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The evening world. (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, November 22, 1922, Image 9

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ifciH' THE EVENING WORLD, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 1922 Fottndedly Aaron Arnold in 1827. Siovr building fireproof in fullest sense. flow 011 Fijth Avenue at 40th Street Ceilings unusually high. Good ventilation. FIFTH AVENUE AT FORTIETH STREET Announcement TX7HEN Aaron Arnold on a sunny April morn-- V t ing, ninety-fiv- e years ago, stood on the side-wa- lk at Canal and Orchard streets, and looked at his new store, his first store, on the front of which was painted 'THE NEW PALACE OF TRADE\ his thoughts must have been similar to the thoughts ot the new executives in charge ot of the great business founded by him and his son-in-la- w, James M. Constable. May our works be relatively as great! QUALITY was the corner-ston- e of the Arnold Constable business. And it received, from the beginning, Ml' 31 . yt inn e - \ a - 7 u iiiiu snup in Street where Aaron began business in Cleaning Dresses Women s and Misses', $35 average wholrsaU trice 172. sizes 14 to 44. Chiffon vel- vets, flat crepe1!. Poiret twills. Georgette crepes, embroidered and beaded. Metal laces, Can- ton cn-pes- , Tricotines. crepe bacl; satin. High evening shades. Good str-c- i colors. A very attract ivc group. ! Women's Dresses $25 Sizes 36 to 42 were $50.50 to $135 100 Poiret twills, navy b'uc \ tricotines, navv blue crepe-de-chin- e, navy blue and black l Canton crepe navy blue, black, brown; chifion and lace even- ing frocks in 'yh shades and black satin-bac- k Canton crepe. Misses' Dresses, S25 Ky $42.50 to 05 86 eyeninp and day dressr-- - Gcoreettc crepe, chiffon Can- - tfo irepe black lace, taffeta J'Lt. In white, flesh, tan, jelii'W. fus.ch.ia, jade and changeable tones. Some Poiret twill and tricotinc day dresses, black, brown and navy blue. Misses' Suits, $25 were $30.50 to $U0 Wool velours. Tricotinc, Poiret twill. In navy blue, black and rr.cdium shade of brown. 53 only. Women's Sweaters 20 at 2 I A miscellaneous group of silk and fibre silk, originally priced 12.50 to 50. 150 at 33.95 Slip-o- n of worsted, mohair and wool yarns: two-ton- e and solid colon.; were 5.95 to 7.75. 100 at 35 TumJo and slip-o- n models of imp :tcJ mohairs and fine do-r.- n- tii. worsteds; were $$.50 to a few at 315 Tuxei'o and slip-o- n mpdcls that were 20.50 to 39.50. Jn addition, many lots of t'.' .anat Arnold 1827. the favor and patronage of the quality of old New York. It was welcomed as a part of the social organization of the day. And it has remained so, through all the changes of ninety-fiv- e years. The old store at Canal and Orchard, was on the fringe of the better residential section of the New York of 1827. Brooks Bros, and Lord & Taylor were further down- town, on Catharine St., near the river. As the city grew, Arnold Women's Coats Fur-Trimme- d, 579.50 average less than today's wholesale price 100, blouse, wrappy and straight line models. Some corded sleeves. M any shawl cellars. In the favored soft pile fabric veldvne. cashmere bolivia. moralist, duvetyne. gerona fashona dclphine. marvclla. parjvclainc. etc. Fur beavr, squirrel, flying squirrel, wolf, platinum, cara- cul, fox, kit fox. Women's Furs fMink Coat, 31,000 $1,600 grade Hudson Seal Coats, 3295 $385 to $475 grades - Dvcd muckrat plain, skunk or opf- urn trimmed, 30 and 40 in. long. Only six Bay Seal Coats, 350 $92.30 grade Dyed coney. 