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1 THE 'E-VENI- WORLD, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 1, 1922.. i Y IKED 10 STIFLE Newsboy at 15, to U. S. Senator at 50, EVANGELISTS HURT ELIZABETH BREAKS WITH JASPER ENGAGEMENT CASWELL MORGAN HALL URGES age, of om when on nc Mrs. Im aunt, was becsine left Heldhouse tin JBO.ooo money twenty. mid. under to ono bwome yearSiOE- - the\ In his seven years that elapsed tho money LOVE FOR ACTRESS, Romantic Life Story of James Couzens, IN FREE-FOR-AL- L HER INVESTIGATORS became Mr. Joseph nnd Involved .mis. Stewart, wtiitnm In four-year-o- ld court Hiowort litigation. or son o oj-- \ 'iHB (500 West 4Sth Street, was struck and Multimillionaire, Who Succeeds Newberry killed, while crossing ISth Street, by a PUBLISHER WROTE RESTAURANT FIGHT TO i SLAYERS Polar by James Products W. Dorry, Company who wits truck arrested\ driven 4' V on a charge of homicide. Young Jo- seph - was going for candy for th Stewart Thanksgiving dinner whon Atrs.,E. V. Brewster in Sepa- ration Dishes Fly in Automat hen Instructs Counsel to Put struck. He was rushed to Hoosevell Suit Files Remarkable Longshoremen AntMy Force of Sleuths at Work Hospital but died on the way. Letter From Her Husband. Church Workers. to Solve Murder. 9 1 n ii; SI tl I, 3 io al onlf lr re a IX )mca Com! Be Wl 2d rs 1 re!(J MorH lbllca y Dei Id OtfJ made orld ni Srece . ceivpi neravJ re ipy til naajj I. rrn conditions est receipt) 'SEEKS BIG ALIMONY. Mazagine Owner and Co-- , respondent Occupy Same 'Mansion, Plaintiff Asserts. Euffens Vr Brewster, lawyer ami hfad of tho Brewster Publications, lab.', publishers of . motion plcturr r&agraxines. Is belnjr sued for \pparn-tlo- n by hU wife, Mrs Eleanor V. V. Brawittr. She declarrs her bniditind is Infatuated with Mins Corliss Palmtr, a motion picture 'actress, and tnxt h is living In tho same house as Mist Palmer near Morrlstown, N\. J. This was revealed y when Charle F. JIurphy. former State Senator, who la Mrs. Brewster's nt torncy, asked Supremo Court Jtts-t(c- e Lewis In Brooklyn fnr reasonable alimony and counsel foe pending dis- position of the suit. He mud .Mrs. .Brcwnter would require at least $800 a month alimony, nnd tli.it her hus- band Is well able to pay bemuse lie Is a Billionaire. Mrs. Brewster lins filed with the court a letter which she alleges ivah written to her' by Brewster, in winch eh admits, his infatuation for an un- named woman,' and declares he strug- gles resolutely but unsueccSsiully to overeomo tho attraction lie felt. The letter follows in part: \Dear Eleanor: I think It Is onl fair, and just that you know the exact situation regardless of the result and of the pain It might cause to eveiy-bod- I have been through a most amazing experience during the past fifteen months, and an almost one. When another came Into my life, I realized that it was anything but an artistic enthusiasm that I had many times expressed, to you, a desire for, long before then and when I saw that it was becoming dangerous, I assure you that I fought it with all my strength. \The endless heart-rendin- g struggle was bitter1 for everybody concerned, and jnany the heartache und tears that It caused. I assure you it wus an honest fight for both of us a lll'glit against something It seemed impossi- ble to fight. \I have tried to do justice to you. my wlf, but try as hard as 1 could, nothing could stop me.