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The evening world. (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, December 18, 1922, Image 17

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It BEATEN, VICTIM CLINGS TO ALLEGED THIEVES I tfdlman Makes Arrests, cts Black Kye and roken Finger. 7aftMiHan Charles Meyer of llic point Avcnuo Station, Willioms- - .w tlirco men emerging early sJjjjjornlnB from No. 37 I5ox Street, fib of J.licm wearing a night shirt. of the shirt was clutching the biUtalJg of tho other two, who were ijinjncjnntt nt tho same time trying bcrVof( their pursuer by swlnglncr plomru at him with coal shovels Meyer took a hand In the strange ilnbat ana got a black eye una a win finger before he subdued the Orel wlcldeis with lils night stick. yicn ho arrested them iTlicy gavo tho names of .Stanley raslvakctch, No. 1024 Manhattan penile, and Joseph Hodzewlcz, No. 9 Huron Street, both of Wllliama- - prg. The man In the night shirt was ncent Kuramsky, of the Hot Street dress. ell fald they broke Into room, beat him up. and robbed t n of 203. After lie and they and cop had been attended by an am- - llancc.' surgeon tho two prisoners ro held in $1,500 ball each in the llllamsburg Police Couit on charges assault and robbery. FOR STILL EIRESTED AND SEEK L WITH POLICE ON ROOF il Cnmplnlneil f llimlmnil With 'Istol ArlliiR \LrniiKoly am) 111' I'leen llnu.e. Lrrestod ufler J long chase over lots near his home, Jotrph Murray, ty, No. 170 East 10M Stiect argod with violation of the Mullan- - igo luw, was y held in $500 ill by Magistrate McAndrews In liar nCourt. frray was arrested ly I'atrolmon fnn ana luiillpan of tlie Kast 101th rcct Station. Olynn wai, called by ,\s. Murray, who told him her lius- - nd had a pistol and was acting angoly. When Glynn went to the use Muriay ran up a fire escape the roof. Glynn culled Halllgan d they stalled a game of hide and ;I that lnhtctl lor more than un tir. When the patrolman would iw closo, Murray would drop over o edge and remain suspended in air nging to the cornice. Finally tho patiolmcn went to the rcct and weic going around a cor- - r when they saw Muriay in a door- - ty and caught him. In Ins home o patrolman fpund a Ihlrty-gallo- n 11 and live quaits of whiskey, thej 1INEERS AND FIREMEN LAN TO AMALGAMATE lilt Orili-- r Aimlil llmr iMVl.ttno Memlx-m- , imrl. :ilt,IIOII.(Mlll. CLEVELAND. O Die 1! I'lars ;re startnl y for imalKnmatlon the Brotherhood ot Locomotive En lieers and tho Drotherlioarl of Loco lotlvo Firemen and Enidnptnen. the mbincd organization to ie knnnn is ,e Drotherhood of Locomotive IJngltn - fned sessions hero to dr Inn nn tiiod.s 11 nun uiu iii.iu I auiu ami u.sbtJiN 01 i organizations can bo merged. War l S. Stone, Grand Chief of the unci ers, und D. 1! Uubertf-on- . President the firemen, ar Joint chairmen. As ia of the unions agmogate $30,000,- - loth orffaninutlons at tlfcir latl ron htlons ordered their officials to v. mU plans for amalgamation. Tim p!nni 'Jtho laid before the next eonventlont ffbotli unions for consideration. A I'erendum nt\ of both membersHlps II constitute final hi lion. The engl- - rs havr- 00. 