36 in. long. 12. Muskrat Coats, 395 $145 grade 40 in. long. 20 of these. Bay Seal Coats, 365 $95 grade Dyed coney. 40 in. long. 33. Marmot Coats, 365 $95 ZTde 65 of these. Fur Neckpieces 32 Scarfs at 314.50 $20 o $40 grade Mink, mole, skunk, dyed foxes nutria. . 16 Scarfs at 335 $45 to $73 grades Dyed fox, beaver, skunk. S Scarfs at 350 $85 grade Black lynx, beaver, skunk, dyed fox. 7 Scarfs at 3100 $150 to $250 grades Mink, skunk, lisher, mole stole, ermine stole one of each. of a organization Misses Coats, 535 were $45 to $108 79 soft pile fabrics, in several shades or red and brown, navy blue, and Sorrento or Hawaiian blue. Sizes 14 to 20 years. Silk Blouses, $10 jo, were $12 to $25 Suit shades; crepc-de-chin- c, fancy silks. Georgette crepe. 54, were $12 to $27.50 White and light tinted Georg- ette crepe, crcpc-dc-chin- e, satin and radium. Women's Gloves At $1.25 half price) 300 prs. capeskin gloves, one-clas- p, brown, gray, tan, with Pans point or contrasting of silk. And 60 prs. white kidskin. black embroid- ery and border. At $1.95 $2.50 grade) 750 prs. white lambskin glace slip-o- gloves. length good Christmas gifts). 120 prs. heavy kidskin, tan or yellow. . $2.25 $3 grade) 240 prs. lambskin gauntlets, white, tan, brown, with con- trasting colored tops and stitch- ing. And 240 prs. beaver color capeskin gloves, strap wrist. At $1.45 $2.30 grade) 2,000 prs. French kidskin, white, black, tans, browns, grays, beaver, with Paris point or contrasting em- broidery. Women s Neckwear 95e, M.50 to 52.95 less than halj price. 3,000 pieces hand-mad- e lace; novelties in guimpes, berthas, collars and collar and cuff sets. Ribbons, 25c yd. 65c grade Moire taffetas, 6 in. wide black, navy blue, brown and a complete range of lighter shades. 5,000 yds. of soiled ribbons, odd widths and colors, 50c. to 3.50 yd. grades, have been cd 25c to l yd. Cbnatahln irirw with it. First to Broadway and Nineteenth St., where in 1877, they celebrated their business jubilee. And finally, in 1915, to Fifth Avenue at 40th Street, formerly the site of the F. W. Vanderbilt home. Here they saw a great light. A constant stream of good people, seeking good service, passing the doors. And the house which had won and held its pre-emine- against the competition of A. T. Stewart and all other businesses of the nineteenth century, began to realize that now conservatism was limiting its sphere of service. This was a new century. New York, a greater, more cosmopolitan city. Old social lines had disappeared in the broadening work and growth and outlook of the years. That which had been their pride in the past was a bar to their progress in the present. They saw that service to old friends could be better rendered by linking it up with a larger service to the new. And the soul of this great business came to realize the truth, that To broaden the service to the public means better service to the ' Hence the s x s Mr. Stephen J. Leonard approached the work of reor- ganization with the determination to preserve the best traditions of the business. He sought advice from the best informed. Investigated thoroughly every individual suggested. And finally decided upon three men who had Silks Brocaded poplin, 33.25 yd. $4 grade 200 yards, very good weight and designs. Navy blue cf iccts. Charmcusc, 32.45 yd. $3 grade Heavy quality, yet souple. Will not rough up. Macks, browns, navy blue. 2,000 yds. Foulards, 95c yd. $1.75 to $4 grades Printed Georgette Crepe, 95c yd. $i'75 Zrade 2,200 