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PLANES HUNT ESCAPED HAMMER SLAYER Weather FAIR, COLDER. Weather FAI It. Mm i mi i m m mm .3 EDITION EDITION \ Circulation Books Open to A1W r \Circulation Books Open to All.\ VOL. LXIII. NO. 22,223 DAILY. 'tupjmhl PnMWhlng Nrn tnrk Company. World! IMS. nj NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER, 6, 1922, Post i;ntrrrl Off as Ire. SrrnniM'ln New luik, Mntlrr .V. V. PRIOE THREE 0ENT8 U. S. Army Planes Crash; Six IRELAND A FREE STATE. HOISTS II IS King Formally Proclaims New Dominion Independ- ent, Says Healy. HITS AT INSURGENTS. Bank Breaking and Train Wrecking Their Chief Oc- cupation, He Points Out. LONDON, Dec. 6 (Associated Press). An historic privy council, held In Buckingham Palace this morn-In- dealt chiefly with the establish- ment of Ireland as an independent commonwealth. King George signed a proclamation giving effect to the new Irish Free State and also a proclammaticn ap- pointing Timothy M. Healy as the first p6vernor General of Ireland. DUBLIN. Dec. G (Associated Press). Tlio final formalities marking tho Inauguration of tho Saorstat KJrcann. h Frca Stute, tako plaoo No preparations liavc been mado for a public' demonstration find thiro la every Indication that the silence and refctralnt on tho part of the populace whioli have been noticeable through-o- ut the recont course ol events lead- ing to the tmg desired autonomy will nol bo broken. Gov. i'ii Healy was sworn in at hta residence this forenoon by the Lord Chief Justice. Tho leremony wits u simple one, attracting no gatheitng of tho public. Up to the tutly afternoon, m no demon- stration whatever had occurred In Dublin In connection with the Inaugu- ration of the new Government. Ireland tool; hr plaeo y among the world's commonwealths. The nl Government nnd Parliament ceased to function, their place being taken by tho permanent Parliament 'and Cabinet of tho Irish Tree Slate, the new commonwealth being formally proclaimed as an established govern ment. Tho Provisional regime whUh ceased to exist y had such full powers that the new ono now Inaugu- rated marka but littlo change, except In name. Tho program of the duv provided that tho Parliament meet it 6 o'clock without ceremony, and after Its membeis had taken tho oath elected a Speaker and nominated a President,, for the nnmlng of tho Ex- ecutive Council by the President, with a committee \of the Parliament nora Inatlng tho other Ministers. The ar- rangements amounted simply to the confirmation In office of tho men already there. Tho President's nomination of thirty Senators was a part of the day's business. Tho Lower House elects tho lemalnlng thirty. For these Sonatorahlps thero were more than eighty candidates. When the Senate Is constituted, later In tho week, lioth Houses will bo addressed by Gov. Gen. Healy in tho King's speoch, which will bo composed, according to constitutional practice, by tho Irish cabinet. Tho Union .lack ol Hr turn lmi bceu (Contlnued on Second Page.) Three-quarter- s of All \Help Wanted\ oAdvts. Printed in The World The World through its Tlelp Wanted advts. offers more por- tions than all the other news- papers combined. NUMBER OF 'HELP WANTED\ ADVTS, , I ...111 UL, I, lfcI TUB WORLD.., 73,100 advts. The Times 11,361 advts The American 7,510 ad-t- s. The Herald 3.999 advts. The Tribune 290 advU. THE WORLD'S Lead.. .61,739 arlvts. - nt all (lie Notrmhrr \111:1. 76 I' . Attt. were fruited - IB in Monti. OWN COLORS UNION JACK FURLED HARDING PREFERS I FAil niLUIVL IIPF 10 CHAN E SHIP SUBSIDY nnual Appropriation Plan Will Keep Capital Away, He Writes Senator. WASHINGTON. Dec. C. Khminti tlon of the Houso amendment to the Ship Subsidy Bill providing for a J30.000.000 annual revolving fund was recommended by President Har ding y In a letter forwarded to tho Senate Commerce Committee. Senator Jones, Chairman, read It to tho committee In his letter Hntding declared In pait: . \\V 'I cannot but feel 1 would rather tho measure should fall entirely than to have one cnac' d which will bring us to extreme disappointment because we havo entered upon a program In u halt-heart- and rather Indifferent wa- -. 