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nrau mu Miio. uidoun i kailcu un mule t'. Weather FAlR AND COLDER. Tomorrow' Wtather FAIR AND COLDER. HA'U Wmml m EDITION EDITION , H Circulation Books Opcxuio AlV L . \Circulation Books Open to All,\ VOL. L30II. NO. DAILY. Copjrlght Nw Vork World) bj lre NEW THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 1922. KnttTMl.aa Vcnmd-fia- Mattrr 22,207 PublUhlnf Company, 1951. YORK, 16, I'oKt Of tier. Ntw mk. N. V. fK-LUr- . UKNTN 319 PARLIAMENT SEA TS ASSURED; OUT OF 61 5 mm m N PARLIAMENT HAS 31 9 SEATS 70 Divisions Yet to. Report Expected to. Increase It Materially. LABOR VOTE SURPRISE. Lfoyd George Runs a Poor Fourth in Returns Re- ceived Up to 2 P.NM. LONDON. Nov. 4 It; (Associated Press). Tho Conservatives arc cer- tain to .luavo a majority over\ all.ili otffcr parties In tho new. House of Coruraonsyj. At 4.30 o'clock tho returns showed .the Conservatives. to have more than U10 necessary jua lor a iiiajuiuj- - in tho new House.' At thai hour tho flgutcs were:. ' Conservative Sl. j , ' . AstiuUhlan Liberals, SO, National UU rals or deorgeites, 3S. \ Others. 13. , \This tnude n. total of '513 divisions accounted for, with Btvcnty stilt to bo heal d fioru. 'Winston Churchill, former Secre- tary for the Colonies, Was defeated for from the Dundee division. Sir Arthur Grlffith-Boseawe- n, Min- ister ot Health In the lionar Law Cab- inet, waH defeated by lil3 Liberal op- ponent In thu Taunton Division of Somerset. , Labor continued to furnish the most sensational features ot the early re- turn?, about half tho total of Labor-Part- y scats reprcbentlng gains as compared with tho lust elections. These gains were for the most part In Scotland and In the' manufacturing counties and northern towns of EncjjE 'land. In many cases they won wltuW minority of the total poll, this result- ing from the conflicts between tha other parties. Tho Labor strength in the Inst Parliament was 67; tho returns up to S P. M. gnvb them a gain of 29, which If likely to bo added to on later re- sults. Wlillo showing numerous gains In the early returns, lnbor\ suffered a hard setback in tho Widncs Division of Lancashire, when Arthur Hender- son was idefoated by tlio Conservative candidate, Dr, Qeorgo 'C. Clayton, after holding tho scat since 1919. The vote was: Clayton 14,679, Hen- derson 12,897. Tho Liberals, or Asqulthlans, also made substantial gains', whllo botli the Conservatives and tho National Lib-eral- s, or Gcorgetes, lost heavily. Tho Conservatives gained a seat in Cambridgeshire, where- Harold Gray, tho Conservative candidate polled 9,840 votes 'against A. E. Stubbs, (Continued on Second Pago.) First in the ifittmber of 'Biisiniss Opportunities Total nutnTicr of Business Op- portunities printed In tho New York newspapers from January 1st, 1023, to October 01st are as follows i THE WORLD 106,707 ads. The Times 29,462 ads. The American 11,078 ads. Tho Herald 5,347 ads. The Tribune 814 ads. ffllE WORLD'S Lead... 77,245 ads. irrrf ' ,h \business on-oit- - O t$'ti!jrU:3 ta Printed in TUe BONAR LAW MU . IN THROWS DOWN GAUNTLETTO ITAtlAN DEPUTES Tells the Chamber He Is Not There to Ask Favors but Receive Them. HOME. Nov. 1C (Associated Press). Premier Mussolini, In his initial ss to tho Chamber of Deputies to- day, threw down the gauntlet to that body andlndlatpil In unmistakable oqfns, that he,wns not theie to ask favors but to receive them. \What I am' doing said the Fasclstl leader, \ \is a formal act ot courtesy towanhj you, for which I do not deslro any,ffcpocinl expression' of gratitude. 