn that the next Chairman of the County Committee will come from the Eastern District, and In this connection Col. Thomas G. Baird, Adolph Klondl, aad Goorgo S. Richards are men­ tioned. Mr. Dady said to-day that undoubtedly ho would bo reSleoted himself to-th*JExeoutlvo ChalrmaneMp, in adding a \i>osltlvii tbS slg y the ditisons' iwland, Said that bs tma imsnt to to persoail optoiem. now in procesa Mr: Outttng's vie: Can hardly be token as rsprsesutotlve, F Instance, I bavo^my own TieWs on the, «u loots discussed' to Mr. cutting. I believe that the main issue in the muntoipsl cam­ paign is to be the league of the polios and the governing powers With-vtoe, \The Sepamtlon of those two Is tbs great i be a veto dlt- idea of Tam­ many Hall as an agency' to suppress vice Is, of course, absurd. What the oltltsens . should do first of all Is to agree upon some way of separating the polloo. from, vice. .l>ot them decide how to do that, whether by legislating them out of office of h r removing Tammany from oontrol, they niuat start sight, a member tral Committee of the Citizens’ Outting*s statoiuent wise move toward a o'sBipaign. \The moral IhSuenee sens' union ant of the Ohsmber of Com­ merce Is iniqutotlonabto cMef \diffloulty Jn the are not far-rsaohlng able to get-the supp whose votes are atoolutely necessary to the success, of ,au Ifittoondlont moysmeut—-1 tnein the independently tblnkiug men among the rardc and file of DemoOrsts. 'Tt must not be forgotten that the nor­ mal Republican vote In this city is little more than a iBird Of the tbtol. An'hMOi- pendent mjavemeat ttwst win ehlsfiy by Demoorotic vqtes, ■ There-Sro-60,000 T>emo- .orato who will Join an anti-Tammany move­ ment, many, of them members ot the T«m- many Pfsli organisation. A. ISrgs propor­ tion of tossH» men are poor, but they are Intelligent, and ean be reached by rtaaon. • \Feraonally I believe that Ute best re­ sult! can .be reached through an indepeQ- dent Democratlo origanlzation; but this la no time for talking of perBonai.'pfaJUdloes.\ FLATT TO KEEP BIDWBIIi. Bis Approval of th e dolleo'tor In Spltw- of Crtties. Oollebter Bldwell said to-day that he had received a surprise Wltb hU Thanksglying had been lodged against him at ‘VTashlng- loLTCT a m ........... ... th e A o o ldenf.fo •Sa Fm n etseo xrooibnii Speotiitorii. Saw Fiuweutoo, blovember 20.---A rettosd Hat of the dead in yesterday’s accident to a Crowd of men and bOys witnessing the Stonford^Calltornla football gams from the ropt of a glass manufactory shows fifteen names. More than one hundred persons fell Into the furnace of the factory upon ovens and retorts containing ;molten glass when the- roof Odllapsed. The. Injured now being breo, and of these seferal dead arc Edgar Pafrhaven, W, Hi Eokfeldt, twelve* years dharles leyrand Bat ard, sixteei tensteln, f to-day In hospital. had bad no knowled ammany 1th tile police. Abner S. Hal of the Cen 7 i’ Union, do- that Mr, Cutting has acted and forethought,” He \• said; heartily uphold Mr, Cutting In he has done. I wish you to Say t loyal, patriotic, B In. Now York, a greatest Wisdom and forethous uphold Mr, Cutting In everything that I lava a shade of oritlolsm -to offer against him.' Ho la one of the most loyal, patriot and Bslt-saorifloing citizens Whatever he does Is done with the tha ohar hostile .tude until yesterday morning. Senator Platt was asked whetiier he had .any intention of removing Colfeoter Bldwell, and he declore'd that ha had hot. \He has done nothing to deserve punishment,” added. AS to Appraisei not Speak. ppralser Wakeman he woul 30.—Secrets r-Admlral R xtover he di gbt Into tb Jo you, thea, ■ ment of Mr. Cutting?’’ he was \Every word of it: Mr. Outtl Ing to pi unanlmou ity word mrify the city. He has the almost good of the city.” E, R, t - Gould c s Oltizens’ Union, id. Is In this thing I Witt Warner put the matter regard it as, most unwise,\ ho declared to­ day, \moat emphatically unwise. He Is de­ feating the very eads. for Which wq are working .by his aotton. Although the state­ ment Issued Is Mr. Cuttings personal opin­ ion, coming from the head ot.our organiza­ tion, it gives to the public an Idea thto it la.qn official atatement. We are drifting from our moorings with Mr- Cutting, If it continues, ouc aim as an erganlzstioji will be defeated and. w^e^s^li t? see^^safer anchorage. • \There Is one-questlon pow, and only one —that is, -to defeat Platt^and Crokorj hpd relieve the city from bpisism.\ I \What is yout Idea of mtmlolpSl owner­ ship Of'public uUIltleW? ....... ' \All that Is socialistic. It has no place t our platform. Mr. Cutting' has badly mixed two questions in Ms statement. I do not believe, either, that the tenements should go untaxed. Such measures^ might properly be considered after we have set ourselves to the task ot cleaning up this great clty--not before. You may quote mo as saying that Mr. Cutting, ae President of the Citizens’ Union, has done a most Indis­ creet thing.\ John Do 1 As a whole, Mr, Cutting’s statement seems to mo an admirable one. As to details, they are, of course, open to discussion. His main proposition Is unanswerable; reform, economy, a .Mayor of Ideal Integrity, ability, and public spirit, ore but means to an end that this city be made a better home lor every one- in it, with least prac­ ticable cost to Its citizens. It Is this that our citizens want, and a definite programme to this end that they demand. It they be­ lieve that a reform movement will give It to them more promptly and mote fully than Tammany, they will support reform. They favor honesty and economy: but If they got an Idea thatreformers reformers will not give them os nlUoh ’ ' ‘ \ will spoilsmen, men in office. The only ground, therefore, on which any citizens' movement can hope to get the sup­ port of the voters 1s that It proposes to do what they want done. This presupposes thatltknowswhattheywant done, and pledges Its aid to do it—that Is, that it can and will state Its progronune, as the more press­ ing questions of policy among which cer­ tainly are municipal ownership of public utilities and municipal Initiative In social betterment. This mokes me regret that some worthy people seem to have misun­ derstood Mr. Cutting. I understand that he Is In favor of both these propositions. And 1 should be sorry to learn that any con* v w ' i ; :=!\..T a T i 2 ? and more liberal provision for the common S I X ’S . ' a , - s s ? s s . - y K i it would surprise some of Mr, Cutting’s critics to know how many of MS sugges­ tions are equally well based on experience: or how much more radical he might he and still be thus Justified. Any’ citizens’ move- K ‘ s 5 * '. « w i E , 'S ’. n x r f f i X S iX X n X S 'X V 'S l % s ; M T A a S o r TOTOOS SOUSHT. R e a r -A d m iral R em ey A sked torNairiea pt Y o sem lte V iotim s. W ashington , November Dong has telegriiphed to Bear-J ,mey a t Manila to send the nam,os of the men lost In. the ToSemlte disaster at Guam. Is supposed that the Admiral hesitated report the names beoause he had no'official list of casualties, the only Information about the hurricane and those lost ha'ring appar­ ently been given by officers and passengers of the army transport Sherman. . Many' telegrams of Inquiry are being oelved at the Navy Department from rela­ tives and friends of officers and men who the Yosemlte or stationed ashore at Guam, hut the Department is unable furnish any Information except that Admiral Remey bos reported that five enUsted men loet. Relatives of officers of the Yo- semlte are apparently not satisfied with the jortO that no Officers were lost, aUd the sgrams Indicate that they are very much alarmed. The United States steamer General Alava, WMoh Is reported to have been In the vicin­ ity ot Guain during the typhoon, Is a much larger vessel than the registers show. She Should be ratOd as a transport of about 1,800 tons displacement instead oFa' gunboat'of