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1 I 4 1 1 f1 tc 1 1 THE SUN SUNDAY FEBRUARY 17 1889TWENTY PAGES 7 f Kansas line to great that It took n lone time to I Let tho military machine In good working or- der I Thus tho executive document says J I Jrtn It I84th cominandln 0 n ralwa lMtrnetti I sImmedttetpitoremueanYlntru1srI- D Ihe mean lime Tarloni reporta were recelred show In thatioe number nt Intrudtri Wft5 iteadlly Increaalni- Joly IKS4 the War V atnnllntotmea the Ireil dint ot the condition of unlrln Indlal Torrltory In connection with July 31 thtaominandlnirileneral reported that JJ are now ready to enforce orden ftflI Atlltu where I prlionen ihonld be sent end whether CIImu ibuul- db permuted to reinai in tile Indian Aug A 1KH4 the lreildent directed I the I Keiretary ot War to employ the ramiarr fnrcn to remove the In t trudera O Ahiwer to ths fiuoilon about attletnen- Auir IS4 ft report of dipt r Cuinck Ninth f v- ulrf 21 forwarded from the Million of the MIssourI reporting aMimanee rendered In arrettlne Intruder founilln the Cherokee country t Ono othor reason why tho dolay In removing those bnomors wns so long was tlio fnot thn the cattlemen wero not nt that time particularly anxious about tho noctlon on hloh tho colony I bad squatted and morootor tim cnttlomnn- wero 4 lust then worrslng nbout nn oxonutlto order to romovo tho wlro foncos in Oklahoma The colony wns pinctlcnlly unmolested it was hut a fow mllos frnm tIm Kansas border Supplies wero easily obtained The colonists r built Bhantlos cabins nod dugouts In somo eases thoy brokp a little land hut not much of I this was done because Hut Hock Crook settle- ment ¬ I Wail only meant to bo temporary thoy Ttrro bound for Oklahoma Insno oponod a drug storo aocallod whore he had a I liconso for tho palo of liquor Thoro e was another store and a school houso also liollglous services wero hold by tho llov T W Woodrow Ho was Oklahomas first parson t t On July i tho colonists culobratod Ainotican e liberty An American ling moo of bunting by Mrs Edward roilorlck and Mrs Itorrick was t I pot on n flagstaff Lntor the lowering of thnt f flair when the colonists woro romovod jury 5 I nearly cost n cowboy his llfo It waR on AUI7 1SS4 nt 8 A M when four J companies under tho command of I Cnpt Francis Moore rode Into tho cnmp and arrested Pnyno nod a number of tho loadlni men Tho tine was flying as usual front tho 1 ittaft which was located In front of Ooorg- ojitowns tent A noldlor was ordered to haul down tho OBI anti as hn obeyed thu boomers vat up a groan It wns an otldonco of- t I ccnulno distress ns any ono can learn by talk- ing ¬ to them for llto minutes As tho Hug camo down n cowboy who sat on hIs tony watching to BOO that the wishes of his employers wore cnrrlod out grabbed Jibe lasso J 4 and with a whoop ropod tho emblem of free- dom ¬ Thou with tho ling drugging In the dirt be circled his horso slowly around In front ol the agitated boomors I In the prosonco of the troops not n man dared 4 move but llttlo Miss Lou Drown a lass of only I 13 years crabbed her fathers revolver from its I hoUtor hanging to tho toot door and levelled- It Itatthocowboy I The boomers never curse more heartily than when they toll how tho too merciful or too nerveless father ordered tho girl not to shoot and she oboyod with tears I Tho cowboy got his lesson however for his 5 taco blanched ns ho looked Into tho muzzle of t that sixshooter disengaging tho ling ho I gathered In his nul and sneaked awns V I t Among other buildings nt Rock Falls was n I printing ofllco wherein was printed tho Hai 1 Ohio J Ii Cooper editor The moment the material had boon loaded Into a wagon tho soldiers tired this building and then tho rest of tho structures wore In turn burned down Among these was a hotel and n res- taurant ¬ I but the wholo building outfit did not I cost over 1200 Thero were at this tlmo It Is said nearly 1000 boomors scattered about Oklahoma and I i In foot 100 wont bouth through Iltinuovtoll on S tho day that the Hock Crook settlement was destroyed but by Sept 15 the cattlemen In tho Territory woro rid ot tholr presence To convoy to tho Enslor public the idea that this ejecting of > was all In the inter- ests ¬ of tho poor Indian Col Hogors 1 represent I inctho Union Agency of tho five Nations and- S B Green representing tho Secretary of tho S Interior nofflinally directed tho work S PAYNES CHAPTER IX As usual the chief boomer was turned loos- eS S Fort Smith and as usual ho returned to tho S Kansas lino and continued his rk But ho never headed another Invasion From Fort Bmlth Payno wont first to Wichita S to consult with tho townsite company onl then made his headquarters at tho Hotel Dlr t nard in Wellington Kan On tho morning of Nol 28 1834 ho came down to breakfast in his usual health and when tho waiter came to take his order he asked for a glass of milk Tho I milk was brought from tho kitchen anti Iayno drank it nil at a draught As ho placed the glass on the table ho suddenly started up I as If seized with a spasm and grasping tho ii cream pitcher hastily drank its contents I Then while striving to put tho pitcher back on d the table be foil to tho lloor and died instantly No inauost was hold although It Is behoved by many boomers that Payne was poisoned by I an emissary of tho cattlemen This will not I be doomed such a violent supposition whoa it I is remembered that two homesteaders wore A burned alive by Prince Olive a cattleman in f Nebraska loss than fifteen years ago was enclosed In a metallic cas- ket ¬ and burled in the Wellington Cemetery S The concourse that gathered to do honor to lila memory was tho greatest ever soon In i southern Kansas Moro than 5000 people It Is said followed his body to tho grave It is said that Patnos mother was a cousin of the famous David Crockett and that biIirst name David was given In honor of tho scout Payne was never married il CIAP X OTHER lZUnEDEUS There is one man to dispute with David L l 4 Payne tho title of original Oklahoma boomor His name was C C Carpontor but what has- t become of him the old boomers about this country are unnblo to say Carpenter como to Kansas from tho lock Hills whore ho had been a successful in the raid that open- ed ¬ i S that country in spite of Indian rights Ho mado his headquarters at Cofloovlllo Ran It Is possible that had ho located nearer to the borders ho might hate attained a moro impor- tant ¬ plncn In tho history of Oklahoma Very early In lull Carpenter got out circulars and worked up not I hOiitli t eastern Kansas otor what ho the Joy k ernmont lands In tho Indian call That Carpenter was itt tho omploy of tho ratltoads 2 also confidently assorted by tho Hon L II llell of Vlnltn I T 1 and by InsiioctorIohn Mc i lieu whottushoit to Collectillo I to bOO what t Carpenters mOl amounted to Tho r letter In whleh Holl made his charge Is dated I Apri IU laiU In It N this I tact I In the rultroid crovd are coln out tIter 10 I e up a row or ratlur Indian wo theIr I follower l It They with urppiittr propose to do hero what wa done In the llack hIlls McNqUH loiter l is dated at CoiToot llio Mnv 1 1879 It Is loss iliroct In Its ohurgostlmn Hull S put somovrlm uncomplimentary to Carpenter Ld It nUo throws ncidillonul light on thu onrly boomors in another way Concerning tho boom at Coleollo It says Although b1 ollilly workedup In tlio Inter 4 1 sit end w lot Iti the ttti ot I to rail roads uot taltrit tat yet l n lotte to tuoru elltldratttC The taolilol a teliuc lint C < inrieiue I Ic Lillowett to put Ilho headofine enttrpmn mint operate ralnxltlnMlBMiirlaul I Kami wneo h I Kknowii 4 Carpenter wai tho tlm man I toni iu my arrlial I He I is the oants Ura U inif I IjiniiuUanco I tkai I kite w linn tu be Keventeen jours tty nhtii ho luftittMl rremuntil qualen lie will 1111 inn Itis hca I I djimrr bj sitter 4 Territory I sine thin t A Ic In of raiitlnn about getting honest men In irouMi bJ ilr nr h 1111 cuSs would bo iho only omuuniu ul St ill inm He coca tlrt lu Illdept niJilKtf HHIU twenty mllrit i Zion here itt uiorihautA titers an d to KIW uim S LViuwhej tIe lint t lariyitmo ami jflKHiinu I 0 Ii- I IICI I UJOemUninte had IM tn moved tu tie Turrlttr > t 1111 He could not f lllsll the I parties lltat ho h ul a all They reCLsd llio Mrt umtallinint and ho Irft that S 6 place fur tItle saying that the linUuvudeiie l tel l gone bark on hInt Jllo HU wife m now opcralini on the merclnnti of hU place In raisIng fiindii The appvaraiice ot I iftiiia jroniif tolled I State cnvtlr3 uuuld ut once dry uu ihli our- Lcfrevenue t The competition between tlie border town ti Ihl atolll