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IRSH CASE JURY ALL READY TO TRY HER FOR SHOOTING appeal to Talesman to Elimi nate Sympathy Because of Her Beauty. LTHER MAY TESTIFY. shooting of Husband 1: Claimed to Have Been an Accident. MINEOLA, L. I., Dec. 20 A Jury chosen y for the trial of ptra. Hazel Hirsh on a chnrgc of T&ssault. She Is alleged to have shot lor husband In the Jaw during an altercation near the home of Miss telno Davis, motion picture actress. Frecport. Mrs. llirsh claims, ur- - tordlng to her attorney, George M Levy, that her husband was sitting 91) the bench with a gun In his hand, that she thought he was going to shoot himself, that she seized the weapon and that it was discharged In the struggle. The Jurors arc: George Ogden. jhotographer, Lynbrook. foreman of tho Jurv: James F. Reynolds, suncr- - lihtcndcnt. East Hockaway; Williatn icrnstcin, real estate dealer. Glen ove; Harry C. UlnuvcH, bank teller. Jyatcr nay: William T. nryce, well Jriver, Oyster Bay: Agazar Krsllsh- - xn, leather goods dealer. Poit Wash ington; Ktchard T. Plumber, liuildcr. \armlngdale; Frederick Sparks. irmer, Central Park; John Dcvlne, horticulturist. Oyster Hay Alfrcl S. .Slmongon, farmer. Wheatlcy Hills; Joseph Braun. farmer, Hick.svlllc. ami Jushnell Bigclow, manufacturer. ftjodmere'. A .group of moio than tvvent theatrical women gathered in tliv courtroom before tho noon recess. Attorney Levy asked prospective jurors whether they would be willing to give Mrs. Hindi's case the yam\ consideration they would wish for their own daughters in a similar posi tion. Ho also asked whether they (believed an accidental shooting wu kever possible Assistant District Attorney Edwards asked wluther the good lucks of the Svoman defendant would affect them. hr whether sympathy vvouldiinflucncc i hem. Among the persons who may be witnesses are Miss Heine. Davies. .Magistrate Douras, her father; Mrs. (Leo Corrillo and Mrs. Fred Hchrader, f wives of motion picture actors; Sheriff Smith and Justice of the Peace Neu. PHYSICIAN CUTS WRISTS ON DEAL BEACH, DIES DEAL, .'. J.,De 20. Dr. Melville Skldmore. sixty, of Hast Moriches, I.. J.; committed sub tde on the beacli lu re yesterday afb-rnoe- by cutting his (wrists with a ponUnifc. according to Dr. \Harvey W. Hartnian. rounty physician. He was found urn onscious by David Mtopp. a garden, r, who notified the iiliyflclan s brother-in-la- Joseph rrromp, who llvis on Ilunyon Avenue. iiealth three wci k !i go,, with his wife. He wnt for a walk yesterday. When lie did not return, plnr- - n\ mud to search for him. X. J., Housewife, Chat, of An exciting time was had by the this morning. Somebody happened to pass Mrs. Oak Place and saw smoke pouring from overpowering odor. Almost Immediately after the alaim Shad been turned in, tho Fire Depart- - a which has had little to do toi weeks, ariivcd on tho scene ;.'id gallantly braved the smoke -- plu in lljo odor. They went right tliiough tlio windows and, blinded by t lie fr'umes, groped about for thr ecntn a of trouble. There was a fire all right. It was In GIRL WHO WAS SHOT BY REJECTED SUITOR, WHO KILLED HIMSELF TOKco U.S.ATTORNEY SAYS S CAN T BE TRUSTED m RUM Would Prescribe Unlimited His Answer in Volstead Suit. Assistant United Plates District At- torney John H. Clark Jr. to-d- filed Ins answer in the suit of Dr. Samuel W. Lambert aga.n.M Prohibition Di- rector B. O. Yellowly, seeking to re- -, strain him from the application of the Volstead law to physicians in pre- scribing liquor for patients. Dr. l.ambcrt, in his action, protests that Congress has no power to dictate to physicians aa to the amount it liquor they shall prescribe and when. Congress, he maintains, is placing Itself in the position of practicing medicine. Attorney Clark answers that the suit is rialiy against the