'I um writing to urge, with all tho earnestness at my t iminand, that the Senate eominltten will the bill the amendment which makes the shipping aid tund subject to an nual appropriation by tho Congress. 'I understand that this amendment was added without any thought of emasculating the bill, mainly to har- monize it with an accepted practice uf Congress in making annual appropria tions in rallying out Government commitments. Our chief object is to establish and promote tho American merchant marine. The ten-ye- com- - (Continued on Second Page.) WELLESLEY STRUCTURE MENACED BY FLAMES Plre Sucepa Mnlala' Cattncr .enr Stone Hall on f'nmiiuk. WriLI.USLUY. Mass.. Dec. C fire that threatened for a time Stone Hall. ono of the hirn-es- hullril npa .1. Welleslcy College campus, y swept uiruuKu u conago occupien by maids employed at tho college. The fire was confined to tho cottage. Couldn't Even Be Trusted in of simple Ufa hecu Herman today asked Supremo Court alimony aurt counsel fees pending on tho ground fraud, Is said to County, if not tho State. \Sho falsely represented to me.\'! said Herman, ahc was a per son in tho management of financial matters, In tho buying and disburs ing of funds, for the purchase of commodities und other articles for household. Sho said could be safely entrusted with of thcyo things. As a matter of she Is not nbla to ruld, subtract, ir multiply, and has even tho crudest conception of simple arith- metic. \I was a widower with six children, who need tho loving caro of a mother. Wo were married last Juno. As soon as I discovered Bhe was unfit, I re- fused to live with her, and never took her Into household. She does not know what four and live Is, or three and or any bucIi figures. Sho cannot trusted with even a linlf locauBo she docs not know how much to pay tho huckster, and how change should receive Tho Iiwellonwouldgut mm us up INCOME EVAS ONS Asks Reduction in the Max- imum Rate From to 25 Per Cent. WOULD END LEAKAGE. Report to Congress Also Urges End- - of Non-Taxab- le Securities. WASHINGTON. Dec. C Reduction of the maximum income surtax 'rate from tho present CO per cent, to not more than 23 per cent., and tho clos- ing up ho far as possible of existing avenues of escape from Federal taxes, aro urged by Secretary Mellon In his annual report, transmitted to-d- to Congress. No general revision of the revenuo laws is proposed nor aro ad- ditional taxes suggested, Mr. Mellon expressing tho hopo of meeting any Indicated Government deficit through collection of back taxes and Income from other sources. Tho Treasury Secretary informs Congress that to attempt alone to stop tho gaps through which there Is an avoldanco of tax \payments X't the Government will not enough, be- cause tho ex'lEtlns rates of surtax \put such heavy pressure ou the larger taxpayers to reduce their tax- able Incomes,\ that new would surely found. Ho adds that tho high rates \sound productive,\ but that the fact remains that they nro becoming Increasingly Ineffective and aro yielding less and less revenue each year. Then bluntly he tells Congress tho timo has come to \faco tho facts squarely\ and to correct the artificial conditions which now pievall and which, he asserts, are wholesomo fiom tho point of view of business or Industrial development, and, at tho same time, nro Impairing tho revenues of tho Government. The more lmoprtant of tho methods urcd by taxpayers to rcd&o tho amount of income subject to taxation wcrj listed by Mr. Mellon as follows: Deduction of losses on sales of cap- ital assets, with tho lalluro to realize on capital gains: Exchanges of prop- erty and so as to avoid tax- able gains ; Investment on securities, and vision of .property, creation of ti usta and tho like. \Not all theso things can bo con- trolled by law or by regulation,\ continued, \and most of them lead to unatural nnd frequently harmful (Continued on Tenth Page.) With 50 Cents, He Say- s- Justice hopper in Hrouklyn for suit. Tlio action, which Is brought be the first of tho kind in Klugs bcs,t sho could do would bo to ornn her pockctbook and trust to the ped- dler's honest .