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Love That Is Not! 1 Can You Beat It! New ne Copyright. YorK rrtii Kv.ii.ng Pub. 1KJ, Oo. World) By Maurice Ketten \First Love\ R'e turned By Caroline Crawford Trade Mark P.eg. D. 8. fat. Off. I Should a Girt Cootiotue ? Caring' for a Not for Her E!V By Irene Loeb. jr. Copyright, 1U22 (New York evening World) Press Publishing Companj. ;'T rANY missives come to me from tho love-shor- n. One olenitis ' '1 VI heartenod\ tolls tlic story In a paragraph: \Would you be good enough to tell mc through Tho Evening World, what a girl who found that she cared for tome one, who In turn In yen? w formed her that tho two could never bo moto than trlenils, should do? This ts iso In my case and oh, how hard It Is to forgot.\ I would nay to this young woman us to any clso, no matter how hard It Is, It must bo done forget. Where is your pride, your backbone, jour tclf-icspc- ut that prompts you to go on caring, for a man who does not eao for yotft An unrequited Iqvo Is merely a ! matter of conceit. and with a world who cannot rtnd a real ........ - \ .we?...-- w would be d.ffeienU If a man can toll a girl that they should be enough for her to squelch the The trouble of It nil is that she builds up hope against hope that she may ' win him. It cannot be done.. And when she has won such a man or thinks she has won him. ho has the best qf it all the time and She is the slave, for ns u general thing, rnau , cannot stand being pursued. No mat-flfct- how much we get 'man ha3 always been the pursuer In the game uf love flnce the world be gan. And the union will not hold where the woman has done nil tho wooing nnd nil the worrying. hho might just as well give up froim l oeg.nnu.K ami vurn nor ince lo the East and make u wl.-- h for some else to come along, and if M.c dona thls resolutely, lie certainly will come nldng. ' As I tme stated many times, tho 9 .Lord did not make one person nnd ' IT throw the mould nway. lie made '.' many persons very- - murh alike, and there arc iih good fish in the tea ns there ever was. Sho may not find the same mannerisms, tho same at- - trnctlons In one man that sho found in another, but there mny bo other similar ones even more desirable. I would say' to this young woman ', that she Is miming herself every day that the harbors hope that she gct such n man. lie is not for her. Furthermore such constant worry- - Ing makes her unattractive to others, , She becomes a melancholy Individual ( nnd on\ Hint people do not ctno to ' have uboul them. It U the Mime old story of \laugh nnd the world laughs with you.\ In this ea.e, if the girl emlles at some one else, lie iimy sinlln back and flfe perhaps she may find somebody much nearer to her henit's desire than tho nno for whom she has pined en per- - idstcntly and so bittctly. I know one young woman who nearly broke her heart at the Umu shB realized that the man with whom sho was in love did not ruurn he- - affection. In fact, she d havo . . ... .... ........ I..' K'K Mi\ made a firm resolve \that she would nit him out of her life. It was diflleult, but 2fl she had constdcrablo stam'.nu m her make-u- p She became interested m other mings in other people. She did n-- , ' stay at home and hug her tut went out and mado new frieuds. Hy and by the right Mr. .tight aid come along and tho man sue uno .is enamoured of married another girl and made a wry bad husband lu- - deed Many women go to extremes in such Instanres and humble them-Wlve- which ts all tolly. Helps for the Mother Copyright, 1925 (New York Evening World) Preee IMblUhlng Company. AT THE TABLE. BEDIENCE and sclf-ebntr- ol are V J two very essential traits In tho well trained child and. If en forced at the table, many unpleasant 8cenes tn the presence of guests will be avoided. When tho rightly trained child asks for the fcecond helping and mother gently refuses there is no storm of protest A child thus trained will nver take advantage of tho presence of guists by asking for forbidden foods. We ull have reminiscences of some dinner marred by a persistent child, and we probably had an understand- ing sympathy with the distracted , mother and the impatient father who usually ended the turbulent scene by eaylng. \Oh give It to hint to keep - him quiet,\ which, of couruo. Is tho .very ivfrst thing to do. fell- - I'tu - Man Who V Does Care Sopliie one emancipated, one can 'Dls- - What- - Is not fof you Is not for you, full of men there arc very few girls man, for after all, the thine to da ... ..w 4.44 Dial I tU 4 4411111, V13-- LiUUa can Ik. nothing: more than trlends, It whole thing 'as speedily ns posslb.o. The Jarr Family By Boy L. McCardell. Copyright, ires (New York Evening World) PrHss Publishing Company t,H, I'm ho nervous after what J I haw just now!