United States Government. He declares that medical authorities maintain that liquor is not essential in medicine and t hat removal of the ban on physicians would leare the door open to unscru- pulous medical practitioners to pre- scribe booze in unlimlte-- quantities. The Assistant District Attorney also filed liis answer m the suit of Edward and James P.uike, manufacturers of Guinness's Stout, against Internal Commissioner David W.' Llair to enjoin him from interfering with the sale of stout for mcdiclnai purposes. The attorney claims that Guinness's stout contains no theia-pi.uti- c values nr possesses any cura-t.v- e oi health g:ing qualities. He ms it's a drink, nut medicine in Neighborly Back Yard Homestead y J.. Hie Uoi uitinunt Minnie I'rernhin'r. house at No. 13 tho windows. Also there was an th' Kiii 'tii nnao. It was alto in a frying pan on top of the range It was hamburger steak and onions In run..'-- . After the steak had been quenched the snow below the windows Mrs. I'leoiimn was lound at the back door. She was engaged in conversation with neighbor and neither her eyes nor her nostrils nor her ears had noted anvtlilng wrong at her house. iremen Brave Odor to Put Out Hamburger and Onions on tire omcslcad, Unaware Inent. Quantities, Excitement. PANTOMIME p F I \ -- ws-' 11 H' . i ' um o m i M i THE EVENING\ WORLDr W ED NESDAI. JJE C'JB M.B.K \R. REJECTED SUITOR SHOOTS L 17; KILLS HIMSELF Young Artist Fires Bullet Into Head in Struggle With Police. Pelty Lola Toro. a Spanba girl of Mvtntftn, is near death y from a bullet wound la the neck Inflicted by Urhana Miranda. twenty-thre- e, who later committed suicide when de tectives had him enmahed in Uk draperies of a portiere at his home. No. East 100th Street. Miss Toro and Miranda had known each other In Porto Rico, and when she cam to New grk a year ago and went to live with her sister-in-la- w at No. 6 East 109th Street, he became attentive to her. She de clined often to marry him. Last night he walked for two hours In front of her home. Ignoring the gibes of the neighbors who knew of his unhappy courtship. When she came and started up the steps he went to her sldo and told her again that bo loved her and would kill him- self If she didn't promise to marry him. She smiled, shook her head and went in with her key to unlock the door. He followed and according to the story she later told detectives. said: \This is the last time I am going to ak you. Will you marry me?\ She replied that the would not. He drew an automatic pistol and fired two thols, both bullets going through her neck. She staggered, tried to get tha door open and felt. Miranda put the pistol back in his pocket and disap- peared as neighbors rushed to the girl's aid. Detectives Enrlght and Lynch of the Hast 104th Street station found her almost unconscious. They asked her if she knew who shot her and she replied: \If I die ask my slster-ln-la- w the name of my sweetheart. He shot me.\ After she had been rushed to Knick erbocker Hospital the detectives took Mrs. Amelia Toro, the sister-in-la- in an automobile to find Miranda. She did not know his name, but knew the house where he lived. They found his home on the top floor. His parents and several brothers and sisters were in the room when the detectives, entered, but tho youth was not seen. The detectives had started out when the portieres parted and young Miranda looked out. Seeing he was discovered he pointed his pistol at them, but Enrlght was near enough to knock his arm up. The detective seized him through the heavy curtain, but while their arms pinioned him he managed to get one of his hands free. The detectives heard a shot, his struggles ceased. and when the draperies were un wrapped he was found to have killed himself by a shot In the head. His family then learned for the first