\ \Ho lelt me,\ Mrs. Herman said, \because I bfllcve. has fallen In love with unother woman, who has higher educational attainments. His meagre knowlulge of mathematics re. minds ono of tho aslom that those who live In houses should not throw stones. Whllo I am not an ex- pert In arithmetic, I havo sufficient knowledge to add and subtract and able to buy aft the food for tlio house. All tho mathematics that is required for tho wile of a man of his typo is to know how to buy tho baie necessi- ties of life, such as coal, meats and general food for the tnblc.\ Decision was reserved. Uli; Ulilll.U TIMVKL IH'IIKAC. Areade, (World! Uuiiam. 33.aj Park How, N V Cltr Telephone lieekman (UUO Oieck loom for bafgg ami paiceli open Jay and mcni. Money orucra and tja(Nl?i cnctiHa ior aoh. Charge Wife Can't Add 4 and 5 Basis of Suit lor Annulment Lives Glass House, Her Reply. Allegation ot ignorance of tho fundamentals arithmetic on tho part wife, has nindo the ground for nunulmcut pro- ceedings by Julius Herman, No. 321 Livonia Avenue, Iliooklyn. Mrs. tho of In \that fit tho she supervision fact, not my seven, bu dollar, much she 50 bo ones bo not (111 ho ho glass PuHuer of FRIEDA EMP EL' HOME IS ROBBED LOSS IS $50,000 Apartment Thoroughly Ran- sacked in Absence of Opera Singer's Husband. $15,000 COAT STOLEN. Furniture and Rugs Ruined, but 200 Bottles of Sacra- mental Wine Untouched. Prieda llempel, the operatic stir, returned y from a concert at Syracuse, to be Informed by her hus- band, W. n. Kalm, an exporter, manufacturer and banker at No. 2S5 Madison Avenue, that their apart- ment at No. 2T1 Central Park Wost, nt SOth Street, had been thoroughly devastated by thieves last night. Mr. Kahn left the apartment at 10 o'clock yesterday morning nnd did not icturn until 11.30 last night. Tho place had been pulled to pieces; burn- ing cagaict and cigar stubs had burned holes in tho rugs and' scarred the edges of desks and tallies. The draweis ot bureaus had been indis criminately dumped nnd contents sorted out. Only cases containing 200 bottles ot Jewish sacramental wine had not le disturbed. Included In tho property nusstmj' was a chinchilla coal of tho pilroi donna valued at J 1, 500 and jewelry, silverware, furs and tapestries, mak- ing up a total loss of more than ?50,-00- 0. Mr. Kahn is a close friend of Com- missioner Enright and tcpoitod the robbery to him. Soon afterward Act- ing Inspector Coghlan appeared it the apartment with Detectives Ed-wa- Fitzgerald, Michael Davis, Joseph Leonard and Kdward Morell. The detectives satisfied themselves that tho thieves had gone up to tho roof ot the apartment house at No. 275 Central I'aik West and from its roof had walked to tho bedroom win- dow of tho Kahn apartment, which is on tho eighth Iloor of No. 271. WOMAN LOSES TWO TOES, ANOTHER'S ANKLE BROKE BY FALL OF IRON PIPE Triuk MrlU\ Lamp 1'ntt In Milllam street Hope Holding; Ills: l.oail ltrrakM. Miss Justine Ilodlnger of No. Mi East COth Street, and Miss IltJe l.it-tu- s of Wcstfleld, N. J., cleiks em- ployed by tho ICuultable Life, were Injured just before 1 o'clock when a big truck carrying a load f twelve-foot-lon- g sections of fliteen-Inc- h Iron pipe struck u Inmp post In front of the Fire L'nderwrlterh' liuld- - 'ing at No. H!3 William Street. The shock bioke tho rpe hohing the pip\. One on top of tho load rolled to the sidewalk. The flanged end dropped on the light toot ot Mii Hodlger. cutting off two of her tr.rs Mies Itlttus was. Btruck on the left leg and her ankle was broken She fell nnd the pipe rolled on Iki iniir-in- her intnrnally. There were hundicds 