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liQUR SAY WOMAN GOULD HAVE LlvED TO'NIght'a Weather RAIN. Weather RAIN. Wmi IB I mmm edition EDITION 'A r pr Circnlation Books Open to All \Circulation Books Open to All 7 4 .VOKLXm. NO. 22,221 DAILY. Uwn,biliJflnrV NEW YORK, MONDAY, DECEMBER 4, 1922. Pot nntcrril Offl, Srrnnd.t'ls New York. Mltrr N. V. PRICE THREE CENTS HARDING OF FEDERAL BUDGET FOR 1 924 PLACED AT $3,000,000,000 BY HARD NG III MESSAGE Amount Is Reduction for 1924 of $600,000,000, With Surplus Expected. NO TAX REDUCTION. Wants St 8,500,000 for Law Enforcement, $50,000,000 for Shipping Board. WASHINGTON. Dec. 4. President Harding: to-d- sent a special mes- sage to Congress announcing that the \Federal budget for the next fiscal ypur, beginning July 1, 1923. will bo approximately thrco billion dollars tho lowest yearly cxpendlturo of the Government sinco beforo tho war. Praising tho rigid economy which tho Budget Bureau has enforced dur- ing th last year, the President pointed out that tho Government 'a now back to pro-w- ar days In gcneinl expenditures. Of tho thrco billions asked, two can bo attributed to the war. Ho declared that his adminis- tration will contlnuo to fight for greater economy. lira messabo was a' letter transmitting the recommenda- tion of tho budget bureau. Tho President indicated that be cause nearly two-thlr- of tho Gov- ernment's yearly bill represent the fixed charges resulting from tho war. It will bo difficult to rcduco taxes In tho near future. The budget system, tho President declared, was tho \greatest reform In our financial history.\ Government expenditures during tho next fiscal year will bo J3.1S0,-S13.J3- 3, a reduction of nearly $G00,-000,0- as compared with tho expen- ditures of tho cuncnt year. Specifi- cally tho Executive nsked for appro- priations ot $3,078,949,331. 69, tho betwee appropriations and expenditures being attributed to tho fact that Congress makes some ap- propriations which carry over from year to year. Tho total receipts of tho Govern- ment during the next fiscal year wcro estimated at I3,361,S12,359. as corn- - Dared with $3,429,802,959. Theso estimates were based on no reduction of taxes and include a back tax collection of approximately $300,000,-00- 0. \That wo shall approach tho com- mencement .of the fiscal year 1921 with an estimated surplus for that jear of $180,969,125 Is certainly most encouraging,\ said President Hardin \While I am hopeful that there will be no deficit In the current fiscal year, 1923, if such a deficit docs oc- cur, this surplus for 1921 will givo a f mcrgln to tako caro ot It. \Tho sum of $1,256,715,939 Is pro vlded for military functions, which In- cludes military pensions, retirement pay, annuities and World War allow (Continued on Second Page.) AI Of Picking Returns From Vacation Private Business returned this morning. \i am reeling no said, \in and ho tlons for the numerous places at his to bo filled on 1, ho said ad not, and had not begun to think of any. \For the next three at least.\ ho \I am going to nttend to of my own private business. There aro matters connected tho trucking business which demand v lmmuuiaiu unu will take all my tlmo for and and, I Imagine, for tho day that. \I must lay, tho old Job bcXoro DAUGHERTY PASSES KU KLUX REGULATION TO STATE AUTHORITIES Telln Srnnlnr llr Flmln No Cne Within Jnrlmllrtlnn of Tcilernl I'oner, WASHINGTON, Dec. 1. Alleged' Illegal acts attributed to the Ku Klu- - Klan vUliln tho police power of tho several States, Attorney General Daughcrty has Informed Senator Walsh, Demo- crat, of Massachusetts, In reply to an Inquiry, and tho United States has no jurisdiction over Buch matters. The Department of Justice has had tho conduct of tho \so-calle- d Ku Klux Klan\ beforo It for more than a year, Mr. Daughcrty said, but has not been able to find a single caso which would bring the organization within tho juris- diction of tho Federal Ho assured Senator Walsh that If any such caso aroso tho Government would proceed to vig- orously prosecute tho offending organization or Individuals. TWO GRAND JURIES TOLO BY JUDGE 10 INVESTIGATE KLAN Cites Law for Violation of Which Indictments May Be Returned. In