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i FIGHT ON HUNGER AGAIN REN E till BOARD This Time, it Is Said, It Jakes Form of Demand for More Architects. RYAN PLAN DENOUNCED .Would Mean Millions in Fees and Mighty Few New Schools. Statement made by Georgo J. TJyuli, President of the Honrtl of ed- ucation, to tin.' Hoard of ISstlmntc, In demanding authorization for tlio of \four or flvo rcllnblo nrchltcots\ who would make millions In fees to help push tho school build ing programme wero crltclscd y by educators ns being Inaccurate, al and unwarranted. Tho rerord and the lan: orp quoted to show that President Hjan was wrong In sav- ing: \If wo had standardized plana nnd enough Key men to help carry out tho building programme we could moot the emeigoncy properly,\ and In de- claring that If tho plans were ready tho contracts for tho erection of ten to a dozen buildings could be let to a single contractor. It was pointed oat that school buildings for a school generation have been built on a flcxlblo standardized plan adopted nnd modernized by C. J. Snyder. Superintendent of icbool Buildings, and that tho mem bers of the Board of Education rolcr to types of schools by the number of tho buiMincs originally built along various plms. Tt was said, and Mr. Snyder his paid It himself, that given tin' authorization und tho onoy he maid Immediately set lo jrorlc on tli cntlro school building rogrnmme CALLED A $150,000,000 PRO- GRAMME EASY. When The livening World asked him last iir If ho could carry out a $150,000,000 building programmo If the funds Were made available ho lcplled: \I could get to work on It In a minute and cljan It up within two years. That would wipe out the In .\ononis nnd eliminate part time and double srsslonr.\ Mr. Snyder every clay has boon adapting standardized plans to (It in- dividual Mte.s and tho demands of in- dividual school building.--- . As for the letting of contracts for ten or a dozen buildings to u single contractor that practlco in ngjv barred by tho law of tho State. 11 the Board of Education finally let out 0 burst of spend in tho .arly summer o take advantago of the then expiring aw permitting the construction of school buildings to bo let In a group. Contracts for ihreo buildings, totalling more thun Jl.iio0.000. wcio let to u single builder. But If thero wcie 1,000 architects and 10.000 men available now it would not avail, for the anrlcnt evil which has been emplianzed repeatedly In The (Continued on Eighth rage.) ELEVATED TRAIN HITS MAN ON PLATFORM I Leaning Over t:de- - Mny Cot Illni 11 In 1,1 fc. Leaning over tho edge of tho platform of tho Third Avenue L\lcvated line tit the Grand Street Station y may cost Bonjamln Frank, forty-fiv- e. No. 126 East lu3d .St real, his life. Ho failed to uce n local train pulling Into tho station In cliargo of .Motornian C. Brad- - don, and he was struck on tho head land thrown about six feet across tho I platform. Dr. ' linhinMein, summoned from IBellevuo Hof-pita- worked a half hour tin nmu. lie was taken lo the Iiovlvlng ?ufiirliig from Iticcritlons of and pos.iblo concussion of tho rM brain. J f Woman, Cured by Coue's 9 Mrs. Kirk, Rich Wid ow, Took and Was of an of 16 nores Cure .and Any Fee lfven as a By Mooers first American womnn to cured by EmlIoCouo In clinic nt Nancy, Trance, and tho first to recelvo his to treat others, la now utaylng.In New York. Bho Is Mrs. David Kirk, widow of one of tho pioneer Pittsburgh oil producer?, u member of many women's clubs, und ono of New York's early workets In tho cam- paign to throw open tho public schools for social centres. Tho striking polnt3 In tho story of her euro by Coue, which sin told mo at tho Hotel Seymour, aro theso: For sixteen years sho suffered from muscular con- tractions of tho legs. Sho had painful cramps, und ut times was unahlo to