01 mr n and women on the street. The jr.iing women wcie carried into the lobby of tho I'iie. rndcrwrltcrs ISuilduiK. and tiom there tn Heekman Street Hospital by Ambulance Suijreon Rutherford. Joseph Stonno ol No. 31 Cortland Street, Ossininp, who w.ih dnv.ng th. truck for James O'Neill ot N., u\ Kast U'lth Street, was not nrirstrd. FOR THE Sunday World MUST be in The World Office FRIDAY Before 6 P, M. , To Insure Proper Classification Dead, OPERA SINGER WHOSE APARTMENT IS LOOTED IN CENTRAL PARK WEST tii77f nun \innr LL fNU IVIUL AS JOY RIDERS GARAGE ON They Find $40,000 in Booze, Bootleg Prices, and Make Four Arrests. Switching their identities for the moment to a couple of joy riders, Izzy Kinstcin and Moo Smith, men of a thousand disguises, drove a rickety automobile Into tho garage at No. 611 West 61th Street this afternoon and asked to have tho carbureter, transmission and other pints repaired. Fifteen minutes later they were seizing 130 cases of fine old Scotch whiskey, 00 cases of Hurnett gin and moro than 1,000 bottles of good Old Crow, which had lecn stored in tho garage and wliich Is valued, retail, at about J40.000. Izzy was forced to draw his revolver in making the seizure. While me- chanics were engaged In repairing his machine ho asked permission to go to a washroom, which Is on the second floor, and while thero ho was led to the booze cacho by tho clicking of bottles. Investigation, he said, re- vealed thtve men onsagod in diluting Old Crow, fifty-fift- with water. Moo stood guaid over tlio place While Izzy tushed to the office of Commissioner Hitchcock nnd secured a search warrant. John Speel, of No. 400 West 34th Street, said to be the owner of the liquor, was placed under arrest, as weie his three help- ers, Mlko Clnrk, No. '.'OvT Virginia Avenue, Jersey City. Joseph Ioon, No. 7R0 Glenmore Acnu, Hrooklyn, and Ocorgn Ohohei , No. 10S New York Avenue, Jersey Clt All four were locked up in the West 47th Street Follcn Station ELLIS ISLAND METHODS CENSURED IN COMMONS Srrloa llnritalilp to Ilrin(l folk, Secretary Mr.rlll .Snja, LONDON, Dec 6 (Aocinteil Preasl Condition! at Kills Jalmid and tho treatment of immigrant thi'i-- ore pri- marily adapted to people of n low atand-ar- d of conduct nnd ront itute ft aerioua hardship to peraona of any rcflwmtnt, especially women, it was declared by Poland McNeill, I.'nder Seeretarv for F oreign Affair, in anaiiennK a nueation in thn llouae of Commons to iIhv uilh regard to the treatment of ItrlUih Imm- igrants nt Kill lalind. Mr. McNeill mentioned the negotia- tion whlc,h have been going on between Oreat Britain and the t'ntteii States on this subject and said they were r. It appeared, he stated, that th American Government was unable lo keep th Immigrant of different nation- alities f'pirute during theli detention and that emltfninta from Inglaml ic th I'nlted States nould do wtll lo biar i hi fael in mind Including Two SIX ARE KILLED AS ARMY PLANS COLLIDE IN AIR Major Gcarhart and Capt. Doyle, With Four Enlisted Men, Were in Machines. BOMBER CUT IN TWO. Fokker, Rising to Observe Manoeuvres, Hits Lead- ing Plane. NF.WPORT NEWS, Va.. Dec. C Major Guy I., Gearhart, of Leaven- worth. Kan., Capt. Denton A. Doylo of St. Louis, nnd four enlisted men were killed nt Iinglcy Field y when a Martin bombing plane, enrry-In- ff five of them, and a Fokl.er scout- ing machine, piloted by Mujor Gcar- hart collided nbout 250 feet In tho air. Both machines crashed to earth in flames. Tho enlisted men killed were: Staff Scrgt. Marslck, Cleveland, I'llvatos J, Ulunka, Chicago: Thomas Jordan, Deep Step, Gn., and l.con Koluu, Tho bomber, piloted by Ciipt. Doyle, was leading a foiniatlon and was making a bunking when tho Fokker aio.'ic tn tho air from a long tako-of- f. Tho smaller machine Mmck the bomber almost nmldslilp, cutting olf the tall. Hoth planes hovered a mo- ment und then both bioke Into flames and crashed to earth. Private Holas leaped from the bomber a3 It ncarcd tlio earth, but was fatally Injured. Ho died whllo be- ing placed In an ambulance. The others wero pinned beneath t lie two machines nnd before aid could reach them their bodies wero burned almost beyond recognition. The accident occurred over tho Hampton Normal School Farm, the flying station. Scvctnl persons who rushed to tho scene wero badly burned whllo trying to extricate tho men. The fivo other machines in the for- mation led by Capt. Doyle's piano dulck landings, but their occu- pants, with those aln-uil- on tho scene, weie poveili.