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If 4 THE SUN. SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 1892. , J! GROVER MAY BRING A BOOM. MA? XJMT IS Till! llOVR OV TUB 1TABII- - Re zxarox heal estate dealers. wviC They newtmlirr the \llrmorrntlc Boom\ In WjfyX finlmrlmn l'rnpfrts I'miurd by 3!r. Clwf jvfvVi llind'M I'mcliuHc or Hrd Tup. nml Innlc W&i ''' Kcvlviil or Ct on III Jteturu. tUlA Wariunoiov, Not. '.'ik Uuslnoss nion. rral E\V stntodcnlers. nnd cilfzoni generally ot Wash- - fft. ' lnulon city nml Its suburbs nro busily ashing themselves at this time nhothor tho return to rower of flrnvor llevolnnd andn Ilcmtieratlo Administration will rnuso a revival of tlio boom In renl o tnte whk-- tnndu tho property ownersfinl spei ululors so hniipyn fow jcars ngo. Not that tho uipllul city needs a regu- lation boom to convltico tlio world tlmt It In I t nownliirgo mid beautiful city, and destined ' In thorn nr rutin o to bo inucli liirgorntul much moro beautiful, for every dweller at tlio cap- ital Is confident that ho who runs mny lend the signs of tlio Mine which thoy think point Inevitably to Wnlilncton as tlio coming crcat t ity of homes, politic. literature, science, and iirt. Ait and tiuMc have no strung foothold ns , vet, lut thoy. too. nrc o.xpuctod to take loot nnd eri-c- t hero their temples of j. bcniitr and Fung. tir Miicii lloss Hioperit nnd bis friends turned over th rotten pavements and win ty I trensurj to tho h un s ten miles square nnd i ntti-toi- l thciniolves to St, thn four (Uiatli'is of tlio globe, tho cm Itnl B' Ity of tlio I'nltod States has been steadily I glowing In f lo and aymtmitrj., until It $. Is a model town, just starting on tho routl to i real Knvilnics. Tor aovoiul lour prer oiling -. tho advent of Ihu Cleveland Admliili-tiiitio- 1' thvio liinl I ren a steady lnrtciife In tho price or property. governed altogether liy tho grow- - Ing demniid tor nnd business site. t and It was becoming dally more apt arent I that, owing lo t In t'lliua'.n and various olhor t auf-- Washington was slnwl\. hut surely. 1 n most po ular i ity with residents j ot i.ll tnrts ot the United Mutis. tint bulk of whom lead about It constantly and fX5 Ult It often and In gicnl numbers. Hut it v.us wlulo Mr. ( h w'and w.ia I'icsI- - ilont that tho filed boom lamo which mndo Wiishinuton what It Is liurlnc tho foui yinis of President llanlson's term thero lint, been no laeUuaril fctep: the popularity and siowth hn \'uiitinued and Hih real estiito men h.uo rralied on tlndr iini'stmunts. Tho dan of city teiiMeii and lmiioMimunt laid out wlieu tho bli; boom Hint cima hat not lieoii nbandoncil or by any ine.'ius, but leeausn a eily lius btooil up um! or inie blir boom thero Is no cood reason, her people thltili. w hy sho could not survive an- - other, nnd It I this de'dred boom mitabertno that is unw bolnc looked for. !jf 111 ltsSt. when 1'iosldei.t Unrrtion wan Inau- - enratud. the elt h id settled down Into tho en- - jorment of tho Rood thlncs that had come to It Ban result of what was Generally Knownas the Uomocratlc bcom, which r.tartrd In soon nftor Mr. Lhnoland bcenmo rrosldant. His l'urcliauoota country liouso turned tho eyes of Bpccuhitorsand 1 loperty ownorH to the bcau- - tlful mburbiin rocion wliich hcand .Secretary Vi'lillnei had selected as tli-- li temporary Mim- - mei liomeF. and in an almost Incredibly short space of time recr.ll )iidentcsof capitalists had lisen formed unit the broad acres In tho iieluhboihood of O.ik View aril (Iraislands wero soon subdivided Into town loin und sll- - lnuat town lot nice. JIanyof them liars beau told out and oer acuin since that time, and t theio are not y ono doyeu moi housas in tho Inimo- - dlate reclon cf theMt two estates (ban there cro in lv!i. 'l'ov.n lot piioos. and stiff ones nt that. st. 11 prevail, howevei : and m conll- - deut aie tho eapiUilists who onn the lots that Wasliincton n III rrow until this country prop- - erty will uo loucer buHUburban that they are liotdiiu: prices up and crundliic money wlth- - out Htmt on Ftieet railways and other costly mid ('Slt-nth- lint rotentents. 'the Micccssof S& !Mf tho \ Wcoiiluy Lano\ \tecuhitors was so treat m MRl' that local and loreien capitallhtn at once ffii j1 liouneed upon Wasliliiuton as n cood Hold lor Ir m' Invostment. and money came Irom almost . ME, ery in the Union: audnsif by maelo uriian prices went up to 1110 city marK city piices almost out of slL'ht. elaborato sjstcin of street extension, and cable rnilroid bulldlnr. lluhtliiL'. mnlt.uy sewnrairii. Ac. was Into operation In the suburbs now the 1:I.ikcs around and about that ten ye irs ato were Isolated aie now almost ttithln tho itself. Many men crew rich out of tho deelopmeut ot Wachlnston from tint serausy mudhole of lK';.r into the city of dlstaneos of J8M). but many men more suddenly and moro liouebtly rich tho socond transf.n motion occurred, the luel.lest onos of tlio lot were Orover and William ('. Whitney. They wero in tostilMiii; to their belief in the crcntness of asliiuiiton. and each was cainer thereby. When Mr. Cleveland Wftkhliiston he sold Oak Muwntanet ol moro than $100,000. und Mr. Whitney correspondingly ns well. llfliuniuin Damson came to tho White some real estate speculators, more than discreet, attempted to repeat which ftime of their rivals had with throiiirh their denllncs with tho of Tioshlent Cleveland and his of thn Navy. A tract of suburban land selected that ban slnco become the of u branch Chauluun.ua society, and well did the leal estate boomers piolimlnary mntteri. that tho citizens of weieable to reaJ nt their one mornlnc that olmost eery inmato the While House, with the exception of the nt himself had purchased a coiner lot IBiu l.cho, theioncidcrntlon in most eases 111; 11 merely nominal sum. Kven old Ur.t-cott- . ladles or the household, and Mies banker, tpewrlter. had not been forsotteu, und published uccounts of the transaction, from the ofllclal recoids of the adioitiinc stated vvith cruel gt.ictuo.s6 the lull the latest leal estate dickor. 