000 inembots .tml tin- - ;nicn llo.ODO. HRONG CHEERS RESCUE OF TWENTY FAMILIES iraft'e C ron il Wnte!ir t'lre'iieii Kucort 3Ian- \nfcly to Mrrcl. iM'iille a crowd of a thousand persons ed firemen of Lnslne Company No. ad Truck Company No. 11 last jht carried and led iO panic stricken nllles from the smoke-fille- d hallways tho elx-sto- tonomont house at No. ) Kast Fourth Street, during a fire deli etui ted on the first floor ot the lldlng and spread to tho second floor foie b'ng got tin.t'-- rotilr, ' The blnio startnl In tho icar of the ridy etoro owned by Abraham lloro-!f.k- y on tlir tlr.-i-t Hour and spread til such r.ipldltv that the soond floor p ahlazo hitoiu tlm n I iti.-i- i niriio. Vs the fire apparatus anled tho nti-2- 3 In Luiw's Acniic II Tlieatie, p Fourth Stiff t. was Ji,.t having playhouse. t.ntiio uf the children d wilmcn and sills had tu tic- i.irrtvd the ttrect. ARE SITS STILL TO HEAR TAXI-RADI- METER SOARS ON INC1NNATI. Dee .Ul- cab privet, \Wlutcj\ Drl,ten, has Installed n ladio iccolvcr in his ajclcab, and while tho tnxlmetei clicks up dolhrs the passenger's attention is dlstructcd by a fjov- - einmcnt weather reporr, n band concert or a bedtime story. Wliltey\ says some of his pa yrolls nrs so tickled with the ovelty that they tit still when 'ey nrrtvo nt their destination itld watt until a rnrllo selection is JfinlKhcd nd i bo melci ilieks on. to Tho lng to tho at the side of a feet the but his the cold on a last on for a of an his was Into the well and nn wan to get out of her and her son to tho well for a of Mrs. was for a few and she .tho well was not In The well was feet was feet of in tho and It was feet to the on tho and mo out, mo a far on his will to the and to A man was She IN of ' Xo Dec. 18. An of for of and and post as tho Act. Is In the nill for the next ear, to the The totnl is or nioi v than Inst year and IP's than 1'ie The Is due to the mote rond fund last jear was The left out the an nual Hem of for free seed It whs not in llic bill by the IN than 100 wero at 3.30 A. M. by a firo on the floor of the at No. 201 East 14th but none left Tho was to a and did $300 The wero In to leave until the fire was Fin til.ui ot d hand - 1 muum in; SIQQ. s: i;ur Men's h h i d nine of Hi. Solid Gotd. li-- i I t a ilu rhtts. erfn't( c u r :.v i;kk So. 'i. ' set tn 1 a tnum a 2i-ct- . etnrle ttons hand and n Bhank o. 14K Botld Gold M.SI. ! ft A WR. 1. n g t cc II ns ( t; Sm d Jv:d \it!) fin- - i, ,i. \ ille I eyrnou ' $\.3. ;3- I ci \ of B- uret lor tr- - n nu- u ni.,p o' IIK SuiJd iju 4 i:. Jl.1 Boh .aire e' in He v mblea a c i n s It atone, 51 T o ii m e a u - njt of MK Solid White Uold nlth fine move, ii.rnt. frre from if pair fur Onr r.ir. al i Me tlf-- il hH'iu .old a, tilth rt ii o'oe hP- - bia-- ond. M Ml l.ll EVENING O D E 0 E \Mamma Pumped Out ol Well,\ Boy's Version ol Woman's Bravery Mother Goes Down 50 Fcct-t- o Level and Saves but Almost Perishes in Cold. iSpfflaJ Kvcnlne World ASHLAND, Kan.. Dec. casing deep well fifty below suifacc, with nothing head showing above water, thrcc-ycar-o- ld Tommy Edwards, living farm outsldo Ashland, week held quarter hour until mother lowered tcscucd lilm. Half hour icqulrcd Sits. Edwards perilous position. Mrs. Florence Edwards, little went bucket water. Edwards's attention attracted elsewhere minutes, when reached Tommy sight. slxty-thrt- o deep, thcie thirteen water basin, fifty down water. Mrs. Edwards tlncw herself down platform looked down. Pump mamma, pump out!