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U ah .aU JJ .VVJ W sM a I 1 Li IV W t a .LI - W AJ JJA .4iT AJ A J I II V. . 1. A XrvkA a hnp tea bSnd fe fas. kk Hi&jSv W V hs -- CM Lrflj L- - d HSW.f.ViSlI 1 3 ( miwa nm t n f- - t !j i i vt t n iiimih mmm tssssm Wi I tun ' ' isitBB 1 c 'I'wu uuLLJinj win dc paia ror eacn irem priruca on una page, uieciu ara s BJamMemKirmC m.jm\- iHKi i dition to thi. navment. Open to all readers. . Uf wSSKSKBik : ' JXE&iEteB kA I ...... . . J r ?ttt8 ii i,. JWAifaK J I MANHATTAN. A MINSTREL AND HIS MANAGERS. THE FIRST ACT of \East of Suez\ last night, at thj AFTER Theatre, I stepped Into 421 Street with tho usual crowd looking for a chanco to ainolto and, with tho rest, was entertained by an actor not down on tho bill. A boy of tho streets about twolvo years old, 1 should say, sang \Three o'clock In the iMornlng\ for u In a sweet boylBh volco. As ho sang ho snapped his Angers, shook his little body, and danced about In true Jazz fashion. He really was a clover little performer and so was each of his two \managers.\ One of theso kids stood Just behind mo In the crowd, and at the psychological moment tossed a quarter Into tho ring around tho singer. The third boy, on the outsldo of the circle across from me, promptly followed suit and you know how theso things happen Immediately there was a rain of coins. The two young managers at once began tho work of picking up tho money. Tho singer gave us one more Bong, for good measure. Then tho trio beat It for the nearest automat, to split the \take\ and dine like noble- men. Patrick Connors, No. 1133 Lexington Avcnuo. CHEATING CIIKATRI14. On a train from Hockaway this morn- ing. Mated Immediately In front of mc wu a young man apparently Immersed In Mb newspaper, whllo beside him sat tory conversation with a commuter In front of him. When the collector started to rather tickets tho week-end- asked, \Can w (ret away with It this tlmo?\ And the commuter replied. 'Sure; Just keep your eye on the conductor.\ Tho latter punched tho commuter's ticket, then, as he turned to punch tickets across the aisle, the ticket was swiftly passed backward, both men sharply watching the conductor tho while. Hut when he turned to the week-end- the Utter had no ticket and was forced to pay a cash fare Tho conspirators Krcw very excited after they found the ticket on the floor but they hadn't seen what I aw, for they were watching tho con- ductor. The newspaper reader had taken the ticket when the commuter passed It hack, had let tho conductor punch It, and then dropped It on the floor. Who said \honor among thieves\? Anna It. Gorman, No. 2 Itector Street. 50 DAOOAOi: SMASIIKIt.. On Spruce Street y I saw nn ex- - I to eat press wagon on which was printed, VHandled with a conscience.\ I do not know jw elastic that express com- pany's conscience may be. but would recommend a trinl to people who own lonjr suffering trunks. .Mrs. W. N. I'er-rl- n, No. 15 Spruce Street. XO \M3IIVKN.\ l!, tat in the Long Island Railroad ; man inttrro nation point, who during a wait fired a steady harragt of inconsequenlal questions at Ait father. The father answered every ouastton to the best of his if ability and without a single word or tone of impatience. lt'ije father; fortunate child! Jenny It. Merrill, No. 100 Vanhattan Avenue. THE ITAR IX MAIlI!p .SUTAIIU. I was passing through Madison Square Park this evening when 1 wns V stopped by a man and young lady who , were gating up at the Illuminated ltdr k that takes tho place of the \Tree of ' Light\ throughout the ear except . Christmas time. They were strangers the olty and asked me what the stm Sin ! explained, but 1 had supposed j- that tree and star were known ull ov