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s 'ITALYHOW SEEKING ALBANIAN PEACE Sends Envoy on Mission to Negotiate Settlement with Insurgents. SOCIALISTIC ULTIMATUM Premier Favors Independence, but Says Country Is Be- coming Anarchistic. Itoit, June 28. Daron Allottl, former counsellor of the Italian Embassy In Paris, has left noma with a mission for Albania In an endeavor to negotiate a settlement of the trouble wtth tho Al- banian Insurgents. , At a meeting y of tho Parliamen- tary Socialists It was decided to opposo the budget and obstruct the proceedings In the Chamber unless tho Government promises Immediately to withdraw all the Italian troops In Albania and not to punish soldiers or civilians who partici- pated In the recent outbreak In Ancona and elsewhere. During a debate on the Albanian eltu. Mlon in the Chamber of Deputies yes- - erday Socialists demanded the with- drawn! of Italian troops. Premier QIo-iit- tl in reply said the Government was not sending troops to Albania, and re- minded tho Chamber that when he was last Premier he had urged that Albania' ought to be completely Independent and had done his best to secure tno rorma' tion of a stable Government. \Albania was capable at that time of malntaltilnz its independence,\ ho as terted. \but the situation there has changed and conditions bavo become anarchistic.\ Quiet has been restored In the centre of Ancona, he anarchists who have been creating serious disorders there retiring to the suburbs. The central part of tho Ity was cleared when a detachment of carabineers, protected by artillery, marched through tho quarter, where the anarchist forces had been in possession and established touch with the troops which previously had been gathered at the railroad station. One hundred and ninety-thre- e persons were placed under arrest by the troops, rcenforcementa for which were sUll ar riving y. Slslmeone Schneider, chief of the communlst-anarchlst- lo party, died In a hospital as a result of wounds received in tho previous fighting. Tho outbreaks in widely separated parts of Italy corroborate the Impres- sion that they wero part oi a deep scheme to overturn social order through out the entire country. Unemployment was the alleged reason lor the strikes and for the rioting. At Cadore, Venetla, red flags were hoisted above the municipal buildings. Telegraph lines were cut and roads blocked with trees at Lozzo, Callazo and Domeggc. Discontent which had long been held under restraint at Plomblno burst out violently, and soldiers and police wore attacked with revolvers and hand grenades, and replied with machine gun tire. Many on each side were killed and wounded. Socialists and Populoxlsts clashed at Itezzato. Police forces Intervented, and In the fighting one policeman was killed. Barracks were attcaked at Pisa, but the assailants were repulsed. The rioters but barricades in the eArects and pll laged liquor and clothing Btores until order was restored by reenforceraents to the garrisons. Two of the rioters were killed. GREEKS SPREAD OUT FROM SMYRNA BASE Occupy Line 100 Miles Away; Others at Pandemia. Siithna, Asia Minor, Juno 26. The Greek forces engaged In the offensive from the Smyrna district against the Nationalist troops of Mustapha. Kemal Pasha are occupying' a curving Una on a radius of about 100 miles from Smyrna proper, according to rs official com munique from Greek army headquarters, while behind this front strong parties ire clearing the territory. The state- ment says: \Our advance guards are occupying a line running north of Soma and Gu'e-lem- (ninety-fiv- e miles northeast of Smyrna), east of Akhlssar and west of Mermereh and Adala, to the cast of Philadelphia (100 miles east of Smyrna), Idell, Gallon and Buladan (110 miles southeast of Smyrna). \Strong detachments are mopping up tho occupied territory. Tho population of Turks In the region recently occupied express Joy and relief at being delivered from Mustapha Kemal a tyranny.\ An official communication Issued at Greek army headquarters to-d- says : \The very heavy enemy losses at Ala- Shehr (Ancient Philadelphia) on June 25 have been confirmed. More than 2,000 dead were counted In the Gedlftchal Valley of Hermos. A large number of the prisoners taken had sabre wounds. Our cavalry pursued the enemy Into the Gedlftchal valley. \A large part of tho Inhabitants who fled into the Interior, are returning to Akhlsaar and Philadelphia and asking tne protection oi tne ureeic army. \In the Interior Christians and Mus sulmans, without distinction, have been robbed by bands of followers of Musta pha Kemal Pasha.