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The evening world. (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, October 24, 1922, Image 5

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He Kept \PI ugging A way; 9 9 N6w He Owns a Prize Ford Miller \Saw\ Something Al- most Impossible, Wrote a \What Did You See?\ When Tlio Evening World flint elarted the '\What DUl You Sco To- day?\ pago ono of the llrst contribu- tors was Edward D. Miller of No. 4S2 South 21st Street, Irvlngton, N. J. Each day ho sent In at least one contribution and sonio days ho sent in several and It was bin fortune that iit one of Ills contributions was ven prlnli.l. much less a. prlzo winner To-da- however, Mr. JdJllcr Is glad that he persevered, for lio was awarded the Ford for tho best contribution to yostorday's What Did You Seo To-day- page. Tho Evening World reporter found Mr. Miller bending over somo blue- prints In his shop near his home. Ho Is a carpenter and la busy planning nomo construction. When told that he had won a Ford ho ras surprised, as nearly all wlrincre are, and delighted, as every one of them Is. \Well now, that's nice,\ ho said. StrcqtR PRESENTS, YOUNG GIRLS KNITTED DRESS'ES MADE IN SCOTLAND vogue knitted dresses special favor young girls. These, from Scotland, made expressly Best Co., particularly wearable practical frock small have. They wide narrow ribbed weaves, with stripes contrast- ing colors collar belt. models, fea- turing lowered waistline, especially pretty colorings blues, cerise, henna red, brown, deep pale lemon yellow. Sizes years. 19.50 A of champagne blue, has a for a Also in blues, cham- pagne or or in suede trim bine. 0.50 smiling, \io sent in at least one contribution u day since tho first day that tho Evening World started the \What Did You Pee To-day- page and on some days tnat rvo seen a lot of things I've cent In several contributions. I know how lots of persons feci, too, because day uftcr day (and somo times when I waj mi ro that t had sent In a Una contribution) not a thing that I sent In was printed. \It was discouraging at times because I useU to why tho editor yould print somo of tho things ho did and pass my contri- butions by, wbn I thought mine so much better. tint I supposed ho knew his business and he was doing the best be know how. so I Just kept plugging away. \Tho funny thing la that I never for a moment thoughUthat tho con trlmitlon that won tho Ford was going to win any prize. It was the only thing-t- wrlto about, though, so I sent It along, Now rm mignty giaa that I did.\ Mr. Miller ,1s married and lias llttlo child. Agnes, aged nine. \The car will como In mighty nlco for my business,\ ho said, \and It will also be nice for my wife and tho Mr. Miller's contribution was about an airplane. Of all tho people In Irvlngton who saw tho antics of the that Mr Miller not ono of this ablo story to Tho ox-ce- Mr. Miller. It Is of note, Avenue at Y. Established t I FOR HE is for for smart and as and a as a girl may come or or at and Five the and soft a warm tan, cream and a 4 to 10 9.50 to cunning knitted THE EVENING WORLD, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 24, 1922. airplane describes thought sending remark- - Evening World worthy Fifth 35th 1879 v J for in w &. are in all in Fourth Floor frock with cord belt. with grey; mighty wonder children The herald with the horn wears a bloomer dress of rose pink that buttons on the shoulders, and hat champagne sash and bands. Also in blues or champagne. 19.50 loo. that Mr. Miller saw something which many aviators say Is almost Impossible. IImo Is what Mr. Miller wrote: ALL OUT OF TOBACCO. Above an open field on Grovs Street, near 20th Avenue, Irvlng- ton, this afternoon I tw art air- plane with' two men In It. They flew low, as if about to land, but, observing that the ground was uneven, they sent tho machine upward again. Then they de- scended quite a distance, and one of them, waving hie hands, at- tracted the attention of a pedes FIFTH AVENUE Halloween Favors To enliven Halloween parlies for children or grown-up- s. Assembled on the Main Floor for your convenience. A Suit 75.00 Slender in Every Line It is so strictly tailored you cannot help but note it in the tight-fitti- ng sleeve, the molded shoulder and the extremely well-fittin- g coat. Fash- ioned of Miirlccn and Vcl Vc Lainc. it is embellished with a large collar of Fox, Beaver or Squirrel. Navy Blue, Black and Brown. Women's sizes. Fourth Floor For Your Suit A Jacquette Blouse 15.00 Each day bring;, new requests for our Jacquette blouse of Crepe dc Chine in Persian design. Perhaps it is their wonderful colorings, so beautifully blended, or is it the ex- treme grace and distinction of their lines. Whichever it may be, we now have a great number for you at this very modest price. Fourth. Floor Fur-Trimm- ed Coats Are Now Indispensable Developed in velvety Arabella. Fashonn, and Panvelainc, each is topped with a generous collar of Wolf, Kit Fox, Caracul and Viatka Squirrel. An unusually desirable combination of inodishness, good quality .and comfortable warmth. 85.00 and 65.00: Women's sices. Fourth Floor Bath Robe Cloth vanl 80c !!