\ whim percd Mra Jq ' jmC 10 1,er nrnla fu\ ot Cllrist- - ,nuH bundles and foil back Into an armchair wenklj, . \What's the matter?\ asked Mr Jutr anxiously. \Nobody said nnv- - ,umf to you- - nobody Insulted you, hey?\ And ho bristled up indignantly as ho said it. -- So. Ml.i j but j ,, , Komotl\\S frightened mo nearly lo death I I always thought It would happen. In fact, I know it would happen, but I wished it hadn't hap. pencd for me to foo it! Mrs. Ter- - wuiiger's little boy, the second oldest. you know, the one with red hair and is m impudent and Is always playing n tho street\ Will, 1 always knew he would come to a bad end.\ \Was the poor llttlo fellow killed?\ asked Mr. Jarr. \No. he wasn't even !\ said Mrf Jarr. \I thank goodness for that and, us I said before, trust Satan lo take care of his own!\ \Oh he's not such a bad boy,\ ro- - marked Mr. Jurr. \lie's only mis- - ehlevous. Why are you worrying about it If ho wasn't hurt?\ \yet mo a drink of water.\ said Mrs. Jarr. \1 feel faint yet! Uo surely would havo beon killed or havo had his head eut off, or something. hut fni Mm f.'irt thni a Ni4nnrt liofnp. the car couk. Mr.ko him he jumped \P and then tho motorman grabbed him. Out for his doing that! Well, Is tho first law of \'.\n-- io. i la ilin tlrst law of nature.\ said Mr. Jarr. \A lot of people tn a scrape like that get confused or dazed and are hurt or KHM -- d great and smal ccde s ''elP .,\ \ and \ heroes a\h\ .rCilrv nove, r illon o -- - ) & ) To IS o o the selves but to save others.\ Homing oi mo cnecnui eucci or tno \Well. I might havo known that c!r OI yo\r \vn boul. anything I said would Ijo contradicted Thera Is another hidden point of by ou'\ replied Mrs. Jarr peevishly, Interest about this colored wool Un- as she started to take off her hat. Idea Perhaps, last year, you had \Oh well, what's the use of argu-- colored dress of duvetyne or velour lng about It?\ said Mr. Jarr. \I'm that became spotted and for oorry you had a shock and I m glad another dress. Now, you can put It the little Terwllliger boy escaped ty n the Inside of your new cape, and his agility and his presence of mlrd, \till retain the becoming quality of o let's not say any about It.\ the color while evory opportunity is \But we will say more about lt,M afforded you of hiding tho spots or replied Mrs. Jarr. \I notlca tblt you ' putting them where- - they aro al-.- .- im.- - otimich tn defend vourself If most Invisible. Qny crlUc,Brn ls mado to you!\ \Mo?\ said Mr. Jarr reneiy. \What do I care what anybody saya about mo. so long as I know I un &M'! ' 1 taow 1 ara rlg\t T\'5'- - of course\ ..You justify yourselfl\ eald Mrs. Jarr \You are always taking mo up and flndlnB auU Wlth me. and thut's what Answers to EmiJie Copyright, York \Mrs has will satisfactory and is sufficient to avoid shrinkage nnd hold , mcane willing ii blanket t not TnntJ hnhJ'TOU WAW7\ . U - i DO TO mm Monday DOH iFOR(?ET IRBRB DoytiaFLjy Plenty CHMgmAS ALtTOST here John you must YOUR $Hoppm PAY r 1 Copyright. 1025 York WITH BR.L- - FABRIC, TNSTEAD silk, they J wo0, 0UTS for jnlng3 and have Idea Interesting is tho effect. wllj, black for preference, and as you wa,k and 0JJ thg wnd disclosed a glint or green or \\'' heart the A FLOWER Jsuf-it;- i. a bag lavender 13 the thing a foundation a round b ? '\vnder flowe- - will like it among your under- - It them smell sweet without giving them too great a ness perfume.) .Vow. take a straight chiffon a deep tone. Trcaa Publishing Company, blankets are guaranteed but tho grays that both platnvnnd plaids In beautiful tonee probably most desirable for general inc.. A wiUa binding fins neatly basted tho upper will protect a blanket and even those lovely olid colored blankets with the and Inch Batln ribbon bindings can then b constantly, without soiling. I you are doing now,\ sobbed Mrs Cut It five Inches wide end fold that Jarr. double. Begin at the bottom of the \Well why do you contradict mo bag lavender and tow tho chiffon then?\ asked Mr. Jarr. held full ns you go, around tho bag. never a word If you'd treat me Twine It round and round until you riht;\ see a flower dovelop under your touch \Oh you get out!