walk. Beforo going to Couo sho had sought relief In vuln from every ' school of medicine, and from va- rious mental healers. After three treatments from Couo sho was freed from pain and ubio to, walk without assistance. Although sho is In comfortablo Couo refused to accept, directly or In- directly, ono penny of fco; fol- lowing in this case his Invariable practlco of absolutely frco treat- ment of nil who como to him a practlco which ho enjoins on all his assistants and pupils. \I consider Couo tho modern savior of Mrs. Kirk declared to mo, with tho enthusi- asm of a truo disciple. \In my book, 'A to Coue,' which will bo published next week, I havo described tho man and what ho is doing for tho thousands of sick and crippled peoplo who seek him.\ \But what did ho actually do for you?\ I asked. \Aud how-di- d ho do It? Every I have seen of his method seems to me Fu simple us to bo shcerly humorous. Ierhap3 a first hand narratio from i person treated by him will convince the sceptics or at any rato In- terest thorn.\ In response, Mrs. Kirk told mo the following story: \I suffered.\ sho said, \for six- teen earn with muscular troublo In my legs, following nn opera- tion on one of thorn, Sometimes they gavo 1110 terrible pain. Often I could walk only with tho greatest difficulty. 1 huvo had them givo way under mo In tho street, so that for momenta at a time I stood unablo to move, ns If para- lyzed. Tho troublo grow wor.se and worse, until, during the last two years I could ticniccly walk a step, I sat In n specially con- structed chair, I slept on hot wnterbags. I tried every sort of medical icllef orthodox and unorthodox. Nothing did tho slightest good. Last spring r read of Couo and his currs. I , made up my mind lo go to him albeit without any real faith that ho roiih do anything for mo. With ..iy niece ih my travelling companion, I silleil fur I'rnnce. \I had written Mm that I was coming, and. cailv 'ne mornfng, z f fey v-- r Qni'tM l l tmait4 liihtt ' EVENING MONDAY, OCTOBER 'Day by Day inEvery Way, Describes How It Is Done David Three Treat- ments Cured Intensely Painful Mal- ady Years' Duration. Wonderful Frenchman Symptoms, Effects Declines Donation. Marguerite Marshall. THE Intermittently ex- cruciatingly exceedingly circumstances, humanity,\ Pilgrimage description successfully \Naturally PANTOMIME THE WOULD, iiiy niece and a taxlcab cunoycd nie to the modest home In Nancy, wheto ho holds his clinics. As a matter of fact, ho Is supposed to glvo no prlvato treatments, and ut first tho maid wasn't going to allow mo to enter until tho hour of the public clinic. It was his charming wife who speaks Eng- lish beautifully, by tho way who, turning tho corner of the house with her nrms full of flowers, flnnlly opened tho gato to mo and took mc at onco to her husband. \Ho Is emlllng, keen, small In stature, and Indomitably cheerful. Ilo Is unllko any other doctor. In that he will not listen lo symp- toms, 'I don't want to hear about them, Madame ' ho said briskly, when 1 started to tell him how I suffered. 'I do not need to know theso things, and It is not good for you to dwell on them.\ \The ilrst thing ho mado mo do was to stretch out my arms at full length, my hands crossed, and to ea- -, ivci .uJ over, 'I cannot open my hands I cannot open my hnnds.' I didn't do It very well at first, becatiso I kept feel- ing that I COULD open them, lie told mo to keep on trying, as It might tnko time for tho sugges- tion to blnk in. Wo worked ut this for perhaps ten minutes In tho house; then I went out in tho garden to watch tho pooplo como to his clinic. Out there I tried again, and this time I found It dlfflcult, it not impossible, to open my hands so long as I said I couldn't. \The reason for this procedure. Couo told mc. was to prepare tho soil of the mind so that It could bo