r ' y the country. James J. Uaines, No. 3JS East 23d Street. V !m;kki in. About a minute after II o'clock Sun- day morning fourteen of us who work from 6 to C as a night force for tho Hooven letter Service at tho address below started walking down hix nights of dark stairs to get our supper. We found the Iron gate padlocked. Tim chief clerk, who usually chucks the keys back through the gute for our use uftur locking up, hud put them In hla pocket and gone homo to Hutherford. N. J. We phoned to his house and whllo he was hotf purring It back In a taxi to relcasu the \prisoners we telephoned to a restaurant and sotun sandwiches were poked In to us thiough the gatfl'a grating. OIIe N. Ilartt, No. 114 East 25th Street. row iTu tiii\ M)(ir.s'i'H). To-da- y on the east side of Fifth Ave ; nue near 17th Street I saw a number Ol prujnr entiiiN iiiiumkii n v nmu nr Hiirrri fin nri ni't'ii mi i riini okii Ua, 41..,, n,l,.nna ,.. r.liva fit llllllfn In the window nl-- o were pamphlets on obesity curec, what to eut. etc It was interesting to note that both men and . Pwnn.an unnn Mil' 111 the WUltlOW c marched off with a military bearing F- - tho d unity of a Dranu new feconu lieu tenant than which mere is nouiing k.fit.'nrofw1 ntiph. Walter . Kim? HOT nOSTl31l SWEH'IS. And now meet the hot rousted sveo 'botato. latest rival to the roasted chest Sinut. At Slott and Houston Streets to t&.UAj i \ . \ ....... ,Bfor a dime anu walk ufT munching them LVXilQlr Ul'llbtUUa tt. will'. ' ' i.a.n-- IU rmm and It certainly made me hungry. Arthur Stanton. No. 280 L.afavette '.ML HIPBBI. mk \WHAT nr.i- - 1 war crossing the 129th Street llridg :on a Third Avenue \L. train y when I saw u Joudcd barge creeping along In tow of a lug. Its name, print 5ed In large, proud, white litters on Iti bcw. was Esther \Mnn o' War. \a Some siieed Voletsky, No. SKust Ilroud' \FItH;.DL While motoring through Bcranton, Pa., my old home town, sato again tho sign upon a building that used to make me cry when I was a tittle irl the ?ns-- f hidden: stu-i- d and destructive sign that ever teas placed on a building. It was \Home of the Friendless.\ The sign Is brutal. It is a gross insult to any person who enters that home. It is a disgrace to Scranton's intelligence. Bad enough, isn't it, to go into any 'irome\t But think of the Miffs children sntc frolicking in the grass surrounrflno that pretty Home, confronted by that insoriplion and having it engraved daily upon their subconscious minds.' Scranton citi- zens should wake up to that inhu- man inscription. Estrlle Loomis, No. tiO iresf tkth Street. ni'Li, rioiiT. On HSlh Street, between KIrst and Second Avenues, I saw a \bull fight\ staged, and save for the fact that a goat acted as the bull. It was all very realistic. One boy was acting ns man- ager, calling orders, and another, n matador, was waving a red tablecloth that tho \bull\ manifested a disposition Just when the excitement reached its height, an Itallun woman broke through the onlookers, seized tho matador by tho ear, rescued her table cloth unci led him away. Tho crowd hissed the Inglorious retirement of the Intrepid r, but the 'goat, head down nnd belligerently, harged tho onlookers nnd they va moosed. Alice Ulum, No, 241 West 113th Streot. OOINO 1IOMR. i am a stenographer on the Pennsy's famous \Itroadway Limited.\ To-da- y while on my way to Now York I talked with a Elrl of four or five years In one of the sections, who was travelling nlono. She told me she was to be met t the Btatlon by mamma and daddy. 'and daddy Is going to bring mc a new doll.