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Kv\ * r w x . J3. B a a g - j u f j j ^ - c o . **sas^d¥^j2S,r,'yrsiM : : ^ ^ 5 S S ■ \ • g g g m m i g ■**' \ir^'£cS5S%^-^g ^“ '’ A « k pfff-tfi! ^ s s i s s & A '£sts soft #T«oeei i M f i l l S i : '2 & u : i s . J i e \ '“ '“‘‘““' S T s ^ s s f g g K # i S I : T |]C0 bass Lagti’ipaOcffee ioo oait* fona P«®e quaiiqr i g i f f i B r s , - - \ ' -- -“--I'JSfS; p «*3-i O I K A K D & C O . offer for sale, at 107 ^ ^ l l L M R T t & I ^ K A N ^ . v l a ^ e 1 |7 . I /TABD DCPry Do ^ Do dark and pale of different I A P .ornti.LE Do Do J obs DrBJkKD&(^o’»Sand ^■.l^!,!>l;‘U•x Do Do J. J. U rnrt's brand 41. f 1.A R S r Wir^E, Sy JCLI*«. casks &. cases i: E; EiSS/'K S a rS'flS* W i ^ 7 ^ i e m ^ f b l M ^ d f c onWch’d i??«} -JfpnoB. _ 3? 0^®5JS‘r ! i f l , S i “ ’r;S”T. E; *'*L’eacfced and Unbleached. Winter and Fall %eTO Oil. :: f o :: .. .. •• - NWCS)ast“ A ’co, Neatsfoot Oil. M s ;; Also,enipiv*casks.Bpenn Candle^asuorted sizes. JI6 ^ ^ m E f ______________e w » ! _ : distant A^riennen, viz. ■ To have a sower constracied in Pearl street, between Maiden lane and Wall street. To ha»e a sewer constrpeted In Uedar street, between the easterly sids^ol^ B roadly afldthe present sewef in said xtended w'lsVav”nne°'^ constructed in 11th street. \ | | S d S s S ? '*■’“■ “'“'• ?,Hls.r.Tcss i,,ssr..{s a'so. to l^ave bridge stones laid In 7th at erslened at hia ofSre Mo. 4 Hal! of Records, on or be- Septeiaber 31.1317 i s‘23 lOt itieet, between 6tfa coDstmeted in 33d street, between Otb K E P r B L i C OJP T E X A S . Gihsiuj. Inum Omo*, A tistih , Feb. 27th, 1845. j s i f E S s p s : : . i - t . t s ; s S u i s s j i ' r f i ' i ? , v T r s 5 ‘. rSp£s,s.K .i“ ?s'sss.7r;a;i; a£S£?|.2E.TS5;;ra?K'.s i ras'L’HiM» ”r™rzra^f£L7b“.e£Sf?,'?^ _J16 ________ ^ x ^ A e e n t , 7 t Cedar£.,Ifcw York. p lic M i'in ^ ih e * p a « ii^ o ” |iiaEraand ^ * s E aM.oS^ ' K iSrsK 'S S a ” c l V E . T f a ' . t ' S S , “H i s S S s S S i H : : depart from this rale. Money loaned on B.and M. RsntSEHCES. Kaihanie! Weed, J. P. Pbrenii, |”riS?Jia, . sssFii'i, s,£'iS|I.;,, i w s r r - g a s - S S a g 'n . o y of the Do Wolfe and Overing Placi iplyto MOSES TAYLOR, 44 South St without lota in the rear, on 27th street. The greater part of the maney can remain on bond and mortgage. Address b r 1^, Post Office- __________________an 13if _ line, who mays THUS. S. HARPS, 281 B R O A D W A Y . N E W Y O R K . X *■* B K O W W E . MAKER AND IMPOfetER, iU- • vltes the attention of admirers ofthls dellghtfnl in- • id elegant selection, r ------ --------- lendidiy finUbedand D O C S C .F..A C T IO N ETAB ^ompanlKiem to ihe voice, and displays tbe graceful pro­ portions of nature’s handicrafts tothe greatest advantage.” t Mr. Bro—i» '. H.tp. we by fb. Ihe mn.t hraatlfbl w . s p ' “T f I r W v V b - K S \ ” lyndon abJNenYoifc.lS PSSygSFKvf s = ' . — s.on or before t Street Commisi ^*An‘^ ° M ln w r e s K r t a f h e above proposition having leet Oommissioner’s Office , ) September 28tb, 1847. ( 'IN B. THOaiPSON, Street Commissioner.. l i W s p s Clem. «1 sy>teini«cslly directed and well applied, lo speur, the beat intellectual mining consistent with health Ivr i— nuno h iiiuon In bn tcarnf d Pt hum”, \.n