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ft. t.nid srrt. \A NATIONAL INSTITUTION\' R. H. Macy & Co.'s Attraction Art Thalr Low Prlca. Brownfog.King&Co CLOTIItSn, FtJHN'IStltNG? AND HATS rilll HEN. BOT9 AND Oil I IDB 8N The Right Direction Progressive Methods in this day of high costs nvand that you turn your thought, when pur- -' chasing your attire, to the Institution that gives you the most for your money, and this because it sells its product directly to you from its own Superior Tailor Shops, and through its own Seventeen Retail Stores. You share in the economics that our organization enables us to practice. SUITS AND OVERCOATS THE HAMPTO- N- a Sack Suit, with soft front following English lines $15.00 to $40.00 THE ORMOND -- a staple Overcoat of distinction and the WARWICK a Double-Breaste- d Gar- ment $25.00 to $40.00 MEN'S FURNISHINGS THE BROWNING is a remarkable Glove.\. .$1.10 An unequalled Variety of Fancy and Dress Shirts $1.50 to $3.50 Novelties in Knitted Neckwear 95c to $2.85 Unexcelled Sweater Qualities $3.50 to $10.00 HAT DEPARTMENT Largest Distributors of Stetson Hats in Amer- ica $3.50 to $12.00 BROWNING, KING & CO. Broadway & Slith Avenue, between Jlst and 32nd Streets. Cooper Square opposite 5th Street. Brooklyn: Fulton at IH'Kalb Ac. fif mo J)0.yO Worth On ami I i ' . W.LDOUGLAS '3SHOES$- 4- kTHK LARGIST MAKER MEN'S FS3.50 S4 SHOES IN THE WORLD , Look in \WX.DoUBins store windows a till inspect the very latest fashions: also the tive stvles. which have made W. i. Douglas shoes household word everywhere. Shoes in all leathers, all ' styles and to suit men in all walks of life. If you could visit AV. L. outrlus larzre factories at Brockton, Mass., and see for yourself how carefully AV. L. Pouirlas shoes aro made, you would then un derstand why they are warranted to tit better, iook itetter. now tlicir snanu aim wear $6.00 thanks longer than nny other make for the price. Russets THE BEST S3. AHO S2.BO BOYS' SHOES IM THE WORLD A I ITI tYI Nrr I.. Itimglae niimp; un W I I W II I. tumped the nullum. X TAKE SUBSTITUTE. l w UPongla, t not (ori n couloir. . iuim:iiou, jiiah. W.L.DOUGLAS STORES, ;IN GREATER NEW YORK 93 Nami Slreet. ny, corner th Street. llrnailwar. Uili St. (Union Sq.) 1310 RriiailwuT, corner artth street. 1405 llroailwnv (Time. Murr. Thlr.l Aremir. 1453 Third Airnup, S20-- J Tl.lnl ATemic. corner 180th Street. 8779 Third Aif., 140th 147th Mi. Highlit Avenue. 3 Klshth ATenne. fft 135th Mr ret. a r is (6oCttaTtdt7lU No liurra.rd I'rlit Here. Styles Worth Coming Miles to See. High QQ New l'.ncl!h lat Ute lo OP conserva a shapes, DO lhat W. u. NO hoe, your nnie icr 755 K53 ror, 984 bet. 345 330 y If Sale of Sample'Shoes, $2.60 bnmplct and overlots from well-kno- firms - all leathers $3.50, $4.00 and $5.00 values. High-Clas- s Specialties Great Savings $5.00 Goir Shoes at $3.98 Gun Metal Pumps, $2.50 $6.00 Arch Support Shoes, $3.98 $10.00 Bmch-tUad- c Shoes, $7.00 T YlHntty. llroa.ltt ATTITUDE ON BUSH PLAN Trade Hmml l'rres That City JJuy South Brooklyn Ter- minal Properties. Tho pureluso of the Uuah docks la Bouth Urooklyn ns part of u great mu- nicipal freight terminal was urned In a reioit Issued yesterday by .the Mer- chants and Manufacturers Hoard of Trade. Tim board wants Dock Commissioner Tomklns to chaiiKu his mind about the plan for a dock Improvement In South UrooMyn and follow In a general way tho plan outlined by Irvine T. Bush, Tfsldent of tho Huxh Terminal Com- pany, mid Incorporated In a tentative recommendation of the Hoard of Ksti-mate- 's Commlttro on Terminal Improve- ments. Jit IIh report the Hoard of Trade holds that tho Dock (ommIloucr has made n mlstako In not nureelm; with tho scheme Involving tho purchase of tha Hush docks by the city. The Commis- sioner has developed n general plan for the Improvement of tho harbor, the teport says, but he has not been willing to get what was ready at hand In South Hrnol.lyn. The city already own waterfront properties on men side of tho Hush clocks. It acquired the land five ycara BROOKLYN 421 rnttnn Street, corner Tearl Street. 70K-7I- HroailwuT. corner Thornton St. 1367 Hroailwav, corner Galea Airmie. 