yds. Half a dozen designs in good colorings. Crepe-de-Chin- e, 31.65 yd. $1.95 to $2-3- 5 d\ 800 yds. White, flesh, lavender, and other dainty lingerie shades. Dress Goods 54-i- n. Jersey Cloth, 31.55 yd. 7,500 yds., $1.95 grade A very popular quality, in tap. pearl gray, dark brown, tur quoisc blue, gray, henna, myrtle, cadet blue, radio, navy blue and black. English Corduroy, 31.50 yd. 200 yds., $2.50 grade Best quality. Cadet blue, navy blue, midnight blue, Af- rican brown, petunia and wal- nut. Short lengths of black and colored dress goods, 31.25 yd. $1.95 to $4 grades 4.000 yds., in iJ4 to d. lengths. Tweed, serges, Poiret twill, tricotinc. velours, plaid skirtings. Wash Dress Fabrics 6,000 yds. at 19c yd. 3SC to 55c grades Ripplettc, figured crepes, ging- hams, organdies, lawns, Indian head cloth, plain crepes, Eng- lish sateen, tissue ginghams, ratines. Good colors and de- signs. 4,000 yds. at 39c yd. 75c to $1 gradei Ratine. Scotch ginghams, dress linens, French crepe, dotted Swiss and organdies In a pleasing vaii. t of colors. to Broaden the Service of the individual reorganization. House, beginning Tomorrow, offers many to Canal and IVTfiwr. Thrn White Dress Goods 12,000 yds. our entire stock of cottons has been divided into two groups and cd 19c and 29c yd. 35c. to $1 grades Women's Stockings At $1.25 ($i.Q5 grade) 2,000 prs. ingraim thread silk, cotton tops and soles, full fash- ioned; black. African brown, pearl gray, neutral, nude, polo. At $1.25 $1.75 grade) 720 prs. glove silk, cotton tops, pointed slipper heels; black, sable, almond, polo. $1.95 ($3 grade) 720 prs. pure thread silk, Af- rican brown, a darker brown, navy blue, suede gray, nude, biscuit, black. At $2.25 ($3.50 grade) 300 prs. imported silk ano wool, plain weave, light weight, good heather - mixtures. $1.95 ($3-5- 0 grade) 264 prs. English ribbed wool. Autumn weight, in the fash- ionable heather mixtures with contrasting side clocking. At $1.95 ($2-9- 5 grade) 432 pairs of imported wool and fibre silk mixed, light weight cordovan, mode, gray, black and white mixture; attractive bide clucking. $1.65 seconds oj $3 to $4.75 grades 2,400 prs. Find the reason for classing them as seconds, if you can Ingrain silk. Pure dye. About 1,200 prs. black balance in desirable colors good as- sortment. Hand-Mad- e Lingerie From France and the Philip pines 110 Nightgowns, 32.95 to 310 were $3.50 to $14.50 1 18 Chemises, 31.95 were $2.95 42 pairs Drawers, 32.95 were $4.50 Domestic Underwear Of nainsook and long cloth xoo I'icniises and 24 petticoat at ;cc were $1.50. -0 . 100 nightgown-- . ;o pi-- i ticuats, 30 combination.. :, ,m cacn were $1.05 ' merchandise, in quantities too small to advertise, at very much reduced prices. Nearly all of the have their quota of these. And, of course, the earlier shoppers will hau the advantage. been trained Store IVandtnakers had trained m Altmans. These four men, with Mr. Leonard, and two others who have been associated with the Arnold Constable business for many years, arc the new Arnold Constable. Their individualities will be merged in the greater in- dividuality of the business as a whole. Their sole objective will be to apply more widely the good service of this old New York house. The corner-ston- e remains QUALITY. And broadened service means greater VALUES. ' ' xxx The last three weeks have been devoted to an exami- nation of stocks. So nc house-cleanin- g must be done. It will be begun tomorrow, Thursday. Prices have been materially reduced. And some very