i ^V p e c F c ? re‘^iilrbe talteo m cultivate the eye, the ear. thd hmd and the vmce. lirswlng. and vocal music Will be| tiught til all. Those wb i comlnue through ihe course Wilt receive (horouch Instruction In the Classical '‘\The^eahh‘‘Md'‘momIs of the children will be studied. s p t , » ;-.d\i£' .Si s « .'iK .;te s£i*As:Shb?hrar.s^^^^^^^ The' iterms. paiyable In advance, will be 8, 12.15 or 18 dollars per quariier, accortimg to the advanceincri of the e :: s , itiiETiferts';!; .\s.iisfs.r.r.?.” nlshed to those ^ho are unprovided. There will he no ; s . f ™ ? c s . s ; : £ r ? ; ‘? ------ ..r ..... (yg weeks each, and the fourth, or “S S i ' z i s z ' s s s M . “*BB —PabirfPablrc notice Is h<*r**bv TeS®o^^’SSrrole';f?a'SraI* i^nr^pORATION PiOTir- — o l i ' , i & r a ? d '’. s r t i For bnlldlnga Pewer in 2Bth street, between Lexington and parcels of land, situate on both .aides of 2Sth street, Also.^fafbandTu'g'^n's^^^ street, botweer \^\e’.?S?.s'l'L“bt^lfb*y1uch assessments, iue.nde all tb. '’T l s T m ^ C d t ^ ‘l“t e ? V Y a t e r street, betwee. 5Sttte*e'l' ■sOffilie^;'^^ C**b^ca^1.To^?i^wrrTr^\w^^^^^ houses and lots improved or unimproved lands, affected thereby, iffiatthc following assessments have been complet Gd by theassessofs, and are lodged in the Street Cnpimla inner’s Office for examination by all persons interested. For building a sewer In 2d street, between avenues A and The limits embraced by such assessments, include all the raIcMsonaTd,“l m a m o 1 w the Bowery and avenue O. atso’ on the easterly aide of the is ^ r S e V n ^ 'i ^ r f n ^ d ^ c.asccrly sloe ol avenne A. between Houston and 3d streets; Houston and 3d Streeu. All persons whose interests are affected by the above r r ' o ? r m r - V e “ n\“ ^^^ __________ gept as. 1.V47 { ______________ S2710t rbe?ebr.haTtKX^^^^^^ * For balling a Sewer in 19th street, between the 9th ave- j f S S S s i r r l ‘^z=^S^'SSs parcels ol land, sltoaie on both sides ,,i 18th street, between B B J n r i S H P L A T E G L ASS W A R E . H O G S E , 140. G S p r u c e s t r e e t , nesxr t l i e C i t y B tall N e w l o y k . X N addiiton to Ws usual assottihent oflarge sited LOOK? a INS GL AS8 PLATES of superior brilliancy and bsanty. nnd POLISHED PLATE GLASS for STORE audoiher WINDOWS SHOW OASES, etc., which has been largely Indreased by recent importatinns; , The subscriber has for sale. Large and smi'l siz»d POLISHED PLATES ofsuperlor qualitv tor UGHT BOUSES Also, hsr ----------- ^^HTS, COACH SKY UGH COACH 1.J ^ f f l l Y o '^ ^ l 'E T ’^- W O B T H dr CGW L I1VG, CO Air DEALERS. Jisraer of Thompson and Vonrlbstrceis, and Broadway, near iheBowilng Green, N ew Y ork . . . J. LAWRBSGB WORTH HENRY O. COWLING. Black&cathand PbachOrchanl Caals from the lands o the Forest Improvement Company ; also Liverpool—all o the first qaality. Office. Within thirty daysfromHmd^^^^^^^^^ S n e ^ f t i f m T r . ^ r / o ^ ^ = ? s £ r r ip £ S j;y .K .tH a i Octotiei laclasiVB, R DOERS. Cashier ^s2* d p ____________ JOHN WHlTEHEAP.Sec’y. September 23iU84:7. \i^rOTRCJE-—It IS believed that many persons ate mailug sales by public aduion iu the city of New Yoth, and for the most pent fhrongh mere inadvertence, eonuary to the provision* «f the existing laws on that sub­ ject I have therefore deemed it advisable to pnWIsh the subjoined list of do'.y qnaliSed anclioneers, who are the only penons anthutUed to make sales by ancUon in said Albany, 20th Sept, 1847. E i s y . wlii pieiMwiKda }heir permitsoil. board, ^ Piet ?3, E °W y D At BESCKEN. 