\ \I thought of yon being u faithful, loving wife, of my vow to love and cherish you as long as 1 lived, of my child and its reputation, of my dear old father, and other relatives, and of yours, but all in vain. \I suppose I could come hack to live my old life over again, but I know that In doing so my life would be miserable and another's also, I am certain. I have had many seiiuus talks over the situation, reviewing things from every nngle, find finally we agreed to separate for at least two weeks to see what we did think of each other. \We separate, she going many hun- dreds of miles away among her old friends and admirers. All the time she was making preparations to go, it seemed as If we could not bear it (Just as wio had several times done be. fore, as you know), but I managed to ndure It. constantly thinking of the old proverb, ''Out of sight, out ol mind. Brewster is forty-liv- e jeats old. ijrewster Publications, Inc.. is nt No. 175 Duffleld Street, Brooklyn. Thej publish Shadowland, Motion PIcttiH Magazines and Motion Picture Classic. Alra. Brewster is twenty-lou- r years J old. She lives at Uoslyn, I.. I., In u nouse saia iu w wujui ts.uuu, im Brewsters were married In 191t and have one child, Vlrg'l. ngtd two. Mrs. Brewster states In her uffldnvit that Miss Palmer was brought to the Brewster home in lto.sl.vn by Linw- - fiter, was given separate rooms then nod was maintained there by Brew ster. Brewster. ropllng, says I his was done as the result of a. motion picture contract between him and Miss Palmer. Mrs. Brewster charges tna' Brewster and Miss Palmer now stern 1 I i c. Boys of. To Day Have Thousands of Opportunities for Success, He Says, and He Gives Utterance to a Few Maxims. That Will Insure It Having All the Money He Wants, He Took Up Politics to Keep Brains Busy. By Marguerite Moocrs Marshall. 'From Newsboy at l'll'tecn to United States Senatoi at 1'ifty!' K sounds like Ono of Horatio Alger's titles, doesn't it? And jet it's merely the correct headline for a story of real life the story of Mayor James Cuuzcns of Detroit, newly appointed United States Sen- ator from Michigan, in place of the lately leslgned and generally Senator Newberry. There will be no more pictur- esque figure in the Upper House than Deliolt's multimillionaire Major and fonnor Police Com- missioner. Ho has Just passed Thanksgiving Day In New York, with his daughter who Is at school here, and at tho Hotel Belmont 1 found this vigorous, forthright, who slaffds at the halfway houso of ll(o with sucrt a remarkable rec- ord of accomplishment behind him. Before we go nny further, sup- pose I givo you in tabloid form the simple phllosnplgv of success which Mayor Couzens expounded to mo and which should interest all young men with ambitions of their own: \There are thousands of great opportunities open to boys and the rich boy who succeeds will deserve more credit than the poor boy. The former has every- thing: the latter has everything to win. \Stick to your job; give it all lie in a 1.1 loom mansion in Nor mandy J'aik. near Monlstown, X. J., ami that Iltcwster is \Vnvishtnir money upun her.\ i In March, mil, .Mrs. Brewster alleges, her husband frankly admitted to her that he was infatuated with Min\. I 'aimer. \1 do not know what her leal name is. nor what kind, of u pcrsAn she. is,\ !ji., Mrs Brewster in hop allldait. \1 do not leli\i is of good char- acter.\ lli.wKtet. in his answer, ('Isclaims niij wish to escape Ills ob- ligation to in, wife and child.. J have not or thought in nn woj to lelieve myself of that duty.