'J ho overshot the mark. howeer. nnd proprietorship ot the residential klNjd the wholo project of the buildlnf of thfb paitlcular suburnan retroatalmost offectually as tho famous tilt of the eottai.'i) killed Cape May I'olnt, droe Its Into bunkrui tey. nnd left little on tliu lonesome point of sand besideo tho collate and the ei hinoe 1ms been President. liowar. proper has on proudly, prices have fallen, ami capital has continued to pour 6evmlnul from eiTjrwliHre. Tho onirre.ss lent a helpinu hand when It for tliohtaUUhmoiitof an elaborato mirk nluni; tile boi dors of historic ilock nnd there Is ovory Indication t hat, eoiuethlui; entirely unfoiseen happens to the enterprising capltaiistH and who liue Invested their money such a free hand will never huvo cauuo their eouiace. obniii;u of Administration Is variously ns lioiiolltlnir the real estate market, It n and us liaviiu; no effect upon it. Tho majority of opinions, of those who are supposed to have od the subject Is (hat a now adds new llfo to the real estate nnd Hilda mateifally to the permu-- , ir nnnturnwtliof the city. It iselnimod by those tj, of this opinion tlmt ut least nine-jontl.- s of ull fci the discharged Government olllclala remain In t 5i. WashliiBlon to muk it their permanent home. jfgTk and their places Loinc taken by others, there ffiw la ucoi responding Increase In tlio nopuUtion. rSM U here Is a popular euylnjr. in wlilcli tho loyal MR resident of Wasliincton tukes creat prldn, that iKf when onco a persou has llcd in Wusblnstou W notliinc but porurtyoi death will make hint jfc chant'o tin- - id.iee of ildence. There m thinir In the cllniatn-snliibri- oun In tprini;. m nroiiinc hot In summer, chai mini; In autumn. Bf - and teuornlly pleasant in winter that ceti. a &. hold upon residents and tra nrr haid to I e K li.il.i'ii on. li ii.t most delightful city for tho K poor, tv it It lis wldo Dtreetv, uitenslve pinks, mk nml accessible Mibuiiis; and euunlly dolit'lit- - W Jul ilcli. witliltH teuson of brilliant en- - . VL turtainnients. its beautiful drives. Its hund- - mx hoiu; uniiics. us llPrailes, and usual iloltfjar K menu atnio-- j here. .Wasliincton. nlthouch K.\ creatly enlarted and inodoriilzod In recent Kb yours. Is Mill a beautllul, bli: vlllaire. wheio overybody knows everybody elres business uni1 wheic people froii Jlnlne. 'I'oxas, Callfor- - ,llu\ \\! Vl1\\',1\ M IH daily with those who woio their iielulmoio In tho days before they nll'rauioseixantBoftlieii LiicloKain. 'ilice people will never leuvo It thoy can niatiaso loiimkun Ihinc here. Hlsamys. tery to ftiniu'ers lion a pupulatlon. now up- - proachlni: the Ituo.uuo mark. . an manace o a town wheio tliere is little oi no com- - merclal luihiriess, no muniilHitorles to sneak T but tho (Jovemineiit to sus. tnlu the Inhabitants. ot. year altci yeai the city crows ami ,siow, nml the demand lor iiouGespf small lontul In eiuiios cnulcriind jrreater. The bulldlns statistic of \u ro uewilderioB and 6urprlsine, even to the men who ato enciKcd In tlio busluuBsot buylpc, reptlnc. und erectlnc houseB. Kveri family, In Wasliincton whose income Is not ;K restricted to the pay of a more day la ): borer seems bent upon oivlec its own A home. Moro then a dozen sections ', or the city that half a dozon If yean airo wero an amps, coat pastures, and If ball grounds are now built up solid with row U upon i ov of comfortable brick houses, und it f it le said to be a fact that there is not a deslin- - v ble house In the, city which ronts nt n reason- able llcuro that la uoocouplod. Twenty years ( co nmntions, bonrdine liousec and boveli , yu f tjrc, wJlli tho addition iyijiallaMalay'1iife of a fow comfortable, houses, the home of the respectable old Inhabi- tants.\ who have aeon the modern transforma- tion tnk plaoo before their very pyea without n thouuht of what it all means. Now the rowa of brick housoe, rontlnc from t20 to f 50 per month, are leased before they are completed, nnd the cry Is itlll for moro. A hoiiseof al- most any kind In Washington Is the beat class of security that can be olTered here torn lonn, nnd money can bo borrowed on it at five and sl per tent. Interest. Whatever tho uoneral public mny think, the real rstnto speculators, capitalists, and busi- ness men. both wholesale nnd retail, do not appear to I eat nil fearful that a chnnito of Ad- ministration will rauae n slump In rral stato or make business stow. They are not anxious wither that President Harrison shall throw the tirote'tlnn of tho CIMI hervlce law about a turner number ut Ooveriimontomployoes than now am shelterod hy Its Minn. Thoy prefer rather thatall tho rascals shall bn turned out, for they feel sure that most of them will re- main In WiiKlilnKton. and thoy will yet In ad- dition all the rascals who nreappolntedlotnko thn Places ot those removed. Therefore the Wnshlnutoi. merchants, boomors, nnd specu-Inloran- opposed tutheClfllborvlce law In nil Its mmlltcntlons. nnd are earneatly, tinplnc that President Hnrrlson will not coddle It tho brief term remaining to him; nnd also that Tresldont (lroer Cleveland will clvo it the cold shoulder and allow the trium- phant Democracy to come at onee into posses- sion of tholr own. ur.n bequests mtcmiBRiuat. .Mrs. ItlinnlfiR 'Wonts nn Kinlvalent In Vnlae In l.leit or Her Hotter. Itvellnn Dunnlnc has begun nn action In tho Supreme Court for n construction of the will of her husband. Wlllam Dunnlnc. a wealthy Harlom litilldei. ucd to compel his three chil- dren by n fornior wlfo to suffer a reduction on their bequests, nnd thereby release obliga- tions on the property loft to hor. The action Is broucht acalnst Jnmos M. Dovonu und Adam C, Martin, us executors, nnd tho tlireo children. Huttlo (i Chase. Edcur P. Ilunnlnp. nnd I.lllle 11 Hendorson. On allesn-tions- the widow that tho rosldence of I.lllle Is link-no- n. nnd tlmt Huttlo is rosldlus at Stamford. Justice Tritaxof tho Supremo Court has dlrectod service of the summons on them by publication. Huttlo and I.llllo both rocolved larco from their father, who died July (I, 18IJ1, leaving about half a million dollars. He wns a Murium iiolitlcian uud spocutatod in real estate. Ho dovlsed to his widow the proporty l.'i.'l Wost l'orty-fourt- h streot und 10 Past l'Jlith streot. 