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The evening world. (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, October 24, 1922, Image 6

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IPIUOESHISGUARDS, IlilHOCISWIFEDEAO 'ft JiS tip KILLS HIMSELF J oman Usher in Bushwick ia Theatre Slain in Street Husband. J\ ilC3 rnnA 1... II Iln.i.i. ljjcnry Slcmuml, tnlrty-Hv- o years old, V,' jfollowcd Ills wife, as Edith svkFrlce, thirty.four, to Liberty and '!'. Autumn Avenues. East Now York. fefr , tsaily to-d- and pleaded: JJf r'Como on back with me.\ r by known '.\Xo sho replied. \I don't want - anything more, to do with you. Go , .;tjiro drew a revolver nnd shot her UWlco In the right temple. Then he -- Jlaccd the muzzlo at his own temple .find fired. Doth the woman and ho i Immediately. 'itJ-Tli- woman, who for nlno years had been head usher at tho Hunhwlck fl wjriicatrc, Howard Avcnuo nnd Uroad-- . ' jyJ' Brooklyn, was a divorcee when, ' rlotir years hro, sho was married to SJIriuuiu1, paid by the police to havo :;.octij n Rambler, known as \Dutch 'Ixjfty.\ Tho couple lived tit No. 27C -- Cooper Street, Brooklyn. ! . ' Nina days ago they quarrelled nnd ratio left htm and rented an apartment 'at No. 115 Auluum Avenue, ICaHt New MS j. one. oigmunu ocean unnKing unu the separation. Ilia police say, he. Rambled away nil tho furniture In the home tho couplo had occupied. yt Ills acquaintances were unablo to !'..hj?P Ids debauch, and becauso of tho furcated threats they heurd him mnka his wife, they took up tho task :Z.jf hlih. For several days , )'\aonio of them had accompanied him wherever ha went In tho hopo ot preventing just what finally occurred. ;;;. Last nlRht ho slipped uwuy from 1? his Rtiards and Is febellcvcil to lc.vu followed his wife and '; caiiRlit tho train on which sho Blurted ' for homo. KlBi'iund's pockets were two 3jlcUircB of his wlfo und a pint of ' yifjuor. jpBOUT 200,000 SHOPMEN i . ARE STILL ON STRIKE Only 100 Itonils JJayr SlBiicil I'rncr : Thus Far. ; .('\WASHINGTON Oct. 24. Appro!- - 200,000 of tho 4PO.O0O railroad '\shopmen who went en strike July 1 ' j.'uRulnst the lcduccd wages kk- ' ,tho lUllway lyibor Hoard, still by are on etrlke. it was rcveultd y by tho .International Association of Machinists dquarters hiirc. ilercd 'caco has been signed with only 100 IKxM : y.n... . ...... ...... w. :l railroad mllcngo of tho country. ;ar. !\WOMAN 78, LOST 6 DAYS, ! DIES FROM EXPOSURE ,' Went for Wnlk In JlonntnlnsJ Coul.In't rind War llnck. I'l 8CRANTON, Va Oct. 2t. Dr. Ade- - Llaldu Hunt, seventy-cigh- t, of Prov idence, It. I., died in the State llojpltnl r hero y us tho result of exposure ,r!when lost In the mountains near here 'recently. ',.,;,Dr. Hunt was visiting relatives, and '.tivo weks ago started for a walk In the jinbuntalns and was tumble to find her jpa'y back. Police and citizen.! dlscov\ 'r,tJd her lying In tho brush utter six cuys. Sho lingered until ;.: .jiiks ix ins okkick or AUUTi: ' I\ !.I(iUSTIO.. n;CharIes J. MacMntt. seventy-fou- r yenra old. of No. 200 West Mth Ktreet, ' niea suddenly y ot acute lnd cca- - iion in ins oinco on the lDtli floor or \Ko. 33 West 42d Street. lr. MacMutt was secretary of the Ilellunco Milling . T 'and Turning Company. By profession no was a civil engineer. J to Is survived t.by a widow. Ills only son was killed In tho war. SLAIN BY HUSBAND WHEN SHE SPURNS RECONCILIATION