(i.iii'h Bath Robe Cloth in a large variety of designs and colors. Novclly Silk and Cotton Lining for Coat, Wraps and Kimonos. yard, 95 Evcrfast Poplin No soap or boiling, no sun or weather can make this dress fabric fade. .1(5 inches wide. yard, 75c \( rif T'lror -i Li ft O trian and tossed a package to him. The man opened tho par.keage, read Its message, went into a nearby store and came out with four packages of smoking tobacco and two packets of cigarettes. These he placed in a paper bag and waited. In the mean time the plane had been sailing about In the air. Presently it neared the field again, a long line with drop-ne- t attachment was lowered, the ma- chine flew low and In a circle, and on its fourth attempt the pedestrian managed to place the bag in the net. I saw one of the aviators lean out, draw in the line 1 and wave his hand In thanks. Then the machine mounted higher and disappeared to the west. u.inv rot no ox staihwav. Dressed In clothing of tood material end wrapped In a baby carriage blanket, an infn .t girl, about two old, was found last ii'iffrt under tho drat floor etnlrway of t 'United Charity Building. No. 105 Kiiut J2d Street, by Charles Kussmaiil cif No. 216 West !2d HI rust. I'i t rotiii.in Kllina carried the Infant to Iicllevtio Ilcvipltnt. Win was dressed In a pink woolen sn cuter and white muslin dress. at of of of f We the or .45c for a Floor is a the way. The arc all a of 7 to 15. of 12j to the the the cufV tfic the s , Itrg. S. I a in KAISER'S IN tiirrltitrtil In Itoiirn I'lintrnn In I'tiur DOOH.V, Holland. Oct Hermlne of licuss a been for tlin week at tho chateau of former William here, tho for her wtlli l '.in nxt month, furni- ture, deeorntlng apartments and otlur prellmlimrli', to n'sponslbln ller hao been kept secret. Sho will lcao on Nov. 1, It Is declared, the Charge purchases will appear on bills rendered December Jul James McCreery & Co. Chiffon Velvet and Twill Dresses Unusual 25.00 The favorite silhouette season, the straightline Basque with a circular skirt is here in an excellent quality chiffon velvet so beaded embroidered as to the most fascinating gowns in Green, Black, Brown and Wine. Those Poiret Twill present straightline coat model in its most attractive aspect, trimmed only in braid to re- tain its tailored effect. Navy and Black. Women's Sizes. Fourth F.loor Everything Milady Needs for Dressing Her Hair have made this convenient listing that you may readily and replenish anything and everything you. may need in dressing your The prices as you sec arc all very moderate, and quality standard. Bone Celluloid Hair Pins, 22c Side Combs, pair, Back and Combs, 45c Biiretle!?, each, 25c Becoraw! H'I'm Cabinets, suitable gif.t 75c Plain Cabinets, each, Invisible Hair Cabinets, United Hair Curling Fluid, Marcel Hair Wavers, Curling Irons, styles, Curling Irons, 2 styles, Nestle Hair Wavers. 2.50, 3.00 Sale of Boys' Blouses and Shirts At 75c This Special Event, presenting shirts blouses tailored in McCreery fabrics very warranted color designed in most attractive fashion. New striped effects and solid white. Size Blouse Neck measure shirts 14. Third Floor Novelties in \Suedettc\ Gloves .1(5 These cotton fabric .Su- edettc Gloves arc quality developed in newest novelty de-Mgn- s, including con- trasting striped gore, fringe gauntlet, stenciled flower effect. Beaver, Mode, Brown C-ni- U. I'd Off .V Floor FIANCEE TAKES FUTURE HOME HAND linnitra 21. rrlnccjf ha punt directing pre- parations marriage Installing according Infnrnmtlnn. absolutely returning the and make the select hair. box, Top, 25c Pin 15c 30c 15c, 20c, 25c 3 25c 50c Main and fine, fast and The Latest liii-c- st and and and Km-pcr- presence 0 following day end officially anou iipr nrrivsi. Ur. Fihnildl of UertlM Is hoi rli'iiciiu to treat the former En but liTfliio r I'rinci'ss Hen lienllli. will' li H'Tesmtuled the colllKK ol a specialist i'oi.iticianm mi or comT'nj iMngiiurHio iicnauii in weal Tarm. . tiillrt voxtnrtlav rtIrtiftrErrl A. TtalnUliL 4 Weinberg, \'o Hroiu Itepubllran candf''f 3 . date for Assembly In the 7th District. JjVVI.r and .tsnies J. Daly Jr. of No. J51G DtitjjK(St-Avenue- tlio Ilrunt. both arrested FrlJ;a yptf day night on em h other's charges of, .'J' disorder! conduct ni n result of a quor- - ' rel. Mrlnlii rg wan speaking at a slrriA, ' t meeting ami Only was In the nudleiftiv ,t Neither cured to press complaints. r 1 - . v 34TII STREET The McCreery Annual Sale of Karpen (upholstered) Furniture Prices ar& way be- low regular. Even below last year's. And last year's was the talk of the country. Materials have advanced. But our prices are lower. Here Are Some of the Values Three-piec- e Library Suite, - upholstered in Mohair. The sofa is JM inches long. Sale Price, 437.50 After the Sale, 095.00 Tliree-piec- e Library Suite, upholstered in Tapestry, outside back covered in same ma- terial; pillow arms on sofa and arm chair. . Sale Price, 157.50 After the Sale, 237.50 Three-piec- e Library Suite upholstered in Mohair, outside backs covered in same ma- terial: Sofa, Arm Chair and Wing Chair. Sale Price, 229.50 After the Sale, 305.00 l Seventh Floor Oriental Rugs Are Going at Vz Price This is a golden oppor- tunity. You can buy Rugs of high quality and secure them at lowest prices. These very unusual prices make all sales final. Also .These SpeciaU Persian Gorrevans 224.00 SxlO.3 to 10x13 ft. Pe renin Haniadans 28.00 2.;i 4.0 feet Persian Dozarls 59.00 f'o it. IVrs-ia- Mahals, 234.00 Sslll Id 10x12 feel I. it: In I, I l,.r

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