the fruitful source of the Ilixi I teen II0uilH macnitudu anti tho iujaceiiitna laid oul to lulu I f Carpenter the boomors say novor did put hla head In danger by entering tho Tonltoiy I ills circular81ItlwrlI not a few itoitlo I to i tho of Ihol in hlnlll b organized groups wont on coma and woro eventually driven either by tnrvatjon lack of 81IJllloo the soldiers The tlrst record of lilly nuth t group as this is found in a letter from Lotl I 4 r W ward who WItS agmit at tv rfau and i FoX Bgcncy It IH dated April M ISSJandsaybtliU I hate ben hvarlnic I lur some time rumors or arr IUKI aeuufor > einliiirtlioiiinimFnt land < In his Julian I territory but have Itat I nuthiiiK iloiliillo In rtcirdiu I J 4 5 the matter until the Mill I uheii four ur live Mafton loidn of men woo and children pixol ihrouifh tnU plat tiiInei to torso a noulemi on the hud ut Ptip t ttrk II e InOklihom i aljnut fcrtyrlve or ilfly inllea West of MeilcanhlcLaiHKiSiallon I this iiceno ilmewhkli t time twenty wagon lo us lute pasied fceiterally men If there was over any Inla lon of any Sal t for I the purpose of HUtliiiK i OMalioma l vtol I thin there Is no record 01 hInt atily of I it I 1 It about tho Oklahoniii I itt tlIiIrl rue rrtfuroiiio I In MNolirt loltor I to III In I diicomonts which bonlor town m iichintH gut 0 to boomor I loailorstoget I I I Ihl trudu of i tho cold ales Is inlcrobllng from fact Unit it devel- oped ¬ a raid 00 another part of the territory l which as an outgrowth 01 ti will be told in auothoi Okllhollloomlnl Anolhollollor of tho boomors worth mon I W L ouch who hail boon Pnyuo s chief iihPtaiit up to the of 1BS1 who hocamo tlio lid f vv hen bttyntn 111 Slklni nilviiinigii of thn o I sil IOIlt I that follotvod nflii Ilinos death ho up n t eIonvlnt I Un mo I ILIWI I tato CIIIIwll 1 I I f I OI Drown Troiisunn f L H ICIOt miin Homo unto during aILI I latter part of De- cember ¬ C e I8S4 Couch led 150 colonists Into Iho Territory They hnd to cut tholr vtny through that unclosod louooocnttlc nnd imally cnmiiod on thu loft lank of iho Cimar S Ofl was cnllod onl 11 I btlllvvntr i mtdo diigoiitH In tho Eliil Inl anti i o i d aligShiiolhoiiHu fore ho was found by Lieut Dav with thirty Irol Fort Ituno on Jon 7 INsi Tho- oSnttnt itt once nttomiitod to arrest Couch ut I men with WlnctoBtors and double uell a BbotRuiiB Inttrforoi Tbo JLloatanant I was not authorized to shoot and so wont iido camp anti tried to shut oft Couchs supplies Onn Augur who appears to havo fully com- prehended ¬ the situation an regards tho cattle- men wrote when ordered to remove tho In ¬ truders In the Indian Territory asking the Indian Department to send nn ont to desig- nate ¬ Intruders It required iomothlng moro than good ojcs nnd common BOIISO to dis- tinguish ¬ botwnon cnttlnmiMi nud Intruders That sotnotlitin Iho Indian Department has In some way rccoltod continuously for ns already slated t thocattlomon hate I lonmlnud lu pcnco- nblo possession of thn Territory all tlipso soars jib boomois continued to hold tholr ground howIlorlnl Col I Hatch I who wits In hot me ¬ of the troops hal to gut ro enforcements Iton with i ir n cavalry boforo them the boomers refused to lento Hut that condition ioil ill not Inst Tho boomers could not got supplies nftor thn toinforcomonts nr rived To iniko matters worse till weather became terribly I fovero On or about I the iflth of lanuaritiin act Into Is not loeordod Call Couch hail t to pull i his freight lie had been starved und frozen ono At Arkansas City wn arrested nnd ro loaded on hOI On rob ho was to have lied been bonn tried 10 was simply lot go > Pas no This was the last I Invasion worth recording Plenty of small groups ham gotio In They nit going In yet In small munbern and thor aro coming out again just ns fast ns thoy go In- Ilotoro the end of tho your tho hnntn IM got Its right of way anti Couch got his contract for railing anti thereupon tho boomois who re- ally ¬ wanted n homo tindor tho leadership ot W I Osborn began nn educational campaign FVLLS PAYNES CAMP IN 1881 which hns resulted bettor than n llko cam- paign ¬ of greater importance did last full for It hns aroused nn Interest In Oklahoma that lute forced n bill to ooon tho Territory through tho Housoof Hopresontntitos Last of alt should bo mentioned nn attempt to colonize negroes In Oklahoma No regular Invasion was mndo although a fow negroes did go over Into tho land lucy wore under the impression that thoy could remain because tho land had boon nurchaood lor froodmon They woro expelled as tho whites had boon CHAPTER XI LIFE AMOVO TiE BOOMERS That booming Oklahoma was not on tho whole a lifo of constant pleasure will bo gath- ered ¬ from n perusal of whnt Ins already been written As has boon thor lived In tents in wagons lu holes in tho ground Tholr fool was coarse anti for lack of stoves nail conveniences was often Illcooked and worse served They woro obliged to live on scant allowances They worD wot by tho rain nnd sloot of winter and by the streams they had to ford during high water Worso than all those physical discomforts thoy woro con ¬ stantly harassed by a fear of mooting tho nl roost omnipresent soldier anti enraged by tho sonso of wrong done thorn because of their poverty while men of wealth woro permitted to live lives of positito Oriental luxury on the lands tho boomers wanted for homes Hut a number of Incidents remain to bo told of boomer life before It will bo properly appro elated by tho reader There was the experience of Mr A P Lowls for instance nt l proont a merchant in this nlaeo He with nine other mel two women and ono child wore captured and tnkon- to Henrietta Texan to bo sent to Fort Smith Ono night thor camped within throe miles of Henrietta Mrs Osborono of tho women was taken very was the child I The bnomnrs fairly got down on their knees to Liout Taylor who was In chargo of tho squad q SETTLEMENT anti bogged that somo ono bo sontboomor or soldlor fora doctor Their apical was vain Neither patient dlod but thoro into a long night of noodloss sutTurmg fur two holploss people At Uonrlltllho boomers got n writ of habeas nerved It Lieut Tnslor refused to recognize It Kherln drew a sixshooter but tho boldiors jumped 011 him rind he weakened When tho train pulled out Mr Iowis occu- pied ¬ a scat at some distance from thu soldiers and tim lost of tho boomers Pretty soon tho conductor cnmo along and said Tickets Mr Lewis bhook his head I lao none then I halt any monO either S 01 horo then 7 Travoiling I rokou Whor an sou going I srim conductor roacho for tho boll Voum going oil this cur l quick Tho train slowed up and oL being an old man ttas lou gently but iirmly to tile car stopE As ho was going down thorn llio Lieu- tenant ¬ and two soldiers saw him und there- upon ¬ a rush wit mido that created oiiougn excitement to ln> l tho lost of tho tutscngors to I Ito ond of I thoii h Moro serious than tills was tho experience of f Mrs Annn liucher ith her husband Him wns Inn tout on the North 1ork ot tlioCitm 1 11111 not tar fiom Ohio ttti1l t City i in April I Its 7 Tho lincheis Were uno of tho runny stray boomers who hnto guIlt Into Oklahoma- hlnglv I hopngto i I tile jijy csci Ito t tho sold mrs nnd hold down n rlaiiu On A I rlii u girl baby was bOll with no ono to mother or child eato tho father who could put of Olro lento lIar let alono go lilly m los for the mnrcst hkllioil I I help I lliiiidat J la whilo tho life of tho mother ftlll hiiii In iho bnlniii Mine a tioupoi ol- dloii and ordTi thu fanillt lolono nt OIK- OIlri I liuelur I I Icamo wild i ai once und i I tho bus baitti ur noirlyho Thu solulunt hadoidori- lo I instantly romoto all beitleirf fniiiul la thn Torntors and lucy just welt rnoiuli t trained 1 lo wint I to obnv outers no 11111 tot what tho consoiiuiticos 1 he corporal In charge tinill niitucd I consult a Miporlor officer Im- f f Ir micimig fttrto rn tho hclphHS liiiullv Tho- Llitilonuiir riporlo I tlm cn h o to tlncninm in- dnn ntiil nsa Mieiial fiuor ti May II oeciit- Uin of iloMii ilas i ty is griintod On time hay thobijy was two weais old although tho- niolliei vti till iinahlolo wall tile whole out 1U uns I il I Into a son iiglti iirmtwagon- and Marled tor tilt lino Imcdl had at that tlm lint IHIUI laid out t an I town nnd thu llncheis wiiM ponulttod tobtop there Thin chili ti WIIH t tho sec nd 1 white i alit horn In Oclalioma I HurnaiiK I I U Oklahoma Iliiclmr- Tnn 1 Iirt hild vor I In Oklahoma was Vern I 1 born to I Ie 1111 Irancis M i Diimont nn- Id I I ISM ut nun u ojots oUlu mllos- wiht cf r Oklahoma lit y Th inot dhtnsliutcasfl of I ill I t treatment of f which tli IOnmum