time that he had shot his sweetheart and understood why hu had appeared so unhappy when he came In and re- fused any dinner. flOT HER CAN T SUE HERE TO PROVE BOY MLLIONAIRE'S SON .Mrs. Laumier Must Use Mis- souri Courts, Already Ad- verse to Her.. Through u decision handed down by Supreme Court Justice Mullan it was revealed that the Missouri courts have decided that the child which Mrs. Bird Shoemaker Laumier sought to have supported by Herman H. Laumier, millionaire real estate operatoi of St. Louis, was not his offspring. In an action brought In the New York Supreme Court by Mrs. Laumier she sought to compel her husband td support the infant, which she alleges was born to them after she divorced Laumier In St. Louis in July, 1919. Justice Mullan ruled y that if Mrs. Laumier, who lives at Sea Cliff, L. I., hopes to win her couit Uittlo lie must transfer her action to the Missouri courts. \The Missouri ilecice.\ declare Justice Mullan, \while ji stands in Its present form. Is a binding adjudica tion, as between these parties, tint tho defendant Is not the father of Una child.\ In his St. Louis suit Laumier al- leged tho child was born twoiity-tlirc- u months after ho and his wife scpa rated. miii' Monr.i. vimv i:Ti:nt:r The exhibition of the Ship Model So- ciety now being held In the rooms of the Architectural League, No. 215 West 7fV. Hlr.At lion Wn eitfnileH nnn ii'c.k until Vic. CO, by the courtesy of the league. Antique and modern eeale model ships, nautleal inrtrumcnt and naai lirinis ore uciiie uonn. Fire Department i 2.0fcT -- TO wl-T- WORSES Joe\ Martin as Assistant Fire Chief Joseph B. Now Horseless, Last nree Being Retired lo-!)- ay KESBONDINC, \Smoky Sounds Equine Survivors fire alarm box at Joralemon and Court StrecU, Brooklyn, in front of Dorough Hall, at 10.15 o'clock y and tapped this call: \Five Ninety-thre- e Two hundred\ and live.\ It was tho last call for fire horsey tu plunge ahead of their engine to u summons to duty In the City of New-York- . Decoded the call meant \An englno is wanted it is to come to Station No. D3 at Joralemon and Court streets let Company No. 205 answer.\ If the hig three of the \hitch\ ac tually knew they were running to the farewell of the horse to Crc duty in New York City they couldn't have been wilder eyed or their nostrils could not have been more stretched until they showed led. Hullrnllln in tho middle, Bucknell on the near Hide and Smuggler on tho off side, they came tearing dowa the street with a power which almost pulled the arms out of the shoulder sockets of the driver. George A. Murray. On the ashpan behind, Capt. Leon Howard kept his hand on tho whistle rope so that It screamed ono long blast without a quaver and F.ngineer Tom McEwen pushed coal into tho firebox with both feet and ono hand, while he held on with the other hand. At the fire box were Flro Commis sioner Thomas J. Dicnnan. IJorouqM President Hlegelman and other city ol'- - llcials who gave the big bays an otll- - olal petting. Meanwhile Jigs, the spotted ting t No. 203. alternated In running t in li s around tho engine and tender di.iwn v .Penrose and Water Hoy, yapping his displevisuro because nobody seemed to In- - interested In coupling the engine to the hydrant or dragging a nozzled ho.o anywherp. He was telling the world as plainly as though ho was speaking Fnglish that it wasn't for it speech-makin- g that he had brutish l the company out. Lnginc No. 203 was the first Hit company in Hrooklyn to have a horse drawn pump. That was in lW. ten years after the young men !' tli wealthy families of downtown ISinok lyn had organized It as Pucific Ho.