sown with tho seed of sugges- tion. That very night, at his dliectlon. after retiring I began tho repetition for twenty times of tho famous formula: 'Day by day in every way I nm getting better und better.' \f had three treatments from him such as I have described in- terlocking my hands und trying to open them when I wild I could not. Also, I practiced this t home. I repeated the formula night and morning. That. I glvo you my word, is absolutely all I did, or Couo did. Yet, after tho third ticutmcnt I was treated for thrco consccutlvo days I never had u pain In my legs; I walked icadily, my strength increasing all tho tunc; und, though It Is nlno weeks since I saw Couo I havo not had tho slightest rccurrcnco of my btxtccn-ycur-ol- d trouble. \After I was cured I attended his clinics, but that was to sco hts work with others. T wish to cor- rect the Improsslon that Couo claims to cure everything. Ho does not, for example, maintain that ho can cure cancor or tubcr-cuIom- s, except In tho earliest stages; ho does not think ho can reknit broken bones or make all tho blind to sec and tho deaf to hear. Also, ho urges upon his patients the ordinary rules of cor-ic- ct diet and other hygienic habits. , \And all that ho docs.\ finished Mrs. Kirk, \Is without mono und without price. Ho treats rlcn nnd poor exactly alike In thi3 respect. Ho won't accept oven an Indirect donation: when his English-speakin- g patients collected a fund to provide him with tho sec- retary he so badly needed, tho money was returned to them. Curth\tiiioro ho Impresses hit principle!, on nil thoso associated with him, and any one who takes remuneration of any sort for cui-In- g according to Couo is no and would bo repudiated as. a fullowcr by tho man him- self.\ And in this rospect, at leabt. even cnics must admit that tho Couo hulling tjstcm is a bit ! ERIE RAIL OFFICIAL OF N. Y. DIES IN CRASH Auto Til rim Overt Tlirer Ollien Are Tnjurril In IllriulnKliRiii, BIRMINGHAM. Oct. 30. Kd Crpn ter, an ofTlclal of the Krle Railroad In New York City, wan killed and George R. Wlckham of the Birmingham Newj was hurt slightly thU'afteinoon when rar ihiven liv Irklmni, ran down an fiulllic ami tinned mei, clslit inlh s from ItirmliiKlmm. Mrs. Caipenter and Mi Wlckham escarea witn minor Injuries \If ion don't die of fright joa r. Ill luh yirurrju ib atain ai une r.ICltmr MIR tBuaj AjoUs ThtHrij-Al- vt, IUG 'LOST' 11 DAYS SIGHTED WTH I PICKED UP IN GALE Lizzie D. and Crew of 13 Safe, Though Starting Out With Only Day's Food. After having been missing since Oct. 10. on which clay sho left Plei 38, South Brooklyn, to tow a schoonci out to sea, tho sea-goin- g tugboat Liz-rl- o D of tho McCambridgo Towing Company, with n crew of thirteen men aboard, was picked up y sixty miles off Boston Light, at which point sho was attempting' to tow a dis- abled baik Into Boston Harbor, to advices leceivcil by the company hero Tlio United States Coast Guard cut- ter Achusnct went to tlio assistance of tho Lizzto D. nnd her tow, following of the bending out of distress signals, which worn relayed to Boston by an Incoming ship. When last seen the tow bout was drifting llfty tulle east of Klro Island. The radio station it Boston N'uvy Yard had sent out hdililj broadcasts asking all vessels to ho on tho lookout for tho tug. Whon tho Llzzlo D. left port, nho had only ono day's food aboard. Thero was plenty of water and sufficient coal aboard, but fear was hold out for tho tug becauso of tho shortage of food. It Is believed by her owners hero that Cnpt. Ncls Nelson and his crew ob- tained what food they havo subsisted on from tho disabled bark they; wore towing to port. Tho pilot hod not Intended to ro- - maln at sea any length of tlmo when lie towed tho schooner out. But evi- dences of a severo storm wero found outsldo Quarantine, nnd after