-- s befnie the flames. U. S. SPENT $139,472 IN \SPEAK EASIES\ IN YEAR, HOUSE TOLD Ir Aicenta 'Spent Tlint niiMfit lluyliiK Drink t (let Rtlilenct. WASHINGTON\ Dec. Cy Tlio Government spent $133.-472.4- 7 patronizing \bootleggois\ and \speak caslcs\ duilng the fiscal year ended Juno 30 last. Figures submitted to tho Houso Appropriations Commltteo anil made public y show that sum was expended by national Prohibition agents for the \pur-chas- e of c idencn\ tor prosecution of dry law lolatms Tho statistics were d..n fiom Prohibition f.'ommltsioner ll.ijnes during secret hearings on the Treasury Department Appropna-tio- n Dill by Hepr sentatlvo Galll-va- n ot Doston. \wet\ leader In the House. Ilaynes naked Jl.'iO.Ono foi use In buying evidence during t. : mxt fiscal year. BIKE SCORE, 62d HOUR. Miles Laps Goutlet-Ballo- ... 1139 6 Egg-Eato- n . 1139 Grenda-McNamar- a . 1139 McBeath-Rut- t . 1139 Madden-Kaise- r ... 1139 . 1139 Taylor-Land- s .... . 1139 Kopaky-Ainn- i . 1139 Brooco-Cobur- n . . . . 1139 Spelssens-Eyckma- n 1139 Gsemo-Gra- y . 1139 Grimm-Gastma- n .. . 1139 Hlll-Verr- a . 1139 Bello-Gaffne- y .... 1139 Leader Goullet. Reco rd 1267 milaj 9 lapt, mad by Lawson and Drobach in 1914. Officers PLANES SCOUR SEA AND LAND IN HUNT FOR MRS. PHILLIPS, ESCAPED HAMMER SLAYER Husband Fears Mrs. Phillips Was Lured From Jail to Death Peggy Caffee, Whose Testi- mony Convicted Woman of Murder, Turns Up Missing 24 Hours. LOS ANGELES, Dec. 6. Spreading search over all Southern California:' for Clara Phillips, \hammer murderess,\ nt large after a sensaUonal' Jell delivery early Tuesday, Sheriff's purses y followed clues furnished' !) Armour Phillips, tho escaped woman's nusbnnd. Grilled neatly nil night behind barred doors, Phillips gave namea Of persons ho believes may have aided his wlfo In breaking from the County Jai;. A3 for himself, ho established a comploto nllbl. . Ftcar that Mrs. Phillips has been W 1 HUSBAND N STREET OF NEW ROCHELLE Mrs. Carl R. Rondy Arrested After Giving Bank Em- ployee Dozen Lashes. Cail R. Iton.ly of No. 113 liast 39th Street, head bookkeeper of tho Na- tional City Rank of Now nochelle. was subjected to a horsn whipping on ono of the main streets ot that city nt niion y by his wife, Helen ,M. Itondy, from whom ho Is separated and who Is suing him In the County Court nt \White Plains. Mrs. Uondy was nrtested on a charge of nssault. Mrs. Itondy, who is forty-on- o yeam old and lives at No. 79 Remington .Street, New Itoehelle, luid In wait for her husband at tho entrance to the hank. Just what led up to the tnea-sur- lo which she resulted was not made clear, but at rroon her husband emeiged from the bank on Ills way tn luncheon ami she lunged at him. I'liiler bur coat she carried what Is variously described as a short lioise whip and a dog leash. Shu lashed her liusU'ind vlgoiously with tlilH ami do- lled Ills effoits to grapple with and take It waay fiom her. After she had sliiiek him prolbly a dozen times, i luef of Police Krank Cody, also on his way to luncheon, tinned the cor-ui- 'i and took both In custody. At Police llte.idiiiarters. Uondy preferred IiIh clinige, and bis wlfo uiui pnioled In tbe custody ol her at- torney, John Taj lur . She will appear lo nnswrr the eh.uge in City Coiut i nw moi nine ROMAN CATHOLICS PLAN TO PROTECT MONTREAL PROPERTY FROM ARSON IIMIelHla MelleM- - llr.