-\- ' No. 11, with headnuaiteis in l.oe Tho company wan then lu.ided by Thomas Ncvtns, who unci ward chief of the HrooMvn Flic De partment. Tho five horses have been trans ferred to the Department of Public Welfare and assigned to light duty on Blackwcll's Island. They will neci have to work at night again, Commis- sioner Drennan promised them. livery tlrcman with a toueh of sil ver In his nalr will sit you uown iind wear out your ear with stories of tiro horses. Ho will toll ou of the trick team which 'rolled\ with En gine No. 7 from its old quarters In tho brown stucco building in t ity Hall Park at Chambers and Centre Streets, which won prizes rontlnu ously at the horse shows In M.:dison Snuaio Garden. Tho pair ot l hem were so Intelligent it has ala been truo of lire horses tli.it intelli gence In ono begat intelligcnee in the rest of tho \hitch\ that they locked their own collars. When tho alarm camo in and (ho chains across the ends of their stalls dropped, No. 7's pair (No. 7 in thoso daj'H was a liiht pumping engine need ing a team of only two, having taken tho place of the old \Neptune' pumi- - drawn by man-owe- r) whinnying Willi delight in action, pranced ( t\ '\ - ncss and. keeping their lwads low placed themselves under the, collars suspended open In placo bi side the polo. of tho tiiKln: with u sharp up ward thrust of tho head, the literally \snapped Into It,\ causing tho collar to lock by the violence with which they struck tho upper curve. Your tlrcmcn will tell you of (he off Iiotho of No. 15 Truck on the uttli Island station at Old Slip who wu mlsFlng from the \hitch\ when the other lion.es weie all buckled Into their hainoss Tho drlvrr and fore-nin- ran back to the stall and foun I Alarm That Calls Out Last City Officials Look On. Murtlu is full uniform sic icd to the tho missing horse fairly dancing with uneasiness, but afraid to como out because a small boy of the neighbor hood a young- Al Smith might have done twenty years loforc was stand-lni- i. In front of him reaching tip n lump of sugar to hi\! Impatient mouth. The horses nf No. It Kiicine, In 18th Street, were decorated with llus-sla- n leather harness with fto'd-plate- d links and buckles by the Huyler candy firm beiuuso tlie ran uway when their driver fell from his scat In his eagerness to bucklo himself down, but run to tho factory from which smoke and flames ueie Ismiiul.' and stopped beside tho hydrant nearest. Tho \Huffs the amaleur firemen. made particular friends of the hors-c- of Engine No. 65. In West 43d Street. Parties of Yale graduates on their way from the club made ti practice of carrying sugar ami apples to them. A departmental order had to be Issued against the decoration of the stalls in this house by Miiilux and other ever greens at C'hnstmus by one nf the women of tlio Vandeilult family the horses insisted mi citing tie tributes mid became silk. It was a big Mnck horse of this Kimio No. nr. Knulno which broke Us leg short off by its shoe iiitcliing in a trolley blot at Hroadway In going to a flio nt 45th Street and K'Rhtl: .Wcnuo hilt neer falteied. standing trembling In the liar, s at the (ire until led nwav lo be deslined, wliil' tho firemen T)f tho cump.iny rind '.lU- - babies. v The same soit of devotion Is ie- - called In the tluee-liors- e \hitch\ of Englno No. 27 at the cliemic.il ex- plosion in the Tan.int building, at flrcemvlch and Wniien Slim Is. No. 27 was tho first eiimnc In niiswer I he flic, alarm liefoir the i xpiosujn. nod got tho hydrant liybt uml i I ho walls of tho building Tie- nmnn h'ld scarcely begun to pump when there came tho ciuhIi ot the lust explosion and broken glass shown rd dowti on tho team iind srancd t ti u backs pllllully. Their driver was knmkid uncoil scious by u falling window fmme and could not release them They made no effort to run; they mcirly pranced and p.'ivol and wliiniiird. Then rami' tho second explosion; bricks, plaster and roofing cascaded tut them. They did not stir out of their tiucl.s. At tor their