\ eald Mrs. Jarr, nnd when you get tho v0r turning her cry Into a untile. \Who's tip, tuck n hnich stamens i rti'yi-i- now' v.vii'i'o jijnt as s:liy make tho effect the com-u- a eveiybody eiae W\ plete. makes a pretty thing to . 3 By 10M (New Evening K\ Tho high-grad- e wool blanket which a blight cotton flbro give most results. They give warmth without weight liiuru just cotton to tho wool flbie In place, which durability. Un- less you are to pay at least 2S for would advise the blanket. The colors In T more (New Evening of are using tno of caiios, you no how our po be dark tl)cn wrQp of red of CHIFFON OVER of for Just llttlo tarlatan ou tucked for makes heavl- - of piece of In rose World) are being shown tn nro \\ chcee. cloth, along end, blocked corners three. used of '\I would say then to In of yellow of roHe This k , Ha I WANT Tn ?Et FrTTHP presents ram nYSELF 86UEYG f IOUCH 1 Why '- -nI ME P World) Prees Publlehlne Company. see when you open your bureau drawer und the sweetness underneath the chiffon petals ls not tho least part of tho effect. NIGHTGOWNS OF PRINTED SILK. Those one-plcc- o ellk nighties so easy to make. You always did them In pink or white? Very much behind the times. Try them In printed silks. Make yourself to Interesting luuklna In bed that you will love to Iook at your own night, robe when you wake up and see It In the full light of day. Tho trimming? Oh yes. If you must have trimming, bind the edges with a white Uut, If you want to iavo even moro labor, then take It to the little shop where they do plcotlng. The printing of tho silk Is decoration enough. Tou don't need any extra trimming. i FRIDAY' The Sewing Basket For Handy Needleworkcr useless LINBJOURAK clothes Housewives TTon'man WfHATPER&QML ribbon. t\ OW that \sheiks\ are in vmue IN of course, they would furinih Inspiration for the bu-- y novtltv designers who sit up nieh over In Paris to jilwayc have tcine'int.' ne Tor And here we have the \sheik\ turban, made of crepe tightly wound about the hud with long chain Jewelled ban- - is for earrings to keep the effect of the sheik toque. ( JTohh Don 'r Yon IRihr ft i 'o better do youR. WHILE Atf , TULbDAY Jbtih You fo t- - bHOPPm j -- ri Kitchenette From Readers Paris' \Starts Something\ Again CopyrUht, IV12 (New York Uvonlng LOOSE prevent any bothersomo wob-'blln- g TO or possible loss In tlmo of any of tho parts of knob scrow handle.! or the other kind that are on drawers, closet drawers, &c, nnd held in place by a nut screwed on tho end of the bolt which prolmdes on tho other side. I took off toeh ono sep- arately, smeared glue on tho scrow parts, and tightened firmly. It's a precaution against dangling or lost handles. D. II. DELICA'l E LACES. Ono need havo no fear of boiling such frail articles as Mexican drawn work and any hand embroidered doll- ies If same are put into u cheesecloth when bolltn.. oe then there will bo no In tho other photograph we do not nee a hugo, savage butterfly nbout to bite the young woman arm It Is Ju! an artificial one worn to enhance the beuiy of un evening dress, NoThahkYqu PEAK, LIKE 70 C uo it ny&tzw t i & f II H4r l 1l Doir K 10 MORROW ) ' J ' World) TretD Publishing Company. fear of catching tho stick In tho holea when taking out of boiler. A. If. 7.. THE OLD DOOR MAT. An old ribbed rubber mat worn too much to serve its original purpose I parceled ao follou-.- c A circular pad for a flower-po- t stand, three weather strips, and the balance alongside tho elnk to lay dishes on after washing. V. II. TO KEEP BREAD FRESH. I find by keeping a sponge In a bowl of water In tho bread box my bread keeps fresh for many days. To keep tho bread palatable and whore-com- o the epongo must be rinsed out evory day and tho bowl wnould bo kept filled with fresh water. The epongo should never be U3td for any other purpoe. C. I. A BOTTLE CLEANER. Uso egg shells for cleaning water bottles and vinegar cruets. Crush them finely before putting them Into bottle. Add a very email quantity of warm, ioapy water. Shake well and rinse with clean hot water. Try It, Hiey cost nothing. W. A. D. NATURE'S ICE MACHINE. If ono usee Ice during the winter the following ts an economical method of obtaining same: Till a large pall with water and leave It outdoors until i is froren hard Urine In and place on the stove a minute, which will loosen the Ice from the edges of the pail, then Ice can bo placed in Ice- box R. C E. CLEANING THE CHOPPER. If a piece of bread is run through t' f food chopper before chopping ui meat it will cleanse It from a!l dust. M. D. Kinks Evening World HANDLES. PROTECTS Hy Betty Copyright, 1072 (New York Kvenlng THE OLDER WOMAN. trvEAR Mist Vmcenti I am I 1 very much in lovs with a fjirl einht years my senior. She says there is too much difference between our ane and treats me as she does her younaer brother. I am twenty-eigh- t and she says that by the time I am thirty she will be a middlo-age- d woman. Do you think this would mar our happi- ness? J, De.