\ called llttlo voice down. 'Hold light, Tommy,\ called mother, \and mamma came.\ Mrs. Edwards hurried back house telephoned neighbors. passing. called him. $32,300,000 FOR ROADS AGRICULTURAL BELT Totnl KUl.OOO.OOO Irnr, With Krer Sceil. appro priation $32,300,000 construction forest roads trails rural roads, authorized under Federal Highway recommended Agricultural Supply fiscal reported y llous bill's JBS,7S1..\53. about $21,000,000 :50,000 budget estimate. increase liberal provision, which J10.000.000 Hudget fiurim !3i0,000 dis- tribution. placed committee. FIRE 14TH STREET ROUSES OVER HUNDRED More persons aroused y ground five-stor- y building Street, their apartments. blaze confined photosrupher's studio damage. twenty families kept readiness under control up a rope to the IJd tied a In tho end ot the one end ot was tied to the Hho tho her arms and tho her. She the and the on tho of and the her own and tho rope tho she to the to tho up. was the und to who had been on to the of tho Hut tho man waa not to tho out of tho but ho her At the end of an some of had by tho and the was up, me out ot tho is of tho of Dr. Will lu \I nn W. In the the into the of Mrs. S. who nhot and Dr. ham in Ids olPce In a year nco. Drs. S. and John W. who were by the rourt to tho that she is sane now and was sane at tho time of the for Mrs. that the be held some time ago. they filed no to tho of the to go to trial and a o! the Mrs. was to Jnil and will bo tiled in A IU S1IA Deo. 18. al in have beev in with the ory of i plot to the to n from A who Is to ho I aid to be 'I. Happy Memories Cling to (jiffs of ffncuM'd iKtmum TKUMS: tarved Uclehei L'iainooj ti:km: t.D.amond C'Uifltei retemtH Artlitlcaliy carved caved TltlCE TERMS TI'.IIMS. nr.Kii. fecily t'laniond 'lualio. Kngaa rtiltMS; Wf.l.K i'.ainond CJuatcr T'Uttnuui. WY.XA Ladiej' ihaped Watch l.V.ifnel Giiarnn-lef- d tiirral H3.30. i:ni: tn.i;i. nio'inihn?, TH3B W OR LD M ND AY, MBER 18, 1022. Me Water WASHINGTON. Together they hurfU-- long cnoug,) reach bottom. Mrs. wards loop lope, which then platform. slipped loop under stranger lowered reached water-lev- el grasped little boy, almost point giving way, being stiff cold. Mrs. Edwnnls remoed loop from shoulders fastened around little boy. Then called stranger draw child This quickly done, rope unfastened ugaih lowered Mrs. Edwards, holding casing well. strong enough hoist woman well, could prevent from 'sinking. half hour those whom Mrs. Edwards sum- moned telcphono reached farm woman pulled half dead from exposure. \Mamma pumped well.\ little Tommy's version adventure. SAY MRS. RAISEN WAS SANE AT TIME OF MURDER Slnj-e- r IlIlcUMeln rlllrii Um\ llefeme. Judgo (leorge Martin Kings County Coilrt y dismissed In- quiry sanity Lillian ltalsen killed Abra flllckstelii lledford Avenup. Williamsburg, nbout' Kronk Senior Meagher, appointed rxaniino woman. testified murder. Although counsel Unison nfked inquiry objection report alienists having derided Interpose defense \unwritten law.