ImrtB had bci n hciled they vvcro ull three able to Uv p up their ivork for the city. Willi tho disappeaianu of tin horses tho Dalmatian spoiled dogs \coach dogs\ faded out of the diam.i nf Now York fires. Tin. lmisci could never run fast enough lo c.itch up with theso fruntlcallv b.nKinir piloH, which bounded ahead of them and oi- - tett ran bach In 'tnr i n iin- - tho hitch to nip In ii n m!l n om.i mont (it their flyliuj lip. . The dogs cannot bo persuaded to tun with mo tor apparatus. The fh.sh ,iml bloO' companionship is missing. The fte dogs of to-il- stop .it the. threshold of tho cijKlllo liouso and stay there, to bark a welcome to the ictuining tire men. Tho substitution of motois and ga ol'nii for horse miisile and borr, brain meuns, however, a savlnu o T 1,300 x year on tueli pn c of up for the city. The motor cn gine outs only when It la .ntually v.urking and can k caret! fur ttltli ,ie cleaning a day. Thoro aro now coo inotui diiwi 1'icrea of apparatus tu (he i 1 nient, mostly engines and tniihs llnuine ro. 73. at itiiveisi'v ri.iet .uid 12th Street. tim li- -' : \inotorlawd\ In 190X. (V\i\h I'll. 1lwaid r . f inker had usi jn siulu Mobile as his \biigj;\ lor n m viais IH'Ioro tllut. Tiirto WCle l.lleen .undied horses woiMng foe tbn Flic m put meat th n, of wli.il i\ dn's Hi ana uic the last l go r -- ' -- - r -- . . rSM SCHOONER SEIZED ARRYING $500,000 RUM NOT-- RUNNER lrv\ Agents' Capture Said t\ He British Vessel With Proper Papers. lh' \Klvn Hundred Thousand Dol- - Hum Running Ilarge\ which ' . i dm ion ai?enH claim to have cap-- 1 1\1 l.it night Just inside Sandy look turned out to bo the n ui.i-.tc- Hrltish schooner ;.u-int- lioiind for St. Pierre from ,i i.iii with 21.000 quarts of whls- - tnred under a Hrltish seal arid ipeii accounted for on the innni- - The ship's papers nie tegular. She w i- - not captured by tho Prohibition n but como Into port under signals llstress wllh an empty water tank and provisions exhausted, having been at sea twonty-flv- o days. 'apt. Krlstcnsen of the Squanto amc ashore y and called at tho ustnm liouso with his papers. Ho tabllshed that bo cleared from Nas- - s.iu on Nov. 2o, provisioned for a ago to St. Pierre, and tho log shows that the schooner was headed In that direction and reached a point to the northeast of this harbor. Had weather was encountered and the schooner mado pcor headway. A lcik in the fresh water tank allowed st of the liquid to escape. Cupt, Kn .teiisen said ho decided to como to New ork for water unci food. Ho win lighting Ills way In jesterday afternoon when n tug picked him ip and passed him a line. The schooner was under tow when tho subchaser Hanson, assigned to tho Prohibition cnfoi cement squad, ran ncross It and ti ok it Into custody. Despite the apparent authenticity of the Squanto's papers and the story told liy the log tho Prohibition oil) - cials uo suspicious of Capt. Krlsten- - sen's story. They hint that tho Squanto had been lying outside wnlt- - ng to dlRchnrgo her rargo to small ci aft tinder charter to New York bootleggers and that tho rum chus- - iug Meet Is so efllclcnt that the small craft have been unablo to make good and that the Squanto finally ran out of water and provisions nnd had to .eek shelter. ' Tho Squanto s whiskey cargo u under seal and not visible. Tlio pa pers say It comprises 4,000 packages. each package containing six quarts of whiskey. At current retail bootle prices the cargo, If landed, would be worth about 210,000. SAV KH.WCIM'O 3IW I.ONII.S HIS \th ki:t iiovih. Detectives of the West 7th Street Pollco Station nre Irving to find the wallet lost yosteriHv by Joseph M. At- tic, a San Krunelseo broker, who Is at the Aslor. It Is until to have contained $110 in cash, citizenship papers, a ticket to San FraneiM'o and n document signed by Nnpolenu I