114 sharesof the Oinsoll-iluto- d Una ( onipanv stock. 100 shares of llio.idway and Sevouth Aonuo liullroad Com- pany ftoel.. sri.tllit) In ciifcb. nnd SU.fiOO In nun tcacea which hu hold nuulnsthls dnucbter Llllls. He cavo to Hattlo tho housos nt 342. 344. and :4i! 1 list I'.Md street: to hlshon Pdcar. i'J nnd Hi Kat.1 P.'btli Miei t and a farm at Ureen-buicl- i. and to Ullie. M, .'fiO, and I1.VJ hast fticet. 1 ho thren children were also to shaie eiiuully In thn block bounded by HiOth and 131st strei trf and Twelfth aenueand tho Iliidsou Ulvei. Iheiesldueof hib estate was also to co to tho children. 'i'hu widow says that she nccopted the pro- visions mnile foi her in tho will in lieu of dovvei. but that the e.secutoi sand elilhlioti are seeklnc to nuciimber part of the leuuests which, she sas. by the will oucht to bo con- sidered a cliar'u on the lout e.stute of the children. The Conholidatod lias Company stork U held Py C. A. Jlaiimd .V. Co.. brokers, with whom Dunnlnc hud nn account, to secure !'. which ho owed the III in. Tho children refuse to pay oil this obligation and free tho stock for liei. She received Hi of.') 000 bequest, but not tlio Broadway niU Seventh Aenue Company slock. It does not appear that the testutor had thin stock at his death, lie had. however. Nickel Plate and Atchison stock which. It Is said, she claims instead. Tilts stock Is also held by C. A. Harnerf & Co. Besides his real estate Dunnlnc left $40,050 )n porsonnl property. Bhe says the real estate left to the children is worth about $'00,000. anil that it waaevldontly the Intention of her husband to leave her bequests iroe from en- cumbrance. The duuehter. Ltllis. whose Thereabouts Ilia. Dunnlnc does not know, has an action pendlncln tnoCour of Common Pleas aeainat Andrew A. Henderson for an nbsclute divoroe. blie makes her sister Hattie In this case, liattle's husband. Nelson lhase. died in HsTIO. and she went to reside with her sister Ullie. at 483 Manhattan nenue Nelson Chase was one of the Jumol heirs. Mrs. Hen- derson's accusation acalnst Hattlo were hacked up by declarations oX Hattis'sson, ltaymond chase. LOUIS L. LOMLLAItWS RESIDENCE. me Reason Tor Objecting; to Payment of Tuim In Tlile City. Louis L. Lorillard objects to paying taxes in this city, and he has taken proceedings in the Supreme Court acalnst the Tax Commission- ers to loview their action nnd ultimately to prevent any futtlinr assessment In this city. Mr. Lorillard declares that this city is not his home, but that his homo is at Newport, where he is compelled to pay taxes yearly. Mr. Lorlllurd's examination has been taken In the procoodlncB, and discloses that he is a member of clubs in this city. In Newport, in Boston, is Kncland, and also in France. Since his marriace. nineteen yenre aco, he has lived In this city, Newport, and abroad. Slnco the early part of 1887, however, he says that ha has considered Nowport his resldoncj and his home. At that tlmo Miss Catherine Lorillard Wolfe left him by her will her beau- tiful resldenco called Vlnland at Newport, valued at about $400,000. lie want thero and took possession of it. and says that ho has conMdered It his homo evor Rlnce. Ho at- tends church theie. Iiavinc throe pews for bis family nnd servants, pass taxes tiieio. and basilone so for six jearn. has voted there since 1K87. and has his children educated thero. In fact, Mr. Lorillard declares that in 18!-7- . when ho went to Newport to cliilm tho clftthathe received under the will of Miss Wolfe, ho did with the intention of hecont-In- c n citizen of Ithode Island uud abandoning his citizenship of this Mate. Mi. Lorillard declares that in reclsterlncnt hotels or any other place he always glens Newport. As u further instanco that Newpot U his home and his lecnl resi- dence, he shows that he has thirteen men In nnd about his Greenhouses and on his farm and live about the stables, and his indoor domestics are to tho number of fourteon. A- lthough he lias been designated as of tho Honduras Commercial Company, which has an oillce iu this city, he declares that the company has not really been dolnc any business. The case le soon to be tried. Senator Conslderlnic the Imrolsratlon Probl- em, The United Statos Eonate Committoe on Immigration, which has- taken much testi- mony on tho subject of I m migration since Cnncre.ss Adjourned, met In room 38 of the Fifth Avonue Hotel yesterday mornlnc to con-ald- its report to the Senate. 'J ho six Bona-tor- 8 present were: Chandler of Now Hamp- shire. Chalrmau; Prootor of Vermont, Paulk-ner- Wost Vlrclnla, Call of Florida. IIIscocIc of New York, nnd Dubois of Idaho. The ab- sentees were Mcl'lierson of New Jersey, Voor-be- of Indiana, und Oray of Delaware. When the Senators adjourned alter a session ol an hour or moroMr.Chundlersalditseemed to be the opinion of ull that Kcunte bill No. 3J40(reported number. 