'Tor too .many years ministerial cilsls hnvn been settled bj the Cham- ber, by pplltlcal manoeuvres, but for tlij second tlmo tho first was in May, 1!Uj the Italian nation has over- thrown the Cabinet and given IUclf a Ministry outside of, above, in spite of Parliament. . \1 leave to the melancholy wor- shippers of supcrconstltutionallsm the dissertations and complaints, but I (Continued on Second Page.) cCjno has accepted task of organizing , new german ministry .Ilrnil f llamliarir American Line sncceeila Wlrth, According to llnofllclal Report. BERLIN, Nov. 1C (Associated Press). Wilhelm Cuno, General Man- ager ot tho Hamburg-America- n Steamship Line, has accepted tho task of forming a Cablnot to succeed tho Wlrth Ministry, It was unoffi- cially announced this afternoon. of Nov. through n past tiny for decreed $ Charles L. Jartlett. It cures the speed maniacs, ha urg- ing every Judge in the, country forco reckless drivers to to this torment of and so put a stop to' tho automo- bile casualties. Bartlctt led tho seventy traffic law violators down tho long nlslo under police There a rustling In the beds, a of from pillows, a focusing of children's eyes on the \Children enld tho Judge, \I have sentenced theso men for speeding and I have brought them hero to show the result of Detrolt'a driving.\ Many ot prisoners hung their heads and shuffled nervously. It was noticed flvo of the little boys and two girls wcro so crippled their lees hail to bo weighted with heavy oiulpmont. Several of tho men their faces nway. \You see, gentlemen,\ Judge Bart- lctt said, \most of theso children would bo walking with perfect limbs REFUSAL TO PAY- - -- GRAFIBARRED8US MAKER. IS CHARGE Trackless Trolley \Ptyns ' Changed So It Couldn't Bid, Shearn Says. $10,000 JOB DEMANDED. Picture of Xamrhany Mem- ber With Hylan and Murphy Shown. It was openly charged y by Clarence J. Shearn, special counsel to the TranRlt Commission, that when William Crompton, a salesman and member of Society or Tammany, failed to Induce Truck Cor- poration to retain him as a motor tiuck salesman nt\?10 a yenr to sell trackless trolley buses to tho City of NeVj Yoilc, the specifications :or tha trackless trolleys were changed In tho Department of Plant .and Structures to bucII an extent as ,to precludc tho Atlas Company's pro- duct from competitive, bidding. This cha \SB by Shearn. was mado when Crompton asked Chair- man McAneny. \What Is$(thi8 ex's amlnatlon all nljout?\v Ilefrfro Commissioner McAneny could i awcr. Judge Shearn blurted out: a \I'll tell you vhat tlls Is nil about.'-- ' and then proceeded to tell Crompton about the alleged discrimination against Atlas Truck Corporation. Crompton denied the implication flatly and asked that ho bo examined on that score.' Crompton admitted he once showed A. It. Cosgiovc. a of tha company, a photo of the Liberty Day parndo of the Tammany .Society, which showed Crompton beside Charles V. Murphy and Mayor Hylan.1 Ho denied, however, that ho showed tho picture to convey tho Im- pression that ho was \In with the City Administration find could thereforo Influence the sale of trucks for trackless trolley purpoeos. He could glvo no reason for showing tho picture to Cosgrove Compton denied ho ever told Cos-gro- that his \Influence\ was great \ In soiling Ho said ho Cosgrovo his \ability\ to sell waB great, and not his \Influence Crompton denied ho over told Cos- grovo that ho would have an advan- - (Continuul on Second Page.) to-d- but for tho carelessness ot mo- torists. It la unpleasant to send any ono to Jail, but you now realize- that It Is my duty to protect these chil- dren. \Will any ot you drive recklessly again?\ Thcro was a general shaking,, of heads and a muttering of \No.