Impanelling two Grand Juries for December y, Judgo Francis X. Mancuso in General Sessions Instruct ed that it was their duty to In- vestigate fully tho Ku Klux He declared that tho Inquiry should be directed under two sections of tho Penal Law, that pertaining to mas qucradlng by assemblages ami that on conspiracy. \I havo ipad In tho public prints,' said tho Judge, \that tho organlza Hon has launched a drlvo for mem' p in this city and to exert a sinister power In our midst. Tim in vaslon Is not only directed against ininoucs, jews and Negroes, but against all persons who do' not agree with tho principles of the Klan. \This work Is In hrnmt hnl.. and intolerance and to destroy our most previous heritage substituting mgoiry ana violence, i cam tn this rnnntrv frnm Tlnlv eight years ago, with no friends and niiio money, oiu uuo 10 American !n stltutions I reached my present posl (Continued on Second Pago.) lor State Offices Feeling Fine To Wind Up Before Taking: Seat. lact, I never felt better. Golfing la a taking up the new one, and I hope to forgot politics for tho next thiea days, anyhow.\ oov.-cie- ct Smith will his homo at tho Hotel Dlltmoro until he leaves for Albany, will ably bo in the closing of the month. It Is iccallcd that when Gov Miller defeated htm ho turned uio tho Executive Mansion to Ms sue cessor on Dec. 20. Whether the prec- edent will bo followed In tho reversal of the situation la not known, Smith Too Busy Now to Think Men Gcv.-ele- ct Alfred E. Smith lato last night his sojourn t the Sea View Golf Club, near Atlantic City, and was on tho job early line.\ great Eport I enjoyed my rest immensely.\ Asked If had mado any stilec- -, disposal Jan. yet days said. coma with m vu.ioiui-iuuuii- . these to-d- after down thorn Klan. bnllnd lyranny, inako which proo days front MORE GOAL FOR N.Y IN SIGHT AS ROADS SHIFT DELIVERIES But Snow Storm Would Leave City Without Fuel, Is Warning. FIRST PRICE FIXING. Only Four to Five Days' Supply Immediately Available Here. Brighter prospects of larger coal deliveries for Now York City were seen y In tho announcement by tho Stato Fuel Administration that tho Erie and tho Lehigh Valley rail- roads havo shut down on their coal delivery service via the Great Lakes. This was construed by local coal men as Indicating that New York may expect from now on, through tho bal ance of the winter season, a much greater supply of coal, provided no snow storm Interrupts traffic and transportation sutllclently to strip this city of its local supply. Such a storm, it was said, would leavo this city at tho mercy of tho elements, duo to tho fact that only a four or llvo days,' supply Is on hand at sufficiently closo range to haul it to the consumers. For tho first tlmo In its history, tho Stato Fuel Administration y fixed tho prlco of coal. Buckwheat coal should range from $8.20 to $10.50 a ton, Stato Fuel Administrator Woodln declared. Mr Woodln rea soned, however, that tho trouble with pi ice fixing Is that tho maximum al- lowed Is very likely to becoino the minimum, now that a stated price has been promulgated by tho Fuel Admin- istration. Mr. Woodln said ho Is receiving complaints from all over tho State regarding deliveries, \This shows that the distribution is equitable, when you find them all kicking,\ Mr. Woodin said. Mr. Woodln explained further that aro complaining that Now York City Is hoarding coal and New York City folks aro saying tho same thing about the \This Is what I might call an 'un- - fortunato heulthy' condition,\ ho said. \It shows tho coal 13 going around, oven It In small quantities.\ He reiterated both his and Mayor Hylan's plea for conservation. Ho par- ticularly declared that buckwheat coal should bo mixed wtlh tho domestic sizes. It was pointed out that thcro is on the New Jersey side of tho Hudson River a constant dally reserve supply of 40,000 Ions of buckwheat. By January, Mr. Woodln predicted, tho coal supply for this Stato will bo 5,000,000 tons short of tho normal consumption. Mayor Hylan Is anx lous that Now Yorkers should bo as conservative as possible. He said tn part! \I therefore, urgo all citizens to assist tho City Administration and the Fuel Administrator an well as them selves by providing Immediately dur ing the open weather such substitutes as their dealeis can furnish. Tho quantity which may bo purchased at ono time of theso substitutes is not restricted. \It Is Important to bear In mind that the present aupply of anthracite coal of domestic sizes In Greater New York would not sultico for moio than four days, nnd that a blizzard, or even a storm lasting several days, would slow down deliveries to a point where from mere Inronvenlonco wo would rapidly pass into actual suffering.