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The evening world. (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, November 03, 1922, Image 13

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n 33 Ti Screenings By DON ALLEN FILMERICK. fine actor named Voiin, Whose smile almost moug. !H'otifd the, air like Theodore bear TVhcn Mary just yavc him hoitg. PHIL UMM SAYS. J \Ono o' the' ilea' inoiu sublines lever written Is \Tlic 12nd.\ '.5 ft 'A mo tie; 7iis roi In a a GOOD IDEA. William l'\ox lins the lish- Idea. Vn !.. I.. .1... i uiuuy, ninny uiui'b in mu Jiatil, JiOVlo pr i 'com have lloortod tho TOrcets In 1. ..nt of their liemHrM Mtli , (,'larlng-- , rarlnt;, HiirliiK IK-lit- s no that Jjnovla cumera men could slimit notables uh thc walki'd Into Iho theatres on opening nirrntH. Llko stills nbont a lUhthousc, thousand upon tliousunila of euilous j folks jaiutned tlm lobbies and the kdjaccnt ntrecti, inaklnir It a ease jbf flght on the part of the folkn vlio srcoiiy waniru i pmor uio incline'. Last night .it tSs Uth Stirr-- l (aJheatrc. where- - Mr. I'ov iiivxr-ntt'e- l Wor tho tlrst time: \Tho VIIIhko vriuvnoill III. lii. M- mil iiu \.ft f!1lhlM nn.l llilnr-,- 1 tvi.nt iilnMi? !is fimnndi nrt lhnv ulimilil nl n Mill'.. , \Wo aro working alonp tho plan JJthat We are pivhm tlm nhow inside tand not outsl.le thr theatre,\ said ?Vi rcprcsentatuc of Mr. Fo, ycator-I'la- y. We. for onn, will firlso and wive ' .three lusty cheoru for both Jlr. Kox 1 and his safe and sane movie- - opening idea. OH! ' l?aul Terry, the. fable eartocnl?t, lloVcs children. Children seem to love PAul. Ho Hint's that! ' Anyway, Paul has a nephew who is ''about ha' pas' seven when It comes 'iltoj URC. L (On Hallowe'en the artist tool; a biff Jfcksket of r. nit to friend newy, but flRjfpre glvins it to hhn thr.titflit he'd V. out hts knowledge a bit ''If you already had tlvo apples and T rai'n , civ nr.,-- I ii'ntilil o,i - navev ue askra. \I know what I'd have tin' YOIT t'lcnnw wlint I'd li;ive' 11.iMtul li:ir! fltnn klrllet. \In 1 the ilne.tor M'nnlil e.ill If sound ,i .. ...... ... 41 il DWI1U llliiu) II i. iMiaiiltl I I ill 1 lull I IVIIICIIIIII, IJII1 It .MIUIU Ubliy JVI i mucn: if. RAY HE'S PETVED. Uaymond Helton Isn't at all in HBnnpalIiy witn .i new eeiicl just, is Jlnued by Mrs. Hutton. It seems an Itavmunil tells it on himself that recently ho was ns slirnctl to play a butler (n \Tho Hot loniol.\ and while Imtllnir was a uev soi t of a job for tho famou.i characlei man, he went at it with a will. Now, iitfalji according to himself, hr Is confrontetl with t lie dally Job of liutlltiK all over the Hatton home. \You played that butle r so well on the Hereon,\ announced Mrs. II., \that I dismissed our second man, and henceforth you will tuke his place.\ NoW, BETTY. Ttettv Hlvlhn has been busier than a palsied man drawing a straight line for the past few elns muKinjr per- sonal uPnearanees In many New ork and Urooklyn theatres. Tired out after her ninny lams io movie fans, Miss Wythe simply can-n- ot help smiling at ono rather aed inovirlte who accosted her on KUlton Street, nrooklyn, yesterday. \Are YOU 'leally Hetty Rlythe?\ asked the woman. \1 sine am!\ answered the actress. \Well.\ muttered the woman, evi- dently nonplussed, \I'd never kne you In clothes.\ ALLAN IS SHY. ATot Alton Divan, the .big dlractor, ngnln last night. Wo congratulated him for being the only movie director s ever met who overlooked a cnanee In make a speech (which Divan did at the opening of \llobln Hood. ) \That's nothing,\ h'' slamnured. Hut to change the subject. 1 was lust wind-Jammi- with a bunch of directors and found that most of them favored Independent direction that is, most 01 meiii sam ine u uuiiui bo directing a picture) of their own than for some one else. I do not tierce. I think a director woiltlng for hlmtelt Is loo much engrossed with the business find llnancl.il end of the picture to pay enough attention to the direction!\ \Why don't you use that for a little speech?\ wo suggested. \f .can't speak. I'm only a STATIC. Actual shooting has started at tho Whitman Itennetl Studio', Yonkers. on \Tho House of Solomon,\ a film that will carry sonic \Iluinoiesriue\ atmosphere. Although the Kenna fen poiation, producers oX Madge Kennedy's pic- tures, have purchased seveial popular costume stories for the star, an- nouncement was made yeterdny that her first release, \The IMrple High- way.'' would be a mnder'i story. George llackathorne, the screen character man, hus Joniid the ranks of scenario wt iters. His number on the roster Is 100,099. 712. Kenneth Webb, the director, tells u.s that he and his bmther aro hard at Work writing two vamli-vili- at-- . He al.-i'.i- lia\ tuo to his c i\ilit. lie does i THE EVENING WORLD, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 1922. Mils ns n sort of vncallon between pictures. Mary Alden, cf \A Woman's Woman,\ sympathized ivlth us yester- day and told us she, tee, had once been u newspaper wrltr. Sho still writes, but only as n slde'tne. Wnldemnr Young, who ndaplrd Joseph Herpesheimer's Mavi Head,\ ' $ has been commuting between tjio Paramount tudlos tin Long Island and t'alcm , Mass., whero most of the exteriors have been ta'ee n Now they aro advertising (leorgo Arllss In \Tho Man Who I'laved Ood\ by Miying \It'H the .inly film ever made a villain.'' Homeono told I.oti Cheney n sad. METROPOLITAN FOOTUALLSCHEDULE for TOMORROW N. Y. U, v. Trinity At Ohio Field Lafayette vs. W. & J. At Polo Grounds , C.C.N.Y. vs. N.Y. ARncultural At Lewisohn Stadium Fordham'vs. Springfield At Fordham We McCreery Men's Shop MEN'S ALL-LEATHE- R\ SHOES At this lowered price we are featuring a new Fall Shoe in Tan or Black Calfskin. It is a medium toe model with small perforations in the tip Which lend an added touch of smartness. All sizes. 5th AVENUE without James McGrsery & Co. 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