advantageous offers from the wholesale field have been accepted. The oppor- tunities to be availed of will be such as may be had only on occasions like this. We invite old friends and new. There wilj be some- thing for all in Fashions, Silks, Linens, Small Acces- sories, Rugs, Upholsteries and Bed Coverings. And some Haberdashery Only the briefest statement of the goods is possible within the space of this No returns. No sales C. O. D. Extraordinary Opportunities Draperies average less than half Nets, some imported, 95c yd. Domestic nets, 55c yd. Cotton drapery, 48c yd. Mercerized drapery, 95c yd. Colored drapery, 31-5- 0 yd. Cotton tapestry, 31.85 yd. Silk tapestry, 31.95 yd. Silk damask, 34.95 yd. Cretonnes average less than half 3,000 yds., 32 in. 25c yd. 2,250 yds., 32 in. 49c yd. 1,800 yds., 36 in. 75c yd. 450 yds., 50 in. 31.50 yd. Linen Tablecloths average Half Pn'te 165, of fine standard qual- ity, slightly soiled. In some instances there is only one cloth at the quoted price. Sate Size Grade Price X2 yds. 12.75 6.25 X2 yds. 15-7- 5 5 X2 yds. 18.50 X2 yds. 5 5 X2 yds. 8.50 5 X2 yds. 5 6.50 X2 yds. 15-0- 0 7.50 12 yd a. 5-- 5 5 i 2 xzyZ yds. 9.25 5.50 2 X2 yds. 14.50 7.25 2 X24 yds. 18.75 9.00 2 X3 yds. n.50 5 2 X3 yds. 16.50 8.25 2 X3 yds. 23-- 5 12.50 2x2 yds. 24.50 14.50 2x2 yds. 3S-o- 17-5- 0 2x2.j4 yds. 35-7- 5 '7-5- 0 zYiiilA yds. 35.00 19.501 2,'jx2 yds. 38.50 19.50; 2j'x3 yds. 47-5- 0 22.se 2x3 yds. 47.5o 22.50 2j4-v- j 45.00 22.50 2tfx3tf yds. 35-o- o 16.50 2 yZxO yds. 135.00 4S-o- o VAi6 yds- - 40.00 20.00 Odd Linen Napkins J08 dozen Size Grade Sale Price 22x22 in. 13.75 do2-12.- 75 6.75 22X22 in. doz. 6.50 22:122 in. 6.25 doz. 24x2 in. 21.50 doz. iOio in. 27.50 doz. 19.50 26x20 in. 29.50 do.. I6.50 27x27 in. 33.50 doz. 2 1. OO 27x27 in. 35.OO doz, 22-3- 0 39 eetions of the store in and one man who been very good things Shop. w A.Ait, WJU) 111 UIC Oriental Rugs Small Sizes 125 Mosouls, $25 to 45 These price are a third below current market prices. Aver- age size 3.4x6.4 ft. too Bcloochistans, J5i6 to $28 $20 to $45 grades Average size 2.6x5 ft-to- o Iran and Hamadan Rugs 85 each $115 to $125 grades Average size 4.3x64 ft. Wide variety of colorinus and design s 24 Chinese Rugs, 22 to 85 In four sizes ranging from 2x4 ft. to 4x7 ft. Very desirable values. Room Sizes 20 Chinese Rugs, .Extra heavy lustrous pile. Rich shades of blue, tan and gold. 6x 9 ft. size 140 8x10 ft. size 210 9x12 ft size 275 50 Muskabads at 145 A very low price. Average size 9x12 ft. Small all-ov- er design in blues and reds. Velours Portieres 50 prs. double faced pr. 5 grade 95 prs., double faced, i8.73 pr. $27.50 grade specially priced announcement. Wilton Rugs at less than half Finest quality, 59.50 ea. $no to $137.50 grades 42, from England. 9x12 ft. fize. in all-ov- er and Oriental ef- fects. Worsted Wiltons, 43.50 ea. $85 grades 37. from England. 9x12 ft. sizes in all-ov- er effects. Worsted Wiltons, 39.50 ca. $77 '5 grades 28, size 9xioi4 ft. all-ov- er ef- -' fects. At the same price 39-5- there arc 6 English Axminstcr rugs of 77-- to 90 grades. Oriental effeuts. 6.9x9 ft. Worsted Wiltons IO of 72.50 grade 35 45 of 58.50 grade S29 2 of 49.50 grade $23 Men's Neckties, 85c $1 to $1.05 grades coo, knitted grenadines and a fine selection of fancy silks, in- cluding Charvct weaves In plain colors. 1,200 four-in-han- kuitted and woven, 50c cacb. ill it Th prtwv Arnold Conilehlt or b iil Int n Fifth Attrnu at Fortieth Site- -

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