\ The World Ads. First in Number First in Gain. During November The World printed 144,429 adj., 50,831 more than any other New York newspaper, and 34,028 more than The World printed In No- vember, 1921. THE SUNDAY WORLD CIRCULATES IN OYER 600,000 HOMES Boy With Neck Broken Kepi Alive By 30 Volunteers App): Artificial Respiration to Lad tor 34 Hour- s- Students Take Up Task To-Da- y. Tho .hlrty volunteors from the West Side Young Men's Christian Association who in fltteen-mlnut- f relays- worked fot thlrty-fou- i hours applying artificial respiration to keep u'.lvo Simon Senium, a nlxtcen-yoar- - old schoolboy, in tho Orthopedic Hospital, in East 09th Street, with n broken neck and paralyzed, had to return this morning to their commercial occupations. Rut their places wore Immediately taken bj; students of tho College of Physicians and Surgeons, who havo u class thero every Monday morning. The untiring work of tho younsf V. M. C. A. men doubtless saved tho life of the Injured boy, who Is now reported to bo recovering. Ono of tho volunteers, who refused to give his name to an livening World reporter. \It was hard work, that flfteen- - minutp spell of aitlficlal rrrpiiatlon, and when each of us got through with his shift, he was tired out. Hut wc kept at It and tho boy made a mighty bravo fight of it.- - Tho boy has been at tho hospital FRENCH AFFECTION FOR U. S. LIKENED BY TIGER TO WEDLOCK Know Each Other's Faults, and Love Is of Heart, Not Head. . BALTIMORE, Dec. 4. Georges Cleincnccau, Tiger of Franco, carries his case direct to Washington y. when ho begins his final drlvo to win American support for his European pcaco plan. After tho brief stop In Baltimore, during which ho will speak at tho Maryland Historical Society, Clcmenceau will go to tho capital. Clemenccau, having practically fin ished his speeches In tho country, expects to drlvo home at Washington what ho has disclosed to bo tho pur-pos- o of his visit forcing America to rcallzo tho need of defending tho Rhino lino. This border Is tho peaco lino In Europe, In tho Tiger's opinion, and guarantee that Germany will bo kept on her own sldo of tho lino Is tho slna qua non of European peace. This, then, ho says, moro than participation in tho League of Nations Is what he seeks of tho United States. Gov, Rltchlo, Mayor Broenlng, n citizen's reception commlttco and several French and soldiers' organi- zations wero at tho railroad station to greet Clcmenceau, who planned to spend several hours here. An appeal that America and France put feeling ahead of reasoning and ko on together, \knowing each other's faults, liko a married couple,\ but loving each other, was made by war Premier Georges Clcmenceau y In a brief address beforo the Maryland Historical Society. Tho Tiger, here for a few hours, rn- - (Contlnued on Second Page.) CALL MORE APPARATUS IN THREATENING FIRE ON EAST 59TH STREET Iluriis TliruiiKli Vnr Mnrr in mill Intn Drutal (I mi-en- . A fire which started in tho rear of tho salesrooms of the Quccnsloo Fur Company at No. 131 Fast 69th Street to-d- became so threatening nt 11 o'clock that Battalion Chief Hairy put In a call for additional apparatus and Deputy Chief Burns. The flra worked up Into an unoc- cupied loft abovo tho fur store, and cat Its way through tho wall Into the kitchen of tho Reno restaurant at No. 133 East 69th Street and up Into the dental offices of Dr. Georgo K. War- ren on tho second door. The flames wero extinguished after an estimated damago of $25,000 had been done. Tin: HOKi.it tiiavi:i. iintn.tu. Aread. Pulltxrr iWorld) Hulldlnii, U(i Row, N. V. City rcletihun. llkrn., VW Check room lor tage and naicuii open day and nlrht. Money orders