-rn- t Deal met I rr rlrea In tiimifln Hue It, Inee inltrirlra. MONTREAL. Dee. 6. Oltlelals of vaiious Roman Catholic orders y announced elaliornto pinna for guard- ing church property against Incen- diaries beliet ed to be responslblo tor Hies which have destroyed or dam- aged soveial Catholic Institutions In jt'anad.i within the last tew weeks, i Kather Louis Lalondo of St. Mary's Jesuit Church in this city said armet J guards nnd trained watchdogs would lie used to protect hm church and that snrncl vessels and historic records unuld lio placed In cement faults with Iron imrrcd windows. Sulplclnn Fathers, guarding the fimtiiilr Notre D.tmo here, said they would tako tdmllar precau- tions. llllillT I'.tMlXJI-.llf- . Ill III l II. ,t li. t il SII, SPKNCER. VV Va.. Dee. G. Rleht pnsienj?er. including tho Itev. O. L. Ill.ikeniorn of Washington. I). C, wero injured when h Ilaltlmore mid Ohio tin al pussciiKur train wu wrecked uur W. Vr., Igduj. Tvo ooucllea 'i over. kidnapped' by enemies, and perhaps'' killed, was expressed to-da- y by her husband. Friends ot Mrs. Alberta Meadows, who was slain liy Mrs. Phillips, luted tho prisoner through tho Jail window on a promtto ct help-In- s her to oscm.' nnd then perhaps murdered her, nccordlng to the theory Phillips unfolded to police. \Sho was' threatened many times during tho trial,\ he declared. ' Somewhere, frco btit hunted, the woman found guilty and sentenced, to from ten years to llfo for beatlns; to death Mrs. Alberta Meadows with 'a hammer Is believed to be piannlnw tvvengo upon Peggy Caffcc, whose testimony led to her conviction. Mrs. Caffeo was found in Loivt Reach y by Deputy Sherttfu, having disappeared at the timo of Mrs. Phtlllps'H escape from Jill Tuesday. \I bellevo I saw Mrs. Phillips on the streets of Long Ueach yesterday at noon.\ sho said. She was in a high state of nervous excitement. Olllcers behoved Mrs. Chaffee was unstrung by tho terrifying knowledge of Mrs. Phillips's cscapo and fear that tho woman whom she saw beat another to death Tvith a harnruer. might bo seeking revenge. Peggy said she had a dream presentiment that Mrs. Phillips would escape. Automobile tire marks outside th Jail and again near the home ot Mrs. Caffee. from which the State's wit- ness was absent, lc'd Sheriffs to b-- N llevo Mrs. Phillips had been driven to Peggy's home in search of vengeance. Rumors that Mrs. Phillips may have escaped by airplane wero strengthened by receipt of reports by San Diego authotltlcs that two planes of un- known Identity had been observed fly- ing across San Diego mountains into Mexico. It was considered possible that the hunted \hammer murderess\ was in one of these machines. Tho RiithorltieH admitted themselves stumped. Chief Criminal Deputy Sher- iff Al Manning declaring: \We've; run Into u blank wall on every clue we've followed.\ Belief Is sustained, however, that the \hammer murderess\ has fled to tho desert. A garago man gave a tip of a man And woman, tho latter bury- ing her faro In n newspaper, who drove up hurriedly to his place yester- day and asked for \desert tires.\ A little Negress, devoted to Clar Phillips, was mentioned by the tat- ter's husband as a possible suspect. Ho declared he was glad his wife was free. \This httlo Negress was especially good to my wife,\ he said, as, whltf and drawn, ho was pounded with questions by Shcilff's deputies. \Th's girl used to help Clara with her work but I don't think she had anything to do with the escape. It's Just my, crazy notion ot what might have hap- pened.\ Phillips declared he was asleep In a downtown hotel at the time of tho escape and that the first he heard of it was when ho saw the newspaper headlines. One theory was that Sirs. Phillips, her accomplice and Mrs. Caffee the last probably a prisoner had ed a boat at Long Deach and started for Mexican waters. The Mexican authorities at Ensenada, tbe flist port on the iowcr California coat below the bordsr, were oa tos 4 4 v \J 1

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