88 Wall st cMoted aad blk MS S lrcetC o m m lsalim e r ^ a lab^‘J l S A ^ ' 1 ; , - O L . X L V . t,o GArc-*dcs2fi-;»cr,3b' |- , | ; r'? ■.■...yia......-;..:.-r o NEW TOR:^ WEDNESDAY. SEPTEMBER 29.1847 ' NO. ^ i NASSATJ, NEAR RlWE ST. York. September 1C. 1817. s a e s s g i j t l p ' ,.is&.Yfi;srKs4H'i££ Dated I ' .\a Beayer slreef. d ol Mr. LEGGETT. ^ .......’■■■ ■ - ----------- --------- ^ 87 CLL\ \aS?;^ThrpXprTk\=\R\’'^ a ? Z . 3 eluht\d''mmolsalth he jind morals of children ^ducKted In the cll been : r a h o “e \ % n r P - c d ^ th J ”oW^‘^ t:>. Ipg^, or lur business, not ona is Known lohave become .... . ____ __ . other departments, and all will bd subject to Mrs Bailey’s iiumediate supervismn Every Effort Is irjade to render the younj? ladles happy ami cunten^d ; to inculcate kind, pntue and amiable manners : ttve anU pleasajjt. The school is tnrnished with cLaits, geomatry. The heal teachers are omployeii In the trench r.Uteands^m^;^e?‘‘' Tends and further parilculars may be ascertained, either by post! or by persnnal application to Mrs Bailey, at Jior reslde^e 10 Carroll place, Bleecker street. C%ifs”p * i y K , S .?.?«£.■: St The mas* Church is now open for the reception of pm- Day ind Evening classes for la les and gentlemen in RHdim;ntalDr.aWlna-Dtaw,ng from the Antique Casts nml Living rlmleld. Paloiliig i.T Ciil and WatorColors. Schools and pri rata clasias attende^ s4 Im MF; nillics, ind at his residence, fiO Broad n-ay. Mr. T. has bet n a pr in the roWe^re of Bti P. git es lessoijs in the said language through the Eng­ lish or French, ( n moderate terms. Mess s.Pou &■ Co., Palanci Edwin L.Stone,Esa^,^Don ThG ostitatinn Is designed to give a thnrongh training In the dm 63 of the Arcmilant A number ot the most Influ­ ential ijrraa In this city \ “ ‘J.'JV signed the following card Ing acduatnted with Mr I'homas Ji MewfYnrk. March 5 1847. Auitlu. John H Braisted. Jacob Beecher. Wen A Brown. Josiah VV Barstow, Wm J Bleecker, Anthony J Baker, Bobl 51 Bmterfihldt Aaron Bovte. Terrence BashneU. f=^mael P*FH.Tnosnas Branch, Henry B Betts, John S:* Chambeilatn, Cbaries Chilton. Bmce A Colter, Francis Coachman, John C Cassidy^ Charles Draper, Simeon Delaplala, Samuel t. DaaMot,WlUiam Davit, Isaac O Da Groot, JoitB R Edward,. Ansel rotter, ChariexW Francis, John Fleeti Francis Franklin, WniH Greenohgh, Walter Gilbert, Waited Gurley, Royal Haydeck. Robert Hume, Hem Hongli. Lini u Lindley H ^ r : A. C. FIAGG, Comptroller. Leeds, Henry H l-ewis, Gilbert Lewis, WfflN McLanghllD, Wm 6 McCormick, Wm Mailer. A H Mooney, Ben* Mm turn, Thos R Mallabv. Theodors Mu.'phy. Joseph McElwain, James G Morgan. Homer McCdrty Wm. D.* McCormick, John Nash. Daniel D PlatliJacobH Price, JamatB Parks. David PelLWaHma Pine, Geo W Richards, Josiah Bndderow, John Kyah.C(inPsH swift. John J ' Sayres, John B : Se!ias,Htyn»ia L Sniffen.John Timpson, George wSS;.Rj^jv Lnany, John _ ___ ,— •Ontlltad through wRtske In tlw Sist three tiwaitiwof- tW f l tW eaimM fM iit. i r ” 5|£:iS7,,%2;ss s:;r„ni5.?S5Sl, Lecture Lessons. Exercise Riding, ssons..