aod tiaYtlltrt ebtok! for sslsAdrt. From Y. M. C. A. since August. lib was Injured nt Steeplechase beach on July 20 by div- ing Into shallow water. Little hope was held out for his recovery, but tho remarkable vitality of the boy led Di. Russell Hlbbs, chief surgeon of the Orthopedic Hospital, to believe he would sutvlve an operation for spine fusion, which was performed a few days ago. Tho application of artificial respira- tion was begun last Friday morning by the hospital staff. SPINSTER INSISTED BISHOP LOVED HER COUSIN TESTIFIES Believed Men Were \Crazy About Her,\ Swears in S3,000,000 Will Contest. That tho aged e. Miss Kmlly F. Soiithmayd. was strongly infatuated with her pastor, Bishop Charles L. Slattory, now of Boston, nnd former rector of Grace Kplscopal Church, was developed In tho t9stlmony In Surrogate's Court to-d- of her cousin, Miss Alice Ogden, nt tho resumption of tho con- test over tho $3,000,000 estate. \That Slattcry boy keeps proposing to meo all tho tlmo; ho Is crazy about mo; what shall I do about him?'\ Miss Ogden testified her cousin asked her. The witness said sh told MIsh Southmnyd sho thought Bishop Slat- tcry showed tho samo devotion to all tho members of his parish, but Mist Southmayd could not bo convinced. \He has offered to marry mo; wh it shnll I say tho next time ho tisks mo?\ tho witnesses testified Mls.i Southmayd said. Miss Ogden also paid her cousin, who was about ninety years old, also showed her letters from Or. Hlattery signed, \Faithfully yours,\ and usked her what sho thought of It. Miss Ogden said rho thought the ending very proper, but could not Impress Miss Southmayd. Onco when Miss Southmnyd anil Miss Ogden wero in Graco Church, tho witnesses said. Dr. Slattery's mother happened to glanco at Miss Southmnyd. \I know sho Is wondering what kind of a daughtcr-ln-la- I will make,\ was tho comment Miss Suutlunayd mnde, Miss Ogden \said. Just beforo recess Miss Ogden said tho aged plnter replied to hor effort to eliminate theso thoughts of love, as follows: \I know It Is embarrassing to have men falling In lovo with mo, but what can I do?\ In her will, Miss Southmayd left $100,000 to Grace Chinch and $10. uuo to HJshop Slattory. Earlier In the trial, BIMiop Hlattery was a witness and testified that over a period i.f many years, ho never had seen Miss Southmnyd. act anything but rational. Miss Southmayd left tho built oi Iht estnto to charitable and educa- tional Institutions and tho will N contested by n nephew and tbiee nieces of Haft Orange, N J. H is claimed she was nf unsound mind IRISH BILL ADOPTED BY LORDS; NOW NEEDS ONLY ROYAL SANCTION Act rirniitliitc L'ouikdtiitliin UinnM n I. hit, l'ullim luir liilril ami Filial llriiilliiv. LONDON, Dec. A (Assoafd Press). The Houi-- \f Lords day pa\cd the tlili.l nr. Mi ..i leSdlng \f th'- tiMi Vim-- .' ii 'in n bill. Only loyal Mm'ki t now require! to inako it law. 'I ,000,000 $80,000 RUM CARGO BURIED UNDER COAL SEIZED ON VESSEL Cops Follow Their Noses, Dig Up 500 Cases of Liquor on Lighter. PAKE CREW AND CRAFT. Raiders Believe Shipment Was Destined for New York From Bahamas. H time Is ono thing that Prohibi tion lias accomplished It Is tho crea- tion of \sniff\ hounds. When a man can smell whiskey buried beneath a mountain ot coal but hero's tho story. Tho good steam lighter 13. Frank Coc. from no pjaco In particular, lolled lazily up tho' lower bay last night about 0.30 o'clock, with lights alow and aloft, nnd the crew strolling care- lessly about the deck. Tho seagoing pollco tug Manhattan, In command of Sergt. David Burns, brushed along- side with the hall: \What havo you got on board?\ \A cargo of much needed,. coal,\ came tho cheerful reply. \Where from?\ Ouch ! Thorn was no Immediate answer until a mnn who seemed to bo In charge ot tho lighter went to tho sldo and said: \Como on board and look around.