\ Then, at a signal from tho Judge, they marched out of ward and to jail to begin their terms, tho children staring after them. \No Judgo be allowed to re- main on the bench who is not exert- ing himself to tho limit to stamp out tho growing mcnaco ot speeding and reckless driving. It Is oven worse than murder, becauso it Is an unag-gravat- crime,\ Judgo Cartlett de- clared. \I most heartily recommend that every traffic Judge in America follow my plan fit imprisoning traffic viola- tors without option of fine, and of at- tacking them through their conscience by taking them through hospitals whoro children, maimed by reckless- ness spend their lives In misery.\ Sentences 70 Auto Speeders To Contemplate Their Victims Judge Leads Line Convicted Offenders Through Hospital Where Crippled Kiddies Lie. DETROIT, 16. Seventy automobllo speeders y paced slowly tho children's ward of great hospital hero rows ot kiddles maimed life In traffic accidents. This mental torture waa- - by Judgo declared, that submit conscience mounting Judge con- victed guard. was lifting heads crowd. thoughtless tho that iron turned the the Alias Judge the marching, right\ trucks. told tho should DODGE TOURING CAR GIVEN HUM'S SUP SUBSIDY BATTL- E- CRISIS OF CAREER With Leadership of Party at Stake He Counts on ' Democratic Aid. ' SURE BILL WILL PASS. Action Oh It Will ShoW'tf Republicans Can Act as Unit. ; By David Lawrence. (Special Correspondent of Tho Eva-nin- o World.) WASHINGTON. Nov. 10 ACopy-right- ). President Harding faces tho climax of his political Career. Ho means to force ship KubsldylegUla- - lion iirnugu uongresi whole prc-uur- of 'the Admlnlsliytron tvJU bo put Into the fight.' Th'ire will be no i'cccf.3ioii. Within the last twenty-fou- r hours' the President has outlined the plun of action to his npststante. He feels that his party must stand back of him on .this Administration . measure or contend its Inability io cope with nftcr-tho-w- problem?. Hut \Mr. Harding lsnot going 'to regurd the Ship Subsjdy Bill as a party measure. Ho H making a bid for Democratic Mipport. His fejjjjns is that tho. pres- ent shipping '.situation was created by tho' war, by a Dcmocmtio Administra- tion assisted Republicans.' and lhat both parties owe it to tho country, to straighten oUt tho menu. The Presidents confident the whole country will support the ship subsidy program when It understands the facts. He charges that enemies of tho measure have misrepresented tho case. They are trying to prejudice tho Na- tion becauso of Its traditional opposi- tion to subsidies. But a pre-w- ar subsidy and a post- - 5var subsidy are different things In Mr, Harding's opinion. Tho United States Government is at present sub- sidizing the Shipping Board. Mr. Har- ding wnnts to reduce that financial burden by another plan which will cost much less. IP- - proposal is to calvago tho war fleet, tho idea being to.-- encourage private owners to take the overnment vessels and build up a shipping trade and pay back to the -- 1 (Continued on Second Page.) JAPANESE PRESS MILD IN COMMENT ON U. S. Uuderlyincr Feeling Atralnat ae Court Decision Hitter. TOKIO. Nov. 16 (Associated Press). Continued moderation marks the Japan- ese press comment on the decision of the United States Supremo Court hold- ing Japanese Ineligible for naturaliza- tion as American citizens. In soma circles here, however, it Is believed that the underlying feeling is moro bitter. Tho Toroiu Choho, an Independent dally, predicts that tho decision will Im- pair friendly relations between the two countries. ' Tho Japan Times, an English lan- guage paper now owned and edited by Japanese, declared that the tlmo Is not far distant when all Japanese will be driven \out of America. Tho Osaka Nichlntchl Shlmbun, tha only morning paper commenting on the decision, says it is not commendable for America to discriminate In tho mat- ter of naturalization by reason ot color. \However concedes tho paper, \natu- ralization- Is a thing to be granted, not forced.