^' .*.•$15 ««> I I Month .......... 51^ 00 s;::::;::::: \:SI S'r.r.r.;'?S i iaessoQs ....... i2 (HJ I Single Rides.... 75 igie Rides... qmet Horses, for the E BULE3.. 1 —A It Lessons or Rides paid for on commencing. S—Cnehour allowed, on each Lesson or Ride In the 3— Cue hour and a half to a Lesson on the Road. 4 — E onrs for Ladles, from 8 A. M to 3 P. M. 5— E Outs for Gentlemen, from 6 to 8 A. M. and 3 to 7 P.M 6— b o Gentlemen admitted during the hours appropriated to Lad es- i A c a d “Of address is reqnested prevlons to commencing. 53\ Geutlemen keeping their Horses In this establish­ ment, vlll have the privilege ofriding them in the school * *^ icH o s r E A 5 1 ireB l^ ettsrandenpiescan be written at the same time, t any trouble to the writer; to all who require copies ^correspondence, tjie box aCtheoffide of the: ------ - ^ 4T sejot through the Despatch: jK O N Z f c P A ^ T , soitoble for rdof aod tear* ^W iatlng; ^ arSMANW. 17 Bnrtin. tUi,. J J P ^ G ^ S r - 6 . ^ b * Pi^**** Hrngfcis, high, s l f i ^ ^ ■ r JONES fc CO 49 Exchaag, Place. O A T W A T j W ^ t o lot of supwior Bay Water, I N b a n e r i x p t c y . m s s M m m S 1 ^ 3 S s £ ? i *irriFiE S 3 S i€S^“i.rulT- “ ' w i f — ■ ■■’ ■ UstfifthoofficetsandUuswea fortbe Dated tha SMUi day of 8cpt<r i p 1 1 ^ S i S i ' ss S b \S v .« ,a s s ; s ;;,, S r S S E sssi-w s s s s . S I f S Chinncey^AyNs, M. D., Physician and Medical A^Y q ” \\‘b l A R l if AND N W G A T i 'S n RISKS, Doled this ilOth dty of SeptemI Dated th» :30th day of September, 1 r s g i i S J f s f . p i | s a s s s s a f s s s Dated tins 20th day of Scpteml E l l 2 1 g g g | Daieil this diOth day of Sept Hated this vOtth v.a \oirrrmi or GonSlu\dgnee, I day gf September. 18 > 7 . _____ ■ S € S S ; S - '“S S I 3 '■ S l i S S S F i ” r ^ ’ARLEg M ove ^N. 8nrrogate, ‘*”-\nfl^vtlp^^^Vh^p nf th«said iitH I9 that there ladhe :s:u^k‘d:ne^'tsi ^HS\; M m i m s , S S L , “ pro-i«*ny. coniii-unu' hO acresi, and wteU Known to tl; f.jr .‘everjil V ears past, ^ ldf» residence of U . Wni. Powcil. U now offi-reif Jtt prxvatk sals , havl^ ndtvdedb) ijuluuHis surVi'yor intolotaof one i e acres, to atr.rd purchasers ifie oppfjrUinUy ofercc; m;* cotti/es, w.*h ganienn attached, at a coinparf tl veiy small expense and not subject to Corporation Asses T..i: ^-o;I 13 rxcellent, the loca: on proycrbinlly healthy, od ,ircsents bcanUfnl sites for res!denres to those citizens whowialilo .,nd the var.’ uni easy access to the diy, from which Fnrdham !s distant about 11 miles. The Harlem Bail Road Depot U within a aiiume’awaiRof the property, il^us enabling the man of business to repair to the city witlOQt the necessity of keep- if elgh: .r ten heads of fanii'ies wonld unite in the pnr- bnm! within Oi'emselv^'l,’?select Cn^ 'i’oc^il'liiT- Peranns residing on the property will find every facility in of ;heii re-A^Kjctlvecustomers Maps exhib.tin? the property in S S S o r ^ - - ' ..