in 1S05. Mr. At- tic n.ild y Hint hi- did not know whether ho dropped the wallet or whether it was sioleti from his pocket. in in Realistic Hold-U- p Was So to cs. I.O Pec 20. turning banditry of tho mm leu, to the rcal thrco other int-- were hi Id hero aro robbery tho Fillmore Statu Dank at Pirn, CalL ill the dramatics of I ho movies. The arrestH were brought about, i. when detectives, aftei lrarnlng a Pim- ped Iind worked on a movie being hliot\ near Plril, secured the Illm and In it. Spencer. President of tho think. Identified one of the actors as a niembor the party. The men arrested aie: Har ris, who pluyfd cow puncher and bandit parts In -- West plctiiies: F. II. Oitlctt, who specialized In police- men nnd daredevil chauffeur parts: Henry laggings, u tnotorman; (1. II. Pruitt and Virgil Moore, tno lauci an aviator. After $6,000 loot had been omainca the flvo men who robbrd tno nanii Piosidcnt C L. Spencer ot tbu bank and his six year old daugh-t- i r and took tip m I\ Los Angeles, wbrio they weie set free with a warn ing to \Keep quiet \ Harris. Piultt and Loggings, police miv. have confessed, sprinkling the SOREL SAYS DRESS BILL IS EXCEPT FOR UNUSUAL WOMAN AiIimtb Aiiicrlrnnii lm Prefer Hot. tun In .' Yiirl., Mif l)ec!ife, ArrlvliiK' llnnn\. HAVni;. France, Dec. 20. Mllo. Sorel, tho French actress, uri'tving hero y limn New Vork on board tho bieamcr Paris, said that she \fairly adored\. Americana, Individually and collec- tively. \I llko Ilostonlans,\ xhe said. \Boston Is tlio eoul of America. Hew York Is admirable, but I II stick to my giound on llos- ton \ lnfrmd it Mm Pnqiiln had suld that Iit annual - dr-H- s bill of a half million francs v a ten times too much, Mllo. Bore! denied that ehn bad ever maintained such an was necessary, \except for inijr un. usual woman.\ Frightened by Jail Sentence rorsoeeaers. A X Caught in Riverside Drive Home Mrs. Lewis, Wealthy Coal With $25 Fine Nearly Fainted Reading of Severe Penalties. ( rrcmbllng nnd in a highly nervous state. Mrs. Geneva U Lewis, twen e years eld, who said she Is tho coal operator, with offlcen at No. 500 Itlversldo Drive, was fined $25 by Magistrate HoUbo in Trade Court to day after she had eluded tho warrant ofllcTs and the police for nearly two months. ANNOUNCE ENGAGEMENT OF MISS MARIE R. THAYER AND JUNIUS A. RICHARDS missmaic tmavc Stir ! Prominent In Junior l.rituurf Wnn In ChortiN nf n linir; I i i I 1 c Clndrri-lln.- \ Announcement wits made yenterdny by Mr. and Mra. Ucnjamln II. Thayer cf No. 10 HAst 79th Street of the of their daughter, .Miss Mario It. Thayer, to Junius A. Itlch-ard- a ot No. 157 Fast Slut Street and lloston. Miss Thayer, who la ex- tremely popular with the ycunRcr set. of which alio Is a prVmilncnt member, haa been tho shining atar of a num ber of performances or the Junior LcaRtie. She was one of the chorps In \An Impressionistic Cinderella,'' produced on last Monday night In the ballroom of Mra. Vincent Astor for the entertainment of the league members nnd guests. Mr. Richard Ih a grtyluatc of Har- vard, clans of 1915, anil nerved over- seas as nn olllcor In tho Aviation Corps. He Is n son of Mra. Charles Frost Aldrich and the Into It. Francis Illchnrd.H of lloston. MIkh Thayer's sisters aro Mrs. Douglas Gibbons and Mrs. Maynard Ivlson. Stagy Had Little Movie Actors Trapped Robbery Bank by Picture ol One Film Trouble Round Up Thie ANUFLLS, Accused of from make-bollcv- o Whon thing, two motion picture actors and Tlioy accused of having Htagcd the rcccnl sensational o' of \Jinx'' kidnapped TOO-MUC- H especially oxpeditura engagement C. Ofticcrs Tho robbery was characterized by y confessions with plenty 'in good movie material. Harris was ipioted as say- ing ho Joined In tho tobbery In otder to pay llifmortgugo of his parents' homestead at Hlanchard, Okla. Sev-cv- hundred