eS? tonfc Grders itSiS Issued Jsoine tinfo a’to far the General Alava to proddsd to Uttohf with a company'\of marines,-blit the NaVy Department- has not been Informed whothST she started on the trip, as It Is not custo­ mary to report the movements of auxiliary vessels In the Philippines.. A search is hs- mafio' through the flies of the Bureau’ zigatton, whlcl the Itinerary of her proposed trip to Guam. ■Yaneiola, eighteen years; Thomas ,J Rlppon, twenty-four years; James A. Mul- ronoy, forty years; Marquise Van Dura, for- ty-flye years; Virgil Nouby, fifteen years; is Mbnahah, thirty-four years; Tal- rell, sixteen years; Eufton Glr. :teen years! Will'Rlthsteln, twelve years; Robert Miller, seventeen years; Hector McNeil, fifteen years, and Moses Ot- 3 . John Brough, died of the bodies, believed to be J. A. Mulroney, •was also identified a'S B. 0,-Put­ ney. Fred.' F, Lilly, who is among those believed to be fatally injured, came to '8an Franolsco a few weeks ago from New York city. ' Among Ms effects were found a num­ ber ot letters from his father, Henry Lil­ ly, who is connected with a firm of boot and shoe dealers, at Nos. 59 and 61 Beade Street, New York olty. Charles Yost, oven man of the glass works. Was ratting the fire when the orosh came, and narrowly escaped being struott the falling, bodies. He says that those led either struck the heavy bands that surrounded the glass oven, or were crushed by those who fell on top of them. Many succeeded in sjtaylug their descent for a mo­ ment by holding onto the broken beams, but before they cquld be reached they Were obliged to let go their hold aUd drop to the floor, a dlatahoo of forty-five feet. Glaronce Jeter, a furnace-tender, pulled eight persons off the top of the retorts, where the heat was about 500 degrees. Some of the tnen and boys were terribly burned. They were drawn away from the retorts with long iron pOkerS used In testing the glass. While aiding In removing the dead and Injured, T. J. Parker, a fireman, found hils own son among those Injured. The lad will probably die. The manager of the glass works said that It Was impossible for them to keep tha peo- selr buildings, '“They disclaim all iHty for the acoldent. It is osll- Sil^Ver A p p lied IPotiery and Gla^*f 1fVare*s We display a cbllection of choice eJcamplesi of donoestic and imported pottery and glass ' yttares^ bee-.titifully decora.ted with silver scrolls. T h ese ornaments are graceful in form, rich in tint arid color. Prides range from $5.00 to $50*00. T h e o d o r e A . K o K n ^ S o n Jewellers 56 West 23d St. pie off ttai responslbli mated that englh of 1 90 persons were on the when It cCllapsed for its entire 100 feet. Some were thrown to the main roof of the building and escaped unhurt, but of those who fell Into the struc­ ture. nearly all were either killed seriously Injured. RlSl^a OF PEASANTS, T w e n ty hIoldLa.Tla.ns -Shot and M any Talcen ^Prisoners. B do R akbst , Romania, November 80.—A rls’lfig ot Moldavian peasants against the new tax qu prune spirits has taken place. The military have shot twenty men 1 have made many prisoners. H. V. NE-WGOMB’S SANITY. Ment.bers of Fom n e s Oomxnission Said to. B e Inolmdod In V roposed One. In tbs Supreme Oo-urt to-day J'ustlce Fitzgerald reserved decision upon the applh cation for the appointment ot a comm.iS' Sion to Inquire Into the mental condition of H. Victor Newcomb ot this olty. Mr. Newoomb’s wile, Florence, and his son, Herman, through Col. Burton N. Harrison, make the application for the commission. De Lancey Nlcoll, representing Mr. New- comb, opposed the application, on the ground that the majority of the men whose nainea are aubmltted to the court os : bora of the commission have already pass­ ed an opinion upon his mental condition. The names of tho alienists, who are pro­ posed for the ooromlssloa, are Dr. Cyrus Edson, Dr. John Ouohterlony, Dr. Alan Mc- I H ave now on show and for ^ i sale a large collection o f