787). passed by the Senate on July 'J7 last, but not passed by the House, should become u law. This Is the bill which requires steamship romi aulas to make munlfestH on tlio other side, so that undesir. able Immigrants may bo storipod thete. The committee, .Mr. I handler added, would inci- dentally discuss the .Nntiirallriitlon lans, und perhaps iu?ca-- to Con.'iess that Immigrants should ho niHiir.illed by tlio lcdei.il tlovein-me- nt only. It was acreed that a call be issued to the members of the committee to meet on Tuesday morning, session!) will be held dully during the week. Twelve lliiudrnl ImmtirinnU T.nndrd, The registry clerks at Ellis Inland earned their wages yesterday. They examined 1.211 Immigrants, who urilvei on the steamships Dubblcdum. Lnhn, Hermann, Corean. City of Herlln. nnd Unbiin. The nltaetia. which bioucht li'Jn stoeiiige passengers, was held for lumlgutlou. Her passengers ramo from tho interior of Germany and went directly to Cuxhaven. whoie they embarked. Dr. Jen-kin- s will have the baggacoand clothing of disinfected uud her carco discharged under quarantine supervision. William IVcliBoie Cryitci-'- Ini)elteeii, In tho proceedings Instituted by tho Dan-bur- y Nutlonal J'auk against William Wet more Cryder of Tuxodo Park, who. until Keptember last, was the President of the Madison Square Hank. Judga Truax of the Huromo Court has appointed James J. Nealls receiver of the property of ex.Prcsldent Crydor. Mr. Cryder .aye that hi wife e property and Iioub. in luxodo Park, and also the horses and s. He is Indebted to the Madison Bquare Hank for about HM).000. but the bank liolda collateial for the indebtedness. The St. I.ouls uud Clnclnautl Exrreaa Of tberrmitrUanla naltreed leads all olbtr tiaim to tlio Wcit aDjouiUwsu, Itlalhtbeat (rata, luai evrtlitiliiUilroou.-4- r. Tfct Wtw Vork Central la tba ronta of tbaBmelra Japanese, Chinese, Turkish, and India 6oods, 877, 879 BROADWAY. NOW BEADY, Hoir Edits or BLDE & WHITE PORCELAINS. FIE SATSUJA, TAIZAN. HIIGOTO, and DM0 FAIENCE, Jn Xcw Designs and High -- Art Decorations. KXQursiTE srEctMBNs or JAPANESE ENAMEL, CLOISONNE TOKYO BRONZE, and FINE PORCELAINS, In small and medium sizes, suit- able for mantels, tables, cabinets, &.C. ALSO FINE LARGE FLOOR VASES AND BRONZES. For halls, conservatories, Ac. PILOCRESCIN, Ilunii:llluU' Qraut llulr rimlnct-r- , sf r AtSlw nied lib wonderful reiulli (V1 I 'lr'alllneOiii.lnCao Ir-s- J UriKXl \IMalne and for Urgw. )v Jl R \ ! 'fa \ Maarit, XTlca 11. by A. 1 A A ah druif ltd. -- 3 --v) 1I.S1CIIINI1' N iitet MUl'IH IU1KBVD tf, j tfi ' Ouiiranlt-r- Harm. 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LK, ,f,ti,,VWiaa i QUESTIONED BY MR, PEFFER, am, rrjfKitnrojr tells about rms KMPLOTMEXT OF JTJS MEXZN BTltlKES. Knl(hs or Labor Heaponalbte ftr Attempla to IVreek Onlrnl Traln-- A IMnkerton Mnn'a Account of tbe Howeateail Itatlle. Senator W. A. TotTer of Kansas wna tho chief inquisitor yostordny at the final session of tho Bennte that has been tnqulrlnc into the employment of armed detectives d ly- ing labor disputes. Tho aeaslon was held In thooffloo of Clarence A. Seward. 31 Nassau street. Mr. Howard In the lawyer for the Plnkerton Detectlvo Agonoy. Ho was ropro-eento- d yeslorday by W. D. Gutbrlo. hlspartner. Senator J. II. Oalllncer of New Hampshlro proslded. Ho nnd Senator Teller had arrived on a spoolnt train over the Tonnsylvanla lloll- - ml BENATOn rEFTKB. road at 7 o'clock In the morning accompanied by J. F. Hnte of Kansas, the oftlclnl stenog- rapher. The othor momhere of tho committee, who were absent, nro Senators Hansbrough of Dakota. Telton of Cnllfornla. Whttoof Loulsl-nn- nnd David Ik Hill of Now York. llobort A. Plnkoiton of tho New Vork branch of tho Plnkoiton Detective Acency wan tho first witness. Ho was taken In hand hy Sen-at- Clalllncer. whllo Senator Poffer stroked his picturesque beard blandly und cocked his head to one sldo to listen. \ Tho agency.\ Bald Mr. Tlnkcrton. In reply to questions. \ began to furnish men in strike dlnicultlos twenty-si- x years nco. Since then wo havo furnished inon in soventy strikes.\ CAPT. BINPE. There wns a bl.v.Inc Ore In the stove, mnk-in- e the room very hot, and at this point Ste- nographer Hulg crow pale nnd complained of faintness. The hearing was suspended and Mr. nnig Went out, returning in a short time still looking 111, but saying he was better. The hearing was resumed, and Mr. Plnkerton wasnskod to mention some of the utilises In which his men weio exploved to guuril prop- erty. He named about half adoen. Irn ludlns tho Now-Yor-k Central striko nnd the Home- stead strike. On the'hilter oecaslcr. 30.\i men had boen sent to Homestead. Ho then to toll about the use of dynamituin tho disturbances following thoC, 1!. i.tidt,'. strike, and Senator PelTer, leunlnc lack iu his chair, aid he had some questions to ask. Ciossing his long legs and stroking his beard Suuatur PelTer said: \From your experience, do you think, tbt number of strikes 1& increasing \ ' \es. sir.\ The Senator looked mildly shocked. Then ho wanted to know if any public officials in a city or town bad ever ruado application for Plnkerton men. \Yes.\ was the reply, \but not in larce cities. Generally, however, the applications come from private corporations or Indlduals.\ \From whom did you know that theie was a representative of tha Sheriff at Homestead!1\ \From the Carnegie people.\ Senator PelTer put his linger to his cheek and thought a moment, whllo tho witness sat with his hand to his hi ad. Then he said sharply: \ Unas your acency keop a supply of arras?\ ..\eliavein tho past kept u supply of arms, but all tho arms in our possession wore for-- r.onr.nT a. PiNcr.nTov, warded to Chicago during the Homestead strikes. All the illlos. about '.'10. wero sent\ Henutor PelTer asked acreut mani questions as to the persons who caused disturbances during strikes. He looked pained when the witness said every tlmo that In his oxperleine he had found it was members ot lubor organ- izations. \ Do j ou think thoy do so ns representatives of labor organizations \ \I do nut say tli.it. I know, however, that a man admitted that thn men who laid obsltuQ. tjonsonthe tracks of the New Wk Central Itallroad during thn strike received money from the head man of the strike In Albany,\ Senator PelTer looked bhockod agnln and asked: \Is that tho reaon you hold the labor or- ganisations rest onslblof\ \I did not say that. I only etato tho fact. Theoonfesblonsof people w how nro urr'ehted showed that tho people who placed the wore members of lubor orcanlra-tlons-Knlgh- ts or Labor.