II nvcniit that of the niur- dorof four piiupli bu tol111 the not elm tniwth that nt Mr and Alfred Tyrrell- Thoy I wore a i pnrt uf an I Indopoiidi outllt- wltlithoin lining QUO fiimily only i that of idt- vnrd IridoilKs now of Ixrcoll On AII7 1831 1 tty ftnilid 111 for OKIihomni I I 1 IJth iampDil on Clllrll Thorn Irs Tyrifll v lio Vi idno to inotliiiHoon- did not lint t D Itoh in In ilm I ilvoi which Wil II k Itil i 11 I ui 111 lOIII IICi I < tIll I 0 lli y id1 iln I in turi- On tilt nth i i i d nit lUhn hiiiiiil I 01 mon ennui and onloiud tilt party to crosH Hi liter und go is prisiinorb I to I Iu1 I llciii Ml I Tjrroll- iihkid tlmt I tho bo ulliwed to romiiln I In CUII until hli wagon ont for Mipplles tOil turn Tills tvngon had and would bo much moro coinlortnhln for Mrs lyrm oil than I tho iiriny WIOI I I brought I hI i t the Nngnant I I ho ill ii1 listen I to Ihlx nnd Isr- rcll opxiulnti I i i i i ol thin Inn j indlgna- ti I Itll I ill I llpjO I ii I 1111 Jill lllllll Ml thai Ii siiiki i ii o II i j limn tilt Huhllo- IILiil i hin upon h 1 > JJuhhlt nndohokod until ho wus IlniU In Inn niter Hint wns over ii hiding Illbll i I btlll holt by t tho soldiers ho it rove tl away was knocked hon oloxs with n blow of a revolver butt I In tho linndH of a Kilillor lie was then lied with a ropo to thn near nxlo of the wagon nltor which tho goods of tho cant ptrs thorttllli t lit two 10111 und threo cliildmu ito ill l filutilt nnd- tlirMtn I I liio t 110 I 1110 Mi t is Till ell I loll limIt on t tho bottom f The outllt across the stream 111 slarleL und j Half way over the quicksand was not released for hours what with tIm distress gter tho abtuo nor husband bnti ro n L celvod the force of tho fall in tho wagon box and the exposure to the heat of an August on a breathless day Mrs Tyrrell was promo ttirely conlnel after reaching n point two miles further tho end of eleven days she was dead A pathetic letter of protest written on n scrap of brown paper by the unfortunate I husband to tho commanding of tho i in which ho bogs for moray rol his sick wife I Is now In tho loSsolon of r 1rcdor- Vks hero Ho tolls condition nnd asks that a surgeon bo sent to wo whether hits toiling tile truth or not rIte letter was wait bnck to him without oven tho scnnt cour toiy of nn answer It should bo sold howotnr that tho soldiers I were usually courteous nnd kind oven when tho boomers were needlessly insolent Tho boomers do not relnto theso anti other stories ot hardship with any Idea of finding fault with tho joldlers ns n wholo Their desire Is to show how much thoy Buffered in tho hope of getting a homo which they believed to bo right fully theirs Tho boomers na a wholo Included a very gro ° t variety of people Thero wore farmers mechanics professional men scouts cowboys- and every other sort of mon who go to mnko UI n frontier town Thero woro not a few col- lege ¬ tired boomors limit a majority woro ol tho class described In THE HUN not lomrslnco us strollers In tue Ozarks Thoy woro the discontents of tho frontier They were down on tholr melt They ttom forotor booking nnd never lltidtnu n good neighborhood A team of ponies a docrepld wagon with a tattered duk enter a linlfdoron children and threo lol comprised tho outfit Not a fow hal boon tho booming of a dozen diUoront frontier = 7 flocK nrmy ttgt localities without ever making a Stnto or gala log n foothold It was by holding up to public scorn tho schemers nnd to public derision tho neerdo wells that the cattlemen hao boon nblu to fond oft the opening of Oklahoma for ten years CIIAPTLIl XII stunpeugn THE BOOMEKS Late In February 1888 three citizens of Ko Mans Land who had bocomo tired of tho tree- less ¬ plains there determined to co to Okla- homa ¬ Thoy had boon boonws boforo they went to No Mans Land but this time thor do cldod to move to tho eastern border of the Neutral Strip anti thor remain until Oklahoma- was oponod anti then join tho procgsslon Accordingly they moved to n suitable camp- Ing ground as they supposed just outside of the Cherokee outlet and there built sod huts As It happened they woro just n quarter of a mile over tho line and on a range claimed by n cattleman named George II Dolaaey Tho boomers wore named Albor JuUn John Antwern and Thomas Within n day or two Bolanoys cowboys found the boomem In camp anti warned them to leave The boomors refused It Is likely that thev woro not specially pollto in thuir remarks Neither wero thin towboys- On March 1 canto Dolanoy with a gang of I dozen men Surrounding tho huts they or- dered ¬ tho boomors to lento forthwith Tho boomers dolled tho cowboys and thereupon Delaney opened lire Tho boomers defended thomMiltos bravely but ineffectually In all about Ilfty shots wero llrod The three men and Mrs Antwerp were Miot dead ns was ono cowboy called Dick Jlonnes There were live cl Idrol In the camp none of whom A as hurt said that Mrs Antwerp was pur- posely ¬ shot for helping In tho light Tho dead bodies woro plied In otto of the huts and eoterod with such Intlammablo material- as was nt hand and lIre applied Tim tworernainlDcwonion with the children ii T OAPT COUCHS journey woio tuiiiljli officer troops woro put In tho boomers wagons and sent to Lnglawood In Clark county Delnuoy amid his mon nro still nt large and nro not likely to bo apprehended CHAPTER XIII A riLACE l1tUI SCHOONEH Tho WnJncl mind Pullman companies may boast royal comforts of the palaco rail ¬ way conch Oklahoma boasts of time unlace prnirio schooner As a rule the boomers wero not tory slUsh in their outllts A substantial wngon hoops and a duck cover and with two or three horses was looL enough for most of them With many vtngon was not substantial With bomo thoro was nothing but n pair of hoi so ouo berting to entry a puck A few went In on foot Hut thor must need bo aris- tocrats ¬ In otery community and Oklahoma has hlla fun Ono of thOl1 Is Iho HOI William Abbott n Presbyterian clergyman now in clLupln iii ted I That Is I ho Is nn aristocrat- In tho buno that ho his in all icspecU tho best Oklahoma outllt known to tile histoiy of Okln bona It Is ns eomploto for the purpose for which It was Intended as I vestibule train Is for another sort ot tratollor In truth It does not lack llio sostibulti ft at me Mr Abbott llted in Fanlk county Dakota fur thirteen tears protlous to last Septnmbor Ho COI IULllrler so lUl an Liporlonco to gu sOllh lhrollol eunstriK toil a iiniiim- outllt lur iiivilllni Taking a good jrlrlwlon I without t I tho vtiuon l hox hu built I n t I tue at i II I for a nnme t that occu- pied ¬ I tho nain of till litg ii I ttii Aboto I thu Ic tnl of tho tvhools It 1111011 1111 inloinal width oH11et t I it t I lout Jt was iii reot 11 10111 I Across tho I I imnt- ami tuck In lh 11111 bulkheadthus- tot mlngtn alcove In front rl el I oIt II I lo Hides anti far not e iii 1 I witii rosy pullnu Th wiis i 101101 with si I uet Iron nnd tho vtholc WI tl i Inalll pnintcd In the icni was II uto ool I lei d laIr with n out iunio window It On oiih sldo win n throe pano tvinduvv with fla s bslu l I A window I Ilk I tlio one In tlio door Wlri put In the 1 bulkhead foivtnrd All thin wimlowii wei i iii ado to o lull to secure tentihitlon Hnlihiantlal < lIn took tile placi of nhibtoiing I It was In hit n house on wheels light strung and comfortable The Hour which ants nearly threo foot wide was icitoiod with canlot cioisilici lonliml t two lomfoitahlu i ii PIIK luds woin been rid 1110 II ito on I the uthor 1 In nk I atit loll Ilm Itt iltIlu S that hero formed vvhein Iho damn wldunod till hove t thu wMgon wIled Sill Id i when Ill oIl lonml at oneo its solas nnd clialr I On one hide n vtido I Ioanl was hinged I so 1 that I It i onld ho lIt I down to form tablo alter I thu miiiiii nor of male lag t tab OH In yacht cabins tlicn not in use till table buttoned IIP I against I thu hldo- In oimu corner cituty nit stood a Itvulldstnto that wns comploto If It WIIH small It tiniiU- lliikn n tour of bread or n prnlili chlckin nleolr Oplie wa n eiiuliniid tlmt 1111111 suilli initu- vjiirtiucMit of t dlHhn I lid n 01101 InI o- lixatli tIll hedM vni a HieU fisiilolothlng ilio willis vvlaii notoirtiiind I In I tlio mvos sari nitlelub nlruudy niontimiod woio ornn- inenlnd ttlth agooil iiinpol I tho Cnltod Status II ii 11111 her of tastily i nirnngod coloied lithe ginphs IL mirror and tills motlo iilt ill colors It lo hove Mo kioi My commaiidiiionts In tho iilcottt In front wns a bos for food II com fortablo heat nnd a tliormoinotcr to tell Iho- diltor 1Iw cold lie was Vnuiho vvaon Fill tunlliilly this ono ev op lui t Ii ttivu iniiij uird and tiiuo was llnii