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The evening world. (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, December 07, 1922, Image 5

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V 3 A POLICEMAN FIGHTS IN WEST 59TH SL (Continued) Street and made such good time tli.it ho reached Tenth Avcnuo mid 59th Street ahead of tho man O'Flaherty waa chatsltig. 'I'ho robber darted Into tho front of ono of tho tenements. Tho policemen followed him, but n search of tho houso and tho roofs was tn vain. , Tho man running cast was aeon by Dr. Joseph II. Jaffor of No. 532 Cen- tral Park West, who was upproachlntr tho hospital to attend a Ulnlc. IIo turned and chased tho running high- wayman and nearly overtook htn half Tray to Eighth Avenue. Tho fugitive turned and tired II vo ahota toward tho doctor as fast as ho could pull the trigger. Dr. Jaffor did not slackon his paco and this man too ran Into n tenement and was lost. A third young man, dressed as much llko tho two highwaymen as though tho thrco had been costumed for a vaudovlllo act, Jumped to tho teal bcsldo tho driver of tho cab, Vldal Madorrian of ,No. SG Manhattan Avenue, put a revolver to .tho chauffeur's sldo and com-mand- hint with a curso to \get going.\ Madorrian promptly ran his cab Into the ono ahead of It so that tho wheels jammed. Detectives of tho West 68th Street Statton.arrlvlng In a police automobile, mado a hurried search for tho taxl-ca- b In which tho robbers had attempt- ed to escape nnd Its driver. Later they learned Madorrian had of his own motion driven directly to tho ntu Ion nnd reported tho attempted rob- bery to Lieut, llunnoll. Maddorlan trntd he had been wnltlnp for u faro at Llggctt's Drug Storo on Columbus Clrclo when :t dapper young man In n tan overcoat and gray hat had climbed Insldo and told him to drlvo to 9th Street and Ninth Ave- nue, stopping a few doors east of tho corner. IIo followed directions. Tho young man got out to tho sidewalk and told him to wait a minute. Other vehicles closed In on him, and then ramo tho sound of tho shot and the other two men ran from tho store. Tho chauffeur cheerfully agreed to aid Detective Sergta. Daly, Cronln nnd Lawless In searching the Hell's Kitchen district for tho robbers. Cronln tald he was confident that he knew one of tho escaped men by description and probably both wero members of a band or drug addicts whose lawlessness Is a constant threat (80 to storekeepers and residents of Wtit 69th Street. tho Jeweller, was taken from his storo to tbo emergency ward of Hospital by orderlies under tha direction of Dr. J. A who had run from tho offlco of tho hospital at tho sound nf tho first shot. Tho bullet had only mado a flesh wound, tho surgeons said. COP TRIO FOR OF DRIVER Tried ta MnUc Oelnwiir With Slory of HmlnK Hern nl AnUc. William Nowak, twenty, a chauf. feur. of No. 131 West 91ot Street; Arthur Williams, twenty-tw- o, who savs ho Is a clerk, of No. 215 West 97th Street, and Jerry O'Shea, tuenty-on- e. of No. 200 West 92d Street were y In tho West Side Police Court charged with assault and robbery. Patrolman saw a cab standing at tho curb of Central Park West at 110th Street early this morn- ing, and on his an argu ment was started between tho chauf. feur and his faro, who to be drunk. O'Shea was tho driver and Williams tho drunken fare. Then No-wa- k came up and said Williams was I. Altmatt $c (Ha Hat aim d Scarf Sets (Misses' Childrera's) for Winter sports wear comprise a smart gift selection. These of camels-ha- ir most of embroidered in contrasting colors, are displayed in Millinery Depart- ment on the 'Floor. 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Doc. \.Dr. J. StontKomery MoMicr, widely known rut n nerve died suddenly nt his homo here y He established ho first psy- chopathic- wnrtl In connection with u BOticrul hospital in tho I'nltrd fitntes. V Vtsit LINER GEO. WASHINGTON IN COLLISION OFF DOVER; NOT DAMAGED IN CRASH Clrne HorU Able lo SUUe Port With Ilotr Crnalieil tr Acci- dent. DOVER, England, Dec. 7. Iho n between tho Oeorgo Washington nnd tho Clyno nock occurred nt mid- night between tho Goodwin Sands and tho 1'rcncli coast, according to the crew of tho Clyno Bock, which has arrived hero damaged. Tho crow said that so far na they could sco the Ocoigo Washington was not damngttl. No ono was hurt. Tho crew of tho Clyno Bock nald . iMcCreery Quality Luggage tftu en Hk ElttlA fie' i Otir luggage departments complete- ly equipped to meet all the needs ot the traveler. Wardrobe trunks and traveling bags of all descriptions. 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(FifiK Fl,,r) Negligees and Warm Robes Make Very Acceptable Christmas Gifts luxurious quilted Crepe ill m McGreery tle'Lhinc, lined and warmh interlined sith lamb's wool. Silk cord girdle. In Rose, I'Vcnch Hluc, Copen- hagen, Orchid, Turquoise, Coral, Wis- taria and Black. 14.7? B Negligees of soft Crepe Satin with very decorative long flowing sleeves weighted with tassels. Sclf-braide- d girdle1. Also brocaded satin with match- ing Georgette slexvcs, French flowers and self tic sash. Your choice four models. French Blue, Rose, Coral, Tea Rose, Tur- quoise, I lenna, Orchid, Wistaria and Black. 1.4.75 very dainty Boudoir cap, 2.75 These robes and negligees are spe- cially priced Friday aiul Saturday. (Tin J ..r ) tho collision happened whllo th res-so- ls wero clearing pnch other, the Clyno Hock bound west and the Gcorgo east. They claim tho accident wn duo to faulty on tho part of Sho Amer- ican steamer, thnt the liner's position was so altered that tho Clyno Bock was struck on the port bow. Tho Impact caused a nolso llko an explosion. .Only a few persons were visible on he deck of the Ocorgo Tho liner offered tho Clyno Bock but when It was found that tho Britisher could take caro of her- self the George Washington proceeded on her courso for Bremen. Her vor-slo- n of tho affair1 probably will not by known until sho reaches that port. make very gifts for the for her home. In all the most I'ilet Hands iy :o wide, :i to 24 wide, 4.9c 27 wide, per 90 to 3.2; Milt ot to iincl to meet on Fifth \Miss A named and the won the It has a 4.50 A robe wth silk silken a of A for f our Floor of During the noon hour rush yetordr 1 In tho dining room of the Lawyeraj Club. 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