Jv V- j,- - Jsa&'MEtjBv MRS EDITH 5I&MOMD UNVEIL DWIGHT TABLET AT YALE ANNIVERSARY llr. Aiihiiii VlirliiH Mol.M Drl'.wrx Aihlri'fcN nl I'riilriinr) XKW 1IAVHN. Oct. 21. A tulilrt hi Jlurcpmud Chuprl nt tlio Vnlo UMnlty Hiliool to tlm iiH'inory of t)io Krv. Tim- othy DwlRht, profcwiir from Hob tu 1S80, and from ISMS to 1 S3 Vale's wuk unvrlliM as u part of Hie conti-mir- nt Urn divinity (school. Tin- - whirr wiih hy tlio Hcv. Ir. tnry of tin' university, on \The JU-l- lions of the hilly School to the Churches.\ IV US of Classic licauly in the New Fur Salon Very Moderately Priced Il'rap-Co- at Trim vied with Fur Fabric and JVolf Collar ana Cuffs, S5-o- llliflll -- - V tl,ls rn,sse8' tailored frock I M W i proving popular with the 1' Jf vHIIBll j3 J r THE EVENING WORLD, TUESDAY,' OCTOBER 24, 192 2. Bouncing Bacon at Wedding Feast Also Migratory Mayonnaise Cream Puff and Eclair Projectiles' Flew With Merry Quips Across the Tabic, s- - A regrettable incident occurred this morning nt tho wedding breakfast of Mr. nnd Mrs. Mike l'enchnno in tho homo of tho brldo, formerly Miss Mnrln Santa, at No. 35 Centre Road, Secauctts, N. J. It will be necessary Ip look tip the' recipes Riven In a number of old til -- mannos on how to reniovo tho stain of unhid ilrcsslnir, cream puffs and bacon and crrs from tho wall paper curtains, iurs, hair nnd cyeumws. And tho police, meanwhile, arc look- ing for Ml. Joe Fonln. Thero tiro noma Inconslslencles 4n tho various leports concornlnR tills wrddlnfr breakfast, but tho pollco bac pieced tho finKtncnts of testimony to foim otto cohcient not to say adherent nitirntlve, ns follows: Tho lK'autlful Jlarla was not lln\Ud to a sIiirIo ndmli-er- - before hi-- en. KtiRcmcnt to Mlko was announced. Many thought her lovely, ami anions them was .loo who nppenred at the feast y us one nt the Rtiests In splendid raiment, lie had lieen Invited bcuauso nobody Knew that he was not rollncd.' At Hist I'ven Joo l)cbaed ucll etuniRb, but It Is understood that Im- - fuie the had I wen half con- sumed be looked at tho In iileixnioin v.llli a leer ami called bint an in- ferior pIm Ih or words to that effict. Wheietipon MIIo ptasteieil .Joe's shht rtiiitl wltli 11 pair of chocolate eelaiis and a p.11 sloppy ci en 111 Jiul'l. Tills aiiReicd .Joe, who lttallalel with a .sandwich liberally tiiioinleil Willi mayonnaise. That was only the bcKinnliiR. Oilier Kmls took sides, Mimn liolillii' that it was 11 sliaiuu to spoil Joe's slilrl, others that it was a STREET JBtoadWay TOMORROW Special Values Fur Trimmed i 55 Luxuriously trimmed Caracul, Beaver, Wolf Squirrel LOUSED, slraightlinc fashioned distinction Mostly panvclainc, combined luxuriously trimmed exacting throughout. Women's New Modes Silk and Cloth Frocks Very Specially 24-- o pHIFFON Poirct Crepes, in street styles to to the fastidious to the economical purse. A very varied new trim- mings. Women's S1XOND sin to waste the sandwiches. Persons of varying shades of opinion throwing around, sometimes MttliiR each other, at other times splatterliiR tho walls, nnd brlc-a-bin- o. A policeman enmo in, but by that lime Mike and Joo had disappeared. Mike was found subsequently in tlio liuck yard. Ills bead was bloody but unbowed, and ho with pride lo tho fact that bo bad prevailed upon Joo to ffct tho hell out of there thus Klvjng rlso to the theory that Joe must havo been a more horrible speelaelo than Mlko