-.n which ih( S S e u f He also has for sale Peruvian and Ichaboe Guano, Bdbe Dust, and other artificial manures. ‘ ,«1 lors deKp on the fi»st story, arid sliding commnnicatl: [g door's; In the second story twelve bedrooms, and aaei^ra mimberofpanirles, closets, fee. for farther pxntcnlars inquire of R. LATO, No. 1& Moiden-Une.orNooSISlOthsu _ _ J t x y o b s a l e O K 3?0 L E A S E - T h a t eje- S jljj gant hpuse In Broadway, ope door below Thirteenth JHuLstrect; It Was builtln the Jnbst substaaflal manner, with all the modern ImprovemeUts, and will be ready Ifor occnpancy on the Istnf October. For further inlotmation upply to E. H. LDDLOW & CO., Anctlonecn \\8H2awtf (284) ’ ________ 27 Wall 4 Park Place, TroY, CHARLES CARVILLE, i SBBfoad *t-NdwYatfc !{?« eaiedca ibt this state, and to New Jersey, tcgethei with aevetalhotjjea •iriSerAWisr*’- i . ' 8 ^ ' ^ . a w a s a a ^ t € # i t rteptk; hodte42 feet, t o p . A L ~ T h e faiKi^ba jhiphi a few days Ihe Boelofthe «fi mad Waive ,1 ib ^ ^ o d ol nearly A42.000 on hand, beydnd the payment bf ilaltos and expenses- This, added to tp. original gO-aranty i apital O! BSO.OOO, place? the swatity of ithe Company o a d l4ais so solid as ttoibngcr toadmUofa raliotial dot WmWTodd, S S ; a « i - S S ttSr\’ W mli ilS r ,„ k ,’ UIB Pm ...Oeu,l, S i S i .', j a shOWhltmoi ' j j f e Z l . SSSI: Wll fsala rdy. ’ Poier A Hargons. M m . - g S S . S f l l i \ \ s s a s s . B S ' i g \ - ’S i H S . i ' s ' v v S ' . i i , W itLtxw W Dinni.ca Recretary. ___________ J15 tr_ This conipapy h.is, tor more thar twenty three years, tone bnslne.s wilhoutlnteraplInn.Tnd contln'ies tf> insure agHinst loss and damage by fm>, on MerchamlliB, Hiilldlngs. Ships In port. Household Furniture, and other personal property, at the usual^ratos . ...... & l l : a Den),pll*nMUCT. f I F JAMES W lL K f 'a S O r r e ^ ' aiirihi,,. I “ S ; ?^'!!T^^,^T^Ldtord. VNDERHILL. Presidenn^ DIRECTOP-8 i s , . ) F. PT^RRY, Secretary. George S, Fox, 0 Commn. L. A. RDADING, PresWenl ’*Thls Company was Incorporated In the year 1818, with a perpetual charter, and Insures against toss or damage by Ore on dwelling honses. stores, mannfactnring establish- Dients, household furniture, and merchandize In general, on the most favorable terms. a “ <i b“y 'l^e^ accent here, according to the usacea of the best Oom- a s \ 4 £ “ “ a S * Ju S L B^s’wcH, Ward\ Wood^ ? o s t p h « a « » e r . BRACiE. President. the oldest and bestestaftlishod Institntlons In this country ■\ v,»rv liirgi’and nriisparous business iouweaty yews is the lest guaranty of us rhiuai-ter. DIRECT )Rti. Daniel W Clark, Benjamin W Greene, ShS'iSr”\'*' aiss\\\' Will's w S a 'S. b £.“.T- \ \ T ' w \ t L A E E . t , . , l J » l . Forforihprinfiirmation, the public are referredb n the pamphleis and forms of proposal, which maybe obtdi led at the office Of the Company -r any of its Agencies. E S r ’ \ B S U ■ rg A' 'irews, Jonatha^K Herritl I S O. Bushnell, Etq., 22Nasaan sheet- T O R A ^ E ^ S a ^ M f ^ F ^ N l ^ Y ^ ^ R ^ f' ted under its new r ame . It may b© well to add, byway ofexpi-uatJon, th^t h&o\S George Arculnrius, Robert Kminil John CampbAtl, a « f ’ Robert L. Smart, -. ;NBW y o S K AEfiSgWJf to d » .e o u t o ^ - ' H i k S I S v GEORGE IRELAND. Presilent _A_B.M o D ohald , Secretary. _ al9 F i r e I i i s x H ’a i i c e . SlJigl^CREWI'aSS win attend to pilocurin S Fire In8ur*.qc»* < a W.'reheuses, Mvrcbandizr*. Dwed ld;i Hriutes and El^uschfld Funmu/o ln^}evernl rofe pc haviogcn«h capitals of from , ^ ; 4 0 0 , 0 0 « t o $ 5 0 0 , f f 0 0 ; jcach. paid in and safely invested Any business, fh rusted ito h*3 care Will he ihanhfaiiy received and prompiijyi Utend- , Bulldinga occupied for purposes not hezardons,' n ay be .insured ueipeiualiy, subject to a return ot ne.