the schooner had been released men in n fishing fleet notified Capt. NelBon that a stranded bark had been seen drifting 150 miles east of Kiro Island flying distress signals and with ono of hor masts snapped. Ho set out to search for her. That afternoon the towboat was reported having been sighted once. but from that tlmo on no word had a been received from her until Tho Llzzlo D. is 100 feet long and Is of steel construction. Kiss Privately for BRANDON, TARKINGTON, SHERWOOD Or Pay Fine, Man and Wife Told Decision of Court Stirs Belgium and France, Where Osculation Is Considered Traditional Salute. ARLON, Belgium, Oct. 30. Bo- - cause they kissed in public, a married couple' havo been sentenced on a charge of a \public outrage against good morals\ to a fine of 78 francs each. Tho flno wa3 suspended by tho court on condition that the couplo do not kiss publicly for thrco years. This decision hus startled both Bel gium and France, where a public kiss between spouses on meeting or sep- aration Is recognized as an open and above-boar- d traditional salute and u But Park Avenue of of of In , Josef Hara on \.lis cornet, the re- - unit to any rate, Is and notes of years, hud from ot of to Hara. who lives nt No. 371 L'ast' 7Sth Street, was In court, cornet ana all. Mra. Litchtlcld, wife of an architect. No. S00 Park Avenue, that Hara pet formed in front of this house to her distress and that of tho Hut Mrs Henry Horsey No. 123 West 7Uh Street, wife of Col. H H. An- drew of tho American Bed Cross, j son of a of was nlso In court, chain Haia. Sho him with and said she was fund uf mUBlc. \It Isn't music at all,\ Mrs Lit. h field \It Is onb n..is Hi has ionic in fiont of the .ip.iitm. in house every about 1\ n'i k\ for the last tlve years, blown a (. noises on his cornet ond then col- lected money. I believe bo makes as high as $20 or $25 a day.\ MaglHtrato Cobb naked about ,i cornet penult. Tho for the old man produced Mis added: \1 went to my dentist In Hsi Sti-e- t, near l'lfth .enue, and this cornet filaer commenced blowing The noise was such the dentist cuuldn't work \ Mrs. Andrew during the war Hara had played \The on the Rhine\ until sht him and told him to learn \Tho nnd wmrli did, these becoming his favuilto piece? f'olilj said .ill Hint Mis louhl do was to to Coinmli-Sione- i liilchust fm a of the license \Ihr thrllllnr cllmai brmiaht al ntl.r lile it applauia t 'One Evlthn .s'lthf iMltlj. Apolle Tbittr, AiU. MISS NIECE OF WEDS R. E. rvVXPOir- - Tho marriage of Robert E. Sher- wood and Miss Mary Judali Brandon u nleoo of Booth took place yesterday In tho Chuirh of tho The Hi Hi. I'anicinn ulllclalcd. Tlio guests Included Mi. and Mrs Booth Maty I'ickford, Low Wallace, Mr. and Mrs. Morris Qcst, Mr. and Mrs. Itichard Barthel-mcs- s, Mr. and Mrs. Bex Mr. and Mrs. V. Scott Kitzgorald, Mr. and Mrs. T. Kmmot, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Who Miller and Allan Dawn. WHO ROB HIS Hut \Teililj-'-' in llrnlni t'p anil Crlpplnl. a whlto poodle. 'the pet or Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Herrmann. No. tD2 Springfield Avenue, Nowark, y from Injuries received when ho attempted to drlvo off two In- truders who forced an en- trance Into tho Hermann apartment and made array with $00 worth of Jewelry. Tho dog was by the yeggs. was found unconscious under couch In tho bedroom by Heydar, another tenant, who saw the men leaving tho houso and Investi- gated. Three Years kiss between unmarried not a causo for police Tho principals In tho Arlon case wero seated Ijesidn a railroad track In tho words tho French press, but nono tho less decently,\ when thoy wero espied by two railway rniplnyces. who reported them to tho police. Gendarmes, shar- ing the outiagcd morals tho rushed to the sccno nnd hurried the couplo beforo tho court. Tho caso Is tu 1m- - carried