\ London, June 28. The Greeks have landed a force at Pandemia, on the Eouth coast of the Sea of Marmora, ac- cording to a despatch to the Evening Vcicj y from Constantinople. This force Is intended to operate .southward against the Nationalist forces of Mus tapha Kemal Pasha northeast of Smyrna. Panderma Is fifty-fiv-e miles northwest of Brusa, the ancient Turkish capital. The Greek force, which landed there by pushing south or southeastward, will probably effect a Junction with the strong Greek forces which are making heir way northeast from Smyrna, as told t the despatch from Smyrna, thus throwing a line completely across this section of Asia Minor from the Smyrna eglon to the Sea of Marmora. Gordon &Dilworth Real , OrangeMaemaiade iCuticura Talcum and LaWtofU. Dept. X, MalJtn, Mm. 25c everywhere. SIN1 FEINERS PLAN AGAINST RAIL TIEUP iravo Arranged to Seize' Motor Cars if Food Shortago Becomes Acute. REFUSE TO RUN TRAINS Bantry Bay Ship Mon Quit When Police Board Steamer Dublin Fears Famine. Dublin; June 18. The Sinn Felners are preparing for a possible stoppage of all railway trafflo and arranging to com- mandeer motor cars, organize a food transport system and institute regular food control,. The Government already has taken similar steps. Up to the pres- ent the trains are running regularly, ex- - copt when police, soldiers or munitions are Known to bo aboard. At a meeting of the Corporation of Dublin to-d- the labor members, who had the general approval of the other members, said the railway men would remain steadfast in refusing to opcrato trains carrying munitions or soldiers. Tho Corporation passed a resolution creating committees In certain areas to meet the famine threatened by tho stop page of the railways. Alderman Mac Donagh said Dublin was rapidly ap proaching a state of siege and that ma- chinery rauDt be created to meet the crisis. , Refusal of the trainmen to work trains carrying soldiers and police has boen followed by similar action by the officers of the Bantry Bay steamer Lady Elsie. When the vessel was ready to start from Bantry wharf for Castletown Berehaven twelve armed police came aboard and refused to leave, whereupon the officers declined to man her.. She Is now at the pier with the police aboard. Fehmot, County Cork, Ireland, June 28. Damage amounting to hundreds of pounds was caused by rioters and win- dow smashers hero last night The in- habitants attribute the demonstration to soldiers who left their barracks on hear- ing of the kidnapping of Brlg.-Ge- n. Lucas on Saturday night Attempts to bum houses were frustrated. Limerick, Ireland, June 28. The rail- way hotol here was attacked early this morning by unknown persons. Two bombs were thrown, but there were no casualties. BRITAIN CAN'T YIELD, SAYS LLOYD GEORGE Expects. Sinn Fein to Realize America Won't Aid. London, June 28. With a view to forcing the Government to dlscloso its complete financial proposals for Ireland, tho opposition leaders in the House of Commons to-d- moved amendments seeking postponement of the clause in the home rule bill repealing the 1914 act The amendments, however, were re- acted. Premier Lloyd George, taking part in the debate, was again conciliatory to- ward Ireland, but insisted that nobody 32.34 West 34th Street THE BUN 'AND NEW YORK HERALD, TUESDAY, JUNE 29, 1920. now would be satisfied with the 1914 act and that it was impossible to grant the demands of the Irish extremists. no was convinced that things would Improvo in Ireland when tho. genius and common sense of her people realized that the British people would never consent to the extreme demands of the Sinn Fclners and that America would not support the demand for an Independent Ireland. ALFONSO 'LINK' FOR LABOR AND CAPITAL So Calls Himself in Appeal to Employers. By th$ Auociated Tress, Bajichona. June 28. Kinc Alfonso made two speeches here y, ad- dressing first the workers nnd then the omyiujuiK, apcaKing to tne workmen tho King said : \Wo aro passing through which must occur as Inevitably as the iuw oi sTaviiation. united, you work- men nnd I, your King, we must all work for the good of our country,\ Addressing the employers the King said: \I am acting as a link in the union between labor nnd capital. An Ideal is difficult to attain by other na- tions, but I ask mvKKlf hhu ituiiiM Spain bo the first nation to reach that lueui i I T !P C Printing Tacts The ed type -- case consisted of two shallow boxes, subdivided into many divisions, each of which contained a differ- ent character. One case was set nhove the other. The upper case held the ROMAN letters.or CAPS, as well as the Small capss the lower case housed the small let-tur- n. From the nrrancrement oi his case the printer called the amall letters \ lower case.