I nil i Inui it I is tod t that In camp the MPH by which tho wagons un i eiilvrud vvvr- oblippod lo one sldo nnd tho wagons woio placed cloio tugothor rear lo rcnr and conncclod by n- tvldo plunk ami that thun tho opou space to- twoon them in wns hooded In with u piece of duck lie similarity to a tOHtlbulo twit I is vory close Mr Abbott hnd tile vestibule train In mind when ho mndo tho peripatetic houses A bngngo tvnguii completed i llio out lit Ilioio wero hii I i ooplr In th paity includlnc- Mr Abhott Ills wlto idOl child ids tlstoi hla toothier und hU giaiidmothnr rue old lady- was 87 years old Tim child was 1 year old No ono enjoyed tbp trip moro than the old lady I All got fat on U U took them two months to UlvOI Stow raulk county JOak to Puroell just over tho border from Oklahoma No ono will be ohiO to cross tho boomers Iordan the Cana- dian ¬ Itltor with moro comfort than this Okla- homa ¬ Lovlto tho llovWllllara Abbott CHAPTER XIV HOOFS IIOHSB AND DARnED wino One of tho most Interesting exhibits what may bo called tho case of Uoomcrs act Cattle- man ¬ nt tho bar of public opinion Is n colored map of tho Indian Torrltory carefully com- piled ¬ 1883 by Editor a N Wood of tho Topokn Journal It shows at a clnnco where tho barbod wlro fences stood In thnt year Hcarco an aero of the Chorokeo strip and the northern half of Oklahoma proper but was enclosed by tim hateful linos of stool Tho solo space not enclosed was a lane throo miles wide running down across the territory called the Abllono trail from Cnldwoll It wIts nt onco a moll route to Tort Itono which would not howovor have seemed to kool It open and a route by which tho cattlemen got their fat stock to kot after tile rouuduti mol this map in mind It Is Interesting to turn to rxocutlvo Document Jso at second session Fortiolghtb Congress and rend that Under date nf AltO 21 IP8t IoL lutcb reported that the thirty daii notice served upon patties who lid Oklaliomn to remove them havlnr ex Or idlednwA not liavlnir I otieyeil the order those fencei not already removed vroula be removed at once and In the ataence of any further report It I II ttipposed that all tencei lisTs been removed It Is reasonable to supposo that the parn graph lust tiliotOti was written by some ono In the Interior Department with n uollbnralo do sign to docolvo Congress and Iho public Col Hatch doubtless wrote that ho would remove tile fences hilt almost botoro ho oven began work ho wns ordered to stop The fences woie Oat removed A good many of thom are there now Any ono riding over tho Santa 1V5 rond by aasllgfit somehow the Santa IVi j passenger trains all run through Oklahoma by night ex- cept ¬ for accidental dolay can see tho fences for himself It Is lurthor interesting to tail to mind tho flourish with which the Cleveland Administra- tion ¬ In tho spring of 1885 announced that nil the cattlemen lIed been ordered to pull Ihol- rrellhtoncM nnd all It will bo romomborod thnt the cattlemen hold a roundup so to Bpcnk nt fit Louis and pathetically toll of tho ruin that stared thorn In the face were tho Ad- ministration ¬ orders cnrrlod out All thor wanted 1 was a little time so as to onnblo thorn to save themselves however stern justice had at last boon Installed at nshlngton and- if one could bolleto all that was said In tho Administration organs the cattlemen not only hnd to go but did110 They wont just as tho civil service humbug wns enforced An uninformed lover of tho stern Goddess of Justice that Mr Cleveland hail enthroned might ask llrst how It happened that if It woro right to take a poor boomer by the scruff tho neck and tho seat of the trousers anti not only throwhlm out of tho Indian Territory but also drag thOu u thousand mllos without rood to 1Olt bmlth only to turn him loovowilhout- tilal ns was dono with A P Lewis for In blance hi IWS2 how It happened that It was not also night to order tile cattlemen to go without notice If It wns right to mako Mr Lewis suiTor tho loss of n hundroi and odd dollars woithof property wily wns It not right- to mako tho cattlemen suner tho losos lull to- n forced removal especially as thoo Iob03 would nil como from eltotprollt theretoforo- mailo nud mndo by unlawfully using tho In ¬ ulan Torrltoiy- Hotveter tho cattlemen were not even roo mot ed after notice- Clotelands cftttlomustgo proclamation wns Issued on March U ISlJ just nine dass litter the Inauguration A day or two later lloomer Capt Couch with Gen eatorenlled on socre tars Lamar and hnd nn interview which tlio lifo of the boomers and of tho deeds of tho cat- tlemen ¬ wero portrnsed Ill graphically tho teeietary actually shed tears of mingled sym lialhy for tim boomer und vexation nt Iho wicked cnltlolllnn Right those tviong Well whnt did Clove land wear a No 19 collar for If It wnbnt for u bullnecked determination to right wrongs anti the Secretary who wears n I lV collar high und turned down In front hoped that he might bo a humble instrument In helping Ute work along The interviow tho tears nnd tho reference to tho collar espedalls tho collar tilled tile boomers heart with joy that lasted until the Juno roundup nt which time tio cnttlomon- fiom Oklahoma WHo shipping thousands ot fat cattle fioin Caldwoll rind Ilitiuclltally making that town luminous In a way not toon to bo forgotten Couch then rroto to Secretary Lamnr to loam when tho cattlemen were to bo removed anti a promised Commission to upon Oklahoma appointed In reply bocrotnry Lamar said the letter is of course presorted that the removing was to be done at tho earliest moment In fact they would have been rOllloed already but for tho fact that the cattle had been spring poor und would bo cruelty to animals to drlto them away from tboOkahoniagrasses Along In December ISSC Couch nanln want- ed ¬ to know ns before and tho Secretory re- plied ¬ that the cattla had been removed only fiOUO hood remained in Oklahoma and they would soon be away This statement was given out to the Asso- ciated ¬ Press to help build up a reputation for stern Integrity for the Administration of Mr Cleveland I ho Administration Pallors could not tlnovt hlch enough in nlr their ready cups nt sight of that great roformutlon wrought That despatch was dated nt Washington lice 9 1SH5 See illes of next days papers Tho next dnyono W H Grimes a KansasCltv cattleman together with Senators Yost and Cockrell who served all along as lobbyists for tile cuttle ring culled on the Secretary and represented to him that it would bo inhuman cruelty to animals to force tho culllo front Ok- lahoma ¬ nt that time bocauso there had boon nnd still were so many cattlo in Oklahoma that thoy had been pressed for range and woro therefore leaner than tho Lino ot Kgypt- Homehow tho Admlnlstiatlon organs like the Eifinna Jost failed notice this statement which wns also sent out by tho Associated Press reporter soo papers of Doc 11 I 1835 The cause of Orlmes call was the fact that Lnmar had actually begun to oxpel cattlemen Hi had comnolledono Anderson with OOhcud to Vacate Oklahoma The remotuls wore stopped As illustrating how or rather why they woro stopped nu in- terviotv with JOlt SnjUer nu Oklahoma cuttlo lImit miLl l Ito given I If f I olin hold on one year moro 110 eald Ill got out I Ill I I be dd if I bill I 0 tit hnd msleg pulled enough forthoMithlot cs In Washington It Is not possible to give a coitipleto lIt of tlm cattlemen who hnto ranges In tho new as well ns old Oklahoma fenced In without trutolllng further t than till information I Is worth Tuttlo t V Co however feneeti up tile old Abllono iattlo tllllllllt I I I till tile t trull hating boon abandoned mimic t ito nntn ls 11 ito was complnloil utrosH tIn Territory The strip this gobbled Is throo ni I los wide anti forty ioimii down I to Pond Ciock from lJiitralohprinj say 711JUU I acres In nil Tho Ihciokou Strin I alt le Cant itmuir I K tho- Ioadlng oncern of nil hut tilt tomjmny owns not II 11001111I1 I I only u loaf of I ito I hciokoo I MiIp for which It pays tho choiokeo Nation SUiiiionOa your or a bout 0 l 1 e elliS II your per IIW for HiiiKlhiug otor liOOdoiMi acres Jliis hind it Hiihlets to anv body with cattle and time hum loallod In intimated lit from JMOnnn- to fTiiiUUU per annum Tho company In not tolling law much It makes Tim con of getting tile ions IIlIfI nothing to the company Ihe nubloscus- liati hcmi compelled to put up enough monuy nluto I tlnlr ipguhir I Icnfo iitcs to cover all ox rioiiciil J lobbying In i ho Chorokio Council It in rswlnrn nnoeitnd tOll believed that the J IIMO ttiixuliiiliuii tit bilbeiy Ill ChoroLuns n Ii aim d nnd uhlo as thlto people aro III jlllll