\ Pereonslly I am not In favor oi Copyright, 1M2 (New York Evening; You Can Begin Readi; Graduation and Business. of feeling that graduation INSTEAD tho end of their friendship, as eo many young people do, Peter and Jessie felt that It wns only tho beginning. Theirs had been a childhood affair. Now It was to be nn affair between a young man and a young woman, each struggling to win a place In the business 'World. Peter had secured hli position but Jessie was still undecided. Her father had offered her a position as secretary In, his law office, but both Jesale and her mother concluded It would be bet-t- ur for her to havo an outside envir- onment. ' ( Dut after Jesslo had searched lor a week and discovered that most firms and houses which engage stenog-rapher- a prefer the girl with experi- ence to the girl with her graduation diploma, fresh from school, a third cousin camo to her aid, It was an offer to work In n largo ma.ll order house. Jessie accepted with tho Idea that It would only be ft temporary arrangement. Her Orst morning at business wan a very' exciting one. New acquaint- ances, a desk and typewriter of her own and a keyring consisting of office keys and the heys to her homo mado her feel ten years older. ( Jesslo made up her mind that when Christmas Shopping oeirlglit. IMS (New lor\; Evening World) fre imbllehlni Company. tho Christmas gift Is to bo a veil IV you will find a largo array of em- broidered models In mctalllo ef- fects In various colorings. A pretty brown veil that Is a combination fnco and draped model has gold embroidery Imth nt the lower edge nnd on top of tho hat. Among the newest showings uro net veils embroidered In wool. A striking effect is produced In a taupo hexagon mesh with matching silk embroidery and whlto woul flowers lu a. bold design. Hugs are being selected as practical gifts and tho now oval types aro es- pecially desirable. In tho wlltons thero aro beautiful and unusual designs. Tho rugs of goat hair and other fab- rics ctnbroldorcd In bright coloring come In unlquo designs and attrac-liv- e shadings. Ono In a combination of rose, gray and lavendor Is bean-tiru- l, and a striking ono In whlto has a trco and nll-ov- cr design In green. Tho cholco seems to Ijo for tho rounded corners In these rugs. Neckwear Is a popular gift, so thero aro wonderful displays In fancy i lars. The bertha Is at tho he'ei-i- t of Its popularity now, hut for tho many women to whom this typo Is unbecoming there are the newer panel and bib collars In such a arlety of shapes that Individual fnste can readily Ira satisfied. A utb collar In an unusual shape In ,i combination of fllot net and Irish l&cn Is one attractive offering. A beauti- ful round bib collar is made up of Oriental laco with a frill around th el ije. A panel collar of Valenclonno Insertion and tucks Is edged with a triplo row of shlrrer, Valenclcnno Handsome bertha collars In Irish, Vcnlne and point do Milan are plenti- ful. ir you Intend to crochet a awcater, scarf or hat why not uso tho fancy loop wool. It will make up so much more lovely than the plain yarn. Models on the tables give suggestions as to combinations of colors. In- structors are on hand to teach new stitches and givo all desired help and Information freo of charge. Stocks aro repleto with lingerie novelties especially selected and boxed for the holiday trade. This Is a safo gift because duplicates In this lino aro not objectionable and ono VaJLV. \I'1? Fl' invm even 10 me wen-mic- a com partments. Silk garments seem to be especially favored for Christmas gifts. All popular colors are repre- sented with coral, especially promi- nent. For the woman who revels In fluffy effects theio are garments ex- quisitely Lce and ribbon trimmed, while the taste of tho practical lady will readily be satisfied with the at- tractive plain models decorated with drawnwork and hemstitching. In theso boxed gifts the Calais laco trim- ming ls much in evidence. Vincent Courtship and Marriage World) Press Publishing Comr-i.