\ The Pullman conductor Informed mo her parents had been In an automo- bile accident, that her father was dead nd her mother wus not expected to live more than a few hours. The Travellers Aid had put her on the train, nd sho was to be enred for In New ork by some kind friend. I am not shnmed to confess that I wns among those who shed tears as Urn child left the train. Edwin It. Swartz. No 3016 II roadway. RICHMOND. xo ijoithhino Ai.i.owr.n. was about to drop a ticket in the box of the Houth Ferry Million of the \I for the Third Avenue line y when a man elbowed his way through and dropped his ticket into it. Then he stoppid short and hur- riedly dipped his hand into the box as if to draw out the ticket. Of course the ticket chopper attendant \cnlbrf\ htm. H'nerrwpon the man, who made it fcnotcn that he wanted the Sixth Avenue fine (intend of the Third, licytin an nrwument Itifmdcd to pet for him either his nivkel or the ticket, and for all I know ho may still be there. - Mary Sherwood, V\. i1 Jcrsiy Street, New Ilngh-to- H. I. lltltll.SIVVIIII.H imtli.m; On Sunday afternoon three musician started a dance tune on their stringed Instrument. hen, lo the amusement of the passenger on the ferry boat from SI. Grow to Manhattan, a dlKnl tied, clrrrial looking man left his law family, spread out his arms and da nerd the entire lenRth of the cabin \Hot tloif!\ \Good for ou, old top'\ v. ere nmonK tho expressions shouted li.m Then he suddenly r. culled his dlcnlty. His hands dupped to his sides and he walked Hiberly baik to rejoin his fain- - ll. who.tu astonishment sppeured to be as (treat as that of the oilier pus nKers. Wlllluin II. Coin. No. 37 Liberty Av DoiiKan Hills, Btutcn Ulund. tiiii itnnn-vM)-ri- i,im:, About 11 o'clock on Thursday I siw a mull and a woman kIvIiir fish and loaves of bread from more lhan u dozen standlni? on the sidewalk at South ni.d l'ultun Siieriu lo poor men women and chlldien. Thu uhopp'tu ban uf one of the puur women, wlio wit about sixty-fiv- e years old, wus filled with fish and she was kIvcii four loaves of bread. \Thank you vary much, a id may God bless you,\ she smiled, as shj siarted for home with the food. Charlea Marino, No. 330 Old Town lload, South Uracil, S. 1. TiinviiK a lot or tauk. On Wull Hi left. New llrluhum. where them Is n new bulldlm; under construe tlon, I saw a hod carrier who had Just finished his lunch take a comb from till pocket and carefully comb his wuiMnrhe Elizabeth M. White. No t Tuylor Street. West New HiIkIiIoiH Siaten lslutid. f:' A PAGE OF BRIGHT, UNUSUAL HAPPENINGS REPORTED FOR EVENING happenings EDITOR Evening reporter. READERS OF THE EVENING WORLD READERS OF THE EVENING WORLD iVeffl Program of Awards and Special Prizes tfr.r.\ DDGE TOURING CAR FOR THE BEST STORY OF THE WEEK. $100 in Cash y U for the Second in Merit. $50 for the Third. $2'5 for the Fourth. TEN stories adjudged Next in Merit, $5 Each. Competition open to all readers. Special Awards For School Students At m will1 be divided weeldy among high school pupils contributing to the \What Did You See To-- p 1 UU Day?\ page. For the best letter of each week sent in by a high school student, $50; second best, $25; five next in merit, $5 each. Special Awards For University and College Students 1 OO e (nv'dcd weekly among university and college contributing to the page, For the p begt jettcr of the week $50. seconti i,est letter, $25.; five letters next in merit, $5 School and oollege contributors MUST name their schools. Wait for the worth while Incident. Do not try to writs every day. Bear In mind the questloni \WHAT DID YOU Not what somebody also aaw, not what you heard and not something that happened last summer. What did YOU see ? Contributors to ths pags should writs of subjsets with whloh thsy are familiar. Choose, preferably, things that happen In your own neigh- borhood. Tell your story, if