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The evening world. (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, October 30, 1922, Image 7

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1 i 3 HERALD SQUARE Luggage Specially Priced Colored Chiffon Dress Velvets, $5.94 to $9.44 a yard Beautiful all-sil- k qualities of this lovely and extremely fashionable fabric, in a large assortment of shades, both for street and evening. 42 inches wide. Erect Pile, f Paon, Panne, 3 and Colored 51.98 to $3.29 yd. 1.98 'to 3.29 yd. 1.88 yd. Red Star Portable Quality Fancy White Handles, Black Ebonized Handles, 1.64 Coco-bol- o Brcvyn Handles, Knives 64c each Slicing Knives Butcher Knives general quality steel sharp cutting edge. .quality steel with edge. 35tli NEW YOR.: Men's Pigskin Bags $7.44 A bag made from better quality pigskin and coming in either three- - or five-piec- e model; leather lined, and hand sewed frames. Size inches. Hat Boxes $4.54 and $5.54 A round model at $4.54 has solid foundation covered with black enamel duck, 2 fiat forms, is cretonne lined. lSxl.'inches. A square model at $5.54 has wood frame cov- ered with black enameled and,has re- inforced leather corners. Size 18x18x11 inches. Both models hate strong carrying handles and metal fittings. Superior Kit Bags Strongly made of long grain cowhide with reinforced corners. The frame is unusually heavy and has brushed brass fittings. The bag is additionally reinforced with a strong strap about the Plaid lining. Sizes: 20, 22, and 26 Fitth 34th Hear. Fashionable Velvets 38 to 42 inches Trimming Millinery Velvets Erect Pile, Paon, 3Jtli Electric Sewing Machines $34.50 $19.74 The woman to do a amount of her own sewing at home will readily appreciate the fine points of machines: autocade tension release g handsome icalnut case oajlJy carried complete set of steel attachments it's year (ruarauteo ayainst dejevtive matciMli and worlimuMhip in the machine (electric executed) jV Fourth 3Jllt Hear. Good Steel Knives and Forks for Kitchen or Table Use Sets of 6 Knives and 6 Forks Bone $2.49 or 1.14 'Kitchen for use a fine with a Bread Knives of serrated 3573 llaiement, Street. 18 a and' Size duck' center. 24 inches. jjjfjj Floor, Street, Black All Silk Velvets, $5.44 to $13.48 a yard Both chiffon and erect' pile velvets, latter now much in Vogue. wide. Panne, -- Second Door, Street. who likes certain these needle about motot Iloor, Street, In and the the the Black $1.69 to $3.69 yd. 1.98 to 2.79 yd. 2.29 to 3.49 yd. 1 ... . 11 For Cold Weather Ideal for bedroom, nur- sery, office, bathroom or school, because: they permit free circu- lation of air' without drafts they keep out dust and soot and rain or snow they help to prevent those autumn colds that result from the changes in temperature , they help to keep the ' toom at an ccen, com- fortable warmth. Height Width Inches Inches Price 9 15to2J 36c 9 23 to 37 42c 9 29 to 49 54c 9 34 to 59, ' ' 6tc 15 23 to 37 59c IS, 29 to 49 69c 53 Ilaemcnt, 35tli Mrret. ltctir. Chair Lamp and Shade, $24.89 Usually $33.78 , . Complete with Bulbs Standard is in polychrome combination of navel design, hand carved. Shadei are of Georgette or brocaded silk in a variety of colors. Including the. new bell shape wi'.hout fringe. All shades lined with r,ilk in contrast- ing color. Floor Lamp (three-quart- er size) and Shade $29.50 (Illustrated) Usually $36. 14 , Complete with Bulbs A standard finished in either mahogany oc gold and black. Oval shape shade of Georgette over two layers of silk with heavy metallic trimming and velvet ribbon drawn work. The duplex fringe is extra long and made of silk. Desk or Piano Lamp, $3.59 The square metal base in bronze finish is sturdily made and has an adjustable metal shade. Price is for lamp complete with cord, plug and socket. Illustrated. Boudoir Lamp, $4.9G Usually $5.94 A new design in both standard and shade. The base is of metal in ivory finish with embossed design. 'Attractive shade in conventional design, in either ro3s, blue, gray or green. Price is for lamp complete with cord, plug, socket and bulb Illustrated. SU Bemeil. S4tli street, I rout. THE EVENING WORLD, MONDAY, OCTOBER 30, 1922. Window Ventilators Decorative Lamps Specially Priced Merchandise Advertised Here on Sale Tomorrow, Unless Otherwise Stated For Men and Women Umbrellas, $3.79 Lowest Verified Price Elsewhere $5.50 These umbrellas are made of Gloria Silk, an exceptionally fine mixture of silk and cotton, on strong eight-ri- b paragon frames, and- - arc desirable both for quality and for durability.\ For Women amber Bakelitc or selected woods capped with Bakelitc, with ring, leather loops or the smart side straps. For Men selected woods in the desirable Prince 'of Wales style. Some models have amber tips and stub ends; all have silk case jyjjjjj Mlo rioor, llroaclnaj. Smart Blouses For the Larger Woman Cleverly designed to create an effect of slender-nes- s, these smart extra-siz- e blouses skilfully combine comfort with correctness of style. Braiding artistically placed, in a design of Russian inspiration, relieves the dignified' simplicity of a charming overblousc of crepe dc Chine. In the smart new. shades. Illustrated left. $12,74 Rows of floss embroidery subtly convey the desired impression of length and slimncss in the graceful overblousc at the right. Also of crepe de Chine, and to be had in the season's fashionable colors. $9.74 Other braid, floss and metal embroidered blouses, and simpler ones for utility wear. $0.24 to $17.74 I i$i2nZ \T' floor. 