to the Court of Appeal Liege. WHO HAS Miss J. ELEVNOR m BERLIN. Ort 51 MIs F.leanor W. Sawyer, 'he prima donna, scoied n tir npnroui iie.fs a? Tosca In the Berllr. Slate Opera lait night. She Is tne 'Iret Ameucan to appear here since the war. She will sing hers in \Alda\ and \Carmen\ and later nprar Dres- den m d Vienna. Old Cornet Player Made Noise, Nol Music, Woman Tells Court Another BRANDON Resident AMERICAN CAPTURED AUDIENCES Made by Musician. Whether made music or was merely nolso. Cobb, in Yorkvlllp Couit, y (Inclined decide. At Ilara, who coventy years old hus been ex- haling througj his cornet for a number n Gilchrist tho Licenses, perforin upon tho Instrument in tho street. Elizabeth complained Andrew, former Governor Massa- chusetts, plonlng provided a lawyer insisted. morning attorney one. Litch- field that Watch stopped Banner\ Hoodie.\ he Magistrate Litchfield appeal ien.M-tio- n BOOTH Indianapolis, Tarkingtou, Tiansflguratlon. Tnrklngton, Ingram, Grecnvlllo POODLE ATTACKS YEGGS MASTER \Teddy.\ lscon-vslescln- yesterday crippled \Teddy\ George Investigation. kissing, \amorously Defends SINGER BERLIN Anjeiiean Street whether Magistrate permit Commissioner Bureau neighborhood. declared d \Yankee couples train- men, Sounds 30, TD22 Germ-Sweepi- ng Long Skirts Can't Stay, Club Women Decree L)clenniiul Staiul for Short Models Miuwn by Loiters to The livening World. By MarRcry Wells. Ihort skirts will not ba ilcardrd Women are determined to keep them This might linc been guessed from tic thousands f letteis that poured Into Tli\ IQvcnlng World offlco last month. lint now who i an doubt It, for 300.000 cluh women hno vntrd It. At the autumn convention of tho New York City federation of Women's Clubs, meeting at tho Hotel Astor, the question came up for public consideration. With- out dissent, without protest, there was put through the following statement voicing the opinions of the tliou9an.li of women reprrenioil \As designers ntul drcssiunl.rri of women's npiiarel nro now Introducing garments whoso edges nearly sweep the ground, and na such clothes bring germ-lade- n dirt Into tho home, thereby expos- ing to great danger Its hyglono nnd san- itation, tho Federation prntfats ngalnat nil such dletlon nnd urges nil women In the Internal uf health and snfetv to in lt llmt their carnients, Including ilrap erlea nnd panel, ho nut nearer th ground than seven inches and cut In Biich manner and with sufficient ma- terial to permit of perfect freedom of all part of the body.\ The Evening World started thl dj. cuaaton somo weeks ago. Tho question seemed to Insistent that the opinions of women were sought. Without delay let- ters began to pour in. Almost without exception, women called for short aklrta, demanded flint they stay In fashion, pledged tliem.ielvea to wear them. Thousands of Icttcts came to The Kvenlng World office. n l 00 per cent, of them called for tho re- tention of short skirls. Prominent nnd successful business and professional women wero naked for their Ideas. And not onn ot them had u good word to say for tho longer skirts. Mrs. A. N. Palmer. President of th Rainy Day Club, offered the resolution at the federation meeting, and sho v.na one of thoao who sent to The Lcnlng World her disapproval of the. lunger skirts. lir twentv-si- x year. sho had fought tlio g skirt and she didn't want to see it back, though nut favoring tho other extreme of \kneu length.