\ , PublishersPrinting Company 211 West 25th Street Tehphono Chelsea 7840 An advertisement in tht Lott and Found columns of TOE BUN AND NEW YORK HERALD offer a real pouWUtu of recovering your Jot property. THE CROWDS ARE COMING FAST ! ! . Do Not Miss This Unprecedented Sale of IL IC BY A WELL KNOWN PATERSON, N. J., MANUFACTURER. 35 LESS THAN MILL COST This sale cannot last very long, and we will shortly have little left of our original stock of 250,000 yards. We cannot too strongly emphasize to the public the fact that this Silk Sale is truly the chance of a lifetime. It is bona-fid- e in every re- spect. Conditions in the silk trade are such that we cannot dispos e of our goods through the regular channels. We are losers the public benefits. We must therefore offer all our Silks AT RETAIL FOR THE FIRST TIME ALL SILK GEORGETTES inches wide) ALL SILK CREPE DE CHINES ( inches wide) ALL SILK WASH SATINS (36 inches wide) $1 .35 1 IN ALL LEADING SHADES SPORT SATINS AND FANCY SILKS, $3.40 A YARD ON SALE IN STORE OF M. B. S. CO 55 West 28th St. BETWEEN BROADWAY AND 6TH AVENUE 13 OPEN EVENINGS UNTIL 7 P. M. CI Mail Orders Filled When Accompanied by Check, or Money Order \v RC U. &. TAT. Off. fc fc-vl- rr 32-3- 4 West 34th Street Sales are usually conducted and reduced prices offered to get rid of OLD STOCK. THIS SALE IS DIFFERENT Every pair of shoes is a brand new model. The season's latest styles, just received from the THOMAS G. PLANT COMPANY, makers of QUEEN QUALITY SHOES, who, owing- - to freight embargoes, were unable to make or deliver them on time. 10,000 Pairs of QUEEN QUALITY PUMPS and OXFORDS Valued at $10.00 to $16.00. Now Priced Far Less Than the Actual Cost of Production $5 and J They are all low cut Shoes, Oxfords, Pumps, Colonials, Ties, high heels and low heels. Not a pair was made to sell below $10.00. Most of them at $12.00, $14.00, $16.00. Unlike most sales, the line of sizes and widths is complete. You will be perfectly fitted in the model you select. As a competent corps of sales clerks has been engaged to augment our large force, you are assured of the usual prompt and courteous attention of Queen Quality Service. No Deliveries No Exchanges All Sales Final Queen Quality Boot Shop 32-3- 4 West 34th Street A YARD JOHN w Broadway at Ninth, New York AMA Telephone Stuyvesant MAKER Last 4 Days of the 20 per cent off The privilege ends Friday the Store will be closed Saturday, July 3. Like the Hungry Squirrels in Winter coming out of their hiding places to obtain relief, bo are some of tho over-loade- d manufacturers of tho east coming to the front just now with lovely articles of various kinds that they arc unable to hold on to any longer. Evidently they wero priced too high at tho beginning and remained unsold because too highly priced. They arc now appearing as though enormously re- duced, v In women's dresses, coats and waists wo have renewed almost all our assortments three or four times in the last two months. , It is such a pleasure to do business in our regular way with nothing over-price- d at the beginning and no on the tickets. Do not buy anything this week that you can do without. (Signed) June 29, 1020. No icoman should leave the city of good merchandise for mountain, beach or farm without a good RAINCOAT. With the SO per cent, deduction, Tuesday, you may pick from 300 Women's Raincoats of beau- tiful materials at average Half Price $30 to $39.50 grades $21.50 deduct 20 per cent. pay $17.20 These 230 raincoats purchased under special from a manufacturer of the finest raincoats have value as well as a practical purpose. conditions fashion Attractive str'ped satins Rubberized messalines Silk mohairs, developed in smart colors There are midnight blue coats, striped with matching satin, with the rubberized lining in gray invisibly striped or plaided blue and tan stripes-b- lue and dark purple and tan and brown. Many of these have plaided lin- ings, contrasting smartly. Fastened with an excellent quality of smoked pearl buttons. There are changeable rubberized silk coats in combinations such as blue ond purple and blue and green, and many others. Also in solid colors in mid- night blue and tan nnd brown. A few finely cross-barre- d with invisible plaids in self color. All of these coats feature thenewest in belts and pockets and adjustable collars. The workmanship is painstaking and fine. They arc the sorts of coats that one may take to the country, to the mountains or seashore, or carry with one when traveling or on motor trips. Two of the coats arc illustrated. Another special group of 70 Raincoats $18.50 less 20 per cent. pay $14.80 One is illustrated at the right of the picture. These are well tailored raincoats in Canton cloth and other cotton and wool mixtures, rubberized. In gray and tan and brown; and in the wool mixture, dark red and green and brown. Second