piict calh white nml hato lo bo dealt with I its whlto legislatures ate Tlm ompnns I include I it lie nhiie Pros I ilunti J J A lair Soiiolirt I M i I H I lioiinct- tTuusiirel Capt Jnlin Ltans Col Tliuiinis- lluttoii I I nnd oiliiu prominent poonlu of the ot Scnntoi ilumb of Ivaiins lllhilhil that i lioiivvnt I stiiiu In the company but u g odmany- il lldri constituents 1111111111 lolloto him His ieialn I th it liu vvi micro ted luigils In cattlo- iintl I in i inly- Muilhoi noted iitllo Ilirn I is composed of miMiibci if I th tMaiid ird Oil Coinm > Th li- luaiil O 1 i I L I is tu bcfccii on plonj uf caltla III I Oklahoma Mill i I another II rill Is I tlio Smut air Company ouiiiil hyciiiltiillstH III Miilnnw Mleh Thn- 1iirvtullhof I I IIlcalIl1ro Maid I to have n few cut t tin loft IIHIO sot I but thu dealer part of their Mock In now III I tlm Panhunillo II II Camp boll of YKhita Kan 10 i omn them I It I is MM hi hum pcopJ llint Col W It- C liinl ol tho I Iniiiaiiclio Piml Cnmp in WIIH Iho IIIt in in lo Comoro tho IIM ol fiiiclnn In n- rinti Thov tIll notv iKld ng their catllu In the list 111101 I the Clioiok n ontlot Others ciudit WllMiiA Xlminorlrwlthbiilldln 3 t Iho IIrst WilD i fenco i In t thn Indian lurntory Tho foi CD was built nn Hkoleton I rook In t tIle wlntor of 1 Ib78 7SI It wits 110 mllM lung had tluoo wires tlio posts being 32 feet npart with three stays between postb n mighty gold rango fence Of course nn Indian ILJPWIIII till Jorriiory 11118101111 lilt tlilnjr fc thIn ngnnt during the ith malll rcin IIIril tgoiit 1fiuri- Kiiotu iiio I Irom tho Jinil iuo icj In I 18S1 it I jthiid that liu hud f si i In aitlo Hu hnd- minloithomohovv in lcs than tiu e scats Anolliur lull 1110 of tiii gilt iii Iiii3lnos hoio Is I tin u inet t that a i lirgu amount of jnglsh money Is Int osteil In It Tlm llio ol tile cultlo owners when they come to tho ranges at dtnin seaHons was of n sort to arouse tho lndlgnatl i 01 tho boomers to tim illldlL pit h ltoiy inngoiuKi Homowheia- n Hheleil iiiok and lanoh ItilldlngH and coirulh wci urcdi il ilmrc tiltIl of f Ill bull- dI I s nii iimiilally lllio un i iho ovvnori- It tia mailul I ich u 1111b1 1111 tIIi was II laigo hall i on I tlm Hint I t Hour with it long la ilo In I It t an ample I kitchen ut the rtmrII11I 1 dugout collar hand I by On the tccoinl lloor Wore a number of bodrooms furnished In a stylo to suit tho tasto of a Parisian or Pnrlslonmi for that matter rile lord of tho mnnor always let his bench mon know or hU coming HO that who ho nnd Ids Irlondsnrrlt oil otur thing wus In readiness Tho fiel hit of MI Ill nn IIrdl1 I lIlt drawn by Col j I Colo ol r HiIni Kaiisax contulnod- handeonio 011111 pages hid ioli drivwe subBtit- Qtiallooklng business mono and harming ele- gantly ¬ attired ladies who seemed in some cusps young enough possibly to ho Ute granddaugh- ters ¬ o the gntIuxuonthcy drovo with but thcrt o l was an cnthupiastlo ntloctlon In the treatment they received from tlio gentlemen that pre- cluded ¬ tho Idea of such a relationship As tho carriages droto up before iho ranch tIme carcasses ot doer antelopes wild turkeys anti other game hung to tho branches of the shade troos nbout the door Within tho long table wns honpod with china nnd silver By night tile lltoner might have heard tlio ranch echo to the sound of music anti dancing null tho clink of glasses and later to tho whisperings of love Otor the divide crouched in a dugout with no lire to protect him from tho night chill lost Its light betray him to tho pat lolling soldier the povertystricken homo cooker ate cold ba- con ¬ and corn and prayed that tho honest wlto by his sldo might not break down under the hardships Silo was compelled to endure low tIlo boomers chnfo tthou they toll of thoso things I An interview with a soldier who served under Hatch will comploto the story of tim cattlemen How did tilt soldiers fuel about oxpolllnsr the boomers i was asked to dont say much about feelings In such oases Vthon tile cattlemen sent word to tho Interior Department that boomers woro on such n stream orders woro iont tons to put thorn out nnd wo hind to obey orders Tho- oovt boyf were always on tIle lookout for boom ¬ ors anti they wore not slow in getting us sot In motion alter a boomor had Leon found Ot course ns American cltlzons wo sympathized- with tho homo cookers and I If any boomer suf ¬ fered nt our hands it was because wo could not help It A nouconimNslonod officer was suro to bo broken If a cowboy saw him show the least leniency ton boomer while tho commis- sioned ¬ olllcora woro In dungor of lulling In dis- grace ¬ at headquarters In i iiBhtnuton for a like offence If ou dont believe wo have boon serving ns cattlemens police for ton years just make Inquiry among men and ofUcors you learn tho facts CHAPTER XV- A BOOMER StilE SHOW One of tho precious crow that served tho poopla under Hayes was a moan named Ha worth who laid charge of tito iuapaw agency in the extreme northeast corner of the Indian Territory Ho had a near relative In charge of the Government school on tim Quapaw reser- vation ¬ As Illustrating tIme character of this pair it is said at Baxtortiprlngs that they used to take Government goods to that village und trade thorn to a merchant there for silks and other stuff of the sort They wore potty thieves the Baxter Springs people say Some ono discovered that a clause in tho ytiapaw title to the resort alien there provided that in case the reservation should over bo abandoned it should revert to the Government and thereby become opened to white settle mont This was while 0 C Carpenter was booming for Oklahoma In the spring of 1879- A numbur of boomers about Baxter Springs thereupon determined to tnnku tho Quumvv reservation tncnttt forthwith rue Qunpntvs once thin mightiest manliest race of fighters in tile Mississippi nlles had nt last become ono ol tIm wvnkcbt nnd lowest of the trlb slntbo Territory Thoy number scarce n bundled poiils nil told aol with two or three oxcon- llons lire pitiful specimen of humanity Their history well known to the people of la- ter Sprlngswould lItivo touched nnv heart capa- ble ¬ of sympathy with distress To the minds of thoso human outgrowths of Southwcbler- ncltlllation the weakness the yuujmws fur- nished ¬ only nn opportunity to btoal their land lleglnning In the month ot April gangs of men rode down across tile rcsorvntlon und tllted otery Juapaw hut there ASith guns anti plntols levelled they told the Indians to leato that country lit the 1st of May under penalty of death Tho Indians were badly frightened hOld wont to Agent lluworth about It Iho agent said he would report the matter to Washington hut that It would take some time lor the report to got through the routine so perhaps the Indians for safety had bettor go away torn WIllie Kteiy Indian on the reservation save Chief Charley Juapnw amid tIme two Villlais boys lied Tho old chief said ft didnt matter much if ho was killed Hu hind lied too long already Ho would not go Of course the scalawags did not dare to kill any ono Dutin spite of the fact that three yunpavvs remained time report was sprend that limo resertutlon hind boon aliuidoned Agent Haworth BO repotted to Washington Thereupon a remarkable scone wits enacted At daylight on the morning Stay 3 J P McNnughlon who now runsn grout farm In tho- Peonn reservation was on ills way to Baxter hprlngs from the Pcorlus As ho nenred tile htatu line ho saw at Hrtt a number of men on horseback raIling over tile hilt mom Baxter Springs toward tlio reservation Uirectly after camo n lot of vehicles of various kinds Then more horsemen Word soon and litter a host on foot As they crossed the line into tIn reserva- tion ¬ they spread out In all directions Somo stopped hero and there anti drove stakes Some got ploughs from wagons and begun to turn over the sod Others begun to erect Khantlcs out of materials brought I rom town One man began to set out applo trees Uy n oclock McSaiightou says thoro was not a onnrter section of land In all that reservation that had not been staked oil by white men llr the Uth when tho soldiers under Col Totvlo arrived tho olnims were from three to lIve deep on limo most deMrarjlo land and but for the nirital of the troops the Winchester rlllo would have bcgun to pop Hut when the soldiers appeared the mon with the illles acre tho Ilm to run They hud raced In their efforts to got on the reservation thoy now actually fell over each other In nmnddo biro to get homo The wayfarer who socks through llnter Springs for n man who wan In the first raid on tho Indian Territory not Okla- homa ¬ will have Iiarderwok