possible, In not mors than 125 words. State WHERE tho incident took place. Writo your name in full. Writs your address carefully. Address your letter to \What Did You See Evening World, P. O. Box No. 185, City Hall Station, New York. OUT OF TOWN. DORAN'8 COURT AT GREENWICH, y SAW PATSY DOIIAN'S COURT this morning, and 1 Baw It yestor- - day morning, and x goo It many'a tho morning, and over It grows more delectable to tho ulght. We look out from tho station win- dows, over tho wide open space- where later In the day uutomoblloi will bo parked, past tho trolley track, past tho great lordly elm, and then jeglnn tho deep wide lawn, with cottages alongside screened by Ivy, wistaria and Virginia creeper. Another graceful elm, a fow other trees, many flowers, great festoons of climbing plants, tho leaves of them now a riot of autumn coloring. Then tho big wido porch and the great wide house. 'A big bouse, nlno window, wide on tho ground floor and five windows wido on each of tho upper atorlos. I'ntsy must bo as thoughtful of commuters as ho is of trees nnd flowers. A sight of his place, the first thing in tho morning, puts something cheerful into one's heart thnt tho day in tho Big Town never dampens. J M. McGlynn, No. 95 Mason Street, Greenwich, Conn. \SPECIAL.\ A PUPIL of the Yonkera High School. I have tho privlloge BEING using the Specinl High School Tuckahoo car. To-da- I loft tho school at 12.45 P. M did somo roforonco reading at the Public Library and finished considerable shopping. I have had to board crowded trolley cars, never having seen tho \special\ which Is supposed to run for school convenience. Delng exactly ono hour after school dismissal, I was fortunate to be ono on tlmo for thp High School car. As the car camo along, a crowd of over fifty persons ruBhed to board it. They wero waved away by tho con- ductor, with a cry of \for High School students only!\ If you aro not acquainted with Yonkers\ street car service you cannot imagine tbelr disappointment. At tho next cornor thirty more commuters were denied admission for tho samo reason. Somo, observing that TWO passengers wore riding where thore was room for forty, expressed their Indignation in Btrong languago. A llttlo further along the road an inspector enmo on board to check up tho conductor, who reported \one faro and ono transfor.\ Ono hour after I reached homo my brother arrived. Ho was on tho car following tho High School Special but, owing to tho crowded con- dition of the car, he was carried somo distance beyond his usual stopping place. Minnie Scott, No. 38 Gordon Strett, Palmer Hoiphts, Yonkers. VOl) SHOII.I) m:i; him Aiimvii 111 IS fioisi; saw y the menncjt man in tho world. He was driving a small louring car on Brighton Avenue, Perth Amboy. Five small lads, none over twelve years old, were kicking a football at the side of the road. Accidentally, the football hit the man's windshield and bounced back into the road. It did absolutely no damage, but this mnn suddenly stopped his car. climbed out, got the ball, remarking \You'll never get this again,\ and drove off with it. Alfred H. Boissons, No. r9 Brighton .i venue, Perth Amboy, N. J. - -- -- A IIUKilll Ml III' MIKWKII. I was attrnrt.,1 by a ern. y In front of a baiber shop on Franklin Street. Peering through the window I saw a boy of about twelve years of age. wearing knickerbockers, standing on a box anil trimming the, hair of nn elderly man In a chair. He did the Job In a workmanlike fuehion, nnd nftor clipping the man's hair, he shaved him at thi temples and on the neck, pow- dered htm, combed his hair, released him from the chair and shouted for tho nett customer. George I. Kaplan, No. 28 Main Street, Norwich, Conn. Special