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The evening world. (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, November 15, 1922, Image 14

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7 ft Is tf. Who's Loony Now?\ Father Bill I Chirps as Jury Finds Daly 0. K. 5 Veteran Turfman Will Celebrate Verdict by Collecting , J; ; Rents to Pay His Lawyers. 2T \Who's loony now?\ Inquired \Father Hill\ Daly, nged liorso-tralnc- r jJjHlay, when a scaled verdict returned Inst night by a Jury before Supremo Court Justlco CnllnBlmn In Ilrooklyn wns opened, doclarlng. Duly com- petent to inannfio Ills own person and affairs. ft-ir- s. Jilla L,. uaiy ot .no. auu uccan AVcnuc, Ilrooklyn, brought tho nctlon r an crfort to bavo Daly, who lives jx? No. 95 I.lndcn Avenue, Ilrooklyn, and owns much property, declared SjjDurlng tho trlnl there was much discussion of Daly's ub?, Mrs. Daly srwcarinjr that ho had lold her at various times that In- wns all the way from a hundred down to trvonty-sl- x ars old. Daly said on the witness (ftftnd yesterday that lie wns alxty-tlKll- t. Ho was niatrled to his present- - about twenty years aso. ffo think it Is a just verdict,\ bald Jial \I personally want to thank tho .Tudffo and Jury. This Is tho end ffi ten years of trial for me, In an cvficmpt by my wife nnd family to ake away my fortune and to harass fAsked how he would celebrate, Daly cold lie never takes a drink, so ho ttiought ho would celebrate by goliiff Out and collecting pome rents, so that lie could pay bis lawyer. The Dalys have eight children. XT. SHIPPING BOARD VESSEL DISABLED, TAKEN IN TOW West Ilrinatltt-'- s Itnillo Cn.ll for Help llrlnK Quick llrllcf. JjTlie steamship West Hematite, hpund rrcm Hamburg to New Orleans, has been taken In tow by the steamer Rau-- after sending out distress Blgnals. 3?ho West lloniatlto several clays ago MaUB of Japan reported by wireless that sho wns en- countering boiler trouble. Another radio message early stated that she was dlsnbled nnd drifting about 1,100 miles cast of New York. A Inter messnKO received hero by t.ykes llros.. exporters nnd Importers, Indicated that tho West Memntlto would towed cither to New Orleans or New ciiK. .'lie cuirh i a crtw rf tliin \Oh Iht roast heef of England Old England's roasl bc(f.' So ran the old \ G r u 1) Street\ Opera. But what's.thc mutter with a good juicy American roast beef? And take it hot or cold, rare or well-don- e, it's sure to he the better for Eddus OLB Sm9 am At Grocers nnd Delicatessen Stores E. Prittlurd. 327 Spring St., N. Y. Careful people of some fifty nations now ue a new way of teeth cleaning. To millions of women in every clime it is bringing pret- tier teeth. Leading dentists, all the world over, are advising its adoption. It means better tooth Are you still dinging to old methods, when all about you you can see what this new method does? You mutt fight film Old ways of teeth cleaning proved disap- pointing. Teeth still discolored, still decayed, as most people know. Tooth troubles con- stantly increased until very few escaped. Dental science found the reason in a film. In that viscous film you feel. It clings to teeth, enters crevices and stays. Food stains, etc, discolor it Then it forms dingy coats. Tartar is based on film. The ordinary tooth paste does not effec Ballas of India MADE IN U. S. A. A on research, Effects. leading drugeists lttiKa. EVENING WORLD, NOVEMBER 1922. WRAPS IN TOWEL, WALK, DISAPPEARS Taklnc with lior 11,000 In bills wrap- - ccveral old towels, which wcrf ficil tier waist. Mrs. Minnie I'limlek, of No. 210 West 14tli Street, went out for wnlk ut 11 n'rliwk ami him not born sfen Delicious! IT Prize XVmld'i Fair Udlas tively combat it. 8o the teeth of millions were kept clouded more or less by that film. Film also holds food substance which fer- ments and forms acid. It holds the acid in contact with the teeth to cause decay. It forms a breeding place for germs, and they, with tartar, arc the chief cause of pyorrhea. Despite the tooth brush, all those troubles became alarming in extent Now they combat it Millions now combat tliat film. Dental re- search found two effective ways. One acts to film, one to remove it. This Is done\ daily and gently, without the use of harmful grit. Able authorities proved these methods by many careful tests. Now leading dentists advise them. A new-typ- e tooth piste has been created, jP\ PAT. OFF. ' REG. The new-typ- e tooth paste, based modern to bring five desired Now advised by dentists the world over. All supply the large tubes. . ,,n,. M't,: .. it . \ ' -- w 15, P $1,000 TAKES In under novcnty-fou- r, a yeater-da- y 1915 slnec, to a report of lir Annlo. Tho daughter told the pollco her mother had been In tho habit of taklnc walks. Mrs. Chmlck. Is described ns belnK five feet four Inches In height and 90 pounds In weight. She baa blu eyes, crny hair, and a pale and wore a black coat nnd skirt, blue waist, hlnrk Inre t'.itws kiul hlack stoeklncs. Exorcises But Poorly The Unique Flavor TRY FOR MEAL. BLACK (Oranso Pekoo Blend) MIXED or GREEN Qrand English aecordlnir daughter complexion of \100opure\ \I have had our food in the Forecast Food Station ana- lyze and test thcMuellcrMacaroni and again it is the same thing 1 00 per cent pure and C HOUSTON GOUDISS Publisher \Forecast\ America's Leading Food Magazine MUELLERS TheWsricTs Best Spaghetti Your Tube is wangI y7A you 'T? Free curdlfc U.S. Spaalib Baautlat Beauties of All Races All get their white teeth this new-da- y way protection. well-brushe- d everywhere MssMssasHsHj ammmmmmmmmmmmmaam New-Da- y Dentifrice BeigggSa!