\ The Invitation was speedily ac- cepted, a lino being mndo fast from tho tug to tho lighter. As nimbly uj bailors thero hopped nboard Cops Gus Thompson, Ed Debail, Frank Slocum and Frank Craham. They \looked around,\ and found nothing except a strange restlessness ntnonir tho crow. Tho forewurd hatch was battened down, but at tho request of tho searching party tho hatch wai lifted nnd tho cups gazed upon tons of coal. This was a poser, but Sergt. Burns called for a shovel. \A hhovel7\ The lighter had no use for n shovel. Thoro was nono on board. But when tno cops started to dig with their hands Into tho coal, n spado was dug up from somewhero and they dug nnd they dug ami they dug. But why prolong tho ngony? Tho spadu hit something that wasn't coal. It was a burlap lig Incasing halt a dozen bottles of good old rye. There wero moro bags and still more, so the good lighter K. Frank Coo was con- voyed to tho pollco dock at Harbor A, where tho reserves and moro shovels wero requisitioned. They worked un- til 8 o'clock this morning, and tho dock was stacked with between 600 and 600 enses of whiskey. Tho pnliro estimate tho Fclzuro at about $00,000, valuing tho whiskey at M00 a case. Humhnunds for miles mound wero nitracted whllo tho stuff was being noved to llnibor A. and a blind man would havo suspected that ho wis In a saloon If he approached tho door of tho pollco station. Tho new was placed under arrest and gavo tho fal lowing names: Henry A. Holla, No. 15 South Street; Adam Rehem, No. ill Web- ster Avenue, Newark, N. J.; Denis Mahonoy, No. 103 West HCth Street: William P. O'Connor, No. 1153 lllll-sld- o Avcntio, Newark; James Smith. No. 2 West OSth Street, nnd Stephen Randall, N'o. 20 Coentles blip. All hands wero charged with vio- lating tho Mullau-Ong- e law and the lighter was nlso held by the pollco. Tho latter (let la red that tho vessel had coma from tho Bahamas, but thx crow was as talkative as tho Inmates of a deaf and dumb asylum. BIKE SCORE, 13TH HOUR. Miles Laps. Goullet-Bello- . 292 I Egg-Eato- n 292 ijrencin-lYicrvamnr- a '. 292 McBeath-Walke- r . 292 Madden-Kaite- r . 292 Horan-Fitnimmo- .... . 292 Taylor-Land- j . 292 Koniky-Marke- y . 292 I Brocco-Cobur- n . 292 Speiiiens-Eyckma- n .... . 292 Rutt-Loren- z , . 292 Gremo-Gn- y . 292 Azzlni-Olivs- r . 292 Grimm-Gattma- n , 292 Hill-Vorr- a . . T 292 Bello-Gnffne- 292 Leadei, Hog. Previou s record 300 milei no laps, made by GrenJa and Moran in 1913. IN PIT Wwt- - SUBMITS BUDGET $3,000 TO CONGRESS AUTOPSySHOWS MS BOR AL HAY E IN BRONX PI STATES MAY EXEMPT WOMEN FROM JURIES SAYS SUPREME COURT Vnllilll.v nf .South Cnrnllim I,nw MiKtntnnl In Suit Ilroimht - .Mini. WASHINGTON. Dec. 4. Stato lawn exempting women from Jury nervlco are legal, the Supremo Court held In effect to- day, when It dlsmlsed for lack of Jurisdiction a suit attacking such a statute In South Carolina, The validity of tho South Caro- lina law, pnsped In 1921, watj challenged In a suit by Edward M. Mlttle, who Insisted upon the Inclusion of woroon Jurors, when he was tried in that State on a criminal chargo COP m RARE PLUCK SIOPS RUNAWAY Gives Endangered Noon Crowds on Fifth Avenue Startling Exhibition. Patrolman Ocorgo Brnndrcth of tho West 30th Street Precinct gave an ex- hibition of ncrobatlc nglllty and daro-dov- ll bravery In stopping a runaway horse attached to n light truck In Fifth Avcntio during tho noon nour y such as fow circus performers or profession cowboys could equal. Frank l'cllcgrino, dilver ot tho wngon, which belongs to tho Liberty Sponging Company. No. 27 West 24th Street, took tho brldlo oft tho horse nt noon, adjusted tho aiiluml's nose bag and went oft to lunch. Tho hors.0 took fright nnd ran nway, heading east. This was a few minutes after 12 o'clock when the streets nnd side- walks therenbouts aro congested bj workers from tho clothing factories and lots, Tho runaway crossed Broadway and turned north Into Fifth Avcntio with tho noso Wig swinging free. Bradtcth was at 25th Street. With a running Jump ho gained the rear end of tho .i,M ii'lili.l, lu nf thn prnfpil vnrletv. rinsed In on tho sldcu with heavy lat- - tlro work. Brandroth planned to climb over tho scat and onto tho horso's back. Hut when ho had boardeil tho trucK h iliun.ivnr.wl that thn benvv lattico work separated tho scat from the Ixxiy of tho truck ana no cotim not gei Undismayed, tho policeman swung aiuund to tho outsldu or tho trucn on ii.n lifitiil uliln mill with hnnils ind toes Inserted in openings In the lattico work mado His way to tne front. Tho truck swayed and Mnting but Hrnndreth negotiated his perilous trl peafoly anil between 28th Street and 29lh Street ho gained the horses' back. As the animal had no bit In Us moutli Biandieili could nut tonttol (Continued on Second Page.) COAST GUARDS FIND RUM ON SHIP IN DISTRESS ;i,Otiu ! 