Awards Week Durant Car and Cash Prize Division First Award Durant Touring Cnr JULIET V. DKUTSCH. No. 331 Second Avenue. Second Award $100 EDWARD D. MILLER, No. 433 South 21at Street, lrvington, N. J. Third Award $50 MAIIV AVERY, No. 29 Coldon Avenue. Flushing, I I. Fourth Award $25 WILLIAM E, MALONEY, No. 414 \Wost Slat Hlrnot. Ten Awards of $B Each DAN H. MAUE. No. COS Wost 118th Etroot, T. P. No. 408 Union Court, Ellstalwth, N. j, QEOnciH MONACO. Walnut Stroot. Aqucduot, ljuooiis, L. I, JANE M. H. HAVEN, No. 803 Lexington Avenito. JAMES J, DARNEB, .No. 338 Knnt !8il Htroot. MARIA STItUOLIA, Publlo Hohoot No. 113, 1Mb Avtmue nnd 71st Streot, Ilrooklyn. HARRY W. MTCHET.HON, 1, O, Rtntlon 3, New Yorlt Pity CELIA WEIHH. Nn. 821 Enst HlSth Hlrret, MltS. M. M. DUN' HAH. Nn, MU West H3d Hlreet MRS. VALKHKA M'WIIODl), No. 810 70th,Hti-M-t- , Hiuokln AJLAT Lit WORLD pays liberally FIRST of FIRST of BIG Bcekman 4000. the CITY of World. Every a BY J))! students Previously HOU8LEY, QUEENS. IN HASTINGS UPON HUDSON. t FIRST PAIR OP KNICKERS makes you long lur u hike r and the opportunity to stretch your legs In wido unfamiliar A strldos over green grass and dusty road. So it was that Sunday saw my husband and mo abandoning tho Borough of Queons and trudg- ing across country from Tarrytown toward Now York. We had wnlked about ten miles, had eaten our luncheon saated upon a mound of fallen brown leaves, and Anally arrived at Hastlngs-on-the-Hudso- n. Wo started for the station. Beautiful country landscape changed to village dwellings, Street and tho corner drug-stor- e. Our course led us to that part of tho town nearest the river. Children, dressed In their Sunday best, romped tho homes of the town's working class. Along I strolled, hat in hand, short hair free to the breeze. Suddenly wo were startled by the cry of ono of the children, promptly taken up by nnother, and soon becoming one grand chorus: \See the boy with the long hair!\ \O seo tho boy with tho long hair!\ see the boy with tho long hair!\ I angry, or proud\ - Mth. II. Rlesenberg, No. 10G Beach C4th Street, Arverne. L. I. \CAIIHOTS! WHO'LL IILV MY CAKHO'IVS.\ On Alburtls Avenue y I saw a little woman walking down th street with her nim akimbo and a galvanized Iron wnMitub balanced perfectly on hrr head. When she got to me, sho put down her wushtub and if I want- ed to buy some carrots. .Several ot us purchased carrots, und then sho put Ihe washtub, almost filled with the vege- table, on hrr head again with surpris- ing case and trudged down the street. Mrs. Rcglna Karstadt, No. 7D Roosevelt Avenue, Corona, Queens. \Nt'MHKK I'LLASH.\ This Is what 1 aaw to-d- In tho rrntr.il office at Jamaica: Soldiers of tnr switchboard the telephone oper ators. They sit watchfully, answering call.t. Hrre and there, pcrhnps, a mo- ment of comedy, but in nn Instant nil Is attention again. Tlach one of them Is your confidant, willing to help you anonymously, quietly, elllclently. Per haps you acknowledge your Indebted ness wllh a \thank you,\ or. evtn a cuss word. Itut ever they have \the voice with a smllo.\ Molly Trant. No. 11! Ocean Avenue. Ozone I'ark, Queens. I'ltOll III.V T1I13 nlUTOH. First Impressions? Pooh! Returning from school y on tho Corona sub- way, I saw sitting across the aisle n scholarly looking man whose eyeglasses added lo his studious appearance. clnsslfll-- Mm as a doctor, lawyer or professor. Ah. but wait a minute! What was ho reading? That would help de- cide, his piofesion. Ho was absorbed In reading a magazine on whoso cover was printed 1n flaring red letters something llko''Mii!i Stories\ 1 think ho must have, been u flapper nt heart. Cath erlno leahy, No. St West Fillmore Ave nue, Corona. for the in cash for news really THE news news. Call Ask for The reader High ?5 each. SEE Main before Was asked I IK WI.NS. Our eiifeen-monfns-oI- baby puts tip an awful fight every evening when he ts put to bed. Last night I determined to let him cry t out. He'd wail four or five limes nnrf then become silent, while he listened to learn if any one was coming. This was continued for quite a while, suddenly he changed his tactics. He began calling' \You-oo-n- mamma' You-oo-o- mamma !