478 Fifth ATenne, corner 11th Mr.et. 1770 I'ltUin ATenne. .IKKSF.Y CITY 24 Newark ATeno.. ' NKWAKK 831 Kroad Street. rATEKsOX-1- 03 Market St..cor.Clark TUENTON-1- 01 E.Stat. St.,eorBroad For Informal Wear K PLAITED WHITE J j I and FRENCH PIQ UE Are Correct Kk EARL&V mSSm wilson RhH CDLlARBIBjB ago and It Is now worth 110,000,000. The city Intended to build wharves, but It found that shippers and steamship men wanted more than a simple dock Improvement. They wantedstorage and terminal facilities of the sort offered by tho Bush Terminal Company, and these the city was not prepared to construct. The Board of Trade urges that this land be put with that of the Bush Ter- minal Company and that the whole be operated under private management by contract with the city. The city shall tlrst buy tho docks, bulkheads and mar- ginal railway of the Hush company and use It as the nucleus of the greater dock Improvement. Irving h ha already proposed to mako a contract with the city to operate the city's freight terminal In much the Bame way ns tho lnterborouirh nnd the B. It T. will operate the city's new subways. In the report It Is pointed out that the nush company cannot expand be- cause of the adjoining city property. \With all the Hush piers now under lease and 'with their warehouses and Industrial lofts to the rear rnpldly In- creasing In number and thus In total volume of trattlc thero will soon oo tho need of nddlttonnl piers which the company will be unable to supply,\ the board says In Its report. \If the city does build piers on Us waterfront adjacent to the Hush piers without connections with or facilities similar to\ those of the Hush company they will not only fall to meet tho re- quirements of tho progressive Hush ex- pansion but will act as a serious ob stacle to sucn expansion.\ THE SUN, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 1912. Focussing Public Attention Much of the potency of a street-ca- r card is in ' its attractiveness. Ney York City Sur- face Cars are noted for the convincing character of the advertising cards they carry. The latest example is a series of six cards from Mr. Joseph P. Day, the Real Estate Auctioneer. The texts of these are a delightful blending of historical facts, wit and good advice. To describe or explain them is superfluous. Look at them in the New York City Surface Cars. You'll find them both enter- taining and instructive. We have the exclusive control of all the adver- tising space in all the New York Citj Surface Cars, Fifth Avenue Basel Study the Cards We Have a Standard. New York City Car Advertising Company 225 Fifth Avenue Tel. 4680 Madison Quite clannish, these new overcoats. A brand new idea, too. Made of a new imported \double texture\ cloth. One side, a rough Shetland in attractive mixtures the reverse, a Scotch plaid. Authentic Clan Tartans MacDonald, Sutherland and Stewart. Just one of the attractive features of this season's over coats. Lots of Scotch in our suits, too. Scotch cheviots and tweeds rough serviceable fabrics. , For the game Irish steamer rugs woven on hand looms in Erin. Pure wool, bui washable and fast color. Roams Pket Coupanyj Three Broadway Store rT at a at . I at Warren St. J, iStfa St. 84th at ar avi mmw airr JsjkWJXhM' Th. Orifin.1 y Rami. Fibre IT Htf. U. S. Pat. Off. Has in iUelf combined all the good qualities of wool, silk, flu and cotton, but hu none of their faults. It is vastly superior to any other linen mesh underdothins. High- - dus dealers everywhere. Wrtlt for kUtt mm wmpku SCHLICHTEN RAMIE COMPANY 473 Broome Street New York d A't'lf Jfc'Wt'I' XOTES. Wbll cromlnr Iht railroad track In Jr- - ..'i\sn' .\\i'ur arurnoon Thompson McCorwIn. SO rrahi nM man .mplojf.1 by th; Krla Itallroad. waa killed In- - u irtn. He livid at i Huron av- - nun .l.r.sv ' i j Th evrntcnth annual flower abow at the tlorrU County Uanlenora and Florltia AuocUtlon npvneit retlvrdar la Madlaoa and will continue There are luore than one tbounand exhibits. The prlaea will be announced tbla evealof. PPr of inrorporaOon of three conterni to dam the Delaware Hlirtr were terdar at Newton. The dama. aS o ba erertcl In Montague. Sauiyeton and Wal-pac- k The ih. Mllford 'lldr?.Eectrlc Compiy. 'hi Delaware Btfctr thl llushklll Hydrn-Klectrl- o Com.'eacb Twlth autttarUtd unlial of tlll.tl. Mmm W WKmmk neraia square MEN'S $29.75, $32.50 Broadway, 34th 35th SUITS Special at $18.50 The number of Suits is necessarily limited, as Suits of these qualities cannot be had under price in unlimited quantities. They come to us from a firm that tailors the bulk the finest S.uits we handle. This lot is made up of Suits ranging from three to ten a pattern, cut in excess orders during their regular season. The quality of materials and tail ring is precisely the same as regularly show in cur regular stock lines priced from S24.75 to S.J2.50; the only differ nc is in the patterns which, though different, are exceptionally good, neat and genteel; the various hades of gr y, blue and brown predominating. Sizes to 46. Men's Winter Overcoats Are