\ Mrs. Brewster says thai she has not received an moncj Horn her husband since July JS lust. \Since which timi ,\ hIic siijs, \he lias been trying to hide lijs propei ty so us to make It appear that all In- - has is the coat which is on Ins IkicU. Within the last ten months Mrs. Itiewhler chaiges, Brewster has made our to' Miss rainier a houso at No 17\ nuflleld St i eel. BrouUljn. PANTOMIME on t ''Cj I , '1 :': \.' you've got in ysu and don't be thinking about what you're going to do next. t \Don't be afraid to work; if there's one thing of which I'm intolerant it's laziness. \The reason why so many fail is because they will not make the sacrifices of time, of pleasure, of comfort, demanded by success. \Another word for 'failure' is 'selfishness' the fear that if you work overtime or do more than you must some one else besides yourself will benefit. \Marry young, just as soon as you find the right girl, and don't be afraid of the babies! \Money is the easiest thing in the world to make and the stupid- est thing to have.\ Mayor CoiizMia utters theso bits of compressed common senso almost reluctantly his lips are thin and pnit so narrowly when ho talk.4 that ho gives one tho im- pression of speaking with gritted teeth. Ho has a square, frcsh- - colored face, a line forehead, a ruthless Jaw and eyes as sharply hluo as icicles. Ho doesn't loso hl-- air of controlled dominanco even when he sits in tho corner of ono of tho Belmont's crimson plush sofas and answers questions about his remarkable and yet typlctlly American career \Were you really u tialn news- boy?\ I began. \Yes he said. \I waa a news- boy on ti:e same line with Thomas A. Kdlson tho iirlo nnd Huron. I was fifteen at tho time. Whilo my father had Ills own business and we were by no means destitute still we had no money to spare, and I thought I'd like to mnko some during' my mimiuer vacation. This was the tlrst Job for which I waa ever compensated.\ Mayor Couzens, by tho wny, was born in Ontario. After his sum- mer, ns \news butcher\ ho re- turned homo, and wlwi: he went to Detroit fur uls next job ho was seventeen \I went for it but 1 didn't got It,\ he lecallcd with a dry amlle. \I had t ,,eni' some criticism from my father for not getting it, too. About tlvo or six months latet I went again to Dotroit and this time 1 landed a Job as car checktr with tho Michigan tn-tro- \I held that Job for fix years at 550 u mouth. I worked from noon to midnight, or from six to six, according to tho f.hltt; a twelve-hou- r day, seven days fl week. 1 knew plenty of youns men who said they'd never work like that for nny employer or company that's what I mean t hen I say that people fall be- cause thty will not tnnko the ne- cessary mcrltlccH of tlmo and comfort to InMire success \Then I got a chance with a coal company nt 175 n month. In 1807 times were hard nnd 'my wantod to reduce mo to JCO. But I had met my wife, and wo wcro planning to marry. I went to my employer and told him that i he would keep me on for six monthi at J75, while I waa getting tho marrlaga business out of the way. I would work for him, for six months after that, at 160. \Ue agreed. Hut then he his business and made me manager of the new branch. So I never had to go back to tho VJU: Instead. I was raised to $100. \In 08 Henry Uw hai cul 3E.UA.-CO- R. JA.t C.OUZ.E.MS nian. and I org.jti'7 .1 tli. I 'm-- Motor I'ompanv. I worked for Mi. I'ord till I.. W h' n 1 If tt him I was Tu.wimi and Vice President We worked in pcifeet harmony until our lines of au- thority crossed then there was trouble.\ And that's all Mayor Cotizens Is saying about that except that he says ho thinks tho Kord Motor Company, In which he made his fortune. Is generally admitted to be one of the cleaniM inoney-makln- g enterprises this country has ever known. \After I left Mr. Fuid.\ he went on, \I organized n bank. It grew rapidly, and I tound It didn't Intel est me greatly alter the period of organization. In lOlil I was asked to run lor I'o-ll- Commissioner And I accepted. Wo had a wldo-opo- n town with 1,100 saloons running day and night. I promised to Clean things up. 1 did. And,\ tho Mayor added with his cool, quizzical mile, \I became--o- r at least 1 was called tho most unpopular man In Detroit.