\ KulstMi lomauded Raymond iirool probably early January. .MtTIIF.lt MO.VlltrillST IM.OT IlKIMMtTRI). LONDON. Several foreign office laches Mosrow arroMod connection dlscov restore monarchy, according Central Xowf despatch IKNingfors alontinoff, reputed Foreign Minlstrr Tohitchorin's oonlid'uite. thosr nrrt'.sti am No Other Gift fiirrics the same measure of sentiment ns does one of line Jewelry throughout the years to fume it will Ik-- a source of pleasure, .i eon-.sta- reminder of the giver. And when you make your purchase at ;inlay-Strau- s, New York's and lSrook-lyn'- s (ireatesl Jewelry Credit KstaliLshyieuts, you are sure of receiving the very best value for your money, dollar for dollar. Our Diamonds are of the finest, perfect in cut and I'luc-whit- e in color. Our Watches represent eer stundard make, anil our ex- quisite, designs in Gold and Platinum Jewelry arc un- surpassed. Guarantee Value Bond With Every Diamond Purchase Hut. best of all, YOU NKKD NOT PAY CASH IIKRK. Under our Per- fected Credit Terms, u r alio w vou 10 m o n I h s ' credit! Transactions strictly confidential. .Small deposit reserves anything until (he dav w antcil. FREE - Do i UNO Dinilinllll lliM'l, ill culms .liow iiijc t vast ineiit of Ilip uvi.' (iiislte gift fur mi. T.M'ry rfilule n gilt un v i! he piouil tn ghrl Asi. I'm '. Mo. W-50- Solitaires from $25 to $1,000. A Combination ot the Finlay Jewelry Co. and M. Straui, Inc. 1650-166- 0 Broadway 461 Fulton St. New York STORES Brooklyn Between Stit snd 52d Sit.. 3L Oppotite Loew f under \Roieland Ballroom\ Mtlropolitn Open Evenings Until 11 o'Clock. HAYS W L NOT MX IN DOPE ROUND-U- P OF MOVIE STARS Not Arbiter of Hollywood Morals, Film Czar De- clares May Co-operat- e. I.OS ANGELES, Cal.. Dec. 13. Will It. Hays to-d- declared ho will not assume control of tho narcotic situation in Hollywood but will co- - flpcrato with Stato and Fctlcral au thorities \in cago they call on inc.\ 'I am not tho arbiter of Holly wood's morals,\ Hays again empha sized. \My mission Is not to mcto out punishment or to act In a Judicial capacity but to work constructively to remodel the motion plcturo Indus try until It la sound to the core and Is serving tho public to the utmost of Its artistic and educational capacity, As for Wallaco Held, my sympathies and the sympathies of all good people tiro with him.\ Hold Is recovering at a Hollywood sanitarium from a nhvslcal bronlr. down, according to Dorothv Da von. port nciu, ins turn star wlfo, and her moiner. nicy declared they blumo UPTOWN 3rd Avenue 6. 121 st Street 2212 to 2224 Third Ave. 1ZTQ nn t to a Ash tray. tobaro J r. draner for clgan ('t ilils mahogany f \i iinoKrr. Spinet takt-- up :li if space, but lias rU n Df room tnr slai n .i y. Mahoeny flm&li. Book ehclvfi at I'tuh n d i. full lengtli -- ;;lf. and dratvur In thli nmliogany ubii? hark, wlnci ri'nl al, Oil at .\1 lop iiihh in . fini.li fiata. \Wnlly's fair weather friends,\ who nmdo his home a \roudliouse nnd tho liruw work he wan forced to un dergo foi his pllxht. Jlaya's tissiillon lie will not as supremo coiiMir of morals of movie stnis ns In answer to whether he Mould stmt acllvn Investigation ut tho \dope\ situation In the movlo colony. \I cannot net ns a policeman nny than cm the head of any other largo eorpoiatioti In n caso of this kind, but must loavo It to tho legally constituted authorities.\ ho said. \t will, howccr, with the authorities In every way In case they call on mo, but It would bo pro- - sumptuous for tno to assumo control of an Investigation which Is their busi ness.