in his quemt than if in search of n whUkoy joint- CIIAITEIl XVI vilE SrrINQEK HIM Thoro Is n bill before tIme Scnato at Wash- ington ¬ commonly called tho Springer bill which proposes tocroato n now Territory out of land as follows Hounded on the west by tho Stain of Tetas and tho Ttrritor of New Mexico on the north by the tate of Colorado anti the Stats of Kaiuas on the sail by the rcservitlon occupied by the Cherolee trlbo of Indian eiom t of the nluets fclxth meridian of wei t longitude nnd- by tiie reek fcem nole and Chlckuaw rLvrrillun- nnd on tho mtuth b the Creek Semlnolc nnd lblcka aw reservations and b lIe State of Texas comprlw whit It known 55 tIll 1iibMc Iund Strip and all that part of tie Indian territory Itut actually OCLU- I I list I by tile ill U ilvll id tribes 1rnvMcJ that iiothltu In this act shill be con rued ti lot lntr the nellie i f i ron or proper or to imMlruny pient- iiinr ruht o 01 e ipircy of lindi now ertiliiliisto the lndlin in faid I ierrliory or lo luclu lo shy territory oiLUiih i I ti > an > I Inillaii triOs fur wnich title has lien convoed by pitent or otieriviso from the lulled 111s or lo which ruch tribe mny be entitled without tin consent of sad tribe or any territory Khlch la tint without the convent of sild trIbe tI ItS Inclnld I uithln tie lerritiirial liiiutH or jurisdiction or any stIlts or Or rI try Ilit tll cii h i lirrltor shill be erteptn out of itt e Itoimd trie kiid conitltute no yarn of the ferrari of- ualMiina I I until told tribe aliill miitf lIe itotltI to th- oIriidiit of I tlm I nlted tales to be Includd In I the baii 0 rritory of u- SictlonJ 1 protides time usual TerrItorIal oriimenl und boetlon 111 relates lo tho usual juiluictlon of t lie Lnltcd States con its r eillon 1 makiH No Mans Iand a nirt of the Iliitid Mutes deelaros thil Us luinls inns bo- ciituicd iindor t thu honioetcnd laws only i and rorros llio elMconth und thirtysixth t sue tlons in each tAvn for chool lauds Stctlonioand OinvIdo for tho i piiichnso of tilt right of tile ieki und Kimlnolus In- OklalKunu piopei und of tilt rlglils of tho lie lllOln in I thn Cherokee outlet und for thu opening of thee lands for vIi Ito nittleniont under tho prc iii lit hIll I InvtH llio Iti lOt lo bo- tiiild to tin Indlaiihis limited to I1J5 pur acre lesb tile Bum aliuady paid to them lor tile land nil the tiniM tho clouded title passed to tlio- Inltml htutos No m of t thosti or any other lands In I tho I now Territory nro to be open to hottloiiniiit mini tho Purulent has mada pioc lain illon I ill lust Hunloncn of the shtti suc- tion ¬ makes t tho boomers angry Huads AH ptrftia lilt innv titter upon an part of call Un Is ciuiuir lo tho irrYeoiis i uf ihlR set ind I frlur- lu tIlt lime iced Ijy the IriMUiitn iriMamtl i tliil not I b iicrmltted In innlu nn > dItTy njion UM lina ur- la un i laiui tlieretu in vald lerrilor- It I will probably bo a dead letter Nvtlon 7 lays down tlio usual regulations gotornlng land oillce and tilt Ill rctlase of lotoriiiiuiit liiiidB limo pa merits may ho- niide in four Inbtnllmeiit J JIb lunv ierl italy will h ivo fnui I I land OHCOF rtxir section lino Is to bo u I public highway four rods widn teih ion H lulates to tho usual iirocoduio- lu cae of contosisoturclnlnin hInd it Is further protidod that thn Innds shall ho subject to tax ¬ ation lifter tile lUst payment but may not bo- uuhjocttoan judgment or lieu for debt nor sold leasoieontniutod lo bo leaBodconvetodo- rniorlgagedoi in unymnnnereiicumticrod prior to llnil pi oof orpauiiHtit i and tho rocoid thoro- of I ny hiieh tOoth Ill bering it III bo void hoi lion I as t loeontli aimmdod provides I ii I lllii ill I lOVtlldtO IlltVb All i I town sites bust lOut i i IK of not loss than toll noi luuiu lliuii- twont tiers hcition I Hi I BUSS Hint I lie Indian Innd will ho opened when it is opened und tile President shall t uo that the money reserved bhall bo set apart for tile tibo of tile Indian Koetlon 11 piovldes for n Commission of con tlomen to buy up the Indian rights ibo Com- missioners ¬ are to locolta 10 n hit with neces- sary ¬ trat oiling expenses stationery and post- s 111O bilitilIll- i i diet lli innki It a mlnlomfinnrtotry to 11 nipt t III Innd ontiarv In law punlshulil- oy lIon up lo tlWU and IniPilniiliieiit up to OIL ueltr Heolloii 13 says that all leases whether for grazing or cultivation now in existence lu those lands are hereby declared told and contrary to public jiolioy and it Is hereby made tile duty of tile President Immediately after the passage of tills act to cause tho lessees of said lauds anti any other persons illegally oeciipslng tile same to bo remoted This mnko lint hoomors S Iii lie Vile cnttlo men must wo probnbl In tho lithe cpilngcif- ISlll niter tile Comuilbsion bus completed lu negotiations and dratyn Its pity and printed Its report and time same lots boon ratlllod by Con- gress ¬ and the President made his procla- mation nuu tU UitttlOLOfl bttY httl bU11LC1UI1 notice to enable thorn to fatten theIr stock and close out tho business Section 11 recently amended on motion of Judge Itolmnn squelches the old railroad grants manic In tim bloom of tho power of tho itpublican narty The provisions of section 15 lire sonotol to this booming Southwest country thnt it is worth printing In full That neither the Initiative Assembly Mid Terrl tory nor any county township town or city therein shell tiers power to crest nr contract any Indehteilncn for any work of public Improtement or In aid of city railroad constructed nr to tie constructed tiny to siii0 scribe for or tiurchano city Hiaroi ut Hook In any rail- road company or corporation Section 10 sass that the body of land lying between thin forks of tile lied Hlvor and known to tho Texans us Iroor county shall bo u hart of tim now Oklahoma lUst ns soon ns the Unltoil fitntoflflauolchosthoTotnBprotcnllons Section 17 provides the cash J30UO for com- pleting ¬ till siirtoy of No Mans Land Section IS says that the laws of Colorado not locally Inapplicable shall govern Oklahoma whilo section 19 says those laws shall rIot take effect anywhere In the Territory outshlo of No Mans Land until after the President proclaims tho Innd open for settlement The bill Is now before the Senate CIIAPTLn XVII WAtTtNa TO OKT IX The present situation or condition of affairs In the Oklahoma movement is without prece- dent ¬ and must bo considered ono of limo move- ments ¬ most remarkable features Not only Is the greater nnrt ot tho hundreds of boomers that followed Payne Couch and others In their raids still alive anti in waiting about tIle bor- ders ¬ of Oklahoma lint them nro really thou ¬ sands of others who having hoard of tIm rich- ness ¬ At the land anti of tho probability ot Its beIng opened for sotllomont havo gathered bcsldo tho old boomers and sat down comfort ¬ ably ohook by jowl A description of Pureoll thIn town from which this story ot Oklahoma U written will convey nn Idea of the boomer situation around tho- Torrltory Purcclls history in worth tolling at another time There never was a town like 1urcoll and there notorvvlll bo nnothar like It at least in time United States Think of lr uO- pcoplo squatting dovsn on the bolder Hue of a country and wnitfng there for months nnd even years constantly ready to jump nud run across the line at n moments warning That is just what tIlts happened hero Purcell will bo two years old on Anril 2i next On that day ISS7 the Santa Id watt completed to this point Tho company do- elded to make n station hero because It is In the ChlckUBaw Nation and the Chlcknsaws favor white migration After a while It was noised about that whites could sottlo bore Tho boomois jumped nt tho chance Alto sijunw man owning the claim laid out enough lots and streets for n city If Oklahoma remains unopened for n year or two longer that niuatv man Itobort Loto will bo Immensely rich out of gtound routs The city Is materialising nt a remarkahlo raIl Anti such a city Thoio Is no counterpart elsewhere although Honor City No Mans Land narrowly escapes lielnc a twin bister in- uppeninnco Tho chief dllleronco Is lu tho character ot time dwellings Heater is built in great purt of bod WIllis hIlt tlioro is a Binnttor lug of woollen shanties anti dugouts Horo to iiuoto tho bnrboihop joke llicro are shanties galore dugouts thai go lower antI tents most glorious rime variety of dwellings i Is oton greater There lire people aplenty living In covered wagons fete aru linltses that mo n- comldnntlun of dugout shin ii ty and tcnt nnd one that is u combination ol hlmtits anti tv iigun There is but ono pliitctd house In town and hunt belongs to