&!tiflirjiwsM THE WEDNESDAY, YOUR NEXT chemists Experiment prod- ucts, wholesome.\ now. in based pn modern research. The name is Pep-soden- t. Those two great film combatants are now embodied in it for daily application. A new dental era Pepsodent brings other effects now found to be essential. Thus it is bringing to count- less homes a new dental era. It multiplies the starch digestant in the saliva. That is there to digest starch deposits which otherwise ferment and form acids. It multiplies the alkalinity of the saliva. That is Nature's neutrallzer for the acids which cause decay. The former tooth pastes, which proved so ineffective, brought just op- posite effects. It polishes the teeth so film less easily adheres. Thus Pepsodent combines the best that modern science offers to fight enemies of teeth. Let Children Try It Do not let your children suffer what you may have suffered from your teeth. Teach them this new-da- y method. Dentists advise that children use Pepsodent from the time the first tooth appears. Watch the results on their teeth for a week and youll realise why they need it Send the coupon for a Tube, Note how clean the teeth feel after using. Mark the absence of the viscous film. See how teeth whiten as the film-coat- s disappear. Then decide what is best for you and yours by what you see and feeL Cut out the coupon so you won't forget. 10-D- A TUBE FREE THE PEPSODENT COMPANY, Dept. F-4- 1104 So. Wabash Ave., Chicago, 111. Mail 10-D- Tube of Pepsodent to Onlr on tub to a ftmllr. n an 1019 ( ii( jfiiA fM Mb\ w 17 tib V are otner in tne world BECAUSE or style, material. rcasonnblo prices they are FORTY YEARS of satisiaotory service nave given tne people coniiucnco in itio shoes nnd in tho protection nffordctl by tho W. L. Douglas xruuo jiurK. nntccd ly tho name and price soiooi every juiir. 7-0- 0 nnl f800 SIMIVB CU'CU' tionally Rood values. Only by amining them can you appre- ciate their superior qunlltloH. You can always save money by wearing W. 1. Douglas shoes. stores cost. Wo not make one cent profit until tho shoes are sold you. worth you buy shoes our stores YOU PAY ONLY ONE i i W.LOOUCI PEGGING SHOES AT YEARS OrACC. 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Eversharp, with the exclusive rifled tip that grips the lead, belongs on the desk and in the pocket of every man. Suspended from a ribbon or chain, Eversharp pleases the woman at home or in business. Look over your gift Hat and give lu ail who received an Eversharp last Christmas, a Wahl Pen of the same design. The designs will match perfectly. Singly, or ' these two perfect gifts may be had in velvet-line- d GIFT BOXES. See them at your dealer's. Made in U. S. A. by The Wahl Company, Chicago matched by V.L.Douglas shoes actually demanded year after year by more people than siioe PROTECriON??nlnst\nr.caso auuupcuuuuio W.LDOUGLAS W.LDOUGLAS Bljocsareputlnto factory dollarsforyoutoknowthatvvlien PROFIT. with these perfect writing instruments' problem match designs together, EVERSHARP WAHL PEN W.L.DOUGLAS 67& SH0ESaS\.S\ any BOYS SHOES 4.00 & 4.50 W.L. 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Oreenpolot 4IB I'ulton htreet 134 Knlekerbocker Avenue Jernejr 'lt 18 Newark Aenuo Vnlon lllfl 7tl llerrenllne Avenue . ull Itrrtitil Strirt lines of W. L. Doutlas Bhoca for Wom.in REAL ESTATE ADS. FOR The Sunday World Real Estate Sectios MUST BE IN THE WORLD OFFICE BEFORE FRIDAY. Circulation Over 600,000 fl T! 1 guaranteed Akkociniion. Food more Sold SAMUEL FR0ST The Most Remarkable Value In All New Hand-Tailor- Sh.de. Mahogany Standard. Regular $40 Valuci X Special 26 A Typical Froatolite Offering Thi beautiful FLOOR LAMP with attractive d jilk-lin- shade; butterfly deign with gold and black lunburri panels; heavy silk fringe. Highly pol- ished mahogany standard HQ .5 wired for 2 lights. Value tj $40.00. Our Special Price. Hre our Itoltdar illpln of lamp for nil pnrnoei. Hmlnt of 10 to 40. VISIT OI K 1.I01I1INO I IXTUItK SIIOWItOOMS. Write for Catalog \W.\ SAMUEL FROST \Brightsii th Night With Frostolites\ 41 W. 14th St., N.Y. (Opp.Heam's) WORLD WANTS WORK WONDERS BOARDING HOUSES HOTELS CLUBS FURNITURE BUYERS ATTENTION As the New York outlet for flflecit of America lnrKost Furniture manufacturers, wc offer you the identical quality mi'l price you woultl receive from u personal visit to the factories. Our stock is tremendous and always changing. At prcsm. t wc me disposing of a special shipment of 75 Living Room Suites 110 Bedroom Suites 139 Dining Room This 10 I I If V Table, d 'i ho prlr3 \n la furniture urn nnomsninB'y tnoet of itgular fuinlture retailers. Duo to the tr.K' buying here n U Impossible to havo unlearn' n V would lalae our pricm Hence, bo your cn k.i marked. Aak what floor your wants aro on u' J a by the Koom oet Loin- - 1 Arm Uni- - tfi and chain to match, exactly lUuitrated A'l Laruoat display In New York City of Windsor o.air, nnd '.ii liny your miia present now und wo will hold w.i..e '. n,u il. n .Sa. ..r r.AA ..t umcU us var Lamps Tahn-4- . L'i ss-- l.uti. 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