\ \Why did you fjo into public ofllco?\ I asked. \I wanted to keep on using my brains.\ he nnswcied simply. \I had all tho money I wanted and mote. I novor particularly want- ed tq make money It's the easiest thing In tho woild to do and tho stupidest thlnjr to have. In a public ofllco it teemed to mo I could still Mud problems to solve.\ Mayor Couzens became Major virtually .because ho wouldn't take a daro. Ho had remarked to Hit- man who was .Mayor dunn,; Ins term as Police Commissioner that ho should llko to run for that olllce. \Vou would?\ Knight d his friend. \Well let mo tell you that jou'ro tho most unpopular man In Detroit and jou couldn't lo elected dogcatcliei in this town!\ \Of course when lie told me I couldn't that uuh Inviting me to try,\ grimly commented Mayor Couzens. \Thoro were five of us in the primaries. I won. And 1 won the election.\ The .Mayor's great uooiiiplich ment, sin co ho took olllce in 101 S ho was last year has been to start Dotro't In tho business of operating its own system. Another Inter- esting t hit) ho did, during the hard times of 1920,- - was to dis- tribute $3,000,000 of the publu-fund- s In coal nnd othor benefits to tho poor. Ho challenged the Council to say ho was misappro- priating or misusing this money and offered to make It up out of his own private if the verdict was against him. UN private philanthropic!! aro numer- ous and huge; one of th must recent Is a pledge of $5,000,0Uu tor a children's hospital to glvo free treatment to tho crippled chlldn n of Michigan. 1 nuked the Muyor-Hcnato- r. tit i final question, what principles ho hud followed In administering his public otllces. \1 use business-lik- e methods,\ h'. baid. \And I try not to get nwuy from the n point ol every- day people. When u limn becomes lich, his besettliwj tendency Is to associate only w Itb the rich and to torg't how the common mun feels. I've tried not to forget. I don't mean that I'e specialized in ges- tures of d tangos it popu- larity. But I've Hindu an effort to see tho problems of lift . tli., (t'ci-jdn- man und wum ni t In in. It's their ideas thui l j tiled to cairy into ollk- - \ And let Ub ull hope tut .n Senator trom M'thigan cm 'host Ulcus into tie Hi ii I'- . Tabks weio upset und dishes hurled earlv Hits morning during a free-fera- light ni the Automat P.citjuianl at No. ;'ii0 West JJii Street. Tt.i fi'jht, at'cui-diu- to the police, resulted from on argument several young men started willi thtte evangtllsl speak cia. whom they annojed wlifti thc appeared with bibles under thtu arms Pillowing tho fight, lour wore arrested oh charges of simple assault- Kygcno Mcfurthy, twenty, of No. West 37tii street; Thomas Connolly. twenty one, of No. 45S llth Avenu-i- : I'hiystio nnins.m. seventeen, of No UO Writ luth Street, and Joseph tcgln. twenty, of No. CSS West 37th street, all longshoremen. The comphiln.in'.s weie Henri Orln-n- twciitj one. of the Hotel T eiesa. P:.-)t- h Street nnd Seventh Aenu ; John Waters, thlity-scvc- m No 4t!l West 35th Strict, and Paul CJuist of No 59 Kurt Clreeno Placj BroMidjn all members of tho Metro- politan church Association. They hud stopped off at the restaurant 'on hrn w.iy ho nc from a prajor meet- ing in B.iMimie. N. J. Soon .iii'i they entered thu it is alleged, the' wore in iioj.d by of the longshoiemon When the c angcIlslH nsked to bo let alone, Connelly, It Is alleged, struck 'Irlnnan In the face. Waters went to his assistance and tho others th-- n set upon them. Patrolm.in Charles Schofer of thr WfSt Stllii Sllllioll lolllld liie tlueo evangelists sitting in a cornel surrounded l.y n group of Joiing nie'i lie ariested fhi. four nft\-r- tlioy hfvl br. a pointid o