\ He had never said the words before, but ha had heard his three-year-ol- d brother say them often, and. evidently, he was putting his knowledge into practice. Arcordingly, I couldn't help after that but go and put him to sleep myself. Mrs. Anna R. it cM anus. No. 9534 77tn Street, lt'oodftaven, (Juccns. TIllJ.TKIOI, KFFKC'r. This was my wife's birthday, and 1 gave her somo money to buy a hat ns a t from me. This evening shi asked me to go with her to the Ulch- - mond Hill Theatre, where as prlzs Hie management was to give away ladles' hats. I declined to go, but suggested that she take her mother, adding, Jok- ingly: \And bring home a hat.\ Wli\ti eh\ rame in a few minutes ago, I asked : \Where Is Ihe bat?\ \Here!\ she cried, and sure enough, there was new hat she had won at the theatre - Matthow J. Jahrlng. No. 87C8 lOJth Street, Richmond Hill, Queers. HOME \rtl.N'KINI\ I have seen many a pumpkin, but never havo I seen ono as large as a pumpkin I posticus und which was raised by my old dad. It measures 30 inches one way and 27',4 inches the other and weighs 126 pounds. Frieda J. Miller, No. 287 Queens Houlevard Clmliurat. Queens. University and College Division First Award $50 ADRIAN J. I1ERKOW1TZ, Yalo. Second Award $25 WARREN FRIEDMAN, Columbia. Five Awards of $5 Each ANTHONY P. UIHLEIN, Fordhnm Law. LUCILLE GRAY PEDERSEN, School of Journalism, N. Y. U. HUE II. -- M'DONNELL, Columbia. IRVINO J. A 13 RAMS, N. Y. CoUoiro of DontUtry. FRED J A COnd, No. 201 Rutledfro Streot, Brooklyn Hiffh School Division First Award $50 RUTH CIIAP1N SMITH, No, 4 Clrnvo Stroet, McnhattoJi. Second Award $25 JAM1CH 1J. JKNKINH, No. 11 Atlantic Avcnun, Freeport, L. I. Five Awards of $5 Each 1\11HD UIILEMANN. No, in:il 117th Street. Olen Morris, U I f'Lll'Tonn NOHBS, No, 41(1 West 21Mh Streot. I), HAl H1CN, No. 130 Winter Avenue, New TtrlKhton, H- I SAMI'HL fll'TKH, No, 407 K,-n- i stroet, Brooklyn. II Y.MAN I'ltllJDMAN, No. Il Hold Stieot, Ilrooklyn. 6EE PAQE THREE for etorlea which wen the lar0or awards, pictures of tho lenders, ete, New eontsst week bQlns Next 8aturdy' firet prise will bo a Dodoo Tourlna Car, Haven't YOU Aen somethino Interesting! ? Write to THE EVENING WORLD bout It. I T BRONX. CONCERNING THE DURABILITY OF A LOLLYPOP. HAVE OFTEN WONDERED how long an \all-ua- y sucker\ wins j last. To-da- y, I found out At 14th Street, a healthjr- - looking youngstor entered tho express with his mamma and thai two seated themselves across tho car from mo. Sho opened a plumpl candy bag and turned ovor a handsome lollypop for her eon's con-- 3 sumption. When tho tast car of the train had Just rounded tho cunra 1 tho lollypop entered tho mouth of the young man for solution. It ' created a lump on the right sldo of his face about tho size of a lemon. At Grand Central tho lump wa3 still on the right side and the consumer had reduced Its size by approximately 25 per cent. At 86th Street the lump was about the sizo of a lime, but its sltuB had changed to tho left sldo. At 125th Street, tho lump had re ceded to the proportions of an almond. At Mott Haven, our horo asked for \another lollypop, Ma.