^iiy me whole ,Krp2;;2i;;“.;iis , Jd 3mes* 34 Liberty street, (near the Postgi ice.) N orth R ivku I nsurahok CoKrafl t, # i s SX.T\- . _ . R p ~ i^tephen Storm, Abraham Van Nesk„ luoj.'imiu Johuaosson, .1 s;v%K,“ ''- a ” \v.'s:a... r^aiBuei VFrpianck, Fcter G Arcaianui,. K‘i'»q FJ flRinlimn, Jacob R lipltoy. Jeremiah Du'-iberh ■ | W ag,^|’4,Jr., PETER r i v A S \ p f 4 e „ t . JOHH HgQKtfsn, Fecretary ______________ ^ J e ^ ' S20b0Uij. Thh company cnntln rC3 in insure iBjIldlngs, aioe>.(a<« rw1«Vfs n«»r»*«»Kei rt Piirnitxivf* j-vrn'lnCt tri>e4 OP Bi-nj n UrUAh, Geiioga Miin, i “. T » t . TIMOTHY WnlTTEMORE, Pje^idbnE B T orrxy . Fecretarv, ______________ J12tf i s S a , Eilward Green, Is: U PAN V. 69 Wall street Insures on the Mutha prlncl- -without personal habriity—Havtog a Cash Cipitalnf 100,(1 u Ddlars. paid to and safely Invested, ollsi a large ami Out I ! Premium Ni les. IMKECTOES. Henry YME) Lambert S u y d m ChnsUan H. <^and, Joseph W. Duryee, Robert Ainslle, Joseph Bonchaud, Haryey Weed- Anthdny P. Halsey, uemy itotyiaua. Shepherd Knapp, Gardiner A^ Sage, JamesO. Ward, Abm.G.Thompson, ames K.COQloy. George Rapelye, Tarrant Putnam RICUARD J. TfiORNH, President. JOSEPH STRONG, Secretary. This company also insure sa^aln or h‘ use hreaking Paa! SpoSbild. Robert L . ^ l t h Robert A. Robertson, Richard J^ Thorne, ;ainslloss 01 d a ^ g o 1 T I.i-S 'r aSVEK:*'lUET'aTAE. IN S tT K A N C E JSCi COMPANY. At an Annual Election for Director., of thm Uoropaoy held on the ICth May the lollowing gentlemei were elect ed for the fensntog year: „ , „ . John Brouwer, Philip r.mbury. James McBride, Stanton Beebe, John Mnrehead, Charle* N. S. Rnwland, Joseph ICerunchan, Nathaniel L Grjswold, jr., Henry W Kills, Russell Stobbln)!, Robert J-Dillon, Stephen Holt, Thomas NesmKh, Joseph GBlllard|,jtM Robert Boorman, J.ames Fellows, Able! A Low, Wm H. Van Wagenen, David ThoruidBi , Henry Salisbury, Washington R.Yermilye. And. at a subsequent meeting of the Botud, held this day, JOHN BROUWER, Esq. was unanimously re fleeted Presi­ dent for the ensuing yeW. By order, | ml3 _______ CHARLES B. BlRNRY^ect lUanuf.2nd- John BramtesSe. HeitiYB-. Norton. References tn New Yotk-^Messrs WtnsloW t PerHhs, IW.l» W » U ^ tto Dwliftt 3ohMoa,lEsq. :So;j04 Brtol '^ lic le x win be lto e d hT THOMAS A. ALEXANDPE, JL5__________Agent, 89 Wall si eoraeHlrWater s t _ fin H E EAGLE PDIE COMPANY'OF\NEW\YOER— JL Office,? 1 W»U Capital t300,000. Stoat, G a m t^ S t r ' s a k V u > COGNAC BEANOT-S5 t o i l j t o e |dW, psd« Lanibf.n Huvdum, PaaJ i^pf.t«d, Uha-i. M. Leupp, liihSs' Jrs.5;:£' r i i S ” issrpriia, fcriiSi*.'’ f:T, w B : Ferd.Snydam, Jr., L ^ p b ^ l ^ a p , F riidih . iid ST.oa.tiictenri'. naturs^'facility of niotlon, never can boexcelledj jogether , . & r s . J S ¥ S i i K i 'S 4 ”.v. LX- ;f. 13. C^tchegaadJs&lhitspftari./Qsdescrlp^oi^for^a**^* aud made to order. 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