Ready Assortments large prices 4 to 1- -3 lets than elsewhere for equal qualities. Chesterfield Overcoats, in gray or black, $14.75 to $42.50. Double-Breaste- d Tourist Coats, $14.75 to $32.50. Ulsters, in notch collar and button-to-nec- k models, and in mid leg and ankle length models, $19.75 to $47.50. Guards Coats, in medium and heavy weights, $19.75 to $32.50. London-Mad- e Ulsters, Raglans, Guards Coats, Ulsterettes, and Chesterfields, at prices ranging from $24.75 to $6450. Fifth 11 oar. Broadway. MEN'S WINTER UNDERWEAR At $1.19 and $1.89 garment Regular Macy Prices $1.98 to $4.49 Made of fine wool, merino and cashmere, in medium-weigh- t. Each one has some extremely small technical imperfection, not affecting either appearance or wear, that forbids us to call them perfect. The colors are gray, Shetland and white. The sizes are to 50. The sizes are so varied that we can assure absolute com- fort, both for men, of exceptionally heavy build and their es in physique\. The Shirts nave long sleeves, silk front and pearl buttons. The Drawers are ankle length, with double gusset. These garments gice as good service as the perfect goods, tut they cost about one-ha- lf as much. Most American Underwear is cut out from the fabric like a suit of clothes and then stitched together. Thex are knitted garments, each separate size knitted on a machine made especially for that size. This insures an absolute fit and consequently perfect underwear comfort. We have Underwear in every desirable style and roalerial and at a wide range of prices, culminating in our imported garments, priced at Macy's at $5.69 a garment, but rain. ltwKfr5 ; 53.50. Main Ft.. 34th St.. Rear.' YOUNG MEN'S SUITS AND OVERCOATS AT $14.75 Few houses show the assortments lhat we do at this price none show the quantities. The Suits may be had in the new natural shoulder, English or American models; materials used include Oxford Velours, Golden Brown Cheviots, Gray Mixed Tweeds, Blue Serges and Gray Cassimeres. The Overcoats in the new double breasted models with belted backs, single breasted \button through\ models with belted btcks and dressv Chesterfield Coats, in Oxford Cheviots, Ceunbridge Ve lours, Oxford Blue, Gray or Brown Mixed Tweeds. SizeS 33to 38, DO YOUR. OWN DEVEL0PIN6 AND PRINTIN6 Complete Otffit $1 J2 1 1 is quite easy to do your own Developing and Printing, and provides lots of fun for the Win- ter 'evenings.' Our expert wilt show you the whole process, without charge., A similar Outfit would cost you at leastt Itf.oo elsewhere, and is made up of the best sup- plies procurable. With it you can handle any film or print up to 4x5 inches. tu !,. . A BOY'S SUIT OR M 1 ft The Sufi Md f mixed .macy s Exira?i rouser ; lined. Ccats .... - r4v Models art boys from 7 to 18 under wa , alt aim and TkeQr Wll Sill fuirwtnd iNoneiwi(gmr!t,i miWk ripping adjustable Macy chinchittfcvcl velvetlS. with 9m'i grgy'fwljrti Far Ian mooetnAi TTtttaWir rg' ti intmhtufabii teith md wi pricurangin eopledfromi ehewhere.'m and sii Ml all arc $24.75, $27.50, 01 Winter. IF a thre 7' Woolil f'Mars.at! i \ ,1a rjor or in hea r '9, to wmm TAKE PHOTOS AT MIGHT Out doors or In especially indoors it is just as easy to take picturea at night at by day. Often gets prettier erlacls, especially in snapping parry tanner, arnawar or lamiiy you raid is a in nee St. of of of we 34 a 34 one All ngJUgJet (MB we . Come in let- - teach you (gratis) naenugiK pictures. J aanger.nonongi ine rneinaa ',MWi seams rbockers jMgo wim Deit-i- c Suits $34 tw: years, imt tuaaaa) and pun Jtj Knickerb u care. sted stylg uo fitted from mixtt $4.91 s. in soft j r wool J ti Formerly T. Si Co. Broadway, Fourth Eighth to Tenth shop in. wanted:\ AN INVITATION to men and women who motor To see things, the lack of which robs motoring of greatest joys. In a shop in charge of motor-wis- e people, stocks all the interesting the genius of the world b created for comfort on the open road. We doubt if is another it as fullyequipped-th- e perhaps not in the world. Some the things this shop contains, Women s Motoring Double breasted tree (English. hand mixtures and pi loose fitting coat , back, $55. with belted Leather detachable Women' 9. i nc a I ' to : i Marmoti .1 natural A. Stewart Avenue. navy Warm fleece $60. lish, Irish coats, $150. Strest. - the JotUest I ever was I saw so many things I specialty with accessories like country; of coat warm wove Attcar and blue most wanted now. SVvrTTIA'ji 7r'5 never many there tlImportedrj ton jackets. s, $10, $12.50 i tweed feathers, f'\ (, $7J

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