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The evening world. (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, December 07, 1922, Image 4

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pi CHILDREN f ARE DEAD IN FIRES; FIVE BADLY BURNED PFour Injured in Eusrene, Ore., Are Expected to Die Hour ; of Hurt May Not Live. 'CHICAGO. Dec. 7. Four children vt the. family of Joseph Iluflak wero burned to dath. and Iiudak. lit wife B'.and two other children srtlnusly fctrurnrd by nro that partly destroyed lhelr home. ' The dead are: Mury Hu Ink. Ihlr-'tee- n: Bophle Hudak. nine: John, three, and Kva. ten months The Chlldicn ars: Michael. Mxteen, .nd Anna, twelve. EUQENK. Ore.. Dec. 7. Kour ch.l dren were burned to death utid lhre ether children and thtco grown pe-- . sons were kcvti ly hurnd when cjm of jrosollno iwd to start a file it th homo of Ivot Johnson rxplodtd la- -l nluht. Kour of tha Injured iro 'pected to die. The dead are: Orvllle Church, nuid five: Ida Chuich. three: Wl'lla-- n Church, six: Marvel Johnson, four. The Injured: Leroy Johnson, twui Clifford Johnson, one; Hnwl Churcn, 4: Mr. and Mrs James Church a id Mrs Ivor Johnson. Two families occupied thu maM house, which wus deatruyed Ivm Johnson and his wlf had three chil- dren und Jamen Church and wife, wtio - iivifi with thus, had six children, v from four to twelve years of uze TIi'j tKxlles of the children were taken lo the Morstue. charred leynnd ieeoj:n -- tlon. Three of thrm ueio found uii a bed and one tH'iieath. FREIGHT RATE CUTS INCREASED TONNAGE, SAYS COMMERCE REPORT Amount ln 111 Inrrloia I inter Wnr Art l tr.O.OT.I.IHni Mill line It.mil., 9S.1,tl2U,(),D. WASHINGTON. Dec. T.An Increased scopv of activities, due partially to rnlargt responsibili- ty put upon .i by' lcgli'atlon of recent years, nnd partially to us of emergency powers tcqulrcd by Industrial dlstuibancca In recent months, was described to-d- In the annual report of tho Inter- state Commcrco Commlsjlon. Together with Its' tisuil work In rcgulstlon of latlrrad rntea nn l service, the cotnmlrnlon operutlons by which tt nstumwl somo di'ffreo of nctuil contiol of ratlicads during th puinmiT period of emergency by tho douhlo strike In the coal mines and In tho railroad shops; presfnt'd summaries of results In Its supervision of inllioml se- curities and forecast tho outlook for final conclusion of tho pro- tracted settlements of financial accounts between the Oovernment and U, railroads arising out of Federal control during' the war. Its major action lu the rato ris- ing field, the rnport said, wan the 10 per cent. r. .uctlon In Height charge! oidcroU lust July. \Manifestly tho existing intts f are no lormor Interfering with the fie flow of. commerce an n wlioh',\ the oiort suld. Tonnage Ik olmtmt r lUal Id the largest ever IttuMled. DlKctiMtttiK the iclmlmi'demcnt of riillromls for lose in opera- tion (lur iiK 1 Ural n'x months after I hp irturn irotn Onvorrr-me- nt to prlxnte rontrftl. the 10-p- null! that up to Oct 31 last totnl payments of (450.073,041) hud litun uulhorlzcd. Hums still pnyubla to the ouirlcrs wuro cstl-mate- d ut $85.9:6.000. Congress was roiUtstcd to cn Act legislation to make It criminal to hrlbe railroad employees to ff.vu preforclice In cir supply; to In- crease tmo of passenger earn, and to cl.iilfy sections of tho Tiaimpoitatlon Act In rela- tion to consolidation of r&llrOadi. DAUGHERTY WOULD REVAMP MACHINERY OF DEPT. OF JUSTICE Itrlinrl l omnii iil mi hnnrni nf llnm (\rnft In t . . Walrra nntl IN whllt \rlrures. WASHINGTON, Dec. 7. A new basic Judicial organiza- tion, to meet the ungmcntcd work Oppenheim.llins&S Offering: Friday 450 Girls' Dresses Drastically Reduced 34th Street New of THE W 6 in p . tf g UE'g P A Y ; \ P E 0 Ett B E 7 V l 9 22'. which hss resulted from \the fr complexity of Oovernmcnt,\ was siigsrosted hy Attorney (iim ml hiitmheily In his annual report, made puhllc to- day, on the operations of jtho of Justice. Notlnjf that C0.72J criminal ca-- i - weic betrun In the last risen \ the re- port declared the iiu.nt was, bln approached \where a rovamplnc of the machinery used In this work Is Inevitable.