\ After the fourteen nnd sixteen inch HAGARTY IGNOR EO AGAIN AS MAYOR BOOSTS CARSWEL L Hylan, Instead of Explaining Mis Alleged Favoritism, Attacks Woody. Instead of answering the question why ho had sent out a personal cir- cular letter boosting William II. Cars-wel- l, Democratic candidate for ono of tho two Supremo Couit vacancies In Brooklyn, nnd Ignoilng tho othor candidate William V. Hagnrty, Mayor Hylan In n second letter y again Ignoies llugnrty und abuses Hobort A. Woody, a lawyer who culled atten- tion to the Mayor's action. The, controversy over the Mayor's attltiido baa become a political n in Brooklyn Democratic! voters can understand why ho wants Pnrswcll elected, fur t'arswell is mi Assistant Corporation Counsel ut the head of the Brooklyn branch of tho Mayor's Luw Department. In bis letter to Ibo Mayor Mr. Woody said that \I hose perhonal let- ters which, I am Informed, were nunt out broadcast should bi immediately withdrawn, for, In my humble, opinion, they will drle away Demo-cratl- c votcH nnd make certain tho de- tent of tho candidate whuso causo you espouse.\ Tim Mayor's lengthy reply Is to a eulogy of I'nruwell and a condemnation of Wood. Referring ti Mr. Woody, tho Mayor writes: \The public, tint knowing v uir c'innectliiiis and your p.ist relation\\, might bo misled b what you write fur political btiHiiK'Hs ''or that na-sn- ii I deem It my duty to let the public know that you and your brother were rcnntlv and for a long time B. It. T. attorneys Tho public should nlso know that our brother, f'harles L. Woody, took nn netlvn puit in the campaign of the II. It. T. fur incicased curlares. which Incirai\ w denied b the Hoard of Intimate nn the lesulf of an lnvenligutiin ctl-ilinic- Ijj Willi, nn If I'aiMWi'll, of Hie t i t I. i v ic i,n tincnt In IliiiuUlyn, win! iliiUmi to the Couit I urge and to whui candidacy sou Hcem to object.\ Those who havo read the Mayor's first letter and his second effort to- day havo nothing but pratso for Carswcll, but they Insist tho Mayor is sidestepping the mm nlssue why lie carefully refrains Horn telling who' Candidate HagaiU li is ever dotm t\ m tu lit sen a pub ic ebiike b) tin omlHMi'in \l h m ii. inn In t urn in dun i In Ki . 'tin he hepl uiil lux in-- .! . ' r,ii will on city M.iti'ini x Ii w i upn ii nt the expense of arM It's fi 'ends the Mayor sa. COP'S VACATION OVER, ACCIDENTALLY HITS SELF nrl.''iln Ilarii\. ti\i l . attni-nrr- lo Trafll-- ' P vm t Nn t.lS C.'.l Mrs\ PpiikKn R II' due i.i repi nrk ( ii after n vacation, while eieanlng nls reelr lat nlstht aeeldsntlj pulle l th trlcrei. A hot grsied hit rlnht leg. lt ffti treated by nr JlcOrath of the IJorw Clin Uoipltil. 1 I Skirl lenftlb Pnacnbpd by federation nf vomnii f lub 7 inches from floor - - lingths wo saw last spring, the seven-Inc- h nn nsurcnient rannjt really he called short. In comparison H looks lung. Hut It Is sane and sensible It I beecimliiK to utmost nil women. It Is simlfiiiy and healthy. It la not un- comfortable to inovo nbout In. It hag advantages from every point of view, nnd the. stand taken by the Now York clubwomen Is one that probably will be Indorsed by women In America. PRINTER ACCUSED OF BRIDERY IN BID T 0 WESTERN UNION Walter I.. Ilopkiiuf Paid $25 for Copy of Rival Bid, Is Accountant's Charge. Charged with having paid an em- ployee of the Western Union Telj-grnp- Company J25 to abstract iti its files and furnish a copy of th\ bid of a successful ptlntlng competitor. Walter L. Hopkins, Secretary of the printing llrm of Wynkoop, llallonhcck A Crawford, of No. SO Lafayette Kticnt, was y held In J20U ball In Ccntro Sticet Court. Hall wan furnished and ho will ho examined on Thursday. Hopkins was brought lo court in n summons sworn out uy joiiu J. finnan, chief of the division of au- ditors nf the telegraph company, lie stated that Hopkins had gtvon $25 lo John J. Ward, a Western Union ac countant, nn Oct. 23 fur the nhslnc-tlul- l or tile bnl. The money, he was folded in a newspaper .and wan passed in tho presence of another em- ployee and Dctertlvo .1. J. ihinnllf of tho District Attorney's ulllie. Mr. CI ii mill said that Wynkoop, llnllenbcck & Craw font made a ion tract on April 1, 1920. fo supply all blanks needed by the Western Luton up to Jan. 31. 