\ An all-da- y sucker will last about as long as It takes for an express train to cover ths dlstanco between 14th Street and Mott Haven, or about 25 minutes. Leon Hartmnn, No. 527 East 160th Street, Bronx A NIGHT'S LODGING. Li e last night au myhusband and I entered tho hall of our house near Uni- versity Avenue, I saw the shadow of a hand flicker on the Inside of the glass elevator door, frightened, I midacd my husband and for safety's sake ho led me upstairs. I could hardly sleep all night. This morning the Superinten- dent told me that when her husband went to open the elevator early this mornlns, It was locked from the inside. Suddenly it opened and out ulked a poorly dressed woman and made lt. Mrs. Frank L. Slnccr. No. 31 West KliiBsbrldye Hoad, llronx. \sam\ The empty work, \UNDER THE INFLUENCE.\ MY WAY TO BUSINESS this I tho vacant ON which facing Villa Avenue, Immediately back of Midway across tho lot I unon two great henna rnlnlnx appeared to havo been dumped by some started In to make a hatch of \home brew\ and gavo It a bad frisky were gorging thomnelves upon these raisins. Tho nay have there for somo and I watched them only a moment wlicn I came to conclusion there in the Tl.o goats wero joyously They butted one another plajTull, and like two \box-flgbters- .\ The smnll boy wlo as in chargo did not know what to make of them. resisted every to drive them to paDiuie. in- - rtua Bomewnai mgnienea. I was muoli of a to wait and see how It all out. Tho last I saw picture, had placed a the collar of each of tho and the were stoutly refusing to movo on. Zula V Shaner. No. Orand Concourse, Bronx. BROOKLYN. ''II.M; FltOM Tim II. t fishing Sunday on the Rosa M'e tried one anchorage after another at the Banks without success, we spied a sharp cut- ting through the water. The Cap- tain, armed with a gun, on the jump at the cry of \Shark!\ Standing on the deck he aimed and fired. There was a thrashing pother in the water, a big splotch of blood appeared on the surface and we found the right fishing spot shortly afterward. Martin M'achtel, No. 179 ilillcr Avenue, Brooklyn. c.u'rjiiT i.v Tim noon. I saw .\omethlnc happen to a mini wife the other Tho church servlco hail starteil In Uuclbl Avenue nnntist arm sue nurrieu down the xtalrn of tho pnrsonaRu closed tho front door behind her. AIhh, she could ro no further, for her skirt was caught In the door. She ivaj a prlf-om-- and she had no Vev sho would have hnd to remain nearly nn hour If a friend who makes her homo with her had not nlonfr anil her. It would have been quite the experience I have ever witnessed If the minister . wire nnl not been myself ! llmtly Hakes, No. 12 Street, Ilrooklyn. imi'i;n. WhllA naaiatlnt- - lis ft lnniTshOremall with tho loadiiiR of tho British sieanier Nanerlc at No. 3, Hush UooKS, I saw stowaways lirouuht aboard by lillclals trom uua ibinnn. um-- , inm Calcutta, bad lost tinners from the fi lii.ml tniil thu flrt mate, whllo the latter was puttlnK bracelets on him, 11., it Vin unnM nan.nn rrilpreiinnil the mate called two coolies they loped the man fast to a siancmon. n wns a unpleasant sluht.- - William Kelioo. No. 273 H3d Street. Ilrooklyn. oMi TiiiMi I. i:ns TO V NCI I II Ily tho dim of llnhls bumlnfj In Irvine Square Park at 5 o'clock this mornlnu I saw v. 1ml appeared to a $10 ypllowtmrk. When I picked It up I saw printed on the reverse side, \Don't forRot tho Krnnd annual ball, &c..'' so l threw it clown. A few further on I found h dollar was not phony. Joseph Morton, No. 5C5 Wilson Avo-nu- e, Brooklyn. AcciDnvr.vi.i.v. A bright Blow appealed lilio a belated sunset attracted my while I was at dinner last evenlnic. and I ran out cipectlnK to witness n phenomenon. T siciv a wooden shunly ablaxe at Avenue and list Street. Children In multitudes dancing de lightedly to seo the endues racltiK up the street. The lire wns quenched In a trice and then the firemen, either or as a Joke, Rnve the onlook- ers a shower boforo leaving. Joseph Thomas Quarlnb, No. list Street. Brooklyn. TWICK A WINNHU. What I saw In my home last night was my husband nnd myself, after hav- ing washed the supper dishes, start n race for the \What Did See?