tho railroad It Was built for the agent aho houses mire colled and tho ceiling is coterod with paper Thoro nro no brick ohlmnoys but thin town mar boast of what oven Heater City lots 1101it sod llrenlnce It Is built ntrninst n shnnty occupied by negroes Tho houses are of course nil now In appear- ance ¬ and as n rule unpnintod The most of them tire less than right months old About 20 are in Course of conbtrudlon nt tills writing Mr Lane collects from f 5 to25 per annum ground rent for each house sot otoibltunt Trade Is remarkably good The constant In- flux ¬ of population keeps up tho supply ol rash The llightwator trade marl was 300 gross ro celnts at ono store in ono day Tno people are us interesting ns the houses Everywhero on the streets ono tees own with rosoltors nnd repeating rifles ant shotguns anti cartridge bolts At nlcht tile air rcsouuds with screams ami yells maid tho bounds of O- Kplodlnccartridcos At tho Clifton Huii < o nn excellent frontier hostlory tho landlord i 1- 0coitoi ills guests with n Winchester rlllu hang- Ing within the easiest possible roach and n- doublebanollod bhotcun htandlnu in tile cor- ner ¬ just ns handy ns tho Winchester 1 ho son of nn KnelMi centlemaa cleans I the opittoous anti does like work lor ills board anti lodKlnc only In tile dining room a young toinan who hits hold an oxcellent Government place in Washington and has loiters of commenda- tion ¬ from two Senators and ono from President Clinoiund serIes tho guests for Jl l n month Thorn Is but ono drawbuck to keep time town from blossomIng out In the rod lines of a live frontier town ot the hort of wLlch the frontier writers toll There Is tery llttlo rod paint to bo had it Is unlawful to holl whiskey In tim Indian Territory Houoter there are a few elder joints of tile Kunsis variety n few gum blinc layouts aol ono dance house With all tills building nil tillS trade nil those evidences of material prosperity and future greatness time town would co down like a card hnusu in u gale of wind tomorrow could tIle Preidont- declare Oklahoma open to settlement todnv- Whllo Purcell is the only boomer cottlement there is not n settlement of tiny other kind within n days journey of Oklahoma nropor but lies hosts ol boomers Their homes mire easily distinguished especially In hit Kaysui towns by the frail iliatactor of the sttucture It is really a modeht oitlmnto to say that 111100 people lire lltiiiK lu dncouts alone In tIle Kan- sas ¬ border towns welting tar Oklahoma to open IVthnps onobhonld thoyetlst rather than hire People rind of tile homes of tlio- Chilkat Indians In Alaska and weep for sym- pathy ¬ Thu Oklnhoinn boomor waitIng in n dugout for a homo in tile promlod taunt Is- nbout ns lially off In dross arid home ns tile Jhllknt Indian And yet they ate n chccilul lot In A C Mifoids hotel tile other lay l3Ii Cold was a boomcri a lot ot boomors sat nbout tilt atovo when Tile hrs reporter nntcrod Tiny ro nil bcioui rKhall Me1orhi nodding towird tho men but Solomon In nil ill glory was tit nrraicil like ono of tliisc- Tlmt was true Tlio putortystrickon boom- er ¬ docs liao aliinl lot hut thu tinnmcrH all by no moans all poverty xtrlrkon There an men orth hundreds thousands In i altliiL Them art Mini of ucnlth who HIM uton IKInu bore waiting to see whnt Is goIng to bo douo Of- courno they nro not goIng to lointe on u hint I ter BOutloiiof land Ono man at tile Clifton House Is icady to invest jajOOO In a urlbt mill jIltt as aoon ns there is a town in Oklahoma rcad for tile mill Othrrb till open stores bins nnd real estate ofilco Tho border towns ot Ton Fiich as nainnsvllle anti lIen lon lIre full of liooncrs I It I certain that Oklahoma would hILl 0 II population of KIUUUU 1 within n month norothoIVrrltorytolie t opened today Tho I poiilo bier say that the pmln lien would reach that llmtto In two weeks mul that ostliuato is backed by commercial tiuol lors uho iIsIh all of thIn border towns Snchii wild I tlmniis t tlioro will bodurlnc t ito early dayb of the now Torrltory will probably bo without a parallel oven in time oil reglonx of Pcnnsjlvanln null tim mining camps of tho- ot for thero never woio cO ninny people cnthured before to multii n rilsil Of tIle stonofl told nhont rocont raids arid cots II ltts with tuiops I little need Im s ild I ho- Hoilo wore iintiuo 1 jvory dm sumo ono i itCh- over into Oklahoma Some ditys tlmrti ill luur- vnaons KO over As many inliim They lire exit on ng iinitlcs Nov and I I then somo ono llnlsa sod niniotl spot anti dua a dugout and sottloi thoie tow nnd then tho scouts ami cowboys Hilda tottlor nail mnko him tmll his freight Tills Is the foundation for tile raid htCllOB CIIAPTKll XVIII T11K 1ROMIbCll LAND Tile quostlon that must now bo uppermost In tho minds of the reader la tills Is tie mmiii worth all that trouble Th answer must be on tile whole lu hut ufllimatlvo Tho now Oklahoma and Oklahoma proper for that matter contains a 110 atm of tho worst land In America rIte sand lulls In tlm Adlrondncks lire not i a circulartituco Tho Had I inds of the Northwest are tin bust parallel Think of try lug tomiko n fnrm whorl fcidt lies two Indies and moro thick over II Ii iiii rois of FiiniirA mllos dearth l Kton whero llio noil I it good lu eomo parts tliorj Is no ttator lit tu dunk On the other hnnd there nro iiiilllons of acres of ItO rlLhitlhhI land tho most PrOd llctiio Kind to bo found nnynhoro In the world Lot tile stranger wile romos hero to lmy or sends his iiionoy hero to bo loaned after tho laud H opened tiiko cnic lint riot only will tilt 110W 1 errltort be a nh naikultiirnl domain inongh i If known to jus- tify I tho Htatomtnt t tluilit 1 will I boilch I in min ornlx Nor IH ono nbligud lu Iltkti lime worhl of onllnislnBliu bouincrb for this for Uotorimont documents pilntud us hong IIRO ns liij amid now In tIle po soBlon of THE buN reporter prove the assertions In this Humiuerof 1852 dipt It Ii Marcy nnd Capt barge II McClnllun explored tho lied Itherto Its HOtirccB Tint loport ol Capt Slurcr was pi luted tho oust ioar According to that report I lie host land I In tile now territory will hn found In 1 Kloua anti I Imnamha roKurtatlun 01 tho Toil hill ountr Of oouro tho Wichita Mountains mo not arable U Is to tho land to the oat and outhonst that tIme farmer muatgo Of tills country which watered by the lathe time heaver und numerous other creeks und bronchus Capt Marcy spooks an enthusiastically us a boomer might do In those days Thus on page CV Moving from camp at half pait n thla morning we journeyd sling lbs loutlie itern bite ot Hie luounlalim- tianluK iDvmi vrrtiiir triMknur tolil dtllrloiu outer flowiiu rein tltb duct jcue of lliu inoiililaiii 11 n UI its irs pfii iniiil emIl l hue bitiu ln lr re o u- thtiy are protabty now at tuo lowejfittuuo id lIters Ic M lulttclency of water for all puriniitfi of fttruier aiil for mllUng Tti sill contlpnei of ao f xctllent quality and sustaIns heavy rttltiation In addition to Iht drantuiieiof rIch sell KOKJ tunlitr ua water trUch oTiifffhcj t I nlnun1 near the mnnnUlnn tins far upon our rant ala te added Ihntiif I the CreSt Minority uf the climate vtn encamped tItle rrenlntf upon a Bwlftrnnntnff brook owliu up tie broil 1 found lu inure j In ainosi lively valley thIs volley which l Is encloned- on three silos by lofty slit rutreed mountain In raoitly- covered Mill a lieav trowin of limber ot ft very in- ferior quaIt Ibe I Irrrr which aro oak are larr- itraljht nnd till and aro the heel stifled to tile carpen- ter Hlirprxi or um I lisle eicr seen west of tits crosa tlmbera The soIl bore poMrMri Crest fertllllv coil the whiiietaller teenin situ exuberance of teittatlon- Llko dnpcrlptlrins ore gltpn of the greater Tail of ttio rnsersallon iininoil anti the area of- tho lesorvntlon Is 2lfiSHU nercs It appears further thnt tint land In the hoyonno and Atrapihoo reservation Is almost nsgood if not niiltn Thoro Is loss timber In tilts rpsertallon than In the other Tho north western part Is tmhjpct to drought anti la much bollot llttod for stock ranchos then gen- eral ¬ farms All of Oklahoma proper appear to bo of good soil somo of It Is of tile has rilhalhiysal only till two eastern tiers of towns which art simply vuliioloBs for farms Iho Chcrokcit outlet Is on tho wholo not good for much boshing stock Tlio rntiBos are ox collont bailor till loIlgittIllhl of Hlovvn Kntt sac tIm poll Is brute lilt tile wnlor In summer is pnitlculurly hunt Very deep wells will bo- tiiPdod If that Is to bo H tiled Tile Opago icBcitntlon according to Q W Fainter nn educated llmrokeo to whom the reporter talked Ms cry rocky Ytcst of thci Klotvas