\ Adoption of some by which the nt could attorneys who have special knowledgs of Oovernment matters In addition to It tnil training was one of the several sitKRCStlons udvanced by Mr. Daiifherty. The report made no comment on the railroad Injunction case and merely noted the legal situation arising out of enforcement of the Prohibition statutes outsida the continental limits of tho United fltatcs. \Hlnee the Klghteenth Amend-me- nl of tho Constitution and Tltlo Two of the National Prohibition Act became effective,\ It said, \rum-runnin- g vessels of Ameri J4lh Strco- t- New York tf retain 250 Girls' Velvet, Wool Crcpc, Worsted, Skydrift, nnd combinations of Velvet nnd Crepe de Chine. Si.es S to 14 years. Values to 16.75 Special & . 200 Girls' Crepe de Chine, Velvet nnd Velvet con -- binntions, trimmed with ornaments nnd embroideries. Siies S to id years. Values to 25.00 Special York method 13.75 Oppcnheim.llins& To Close Out Friday m 350 Smart AIidvinter Taken from the Regular Stock Actual Values to 18.50 ,00 season's very best models, Velvet, Satin, THE Duvetyn and Metallic Cloth distinguished by rarely beautiful trimmings 'EVENING Dresses .90 Dresses Hats can and forolun rrj 'slrj carrylnR liquor from foreign pojc to our shores, have swarmcj nKop our sralmiirds smutrnlInK lhiuors Into thit Unlicd .states in violation ot our laws.\ The report commented on the pel iu re of 13 vcrscls of foreign registry and 11 American ships. Mr. UaiiBlierty said work was being pushed on the war contract Investigation of the department and tlmt nctlon wan being taken or wnrrnnled with tiie completion of tho audit of e :h project. AT u Mini of Has Hcen Rent to 1022 lNtv Vorls nvcnlng Pr Dec. 7 If means to have u at the Allied on tnd debts her n.. notice so far has been given th H.e fact that the IL AUumit tfts that Menu-fo- il k will emijoy Sixth Floor AMERICA WELCOME LONDON PARLEY Drltlsh. CntmUti' World). fubllH.ing Conu-any- . LONDON, America representative conference reparation which begins Hatllrday. I'.i.tlsh Oovernment. Nevertheless, American Ambassa- - -- : dors to Uarlln and Drussels havo come to London to confer with Hnrvoy has urousnd con- siderable spofulntlon. It has led to the belief thnt perhaps an elevenin-hou- r decision might be made to have an American olwerver at tho London pat ley. It Is learned that the Hrltlsh Oov- ernment would welcome American participation, but In view of the fact that this Is hi ' d an Informal mrnt ing of the AT - It Is considered un- likely the Unit .. Htates Uovemmcnt will take part. For Men's Dodoor Wear Louinig'iinig' Robes, made of warm, com fortab'.e wool fabrics $12.00 to db. Dressing Gowns of oilk 16.50 to 85. Dressirsg: Gowns of velvet . '50.00 Srnokfng Jackets o? doth 7.50 to 25.00 Smoking: Jackets of silk JS.GO-t- o 35.00 Bath Robes off blanketing 5.00 to 115.00 Bath Robes off toweling 6.50 to H8.00 House Slippers off silk . . 2.25 SpecSal Value is now feeing offered in t Golf Bags of brown canvas (six-in- ch rim), with cuff of brown cowhide at $14, iUabifiton benuc-J- f iftij ibcmie, JicU) orfe - CfjtrtHourtlj direct (Lfjirtp-fittl- j Street Allmau ipeciaD for Friday Saturday' 49S(0) Pa8,rs off Women's'QualitySilkHosiery in Iblack or white, with openwork clocks extraordonariSy lowpriced at per paiir for 3' pairs these !be3inig ome-lhafl- l? the regmllar prices . (Brat Floor) '3btti'-Court- Ij .Otrce! 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Hill 111 \I Hi Hi lifTHBi hSffm 1 distribution. rer.ulnrly. wholesome, 1851 NORTON 1922 . nousands of Positions ,v In Vorld Help Wanted Ads. V. Si J

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