\ Senator PelTer lirlghteneir up whan the witness added: \I don t mean to say that those organizations ap- proved of It. \ Did you ever know of labor orgaplrations emiiloiing Plnkerton men to spy out the doings or employers i\ Novcr.\ ?0.nATi0il ,I'Jr',f; \k od triumphant. The no feeling against labor or- ganisations. He regardmr thorn as a good thinc-- lf under coorl leadership. Cant. 1'redericTc II. Jllndo of the Plnkerton agency, who was shot in tho thigh when the r otora attacked the Plnkarton barnit Homo stead, was the next witness. lie was ex- amined, by Senator PelTer. and an nt of the uihin s up to the tlmeTie was shot h.V\ ,I).W,UB .hhot' no s\1'1' \! foil, and I think tlio Pinkortons opened lire then I only distributed twolvn rifles umoug them. The Jlrst shots fired at us were rroin a hklff. before we came in sight of Hom-jstead- Jlelore I wna shot I ihoiicht wo might have driven the mob buck with eluh.s though it wns armed wlib r. voivers. 1 wish t to bo understood tlmt the peophi who attacked us did not know that wo wore Plnkerton inon. 'J liny I bought wo wore non-unio- n men, nud Minuted 'ih-kI- at us. All the Pinkortons who eimio on from New lork were men of cood ehaiacternnd Amoil-ca- n cltl7ens, ns fnr ns I know, i bollovo the useofaimsslioulil both'i Inst resort,\ The investigation eln, oil with tho exnmlna-tlono- f thlHWltuubS. buiiaturl'effor said to a bus roporter: \Tills Is no rurty business. We want to solve the probem of those labor troubles, and lbellevovvnwlll. Wo havo now only to pre- pare our rorort.\ vrhiei mflullier1 I'll4 committee left for last night. lleroUm Itcvvardcd. WAsniNOTON, Nov. Mntellenry A. Hilars, tervlng on board tho Philadelphia, having distinguished himself by extraordinary heroism In the lino of his profession on the occasion of the sham attaok on l'ort Mellenry. near llaltlmore. bept. 17. IHilli, In remaining ot hit post In the magaz na of that vessel and tamping out the burn ng partlolea of a pro- - maturely oxplodedi'ortrtdcowhich wero blown down the aliute, has been promoted, the raoommondatlon of his commanding officer, to be Aotlnc Gunner in the navy, and a jui ol honor has been awarded him. THE I'EXSIOS ESTI3IATES, le4.ftal.U50 Krqulred Cop the Next Flacal Vcn r-- A S10,000,000 Deficiency. Wasiiinotov. Nov. 'MS. The Secretary of the Interior y transmitted to the Pecrotary of the Truasut y the estimates required to par pennlons for tlio noxt llscal year. It nhows that SH'0.S.Jl.y50 will to necessary to pay pensions on account of tho army and navy, including the maintenance of poneiou furun- cles, clerk hire, und othor incidental expenses. Of this amount it is estimated that $1(15.000.-00- 0 will be paid directly to penslonera. In niUlitli.il to the estlmuto of $1 10.737, Uf0 for tlio llscal j onr ondlnc Juno HO. 18.t-- ', a dell-cien- of flO.SOH.ifJl is aslcad. Durluc the first fiscal year of the present Administration an estimate of SMl.oOO.OOi) in round numbers was Mifllcinnt to pay pensions aud other inci- dental cxpouses. The Groom Slila't Appear, lint the Hrtdo JUIiln't Faint. RociiESTni;. Nov. 2A Tho villaco of Canls-te- o, near Hornellsvillc. had a sensation to sosslp about on Thniiksjivinc Uav. Chris llcmpstall and Miss ltod ouncweroto have boon marrlod tho day previous, but for some unknown :easou Ilompstull failed to live up to his part of tin asreement Invitations hnd been sent out to Iriends nnd relatives on tho eveninc bet for tho marriane. A larce num- ber of cut-et- with presents assembled at tho bride's home, whoro theywaiti-- lor four bourn for tlm cioum to put in an uppear-anc- c. Unally the father of the younc man received a telccram from his eon. who hud cno to Ilorncllsvillo to cot out of marr)ini: the cirl. saiinc that he would not bo there to take i art In tlio ciircmonlns. Miss ouiiL'. on informoii of tlio cuntontn of the lelecram. did not faint or liavo hysterics, hlio simply said tlmt sho was clad that the marilaee had not taken place, and that sho was thankful that hlio had escaped throwlns herself away on such an unworthy and false jouucnian. Additional Decoratloux Tor New York's Fair llulluluc. Amiant.Xov. 20. Commissioner John Boyd Thachor of tho World's I'alr manacors has with the desiuiier of the souvenir coins. Olln L. Warner, for the further decora- tion of tho New York. Muto buildincat Chlcaeo. liy tlio plan udoptod Ucslcnor Winner is to prepare In plaster two statues ot heroic size and two busts of lifo size to till tho nh lies iu tlie face of the buildlnc. which is directly op- posite tlio art callvry. (hie ol the stutues is to be of ChrlBtopuer Columbus nnd the other of llendrik Hudson, wlillu the busts are to boot tliollrst (lovernor nf Now ork. (Jeorco Clin- ton, and of the State's iiiesoiit Governor, lios-wo- ll 1'. lluwar. 'ibosenro all to lie so pre- pared In planter as to serve as inodols at snbsonuent period for the reproduction of the four worthies in iinpuii-diubl- bronze, fchould the Legislature decide to set thorn up In or about tlio Capitol at Albany. The Pout IIUe Mutual Alit Akmiclatlon Fulr. The I'ost Onico Mutual Aid Association' fair In tho Madison Square Garden will be oponcd at 8 o'clock evonlnc. The fair will last throughout the entire week, closlnc on hutitrday nlcht. Thn Garden will be open each day Irom 5 o'clock till lOo'clook 1. 