31th Street, Trout. Exceptional Prices on Silver Plated Ware (Heavily silver plnted on nickel silver) cheese Water Pitchers $9.44 plain bright large making drinks. 2 quart Cracker Cheese Dishes two charming designs one daintily pierced and burnished, other ham- mered in finish. h diameter. Hie covered dich may be re- moved used for olives or sweetmeats. Illustrated. each In design with finish and open, top, it practical for iced capacity. Illustrated. and 3.69 each In the soft gray and Sugar and Cream Sets $3.96 set (fold lined with bright fin- ish and plain design. An attractive set for service of fruit or cereals. Main L'loor, Uroadnny. With a thought to Xmas stocking that uil be waiting to be filled - Toy Motor Trucks and Steam Shovels Made entirely of steel, bound and riveted, these will resist the roughest sort of play. They are finished in shining black and red baked enamel. Although they weigh only 9 lbs. they arcsturdy enough to sup- port even Daddy's weight. T(hrec models, each equipped with non-curlin- g cord with which to pull them. Express body truck, 234x9i, $5.11 Dump body truck, 25x9i, 5.74 ' State body truck, 25x10, 5.74 Steam shovel, an exact model of those used all around the city now in building construction. -- Fifth Floor, SltU Mreet. $4M $23.74 U B I till H Ml tnr hsi m7r. \rfrr-- . Women's Sport and Utility Coats $23.74 $39.75 Regutofr and Extra Sizes 34 to 50'2 $23. 74haTc roomy, full-leag- th coats of fine English fl;eces and herringbones, in subtle heather colorings, grays, browns, tans and stYmll checks. Individual style touches on cqllars, cuffs, and sleeves add to their smartjaiss. Excel- lent ior knock -- about wear and vintcr sports, Continuing the Sale of Prophyl actum Dental Cream Made in our own labor- atories, after careful an-a'ys- ts of the best creams on the market and thor- ough tests of its ability to meet the require- ments of good denti- frice. It cleans arrests decay in th; teeth checks soft, spongy or bleeding gums. Large 3 oz. tube, 23c Usually 29c IMHtnirnl, Main l'loor, Hear. i,! ' ' ..... . ' v a , c\1 rH r,f\jf 1'edcsta. Swing Photo- graph Frames $1.34 car Wood frames finished in dull blue or sepia and gilt, in tones that har- monize well with decora- tive schemes. Complete witlT glass and remov- able back in the follow- ing popular sizes: 5x7, 6x8, 7x9 7x11 and 8x10. m.ft, Main l'loor. Brassieres To Mould Your Figure $1.69 Cleverly cut so that they give your form the slen- der lines so desirable, these are practical as well as attractive, in an unusually heavy lus- trous satin. Ribbon shoulder straps, fasten in back, adjustable elas- tic waistline. Sizes 32 to 46 . $39. 75 Good-lookin- g spoit coats with fitch, opossum, civet cat and raccoon collars. Lined to the waist with lambskin and to the hem with suede, they make excellent motor and utility coats, splendid for warmth and general' wear. Also at this price arc full-line- d extra-siz- e top-coa- ts of warm imported woolens. -- Third Moor, Mtli street. I'roht. , Smart Felt Hats $2.97 ': Our usual price $4.9G When fiills arc abandoned for severe tailleurs, and sim- plicity becomes the keynote of one's costume you may be sure the appropriate headwear for the occasion will be a good-lookin- g felt hat, such ns these at this alluringly low price. Made of good quality scratch felt, with a becoming facing of soft, furry beaver, and finished with ribbon bands and bows. The assortment includes smart rolled brims, side effects and mushrooms. In solid black, navy, brown, sand also sand combined with brown, brown with sand, and pccrl with navy. HSy$FO \\Irlniniid Milliner Section, Seomd l'loor, 34 Hi street. 5 '' Warm Flannelette Nightgowns to immediate purchase' We hate an unusually wide variety of models this sesson Keg. Size, 8Vc Extra Size,.i, Reg. Size, ,9c I Kxtra Size, i.f Rfg.Size, $1.39 Extra Size, $1.50 llcg.Size, $1.59 Extra Size, $1, 79 J. Pri'.cd induce U Heavy quality, .slip-ove- r model, kimono sleeves, scalloped trim- ming. D Thick napped weight, with or with- out collar, long sleeves, prettily trimmed with braid, in assorted colrir strides. \ C Warm, soft quality, slip-ove- r style with squure or round neck, kimo..o eleeves, neatly trimmed with braid. A A particularly full cut slip-ove- r style, with kimono sleeves, trim- med with fancy stitching. In color stripe. gfctffQ Third Moor, Center, lleur, Bleached Muslin Sheets and Pillow Cases Specially Reduced Price3 Single or Cot size sheets, seamless, hemmed cuds. Size 54 x 90. Special 74c each. Crib Sheets, hemmed ends, seamless, made of \Fruit of the Loom\ muslin. Size 45 x 77. Special 69c each. Seamed Sheets \Fruit of the Loom\ Muslin well made, with hemmed ends. A good wearing sheet of serviceable quality. Size 84 x 90. Special SI. 10 each. Bleached muslin Pillow Cases 'F.-ui- t of the LoDm'' muilin hemmed ends. A good quality for lon3 w:ar. Size 42 x 36, 27c Size 42 x 39 1 '. 29c 45 x 36, 27c 45 x 394. 32c KViry'u Still Mrret, Hear. K ft Store Hours: 9 to 5:30 Store Open All Day Saturdays. J$

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