the | \ p tize winning pieces o f i Pottery \ I awarded the \GRAND PRJX^* at the Paris Exhibition, Broadway and 2 Ist S i « A fter January fst, | 15 th Avenue and 37 th S i I Lean Hamilton, Dr. A. A. Smith, Dr. t Ham B. Anderton. end Ur. Allen FI of the patients are lewcomb’s mental lied tho attention of the court. Ho has the past been commlttod to a sanitarium and discharged. At the present time, Mr. Newcomb is e doing -well, bu names will probably b the list of the dead. oupled god. At the press I endeavoring to convince a ref­ eree appointed by the Supreme Court that he Is fit montally to regain possession ot his property, valued at about jl.000,000. Un- r the direc itch Is supposed to contain TROTTERS AT AUCTION, The CMef feature of the Paslg-Tlpton ot trotters In the Madison Square Garden to-day vrak The Aiibott, the fastest trotter in the -world, lAo is to be Sold at' foiir O’clock this afternoon. It Is declared by ex­ perts thgt tho price will not fall Under $80,- On September 20, at Terre Haute, Ind., trotted home aa champion of the world in 2i03%, half a second better than any other performance in the history of the'turf. The tied In 1893 by ACCIDENTS TO BRITISH STEAMER. L ondon , Novetnbor ivre .on Novem •lorfolk, had icblons damaged, lost part of deokload during the pabsi steamer Llngfleld, Capt, Bartlel rived at Havre .on Nov 'saoola hied, bulwarks ahd stanch A Promise of Better Glasses. Please don't think we are fn an.'jr ‘ haste to sell you eyeg^lasses. Some time, when you have had unusual trouble with, yours or have had the ' usual trouble long; enougfh, remem­ ber that ■we a*e accustomed . to get­ ting; at the causes of eyej^lass troubles and correcting them. We shall surely help you when ■you are ready, TWO ATORB5. J04 EAST 23rd ST. I |2S WEST 42nd S i , One door I Between Seat 4th Are. ( Broi^-frAF *nd £ 5 = 1 5 Bcm ly Abbott Is a bay gelding foaled In 1893 Chimes—Nettle King, and Is offered from. Farm of 0. J. & Harry Hamlin at N. Y. The horses which TO RECOVER CUSTOMS DUTIES. P e t it io n F iled toy P o r to Rionnii In Co-art of C laim s. W ashington , November SO.—A further etltlon has been filed In the Court ot finlms by John G. Carlisle, representing counsel Carlos Armstrong, an Importer Ponce, Porto Rico, to recover customs alleged to hare been Illegally collected by the United States. The petition is • demurrer without verbal argume: amount claimed by the. plaintiff i , $500 or Kermlea-Quceni lertdn-Queon; Child Shot Instead ot Father. Maggie Igel, a child of nine years, while laying in front of her home on SoMIler troet, Bllzaheth, N. J., last evening, w hot In the head by some unknown perse and may die. Her father, Thomas Igel, e presses the belief tha.t the bullet was 1 tended for Mm, but struck his child Instoad. The police ore Inveatlgatlng the case. RACING AT WASHINGTON. - -------- v Of what they want as then they will put Spolls- of the peace protocol between the Uniti States end Spain la 1898 are Illegal, since tha Constitution ot the United States Is held to extend to the island ot Porto Rico by the terms of peace. A correction of the peti­ tion forifierly filed Is made In that the plain­ tiff Is not a citizen of the United States, hut a subject of Great Britain. First race Sei Second race— lalf fiirlOHj More than a dozen cases ot scarlet fever have been reported to the health authorities In the village ot Baldwins. L. I, The Board of Education has ordered the public schools closed for two wetiks, and Health OHloor Lanohart is establishing quarantine where the fever exists. of tone, correct design of case, combined with per- fection of workmanship cause the iilasiratllaanliii PIANOS to appeal to the m o st critical taste and best buSi- ' ness judgment. Warerooms, 3 and 5 West 18th St. ' Near Fifth Avenue -.Malden two-year-olds—Five and o: i i e p i start if any scratches; GRAND JURY PEESENtMENTS. ChnnKes In W a ter D e p a r tm e n t Ao- oonntlng: R ecom m c n