\ \Tho pictures being produced have Improved nlreudy,\ tho movlo hettd continued, \and will improve mem. I have fnlth that tho recent unfortunate nffalr Is of a typo now of tho past, but at ifiost is only nn Incident and cannot check tho Inspiring work of Integrity and Idealism now under way.\ Hays's statement Is taken hero to Indlcnto clearly for tho tlrst time, and dcsplto his spcctnculnr hairing of Kntty Arbucklc, that ho Is to be regarded as a \Judge Landls of the movies,\ with rigid powers over con duct nnd behavior ot stars, but Is more to be regarded ns a combination efficiency expert nnd largo scale wel fare worker. Tin: nn.sT in: coi;i. ruojitsr.. (Prom ihe Cohitiibln Plnlr.) Ills wire do you mink you can match this pleco of wine-col- silk for me Mr. Wottnorc H'm ! You bought that piece nerore the spell. Hut inebbo 1 can bootleg a little synthetic wlno color for ou \ AIITNERS Willi Snnlu Claus for 115 yea:- - association that litis taught us ex- actly wlint gifts give tliu inojit happiness for the longest time. 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Ilirj iconlil uiiprirliilr rr inllrll li Kilt nf irnr nf Un.,. .i, nrhr. nlilrli mp are Krlllni tminj, , tnmurriiw tor nf ilii.r i..ii ...i..u 'i ........ t, 1.... HJmI. II M. Millrllrn nrr ruallj uiirlll SaVOH. Hiiil uuilla lie iintiii-- i Inlnl ,i, ,i Rl jilt n. much ii. tlimiiili jimi iirlunlly p.ilil J.I3.IHI : v 11 hi aic i i.i. in nut Mi i;m;ki i'i..nn mm ii nn f.s in n.nwTi; ir i ,.v oniric-.n:tti:i.i- t srnni: nut nsw THAN S.I1.IW. Ilnir In niliiil llmt tliry iir Kimriinlrril II kl uillil Ki,i thru nml thru. Hllll tliv It kt. murk .Inimipil in lit., .n.li.1 to prrn-n- t Vr liuurantrw iiipiii lor it iiirfiiiit-- , u. kl. Millil kiiKI ili\ \t rur uut. 1'lirj aro inrn'n lull ir. 1 tip JrHrllnl iniitriiiriil, wllli four ailju.l inrilf., mhi-Ih- riKUlutor. I. mljiiklril ami trfttrit, rriuly fur lininrilliit-- . .irilri.. r lire alii. In .rll lln-.- hriiml ihmv imUlirs nt till. i irritlciiiillj luiv prlrn I iiu.r e liny dl nrt frimt the lii.iniif.iiliirir fur i large iinunlltli.. ami rr.rll mi n try bm.-il- l llliirBIM ill rri.ii.. t.iijins ir.11,1 i. I )(. ImyliiK illrrit friiui thn iiiiiniiriif lurrr at jr.. Hum Hluilpnlr irh-r.- . l.llll:H AHIJ IV.\ viti:i T( ft i iiasi: run 7111:111 mkv I Ol K\. ami hIII flnil If iron , ihtir iihllr In thrlr ohl viulrli ullh n hrllrr mil- - ilurliic Ihl. .air. tVe run not fiji ilmlrr.'. mall. nir..ener ur Irlriilmne nr ilrr.. Itrllr fur rntnhii: sTIIIli: OITN I NTH ! I'. M. B.CUlTER&SONS NASSAU ST..N.Y. SrtViM5ti At I'urU ttut. nnii Saa.au M HfH \ j , I Ktlb AAl , plenty of V r3fft il M W$k K rr,vc.. (or \in f iMIlIl n urn. PffP H Hplnet f'r run the fHft Downtown Parle Cutter Sale! Large $1,000 Every mil iijr. in'\ Round Trip Sunday Excursion Phuadelph Sunday, December 24 SPECIAL TRAIN LEAVES Prna..lvsnis ijutioa 7 30 Am Hudson Tarroinsl .... 7.31) AZ Ictvy City - - 7.33 Siuppluii t Nrosik. Lliisbcta and New Urunswick Airlvrs rkilsdelphla (Cral ft. Su.) 9.AQ M ItetuminK. Ivm rbiladelrhla 8.40 Pennsylvania System Th Rmits ol th Rroadwar Limited j con i seas fWl Try PISO'S AatonWhlaglr auick Mll.f. A rmp diHrnl I front U otKanr I plaatant do p I at tornach no cnlalca, 3Se and 00c Trrwber 1 4 1 1

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