it to him by the evan- gelists as then alleged ,iss:ulnnts. Dr. Hoi, Kins ol the N' w Villi Hos- - iltal attended i.i Milan .Hid Watois fi i accratlons t the i:o-- md s, alp. Snake Bites Won't Worry Officials Visiting Berolzheimer on Island Cool Cellar Holds AH of During Month of Hunting and Rest. City olllclnls whose combined salaries aro $l!i.:Ul0 n year nioro than three times that of Mayor lljlnn nre month and forget their worries beneath Island, a bjt of paradise swept by semi-tropic- mm. City Chumborlaln Berolzheimer.. oni of Mavor Hymn's many millionaire ollleials. owns the island. It lies forty lilies off the coast of Georgia. Those wlio will uccompniiy Mr. Berolzlielmer on tho trip will Ik- Ills guests. All bunds will be back Just in time to llml out what Santa Clous has put In thcli stockings. The City CbamU i Iain's gii'Sts in clude CHv Ch rk MUhael .1 Cruise, whose snlaiy is $7,ri0u a ji.-ir- ; Dim triet Altornej Kdwaid J illenu ol the Bronx, $lo,t)iin; State Scii.it or lOuggan, 1,500: Willis Hollj, Secre. tury of the Pnik Board, $1,5(10; Pink of Commlsslonser AIIm-i-- C. Bennlnger ol 1 :ecns, $3,0un- Park Commissioner Thomas It. Mctilnley of ltleliiiiond, .'i,0()0, and last blul not least Detec- tive Hergi-un- t lrlng O'llara. JS.30I) a i year, brother-in-la- of Slayor lljhui. of The City Chamberlain's salary is tu'.ono. I'ho vucatimiisls will lcac undux afternoon on tic- l.enupe of the u- - Minuh line. Thej will go tu Jackson villc, and lioiu then come back up the const hi Mr. Iterolsthelnicr' jucht to what ihos- who huvc vlsltec tin- place call \tie- island ol drcum.-- - sonn i' icon nm explained icvcrnl luoinini in inmn otllctolK .1 - N. , . ... Lit Fatima smtktrt ttll iu l iticiTr U Mvui Tosacco Co. \'opyrlshl b Dnrlirat-- iiillnl o Voiimk Soi-lrl- J touplp .trr siimlrrpil lij Mntunl t'nneiit. It 1\ Alinmllicrll, By iniilti.il consent the. engagement of Miss nliznboth Bobbins Caswell and Jasper .Morgan, which wvs announced List autumn, has been broken. Mlss'l Caswell Is tho daughter of Mm. John i 'Usui II of Boston, while the groom to h.ic been Is a son of Mr. and Mrs. IJdivlu n. Morgan or this city and Westbury, L. 1. He Is n gieut-grandso- ii of New York's war governor and has been a student of the Rensselaer Polj technic Institute 111 Troy, N. V. lie Is a brollu i of Mrs. Lie I,aticey Kane Jay and lMnln I). Morgan Jr., who mar-t.i- d Miss lUizaliet'i W Ktnmctt, J.ui'.lil'-- of Mr. .i'id Mis. c. Temple . i Miss C.iswcl made her debut 111 ill 1011). Antidote Guests May reed to desert bleak Nework for one tho sheltering palum of St. Simon's spire-lade- breezes ami kissed by a who went on previous Southern trips with the City Chamberlain will not lie aboard when the I.enape sails. They nre John II. McCooey, (Queens Borough 'resident Connolly, John Slnnott Mayor Hylan's secretarj, i'ark Com- inlssloner Ibii-ma- of Brooklyn, and Alining S. Prnll, foinirir President of In Board of I'diu ation. St. .Simon s island Is a ast gaum pnserve. 'It abounds ill hutr, deer, ducks, rabbils and rattlesnakes. Thv presence of the last mentioned may havi something t.i do with the failure several olllclnls to acei pt invita- tions, nlthoiiKli asMiiraiici ha been giv n thai no matter how badly om may be bitten theie Is enough of tin old reliable antidote on hand lo effect cure. Willis Holly will haw charge tho antidote, which I stoicil In u deep, cool collar. ini-.l- i mi:ii l'V M IUMIIIIII.I oi'i:u roit' II IM I. T. 'Hie lrlh-A- r. i'ii n Aiilomnlitle ( r. iitors' Club. I iii- - . will hold I heir slxtl iiiintinl eiiterliiliuiieiit mid hull lit Ter nice fiurden, .ISth Stieet, nenr Third Aseniie, Piesldint Janus I Vmle announeed yesterilnv Hint 5. 