31. rait of tho proceeds will he used to pay tho arrears of bandit penelonnduo the widows and orphans of tho association, and thoresidue will bo placed iu tho bunds of a trusteo, who will hold it fur tho bouellt of siok and disabled letter carriers and tholr wldoweandoiphaua. A I.IUniry ror Uio New Toi-U'- Wardroom. A library of 450 volumes has been presented by Udward ft BpofTord of Tarrytown to tho now United Blatea orulsor New York. Araone tho bonks oro tho woiks of (lotion und history, I ml, volimio is bound In Levant morotc;. and btumped wllh the city urius. tho ',al,lh.nf th\ and llieniiiuo of the donor, Jbellbriiiylslntcndodfot t liouso of the slilp'B pnicers. and has accepted by Secretary Tracy ou tlieli l.ehalf. Wo Ton Wriir \Hvventeil\ Clotlient Tho Custom Tailors' Union, which Is a striko In tho shops or several fash-louab- tailors, reported yesterday that a con- ference Is to beheld with the I'nionwlth the object of bliowliiK thepuldlo tlmt fiishloiiublo tullors havo Introduced the swoatltic system Into the trade. Messrs, Cravvo. .loiifeii, Jorokey, and Jleooker have btvn appointed as a committee to meet tho autl-s- outers. RECURREFf ANNIE MARKS. TOUBTKKjr OATS' TACATXOir DT TEX TEAMS TO GET DBUJTK ZY. All the nat or the Time on the Ialan-- A IJttle lilt or it Woman with a Very Beadr Toaaina amd aa Antohlecrnahy, Annlo Marks haa been out of prison fourteen days in the last ten roars, and In tho paat four- teen years twenty-seve- n days. Lust Monday aha was released from the Island, and last Thursday aha wae roarreetod. On 1'rlday she was taken to sno Justice Kllbreth. \ Bo it is you, is it ?\ remarked the Juitle. Annlo wept copiously. \ What Is the trouble?\ asked th Court \ Ten days' froedom and ton years' time.\ sobbed Annie. \ Where?\ naked tho Court \On tho Island,\ aobbed Annie. \I nlvrar set out but that I eot right baok In. and moat always It don't take me a day to do It\ \Throe months more.\ said th Court \A month for every day o! fraodom.\ walled Annie. Tho commltmont in Annie's case sent her to tho workhouse on Dlackwell'a Island. She reachod thero at a o'elock yesterday after- noon. Superintendent Dunphy. Matron Dru-ba- n, ond Miss DIcklnaon wero awoitlnu her. Annlo wept and tucsed at her hair aa she was led into tho female ward. Half an hour later she returnod to the reception room dressed in the regulation calico dross, and with clean face and hands. She Is a bit of a woman, about fire feet tall Her hair is oray. and is brushed bank from a hlch. whlto forohead. bho has small, oray eyes, nnd a noso that turns up. When sho amlles three teeth poep from under her upper lip. In hor own words, \her undorcum is bald.\ The eklit of the prison dress she had selected was much too long. and trailed on tbo floor as the woaror moved about the room. \I am 8 years old.\ said Annie, as sho oourteslod to Matron Druhnn. \Tho lata Judco O'ltcllly. peace to his nhhos. and meself r.?imJrom1 \10 M,im,\ ,own I\ Ireland, inn ofien he saved mo from dolnc time, (if course, another. I uduo Would send me up a. Tew hours biter. It wuk twonty-nln- o ycurs ago when I llrst camp, to this country. 1 was only u l. lass, and novcr knovved the tasto of co\untryaltoo'U' urou-'l'- t good letters to this \In tho ojd country I was lady's maid for ThLW lco.wlfo of Lordltoea. liV.h'11?\1'110 ooun'r Kings, where feen tho yueon and hor lato husband, peace to hie ushes. Ludy Allen gavo nio letters, mid when I came herIwentto a\' .\.' ,fil Wt'8t 'ihlrtv-fourt- h mn.,d .',or ller- - ana tllen 5'rs. tarolino Adiinis. who Uvea across from Mrs. A. l. cot mo to co to hor. Thon I went to the UowiirtB. Oh. but tholr house has cons down of lato years. 1 wont thore tho day 1 was out last year, and aas walkluc around after tlio door, vvlion a now hall boy iu line clothes and nil said: ' Mako way lor Judge Duffy.' buio, .Judge Dully don't know tho Stew-art- s. kids. ,.\W'. tnn'urts? says tho boy. 'Thlsls Miinhattans.' 'I jes giuuued 'Lord.' nnd weut nway and wasnrionted. ntVJJVMiai\0.ri leVine \\? ?townrts I went to vilio owned thoNew York Hotel, uni .Mrs. All\ Hello tirnen wanted mo toco back to the old counti y with hor as muld. but I wouldn't do It. I wont back to Mia. alL I wasiuarilod from there, and went to livo at lhlrty-sMou- d stroet and l.ighth avonue. I 'i0\ ,tUI my. l.fU0 to the bod with store. MII.ijT suys I to him then. t?,r$ irn? !? dU'SrV . Wlko got un and dusted allf,,V wos klxteon yeara ago. I Pad u child, my only one and a girl, soon aftor \e.wvD a.y, l .Lc\f '.\ votingono six yoars.\ alt a bit, Annie.\ said Superintendent Dunpby. You have beon hero twenty-tw- o times, and your tlrst trip was madoinl7a That was fourteen v ears ago.' Sure enough.\ said Annlo. \The Cruelty people got m girl in lb77. I almost skipped a few yoais. Well, tho loss of my child almost drove me to diink. I didn't drink jut.1 thon tliough. but 1 thought I uos.goiiig crazy, so I wmttoUelloviio. DlgTom Urenuan was boss thero then. 1 was youu.r and pretty, and ho 1..c,?.',,!un!r'ln'!lretty girls, and I got in easy. Vi ell, w hen I ht.iycd there iiwhilo I found I was not going to get crazy, so I decided I would have to get drunk to make up for the loss of mv clilld. Ueliovue vvui vory'risto-crr.ti- c In thoin days of Uronnun. lots more than It .was under 0 Itourke, who came arter him. i ou know tho women liked to bothcra w hen lirennan was boss. He was so polite to uh. 1 couldn't got drunk there, so I wont to douveinour Hospital, which was common, but good then. Uhe second day I was thoro I crossed the streot with u milk can full of beer. I diank tho bocrandciossed the street again. I.V orV tlmo I cinR-.m- l tllA Rlrnl T rl.,,L-.- . .,.,11 of beer. I was ancsted by threo policemen. Judco Duffy adiudi-rcato- mo. \'I'rcttv girl, ems he. \what do you hore?' llewniltng,' snts I. \ Minn. iillng what; says he. ' My baby, says I. ' ' Dead or worhe I' askod he. 