\ page of Tho livening World. I won. Mr. 11, V. No. 4916 Sixth Avenue, Brooklyn. rou woonFiii. Franklin Theatre on Prospect Avenue was celebrating \Do a Kind Act Wn'k.\ I saw euc hone of htc lane tmdlence put an hand into a pocket, draw forth a coin and fill a plate which was bring passed. Even the children Rave their pennies. On th screen wns the picture of an American M soldier chopping wood. The collection was for him. He was Samuel WoodflL who Gen. 1'ershlnR said was the finest solill-- r In tho United States Army over- seas. He Is now doing carpentry we were told, to keep his home from bring taken rrom him. Frieda Fried- man, No. 671 Kast lClth Street, Bronx. morning crossed lot lies, the house. came nf that one who up as Job. Two goat.\ castoff animals been time, the that was \kick\ stuff. exuberant. even sparred of( the animals Jhey his effort along In too hurry camo of the tuo boy rope around goats animals .1001 HOS.V from B. Fish- ing when suddenly fin appeared ster evening. unurcn and quickly There como freed funniest Hill l'ler three three II,. and forward very lill. glimmer be steps half that that attention when Ninth wero 931 You Spocht, victoh i f a s i non. TTften this morning the first thing I saw was a little dog a neighbor had plecn me. Did you ever own a dogt Oh, boy!\ It's great! This puppy is said to bo o Oreaf Dane, but my aunt declares it looks more like a donkey. But he looks like, he s all mint nucJ lore him. Victor Booth, No, H0 Halsey Street, Brooklyn, 41, t mil ,. ii utrn.t. n HATED. Tn.il.n ... t. M T .. .. ll- -t vw-- - ui-i- direct wun my ion, .. v (. .iinii.tu uii nilUK ICll D1CCVB were a number of bright yellow stripes. The child Inquired what tho hrlght tttrfnnu ll'arn ti.r nnH In .Ininlll,. swer to the bounds of his understand- - Flace, Urooklyn. ;ooi)-xATriti- :n Mit o,i.nBit. wns.pntnir In tin rA.Aln..tr.l n.na wUnnK iiik it uii iui ma cuiiuiiiiiev in n nn,pn ut rrv.l.i .i o.t. o. ... M.,vt nun Uti L'Cl fill tflM- - U'llfin n 1 .Ir., anr.rr a.. IIT.. II Qn.1.1. l. , - .. ... . i,.- vurui (inir- - Hum HID UllVPr OI Court, Brooklyn. Al'TKll SI.XTKBX TKAHH. At H.30 this morning in Sake uiy misuunn waul ud to a MnlHmaB iitejinei in in.- - lur uenartment &nit - anti-- i n ye irs Thv friend stantly reetignlzed by my liusbilnil. but Sllltle eXtlbllHltlnil WHS runlllrd.) nr. UWrUilllU n UU1L LU IIIIlKt- - IlllllHbir lnn' ... . . . ' '!\ ii- iH me iii.i or sev i.iti. u tiittij-iiii.-- e nun iju pounds to lire. Airii M v . iuu iu.. . . mi- - tjiuuitiyii m.iiiiMi ov MTiin piurc.\ I wns looking thnunrh tin- - What i on Ht': nut-.- , i.i, it .. i j.... ' \ (.in pi ised io see I an article written i i iV dHughter-law- . Mrs William II ll.-- t of No 90 laeue Avenue, KukIhw nod N J, printed on the s.ttne ,li.v ilmt ono I contrn.iH.a Wat, iiki-i- i ii ns b Sim coincldene that Imth artiole- - should polished on the snnie day when nelt ui in, anew m. ,,. i Ms sending la, I .. II II.. ... Ki.. ... . .. r. . Urooklyn. Minions i: r.iiiv nnitK. a i nun wn i. i i nun mc X3Qf ough Hall Stiitinii ui tin attj Just as I ateppiU the train ,......... ... .ui- - vnt-ty- . ... . .\.--r- . u... ,. .w act nna ugHiiisi my iiuii-s- i cuinuea uOWH nt the risk of hl safety to lu so. All about us aro persons who are ready lo perform for us kind deeds Mrs. R. H. t\'v. . w u ,uiiiTiir t,Wj

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