1 1 1 of WhlKLry mi Vcarl Oir Anility llfiitk. The Satllly Hook coast gun\!' notl fle, the Prohibition cruiser Iluhn to day that they had gono off i i vcsh-- mi distress about two tnll m the ' W thli morning mid h.i' il 3,000 I il- - nf whiskry dm bouiM I'' .it I ii'Mi i'i l,oit nnd inok l Innid.- - tho Hook to await the arlvul of the Uultn, BECKER LIVED AN HOUR AFTER MIGHT ACROBATIC i i Blow on Head Held Not Suf ficient to Have Caused instant Deaih. HUSBAND ARRAIGNED. Pleading Put Off Till Dec. 7 v Will Demand Chair for Accomplice. The belief of Assistant District At torney Cohn that Mrs. Jennie Becker was burled nllve In the lot nt 140tri Streot nnd Southern Boulevard, tho Bronx, after being rendered insensible by a blow on the head, was strength- ened by the report on tha second outopsy performed on hntf body which wan delivered this after- noon by Chief Medical Examiner Nor-rl- s. Tho report stated that the Wow, though ft fractured her skull, was not of such a character to novo, caused her death In lean than fifteen minutes, and that, without further' miaireaimenr., sno migni nave uvea for twclvo or fifteen hours. Also it stated that after sho was placed In tha h.r)lo dug In tho disused boiler pit. sho might have lived an hour had tho earth thrown In upon her not been. packed down, closing all crevices. Mr. Cohn, accompanied by Drv Norrls and by Drs. Kennard und Hlegelmun, Medical Examiners of thn Bronx, to-d- wenVo the murder lot with two workmen from the Highway Department nnd sifted the earth taken from tho boiler pit nnd also sounded every foot of tho lot. The slftlnir brought to light n two and one-ha- lt ounce phial containing about half nit ounce of n greenish liquid which was sent to the Health Department for an- alysts.. Four buttons from Mrs. Beck- er's coat weto found as were two empty cartridge shells of Chemical analysis of the organs of Mrs. Beckor Is still In progress und a report may not be made for three op four days. Two letters from Mrs. Becker' mother, Mrs. Itozlua Knrbltz, of Step- ney, London, to Mrs. Hedwlck Holes and Mrs. Lindner, tho latter being tho friend with whom- - Mrs. Becker spent tho last evening of her life, wcro placed In Mr. Cohn's hands to- day. They woro written In Septem- ber und October last and say that Mrs. Knrbltz had not heard from her daughter for a long time nnd that the Becker children should bo questioned as to what had happened to their mother. Also they speak of Becker In unvarnished terms of disapproval. Seemingly afraid, hesitating nt every step and with n watchful eye) kipon overy ono In the court room, Abraham Becker, Indicted for th murder of his wife, was y, brought licfore County Judge Glbbg of tho Bronx, for pleading. Judgo Glbbs asked him whether he) had means to employ counsel, and Becker, saying he did not understand the inquiry, turned to Deputy Sheriff Bovine, who with Deputy Fltzpatrlclc, had brought him to court, for trans- lation Into simpler terms. When he understood, ho replied that he had no means. \Because of the enormity of the) crime charged against you.\ the coutt then \aid. \I will postpone pleading until Deo. 7, and In tho mean tlmo will consider tho appointment of an at- torney In your behalf.\ Becker appeared very glad whi i theso brief proceedings wero at an end. Ho turned from the bench and j,M-M- .l thu space from thero to the) door much mure quickly than hj did i. n entering. A great crowd ot thu curious thronged tho fourth Mo- o- ot tho Bergen Building, In which th County Court Is situated, and before) thu irrnlgnment of Becker it waa necessary to clear tho court room of .11 thuse having no business there. Iteuben Norkln, keeper of the ro-p- ali shop ncai whro tho body was found, probably also will be indicted in-- . lay for .list Jegrec aurder. In a lonfusxlon ho made to thu authorised b said Utckr bad talked tor mvixmJ t '

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