'Dead and bJried.' hays L ' ' W here's Its crave?' asked ho. In Cruelty Cierrysava I. T'reo mouths,' bays ho. ,..' That was the start I got up horo whoro Wnrdoniin llrunt vvus running things. All us girls got down on him. He was the ugliest man I ever saw. At last I said I wouldn't work any more. Not even for me)' he says, trying to bo winfome. 'Hell.' said h and that was the first time I evor swore. \When I got out nt tho end of the thrao months J went right back threo hours aftor. 1 know old an Brunt and Capt. Williams set up a job on me. lou know I once kept live rooms next door to tho Thirtieth street station bouse. lilianiH and I wote good friends, but Jaii llrunt queered him. liver since I snld hell' to an llrunt the pollco have laid for ni und given me a hoakor every time I got out. Well. I kept going out and coming buck until Van llrunt went out for good. Thon Stocking got to bo boi-g- . All of us liked Stock- ing. He could pick out tho best woman, and wo worn takon care or all right All of the best of us stayed here n giilur wlillo Stocking was bosR. Tho Island was packed, \ \ How about Mr. Dunphy '\ Annlo stuck tlio forollnger of her right hand in bur mouth, tried to bo i oy. aud said: \Oh. he's just lovely. Ho sympathizes with women. But ho s so terrible strict. Tho brut tiling, though, is tlmt only us who sown euu come here, tlf coun-e- . he won't lot us talk and we almost bust sometimes, but lio's love- ly all the same. He and Uncln John btacnm, who used to bo Warden of the Tombs are allko. You'd never know they had gray hair unless you saw it. Johnson, Uuinn, and Tinn. who camo after Btacom war too grumpy. Wa stayed away from them. Wo liked Warden Wlllxll. \Duffy and Gardner ware the first two Judges who sont me up. Then Murray. Ford, Ityau, und Smith took a hand. We all llko Judgo Ityan, ho's got such nlco whiskers. Judge Dufiy's got tho blggebt mountache, though, and the most money, and ho nln't man led. It's swellt-- r to have Judge Duffy Fend jou up. heraut-- ho chats with you, but Judge McMnhon Isthebebtnt thorn all. W know that he's got the blggoat bucking, nod if we ever gets on tho light side of him we needn't come up hero unless wo want to. And It's getting now so's that many of us don't want to oorao any more. If it wasn't Mr. Dun- phy that was here wo wouldn't come at all.\ The recoids show that Annie has boon sent up twenty-tw- o time, and has sorvod In every ward of every department of the city'a hnspl-tal- s and workhouses, tiuperinteiident Dun- phy said yesterday that he has not ono-thi- as many women as ho had two years ago. All woman In the workhouso now must work, must not soeak, and must obey a oodo of ruies Ilka unto those of all prisons. Conventlou of the Federation, Famuel Gompcrs has lssuod oall for tho noxt annual convention of the Amorican n of Labor. wTilch will bo hold In Inde- pendence Hall, riilladelphla, on Dec 12. Among other mattera to be dlseuasod are the Homestead hti ke. tho Cyur d'Aluna etriko, nnd tlio restriction oJ Immigration. 1'upera. It is htated. are tola read at the br John hwjnton. Trof. William M. Halter, George L. WcNolll, and Senator Henry W. Ulaliv THO MIS.1ISO WIVES. N Apparent Itruaon 1Vb I'.llhrr hliould lo Awny-O- ne I.cU ii I.lllle llul.y, Ilugh Monroe went to his homo nt .'100 Wil- low avenue. Hobokon. on I'rldnr evening, to And his wlfo gono and tholr baby In tho oaro of u neighbor's child, 'llm lit t lo nurse said that Mrs. Monrno hnd gouo out about '2 o'clock, snvlng hIio would relurn ina fow minutes, hlio did not return that night, and yesterday Sir. Monroo report od his wife's dlsappearanco to tho police, llo snld his wife was 21 years old, plump nnd pretty, with dark brown luiir. Mio is small of stature. Hhe wore a military cloak of nnvy blue, hlio had very llttlo money. Mie and Jlonroo woro mnrilnd two years ago nnd havo always lived happily. Heforo ninr-rlug- o Jlrs. Monroe lived in linltlmoie, llor hiisbiind knows of no reason why ebo ihoiild absent herself from home, ni sho was dovoted to the baby. He haliorim tlint If 6h hed nny Idea of deserting him sho would huvo taken the Infant with her. llo thinks sho lias cither bocome suddenly Insane or hai met vvitli an accident .lames I'ercivnl, captain of thn canal boat T. C. Clark, now being top ilrod at Jlct'arthyV dry dock at the foot of i'lfleentb treot. Ilohoken, also reported the illsapi nuanco of his wife, whoso nnmo Is Millie. '1 heir home Is in Syia-eus- Sirs. IVrclviil Is 10 v' ars old, of slim build, thin face, nnd daik hair. Poielval siiya he nuvor had utiy tioublo with IiI-- wife, who Is Fobor. good tompored. nnd Industrious, fin Tunsdny bo gave her s7fi to tuko caro or. Thn following day Mrs. Tcrelval told him sho was going down town to make tmnii holiday pur- chases, hhedid not return. Poicivul's frlendn say that tho eouplo sovcial cliildron iu Kvracuse. and they think Mis. l'eicivnl went home to spend Thunksgiving with theu. KEELEX DID NOT CV11B II IM. lawrtr Wlntr Hcnt lo the IInl for Ha- bitual J) i uliucnuess. Honry Wlntors. a lawjer. was sont to the Island for six months i eiterday from the Har- lem Court llo Is a widower, 3D yoars old, nnd Justice Moado committed him on complnfnt of Sirs. Mary Hoi n-- 'r of 68 Hast Eighty-sixt- h street, who complained that tbo prisoner was an habitual drunkard. Wlnterb's father Is a wealthy resident of Baltimore. Ills mothei died when lfoNvas two years old. and Mia. Hornor. who Is his aunt, assumod caro of him. Ho was educated abroad, but Mjudledluw and ww admitted to the bar In this counliy. His father kopt him well supplied vvitli money. Notwithstanding his bright prospects. Winters neglected busi- ness and went to tho bud rapidly. Then, dur- ing a brief period or leform. he married. Five years ago his wife died, leaving two children. P.'