dollars of the loot now Ib alleged to be en route to lllancburd iie'DisaoDearecr: a Operator's Wife, Is Let Off wife of George A. Lewis, a wealthy Fifth Avenue anil n home at No. 718 Sho said she had read of tha jail entence handed out to Frank St. (ould and other violators of tho speed laws and had moved after she baft been served with the summona for driving her enr on the west drive of Central Park from Stth Street to 50th Street at twenty-eig- ht miles an hour. Patrolman Frank P.lckert of Motor cycle S(iiad No. 1 served Mrs. Letfla with the summons of Oct. 22, calllnr for her nppcarancc In Traffic Court - on Oct :s. Mrs. Lewis said she went to court on that date and almost fainted as she saw heavy fines an& Jail sentences handed out to speeders. She hurried out of the court room ao6 went to n nearby drug store to get something for her nerves. When Mm. Lewis's name was called in court on that date and she did not answer. Magistrate House issued a warrant for iter arrest and gave It to Warrant Officer John Campbell to crv'e. Campbell went to No. 61 West 51ht Street, the address given by Mrs\. Lewis nt the time she was served with the summons, nnd found she had dlj appeared. Neighbors professed Ignor- - ince as to her whereabouts. Tho Jani tor and the superintendent were ques tioned to no avail, and even the branch Post Office, which was visited b Campbell, had no Information. Finally Campbell, whom Magistrate limine describes us a \bloodhound\ wherever a traffic violator la con cerned, got a tip that he could find Mrs. Lewis at No. 710 Riverside Drive. Ho went there last night and ft und her. She was nearly hysterical as, wmi her riusixinu. snc was lateen to the West 15Id Street Pollco Sta- tion and hooked. She gave a $3,000 diamond ring to guarantee her ap- pearance In court \I wns tctrlbly frightened and I did not steep a wink last 'night.\ said Mrs. Lewis when' arraigned. \Oh. I am not so terrible,\ said Magistrate House. \Vou nro not frightened now nre you?\ ''Yes. I am, Judge,\ he replied. \Mnybn you will send me to Jail.\ \I guess I'll forget the Jail sentence In your case.\ said\ Magistrate House. \I'll fine you tio. It you haven't tho ?:5. however, you'll have to spend ten days In Jail. \Oh. I havo the 123 all right.\ said Mrs. .owls as sho took the money from a diamond studded purse and al- most ' ran from tho court. i BOOTBLACK TO \BROKER BUT COULDNT DELIVER Nn Iniilli 1 Locked Up WUen II l\nllril to Produce Stock. Accuaed of accepting money for hares of stock which, it Is alleged, he li l not deliver, Morris Haiti, nineteen, of No. 1815 Seventh Avenue, who raid lie wus a utock broker, was locked up at Pullco Headquarters last night charted with grand larcony. He was arrested h Sorgt. Cunlsto of tho District Attor- ney's olllco on the complaint of Frank xhn.iro. a bootblack, of No. lSlt Avenue. I.oh.isco alleged that Haln told him of bin (Haiti's) rie from a bootblack to. i stork broker nnd talked him Into buy- - Ing JI3S worth ot auiotnobllo and other Mock. TWO GIRLS r.EPORTED MISSING FROM HOME A thirteen-year-ol- d girl who. accord- ing to her stepfather, Louis Ingersoll, left homo after writing a noto to her mother saying she \was tired of school and was going to work.\ was reported missing early this morning. The girl. May Iliickhiird. Ingersoll told the police, disappeared from their home, No. 4S0 Jlyrtlo Avenue. Hrooklyn, Tuesday-in- ruing. Another girl reported missing this murnliig Is Sophlo Mack, oixteen. of No. 67 Joftereon Avenue. Maspeth, L. I., who, according to her mother, Julia, left, homo Nov. C last. Liooirr & Mtiu Toiicco Co aged in wood ihat'o why Mild and mcllow-un- d the flavor just fine - whether you roll Velvet Tohaeeo in a eigarelto or smoke it in a briar. . . i m

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