-iy- . marriages where tho woman Is so much older. A woman naturally breaks quicker than a man and some- times when a girl Is several years younger than her husband as tlmo goes on she looks older. In your cane 1 think you would bo especially e, to press your suit because tno woman seems to feel the difference in your ages. Somo girls aro nat- urally vivacious and might bo ablo to keep down tholr years, but when a woman (Iocs not feel equal to this task It Is most unwisu to urge her Into Wtrlmony. t World) Press PublUhlng Compe.nr, lg This Story To-D- ay 8YN0PSI8. Jel .l\tfAn nn4 P4r Mtm a. a rhlldlKHxt Mmthrarta II Mil In adjoining partmrnt buse, tmt did not rralhte now dep wa their love until .Imlo'e farall? mared lo the anburba. They remained lovers U through high arhaol daya and dar- ing their early bulnri lira. Other cuina into their Urea and rasa; arlee which might Data parted them. Bat .eaatetlmea Iota nine. Begin tals ttnrr ta-d- and ae If a deep love, begun In child- hood days, can surttTS lemptatleas to thwart lU 44WW4V4wwWM4iM4iV4J she entered tho business world she would not fall In love. She felt that that part of her llfo wa quite de- - ', elded sho was in love with Petei-- -' and that was that. Dut when she saw-.6f- ' n tall, athletic looking roan with , Titian hair opposite her, busily en- - ' gaged at his desk her heart gave a'!';'. heavy thump. All of her girl friend had been In love at some time In their V llnca wltli a d blonde. 'v Tho young man, for his part, paid \ ' not the slightest attention to Josile This very fact made' her more deslr- - ous to hear him speak. Later he ca.''cj'',\; to her to dictate a few letters but he;;;,' was so reserved and dignified she felt certain he was married. But that evening, whllo she was waiting for Peter to call, Jessie could not keep her thoughts away from thin ., very attraptlvo young man with the '.'-- a sandy hair. Peter,' too, seemed restless and ; , anxious to have tho evening over. He ' complained of the long ride out toT\ her home and seemed listless and bored no matter what subject ah.\ started. Her father no longer ob '1 Jectcd to him but remained silent on ' tho subject of men since his roccnt experience with Nelson. But now that she was allowed to entertain Peter things did not seem right. Then rv ' It dawned upon her. Probably Peter - . nan thinking about some Titian- - haired girl he met In tho office. u v \I don't see how we can manago to seo oach other muoh more than oncu n week,\ suddenly announced Peter. \ \Now that I'm working I've got to keep regular hours. Supptyio I cut out the Wednesday night call and only . bob up Sunday evcnlng7\ \It's not a bad Idea at all Peter,\ quickly replied Jessie. \Then too. wo would iWvo tlmo for other': friends.\ \What do you mean by other-frlends- quickly caught up Peter, \Why we're both apt to make no.Vv friends, business friends,\ she Openly ' confessed, \and after all it's porfcctlx right that wo should..\ s . \You're a brick, Jessie.\ responded . Peter, nnd Jessie knew there- - was an- other girl Just by his cordial manner ut her new attitude. ' Friends. Santa and His Chimney Copyright, 1072 (New York Kvenlng Wor!d Pre Publlehlng Company. FOR XMAS MORNING. brings tho problem CHUISTSIA8 trees. Many families find apartments too crowded, or trees too expensive to make them practical. A simple sub- stitute that will insure all of the Joys of Santa Claus can bo made at homo. Tuke a box a foot square and two ftet deep. Cover the sldea with tissue paper on which red bricks have been printed. This paper may be pur- - chased from the ton-ce- nt store. Take\. two large tissue paper napkins with largo Santa Clauses printed on them. Cut out tho figure of the old man,\ . sew the edges together and stuff with cotton. Take a little of the cotton arrt spread It at the base of the bo.x and along the edges to represent snow. A little artificial snow will add to the effect. . Put tho box now a chimney Ui , the centre of the breakfast table... Pill It with smaller gifts, one for etich person present. Stand Santa Claus\ in the chimney and pack tie ouw\' around him. During breakfast open the chimney. Tho Isfger gifts can Ik) placed on a table In another room-- , and opened after the meal. 0TH1NE For the treatment of FRECKLES In Use for Over 14 Years Your (roekles need attention NOW or may remain all winter Use Othlne doubln'i strength the old and limo-lrle- d guaranteed, riatment that has glveu satisfaction to , mUllons of women, and rid yourself of theea homely spots. At all Druggists nod l)e ' partnieat Stlre Adit

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