001 lli keij, have been mild. V hlifli i l.i. 1'illlilinnt will be Hinged . i(y m 1 lv? and after NKW iniUNSWICK, N J.. Dec. 1. Slnte troopers and prlvuto lncstl-gator- s for Mrs. Frances Stevens Hall continued y tho Investigation of the murder eleven weeks ugo of the Bev. Kdward V. Halt and Mrs. Elea- nor Mills. The troopers continue on the caso by order of Col. Norman H. Schwarzkopf, Superintendent of the New Jersey police. Timothy N. Pfclffor. Mrs. Hall's counsel, will be In charge of the in- dependent Investigation that she has announced will lie kopt up for the murderers. He will continue to have as his chief of staff Tcllx di Martini of New York. It was explained by members of the Hall family that until the C.rand Jury on Tuesday refused to find Indict ments, Mrs. Hall's private Investlga tins wcro handicapped In their In dependent search. Now they are free to follow their own leads without dan- ger of liclng charged with tamperlng wlth witnesses. The future status of Special Oepntj Attorney C.eneinl Wilbur Molt will be settled nt a meeting with Attorney Ctenoral McCtnn on Monday. The plain-cloth- troopers are continued on tho case In the meantime under dl- - icct supervision of Scrgt. James J Umli. Tho consensus of belief hero Is thnt the case will die a slow death unless something unexpected turns up. It Is understood the rector's widow soon Is to tako a long trip, pos- sibly abroad, to recover from the strain sho has been under ilnco th tragedy. R 50,000 FATALLY HURT N AUTO MISHAP About . to Succeed in Fight for Legacy After Fifty Years' Litigation. Pour aie dead and otheiM arc ex pected to die y ns a result of ntttomobllo accidents In nnd near New- York during tbo holula,y. Sovcral of tho scoro Injiited nro In a serious con- dition. Threo of tho drivers ariested In connection with tho ncrldcnts ore charged with Intoxication. v About to come Into possession of $50,000, Charles Warren, sixty-liv- e, a janitor's helper, of No. 514 Kast H8th Street, Bronx, suffered fatal Injuries when strut',: by an automobllo Inst night nt Sevcnty-tlfl- h and llxtotlor Stieets. Tho automobllo wim driven by Don Hbner, of No. 310 Knst Klghty-fourt- h Street, who was locked up In tho Kast Sixty-seven- th Street Station on four charges. Including a technical charge, of homicide. Warren was employed by Mrs. Mary Seldhouse. nnd It wns she who told tho police of his fight for the possession of a legacy of 130,000, which reached success Wednesday after litigation extending over titty years. When Warren was fourteen yo.trt all, whal other cigarette is so highlyrespectecl by so many men? FATIMA CIGARiYTES 57 How to feel better Eat Spaghetti Heinz Spaghetti the kind with the delipious tang of red ripe tomatoes perfectly seasoned and spicedand blended with ; a famous cheese. Eat it often, instead of meat and so many other things that cost more and are not so good for you. It's a real food. HEINZ Spaghetti Ready cooked, ready to serve Garnish and Flavor -B- eech-Nut Bacon Homes and clubs that know good things serve Beech-Nu- t Bacon not only for breakfast, but as a garnish for chops and steak and fish. It's one of tho most famous flavors in the world of epicures. No moisture, no rind, , no tapering end pieces I that's why it's ceo- - t nomical, Beech-N- ut Bacon Sliced in tho new blue- - boxes \Standard of the World\ Heat known and finest cycles ever' madu nnd at rraonable prices ike a there! Ami Your D..r to iiow yonrpoluwU' Bycide,ClrlcycU, Pdl Cycle, t. Eled with CouUI Control tod Dtby CanUc. CATALOG on rrquort. STEINFELD.Ue.. 116 W.32.StN.T. The world's Harlem Office Now Located at 2092 7th Ave. Near 125th St. HOTEL THERESA BUILDING fl 41 I ja1 L 'a 1 \4 1 m 1 4 '4

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