floor, Old Building. Children's Bathing Suits for the holidays Gay in color and severely simple in line And SO per cent, off until and including Friday. Just in time for the swimming season, our Children's Shop has received a large, new ot of bathing suits for girls and boys of 6 to 10 years. And just in time to give you one'more chance to buy Peggy's and Jim's bathing suit at one-fift- h less than price marked Knitted wool With one exception the suits arc of lightly knitted. Tho most comfortable, appropriate and satisfactory material for bathing suits, and extremely durable. Sizes run from 2 to 10 years. The models , Simple, one-piec- e styles so be- coming to children and the kind they love to wear. Straight, buttoned model in three-quarte- rs wool mixture. Good range of colors; $2.03 less 20 per cent, or $2.30. Oxford pay, with white or col- ored bands trimming neck, arm-hol- es and legs. Pure wool; $4.23 less 20 per cent, or $3.40. For the very mall boy or girl (sizes 2 to 0 years) there is a suit mads in the brightest colors, crim- son, bright blue and pink, and so on; $5.50 less 20 per cent or $4.40. 4700 a The sailor model is made with a small sailor collar, lacing down the front and a belt to match the collnr; $0.50 less 20 per cent, or $5.20. A skirt, small and short and fastened to the body of the suit, but nevertheless a skirt, graces one style. Made in all the high shades with bands of contrasting color; 87.50 less 20 per cent, or $0. Caps and Shoes Mack or white sateen slippers with strong corrugated soles, bizes 7 to 13; 05c less 20 per cent, or 52c. Two styles of caps, a tight skull cap with tassel and a pretty tarn. Both may be had in all colors; 40c and 50c less 20 per cent, or 32c and 40c. Terry cloth Bath Robes The best thing for wear over bathing suits. Sizes 2 to 0 yrs.; $5.50 and $6.50 less 20 per cent, or $4.40 and $5.20. Sizes 8 to 18; $8.05 and $8.05 less 20 per cent, or $5.50 and $7.16. Third floor, Old Building. Store Hours 9 to 5 4ft lll This is the Day of the Luggage Sale A great maker of traveling goods with national reputation, whose name is stamped on every piece, turns over to us his broken lots of high-grad- e luggage so that we may offer before the twenty per cent, dis- count is withdrawn In time for July Fourth holidaying our Largest Sale of Bas and Suitcases more than 1,000 pieces, averaging; close to Half Deduct 20 per cent. m $9 suitcases for $6 pay $4.80 $11 to $13 suitcases for $0.50 pay $7.60 $18 to $10 suitcases for $14.50 pay $11.00 $20 to $30 suitcases for $21.50 pay $17.20 $34 to $40 suitcases for $20.50 pay $21.20 $45 to $49 suitcases for $39.50 pay $31.00 $00 to $84 suitcases for $40.50 pay $39.00 $12.50 to $13.50 bags f6\r $9 pay $7.20 $22 and $23 bags 'or $17 pay $13.00 $25 and $30 bags for $21 pay $16.80 $40 bags fo $30 , pay $24 $45 bags for $38 pay $30.40 ' Every piece perfect The leathers are all cow-hid- e, black or brawn. At the lower prices are imitation leather, fibre matting and fibro cane light, serviceable pieces. The best and the cheapest all come from the same well known factory. There ore straight suit cases, bellows-to- p suit cases and coat cases. Double handled bogs and single handled bags. Straps all around. Leather or cloth linings. Hardware is all brassed. Corners arc properly protected. Suit cases in 18 to 30 inch sizes. Bags in 16 to 20 inch sizes. We have cleared the Main Aisle of the Men's Stpre on the street floor, between the Motor Entrance and the Fourth Avenue Entrance, to display this luggage roomily, suit cnscs 'on one side, bags on the other, arranged according to prices. So that people planning for Fourth-of-Jul- y holidaying, and having other things to attend to may choose quickly. Burlington Arcade floor, Xew Building. 475 Men's Suits Cancelled! And the price goes Down to $55 Less 20 per cent. Pay 44 You can take up the newspaper dniost any day now and, turning to the trade news, find a complaint from manufacturers about cancelled orders. Freight embargoes, uncertain market conditions and the incessant demand for lower prices are largsly responsibls; and one of the results is right here before you a sale of men's high grade suits, the same in grade that we have had in regular stock at $05, $75 and more. We know this manufactuerer well; he makes clothing for our Burlington Arcade Store season after season; and when- ever he says: \I've some good suits to closo out,\ we know what it means. Most of the suits are worsteds; sturdy hard-finish- ed worsteds; and the patterns are business men's patterns plain grays; blue pencil stripes; rich browns; small checks; a good assortment of fashion. Burlington Arcade floor, Now Building. lr

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