.w.,,,.om ,llR Hl1111 assumed cluirgo. After this v inters went the pnee (aster than before, and his father lliully discarded him. Aycnror so ago Winters was induced to try the ivcoloy cure, llo loft thn institution ap- parently cured, hut six months later ho re- sumed lih old hat its. and Ii.-i- Mnco been drinking lieavior than beloro. As n last his aunt was compolled to apply foru war- rant for his nrrst. l'.ilieenian Lnvy.fouuil Winters drunk in fiont id tlio 'ioikvlllebiiinch of tho inung Men's Cliristlan Assuciatlon rooms, from which he li.nl just Loon ejected. In court yoMerday the pilsoner donlod tlmt he was an habitual drunkard, but udnilttod that ho drunk. COSSVL IIUIZ'S IIEOALTA. It In Missing;, nnd He 1'lilnkn Mrs. Ilcrllm J.uu Huh l'uuncil II. Mrs. Bertha Lau was clinrcod by I.lbbls Benjamin, cashlor for Joseph llondl. a glovo dealer at l.'J07 Broadway. Willi passing a worthless check for$'J5 on her, on Nov. 14, nt Jefferson Market Court ycstviduy nioinlng. Sirs. Lau, as Miss llenjiimin said, had no account ut the bank on which tho check was drawn. SIrB. Latt said yoterd.iy timlt-hodl- havo an account there und tlmt tbo check was good, tjho was held in tollO ball for examiua-tio- n on Mnnday. ConHul.Gonmul Itulz of Lcuadnr. whoso housekeeper Jlrs. lau was. was ptefont nnd asked Justice llogan to let him see tho p.r.vn tickets which wnio found Mi Mis Lau when she wns arretted. Mr. lluiz snld that n tinnk containing lilHolllclalrpg.iilaiindbiiniojnwuliy hau been stolen from his hoUhc. llo thought that Mrs. Liu bad taken the trunk and pawned tho contents llo was roferied to I'etectlvoa hulllvnn nnd lung of tin. Wi- -t Thirtieth street station, who ni.ido tho urrcbt. Tbe Bocun llcUet Hulndlcm. Threo complainants oppoarod yostorday against the three swindlers, Harry Fall banks Ilobert Hudson, and Frank Sullivan, who woro arrested on I'rlday, Joseph Mpjer, a piilouti keeper of filOL'ast Kovonteontli strnet.snid the trio called on him on Oct, 'J!. 18',ll!, nnd. ( ltiiin-lu- g that tho employees of the 1 vine lloiuill-mentwe- going to havo u bull, M.ld lilni ,\. world of spurious tickets. Julius Allelnu-ls- , n. clgurdea orof 'Aili Avonuo 11. idemllled tlieni oh men who had sulndlod lilni. proteudini; to bo United States revenue unlaw, Julm of COH Last .seventeenth stieot. n keeper, also lost $o to thobwlndlora. No Store linker Wanted Here. Tha New York Local Joint l'.xccutlvo Bnntil of Bakera' Unions has tukon stopa to publish in the European papers a slatoment thuttlm condition of tho bakers here iIocb not m.ikn tho Immigration of bakers to thlscounlii Tlmllonrdhtatestliiitw.igeh.iio y low. tlmt tho vvmkdnv Is lung, uud lt.it many bakers are out of etiiplovniont An delegates will bo sent tolb New nrk Bakere' btato Convention by llaUers' I n.wi No. 10. astlin majority ot tho moiiilieiK beli.n.i that the cost would ouuntei balance tlio gained. AT LAW OVER A CLOTHES LUTE, Clergymen Aeenaed of Mullelona Ml.alaleT uud l'ellt JLurceny for Cattlns It. Kiaoara Falls, Not. 20,-T- Iio Bv. Qoorca Webb. Iiantist juistor of this olty. waa arreatad carlr thin week oliarged with malleloua lniurr to personal property. The caaawaa thrown out of court, and Albert Goring, tlio complain- ant, immediately awore out two warrants for tlio arrofit of tho Rov. Georgo Webb, charged with malicious mischief, and tha llor. John Webb, n brother, and pastor of the Bai.tliit yl church In Xlngnrn Furls. Onr.. acros tho river. g on the clnirco or pullt larceny. The trouble Is mf nil over tho cutting of Mrs. Gorlnc'-- , nlotne line, nnil tln runinvul nf a piiH-nu- f llmrniw. 'Ihu llm. Jlr. Volib of thlh ilti fnnnorly Hi uil u tlio tiorinsiliil, nml left a I linoontlio neniibis uheii tin ninvml nvrar. A hen lui mivv flint tlm lino Intorfi 101I with tlia I worknion wliiMveictllcKlng fortliofimnilullun I WHIN for I lio novr liuutibt cliun-l- i the clergy- - I man vvhlnpi'd nut his knife, cut what tie 1 thoticlil vv.ih Ills own line, nnii tnuk some nf it i1 nu,iy. Tho Court huld tlmt tho Webb broth- ers vin bnuii; porsoi'Utert by tli(lnrln(SRnl lsrliiui.vi tliiini Mr (\Hiring is pusliinirhlj case fin lti\ nml will riiMiinuil iIiudml's. llo still of tlio jiieinlRiis.iio-enit- o tho cITuiti! of the church to evict lilni. KinSAVl'EO SAILOltt. A Jlnik Jloiii'dcd nt Tiioonut nt Night nnd Itw I'ltw Tnkfii Avvuy. Tacomv, Nov. 'Jft Shlppint: men nro oxoltO'l over tho kidnapping of eight non-unio- n sail- ors hero on Wednesday night. At midnight a ten-to- n Floop came over from .Seattle, luing-lu- g four members of tho Sailors' L'nlnn. Thes wont from Miip to ship In tliolmrlioriinil gntti-ci.-i- la fini-en- tlility nnlnn sulloi.s, motot v!oiiii Hon I til tliu lo-i- in Miiilm ith. 'I lion tlm men .ippiu.u liml u IliiK, und Uni- ting mil ill nn gu.uil. over her bide ,'itnl iloivii into tlio finer- Thny uvviikuiied tlio nun. union Millnts bv pnunillng thoin on tin lio.nli. i.nli iovoite.. Tlii'i-- view online I In pn '. un their i lotlin. '1 linn thn union men ciiili'.l thoin thoin nboiird the locked them in tin. . .mil hot Kill. TuoytM-r- l.imlril ,u l'nit lll.ikoli. Unity in llo linni 'J.ioonm, nnd lofl wltliniit n cent, and with th vwirnin,! th it If e night again on u non-iinin- a thip tlios would bu l.lllllll. W.if stilliliorn nnil Ho Wiin Ifnnited, Franklin. Vox., Nov. 2'k (Icnrsn , criloied, wns lianged for thn murder ot lilb ttoiion. Jnlin ltriti;rliiii..i'i-i- l l'J I'M re lie was convlcti'd nn ciri'itmr tiinllnl evliler-'e- . lln was too poor to hire a I ivvycr, nnd tho ('unit Hppii'nti'd nn allor'ioi in III,. vvlniiii'ii'i-i- l vvithihnl'insiii'iiii g Uloinoy that tlm pilhiiiicridiiiiil'i i.li ml giil li, tlm piotei'ii-tlo- 'i to rociiniinriiii I fe Inn In cveilbodv'ssiirpr'h\ r.i.'iiii iiil (\plead guilty. jiim- - wnh iii.iii\H '.the onvh to 1. nml llo- di'iitli I mi nil nueM-cil- - Jil..., K

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