longlttidn tile Cherokee strip has cu nt boils of mil right on the sur face nnd Is elsovthoro lit only for cinlnt It Is subject to tho hot winds nnd droughts Of No Buns Lnnd TIIK HuN has already told Thoio Is both good and bid land there but the best of that laud Is riot to bo compared With time Comnncho loHprtatlon- Thuclliuitto of tim now iotritory is every- where ¬ superb In fall and winter In spring and tattler tho ill I tire I oklahoninn who lives In the talloss of llio Clmniion mind Canadian Ivors will carry nulnltm pills In Ids vest pocket Fmor and antic abound ns the doubt I mig Hastnrn leudei illay tI eterIli hue livnvlslt irvfotvoftho boomois ttlMndmlt the truth of this stiiteniont however IKowhpro tho set- tler ¬ will i Hnd t i tho cli taunt e of tho t now Territory Acollont the sour round whilo In the Oo- luiinehe I 0511 I itt iomm It Is si Ill ph ii llhgbtful Tile mineral wealth of tho Territory Is scat lorcd nbout Irrognlarls When TIIK SUN re porter mitdo known Ills iihlbsion hero an oldorlr boomer took him to ono side and drawing fiom n tag 501110 pieces of ore snld Look nt that sou tIm gold Hcn this feel l tile weight How much silver In that piece ° It was loorH gold and tile other piece was a scry bputttlfiil specimen of gnlotin which may or may not huso hud a tiaco of silver In It Jiiat I galenii In largn qnmantit lot Is to lx found in tho rldgusof tho oatrii piutof Oklahoma proper nppil nut bo doubled Coal will bo found in abundance In the tnlloy of the Canadian G- WPnlmer told tim reporter hint he one wa hed n teaspoiinfiu of told from a double handful of loam scooped up In Oklahoma proper Ho wn not telling just where- As to gold nnd silver however there are Ootornmont ipporis Time late Jon Sheridan in n communication dated Chicago May 8 1W7 sass In i tutor to the General of the army Sept act 18761 I n titiid htm ol I the txliteiu of deposits or gold and tilver In the welter n end of Wichita mjiinlnlns- Cnpt Marcy In his report previously quoted BIIV lingo 141 The mnuutalna nt tho heiil of the recta otter Creek has e ulinipl ruitgid Hhlcn of coarse soIl fieih colored urAiilte muid with otliir Krnntilated Igneous racks tre tletlhttlt ylittiS rj ciii a4iio are scsi in seln run tituS throniMi the rt okM and in Home iteceH of quarts whlih were fnuiid by lr bliuinard titers were minute tnrltclei of iiold In other pnt ts of tho report not necessary to iiiotH tiibatlm I tho iixistonco of largo auantt tins of toppor und lion oieb lb noted in the vi- cinity ¬ of tho o mountains i And 501 otoiyhody in the West Is headed for Oklahoma proper I Of Otter county socnllod being the land lying between tho lorksuf tho hail lllver and east of the looth 111w iti Inn nhlch may be a PInt t of tho new Iiiiitory In Hplte ol the claim of Iotas nnd its present orirnnlzntlon ns n Tens cointy It need only bo said that It is some butter than tile Tons panhandle A Jifl2IG FA311LT- Thr Trrxey Hittlrldi Dont Allow Chip lit rLect olf Tliclr Shuuldem Either The Hatilelcls of Logan county West Vlr- glnlH itro not thoonly members of the family in whoso veins lighting blood runs Over In- Jcrboy around Ellrabeth and Itahway there is a goodsized branch whobu members have lived thero more than UOO years since Matthias Hoathflold immigrated to Elizabeth in IGliO It was hIts lather Thomusof Vorkshlre England who is believed lo bo tho common ancestor ot nil tho llatllolds in this country Although the Jersey amid Wol Virginia branches of the fam- ily ¬ have to go back so far to hind common an ¬ cestor yet tho pugnacious traits me well do tolopoitln both lu Short hub four miles from ItnhwkyiHtiu two brothers JJitnlel and J > ra Hatllold the onn 93 and the other 9u years old Just now tlwy are lighting In t the courts to break tho will of n nephew of thoirs who died nut long co- moro than su years old This wns Frnzco Lee ono of tilt tocnlhd Plnliitleld hermits who loIn moro than JlUDOdu to tim llnptlst church in bcoteh Plnlns Old Daniel anti l> ru Hut Hold think tholr nephews mind was unhinged when ho mndo time will Afewtenrs back a Mstor of tile two old mon died leaving n low thouands to distant rolatlto Tho brothers fought tim will until every cent of the legacy hud boon eaten up by tho Costs Tholr fatlior Uaulol Hatllold was an olTlcor in tim Continental army during tIm revolution hilt nil his life hn was at odds with bis brother ophar although timer Irene both In Washing ¬ tons nrms1 Thoy quarrelled over u fence line which divided their farms nt Short HIIK anti that hived net to cnch other without cxcbnnc ing n ttoid until thoir deaths Ono of Xoplmrrt grmnlhons Daniel G Hat field In living now in Itahway Ho is proud of the family y and its II cimti tic blood A gamecock I is ills nspoclnl dolignt hull ho is well known In I tho Iclnity as n broodor of a strain of cocks I which have been tlctors In mans n main Ho owns Mary Holly willtil only two weeks ago ns related In U ur Stv i aft a r whipping Ills bird I in n main l knocked out t a fresh bird ill another I liattloon I lIe MIIIKI night Mary Holly has hid I eight lIghts and hIlts neVer boon whipped lie Ii chub away down to ills toes and ho has got scleneo too Ills owner Is a thorough ¬ going spoiling man nnd nn authority on bulldogs cube cocks or nntihlng that hus light in it He ClIfl sue tIm HatfloM traits In his little three searoldboy Tommr who can hold his own now with a boy twice his stud I Thero till hump of comhatUonebS well dosolopod ho Says fondly feeling of his soungstcrs eranlum I hatont studied IllrOlltlt wy for nothing If that boy doesntb- hovv tho llatllold blood Ill lobo my guess VNHKIt TIIK JCK- IVImt Ilrlilcii Tliniivlit at uslien be was Fluittliit Ironi Air hub to Air Hole trcm the AV LouIS Gttbf nttfttrnt- GALCNA III Fob 10 Mnrlrk Bolden of Hnnoter lids counts who walked Into nn air holo in llio Mississippi night bore last while roliirnlng homo from clumping wood unit WItS iiilraculoiibly sated whilo ills companion Clias- ilalloy n farmoi of hand Prairie was drowned related lo thu UI brJ emnmit correspondent today Ids liorrlldo oxporlrneo under the leo and I the ci I OIl in sinnien uttendlng Ills rencuo- Ilalloy I nnd myolf said ho Were walking nt a fair pure on till ice in time evening on our wavhomii fiom ono of tile Inlands where we had beon h ipplng wood Tho moon hnd not yet risen ami t wn vtoto busily ongagod lu COO torbatiun Suddenly llniley who was n foot or two In iidvinco of mo uttoiol u cry there tvas- n iiil k Bilali of waterand before I could siavO nusolfwo woro both In tho air holo together My friend triad haul to clutch tho ice so us to inotent himself Horn being hauled under by tile current hut was unsuccessful and dlsap 1 cured In an imtnnt Ab lor myself J sup coodod iu gri plngtlieedgo of tho ice and helt on lot nbout tile MIIICO of a minute I ehouk judge making u superhuman effort to baa mjjbolf to till bunui lint tho leo which was thin gala Why and I was drawn under t tho water and whirled along my head und body aping aualnt tho under surface of the Leo My bonsnllons for an Instant wore horrible but Liaise feollngs woio suner- hoded by a trance llko state which wits llko going Into n swoot sloop All at once t OMierliuiied a biiddon jerk which roused mj from my letilurg and opening my eyes I found inssolf llonndorlng In anothorund much linger air lode than tits ono Into which I had fallen 1 eluiehod mailly at tiit edge ot this Ice 11111 I riod londls lorholp Tho current which wits very svvltt cnrrlod mo to tIle lower edge of tho holo amid throwing my arms out onto the lee I Hiieenodcd In holding on and bracing my ¬ self until I wns hauled out by John Connolly a llshorninn who hoard my cry for hell 1 can- not tell how long 1 tvus under water but thf air i holo f fi i oiii whi h I wns rojiMiixl lIaR upward It I- tof I1DO foci from whom I llrst toll in 1 koptmy- iiiitith clobod nil I thn ti tUG and when taken out tlm blood win Issuing from my IIONO nnd oars 1 wlih I wasiiMo I tiioiplaln to sqii t lie horrors 1 oiorliiiccd tint lust few seconds I wits heiag wldiliiil along under tim tee but words cannot express my sensations I can only tell you that I llted my life otor In that brief period anti that I would not go through the same ex- perience ¬ again for nil the gold In the unlvors Relieves Indigestion j iptonjx T T- I i I T SI ll 1AI1II i thtbemzer I i LeiM kt Memphle Teen wriliob- I Fmloiert pleaie Cal U 111 for two boiel of IaptoalL They are Invaluable bold tjr tlrufKlfta or we Mud lf null for TO COnIC ii box her iirectnl lUup mall circular and satanic JUt ALL3ION fJ

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