tlea. Recorder Golf discharged the November rand Jury this afternoon after thanking iem for their services. Th* foreman, John P, Paure, presented several reports from imlssloners and officials examined, a memorandum announcing that tho Jury de- otded not to go Into the Ourtls Fire Insur- anoo Company matter and five presentments. One presentmept dealt with the water question. The Jury found ho danger of ty­ phoid fever Imminent, hut declared flltoatlon only permanent system to prevent tt. ither dealt with th* Water Register's Of- wator be sold at an even ioyees In that office be careful and honest. The jury recommended that a competent authority be onqe to make a Beaching Investigation of rd race—Steeplechase—,<bont two and one- miles; non-wlnnets, except at hunt and county. Fourth raco—December Special—One mile and a BiS\.-.;;-.:::: 111 Fifth Baca.—Handicap. Two ,.v. t wer b IX fud- f e i i l i s i i i sixth Bace.—One mile, one hundred ysnU. ■courie,°OarbUn<:ie, and Klmie Ss Healy’s entry. A GIFT BY CECIL RHODES. No M ove Ilk the Mikyhrick Case. L ondon , ^ November 30.—The ofilcers of the United States Embassy say that they have not received any Instructions In regard to taking further steps for the release from Woking Prison of Mrs. Florence Maybrlck, who Is undergoing imprisonment tor life after being convlctea. In 1889, of poisoning jadrznanx* T o -diiy. The following Judgments were filed to-day: n $66J.BT. OH CO.. PROTESTS AGAINST LYNCHING. The F r e s iileitt A sked to R efer to th e M atter In H is M essage. C hicago , November 30.—^Resolutions i testing against lynohings and asking President to take some action ping them were t Thanksgiving servl MoVlckor’a Theatre, The resolutions werO lented by the Rev. Jenkin Lloyd JonSs, tho request of the Afro-American AntU i They called attention to y In Denver a •ge number ot , lynohings In the United States during tha last twelve months. The President was ask­ ed to refer to the matter In hlS message. asking the ' vards stop-'* during the union e People’s OhurOh,' Lynching Society. 1 the lynching of the ' iS r r H x H ’l r l w S S ' Investment proved a good one. 3 employed a t ohtng Investigation o ;s office with a view to its betterment. w cathi 13,000 t ledral. Charles 0. Nadal, another leading member Ion, said: \I agree with Mr, Cutting says, but I !S 0. Nadal, at of the Oltlzens’ Dnloi ttempt to deal closely with details of. the policy which a new Administration would carry ouA Wo should rest our campaign ofi the broad platform of good gqvemment, and, having competent men la Offioe, should U - AFTBR THE LANDLORDS. R e p o r t of Tam m any’s P a r ity C o tnm lt- tee—Place* Cloned. Up. ’ammany's 'Purity Omurnlttee will meet afternoon to hear a report by the sub*. committee, ■ M. Warley Piatzek and John W. Keller, Who Were appointed to with the Educational Alliance. They the disorderly houses ly District have been closed up by their efforts; that they have secured names of landlords of V- the landlords at all th ssetably the Title Guarantee and Trust Com­ pany a list of the names of landlor such bouses, and that now- the be dealt with, Mr. Piatzek was asked to-day how ills committee had succeeded Ifi closing up the evil resorts In the Eighth Die- He replied that they had obtained evidence and hod acted through the police. The police, he added, .were stationed in front of every disorderly hous* with Instruotloas to warn peCTl* o4-tb» charaolto of th* Conte C a le n d a r s . (For Saturday.) rS S s s .T ix ,r:is..’iri,sv '» .'\ S ^ C K in g s County. i M S E S f Gtaoens Conniy. / 4 0 2 : k 457;imT8;i.t. g - f f g s - s - ' ‘ 3d and 4th Floofs. AN OFFERING OF ORENTAL RUGS. CARABAGHS m m BOKIARAHS A LOT OF PERSIAN HALL STRIPS 3 . 4 ari 0 ft.to 3 . 4 x i 0 ft. KHIVA BOKARAHS Just opencci ALSO BAGDADS a n d KELIMS FOR PORTIERES , AND COUGH COVERS-RpDUCBD PRIC^. at ^ 9 . 0 “ a t n o . * , to * 5 0 . ° “ m & *55

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