1921, for fSOS.OOO. Union, it was said, received Information Hint it n ovorcbai gcd. and Mi- Chilian nssigm d Sidney II Lane, .in .iicountant, tu go over the The magic essence of the East is yours. The ull'Ceylon Tea mm- - li GAS-POISON- ED AIR GAUSED DEATH OF f YONKERS GOUPLE 1 nlopsy Shows Ncw1ywed4 Lit AH Burners and Kept Rooms Closed. Coioiier Prederlck Snowdcn fi Westchester County after nn invest I gallon y decided that DanicJ Cohen, twenty-two- , and his six week' brldo of twenty-fou- r, who wero fouiu dead In their flat nt No. 227 Ashburi ton Avenue, Yonkors, yesterday, died ur the effccln of carbon monoxide) poisoning. Xii trace of poison vra round in the stomachs of the pair bj the physicians who performed tlio au topsy, Drs. David Itamsey nnd C. rt Ilennett. The Investigation disclosed that Cohen nnd his wlfo got up about S o'clock yesterday morning. Tenants In tun tint below heard them moving about that hour. Tho flat was cold and ono of tho pair lit nil tho jots lit llie gas trne In the littlo kitchen ami also lit tho lnnter at the ba.so uf tho hut water tank. The bathroom opens off the kitchen. The only duur leudllig to the rest oft the four-roo- apartment was closed. I' rout tho appearance of tho nrem-- . Isca It Is assumed that Cohen took j bath nnd dressed himself In fresh un donrwjear In the kitchen. Then th wlfo went to tako a bath. The air Inj mo iimo room was stifling and th4 oxygen was rapidly being consumed by tho several flames In tho gas Jets. .Mrs. Cohen was overcome nnd fell into) tho tub. Coin n inn to rescue her but was un able to lift her more thau half way out. Then ho collapsed and foil, slrlk tng IiIh head against tho sldo of tha tub. Tho young couplo suffocated Inj tlio vitiated nlr. $5,000,000 IN DAMAGES i SOUGHT BY HART FROM KEITH AND ORPHEUM Vniiilci Mir AKcnt Mi Wanti r.u celolnr .Agenej- - nml Ten Indi- viduals pr rmniientlr enjoined, llcforo United States District Court. Judgn Julian Muck, tho taking oj testimony was begun y In tha suit In equity of Max Hart, a vaude Mllo agent, for 16,000,000 damage and a permanent injunction restrain- nig tlio U. V. Keith Vaudevillo Er change, the Orphcum Circuit, the I2x reifnor Collecting Agency nnd ten In diMduula, members of theso concerns from Interfering with hjm. Martin W. Littleton, for Mr. Harti said he would show thn court tho) terms of (ho agreement between dew lendnnt companlcn and Individuals constituted a conspiracy to ruin theiI competitor, Mr. Hart, and uiado 10 linpocslhlo for him to book any nctori or features which wero not controlloq by tho defendants contrary to th terms ot tho Sherman Anti-Tru- st Act4 Former Justice lidward li. McL'ull up pcaieil tor tho defendants. t STABBED FIVE TIMES BY GANG, SAYS VICTIM Mnn In llnapltnl Clnlina Srien At Inchril lllm LrnvliiBr nnncc. Harry Herman, twenty-fou- r, of No 71 Jnfferi-oi- i Street, nrooklyn, la In Klngi County Hoapltal y with flvn fecio flab wound j In his body. Tim liiilleo are penciling for tho unidentified ' men whom ho declares attacked him ullhoiit provocation. He was found early this mornlnr In fiont of the Labor Lyceum. No. 910 ' WIllotiKlihy Streot. There had been . dance there, whlcli ho atlenilcd When he left ho ji.ild seven men set on him. buokH of tho printing llim, ns pro vlded in the contract. John J. Ward, another ncruuntant, said Hopkins Invited him on Oct. iO to call at his ofllco and cxjilalned ho wanted tho succcasful bid extracted and copied for him. Th bid wan shown to him and tho copy delivered on Oct. 23 In tho presence of wit-tiess- es. It was said. Mr Chimin said a demand had btenl made upon the printing tl rm for th rr tin n nf more than Jl')0,000, which i he NiM'iii I niun daimcd the llim h ul ' i ll n gcd Mosel i

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