\ MARLBORO RESULTS. CLEAR\\ AND FAST. FIRST RACE Five and one-ha- lf furlongs, x nefrnln (Jeley), $2.80, J2.70 and ?2.10. flint. Mid City Sterling). $S and $3.70, second. Kvader (Woodstock), $3.70, third. Time--L1- 2. Non-starte- r: Bill of Expense. WON B Y It Is to Has Been Civil for Some The Grand Jury returned an charging grand larceny in the first degree y against Michael J. Burke, who for many years' conducted a saloon nt No. 2121 Lexington Ave- nue and later was n hrdtender in Harlenl. 116 is accused of In 1021, )2C,300 from eighteen police- men, to whom he promised to use hH influence with certain employees of the Civil Service to papers (n un for promotion. Policemen who didn't get promoted and couldn't collect their money com- plained and of Accounts Hfrshfield an 'which was halted by Burko's de- parture for Ireland a few days ago and Mr. IlirsliQeld tesumcd his and interested tho District Attorney. Burko was examined by tho yesterday and gavo an which was not considered adequate. Tim case waj taken up by tch Grand Jury six witnesses were heard and tho Indictment was returned nt noon. Judge ttosalsky Issued a bench warrant and Detcctlvo William Sullivan found Burke at tho rooms of the Civil Hervlco where he was under In an' to, determine If he had paid any money to any membera of tho staff. Sullivan arrested Burko and took him before Judge Rosalsky this after- noon. Assistant Dlstxlct Attorney O'Neill asked that ball- - bo llxed at $23,000. Ilurko becamo when ha heard that ball was to bo tlxed at f 25,000. Ho enld .thcro was a suspici- ous hurry about trying to send him to the Tombs, in view oC the-fac- t that he has been back from Irelamj nearly flvo months. \If 1 go to Jail,\ ho said. \I'll have plenty of company over there. I'll tell I know. \For the last month or two I have been almorit a daily witness before the Civil Service In the matter hf tho for of Patrick Hyan, the former export, who was dlsmls3P.l on Nov. 23, 1921. .My testimony 1UH lt0 pages. Tho Civil Setvlco know the truth.\ Burlte appeared to' bo scro nt Josoph A. Iluddy, physical ex- aminer of the Civil Service Commls- - on Second Pago.) GOV. ON HIS RISE TO U. S. l'urairr tn IiOtter, Wurmlj- - Welcome Xew to uphls election to tho United States Senate have been received by CovN Edwards of Now Jersey from former Pres- ident Wilson. The Governor, who wai in Jersey City received a copy of the note, which was originally mailed to him \in. Trenton. Tho message, written on Nov. 12 in reads' aa follows: \My Dear Governor: V was hoping to have a chanco to tnko you 1) ytho hand and jou on tho now honors that have come to you. Now wo shall after a while both be and wo can 'collague on tho events, old and new, to our hearts' content. \With warmest and tno&t cordial grcctlnga, yours. WILSON. ' AWAY FREE LA W Burke Indicted lor Larceny, Accused of Securing $26,300 From Policemen for Influence Ex-Salo- on Man, Alleged, Offered Secure Their Promotion. FIGHTS $25,000 BAIL. Giving Evidence Before Service Board Time.-- ' Indict- ment collecting. Commission examination Commissioner Inaugurated Investiga- tion in- vestigation er ex- planation Commis- sion, subpoena Investigation Commission's belligerent everything Commission application rein- statement fingerprint Com- missioners -- particularly (Continucd WILSON FELICITATES EDWARDS SENATE President, .Ierr-Hxecnllv- Washington. Congratulations JVocdrow Washington, congratulate Washlngtonlnna appreciation \Faithfully \WOODKOW S WOMAN FOUND GUILTY QF SLAYING HER RIVAL TO HUSBAND'S LOVL' FOUND GUILTY OF HAMMER MURDER Second Degree, Verdict Re- turned, by Jury Which In- cluded Three Women. LOS ANGELES', Nov. 16. A ver- dict of murder Iji tho second degree was returned by tho Jury to-d- in tho cafto