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The evening world. (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, December 07, 1922, Image 18

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r. THE EVENING WORLD, THURSDAY, D E G U MB Ja xC V,lU5Sa. IB PAIR COME TO BUY BUTTER, BUI PULL GUN ROB GROCER Police Believe They Belong to Chain Store Hold-U- p Gang. Charles Anderson, ths manager of n rtoulston grocery storo nt No. CC2 Wytlio Avenue, IJrooklyn, which la n( the comer of Roao Street, was aboul to close the place at 1 o'clock this afternoon, while ho was absent nn hour at luncheon. Ho wan golnft toward tho door when two well dressed young men entered. \Not too late for something?\ akcI one. j''No, I'll wait on you,\ replied An dcrfton. \What do you want?\ \Only a pound of butler,\ an Bounced the cuxtomer and Anderson turned and walked back to tho Ice box. As he uto'oped and picked up a wooden container In which to put the butter tho Can who had followed him rcmarkivl: \Jupst keep on walking\.\ Anderson felt something; shoved In. to his brick, know It was the mutzle tit a revolver and continued on Into the back room. \Now take a. soat and behave and nothing- - Is coins to happen to you,\ admonished tho man with tho sun. Anderson did as directed Ho could hear tile ,nan In tho storo ODcn tho cash drawer of tho register: nlso his expression of disapproval when ho found only MS.80. The man taking- - care of tho manager asked him whero the money was. \The collector was hero at noon and took everything but my money to make change,\ answered Anderson truthfully. With a final' Injunction to stay whero he was the pair left the man accr and walked out of the store. Around tho corner on Iloss Street a third man waited with an automoWlo into wh)ch tho pair sprang as it started off. Andnmnn's rienerinUon of the men. according- - to tho police of tho Clmcr Street Station, fits that of the pair who have held up several chain stores In tho Williamsburg- - district within a few weeks. MOTHER AND FIVE CltlLDIlKX DIB IS Oil. STOVE EXPLOSION, EUGENE. Ore., Dec. 7 (United Press). Mrs. tver Johnson and five children, the oldest aged 6, wero burned to death here to-d- In an explosion at the Johnson home. Two Other children and three adults were seyerely burned TEN cotiiwiMA CAitrra 3 Tom CeaTbUr UaM lAtad f Mlt mult u cm t MtaraUfh-- . rslirUtas lias tkreufh tix tax 7 Tom wklch I aiiutl (m TMTi- - caMtaat aaHriaktalsttea. Dtaajajr Malar hmm iaiiai any r rif 9 0t rWks Tkna caM lar MtAii fcraaa. aat wna a trnnf lasaroaa. SOW Airt aaaia PRODUCE SPECULATOR PROTECTS FROM LOSS, FARMERS DECLARE Commissioner of AcrnnnU llirnn-flrl- il Ham Unrff KJrctril . llcnr- - InK on Propoeu Onllnnnrc. Tho farmer tfho supplies New with produce docs not want to bo pro tected from tho speculator, according to of Markets O'Mallcy, who said 160 farmers had come to his office and protested against even tho segregation of tho speculator or dealer and 606 of them had signed petition for tho retention of tho speculator. Tho Commissioner of Accounts held a meeting y which, ho said, wna for the purpose of hearing opposition to a proposed ordinance Riving tho of Markets certain privileges. Mr. O'Mallcy said ho had the powoin now It sought to convey. Lawyer Morris U Kinsi, aiming for W. I... llundrotmark. Secretary )f tho Nctv ork Market Crowds' Ahbo elation, protested, saying: \This meeting was not caiicti tor the purpose stated. Wo know what it was called for.\ \Tho last time you woro hero you Insulted me.\ sold Commissioner of Accounts Hlrshflcld. \I had you .iut out then. Oftlccr, put him out again.\ \I call on all ical farmers to follow me,\ shouted the attorney as he went to the door. Mr. Hundretmark was tho only on6 who followed. \those ho remained, about eighty from Long Island, heard O'Mallcy say the farther wanted tho speculator . cause ho provented the grower from being stuck with his stuff In u hud market and took chance the farmer could not wen areora to iaxc. INVITED TO DANCE HALL JUDGE PLEADS BAD Proprietors Akrd Hlm to Disprove Ntore'c Claim of Disorder. Tho Tarslics Clothing Company, of No C23 Fulton Street. IJrooklyn, y up- - piled to Suprmco Court Justtco Knpper In Brooklyn, for an Injunction restrain Inr the owners of tho property contlnulnc the lease of tho Strand Daneeland and which occupies tho second floor. If maintains that It run not continue Its affairs, due to tho noise crealtd by the dance hall. Attorneys Daneeland snld (ha place, was quiet and orderly. To trove their assertions they Invited the court to visit It. \No. thank you,\ replied JuMlce Kopper \I have a bad foot nnd further more I think possibly I might bo out of place. rtion pott it. s. in Dec. 7. forces In arc the best ever seen, said Lieut. Col. W. E. to on ing for and the ba of the way they are out the of uer man lie was worse than two years oco Christmas , tmsmxkjym ri As Ucat Dlc ipr rnr chain AatMaatltallrcfMMtbtmkslsnm. oa UM u uiMi 4 Xff f nlm Sk Imps ct COUfM!A 5- - ilckt jrltiM Mtml l m w. ta tv. r'a4 raaa. m iaa naara wu- - mry Kwn ana. a&d ufml Uea. . Sit aa4 Srlc h Vl ll MOTOR 8 w M hit OmI t a a FOOT from representing rrtAisc moors llliaa taaa aUln Its York Tho American Germany troops Causey technical adviser Austria, depart Vienna United States should proud carrying occupation territory, declared Austria' condition hW-Msa- a. nlaclala hIikmu OoaxkaW TVr wiCkoct itafm sUiius fcmkat. TONE UavSrfjrtaJ RafiMswsr accalran AaatiaW caaatmctad nandiu ammllS.. milf COLUMBIA Hajt&u Commissioner Commissioner aaarial ctU. GERMANY. CODLENZ, rpaterday, HIIACKMAN'S CHRISTMAS FAVORS TREE TRIMMINGS I hr .tma. Nflllr nnd laxor, for Irrr. Tiil.tr. Tartly ami n J Pnlll nil ililt h I'lnrr jou rnuld Imir no llir \'\'I ,. \ hnn. Tlir iimij In i IwMlldrrliig Hint Hie nl fault li thai too much mri!mtn'ni\tjn of I'npfr lint.. Znn ilirfrrrnf klniN of Nol SlaUfrs. Pnnp. Hint Molloe In rrrj color nnj prlcr. I'rrtlj rimr mul laNj '' Jack Ilornrr lit that for rialntlnr. nnd mldnru llirrr U nl.vilnli-l- nn roinnftll on. \Shark. nun's\ 1 the Inrfr.t nnd mml romiilrlr Noicllj nnd 1'niiir lloaie In Hie World. Krlrtt jonr rnor now for Nm Irnr'x i:c. B. SHACKMAN & CO. ZZZy (Th name I important I i aiiititn. It U Imiifirlfint In look for uip nnmr w-- BIIACIvMAN'S fore rnttrlm. ni lliirr In only mi ''MiiuitmiinV' EHACKMAN'S Stern Brothers West 42d St. (Between 5l.li and 6th Avcs.) 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