himself nt the tlmo of his departure. When Mike had cleaned up a bit ho and his brldo wandered away. It would be to Inquire where they went. They are on their honey- moon. . Tintr.i: 111 v wv iiovs 111: urn i'iiom in m:w .ii:um:v. I'arl h'ornce, sixteen, of No. 221 Bust mill Street, Samuel Cohen, llflcrn, and Morris thirteen, who llc next door, left homo They me .wild to linvo a bank roll of $2. Last tilcht Mrs. Sornee, received a lelc-cra- from Windsor, N. J., which read: \Are nil In Kood health nnd nro on our way.\ II was signed by her son. The New Jersey police havo Vicon asked lo head the runaways this way. MM Avenue in Priced at .00 S. Incomparably with and B wrappy and models with a smartness and worthy of coats twice their cost. of some with fur fabric, all fur and tailored with care. Crepe silk lined and misses' sizes. ORKIN'S THIRD AND FOURTH FLOORS in Priced Velvet, Twill and Silk and informal appeal fashion sense, and priced suit group show- ing lines and and misses' SIV-C- FLOOR began victuals ceiling pointed tactless MIsonKrrd, yesterday. A' i MAX 1 1 I Ml A Large and Distinctive Collection of Gowns and Frocks, 18.00 to 195.00 Cantor. Crepe, 2J.UU 3 fttatuWn Simon & Co. A Store of Individual Shops FIFTH AVENUE, 37th and 38th STS. Warm Goats For Gold 'Days' Fur Collared Winter Coats For (t?iall- - Ghildren (i to 6yrs.) Warm, Soft, Imported Fabric Made of Finest Virgin Wool 19. 75 The 3Qxt (oats of this Impo?tcd FabricWillbeJfigher m CP? 'ice Ufider the th(ew Tariff Smart little winter coats for wear now made in generous flare model, softly collared with nutria fur, .lined and warmly interlined y Cjfrcnch Blue or Mahogany Other Winter Coats 12.7S to 69. Children's Coat Shop Fifth Floor PMaiiiiircntiiM iMimwiliraii; Mm. V:7 BEST&CO. CORRECT CLOTHES for BOYS' If lie sleeps outdoors R, in a room, healthfully, as \cold as all outdoors\ he'll be grateful for the comforable warmth ' of flannelette pajamas. Mothers will find that ours satisfy on every score warmth, generous cut, careful workman- ship, long wear. Sizes tj. to IO .95 Tvo Tiec'e Pajamas $ J ,2 y Sizn 8 u lb 35et & Co. FIFTH AVENUE ti ilt STREET NEW VORK James McGreery & Go. FIFTH AVENUE 34TII STREET A Four-Da- y Sale of New Tongue Pumps and Walking Oxfords 6 ,95 1 They \were taken from ''out 'regular stock and reduced for this occasion. 2. These shoes arc priced special for four days only, and will revert to regular thereafter. 3. The afternoon pump in Colonial ef- fect fashioned \of Brown Suede, com- bination Patent Leather and Brown Suede, Black Kid or Calfskin, Brown or Black Satin, also all over Patent , Leather. Hand turned sole, Spanish 'and Louis Heels. 4. Walking Oxford developed in Tan or Black Calfskin, welt sole and Cuban or military heel. Second Floor Lord & Taylor Ml HI AVl.M 1 in IBiipHSl M H jBIt mm Victrola in William and MaryPeriodModel Cabinet $210 The decorated walnut model, illustrated, may be obtained equipped with number IX Victrola for $210. The same model, plain, $195. Queen Anne model, with Victrola number IX, in mahogany, SJ85. Terms $10 per month. Reducing and Exercising Records. Walfoce Reiluting R, cords, 515 Walter Camp's Daily Dozen, $10 Victor Iixcrcisp Records, $ SEVENTH FLOOR ft 1 Westinghouse I H Vm -- , Popl who hav Col Cw I UOZV\ UlUVVS ne.dn't worry bauuio ume. llmti October nljhti ar u- - 0

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