of Mrs. Clara Phillips, cliarged with beating MrB. Alberta Meadows to death with a hammer. Jealousy o't her husband's atten- tions ' to Mrs. Meadows wns alleged aa tho motive. The Jury, by It sveidlct, decreed that 'jlra. Phillips In beating Mrs. Meadows to 'death, acted under ex- treme pi evocation. Nine men and tlueo women ten- dered the vordlct, which wns returned after approximately twenty-thre- e and onohalf hours of deliberation, at 10.30 A. M. y. Ten years to life imprisonnif nt will lie tho penalty. Sentence will be pro- nounced, next Monday. Beforo tho verdict was received Judge Jlouser cautioned tho crowd In tho court room that deputy sheilff'J were scattCKCd among them nn dthnt any demonstration would be dealt with scvorely. Mrs. Phillips hcanl tho verdict without any evidence of emotion. LOSER BY SIX VOTES. WEINFELD TO CONTEST Official Canvai. S1iot Vllmait 'Wilts Asaemblr Krai. Tho official canvass of the votes ot the Cth Assembly District by the Board oC Canvassers was completed y nt uoon, The compilation of the tally sheets shows that Sol Ull-ma- n, tho Republican nominee for the Assembly, received a plurality of 0 votes over Morris Wcinfcld, his Dem- ocratic opponent. Tho total ote was Ullman, ,020; Welnfcld, 1,020. A contest, It is said, will immediate- ly be begun by Wclnfold to havo the boxes opened and tho votes recounted. THUS UP 2 ! ' IN $1 Hoboken Shopping District Stirred by Daring Day- light Bandit Trio. In the centrn of tho shopping Jls-- tt let ut Hoboken nt 11 o'clock this morning three hold-ti- p men trussed up tliq proprietor and clerk In a Jew- elry ntoio at Nq, SU Washington .Street and looted tho placo of steel valued at flOiOon.j eqmslstlnj ot dia- mond rings. Mris and tfutchea. Whllo tho rpbbevy was ffolns on men and wotnrn we re passing, crowds ware going Into a dry goods ntoro on ono side of tho powc'.ty storo and' cus tomers were coining In and gono; from a cigar storo on tho other side of It. Louis Krnemer, tlo proprietor, and Bodcrlo Folic, a clerk, about .eigh- teen, were In the place when tho rob-be- cntorcilx Ono nsked to nee nn alurm clock. Kracmer .stepped to the roaof the Moro and raised his hand. to get thff clock. Ono of tho men shoved a revolver Into hli ribs und told him to keep hlu hands up and his mouth shut. Ho then matched him Into- - the rear .room and told him to Ho down pn tho floor, Another man had covered the clerk uhd tho latter soon Joined hlHeni-ploy- er on the floor. Tho third man re- mained In tho storo and while one man guarded tho pair tho arcoml truKxcd up the proprietor nu) clerk with wire. Handkerchiefs wore used tto gag them and they wcro t)ien set In cnairs nnu. mo trio went tu won; on tho showcases. After about ten minutes ho russed-u- p clerk and proprietor heard tho ouer door closo and figured the men hud gono. Tho cletk rolled off the chair anil reached tho door between Hie two rooms. This was njur, and ho managed utter a time to work his way through It Into the htoru proper. A hundred feet nway was a traffic policeman, who heard tho cleik. The boy wan unbound and Kinomcr, who hnd been unablo .oven to fnll off his chair, was released from his seat In tho rear room. A survey tat tho placo showed that about everything worth tho taking had gone with tho thieves. LEAGUE STARS DEFEAT MEIJI 11-- 0 TOKIO, Nov. 1C (Awioolated Press.)-- - Tho ull-at- ar American profcaslonal baseball team yesterday defeated MclJI university, li to o. BLOOD FROM PEDIGREED PUP SAVES BULL TERRIER Major Swallowed .Spoorta, Opera- tion ! early Klllrit Illni, Apnohe Frrnuli ft Ire Xer 1.1 fr, OAKLAND, Cal., Nov. 1G. Blood transfusions from the veins of \Apache French,\ a pe- digreed pup ,to those of \Majot.\ a Boston bull torricr, has saved tho Intter's life. \Maojr's\ illnesn was caused by swallowing two Icrccream spoons, which a veto- - rlnarlan removed, but the shock and loss of blood nearly caused the death of the patient. The transfusion operation took nn hour nnda half. Both patients aro recovering. PRIZE FOR THIS WEEK DID YOU SEE . AirfU-- . ,kWS tela. FAR RAMSHACKLE RIG FOUND U GIVES SOrPOM TALE TOLD BY \PIG\ WAN' TRUSS IFWFI STflfiF GET 0,000 GEMS UNIVERSITY, TRANSFUSION SPECIAL \WHAT TO-DAY- ?\ See ' Detectives Also .Quest Man Vho Drove It of\Sept. 14. 111 j Ci i emtv rK .mevM Blast New \Mystery Visit Two to Widow's Home-,?;,- ; Officials Know Men. rV (Special from a Gtaff Correspondent? at or I he tvening worm.; SCif NEW BHUNSWtCK. N. J.N&ji9 a: r Ifi.On Enston Avenue not far1 Jfri i Dn P.usseyLnno Detectlvo Ferd DaWi; llddtcaex County Investigator otHje murders or the Itcv. Edward Wheelnr ffnll and .Mrs. Klennpr Mills,\ . hVs ff.il ml a rattletrap\ wagon, and frhm the discovery the narrative offeliw. uiuson, tlio \mule woman as \to wnut shaxaaw 3 lytho nighty - \W J iri rralne'd cycaipiUjgl tuld of being 'caTled J by the barklnf murders has agal Mrs. Gibson has out ot her house her dog fcopn after tho MlllirftliobuV: passed her farm on Hamilton Itoaiif hearing a ranishnclclo wagon ttlfnlhjr from Hamilton Bond down Do Illissc Lane toward Enston Avenue. Siio'lirid be(cn troubled iy thievery-o- f her corn and she suspected tho wagon ' wil driven by tho thief and was earrylny away a load ot It. It waa therf.alfti. saddled hor Jedny nmlo and fotmve?j tho- - rattle of the wagon down the ISmv, into tho climax or the Hal.Mtl., tragedy. , M In tho dogged, persistent,' wofe? which has characterized the oinclaii.ini'' since they realized llfct first, errors of oversight and' uri3e estimation, It became Important P \ find thnt wjigon and Obtain the cMi roboratlon of the driver as to hli huy Ing passed down Do nusaoy LahVntv toward Brunswick on Edstohf' Avenue that night. 10V Tho wagon Is found. But tho driver refuses to admit ho was out In it-th- night of Sept,H. A search othl premises furnishes ample reasonvfor his icfusal to admit ho was cut1 thai; nlght-j-reason- which might pu'Uhfm In danger ot Jail. The Investigator. also have the wo ixl of uclghbor.v that Ma 'denial .Is fatso. ;. Special Prosecutor Motl hus found wltnesaeu to tell tho Grand Jury--of- . tho rtev. Mr. Hall's stock oxcusojfjlr. his absences from home. Ho alwajto said his automobile tiro had .blown out. Tho witnesses report that wljoay ho reported three and four blowouts, a week for several' \Weeks In sucObs slon his oxcuies for belntr but lotf. wote received at home with marked suspicion. H Ih uuderhtood that Timothy T,utiiulty. who had iho care of the Hall garage, waH questioned by Mrn. Hall about theso ulowouts in auclL-.t- , way that he bluitid out the Informa- tion that the ivoio.' 'had not Hivl' a blowout In over a month; wheKupW Mrs. Hall is hald to have. :i anger ami to havo starud to flnd ajlj. Hall to take him to tuak. Affecting tho sincerity of Mp. Hall's protest that she novae suspoet ' ed her liimbiind of any undue alfeotliwi for Mrs Mills is a etatcmont li.v James Mills, not before pulll8hed,ro- - gaidlni; ono of his flvo talks with Mrs. Hall between tho tlmo the rcctoa. and Mrs. Mills diuppered unj tlwi tlmo their bodies wero found. Mill litis told Mr, Matt that he asked Mr. Hall If she had any Idea whoro he husband and his wife might hac ' v gone. \I suppose they wont to Dr. D,.ivld. . son's In Newark to xee Hbpiit Iff i teeth,\ he says Mra. Hall rcijlled am) that he answered: \No If they wont to a dentist they would havo gonet Dr. Hasbrouck in New York.\ Mills said Mrs. Hall was Impanel with tho suggestion, leplylng, \ivaru Page 21- - .4

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